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Thread: A Fresh Start - James Sync

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    Re: A Fresh Start - James Sync

    FYI, it's possible someone got a 78.5 average when the grading scale was (temporarily) out of 100. Which would be the equivalent, on our current scale, of a 63. No one ever got a 78.5 average on an 80-point scale. No one ever got a 78.5 individual grade on an 80-point scale. The highest individual grade anyone got was a 78, and that was G-Rich's grade for Nemesis that one CC. And it was too high. Nemesis was dreaming while riding an airplane to the show.

    From what I remember, your averages were around the mid-60s. This isn't me trying to discredit you or attack you, but a 78.5 average never happened on an 80-point scale. And if it did, there was some serious fuckery happening in the mods at the time. I do remember the CC you won and the backstage shit with Juvenile.

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    Re: A Fresh Start - James Sync

    For those of you who do not know me I joined the FWA in 2008. Was in the first feud for the X Championship. Had a freak promo in my first few months in the FWA at Carnal Contendership 2008 in which I had the highest grade (78.5 I think)
    By the love of God I can't believe it!

    You were tied with Nate Richardson for the win and tie breaker came in to decide it. You still main evented Back in Business due to Nate's no show on FN before BIB.
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