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    Post your promo here. Promos are due on Sunday, April 16th at MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME. This is Monday, April 17th at 3AM EASTERN TIME and 8AM BRITISH TIME. Extensions are available upon request up until 24 hours before deadline.

    Extensions: Mike Parr, Michael Garcia, Ryan Rondo, Phillip A. Jackson, Danny Toner, Eimi Sanada, The Olympians, Eyesnsane & Alana Allure
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    The scene opens up to a high-end restaurant on a busy street in Houston. Risky Douglas is shown sitting at a table for two wearing a Giorgio Armani suit. A waitress notices him and tries to give him her number but he signals that he's waiting for someone and shows her a ringbox, indicating that he's planning on proposing to Samantha Sweet. The waitress kindly understands and hands it to another man who was very willing to get the number. Samantha finally gets to the restaurant and they have a long embrace.

    Sorry I'm late traffic was crazy.

    It's okay Sammy, I'm so sorry I couldn't pick you up from the airport training was very intense today.

    Like I've said many times I'm just happy you're finally chasing your dream. You have a big match coming up and you need to stay focused.

    You're absolutely right, now this is why you're my dancing queen. This match is about revenge against Starr. I'm fighting in honour of my best friend XYZ. I have to admit the Hardcore Ultimate X match struck me greatly. On one hand I finally shut Starr up, I showed him who the real Risky Douglas is. Rewatching the match and seeing myself stop him from getting that title puts a smile on my face. But then I watch the rest of the match. I was there. I had him. I almost won the X Title in my first FWA title match. If I had held on to Vincent's leg I could have pulled him down. I COULD BE A CHAMPION RIGHT NOW!

    The other patrons notice Risky's outburst and he looks around very embarrassed. He mouths apologies to them and they respect his privacy.

    I'm sorry babe, I just get so worked up. Vincent deserved his win but it will never change the thought that I was seconds away from becoming a champion. My anger always changes to happiness when I look at you. I love you so much.

    I love you too Risky, you are the greatest boyfriend I've ever had. You spent so much time making my dreams come true I knew it was time to make you happy. I know you can beat Starr one-on-one, you're Risky damn Douglas for god's sake!

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I believe it's time to do my last big favour to you. Samantha fucking Sweet, will you marry me?

    Risky gets on one knee while doing this. Samantha starts crying and nods 'yes' to the question as everybody around them claps in approval. They kiss and he puts the ring on her finger.

    Well congratulations you two

    Risky and Samantha turn around to see a man with a great big smile wearing a cowboy hat and wearing a suit with black cowboy boots.

    Well, well, well. If it isn't Texas' own Jimmy Steele, I forgot you lived in these parts. Samantha you remember Jimmy right? He was my main rival when I was wrestling in the Northwest, totally forgot he moved back to Houston.

    Oh right, nice to meet you again. Didn't you used to tell my fiancé that he was a waste of space? And wait now he's in a company bigger than you'll ever be!

    Ah they were just jests. We all used to bug the new guys that came in, especially the overrated ones like your fiancé. I've been following your time in FWA very closely Risky, and you don't have a chance in beating Starr at PAYBACK. I personally hope he cleans the ring with you. You're just a freak who thinks he can dance.

    You've always been jealous that I'm more talented than you'll ever be. Starr is more talented than you'll ever be. You've always been just a bully and you'll never change. I know you were released because of how you treated me and the others. And you know deep down I'll beat Starr just like I beat you all those years ago. You underestimated me and met the real Risky Douglas. Starr underestimated me and met the real Risky Douglas. At PAYBACK I'll make sure he does not forget who I am. Now if you'll excuse us we're going home to have sex numerous times and you, well you have nobody.

    Steele snickers and leaves while Risky and Samantha pay their bill (they didn't even eat) and grab their jackets. They step outside the restaurant and Steele comes out of nowhere attempting a clothesline but Risky ducks and hits a superkick right to the jaw, laying Steele right out.

    I guess you forgot who the real Risky Douglas is Jimmy.

    Risky and Samantha kiss and Risky quickly flags a taxi down as the two of them celebrate their engagement.

    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang

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    Exile Chronicles: Volume 16

    "Oncoming Storm"

    Our scene opens in a very tiny rural village somewhere in the heartland of America. The sounds of heavy machinery echo as we get a wide, panning shot of tractors, tillers, and other farm equipment out in the fields, doing everything they can to get the fields prepped for crops. A couple of the fields have already started turning green from wheat sprouts as folks in the village seem to be busy with various chores, tending livestock, and all the expected things you'd expect from a farming community.

