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Thread: Adrenaline Rush: Live [21/04/2017]

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    Adrenaline Rush: Live [21/04/2017]

    APRIL 19, 2017

    “It’s the biggest night of the year.”

    In a sold out Madison Square Garden arena

    “Rivalries come to an end.”

    Shannon O’Neal hits Shawn Summers with the Paradise City Bicycle Kick, humbling Shawn Summers’s inequality beliefs.

    “Some lay seeds for bloodier reaping.”

    Christian Quinn charges at Nate Savage with a Busaiku Knee Kick and sends both of them stumbling into a stack of tables. Neither man rises up again.

    “New champions are crowned.”

    Krash is atop the turnbuckle and he flies with his trademark ‘The Kill’ to come crashing down on Elijah Edwards. The Heart of CWA stands tall with the High Voltage Championship around his waist.

    “And both new and old faces survey the land.”

    Ricky Reynolds. Thomas Jones. Lilith. The three new arrivals all present different possibilities for the Adrenaline Rush landscape.

    But one mountain remains unconquered.”

    LIGHTBRINGER lets out a war cry to hit Snowmantashi with his lariat but gets stunned with a headbutt. Snowmantashi lifts him up and hits the Hailstorm. The same image that ended Five Star Attraction 2016, ends Five Star Attraction 2017. Jon Snowmantashi stands tall with the CWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to another edition of Adrenaline Rush. In case you haven’t heard, between Five Star Attraction and Adrenaline Rush, CWA received a bombshell of a news that it is currently under new ownership.

    Tim Coleman: So uh… do you know who signs our paychecks yet?

    Jim Taylor: I know as much as you do, Tim. That news aside, one thing’s for sure, as much as things may change, somethings remain the same. The new wrestling year opens with the still-CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Snowmantashi.

    Jon Snowmantashi steps through the curtains wearing some shorts, a ‘KAIJU’ branded t-shirt and of course, the most valuable prize in professional wrestling, the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. At his side are John Duncan, his representative, and his trainer KATAIDESU.

    Jim Taylor: Snowmantashi faced one of his toughest challenges at Five Star Attraction. LIGHTBRINGER had much the same success as Snowmantashi, he came to CWA, he won gold, he beat some of the best like Krash and like Michelle von Horrowitz but the couldn’t jump over the last hurdle.

    Tim Coleman: He pushed the champion though, and he nearly ended his reign where no one has come so close..

    Jim Taylor: But we’re back to the initial question, who Tim… who can take the CWA World Heavyweight Championship from Jon Snowmantashi.

    The champion and his entourage enter the ring to a roaring ‘KAIJU’ chant from Louisville. The chant eventually dies down and John Duncan, microphone in hand, speaks up.

    John Duncan:
    Still… you’re reigning and defending CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Jon Snowmantashi!

    The ‘KAIJU’ chant makes its return. Snowmantashi remains mostly stone faced, but readjusts his championship belt, taking a long glance at it to highlight everything he’s worked so hard for.

    John Duncan: Since he’s debuted nearly two years ago in 2015, this man has dominated CWA like no man has ever done before him. CWA has its share of icons, I won’t deny that. Snowmantashi surely will not deny that. Five time CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Roberto Superstar. Mr. Showtime. Mr. Willis. Chubby Carlos. Nicholas Kennedy Arsen. And that’s of yesteryear. What about not too far behind… Dan Maskell… Krash… Prince Pain… Cyrus Truth? These are all iconic names, some of them are hall of famers. Some of them are in the back right now. But let me tell you one thing, there is one man who stands above every single one of these names. One monster who has conquered everyone that has stepped before him like no one else has. And at Five Star Attraction, in the biggest night in the professional wrestling year, he did it again. He faced the future of professional wrestling. One of the brightest wrestlers in the world. And he beat him, dead center, in the middle of this ring. And he’s the one here tonight, still champion. So… what’s left for him to conquer? Who is left to challenge him?

    Duncan lets the question hang in the air. Snowmantashi grabs the microphone and allows the fans seconds more to ponder.

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    In the back, on my way here, I have seen faces I’ve beaten before, and new faces too. I have one message… here I am. Here I stand. You want another opportunity at this… you want your first opportunity at this? I’m waiting. I have made my stand. I will continue to make my stand. Now it is your turn to take another chance… your first chance… make your stand. Let’s fight for glory.

    Snowmantashi flashes only the faintest hint of a grin.

    Jon Snowmantashi: But make no mistake, as valiantly as you might fight… I will still… conquer… you.

    I know your every move
    I've heard your every word
    I know you well

    Jim Taylor: If you haven’t heard that song in a while, let me remind you, this man made his debut in the CWA nearly 5 years ago, he is a former CWA High Voltage Champion and at Five Star Attraction, he announced his return.

    Tim Coleman: You said it: former High Voltage Champion. Doesn’t he think he’s punching a bit above his weight standing up to the World Heavyweight Champion? Let’s not forget this man is 42 years old. His better days are gone. And in those better days, he was never a World Heavyweight Championship contender.

    Jim Taylor: You know as well as I do Thomas Jones is one of the toughest man in the business. He doesn’t back away from a fight. He’s not afraid of a fight. Put him down, Tim, and he gets back up.

    Thomas “The Iceman” Jones steps through the curtains to a genuinely enthusiastic reply from fans who feel the nostalgia of his long absence. Snowmantashi and his entourage all turn to Thomas Jones. KATAIDESU and Snowmantashi remain mostly inexpressive but Duncan is visibly unimpressed with their guest. Jones, having not been back in ages, takes his time to appreciate the adulation from the crowd with a rare smile. The veteran slaps a few hands and even goes around to Jim and Tim to shake hands with the two commentators.

    He eventually makes his way to the ring and that smile earlier is completely gone. Duncan mouths some words at him but a cold glare from Jones sends him scurrying away. Thomas Jones walks right up to Jon Snowmantashi and stares him right in the eyes. Snowmantashi doesn’t back in inch and the arena is in a deadly silence until Jones reaches for the microphone in Snowmantashi’s hand and takes it.

    Thomas Jones: You don’t look like a monster to me.

    KATAIDESU can’t help but grin at the fellow veteran. Snowmantashi doesn’t take the insult as lightly though and faintly snarls.

    Thomas Jones: Now there’s a time and a place for me to beat your ass but it ain’t now. I gave you a couple of minutes to say your piece but if I recall correctly, Adrenaline Rush is a wrestling show and I came back here to wrestle. Now I got a match right now, so if you please, get out the ring so we can get this show started.

