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Thread: Carnal Contendership Promo Thread

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    Carnal Contendership Promo Thread

    The 2017 FWA Carnal Contendership (our version of the Royal Rumble) will emanate from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The show will feature one match only - the Carnal Contendership match itself. However, the next FN will also be taped at the location (in other words, the next FN takes place here too). If you wish to take part in the match then you are free to promo - Cyrus Truth is, however, excluded. Everyone else is eligible. If you wish to enter multiple characters - you can... BUT only ONE can be promoed for. The others MUST be storyline eliminated. Inform me by PM if you are adding extra characters. Good luck to everyone.

    Promo deadline is Friday, the 5th of May 2017 at Midnight Pacific time. This is Saturday, the 6th, at 3am Eastern and 8am British. This is a whole week and then some. No extensions will be given.
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    Re: Carnal Contendership Promo Thread

    FWA's Existential Crisis

    There’s only a few souls in The Bradley Center. It’s the morning of FWA’s Carnal Contendership, and though the arena should be filled with workers getting the building ready for the night’s event, it appears they have left mid-preparations. The seating is done. The ring is up. The stage has, for the most part, been set. What’s actually missing is the branding. Aside from The Bradley Center’s standard ads hung over the arena, there isn’t anything distinctive in regards to FWA’s own ads. No FWA banner. No Carnal Contendership graphics. No Back in Business or Fight Night poster to point to. The ring is missing its drapes.

    Still, there’s a camera there to stare at the top of the stage after it’s finished surveying the empty arena. The stage remains momentarily empty until the curtains part and Zachary Kazadi walks through. He’s in the similar all-black suit he’s worn on both Fight Night and at Payback. You can probably imagine the jeering the might come from the crowd if there was any there. He has a microphone already in hand, as if his voice needs to reach the thousands of pairs of ears that should be here. He walks down to the ring and climbs the steel steps that have been laid at the corners. The turnbuckles are up but the ropes, colored to represent the night’s event, are absent. And even then, the turnbuckles are missing the padding that would further brand the FWA.

    Kazadi takes his time to stare at the thousands of empty seats. Slowly turning a revolution and scoffing to himself. He finally sits down, cross-legged on the mat. The camera lowers itself to meet him eye to eye.

    Zachary Kazadi: You know, when I was a little boy, and I’d watch my uncle come down to this ring to perform in front of thousands of people, millions at home, well, you’ve heard the spiel. I thought my uncle made it. I wanted to be like him. That was the moment I realized what I wanted to do with my life. Then I grew older. Then I started paying attention. I paid attention to the way people looked at him… to the way he looked, to the way he was presented and presented himself. He was a caricature. A joke. Made for the fans to hate. Made for a savior to beat. And that’s what happened. They hated him. And whatever hero that was meant to be on a pedestal, was put on a pedestal over him. They never gave my uncle a chance.

    He smirks for a second, to himself, inconsistent with the story he’s telling.

    Zachary Kazadi: Never really made sense to me you know. I used to be back there at those shows, and man, trust me, my uncle was the toughest guy in the back. There was no way anyone could anyone could really outwrestle him. All those guys in the back, they respected him. They got out of his way. They’d learned of course, mess with my uncle and you might lose a chunk of your ear, you might have a few broken limbs. You might have to get a couple dozen stitches. But in that ring, my uncle was a chump. He told me he did it for the people. That’s what they wanted. A monster to hate. Growing up, that’s what I thought oughtta be doing. Pleasing the people. Pleasing you people. Thank God my uncle saw the light quick enough or that’s what I would’ve been doing.

    His hand passes through his hair. And though he’s been mostly looking absent-mindedly away from the camera, he now stares into it.

    Zachary Kazadi: Eventually, my uncle realized he wasn’t gaining anything from pleasing you people. When I decided I was going to this, my uncle told me to do it for myself. But I disagreed, I understand the way the business works, you guys pay the tickets, you guys choose who rises, and who falls, you guys make it so that we can stand here, and do what we do. I disagreed with my uncle. He was wrong once, after all, he could be wrong twice. I thought I knew what this was all about. It was so simple to me and I couldn’t understand how no one else could see it. Wrestling was about wrestling. It’s about being the best, pound for pound. Everything else is just flair, it’s a bonus. End of the day, I thought, people came to see who was the better wrestler. So when I first got into this ring, when I got thought how to lock someone up, the only thing in my mind was how to do it perfectly. I wanted to be the best, the absolute best professional wrestler, I told myself, the rest would follow. You people, you’d see it, you’d see my passion, my determination, my will, and you’d put your money behind me.

    He shakes his head, everyone knows that isn’t quite the reality. He’d been gone for weeks, months, and no one had been clamoring to see him again.

    Zachary Kazadi: I went all around the world. I learned from the best. I went to the UK. I went to the East Coast of the US, the West Coast. I went Down Under. I went to Mexico. I went to Japan. I learned every art of wrestling I could, for the moment when I’d get my contract to wrestle on this stage, on the biggest stage. I built my arsenal to be perfect, capable of beating anyone, even the very best, that would step up to me. When I proclaimed, oh so proudly, that I was the best in the world, it wasn’t just a boast. I wasn’t trying to incite your anger, I wasn’t trying to piss off the people in the back, it was a genuine statement, from a man who’s put in the work to back it up. But eventually, I learned it was all pointless. That being the best, simply put, putting in the work, here, in the FWA, that doesn’t cut it, does it?

    He stands up to his feet and walks over to a turnbuckle.

    Zachary Kazadi: I learned that wrestling isn’t actually about wrestling. I discovered that… what makes wrestling run… is the company… and the people that pay to keep the company alive.

    He gestures to the arena, the sea of empty seats.

    Zachary Kazadi: You… people.

    He spits out the words, his back turned to the camera, and a free hand on the turnbuckle.

    Zachary Kazadi: And everyone in the back, they must have discovered that far before I did. Cyrus Truth. KAIZEN. Mike Parr. Phillip A Jackson. Ryan Rondo.

    A sigh escapes him.

    Zachary Kazadi: Danny Toner.

    His hand clenches the turnbuckle. It’s as if he can hear the “Danny F’N Toner” that would explode in the crowd upon the sound of his name. A sound that will surely erupt tonight when the countdown hits zero and he steps through the curtains.

    Zachary Kazadi: See, I know I worked harder than every single one of those names. That was the pact I made with myself, work harder than the best, and you people, you’ll see that. You’ll get behind me. But I was wrong. They knew better. They’re all far better performers than I could ever be.

    The camera gets sight of his face as he turns back to it. He shrugs.

    Zachary Kazadi: Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate you people. As I said, you’ve given me this platform. And I don’t begrudge Ashley O’Ryan… or Matthew Robinson, or any of the nameless suits that make all of this happen. If anything, I only detest the frauds that have sold their souls for a paycheck… for a reaction. I hate Cyrus Truth. I hate KAIZEN. Mike Parr. Phillip A Jackson. Ryan Rondo. Danny Toner. I detest Chris Kennedy. I’m embarrassed to share the same profession as Michael Garcia and James Hughes and Bell Connelly. I look into their eyes and I see frauds. Liars. Phonies. Cheats. Pull out your thesaurus, and you’ll find the rest of the words you can appropriately characterize them with. They’re sell outs. They do what they think they need to do to get their paychecks… to get you people talking. And when it stops working, they spin the wheel, they find the next key to the formula, and they keep it going. That’s how it works here. The better you are at the formula, the better you do, isn’t that it?

    He laughs, self-satisfied.

    Zachary Kazadi: And you people, you don’t really care do you? You don’t care that they’re sell outs because they’re selling themselves out to you. And the two biggest sell outs, the guys you all pay to hate but deep, deep down, you love oh so, so much… it’s Cyrus Truth and Ryan Rondo. Yeah… cue the boos, right?

    Of course, the arena is empty and there name doesn’t resonate at all.

    Zachary Kazadi: I’ll get to Cyrus Truth, of course, but really, I can’t help but focus on Ryan Rondo. Ryan Rondo… the former hero of the FWA. Ryan Rondo who time and time again has been put on a pedestal. But Ryan Rondo… saw things weren’t really working out for him anymore. Everyone had gotten tired of Ryan Rondo. Ryan Rondo got tired of Ryan Rondo… mostly because no one was talking about him anymore. No one cared when he came back. Actually, I think most people were hoping Phillip would retire Rondo and they could give him a nice farewell and move on. But Rondo’s got an ego, Rondo thrives on the attention… he thrives on the fame. Just like everyone else in the back. He couldn’t just walk away. He did what he needed to do to get every eye back on him… he ‘turned’ on you people. And like the masochists you all are, you enjoyed it. He gave you guys something to talk about and that’s all you really wanted. He tore down all the people you elevated past him, Mike… Bell… KAIZEN… and finally he returned to the pedestal you guys forced him to empty not long before. In all of that vitriol you spewed upon him, you fuelled him, you pushed him to keep spouting it. And in all the love you threw Phillip A Jackson, you motivated him with your adulation. Much like you motivated Piers at PAYBACK to help Phillip overcome Rondo.

    His chest heaves up and down and a frustrated sigh escapes him. He frowns and sits back down.

    Zachary Kazadi: Ryan Rondo can pretend to hate you people, he can pretend to despise you… but Ryan Rondo does what Ryan does only so you guys can keep paying tickets to come back to see him. Only so his name gets mentioned all the more. Only so the money keeps flowing. Rondo’s a monkey willing to do anything for his next banana. If that means throwing shit at you, he’ll do it. He’s doing it. And this…

    Kazadi spreads his arms and the camera backs away to once more get a survey of the empty arena behind Kazadi before zooming back in on him.

    Zachary Kazadi: Is the difference between me and Ryan Rondo. It’s the difference between me… and every single person in the back. Every single person that will at one point or another… step into this ring tonight… for the Carnal Contendership… for a chance to main event Back in Business. The difference is… you mean nothing to me. The FWA means nothing to me. Neither does Ashley O’Ryan or Matthew Robinson or anyone else. To be more precise… I don’t need the FWA or any of you people. I don’t need the world watching me the way Rondo needed his stage after he turned on you people. I don’t need you showering me with adulation or hatred. There’s an old adage… if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it… does it make a sound? To those people in the back… no… it doesn’t. To them… they need your acknowledgment. You hatred or your love. Either or will do it for them. But me… I… am bigger… than the FWA. When I beat someone… it doesn’t matter if anyone’s there to see it… as long as I’ve done it. That’s the only thing I need. I am self-sufficient. So tonight… when you’re all looking for the man… or woman… that’s going to…

    He brings his hands up for air quotes.

    Zachary Kazadi: Save the FWA from the tyranny of Cyrus Truth… you’re all better off knowing that I have no intention of playing this stupid game. I am winning the Carnal Contendership… make no mistake about that. Whether this arena is as empty as it is right now… or packed to the brim… it doesn’t matter to me. The only thing I’m concerned with is beating the dozens of frauds that are going to walk down that ring, starving and thirsty for your acknowledgement. Starving for the stage FWA is savoring for whoever can stand up to Cyrus Truth. Chief among them will be Ryan Rondo. The same man who pretends he doesn’t care will be putting his every fiber into winning this, into being in the main event of Back in Business once more, into having the spotlight on him. And contrary to popular belief, I know that as far as you guys are concerned… you don’t really care which sellout challenges Cyrus Truth at Back in Business… you don’t care if its the man who called you morons and goldfish, you don’t care if it’s Mike Parr who smirks to himself every time you cheer at his rampant dismissal of you all… and you don’t care if it’s Danny Toner, who will do anything for you to simply chant his name. At the end of the day, any of the three will do… because all of those three are doing it for you… whether they’d like to admit it or not.

    Kazadi stands up one last time.

    Zachary Kazadi: But I’m not doing it for any of the thousands of people that will pay to come watch this spectacle. I’m not doing it for whoever signs my paychecks. No… what I did to Jean-Luc Watkins and Danny Toner at PAYBACK… it was just adding to the pool. It was me making a clean sweep. I did it for myself. I did it to give myself the greatest platform to prove to… myself… that I am the absolute best. I’m not doing this to save the FWA from Cyrus Truth… come on… you all love Cyrus Truth. You love the thrill he gives you as he’s about to burn a man alive. You love the venom he spits out every time he has a microphone in his hands. You love the idea of seeing him crush the will of anyone who steps up to him. But most of all, you’re all looking forward to seeing who can finally end Cyrus Truth. And Cyrus… if… hypothetically you’ve gotten past your own ego and you’re watching this… cut the crap. Stop the performance. The charades. You’re everything the FWA could’ve ever hoped for. You’re not a force for change. You’re a puppet. You’re not the black sheep. You’ve conformed. What I present for the FWA… it’s different than Ryan Rondo… and Cyrus Truth… or Mike Parr… or Danny Toner… or anyone else in the back, I represent an existential crisis for this company. I’m the man the FWA genuinely does not want to main event the FWA. I’m the man you people genuinely do not want to pay to watch. That’s because I’m not here for you. I’m here for myself. Solely for myself. I’m here to prove I am the best. If not a single person watched this, it won’t matter to me. I’m a threat because I’m the only honest man in this company. No mask. No smoke and mirrors. No false goal to change the FWA. No inner desperation for your love and hate. I have one purpose and I’ve been up front with that purpose from the moment I signed my contract and you first heard my voice, be the best.

    The FWA never mattered. The only purpose was always to win. To get the next prize. To beat the next name. Tonight… and Back in Business… I’m going to accomplish that. First… every damn name in this roster save the champion. Second… the champion. I leave this message not to garner the attention of any of the millions of FWA fans. No… this is specifically directed to all of my fellow FWA wrestlers. Tonight, at Carnal Contendership, for one night only, I beg you all to dispense with the charades. Do away with the performance. You’ve all stepped into the ring with me. I’m not a performer. I’m a wrestler. I’m a machine. You put your guard down, you’re risking your health… your career. I’m not here to entertain. I’m not here to be interesting. I’m here to win. I will break bones. I will draw blood. It doesn’t matter what stage I’m on. It doesn’t matter what match I’m in. You all disparaged me for my values, my ethics, my code of honor. My demand for respect. They’re out the door now. I’ve got one goal, and that’s to throw every last one of you out of my ring. You don’t matter. Listen to me, heed my words… Ryan Rondo… Mike Parr… Danny Toner… I don’t know what surprise the FWA has hidden this year… it doesn’t matter… you all don’t matter. I matter. The FWA is mine. Tonight, I plant my flag in it and I’m removing any other flag that has stood here. Corporate. These people. They no longer have a say in how things will go in the FWA.