    But it seems the day's about to be cut short as, off in the distance, the sky looks very dark, signaling that it's about to rain heavily. The farmers in their tractors seem to be well aware of it as they're pulling out of the fields and heading back home whilst the children are being called back into their homes.

    Amidst all this motion, the camera catches a man walking down the small main street of this village, wearing a pitch-black suit and red tie. We can't see his face, but we do see that his gloved hands are tightly clutching a black umbrella. The villagers don't seem to be paying this stranger any mind as they've got other things to concern themselves with, but one of the village children speaks up as the stranger passes him by.

    Village Boy: Hey, Mister! You may wanna get inside! Pa says that there's a really bad storm comin' in!

    The stranger stops walking and replies in a familiar voice:

    ???: Boy, you have no idea.

    The camera pans up to the stranger's face, a face that expresses equal parts exhaustion, rage, and disgust. The face of the FWA World Heavyweight Champion...of an Exile in a land that he has condemned to the fire.

    Cyrus Truth: And I'm not scared at all.

    The boy looks confused as his father yells for him to get inside, which he eventually does, leaving Cyrus alone. Cyrus continues walking with purpose in the direction of the darker skies. Time passes as Cyrus continues walking down a dirt path and up a hill towards a section of broken wooden fencing bordering a field of wheat sprouts. Cyrus leans his back against the fence and opens his umbrella as the wind starts to pick up just a bit. Cyrus looks as if he's fed up with just about everything, as if there's little left in his life at this moment giving him any joy. As he speaks, his voice drips with a sense of weariness that speaks of long, arduous journey fraught with challenges, both valorous and asinine. He is sick and tired, and he's prepared to expound on it.

    Cyrus Truth: I am reminded on a daily basis that I am surrounded by fools and idiots who can't grasp exactly what this situation I have with KAIZEN and FWA is. Nor are they able to see past their own inadequacies to properly assess who I am and what I've accomplish since I made the decision a year ago to enter Carnal Contendership. Since the day I arrived, I have been consistently belittled, insulted, and mocked as I won match after match and became the World Champion. But I never did the same. I humbled myself, and set out only to prove that I was the best. And again, match after match came and went and I outlasted every challenger FWA threw at me. All I asked from FWA was that they give me proper challenges, proper matches. Matches that would prove that I'm either the dominant champion I've set out to be, or that the challenger who would dethrone me was worthy of doing so. But as we've seen, those requests have been ignored. I get thrust into Mile High Massacre with three other champions I had no beef with, and my title was the one that was on the line...none of theirs, of course. And then KAIZEN insisted on having a Trial By Fire match despite he and I having no quarrel with one another. There was no great hatred to be settled, no differences that couldn't be hashed out in a match where there's a definitive winner or loser, and no glory to be earned by simply being lucky enough to survive as oppose to actually OVERCOME your opposition. But FWA didn't care, and KAIZEN cared even less. So when the entirety of your world decides that your desire for glory doesn't matter, will never acknowledge what you've done and who you've overcome, then what would you do? What would ANY of you do? Submit? Collaborate? You probably would, just as KAIZEN has. But, no no. A king does not submit to peons. A warrior does not collaborate with fools. A champion stands for what a champion should stand for, and if the world is against him, then the world has to be brought under heel.

    Such venom coming from the words of the Wayward Warrior, such vitrol. Right or wrong, there's a lot of hatred in the very heart of FWA's World Champion. A festering, toxic hate that has been building for that may not be able to be quelled.

    Cyrus Truth: I am told by my supposed "peers" that I am not welcome. That I am nothing but a pretender to the crown. This is in spite of the fact that some, like Hughes, had their chance to take my title and failed. And if it's not enough that morons like Hughes talk as if they've accomplished anything worth a damn, you have people like Bell Connelly crawl out of whatever hiding spot she's been in to talk to me about how I've let greed and ambition "corrupt" me. And not in the kind of dismissive tone that Hughes likes to use. No...Bell almost made it sound like she felt sorry for me.

    Cyrus's eye twitches as he repeats the word "sorry" under his breath as thunder rolls in the distance. The skies are slowly getting even darker as Cyrus's tone becomes more enraged.

