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    SUNDAY APRIL 16TH 2017

    The show kicks off with the usual pyro explosion - there's a large crowd in attendance and every FWA superstar seems to be well represented in signs of support. A few seem absolutely convinced that KAIZEN is leaving the building as the FWA Undisputed Champion whilst some insult Ryan Rondo - calling him a gay cowboy. Surprisingly, a few signs ask where Devin Golden is whilst others ask for Eimi Sanada's phone number. One huge crowd sign spells out "DANNY TONER IS MY DEALER!" whilst a whole section of people claim themselves to be the "Over the Edge section"! We pan the commentary team as the crowd continue to cheer the kickoff of the event!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Hello FWA fans and welcome to FWA PAYBACK! Here in the Alamo Dome! I'm Langdon Trafford and I'm here with my usual commentary partners - David Weinstock and Piers Gallagher - and we're ready to take you through what should be an amazing night of wrestling! We've go...

    Before Trafford can even finish his introduction, music interrupts him...

    The crowd let out a huge amount of boos as Triple J Security make their way to the ring... They jump in and Jiggy John demands a mic...

    Jiggy John: Shut up! Every single one a you fellas... shut up! Don't you know who we are!? We're the PREMIER SECURITY ORGANIZATION... WE'RE TRIPLE J! AND IT'S AN ABOMINATION THAT WE AREN'T THE STARS OF THIS SHOW! Tonight... our boss... the great Jean-Luc Watkins returns and gets a match... BUT WE DON'T!? That's not fair! So we're taking this place hostage until our demands are met!

    The trio stand defiant in the ring... but suddenly their attention is turned to the stage as "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand hits and Ben Richards appears! Triple J are frozen in fear in the ring as he walks down the ramp and gets in - Jiggy John tries to say something but is immediately dumped onto his back with an extremely stiff lariat from Richards before Jobber Jimbo is grabbed and sent flying with a series of suplexes... lastly, Jugem Jugem gets the worst of it as he receives a few strikes before being laid out by the Lee Harvey Driver. The fans cheer as Richards stands over all three members of the security detail in the ring.

    David Weinstock: It seems like the FWA's newest acquisition has gotten off to a good start with the fans! Not to mention that he just decimated Triple J!



    Starr vs. Risky Douglas

    Risky Douglas starts the match out with a grapple and a few stiff forearms to Starr's face. He backs Starr into the turnbuckle before delivering more backhand chops and forearms to the face and jaw area. Starr is sent across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle and Risky dances his way up before spinning and landing a slick elbow to the jaw. Risky walks Starr out to the middle and goes for his "Risky Drop" codebreaker finisher early! But Starr counters by keeping Risky up until he drops his knees but gets a "Sweat the Technique" snapmare followed by a kick to the chest and a standing senton. Starr goes for the pinfall but Risky kicks out right at a two count.

    Starr brings Risky up and keeps at it with forearm shots to the face. Starr backs Risky up to the ropes and delivers a series of forearms to the face and knee strikes up to the abs. Then he whips Risky to the opposite ropes and sweeps the legs from under Risky quickly by lunging down and tripping him up with his arms. Then it's a leg hold on the mat as Risky is in trouble. The face is able to turn on his back and kick Starr in the lower spine. Starr stumbles forward, Risky rises up, and he stuns him with a dropkick to the chest! Risky Douglas then runs off the adjacent ropes and hits a running crossbody when Starr rises up! Risky goes for the cover!

    Risky keeps up the offense with forearms to the face as Starr is pushed back to the ropes. He grabs the top rope and leans half his body through the middle and top hoping for the ref's break. Finally, Risky is held back by the ref as Starr catches a breather. Risky comes at him again but Starr lands an elbow to the gut. Then he throws Risky through the ropes and has him sprawled out on the floor.

    Starr follows with a reverse STO onto the outside floor as the crowd groans and boos Starr's cocky attitude. Starr grabs his foe and rolls him back into the ring. Then he hits the "Truly Out of Nowhere" bottom-rope spring to a cutter! Starr hooks the far leg of Risky as he bobs his head with the ref's count.


    Starr wastes no time. He begins pummeling stiff fists into the forehead of Risky Douglas. One after the other as the fans watching boo loudly. The referee finally grabs Starr's shoulder and demands he stop the offense. Starr doesn't mind, though, and positions Risky up to a kneeling position. The fan-favorite goofball looks to be in a daze. Starr steps back and goes for his "Starrstruck" superkick to a kneeling opponent. But Risky Douglas ducks his head JUST IN TIME!

    Risky hops up as if he's found a second wind. He first hits a kick to the gut and a spinning wheel kick that knocks Starr to the mat. Then it's a turnbuckle-aided spinning hurricarana when Starr gets upright on his own! Risky Douglas suddenly has the momentum and finishes it off with the "Risky Drop" codebreaker! The crowd cheers as Risky Douglas crawls over and hooks the far leg.


    Winner: Risky Douglas
    Langdon Trafford: What a big win for Risky Douglas here on Payback! He gets revenge for XYZ!

    Risky celebrates the win with a bit of energy left in the tank. He keeps his arm raised with the ref's help and begins slamming his hands emphatically on the turnbuckle and ropes. The fans react with more cheers for Risky.

    David Weinstock: You have to think after this win that Risky Douglas IS in the mix for a X-Championship title shot coming up. As for Starr, he had an opportunity and didn't come through.

    Langdon Trafford: He'll need to figure out what went wrong because he really had a chance up until the missed Starrstruck kick. It's been a shaky start to his career in the FWA!
    Risky leaves the ring and begins to walk up the ramp but suddenly, Ben Richards comes from behind him and clubs him on the back!

    Langdon Trafford:
    It's Ben Richards! The hero from earlier! What the hell is he doing now!?!?

    David Weinstock: I don't think he cares much for being the hero, Langdon!

    Richards throws Risky into the barricades before grabbing him and hitting a Lee Harvey Driver on the ramp! The crowd are pissed and let Richards know about it - but he can only smirk as he gets back up and disappears backstage.


    "Greenback Boogie" by Ima Robot begins and the crowd ERUPTS with a boisterous ovation. Danny "F'n" Toner comes out with his fists clenched and sunglasses covering half of his face. Toner walks slowly and meticulously to the ring, like he's scouting every inch of the arena for a possible fighting spot.

    Langdon Trafford: If Danny Toner wins, he is IN the Carnal Contendership battle royal. Remember last year, when he nearly won it?

    David Weinstock: Danny made a surprising run to the final five. It was the shocker of the event aside from Cyrus Truth showing why he is The King.

    Piers Gallagher: That ain't happening this year. Jean-Luc Watkins will get that spot in Carnal Contendership!

    Danny gets a raucous "Danny F'n Toner! Danny ... Danny ... Danny F'n Tooooner!" chant from the fans. "America is Waiting" by Brian Eno and David Byrne begins as the crowd's tune changes to extreme booing and heat. Jean-Luc Watkins walks out with his smug look, clean-shaven face, and the silver wrestling tights being the only apparel for the chiseled muscles. Watkins continues walking to the ring but gets blindsided when Danny Toner runs at him and lands a running forearm to the face!

    Langdon Trafford: Here we go! Danny Toner isn't waiting for Watkins to get into the ring!

    The crowd cheers as Danny begins clubbing down into the upper back of Jean-Luc Watkins! Everyone is cheering as Danny Toner keeps bruising up his foe. The referee finally calls for the bell to begin the match!


    Carnal Contendership Qualifier
    Danny "F'n" Toner vs. "Baby" Jean-Luc Watkins

    Toner keeps throwing clubbing blows down into the back of Watkins' head as he continues the offense. Toner flings Watkins into the nearby fan barricade and begins kicking down into the chest and stomach. Watkins is taking a beating here as the crowd cheers loudly. Danny Toner bends down and delivers a violent head butt to Watkins that busts the former X-Champion open!!! The crowd nearby is going nuts chanting Danny Toner's name. The rabid dog continues the offense with more punches, these coming down into the forehead of Watkins. He blood is more prevalent now as Toner lifts Watkins up to a standing position and shoves him back first into the steel barricade. Toner then walks him to the opposite side of the entrance aisle and throws Watkins back first into that steel barricade. Watkins' face is pure agony as he grimaces on impact. Danny Toner sizes up Watkins' body crouched down and supported by the barricade and tries for a running shoulder block! But Watkins dodges and rolls to the side, and Toner crashes hard into the barricade and actually topples it over, taking the parts apart! He falls into the fan area and is slow to get up. When he goes, Watkins comes flying in with a running dropkick to the chest and jumps on top of Toner and begins throwing wild punches down into his face. The crowd begins booing as the FWA security keeps the fans nearby at a distance from the fighters. Watkins gets up and helps Danny Toner to his feet. He rakes the eyes aggressively and the fans boo even louder. Toner stumbles out of the fan area and back to the entrance aisle. Watkins follows and begins trash-talking Toner in between giving him for right-hand jabs. Then it's a big European uppercut to the jaw that has Toner stumble back to the apron. Watkins presses Toner's face into the canvas before shoving him back into the sharp corner and then driving and shoving him back-first into the nearby ring steps!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Danny Toner took the fight to Jean-Luc Watkins, but Watkins has turned the tide and is truly showing just how aggressive he can be!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Watkins is showing he has a mean streak! Danny Toner NEVER expected this!

    Watkins finally rolls Toner into the ring and follows. He goes for the cover, but Toner kicks out at two and one-third. Watkins brings Toner back up to his feet and tries for a Samoan drop, but this time Danny Toner slides off the back and tries for a clothesline. Watkins ducks and hits a springboard clothesline to bring Toner back down to the canvas. Another cover, and another two count on Toner. The crowd is beginning to grow a bit restless watching Toner struggle.

    Langdon Trafford: Danny Toner needs a big turning point. Watkins is in full control here.

    Watkins continues the aggressive offense on Toner. This time it's knee thrusts into the thighs and abs as Toner remains down on the mat, all with Watkins applying a side head lock to keep Toner in proper place. Watkins is wearing Toner down with more of these head locks and knee thrusts as the crowd tries to revitalize Toner, to no use. Watkins laughs at the fans' attempt to bring their crazy favorite to life. Toner does find the strength to get up to his knees. Watkins is shaking his head "No. No. No." Toner finally is upright, still in the headlock, and shoves Watkins into the ropes. But Watkins slides around Toner for a German suplex, then a Tiger suplex, and then a Half-Nelson suplex!

    Piers Gallagher: Open parenthesis! How I missed it after all this time!

    Watkins stalks over the beaten-down Danny Toner as the crowd boos.

    Langdon Trafford: Danny was hot out of the gates but this one moment changed the course and has had Jean-Luc in complete control ever since. We gotta see it again, for you folks at home.

    FWA Replay

    Danny Toner sizes up Watkins' body crouched down and supported by the barricade and tries for a running shoulder block! But Watkins dodges and rolls to the side, and Toner crashes hard into the barricade and actually topples it over, taking the parts apart!

    Piers Gallagher: Danny Toner is an idiot. That's why Watkins is the favorite in this match. Toner takes too many chances and Watkins is too meticulous to slip up.

    Watkins keeps Toner grounded with more of the headlocks and rear choke holds. He nearly has Toner choked out but the referee's arm drop only gets one drop, as Toner catches his arm on the second one. Watkins tightens the grip around the neck but Toner sort of scoots his butt and lower body to the ropes. He gets his foot locked underneath the bottom rope and Watkins is forced to release the hold. But when he does, he delivers a low-angle knee drop down into the middle of Toner's back!!! The crowd boos like crazy, and Watkins relishes it.

    Langdon Trafford: Oh man! That one is just an encompassing of how this match has gone for Danny Toner.

    Piers Gallagher: He has beaten up some of the rookies and nobodies in the FWA, but once he gets a real competitor, a former champion, he's outclassed.

    Watkins again locks in the side head lock. After about 30 seconds, Toner rises up to his feet. Watkins is trying to succumb him but it's no use. Toner shoves Watkins into the ropes and this time catches him on the quick rebound with a forearm shot to the jaw. Then he whips Watkins into the ropes and misses a clothesline. Watkins tries another German suplex, but Toner pries the hands free, turns and lands a kick to the gut and a swift snap suplex! The crowd has come to life as Watkins rolls to the corner and Danny Toner catches his breath laying face up in the middle of the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Toner has some life here! Watkins is out on the side, trying to figure out how to put him away!

    After about 30 seconds, and a ref's count to six, Watkins pulls himself up using the turnbuckle. He still has dried blood on his forehead from before. Toner is up on his own, but he quickly lands a swinging right hand punch to the jaw. Then it's a second one. A third one. Watkins is backed up into the corner. Toner whips him to the other side and follows with a running forearm uppercut, running after right behind Watkins so he has no chance to get out of the way! Toner walks Watkins into the middle of the ring and delivers his Saito suplex. Watkins slowly gets up on his own and Toner is waiting with a back suplex. Then Watkins walks into a belly-to-back hold, and Toner delivers repeated headbutts to the back of Watkins' skull as the crowd chants along "ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE!" Then Toner hits a German suplex with a bridging pin to finish!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Toner goes for the pin! He might win it here!


    David Weinstock: SO CLOSE!