    If I win tonight, I assure each and everyone of you, Back in Business won’t be a question of anyone saving the FWA from Cyrus Truth… the question to be asked will be… can Cyrus Truth save the FWA from Zachary Kazadi. This is your last chance, your one last chance to step up. Your last chance to no longer be helpless. You’ll never get a greater opportunity than the many slaves to the FWA that will enter this ring tonight. But if you fail… nothing, not Cyrus Truth… not anyone… will save this company from my apathy.

    Nothing will save the FWA from this.

    He spreads his arms and slowly turns around. The arena’s bleak emptiness appears clear. Empty seats. Empty ring. Blank banners. In short, Kazadi’s future for the FWA is one where it truly no longer matters. Where the only one that matters is not the millions of fans, not the million dollar company, not any of the wrestlers, but the sole man standing in the ring, Zachary Kazadi.

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    Re: Carnal Contendership Promo Thread

    Risky's Rules: Episode 1

    Risky Douglas: Welcome everybody to the premiere episode of my podcast Risky's Rules! Every month I'll do a new episode and I'll have a guest and sometimes maybe a co-host or two. First off I would like to congratulate my good friends The DiMiaco Brothers for getting a contract with the CWA. They won their first match and will be participating in the first-ever Krash Tag Team Classic! I have another announcement to make and that is I will be getting married to Samantha Sweet on June 21st! Now it's time to get serious. I did it. I finally defeated Starr. I avenged my good friend XYZ who is now with the CWA and will also be in the KTTC teaming up with Shawn Summers. It's not over yet, however. After our match I was attacked by a man making his debut. Ben Richards. The Baby-faced Assassin? You're a baby alright! Attacking an innocent man after a hard-fought match? You're a damn coward and please, OH PLEASE, be in the Carnal Contendership so I can teach you a lesson! And no I don't mean a lesson in dance! I will dance to the ring though, don't worry. Anyways my guest tonight is the newest FWA superstar and is a former CWA superstar. He signed a contract today and I understand he is also entering Carnal Contendership. He is the Megastar, Mark Merriwether!

    Mark Merriwether: Thank you for having me Risky! Congrats on the engagement and the victory as well!

    Risky Douglas: Why thank you Mark!

    Mark Merriwether: Hey anytime! It's a good thing Samantha met you before she met me though, cause well I am the Megastar.

    Risky Douglas: Well that was...unnecessary.

    Mark Merriwether: Didn't mean any offense but come on I've been People's Sexiest Man Alive twice, you can't beat that. This is a nice podcast you have here. I mean it's no Entertainment Tonight but I'm sure you have a good following. What episode is this?

    Risky Douglas: This is the premiere episode. Were you not listening at all?

    Mark Merriwether: No I was daydreaming about being on Entertainment Tonight.

    Risky Douglas: Can we talk about Carnal Contendership?

    Mark Merriwether: Sure, what do you want to talk about?

    Risky Douglas: You really have a chip on your shoulder, don't you?

    Mark Merriwether: I guess so, all I know is that I'm going to win the match and eliminate all you loser FWA guys.

    Risky Douglas: You know I think that's all the time we have, I'll see you at Carnal Contendership.

    Mark Merriwether: Oh you're a wrestler? I thought you were just an interviewer, now I know I don't have much of a competition.

    Risky Douglas: You can leave now, asshole!

    The show ends with Merriwether slapping Douglas in the face and the two of them start brawling as security breaks them up. Merriwether gets a hold of Risky and hits the Final Cut as he leaves on his own accord when security backs off.

    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang

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    Re: Carnal Contendership Promo Thread

    -Camera opens its eye to the Hollywood sign. We hear someone speaking out of view of the camera. The camera slowly zooms out as we see Starr in his suit. He’s on top of some building. He keeps his back turned to the camera. Something is off…-

    Starr: Hell, I don’t even know if I’m gonna be in this damn match… I’m not entirely sure of anything… Since Risky beat me… I haven’t felt myself ya know… Just something says I’m not as good as I used to be…

    -Starr snickers before letting out a large cackle that could probably be heard three blocks away. -

    Starr: Nah, I’m still the same asshole you people love to hate!

    -Starr continues to laugh and turns to face the camera. -

    Starr: For far too long, I’ve let agents, sponsors, and executives tell ME how to behave, tell ME how to act, tell ME how to WRESTLE... Today, it ends… I’m done. I WON’T LET ANY OF THOSE PEOPLE GET IN MY WAY OF WHAT I WANT. And I certainly won’t let any FWA “stars” get in my way of what I want…

    -Starr takes off his jacket, loosens his tie, and looks into the camera. -

    Starr: You see after everything I’ve had to go through lately, a Mongolian monster, a yogi who's out of his mind, a newlywedded freak… I’ve become a more of a… loose cannon ya see… The weight of being an FWA superstar is taking its toll on my mind and mental stability.

    -He messes up his hair and unbuttons his shirt. -

    Starr: At Carnal Contendership, I’m running in there, and I’m taking on all comers. KAIZEN, Parr, Vincent, Kazadi… Risky… I'm letting out a month of pent up aggression and frustration and a lot of people are feeling my boot under their chin. Ya see, everyone is going over and at the end of the night I am becoming your number one contender for the FWA World Championship… And if any of you have a problem with that… allow me to leave you… Starrstruck. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get my title shot.

    -Starr walks off camera. His logo fades in as a lightning bolt strikes across the sky. A storm is coming…-


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    Re: Carnal Contendership Promo Thread

    Backstage of the Alamodome moments after his brutal and grueling Asylum of Horrors match, Jason Randall is being tended to by medical officials. They are carefully removing the thumbtacks that are stuck in his skin and after each removal a trickle of blood pours out. Jason's face is still covered in blood but he doesn't care about that because he's lost in a trance as he stares down at the X-Title in his hand. Penny stands next to him, watching with concern as the medical staff take care of Jason. He holds the X-Title in his hand and looks into it with his bloody reflection staring at him, making him smile wickedly.

    Jason Randall: I did it...

    Penny looks at him, smiling.

    Penny: I knew you could do it

    He comes out of his trance and looks up at her.

    Jason Randall: You were the only one that ever believed in me...when no one else did...and you even put yourself at risk tonight...all for me

    Still smiling, Penny uses her hand to brush his ragged, blood soaked hair out of his face and then caresses his bloody forehead.

    Penny: I would do anything for you...

    The medical staff have finished removing the tacks and take a cloth and gently wash his blood stained face. Then they begin stiching up his wound and clean it up some more before they take their leave. Jason stands up but winces and Penny helps him as he limps out of the room, still keeping a good grip on his title.

    Jason Randall: I may be hurt right now and I'll probably never be the same after tonight, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. This is what I worked so hard to achieve and there's no way that anyone can take this moment from me.

    Penny nods in agreement and Jason stops as the two reach the locker room and they enter it. Jason drops on the bench, still holding his title.

    Jason Randall: This is just the beginning of things to come though...

    Penny: What do you mean?

    Jason turns to the wall, adorning a poster for Carnal Contendership.

    Jason Randall: It's time to take what's mine...


    A small, unknown location appears as the scene starts out and Jason Randall is sitting there holding his newly won X-Title.

    Jason Randall: I hate to say that I told you so, but I told you so. I did what no one thought I could do and defeated Vincent Blackbird for this title at Payback. I showed Vincent and everyone else that doubted me why it was a mistake to doubt me. It was a mistake to underestimate me and not take me seriously. Vincent made that unfortunate mistake and now he's laid up in some hospital bed somewhere waiting for that facial reconstruction surgery after I turned his face into a human pin cushion.

    Jason looks at the title and stares deeply into it as he continues to speak.

    Jason Randall: There was a time when I was the laughing stock of this company...I couldn't win a match if my life depended on it....

    He turns back to the camera with a sinister glare.

    Jason Randall: Who is laughing now?! I'm not a joke now, am I?! This title means that I'm the very best in MY division. It means that I'm the new King of Extreme and there's no one that stop me as much as they try. I scratched and clawed too much that there is no way I will let this title leave my possession....

    He places the title over his shoulder.

    Jason Randall: As much it pleases me to hold this title, I still crave more. I want to be the very best in all of FWA because why else would I be here in the first place? If you're not in the wrestling business to be the best then why bother? Why waste your time as well as everyone else? That's the way I see it...

    The word "lunatic" or "crazy" gets thrown around when describing me just because of the extreme lengths that I'm willing to go to gain what I so badly want. You've already seen what I'm capable of and what I'm willing to put myself and others through just to get what I want. What do you think I'm willing to do when there's a chance at stake for me to take the FWA World Championship? I'll take out each and every person that stands in my way because if they think that for one second that I'm just going let them get in my way of achieving the grandest glory of them all on the grandest stage, well then they are as crazy as everycone claims that I am. Maybe even crazier...

    I will do what I have to do climb that mountain to get to the champion himself, Cyrus Truth. Everywhere he's been he's always been on top proving that he's the absolute best, and in FWA everyone that has tried to stop him has fallen. He didn't get to the top by being complacent and content in his position like I once did. He worked his way to the top by any means necessary and it worked for him because now he sits atop the FWA throne. Don't me wrong, he's still a smug prick that needs to be put in his place and I want to be the person that puts him in his place. I want to be the one that dethrones the almighty Cyrus Truth and make him kneel before me as I become the new ruler of the land in FWA...

    To do that though, I've gotta go through 29 other people. I've got to win that Carnal Contendership match. Something that has been done by few people, past and present in FWA. Last year it was Cyrus himself, winning it all, in his debut no less. You know who else debuted that night?

    He points to himself.

    Jason Randall: It's been about one year since I've been in the FWA and it was a struggle for me, I'll admit but not once did I back down nor did I quit. I knew my time would come, and it did. I reigned supreme at Payback and now I look to reign even more supreme because I want to win that Carnal Contendership more than anyone else in this match. It doesn't matter if you're Zachary Kazadi, who took his ball and went home for awhile but now he's back and thinks he can just continue where he left off. Not happening pal, maybe next time but not this time. It doesn't matter if you're Ryan Rondo, who acts like he doesn't care what the fans think but it doesn't change the fact that you're still a punk Rondo. Besides, hating the fans is my schtick, get your own and get to the back of the line. It doesn't matter if you're Danny Toner, some washed up cokehead that has endeared himself to the fans who chants his stupid name. It doesn't matter if you're PAJ, James Hughes, Mike Parr, Michael Garcia...none of you matter.

    Each and every one of those names as well as others that I didn't fail to mention, but don't feel the need to because they aren't on my level and don't even deserve some sort of recognition. They all stand in my way and I'm going to do what I have to do to take every single one of them out until I'm the last one standing tall in the center of that ring with a one way ticket to challenge Cyrus Truth on the grandest stage of them all, Back in Business...

    He stands up, adjusting the title on his shoulder.

    Jason Randall: This is my world now and at CC I take what is mine...BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

    His face remains stoic as he stares into the camera until it fades to black.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

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    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Carnal Contendership Promo Thread

    The camera took us to what appeared to be an old abandoned barn. Appearing as if it had been standing for centuries and could collapse at any minute, the barn was certainly a cesspool of decay. The grass surrounding the barn looked like it hadn’t been cut in years, and the broken windows and rotted wood told the rest of the story. It had obviously been abandoned many, many years ago. It was an eerie sight to see amongst the still bare trees and grey skies, even the looming hills in the background lent themselves to it’s ominous presence. The cameraman carefully pushes the door open, moving open a centimeter at a time. It could move faster, but the wood of the door has grown moldy and soft with water and neglect, and if you pushed it harder, you'd probably push right through the door. Once inside, a thick coating of dust and mold coats everything. The cameraman steps tentatively, as there are already several dark holes where floorboards have snapped, weak from mold and pressured downwards by the weight of the gigantic dust bunnies that have formed. Cobwebs hang everywhere as you step deeper into the house. There is something unbelievably spooky about this place. What little sunlight there was shown through the broken windows providing us with the bare minimum amount of light necessary to cast a shadow on a large, lingering figure in the back of the room…staring out of the window.

    That figure began to move forward as the focus became a little clearer. The amount of dirt, dust and debris amongst the remains of the barn was unsettling. The oldest residents of that abandoned house were the spiders. Many generations had laced the walls with cobwebs of intricate beauty, though now even they lay in dusty rags. It had been decades since a footstep had echoed within those walls, since the dust had been disturbed. The only furniture was an antique pedestal table carved of local oak and upon it a bottle of finest malt whiskey and one up-turned glass. Many believed the barn to be inhabitated by some spirits, but hey, that’s only if you believe in the afterlife. Michael Garcia though, didn’t care about the afterlife. He only cared about this life and only one life at that…HIS. And right now, his wasn’t going so well. Garcia noticed the whiskey, picked up the bottle and began to examine it before choosing his next words.

    “ Lovely place, isn’t it?”

    Michael put down the bottle, before slowly spinning around, as if he were modeling the place to a pair of new eager home owners.

    “Just look around! This place represents so damn much right now. In many ways, this place represents the past, the present and the future. Just stop, for a moment, and take it in. Appreciate it for what it is. The rotting walls, the moldy doors, the broken shards of glass and wood that lay around amongst the dirt. This is everything, right now, but most importantly, this barn represents me. It represents Michael Garcia. It represents who I am, how I feel, and where I’m at. Emptiness. I’ve been in this business for what seems like forever, standing strong, and yet, I’ve got nothing to show. I’ve challenged for the North American Championship time and time again, and yet I’ve got nothing to show for it. Guess that makes me a joke, right? An afterthought? Not worth giving a single chance to, right?