    Jon Snowmantashi and Thomas Jones continue staring each other eye to eye. Duncan seems to urge Snowmantashi to not back down but Snowmantashi, simply pats Jones on the shoulder and mouths ‘good luck’ before walking away.

    Tim Coleman: Did… did our world champion just walk away.

    Jim Taylor: I think Jon Snowmantashi would be more than willing to take on Thomas Jones in a one on one match. But Thomas Jones said it himself, there’s a time and a place for that match to go down but it isn’t tonight Tim. Tonight Jones makes his return against a man less than half his age, Ricky Reynolds.

    I was born to run
    I was born to dream
    The craziest boy you ever seen
    I gotta do it my way
    Or no way at all

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, weighing in at 180 pounds… from Chicago, Illinois… accompanied by his father, “Holly-Rod” Reynolds… R AND R… RICKY REYNOLDS!

    Ricky Reynolds is out from the back with his father, former wrestler (and he might add: legend), “Holly-Rod” Reynolds. Ricky doesn’t have any opportunity to take in the spotlight of the arena after his PPV debut and major victim in a three on one handicap the previous night. Rod is berating him all the way down the ramp and Jones has a puzzled look as he watches the odd couple make their way to the ring.

    Tim Coleman: I’m pretty sure “Holly-Rod” is yelling at Ricky for not doing a good enough job getting rid of those clown invaders from the FWA. After all, they’re back later tonight for a tag team match.

    Jim Taylor: Tim, I can’t imagine what Ricky has to deal with with his father in his ear all day and night.

    Tim Coleman: I think he needs him more than ever. He’s facing a man twice his age. That experience “Holly-Rod” has will be more useful than any tapes Ricky’s been watching. Veterans learn not to just rely on moves, but tricks, tricks you learn by experience and tricks you can’t learn just watching tapes.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, already in the ring, weighing in at 245 pounds, from Shreveport, Louisiana… the Iceman… THOMAS JONES!

    RICKY REYNOLDS w/ “holly-rod” reynolds
    versus THOMAS JONES

    FIRST LESSON: Thomas Jones offers to shake the young man’s hands. As with the last time someone tried that with Ricky, Holly-Rod is quick to berate Ricky and warn him not to do it. He decides to search the crowd for advice instead of his father and they urge him to pay the veteran some respect. The veteran and the young lion shake hands and Jones exchanges a word. Ricky goes to pull away but gets floored with a forearm.

    CAN’T LEARN THIS ON TAPE: The Iceman has never been the most technically proficient wrestler. Jones roughhouses Ricky and teaches him that you don’t need to know a million moves, all you need to know is how to throw a good punch. The Iceman hits some dirty haymakers, forearms, and elbows. Despite being past his forties, he doesn’t slow down or back down and doesn’t give the younger man a moment of reprieve. “Holly-Rod” is loudly criticizing Ricky all the while but it’s a wonder if Ricky can even focus enough to hear what possible advice he’s getting.

    SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT: Jones sends Ricky flat to the mat with a huge European Uppercut. Shaking his head, the veteran demands Ricky show him what he’s got. Ricky manages to get to his feet, and fueled by Jones’s urging, responds with his own European Uppercut. That’s not enough to get Jones down though, he’s felt a lot harder in his time. Jones chops the flesh off of Ricky’s chest. Ricky responds with a chop of his own but Jones’s skin barely turns pink. He hits another chop on Ricky and his chest is visibly blistered. Ricky’s holding his chest in pain. Ricky responds with his signature palm strike and that does it! Ricky doesn’t give Jones a chance for a reply, he yields his father’s advice and goes right into the momentum he’s given. With a huge Frankensteiner, he gets Jones into pin fall position


    BUT YOU CAN LEARN THIS: Ricky Reynolds is reinvigorated by his offense and the moment Jones kicks out he’s on top of him with a huge super kick. Jones takes a bit longer to get back up after that and its the perfect amount of time for Reynolds to run at the ropes and hit picture perfect springboard moonsault onto a standing Thomas Jones. The crowd are getting behind Ricky and Ricky is all the more energetic about it. His father’s urging him to capitalize however.

    Ricky signals for some R & R but all that time anticipating costs him. Jones anticipates the R&R and counters it with a reverse Atomic Drop before Ricky can get off the ground. Ricky is quick enough to recover after holding on to his groan and hits Jones with an Enzuigiri. He gets the crowd behind him a second time and charges to the ropes for a crossbody but gets DROPKICKED right out of the air

    He gets picked off the ground like he weighs nothing and everyone in the ring knows what to expect. Jones spins around with Ricky’s legs in his hands and after a few revolutions, PLANTS him with the Ice Dagger!

    ONE… TWO………. THREE!


    The bell rings and Thomas Jones has a small smirk on his face after the match. He stands in the corner while Ricky recovers from the Ice Dagger. “Holly-Rod” gets in the ring to rabidly berate his son.

    Jim Taylor: It looks like “Holly-Rod” is not at all pleased with his son’s first defeat here in the CWA.

    Tim Coleman: He should’ve listened, Jim. With “Holly-Rod” at his back, there’s no reason for Ricky to have ever had a loss under his name. I’m sure he’ll think in hindsight, he should’ve listened to his dad.

    Thomas Jones leans over the ropes and asks for a microphone. It’s quickly handed to him. The veterans waits for the young lion to finally get to his feet. “Holly-Rod” directs his son out of the ring all the while yelling at him.

    Thomas Jones: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. I’m not done with you, kid.

    Ricky and his old man both stop. “Holly-Rod” has a sneer on his face but Ricky appears bemused.

    Thomas Jones: What I saw in there, what I felt in there, that was potential. Potential to be a High Voltage champion one day… potential to be a… CWA World Heavyweight Champion… one day. And trust me, I may not have held that belt… yet… but I’ve faced world champions before, I stood toe to toe with them, I know what it’s like to be in the ring with that kind of talent. But trust me, boy, you won’t get that keeping that man around you.

    Ricky turns to his father, his own personal doubts undoubtedly aroused by Jones’s statement. “Holly-Rod” has somehow gotten his own microphone and after checking if it works, his red-faced self starts speaking.

    “Holly-Rod” Reynolds: What are you going to teach my son, huh? How to be perennially average? How to keep falling under expectations? How to keep getting back up? I’m teaching my boy how to never fall down in the first place! I’m teaching my boy not to settle. I’m teaching my boy how to get to the very top!

    Jones scratches at his nose.

    Thomas Jones: The difference between what I can show Ricky, and what you can show him should be clear enough. I made it to the top, Roddy… I made it to the CWA… I’ve fought at Five Star Attraction time and time again. You thought him well, don’t get me wrong, but your boy stopped needing you the moment he signed that CWA contract and surpassed everything you’ve ever done.