    Cyrus Truth: "Sorry for me?" Who the hell are any of you? To dismiss me, to feel pity for me...who are you to stand in judgment of me?! You think I've let greed cloud my vision, let arrogance replace confidence? I NEVER WANTED ANYTHING MORE THAN WHAT I'VE ASKED FOR, WHAT WAS OWED ME! How is that so hard for you fools to understand?! I wanted fights. I wanted to earn glory. I didn't want to handed anything! I didn't want to have to kill this Truth-forsaken company for its inequities, nor to have to end a promising career of one of this company's most talented wrestlers. I didn't want ANY of that! But it was forced upon me, placed on my shoulders...a weight that NONE of you could understand. And because I aspire to greatness, because I embrace the struggle that comes from walking the Long and Winding Road, I've planted my feet and accepted the burden that FWA, that KAIZEN has pressed on me. So to those of you who want to belittle and dismiss what I have accomplished and claim they understand my motivations and my desires can die along with FWA, because heaven forbid any of them actually stand up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. For everything KAIZEN has done wrong since he and I crossed paths, and in spite of the blatant disrespect he has shown me, at least...AT LEAST I can respect the fact that he's brave enough to do what none of you have done and actually stand and FIGHT. And how sad it is...that the only person left in FWA who I have any respect for is a man who I hate more than anyone.

    Cyrus practically growls out the word "hate" as the wind picks up some more and the sound of thunder starts growing louder. Cyrus is twitching as he repeatedly taps the side of his head, as if he's trying to silence a voice in his head that is driving his rage.

    Cyrus Truth: Did you hear that, KAIZEN? I'll fully admit it. I hate you. And you've taken residence in my head. I despise you in a way I haven't despised anybody in this business. I respect your persistence, but outside of that? I hate looking at you. I hate hearing your music. I hate saying your name or even thinking about the fact that you exist and continue to torment me. But more than anything else? I hate the fact that you've made me hate you. Hate is something that I've tried to avoid in my career, because little good comes from it. I fight not to solve grudges, but to earn glory. But when you do have a grudge...when you hate somebody so strongly like the kind of hate I have for you, glory goes out the window. The one thing I live for is now unavailable to me because I loathe you and can only think about how to end you. You've taken away the only thing I care about, and that just makes me hate you even more. It's...sickening to carry this hatred in my head and in my heart, and as much as I'd love to just let it go, I can't. And even if I could, you won't let me, will you? You just refuse to admit that you're facing a challenge you're not prepared to overcome. You will keep coming, keep needling at me until you beat me or I destroy you. And I can't get back to chasing glory and immortality until I can exorcise this raw, unyielding hatred I have for you. Can't you feel it, KAIZEN? Even as blind as you are, you can feel it too, can't you? The sound of thunder, the smell of ozone...a storm is coming to Payback that threatens to destroy us both.

    A LOUD crack of thunder booms as lightning strikes off in the distance. The wind is picking up even more as the first drops of rain hit The Exile's umbrella. Cyrus tenses up as the storm in the distance is coming closer...closer....

    Cyrus Truth: Every action has repercussions, KAIZEN. Every choice, a consequence...even mine. I chose an Iron Man Match as the method of your execution for two reasons. This type of match rewards the strong and punishes the weak. It's the type of match a true champion should relish, an ultimate test of skill, endurance, and resolve. The type of match that truly proves one's greatness and one's dominance of his competition, the kind of match I should be having all the time but haven't been able to. The prestige, glory, and greatness that comes with such a match is greater than any spectacle involving fire or ladders could ever provide...but I can't enjoy that glory, can I, KAIZEN? No, you and FWA have decided that I can't earn glory so long as idiots like O'Ryan and Robinson refuse to acknowledge my wishes. You instead want me to hate, and hate, and hate some more until all that I have keeping me going is this raw, destructive disdain I have for you. So instead of glory and proving that I am great, I will instead settle for what an Iron Man Match will allow me to do. For every punch that I drive into your jaw, for every kick I deliver to your chest, for every Journey's End that leaves your brain scrambled and every bone I bend to make you scream in agony...EVERY time I pin your shoulders to the mat and every time I get you to submit will be cleansing. I need to end you, make you regret every decision you've made since you've crossed my path and purge this hate that's blossomed in my heart so that I can finally, FINALLY continue the work that I started at Carnal Contendership one year ago. KAIZEN, I can't keep having you haunt me and I refuse to live with this hate that I have for you. So at Payback, in our Iron Man Match, I end you again and again and again and again until I have beaten all of this hate out of me and into you. I am better than this, KAIZEN. I am better than YOU. This bloodletting at Payback has to happen for the sake of my legacy and my pride as an Exile and as a wrestler.

    More thunder and lightning as the rain starts to fall heavier. The camera zooms into Cyrus's eyes, wide and full of rage.

    Cyrus Truth: But that's the thing, KAIZEN...ISN'T IT?! I don't need to beat anymore hate into you, right?! You have more than enough hatred of me for what I've done to you, don't you, boy?!

