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Thread: Adrenaline Rush: Live [13/05/2017]

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    Adrenaline Rush: Live [13/05/2017]

    MAY 12, 2017

    “Eight Teams.”

    Rapid shots of the eight teams competing in the Krash Tag Team Classic fly through.

    “Will compete to win the first ever of its name.”

    A grand golden trophy in an empty ring holds a spotlight.

    “Seven matches.”

    Shots appear of the brackets for this tournament. From top to bottom we see Fire and Oil, In-Ring Royalty, The DFB, Shawn Summers and XYZ, Diamond Dogs, Snowmantashis, The DiMiacos, Savage and Fenix.

    “Culminating in the main event of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic PPV.”

    The arena is once more darkened and empty and and the eight that will be competing in the tournament stand in the ring dressed in fine (or as fine as can be in specific cases) suits.

    “This is the first ever CWA Krash Tag Team Classic!”

    Jim Taylor: Welcome back to Adrenaline Rush, we are live in Fresno, California for the start of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic. Tim, we’ve both been here a long time but I don’t think we’ve ever seen the amount of new faces that we’ll be seeing tonight!

    Tim Coleman: By my calculations, that is six new faces, AND that’s only counting the ones actually competing. We’ve got glimpses at two of the newest prospects in CWA, and of course recent debutantes, Prince Ali and the DiMiacos are also competing. But Jim… we’ve got some bigger news, we’ve had glimpses of it but the real thing is coming… we’re getting a MAJOR return tonight.

    Jim Taylor: Let’s not spoil the surprise, Tim!

    Tim Coleman:
    Hard to resist.

    Jim Taylor: We’ve got two of the first tournament matches set for tonight and a glimpse at the matches we’ll see next week. But before all that, our general manager has claimed to have a MAJOR announcement that will change the face of this tournament.

    The colossal figure of the CWA General Manager steps through the curtains. He’s dressed in a perfectly fitted suit that accentuates every pound of his bulk. He adjusts it at the top of the ramp to a rowdy appreciation from the crowd.

    Jim Taylor: Afa Seanoa, our new general manager, made his debut for CWA last show and made a bold start by announcing the Krash Tag Team Classic and threatening the CWA World Tag Team Champions, The Echo.

    Tim Coleman: I respect him, Jim, but he was already walking on ice, and you know what, he’s a pretty big man, that ice might not be able to hold his weight.

    Jim Taylor: You might very well be right. The Echo made a legal threat to not only Afa Seanoa but the CWA should they proceed with stripping them of the CWA World Tag Team Championships. They have claimed that it is up to them to decide when and where they defend those titles.

    Tim Coleman: I’m not a layer but Celina Sasha has a history of succeeding in these sort of battles and I don’t think Afa is a lawyer either, I’m not sure this is the battle he wants to fight and I don’t think he wants his legacy to be embroiling the CWA in legal issues.

    Seanoa has made his way over to the announcer’s table and shakes both Jim and Tim’s hands. He grabs a microphone from an agent at ringside and enters the squared circle.

    Afa Seanoa: Change is what I promise in the CWA. This is a new era. Of competition. Of new talent. Of prized championships. I’ve found the best, fastest rising talent in this business. Exciting talent. Ambitious talent. That’s… part of what was missing before. Some of the guys that were here before… men like The Echo… they’re all talk, but when it comes time to walking… they run… they run the other way.

    The general manager shakes his head.

    Afa Seanoa: Drew and Ethan Connor don’t want to compete for the people that pay their contracts. See… they would rather fight in court… than fight in the ring.

    It’s not hard to get the crowd against the Connor brothers, and they’re unafraid to pronounce their displeasure for the long time tag team champions.

    Afa Seanoa: I don’t need to explain why that doesn’t exactly compute in the business we call professional wrestling. But that’s alright. That’s fine. See… The Echo can hold on to the belts they have… if they don’t want to defend it, they don’t have to. At this point, the belts they hold have become completely worthless. And if they’re fine not getting paid… because I assure you, you can’t talk your way out of this one in any course, you don’t compete, you don’t get paid. So if they’re fine not getting paid… they can keep shilling their merchandise. But the people here, the people that want to compete, they will have a prize to compete for.

    Afa gestures to the top of the ramp where two agents begin rolling down a pair of podiums. One has the golden CWA Krash Tag Team Classic Trophy on it. The other is covered with a black drape. They’re brought over next to the announcer’s table and left there.

    Afa Seanoa: As of the end of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic tournament… the CWA World Tag Team Championships will be officially retired and the Echo can hold on to those belts till the end of times. As of the end of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic tournament… not only will the victors have that trophy to go home with… they’ll have the CWA Undisputed Tag Team Championships to hold around their waists and to proudly defend!

    Afa drops the microphone on that announcement and the crowd cheer the upped stakes of this tournament.

    Jim Taylor: It looks like our General Manager has found a way around The Echo’s refusal to defend their titles and their legal actions.

    Tim Coleman: That’s a bit optimistic, Jim, you really think the Echo are just going to sit around. Look at what happened last time we got a new High Voltage Championship?

    Jim Taylor: We can only hope that Afa Seanoa knows his history but I doubt he would be placed in charge by our new owner if he didn’t have the right mindset in mind for dealing with The Echo Problem.

    Born down in a dead man's town
    The first kick I took was when I hit the ground
    End up like a dog that's been beat too much
    Till you spend half your life just covering up

    Lindsay Monahan:
    First… from New York City, New York… weighing in at a combined weight of 540 pounds… they are the New Patriots of Wrestling… Joe and Paul DIMIACOOOOOO.

    The two brothers who made their debut last week against two members of Triple J step through the curtains already fired up.

    Jim Taylor: Ahead of next week, Afa Seanoa has made a special preview match. The DiMiacos will be teaming up with their opponents in the first round, former High Voltage Champion, Nate Savage, and his specially selected partner, Jackson Fenix.

    Tim Coleman: Recipe for disaster, Jim… I love it! You know tensions are going to be high. Do you want to exert yourself? Want to see what your partner can do? Want to send a message? Can you even co-exist?

    The DiMiaco charge down the ramp to the ring, energized by the cheering of the crowd. They don’t seem like the sort to wait and see what their partners can do, they look ready to compete.

    Freedom, la la la la
    Freedom, follow me
    Freedom, la la la la
    CUT IT!

    Lindsay Monahan: And… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… weighing in at 266 pounds… Nasty… NATE SAAAAAAVAGE!

    Nate Savage steps through the curtains. He flexes his neck and stares dart at his partners, the DiMiacos standing inside the ring. He stops and the music comes to a quick end before he heads to the ring.

    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    Rich kid, asshole, paint me as a villain

    Lindsay Monahan: And… from Las Vegas, Nevada… weighing in at 210 pounds… JACKSON… FEEEEEEEEENIX!

