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Thread: Carnal Contendership 2017 RESULTS

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    Carnal Contendership 2017 RESULTS

    Saturday, May 13, 2017

    Pyrotechnics explode into the air as the fans all file in to watch the live event, Carnal Contendership, in a jam-packed arena sure to have some historic moments. Fans hold up signs supporting Bell Connelly, Shannon O'Neal, KAIZEN, Phillip A. Jackson, Zachary Kazadi, Danny Toner, "The Prodigy" Mike Parr, James "Eyesnsane" Hughes, Ryan Rondo, and even some for Cyrus Truth. It's a lively bunch here to witness a few house shows in addition to the Carnal Contendership event, which will determine the Back in Business XII main event.

    Langdon Trafford: FOLKS ... IT IS LOUD RIGHT NOW IN HERE! Welcome to Carnal Contendership 2017! We have me, Langdon Trafford, and Piers Gallagher to my left. David Weinstock to my right. It's an annual tradition in the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. A battle royal to determine the next challenger to the FWA World Championship. Not only that, but the title match happens at the biggest show of the year.

    David Weinstock: This is what all these wrestlers dream about. They dream of going into Back in Business and leaving with the World title. To do it, you gotta win this match. Only one can win.

    Langdon Trafford:
    We have a sighting backstage AS WE SPEAK so let's go there as Over the Edge, the big winners from Payback, have arrived!


    A stretched black limo pulls up in the garage and as the driver comes around the car and opens the door. The FWA women's champion steps out with her title over her shoulder. Wearing black boots, purple pants and a black Over the Edge t-shirt. Following her is Ted wearing black boots, blue jeans and a matching shirt with his title in hand and then Eyesnsane steps out with his title on his shoulder and Over the Edge shirt. The trio is quickly met by a roving interviewer, but Ted takes away the microphone and hands it to Eyesnsane.

    Eyesnsane: As you all can see, we all are here. So I'll preemptively answer your questions about our involvement in this night. You see this pushing contest does not matter one bit. Oh sure it promises some corporate lap dog a title shot down the road, but what changes? You've got your cast of bright eyed hopefuls who don't have a chance in hell at winning. You got your has beens in hiding hoping that not knowing they are in the fight helps them over come a time that passed long ago. Don't worry some of your pathetic heroes will show up for you to clap your pathetic hands to, and of course you have myself. Pound for pound the single best fighter in the company, who the company itself lives to deny.

    I might like to say this is a warm up of sorts. I'd like to say this moves me one step closer to my destiny. The truth though is that this serves as a false promise to most that will enter the frey. Ask yourself and having been in as many as I have, I know. Ask yourself did you ever think dick the clown would win? How about Alexx? Darnell Porter maybe? Oh wait what about Stu or Gabrielle? Oh and I get it. I go back a way with this company. Let me freshen that a bit. Cheer for your Mike Parrs, your Randy Ramones. Maybe they should just hand the win to Bell who will no doubt jump as high as she can for what, her fourth world title match. All you fair weather chumps are lined up outside this building for a bunch of people not fit to walk in my shoes or carry my bags. Like I said, win or loose nothing will change, because even if I were to win Ashley will find a way to screw me out of my title only to reward somebody else who has not done a third of what I have in this company. The company will still hate me. Alana will still be women's champion and Ted and I will still be your tag team champions, today is just another damn Monday. So if you will excuse us we have more important things to do than to be ran up on like some damn Johnny come lately in the fucking parking lot!

    With a disgusted look on his face, Eyesnsane throws the microphone over his should as the trio disappears inside of the building.


    Langdon Trafford:
    The referees are out, the lights are dimming, and the world is on the edge of its seat waiting for what is SURE to be a fantastic match.

    Piers Gallagher: One hour, if not more, an annual FWA special like no other. And look at this! We are getting off on the right foot!

    "Subconscious Entry Version" by Julia Claris begins playing to a chorus of boos from the fans. Cyrus Truth, the reigning FWA Undisputed Champion for the past nine months, walks out to the rampway and surveys the scene with peering eyes. He has no intent, it seems, of wanting to wrestle or fight anyone. He's dressed in a full suit, and the glistening gold belt is draped over his shoulder proudly. Or as a badge of contempt for everyone else.

    Langdon Trafford:
    You might say it's a good start, but others might disagree. The man who beat KAIZEN at Payback in the 30-minute iron man match and WILL face the winner of this match at Back in Business XII. There's no doubt of his talents, and his dominance in the FWA since he arrived in THIS very match one year ago. Is he just going to watch the entire match from up there?!

    Piers Gallagher:
    No FWA show is complete without Cyrus coming out here and letting us see his face. You should be HONORED, Langdon. He's going to go down as a legendary FWA champion. We haven't had someone hit one year since ... you know his name.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Matthew Boudreau, I know.

    Cyrus Truth simply grabs a chair from the side of the stage and walks back up. He unfolds it, takes a seat, and crosses one leg over his other knee and then crosses his arms. He has a comfortable posture, sitting back against the backing and looking out to the ring. The fans continue booing, although it has died down a bit from his initial entrance. Cyrus doesn't say a word.

    Jim Harrington:
    The following match is the CARNAL CONTENDERSHIP BATTLE ROYAL! *cheers from the crowd* To be eliminated, wrestlers must be sent over the top rope and both feet touching the floor. The last wrestler left wins and will go to Back in Business Twelve in the main event for the FWA World ... CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Langdon Trafford: Ooooh man. This is a BIG first entrant! Number one, "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia!

    Michael Garcia comes out to the ring with a stern, focused expression. He looks prepared to go the distance. His enormous stature and physical prowess makes him too intimidating for the fans to boo. So they mostly mumble to themselves in an air of silence.

    Piers Gallagher:
    My pick to win, Langdon! I think he's destined to do it!

    David Weinstock: He had a disappointing loss at Payback to Mike Parr for the North American Championship, so he's probably wanting to come back and go one step further than that title.

    Michael Garcia enters the ring and then turns back and looks at the stage, waiting for his first potential victim.

    Langdon Trafford: OH THIS IS BIG! Parr and Garcia to start it off!

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr strolls out with his wrestling attire ready to go. He's sporting the FWA North American Championship, a belt he's had since last August, over his shoulder, much to the anger of Mike Garcia watching from the ring.

    Piers Gallagher: This match is going to get real interesting real fast, guys.

    David Weinstock: You have to think Mike Garcia wants his hands on Parr. If he can eliminate him, that would almost make up for the loss at Payback.

    Langdon Trafford: And if Parr gets Garcia out, that might prove he has the big man's number!

    Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal match
    Number of Competitors: 28
    Time Between Entrants: 90 Seconds
    (Winner faces FWA World Champion Cyrus Truth at Back in Business XII)

    The bell rings right after Parr hands off his title. Garcia was pacing on his side, keeping his cool until allowed to go full force.

    Entrant #1: "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia

    Entrant #2: "The Prodigy" Mike Parr

    Garcia rushes right at Parr, who sidesteps the big man and evades. Garcia keeps coming, going for more rushes to get his hands on his long-time rival. Parr avoids again. Garcia finally slows up, trying to keep Parr cornered. When he lunges, Parr ducks under and begins leveling Mike Garcia with big forearms to the face. The crowd begins a small "TRIPLE CHAMP!" chant as "The Prodigy" has Garcia backed into the corner with relentless forearms coming hard into the jaw, nose, and cheek. Parr backs off, now delivering big stomps and kicks to the stomach as Garcia slouches down in the corner. Parr keeps the work going, putting a boot right into the face of "The Carnegie Carnivore." Parr finally backs off, knowing he can only wear down the big man so much but has to somehow get him over the ropes.