    “Holly-Rod” is completely red-faced and throws the microphone on the mat. He roars at Ricky to get out of the ring, half-dragging him and yells at Thomas Jones all the while. Jones mockingly gestures for the young lion to call him as the show heads to a commercial break.


    Adrenaline Rush heads off to the back where resident interviewer, Michelle Kelly, stands next to the ‘The God King’ Shawn Summers.

    Michelle Kelly: Ladies and gentleman, I’m here with former CWA High Voltage Champion, Shawn Summers.

    There’s only jeers that can be heard from the packed arena. Shawn Summers only glares but says nothing.

    Michelle Kelly: After what was a hot return to the CWA, you’ve cooled off in a Wrestle Royale championship defeat to Shawn Summers and at Five Star Attraction you were defeated by Shannon O’Neal in a battle of the sexes… so to speak. How do you move forward after two huge losses like that?

    Shawn Summers frowns deeper, as if it were possible, at the question. He opens a palm for the microphone and Michelle reluctantly gives it away. He takes his time to raise the microphone to his mouth and after a long moment.

    Shawn Summers: No comment.

    That’s it. He gives the microphone back to Michelle Kelly. The interviewer is confused but decides to proceed.

    Michelle Kelly: Well… okay… how do you feel about your very bizarre opponent tonight, another newcomer from the FWA… XYZ.

    Once more, Summers offers his hand. Kelly can already see where this is going but offers the microphone anyways. Summers has the thinnest smirk on his face.

    Shawn Summers: No… comment.

    Michelle is matching Summers’s frown and the man seems invigorated by her frustration.

    Michelle Kelly: Are you going to answer any of my questions?

    Summers only smirks and requests the microphone a third time.

    Shawn Summers: No comment.

    With that, he hands the microphone back over to Michelle Kelly and leaves the interviewing set.

    Michelle Kelly: Well, that was Shawn Summers. We’ll head back to the ring for another match.

    Already in the ring is Noah Nitro.

    What if I wanted to break
    Laugh it all off in your face
    What would you do?
    What if I fell to the floor
    Couldn't take all this anymore
    What would you do, do, do?

    There is no bigger song to rile the crowd up than “The Kill” by 30 Seconds to Mars because the entire arena knows that means the arrival of Krash. The Beating Heart of the CWA, the White Wolf, steps through the curtains with perhaps the biggest smile on his face since he made his return to CWA. The spotlight shines on the newly crowned CWA High Voltage Championship who holds his belt with the utmost of pride.

    Jim Taylor: New CWA High Voltage Championship and only the second ever Triple Crown in CWA history.

    Tim Coleman: But I thought we were getting a match, he isn’t scheduled to wrestle tonight.

    Jim Taylor: We’ve heard from one champion tonight, Tim, why not another.

    Though, to both commentators surprise, the Triple Crown winner and CWA High Voltage Champion actually finds room as the third man in the booth.

    Krash: Hello, hello.

    Jim Taylor: Always good to have you at ringside, Krash.

    Krash: Always good to be here. You know, as the new CWA High Voltage Champion I thought it only made sense I scout out my future competition.

    Tim Coleman: Are you maybe forgetting that Elijah Edwards might want a rematch.

    Krash: Of course not, I just have no intention of losing that rematch. I’m looking ahead Timmy. And I heard Elijah Edwards isn’t here tonight.

    Jim Taylor: Like LIGHTBRINGER, Elijah Edwards has elected to stay home and recuperate since he isn’t competing tonight. But he’s promised to be back and is ready to re-establish himself here on Adrenaline Rush.

    Whats that metronome I hear,
    perhaps the end is drawing near
    You never hear the shot
    that takes you down

    Lindsay Monahan: First… weighing in at 215 pounds… from Monrovia, Liberia, Africa… he is The Standard… PRINCE AAALIIIIIIIII!

    Prince Ali makes his presence felt on CWA television for the first time and making his professional wrestling debut while he is at it. He is already in his ring gear with his arms clasped behind his back. The crowd isn’t quite sure how to receive the newcomer.

    Jim Taylor: Prince Ali has travelled all over the world, hailing from Africa, to learn his craft. And he has chosen the US, and that is CWA, to make his professional wrestling debut. Krash, you know as well as I do, not everyone gets a CWA contract, especially without having wrestled a single match. We saw Ricky Reynolds do that and Prince Ali is another exception.

    Krash: Well he’s definitely got some competition. It was only a couple of years ago, Noah Nitro was challenging me for the CWA World Tag Team Championships.

    Tim Coleman: I can’t even remember the last time Noah Nitro won a match, Krash. If Prince Ali is worth his inheritance, he needs to prove he’s undoubtedly better than Noah Nitro.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, already in the ring… weighing at 212 pounds… from The Surface of the Sun… The Gift from the Sun… NOAH NIIIIITRO.

    Noah Nitro demonstrates his jumping ability with a high vertical jump onto the turnbuckle and an arm spread for the crowd to embrace. Prince Ali has his hands clasped behind his back before the bell is rung.

    versus PRINCE ALI
    w/ krash at ringside

    A NEW CHALLENGER HAS ARRIVED: Prince Ali makes his name stand out as marquee almost instantly. Noah Nitro is instantly caught back by his opponent’s capoeiran flair. Kicks are avoided with flips and Ali is often enough on a single hand, tossing a kick all the while, or kipping up under a kick and returning with a spinning one of his own that sends Nitro tumbling about. The crowd can’t help but give Ali’s unique style a standing ovation but he doesn’t let that distract him.

    This night is already proving to be another embarassing one for Noah Nitro and he’s getting visibly desperate as every strike or grapple he attempts is easily countered by Ali. He charges up for a Superman Punch but Ali catches him easily, belly to belly and SUPLEXES HIM CLEAN OVER THE ROPES. Nitro doesn’t even get to recover on the outside, Ali is on the turnbuckle, hands clasped before he goes diving for a HUGE Corskcrew Splash.

    KRASH MEETS THE PRINCE: Prince Ali stands over Nitro and takes a second to glance at the High Voltage Champion. You can’t help but see him visibly shake his head at Krash. Just as Krash is halfway through asking what’s the problem, Ali german suplexes Noah Nitro right into him. Ali does not wait for a reaction or even for Nitro and Krash to recover, he just grabs Nitro by the air and tosses him into the ring. Tim Coleman remarks that he talked with Prince Ali before the match and he was told by Ali that Ali didn’t like how all the champions in the CWA were lazy. The past year Snowmantashi has shown up about five times, the High Voltage Champions have spent more time running away than defending and he doesn’t even know who the tag team champions are. He thinks Krash not competing tonight is just another continuation of that. He doesn’t respect lazy competitors.