    Well, you’re wrong. As a matter of fact, all of that makes me THE man to watch in this match. There’s a lot of dangerous men competing in Carnal Contendership and this year, the field is more wide open than ever. A lot of young hungry talent ,like Ares, Starr, Risky Douglas, Dionus, etc., that are anxious for the opportunity to get that career defining moment that skyrockets them to prominence. You have the high-maintenance, whining, prima-donna bitches of the women’s division. Penny, Alana, Eimi, Sonny…ain’t none of got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this thing but you damn sure better know that if you underestimate them they will make your ass pay. And then there’s you’re elite, the ones that everybody and their brother is bettin’ on….Kazadi, Eyes, Belle, PAJ, Parr, Rondo, Toner, KAIZEN….who knows maybe even Chris Kennedy will grace us with his presence. There is a big payday coming up. God knows, Kennedy never passes up an opportunity to relive his glory years. But you know what? All of those people….all of those extremely dangerous people, that are willing to sell their sould for thirty pieces of silver to get what Cyrus holds so tightly to his chest. All of those people would put their bodies through hell to earn the chance to become the FWA World Champion. Each and every one of them will do whatever it takes to whomever stands in their way. But what sets me apart from the rest? Simple.”

    Garcia takes a good long look around the dilapidated barn.

    “Ya know, I’m not even sure it’s safe for me to be in this fucking place right now. And in a way, this fragile ol’ building represents every man competing in Carnal Contendership. They’ve all got a level of expectation upon them, either from themselves, the guys in the back, or the “amazing” fans of the FWA. But not me, I’m the guy that nobodies looking at and for the first time in my career, I’m fine with that. They’ve all got to live up to the hype they’ve put on themselves. For example, Mike Parr…. Yes, THAT Mike Parr. The Mike Parr that has yet to pin me to retain his North American Championship. It’s no secret, Mike Parr is the fucking golden child of the FWA. He’s the guy that’s been groomed to carry the torch into the next generation. But you can’t win a Carnal Contendership by raking someone’s eyes, Mike… can’t win a Carnal Contendership by rolling someone into a coffin. Nah, this match takes endurance, skill, power, ring savvy, and most of all, experience.

    Speaking of experience that brings me to the most experienced man in this match, James ‘Eyesnsane’ Hughes is once being called a ‘favorite” in this match. Because hey, this is FINALLY Eyesnsane’s time! No no, not like before, this is different! Not like the many, many times before when they tried to convince you that James Hughes’ was breaking into the main event, no, this time it’s legit! James Hughes is finally going to bust through the glass ceiling! Except James, we both know the unfortunate truth. We both know that you’re never going to go anywhere further than where you are right now. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, eh, James? Might as well just not even bother to show up, James. Just stay home, smoke it up and continue to jerk off to your fantasies of threesomes with Alana and Gabrielle. You got a better chance of that than you do of even coming close to a Carnal Contendership win.

    And since we’re on the subject of not showing up, how ya doin’, Danny?”

    Garcia stops as a gust of win blows through the building, causing a few of the boards to creek. A tentative look of uneasiness took over the confident demeanor that Mike was previously expressing.

    “Yeah, Danny…look, to be honest, I don’t know if you can hear this clearly. I’m sure right now you’re probably seeing three of me, just focus on the one in the center. That’s assume you’re still in a coherent state and not passed out in a seedy motel room with a pocket full of molly. But just by some chance, Toner is sober now, we all know he won’t be at Carnal Contendership. Why? Because Danny Toner consistently cracks under pressure. When all eyes are on Danny Toner, Danny Toner takes himself out of the public eye. And believe me all eyes are on Danny Toner right now. Ashley O’Ryan went to bat for him, told him that he needed to prove that his heart is truly in this and Danny Toner know that he needs to prove not only to Ashley, but to all of you and most importantly, to himself that he’s finally going to live up to his potential. A leopard never changes his spots. Danny Toner has let you all down before and he’ll let you all down. It’s what he does. I’ve always said that alcohol makes you more of what you already are. Danny Fuckin’ Toner is a big fuckin’ loser.”

    “But maybe, I’m wrong….maybe….maybe leopards do really change their spots. Let’s take Zacari Kazadi, for example. Here we have a guy that was all about honor and respect, and last week, for the very first time in his career, Kazadi actually made people take notice of him. For the first time in his life, Kazadi was….interesting. Who knew that deep, deep, way down deep that Zacari Kazadi actually had a glimmer of personality? Truth is, I don’t believe Kazadi and I are that different. I’ve always known that this dark side existed deep within him and I’m elated to see it finally emerge. Kazadi was the first to see the inequities that breed here in the FWA. How certain superstars get the machine behind them while others aren’t given a second glance. It was only a matter of time before Kazadi decided to start making his own opportunity at someone else’s expense. I get it. It’s the same message I’ve been delivering for months. But the lesson I’ve learned, Kazadi, is that when you’re the only one out there, banging those drums, all that attention goes on to you…and you better deliver or else your star will fall. I was there, Kazadi, I felt that pressure. I KNOW that pressure. I succumbed to that pressure. You’ve got one shot to deliver, Zac, and this is it. Don’t fuck it up.”

    “But you and me, Zac, we’re not the only ones who made big statements and failed to back it up. Remember when Shannon O’Neal and Belle Connelly were talking about how the women of the FWA were going to rise up and that….well let’s see if I can remember this correctly….that Belle Connely and Shannon O’Neal would be the main event of Back in Business! If I close my eyes, I can just see it….the bright lights….the posters….the extravagant entrances…. A roaring crowd so excited to see these two cornerstones of the FWA finally go at it for the richest prize in our industry! Ah yes…I can see it. I, too, have a vivid imagination ladies, and unfortunately for you all, the only place that two FWA bitches will ever main event Back in Business is in the delusions of bubble gum Barbie and Sinead O’Neal. You’re attempt at riling up the women and trying to create a ‘movement’ was…inspiring….and amusing. But hey, for what it’s worth, you did put the word out there and for whatever reason, there are people out there that believe you. Belle, Shannon…think of all those young ladies out there that you inspired through this message. You literally told them that the sky is the limit and they can achieve anything if they put their heart into it! Think of all the young women out there, all the young girls, that you’ll be letting down by not getting to that Back in Business main event. Don’t worry, Belle, you can cover your eyes as you take that long walk to the back. You won’t have to look any of them in the eyes. You won’t have to see the look of disappointment on their face, Belle. Their parents will be there to dry their tears.”

    Something briskly runs by the barn. Michael catches a glimpse of it through the corner of his eye, and carefully steps towards the broken glass, peering through to see what he missed. Whatever it was, it was now out of sight. Michael turned back to the camera, clasped his hands and continued.

    “ There’s one man, though, that has more pressure on him to win Carnal Contendership than everyone else combined. That man, is quite honestly, the odds on favorite to win this match, according to Vegas anyways. Ryan fucking Rondo. I mean, why shouldn’t Rondo win this match. Former FWA champion. Main evented Back In Business before. Former Carnal Contendership winner. Ryan Rondo has done everything there is to do in the FWA. Well, almost, everything. There’s one thing that Ryan Rondo hasn’t done and it’s absolutely driven him off into the deep end. Ryan Rondo has to live with the fact that Cyrus fucking Truth has that FWA championship around his waist. Ryan Rondo has to live with the fact that because of HIM that a piece of CWA trash is walking around with an FWA championship! Ryan Rondo has to live with the fact that everything that’s happened with Cyrus Truth’s reign of terror in this company is HIS fault. And Rondo made his grand return to the FWA, with the trumpets playing proud and loud, ‘OUR HERO HATH RETURNED!”. No, what we got was a failure who didn’t do what he had hoped he would do. Rondo couldn’t beat me, couldn’t beat PAJ, and it all began to sink in. Rondo can come out and balk all he wants, cut down who he wants, but the only failure that Ryan Rondo sees is Ryan Rondo. Rondo knows that his time is up but he can’t accept it! So he blames you, all of you, for his shortcomings! My God, if there ever was an example of a person cracking under pressure, it’s you, Rondo!”

    “Which brings us full circle to the “Carnegie Carnivore” and soon to be “Carnal Contender”, Michael Garcia. I’m six feet and eleven inches tall. I’m three hundred and eighty two pounds. Now, everything you’ve known about professional wrestling would lend you to believe that I am the odds on favorite to win Carnal Contendership. I can almost hear David Weinstock saying “How is anyone going to be able to toss this man over the top rope?” Let’s face facts. I’ve been in two Carnal Contendership matches before and I’ve been eliminated twice. I can remember exactly ZERO times that the largest man in the match has actually won it. It’s not about size. It’s about durability, desire, determination, and ring awareness. I’m sure you all expected me to talk about hos I’m going to walk into this thing, over-power every single man or women that steps to me, and walk on through to Back in Business because I NEED this.

    I AM the most dangerous man in this match but it’s not because of my size. I’ve laid everything out on the line. I’ve been open and honest with all of you about everything. What makes me so dangerous is that I don’t have those expectations to live up to. I don’t have that enormous pressure me on that Ryan Rondo or Zacari Kazadi or Danny Toner do to perform. I don’t have anyone to impress or any false claims to back up.I have absolutely nothing. Nothing but this burning desire in my heart to make sure every single one of those motherfuckers feels the same sense of disappointment that’s been sitting inside of me!

    You don’t think I heard the snickers in the back? Oh, it was a big fucking laugh when Mike Parr rolled my ass into a coffin and shut the lid, wasn’t it? I know every damn thing that was said. Do you know how humiliating that was? When Danny Fuckin’ Toner is backstage calling you a ‘choke artist’, yeah, it starts to get at you! So, Im’ma make all of you, every last damn one of you feel as empty as I did! Every last one of you will know what it’s like to fail to live up to expectations! I’m walking into Carnal Contendership with one goal in mind…to personally make sure that you all know what it’s like to come up short. I’m going to take away what you all hold so dearly. I will take your fucking pride.”

    With that Garcia picks up the half empty whiskey bottle and pitches it at a massive stone on the ground, shattering it completely.

    “And then, Cyrus, I’m gonna take what YOU hold so dearly.Because the Carnegie Carnivore is a man with absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain, and that, well, that my friends makes me the most dangerous man of all.”

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    Re: Carnal Contendership Promo Thread

    Division One Diaries. Part 3.

    The camera picks up a brand new Dodge Viper pulling up outside of Sandford Restaurant, Milwaukee. Tommy Thunder steps out. He's wearing a smart charcoal suit with a white, open collar shirt and he's also wearing aviators. He walks up to the camera.

    Tommy Thunder: I'm guessing that you wanna know how I'm feeling after I lost my #1 contenders match against Tristan James Galloway at Payback. Well let me tell you something, I feel absolutely fine. I feel on top of the world. You wanna know why? Because I'm not heading into the Carnal Contendership match with nothing, NOTHING to lose. Nothing to lose but everything to gain and that's exactly what I plan on doing. I plan on gaining myself the #1 contender spot for the FWA World Championship.

    Tristan James Galloway may have gained the upper hand on me at Payback. He may have become the #1 contender for the North America Championship. But we'll see who has the upper hand once Carnal Contendership is all said and done. We'll see then who really gained the biggest prize.

    Thunder takes off his sunglasses

    Thunder: You see, I'm a man of my word. I'm an honest man. I say what I do and then I do what I say and that's a promise. And I've said it before and I'll say it again; I will become the face of this company and I will capture that FWA World Championship and winning the Carnal Contendership match is the first step that I'm going to take in doing that. The rest of the field? They're nothing more than stepping stones for me. They're not co-workers. They're not colleagues. They're not friends. They're stepping stones. Stepping stones for me becoming the best in this company. Stepping stones for you people to recognize that I am the best in the world at what I do. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

    Tristan James Galloway didn't beat me at Payback. He didn't prove anything. He got lucky. And unfortunately for him luck runs out. The same luck that the rest of the Carnal Contendership field is resting all their hopes and dreams on. Well let me tell you this; luck is indeed for losers. Luck isn't what gets you to the top. I'm here to squash all your luck. I'm here to crush all your hopes and dreams and bring you all back to reality. The reality that there is only one division one superstar in this company. The reality that the rest of you never have been and never will be in division one. The reality that the fact of the matter is that all of you are division two, some of you even division three. And the reality that I am the man who's going to win the Carnal Contendership match and become the #1 contender for the FWA World Championship.

    Thunder puts his sunglasses back on and adjusts his jacket

    Thunder: Now if you'll excuse me, I have an important dinner reservation before I head down the road, cross the Milwaukee River to go to the Bradley Center and meet my destiny.

    Thunder walks off camera and into the restaurant.

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    Re: Carnal Contendership Promo Thread


    "Where were you when Bell Connelly lost that night?"

    Shannon remembers. She was watching through the curtains off to a corner, barely able to stand up on a chair high enough to see over the lower-level section and into the ring. None of the fans could see her. None of them thought to look anywhere except toward the ring. So Shannon was out of sight. But she wanted to be there, RIGHT THERE, when Bell Connelly won the match.

    She knew Bell would win. She felt it. You know that gut feeling you have when you put everything on black at the casino? You just ... feel it? And you throw it all down, as positive as you can be that it'll go your way. And it does. You never once doubted more than an inkling at the very end? That's how Shannon O'Neal felt the night of the 11th Anniversary Show, back in October of 2016, when Bell Connelly was bound to become the new FWA Undisputed World Champion.

    And right as Bell Connelly hit her Glitter Bomb, Shannon nearly leaped out of her own skin. Her smile was ear to ear. She was watching her friend, the best friend she ever had in the FWA, do something remarkable. And she was going to follow up at Carnal Contendership months later. And they were going to main event Back in Business XII as the first ever female-versus-female main event in the company's history. And all the haters and doubters and people who complained about the "Women's Revolution" be damned. This was the moment.




    And then Shannon, who was standing on top of a chair just beyond the visible ring area solely so she could bear hug her best friend after she won, closed her eyes. Her face dropped. And all that confidence she had before just evaporated into thin air.

    "He kicked out."

    That's all she can say to finish the story. "He kicked out." No one had ever kicked out of the Glitter Bomb. Not even Shannon herself a year earlier. But Cyrus Truth, that mother-fucker, found a way. Everything after "He kicked out" was definitive. Even when Bell grabbed the ropes, Shannon knew it was done. Bell did everything she could, and Cyrus Truth was just slightly too good on that night for Bell.