    Langdon Trafford: Every 90 seconds a new wrestler enters the match. That's how this works. And we're only 30 seconds away from the next competitor.

    Parr brings Garcia to the middle of the ring but when he tries any offense, Garcia counters with a but lift and gutbuster into his knee. Like a rib breaker. Garcia finally has Parr down and goes after him. He delivers sizable kicks with his big size-15 foot and has Parr down right in the middle of the ring. Next is a clothesline pulling Parr into his body. And finally it's a military press slam as the timer ticks down.


    Langdon Trafford: We're getting a little frisky with Risky!

    Entrant #3: Risky Douglas

    The relative newcomer to the FWA dances his way down the rampway to the amusement of the fans watching. He puts on a few dance moves to the sound of "Uptown Funk" playing through the PA speakers. Then he sprints into the ring.

    Risky break-dance splits to avoid a big boot from Garcia, rolls backwards and hits a wheelbarrow head-scissors takedown. Then he stuns Garcia with a dropkick that sends the former tag team champ back into the turnbuckle. Risky Douglas turns his attention to Mike Parr, who is up in the other corner. Risky does a cartwheel from the other side and a poor attempt at a Michael Jackson moonwalk, causing more laughter from the fans, before hitting a weak back elbow to Parr's chin.

    Risky brings Parr to the middle of the ring but this time gets countered with a kick to the sternum and a quick DDT right in the middle. Parr rises but Garcia puts him right back down with a thunderous running big boot to the side of the head!

    Piers Gallagher: Oh GOD! That was NASTY!

    Garcia picks up Parr and drops him with snake eyes in the turnbuckle. Garcia again has his focus on his long-time bitter rival. He puts a boot up into his throat for a good 15 seconds as the timer counts down yet again.

    Entrant #4: Mark Merriweather

    "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" by Weezer hits and the crowd looks to the stage, unsure what is happening. Out comes Mark Merriweather, a newcomer and the latest signee to the FWA roster! The crowd looks on as he has fireworks shooting up into the rafters and is jumping around in an overdramatic fashion. Cyrus Truth, unimpressed, looks on with a stoic face. Merriweather does a few kisses to the crowd on his way down and even circles the ring once ... twice ... three times for a "warm-up jog," as he calls it to the video cameraman in speaking distance.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Mark Merriweather, the newest signee to the FWA, is making his debut in Carnal Contendership!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Another weirdo?! There's TWO of them now in this match?!?!

    Merriweather gets the cheers of the fans for his schtick. He takes forever to get into the ring, doing squats and a few stretches right in front of the apron. He gets a a "What are you doing?!" look and shoulder expression from Risky. Merriweather simply holds up his hand once when he enters and puts his leg up on the turnbuckle, reaching down for another stretch of the calf. The crowd begins a noticeable "DANCE OFF! DANCE OFF!" chant.

    But Risky is having none of it. When Merriweather finally says, "OK, LET'S DO THIS," he turns right into a dropkick from Risky. Merriweather is sent back into the ropes and Risky immediately grabs him by the legs and flips him over the ropes and down to the floor!

    Langdon Trafford: He only lasted 12 seconds!!!

    Piers Gallagher: His entrance took 70!

    Mark Merriweather is fuming outside the ring as Risky waves "bye" to him from up top, looking over the ropes. Mark's debut is cut short as he heads to the back.

    Elimination #1: Mark Merriweather

    The timer ticks down as Garcia continues working on Parr. Now Risky joins in with a forearm to the back of Garcia's spine.


    Entrant #5: Zoey Ellis

    The formerly upbeat female who turned dark comes out with her gothic look about her. She slides into the ring but immediately backs up as she sees three men in there. Zoey then does what she does best, high-tailing it out of there. She eliminates herself!!!

    David Weinstock: Maybe a smart move there from Zoey.

    Langdon Trafford: I'm sure we'll see her pop up again in a few months for a comeback. Maybe she'll be one of those other sign-ups!

    Elimination #2: Zoey Ellis

    Risky gets a big boot to the gut from Garcia as the tide turns. Parr hits a big back suplex from behind that shakes the ring. Parr then notions for Risky to help him eliminate Garcia. The two men try to lift up the massive 7-footer, but it's not working. And there's a definite weak link.

    David Weinstock:
    Risky doesn't seem to be putting in the same effort as "The Prodigy"!

    Parr gets pissed and begins shouting at Risky, who backs up and holds up his hands to say "Hey, I didn't do anything." Parr replies, "You're damn right you didn't do anything!" Parr then pops a right hand to Risky's jaw. He backs up and Parr is about to eliminate him but knows Garcia is coming. He ducks and Garcia's running big boot intended for the back of Parr's head hits Risky square in the nose! Risky flips over the ropes and is OUT!

    Elimination #3: Risky Douglas

    Piers Gallagher: Bye Bye, Risky! Good riddance! Mike is a monster!

    Garcia and Parr are AGAIN the only two inside the ring. They trade right hands back and forth until finally Garcia delivers a strong knee into the ribs. Then it's a whip to the ropes and a bear hug as the timer ticks down.


    Entrant #6: Starr

    The crowd cheers as Starr heads to the ring to break things up. He hits a "Truly Out of Nowhere" (springboard diving cutter) first on Garcia. Then it's a reverse STO to Parr. Starr is rolling as he bounces off the ropes and hits both men with flying knees to the face. Starr hits "Sweat the Technique" snapmare and kick to Parr before grabbing him and trying to eliminate. Garcia is still down and Parr saves himself with a knee to the forehead. Parr then hits a big forearm uppercut to the jaw. But Starr fires back with his own uppercut. Then he whips Parr into a big boot from the upright Michael Garcia. Starr charges at the big man right after but Garcia lands a massive swinging sidewalk slam that shakes the ring on impact!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Mike Garcia has NEVER won a singles championship in the FWA. Imagine if he can somehow win this match, go to Back in Business, and his first every title win on his own would be the World Championship! Only one other has done that in the last 10 years, and his name is M.C. Fromage.

    David Weinstock: He did it a lot quicker than Mike, who has been in the FWA since 2013.

    The timer is down to 5 again as Mike tries eliminating Starr but gets an eye rake from the rookie.

    Langdon Trafford: JASON RANDALL!

    Entrant #7: "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    Randall walks out, his grin from ear to ear. The X-Championship belt is on his shoulder, and he hands it off before entering the ring.

    Piers Gallagher: That's "NEW X Champion Jason Randall" to you, Langdon!

    Randall pummels right hands into Starr's face as Garcia and Parr again are off on the other side of the ring, this time with Parr working on Garcia. Randall hits a fireman's carry neckbreaker first. Then he lands a snap suplex and a reverse DDT. Starr is getting worked as Randall locks in a side head lock and shouts, "THIS ONE'S FOR YOU, VINCENT!" He then hits his "Wildcard Special" over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver finisher! The ring shakes as Randall rises up. Before he can discharge Starr, it's the reigning North American Champion who ruins his fun with a kneebreaker. Then a run off the ropes and a one-armed bulldog! Parr stops Randall's momentum and uses Garcia's charging at him to sidestep and send Garcia into the nearby turnbuckle. Then it's a leaping neckbreaker that shakes the ring!