    Danny Toner hops up to his feet, feeling like a new man. He roars to the crowd's approval and backs up to his corner. The crowd senses the Punt Kick might be coming. Toner waits for Watkins to get to his knees, at least, and sprints forward. He tries for the violent and brutal Punt Kick finisher! But Watkins moves his head out of the way! And Watkins is upright, and hits his Belly-to-Belly suplex, then a Fisherman's suplex, and then a Northern Lights suplex!

    Langdon Trafford: Closed parenthesis! Watkins hit it! Watkins hit open parenthesis earlier and now the end is near!

    Watkins crawls over and goes for the pin. The fans all boo!


    Crowd: YAAAAAH!


    Piers Gallagher: Show some impartiality, Langdon! Be a professional!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Oh please! Like you do?!

    There's an awkward hesitation from everyone in the arena as they turn to the front stage. Through the curtains, Zachary Kazadi steps out in the same black suit he wore on Fight Night to apologize to the FWA. He's stone-faced but stops past the curtains to gaze at the entire arena.

    Piers Gallagher:
    What's he doing here?

    Langdon Trafford: Zachary Kazadi promised to be here at PAYBACK for a pay day but I don't think any of us expected that would mean he'd be out here in the middle of a match.

    Piers Gallagher:A match with possible future World title implications. Someone get him out of here!

    Watkins looks to the stage and frowns but he's a competitor and he knows where his focused should be. He isn't fazed by the near fall or Toner's resilience. Watkins makes a hand motion where he points fingers with both hands down to the mat. He's signaling for the Glasgow Smile full-nelson suplex finisher.

    Piers Gallagher: That's why there's no way Jean-Luc Watkins isn't losing this. He's got his eyes on the prize. Incredible focus.

    Watkins waits for Toner to get to his feet and immediately tries to lock in the arms behind Toner's head. Toner refuses to go down quietly, though, and wiggles free as much as he can. Kazadi atop the ramp has almost been forgotten by most of the arena as he takes his complete time on the way down to the ring. Walking a snail's pace and in no hurry whatsoever. In the ring, Toner locks one foot around the middle rope. Watkins, though, yanks him to the middle. Then Toner stomps on Watkins' foot to delay the Glasgow Smile maneuver. Watkins keeps trying to get the arms set behind the head, but Toner is making it difficult. Toner finally gets one arm free and lands one HARD punch to the cheek of Jean-Luc Watkins. It stuns him back, bouncing off the ropes, and he stumbles forward right into a spinebuster!

    Langdon Trafford:
    I thought maybe Zachary might be heading in our direction but he's on the apron.

    Piers Gallagher: And Toner's looking right at him, he's taking his eyes off the prize, Langdon.

    Kazadi's stone-faced is allowing a smirk to peek through. Danny Toner can't help but mouth off to him and the crowd is jeering Kazadi's timely arrival on the apron. Realizing Kazadi has stopped on the apron, Toner ultimately decides to imitate Watkins and ignore him. Watkins is down in the middle of the ring as Toner steps back to the corner. He props himself up to the second turnbuckle as the fans all rise to their feet. Watkins gets up on his own volition but Toner flies off for a double axe handle. Watkins side steps it and Toner lands on his feet. He rolls forward, away from Watkins, and turns to face him. Kazadi half-enters the ring and this time its Watkins who takes his eyes off his opponent. Toner slides around for a school boy roll-up in that moment of weakness.

    Crowd: ONE...........TWO.........THRE......OOOOOHHHH!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Where's security? Someone get that man out of here!

    Toner ALMOST had it! He takes a glance at Kazadi who has a smarmy smirk on his face, he's back out onto the apron. Toner turns back to Watkins only for to Watkins land a swift kick to the abs. Then he applies the Full-Nelson lock with the arms! But before he can deliver the move or get the lock set in, Toner slides his arms and whole body down to slide out. He back rolls through Watkins' legs, rises up and delivers a hard knee strike to the gut! Then he hits his "Closing Statement" facebuster!!! The crowd EXPLODES on the impact of the move!




    Zachary Kazadi is finally in the ring and his victim is neither Jean-Luc Watkins or Danny Toner, he's just grabbed the referee's hand as he's about to do the third count. Danny Toner's head slowly turns to Kazadi's smirking face. The referee isn't quite sure what to do because Kazadi won't let go of his hand. Slowly, Toner gets to his feet and Kazadi lets go of the referee. Toner meets Kazadi face to face and must be unleashing a profanity ladden flurry of words at the man until an open palm catches him straight in the face. Toner doesn't get a second opportunity to react, a running KO Knee sends him nearly unconscious on the mat.

    David Weinstock:

    Piers Gallagher: I knew nothing good could come of this, he's damn well cost Jean-Luc Watkins the match!

    The ref looks just about ready to advise the ring announcer that this will be a DQ victory for Danny Toner when Kazadi spins him around. He wags his fingers and tells him to wait a second. Kazadi, like a lion circling around a wounded deer waits for Jean-Luc Watkins to stand up and hits another KO Knee!

    Langdon Trafford:Those knees are going straight to the temple, I'm inclined to say we could genuinely use some security out here.

    Kazadi stares at the referee who looks on dumbfounded until Kazadi mouths "well, go on." The referee shakes himself out of his stupour and gives the ring announcer the final result.

    Winner: No Contest

    Zachary Kazadi has himself a microphone from ringside and a thin grin on his face. His suit is a bit disheveled but mostly all right. He looks down at Watkins and Toner. Both still conscious but certainly not conscious enough to get back on their feet or do anything about the man who just cost them their match.

    Zachary Kazadi: You guy... you guys sound mad about what just happened. Are you mad?

    Crowd: BOOOOOOO!

    Zachary Kazadi: Oh, come on! That's not a proper answer. I mean, if you guys can get together to yell Danny F'n Toner all match long, you guys can give me a unitary yes or no, right? Look, really... I genuinely thought this was what you guys wanted. You can't blame me for getting the wrong message... when I was facing PAJ long ago... and he walked out of my match... no one came in my support the way you guys so vehemently supported Danny Toner just now. When I faced the then X Champion Dave Sullivan, and some of Watkins lackeys ruined my win... NO ONE... came to support me. When I faced Mike Parr... and I was about to beat your hero in the dead center of the ring, controversy-free... you were all so happy... so, so happy when Michael Garcia came out and gave your hero... your idol... an out. So I saw what was happened, I saw no one there to save your other hero, Danny Toner... so I took the responsibility and I gave your other hero... Danny F'n' Toner... an out. I gave him a ticket to Carnal Contendership. No, trust me, look, I was right here, Watkins was about to kick out, I saw where this was going and I gave Danny Toner a way into Carnal Contendership. I want to see him in that match as much as you guys do. And of course, it wouldn't have been fair on my part to just leave Watkins out of the fun. So I gave him a ticket too. I'm nice like that.

    The crowd seems puzzled. They're not sure what to make of it, but a good deal catch the sarcasm and aren't afraid to let loose on another string of boos.

    Zachary Kazadi: Alright... alright... you got me. It wasn't anything so altruistic as that. So why did I do what I just did? Why did I just make my job at Carnal Contendership just that bit harder? Hell, why aren't I finishing the job now? I don't know. Pick a reason. Because I prefer to snatch away their chances at main event Back in Business when its right in front of them. To piss you people off. Because I just ruined Ashley O'Ryan's match. Because I just gave everyone else at Carnal Contendership a harder night. Because I just wanted to knock Danny and Baby Watkins out. Because I'm jealous of all the adulation Danny gets. Because I'm just trying to get some revenge. Maybe because I'm mad that they've got a match tonight and I don't. Like I said... pick a reason. Run your bylines. Post your exclusives. Or alternatively, don't pick a reason... settle for... because I can. Settle for because it doesn't matter who is in the Carnal Contendership. Settle for... I don't care about Ashley O'Ryan or you people... I gave everyone my apology... my apology for what I've done... and my apology for whatever I'm about to do from here on out. Here's the thing ladies and gentleman, I'm the best damn wrestler here... Ashley realized that when he put every odd against me after I beat Jhunha in less than a minute... Watkins took it in when he hightailed it... so did Eastwood, remember him... so did PAJ... and Sullivan... and Toner himself. I'm the best... and that means I'm going to do whatever I want... whenever I want... and Danny... Jean-Luc... whoever else is backstage... you're welcome to try and stop me. Every damn wrestler in the Carnal Contendership, you're welcome to try and stop me... because until you do... FWA PPVs... Fight Night... the Super Shows... it's my show from here on out.

    The Former X Champion tosses the microphone away. He doesn't leave the ring just yet, but takes some time checking out Danny Toner and Jean-Luc Watkins who have by now rolled out on the outside and are both being checked on. He shrugs and rolls out of the ring and on his way to the back.


    "Change (In the House of Flies)" by the Deftones begins to play and Jason slowly walks out holding a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire over his shoulder. He's wearing a plain white wifebeater and his usual grungy jeans. Penny walks up behind him wearing her usual attire of a t-shirt and short jean shorts. They stand on the stage looking out at the soldout crowd, an overly negative reaction for him as the fans boo him mercilessly. He slowly walks down the ramp towards the ring and as Penny follows she sticks her tongue out and hisses at any fan that boos or shouts at them.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Here comes a man that has shown how despicable he can really be after his recent actions, all to just get under the skin of one Vincent Blackbird

    David Weinstock:
    He stooped to a new low with his cowardly acts towards two defenseless women in Bella Kendall and Sonny Knight

    Piers Gallagher:
    You can't deny that it didn't work though because he got what he wanted tonight. He has Vincent inside of this Asylum of Horrors for the X-Championship

    Langdon Trafford: Has Jason bitten off more than he can chew though? We all know what Vincent is capable of when driven too far...

    David Weinstock:
    That's a fair point Langdon, but you also got to take into account that Penny is out here at ringside with Jason and you just know that she'll play a heavy factor in this match

    Piers Gallagher: She's just out here to support her man, nothing wrong with that!

    Langdon Trafford: I'll believe that when I see it, but one thing is for certain though that this will be a bloodbath!

    Before stepping through the cage door into the ring, Jason and Penny share a kiss. He then goes straight to his corner, placing his barbwire bat down down beside him and leans back in the corner gazing towards the entry way with ill intent in mind.

    "Mein Herz Brennt" by Rammstein feat. t.A.T.u hits to cheers as Vincent Blackbird steps out with his X-Championship around his waist. He methodically walks down to the ring, never taking his eyes off of Jason inside the ring and the steel cage.

    Langdon Trafford: I can't remember the last time that the fans were behind Vincent but they are tonight by the sounds of it

    David Weinstock: No matter how you may feel about Vincent, you've definitely got to feel some sympathy for him after what he's been through as of late

    Piers Gallagher: The guy is a freakshow but even I feel kind of bad

    Vincent enters through the cage door and stands in his corner. His gaze meeting Jason's with it flickering towards Penny for a short second and he flicks his tongue at her like a snake, which Penny responds with a disgusted look and a middle finger prompting a smirk from Vincent.

    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is set for one fall, it is an Asylum of Horrors match and it is for the FWA X-Championship!

    Big pop from the crowd for the announcement.

    Kurt Harrington:Introducing first the challenger accompanied by Penny, from San Diego, CA and weighing in at two-hundred & twenty-five pounds, he is "The Wildcard"...JASON RANDALL!

    Heavy chorus of boos for Jason, who ignores it all and focuses on Vincent with a scowl.

    Kurt Harrington:
    and his opponent, weighing in at one-hundred & ninety-five pounds, he is "The Anarchist for a New Era" and the current FWA X-Champion...VINCENT BLACKBIRD!

    Cheers for Vincent as he removes the championship from his waist and hands it over to the referee without taking his eyes off Jason.


    Asylum of Horrors Match
    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird (c) vs. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    As the bell sounds both men explode from their respective corners and begin trading blows similar to that of a hockey fight. Neither man relenting and the fans are eating it up with cheers, and it's Vincent who finally gains the advantage with a knee to the gut of Jason and stuns him with a headbutt. Vincent grabs Jason by the head and immediately drives his head into the unforgiving steel cage wall! Jason's head bounces off of it like a bouncey ball and he falls to the mat in an instant. Vincent lays into him with several stomps, driving his boot into Jason's throat at one point and kneels down telling Jason to beg for mercy but Jason responds back by spitting in Vincent's face and Vincent removes his boot from Jason's throat giving Randall time to recover and gasp for air while Vincent wipes the spit out of his eyes. Vincent brings Jason up, dragging by his head and looks to slam his face into the steel again but this time Jason counters and fights back with a back elbow before driving Vincent's face into the steel and does it several more times before dragging Vincent's face along and tossing him to the mat like he's nothing. Jason digs into his jean pocket and brings out a dog leash and brass knuckles. He whips Vincent the back several times with the leash before wrapping it around his neck and chokes him with it while driving fists down on Vincent's head with the brass knuckles, causing blood to trickle from Vincent's forehead.

    Langdon Trafford: Jason Randall is choking the life out of Vincent right now!

    David Weinstock: As if that wasn't bad enough he's driving those brass knuckles straight to the forehead busting him open!

    Piers Gallagher:
    That didn't take long!