    Jackson Fenix steps through the curtains and by simple virtue of the man he’s hanging with, the crowd doesn’t take to him at all. He’s grinning from ear to ear and completely comfortable on the biggest stage of his career.

    Tim Coleman: Handpicked partner of a former High Voltage Champion. Jackson Fenix is coming into the CWA with some instant pedigree.

    Jim Taylor: Friendship can be blinding, Tim. Why didn’t the CWA sign Fenix themselves. Does he have the talent to compete on this stage or was Savage better off finding a likeminded mind within the company.

    Tim Coleman: Oh, come on, I’ll have you know one of their opponents tonight was handpicked too… and HE HAS NEVER WRESTLED A MATCH!

    Jim Taylor: Fair is fair, Tim.

    Fenix and Savage make their way into the ring, ignoring the crowd. Fenix fails to get Savage to pop even the faintest of smiles on their way to the ring. Savage is wholly focused on the task. Once they reach the ring, the DiMiacos try to talk strategy but Fenix offers middle fingers for the pair of them. ‘Just watch me do me, boys,’ he advises.

    ist das der Zerstorer oder der Schöpfer?
    Mit der Glut des Hasses schwenken wir die Schwerter
    Ist das unser Schicksal oder unser Wille?
    Wir werden kämpfen, bis dieser heiβe Wind unsere Flűgel nimmt

    Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents, from Tokyo, Japan, weighing in at a combined weight of 480 pounds… they are Jon and Izaya Snowmantashi… THE SNOWMANTASHIIIIS!

    Jon Snowmantashi walks through the curtain with his usual indifferent demeanor. He has the CWA World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder and a rowdy “KAIJU! KAIJU! KAIJU!” chant follows. He looks over to the curtains and Izaya Snowmantashi slowly steps through. He’s dressed like a young boy, as plain as can be, simple black trunks. Lil’ Snowmantashi is clearly uncertain but he follows Jon’s lead. Unlike the elder brother, he can’t help but slap outreached hands at ringside and getting the momentum of it, goes around the ring to slap more hands. He eventually joins up Jon in the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Afa Seanoa offered Jon Snowmantashi a contract for his trainee and younger brother, Izaya Snowmantashi. Just another of the newest talent debuting here in the CWA.

    Tim Coleman: Nepotism at its finest, Jim. What has Izaya shown or proven to have a contract in the CWA. People bleed, and work for years, sometimes a decade or two, to get a contract here. But he gets one because he’s related to the champ?

    Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
    Ooh, heaven is a place on earth
    They say in heaven, love comes first
    We'll make heaven a place on earth
    Ooh, heaven is a place on earth

    Lindsay Monahan: And, accompanied to the ring by Alina Poonzaretti and Maya Shagaguchi… from Miami, Florida… entering at a combined weight of 375 pounds… Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli… they are the DIAMOND DOGS!

    Another new pair of faces step through the curtains. The Diamond Dogs, Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli seem much more upbeat than anyone else in the arena and undoubtedly part of that may be because of the two women accompanying them to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: These two are accomplished tag team wrestlers who came here on a recommendation from LIGHTBRINGER’s manager, BoBo.

    Tim Coleman: Look, I’d say ‘more recommendations’ but if these recommendations come with women like Alinaa and Maya… please keep it coming.

    Jim Taylor: Part time club owners, the Diamond Dogs have won numerous tag team championships across America and Japan including two Junior Heavyweight Tag Team title reigns in SPJ.

    The pair enter the ring at the same corner as the Snowmantashis. Izaya can’t help but gawk at Alina and Maya at ringside. Hell, even Fenix can’t help it and both the DiMiacos try to hide their sideglances. Only family man Nate Savage, and possible monk and/or hermit, Jon keep their eyes in the ring.


    FINGERS FOR EVERYONE: Fenix starts the match off on one side and on the other side is Slick Rick, Ricardo Vance. The two approach one another, tentatively offering hands for a lock up but Fenix instead offers a middle finger right into Ricardo’s face. Ricardo, peeved, returns the middle finger into Fenix’s face. It becomes a middle finger shoving match until Savage blind tags Fenix and takes out Ricardo with a Discuss Elbow Smash:

    BABY SNOWMANTASHI: The match is extremely eclectic and fast paced its safe to say. Ricardo gets pushed around by Savage until he’s able to jump over him on a Nasty Bomb attempt and tag in Izaya. Savage is all for it, inviting Izaya in and the rookie nervously steps in. An early shoving that keeps sending Izaya to the ground results in Izaya hitting a kip up and a pele kick to Savage. He decides to take to the turnbuckle but Savage rolls out for the tag and Joe is in.

    SUPLEX WORLD TOUR: Izaya shrugs and jumps up for a crossbody but Joe catches him all too easy, he shows incredible strength tossing Izaya across the ring with a fallaway slam. Izaya doesn’t get a chance to get up to his feet before Joe grabs him by the waist and german suplexes him across the ring. Joe walks over to the ropes and roars out “GO JOE!” and the fans can’t help reply the same, “GO JOE!” Invigorated, Joe grabs Izaya in a hug from the mat then hits a belly to belly suplex.

    BROTHERLY LOVE: Jon seems to have had enough of seeing his brother bullied and enters the ring, shoving Joe aside and dragging Izaya over to his corner. Before he can make a legal tag happen, Paul is incensed at Joe being shoved out and charges to attack Jon from behind. They whip Jon to the ropes and Paul catches him clean in the head with a headbutt. Joe grabs him in a hug and seems to be going for the Patriot’s Day early on. That said, he can’t quite the belly to belly fully on and Snowmantashi hits a head snapping headbutt to Joe. He tries to go for his own Belly to Belly but it doesn’t quite go off for Jon either and the two end up stumbling over the ropes and tumbling to the outside.

    Paul goes to check on Joe by the ropes but turns around only to be clotheslined clean to the outside by Santino Dongarelli. Santino rushes over to the ropes and goes flying for a huge PIMPIN’ DIVE (corkscrew senton) into the outside.

    Nate Savage shrugs from his own corner, and already close to the pile of bodies, climbs up to the top rope and hits a HUGE MOONSAULT, two hundred sixty six pounds crashing into four bodies.

    Slick Rick puts a hand in front of his eyes to see how far Santino flew and decides it’s very much his turn. He takes a running start for a suicide dive - but catches himself on the ropes, causing nearly everyone outside to flinch. He chuckles to himself and his opponents until Fenix hits him with a dropkick that completes the journey and sends him flying into five bodies.

    Fenix figures that he’s next and the crowd urge him on but instead he slides outside and decides to talk things over with Alina and Maya at ringside. Izaya stumbles into the ring, having recovered, and sees all the bodies slowly getting up on the outside. He looks to the crowd and roaring cheer urges him on. He shakes his head, strikes against his head and then runs full speed ahead, making a clean jump onto the top rope, turning around, then hitting a huge CORKSCREW MOONSAULT to wipe everyone clean out… except one.