    Parr is feeling himself as he's the only one left standing. He grabs Starr by the neck and shouts, "You're first. Then you! Then your big ass is last!" pointing to Randall first and then Garcia last. But when he flips Starr over, the rookie hangs on to the top rope. Parr lands a right hand but Starr is holding on still!

    Garcia comes in behind Mike Parr and lifts him up military-press style! He's going to throw him into Starr but Parr slides off the back and shoves Garcia into the ropes, sending Starr flying off the apron and out the match!

    Elimination #4: Starr

    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall comes in with two forearm to each, and the fresher competitor takes control with kneeling DDTs to both.


    Entrant #8: Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird

    The crowd EXPLODES with cheers as the former two-time X Champion races to the ring to meet his new blood rival. Vincent gets in and immediately goes after Jason Randall, the man who beat him for the X Championship at Payback. The announcers are going wild talking about the two. Vincent delivers a barrage of right hands that has Randall reeling to the corner. He continues the assault, paying no heed to anyone else in the ring, even his other long-time rival, Mike Garcia.

    Vincent hits a big boot after sending Randall into the ropes. Then he lands a big belly-to-back suplex as the crowd begins a VOCAL "VINCENT! VINCENT" chant. Vincent does his ballistic punching combination to Randall, who is taking quite the beating. Vincent then whips Randall to the ropes a second time and tries a reverse roundhouse kick, showing his athleticism. But Randall dodges it and dives at Vincent's calves. His shoulders do the damage and then he lands a running punt to the gut of Vincent, smiling while doing it.


    Entrant #9: Zachary Kazadi

    The crowd boos a good bit for Kazadi's music. The former X Champion slowly appears behind the curtain. He takes a bit of time coming to the ring. For the first time since Parr and Garcia were announced, Cyrus Truth is now sitting up in his seat.

    Langdon Trafford: This is BIG! The man who's been at odds with Ashley 'O Ryan for so long, Zachary Kazadi is here and he's ready to make a name for himself.

    Kazadi glares at Cyrus, and the two seem locked in an unspoken showdown at the top of the stage. Kazadi then turns and makes his way into the ring, where he dominates. He picks his spots, first taking down Lord Vincent with a picturesque spinning forearm to the upper spine. Then it's a French guillotine choke to Jason Randall. He holds it for about 10 seconds as the supporting minority of the crowd begins a loud "KA-ZA-DI! KA-ZA-DI!" chant. Then a "SUBMISSION-SPECIALIST" clapping chant. The others boo.

    Kazadi walks over to Garcia and his kicking strikes has Garcia down to his knees. A front-flip DDT follows. Parr steps out from the corner but the exhaustion is no match for a fresh Zachary Kazadi, who hits a beautiful roundhouse kick to the side of the face. Then he applies a French rear-naked choke as Parr is fading!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Kazadi is going to choke everyone out and just toss them over while they're unconscious! What a great strategy!


    Entrant #10: DAZZLIN' DIMIENTO

    The crowd is STUNNED and EXPLODES with cheers when Dazzlin Dimiento's theme music plays. The former X-Division star comes out with his eyes set on the five men inside the ring. The crowd is HOT as Dimiento skips down the rampway and is looking fit and ready to go here. He climbs into the ring and blocks Kazadi's strikes, planting him with a big right hand. Then it's a head butt to Jason Randall. Lord Vincent tries to bring him down but Dazzlin' Dimiento hits a big back body drop that ELIMINATES the former X Champion!

    "The Prodigy" lands a few forearms but his whip attempt is countered. Garcia tries the same but Humanity can hold his own in size and strength with the big fella. So he sends Garcia rumbling to the same corner he sent Parr. The reigning North American champ puts up a boot to defend himself from Garcia, and Dimiento lands a running eye-poke to Garcia on his way to hitting a big corner splash on Mike Parr!!!

    Elimination #5: Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird

    The crowd begins a loud "WELCOME BACK!" chant as Humanity smiles. He steps up to the second turnbuckle and looks around, a coy and evil grin on his face. When he steps down, Kazadi is running at him. Humanity ducks and flips Kazadi over the ropes but he lands on the apron and smashes Dimiento's face into the turnbuckle. Kazadi re-enters the ring and with Randall's help hits a back-suplex lift into a powerbomb in the middle of the ring from the X Champion! That spells the end as Kazadi and Randall toss him out after a short-lived run in Carnal Contendership 2017.

    Piers Gallagher: The feel-good story was short-lived. Dazzlin' Dimiento is taken down!

    Elimination #6: Dazzlin' Dimiento

    Garcia is up now but he gets a dose of Randall and Kazadi's surprising teamwork with a double spinebuster. Parr is next, getting sent hard into the turnbuckle on a double-team whip before Randall hits a stinger splash and whips Parr right into Kazadi, who is waiting with a wind-up backhand chop SO HARD to the chest that it knocks Parr down and the wind straight out his lungs.

    Langdon Trafford: My goodness, these two are just perfectly in sync here.


    Entrant #11: Ares

    "Olympic Fanfare and Theme" begins playing as the crowd turns its attention to the rampway. Ares is next as Dionysus comes out alongside. They fist bump before Dionysus heads back for his later entry into the match. Ares sprints down to the ring to join the fray, where Garcia and Parr are trying to fend off the newfound team of Jason Randall and Zachary Kazadi.

    Ares hits a nice leaping clothesline to Randall and a belly-to-back sideslam on Kazadi. Then it's a "Fist of Olympus" superman punch to the kneeling Michael Garcia, who goes down hard! Ares turns and takes a hard kick to the gut from "The Prodigy," who whips him to the ropes, opening the door for another Fist of Olympus superman punch! The crowd cheers loudly as Ares is the only man upright and the other four are all down. The former FWA Tag Team Champion reaches down to target Kazadi, but the former X Champion counters with a double leg takedown and a single-leg boston crab! The crowd groans as the submission specialist thwarts Ares' run.

    Randall, though, turns on Kazadi with a running kick to the back of his head. Randall lands a barrage of fists to Kazadi and then tries a clothesline over the top rope, but Kazadi ducks and flips Randall, who lands on the apron! Garcia then comes in with a running body bump that knocks Kazadi down! Randall goes for a springboard clothesline to Garcia, who catches Randall in a bear hug and hits a fallaway throwing slam like a rag doll!

    Ares, though, charges and hits a massive SPEAR right when Garcia turns around! The crowd is HOT as all five men are down on the canvas, breathing heavily to preserve their oxygen.

    Langdon Trafford: This has been a war zone so far. Surprises and bitter rivalries continuing and resurfacing at every turn!


    The crowd goes WILD as Shannon O'Neal's music hits. The former two-time FWA Women's Champion, recently returned to the FWA, bursts through the entrance with the mouth of a sailor shouting all sorts of nonsensical things at no one in particular. She's hopping up and down, jumping from one side of the stage to the next as the fans are all cheering for her entry.