    Jason continues to choke Vincent with the leash while Vincent struggles to fight free and manages to counter with several elbows to the midsection forcing Jason to release his hold. Vincent gasps for air as Jason doubles over and drops the leash, Vincent grabs by Jason by the head and slams it into the steel! Unrelenting, Vincent continues to slam it into there several more times. Vince then drags a groggy and dazed Jason on the apron, placing him him between the ropes and steel cage. Vincent grabs a steel chair and violently swings it directly on the spine of Jason! He continues to crack the chair across Jason's back over and over again as Jason scream out in pain from the chair and the steel cage. Vincent then takes Jason's head and brings him through the ropes with the chair beneath them on the mat and hits a devastating DDT onto the chair!

    Langdon Trafford: Jason's skull is just driven into that steel chair!

    Piers Gallagher: That'll scramble his brains!

    Jason has begun bleeding from his head as Vincent snatches up a singapore cane and begins to crack it across Jason's back with utter hatred in his eyes as he does so. He tosses aside the cane and finds a small bag and dumps the contents of the bag out onto the mat revealing thumbtacks! Jason is trying to recover using the ropes as leverage and Vincent approaches Jason looking to take him in position and drop him on the thumbtacks, but Jason senses this and fights him off with several forearms to the gut and looks for a suplex into the thumbtacks but Vincent counters and spins himself and Jason around hits his own suplex dropping Jason on the thumbtacks! Jason writhes and convulses on the mat in obvious agony as Penny watches on with concern...

    Langdon Trafford:Jason is in a world of hurt right now!

    David Weinstock:He drove Vincent to this unhinged, more psychotic state that he's in right now and now he to pay for his actions in the worst way imaginable!

    Vincent begins to climb out of the cage, looking to win the match but thinks better of it and wants to continue to torture Jason and climbs back down with a sick look as blood is still pouring down his face. Little did he know however is that Penny started climbing the cage after he got down...

    Langdon Trafford:
    Penny scaling the cage, just what does she think she's doing?!

    Piers Gallagher:She's ensuring that her man walks out with that gold!

    David Weinstock:
    I'm not surprised by this at all considering she's not afraid to get herself involved in Jason's matches!

    She hops off the cage and hops on Vincent's back like a piggyback ride, but a lot less fun for Vincent yet he snaps her over and off his back but yanks her by the hair and hoists her on his shoulders...WRATH OF THE BIRD EMPIRE!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Vincent decimating Penny with that Wrath of the Bird Empire!

    The crowd is on their feet now after Penny is dropped and out like a light from WOTBE. Jason has since recovered and sees what has been done to his beloved, which sends him into a blind rage and he tackles Vincent to the mat and begins to wildly throw punches. He gets up now and looks over at the barbedwire baseball bat, snatches it up and as Vincent is getting to his feet, Jason swings wildly and drills Vincent right in the gut with the bat and Vincent instantly drops down to one knee and begins coughing up blood. Jason takes another swing right across Vincent's back and Vincent cringes in agony but before he can drop down to the mat Jason uses the bat and like cheese grater he rakes the barbedwire end of the bat across Vincent's bloodied forehead, making the wound worse. Jason digs it down deeper into Vincent's skull eliciting a scream from Vincent and Jason screams back at him, "DIE YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

    Jason shoves Vincent to the mat in a bloody heap and finds a table in the ring of horrors and sets it up. He turns around and finds Vincent up to one knee and charges at him looking for the Kill-Shot but Vincent narrowly avoids it and shoves Jason off the ropes and counters back with a striking spear!

    David Weinstock:
    Clan Blackbird!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Vincent pulling out all the stops tonight!

    Vincent begins to climb the cage but Penny has risen up and tries pulling him down but he kicks her away knocking her back. Vincent climbs up back down to deal with Penny not expecting to swing with the barbedwire bat but she misses as Vincent sidesteps her and grabs her by the hair, she drops the bat down near a recovering Jason as Vincent holds her back not realizing what she did and he's looking to hit her with another Wrath of the Bird Empire and as he lifts her up Jason nails him in the gut once more with barbedwire bat forcing Vincent to drop Penny. Jason cracks the bat across Vincent's back again before dragging him over near the thumbtacks...DROP DEAD! HE HITS THE HEADLOCK DRIVER ONTO THE THUMBTACKS!


    Langdon Trafford: My god he drove Vincent face first into the thumbtacks!

    David Weinstock: Unbelievable!

    Piers Gallagher: I'm with the fans on this one!

    Penny has began climbing out of the cage and is over it as Jason begins climbing and Penny lends him a hand and helps him over as he climbs down and drops to the floor below as the bell sounds!


    Winner and NEW FWA X Champion: "The Wildcard" Jason Randall!

    Kurt Harrington: The winner of the match and the NEW FWA X-Champion...JASON RANDALL!

    Piers Gallagher: Bow down to your new King of Extreme gentleman!

    Jason is still on the floor, his face is a bloody mess and his back is covered in thumbtacks. He's helped up to his feet by Penny and he's handed the X-Championship, and he holds it up high to the dismay of the fans that show him how they feel about it. He has a sick, bloody smile as he holds it up before dropping it down to his side and Penny helps him walk to the back and he doesn't even bother to turn back at Vincent, who still lays in the ring motionless and face first in the thumbtacks.


    Tristan James Galloway's theme music, "Turn the Page" by Metallica, is first. The crowd cheers for the 6-foot, 7-inch physical specimen's appearance, and he walks to the ring looking focused and intent on coming away with a victory.

    Langdon Trafford: A big moment for these two. Tommy Thunder calls himself "The Division-One Superstar" and everyone who is not him is a "Division-Two" or even "Division-Three" wrestler. This includes Tristan James Galloway, who has been impressive upon entering the FWA and nearly unbeatable. His only losses, one in a controversial finish to Trenton York months ago, and another narrow defeat to the reigning FWA World Champion, Cyrus Truth, in a non-title match a month ago on Fight Night.

    Piers Gallagher: But Tommy Thunder is truly a Division-One Superstar. And he will win this match, making him the number one contender to the North American Championship. It'll be great seeing him compete on the big stage at Back in Business XII.

    "Start Movin'" by the Lions interrupts Galloway right as he gets into the ring. This pisses him off to no end, and "The Division-One Superstar" Tommy Thunder walks out with a cocky strut, laughing as he looks at the ring and sees Galloway's unappreciative expression. Thunder continues this over-the-top laughing act as he walks down the rampway. Galloway has had enough, exiting the ring and charging right at Thunder before "The Division-One Superstar" can high-tail it out of there. The first blow is a big running forearm, knocking Thunder down! Galloway keeps at it as Thunder stumbles back upon getting up to defend himself.


    Number One Contendership for the FWA North American Championship
    Tristan James Galloway vs. Tommy Thunder

    Galloway keeps hammering into Thunder as the two throw haymakers outside the ring. Galloway finally flings Thunder back first into the apron and delivers big boots into the ribs and stomach of his foe. Galloway gets a nice ovation from the crowd before turning back around and delivering another mighty right hand, this time right to the forehead. Thunder stumbles around the ring and Galloway rolls him in, following suit. But Thunder springs to life with quick double-fist drops into the upper back of Galloway. Thunder has Galloway down for a brief moment, continuing the fists down into the spine, but Galloway finally gets upright. Thunder tries a whip across the ring but Galloway is too strong and reverses it. Thunder gets a back body drop on the rebound and Galloway hits a quick leg drop to the chest after bouncing himself off the adjacent ropes. Galloway quickly covers, but he can't hook the leg in time and Tommy kicks out at a quick two.

    Galloway continues the offense, first with a side slam and then a backbreaker. But another pinfall try only nets a count of two and one-third from the referee. Galloway tries a gutwrench suplex but Tommy Thunder finally swings the tide with a knee right into the groin, possibly into the dick, and then a DDT quickly before the referee can scold him. Thunder goes for the quick cover but the ref only counts a quick two. The "Division-One Superstar" begins leveling kicks into the shins and ribs of Galloway. He bounces himself off the ropes, ducks a big boot try from the larger Galloway, and hits an arm-trap neckbreaker! Tommy Thunder crawls over for the cover and hooks the far leg!


    Tommy tries a diving leg drop from the second turnbuckle, and that's where everything changes. Galloway moves out the way and springs to life, first landing a running big boot right into the jaw. Then it's a gorilla press slam, holding Tommy up over his head for 15 seconds as the crowd's cheer grows louder and louder with each passing moment. Galloway hits a fireman's carry slam and covers, but Tommy kicks free with a shoulder off the mat at two and two-thirds!

    Langdon Trafford: Tristan James Galloway is a special talent, one who should do BIG things here in the FWA.

    Galloway backs Thunder into the turnbuckle, but the referee forces him to step back. Thunder pokes the eyes as the ref's back is turned and his head is down trying to drive Galloway away from the corner! This gives the Division-One Superstar an opening, hitting his sitout facebuster after a kick to the groin! Tommy Thunder then goes to the top turnbuckle, leaping off with an elbow delivered right to the chest of Tristan James Galloway!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Tommy Thunder may have him here! TWO.......OOOOH!

    A kick out at two and four-fifths keeps Galloway alive. Tommy tries the elbow drop a second time, this time posing for the fans on the top turnbuckle. But Galloway rolls inward and dodges it! Galloway gets upright and hits his spinning spinebuster, making four spins in a circle with Tommy lifted up before dropping him right in the middle of the ring. Galloway then finishes the job with the "Carcinogen Crush" sitout crucifix powerbomb! The crowd reacts with a thunderous applause as Galloway scoots closer to Thunder and bridges the pin!


    Langdon Trafford: Tristan Galloway is the new number one contender to the North American Championship! This is going to be a tall task for whomever wins the match tonight, whether it's Mike Parr or Michael Garcia.

    Galloway celebrates the win, looking sternly down at Tommy Thunder, who remains laying in the middle of the ring. Galloway slaps hands with the fans as he exits the area.


    Eyesnsane's music hits and the crowd turns its attention to the stage. First out is Eyesnsane himself. The crowd boos louder when Alana Allure is second. After about 10 seconds of just those two, they turn and Ted, the former partner of Eyesnsane, appears! The crowd gives a decent-sized pop for Ted's return to the FWA. The announcers hype up Over the Edge as a true force when unified and at full strength, which it hasn't been the past few years.

    Eimi Sanada is first out for her team. The reigning FWA Women's Champion makes her way to the ring with no fear of a cheap attack from Over the Edge. She hops up to her side's apron and steps up to the turnbuckle. Alana Allure looks like she's about to land a cheap shot but Eimi turns around in time and halts Alana in her tracks.

    The Olympians are next and the crowd turns and cheers for the team. Dionysus and Ares boast the FWA Tag Team Championships in their hands as Zeus follows close behind. The Olympians get to the ringside area, flippantly toss the belts into the ring, slide in and the brawl ensues!


    FWA Tag Team Championships and FWA Women's Championship
    Winners-Take-All Six-Person Tag Team Match

    The action continues as the referee finally separates the nonsense and gets Alana and Eimi in the ring to begin. The crowd is pretty hot for this one as Eimi controls early with a series of arm drags. She keeps Alana at a distance with forearms while applying a wrist lock. Then she whips Alana to the turnbuckle and lands a running back elbow into the neck. Eimi has control but her backflip kick is countered into a leg sweep from Alana and repeated stomps down into the chest. Alana finally tags in Eyesnsane as Eimi reaches and tags in Dionysus.

    Eyesnsane ducks a right hand and immediately takes control. He hits a backbreaker and a swift spinning wheel kick on a reversed whip to the ropes. Eyesnsane whips Dionysus into the corner but Dionysus fights back for his team. He lands a fireman's carry facebuster and then a standing moonsault and tries for a pin. But it's just a two count. Tag made to Ares and the Olympians do their work on Eyesnsane with a double back suplex. Ares then hits a belly-to-back side slam and covers Eyesnsane again! But it's just two and one-third. Ares keeps working hard on Eyesnsane with a side head lock. Eyesnsane finally shoves Ares into the ropes and takes a rebound shoulder bump. Bt when Ares runs off the adjacent ropes, Eyesnsane pops up and hits a low-angle dropkick to the knees of a charging Ares. Tag FINALLY made to Ted, who gets a nice ovation and even a "Welcome Back" chant!

    Ted hits a few basic offensive moves like a hip toss and a snapmare. He hits a back body drop on a whip to the ropes and goes for the cover, but it's a kick out at two.

    Ted brings Ares to his feet but one half of the defending tag team champs hits a leaping clothesline off a whip to the ropes. Then it's the stunning Fist of Olympus superman punch! The crowd goes wild as the match seems to turn. Ares tags in Dionysus, who goes to the top turnbuckle there and flies off with a "Red Wine" frogsplash! And he hits the finisher!

    Dionysus covers as the crowd chants.

    .................1....................2...................Eyesnsane breaks it up!!!