    Jon Snowmantashi has slid into the ring with the tiniest hint of a smirk on his face. 290 pounds flex their shoulders and then the Kaiju hits the ropes and goes charging… SUICIDE DIVE INTO EVERYONE.

    CLIMAX: Conveniently enough, its Izaya that avoids the bulk of the damage, having crawled away perhaps out of a hint from his brother. He grabs Joe and rolls him into the ring. He puts Joe in between his thighs and signals the end of this match, but much to his shock, Izaya is being booed - or wait, it’s not him being booed. SUPERKICK HITS HIM STRAIGHT IN THE JAW. Jackson Fenix laughs as he drags Joe over to the corner, tags himself in, lifts Izaya up and hits the SIN CITY HANGOVER. ONE! TWO! THREE!


    Jackson Fenix bounces up to his feet in immediate celebration soon joined by Nate Savage while the DiMiacos reluctantly join up with the celebration. The Diamond Dogs are up the ramp first though they don’t seem too concerned with the loss. Jon Snowmantashi drags his younger brother out of the ring and half-drags him up the ramp, mild frustration at the defeat. The DiMiaco, giving credit where credit is due, offer a handshake to their future opponents, Fenix and Savage. The pair consider it then accept the handshake… but you probably saw this coming. Fenix and Savage hit a pair of kicks to the guy, take half-steps back then SUPERKICKS! The DiMiacos drop spread-eagled to the mat!

    Tim Coleman: DiMiacos took their guard down and paid for it. Superkick party here in California and a HUGE debut victory for Fenix.

    Jim Taylor: Not quite the debut Izaya Snowmantashi was hoping for either.

    Tim Coleman: Told you. Nepotism, Jim. Just because he’s got that last name, they think he’s got the talent. He’s half Jon’s size.

    Jim Taylor: The Diamond Dogs will be looking to really showcase themselves next week to in their big tournament match.

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, I don’t think they’ll take this to heart.

    CWA returns from commercial break and quickly switches to an alternate scene where “Earlier this week on CNN” appears in the bottom corner. Prince Ali is seen in a fine suit, shaking hands with host, Brad Langston. Very quick snippets are shown of Langston and Ali conversating with the briefest of questions and replies shown until it starts playing the most significant part of the interaction.

    Brad Langston: You spoke about wanting to be a part of this tag tournament can you speak on your tag team partner Krash who this tournament is named after?

    Prince Ali: Krash is a-

    Krash: Krash is a lovely, handsome darling of a man with a fantastic mustache and a charming personality.

    The interview is interrupted when none other Krash walks on set, dressed in a lovely lavender suit, High Voltage Title warped securely around his waist, and dragging a comfy office chair behind him.

    Hey, Bradley, you don’t mind if I join you for a few minutes? I was in the area, figured I’d drop by, that cool with you?

    Brad Langston: I-

    Krash: Sweet, thanks.

    Nodding at Brad Langston, Krash slid the office chair next to Prince Ali’s seat and slouched down in it, briefly running a hand through his hair before turning to Prince Ali.

    Oh, Ali’s here too! What a lovely coincidence.

    Prince Ali arched an eyebrow.

    Prince Ali: … Can I help you?

    Krash: Hi, I’m Krash, we havn’t been properly introduced yet – unless you count you German Suplexing some dude into me – so here’s my card, nice to meet you.

    Reaching into his pocket, Krash pulled out a card with far, far too much glitter on it, and held it out to Prince Ali, who accepted it as carefully as if it was cursed with the black plague.

    Prince Ali: ‘Krash, Pro-Wrestler Extraordinaire, CWA High Voltage Champion, Heartbeat of CWA, Owner of a Fabulous Mustache, and All-round Cool Guy.’ Did you make this yourself?

    Krash: Yeah, how’d you know?

    Prince Ali: Lucky guess. Now if you don’t mind, I have an exclusive interview to finish, so if you would kindly leave-

    Krash: There’s been a change of plans, this is now an interview with the future winners of the CWA Krash Tash Team Classic, the team of Prince Ali & King Krash, aka, In-Ring Royalty.

    Prince Ali: I don’t like that name.

    Krash: And I don’t like your attitude, but I’m here trying to work things out for the sake of shared glory, so-

    Prince Ali: My attitude?

    Krash: Your attitude! This ‘the current crop of CWA stars are lazy and unwilling to go the extra mile’ stuff. As a locker-room leader, a veteran, and the current CWA High Voltage Champion, I feel obliged to correct you. We have the hardest-working roster, a pool full of talent and skills that can steal the show on any day, and all you need to do to see how true it is, is tune into any Adrenaline Rush. Any.

    Prince Ali: Ha. All that would be nothing compared to me. The things I can do outshine anyone else on any day.

    Brad Langston: Ah, pardon me, but I can’t help but note that you two don’t appear to be entirely on the same page.

    Prince Ali: To be honest, as much as I dislike having a partner who is a lackidaisy layabout-

    Krash: Excuse me?

    Prince Ali: Hold on. As much as I dislike that, I can acknowledge that his veteran knowledge in this particular field will probably prove to be more helpful than just some other random sloth I could have been partnered with.

    Krash: That sounds like a compliment.

    Prince Ali: Don’t get too attached.

    Krash: Well. On my end, it would be a disgrace if I didn’t point out how much of a talented hand Prince Ali is. I could see that in his debut match, he knows what he’s doing. I think we have a very solid chance of winning this.

    Brad Langston: Gentlemen, let’s discuss your opponents in the upcoming CWA Tag Team Cl-

    Krash: CWA Krash Tag Team Classic. Not named after me for no reason, Bradley. Most decorated tag competitor in the company, you'd best remember it.

    The snippet cuts forward to Ali making one last statement.

    Prince Ali: Just so you, know, ‘partner’, when this tournament is all said and done, I’m coming for your High Voltage title.

    After a cutaway from that, the camera heads on backstage with an agent leaving Izaya Snowmantashi with an ice pack. Jon Snowmantashi arrives with KATAIDESU at his side.

    Izaya Snowmantashi: Not exactly the first match I was hoping for.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Evidently. You let your guard down. Attracted to the fan fare, to what everyone else was doing, instead of targeting the playboy, you went for the group of bodies to no avail. That cost you later on when you attempted to finish off the match. Focus on the victory, not the adoration of the people. Be a force of nature, brother.

    Izaya frowns to himself but says nothing more.

    Jon Snowmantashi: When you’ve finished thinking things over, ice yourself, you’ll need to rewatch that match, see for yourself your mistakes.

    Jon walks ahead but KATAIDESU sticks around.

    KATAIDESU: Don’t worry about it, kid. You learn by failure.