    These internal descriptions of her experience that night never were relived openly until this moment. Sure, Shannon has thought about it before. But she never told Bell where she was watching the match. She never told anyone, really. But her psychiatrist, talking to her on the eve of Carnal Contendership, somehow knew to ask.

    It might've been the thing she said earlier, when he asked her thoughts on Cyrus Truth.

    "Fuck him. If he was here right now, I'd say it to his face, too. I'd say it ...


    She raised her voice for that last part. And then she openly continued, "Bell would've been a better champion than him. I would be a better champion than him. KAIZEN would be a better champion than him and everyone knows KAIZEN and I ain't goin' out for drinks on Cinco de Mayo."

    That, obviously, led to the aforementioned question. "Where were you when...?"

    Shannon remembers it distinctly. She remembers a lot of things distinctly from the past year. And that's why there's something eating at her, slowly, even upon her return to the FWA. Even as she has newfound happiness back "home," as she calls it, and even as she's set to wreck the FWA's tag team division with her best friend, she still has a chip on her shoulder that she carries wherever she goes.

    And it makes her really ... fucking ... pissed. So when her FWA-ordered therapist asked the next question, she simply got to steppin', taking her anger elsewhere. The camera crews followed, leaving the middle-aged man with a lingering question unanswered, just kind of floating in the musty air of his rented-out office studio.

    "So ... what exactly IS your issue with Cyrus Truth anyways?"


    The FWA ordered Shannon to attend weekly therapy sessions after her outburst on Fight Night. You know, the one where she called people a "mother f***er" and said she was going to "f*ck" everyone up? That one, the one that caused the WC Network to give the FWA brass the same issues the formerly PWS Network gave the FWA after some of Crossfire's infamous stints. Dropping F-bombs here and there is fine for late-night TV when it's bleeped out, but the WC Network got so many calls from angry parents and religious-oriented folks that it HAD to say something. And when the network says something, the wrestler gets told something. And in this case, a one-time therapy/anger management session was the solution.

    With one exception: the FWA camera crews HAD to come along for the ride and were allowed in to watch and film the sessions. Because, of course, this could be good stuff for leading up to Carnal Contendership.

    But Shannon ain't havin' it with this guy. She walked out when he asked that question, a silly one to her, but she begins to realize she's never really come clean with exactly WHY she dislikes Cyrus Truth.

    It's quite simple, but maybe it's also a little complicated. As she walks down the street, cameras trailing behind her at the most opportune of times because obviously THIS moment is the perfect moment to get the unfiltered, uncensored Shannon O'Neal, she feels compelled to explain it.

    "It isn't that I hate Cyrus Truth, ya' know? Well ... yeah, it kinda is."

    Good start.

    "Ya' see ... when Cyrus came into the FWA ... I was one of those people who was through the roof with excitement. I was just ... thrilled. The moment last year when he came out for Carnal Contendership was ... it was somethin' else. And everythin' leadin' up to him in Back in Business was just ... amazin'. It was like ... he had this drive, and the energy of a place sort of gravitated to him. Like he was a magnet or somethin'. I don't know. And man ... it was just awesome seein' it. And when he became champ ... I thought it was gonna' be huge for the FWA."

    Shannon's walk from the therapy session to the arena is about a 1.5-mile trek. She's enjoying the scenery, though. It's a nice May afternoon, in the low 80s temperature, and just a few stray clouds in front of a picturesque blue sky. Shannon is wearing her usual get-up of a low-cut black "The Roxy" T-shirt showing just enough of her B-cup stacks to make most guys (and some girls) on the street turn and look if they haven't already from the cameras. Her bottom is covered with the status-quo blue jean shorts, and her blond hair flows down past her shoulders.

    "But after he won, somethin' happened. Somethin' in him sort of zapped away. I can't really explain it. But it's like ... he's had things so easy for him everywhere he's gone. Look, I was in the CWA. I was there for two months. I got it. I experienced it. And I saw just how ... lifeless it was there. I saw how easy it would be to run amuck there. I saw how easy it must've been for someone with Cyrus Truth's talent to get ... bored ... or some shit.

    And I think the same damn thing happened in the FWA.

    Cyrus Truth got bored.

    Even though he's the fuckin' FWA Undisputed World Champion.

    Even though he's had to beat Stu St. Clair, Ryan Rondo, Bell Connelly, Mike Parr, Eyesnsane, and KAIZEN to get here.

    And the only damn one who made him not bored was KAIZEN.

    It's like ... he just doesn't appreciate what he's got, where he is.

    Is that his fault ... or is that the FWA's fault?"

    Shannon keeps walking down the road, just a half mile from the arena. She's sort of circling the wagons a bit with her explanation, but she has a lot to say about it.

    "It's both. But seriously, fuck you, Cyrus Truth. You're the damn FWA World Champion, and you don't feel like it. Not at all. You can sleep-walk to main event wins on pay-per-views. Does that make it right to do so? I could sleep walk to FWA Women's Championship wins two years ago when I was champ. Did I? HELL ... FUCKIN' ... NO! Alana Allure. Zoey Ellis. Taylor Toxic. Even Gabrielle Montgomery once. They all got my best. And when they fought me, they and everyone watchin' knew they were fightin' the damn Women's Champ. And they'd have to leave me motionless in the ring me to take that belt from me.

    I never feel that way with Cyrus Truth. I never feel like bein' the champ matters much to him. And he's even said it. He don't take a damn lick of pride for bein' the FWA's best. Don't mean a damn thing to him. And that's disrespectful. That's somethin' that truly does piss me off, more than anythin' else. It's been so damn easy for him that he just doesn't care about what he's got or what he represents. And me ... ya', I left ... but I did it 'cause I had to see where Cyrus came from. I had to get a sense of why he is like this, why he's so damn void of all the excitement and energy and drive he had when he got here. And I think it's cause he thinks he's the damn best, and when he gets to that point, he ain't got nothin' left to go for."

    Shannon's voice seemed to grow a bit more heated and passionate with each sentence at first. Now it's ... sort of dropping, mellowing out, as if she's growing a bit sad talking about the reality of it. She's sad for the FWA. She's sad for the state of things, the lack of excitement both in the FWA and CWA. And she feels Cyrus is at least partly to blame for it, either for not helping it or going as far as directly causing it. Cyrus Truth ... to her ... has sucked the joy out of what she loves and has given the past five years of her life to.

    "One day ... I don't know when ... but one day, Cyrus Truth and me are gonna' throw hands. Might be tonight. Might be tomorrow. Might be a year from now. I don't know. But lemme tell ya' ... I can't wait, man.

    'Cause fuck Cyrus Truth."

    Shannon O'Neal stops for a second. She stands in front of the arena, where a massive poster teasing the Carnal Contendership show and match hangs. It has a big picture of all the different stars of the FWA who'll be competing. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr and "Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo are front and center, with Zachary Kazadi and James "Eyesnsane" Hughes on either side in the front position. "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia hovers above the four, right behind. Bell Connelly, Shannon's best friend and newly announced tag team partner, stands off to the side of Garcia. On the other side is Tristan James Galloway. KAIZEN stands behind Garcia as it's unknown if he'll be competing. Tommy Thunder, Starr, Risky Douglas, the Olympians, Jason Randall, Ben Richards, Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird are among those in the back of the poster. 16 faces in all. None of them are Shannon O'Neal.

    For that moment, she gets a bit ... regretful.

    "Someone is gonna' win that match, and they're gonna go on and face Cyrus Truth. I hope they kick his ass and show him he ain't shit. I hope he finally gets popped in the face and put on his ass. He's come into the FWA and made it look easy, and he doesn't even care anymore. The FWA means somethin', and bein' the FWA Champ means somethin'. It should mean somethin'.

    Pretty jealous for whoever wins that match."

    Shannon lowers her eyes, crosses the street and heads through the "Performer Entrance" gate leading to the parking garage in the back of the arena — and the entrance into the locker room. The cameras continue following, but Shannon goes silent. She's done explaining why she dislikes Cyrus Truth so much. She doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Quite frankly, there's nothing she can do about it right now.

    Shannon never planned to enter the match. Never. She was content watching Bell go for the win. She wanted her friend to succeed, even if it meant they had to delay (again) their FWA Tag Team Championships plans. Shannon knows Bell is good enough, and she knows she could be even better.

    But Shannon thought she'd be there, too. And she's still really angry every time she thinks of Cyrus Truth being FWA World Champion.

    So when Ashley 'O Ryan walked into her locker room the next day, it all sort of naturally fit into place. As things sometimes do.


    "Yer lookin' like yer itchin' to foit' a poor bastard ."

    Ashley 'O Ryan breaks the soothing silence Shannon was experiencing inside her personal locker room. Just a few hours before the Carnal Contendership show and Shannon O'Neal has her wrestling attire with her, an unorganized mess inside one of those plastic bags you get from grocery stores. She always brings her gear with her, even when not wrestling. Just a habit of hers.

    "Ya', I'd love to."

    "Well, ya' certainly can."

    Ashley 'O Ryan doesn't even get a sideways look from Shannon. She keeps looking straight down, at the floor. She was lost in her own thoughts before Ashley walked in. In fact, she was thinking of Back in Business XII, and the possible tag team championships win she'd get to celebrate.

    "I know yer' itchin' for it. I saw yer' lookin' at the poster outside. Yer' wantin' in."

    "Why ya' doin' this now, man?! Ya' were fine when I said weeks ago that I wasn't gonna go. Bell's got it."

    Ashley leans against the wall, his arms folded across his chest, and he looks at Shannon with a half chuckle and a grin coming over his face.

    "'Cause two weeks ago I wasn't short one wrestler. Someone dropped out. And yer the only one I got. I ain't callin' up Chris Kennedy."

    "Go ask Wolf or some other 'legend.' Go ask Golden."

    "Can't get 'em. It's you or nothin'."

    Shannon, now toying with her hands nervously, looks up from the floor and catches Ashley's gaze with her own.


    Ashley can only laugh at her. He pushes himself off the wall and stands upright in front of the former two-time Women's Champion. Shannon keeps looking up at him, wondering if this is real. She's wondering if she could possibly go in there and DO IT.

    "Look, I ain't goin' in if it's just to be a body. I'm goin' in to win it."

    "It's wide open, or so I've heard. Everyone is sayin' this is the year for a new name to rise up. I don't know nothin' about all that, though. I just know I got a talented, main event-quality badass bitch sittin' in a locker room lettin' everyone else — from best friends to worst enemies — have a shot while she waits for one that ain't promised to ever come. Sounds like that girl ain't making the roit decision."

    Shannon thinks for just a second more, and then she rises up.

    "Mike Parr..."


    "He ain't winnin'. Zachary Kazadi...ain't winnin."

    "God, I hope not."

    "Michael Garcia. James Hughes. Tommy Thunder. Starr. Risky Douglas. Jason Randall. Lord Vincent. Ryan Rondo. Danny Toner. Tristan James Galloway. Randy Ramon or whoever else ya' got hidin' in the shadows for this. Phillip A. Jackson, Chris Kennedy, if ya' can get them to answer. NONE of them winnin' this thing.


    Bell Connelly ... ain't winnin' this thing.

    And they ain't winnin' 'cause NONE OF THEM ... want Cyrus Truth ... as much as I do."

    Ashley's smirk grows into a devilish smile. He sees something in Shannon's eyes he hasn't seen up close in a long long long time.

    "They said at the last Foit Noit that yer whole demeanor had changed and the way yer lookin' is puttin' the fear in the devil now. I hadn't been up close to it. But I'm seein' it now. A lot of higher-ups don't like it so much, but I'm a fan. What's goin' on?"

    Shannon O'Neal pauses for a second...she's breathing faster and heavier with each second. And her face looks like she just got into a bar fight — and won. She's FUMING on the outside, but inside she couldn't be happier.

    "When the Women's Rising thing failed, that night of the Anniversary Show, it killed me. And everyone shoved it in my damn face, in Bell's damn face. And it killed her, too! They WANTED us to fail. Cyrus Truth did. Kazadi did. Garcia did. Matthew Robinson was sittin' at home on his couch probably jackin' off watchin' it go up in flames that night. And that night, man Ashley, I couldn't deal with it. I couldn't keep dealin' with it.

    So I left. And I went somewhere else. And I proved I'm better than EVERYONE. I went to CWA ... and I beat one of the best they got. And I did it on MY terms. I SAID I was gonna do it, and I went and fuckin' did it. When I say I'm gonna do somethin', I damn well better go fuckin' do it."

    Shannon gets right up into Ashley's face. She's no more than a foot from him, standing at 6 feet 4 inches and her at 5 feet 10 inches. She looks right up, her jaw tilted up into his chest.

    "I said I was gonna go to Back in Business XII a few months ago. Sounds like I got a promise to fulfill. No offense to Bell — she's still my 'gal, and ain't nothin' that could tear us apart from tomorrow on — but when I say I'm gonna do shit, and I got a shot, I damn well better go. That's how I live my life. That's how I roll.

    So ya' givin' me a shot at this? ...

    This ... this real?"

    Ashley nods his head in agreement. For the first time in the entire interaction, Shannon smiles back.

    "Then get the fuck out my locker room."

    Ashley's smile is as big as a kid on Christmas. He turns and leaves, pulling the door open with his right hand. The FWA genera manager is halfway through, the door closing behind him, when Shannon shouts, "Yo. One more thing."

    Ashley stops, slightly turns his head to the left, and looks to his side just enough to acknowledge Shannon's request to stop.

    "If I win ... I'm goin' to Back in Business and I ain't gonna shut up about it. I'm comin' for Cyrus. Ya' gonna' be OK with that?"

    Ashley looks back at Shannon, who is seeking some sort of validation for her harsh feelings toward the FWA World Champion. Ashley, who has had his own run-ins with Cyrus, turns his head down to the ground, searching for some sort of perfect answer.

    Nothing comes. Ashley just looks back up at Shannon with that same child-like grin, from ear to ear.

    "Good. 'Cause if it happens, it's gonna be fuckin' war.


    If I win tonight, Ashley ...

    It's gonna be ... a fuckin' ... war."

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: Carnal Contendership Promo Thread

    OTE REallity TV(Pilot)

    Houston, Tx.
    The Alomodome
    Backstage….Post match comments.