    Entrant #12: Shannon O'Neal

    Langdon Trafford: We didn't know she'd be in the match until a few hours ago! She didn't even know it! But she could be one of the contenders to win it!

    Shannon O'Neal walks by Cyrus Truth, steps right up to the front of his face, and sticks up two middle fingers and shoves them in his face, touching the World Champion to the point he gets up out his chair and nearly throws a punch.

    Piers Gallagher: The disrespect shown to OUR champion! She should be FIRED!

    Shannon holds her ground, sticks up the middle fingers again and shouts, "FUCK YOU!" Then she turns and sprints like a jaguar to the ring, sliding in and immediately hitting a running leg lariat to Kazadi. Then one to Ares. Then a spinning wheel kick to Mike Parr. And then a springboard twisting crossbody to take down the recovering Michael Garcia!!!

    Langdon Trafford: She won't do what Zoey Ellis did, running from the men. Shannon O'Neal wants to face them!

    Shannon keeps up her offense, using kicks to keep all five men in the ring down or kneeling. Shannon is the only one upright and she makes a circle with her swift kicks to the chest of the five kneeling opponents. Shannon quickens the pace, going faster and faster around the ring! The crowd's cheers grow with each kick and finally Shannon lands a roundhouse kick to Garcia, sending him on his back. Kazadi springs to life but Shannon lands a spinning back fist right to the mouth. Jason Randall tackles her as the numbers catch up! Kazadi recovers and begins kicking into Shannon's gut as Randall holds her down from behind with her arms clenched tight into her chest.

    Piers Gallagher: Regardless how MUCH Shannon wants to win, she's still a girl in the ring with FIVE of the best male athletes in the world. The strength disparity will catch up to her.

    David Weinstock: Pains me to say it, but I agree with Piers here. Shannon has the heart of a lion, as Devin Golden would say, the heart of a champion, but I don't know if it's realistic for any female to win Carnal Contendership. No one ever has!

    Shannon O'Neal is getting worn down, but Kazadi "misses" a kick to Shannon by kicking Randall in the face. Randall loosens the hold and Kazadi begins shouting, "You want to do this together?! Then don't mess with me!" Randall is up and gets in his face, and Kazadi brushes him off by turning his back. Randall tries to go for a forearm but Kazadi knows it's coming and ducks, even if he had his back turned! Randall turns and Kazadi begins using his submissions and holds, starting with the arm and shoulder and slowly moving down to a double leg takedown and a side armbar. Ares follows up with more work on Parr, and Garcia moves on to Shannon, who is recovering in the corner.


    Entrant #13: Alana Allure

    Alana comes out with the FWA Women's Championship over her shoulder. She walks down the rampway and looks on from the outside as Shannon struggles to hold her own against the five men. Alana just watches on from the outside as the same-old, same-old happens before her. Ares has Parr in the corner while Garcia works on Shannon. Randall and Kazadi are on the other side of the ring. Alana keeps watching as the announcers note that she hasn't gotten into the ring yet. The clock ticks down as everything sort of stays the same. Six in the ring and now on on the outside.


    Entrant #14: TED

    One half of the FWA Tag Team Champions comes out as the crowd boos and heckles. TED takes a spot standing right next to Alana. They continue watching the action from outside the ring. More boos as the Over the Edge members look on, watching with patience. Shannon has Garcia's boot against her face as the match goes on.

    The crowd boos even LOUDER when James "Eyesnsane" Hughes is the next entrant. The Tag Team Champion, now a four-time champion with four different partners, comes out to the ring. He takes his spot on the other side of Alana, looks at them, nods, and they hit the ring.

    Entrant #15: James "Eyesnsane" Hughes

    Hughes, Alana, and TED go right for Ares. They begin beating down into one half of the Olympians as this reprieves Mike Parr for a bit. The crowd boos as Hughes and TED take the lead here with Eimi offering support for the team. The crowd is fully against Over the Edge for the heel tactics and group-think, but Piers Gallagher commends them for working together and going right after their rival.

    Langdon Trafford: Over the Edge has the right idea here. You can't deny it! They're the FWA Tag Team Champions and FWA Women's Champion for a reason. They beat the Olympians and Eimi Sanada at Payback with teamwork when the other side was divided.


    Entrant #16: Tristan James Galloway

    The crowd cheers as the most successful recent FWA rookie of late 2016 comes to the ring. He eyes up Cyrus Truth and his World Championship before stepping up to the apron and towering over the top rope. Galloway, the Number One contender for the North American Championship, goes right after "The Prodigy." The crowd cheers as Galloway overpowers the exhausted Parr in the corner with an elbow to the throat. Ares, Alana, and TED keeps kicking down into Ares and brings him up to try and eliminate him. Kazadi lands a forearm to the back of TED and stops it. But Alana rakes the eyes as support and now Kazadi stumbles away. Randall tries getting involved but the three of Over the Edge are too in-sync to be taken down by just an individual. Ares tries fighting back but Eyesnsane quells it quickly.

    Garcia is done with Shannon and turns around, seeing Galloway on Parr. Garcia motions to Galloway for them to team up and eliminate the exhausted Mike Parr together. The announcers note Garcia and Parr started the match and have been in it for 35 minutes now.

    Galloway nods his head and pretends to be in Garcia's side but then hits a big boot right to the back of the head. Garcia topples over and Galloway hits a big scoop running powerslam that shakes the ring! The crowd cheers but Parr hits a stunning cutter from the side. Galloway is down and "The Prodigy" lays next to him catching his breath. Parr rises to his feet and Galloway follows. Parr lands a right hand and Galloway fires one back. Parr fires a flurry of them and has Galloway reeling. Parr runs off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Galloway hoists Parr up in a spinebuster position and tries flipping him over the ropes! Garcia comes in and grabs Galloway's legs and flips him, holding Parr, over the ropes! Both men are out!

    Elimination #7: "The Prodigy" Mike Parr

    Elimination #8: Tristan James Galloway

    Langdon Trafford: Michael Garcia eliminated BOTH the North American Champion AND the number one contender to the title!

    Piers Gallagher: Garcia is my pick! He's going to go the distance tonight!

    Jason Randall is trying to eliminate Zachary Kazadi on the side of the ring but Shannon O'Neal comes over and grabs him by the legs and flips him over the ropes! Kazadi lands on the apron next to Randall but rolls under to safety. Shannon then lands one open-fist smack across the face as Randall goes down!!!

    Elimination #9: "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    The only ones left now are Shannon O'Neal, Mike Garcia, Zachary Kazadi, the three Over the Edge members, and Ares, who remains being triple-teamed by Eyes, TED, and Alana in one corner. Kazadi stays on the mat as Shannon uses kicks to the shins to keep Garcia at bay. She tries her Paradise City bicyce kick but Garcia catches her with a sidewalk slam!

    Cyrus Truth is now eating some nachos and watching the action unfold. The cameras are focused on him as the clock AGAIN ticks down...5......4......3......2......1....

    Cyrus points up to the video screen, smiling at the wrestlers inside the ring.

    Entrant #17: Dionysus

    The crowd roars as Dionysus storms out, sprinting to the ring with OTE in his sights. He tries to even the playing field with furious forearm shots to TED and Eyesnsane. Dionysus smashes their heads together and then smashes Eyes' face into the turnbuckle. Ares does the same to TED in the other turnbuckle. Alana, thugh, was left alone. After a while, she lands a low blow to BOTH Ares and Dio as the crowd heckles and boos her heelish act.