    KATAIDESU walks away as well. The camera remains on Izaya Snowmantashi who notices some vibrant lights coming out of a door not too far away and some increasingly loud music. Curious, he leaves his ice pack to check on it. Izaya stops at the door and slowly opens it, out from it is the Diamond Dogs bouncer, Big Mac. He stands frowning but says nothing, only blocking the passageway from which a party is clearly happening. Ricardo Vance peeks through.

    Ricardo Vance: You here for the party, kid?

    Izaya looks around, and a bright smile crosses his face as he sees Alina Poonzaretti pass by, he nods quickly.

    Ricardo Vance: Come on in, man, that’ll be twenty bucks.

    Izaya looks perplexed but fishes in his trunks and pulls out twenty bucks. Ricardo is reluctant but money is money. He grabs it anyways and nods for Big Mac to let him in before thinking to himself again…

    Ricardo Vance: You’re legal right?

    Izaya contemplates it and then shrugs and says yeah.

    Ricardo Vance: Good enough for me!

    He’s still a couple months off but no one will know, right? Izaya gets in, gets handed a drink and the door closes as the party rages on.


    We’re elsewhere backstage after a short commercial break with general manager, Afa Seanoa on a phone.

    Afa Seanoa: Everything’s being going great. The Echo were a hiccup but nothing CWA hasn’t deal with before. But aside from that, we’re getting some of the best talent worldwide, Japan, Canada, the US, even Africa. People that really want to be at the top of this company. You know, this tournament is just the start.

    The man on the other line replies back and after a moment Afa speaks again.

    Afa Seanoa: You know you’re always welcome in a CWA building. The fans would love to see you too. Look, we can definitely set aside some time for you next show, Mr. Willis.

    A faint cheer from the crowd is heard at this name.

    Afa Seanoa: Always great talking to you, looking forward to seeing you. I’m sure the fans are too. Bye.

    Afa hangs up the phone, nodding to himself before he investigates some other papers on his desk.

    Jim Taylor: Well that was some announcement, Tim. Hall of famer, Mr. Willis will be appearing right here on Adrenaline Rush next show!

    Tim Coleman: Always happy to see a fellow legend, Jim. But you know what I’d like more than that right now? Access to that damn party backstage!

    Jim Taylor: Don’t you think you’re a bit too old for that.

    Tim Coleman: Hell no, I saw that monk LIGHTBRINGER prances around with in there, if he can be in it, I can be in it too!

    Jim Taylor: Unfortunately you’re currently on the clock, Tim and we’ve got the first match of the Krash Tag Team Classic tournament coming up, fittingly containing the namesake of this tournament, Krash himself.

    What if I wanted to break
    Laugh it all off in your face
    What would you do?
    What if I fell to the floor
    Couldn't take all this anymore
    What would you do, do, do?

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, this is a first round match of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic tournament… first… from Melbourne, Australia… weighing in at 205 pounds, he is the current CWA High Voltage Champion, The Heartbeat of CWA… KRASH!

    The camera is darkened and a single spotlight focuses on Krash, back turned with the CWA High Voltage Championship’s half-visible around his waist. Purple pyro explodes around him as he turns around and the crowd can’t contain their excitement. He turns around, arms wide and the crowd mutually embraces him as he makes his way to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Arguably one of the greatest wrestlers to step into a CWA ring, you want a mount rushmore of wrestling in CWA and this man is instantly on that list, Tim. That’s why this tournament is named after him.

    Tim Coleman: Question is if he can co-exist with his partner.

    Jim Taylor: We’ve seen this man co-exist with a man he had to defend a CWA World Heavyweight Championship against, I think Krash knows how to set aside differences for greater opportunity. He’s not shy of gold at all.

    Niggas fighting over rings
    Niggas wanna be the King, but
    Long Live the Chief

    Lindsay Monahan:
    And his partner… weighing in at 215 pounds… from Monrovia, Liberia, Africa… he is The Standard… PRINCE AAALIIIIIIIII!

    Prince Ali comes walking through the curtains, hands clasped behind his backed. He stops at the top of the stage to dead stare at the crowd, and even longer, Krash in the ring. The CWA High Voltage Champion feigns stopping shining his title to glance at the man at the top of the stage and wave. Ali resists shaking his head and makes his way down the ring.

    Tim Coleman: I heard that Prince Ali was entirely displeased with his major interview on CNN being interrupted by Krash. I’m not even sure how Krash got past security in the first place.

    Jim Taylor: I think Prince Ali may very well understand just as will as Krash what’s on the line here. As much singles success as Ali may be vying for, he’s well aware that a CWA World Tag Team Championship win and success in this tournament would go far into ensuring singles success.

    Dance, boogie wonderland.
    Ha, ha, dance
    Boogie wonderland

    Lindsay Monahan:
    And their opponents… weighing in at a combined weight of 502 pounds… from Los Angeles, California and the Surface of the Sun… THOMAS WEST and NOAH NITRO!

    The pairing step out through the curtains for the time in a long while. They get an appreciative reaction from the crowd that grows even larger when Thomas West pops out a tiny bottle of baby oil and rubs it all over himself.

    Jim Taylor: Once upon a time, these two men compete for the CWA World Tag Team Championships, and they even challenged Krash during one of his illustrious reigns but came up just short. Tonight is an opportunity of redemption for the pair.

    Tim Coleman: Noah Nitro has stuck around, Jim, but he hasn’t quite been able to make some success on his own. Bringing Thomas West back into the fold, a man of his size, it could really alter the landscape of the tag team division.

    IN-RING ROYALTY (krash & prince ali)
    versus FIRE & OIL (noah nitro & thomas west)

    PRINCE’S FURY: Prince Ali is the man who starts for his team, immediately jumping on both West and Nitro, who were still negotiating in their corner, jumping both men before delivering a rapid barrage of punches between both men, as if driven to not only prove that he doesn’t need Krash, but to show him up as much as possible and win this match by himself. He eventually changes those clenched fists to a series of absolutely fierce CHOPS(Wooooooo!) going back and forth between both men. Ali has gone absolutely off here it seems, not taking any quarter when it comes to the attack last week. Even Krash on the apron looks mildly surprised by how hot Ali is. The referee already threatening to disqualify Ali.