    (On Camera)

    Over the Edge is walking through the back hallway. Newchampions, Alana, Ted and Eyesnsane all have their titles over their shouldersas they approach an interview area. The new tag team champions stand in thecenter of the shot while Alana snatches the microphone away from a reporter.Alana walks over to her fellow Over the Edge members…..

    Alana: And now ladies and gentlemen a word from our hall offame leader.

    Eyesnsane: I get it, you know I come out here time and timeagain and tell all of you that I am the greatest warrior on this roster andthat’s not enough. We take titles from the pretending champions, and that’s notenough. We come out here and we cement ourselves as the champions and I’m standinghere telling you right now that it is not enough.

    Eyesnsane rubs his hand over his head as if smoothing hishair to the back of his head….

    Eyesnsane: Ashley O’Rayn and all other FWA executives. Idon’t care if you don’t like me. I don’t care how many fans slap their handstogether for any member of this roster, they are not my concern. You have for weeksrefused to listen; you have refused to face the facts that stare back at you inthe mirror. Take a good long look your heroes have fallen. Bell lost her mind,Kaizen can’t get the job done, Parr is barely a champion worth mentioning andwon’t dignify the X title by putting it in the conversation.I stand alone as the only person who can and will take thattitle off of Cyrus. Where I will restore the world title to FWA. You know what?That is far to gracious. I’m taking the title and adding it to the Over theEdge collection. Ted, let the peanut gallery know what’s up.

    Eyesnsane hands the microphone to Ted while at the same timeplacing an arm around the man’s shoulder.

    Ted: Did you all miss me? Look man, Olympians, Ares, Zeus,Mars, Pluto, Venus…..whatever. I’m just gonna give you guys your props. Youcame into the FWA and you set your sights on making a name off of Eyesnsane andwell damn if you two did not accomplish that feat.

    Ted Shrugs his shoulders a bit with a surprised look on hisface.

    Ted: It was a hell of a thing to watch, I mean. You guystook that “L” when you fought him alone. Oh man and when yall won those titlesyou could see yall walking around with your chests poked out. I hope youenjoyed every second of that feeling boys.To tell you the truth, you should have seen this coming.I mean you come in and you take from Eyes andAlana, did you really think you would be able to just walk smooth away?

    Ted chuckles to himself and begins to wave his index fingerin a disapproving manor.

    Ted: No, no, no…..

    Ted adjusts the tag title on his right shoulder.

    Ted: FWA fun fact number twenty seven, if you fuck withEyesnsane, it will come back on you.Nowlook the ride isover, no more transfers,time to get a new ticket, na mean? I know you boys and the old man are extrasalty right now. I mean it’s Payback right? We stole your titles right and herewe are where you were supposed to well get some payback it just was not meantto be, guess those are the breaks, but don’t worry we will give you anotherchance, besides we know most of the roster is far too scared to come for thesetitles.

    Ted then passes the microphone back to Alana….

    Alana: Ironic, no? When Over the Edge first made our debut,it was not long after that we claimed the women’s title and the tag teamchampionships. It’s like the old saying, those who refuse to learn from historyare doomed to repeat it. We told you way back then we were the best and that itwas our destiny to reign. Look around and open your damn eyes. The landscape ofthe FWA has changed and over these past few weeks we’ve simply showed you thatwe remain a force to be reckoned with.

    Alana looks at both Ted and Eyesnsane before nodding herhead at them. She then passes the microphone back to Eyesnsane.

    Eyesnsane: This is merely the beginning. We are notdistracted, and like I said before, if you are a title holder in this company,you are not safe, those days are over. We are coming for all the gold thiscompany has and like it or not we cannot and will not be stopped. I don’t carewho has the title come Back in Business, I am Eyesnsane, I am the number onecontender to all the titles and I am officially announcing my entrance into theCarnal Contendership, where I will go on to win and then finally main eventBack in Business where I will ascend to the top of the mountain once I amcrowded the new FWA world champion.

    The microphone falls to the floor as the three of them walkaway laughing as they turn a nearby corner.

    (Off Camera)

    Camelot Tower (Eyesnsane’s condo)
    Chicago, Il.

    Eyesnsane is facing his laptop while standing in front ofhis bar.It seems as though he isspeaking to it.He has on a blue ChicagoCubs hat, a black t- shirt and black and white Adidas jogging pants evident bythe three stripes going down the leg and matching black and white Adidas high-tops.As Eyesnsane speaks and we hear a response,who he is talking to becomes clear.

    Tyson: I miss you dad.

    Eyesnsane: I miss you to buddy.

    Tyson: I saw Payback!

    Eyesnsane: You did.

    Tyson: Mom and I watched it.You and aunt Alana and uncle Ted did great.I saw you guys win.

    Eyesnsane: That’s cool, man she did not tell me you guyswatched the show.

    Tyson: Yep and we made a deal since you won the title.

    Eyesnsane: What deal did you make?

    Tyson: Well she said if I was good and did all my choresthat we would watch Carnal Contendership also.

    Eyesnsane: Really?

    Tyson: Yep and I did all my chores and asked for some extra.

    Eyesnsane: Now that’s great son.I’m glad you get to see the show.

    Tyson: Yeah mom and I are going to watch it with popcorn. I hope you win again!

    Eyesnsane: Well Ty, I am going to do everything in my powerto make sure that I win and when I do win it will be because I know you are watchingand cheering me on.

    Tyson: I will dad, good luck.Mom has to talk to you now.

    Eyesnsane: Alright buddy, be good.Love you.

    Tyson: Ok dad I will.Love you to.

    There is a pause for a moment and noise that sounds likestatic comes from the laptop for a moment.

    Dinorah: Hey.

    Eyesnsane: Hey yourself.Thanks for helping me with that segment.

    Dinorah: No problem.It was kinda nice to hear that crowd in person again.

    Eyesnsane: I’ll bet.Hey thanks for letting him watch the shows.

    Dinorah: Well we watched together to be fair.It seems your antics have become a lot easierto potentially explainthan you and hisGodmother galivanting around.

    Eyesnsane: I suppose that makes things easier.

    Dinorah: Indeed.Iknow the answer but I’m going to ask anyway.You ready for that thing?

    Eyesnsane: I’ve trained harder than usual.I have a point to prove a statement to make,and my flight to the top of this company has been on standby long enough.

    Dinorah: I hear the hype in your tone, and I can see you areat home.

    Eyesnsane: I left Houston that night, I’ve been home for days.

    Dinorah: Say no more.Your gym, your old stomping grounds, and I suspect…

    Eyesnsane: What?

    Dinorah: It’s nothing.Eyesnsane shouldn’t you get going?I know you are the number one star by far but they are not going toallow the show to run late for you.

    Eyesnsane: I know, I’m ready to go and Ted will be here anyminute, we are taking the bus it’s just two hours on 94 and we’re there.We’ll take the toll and save a bit of time as well.

    Dinorah: Alright then, go and good luck.

    Eyesnsane: Thank you.

    Eyesnsane closes the laptop and walks over to the couchwhere he has a medium sized black leather bag and his FWA tag team title.Looking at both items as he stand in front ofthem he picks up the title and places it over his left shoulder.Then comes a knock at the door…

    Eyesnsane: It’s open!!!

    The door opens and Ted walks in with a camera in hand.

    Ted: Hey, you ready?

    Eyesnsane: Yeah man, where’s your stuff?

    Eyesnsane holds his title with his left hand and bendsslightly forward grabbing the straps to his bag and picking it up.Eyesnsane turns and walks toward Ted who isstanding at the door.

    Eyesnsane: What’s with the camera.

    Ted: My stuff is in the bus already and so is Alana.

    Eyesnsane: Cool let’s get it.

    Ted: I have an idea for the shoot.

    Eyesnsane: What’s that?

    Ted: OTE reality TV.

    Eyesnsane: Say what now?

    Ted: I’m going to record parts here and on the way upthere.I’m going to make it look likethey are just with you in the hours and moments that lead up to the matchman.

    Eyesnsane: You got it….

    Ted lifts the camera to his face and begins right there inthe condo.Starting with the shot zoomedin on the stoic face of Eyesnsane.

    (On Camera)

    Eyesnsane: The Carnal Contendership, the FWA’s yearlyspectacle. The one time a year everybody gets in the ring to have a big pushingcontest. Year after year since I’ve joined the company I have entered thisthing. First time out it was Ryan Hall, then Nemesis then on to Wolf thenServino, the asshole Chris Kennedy, you know the one before he got cancer andfound God or something. Followed by Wolf winning his second one then the drugaddict won which gets us to last year’s invasion by the CWA guy.Obviously for that list to be meaningful andhave real star power, Eyesnsane needs to be added to it.I’ll see to that.

    Eyesnsane rolls his eyes.

    Eyesnsane: My worst finish in this match is not worthtalking about and honestly nor is my best finish either because of the simplefact that if you don’t win you don’t get remembered. If you don’t win you nameis not etched in the halls and records of history. If you don’t win you weresimply somebody else who was there. You see my opinion of this thing haschanged, and I certainly do get it that this is an all or nothing moment. Youwin or frankly not a damn thing you go out there and do means a thing.

    The shot zooms out as he walks toward the door while at thesame time Ted slowly backpedals away from him while keeping the camera steady.As they proceed down the hallway toward theelevator.As the shot slowly fades outanother fades in where we see Alana sitting across a small table from Eyesnsaneas light shines through a large window next to the table the brightness only interruptedby the occasional object casting some shade.

    Alana: Just don’t hold anything back Eyes, you do whateverit takes.

    Eyesnsane: Oh, this is there perfect environment forme.No referees in my face.If I hit somebody with a closed fist, I.Wait who am I kidding? When I hit them withmy fists they are going to know they have been hit.Martial arts or wrestling, I’m going to dowhatever I have to do to ensure I stay in the match, while other don’t .Everybody damn well knows who the best purefighter is and that’s me.Hell, ifpeople could be eliminated by knockout I would have an easier time than I amalready going to have.In case you havenot figured it out yet, you are looking at the twenty seventeen CarnalContenderhip winner.

    Once again the scene gracefully fades in and out as we hearthe voice of Eyesnsane, but the camera is looking out of the window at the fanson the street and those already tailgating and having a great time in theparking lot as the bus slowly makes its way into the garage area.

    Eyesnsane: All the excitement in the air is unavoidable. Youcan’t go ten feet without hearing people talk about either some overdone pasttheir prime do over career attempt or they are talking about some flash in thepan. Take Parr, Connelly, Cyrus and Kaizen, put all their titles reins togetherand do you know what you get? Less title reigns than I have. Cheer for yourdrug addict or your new and allegedly improved Phillip or hope upon hope thatgood old Chris will come riding in on his white horse to save the day. Yeahwhatever, hold your breath for that crap all you want to.

    The scene changes again to footage taken in the locker roomwhile Eyesnsane is wrapping his wrists with tape starting with the right, thenon to the left.Already in his ringattire for the evening he has on black boots and black pants and a red t-shirt.

    Eyesnsane: The fact of the matter is this. I’m done walkinginto the Carnal Contendership and walking out anything but last. Nobody frommanagement to each and every one of you that can hear my voice want me to even comeremotely close to winning this thing. Understand something that seems lost uponall you sheep. I am Eyesnsane! I am the Young lion! I am the founder of Overthe Edge. I am a former Young Lion’s champion; I am a former North Americanchampion! I am a record setting five times FWA Tag Team champion! And the only personin the history of this company’s existence to hold and defend the tag teamtitles alone. Come the end of the nightI will finally be able to right one of the most egregious wrongs this company has ever committed in denying me my rightfully deserved world title match. I ama walking legend in this company and yet O’Ryan forces me to take a back seatto a slew of half assed wanna be’s who wish they could even begin to lift my legacy let alone carry it. Who the hell are any of them that I should be madeto wait.

    Eyesnsane stands up and slams his hand against the lockernext to him in anger.His nostrilsflaring while the veins in his neck and face begin to pulse to the rhythm ofhis heart beat.The camera zooms in onjust his face…..

    Eyesnsane: You see this I can control. There’s no waiting for somebody behind a damn desk to realize that I am not only owed but that the damn payment is overdue. I will not stop. Understand I will not relent. I will tear this company down from the tope to the bottom to get what I so rightfully deserve. None of you believed me when I told you I would be the tag team champions alone. Just like you don’t believe me now. Oh, but I’m going to make you believe, you and everybody that enters the ring.

    The screen goes black.

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    Re: Carnal Contendership Promo Thread

    Note: promo deadline has been extended 24 hours as a result of AON's circumstance. If one person gets an extension, everyone does. My apologies to those who have submitted.


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    Re: Carnal Contendership Promo Thread

    Click! The camera begins to roll on this exclusive and within seconds we're brought to the backstage area of the where we see none other than former FWA Women's Champion, Bell Connelly Dressed in her new unique attire she debuted at Payback for her return, the fishnets, the hat. The works she is sitting quietly on a stool to the right of the camera, her legs idly kicking back and forth as she taps away at what appears to be a shiny gold Nintendo 3DS. We can hear the music pouring out of the speakers of the device, the innocent sounds indicating that she's playing a Pokemon game. No surprise there. Before long we see another figure walk onto the set, looking somewhat out of breath and probably running late at this point... it's Todd Salam FWAs resident interviewer, dressed in his usual snazzy suit and tie. He lets out a sigh as he realises Bell actually beat him to the interview for once, which is actually fairly shocking knowing the history between the two of them. Nonetheless, Todd doesn't intend to stand here and stare at the former champion all night and after a moment or two more of the sounds pouring out of Bell's 3DS, Todd breaks the ice and speaks up, looking directly at the camera.

    Todd Salum Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the former FWA Wo-

    Before Todd can finish that statement, Bell suddenly speaks up, putting her hand up in a manner that would seem to 'shush' the interviewer as she does so.

    Bell Connelly: Can you, like, hold on a minute? Kinda busy.

    To say Todd isn't amused by that question would be an understatement. He lowers his microphone and stares over at Bel with a scowl as she taps away at the buttons on her 3DS yet again. After a moment we hear a little chime and Bell quickly shuts the game afterwards, setting it down in her bag nearby. She looks back up at Todd, seeming to give him a slight nod as if to imply he's welcome to start the interview now. He looks back to the camera, his mood not improved in the slightest as he speaks back up to try the intro again.