    Langdon Trafford: The numbers caught up to the Olympians AGAIN!

    Over the Edge keep up their offense as the crowd boos. More of the same. Then...


    Entrant #18: Elmi Sanada

    The crowd cheers as Eimi Sanada sprints down to the ring. The fourth female entrant and 18th entrant in total focuses on OTE as well. She kicks right into the groin of Eyesnsane, lands a big smack to TED, and tackles Alana Allure as the crowd is HOT! Eimi and Alana are pulling at one another's hair until Eimi lands a swift kick to the side of Alana's ribs. Then she lands a head-scissors takedown. The crowd cheers as Alana stumbles back into the ropes. Eimi charges and clotheslines Alana AND herself over the ropes and to the floor!

    David Weinstock: BOTH WOMEN ARE OUT!

    Eimi doesn't care, either! She keeps throwing wild punches to Alana as the nearby referees pull them apart. The crowd begins a vocal "SA-NA-DA! SA-NA-DA!" chant. Olympians and Over the Edge are left 2 on 2 inside the ring. The four men eye one another, knowing their rivalry is set to continue right here.

    Elimination #10: Alana Allure

    Elimination #11: Eimi Sanada


    "The Baby-Faced Assassin" Ben Richards makes his FWA debut. The crowd has little reaction as Richards comes out with sunglasses covering his eyes and a cocky smile showing his confidence entering his first match. The announcers hype his talents and whether he can make history, winning Carnal Contendership in his debut.

    Entrant #19: "The Baby-Faced Assassin" Ben Richards

    Richards hits the ring, putting eight in there now, and immediately surveys the scene. The Olympians and Over the Edge were set to square off but now see Richards, a sitting duck with no one to help him. Shannon rises to her feet from the turnbuckle. Garcia steps forward. Kazadi is now upright in the corner. The seven surround Richards, who is feebly unprepared for this moment.

    Richards tries to do his best, first targeting Garcia. His forearms push the big man back. Then he goes after Kazadi. He turns and gets a wicked clothesline from Dionysus. Ares hits a running jumping clothesline, and Eyesnsane hits his Eye of the Storm finisher. TED discharges Richards as the crowd sings "Na-Na-Na-Na, Hey-Hey-Hey, Gooooodbyyyye" to him.

    Elimination #12: "The Baby-Faced Assassin" Ben Richards

    Garcia hits a powerbomb into the turnbuckle on Kazadi and Shannon builds momentum on Eyesnsane with a few forearms and backhand chops but TED helps his tag partner out. Garcia heads over but gets taken down by Dionysus with a sitout slam! It's just the two teams standing, now staring down one another yet again!

    Dionysus strikes first on TED. Ares gets a few shots from Eyesnsane. Dionysus tries an irish whip on TED but it's reversed. Eyes tries the same to Ares, and it's also reversed. They are bouncing off opposite sites, criss-crossing one another, and TED's attempt to send Dionysus over the ropes is countered as Dionysus overpowers and sends TED flying over!

    Ares tries the same with Eyes, who twirls around and sends him out of the ring! Both men are out, but Eyesnsane turns around quick enough to see Dionysus not paying attention! Ares shouts to him, but it's too late. Eyesnsane clotheslines Dionysus over the ropes and eliminates BOTH members of the Olympians!

    Elimination #13: Ares

    Elimination #14: TED

    Elimination #15: Dionysus

    Zachary Kazadi applies a French guillotine choke to Eyesnsane to bring him to the canvas. Garcia gets hit with a top rope missile dropkick from Shannon! Now we're down to just four...and the timer ticks down...Cyrus Truth is shown sitting in his chair, drinking a beer as he pays an extravagant tip to someone and then asks for most of it back, like an asshole. The announcers note he's STILL watching the match, taking it all in.

    Entrant #20: "The Texas Bronco" Stan Weaver

    Weaver comes into the ring and begins delivering big, thunderous blows to everyone he sees. Weaver clears the ring, knocking all four in there down once. Weaver is feeling it until he tries overpowering Garcia, who hits a big spinebuster to counter. Weaver is down after a brief stint there owning the ring, but the crowd doesn't seem to care much.

    Langdon Trafford: OH THIS IS BIG! BELL CONNELLY! Shannon is gonna like this help, if they're going to work together that is!

    Entrant #21: Bell Connelly

    The crowd explodes as Bell comes skipping out to the ring. She slides in, catches Shannon's glare, and smiles. Shannon nods back, and Bell darts at her, getting a catapult from Shannon into a double knees to Garcia's face. Bell then runs back and Shannon does the same catapult move with Bell hitting double knees to Kazadi! Then it's Eyesnsane! The two females are rolling as the crowd cheers. Bell and Shannon meet in the middle of the ring and Shannon says, "You and me. Final two. We're doing this." Bell does an extravagant handshake that Shannon isn't aware they have, and Bell then does an awkward chest bump to confirm the plans. Bell and Shannon start with Stan Weaver. Shannon locks in a side head lock and Bell grabs his legs, lifting them up with Shannon's help and flipping him out of the ring!

    Elimination #16: "The Texas Bronco" Stan Weaver

    Then it's Eyesnsane. They attempt to do the same, but Eyesnsane fights them off a bit. He tries a double clothesline to both, but Bell and Shannon duck under his arms and turn in time to duck and flip Eyesnsane up and OVER the ropes! He lands on the apron, but Bell and Shannon are prepared. Shannon darts to one turnbuckle and Bell to the other adjacent one on that apron's side. They leap up to the top turnbuckle and jump off for missile dropkicks to Eyes' chest, sending him off the apron and to the floor!

    Elimination #17: James "Eyesnsane" Hughes

    David Weinstock: Bell and Shannon are ROLLING HERE! Working together, two quick eliminations, and one was a favorite!

    Piers Gallagher: Unbelievable! This is a tragedy. They shouldn't be working together in Carnal Contendership!

    Langdon Trafford: You were fine with Over the Edge doing it!

    Bell and Shannon next try to lift up Mike Garcia, but they don't have the strength to pull it off. Garcia lands a forearm shot and pushes them away, but Kazadi lands a running knee up to the jaw.

    Entrant #22: Jiggy John

    Jiggy hits the ring and goes right at the two females, who side-step him and use his momentum to send him over the ropes! He only lasted four seconds!

    Elimination #18: Jiggy John

    Shannon and Bell try next to eliminate Kazadi, who uses his athleticism to hop over the ropes on his own and fend the two females off. When he enters, Garcia lands a running forearm to the upper spine. Kazadi then has control of things as Shannon and Bell recover.


    Entrant #23: Phillip A. Jackson

    But when Jackson's music hits, to a loud ovation from the fans, he doesn't appear. Cyrus Truth, watching from up the rampway, turns around and looks on, waiting for Jackson. He still doesn't show, and Jackson's music stops.

    Piers Gallagher: Where is he?!

    David Weinstock: Phillip A. Jackson could've turned the tide here but ...

    The video screen in the arena and on the TV feed shows a backstage scene. Phillip A. Jackson is laid out backstage in the rubble of a wooden table. Attendants are rushing around his unconscious body! The fans begin groaning and ...