    KING’S GLORY: So West and Nitro take this time to drop to the outside, both of them in shock of Ali’s warrior resolve. The ref warns Ali to hold his horses Meanwhile Krash, looks at the men conversing ringside his mind racing, he turns around and calls out to Ali making sure his attention was on Krash, Krash winks at Ali before in one fluid motion runs the apron before he bounces off the middle rope…AND EXECUTES A FLAWLESS ASAI MOONSAULT!! MOONSAULT TO FIRE AND OIL. NO ONE DOES IT BETTER! NITRO AND WEST LOOK LIKE THEY DON’T KNOW IF THEY’RE COMING OR GOING

    MORE BROKEN DREAMS: While the crowd is white hot, the referee is telling everyone to get back into the ring so they can actually have a match but Krash is busy firing up the crowd after that trademark awesome moonsault. While Ali just watches on stoically. Seeming to decide that Krash wasn't overshadowing him Ali seeks to oblige by grabbing the downed Nitro and throws him into the ring. Ali then places him on his shoulders, pausing momentarily to stare at Krash he hits BROKEN DREAMS There are only two men in the ring, which the referee will appoint the legal men, as Ali quickly covers Nitro –West goes to make the save but Krash rushes across and nails him with a forearm sending him spiraling down against the ropes. ONE! TWO! THREE!
    WINNER: IN-RING ROYALTY (krash & prince ali)

    WOW. FIRE AND OIL DIDN'T EVEN GET OUT OF THE STARTING BLOCKS. Krash and Ali move to the next round, even though you couldn't say it was a team victory. It was more The Prince shooting a message towards his partner, and if it wasn't clear already, it would become totally clear once Ali jumps to his feet pounding his fist against his chest letting the ref raise his hand proudly and almost slapping the ref's hand away when he tries to have Krash do the same. But he turns around to face Krash who stares at him with a somewhat bemused expression, they stare nose to nose with each other, giving each other a look that makes it clear that whatever issues they have aren't over. Krash throws up his hands vaguely and leaves the ring though Ali watches him all the way before eventually departing himself fists raised....

    Jim Taylor: Not exactly the team victory either man would have liked…

    Tim Coleman:
    A victory is a victory is what I always say, Jim. If they can keep delivering and winning that fast, then it won’t really matter if they can come together or not.

    Now that the ring is cleared, Nitro eventually picks himself up to meet his partner both of which wearing matching disappointed and pained looked, West pats his partner on the shoulder in encouragement turning towards the entrance why....Only to find Lilith standing on the outside apron staring them down. Somewhere in the proceedings without anyone noticing.

    The so-called "Mother of Ravens" must have crept upped towards the ringside area, for what reason or purpose? Only she seemed to know as she continued to stare at Fire and Oil with her eyes sparkling with mysterious intent. For obvious reasons, the more uncomfortable with the particularly creepy woman. Looking at his partner with a small amount of confusion he walks over to Lilith frowning, but he has little time to ask what she's doing or help her off the apron before she makes her move; A slow, stupid, unromantic kiss. When their lips part Lilith calmly lowers herself down and slowly makes her way up the ramp without once looking back.

    Nitro standing just behind his partner looks frantically around him as if looking for someone...Anyone to tell him what the hell was going on. He calls out to West asking him what the hell just happened, even going as far as to push his massive wall like back to get his attention. When that doesn't even seem to work, Nitro pulls West around to face him......before being taking aback by the glazed over and distant look in his eyes....BEFORE WEST RUNS THROUGH HIM WTH A STIFF LARIAT THAT FOLDS NITRO IN HALF!

    Jim Taylor:
    Thomas West has completely snapped, Tim! A man with a generally joyous demeanor is looking as stoic as our world champion.

    Tim Coleman: I’d say he’s finally realizing that Noah Nitro is deadweight but Lilith gives me all the hibbie jibbies, Jim, I think she’s done something to Thomas West.

    A confused buzz rings around the arena as West looks up towards the stage where Lilith stands watching on, before slowly bringing up her forefinger up and making a "Come hither" gesture with her finger before spinning on her heel and walking backstage, meanwhile Tomas West rolls out of the ring but he drags Nitro out with him, lumping Nitro over the shoulder like a log carrying him with ease as he moves backstage, the same stupefied look on his face

    Jim Taylor: First Anna Malikova now Lilith has seemingly taken a whole tag team.

    Tim Coleman: She told Anna it was destiny. But what the hell is she doing with these people?

    Jim Taylor: I couldn’t tell you, Tim, but let’s just pray our destiny doesn’t include a date with Lilith. With all that said, after the commercial break, ladies and gentleman, we’ve got something huge planned for tonight so stay tuned! Before that, let’s head to the back to hear from one of the teams competing later on in the night.

    The view shifts backstage as Michelle Kelly stands by with the long-haired newcomer, XYZ, with his dirty blonde locks flowing down just lower than his shoulders and his eyes looking up and out from the scene, as if he's in his own little world right now. A green, silk robe is tied around his neck and hangs down his back to nearly his ankles. Aside from that, his attire is simply a basic wrestling outfit of black tights and no shirt.

    Michelle Kelly: I am here with the man who picked up a surprising win on the last show against Shawn Summers! His name is XYZ and ... well, to get started, I think everyone wants to know just what has inspired you to come to the CWA and ... what your goal is here...

    The microphone is moved to in front of XYZ's face, but he simply continues looking out and up from the scene to somewhere off in the distance. He closes his eyes, intakes a massive breath of air, and releases in a soothing manner with his arms stretched outward.

    XYZ: Emily ... Emily ... Emily. Your questions ... are filled with the wisdom ... of a porcupine.

    The crowd chuckles a bit as XYZ pauses and Michelle looks insulted.

    Michelle Kelly: Um ... my name is Mich...

    XYZ: No worries! I shall answer. As the many eagles flock to hear the words of their wondrous ROOK! You see, long long ago, in a land far faaaaaaar away, XYZ was nearly the champion of his first letter. He was oh so close. Until an evil saint thwarted his dream and stepped on his soul.

    XYZ pauses, seeming to have a pained expression on his face as he recalls the story of his past run-in with the "evil saint.”

    XYZ: HE STEPPED ON MY SOUL, EMILY! But for XYZ, the dream never dies. So I come here, to the land of misfits and magic ... and I see people running around. In their underpants. Begging for hope. Asking for change. Beckoning for their own evil saint. And I am here to tell those people, "NO! YOU DO NOT NEED THAT EVIL SAINT! YOU NEED YOURSELF! YOUR HEART! AND YOUR SOUL! DO NOT LET THEM STEP ON IT! DO NOT LET THEM RUN YOU TO THE BRINK OF DARKNESS ONLY TO KEEP YOU ALIVE, HANGING BY A THREAD, WHILE THE LIONS DOWN BELOW FEAST ON YOUR TOES!"

    Jim Taylor: What in the world is he talking about?

    XYZ's animated persona includes all tons of hand motions, but he settles down as he rests on the soles of his feet and looks calmly into the camera.

    XYZ: There once was a magician ... who came to XYZ and said ... 'Man with the curly hair and the cape filled with popsicles, I think the CWA needs you now more than ever. They need guidance ... They need help. They need A VISION!"

    XYZ makes glasses or googles with his fingers as he says the last part, and the crowd in the arena cheers a bit louder with each animated moment.

    XYZ: So as this being ... with the eyes of a gopher ...

    Tim Coleman: I have no words. Is he a magician or a gopher?