    The crowd boos heavily as Dionysus rises and gets in the face of Eyesnsane, who backs away. This allows Ted to try for a sneaky school boy rollup! But Ares quickly hits the ring and breaks it up! Then Ares points a finger at Eyes and says, "Got you back!" Ted lands a forearm to the back of Ares' head but Dionysus springs to life and plants Ted down with another belly-to-back side slam! Ted is hurting as Dionysus makes the tag to Eimi Sanada. Ted makes a much-needed tag to Alana but Eimi plants Alana with a clothesline. Then a spinning wheel kick. Then she goes and hits a springboard crossbody! She covers!


    Eimi rises up to her feet and has Alana by the hair, but Alana dodges another spinning wheel kick and herself hits a STO! She runs off the ropes and dropkicks Ares off the apron as he is facing the floor, where he had just taken down Ted. Eyesnsane had taken down Dionysus elsewhere and hops up to the turnbuckle. Tag made from Alana and Eyesnsane is now the legal party. Eimi rises, thinking Alana is still her foe, and hits a nice running bulldog after grabbing her around the neck before she exits the ring. But she doesn't see Eyesnsane charging when she turns, and she eats his "Flashback" reverse running elbow strike. Eimi is out COLD as Eyesnsane drops to his knees and hooks her legs, with the crowd raining down disappointed boos.


    Winners and New FWA Tag Team Champions and the New FWA Women's Champion: Eyesnsane and Ted, and Alana Allure

    Dionysus and Ares are beside themselves outside the ring. Eimi has let them down and Zeus looks down at the ground and shakes his head in shame. Ares and Dio look at one another, one silently mouthing the words, "I told you so" and the other unable to retort with anything. Over the Edge celebrates the win inside the ring as Alana Allure has recaptured the belt and Eyesnsane is again a Tag Team Champion, this time with a partner.


    The arena lights dim a bit as the crowd buzzes a bit in between matches, waiting on the next encounter for the show. Suddenly, a slow, melancholy musical tone begins playing throughout the arena. The crowd turns its attention to the entrance way expecting the inevitable return of a superstar who hasn't been around in a long time.

    The crowd continues buzzing as the musical tone continues playing. Sort of a hypnotic feeling to it. The crowd's buzzing seems to quiet down for a second, and even a bit of a silence hushes throughout the Dallas arena.

    The crowd ERUPTS on the first trumpet note and begins bobbing up and down for the "Everybody JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!" part. And they go even wilder when they see who's behind the music.

    Langdon Trafford: SHANNON O'NEAL IS BACK! IN THE FWA!

    Shannon O'Neal, for the first time in months, comes out with a spring in her step as she skips and hops around the elevated stage with her blonde hair bouncing and swaying from side to side. Her tattered, hole-ridden blue jean shorts and black sports bra-looking top meshes with the tattoos scattered on her arms, shoulders, and back. Her nose is pierced and the black eyeliner and lipstick adds to her punk-rock garnish and vibe.

    Langdon Trafford: We haven't seen Shannon in months! The two-time Women's Champion and the leader of the Women's Revolution seems driven and refreshed! She seems dangerous!

    Shannon O'Neal jogs down the entrance aisle to the ring-side area. She rolls in under the ropes and immediately panders to the crowd watching by stepping up to the second turnbuckle and doing her signature tongue-out, arms-out pose. Her tongue also is now pierced.

    Piers Gallagher: Sure. Sure. Let's see what she does in two weeks when her girl buddies don't win the World title right off the bat. She's one of those people who expects everything handed over to her. She never had to work for an...

    David Weinstock: Shannon O'Neal never having to work for anything?! Are you crazy?! Her whole life is working hard for every penny she's got. She was a bartender for 12 years in Los Angeles before she came to the FWA!

    Piers Gallagher: And she quit that job, too!

    Shannon has requested a microphone and does the simple hand gesture of cutting the music. The crowd, though, continues the noise with a very vocal "WELCOME BACK!" chant. Shannon absorbs it with a prideful smile.

    Langdon Trafford: Yeah, to become a fighter. And then she got a job in the FWA as a wrestler. And she evolved and became the one of the breakout stars of 2014. She beat Gabrielle in the Trial By Fire main event!

    Piers Gallagher: It was a fluke.

    The crowd finally concludes its "Welcome Back" chant to Shannon, who smiles inside the ring and suddenly changes her glare to a bit more serious.

    "Aite, ya'. So ... while I was away ...

    Not much changed."

    The crowd groans a bit as Shannon nods her head and gives a "that sucks" shoulder shrug.

    "But this sh*t is gonna change ... reeeeeal daaaaamn quick."

    Cheers follow as Shannon again nods her head, this time with a smirk.

    "Ya' see, I had to go do my think. I left the FWA for ... selfish reasons, I guess. I felt the FWA didn't need me. They didn't want me. They rejected everythin' I stood for. So I wanted to show all the people who rolled their damn eyes at me that I could lift up somethin', make somethin' great. So I went over to CWA ... and went in to save it. And for two months, ya' know what? I was the best damn thing goin' on in that wrestlin' company.

    Better than Snowmantashi!

    Better than Lightbringer!

    Better than Krash!

    And daaaaamn sure better than Shawn Summers!

    Oh, and by the way, Shawn, if ya' watchin' — and ya' undoubtedly are — ya' know where to find me, darlin'."

    The crowd keeps cheering for Shannon, who is on a roll with her mouth tonight.

    "And I woulda' stayed there longer. I really woulda'. I woulda' stayed there, kicked every guy's ass on that damn roster and won the CWA World Championship. And I woulda' saved the damn company. But then I got a phone call. From a friend. A good friend. A friend I hadn't talked to in months.

    And that friend said, 'Shan, I know ya' already done a lot for me. But I gotta ask for one more favor. I gotta ask ya' to come back.' I was a bit hesitant. Come back?! To the FWA?! The place where they took what I was sayin' and laughed at it. Where they held down every possible chance for a female to face a female in the main event of Back in Business?! Yeah, that place. They didn't want to let somethin' great happen. And whether it's my fault, the other girls' faults, or the FWA's fault don't really matter. Point is, it was a negative moment for me in my career. I promised somethin'. I promised woman versus woman in the main event of Back in Business XII. And that ain't gonna happen."

    Piers Gallagher: Shannon is all over the place. She should be locked away in an insane asylum!

    Langdon Trafford: Yes, Shannon seems to be jumping around a bit, and it's tough to follow. But she has come out and does seem to be facing her past failures with the Women's Revolution thing she tried to lead.

    David Weinstock: I'm not gonna lie, Langdon, I don't really follow what she's saying.

    Shannon again shrugs her shoulders and the crowd groans a bit with boos before cheering her on after with a momentum-building "Shannon Rocks!" chant.

    "But the thing is, ain't no one else to blame for that but me and the other 'gals on the roster. We coulda' been the ones to drive that. We coulda' been the ones to make it happen. We didn't. It ain't gonna happen, and it's finally time for me to stand in front of all of ya' and say, 'I'm sorry. I let ya' all down.'"

    The crowd responds with a nice pop and a "WE STILL LOVE YOU!" clapping chant back to her.

    "But when this friend asked me to come back, I wasn't ready. I wasn't really prepared. I still had a match, at Five Star Attraction, against Shawn Summers. I still had a bit of anger, at myself and others, for how I let the Women's Revolution down. ... So I took out a sh*tload of aggression on that poor bastard. And I kicked his damn a** all through the arena. And I beat him. I owned him. And I still do. If you pull Shawn's pants down and look at his right a** cheek, it says "Shannon Owns This MotherF***er." So once I got that out of me, I looked at my friend and said, 'Ya know what? Let's do it.' 'Cause, truthfully, from me to all of ya' here, the FWA is still my home. It always was. I had to go away for a while to get OK with mah'self again, but the FWA is still my home. It's still where I want to be. It's still where I want to kick ass, win or lose, and make all those little 'gals watchin' proud of who they are inside. Proud to be a woman. Proud to be a 'gal. I like doin' that. And I like doin' that here."

    Langdon Trafford: Did Shannon get some sort of head injury when she was gone?

    Piers Gallagher: She's a nutjob. What is she even saying?

    The crowd keeps cheering as Shannon looks around, points her fingers all around the arena at the fans watching, and then points it right into the lens of the camera.

    "SO TO THE MOTHER-F**KS WHO ENJOYED WATCHIN' ME FAIL BEFORE ... that means you Cyrus Truth, you Ryan Rondo, you Michael Garcia, you Matthew Robinson, Eyesnsane, AND EVERY DAMN PERSON ON THIS ROSTER ... I'm back. I'm locked 'n' loaded. And I got the bullets in the chamber. I'm a mother-f**kin' badass b***h with the attitude of a pissed-off bear. And I'm gonna F**K ... YA' ... ALL ... UP! ONE BY F**KIN' ONE! And at Back in Business XII, IF THERE'S A GOD DAMN WAY ... YA' BETTER BELIEVE WE'RE GONNA BE THERE!!!"

    Langdon Trafford: We? Who is we?! What is going on here?

    David Weinstock: I don't know, but I love it! The crowd loves it, too, Langdon! Shannon is a loose cannon! She's just saying whatever pops into her head.

    "Cause that friend I told ya' 'bout? She misses havin' gold 'round her waist. And she's like me, she's tired of feelin' sorry for herself. She's tired of waitin' in the shadows for some opportune moment, that ain't ever gonna come, where the FWA pleads with her to come on home. Nah, she ain't waitin' any more for that sh*t. Call us a faction, call us a tag team, call us whatever ya' damn well feel like. Fire them bullets and pop that bubblegum, 'cause y'all don't know what ya' did when ya'"


    The entire audience erupts and blows the roof off the building matching the reaction to Shannon’s own return. the drums start to kick, the pink lights start flashing and “Tell The World” is pumping through the sound system but it’s drowned out by the overwhelming response going on right now and if we needed any confirmation who exactly who Shannon’s friend was, for the first time since losing the Woman’s title Bell Connelly comes striding out onto the FWA stage only prompting an even bigger pop from the crowd. Like she has springs in her boots Bell literally bounces from one side of the stage to the other her arms outstretched embracing any and all positive vibes tossed her way. Feeding off them before side stepping to the centre of the stage, we can see she’s ha something of a makeover in her absents and not just because for the first time in a year and a half she’s without her FWA Woman’s title, but that’s not all. In her time away had just made her dress sense all the more outlandish clad in a white dress shirt with a glittering bow tie and gloves nicely contrasted with a pink corset. Along with a coattail jacket, a pair of fishnet stocking covering her legs and to round out the entire ensemble is complete with a satin top hat sitting neatly on top of her white blonde wavy hair. For all you nerds out there she’s dressed almost exactly like the popular comic book character Zatanna Zatara. One might question exactly why she felt the need to dress in this manner, but most of the crowd probably gave up trying to follow Bell’s circular logic a long time ago. Still, she pulls it off well, considering how dramatic her new wardrobe is, as she quickly guides down to the ring with signature ungainly grace like a giraffe on skates, that big ol’ smile lighting up the entire building as she guides up the ring steps and shooting herself up and over the ropes, with incredible energy is her each and every step, she circles Shannon O’Neal, walking around the outer edges of the ring, as she listens to the fans continuing to cheer the sight that now stood before them. Bell turns dramatically towards Shannon as her music suddenly dies down to a close. She lifts the mic from her left hand, but before she can even speak the crowd begins to buzz excitedly once more, they know they’re seeing something special right about now. Not just one return, but two?! AND two of the most impressive women in FWA history forming a stable? This is indeed a moment.

    Oh-ho-ho-ho! Things just got interesting didn’t it?

    Bell's grin is only growing as the stadium comes alive around them.

    "You hearin' that Shannon? Listen to 'em, THEY'RE GOING CRAZY!"

    Right on cue, they continue to cheer and chant for Bell and Shannon both. Shannon looks around with a smile, as Bell continues bouncing from foot to foot unable to contain her enthusiasm moving around once again.

    “WOOOW! I missed this, you guys, you have no IDEA how much I missed being in this ring.

    -Bell skips to the ropes and begins to gesture out to random members of the audience.

    “I missed you, you….That guy. This girl-LOVE your shirt by the way- I missed him, her, them, we. us. They. them. Me. it…..BUUUUUT most of all...

    Bell brings her index finger up in the air somewhat dramatically before bringing it down.

    I missed you.

    Towards Shannon, a legitimately warm smile growing on her face.

    Welcome home Shannon O’Neal.: See, for the longest time. I’ve only wanted three things. To be naked in a chocolate factory, a jetpack….and this, to stand in the ring with you to tell the world, that EVERYTHING is about to change….Even though I’d imagine us being more...coordinated.

    Bell steps back momentarily a frown on her face gesturing up and down towards Shannon choice of clothing, her grungy streetwear messing horribly with how ridiculous and over the top Bell is dressed. The contract between the two being underlined draws mild chuckles from the crowd. Despite the two clearly being firm friends, they were almost the exact opposite of each other, Ying and yang, Light and day or if you like; Bullets and Bubblegum. In any case, Bell shakes off this disappointment quickly before moving on.