    The thunder and lightning draws ever closer, sounding like cannonfire. The wind is strong and there are what looks to be the formation of funnels in the clouds, causing Cyrus's suit jacket to flap violently. Cyrus's umbrella is barely hanging on as the FWA World Champion's voice rises, his tone drenched in fervor like the ground around him drenched in rain.

    Cyrus Truth: So what happens when two men, hearts full of hatred for the other, both driven to uphold their vision and prove their greatness, and a match that doesn't end with just one that encourages us to beat the life out of one another? The answer is that a storm is brewed, a great and terrible storm that will not end until one or both of us are left completely and utterly decimated. You will not stop until you end my reign of terror and leave me battered at your feet, my title in your hands and your beloved fans chanting your name while FWA management breathes a sigh of relief that I am finally beaten. And by now, you should know that there's nothing that will stop me until I have torn your heart out, crushed it in front of another sold-out crowd of your devotees, and all this disgust washed away as I stand tall, triumphant, and reinforce the Truth that so many in FWA will deny: that I...I am the best. The greatest that has ever fought in a wrestling ring. So, you see it too, right KAIZEN? This disaster that's been bubbling for weeks that may well mean the end of us both? We are going to try to kill each other. Not just for one fall, or one submission. You and I are going to do EVERYTHING we can to beat one another down for thirty minutes straight until one of us can prove that we are the more dominant champion. This match threatens to end us both, Tokko-Yaro. A match like this, that will push us to the brink and beyond, may signal the end of our careers and our lives as we know them. Tell me...PLEASE TELL ME you see what I see! But recognize one fundamental difference between you and I, you abominable cretin. One all-important difference beyond skill, beyond technique...the difference that spell the end of only one of us. Because if there is one thing about Cyrus Truth that not even the fools, blowhards, and the blind cannot deny, it's that no matter what may come, I ENDURE.

    A bolt of lightning strikes the ground a couple hundred yards away from Cyrus as the wind becomes so violent that it tears the umbrella out of his hands. Cyrus, however, does not back down. He stares down the oncoming storm and plants his feet, appearing like he's prepared to stand right in the path of this furious tempest. He is practically shouting now as the wind howls and the thunder rolls.

    Cyrus Truth: The hatred, the devastation, the impending and creeping doom...all will come. All will pass. And through it all, I will endure. So understand, KAIZEN, exactly what it is you've agreed to suffer. I have survived company collapses, corrupt management, monsters and madmen and would-be gods. I have had bones broken, tendons sheared from the bone, concussions and hemorrhages and violence too terrible to mention. But through it all, I have endured, and will continue to endure. You think I'm scared of you, KAIZEN? You think I'm not prepared to go the distance and prove that I am the Iron Man? For whatever FLEETING victory you may secure in that match, it will be swiftly met and forgotten as I destroy you again and again, over and over and take that storm we're stepping in and use it all to erase you! Delete you! OBLITERATE YOU until nothing remains but a battered and beaten corpse, whose soul and heart are left crushed for FWA, its fans, and all the world to see! You will survive only because I allow you to, and only as a shell of a man who was left all too easily broken under the weight of purpose and rule! So bring it all, KAIZEN! BRING EVERYTHING YOU HAVE! Because to end this hate, to move on and continue the work that must be done for my legacy, I must see your best, measure it, and overcome it completely and utterly! I will endure you...I will destroy you, again and again until this storm passes and I move on back on the road to glory! Bring your best...bring your will not be enough for you to exact your vengeance and realize your dream. Because the World Title is mine! FWA is MINE! YOU HEAR ME?! I WILL NOT LET THIS GO! I WILL NOT LET YOU TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!

    The storm has hit HARD as The Exile stands in the middle of a raging torrent, rain falling like a waterfall and thunder and lightning booming all around him. The wind is fierce as debris rockets past Cyrus, one rock grazing Cyrus's cheek and drawing blood. Cyrus stands his ground, but it's clear between the rain and the wind that he's having a hard time standing up. His chest is heaving as the wind is making it hard to breathe as rocks, tree branches, and various pieces of litter swirl around him. It's like this for a few minutes until the wind dies down just a hair, and the rain holds off for just a minute. Cyrus is breathing heavily as, over his shoulder, the storm swirls around him. He's in the eye of the tempest, and his troubles are not yet over.

    But Cyrus is defiant

    Cyrus Truth: Is that all you got? HUH?! Is that it, KAIZEN?!