    XYZ: Looked at XYZ ... he tore right through me. I come to the CWA with a quest. The quest ... is to give the hopeless ... some hope, to give the tired ... my strength, to lift up those ... who cannot walk themselves. Each time ... I go to that ring ... I will look to all of YOU ... and I will know ... I am NOT ALONE.

    Michelle Kelly looks as stupefied as you can in this situation. She shrugs her shoulders at the camera and then looks back up to XYZ, who has an air of confidence in his expression as he closes his eyes once more, intakes a deep breath of air, and releases.

    XYZ: Now ... man holding that alien transportation DEVICE...

    XYZ points right into the camera, presumably speaking about the cameraman shooting the segment.

    XYZ: FETCH me my Pop-EYES! I am stricken ... with hunger. I am overtaken ... with the thirst of a thousand wild geese. Because even a dreamer must replenish ... his nutrition ...

    XYZ looks sternly into the camera now, almost a death stare as his eyes narrow and his finger changes direction from pointing at the camera to pointing at himself. And then up to the ceiling.

    XYZ: BECAUSE ... the dream ... NEVER ...

    And with a whisper, XYZ says the final word, as if it's a secret to anyone watching)

    XYZ: dies.

    XYZ walks away, leaving Michelle Kelly to pick up the pieces of the moment. Only she can simply stare with her mouth open at the camera, unable to explain what just happened or anything XYZ said in his answer to her basic question. The camera slowly zooms out to reveal Shawn Summers standing, staring the deepest holes into the back of XYZ beyond the camera. The fans can’t help but laugh at the imagery.

    Michelle Kelly: Uhm… well… I was also going to ask him his thoughts on pairing up with the man he recently fought but I guess I can ask… you?

    Shawn Summers only acknowledgement of Kelly is his eyes looking over at her in a side glance. His lips seem to twitch in absolute anger at who he has been paired up with. Cross-armed and fuming, teeth gritted, Summers walks past the camera without a further word.



    Lights in the arena go black as the CWA audience looks on in confusion, returning from a commercial break. The buzz around the arena can be heard as they all just sit there in the darkness until......

    The crowd goes ballistic as they know that to be the theme song of the two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion and former Ruler of the ring "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis. The CWA Universe have not seen McGinnis since July 31st, 2016 where he lost the heavyweight championship to the current champion Snowmantashi, where Snowmantashi dropped him on his head with a massive Burning hummer. Out from behind the curtain steps out McGinnis as no one thought that McGinnis would ever be back in the CWA, and you can see the crowds face that is exactly what they believed.

    Jim Taylor: Oh my god, Jonathan McGinis is back!

    Tim Coleman: This is the major return we’ve been waiting for, Jim! Two time CWA World Heavyweight Champion. It’s been almost a year since the last time Jonathan McGinnis stepped in a ring and some say, it was around this time last year when McGinnis truly changed. The question on everyone’s mind, Jim, what is McGinnis planning this time!

    Everyone thought that his career was ended by the hands of the current, reigning and defending CWA champion Snowmantashi but he is back. McGinnis stands in front of the crowd which he was the world champion of. While McGinnis and the fans haven't been able to see eye to eye, they are always happy for a return or at least an unexpected surprise. Out from behind the curtain steps out the former champion, as he steps out and stands on the entrance ramp and looks over the sea of people, wearing a new McGinnis shirt "SUPERKICK GAWD" in red font on an all black t-shirt which is now available on the for a limited time only. He walks down the ramp and slowly enters the ring. He requests for a microphone, he looks over at the crowd, before picking up the microphone and looks to speak to the CWA universe for the first time in almost a year.

    Jonathan McGinnis: It's been a while, maybe too long, I remember, the last time I was in a CWA ring.

    McGinnis paused for a second.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Last time I was in a CWA ring, things didn't go too well for me. I tried to hide it for a while, it ate at me for a long time. Thoughts of me getting dropped on my head and a FRAUD walking off with MY CHAMPIONSHIP! I don't expect for most of you guys here, or, really anyone in the back to truly understand what I been through, I had to sit on the shelf and watch a man that isn't me, be the face of this company when I was the one that saved this company. I took this company from its deathbed when Cyrus Truth couldn't draw to save his life and I put an end to his reign and me, not anybody else ushered in this new era of the CWA that we are today And… and the lack of respect from the company… and from everyone in the CWA Universe. You… YOU SONS OF BITCHES JUST TOSSED ME and EVERYTHING I did to the side. All I've accomplished, you gave NO SHITS about it. A man dropped me on my FUCKING head and almost KILLED me. Snowmantashi came THIS close to making sure I never wrestled again and did you care? Did the pieces of shit in the backstage care? DID CWA CARE? Hell no, they didn't care! They gave no FUCKS about me, and after all, I had done for them, I stopped this company from taking the road down foreclosure. This is how I get treated and this is how they truly feel about the one man who put this company back on the map. You know....

    McGinnis once again paused as the crowd starts to get a heated at what McGinnis is saying...

    Jonathan McGinnis: I have a quick little story and I really don't care if you want to hear this or not. I sat home, alone, and watched all this and was on the brink of saying f-bleep CWA and f-bleep this business but then, something came to me, and that was, I use to care about this business, I use to love to come out here and prove that I'm the best wrestler in the world each and every night, but something, got in the way of all that, so sitting at home in California and I decided, that I'm not done.

    CWA's censors are working overtime with how many f-bombs McGinnis is dropping and should be hearing from the FCC as a few slipped by them. You can tell that McGinnis is passionate and has a deep vindiction for the CWA and the wrestling business as a whole for trying to write him off.

    Jonathan McGinnis: This story doesn't end here, this doesn't story doesn't end with Snowmantashi dropping me on my head, hell this story doesn't end here in the CWA. I really don't care what you guys think or feel, I will get back what is mine, I will become CWA World Heavyweight Champion for the THIRD time. But my eyes aren't just set on doing that here, my eyes, my goals are much bigger than the CWA, I want to own everything. I want ALL the gold, I want MORE titles, I want to be covered in f-bleep championships. I want the ENTIRE wrestling world in MY hands for me and for me alone to hold! This isn't just a message to the CWA or even to the CWA universe, even though I know how stupid saying the CWA universe sounds. This right here is a message to the wrestling WORLD! You all belong to me! I'm the best wrestler that has ever graced a wrestling ring and the fact that wrestling business tried to wash its hands with me, will prove to be the biggest mistake that it has ever done because once I'm done, I will PULL THE PLUG on the ENTIRE wrestling industry. I have my price and....

    The Wrestling Business, that is my price
    Jonathan McGinnis: So it doesn't matter where you wrestle and who you wrestle for, watch your back because you never know, for when I might strike and what I might take. Now, I play by my rules, now, I take what is mine, now I taste revenge. So for CWA, and the rest of the wrestling world.
    Come, for Death and I, have been waiting for you!