    ...But more than that; I always KNEW we’d be here…Call it fate or destiny or me twirling around in my mental TARDIS, but I knew since the very first we stepped in the ring with each other...and I knew once you told the world that we’d be main eventing Back In Business. That we'd be here….And back then it looked like we would….but then ...You kept getting passed over and….Me? Well, i haven’t exactly been having the best year….Tapping to Cyrus...Mile High….Losing the woman’s title. I know where you're coming from. I know what it feels like to be so close, yet at the same time so very far. But the thing is, Shan’; you don't need to be out here apologising. You know why? Because everyone knows that Shannon O’Neal no matter what this life throws at her, no matter how badly she's beaten, no matter how far back into the line she's pushed, you will NEVER GIVE UP ON THEM, AND YOU WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! That's who you are, and these people appreciate that. I appreciate that...and we all know one thing about Shannon O’ that she doesn’t walk away from a fight...Because we’ve the same, You know just as much as I do myself, that no matter how many times we lose to one, or two men, or three or four, five, six. Seven, fourth. forty two..a ba-zillion!IT DOESN'T MATTER! Because I KNOW if we stick to our guns, We will get there. We keep chipping at away, and soon enough we're gonna win. So when you’re telling these people that we'll be Undisputed Champion one day? Not only do these people believe it, I KNOW IT!"

    Bell pauses momentarily running her hand over the rim of her top hat as the crowd cheer that the last sentence.

    See, my career has always been tied to you Shan, So if you're fixing to start firing shots, and starting wars you gotta know that I'm coming along for the ride! You bring the guns and I’ll wrangle up the cavalry,,, And it’ll be made up of unicorns and we’ve going to unicorn stomp..over the competition STOMP STOMP STOMP…..Ok maybe that metaphor got away from me at the end but you get the idea if we can’t Main Event BIB against each other...then let's go to the big dance...together…..So come on, let’s go on an adventure.

    The scene ends as Shannon stares daggers out to the crowd, which cheers nonetheless. Bell Connelly does her usual upbeat persona, dancing and skipping a circle around the opposite-of-personalities Shannon O'Neal, who makes a hand motion for a championship belt around her waist.


    “Monster” plays over the speakers of the arena signaling the arrival of the ‘Carnegie Carnivore’ Michael Garcia. Garcia steps out onto the stage wearing a grin from ear to ear and a Russell Westbrook jersey. The crowd booed him even more than normal because of the jersey but in place of his usual Easton Stealth was a shovel. Garcia motioned that he was going to bury Parr tonight, before walking down the ramp.

    David Weinstock:
    Well….a couple absences to note here….Lexi Monroe has been told to stay backstage by Garcia. He knows how brutal this match can be and he’s taking no chances!

    Piers Gallagher: And also, of course, Langdon Trafford has left ringside for his own personal safety, as well. We can’t forget what Garcia did to our broadcast colleague several weeks ago.

    Garcia stops at the bottom of the ramp and stares intensely at the large wooden casket. He inspected the inside before setting down his shovel and stepping into the ring. It wasn’t long before….

    “Giving In” by Adena was next to play over the arena speakers. The crowd went apeshit as “The Prodigy” Mike Parr stepped foot out onto the stage, with the FWA North American Championship around his waist. Parr takes a confident look around the arena, soaking up the adulation from the crowd before turning his attention to his opposition in the ring. He briskly walks down the ramp, jawjacking with the fans all the way before stopping dead in his tracks at the sight of the casket. He took onesingle deep breath before shaking his head, shrugging his shoulders, sliding into the ring and immediately taking down Garcia with a Double Leg Takedown!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Well…..HERE WE GO!!!!!


    FWA North American Championship
    Casket Match
    “The Prodigy” Mike Parr © vs ”The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia

    With Garcia off his vertical base, Parr begin drilling him with a barrage of rights and lefts. Garcia got his right arm up and pushed Parr to the side, reversing it, and taking his opportunity to pepper the champion with a heavy load of forearms himself. Parr and Garcia continued to roll until they both rolled to the outside of the ring and to the floor below. Garcia landed on top of Parr, so he grabbed Parr by the shoulders and violently thrust Parr’s Head and neck into the floor before pressing down hard on the neck, virtually choking Parr. Parr struggle to break out of the monster’s grasp but the only way out was by reaching his arm up and pressing his thumb into the eye of the challenger. Garcia immediately let go, screaming in pain and putting his hand over his eye as Parr crawled away, forcing speration.

    Garcia leaned against the barricade, still covering his eye as Parr pulled himself to his feet. Garcia recovered and made his way over to Parr, who held Garcia at bay with a hard knife edge chop! Parr followed through with a second and then a third but then Garcia responded with a knee to the abdomen and almost effortlessly tossed Mike Parr into the steel steps. Parr collided head first with the stairs as Garcia gloated. Parrgrabbed at his shoulder as Garcia reached over and grabbed his shovel. He took the handle of the shovel and drove it straight into the ribs of the North American champion! Parr grabbed at his ribs as Garcia bellowed down at him that his championship is slipping away. Garcia grabbed Parr by the hair, and pulled him to his feet before lifting Parr up and literally Military Press Slamming him back into the ring. Parr rolled to the far side of the ring as Garcia took a mammoth step up to the apron. But Mike Parr reached his feet, and hit a running dropkick that sent Garcia off the apron and crashing onto the barricade below! As Garcia fell to the outside, Parr took a few moments to recuperate! But Garcia didn’t give him long as he got back up on the outside, but only for Parr to connect with a running suicide dive that wiped out the Monster of the Midway! Parr’s adrenaline got him back to his feet and he climbed up to the barricade and jumped off with a moonsault onto the chest of the big man!Parr immediately went over to the casket, and rolled it over to where Garcia laid unmoving! Parr grabbed Garcia by his hair and tried to pull him up but Parr couldn’t move him!

    Piers Gallagher: Aaaaaannnnnndddddd here lies the challenge for Mike Parr….

    David Weinstock: If Garcia doesn’t want to move, he ain’t movin’.

    Parr managed to get Garcia up to one knee but in one quick motion, Garcia got up and swooped Parr into his arms and laid him down into the casket! Parr frantically kicked and swung his limbs, almost inadvertently striking Garcia in the face, allowing him to get out of the casket and roll into the ring.

    Garcia followed Parr into the ring and charged at him with a clothesline, but Parr ducked and delivered a swinging neckbreaker! Both men back to their feet, but it was Parr who took the advantage, hooking up and drilling Garcia with a Hammerlock DDT! A loud “Pro-di-gy!” chant broke out as Garcia was reeling. Parr, immediately leaned back against the ropes and waited for his opponent to reach his feet, ducked a Garcia clothesline and caught Mike with a hurricanrana! But Garcia was ready for it and captured Parr in midmove, drilling Parr into a hard sit-out powerbomb! Garcia pushed Parr aside before heading to the outside to grab the casket. Garcia rolled the casket back near the edge of the ring and then went back to Parr in the ring. Garcia grabbed Parr by the hair but Parr started striking with rights and lefts to the abdomen, only for a single knee strike to cause Parr to double over. Garcia grabbed Parr before he could fall and hooked him up with a Urinagi! Parr’s body bounced hard off the mat but took a roll to the outside of the ring! Garcia left the ring as well, and grabbed a nearby steel chair. Parr managed to get up to his knees before Garcia swatted the chair hard against the back of the champ. Parr screamed out in agony as Garcia delivered another shot. Then a third. A fourth. A fifth. And a sixth. The fans at ringside were grimacing as the chair collided with his body. Garcia tossed the chair aside and grabbed Parr’s lifeless body and carrying him over his shoulder to where the casket was. But Parr managed to rake the eyes and slide out over the back of the monster, shoving Garcia into the steel barricade! Parr then got back to his feet and with everything he had left, speared Garcia through the barricade! A “Holy Shit” chant broke out in the arena and lasted for nearly a minute. Neither man moved as the referee checked to see if they were okay. Finally Parr reached his feet to a chorus of cheers and immediately walked over to the announce table and began taking off the monitors!

    Piers Gallagher: That’s our cue!

    David Weinstock:
    Can we go through one PPV without losing our table?

    Parr looked out to the crowd for support as Garcia pulled himself up. Parr noticed this out of the corner of his eye, awaited Garcia to stagger over, and drilled him in the skull with the monitor! Parr hunched over, feeling the chair shots in his back, as Garcia leaned back against the announce table. Parr struck him again with the monitor and Garcia fell back onto the table! With the fans realizing what was to come, cameras started flashing! Parr headed up to the top turnbuckle and made a sign of the cross before leaping off and delivering a picture perfect X Marks the Spot! The “Holy Shit” chants started again as again both men laid motionless on the ground. Parr started to move, but quickly collapsed down amongst the rubble. A few moments later, Parr started to crawl towards the ring. Taking one big gasp, Parr pushed himself up to the edge of the ring and rolled under the bottom rope, inside the ring. Parr looked across the ring to see the casket positioned just outside the ring, alongside the ring apron. Meanwhile outside the ring, Garcia started to rise and stood above the rubble. Parr pulled himself up as well, and the two locked eyes. Garcia picked up pieces of the announce table and began launching them around ringside in anger. He pumped himself up, and charged into the ring! Parr met him with a series of stomps to the shoulder but Garcia fought through the pain and shoved Parr away! Parr bounced off the ropes and right into a Tilt-a-whirl slam, but Parr slid over the shoulder and landed on his feet! Parr immediately countered into the Rolling Cutter! Garcia’s head spiked off the mat as the crowd exploded! Parr fell on his ass from the momentum and sat in amazement as he realized what just happened!

    Parr went to work at rolling Garcia over to the coffin! He struggled to even move Mike but he put everything he had to it and Mike began to roll! Once Parr got some momentum, it wasn’t long before Mike rolled right into the coffin! Parr stepped outside and shut the top half of the casket lid! The crowd noise level was off the charts, as Parr placed his hand on the bottom half lid….Garcia’s hand shot through the top of the casket and grabbed a hold of Parr’s neck! Parr still tried to shut the bottom half of the lid, but Garcia put his leg on the edge of the casket! Garcia used his other hand to push the casket lid back open and then he sat back up!

    Garcia emerged from the casket, still holding onto Parr’s throat and arose to his feet, tossing him like a lawn dart into the ring post! Garcia immediately picked Parr up by his shirt and tossed him like a rag doll bag into the ring! Parr stumbled around as the ring post shot busted him open. He took a few wild shots at the air, clearly having been knocked loopy. Garcia walked towards him but nearly got caught by an errant wild punch from Parr. Garcia grabbed Parr’s right arm and whipped him hard into the turnbuckle…Parr bounced out and immediately Garcia caught him with a hard boot to the jaw! Unfortunately for Parr, he fell into the ropes which held him up allowing Garcia to drill him with a reverse powerslam!

    Garcia immediately begins to stalk his prey and awaits Parr to get to his feet. The moment he does Garcia hoists him up onto his shoulders, looking for the The Steel Curtain! Garcia motioned for the move but Parr’s left hand grabbed on to the top rope, blocking the move! Garcia eventually had to give up the attempt, flipping Parr over the top rope, but Parr held on and landed on the apron! Parr jumped off the top rope, and connected with a leaping Tornado DDT! Parr rolled out of the ring, looked under the ring apron and grabbed a steel chair, and then a second steel chair, and a third, and a fourth…tossing all of them into the ring! Parr began unfolding the four chairs, so that there were two rows,facing each other!

    Parr drags Garcia’s body onto the steel stairs. Looking out into the crowd, Parr motions that he’s going up to the top rope to the roar of the crowd. With Garcia placed perfectly in position, Mike shrugged his shoulders, said “All or nothing!” and leapt off the top rope with a frog splash! Parr held his ribs as herolled around in Pain but Garcia just went through ALL of those chairs! A few moments later, Parr began to roll his opponent across the ring and down…inside the casket! Parr closed the top half….and then….he managed to close the second half! Parr has defeated Garcia!



    The crowd are hyped up for the next match as "Universe on Fire" by Gloryhammer hits and "The Immortal" Phillip A. Jackson walks out to stage - to a massive amount of cheers! The crowd are clearly behind him as he begins to make his way to the ring - he sports a confident expression but also seems slightly taken aback at the reaction, perhaps unsure how to react to the positive reception as he's used to being booed out of the building. He walks around the ring and makes sure to fist bump Piers Gallagher as well as a fan, in a La Muerte Blanca mask, holding up a sign of support for him. He steps into the ring and begins to run the ropes before turning around and facing up to the stage, ready to take on Ryan Rondo, his foe.

    Langdon Trafford: It seems like the fans are well behind Jackson tonight! This is a big match up for him!

    No music hits for Rondo, however, and the crowd seem confused as his tron movie plays. Jackson seems to be confused also and looks around - wondering what's going on. He walks to the ropes closest to the ramp and stands, impatiently.

    David Weinstock: Mind games from Ryan Rondo, it seems.

    Suddenly, the fan that Jackson fist bumped earlier jumps over the apron and slides into the ring - the crowd seem confused and shout a warning as the person produces a lead pipe and attacks Jackson from behind! There's a chorus of boos as the mask comes off and it's revealed as none other than Ryan Rondo himself. He unzips his hoody and reveals his own brand t shirt... and seems keen on fighting in complete street clothes. He stomps away at Jackson and drives the pipe into his ribs a few times as the referee signals for the bell to begin the match.

    Piers Gallagher: That chump Rondo and his sneak attacks! Come on Phillip, you can do this!