    Todd Salum: As I was saying... please welcome my guest at this time, the former -

    Bell Connelly: What’s your favourite colour?

    Todd frowned momentarily at the odd question, out of surprise and mild frustration half out of being caught on the bad foot with such an odd question and how uncooperative Bell was being, but Bell could only shoot back at him big blue doe eyes and an innocent smile

    Todd Salem: ….Red…

    With a happy little squeal Bell reaches under her chair and pulls out what looks to be an origami shape, a homemade shape universally recognized as something children would use to tell fortunes up and down playgrounds around the world, the veteran interviewer looks increasing unamused once he spies the shape but he stays mute as Bell eagerly gets to work shifting it side to side and up and down in time with her words

    Bell Connelly: “R-E-D. T-O-D-D.”

    Once satisfied Bell leans forward and opens up one of the flaps and reads the entry attached to it

    Bell Connelly: “Oh…”

    Bell frowns suddenly looking somewhat bashful tilting her head at the interviewer

    Bell Connelly: “Yikes...According to this Todd, you’re not going to win Carnal Contendership….Sorry about that,

    Todd merely shoots a glare in Bell’s direction, After an awkward moment of Todd seeming utterly pissed off at Bell, he speaks up once again to start the questions. He stops himself shortly after he opens his mouth though, almost trying to keep himself from saying something he'll regret... but then after a bit of thought he simply sighs and lets it out anyway.

    Todd Salum: Bell….I thought...after so many months off….After what’s been going on... do you still not take any of this seriously? Is this... is this just a joke to you? I'll be honest Bell when we first arrived him and you started..well.being you.after a while I'd hoped you'd, I don't know, grown up? You'd think the things you've gone through would have made you take all of this a little seriously but right now I'm seeing the same girl that talked to her cat on her debut as her first impression to the FWA Universe….You have the Carnal Contendership coming up…. A shot at Back in business. The biggest show of the year. A World title match. the things that are on the line not just for you. You should at least care enough to act like you're taking it seriously.

    Yikes. We're not exactly used to seeing Todd Salum mad but nobody can really blame him here. If there was a time where she should be taking something seriously... this is it. This was
    Carnel Contendership, a shot for the world title she made no secret she’s converted all year this is do or die for the glitter-clad warrior, if she fails, It’ll be another high-profile lost, not to mention the amount of people she’d be letting down. Her legions of fans, her friends, and, more importantly, Shannon O'Neal. All the people that have put their faith in her, she'd be letting them down. As Bell looks up at Todd, she doesn't even seem shocked by Todd's reaction. Instead, she merely runs a hand through her hair, sitting up a bit straighter on her stool before finally speaking.

    Bell Connelly: Are you done?

    There was no anger in her voice, not even the slightest uptick, she almost seemed curious more than anything else

    Bell Connelly: Honest question, Todd. Got everything off your chest? I have a feeling you've been wanting to say that for a while now. I mean, Guess those months away didn’t chill anything off. I've noticed how you act during our interviews. I'm not stupid. But don’t worry that seems to be a common misconception about me

    Now Todd seems to be regretting those statements. He hesitates, eventually starting to speak back up

    Todd Salum: “....I never called you-

    Bell Connelly: No, Todd

    Bell cuts him off. She shakes her head and quickly speaks over him, sounding a slight tone of ice coming into her voice now, making Todd shift in place somewhat uncomfortably, not that Bell said it in an aggressive way, but being such a rock of FWA and being around Bell for two years, he knows what’s coming. After all, Bell had a history of abrupt and violent mood swings and if she wasn’t the overly smiley happy girl she normally was, she was the intense person she became every time she entered a ring. The woman the FWA dubbed “Warrior Woman”

    Bell Connelly: No, Todd, enough. I'm sorry if you don't like the way I act, I'm sorry if the way I do things isn't how YOU think they should be done, but I'm not gonna sit here and listen to you tell me that I'm not taking this seriously enough. I'm taking this more seriously than you will ever know. You didn’t tap out to Cyrus Todd, I did. I could sit here and make excuses for that….or lose at Mile High, or getting dropped by Eimi I could sit here and play the blame game, and I could sit here and pretend it's not a big deal and just brush it off but I'm not! What you, no what everybody backstage seems to misunderstand about me is that I'm not the kind of person to go out there and just take those losses on the chin and walk away with a smile on my face. I have a pretty good poker face, Todd, but if you had even the slightest idea of what it was like to CONSTANTLY be so close and so far to everything I’ve ever wanted you'd understand why a loss like that isn't a joke to me!

    Todd Salum: “Bell I didn’t know-

    Bell Connelly I mean, let's wind back a bit, huh? Let's hop in our TARDIS and go back in time You remember when I first WON the woman’s title, right? You wanna know What Shannon represented to me at that time? She was everything I wanted to be.

    Bell stops for a moment, letting out a small sigh as she remembers that match Bell eventually shakes this off and keeps going, looking right at Todd as she does.

    Bell Connelly: Look at how she got to where she was, Todd. Look at how she made it to being one of the most recognisable and beloved women of all time. She did it by herself, as herself. That was what I wanted, Todd! That was what I wanted to do. I wanted to come in here, as me, and become a champion and prove that I could do this. But from day one? I got laughed at from everybody. Nobody took me seriously because I dared to come out here and be me. But ya' know what, Todd? Despite all the odds, I went out there and I beat Shannon and won the woman’s title Think about that for a second, Todd. and think about this... somebody who doesn't take anything seriously I sure got pretty far, didn't I? Over one whole year as champion beating former champions, former contenders, you name it, and I had to face one of the best women has ever had to get there. Right then, I didn't care what everybody else though, I didn't care how everybody else saw me. That right there showed me that I'd made it. That showed me that everything I worked towards, that journey to prove that I could follow in Shannon’s footsteps and be one of the best women in the business my way was complete! I did it! But, as I'm sure you've picked up by now, it wasn't. Why? Why didn't that prove that just because of who I don't mean I can't be a champion? Why didn't it prove what I'd been trying to explain to everybody since I first got That just because I wear pink and have the entire soundtrack to Frozen committed to memory? Doesn’t mean I’m ready to DIE for this, just like everyone else?

    The former champ has to stop here, having managed to even work herself up in this little mini-rant. She sighs and looks back up at Todd, speaking up in a more disappointed tone.

    'Bell Connelly: ll tell you why Todd. Because everybody is still listening to people like Cyrus, like Rondo, Like Eyesnsane. Like Mikey G: Everybody is still eating up every word they say when they put me down. They see me lose to Eimi, tap to Cyrus and they say: "See? Maybe if she's too soft to make it in main events..." It didn’t matter what I did or how many people I put down, people only needs the smallest reason to put me down

    As Bell makes that statement it's pretty clear that she's not at all happy at the moment. Losing her championship was one thing but having her career and love for the business questioned by Todd had clearly pushed her buttons. With the Carnal Contendership looming overhead no less, this is exactly what Bell didn't need... or maybe it's exactly what she did need. We can see that Todd still seems rather flustered after having managed to piss off one of the most laid back people on the roster and Bell takes that as her cue to continue, sounding all the more fired up now than she was just moments ago.

    .Bell Connelly: It's too easy to sit here and come up with excuses because a vulnerability in this place is a dirty word,,,but guess what? I blew my shots at the world title and I lost the woman’s championship and making excuses isn't going to change that and I knew that after I lost the belt As hurt as I was, as discouraged as I was, I knew sitting at home and making excuses to try and convince myself it wasn't my fault wasn't gonna do anything to help me. I knew what would help me more would be if I stopped, admitted that I could have done better, admit that I fell, and pick myself back up. And you wanna know why I knew that would help me more? Because if I was going to prove the doubters wrong, if I was gonna prove I was more than just what they say I am. I had to be ready to fall sometime.

    Bell seems to look down for a moment, not really pausing but she hesitates before continuing on. What she has to say next may not be the most conventional thing for somebody in Bell position to say, but, Bell is anything but conventional.

    Bell Connelly: I'm not perfect... and I'm definitely not arrogant enough to think I ever will be. I'm gonna keep improving, keep getting better, but times like the last few months showed me exactly why I can't expect to win them all. Look at what happened against Cyrus. I went out and had one of the best performances of my life against him. I wasn't just back, I was better. I took that loss to Cyrus and Eimi and I forced myself to improve, I forced myself to push that doubt and discouragement outta my head and just get back up and there are so many people in this match who want to punch the cracks and break me completely, but when they step in the ring tommorow and when they start pushing my buttons, I’m going to push right back!

    With that statement made, it's pretty clear how Bell views her own losses. Unlike a lot of people in the business, she takes responsibility for her mistakes, something she intends to use in order to fix those mistakes and improve in her next outing. As she goes to continue, though, she's cut off by Todd. Perhaps a small reminder that this is actually an interview.

    Todd Salum; But how does that really have anything to do with THIS match? I mean, I get the history Bell but how does all that play into Carnal Contendership?

    Todd seemed pretty earnest with that question but it merely causes Bell to laugh. Todd tilts his head a bit as Bell shakes her head emphatically, clearly being a bit confused by that. Bell doesn't waste any time speaking back up to explain, though, quickly ending his confusion.

    Bell Connelly: Summer 2016; Shannon O’Neal, greatest Women's champion of all time told the world, no. Proclaimed! That the next Back In Business would be headlined by me and her..-Or her and I..don’t want to lose points for grammar,- October 2016: I had my shot against the world champion..and I lost it... I lost it all... One month later in the Mile High Massacre….so cigar and that was a bummer, but a few weeks later I defended my belt against Eimi and Anzu in triple threat that was just...bananas, I can STILL feel the chops I thought that on that night I was back With a win like that, I thought that I was right back in the hunt, right up until Eimi dumped me on my head and almost shattered my neck

    Bell would swallow the built up saliva in her mouth, also
    hoping to partially swallow the thoughts of such a deflating time

    Bell Connelly; In my mind, I could sense that my opportunity was gone, during those months...not going to lie, it was a sucky SUCKY time. I felt like I let Shannon down. The “Women's revolution” The people who hoped I could do it.; shattered. Embarrassed. Worried. And I had nothing left to give them back in terms of assurance because I didn't know what was yet to come. I couldn't assure them of anything with a straight face. So I told myself that night after I lost the woman’s title as I lay there lying in the medical bay, with my neck in a brace…. that I wouldn't ever allow myself to re-live that horror story. I promised myself that I'd never feel that level of failure again. I promised myself, that I would knuckle down, keep my head down, and put in the hardest of all hard yards to get back to where I needed to be. And I knew it wouldn't be easy. I knew it was going to take a lot of time, and effort. I knew, that I would have to sacrifice the entirety of all my progress because that past could only haunt me going forward, and I couldn't allow the image of that to bring me down and keep me out of the game. It was time; for me to rise."

    Bell would pause yet again between words, allowing everything aforementioned to truly settle in with Todd.

    Bell Connelly: See, I came back for a reason, and while a LOT of that has to do with Shannon and putting her in the spot where she belongs…..I’m not going to lie, even since I starting to pick myself up after I lost my title. THIS night has been all I thought about. This Night. This moment….All or nothing.

    Bell suddenly raised her hand up holding up one lone forefinger

    Bell Connelly: I have...One. Last. Shot. to get to Back In Business. The biggest show of them all the ONE place I know all my dreams tommorow. My last chance to prove Shannon, Right...well...half right anyway. I can show the world that I haven’t turned into the world's biggest choke artist. All of those setbacks wiped away in a second….. Rock bottom, one second.Rapture the next. The lights are on bright and all eyes are turned to the double C, and I’m drawn to that light like a technicolour moth... I need that moment. I’m going to own the moment and I’m never let it go. I only get one-shot and I’m not going to miss my chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, so I better….wait

    With a frown on her face, she held the palm of her hand towards Todd, asking for a moment silence.A beat passes before she shakes her head, elements of her usual personality beginning to resurface

    Bell Connelly: Sorry, scratch that; That’s Eight Mile. But the point still stands 'For the first time in forever, I have a shot at shocking the world. Whether I have to fight Jason Randall, James Hughes, Ryan Rondo Banks, or you...

    Todd Salum: “....I’m not in the match”

    Bell Connelly: “See? One down already!”, I'm ready to go the distance and make a man out of them!Besides with Shannon right along with me, it's like a whole new world has opened up for us and looking at my reflection in the mirror? There are so many obstacles - We’ve just the women to team up with and take them down

    Her excitement almost can't be contained as she thinks about all the things that could happen.

    Bell Connelly: Not for nothing, this is totally what Mulan - one of my personal favourite heroes would do. Take on the world and every man, woman and child in it! Okay, maybe not kids. I don't think I could handle someone younger than me and just as tall as me beating me. But.. you know what I mean. Sure in the big time, high-pressure matches? I don’t have the best track record. Sometimes, you have to lose a lot just to win one. I mean, some of the most successful people in the world tried and failed multiple times before they succeeded. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he didn't fail 1,000 times and succeed once - he discovered 1,000 ways not to build the light bulb. “Sorry for the history lesson, but I promise this has a purpose. The way I see it, Trial and error is the human way, and yeah, I've had more error than success, but I know my time is coming. I know it.”

    Todd Salum: Well, you’ve touched on it just briefly there; I guess we should address the elephant in the room;

    Bell’s eyes lit up suddenly in excitement her mouth emitting a sigh of wonder her head suddenly twisting behind her ...only for her face to drop as she turned back around to face the interviewer her mood dampened somewhat. Even though she’s nowhere near the mic we hear her mutter “That was metaphorical right? Gotcha, just checking”

    Todd Salum: -Shannon O’Neal is also going to be in the match, your long time friend and the woman you’ve recently announced a partnership with, given the fact that you’ve both , made your aspirations for the world title well known in the past; Can your friendship survive this match?

    Bell Connelly: Y’know “I've had this dream for a week now. In the dream, it was me and Shannon starting the match off and I went all the way to the end and won,I started the match and ended it, Maybe it was more of a nightmare than a dream because of how brutal we all know this match is going to be but this dream had a happy ending. Shannon and I made it all the way to the final two; I could hear the crowd chanting my name and we gave it our all….Then I grabbed her and threw her over the top rope. It was the greatest moment ever... and then?