    FIRE EXTINGUISHED: Once Prince Ali is in the ring, it’s only a matter of him propping up Nitro onto his shoulder and hitting him with the Broken Dreams (Go To Sleep). ONE… TWO… THREE.


    Jim Taylor: Are you all right there, Krash.

    Krash: Oh I’ll be fine, Jim. Our new friend there will be happy to know that I got his message loud and clear.

    Tim Coleman: Hey, I’ll admit, it takes gut to come out here on your first night and put the leader of the locker room on notice. We all know there isn’t anyone more respected in the back than you Krash, and Prince Ali certainly didn’t care.

    Krash: As soon as I’m done with Elijah Edwards, I’ll be more than happy to give Ali a chance at the CWA High Voltage belt, if he wants a fighting champion, he’s got one.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman, before we go on with the show, we just wanted to talk about the status of two of our competitors, Christian Quinn and Nate Savage.

    Shots of what occurred at Five Star Attraction begin passing through.

    Jim Taylor: In a very bloody and brutal culmination to their rivalry, Christian Quinn and Nate Savage fought at Five Star Attraction and left nothing behind. Unfortunately, that resulted in both of them being carried off in stretchers and left unable to compete and complete their matches at the PPV. They were both hurried off to the nearest medical facilities in New York and we can confirm they’re both only a little bit worse for wear but they’re recovering at home. We can confirm that they’ll both be back in the ring as soon as there names are called upon.

    Tim Coleman:
    We’ve seen our share of brutal matches here in the CWA but Quinn and Savage is up there, Jim.

    Jim Taylor: Sorry to cut you off, Tim but I’m getting word something is happening backstage.

    Tim Coleman:
    Oh, it’s just Anna Malikova, another talent who wants a contract but isn’t good enough to get one. Why was she even allowed backstage again, did someone forget to take her pass?

    As Adrenaline Rush continues to roll on at a frantic pace that CWA viewers have become accustomed to over the years, their attention is swiftly shifted backstage. Miss Anna Malikova is marching down the hallway towards the parking lot with something resembling a scowl plastered on her face and a phone to her ear\

    Anna Malikova: Fine you won’t hire me back? I’m just going to keep turning up every week until you offer me a contract. How do you think-Hello? Hello?

    Malikova removed the phone from her ear a sour expression on her face having apparently lost the signal cursing under her breath as she turned a corner into a darker corridor of the building walking forward her phone lying on her palm but when she looks up she does so with a jolt surprise on her face as she almost walks head first into a woman dressed all in black standing unmoving her eyes burning a hole through Anna with a magnetic intensity, her eyes so pale blue that they almost looked silver in the harsh fluorescent lighting if it wasn’t obvious by now this was Lilith the woman who made herself known at FSA Anna rolled her eyes and went to move past the dark woman.

    Anna Malikova: Move it freak!

    ...But Lilith ever so calmly kept blocking her way, not taking her eyes off her for a moment, like a cat locking eyes with the latest rat to come by her lair

    Anna Malikova:
    .....Hey, Weird girl, did you hear me? I said move your as-

    Lilith: Do you know where the word weird comes from?

    Anna blinks momentarily at the odd question

    Anna Malikova: Why should I c-

    Lilith: It’s from the Old English tongue, ‘wyrd’, it used to mean ‘destiny’, an inescapable doom that was woven into the very fabric of your life. Prophets and seers could foretell your wyrd, but even a hero couldn’t fight it. Struggle against your wyrd all you want, it would come to claim you.

    She punctuated her words with grand, sweeping gestures that revealed a fistful of gaudy silver rings.

    Lilith: And over the centuries and ages that term, weird, became associated not with fate itself but with those who could see it. The prophets, the soothsayers, the visionaries and witches and hags. They all became weird, and the word came to mean ‘unearthly’. It described someone with strange, unnatural powers.

    Lilith kept moving as she talked, getting uncomfortably close now causing Anna to despite herself flinch back from the clearly insane woman

    Lilith: And over time, those meanings fell away. Lost to time...

    She was so close now that Anna could smell her, a thick scent of clinging incense so strong that Anna recoiled simply from the intensity of it.

    Lilith: The word simply came to mean ‘odd’. Anyone could be weird, just by acting unusual. But here’s the truth…

    Lilith suddenly leant in to whisper

    Lilith: Those old meanings? They’re still true. Some people aren’t weird because they’re unusual. They’re not even weird because they have strange, unearthly powers that ordinary people fear and mistrust.

    She reached out and stroked her pale finger against Anna’s face

    Lilith: They’re your destiny.

    That was the limit. At the strangely cold touch, Anna Malikova moved away a mixture of disgust and fear on her face

    Anna Malikova: Back right the hell off, crazy bitch!

    Lilith didn't move. She didn’t even pull her finger away. She just looked down at Malikova

    Lilith: Even the gods couldn’t fight it. Struggle against your wyrd all you want, it will come to claim you.

    Anna Malikova: Seriously, screw off!

    Her eyes darted left, then right. There wasn’t really much of a way past Lilith that didn’t involve knocking her on her ass, and, she didn’t feel confident getting into a fistfight with a crazy person.

    Lilith: It wouldn’t do any good…

    Lilith leant over Malikova so that she had to look up to see the other woman’s face.

    Lilith: If I backed away, you’d only see me around the next corner. If you took the next train out of the city. You’d sit down right across from me.. I’m your fate, woven into the pattern of your destiny. You’ve been heading to me your entire life. You just didn’t know it until now.

    Lilith looked up suddenly as if she heard something else in the hallway before tiling her head over towards Malikova

    Lilith: ...And you can’t fight fate

    And just like that, all the lights overhead seemed to flicker momentarily before shutting off totally plunging the entire hallway in darkness we just about pick up the beginnings of Malikova's screams before the feed cuts entirely.

    Jim Taylor: Uh… I… I apologize for that disturbing sight. We’ll be sending some security backstage to check on Miss Malikova and see if she’s alright.

    Tim Coleman: We’ll be lucky if we find anyone brave enough to go there.

    Jim Taylor:
    Right, we’ll go to a short commercial break and ensure everything is fine.

    Hey hey hey
    What ya got to say
    Hey hey hey
    What ya got to say

    The General Manager of Adrenaline Rush, Isaac Richmann, who hadn’t been seen since he was taken out by Jonathan McGinnis and The Echo nearly a year ago makes his long *awaited* return to CWA. The arena isn’t quite sure how to react but considering their dislike for Noah Hanson, they opt for a more positive reaction.