    Last Man Standing Match
    "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo vs "The Immortal" Phillip A. Jackson

    Rondo is still on the offense and continues to hit Jackson with the pipe to the knees before eventually stopping and ordering the referee to begin a count. The fans are clearly upset at Rondo's tactics as he decides to sit atop a turnbuckle looking completely nonchalant about proceedings. He doesn't even seem to acknowledge the crowd whilst Jackson struggles to get to his feet and the referee counts.

    PAJ is able to get up, though, and beat the count. Rondo shrugs his shoulders and jumps down from the turnbuckle and drives the pipe into the midriff of his opponent before smashing it over his back. Rondo then grabs him and hits a shiranui in the corner of the ring - a new move - and PAJ seems down for the count again and Rondo demands another count take place. This time, PAJ, seems to recover a little bit quickly, Rondo even turns his back on him and taunts the crowd... but is disappointed to see Phillip get back to his feet. He smirks as Jackson stumbles over to him, falling to one knee. Rondo grabs him by the head and lifts him up to his feet and exchanges some words with him, taunting him about making this a fight and how he's an embarrassment... but PAJ swipes away his hand and hits Rondo with a defiant palm strike and tries to fire off a combo but Rondo ducks the strikes before raking the eyes of his opponent and shoving him to the ground in complete disgust. Rondo even demands the referee tries to count PAJ but the referee decides not to and Rondo facepalms instead before stomping on PAJ. He drops down to one knee and gives his opponent some disrespectful slaps...

    Langdon Trafford: Ryan Rondo is showing Phillip A. Jackson a huge amount of disrespect right now...

    It seems that the slaps spark some life into his opponent - a few more and PAJ is suddenly on his feet and squaring up to a smirking Rondo. Rondo shoves him away but Jackson responds a few lefts and rights of his own, stunning him, and then turns around and looks to hit the PAJle! But Rondo ducks out of the ring and Jackson ends up connecting with thin air - amusing Rondo. He turns around and taunts the crowd... taking his eye off of the ball as Jackson comes flying over the top rope with a massive somersault plancha! He lands on his feet and the crowd show him some appreciation - but he doesn't soak it in, instead he puts the boot in on Rondo before grabbing him and throwing him into the ring post and then whipping him over the steel steps. Rondo tries to recover at the barricade but Jackson kneels down next to him and delivers punch after punch after punch - every single one with extreme vitriol behind it. Eventually Jackson backs away and, for the first time in the match, the referee starts a count for Rondo. The slightly groggy superstar is able to get to his feet using the barricade as Jackson slides back into the ring and waits for him. Rondo shrugs off the cobwebs and looks at Jackson - who beckons him in. Rondo shrugs his shoulders and decides to walk away, turning and looking to leave up the ramp as the crowd let out a massive amount of boos.

    Piers Gallagher: Coward.

    David Weinstock:
    You get the feeling that Ryan Rondo cares very little right now. Begs the question of why he's even here?

    Jackson isn't having it though and exits the ring and decides to run up the ramp and chase after his foe - Rondo turns around and attempts to jump over the onrushing Jackson... but Jackson is too smart and catches him and drops him onto the ramp with a Samoan Drop! Rondo shrieks in pain as he tries to crawl to safety but his opponent won't let him go anywhere, Jackson stomps at him and throws him into the stage barricades before grabbing him and walking him all the way back down to the ring and throwing him in. The Englishman lets his opponent recover somewhat after a ref count before taunting him and asking him to fight.

    Langdon Trafford: Phillip is fired up! He wants to scrap!

    Rondo, on one knee, wipes away the sweat from his forehead and decides to get to his feet - mouthing the word 'fine'. They appear to come to an understanding but just as they go to lock up, Rondo backs away and gives Jackson the middle finger. Suddenly, Rondo bursts into a sprint and ducks under a hook attempt from Jackson before double backing and hitting the set of ropes he came from, confusing Jackson, and then taking him off of his feet with a low dropkick to the knees. It becomes clear what Rondo's path to victory is as he stomps on the knees of his opponent over and over and orders the referee to start a count once more. Jackson struggles to his feet in the corner - Rondo kicks him in the knee again before backing away then running up and landing another dropkick to the knee, causing Jackson to yelp out in pain as he falls down. He gets back to his feet and tries to deliver a kick but Rondo catches it then sweeps Jackson off of his feet. He grabs Jackson by the foot, lifts him up and drives his knee right into the canvas! The crowd are not pleased with Rondo's obvious targeting of the knee but it seems to be working as Jackson struggles to get back to his feet. Jackson tries to roll away whilst caressing his knee - Rondo mocks him for it and then spits in his direction.

    David Weinstock:

    "The Last Star in the Sky" grabs his vulnerable foe once more and drives his knee into the canvas. Rondo takes a moment to step away and mock Jackson and the crowd - the referee begins a count but Jackson gets to one knee as Rondo returns his focus to him. Jackson tries to mount some offense with a strike to the stomach but Rondo brushes it off and simply stomps on his knee once more as Jackson tries to get to the ropes and get to his feet. He gets up but Rondo grabs the knee and drives his elbow down into it. He looks to grab Jackson for more offence but Jackson, in an act of desperation, rakes Rondo in the eyes and shoves him out of the ring. The crowd get hyped up as Jackson stands a the ropes - he goes for a slingshot crossbody to the outside... but Rondo moves, nonchalantly, out of the way and he ends up landing on his feet... and then clutches his knee in agony. Rondo follows up with a running dropkick to the knee and Jackson ends up down on the outside. Rondo picks him up and tries to whip him towards the barricades - but Jackson can't even make it that far, he hops one one leg and falls to the floor before he reaches his destination. Fans can be heard shouting for Jackson to get up as Rondo simply stands and smirks at them all. PAJ tries to slap his leg a few times and shake it off as Rondo openly mocks him before grabbing him. As Rondo takes his time, Jackson bursts into life and forces him into the barricade with a desperate shoulder tackle. Jackson delivers a few strikes before, again, using a shoulder tackle to hit Rondo against the barricade - the crowd slowly starting to gain optimism for their chosen hero.

    Piers Gallagher: Yes! Keep doing that Phillip!

    Langdon Trafford:
    It looks like Jackson's overcome the initial adversity! Rondo clearly has a gameplan now... but if Jackson can just seize the momentum...

    Jackson grabs Rondo and hits him with a german suplex right into the barricade and it seems to buy him some time as Rondo rolls around on the floor in pain. PAJ tries to stretch out his leg some more before returning on the offence - a few stomps here and there before he rolls back into the ring and the referee starts a count on Rondo. "The Last Star in the Sky" is able to get back to his feet and roll into the ring - Jackson hops after him and delivers a few kicks before grabbing him and lifting him up to hit a backbreaker -- but he uses his injured knee and clearly harms himself in doing the move. He wastes little time pondering on it though and grabs Rondo, driving elbows down into the temple of his foe. He grabs Rondo and picks him up - he holds him by the arm and looks to whip him but Rondo barges into him with a couple of elbows... Jackson responds with a few forearms before sending him into the ropes and connecting with a huge dropkick! He doesn't let Rondo rest for a second - he grabs him and picks him up and continues to drive elbows into the skull and eventually brings him to his knees before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a shining wizard! The crowd love it as Jackson gets himself extremely fired up whilst Rondo lays in a crumple heap in the middle of the canvas and the referee begins a count.

    Rondo is able to beat the count and Jackson, not dismayed, picks him up and drops him with another backbreaker across the knee - this time, Jackson is forced to stop and caress his knee afterwards... it wastes precious time but eventually he gets over it and climbs up onto the ropes, clearly looking for a moonsault. However, Rondo is able to recover in time and runs and hits a dropkick to Jackson's injured knee and he falls backwards onto the mat. It's a clear desperation move from Rondo as he lies caressing the back of his head whilst Jackson holds onto his injured limb. The pair of them are counted but eventually use each other to get to their feet - Jackson hits a forearm but Rondo brushes it off and bursts out with some offense of his own, a few kicks to the gut and a club to the back forces Jackson onto his knees and Rondo hits the ropes before landing a dropkick right to the jaw of his opponent. "The Last Star in the Sky" then rolls out of the ring and decides to look for some weaponry... he pulls out -- a table! There are some cheers in the crowd for the introduction of it... but Rondo is almost able to turn it back into heat by giving them all the middle finger. He sets up the table before grabbing a drink from the nearest person and pouring it over his head and then jumping back into the ring as Jackson rests at the turnbuckle. Rondo steps away from him before turning around and running right at him - jumping up with a kick to the face before landing on the apron on the outside... perilously close to the table. Jackson throws an elbow, instinctively, backwards at Rondo and it connects! Rondo struggles for a second and looks like he might fall backwards but he regains composure and sweeps Jackson off of his feet in the corner before vaulting over the ropes and hitting a basement dropkick!

    Jackson struggles back to his feet using the ropes as Rondo circles him like a hawk - he goes for a kick but Jackson catches it, spins him around and then delivers an almighty chop to the chest! Rondo keels over in pain before asking Jackson "is this what we're doing now?" and firing a chop back. For some reason, the pair get into a ridiculous chop exchange - nothing but chops between them for 20-30 strikes. Jackson gets the advantage and stuns Rondo with one last chop before bouncing off the ropes - Rondo catches him and hits an inverted atomic drop before hitting the ropes himself and landing another dropkick to the knee of Jackson. There's no breathing space for Jackson as Rondo grabs him and puts him in a figure four leg lock! Jackson squeals in pain and is stuck for a little while... but eventually he is able to turn the tide and reverse the pressure! Rondo is smart, though, and instantly gives up the hold. Rondo crawls out onto the apron...

    David Weinstock: Rondo knew he was in trouble there and got out of dodge... but he better be careful as he's in a precarious position....

    Rondo stands up and can only watch as Jackson comes running at him and hits him with a massive shotgun dropkick, sending Rondo flying backwards... but, almost as if he knew he was in trouble, Rondo is launched backwards far enough to avoid falling through the table and instead lands on the barricade. A lucky escape... to some degree. The man looks lifeless as he slumps against the barricade, breathing heavily. Jackson comes out of the ring and delivers some boots before grabbing Rondo and hoisting him up with a half nelson slam onto the apron before jumping back into the ring - the referee begins a count for Rondo.... but he is able to get to his feet. He looks up and sees Jackson standing at the ropes - he leaps up and looks for a springboard crossbody like earlier... but Rondo manages to get out of the way again and he ends up landing right on the barricade! He's incredibly winded and in shock as he steps away from the barricade, Rondo runs up and hits another dropkick to the knee and it now looks like Jackson is going to have a tough time beating the count! But for some reason, Rondo picks him up!

    There's a few strikes between the pair before Rondo puts Jackson onto the apron and joins him there - he turns Jackson around and hits a dragon suplex on the apron! "The Immortal" suddenly looks very mortal as his lifeless carcass falls onto the floor - Rondo slinks off of the apron and walks over to the commentary table and gives Piers Gallagher a slap before spitting in his face. Weinstock stands up and comes face to face with Rondo but Rondo simply laughs in his face before pushing him back down on his seat. The referee is still counting Jackson as this goes on -- Rondo breaks the count though by delivering a few boots to Jackson. He then returns his attention to Weinstock and Gallagher - he grabs their waterbottles. Weinstock stands up and tries to get his back but Rondo ends up nailing him with the waterbottle before running over to Piers Gallagher - he slides over the commentary desk and starts to deliver strike after strike in a seemingly unprovoked attack! The crowd let out boos at Rondo's actions but break into cheers as Jackson makes the save, having beaten the count, and attacks Rondo with a steel chair to the back. Jackson ensures the safety of his friend and continues the steel chair assault on his foe - the crowd loving every bit of it. He dumps the chair before sliding Rondo into the ring - the referee starts another count. Jackson seems confident of the victory as Rondo barely seems to move... but somehow, he is able to get to his feet. It's clear that both men have very little left to give in the match and Jackson, again, hits another ill advised backbreaker to Rondo before deciding that he wants to climb up top. He stops for a moment as Piers Gallagher hands him the steel chair for earlier - he puts the chair on top of Rondo before then climbing up... he leaps off for an Amazing Splash... BUT RONDO MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Jackson hits the canvas and rolls around in agony! He can barely collect himself before Rondo smashes the steel chair over his skull... once... twice... three times! Rondo then dumps the chair onto PAJ before climbing up top -- he looks to be going for the Starlight Shine Bright Phoenix Splash! The crowd aren't happy with it... but there's an unlikely hero! Piers Gallagher grabs onto Rondo and prevents him from launching!

    Langdon Trafford: I think this might be the greatest thing Piers has ever done! Go Piers!

    Rondo kicks Piers away eventually and looks to set himself... but Jackson has recovered! He comes out of nowhere with the chair and blasts Rondo with it! Rondo is completely out of it and wobbles on his feet but he manages to keep his balance and keels over to set himself again... but Jackson comes out of nowhere again with a Supersweet Chin Symphony superkick! Rondo wobbles again - he looks like he could fall at any minute, the crowd almost will it to happen! Jackson lands one last ditch move... a PAJLE KICK THAT SENDS RONDO FALLING BACKWARDS AND THROUGH THE TABLE OUTSIDE! THE CROWD LOVE IT AS JACKSON USES THE LAST OF HIS ENERGY TO SEND RONDO PLUMMETING TO THE DEPTHS OF HELL SURELY! The referee starts a count for both men... Rondo is completely lifeless whilst Jackson isn't moving inside the ring either. The crowd scream for Jackson to get up! The referee reaches a count of seven as, the unlikely hero, Piers Gallagher slides into the ring and grabs Phillip up onto his feet - the referee reaches nine... Rondo still isn't moving.....TEN! PHILLIP A. JACKSON IS THE LAST MAN STANDING!!!!

