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Thread: Diamond Dogs (Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli)

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    Diamond Dogs (Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli)

    "Diamond Dogs" is a team comprised of two members - "Slick Rick/Big Dick Rick" Ricardo Vance and his best friend/business partner, Santino "Sonny D/Dongmeister Jr." Dongarelli. The pair are what you would call 'freelancers' in that they are not contracted to any specific organisation and work whatever dates they can get. They have wrestled around America and Europe in the indy tag team circuits and have also wrestled in Japan as a Junior Heavyweight style tag team.

    Team Information:

    Ricardo Vance
    (Base Pic: Rocky Romero)

    Height: 5'7''
    Weight: 175lbs
    Age: 30 years old
    From: Miami, Florida, USA - he is of Cuban descent
    Nicknames used: "Slick Rick", "Big Dick Rick" - also wrestled under the masked alias of "Big Daddy Vance"
    Wrestling Style: Utilises some heavy striking (knees), technical wrestling and is capable of going high flying if need be. Pretty much what you'd expect from a Puro Junior Heavyweight wrestler.

    Signature taunts: Sometimes when Irish whipped towards the ropes, Ricardo will catch himself inbetween the top and middle rope like below:

    Moves commonly used

    Double underhook DDT
    Fujiwara Armbar
    Guillotine Choke
    Flying Knee strike
    Octopus Stretch
    Springboard Dropkick
    Springboard Tornado DDT
    Suplex variations (Butterfly, Exploder, Fisherman, German, Tiger)
    Suicide Dive
    Tilt-a-whirl Headscissors

    Signature Moves

    Bukkake Train (Multiple Running Corner clotheslines - also works in tag team situations where there both opponents are in different corners diagonal to each other)
    Anti-Fap Lock (Cross Armbreaker)
    Muff Dive (Diving Double Knee Drop)
    The Vercetti Special (Fireman's carry into gutbuster)
    Money Shot (High Speed Roundhouse kick to standing opponent causing them to fall to kneeling position followed by running knee strike)
    Jaeger Bomb (Sitout Crucifix Powerbomb)
    Tittyplex (grabs the opponent by their breast region from behind and hits a modified dragon suplex. Doesn't matter if male or female.)

    Individual Finishing Moves

    The Footjob (Ankle Lock - can be grapevined)
    69 Shocker Bomb (Cradle Tombstone Piledriver)
    Slick Rick's Rohypnol Rotator (Running standing Shiranui) - mainly used for the victory

    Slick Rick's Rohypnol Rotator in action

    69 Shocker Bomb (spinning theatrics not required)


    Santino Dongarelli
    (Base Pic: Trent Baretta/Beretta)

    Height: 6'0''
    Weight: 200lbs
    Age: 30 years old
    From: Miami, Florida, USA - he is of Italian descent
    Nicknames used: "Sonny D", "Dongmeister Jr." also has wrestled under a mask alias - "Dick Burglar"
    Wrestling Style: He doesn't utilise heavy strikes as often as Ricardo but wrestles a very similar style.

    Moves commonly used

    Calf Kick
    Corner Forearm Smash
    Double Foot Stomp
    Flying Forearm Smash
    Hurricanrana + variations (inverted, ultrarana etc)
    Knife edge chop
    Leaping Lariat
    Leg Drop
    Springboard Dropkick
    Suplex variations (Dragon, Northern Lights, Saito, Vertical)
    Somersault Plancha

    Signature Moves

    Shotgun Cocktail (Shotgun dropkick followed by a busaiku knee kick)
    Scat Fetish
    (Ass based offence)
    Pimpin' Dive
    (Corkscrew Senton - can be springboarded)
    Love Handle Drop
    (Pumphandle slam)
    The Skullfucker
    (Bicycle knee strike)
    Love Fist
    (Baseball pitch closed fist punch)
    Brain Damage
    (Kokeshi headbutt - can be diving, top rope etc.)
    (Facewash with boot)

    Individual Finishing Moves

    Malibu Vice
    (Anaconda Vise)
    The Donger
    (Ganso bomb - will perform from the apron to the floor in EXTREME situations, one of the most dangerous moves in the world irl)
    Sonny D's Nutbuster
    (Dudebuster - cradle back to belly piledriver)

    The Donger

    Sonny D's Nutbuster


    Tag Team Moveset

    The pair will usually work together to pull a sequence of each other's moves off - feel free to get creative if you're writing.


    Skullfucker Bicycle Knee from Dongarelli into a Money Shot from Vance.
    Double knee strikes
    Electric chair lift into a clothesline (Doomsday Device)
    A move from Vance that sets up Dongarelli's Pimp Dive

    Team Finisher

    The Clunge Plunge
    (Dongarelli sets the opponent up for the Nutbuster but Vance assists in the drop with a Muff Dive knee drop or double footstomp)

    The Diamond Dog Clunge Plunge


    Entrance Theme
    Belinda Carlisle - Heaven is a Place on Earth

    The pair chose their entrance theme by randomly selecting a song from their music lineup at the Malibu Vice. This also happens to be their favourite song - they believe it represents their fun loving attitudes well and lulls opponents into a false sense of security. Dongarelli also cites the song as the one that he lost his virginity to whilst Vance claims he lost his virginity to Belinda Carlisle... the person who sings the song. It holds good memories for the pair.