    Jim Taylor: Isaac Richmann had been recovering from an attack on the part of the Indy Club months ago and during that time Noah Hanson has been in charge of CWA but it looks like the man with the greatest mustache in the business is finally back.

    Tim Coleman: There’s no way this is a good thing for CWA.

    Isaac Richmann bathes in whatever reaction he gets. On his way to the ring, he stops time and time again to wink at a pretty lady at ringside or request a number. The sleazy general manager eventually makes his way to the ring with a microphone in hand.

    Isaac Richmann: Boy… is it good to be back. And look, I want to give credit where credit is due right off the back… Noah Hanson didn’t sink the ship while I was gone, surprisingly, CWA is still in tact. But, I’m back and I’m not settling for intact. I’m settling for destroying the competition. I’m settling for ratings. I’m settling for the most exciting brand of entertainment on television. There’s a new ownership in the CWA and there’s no one better to lead Adrenaline Rush going forward than me.

    Yo! I crack the whip, you play the game.
    Every encounter that’s obstructionary comes in my name,
    so that you came to become obsessed with my location.
    Clues to my identity, denied to the impatient.
    Step up! I sense you’re on the precipice of something.

    Jim Taylor: Well that was faster than I thought.

    Tim Coleman: It’s the real General Manager of Adrenaline Rush, Noah Hanson.

    Noah Hanson steps through the curtains in a fine suit and looks much more or a general manager than Isaac Richmann has ever had. Richmann looks visibly perturbed.

    Noah Hanson: Don’t you remember why you were sent on vacation, Richmann? You can’t control the guys on this roster. You cower when they step up to you. You let the inmates run the asylum. I’m not going to let things go back to the way they were. The moment you step in charge, that whole roster will start getting kidnapped left and right in the back and you won’t do a single thing to stop it. Now, I don’t know who is in charge of the CWA from here on out, but after a glowing Five Star Attraction, I don’t see why anyone would want to get this company off track.

    An unfamiliar music blares through the physical attendance system once more cutting off one of CWA’s authority figures off. The crowd watches the top of the entrance with anticipation and through the curtains steps a man neither of them recognize. He’s six foot three and nearly two hundred ninety pounds and not the sort of man you want to mess with.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman, I can promise you, we are all as confused as you are as to who that man is.

    Tim Coleman: Well he’s been introduced with a music so the men in the production truck must know who he is.

    The man in a well-fitted suit that makes his bulk clear, flexes his shoulders and cracks his neck. Both Isaac Richmann and Noah Hanson look equally confused. He holds a set of papers in his hands and walks down the ramp comfortably. He climbs up the steal steps to moderate interest from the crowd and is handed over a microphone as he steps into the circle.

    Noah Hanson: Who the hell are you?

    Isaac Richmann:
    Better yet, who are you supposed to be protecting.

    The man glares at both.

    Afa Seanoa: I’d advise the both of you to shut up… I’ve sorta got a short temper and I doubt either of you want to see it. Now, I’m the same thing to the both of you… the man that’ll be taking your job. You see Noah… you’re right… Isaac Richmann can’t be in charge of the CWA. He is a coward. But you’re not any better Noah. You’ve barely been around, hiding in your office. We’ve seen champions run away. Championships duplicated. When’s the last time we’ve even seen the CWA World Tag Team Champions… The Echo. Last, I recall, they were pals of yours Noah… but when’s the last time they even defended those belts, huh? You see, the new ownership of the CWA… they’re tired of the corruption… they’re tired of letting the competitors control the show. The new ownership recognizes CWA is all about these people… and neither of you are giving these people what they want.

    Noah Hanson:
    Now, look. You can’t just walk down here and… fire us?

    Afa smirks sarcastically and hands the both of them papers. Richmann has already all but given up the argument but Noah is simply infuriated.

    Noah Hanson: This will have repercussions between Hanson Heavy Industries and CWA.

    Afa Seanoa: Right… you want to settle that now?

    Afa steps in front of Noah and the former temporary general manager of Adrenaline Rush frowns but backs down. The two former general managers reluctantly step out of the ring and began the long walk of shame up the ramp to a very resounding “NANANA… NANANA… HEY, HEY, HEY… GOOD BYE!” song from the Louisville arena.

    Afa Seanoa: Now that the trash is taken care of… I meant what I said when I said that’s time the guys contracted to this company realize who they’re competing for, who pays the bills, who comes out to the show. There’s no bigger culprit than Drew and Ethan Connor. When’s the last time they even showed up to this arena? See, I hear they’ve been hanging out on him, thumbing away on twitter and filming vlogs with their prided Tag Team Championships… but as far as I’m concerned, if you want to call yourselves CWA World Tag Team Champions… you need to defend it, and Echo, you haven’t. Now I’m not going to wait around for you to hear your excuses, I want the both of you back on Adrenaline Rush next episode… and I advise you do… because you’ll be seeing the first two matches of the first ever CWA World Tag Team Classic. Eight teams composed of CWA talents will go head to head until there’s only one team remaining… and the Echo… you have a choice… that one team remaining can either get an opportunity at the belts you hold… or they can have the CWA World Tag Team Championship belts to go right with their CWA World Tag Team Classic trophies.

    Seanoa has a little smirk on his face, happy with the ultimatum he’s offered The Echo and the cheering crowd seems to indicate a similar mentality.

    Afa Seanoa: And as a little preview for that tournament, we’ll have ourselves a nice tag team match right now, and whoever wins gets to qualify for it.

    The new general manager drops the microphone and begins a walk to the back after those announcements.

    Tim Coleman: I’m not used to being intimidated by my boss physically, Jim. That man looks like he could go toe to toe with our world champion.

    Jim Taylor: He’s certainly made an impression. I’m getting word now that we’ll be seeing two of the first round matches of that tournament as soon as the next episode, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: Whatever gets The Echo back in the CWA, I’m all for, Jim. I love those lovable twins.

    Born down in a dead man's town
    The first kick I took was when I hit the ground
    End up like a dog that's been beat too much
    Till you spend half your life just covering up

    Lindsay Monahan:
    First… from New York City, New York… weighing in at a combined weight of 540 pounds… they are the New Patriots of Wrestling… Joe and Paul DIMIACOOOOOO.

    Two burley man step through the curtains dressed in a combination of blue, red and white and almost automatically drawing appreciation from the crowd for their patriotic behavior. They huff heavily and then charge at a maddening pace to the squared circle.

    Jim Taylor: If there’s one way to bring people on your side its by demonstrating unabashed love for your country.

    Tim Coleman: I’m more impressed by the size of these two men. I think we’ve got our favorites to win the whole thing right here.

    Jim Taylor: Their opponents might surprise you, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: Oh, get real.

