Victory Road Review:

Firstly, I like the presentation man! All looks good to me. I always like when someone goes the extra mile and does a cool introduction. Instantly sets the scene and makes the show feel big/special.

Really good opening match! I'm pleased with the outcome. Big win for War Machine but for me, more importantly, it's free's up Bram who I really like. Interested to see where he goes from here and how he moves forward. Not really a TNA fan so don't know much about Kingston- sadly.

Another good match- this time in the form of the X-Division! Shane Helms with a massive assist and it's Trevor Lee that picks up the win and retains the Championship. Right move for me.

Great details with the Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards video package. I know of this feud and I obviously know them- but again- not being a TNA regular viewer, I didn't know how it came about- so I appreciate the backstory and it hypes up the match really well. Good job. Match was brutal but brilliant- enjoyed that. Right person won for me, again. Interested to see what's next for Richards and Angelina Love. Should be good.

Decent promo by Ethan Carter III.

So, again, lack of TNA knowledge so no idea how the Moose/Rhodes match worked :/ All I know, Bullet Club 4 life and I'm glad Cody won. I really think he could be TNA's corner piece and face of the company if used correctly and I'm sure you have big, big plans for Cody Rhodes.

Thanks for coming Sutter Haha! Riddle with a big statement. Big talent and again, someone with massive potential. Not overly keen on squash matches- especially on PPv's but in this case, it worked into the character and background of Matt Riddle and so I'm cool with the outcome.

That women's gauntlet match was awesome man, really well done! Loved seeing the surprises and debuts. Big returns as well! So good. Admittedly, a little sad to see Rosemary lose the title but Ivelisse as the new Knockouts Champion is pretty sweet. Division looks good man and I can't wait to see more.

Again, awesome job of setting the scene with the Decay and Lucha Brothers highlights and footage. Quick question, are Fenix and Pentagon actually brothers or nah? No idea. Two of my favorites from LU and I have to say, I'm a Decay fan too, this is tough- not sure who I want to win Haha! Great match! Enjoyed it. Intrigued to see who the two men are though? I have no idea.

Love that LAX came down separately! Orale! Orale! Good promo from Konnan, spot on. As expected, team JB picks up the win! I can't see this being the last of Josh Mathews mind Haha!

Again, really good build up and introduction for the Main Event dude! Well done! I really thought Lethal had won! Haha! Didn't even see the second spoiler tag. Damn. Lashley walk's out as Champion and continues his dominance!


All in all- loved it man! Great show. For me, this is up there with Hug's shows and for me- that's the standard. Really good man, I'll be happily continuing to read on! I'll read your next Impact episode's and review when I get the chance.