    It seems as if Cyrus sees this storm as KAIZEN himself. All the hate, all the rage, all the desire to see KAIZEN humbled and's a storm that will rage at Payback, but rages in the heart of the Vagabond King. Regardless of that, the storm practically roars with wind gusts and thunder claps. Cyrus regains his footing, outstretches his arms as if to say "bring it on" and grits his teeth as the storm comes down upon him again, this time with even more fury...


    We cut back to the village, minutes after the storm has passed by. The residents leave their houses and take note of the property damage. Ripped siding, shattered glass, and tattered shingles litter the streets as the residents shake their heads at the work that's ahead of them.

    But one of them, the father of the boy that stopped Cyrus as he walked into town, looks up and sees a shredded umbrella hanging in a tree branch. Beyond that, up the hill, he squints and sees what looks to be a figure standing all alone. The man and his son walk up the hill and see carnage surrounding a man in black. His once pristine suit is now covered in mud and drenched in rain water, and the entire surrounding area looks like a bomb went off. The father of the boy looks at this with slack-jawed astonishment, but the boy fearlessly asks:

    Village Boy: Hey mister! You okay?

    The camera pans around to see the face of the man in the black suit: the muddy, bloody, soaked face of Cyrus Truth. His face is stony, but his tone suggests anything but calm and collected.

    Cyrus Truth: No, boy. I'm not okay...

    The boy looks confused as his father puts his hand on his son's shoulder, partly to reassure him but to also make sure that this isn't some fever dream. Our last image is consumed by the eyes of the FWA World Champion, eyes that burn with hate and rage. Eyes that threaten to burn the world.

    Cyrus Truth: ...not yet.

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    -Static blares across the screen. Cut to the city streets of Las Vegas. It's black and white. A narrator can be heard. He says in an old gravelly voice, "Looks innocent enough, doesn't it? But sometimes there are dangers involved that never meet the eyes". We see Starr in an black and white suit and black round sunglasses sitting on the ground and leaning up against a building. He looks up at the camera and laughs.-

    "Risky... ",he chuckles, "I must say congratulations... you finally got my attention. What? You thought I was talking about you having the balls to get yourself a girlfriend?" Starr lets out a loud sarcastic laugh. "Risky, I couldn't care less about some $2 streetwalker working with, let's be honest, used goods that you caught feelings for. No Risky, you got my attention because you have pissed me off for the last freaking time! I was so close to the gold. Close to MY CHAMPIONSHIP. And you know what Risky? You ruined everything. And you know what I do to people that get in my way?" He takes off his sunglasses and looks at camera, almost trying to stare through and get to his opponent. "I leave them broken…", he says with a very intense glare.

    "Risky, you think you've shut me up? I'll make you realize that Winter Wasteland was a fluke and I'm gonna shut you up when I kick you so hard in your dumb face they will have to wire your jaw shut. And Risky it's gonna be real hard for you to do your Dance-Fu with 2 broken legs."

    He laughs and puts his glasses back on, "Risky, I beat you the day I walked in this place, and without your friend XYZ to help, it's happening again. And that's a promise from Mr. One… in a Million."

    -The camera loses focus and a flash of Starr's logo comes before static to conclude the video.-


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    March 31st, 2017
    San Antonio, TX

    It's a few hours until this evening's Fight Night will take place as the scene opens up inside of a car where Jason Randall is driving while Penny sits in the passenger's seat. Jason is wearing a sleeveless Iron Maiden t-shirt and his usual grungy jeans while Penny wears an FWA official Jason Randall t-shirt in a woman's size and her usual pair of short jean shorts. Jason's cell phone goes off and Penny answers it putting it on speaker.

    Have you gone mad?!

    Hello Phil, nice to hear from you too!

    Don't try to beat around the bush, have you seriously gone mental?!

    Phil, refresh my memory because it's a little hazy, what exactly are you speaking of?

    Don't play dumb man, what is seriously wrong with you?! Were you trying to kill that girl last night when you drove her head into that windshield?!

    If you ask me Phil, she had it coming

    Why on earth would you think that?!

    Well, if she hadn't gotten herself involved in the first place she probably wouldn't need facial reconstructive surgery!

    Jason lets out a sick laugh as Penny smiles.

    She's the one that wanted to get involved so she paid the price Phillip!

    You two are unbelievable...

    Don't tell me you're going soft on us Phil! You knew what you were getting yourself into when you got involved with me

    I'm aware but I wasn't expecting anything like this...

    Well if you think that was bad what we did last night Phil, just wait until you see what we have in store for Vinnie and his other little girlfriend tonight!

    I'm afraid to ask...

    You'll just have to watch and see like the rest of the world!