    Bell abruptly clicked her fingers in front of her face causing the veteran interviewer to flinch

    Bell Connelly: I woke up. It was just a dream. It's always just a dream. I've had the dream of being the Women's champion since I was five years old, but every morning I wake up and I'm no longer in the dream state - I'm in the reality. But tommorow ? I get to make my dreams reality. Tomorrow my reality will finally be better than my dreams as I book my place at BIB. And I hope reality plays out like my dream. I hope it's Shannon and I as the final two because we BOTH have a point to prove. We both want Cyrus more than anything else on the planet. Besides we’ve danced this dance before. She’s beat me, I’ve beat but tomorrow night? That's where it matters the most. The biggest stage, the brightest lights -and us two the last two survivors? That’s going to be the biggest moment in the history of women's wrestling. That's where I’m gonna' shine, and Shannon? I'm going to win where it matters the most, and if I get what I wished for, it's gonna' be her and I right at the end, because even if I get tossed out….the fact, after everything Shannon has been through the last few months gets a chance to slay her personal demons at BIB? I can live with that….but at the same time… much as I love Shannon, i won’t let her stop me….I can’t, the only way anyone is even getting me near that top rope is if they break my legs and even then, I will crawl to BIB if I have to….That’s just the way it has to be..., everyone in this match deserve this spot, especially Shannon I cannot take what she have accomplished away from her, nor would I ever try to, but she needs to understand that this match is more than just a match for me - it's my last chance. My last chance to prove myself... my last chance to do something big... my last chance to achieve a dream. And yeah, I'm desperate; very desperate, actually. ”

    The harsh reality was setting in - Bell was desperate to win and she knew it. Even though she had all of the confidence within herself and her "never give up" attitude was still apparent, she knew that if she failed on this stage it may be a long time before she probably got another shot at the big one. Bell would take a moment to reflect before Todd interjected

    Todd Salum: Bell, I don't mean to be blunt-

    Bell Connelly: “Then don’t be, be Todd. Or Batman, if you can be anything be Batman”.

    Todd Salum: But everyone in the match is going to say the exact same thing, that they deserve to win and they want it more than anyone why should people believe you over...

    Bam. Right there. The minute that word came out of Todd's mouth we see a change in Bells demeanour. That fires her right back up and before Todd can even finish the statement Bell speaks over him.

    Bell Connelly: Bell Connelly: Good question!After all, From top to bottom every single person, believes without a shadow of a doubt they’d be the one to get that golden ticket, and go off to that magical chocolate factory known as “Back In Business -Of course in that metaphor the role of Willy Wonka would have to be played by Cyrus Truth….and it would involve being the crude out of him BEFORE you get the chocolate factory and then the whole metaphor just kind of falls down - Everyone is going to tell you that THEY are the ones that are going to have their hand raised at the end of the night, if they didn't they might as well throw THEMSELVES over the top rope. So what makes me so special, when I say that you’re looking at the winner of the 2017 Carnal Contendership? Why I’m I the one?The lone voice of truth in a room full of liars? And to be fair, maybe ten months ago you would have an easier time believing me, but that was BEFORE I promised you that I would beat Cyrus Truth, That was before I said I would become the world heavyweight champion. So why should anyone believe me now...What do I have that none of the others has? Well besides...y’know a pretty face...

    Bell idly gestures to her face shrugging as she did

    Bell Connelly: But what separates me from them? Well, let's get started with an easy one first shall we?I know I just said I was desperate, but I'm not desperate like Mr Ryan Rondo. You see, I know full well if I don't leave win tomorrow night with my hand raised, I may never get another shot, and I fully accept that reality, which is why I am desperate, but I'm never going to be Rondo that ducks from challenges. I look at a challenge or a roadblock and I attack it head on. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I don't - but I never stride away from a challenge….but Rondo? For the last few months, he’s.Well...let’s just say Cyrus has been a bbbbbbad influence on him , If you ask me he’s afraid of friendly competition, more than that; after everything he’s done in his career, after all the titles, the accomplishments and blah blah blah….he doesn’t think competition is worth his effort anymore but unfortunately for him, tomorrow night when that ring. He’s going to stand alone in that ring with a massive target on his back. So, Trust me when I say, I DON’T think he’s mentally prepared for what’s he’s walking into, he thinks he could just swagger on it and win with barely any effort all because he’s Ryan Rondo….but he’s in for a nasty surprise;! I mean it’s a cluster of the best wrestlers in the world all gunning for the same thing, a world title match at BTB. something that he cherishes more than life itself. But that's the thing - that opportunity is something we all cherish. Every single one of us is going into that match with the notion of winning and achieving a dream we have had since we were kids. I mean, I used to cut promos in the mirror with a paper belt I made from scratch, looking at my action figures, wanting to be just like them…-Still do actually; but I digress- But as time went on, I decided to not be the next Superstar but to be the first Bell. I have been doing this for a long time.My dream hasn't changed since then, and it isn't changing now. This Carnal Contendership match WILL symbolise how far women's wrestling has come, and I am gosh darn proud to be apart of it. And I am more proud to say that after tomorrow night, I will be leaving with that shot. Mission accomplished - obstacle tackled - dream achieved.”

    Once more she would pause for reflection, but this time, Bell stepped away momentarily and began to run her hands across her hair

    Bell Connelly: Oh, here’s another one for you; Eyesnsane, he’s probably the dark horse in all of this right? And he's probably gonna hate me for saying that. Because for anybody who knows him….and trusts me, I think I do; he and his gang has spent weeks trying to run me and Shannon down- That ol’ Eyes is the type of guy who would much rather you forgot he was actually ever in the match to begin with, then for you to ever refer to him as the 'darkhorse'. He’s all about the shock factor. Proving people wrong. And then rubbing it in their face. Smearing every aspect of that victory, till it seeps deep down and into your pores. So far, in fact, you could never forget the day he trumped you….I know I don’t... And after a long time...of banging his oversized head tommorow will be a true turning point for Eyes. I mean, it's the perfect stage for an upset. And the prize attached, is a prize in which Eyes would just... torture you with. He'd carry that around, he would tease it out. and he would ensure you that you couldn't forget about him. Eyes and I had together....We were in Mile High Massacre ...that title has eluded the both us. But along the way, we've had plenty of our own successes. We've won a bunch of titles. But that Undisputed Title is everything to us. And He will do anything to win this match tommorow. The only problem is, while Ol’ Eyes will do anything, I will do EVERYTHING, to ensure that not only does he lose?

    Bell smirks as he points his index finger down a just to make a point and make it heard,

    Bell Connelly: But he will be reminded just how big a BUTT he really is when I win the Carnal’ll prove that even a dark horse can get outpaced by a unicorn

    A sly little grin started to form on her face nodding slowly growing more and more confident as she spoke

    Todd Salum: “Ok, well I-

    Bell Connelly: Oh come on Todd! I’m on a roll here; BIG PHIL! PAJ! Gosh he’s had a fun few months huh? He’s broke away from the whole “Grrrr. I’m the office’s chosen one look how fancy I am with my English accent” and became his own person, and there is nothing I respect more than that. PAJ -was constantly living in Tommy Princeton’s shadow, and he’s fought his way out from injury for nights like tomorrow. PAJ has done a lot since coming to FWA and I respect that, but this is a big match for anyone, especially someone like him. His entire career he has overachieved in what people thought she would, but tomorrow night is a completely different surrounding, for all of us, but especially him. No stables to do your bidding no funny business - he has to do this on his own. Can he? I believe he can,...He;s driven to not only make the mother of all comebacks but also shove it to Rondo... just not tomorrow. Tomorrow, as I said, is my night. Tomorrow is the night where I arrive but I know PAJ will put up on a heck of a fight. But for me? You can't fight fate and tomorrow night is fate. It's fate and destiny all in one; a girlhood dream come true. Just thinking about it has me excited, but I know I can't get too overly excited and lose my focus. I need to be in the best shape of my life and the best mindset at that. I can't let a simple dream cloud my mind of a reality... but I've been thinking of this for so long and it's almost here.I know PAJ has had a similar dream - most people do in this business. As much as it pains me to say, but both of us can't achieve our dreams at the same time, PAJ. You'll achieve yours soon, I know it - but tomorrow night is when my dream comes true. Tomorrow night is a night for glitter and I'm not going to let anyone - or anything - get in my way. As far as I am concerned, everyone going into that match has everything to gain and very little to lose. Rondo loses? He’ll get another shot one day, he’s Ryan Rondo that’s what he does. Mike Parr loses? He'll get another shot - we all know it’s going to happen eventually. PAJ loses? He’ll work his way up Eyes loses? I think you’d have to shoot him to stop him looking for that title shot but if I lose? ...if I blow another shot? That might be it for me for a long time. I can't lose. I just can't. And I won't.”

    She clenched her fists with anticipation and slowly released the grip, letting the bent up frustration and emotion escape into the atmosphere. Bell would take another deep breath, focusing her gaze.

    Bell Connelly: But hey! We already touched on him. How can I NOT talk about Mr. fancy pants Parr? Ohhhh he’s come a long way….Mr triple champ Todd, one of the best we have in our sport.” She would nod her head with a smile.I listen to his words and how determined he is to become the champion. I heard it in his voice and I knew it was authentic. he’s where he is are because of his talent and he deserves to be here but just like PAJ and me, he too has a dream - a dream to be the world champ. Only one dream can come true tomorrow night,... and as I said earlier, I'm sorry, but it isn't your time yet. Much like PAJ, he'll get his time - he deserves it. Now, I'm not going to stand here and say I deserve it more, but I know I have the most to lose. I'm backed up against a wall, but I'm not backing down - I'm ready to push forward. I have everything against me, but that's okay - I'm used to it.” know he’s heard a lot about me, he’s heard how I'm overrated or I don't deserve this spot, but just like they were wrong about doubting you. He’ll be wrong about me. Everything he’s heard about me is wrong. Am I overrated? That is all a personal opinion, but I feel like I'm underrated. Do I deserve this spot? You bet your butt I do - I worked so hard for this. I'm Bell Connelly - the lovable loser who everyone looks at as an easy win, but everyone is in for a rude awakening tomorrow night inside this Chamber because the "lovable loser" becomes the "improbable winner..AND I CAN GO ON AND ON AND ON

    Bell practically shouts that out, flailing her hands as she did;

    Bell Connelly: Michael Garcia, Kai, Tommy Thunder, Starr. I could go all night, but it all boils down to one undisputed fact; That's what this match is for me, a dream. I've talked about my dream since I came to FWA and my dream hasn't changed. I've spent countless nights waking up from a dream where I became the world champion, but now? Tomorrow night? I get a shot to finally live it. I get to finally become the one thing that no one thought I could become.”

    Her head hung low before peering up with a confident smile.

    Bell Connelly: “Since day one, everyone told me I wouldn't make it, yet here I am. They told me I'd never challenge for a major title, yet here I am. They told me and Shannon we couldn’t pull off what we’ve going to do tomorrow night is the next big step of a girlhood dream and an odyssey. Tomorrow night is the night I get to finally prove everyone wrong. Tomorrow night is the night I WIN the Carnal Contendership. All the obstacles in my way will disappear as my dreams become a reality. But my work doesn't stop there - the real challenge begins once I win...because then comes BIB….Then comes Cyrus. Then comes the world title and there?

    ….Bell stops, momentarily a strange gleam coming over her eyes suddenly straightened her back up and looks up to the heavens towards something she can only see, muttering to herself

    Bell Connelly:, This song isn’t finished yet, but when it is….it’ll be beautiful and true...

    Bell’s eyes linger on Todd for a somewhat uncomfortable amount of time, her eyes fixed on him….kind of creepily so actually, With those final words spoken, Bell’s had enough talking. She steps past Todd, picks up her bag, and leaves the scene. Todd watches her go, unable to hide the confused look on his face as he turns back towards the camera.

    Todd Salum: Well, I guess that's it folks. Don't forget to tune in live to see the Carnal Contendership

    With that, Todd gives the camera a nod and it slowly fades to black. We're left with merely the anticipation. Can she come back from that devastating loss against Cyrus and
    Eimi to stun the world? Tune in later tommorow to find out!
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    Re: Carnal Contendership Promo Thread

    The scene opens up in what appears to be a completely isolated location -- it appears to be a very dark alleyway, only lit by the moonlight. It seems completely deserted but for a small chain link fence and a metal barrel/bin. Of course, the wind blows some rubbish around but there seems to be a distinct lack of life. The camera seems completely focused on a graffiti covered wall next to the fence. For a few moments, it seems like nothing is happening. All that happens is that rubbish continues to blow by, seen through the chain link fence as well as in front of the wall. It's all very quiet until a distant noise is heard. It's too faint to figure out but suddenly, it starts to get louder and louder -- it's almost like something's being dragged along the ground. Eventually, the answer becomes clear as a hooded figure wearing a leather jacket, and black jeans comes into view - they're holding what appears to be a kendo stick in their left hand and dragging it along the ground as they walk/limp. They eventually get closer and closer to the camera and then stop. The figure lifts the stick up from the ground and rests it on their shoulder before pulling their hood down and looking directly into the camera. It's hard to identify the figure due to the lack of light but the next clue gives their identity away.

    "Kept you waiting, huh?"

    The voice is recognisable and clearly belongs to the man formerly known as "The Amazing One"... Ryan Rondo. Suddenly, he takes a few paces and gets his mug right into the camera, cutting a slight snarl.

    "Think there'd be something more elaborate? Think we'd take an acid trip in a hot tub? Think we'd delve into my mind and meet Chris Stallings up in heaven for an inspirational chat? Nah. No need for bullshit like that. Why go to any effort when I can come here to the perfect representation of what the FWA is? A rundown, gloomy place with barely any glimpse of light?

    I'm going to say my piece and I'm going to move on. You all know what I'm going to speak about. Fuck, I'm sure you're probably fed up of hearing about the Carnal Contendership at this point... maybe you don't want to listen to me but trust me, you're going to want to hear what I have to say. If there's anyone involved in this match that you need to listen to, it's me."

    He takes a small step back -- his face only lit up by the aforementioned moonlight. It's hard to tell what sort of expression he wears but his tone implies that Rondo's speaking seriously and with contempt.