    McGinnis theme hits as the crowd who doesn't really know what to make of what McGinnis said just stand in silence. He leaves the ring and slowly heads up the ramp and towards the back.

    Jim Taylor: Did McGinnis just put not only the CWA but the entire wrestling world on notice.....

    Tim Coleman: Damn straight he did. After how CWA and professional wrestling just wrote him off, I would hope we take this man's statements seriously. Afa Seanoa thought he had his hands full with the Echo but I take his hands just got fuller!

    Jim Taylor: I’m sure he’s getting some calls from the FCC on McGinnis’s rampant disregard for our viewership as it is, Tim. A major return but not the one we thought we would get. We imagined a year may have healed McGinnis and refocused but it seems anger has just been stewing in all that time and his desire for vengeance and chaos has only grown. Aside from that, Tim… we’ve still got a main event and another Krash Tag Team Classic match for tonight! It’s Shawn Summers and XYZ pairing off against another couple of debutantes, the DFB!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, this is a First Round match of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic, first, from Reno, Nevada, weighing in at a combined weight of 441 pounds… they are the DFB… CODY MUNDZ AND BOBBY “SMOOOOOOTH”.

    There is little to no fanfare, negative or positive, as “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave blares out on the arena’s speaker system. Two leather-cut clad men walk out and stare out at the crowd. Cody Mundz, the bushy-bearded, wild-eyed looking one of the duo slaps his partner, Bobby “Smooth”, on the chest and shouts out whilst pointing at the front row of fans “They’re some ugly sons ain’t they Bobby!”. The two men laugh as some light booing emits from the section of fans they insulted.

    Jim Taylor: Two of the newest competitors here are Cody Mundz and Bobby “Smooth” and Tim, they are not endearing themselves at all to the crowd here.

    Tim Coleman:
    I’ve never seen people turn the arena against them so quick and I’ve been here for ages, Jim!

    Bobby “Smooth” flips the fans off as the booing increases slightly. Cody Mundz has gotten his hand on a microphone and he begins spitting venom.

    Cody Mundz:
    When all you lard-asses can catch your damn breath long enough to shut your fat mouths up – then kindly do it!

    Booing gets louder.

    Cody Mundz:
    You pieces of shit! Keep shouting cause all I can hear is high cholesterol levels and failed diet plans!

    Booing intensifies once again and “Who are you? Who are you?” chant starts up.

    Cody Mundz: Who am I? Who is he? I’m Cody Mundz and this is Bobby. And we’re damn sure a hell of a lot more important than you. Tell’ em ‘Smooth’.

    Bobby Smooth takes the microphone off Cody.

    Bobby ‘Smooth’:
    It don’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, what you say you’re going to do … NONE of it matters if The Nevada Reapers get involved. Cody and I? We decided to get involved with this little tag team tournament you guys got going on. I mean who the hell wouldn’t get involved. We’re basically being handed 25g!

    Cody Mundz: And a big ass trophy!

    Bobby ‘Smooth’:
    Screw the damn trophy! None of you matter! CWA doesn’t matter! Whatever unlucky bastards that walk out here next to face us –they don’t matter! There’s only two people in this entire building that matter and that’s Cody and I! You! Yeah you, leggy broad!

    Lindsay Monahan, long-term ring announcer of CWA, points at herself on the outside of the ring.

    Bobby ‘Smooth’: If you wanna matter for the first time in your life – Motel 66, Room 112; we can celebrate tonight!

    More light booing as Lindsay looks offended.

    Cody Mundz:
    You crazy ‘Smooth’? That bitch has the clap!

    The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos.

    Cody Mundz: I wouldn’t do her with two on! In fact, she’s such a dirty tramp --

    Cody runs over to the edge of the ropes and SPITS on Lindsay Monahan, causing the crowd to go crazy and start throwing garbage down at the ring – the crowd is fully incited for this now.

    Cody Mundz:
    Get those two pieces of trash out here so we can kick their damn asses, RENO STYLE!

    Lindsay Monahan is barely in a state to even make her introductions and half-traumatized on the outside. A road agent steps into the ring with a name tag of “El Oso Polar” on his shirt and he is strangely wearing a polar bear mask on. Whatever.

    El Oso Polar: And one of their opponents, also this is your main event of the evening! She forgot to mention that. Anyways… weighing at 205 pounds… from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada… he is the King of Gods… SHAWN SUMMERS!

    If you thought Shawn Summers was pissed off last show well look at him this show. Straight faced, furious, he stands at the top of the stage and the fans are quick to shower boos on him on par with the ones the DFB got within the ring. He’s only half-mouthing the lyrics to Lana Del Rey’s “Cola” and he walks over to the ring. The DFB are making fun of his theme song back within the ring.

    Jim Taylor: I think DFB may have turned some fans on Shawn Summers side because, if my ears aren’t deceiving me, I’m hearing some cheers in the arena right now.

    Tim Coleman: Well Shawn Summers never spit on anyone. I think that automatically puts him above the DFB.

    El Oso Polar: And the other opponent, the one Shawn Summers is teaming with… weighing in at 204 pounds, together they weigh 410 pounds… err… 409 pounds… from Sitka, Alaska, a perpetual dreamer…. EXXXXXX…. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…. ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!

    If you asked the crowd for an explanation as to why they loved XYZ, it might just because of how different he simply is. They explode in appreciation for the sole light in the darkness of this main event. XYZ stands atop the ramp with his cape unfurled.

    Jim Taylor: We have seen one dysfunctional team early tonight and they were somehow able to be successful in their match, the question is… can XYZ and Shawn Summers put their differences aside and take on the DFB tonight?

    Tim Coleman: All I know is, nothing will get them on each other’s side faster than DFB spitting on them. Simply disgusting, Jim.


    THE DFB (bobby “smooth” & cody mundz)
    versus SHAWN SUMMERS & XYZ
    DIRTY FUCKING START: Bobby starts things off for his side and Shawn Summers and his refusal to step out of the ring leads XYZ to hit the apron. Bobby and Shawn Summers approach each other like this will be an MMA fight. Shawn Summers with his technical, collegiate acumen and Bobby with his bar brawl style. Bobby is very much wrestling his first match and plays this like it is just that, a bar brawl. He swings a few but Summers ducks under it easily and plays Bobby like a fiddle with an easy takedown and headlock. Welcome to professional wrestling, Bobby, won’t be “smooth” sailings.

    THERE ARE RULES: And Cody probably isn’t aware of it. He just enters the rings and kicks at Shawn Summers. Summers gets up and to his feet, ready for a fight but referee gets between… only to get shoved aside. Cody charges at Summers and the two get into a fist fight. Bemused, XYZ stays in his corner. That doesn’t stop Bobby from getting involved and the two get the best of Summers in a savage brawl. The referee finally warns Cody that if he doesn’t get out of the ring, he’ll be disqualified. “I want get my damn 25g?” The ref yells he won’t and Cody reluctantly goes back to the corner. The ref takes the time to explain that if he wants to step into the ring, Bobby must tag him in while he’s holding on to the string coming out the turnbuckle.