    Before Phil can respond the call is ended by Penny. Soon they pull up to the Freedom Coliseum with a screeching halt and get out of the car and pop open the trunk. They begin to remove various items from the trunk such as the same lead pipe from the attack at nGw, a leather strap with a metal end on it, lighter fluid and a lighter, a dog collar and leash, and two pairs of handcuffs.

    Vinnie boy, it's your lucky night!

    He and Penny both laugh as they load their goodies into a large duffle bag and head towards the arena entrance.


    Moments after the events had transpired, FWA cameras find Jason and Penny backstage laughing about how their plan went into fruition when they are interrupted by Ashley O'Ryan.

    Wot you two did out there tonight was despicable and I ain't standin' for it!

    Oh yeah, what are you gonna do about it Ashley?!

    Jason pokes Ashley in the chest.

    You're going to get tat match you want with Vincent at Payback...

    You're finally speaking some sense, even if I can't really understand you with that ridiculous accent...

    I ain't finished, tat match ain't goin to be any ordinary match's goin to be an Asylum of Horrors match!

    Ashley pokes Jason in the chest now.

    Wot do you think about tat?

    Sounds to me like it'll be Vincent's funeral...

    Jason and Penny walk off leaving Ashley alone as the scene ends.

    The scene now changes to Jason walking along a line of tombstones in a cemetary somewhere in Houston. He's wearing a black leather jacket along with a Metallica t-shirt underneath and his usual grungy jeans along with black boots.

    People have been asking me, why did I do it? Isn't it obvious? It wasn't only to get under Vincent's skin, and I'm so far under there I may as well take up a damn residence.

    He chuckles to himself.

    I did it to show the truth about Vincent, that he's human after all. After all the talk of being this King of Hardcore and all that crap, the mighty Vincent Blackbird is nothing more than a pathetic excuse for a human being. I also did to prove a point that there's a new King of Extreme now, and that's me. You asked for this Vincent, you wanted this and now you got it. You wanted me to show how sick I can be and now that I have you're regretting it. You said it yourself that I'm not on your level intellectually and of insanity. You're right about that Vinnie, because I surpassed you. I'm not going to stop until I take everything you hold dear Vincent. I already took out your two little girlfriends and you have no one but yourself to blame for that one Vinnie. You could've kept Bella and Sonny safe but you didn't Vinnie, you didn't keep your bitches on a leash and now their blood is on your hands. If you need a new leash and collar though I'll let you borrow mine, though there still may be some remnants of Sonny's blood on it.

    He laughs now with a sick smile forming.

    Vinnie, you can spew all the crap you want about me it doesn't make a difference and it doesn't change the fact that I've already proven that I'm better than. The way I see it I've already won so you may as well just give up now and hand me that championship. I know for a fact that you won't do that though. You're a stubborn fool who thinks he can beat me but you can't. I'm going to do you a favor and put you down like the worthless dog you are and there's nothing you can do that will stop me Vincent.

    He stops at a tombstone but the camera doesn't show the rest of the tombstone, only the top. Penny soon joins him and stands beside him.

    Haven't you seen what I've done to relics of FWA past? Zaire Wyoming ring a bell? I beat his worthless ass twice and he hasn't been seen or heard from since. He thought he was man enough to challenge my toughness but I showed him that I was superior than him and I will show you the same. If he couldn't beat me Vincent, what makes you think that you can? Once that cage locks up you'll have nowhere to run Vincent when I unleash this monster inside of me upon you and believe me when I tell you that it won't be pretty. I tried to keep it locked away for all these years, I really did. I was afraid of what I might be capable of if I ever let this monster loose. I didn't want to be painted as this uncontrollable maniac...

    I couldn't control it anymore though and soon enough I just didn't care anymore. I didn't care what people thought of me and what I'm capable of. I've accepted the fact that I'm a bloodthirsty maniac that feeds off of other people's pain and misery. You should accept the fact that you're just weak, Vincent. You're weak and you're broken because of me. What I did to Bella and Sonny had to be done but it'll pale in comparison what I do to you when we step between those ropes and that cage lowers. You're thisting for vengeance and you want nothing more than to get your hands on me but also reek of desperation and fear. You can deny it all you want to Vincent but I know it. You're desperate to cling on to the one thing you have left in this world, which is that X-Championship, and you fear that you will lose it all and then you'll have nothing. You'll be left alone, empty and rotting away.

    Remember when you told me that the only way you'll ever lose that championship is when you're dead and buried?

    The camera pans out revealing the tombstone with Vincent's name on it.

    Get used to it Vincent because this is your future. You asked for it and as a man of my word I will deliver.