    Jim Taylor: We’ll be back for this tag team match right after a commercial break.

    Lindsay Monahan: … TRIPLE J!

    We get back in time to see Jobber Jimbo and Jugem Jugem in one corner of the ring while Jiggy John is on the outside cheering them on. The DiMiaco are roaring at each other to get the match started.

    THE DiMIACO (joe and paul dimiaco)
    versus TRIPLE J (jobber jimbo and jugem jugem) w/ jiggy john

    IN THE MIDDLE OF U.S.: Paul points at Jobber Jimbo on the other side of the ring and charges madly to their corner. Jobber runs away from his corner to another and Paul stops himself just in time. He clocks Jugem Jugem with a huge haymaker and then charges at Jobber Jimbo again. Once more Jobber runs away but this time he’s right in the grasp of Joe who holds him. Joe wraps his huge arms around Jobber and nearly lifts him over the rope as he locks in a sleeper hold.

    ENOUGH FOR BOTH: Joe lets go under the referee’s demand but that doesn’t turn out good for Jobber. Jobber just stumbles into a HUGE lariat that turns him upside down from Paul. Jugem Jugem, fueled by anger, ran back into the ring and charges at Paul only to get caught in a belly to belly suplex that flips over and into the corner. Paul tags in Joe and they lift the two Triple J members into the corner. Paul and Joe go over to the opposite corner and Joe Irish Whips Paul into the corner for a BIG Stinger Splash. Seeing where this is going, Jiggy John rushes into the ring and grabs Joe’s other arm when Paul tries to Irish Whip him into the corner. Joe shakes his head and toes Jiggy into the corner to join his other two partners. Again, Paul whips Joe into the corner for a Stinger Splash on all three members.

    PATRIOT’S DAY: With all three men stumbling around the ring half-broken, Paul and Joe send two of them, Jugem and Jiggy, flying to the outside with clothesline. Paul beings measuring Jobber and as soon as he’s up, hits him with a BIG BOOT! Jobber stumbles off into Joe who sends him crashing into the mat with an overhead belly to back suplex. They call it the Patriot’s Day! Both men jump on top of each other over the body of Jobber and the referee knows better than to object. ONE! TWO! THREE!


    Tim Coleman: Never a doubt, Jim. Maybe now our new general manager can send those goofballs back off to the FWA where they belong.

    Jim Taylor: I don’t think that’s all the DiMiaco have in store for us, Tim, but it’s certainly plenty.

    The DiMiaco have microphones in hand and look completely elated and fired up, like they’re hoping for another four matches before the night is through.

    Joe DiMiaco: Paul, is this really the best they’ve got here in the CWA.

    Paul DiMiaco: Maybe it is Joe, maybe it isn’t. But you’ve got to give them credit. You don’t step up to someone who’s got the pride and support of millions and millions of Americans behind them without a little bit of courage.

    Joe DiMiaco: You’re right, Paul. America is built on bravery. All we can hope for is that whoever we face in that tournament brings that same courage, and that same bravery so we can put on a show for all of the Americans who have paid hard earned money to come see us wrestle.

    Paul DiMiaco:You’re damn right, Joe. But the thing is, I don’t think those Echo brothers are going to bring any pride, bravery or courage when we come up against them. See, they’ve been running away for the better part of a year but the time for running is up. If they decide to show their faces, it goes without saying it’ll be Patriot’s Day come early for all of us and we’ll all take pride in celebrating true Americans , ones that don’t run away, ones that stand and fight, finally holding the CWA World Tag Team Champions!

    Joe DiMiaco: There’s a long way between us and the CWA World Tag Team Championships and those CWA World Tag Team Classic trophies.

    PaulDiMiaco: The only thing we can ask for between then and now is for all of these people to BELIEVE IN US!

    “Born in the USA” plays throughout the arena a second time with equal approval from the arena for the pair of patriotic Americans in the ring.

    The camera heads off to the back where we catch Afa Seanoa nodding his head at a monitor showcasing what just happened. He stars wandering around the back purposefully when he stops in front of a door with the name of “Jon Snowmantashi” which earns an immediate “KAIJU!” chant from the arena. He doesn’t knock on the door and opens it. Duncan and KATAIDESU are immediately up but Snowmantashi is a bit slower to stand.

    Afa Seanoa: Don’t get up on account of me.

    Duncan and KATAIDESU sit down but Jon Snowmantashi remains standing.

    Afa Seanoa:
    Well, all right then. Now… just to be clear, I’m not going around the back introducing myself, not even to the CWA World Heavyweight Champion… I’ve actually got a different reason for being here. I’m pretty sure, champ, that you want to see the CWA World Tag Team Championships off the Echo just as much every fan in that arena…

    Jon Snowmantashi: Most of my partners tend to turn on me.

    Afa Seanoa: Right. But you know what they say, blood is thicker than water, and as a Samoan, there’s no bonder tighter than family.

    Jon Snowmantashi seems to ponder the thought, and even KATAIDESU has an inkling of what’s coming next. Afa hands Snowmantashi a contract.

    Afa Seanoa: There’s a three month long contract. I know there’s someone out there you trust enough to stand by your side, and there might even be a date with the Echo at the end of it. You find a partner, then there’s a spot for you. Let me know, champ.

    He heads off to the exit as Snowmantashi confers with Duncan and KATAIDESU.

    The camera heads back to the arena with Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman at ringside.

    Jim Taylor: That’s blockbuster news if I ever heard any. Our CWA World Heavyweight Champion may very well be competing in our CWA World Tag Team Championship.

    Tim Coleman: You heard what he said, no one that sides with Snowmantashi doesn’t end up turning on him. He should concentrate on holding the championship he has. Krash was an exception, Snowmantashi just can’t hope to mirror that.

    Jim Taylor: We’ll have to see, there’s plenty of mystery heading into the CWA World Tag Team Classic but before that we’ve got a huge main event between Shawn Summers and the CWA debutant, XYZ.

    Tim Coleman: Are you sure he’s not another FWA invader.

    Jim Taylor: Then it’s another chance at Summers to redeem himself against our FWA guests, Tim.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, this is your main event of the evening! Introducing first… weighing at 205 pounds… from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada… he is the God King… SHAWN… SUMMMMMMMERS!

    Shawn Summers walks down to the ring with complete focus. It’s clear he’s very much pissed off about what happened at Five Star Attraction against Shannon O’Neal and his demeanor is that of a man on a mission. He doesn’t bother acknowledging the crowd and mouths the lyrics to “Cola” by Lana Del Rey as he enters the ring and patiently waits in his corner.