    Diamond Dogs are accompanied to the ring by their two valets - Alina Poonzaretti and Maya Shagaguchi. More info will be given on the pair in the backstory. They are romantically linked to the duo but are infact, employees too.

    Alina Poonzaretti
    (Base Pic: Melanie Rios, NSFW to google, you're warned)

    Real name and date of birth is not known. She accompanies Dongarelli to the ring and, similar to him, is of Italian descent.


    Maya Shagaguchi
    (Base Pic: Kurea Hasumi, NSFW to google, you're warned)

    Again, her real name and date of birth are not known. She accompanies Vance to the ring. She was a popular worker in Japan until Vance secured her services.


    Other characters

    "Big Mac" Jonald McDonald

    (Base Pic: Cheeseburger)

    "Big Mac" serves as the bouncer for the Malibu Vice and is extremely loyal to Vance and Dongarelli after they took him in from an orphanage in Prague, Czech Republic after holidaying there and taking some bookings. How he ended up there is a mystery. He is 15 years of age, allegedly.


    The Story So Far

    Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli have been wrestling as a tag team for over 8 years - they broke through on the indy circuit. They are childhood best friends stemming from the fact that their families were close (with their fathers - Victor Vance, known as - "Even Bigger Dick" Vick Vance - and Santino Dongarelli Sr. - known as "Dongmeister Sr." - being linked to some seedy underground ties). It is not known if the pair's fathers had anything to do with their wrestling careers taking an upturn but the pair are considered to be good wrestlers despite the obvious comedic tint to their personas. As they grew older, the pair would become more involved in the Miami club scene and would inherit their fathers' co owned strip joint - The Malibu Vice - and become business partners. The club's logo can be seen on their attire. They are also known as the "Malibu Twins" in some areas... despite not being related and bearing absolutely no resemblance to each other. However, the Malibu Vice isn't the most popular of strip clubs given that it only has two stripper employees - Alina Poonzaretti and Maya Shagaguchi. This, though, has to do with something that happened in their wrestling career which will be elaborated on in a second. Santino and Ricardo enjoy a comfy life owning their club and do, somehow, make a small profit in their ways. Police have been highly suspicious of this and think the pair have been dealing drugs - however numerous bust attempts have failed. The only significant bust coup was when they located a small personal stash of Viagra and a Swedish Penis Pump in Vance's personal safe. He claims that he has never seen either before. There are also doubts over whether Dongarelli's surname is authentic - he has repeatedly refused to offer a birth certificate to authorities to verify his identity. Regarding Shagaguchi and Poonzaretti - they are confirmed stage names. "Big Mac" Jonald McDonald is the bouncer for Malibu Vice - one thing the club has going for it as Jonald McDonald boasts a 42-0 MMA record, all wins coming by knockout within the first thirty seconds. He is indebted to Vance and Dongarelli as they rescued him from an orphanage in the Czech Republic after a small indy booking. His fearsome reputation is, perhaps, what keeps the customers away. "Big Mac" is also the current "Bouncer of the Year" in Miami and has been nominated by MDMA (Music Dancing Masters Association - club regulators) as a potential national "Bouncer of the Year" candidate - if he wins the award then he may represent Malibu Vice and the USA at the annual 'Bouncer Games' in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    The team are face in alignment and are a clear comedic pairing - Vance is the big 'little guy' that seems to think he's extremely intimidating and is a hothead whilst Dongarelli is more of an aloof character who doesn't seem to be very bright. However, Vance can also be extremely silly. The pair could be considered as similar to, say, JD and Turk from Scrubs in their antics. They intentionally come across as lame and corny in their promos for comedic effect. They tend to wear street clothes in public for fear of being recognised. They are practically a walking parody of 80s Miami -- think Miami Vice or GTA Vice City.

    Having broken through as a tag team, the pair would win various tag titles in the indy circuit before being invited to Japan by a promotion known as 'Genki Puro' to compete. Genki Puro is primarily considered to be a joke promotion with their matches being utterly ridiculous. It was here that they would get a big break. They would form a rivalry with a man who owned a nightclub in the Shibuya district of Tokyo in Japan - his name being Yujiro Fukarota. Fukarota's bodyguard known simply as "BODYGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" would also join in the action. At first, however, things started on a friendly note between Fukarota and the Diamond Dogs. At this point in time, Diamond Dogs' nightclub, Malibu Vice, was actually fairly successful and had a ton of strippers in their employment - over 50. Fukarota, by comparison, only had a small number of girls in his employ and was clearly struggling for business. At the same time, Vance and Dongarelli would meet SPJ wrestler and prominent member of the Strong Style Dojo, BoBo, in Fukarota's club and BoBo would take a shine to the pair - claiming to be bewildered at their nightclub. Fukarota would feel slighted at this and believed the pair were stealing his customers. Indeed, BoBo is now a regular customer at the Malibu Vice. BoBo would also introduce Diamond Dogs into the SPJ promotion and have them wrestle in the Junior Heavyweight tag division whilst being loosely affiliated to the Strong Style Dojo. The pair would have two title reigns but neither were extremely significant - but the experience of being in the promotion was invaluable for the pair as they would put on their best matches there. Whilst competing in SPJ, Fukarota would scheme against them in the Genki Puro promotion and they would spark a rivalry over the nightclubs... somehow they were now competing against each other despite being located in opposite sides of the world.