    Winner: "The Immortal" Phillip A. Jackson

    Langdon Trafford:
    He did it! Phillip A. Jackson beat Ryan Rondo! He's the man!

    After the match, Piers Gallagher holds Jackson's arm up and the crowd cheer - a weird reaction that the pair are unlikely to be familiar with. Gallagher decides to leave the ring and let Jackson celebrate as his music plays. The crowd, clearly, have a new favourite.

    Langdon Trafford: Wait... who is that!?!? IS THAT WHO I THINK IT IS!?

    Suddenly, there are gasps as a familiar figure walks down the ramp, applauding. It's none other than "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy! There are pops and there are some boos - Jackson doesn't even realise what's going on til he steps down from a turnbuckle and comes face to face with the man he stole the FWA Title from. There's complete silence as the pair have a bit of a tense staredown. The crowd wait with baited breath as to what will happen next... Kennedy points to the BACK IN BUSINESS XII sign behind Jackson before putting his hand out. Jackson takes a small look behind himself and notices the sign... a small smirk comes across his face and he grabs Kennedy's hand, shaking it! Kennedy nods in appreciation and exchanges a few words with him before backing out of the ring and up the ramp as the fans cheer for what seems to be the first confirmed matchup for Back in Business XII!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Jackson! Kennedy! Back in Business! It's happening, folks!


    A small promo plays revealing that Back in Business XII will emanate live from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana! The FWA's biggest event is back on US soil and in the hometown of none other than Hall of Famer, Devin Golden!


    David Weinstock: Well, folks, it’s time.

    Piers Gallagher: This match has been MONTHS in the making.

    David Weinstock: And now, here tonight, this certainly feels like this will be THE match between two battle tested competitors, who are willing to put everything on the line for that FWA Championship tonight.

    Piers Gallagher: But this match is about more than just that for Cyrus Truth. This match is about teaching a lesson to the Karate Kid! Mr. Miyagi won’t be able to hbelp him against what Cyrus has in store for him tonight!

    “Real Rock N Rolla” blared over the arena apeakers as the crowd exploded in anticipation for KAIZEN. As the song hit an early crescendo, KAIZEN appeared amongst his pyro and wasted no time in heading down to the ring. KAIZEN was unphased by the crowd’s reaction as tonight only one thing mattered to him…THE FWA World Championship.

    “Subconscious Entry Version” interrupted the moment as Cyrus Truth took his sweet time walking down the ramp. KAIZEN leaned over the top rope, motioning for Cyrus to come get him, but Cyrus maintained his pace. He feigned walking up the steps before walking around the entire ring, maintaining eye contact with KAIZEN the entire time, before finally walking into the ring. The referee checked both men as the Kurt Harrington began his introductions.

    Kurt Harrington:
    The following contest is a 30 MINUTE IRONMAN MATCH. Introducing first, to my left, the challenger, weighing in at 215 pounds, the true warrior of the FWA, ‘Tokko -yaro’…..KAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZEEEEENNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

    The crowd exploded at the mention of KAIZEN’s name.

    Kurt Harrington: And now introducing his opponent, standing to my right, from The Long and Winding Road, weighing in at 232 lbs….he is “The Exile”, “The Vagabond King”, he is the current defending FWA Champion, He IS CYRRRRRRRRRRRUS, TRUUUUUUUUUUTTTTHHHHHHHH!!!!!


    30 Minute Iron Man Match
    FWA Championship
    “The Exile” Cyrus Truth © vs "Tokko-yaro" KAIZEN

    The bell rings and the two men circle around the ring. KAIZEN steps forward but Truth quickly drops to his knees and rolls to the outside of the ring. KAIZEN rolls his eyes as Truth smiles at his opponent. KAIZEN steps back to the corner and motion Cyrus to come back into the ring, and Cyrus obliges by casually stepping foot into the ring. Like a rabid dog, KAIZEN pounces on Cyrus b ut Cyrus quickly retreats to the ropes and put his hands up, causing the referee to back off KAIZEN. As the referee restrains KAIZEN, Cyrus taunts him with a smile as he sets his other foo t back into the ring. With the referee standing in KAIZENs way, Cyrus uses the referee as a shield before spinning behind KAI and blasting him with a forearm to the back of the head and then immediately attempting to lock in the Long Road to Nowhere, but KAIZEN spins out and attempts to counter into the Double Cross! Cyrus fights it though and counters into an armdrag into a standard armbar. KAI settles in for a moment before using hisbody weight to roll through and get to his knees! Cyrus released the hold and immediately switched to a side head lock. KAIZEN pulled himself up to his feet, as Cyrus tightened his grip. The crowd started to stomp their feet, as KAIZEN raised his right arm in acknowledgement. KAIZEN tried to power out of it once but Cyrus maintained control. KAIZEN leaned back towards the ropes, placing a hand on Cyrus’ back, and then took a quick push forward, trying to shove Cyrus off but Cyrus held on and took KAIZEN to the mat with the hold still in tact. KAIZEN moved his left arm, looking for some sort of leverage as Cyrus smiled slyly at the fans, his arms tightening under KAIZENs jaw. KAIZEN finally got the leverage and rolled Cyrus to his side, so that he was stacked on his shoulders!



    Cyrus used his legs to push KAIZEN back into his previous position and once again wrenched back on the neck. KAIZEN stretched out his arm and used his right arm to push off and back into the pinning situation!



    This time Cyrus released the hold and rolled back to his feet. KAIZEN, trying to get back on the offensive, pushed himself up only to get caught in another side headlock, but this time KAIZEN countered out and applied a Rear Naked Choke to the champ! Cyrus fought valiantly to break free of KAIZEN’s grip but the former Savant had a firm grasp! It wasn’t but a minute before KAIZEN dropped Cyrus to the mat but Cyrus immediately rolled back, his feet landing in between the ropes, in a leverage pin with KAIZEN’s shoulder’s on the mat!



    KAIZEN kicked out this time and immediately got right back to his feet, as well as Cyrus. Cyrus swung forward with a clothesline but KAIZEN ducked and began striking with a series of Palm Strikes just underneath the jaw. Cyrus blocked the last attempt and swung around for a discus punch which KAIZEN ducked before a European Uppercut and then a spinning backfist that knocked Cyrus out of the ring! The crowd was pumped as the adrenaline surged through KAIZEN’s body and he waited for CYRUS to reach his feet before gearing up and going for the METEORA which he nailed! Cyrus laid on the floor as KAIZEN got right up and pounded his chest, letting out a primal scream! KAIZEN fed off the crowd as Cyrus crawled to the side of the ring right near the steel steps. KAIZEN pointed to the champion and then signaled for a knee kick to the head. As KAIZEN took a running start, Cyrus quickly darted out of the way and KAIZEN crashed knee first into the steel steps as the referee reached a count of five.

    Ten Minutes has passed in the match.

    Time remaining: 20:00

    KAIZEN immediately grabbed his right knee, rolling on the floor, as Cyrus’ eyes widened. He ducked under the bottom rope, rolling into the ring and then rolling back outside, breaking the count. Cyrus began stomping hard on the knee, before grabbing it and slamming it down onto the floor. Cyrus picked up his opponent and rolled him under the bottom rope as KAIZEN was in an immense amount of pain. Cyrus stayed on the outside, walking over to the corner and swinging KAIZEN’s leg right into the ringpost! Cyrus followed through with this two more times before heading back into the ring. KAIZEN struggled to pull himself up to his knees, before Cyrus could get a hold of him and drop his elbows down right onto the kneecap. KAIZEN screamed out in agony each and every time that Cyrus dropped his elbows onto the joints of the challenger. Cyrus smiled at his own handy work, before yelling to the crowd “THIS IS YOUR HERO?”. Cyrus taunted KAIZEN, who struggled to get up to his knees. Cyrus slapped his opponent, before laughing at him. Cyrus slapped KAIZEN again, who reached up and as hard as he could open palm slapped Cyrus as hard as he could on the chest, before headbutting Cyrus right in the ribs. Cyrus stumbled backwards giving KAIZEN time to pull himself up! KAIZEN drilled Cyrus hard with another uppercut, and then a second one, but Cyrus ducked underneath a third attempt, bounced off the ropes and came back to a Broken Path! The force of the boot caused KAIZEN’s head to snap back violently against the mat. Cyrus dropped down for the cover!



    KAIZEN got his shoulder off the mat and Cyrus wasted little time in going back to work on his legs. After a series of stomps to the kneecaps, Cyrus went back to the ground game locking in a single leg Boston Crab. KAIZEN began screaming out in agony as he reached his arms out towards the ropes which were about six inches out of his reach. KAIZEN rested his forearms against the mat, as Cyrus reared back putting more pressure on the lower back and the joints of the knee. KAIZENs screams grew more desperate with each and ever second as he pushed himself up onto the palms of his hands and crawled forward a bit before dropping back down to the mat. The sweat began to run down into KAIZEN’s eyes, burning them just a bit, as he reached deep down and took one last effort at pushing himself forward and grabbing the bottom rope!

    Time Remaining: 14:03
    KAIZEN – 0
    Cyrus – 0

    The referee ordered the break and backed Cyrus up as KAIZEN clutched on to the bottom rope. KAI maintained a hold of the ropes as he pulled himself up to his feet, only for Cyrus to come up from behind with a chop block to the knee, knocking KAIZEN back to the mat. KAIZEN rolled to the corner turnbuckle but that was more bad news for KAIZEN as Cyrus followed him and delivered the First Five Steps! After the fifth step, the referee again intervened, breaking it up. Cyrus allowed KAIZEN to get to his feet before kicking him in the gut, and drilling him with a Bridging Fisherman Suplex! KAIZEN’s in trouble!



    KAIZEN got the shoulder up! Cyrus pounded the mat in frustration before noticing KAIZEN again using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Cyrus came up behind him and this time grabbing him in a rear waist lock, dropped him backwards with a Tiger Suplex into a Bridge!



    Again, KAIZEN managed to shift out of the pinning predicament. The warrior of the Orient immediately rolled to his side, pounding away at his right knee, trying to get some of the feeling back into it. Cyrus was pounding too…pounding his fist into the mat. Cyrus immediately rolled out of the ring and grabbed a pair of steel chairs. He tossed the first chair into the ring and referee Mitch Christopher immediately grabbed it and brought it back outside. However as he was doing that, Cyrus brought the second chair into the ring, drilled KAIZEN right across the skull with it! Cyrus immediately dropped down to the cover, hiding the chair beside him as Mitch rolled back into the ring for the count!




    Cyrus was freaking out as a closeup showed that KAIZEN was busted open. Cyrus immediately grabbed the steel chair. Referee Mitch tried to grab the chair from Cyrus’ hands but Cyrus swung the chair forward, backing him off. Cyrus slammed the chair on the mat as a dazed KAIZEN staggered to his feet. Immediately, Cyrus scooped up his opponent and drilled him with the Journey’s End on to the steel chair! As KAIZENs skull crashed amongst the steel chair, the referee immediately called for the DQ!

    KAIZEN – 1
    Cyrus -0

    But Cyrus immediately covered his opponent and hooked the leg!




    KAIZEN – 1
    Cyrus - 1

    Wasting no time, Cyrus pulled KAIZEN to his feet and delivered an Exile’s Edge! Cyrus again with the cover!




    KAIZEN – 1
    Cyrus - 2

    Cyrus took the time to apply a Long Road to Nowhere! KAIZEN had no choice but to tap out!

    KAIZEN – 1
    Cyrus - 3

    Cyrus celebrated momentarily as Mitch kicked the chair out of the ring. Cyrus laughed as he watched KAIZEN attempt to pull himself to his feet. KAIZEN refused a towel from the referee and instead wore the blood on his face like a mask of honor. Cyrus mocked KAIZEN as he finally got back up . After a few seconds of disrespect, Cyrus playfully slapped KAIZEN, who’s eyes widened at the show of dishonor. The crowd started to rumble as KAIZEN took a deep breath. Cyrus went right back to it, slapping KAIZEN again. But this time, KAIZEN dug down deep, as if running on adrenaline alone, started striking him with a series of elbows! Cyrus was caught off guard and the last one caught him square in the jaw! Cyrus fell backwards into the ropes, and on the rebound caught him with a desperation Thunder Strike! Cyrus back slammed off the mat as KAIZEN collapsed to the mat as well! Both men not moving as Mitch started his 10 count!




    KAIZEN started to roll.



    David Weinstock: I don't believe what we're seeing here!