    Tim Coleman: I think Shawn Summers just might make sure tonight that none of these people from the FWA ever dare to cross the line again.

    Jim Taylor: Intense. Determined. Prideful. Focused. Shawn Summers is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world for those qualities.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent… weighing in at 204 pounds…

    Dressed in a one piece with a cape on, there aren’t many more unique looking wrestlers than XYZ. He stops at the top of the age to spread his cape-wings and the crowd, by nature of his eccentricity and his opponent, can’t help but side with the dreamer.

    Tim Coleman: I… honestly can’t decide if I prefer the three jerks from earlier or Shannon O’Neal but I know for a fact that I prefer any of them over this guy.

    Jim Taylor: Polarizing and eccentric, you will not find another XYZ in professional wrestling.

    Tim Coleman: You won’t find another XYZ in all of the cosmos, Jim. He’s bizarre.

    XYZ heads to the ring after lengthy hand slapping at ringside and eventually finds his way to his corner after doing some clap-worthy rope-walking.

    versus XYZ

    CONSEQUENCES OF UNDERESTIMATION: Shawn Summers squares off with XYZ with clear intends to cower his opponent with his technical acumen. XYZ has no intention whatsoever to enter into a lock up. As soon as Summers and XYZ’s fingers touch, XYZ unleashes a blistering kick to the thigh. Then one to the chin. Then thigh. Shin. Thigh. Shin. Thigh. Shin. Left thigh. Right shin. Left shin. Right thigh. Shawn Summers drops to the mat. That doesn’t stop XYZ. He keeps unleashing the kicks until Summers backs to the rope to force a break.

    SOME ACROBATICS: Summers charges wildly at XYZ after recovering thanks to the referee but XYZ rolls out the way. Summers bounces off the ropes and gets a dropkick to the chest for good measure. The God King goes flying out of the ring. XYZ asks the fans if they want to see him fly and they emphatically respond with cheers. He charges to the ropes and a single bound jumps to the top rope. Summers has moved out of the way however but XYZ someone catches his balance on the top rope, walks it over to the turnbuckle and soon as Summers turns around, goes flying with a crossbody! The entire crowd has been won over with that incredible display.

    XYZ goes for a pin as soon as Shawn Summers has been rolled back into the ring but Summers kicks out quickly after the one count. XYZ gestures for Shawn Summers to get back up and as soon as he does, XYZ does a handspring, his feet scissoring Shawn Summers. He tries to spin around but Summers cuts him short and drops to his knees for an unorthodox pin. ONE… TWO… THR- SHOULDERS UP! Shawn Summers counters it immediately by holding onto one leg and turning it into an ankle lock.

    ALTERED STRATEGY: Summers wrenches at the leg furiously and XYZ knows well enough that he’s far enough from the ropes and Summers is refusing to let XYZ get enough forward momentum to reach them. XYZ instead pushes up then flips forward and in a sudden turn of events, XYZ has the ankle lock locked in! He clearly isn’t very familiar with the submission move but he does his best to apply it all the while kicking at Summers’s thigh. Summers is eventually able to break out of it by reaching out for ropes.

    LIMB WORK: Shawn Summers and XYZ both have decided to adopt the same strategy, hurt the opponent’s leg more than they can hurt yours. XYZ’s is simplistic enough, kick at Summers’s shin or thigh any time he gets the opportunity. Summers is a lot more intricate, clipping XYZ’s knee, locking in a single crab, a figure four or simply lifting up and ramming XYZ’s leg into the mat.

    TECHNICIAN AT ITS FINEST: It becomes clear enough that one of these two men has spent a career focused on dissecting his opponent. Summers aggression becomes increased as the match rares on. Summers clips XYZ’s knee on the turnbuckle and the bizarre one ends up in a terrible tree of woe position. He runs to one end of the ring and charges with intent hitting a shotgun dropkick right into XYZ’s leg.

    Shawn Summers, a shark sensing blood, paces around the ring before locking in the ankle lock on XYZ again. Much to his shock, XYZ reaches with his other leg onto Shawn’s neck and starts spinning around endlessly in 360 degrees until Shawn has no choice but to let go and by then its too late, Shawn flips onto his back.

    MOONSAULT FAKE-OUT: XYZ smacks at his leg to rejuvenate some life and runs to the ropes. He goes for a springboard moonsault but has to hesitate to catch his balance under that shaky leg. He goes to hit it but Shawn Summers cleverly rolls out of the way, or so he thought. XYZ lands on his feet, though those shaky legs sending him stumbling onto the ropes. With that momentum, he charges forward and hits a huge SENTON.


    The referee goes to check. One arm goes down. He lifts it again. It goes down a second time. He lifts it a third time - as soon as he lets go, XYZ pushes off the ground to flip into a standing handspring all the guillotine choke is locked in, but Summers shoulders are done.


    DING! DING! DING! He let go too late!


    Shawn Summers is on his feet instantly wanting to get his hands back on XYZ but the referee stands between and is nearly the victim of Summers’s anger himself.

    Jim Taylor: Shawn Summers has just been upset by the new FWA wrestler.

    Tim Coleman: He had his shoulders up, Jim!

    Jim Taylor: The referee made his decision, it looks like his shoulders were not up in time.

    XYZ slides out of the ring and taunts Shawn Summers but the referee ensures he stands between him and the winner.

    Jim Taylor: I don’t believe Shawn Summers will let go of this defeat, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: You can barely call that a victory! If our new general manager has any sense we will be seeing a rematch between these two.

    Jim Taylor: That’s all we have for this show folks, tune on the next Adrenaline Rush for the start of the CWA World Tag Team Classic!

    Credit: To An Original Name for the Lilith/Anna segment~ Post show comments to follow.
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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [21/04/2017]

    And post show comments time:

    I hadn't planned this card out, or that it was going to be a storyline show so a lot of this stuff was impromptu but I hope it was good enough.

    Evidently I wrote segments for a lot of characters. There's 100% no way I'll be able to write your characters the way you write them, and there's always a possibility I get it COMPLETELY wrong. I apologize if I did any of that and I'm 100% willing to correct any mistakes you might want me to fix. The main goal here was to give guys a direction, especially the newer ones.

    With that said, a lot of names missing here, Christian Quinn/Savage (addressed in the show), LIGHTBRINGER/Elijah Edwards (the former was requested, the latter was a genuine lack of space on the show without me feeling like he was shoehorned in, I've totally got thoughts on which direction EE could go though).

