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Thread: What is the problem with raw?

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    Re: What is the problem with raw?

    In my opinion you need a stong top guy, casuals usually tune in becuase of one personn. Now reigns may scream star but he hasn't got charisma or mic skills to draw the casuals. He is way too hated for him to be an effective top guy but the problem is that they have basically sacrifced everyone else in order for Roman to get over.

    You need to fix the top guy problems before you fix everything else.

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    Re: What is the problem with raw?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Legend Killer View Post
    Having the show focused non-stop and solely produced to make Roman the Universal champion is the big problem. I don't like Roman, but he does feel like a main event star. The issue really is that because things are more or less "set in stone", every other character on the show is pointless. Why should we get behind someone, if we know for a fact there is no chance for them to ever make it to the top on RAW? I remember about 10 years ago, when Edge was SmackDown! and facing the Undertaker, I was really behind Edge in every match because I believed he had a chance of beating Undertaker and becoming world champion. That is the beauty of pro-wrestling, which RAW is lacking. The possibility that someone could make it to the top, someone can get that world title, someone that you backed from their debut until that moment of winning the title. That's why Daniel Bryan's build to the WM win was so amazing, there was the chance and we were eager to see it. Nothing felt "destined", even though we did expect it to happen, it still wasn't certain. Roman vs. Brock for the Universal title seems destined and it's certain Roman will win. So then, why even care about Miz or Ambrose or anyone else? Their fans want to see them climb up the card, or even just know there is a chance. If your world title is completely locked down, it makes the whole show less fun.

    Where are the days of upper midcard stars actually getting title shots, teasing us that they have a chance - that they matter to the show? If - a decade and more ago - the world title was booked how it's been booked on RAW for the last few years, we'd probably have never gotten Edge, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Miz, Sheamus, Alberto, Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho etc. Some of those names I don't even like, but the fact that variety was there at least made us viewers believe that anyone that worked hard and got a push, had a chance. When was the last time a midcard guy like Rusev got a title shot? While in the past guys like Mr. Kennedy, Carlito, Chris Masters, John Morrison etc. got world title matches. The show just isn't fun anymore knowing that no one except the select few will ever touch the Universal title and I think that is the major difference in RAW and SDL.
    It can definitely feel pointless to get invested in any character on Raw besides Roman Reigns. Ultimately they just feel like pawns to further make him look strong. Its toxic booking. Even with Strowman who is the only reason to watch any WWE programming thesedays there's this feeling that ultimately the whole thing will just end with Roman going over and Braun in a dancing gimmick. And even guys like Balor and Rollins, despite the fact they're HHH projects ultimately have the ceiling of just being fed to Lesnar hanging above them. And all the heels will be fed to Roman at some point or another. It sucks the life out of everything when there's no suspense.

    And an issue with Raw is definitely that it feels like its for the chosen ones. Reigns, Rollins, Balor, Joe, now Alexa. Raw has this feeling that its just the land of Vince and HHH's chosen ones and everyone else is on the show solely to put them over.
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