Against All Odds Review:

What I Liked:

An Official Future - With Jeff Jarrett joining in, the eventual merger of TNA and GFW was bound to happen. I'm glad we're getting an actual direction rather than being left wondering. Having a council is something different and I feel it can add a nice element to how shows are put together now. The only thing I did not like about this was it came off as pre-taped almost with Jarrett in his office. I would've liked an in-ring segment more, but that does not matter in the end.

Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee -
This was by far my favorite match of the night, and I wasn't expecting it to be going into this. Everett finally getting one over on Lee is a big moment, and it didn't feel like the championship had to be on the line. You did a nice job of building up to this feud that the championship suddenly stepped back and let the built up tension tell the story. Some people may disagree with the idea of the championship not being on the line, but something different is always needed to keep up interest.

The Surprises - You really caught me off guard with the re-introduction to Jimmy Havoc and Kingston. Kingston in LAX is something that I feel will only benefit him as he was directionless in all honesty. I have no idea who Masada is, but it seems he fits what you're going for well. Callihan with Reno has me skeptic, but I'll let it breathe.

World X Invitational - Tournaments of any kind are always my favorite. From start to finish, this was a fun one you put together. Low-Ki and Lethal had my second favorite match of the night. The intensity behind it made the false finish you had written 100% believable as - in my eyes - Lethal wanted to finish it as fast possible because of the match he was in. I like that Mundo and Lee will be coming up, and that should be something that enhances the division with such a big name.

What I Would Do Differently:

A Heavy Card Overshadowing Other Moments -
While I really loved Against All Odds, I feel like you had a lot happening for one show that overshadowed some moments. I think some matches should have been on the go-home show just to give your event some breathing room.

The GFW Global Situation - I think the idea was something different. Having an injury stop a championship match isn't something that most writers will risk. I'm curious if that's the right match to do it though. Especially with the upcoming merger. Magnus or Bram getting a decisive victory would add a little more to the belt. I guess the follow up is what interests me here because if someone beats Magnus, it could be considered a fluke with the injury. If someone is just awarded the title, it wouldn't feel deserved and add as much to the belt as a decisive win.