    Jackson's music plays AGAIN!

    This time ... someone DOES emerge.

    Piers Gallagher: Um ... we might need someone over here.

    Rondo has got a smug look on his face and he walks extremely slowly to the ring. He teases getting into the ring... but instead, he jumps back down from the apron and walks around it whilst giving abuse to fans. Shannon and Bell are eagerly waiting his entry into the ring. Kazadi sees him and begins watching him from inside the ring. Mike Garcia even gives him his attention.

    Instead of entering, Rondo heads to the commentary table.

    Langdon Trafford: Oh, what now?!

    Rondo gives abuse to the commentators, specifically Piers Gallagher, before lying on the commentary table with his head resting on his fist, fake yawning etc.

    Piers Gallagher: Just go in there and wrestle. Do your damn job!

    Langdon Trafford: Calm down, Piers.

    Rondo watches as the action continues, not saying a word about what happened to Jackson. The commentators begin discussing whether he was the responsible person, and Rondo turns around and shouts, "DO YOUR JOB, PIERS! CALL THE MATCH!"

    ...and the clock ticks down.


    Entrant #24: Jugem-Jugem

    Jugem slides into the ring but is immediately taken down with a sole kick to the chest from Shannon. That stops Jugem in his tracks as Shannon lands her Paradise City bicycle kick but gets stopped from behind by Kazadi.

    Kurt Harrington: Due to him not making it to the ring in time, Phillip A. Jackson has been eliminated from the match due to injury.

    Elimination #19: Phillip A. Jackson

    The crowd boos loudly for the news and heckles Ryan Rondo, who grins broadly as he stays laying on his side on the announcer's table.

    Entrant #25: Jobber Jimbo

    Jobber Jimbo helps Jugem turn the tide a bit here, as the jobber team holds their own in two-on-one fashion against the exhausted competitors in the ring.


    Entrant #26: "Division-One Superstar" Tommy Thunder

    Tommy Thunder is next and comes out to the ring. He immediately hits a back body drop to Jugem-Jugem and a northern lights suplex to Jobber Jimbo. He keeps it going with a corner clothesline into a running bulldog combination move, and then an arm-trap swinging neckbreaker. He flings Jimbo over the ropes and then clotheslines Jugem over the other side of the ring!

    Elimination #20: Jobber Jimbo

    Elimination #21: Jugem-Jugem

    Tommy Thunder then requests a microphone as the only wrestler standing in the ring.

    Tommy Thunder: I'm guessing that you wanna know how I'm feeling after I lost my #1 contenders match against Tristan James Galloway at Payback. Well let me tell you something, I feel absolutely fine. I feel on top of the world. You wanna know why? Because I'm not heading into the Carnal Contendership match with nothing, NOTHING to lose. Nothing to lose but everything to gain and that's exactly what I plan on doing. I plan on gaining myself the #1 contender spot for the FWA World Championship.

    You see, I'm a man of my word. I'm an honest man. I say what I do and then I do what I say and that's a promise. And I've said it before and I'll say it again; I will become the face of this company and I will capture that FWA World Championship and winning the Carnal Contendership match is the first step that I'm going to take in doing that. The rest of the field? They're nothing more than stepping stones for me. They're not co-workers. They're not colleagues. They're not friends. They're stepping stones. Stepping stones for me becoming the best in this company. Stepping stones for you people to recognize that I am the best in the world at what I do. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have an important dinner reservation before I head down the road, cross the Milwaukee River to go to the Bradley Center and meet my destiny.

    Thunder drops the microphone and looks out to the crowd, removing his sunglasses and tossing them into the front rows. The fans jeer and heckle him, but his moment in the sun doesn't last long.


    The lights go out as the crowd looks to the entrance. There's a buzz inside as everyone watches.

    Entrant #27: HUMANITY

    The crowd goes NUTS as Humanity makes his way to the ring, lights on and his eyes staring right into Tommy Thunder, who looks a bit worried. Humanity slides into the ring and begins delivering big throwdown blows to Thunder's forehead. He whips Thunder into the ropes and delivers a big elbow right to the face. Then he hits a scoop slam and a bounce off the ropes and a leg drop! The crowd cheers as Humanity is rolling. Thunder rises to his feet, leaning against the ropes, and Humanity delivers a big uppercut that sends Thunder FLYING over the ropes and out of the match!

    Elimination #22: "Division-One Superstar" Tommy Thunder

    Humanity turns and begins targeting Garcia, who is worn down more than ANYONE. Humanity whips the big man into the ropes and gives a big elbow to the face. Then he delivers another. And a third. Garcia is being sent back into the ropes. Humanity charges forward but Michael Garcia ducks and flips Humanity over the ropes and out of the ring!

    Elimination #23: Humanity

    Langdon Trafford:
    It's STILL just Bell, Shannon, Zachary Kazadi, and Michael Garcia in this thing!

    Cyrus Truth knows this is the end of the match. He is now leaning forward in his chair, watching the action intently. Then he yawns, mocking the four left in the ring. The cameras catch it and the fans boo.

    From there, Ryan Rondo pops up off the announcer's table and grabs a steel chair. The fans all boo as Rondo walks into the ring. Garcia, Bell, Shannon, and Kazadi can hardly stand up straight.

    Piers Gallagher: What now?!

    Langdon Trafford: Ryan Rondo seems intent on making his mark in this match. First it was Phillip A. Jackson. Now who will it be?

    Rondo steps into the center as the four others are either doubled over, barely standing, or on their knees. Rondo points the chair at all four, making a 360-degree circle. Then we hear him say, "ONE OF of you."

    "Eeny, meeny, miny, mo."

    The crowd boos as Rondo begins saying the children's game, pointing a steel chair at each of the four, who are unable to defend themselves.

    "Catch (Bell) a (Kazadi) loser (Shannon) by the toe (Garcia). If (Bell) they (Kazadi) holler (Shannon), let them (Garcia) go (Bell). Eeny (Kazadi) meeny (Shannon) miny (Garcia)...


    The chair is pointed right into the eyes of Bell Connelly. Shannon shouts "NO!" but Rondo drives a steel chair right into her ribs. Then when Bell charges, Rondo does the same to her. And a wicked, vicious chair shot comes across Bell's spine! The crowd groans and boos the holy hell out of Ryan Rondo, who mercilessly drives a steel chair into Bell's ribs with no remorse.

    Langdon Trafford: Ryan Rondo doesn't care who it is. He's just playing games now! He picked Bell randomly. Why is he doing this?!

    Rondo doesn't do anything more. Three chair shots to Bell Connelly is enough, and he tosses the now-dented chair to the side and leaves the ring. The fans are heckling him all the way up. The commentary team simply wonders what his motives were, and Rondo is grinning ear to ear.

    Bell is still in the match and could win it, but the damage to Bell has been done. Michael Garcia sees a perfect opening and hits his "Three Rivers Bomb" triple powerbomb move. Then he lifts Bell up in a powerbomb setup and tosses her out of the ring like a child.


    Mike Garcia laughs as he leans through the middle and top ropes to taunt Bell and the fans.

    Elimination #24: Bell Connelly

    Just then, the timer begins ticking down again.


    David Weinstock: Who is the final entrant?!