    "I've only got one question. Why? Why care about this?"

    He scratches his head with the kendo stick before pointing it at the camera.

    "Why do YOU care about the FWA, today? Why do YOU care about the people you do? Why cheer them? Have you all devolved into mindless sycophants? Let me break this down for you all. The FWA... since Back in Business last year... has become nothing but a cesspool of ego and selfishness. Everyone involved cares about nothing but themselves. Think I'm wrong? Prove it. Point me to one singular person on the FWA roster that speaks about how they care for the FWA, they have passion for the FWA and want to lead it into a new era? You can't. Want to know why? Because everyone's too busy trying to get themselves over. Trying to rub their ego the right way. Everyone's got an ulterior motive and only have their own best interests at heart. Where are the days when people would stand up and talk about making the FWA great? They're long gone. I look at this Carnal Contendership match... I see the people involved... and I feel complete and total revulsion for every single one of them. Yet... you cheer certain individuals. Perhaps you don't realise that corruption and deception lies in plain view? I don't know. Why am I the only one who can see it? Why am I the only one who seems to really understand what the FWA needs right now?"

    He stops for a moment. He looks down at the ground and a few giggles of sarcastic laughter can be heard.

    "Of course, I'm not some misunderstood soul. I'm not some unrecognised genius. No. I'm just not brainwashed. You all know what the FWA needs right now? It needs a hero. Someone to stand up to Cyrus Truth. Take that belt back. Take the FWA back. That hero? It's not going to be me. I couldn't give a shit about saving the FWA anymore and that's because of what it has become. Like I said, a cesspool of egomaniacs. Add onto that the fact that you, the fans, have become morons and really... what's worth saving? I'm never going to be the hero. I was never the FWA's 'guy' or 'golden boy' no matter how hard people try to push that narrative. You think I'm the chosen one when I spent three years in the doldrums of irrelevancy whilst spice boys like Alexx and Cameron Cross got the plaudits? Or how about how I had to find a tag team partner because I had no place in this company, otherwise? That's right, I'm bringing up Sunrise-Sunset again, people are right when they say Devin Golden was the star -- because HE was the golden boy, not me. Chris Kennedy, Wolf, Gabrielle, Stu St. Clair... all people that were held in higher regard than me and always will be. I was never the golden boy of the FWA and, now, I never will be. It's a shame because I will outlast all of them. That used to be because I had a passion for the FWA and wrestling to entertain... it was something I was never going to stop. But then, I got triggered when I realised that the fans are out of touch. They cheer anything without batting a goddamn eyelid. Mike Parr - the supposed new golden boy? Shit man he hates us but he's cool and says some really mean things about Michael Garcia, YAAAAY!

    Shut the fuck up.

    It's a disgrace. I no longer want to wrestle for the FWA because I don't have the passion for it anymore. I no longer want to entertain you autistic neckbeards at home because you're all simple as fuck. You actually cheered Piers Gallagher. You actually cheered Phillip A. Jackson. The man who was Thomas Princeton's prized fuckboy in ruining Fight Night. And yet, here I am, the guy who has given it his all for years on end for this company to thrive... and I get booed. For what? Because I told a few home truths? Because you chumps are in denial? Pfft. Whatever. By the way, nice win Phillip, I hope you know Piers isn't going to help you in the Contendership or against Kennedy, but you continue to act like you're a hero, buddy. You know, sooner or later, you'll fall back into your old ways because you can't do anything by yourself without getting flustered and struggling. You're a piece of shit and it's disgusting that some prick from the LOW can become a fan favourite here. Don't worry, Parr, that applies to you too. But at least you're actually honest about being a prick most of the time."

    Rondo grabs the metal barrel/bin and drags it over to the graffiti'd wall. He hits a few times with the kendo stick to see if it's solid. The noise bounces off the walls of the alleyway -- it's certain to attract attention but after a few moments of silent reflection and waiting, there is nothing.

    "No. I have no desire for the FWA anymore. But guess what? They pay me. They need me. I'm a name. They'll let me do what I want. I might come out during this match and just take a big steaming shit on the commentary table and I'll still get my pay packet. That's why I'll continue to show up. I couldn't give any less of a fuck about this company anymore. I couldn't care less about this Carnal Contendership matchup or Back in Business. But you know what I do care about? A match with Cyrus Truth. That's what I want. Why? He's the root of this problem I have with the FWA. I don't give a shit about his anti-FWA rhetoric or whatever crap he's spouting. I don't care about taking the belt from him... I just want to beat him and send his ass packing back to the CWA. It's his presence in the FWA that blinds you all to the facts that the likes of Mike Parr, Bell Connelly, Shannon O'Neal, Danny Toner, PAJ and the rest are all a bunch of self centred vultures looking to pick at whatever scraps they can get to showcase themselves. Cyrus gives you all a person to hate, doesn't he? I remove that and then you'll realise just what fools you are for cheering the people you do. You're just trying to get behind someone enough to will them on to fight Cyrus. Here's the thing -- NONE of these people are capable of beating Cyrus Truth... and I fucking laugh at the thought of any of them main eventing Back in Business. Are you fucking kidding me? It's a testament to just how fucking crap this place is now that the next Back in Business main event might just be the weakest yet.

    But... you'll let yourselves be persuaded. You'll listen to what your supposed 'heroes' will say and you'll believe everything. I'm sure Bell Connelly will hit you with some sympathy driven story about how she REALLY wants to be world champion and wants to stand up for the fans. It's ALL she ever wanted since she was a little girl? Yeah, right -- you realise she's talking with her head up her ass? Connelly's the most transparent person on the roster when she speaks. It's all a facade to hide the fact that she's an egotistical buffoon who really cares about herself. I'm sure the women's title was ALL she ever wanted since she was a little girl too. I'm sure Chris Kennedy's once inch wonder is ALL she ever wanted too. Gotta give credit to Kennedy, he's probably railed some of his personality into her and given her the ego. Bell Connelly is a piece of shit and the last person who should be representing this company. A quitter. Someone who runs away when she doesn't win. But tell me again how Bell Connelly is fighting for the women and how she represents a 'women's revolution' according to that dumb blonde yokel fuck Shannon? You know those two only care about themselves right? Women main eventing and fighting men in the FWA isn't anything new, educate yourself, shitheads. It's all just their way of trying to make themselves look good to push their own self centred motives. Shannon O'Neal just wants her and Bell to get all the recognition. If you want the women recognised then why don't you buff up the women's division, make the women's title mean something and have it MAIN EVENT a big show!? Nah, you'd rather win the world title cause it suits you. That's what this is all about for you. You don't give a shit about women's wrestling. Bell couldn't have made that any more clear when she had the chance at Cyrus. It was a complete footnote then. But I'm sure she will suddenly care about it now."

    He throws his stick on the ground and outstretches his arm as if posing a question.

    "Those people...? Those people are supposed to be your heroes? What a fucking disgrace that is. Who else? Mike Parr? He's just a shit version of Drew Stevenson. A chump that thinks too highly of himself and will rage quit the moment he realises he can't cut it at the top. You know that's what Stevenson did right? He couldn't hack it so he took his toys and went home once you all cooled off on him. And that's exactly what Parr will do when you realise that he's not as good as you think he is. Parr's been getting by because he's been facing Michael Garcia... a guy who nobody gives a shit about and just wants to go away. OBVIOUSLY Parr is going to get cheered when facing him. Fuck, Trump would have you dicks singing his name if he was to fight Garcia. I don't give a shit about Parr because he's the exact same as Connelly and O'Neal. He's only got his own interests at heart. He doesn't even know why he gets cheered. He hates fans. He doesn't give a shit about saving the FWA from Cyrus Truth -- all he gives a shit about is crowning himself the world champion and getting to brag about it. Is that what you really want? Isn't that just fucking stupid to cheer?

    But I digress, I've already come to the conclusion that you're all dumb fucks anyway.

    Parr and Connelly... Shannon... whoever else that views themselves as some sort of 'hero' for the FWA should realise that you've had the glorious OPPORTUNITY to stand up for the FWA for almost a YEAR now. You've blown it because you've been so self centred. That was YOUR chance to lead the FWA into a new era. You had it all, you fucking pigs."

    As he reels off that last sentence, he points at the camera to make sure to convey that he is speaking directly to them - a venomous tone accompanies. After a few seconds, he brings his hand down and picks up his stick. He shrugs his shoulders.

    "Of course. I'm to blame for all of this. I was the one who lost to Cyrus Truth. I was the one that gift wrapped the belt and gave it to him. But silly me for thinking that SOMEONE could step up to the plate. Instead, you've let Cyrus Truth run roughshod over everything and be a complete dick about it. I don't want that belt... but I want Cyrus Truth beaten. And none of you chumps are capable of it. Who's the only person in the FWA, today, that has overcome Cyrus Truth in a title match? Me. In his entire FWA run, I have been the only man capable enough to stop this jumped up dickbag whilst the rest have been sitting with their thumb up their ass and jacking it to the prospect of being world champion rather than putting the EFFORT in topple him. I guess if you want something done then you have to do it yourself. The title? Well, we'll see how much you all fucking care about it when I rip it from Cyrus Truth and throw it right into this fucking garbage can. It means jack shit.

    But me being the one to vanquish Cyrus Truth? That' would just show you all up for the overrated mess that you all are. A guy who openly states he doesn't give a fuck about the belt or the FWA is able to do what you all can't. That'd be hilarious. But you know what? I bet you all listen to this and realise the possibility is very real. This Carnal Contendership match is the chance of a lifetime to be a real star and stake your claim as the one to lead the FWA... but I bet all you lecherous fucks will push your own agenda. You're complete scum. I don't give a fuck if the fans like you."

    Rondo then takes his stick and drags it along the ground as he walks away... whistling...

    It seems like the scene has come to a close... but suddenly, hurried footsteps come back and he gets right into the face of the camera.

    "Did you expect more!?"

    He laughs a little and opens his jacket... pulling out a piece of paper...

    "I forgot. This is the Carnal Contendership, right? You know what that means? A LIST!"

    Rondo laughs as he unfolds the paper and pretends to read it.

    "When would it not be Carnal Contendership time when all the chumps decide to get their lists out and go through everybody. Look, I don't have the time for this shit so let me just run through it quickly. You've heard my thoughts on Parr, Connelly, PAJ and O'Neal. Who else is even important enough?

    KAIZEN? Went back to Japan after realising his fans were all yellow fevered up weeb shitheads.

    Toner? The guy that cares more about getting a FWA contract and beating up security than he does about actually helping the FWA?

    Kazadi? The guy that can grapple real good but has less personality than a fucking cheez it?

    Garcia? Fat fucking chump.

    Eyesnsane and his squadron of chinese kung fu samurai masters from bumfuck nowhere? Yawn....

    Infact, you know what? Let's just cut the shit for a minute because I do have something to say about Eyesnsane.

    This guy's been around longer than me and he's amounted to complete fucking nothing. He's held the tag belts about a bazillion times and done nothing else. He thinks he's going to break through and be some amazing top dude? Have you listened to what this moron says about himself? He's a fucking loser and he will never be anything more than a gatekeeper. He's got a big head ever since Gabrielle started whispering sweet nothings in his ear. And I'm sure jacking off to Alana getting fucked regularly is helping him greatly. Tell you what, Eyes, you just stick to being a ninja pornstar rather than a FWA superstar and you'll be good. You're nothing and your drug jibes at me are all you have. Want to know something big boy? This drugged up idiot has accomplished more in the world of wrestling than you ever will. You're a total fucking footnote, pal. And you'll be a footnote in the Carnal Contendership too. Enjoy jobbing to those delusional Greek chumpbags at Back in Business.

    Right. Back to the list... let's see... who else... who else...

    Jason Randall... Vincent Blackbird......Who gives a fuck about anyone else? Lists are dumb as fuck. You're a fucking idiot if you like this shit. Get original."

    He scrunches up the list and throws it right into the garbage can. He stands infront of the can for a moment and points his kendo stick at the camera as he looks to finish speaking.

    "I have nothing left to say. I don't care about winning this match so I can go on to main event Back in Business or so I can win the FWA title. The only motivation I have is a match with Cyrus Truth. I'll get it sooner or later because I know Cyrus Truth will just LOVE to pay me back for bringing his name up here. Maybe I'll win the match and make it a reality. Maybe I won't. I haven't decided yet if I want to. Maybe my words will fire someone up to take control of this thing and PROVE they have what it takes. Yeah, right, I'm just full of jokes today. I look at this field and I see that NONE of you know what it's like to win this match. NONE of you know what it's like to main event the FWA's biggest event. NONE of you know what it's like to topple Cyrus Truth for a world title. I do. I have that over all of you. Prove to me that my experience won't be a factor. Prove my words wrong. Prove that you're all not egotistical shitheads who only care for yourself. Prove that I am a LIAR. Someone step the fuck up and be the hero for the FWA rather than being all about yourself -- because sooner or later, there won't BE a FWA for you to be champion of if you morons continue to act like this. Love me, hate me, cheer me, boo me, I don't care. At least recognise that I speak from the heart and that I am speaking the truth. You're all going nowhere fast as fuck. And trust me, if I win... I will be worse than Cyrus Truth. I will MAKE you all fucking ashamed to call yourselves FWA superstars."

    Rondo takes out a lighter and lights the end of his kendo stick on fire -- he then throws it into the garbage bin and suddenly the alleyway is illuminated with a deep orange glow -- his face is visible now. He wears a grimace as he looks down into the flames and his eyes glow orange as he peers into the camera one last time...

    "The FWA doesn't need any more self centred pricks. It needs someone to step the fuck up. But I don't think any of you have the talent to do so. You're all a waste of space and those who get cheered? Yeah, your fans are morons. I don't give a shit about being the hero for the FWA. But I bet you that the fans want someone who does. And the way I see it? There's nobody. This place is a sinking ship and I intend on going down with it, laughing the entire way. At the end of it all, everyone is going to be asking what happened? Where are the heroes?

    Where. Are. The. Heroes?"

    He spits at the ground in disgust before turning away and walking away, leaving the garbage can to burn. The graffiti'd wall behind the garbage can illuminates and reveals its contents - it's the exact same question that Rondo has posed.

    Where are the heroes?


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