    Cyrus rolled to his knees…

    Only to eat a PK! from KAIZEN! With Cyrus’ back on the mat, KAIZEN stood tall and delivered a Steel Ball Run! The crowd was fully behind KAIZEN as he held his fists in the air, and posed, ignoring the pain in his leg, and sending Cyrus back to the mat with a Slingblade! Cyrus looked around the ring in disbelief, as KAIZEN awaited Cyrus and then kicked him in the gut, setting him up for the Minoru Special! KAIZEN nailed it and Cyrus’ head spiked off the mat! KAIZEN dropped down for the cover!



    Cyrus kicked the fuck out.

    KAIZEN collased to the mat in disbelief, his face now a complete crimson mask. He pushed himself bacj up and awaited Cyrus to again get back to his feet, calling for the Ultralisk. Cyrus got caught in position and when KAI went to deliver the move, Cyrus powered out and flipped KAIZEN over his shoulder! KAI landed on his feet, but his right leg gave out, giving Cyrus the opportunity to lift him up on his shoulders for the Journey’s End! Cyrus began to put the move in motion but KAIZEN slid out the back door, turned Cyrus around and nailed him with a lightning fast Ultralisk! KAIZEN wasted no time in going for the cover!




    KAIZEN -2
    Cyrus – 3

    Time left: 5:11

    The camera caught a closeup of the blood drenched face of KAIZEN as he lay flat on his back. Cyrus slowly rolled to the ring apron before dropping to the outside, looking for reprieve. KAIZEN took a bit of time to recover, this time accepting a towel and wiping some of the blood and sweat from his face. Having cleaned up just a bit, KAIZEN slowly rolled to the outside of the ring, gingerly walking on his right leg. Once he made his way over to Cyrus, he grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up to his feet only to get a couple of hard rights to the midsection by Cyrus. The referee was counting but was granting a bit of leeway with a slow count as he just reached three. Suddenly, KAIZEN whipped Cyrus hard into the barricade before rolling in and back out of the ring. Cyrus winced in pain as he held his lower back only for KAIZEN to toss him back into the ring. KAIZEN awaited Cyrus to get to his feet and rolled him into a Hangman’s neckbreaker but Cyrus countered into the Long and Winding Road with just under 3 minutes left!

    KAIZEN fought and clawed his way towards the ropes and with 2:30 left, KAIZEN grabbed the bottom rope! Cyrus, going off pure adrenaline, looked up at the clock and knew to stay on the offensive. He pulled Kaizen up by his hair, but KAI pulled him down into an inside cradle!



    Cyrus rolled through and pulled the tights!



    KAIZEN kicked out!

    Both men got to their feet and charged at each other, drilling each other with a hard clothesline! Mitch began his count as both men lay motionless on the canvas. Just as the referee reached the count of 8, both men pulled themselves up to their feet. Cyrus tried to catch KAIZEN off-guard with a discus forearm, but KAIZEN ducked and drilled Cyrus with a Dragon Suplex with 1;10 left!



    Cyrus got the shoulder up!

    KAIZEN, frustrated got to his feet, and lifted Cyrus to his feet…who raked KAIZEN’s eyes and then hooked him up for an Implant DDT, but KAIZEN reversed it! KAI ran towards Cyrus, who sidestepped KAIZEN and sent him over the top rope to the outside, but KAIZEN held on and landed on the apron! Cyrus noticed this and went over to KAIZEN to knock him to the outside but KAIZEN grabbed Cyrus by the neck and pulled down, crushing Cyrus’ throat! With Cyrus down on the canvas and 14 seconds left in the match, KAIZEN hit and delivered the X.U.! The impact on KAIZENs knees were torture though and in a kneejerk reaction, he grabbed his right knee, giving Cyrus a moment to inch away from him. With nine seconds left, KAIZEN reached and draped an arm over Cyrus, for the tie!



    Cyrus had nothing left. He couldn’t kick out. But he didn’t need to, because his left arm was under the bottom rope.

    Here is your winner by a score of 3 to 2 AND STILL THE FWA UNDISPUTED CHAMPION @30:00 – “The Exile” Cyrus Truth
    The crowd are, understandably, disappointed at the result as Cyrus Truth wins by the skin of teeth. KAIZEN rolls away from him and looks completely dejected - head in hands. He doesn't know what to make of it - he gets out of the ring and simply mouths an apology to the fans as he makes his way to the exit. Cyrus Truth, on the other hand, is extremely delighted and makes it known - he's given his belt and he can't help but shout about how he's the best the FWA has ever seen and how he owns the company now. Payback closes on the now familiar image of Cyrus Truth holding his title belt aloft with the Back in Business sign in the background...

    Langdon Trafford: Back in Business beckons... can anyone beat this tyrant!? KAIZEN tried tonight... he really did. But he failed. And now... we have to live with the consequences. A sour note for what has been a great night... the FWA will return with the Carnal Contendership where HOPEFULLY we crown a contender who can put an end to this madness.


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    My thoughts:

    Triple J Security to kick off the show only to be taken out by Ben Richards. Good way to introduce the new signee, and Triple J serve their purpose as the goons that get their comeuppance.

    Solid opener to the show with Starr and Risky, good for Risky to pick up a win and it'll be interesting to see what goes down with him and Richards on possibly the next Fight Night. Hopefully Starr can bounce back from this and put himself back in contention for some gold.

    Great match with Toner and Watkins, and the involvement of Kazadi has me intrigued where this will all lead to. I was hoping that this was leading to a return of SuperSaiyan and Watkins full time but alas it is not. Still a very good match and a good post-match promo from Kazadi.

    Next up is Randall and Vincent. I won't comment too much since I wrote the match but I will say I'm surprised that I won, and nice work from Vincent throughout this program so far. It's been fun man, hope we can keep it up and I hope you like how the match turned out and how I wrote Vincent.

    Galloway/Thunder, another solid match. Big win for Galloway and I'm excited to see him challenge for the NA title.

    Big six person tag match with championships on the line, and a nice surprise return from Ted. Another solid match and nice win for Eyes taking home some gold. Hoping The Olympians and Eimi can bounce back from this.


    Parr retains! The program with him and Galloway should be fun, and I wonder where Big Mike goes from here.

    PAJ wins and OMG CHRIS KENNEDY IS BACK! PAJ/Rondo is probably my favorite match from this show.

    TRUTH RETAINS! Who can stop Cyrus?!

    From top to bottom this was an excellent show, well done everyone.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Damn it, so close! I'll get you next time Doug!

    Holy cow, Cyrus/KAIZEN had me on the edge of my seat, too.

    Opening segment to closing moments, this show was incredible.


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    'Grats to Jimmy for winning the X title. I think Randall-Vincent has the potential to be one of the best feuds in years if this thing can go to BIB.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

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    Shannon O'Neal
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    A HUGE show for multiple reasons.

    Firstly, Phillip A. Jackson's face turn is now complete - he's endeared himself to the fans by fighting through adversity and taking out Rondo whilst standing up for the commentary team and whoever else got harsh treatment. He's the hero of the show - and he proved that he is willing to fight through an injury and get the job done. Contrast that with the injury he suffered against Zachary Kazadi and walked out. The character has evolved and is in line for a BIG 2017 with that win. Jackson looks fucking solid right now and this could be the face run he needs to really show that he's more than just the overprotected slimy heel he was under Thomas Princeton. This is a big opportunity for him. Especially with KAIZEN unable to get the job done against Cyrus. Jackson and Mike Parr, right now, are the two I'd say that are the FWA's bastions of hope.

    A big debut for Ben Richards and he makes it clear he is a threat. I liked the idea of introducing him as a potential face only for him to turn moments later by attacking the fun Risky Douglas. An unfortunate loss for Starr who is yet to really kick off but I think Starr is a slow burn superstar and will eventually acclimatise with the correct booking. I can only apologise to his handler for the lack of substance in the character's booking so far but heading into BIB, I can promise the character will find something to get his claws into.

    Kazadi was a built in out for Tig's noshow. It wasn't supposed to go that way but with Kazadi needing something to build his new character identity around - it was the perfect opportunity. Toner will be in the Carnal Contendership but you'd have to think he won't take kindly to Kazadi outshining him and Watkins and stealing his thunder. Kazadi's shtick is separate from the likes of Cyrus Truth's and Rondo's in that he is 'me, me, me' and I think if he continues to showcase that if people aren't willing to see how great a talent he is then he is going to FORCE it upon them then he's money. Unfortunately, I don't think SuperSaiyan is coming back which sucks because Watkins and Anzu were good characters with bags of potential. But with Kazadi stepping into the main midcard heel role after Watkins, it's no big loss.

    Randall vs Vincent was a fun, brutal match. I think both guys are just getting started and Randall finally getting that big break might be the thing he needs to really kick on now. I think the heel turn was a good move and the pairing with Penny seems to provide an edge to him. Vincent doesn't take losing lightly and is someone that's bound to want to revenge. This feud isn't done yet and it can only proceed to get more insane. I think something centering around the females involved too might provide something for Penny whilst she rests outside of the FWA Women's Title picture for the time being.

    Galloway/Thunder was a good win for TJG but both guys have somewhat simmered since the initial buzz of them joining the FWA. I think this title shot is a big opportunity for TJG to really solidify himself as a big talent like I want him to be. I think Gambit is a talented writer and I view Galloway as having the potential to eventually become a main eventer down the line. He's in the same position Parr was when Parr joined up. As for Thunder, it may have been a bit too much of a step up initially but I do have plans for Thunder that will allow us to showcase his heel like personality. I just hope Tommy is sticking around.

    Feel awful for RED as he should have won this match with me. It's my bad and Sanada, rightfully, looks weak for it. I think, though, with the way that the Olympians' story has been going with the obvious discord between them... it works. But RED will receive a title shot as compensation for my let down. It's up to him what he wants to do with it but Olympians vs Eyes is not over yet. The person that really needs to come out of this with something to show is Sanada and so I need to build her up again. Being the one to beat Bell and then not being able to fully cherish her title is a character development that will be focused on. Allure might have won the belt but Sanada isn't going to hide away.

    Shannon's promo was fire but came across as a little bit military feminist in a way. Bell seems to provide a softer face edge to the pairing. The team dynamic, as always, will be interesting between the pair and I'm guessing that Bell will be in the CC. But it seems like they might have a focus on the tag titles. Will be intriguing to see where they slot in.

    Parr/Garcia is an odd one. Parr is now reaching levels where he should be getting pushed into the main event scene but he has a pack of NA dudes chasing after him. It's a case of Parr is going to be elevated no matter what. Garcia not winning is a big blow and I think the feud between the pair has been done to death now. But the Garcia character is tenacious and clearly he wants the NA title so it's a case of perhaps Parr not wanting anything to do with Garcia anymore but Garcia wants that belt, no matter what... and so he has to go through Parr to get it. I'm sure Garcia will enjoy sitting on the sidelines and watching Galloway challenge. Where Garcia goes from here... it's up in the air. A big CC performance could change everything for him. Same for Parr.

    Already spoke about PAJ. A crushing loss for Rondo given the recent circumstances but the character had a built in out to lose the match (PAJ and the commentary team working together) and I'm sure the Rondo character will come up with a plethora of excuses to dodge the defeat. The important thing is that PAJ looked good. Rondo will need to bounce back in a big way. Good thing the Carnal Contendership is next, right? Kennedy's return is surprising. Not going to lie... I would have loved it if Kennedy just superkicked PAJ off the Earth. But I think the respectful thing, to kick off the program, works. It can be evolved into a Kennedy heel turn at some point if that's the direction we want to go. Will have to see about that one but I like the idea of Kennedy vs PAJ coming full circle. Kennedy facing PAJ or Rondo would've made sense to me for his BIB match as both rivalries are somewhat unresolved.

    KAIZEN losing is gutting. The character was peaking and the story seemed perfect for him to win... but Cyrus' run of tyranny continues. Really, he is looking unstoppable at the minute. He's bulletproof and I'm sure he will be relishing the prospect of a new challenger at Back in Business and potentially closing out the FWA's big show as champion unlike last year. Going to enjoy Cyrus gloating. What I like right now is that you've got similar heels in Rondo, Cyrus and Kazadi -- but their core message is different. Cyrus is very much the guy who wants to rule the roost and feels he has the right to. Rondo isn't necessarily anti-FWA or Ashley O'Ryan, he's just anti-fans, anti-superstar or whatever. In other words, he doesn't care. Kazadi is all about putting himself above others and shoving it in the face of O'Ryan for disparaging him.

    To me, the story of the show is that there are multiple people who are ready to take next big steps and really come to the forefront. I enjoyed the outcomes of everything on this show and I think we're in a solid place for BIB and afterwards. I view BIB 12 as being a 'soft' reboot of the company so to speak. I think after BIB, alot of divisions are going to end up feeling fresh and we'll have programs that are fresh too.

    Big thanks to match writers - especially Sayer for stepping up.

    The Carnal Contendership promo threads will go up tonight. It's a one match show. I'll explain the format in a thread later.
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    Really great show, there was something enjoyable about all the matches. The main event was excellent, very well written and kept me engaged and at the edge of my seat throughout.
    Congrats to TJG on becoming #1 contender for the North America title. He deserved it and I wouldn't have felt right winning that match given that I've slacked off a bit in the run up to the ppv. I'm looking forward to pushing on from here though to try and break back into title contention down the line.

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