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Thread: The Prime Minister May Thread

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    Re: The Prime Minister May Thread

    We all know the real reason May called the election was to secure an extra five years in power whilst strengthening the Tory lead. "Increase my hand for Brexit" was all smoke and mirrors. May, and the vast majority of Tories, put party before country. They're still doing it with this DUP deal It was an attempt to try and get more Tory MPs into power to try and prevent any sort of rebellion against her by brexiteers or remainers. The optimist in me thinks she was trying to get more soft brexiteers in so that hard brexiteers couldn't rebel against her and fuck things up. Now, she's stuck because she's dependent on either side to stay in power. One wrong move and she's getting stabbed in the back. Her days are numbered. Be surprised if she makes it to next year.
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    Re: The Prime Minister May Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus Truth View Post
    So, as somebody completely lost on all the intricacies of British politics, government, and the like, I find all of this remarkably fascinating. Mostly because I find it flooring that the people in charge can call for an election/vote pretty much whenever they feel like it, it seems. We elected Trump here in the US and we're STUCK with him for the next 4 years.

    Anyways, I do have a question for the GMT folks, specifically those who in the Brexit thread were content with the Leave vote. Now that Theresa May has failed completely to create a proper mandate and consolidate power for the exit negotiations, do you still feel as if Brexit was a wise choice?
    Still content ish with Brexit. My reservations are that nobody seems to have a clue what we are looking for so its a bit of a mess.

    It hasnt been the apocalypse that many predicted but then again we're not out. It doesnt make any sense for the EU to not cooperate with us. We are still one of the biggest countries in the world and any attempt to hard ball us would be cutting their nose off to spite their face.

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