    Entrant #28: Danny Toner

    The crowd's mood instantly changes from anger to euphoria. The biggest pop of the night possibly comes for Danny F'N Toner's theme music. He's the LAST entrant in the match. No. 29! Everyone cheers and begins the usual "Danny! Danny! Danny F'N Toner!" chant. But he's nowhere to be found.

    Langdon Trafford: Now what?! Not Danny, too?!

    Piers Gallagher: Probably that punk Ryan Rondo again!

    The video screen in the arena and on the TV feed becomes the primary viewing point. We're again backstage, in the parking lot area, as a beautiful, big black limousine pulls into the lot. Danny Toner is seen hopping out the driver's side door, and Danny hops out not looking at all urgent to get anywhere in particular.

    Just then, Ashley 'O Ryan appears, at a loss for breath.

    Ashley 'O Ryan: Danny boy ... 'yer music just hit. Get to the damn ring!

    Danny Toner: How much time I got before...

    Ashley 'O Ryan: Like ... 90 seconds.

    Danny Toner: Well, I better drive my ass there then.

    Danny hops into one of the nearby FWA equipment vans and hits about 10 mph going through the hallways of the backstage area!!! He speeds past some personnel, knocks over tables, and narrowly avoids crashing into a wall. The crowd is buzzing as the feed switches BACK to the main arena. Everyone is looking to the side of the stage, where the van's lights begin beaming through the curtains.

    The fans go NUTS when Danny's big white van with "Fantasy Wrestling Alliance" written in red letters on either side's sliding doors pops through. He jumps the rampway with his huge wheels and speeds on down to the ring!

    Piers Gallagher: CAN HE DO THIS?! IS THIS LEGAL?!

    Michael Garcia is stepped up to the second turnbuckle and then hops to the apron. He has cleared the ring, with the other three laying down on the canvas. Garcia looks out to the rampway where Toner is sitting in the van, which is now stalled and revving its engines on the rampway. Garcia motions for him to "COME ON!" He even says, "COME ON YOU STUPID DRUNK!"

    Toner then hits the gas, the van speeding up and BANGS into the ring! The ricochet has Garcia sent into the ropes RIGHT behind him, and then he loses his balance and falls off to the floor!!!

    Elimination #25: "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia


    Piers Gallagher:

    David Weinstock:

    Garcia is trying to get back onto the van but can't. The crowd is loving it, beginning a "NA NA NA NA, HEY-HEY-HEY, GOODBYYYYEEE" chant for him. Danny Toner hops out of his van and climbs to the front hood. From there, he takes three running steps and leaps into the ring, hitting double flying forearms to both of the upright Shannon O'Neal and Bell Connelly!!!


    Garcia refuses to go quietly. He punches about five referees before entering the ring. Danny Toner runs off the ropes and ducks under Garcia's big boot. He hits the other side and lands a deadly spear right through Garcia's ribs!!! Toner watches as Garcia rolls out the ring, tending to his possibly cracked ribs. The crowd continues showering Toner with praise and adoration.

    Danny Toner runs off the ropes and hits another double shoulder block to Shannon and Kazadi. Toner focuses on Kazadi, hitting a few forearm shots as Kazadi backs up into the corner. We're down to the final three, and Toner looks to be the freshest of everyone. Toner tries flipping Kazadi over the ropes but can't quite get it done. Kazadi wraps his legs around Toner's neck and tightens the grip. Toner finally tries lifting Kazadi off the turnbuckle and Kazadi turns it into a spinning head-scissors takedown! Kazadi then charges at Toner but he gets flipped over the ropes! But Kazadi lands on the hood of Toner's van! He's not out!

    Langdon Trafford: If you're Cyrus Truth, what must you be thinking of all of this?!

    Kazadi rises up, standing on his van's hood, and Toner bounces off the other side of the ring and leaps off for a suicide dive over the top rope! Kazadi gets speared by Toner!!! The crowd is going WILD watching the action. Both men try standing up with uncomfortable footing on the hood of the white van. Toner lands the first haymaker. Kazadi fires one back. Toner lands a flurry of them repeatedly as the fresher competitor. Toner seems in control before grabbing Kazadi for a headbutt! Kazadi topples back, rolling off the van and landing ON THE APRON! The crowd boos as Kazadi is safe, but Toner follows by stepping on the apron himself.

    Shannon now gets involved with a few open-fist smacks to Kazadi. Then a few to Toner! Kazadi rolls into the ring as Toner goes through the middle and top ropes. Shannon doesn't try to overpower either out of the ring. Instead, she continues delivering her vicious open-fist smacks across the face. Half-smacks, half-punches, the announcers note how loud they sound on impact. Shannon is whipped into the ropes by Toner and ducks a boot, and then hits a sole side kick to the ribs. She follows with a running blockbuster!

    Shannon gets a running forearm from Kazadi, who uses the ropes and applies a cobra clutch! The crowd boos as Shannon begins fading. Kazadi backs up into the turnbuckle for added support. Right then, Danny Toner charges forward for a corner splash into BOTH!

    But Kazadi moves in time! Toner only squashed Shannon against the turnbuckle.

    Toner turns and Kazadi tries another Cobra Clutch submission, this one on him! Toner fights out of it and flips Kazadi over the ropes, AGAIN on the van's front hood! The crowd cheers as Kazadi rises up in time to see Danny Toner leap onto the ropes and prepare a springboard move! Kazadi puts up his knees to block the leaping clothesline and Toner bounces off the knees and lands awkwardly on the hood and falls off!


    Elimination #26: Danny F'N Toner

    Langdon Trafford:
    UNBELIEVABLE! Kazadi saved himself and Danny Toner's risky style cost him again!

    Piers Gallagher: The rabid dog strikes again! HAHAH! He'll never win a big match! He's too wild and unpredictable!

    Kazadi lays on the truck hood for a good minute as Danny Toner can't believe he's out. The crowd boos loudly as Kazadi smiles, a bit of blood coming from his mouth. Shannon O'Neal is stirring on the other side of the ring. Kazadi steps off the van's hood and into the ring. He sees Shannon, barely able to stand up straight, and doesn't waste any time with a running knee driven into her ribs.

    Langdon Trafford: Kazadi is more of a technical wrestler, not one for overpowering strength, but I don't know how Shannon will get him over the ropes. She has to use his momentum.

    Piers Gallagher: Which means Kazadi is better off not running or giving himself any momentum. He should try to use brute strength to get her out.

    That's how Kazadi starts, by trying to lift and push Shannon over the ropes. Shannon lands more of her smacking punches to the face and Kazadi relinquishes the attempt. Shannon now gains momentum but Kazadi flings her into the turnbuckle and puts a boot right into her throat.

    Piers Gallagher: Shannon wants to face the big dogs of the FWA?! This is what she gets!

    Kazadi grabs Shannon's legs and tries lifting them over the ropes. Shannon holds on tight to the top turnbuckle. Kazadi is able to get Shannon's legs on top of the ropes and lift his knees up into her sternum and ribs. Shannon falls to the apron and lays against the turnbuckle as Kazadi presses his legs against her lower spine, trying to push her off the apron. But Shannon holds to the middle turnbuckle and eventually grabs Kazadi's legs. She stomps down with both feet into his right leg. Then she does the same to the left leg. The stomp squeezes the legs between the soles of her shoes and the ring canvas' hard surface. Kazadi hobbles away, to the middle of the ring, and Shannon goes airborne, flying off the top turnbuckle with a moonsault to the standing Kazadi!!! Shannon lands on top of Kazadi and rolls off. Kazadi is barely able to stand up. Shannon sees him doubled over and goes for her "Paradise City" bicycle kick finisher! But Kazadi counters by moving his head out of the way and appliying the Canadian Cross Armbreaker!