    However, Fukarota would take a small 'business' break from Genki Puro before it could kick off and Diamond Dogs would find themselves competing in comedic filler matches mainly revolving around Genki Puro's comedic 24/7 title known as the "SUPER ULTRA KAWAII DESTRUCTO" belt. The pair would hold the title a combined 87 times between them - currently, Dongarelli holds the title after overcoming 25 inanimate objects in a gauntlet match, with him pinning former champion, the LIGHTBRINGER teddybear last. The pair would also try to recruit some Joshi (Japanese female) wrestlers to their strip club cause as Vance would suddenly be struck by a serious case of the yellow fever. They would find themselves unsuccessful - this would culminate in a tag team deathmatch where they would face the fearsome duo of Ai Kurayami and Rika Murasame. The stakes of the match were high - if the females lost then they would have to become strippers at the Malibu Vice whilst if Diamond Dogs lost, they would have to go under a new name voted on by the public. They were beaten soundly due to the fact that neither of them can actually hit women never mind fight them in a deathmatch. The public would vote their new name as "The Muff Divers" (マフダイバーズ Mafudaibāzu) and that is what they would become known as in Japan. They didn't have much of a problem with it.... but they are still called "Diamond Dogs" regularly anyway - meaning the match really didn't affect much.

    Almost immediately afterwards, rival club owner Yujiro Fukarota would return to the Genki Puro promotion with BODYGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH and attack the pair. Fukarota would lay down the gauntlet where he would challenge the pair to a tag team match with each club's strippers on the line. Unfortunately, BODYGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH would cause serious harm to Dongarelli and Vance would find himself without a partner in the match - Dongarelli suffered a serious (worked) injury, his mojo was fractured. All the clubs strippers would serve as lumberjacks for the match and Vance would, miraculously, find himself on the verge of winning... until the entirety of Malibu Vice's workforce turned on him and Fukarota would win the match. Suddenly, it became clear that Fukarota had used the 'business break' to poach the Malibu Vice's talent and leave them with nothing. Only one would stay loyal to the club - Alina Poonzaretti - and that is believed to be due to her tie to Dongarelli. Indeed, Poonzaretti was not present for the lumberjack match - it appears she was absent and helping Dongarelli's mojo recover. Vance swore revenge on his rival but knew that he would have to bide his time given that he had no tag partner to fight with him - his (but not his) viagra pills and penis pump would not be enough to bring the Japanese tyrant down. Indeed, Vance would find himself being attacked over and over... but he would find some comfort in that Fukarota's star stripper, Maya Shagaguchi, was sympathetic to him. The pair would form a secret friendship.

    Dongarelli, revitalised, would return and the team would get back into a groove, being able to consistently thwart Fukarota and BODYGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH in random matches. It all came to a head in one final showdown for all the marbles. A tag team match where the winner got everything. The Muff Divers would be losing the match very badly but things turned when Maya Shagaguchi interfered and gave Fukarota a lowblow - allowing Vance to hit him with the Rohypnol Rotator and get the win. After the match, Vance would refuse the return of his strippers - citing them all as unfaithful. He was disgusted with them. He also refused the rights to Fukarota's club on the basis that he thought it was "shit". Instead, he took Fukarota's prized possession - Shagaguchi - for himself and a massive wad of cash. The team would leave Japan almost instantly due to a rumour circulating that the Yakuza had been hired to chase them down. They returned safely to Miami but Dongarelli is paranoid that the Yakuza may be coming to destroy them and their club utilising secretly built gundam mechs. And thus explains why they are now taking bookings in America.

    In America, they met an old friend in BoBo - who informed them of an opening in the Clique Wrestling Alliance's roster and a chance to rebuild their club's reputation by participating in the Krash Tag Team Classic. They contacted the CWA and were offered a spot in the tournament. This is their story - their journey back to the top of the Miami club scene. Their friendship and teamwork is as strong as ever considering the obstacles they have come through and with their arm candy next to them as well as Big Mac protecting their interests... they are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

    Small note: would like to apologise for what might have been an insensitive move name for the ganso bomb when i followed up with a gif of Misawa taking the move (RIP) - just incase anyone noticed and took offence/thought i was being rude. Not intentional. Changed the name.
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    Re: Diamond Dogs (Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli)

    God fucking damnit I love this team

    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang
    [06:01 PM]Dakstang
    Yeah I guess you are right. And I only want to be Daddy to my own kids. Sorry.

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    Re: Diamond Dogs (Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli)

    We might as well cancel the entire tag tournament because this profile alone is an automatic victory card.


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