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    Name: XYZ
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 204
    Age: 30
    From: Sitka, Alaska
    Face/heel/tweener: Face
    Current feuds: None
    CWA win-loss record: N/A
    CWA accomplishments: N/A
    Style of wrestling: Unorthodox, high-flying, lots of kicks and strikes with the feet
    Appearance: Medium-built, tone, sandy blonde/light brown hair down to the shoulders, black-and-white tattoos on the shoulders and biceps, long pants, wrestles bare foot, wears a green-and-black-colored leather robe
    Personality: Eccentric movements and talking patters, sometimes nonsensical when speaking, overall unorthodox lifestyle habits

    Basic and advanced moves: vicious kicks to the thighs and shins repeatedly for 20 seconds, standing dropkick to the chest after being brought to his feet; head-scissors takedown after spinning 360 degrees in the air with the legs around the opponent's neck; flying double knees to the chest from the top rope; leg sweep into a quick leaping elbow drop to the chest; springboard moonsault; springboard moonsault fake out where XYZ flips back, lands on his feet, and then hits a quick standing senton
    Finishing move: Front-Flip Springboard Leg Drop — but XYZ climbs to the top turnbuckle and tight-rope walks the ropes to get some bounce and momentum before leaping off
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    Re: XYZ

    Could you add a billed from/currently residing to your sign up for ring introduction reasons Thanks!

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