    Shannon is in severe pain as Kazadi wrenches back on her arm and shoulder. Kazadi can't win by tap out but he keeps the hold locked in. Shannon uses her other arm to push herself closer to the ropes. When she finally grabs it, Kazadi laughs and wrenches back even MORE! The announcers note Shannon's arm might get severely injured here. Kazadi keeps the hold applied as Shannon keeps pulling more of her body into the ropes. She twists her upper body around the bottom rope and wraps her free arm around it. Kazadi tries pulling her back into the ring but Shannon is able to wrap her legs around the bottom rope. Kazadi gets frustrated, releases the hold, and begins stomping hard into Shannon's chest and stomach. He grabs Shannon by the hair and yanks her into the middle of the ring. Kazadi tries another Cross Armbreaker submission, but this time Shannon hits the canvas and wraps around Kazadi's right foot. Kazadi turns and tries kicking down into her spine but Shannon grabs his leg and sweeps the left leg, causing him to lose his balance! Shannon then splits the legs and lands a double-foot stomp into the groin!!!

    The crowd cheers as Shannon stumbles back to the corner to catch her breath. Kazadi slowly climbs up to his feet, with the rope as support. Shannon sees an opportunity and runs right at him for a clothesline! But Kazadi lands an elbow out of the ropes that causes Shannon to stumble backwards and roll on her back. She's quickly upright, and Kazadi approaches with caution. Shannon lands a roundhouse kick to the shoulder. Kazadi steps back, and Shannon lands more of the open-fist smacks. Kazadi has his hands up to block most of the impact. Shannon tires out, takes a second off, and Kazadi strikes with his own arsenal. His backhand chops to the chest combined with kicks to the shins has Shannon stumbling back to the other side. Kazadi presses Shannon up against the turnbuckle and tries AGAIN to overpower her to an elimination.

    Kazadi lifts Shannon up by the legs a second time. Shannon holds on for dear life until just in position to wrap her legs around Kazadi's neck! Shannon's upper body is on top of the ropes! Shannon pushes her body over the ropes and yanks Kazadi by the neck closer and closer. Shannon does a hand-stand on the apron as Kazadi tries eliminating her. But her legs are tightly squeezed around his neck!

    Shannon is able to twist and contort her body to the side, grabbing a hold of the middle rope with one hand. Then the top rope with the other. She then uses her free hand to pull Kazadi by the arm while still pulling with her legs!


    Piers Gallagher: She's a tough b***h, there's no doubting that!

    Shannon finally has Kazadi sort of halfway over the ropes. She has her legs around his neck and is facing directly in front of him. Shannon lands one more open-fist punch across the face to Kazadi, a smack echoing throughout the buzzing arena!!!

    Kazadi sort of hangs there as Shannon quickly pulls herself up and unwraps her legs from the neck. She's standing on the apron and with Kazadi trying to find his footing back in the ring, his head still leaning over the ropes, Shannon hits a running "Paradise City" bicycle kick on the apron!!!!



    Kazadi lands on the other side, still alive on the apron! Shannon holds on to the middle rope on the way down to keep herself from falling and being eliminated! When she sees Kazadi laying on the apron, she rolls back into the ring! Kazadi is down for a good 10 seconds but finally begins stirring. Shannon runs off the ropes opposite the ring and charges forward with a full head of steam


    HE'S OUT!

    Langdon Trafford: KAZADI IS OUT! KAZADI IS OUT!

    David Weinstock: SHANNON WINS!


    Elimination #27: Zachary Kazadi

    Winner of Carnal Contendership: Shannon O'Neal (Match Time: 1 hour, 4 minutes, 34 seconds)

    Shannon SCREAMS as loud as she can, a devilish outburst of emotion. The crowd in the arena EXPLODES when she knocks Kazadi off the apron. Shannon falls to her knees, exhausted and sweating profusely everywhere. Shannon looks around the ring, getting praised with "SHANNON! SHANNON! SHANNON!" chants. She smiles, and stands upright. Her hand is raised, and she then turns her attention to the top of the stage.

    Cyrus Truth, who watched the ENTIRE match, has sort of a "REALLY?" look on his face. He scoffs at the next challenger to the World Championship. Another female for him to face, and presumably defeat with ease. Cyrus Truth shrugs his shoulders and shouts at the FWA fans, "IS THIS THE BEST YOU HAVE FOR ME?!"

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth is not impressed, guys. He doesn't think Shannon is a real challenger, I guess.

    Piers Gallagher: He shouldn't. She's done nothing to earn his attention.

    Cyrus Truth says it again. "This is a JOKE!"

    He then folds up the chair and looks prepared to leave. Shannon O'Neal exits the ring and the crowd begins buzzing as she finds some magical second wind and races up the rampway!


    Shannon lands a few running forearms to the back of Cyrus Truth, and the champion is caught completely off guard. Shannon begins throwing WILD haymakers at the champ. She has him stumbling backwards, trying to find his footing. Shannon lands a few more open-fisted smacks across the face. Cyrus Truth is taking a beating, doubled over as he stumbles away from Shannon.


    Shannon O'Neal then backs up, and when Cyrus turns around to face her...



    Piers Gallagher: Cyrus Truth just wanted to enjoy a match, like anyone else, like us! Now he's laying on the ground! Shannon tackled him off the stage!!!

    David Weinstock: This ALREADY IS a war, guys! Shannon HATES Cyrus Truth! And she showed it tonight!!!


    Langdon Trafford:

    Piers Gallagher: Shannon asked for this!!! SHE asked for this!!! And she's gonna get a RUDE awakening! Fight Night, there will be HELL to pay! Cyrus Truth is going to be out for BLOOD! SHANNON'S BLOOD!

    David Weinstock: I think Shannon has made it known tonight! She ain't hiding from Cyrus. She wants him to look for her! But I agree with one thing you said, Piers: Fight Night will be EXPLOSIVE!

    The last thing we see is Cyrus Truth, the reigning FWA World Champion, laying in the rubble and broken wooden shreds of a table, and Shannon O'Neal, the next challenger at Back in Business XII, laying next to hims the responsible party for this carnage. And a slight grin comes across her face as the vocal majority inside the arena continue chanting her approval.
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    Re: Carnal Contendership 2017 RESULTS

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    Re: Carnal Contendership 2017 RESULTS

    Eliminated the NA Champ, Number One Contender, lasted from beginning to final five, and took a truck to eliminate him. Not a bad showing.

    Congrats to Jon and Devin, who along with Shake put up the top promos of the night easily.

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    Re: Carnal Contendership 2017 RESULTS

    Sigh. Looks like Cyrus has to choke a bitch.

    Great show, gang. I feel the right person won for maximum emotional investment. Looking forward to working with you, Goldie.

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    Re: Carnal Contendership 2017 RESULTS

    Awesome show and excellent work by all involved, congrats to Shannon on winning it all.

    BiB should be fun.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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