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Thread: Benjamin Richards: Story of a footballer

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    Benjamin Richards: Story of a footballer

    Monologue: My whole all I wanted was to be a footballer, to step out on that pitch with over 20,000 people, cheering my name. To stand side by side with some of the worlds greatest, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimović, and Wayne Rooney. The absolute best the footballing world has seen for the past 12 years. All I ever wanted was to play on the grandest stage of the footballing world, the theatre of dreams Old Trafford, wow what history that stadium has, the Busby babes, the class of 92, the likes of George Best, Sir Bobby Charlton, Jack Rowley, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Roy Keane. Wow, to play with the likes will be unbelievable or that's what I thought until today. Today, I have the chance to make my dreams come true, today I have an opportunity to make my mark, impress the scouts and I'm in. Impress the scouts and my dream as a footballer is ignited. Today is judgement day.

    ????: Good luck today Ben.

    Ben: Thanks Mum (Putting on his jacket)

    Mum (Annie Richards): Remember try your best, today could make you dream come true.

    M: That's not helping mum (opening the front door)

    Mum: I know, I just....(Gives him a hug)

    Dad (Stanley Richards): Oh leave him alone Annie, you're embarrassing him.

    Ben: Mum, I'll be fine (Trying to release himself from his mums grip)

    Dad: Come on we got to get you to the game, see you later hun.

    Ben: Bye mum

    Mum: Call me when the game finishes. (Waving goodbye)

    Ben: She is so embarrassing (he said to his dad)

    Dad: She just worries. (Getting in the car)


    Driving on the way to the Gordon Banks training centre.

    Dad: So who is coming to this match then?

    Ben: Scouts from Port Vale, West Brom, Fleetwood and Sheffield Utd I think. A few others as well.

    Dad: Well like your mum said try you best and let your talent do the rest.

    Ben: Yeah will do, oh here is Jays house (pointing at a little house outside the car)

    The door opens in comes a 16 year old

    Jay: Hey dude, hello Mr Richards.

    Ben: Jay, are you ready to breaks some legs?

    Jay; Hell yeah, today I'll be kante 2.0. Are you ready to score some goals?

    Ben: Well I don't know about that

    Dad: Come on ben don't be modest, you'll do great

    Jay: Yeah

    Ben: Hope so (Looking anxious)

    Up next is the match

    note: Hey this is my new idea, this is going to follow the career of Benjamin Richards, a 16 year old with a dream to be come a footballer and his journey before and during. To be honest I was going to do a wrestling version of this but however I need to wait a certain amount of time so I thought I do a football version to test how successful it could be. This is basically going to be a written version of the journey or the NBA story mode for any basketball fans, so there will be a lot of interaction with other players as well as the matches. There will be a press conferences, interactions and storylines which could be changed or created depending on your thoughts. So enjoy.

    This is Ben:

    This is Jay:

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    Re: Benjamin Richards: Story of a footballer

    The first half: Bens team( the red team) has 2-0 down to blue team. The red team was creating lots of chances but however Ben being the lone stiker missed four one on one chances and was being out shined by the opposition's striker he arch enemy, Kenny, who scored the two goals for his team.

    Kenny: Hey, benny nice shooting (he said condescendingly)

    Ben: Why don't you...

    Jay: Just ignore him Ben.

    Ben: No he is right

    Jay: You will be better next half, forget the scouts just play they way you can.

    Ben: That's easy for you to say you're a Defensive mid.

    Jay: It's working though

    Ben: Just look at them they are looking at the other team. (looking at the group of scouts)

    Coach: Come on boys ( Signalling to Ben and Jay)

    Second Half: It stayed the same until Ben dropped into midfield and was dribbles into the box where he got took down for a penalty. Ben goes to take the penalty

    Ben: Come on you can do it ( he said quietly to himself).

    Ben looks to his dad on the sidelines and sees him giving him a thumbs up. Ben looks back and runs to strike and........hits the bar (ohh goes the crowd) but Ben thinks fast and heads in the ball for a GOAL. Ben runs to get the ball with his teammates surrounding him and says

    Ben: Come on, let's get back in this game

    Soon be a team starts dominating the game and soon Ben scores again, this time he scores a half volley created by his teammate, Mark, and levelled he score line. He goes on to set Mark up for a goal and then scores a 24 yard screamer with 4 minutes left to finish the game.

    Final score line: 4-2

    Half the crowd goes crazy and celebrates like they won the Champions League.

    Teammte 1: Get in

    teammate 2: Great game guys

    Jay: I don't want to brag but I was amazing.

    Ben: I can't believe it

    Coach: Well done boys, now some of the scouts were so impressed that they want to speak with a few of you NOW.

    Scout1: Hey boys I'm from Sheffield Wednesday scouting staff and I'm...

    Scout 2: I'm from Stoke City

    Scout 3: I'm from Sunderland
    Dad: Hey boys we'll done today any scouts talk too you

    Ben: Yeah I do know who to go for

    Jay: Sunderland sounds good

    Kenny: Sunderland ha ha I'm meeting up with scouts from Man City next week (he said smugly)

    Suddenly a man in a suit and glasses walked past Kenny and started to walk towards Ben and jay.

    ???: Hello Mr Richards, Mr Marsh my name is Javier Rodriguez I represent a group of top classes scouts hired by Manchester United football club

    Ben: Wait man utd?

    Jay: No way

    Javier Rodriguez: Yeah here is my card let's set up a meeting in two days call me tomorrow about when you tomorrow and your friend Mr Marsh here's my cards aswell. call me if you are intrested. ( handing out his cards)

    He walks off into his car and walks off and when he drives off the boys cheers.

    Up next the interviews

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