    I think the big sticking points might be the two matches featuring actual users, the opener and the main event. The opener I think makes sense and the losing side may see the logic in it. The latter could be bothersome, the original plan was for a debut to happen there but I didnt get the info on time. Summers could've gotten the win but I felt XYZ deserved a strong debut but I think Summers still looked great and definitely did not feel as if he lost because XYZ was outright better. From now on, you can expect that future storyline matches will feature NPCs vs. main roster guys to avoid this issue, if not, then it'll be because there's a pre-determined finish in place to justify having two characters in place. I definitely don't want to give undeserved losses to anybody going forward!

    Debuting new general manager - hopefully an interview takes place going forward to settle him in. Definitely different than most, and that's intentional. He'll be a part of shows but won't be any sort of 'AUTHORITY' type figure. He'll get shit done and play more Regal in NXT type role. He ain't taking no one's shit

    Big announcement is the tag team tournament, it'll be comprised of 8 teams and I've already got 4 teams in it. I have ideas for the other 4 teams (comprised of main roster members put together) BUT before those teams are revealed I'd like to see if anyone had a partner in mind or wanted to bring someone or a team in. The goal will be to elevate the tag team division up to not being a competitive division again but being a title that can main event PPVs just as often as the World Heavyweight Championship belt. This tournament will be the focus of the next three shows up to the PPV (PPV name tbd because I'm not as creative as I wish I was).

    Lastly - question in regards to RP: Do you guys prefer the current method of PM'ing me (and Cyrus) the RPs or would you prefer to have a thread where RPs for that given show are posted. If its the former, I'll make an effort to make sure the RPs are posted in a thread afterwards but I do think it'd be more convenient if RPs were posted in a thread from the get go.

    *Black Widow Wrestling participants, I'll be making a HUGE effort to get the rest of the tournament up. March & April were really busy times for me because I was nearing the end of my overload coursework but I'm done that semester now and I'm determined to get everything up before May. My sig will carry updates on where I am with either show.

    Think that's all. Hope we can move forward well with CWA and keep it going strong.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [21/04/2017]

    Pretty excellent show. Loved it. Love the match-writing format, love the new Authority Figure Who Gets Shit Done TM, love the way Thomas Jones returned, and especially LOVE the tag tournament announcement. Opens up countless new possibilities of teams, old and new, vying for a chance at The Echo.

    CWA is in good hands. Good work, Jon.


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [21/04/2017]

    Excellent work Jon, excellent. I can have Savage bring in a tag team partner for the tournament if you need any voids to fill in it.

    Before I stepped down, Elijah's handler Gambit had told me he wanted to take a break with Elijah. I may not have told you that before, apologies about that.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [21/04/2017]

    I loved the format of this show with how the matches were written and the way it flowed to kind of establish storylines and show the direction that the fed is going in. I'm curious to see what the upcoming cards will look like and how the pay-per-view pans out. Would have loved to see Rainmaker on the show after losing at FSA but I guess that's fine. I think it'll be interesting to see where Shawn Summers goes after yet another loss to an FWA star. Can Summers still be considered a contender for the World Championship after losing at back to back pay-per-views? Can he even truly proclaim himself as the "God-King"? The answer to those questions is "HELL YES".

    I actually once had the idea of pitching a storyline where Shawn Summers would challenge The Echo for the tag titles by himself to prove that he was the best damn wrestler on the roster no matter what division he was in. I dropped the idea but this tag tournament is kinda interesting.

    Also, I like the idea of posting the RP's in a thread. I miss reading other guys RP's and seeing what they were doing with their characters and seeing them try something different on occasions.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [21/04/2017]

    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth Jazz Wolf View Post
    Pretty excellent show. Loved it. Love the match-writing format, love the new Authority Figure Who Gets Shit Done TM, love the way Thomas Jones returned, and especially LOVE the tag tournament announcement. Opens up countless new possibilities of teams, old and new, vying for a chance at The Echo.

    CWA is in good hands. Good work, Jon.

    Tag tournament should be fun. Looking forward to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King View Post
    Excellent work Jon, excellent. I can have Savage bring in a tag team partner for the tournament if you need any voids to fill in it.

    Before I stepped down, Elijah's handler Gambit had told me he wanted to take a break with Elijah. I may not have told you that before, apologies about that.
    Did not know about Gambit/EE admittedly - had planned to PM him myself and now I regret not doing that earlier At least I found out before it was too late. And a partner for Nate Savage would be great!

    Quote Originally Posted by Comeback Kid View Post
    I loved the format of this show with how the matches were written and the way it flowed to kind of establish storylines and show the direction that the fed is going in. I'm curious to see what the upcoming cards will look like and how the pay-per-view pans out. Would have loved to see Rainmaker on the show after losing at FSA but I guess that's fine. I think it'll be interesting to see where Shawn Summers goes after yet another loss to an FWA star. Can Summers still be considered a contender for the World Championship after losing at back to back pay-per-views? Can he even truly proclaim himself as the "God-King"? The answer to those questions is "HELL YES".

    I actually once had the idea of pitching a storyline where Shawn Summers would challenge The Echo for the tag titles by himself to prove that he was the best damn wrestler on the roster no matter what division he was in. I dropped the idea but this tag tournament is kinda interesting.

    Also, I like the idea of posting the RP's in a thread. I miss reading other guys RP's and seeing what they were doing with their characters and seeing them try something different on occasions.
    LB is in a bit of a weird spot atm but also the show felt pretty full as well turning the focus on other guys so I'm not too regretful about him not making it onto it.

    Summers was definitely a dilemma for me because he could've used the win after WR/FSA but XYZ was also a debutante. But I'm confident he'll have an opportunity at redemption before too long :3


    AR Card up tomorrow~ If y'all have sign ups to do for that tournament would appreciate it going up asap

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [21/04/2017]

    This was a great push of the reset button on CWA. It looks like we are moving into a surprising and interesting new era in CWA. I love the tag tournament wish it was called sonething else but thats minor. I feel like making each division feel important will create more a community again in the fed. The writing of the matches were interesting. Very refreshing. The way you wrote my character was along the lines of how i want my character. Also i thought the new GM was my old character Afa Joe for second i marked out but his last name is cool. Plus i think post show comments should be a regular thing.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [21/04/2017]

    Quote Originally Posted by Positive Jon View Post

    Did not know about Gambit/EE admittedly - had planned to PM him myself and now I regret not doing that earlier At least I found out before it was too late. And a partner for Nate Savage would be great!
    Lol yeah, I sent you a PM. I don't plan on taking too long of a hiatus. But I'd also like to discuss what your ideas were. I just wanted a little time to take a step back and evaluate where the character could go.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [21/04/2017]

    Also, I'm going to say I would rather RPs were made public in a threat like FWA. It's easier that way and it shows everyone the other's ability and gives you motivation to be creative. At least in my opinion.

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