    With that Jason steps away from the tombstone as Penny places a lone rose next to it. The camera zooms in on the rose before the scene comes to a close.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    The Unlikely Hero.

    ‘I never asked for this’ mutters Phillip A. Jackson under his breath as he stands in front of the mirror one final time making sure his bandage is secure. I was sat backstage looking at Phillip A. Jackson making sure that everything is ready for his match.

    I helped him tape up his wrist and checked his ankle to make sure it was ready for the punishment it may take. I put extra protection not it to ensure he is satisfied. I was at his side for the past few weeks making sure that anything he couldn’t do was done due to his eye injury from Rondo.
    ‘You never asked for what?’ I only asked because he was usually so sure of everything. He used to walk around with an air of confidence that would inspire you.

    ‘The cheers, the people embracing me, I’ve become a hero to FWA. It was weird when I stepped out there and people were losing their minds. There was no hate, no boos, no chants for my opponents. Chants for me.’ Jackson is used to being hated, a heel, he is used to being booed out of buildings. Hatred fuelled by stress, jealousy but mostly booze. Jackson had never been cheered only feared and respected. For our unlikely hero it was a strange experience.

    I spoke to him pretty much every show he has worked. It’s my job to talk to wrestlers. I need to know them well to do my job. He has been one of the mainstays in FWA so I have known him for a long time. He has always been confident. He has always been ready and raring to go without need to be psyched up. He lived for that moment where he walked out and his theme song would be drowned out by boos. You could see his hesitation last week when he came out. It was unusual. He never hesitated. He has a feel for this industry like no-one else. You knew you were going to get something great from him because everyone, including him, was so sure of his ability. He was the most likely villain. He was born to be a bad guy. He was born to be hated. He grew up in hatred. He grew up with the world looking down at him as he surpassed them but since the fair fight with Ryan Rondo Ive started to notice him change. I think it’s good for him. I think he needed this. He doesn't think this. He deserves praise for his work. He knows he wanted this but the fear of the unknown can better any man. Even one like Phillip A. Jackson.

    ‘Why was is it so hard for you? People have always respected you’

    ‘It’s not the respect. It’s…’

    Jackson hesitated and stopped looking in the mirror fixing his bandage, his eye was looking ok but Jackson was making sure he was good to go. He turned his head to look at me and sighed. Jackson stared me in the eyes and you could see the fire in his uncovered eye.

    ‘It' much as I broke Ryan Rondo, he broke me but I can’t ever admit it. I can’t look in the mirror without knowing that Rondo and I have burned down everything. The Earth has been scorched. We have changed each other forever. We’ve left our marks. We’ve changed FWA. Everything is flipped and when we walk out there it will be one of us left standing. We are both already broken. It doesn’t matter what happens out there because the victory will be hollow. At best, it will be a pyrrhic victory. It is how I always saw me and Ryan. We would either be best friends or worst enemies. I knew when I was in rehab looking up at his smug face that it would be worst enemies. I knew it would come to this when I was coming back from surgery. I felt a rage build up inside me. I watched the man that wormed his way into a title match against me, steal my main event and then steal my destiny. It irked me. It was disrespect that Ryan get what he wanted again. It was history repeating itself and if I hadn’t have gotten injured I would have ended Rondo’s career but my injury allowed me time to sit and think. Look at things after surgery and still it there was only one thing on my mind, Ryan Rondo. It wasn’t even about the title. It was pride. Ryan and I have been on again, off again enemies, friends and something in between. It was complicated. It was messy. We were awkward around each other but still I thought it could be fixed. We are the surviving members of the new era movement. We both broke out as stars together. We should have had mutual respect and a rapport but we continued to awkwardly drift between all these things that were not friends or enemies. Like I said, complicated. Seeing him walk around like some all conquering hero made me puke. He had taken everything from me. He injured me. He took my title and didn’t have the decency, or the ability, to hold it until I got back. So I had to take something of his.’

    I couldn’t interrupt I was always enthralled when Jackson talks. He had a way with words. He could capture you and take you on a journey but this was not that. He was not speaking with the same conviction. He was searching for meaning. Jackson rubs his chin as he looks for a response.

    ‘So it’s revenge?’ I blurted out because that was the only thing I could think of. I covered my hands over my mouth and look wide eyed at Jackson with instant regret fearing his wrath. Jackson slowly looks back up at me and smiles.

    ‘I suppose it is.’ Jackson quietly laughs.