    Shawn Summers is seriously motivated in this one and circles about Bobby like a machine, putting his entire collegiate game on showing. Bobby gets increasingly pissed off at getting outdone but he’s almost helpless. As mentioned earlier, this isn’t just a bar room brawl. Cody Mundz isn’t eager to enter either considering the possibility of the precious 25 grand he might lose out on. It’s XYZ who actually breaks the mold mouthing something like “Let Me Live My Dream!” and Summers frowns but seems to oblige XYZ and tags him in.

    This is the perfect turnaround for Cody Mundz and Bobby “Smooth” thanks to XYZ’s contrasting style, something that probably doesn’t work too well in this scenario. XYZ tries to gather momentum with his rapid style kicks to the shin but Bobby just clocks him with a straight punch (the referee warns him that closed-fist is sort of illegal) and then drags him to the corner.

    SOMEONE’S BEEN BRUSHING UP: Cody Mundz actually shows more wrestling versatility. He rushes to the ropes then comes back with a shotgun dropkick that sends XYZ across the ring. He more or less bullies XYZ, hitting a short-arm clothesline. He even attempts to go to the top rope but finally thinks better of it and jumps off from the bottom turnbuckle with an axe handle.

    LIVING DREAMS: XYZ is able to turn the tables when he suddenly lends his legs to Cody. Cody is a bit perplexed by this manoeuvre until he’s spun endlessly around by XYZ and after a revolution or two, sent flipping around. He stumbles around for a second and gives XYZ plenty of time to hop to the top rope then come flying with double knees to take down Cody. He looks down at Cody and his eyes go wide. He looks frantically at the crowd, even at Shawn Summers and whispers the dream… then yells, NEVER… then whispers again… dies. He runs to the ropes springboards for a moonsault but Cody must have been a closet wrestling fan because he rolls forward what he assumes is a high flying maneuver. XYZ moonsaults onto his feet and then charges forward with a senton! Not clever enough for the dreamer.

    TIME TO PLAY DIRTY: Bobby may have gotten tired of playing up to the rules. He feigns entering the ring and Cody quickly hits a low blow on XYZ. XYZ holds his family jewels and leaves himself open for a closed-fist that strikes him right in the jaw. Cody gets down and dirty, dropping hooks, headbutts, and even biting XYZ’s forehead. The referee gets him off but Bobby circles around the rind quickly and strangles XYZ against the ropes, spitting in his face all the while.

    HOT TAG!: Mundz and “Smooth” are quick to learn the way of things. Quick tagging frequently to tire out XYZ and working around the referee’s attention span. Shawn Summers doesn’t really make an outright effort to stop their shenanigans though. It’s up to XYZ to show some fire and rile the crowd behind him. He gets off those rapid kicks to Mundz after ducking a clothesline and Mundz can’t keep up this time. He hits a surprising leg sweep and then ends the flurry with an elbow drop. Both Mundz and XYZ lay on the mat. XYZ, more experienced, is aware of what needs to be done. He begins crawling over to the corner. Mundz tries to grab his leg and stop him and XYZ is just out of the reach of a faintly reaching Summers. XYZ hits a kick straight to Mundz’s head that sends him stumbling over to his corner. He then hops to tag in Shawn Summers… who isn’t there… but you know who is in his corner… Bobby “Smooth.”

    “SMOOTH” ENDING: Bobby comes out roaring, grabbing XYZ and hitting VICIOUS European Uppercuts until he whips XYZ to the ropes and sends him thundering spine first to the mat with a spinebuster. Shawn Summers stands outside staring with complete focus. Bobby lifts XYZ, and trying out a wrestling maneuver for himself, lifts him up for a powerbomb. Cody yells out from behind, “hold him up there, Bobby” and then goes flying with a clotheslines to send XYZ flipping inside out. The two confer with each other and coming up with a maneuver on the spot, Bobby sends XYZ to the ropes, lifts him up into a double knee facebuster from Cody. SHATTER MACHINE! ONE. TWO. THREE!

    WINNER: THE DFB (bobby “smooth” & cody mundz)
    Jim Taylor: An impressive debut for the DFB but it doesn’t go without saying that they had help from an unexpected source.

    Tim Coleman: Well, Afa was lucky enough Ali and Krash didn’t turn against each other. Shawn Summers is one of the most egotistical man here, you really think he was going to allow a loss to slip by him like that? Especially a loss of that nature. Summers is more concerned with vengeance than the tag team championships.

    The DFB make sure to give XYZ more of their spittle before hustling out the ring and celebrating their victory to the jeering of the crowd. Shawn Summers steps into the ring, looking coldly down at XYZ.

    Jim Taylor: I don’t think that man has any good intentions, Tim. Isn’t the damage enough?

    Shawn Summers mouths that the dream… is… dead. He lifts XYZ up only enough for him to lock in the Alpha Male submission hole. XYZ struggles for a bit but already nearly lifeless, he quickly loses any sense of consciousness and it takes several referees to remove him from the unconscious XYZ. Doctors are quickly at ringside to verify the state of XYZ but from the glare on Summers face… he’s not quite satisfied.

    Editor's Notes: Credit to AON for the Fire & Oil vs. In-Ring Royalty match and post match segment. Edited for the sake of consistency with the whole show (format wise). Credit to TGO for XYZ segment. Credit to Willis for McGinnis's long anticipated return. Credit to Tig for DFB segment. Credit to Smooth Jazz Wolf and Mr. Franchise for the Krash/Ali segment. Most if not all segments were tweaked to some degree to fit in with the show, sorry, bit of a stickler for a consistent format I'm tired. But really wanted to get this show up today! Next show will be up soon, hopefully. Longer comments coming later! Enjoy! / goes to bed. / hopes coding doesn't mess up when he posts.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [13/05/2017]

    Another excellent show Jon and everyone else involved, loved everything about it. I love the way Fenix was written, that's exactly what I had in mind for the character so props for that.

    Keep up the great work.
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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [13/05/2017]

    Nice work, Jon boy. You may actually earn some respect from me.



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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [13/05/2017]

    Pretty good show. The return of the Indy god is huge but i wonder where he fits in with the tag tournament going. Mr.Willis!!! Man that brings back memories cant wait to see how that goes. New tag belts and some exciting tag matches. This lilith chick tho. Interesting mystery.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [13/05/2017]

    Great show Jon! Can't wait until the next one.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [13/05/2017]

    Great show. The Krash Classic looks to have great momentum moving forward. Really don't have an idea on who's the favorite, but it's solid moving forward. With McGinnis return (cheap plug) to the tag tourney and Lilith doing her 'thing", we have seemed to find ourselves on a new road with CWA. Keep it going, Jon, much respect bruh.


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    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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