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Thread: "The Fresh Prince Of Brooklyn" Apollo Griffin

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    "The Fresh Prince Of Brooklyn" Apollo Griffin

    Name*: Apollo Griffin
    Nickname: “The Fresh Prince of Brooklyn”
    Date of Birth*: 2/4/95
    Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
    Currently Residing*: Brooklyn New York
    Height*: 5ft 10in
    Weight*: 200
    Gimmick*: “The Fresh Prince Of Brooklyn” is a promising
    bluechipper talent from Brooklyn, New York. A high school athletic standout excelling in several sports. He’s a former two-time state champion freestyle of wrestling and a point guard for his high school team, it seems like he has all the tools needed to make an impact in this business…..

    So you might be surprised to find out that in his first professional year as a wrestler, he’s won exactly zero matches, every single match of his career on the independent circuit has ended with his shoulders on the mat… Which if you took the time to read the above, really doesn’t make sense.

    He has all the tools needed to make a name for himself in pro wrestling (Well, to be honest, he’s kind of bland on the mic. He’s a genetic white meat babyface...but he’s young it’s to be expected)

    So what’s the problem?

    The problem isn’t with Apollo personally, but rather the company he keeps, namely his manager: Jeff Potter a former pro wrestler/ pro wrestling enthusiast who Apollo feels indebted to because he paid for his time in wrestling school, and that’s all well and good. Except for one problem: Jeff Potter
    is bar none the the worst manager professional wrestling has ever seen. He’s so bad, so abysmal that practically every defeat Apollo has suffered could be contributed in a large way to Potter’s “Unique” management style. It's good that Apollo is so young because Potter has no doubt set his career back by YEARS, with his hair brained schemes and ideas -See below- Time will only tell if Griffin is able to make something of himself in CWA with that massive albatross around his neck

    Disposition*: White Meat Face

    Wrestling Style*: Apollo is a great athlete, he uses speed and momentum to dart around the ring, leaping, jumping, flying off of whatever he sees fit to launch. He's tweaked his style to be less heavy of the crossbody type stuff and just starts striking, hitting hard., if he's in the air, he's there to kill, This kid has a
    ton of heart. His energy and enthusiasm might be his biggest asset but it can also be a drawback, he could get over-excited and lose his focus when he should be finishing the job. He’s learning and has the drive to improve himself daily but to point it bluntly: He’s green. Due to the lack of experience, his timing isn't always correct and he screws up from time to time, but he’s pledged to keep improving himself. Not to mention the constant presence of Potter on the outside, will always serve to distract him in some way or another.

    Wrestling Abilities*: (Rank from 1-5, 1 being your best) Speed (1) Technical (2) Power (4) Brawling (3) Charisma (5)

    Signature Taunts/Poses:
    Catchphrase:” None at the moment but not for lack of trying, in his increasing attempts to make his client a superstar almost every day he tosses out new catchphrases, each one more inane than the last
    Entrance theme: You Can’t Stop Me” By Alan Gold

    Belly-to-belly suplex
    Diving clothesline, sometimes while springboarding
    Multiple kick variations
    Concussion on Delivery (Drop, sometimes to a cornered opponent)
    Jumping corkscrew roundhouse
    Springboard roundhouse
    Reverse STO
    Somersault plancha
    Springboard clothesline

    Signature Moves*
    Air Griffin (Springboard spinning wheel kick to the back of an opponent's head)
    V.S.D. (Victory Star Drop) (Apollo applies a
    bodyscissors to an opponent on the top rope and then performs a backflip, driving the opponent head first into the mat)
    Side-hammerlock double-knee backbreaker
    Ropewalk springboard dropkick to a cornered opponent
    Russian Leg Sweep transitioned into a cross armbar
    Koji Clutch
    Repeated elbow and/or knee strikes to a cornered opponent
    Multiple double
    foot stomps to a seated opponent in the corner
    Rope hung snap swinging
    Release German suplex
    Multiple kicks and knee strikes

    Regular Finishing Move*: (One only)
    -Shining Wizard

    Previous Experience (If any):
    Been wrestling (And losing) on the indy circuit for the last year and a half

    Injury History (If any):

    Name of character representative*: Cedric Alexander

    “Uncanny” Jeff Potter- The Worst Wrestler Of All Time
    Manager*: Yes
    Manager Name: “Uncanny” Jeff Potter
    Manager Date of Birth: 25/4/1961
    Manager Gimmick: “Uncanny” certainly describes Mr Potter to a tee...though probably not in the way he would hope for.

