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    Name*: Lilith
    Nickname: The Herald Of Darkness, The Mother Of Ravens, The Woman in Black
    Date of Birth*: Unknown
    Place of Birth: Unknown
    Currently Residing*: Salem, Massachusetts
    Height*: 5ft 8ins
    Weight*: 170 ibs

    Gimmick*:That depends on what you believe, to be true; either she’s a mentally ill, yet undeniably vicious woman with delusions of grandeur and voices in her head….or she’s a dark occultist skilled in the dark arts. The Occult, Witchcraft. Manipulative and cunning as they come. Claims to be only a herald for a coming "Darkness" that'll soon engulf the world. Is she legit? Is she a con artist? Crazy? Playing mind games? No one really knows..As Manipulative as they come, a master of mind games and can nicely get into the head of her competition, be it through her "Magic" (Think Bray Wyatt/Undertaker) Her wicked tongue or even her feminine wiles to get what she wants. To her people are just tools and she can get anyone to sell her soul and bow. All it takes is the right price and she always has a way to find that price. Because when the devil comes for you, he doesn't come with horns and a pitchfork. He comes as everything you've ever hoped for.Severely deranged, yet also very calm and methodical looking.

    Disposition*: Heel

    Wrestling Style*:The only way to describe her in ring mentality is...eerily calm. With her, it's less of a wrestling match and more like a deadly spider feed, slowly getting themselves entangled in her web toying with them as they struggle before feasting. That's the mentality of Lillth. Her movements are slow and graceful, her eyes never leaving the eyes of her foe like she's sizing them up.: Cold and Calculating as they come Lillith wrestles at a slow methodical pace yet like a snake she can lure people in with slow movements before striking with quick blows and it’s all over

    Wrestling Abilities*: (Rank from 1-5, 1 being your best) Speed (5(Technical (2), Power (4) Brawling (3) Charisma.(1)

    Signature Taunts/Poses: It’s hard to describe as such but when Lillith requires some help...Odd things tend to happen that distract her foe. The lights begin to flicker, that kind of thing
    Catchphrase: N/A
    Entrance theme: Virgin Queen-Mediaeval Baebes

    Basic Moves*: Flying Forearm Smash
    Springboard Legdrop
    Springboard Clothesline
    Hangman DDT
    Dropping down and uppercutting the opponent, as a back body drop counter
    Torture Crab
    Snap Suplex
    Pendelum Backbreaker
    Diving Tornado DDT
    Wheel Kick
    Diving Crossbody
    Side Effect
    Rolling Fireman's Carry
    Vaulting Corner Dropkick to a downed opponent
    Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker
    High Angle Neckbreaker

    Signature Move*:

    Midnight’s call - A full nelson suplex into a bridge, but when they land Lilith holds them in place and digs her long, sharp nails into their head and face. Its a variation on the Double Leg Muta Lock

    Mist-At a moment's notice, Lilith can spew out the old Muta trait “Asian Mist” to get an advantage -Different coloured mist have different effects: Green– obscures the opponent's vision.Red burn rather than blind. Black
    – An even more powerful mist which is purported to severely blind an opponent for a prolonged period of time. To be used in times of extreme hate/Last resort.Blue – This mist is used to send an opponent to sleep.Yellow– This mist is purported to paralyse the opponent. Purple- The mist once sprayed seemed to have a hypnotic effect on people.

    Murder Of Crows- Widows Peak

    -Flowing snap DDT

    -Knee Trembler

    -Thrust Kick -Sometimes used as a counter to the Irish Whip

    Nocturnus- Discus Big Boot

    Regular Finishing Move*: (One only)
    Judas Kiss- Destino
    Darkness Falls- Grapevined Crossface Chicken wing

    Previous Experience (If any):
    A mainstay for the indy scene for a long time, until she became one of the break out stars of the WWC which got the attention of CWA officials

    Injury History (If any):

    Name of character representative*:Katie McGrath
    Picture*: See above

    Promo*: You guys know mw
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