    If you were to ask Jeff Potter to describe himself he’d tell you he’s a modern day renaissance man. A mentor. A teacher, a spiritual guide and just generally an intellectual guru.

    Ask anyone else and each and every one of them would call him the single most irritating little idiot they ever had the misfortune of meeting.

    A man totally oblivious to his own buffoonery and dressed like your dad having the worst mid-life crisis in history, Jeff has dreamed of one day being a world champion since he was six years old, so much he dropped out of high school to train “Himself” and he made his debut at the tender age of 16 years old and competed for a staggering thirty years all the while just dreaming… of getting that big break….

    -Jeff Potter in his *cough* “prime”

    But it never happened, for one small reason; “Uncanny” Jeff Potter stunk up every arena he competed in. There’s no other way of saying it: He sucked. He sucked bad. Potter’s style of “wrestling” was abysmal in every possible way. He looked like Bambi on ice in the ring and seemed incapable of pulling off even the simplest of manoeuvres without butchering it horribly (He once got a concussion trying to hook his opponent's leg) Promoters would see his tapes and laugh their asses off, thinking this was some kind of Kauffman-like stunt. Because surely this guy wasn’t serious right? From his hideous offence that would give Bret Hart another stroke. To his disgusting ring gear consisting of nothing more than a bright neon pink leopard skin singlet and ear-bleedingly terrible entrance music (“Nothing going to stop us” by Starship) Everything about him just screamed “BAD. BAD. OH MY GOD SO BAD” One story that has become a favorite in wrestling locker rooms around the globe and footage of which has gone viral on the internet was at an event in 1999 where Potter slipped while stepping up on the apron, he fell face-first onto it (Breaking his nose in the process) and then staggered back only to trip on a cable and went head-first into the front row….That was his entrance

    Eventually, he just got booked because people were rolling in the aisles laughing their asses off at his incompetence making him something of a minor cult hero on the indy scene. After thirty years he hung up the leopard skin in a retirement match in 2005.

    ….The match was held at a county fair…

    ….Two people came….

    ...The match had to be called early after Potter sprained his ankle trying to do an Irish whip…

    Still, on the bright side he does have a special place in wrestling history; in 2009 he was voted by Pro Wrestling Magazine’s “Worst Wrestler of All Time” So that’s something right?

    After he retired he spent the next few years working as a used car salesman still passionate about pro wrestling than ever he watched wrestling shows when he could...It was in one of those shows in late 2015 he met a young wrestler by the name of Apollo Giffen, instantly Potter was quite taken with the Prince of Brooklyn, admiring his heart so out of impulse he offered to pay for the rest of his training and to manage the rest of his career.

    Apollo was at first taken aback by this, he was in blissful ignorance of who exactly he was talking to...but if he was offering to pay for his training...what was the harm right?

    Maybe have claimed that Potter is living vicariously through his “Apprentice” and is using him to get himself over and with the way he acts at ringside it’s hard to argue that, He yells...A LOT. He cheerleads quite creatively and he has a habit of getting far too excited for his own good and get on the ring apron, pretty much making it impossible for his charge to focus on his match...which costs him so many times.

    Surprisingly enough the good people at FWA, saw quite a talent in Apollo and had actually contacted Potter about sending him to their developmental area in nGw….but Potter thought it was a prank and kindly told Tomas Princeton to “Fuck the fuck off”

    Looking to make amends for this Potter somehow managed to get the personal phone number of Afa Seanoa who agreed to give Griffin a try out...if Potter just stopped crying

    Manager Disposition: This is a bit of a weird one. For all intents and purposes, Potter should be considered out and out heel. He’s quite possibly the most irritating obnoxious person you’ll ever likely to meet….but at the same time….there’s something oddly endearing about him, everyone loves a loser right? And there’s no bigger one in wrestling then Jeff Potter. He's a dog whose been kicked around far too much

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    Re: "The Fresh Prince Of Brooklyn" Apollo Griffin

    Best manager idea ever.

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    Re: "The Fresh Prince Of Brooklyn" Apollo Griffin

    This is great, I love it.

    I can't wait to see how you do with this.
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