    ‘This isn’t some glamorous fight for good reasons. In this business, that’s how it happens sometimes. Look at the time we’ve had so far. I stalk him for weeks, throw him off the stage and reveal I am back. I beat him by cheating. I fall into the fair fight trap and Rondo beats the crap out of me, a referee and Piers. He added in collateral. That was when I knew Rondo would never quit unless someone put him down. He is a rabid dog that I unleashed on the world and we all know what happens to dogs that are rabid. Click…Boom! I have had months to think about this. I sat at home, thinking about Ryan Rondo. I was working out in the gym, thinking about Ryan Rondo. I couldn’t sleep without Ryan Rondo being my last thought. That was a dark time for me. I have no idea why that is all that consumed my thoughts. I have had time to clear my head, regroup and refocus because my injuries didn’t slow me down psychically but they fucked my head up. I am ready for my moment in the spotlight. There is no cheating this time. There is no catching me off guard this time because I know he cannot beat me. I know whatever you do I will just keep getting up. I did it in our fair fight and he broke like a twig because you cannot deliver. He believes he is untouchable. There is no-one better than him but I was better at being what he is now. Ego-driven, selfish and fuelled by some hatred that is just deep down inside. Part of me still is because you need something in this business but I did not expect that part of me to be embraced by people. I wasn’t cutting promos and attacking Ryan Rondo to be liked. I was doing it for my pride. I was doing it because he had the audacity to hurt me. So yea, you are right. It is revenge. This isn’t about making FWA better. This hurts FWA. This shit sucks. This is a petty, dirty and bloody war between Ryan and I. Im just not used to being the hero. I don’t know how to be a hero because Ive never been asked to be a hero.’

    We both looked at each other in silence and pondered what he just said. I made sure to take my time in replying ‘It is hard to be a hero, many people who are considered heroes don’t ask to be but they buckle down and get on with it and don’t let it it affect them. It is easy to be a dick to everyone, I'm sure you know that, but being a hero, or even just a good guy is hard. Some people embrace it and some people crumble under the pressure and destroy everything they ever had. It is just a matter of accepting that people want to be a part of your life.’

    Jackson smiles and gently nods in agreement and he thought about a response as I started to pack up my things.

    ‘I’ve spent my entire adult life pushing people away, forming false connections in order to get somewhere in this industry and then breaking those connections when I get there. I was rewarded for this in money, titles, fame and power in this company. I loved every minute. I spent my life worrying about me because I had no-one else. I never needed anyone else because my life is more important than everyones. I have never, ever been a role model. I never wanted to be a role model. I want success. I still want that. I still want to be FWA Champion. I am still consumed by destroying Ryan Rondo but it all feels different now and I was used to what I had. I was content. I was happy. Now people are suddenly cheering me? It threw me off. It took a while to adjust and Ryan Rondo seized on my hesitation. He sees on how uncomfortable I was but I have accepted my new role. I have accepted what I have become.’

    ‘So you are ready? Are you over this doubt?’ I inquired. I was worried for him. To get over his first major injury at his peak must have crushed him.

    ‘Am I ready for what is coming? No, but no-one ever really is. This match is not a wrestling match. It is a fight. The rules dictate that. I won’t be in my own head. I will be focused on Ryan Rondo. NOTHING is ever going to change the fact I hate Ryan Rondo. I said it. It is a strong word but I said it. I hate Ryan Rondo. This thing between us, despite it being awkward and ever changing, has always been personal. This is NO different. The New Era was personal. The NEO was a colossal fuck up. Everything with Ryan Rondo has been a failure or personal hatred. This is going to decide everything and the months I spent working my ass off to get back have come down to this moment. This is not just a match to me. This is of solidifying my legacy and putting the exclamation mark on my return to this company after my first major injury. Ryan has spent the last few weeks trying to put me out of action but he has seen that I never quit. My eye is a sacrifice. It is a testament to the New Ryan Rondo and the New Phillip A. Jackson, I might have never asked for this’

    Jackson pointed to his eye.

    ‘Or any of this, with the cheering and stuff. I am getting used to it but the world has already been destroyed. The Rondo and Jackson everyone knew are gone and who knows if they will ever return. We will never be the same after this match, neither of us. We have passed the point of no return. This is the end of our petty, brutal war. I might not have asked to be embraced but I asked for this. I wanted to make sure Ryan had to work even harder to put me down because I know he can’t put me down for three seconds. Ten seconds? He will have no chance. This is a mental fight and I don’t think Ryan is rational enough to handle a long, tough fight. Ryan acts on impulse. He is weak and is about self-preservation. He wants to get out of this match as quickly as possible but I will punish Ryan because I have a favour to return because this mess is coming to an end and only I have the mental capacity to overcome what we are about to face because he will never accept a pyrrhic victory. He cares too much about total domination but I have swallowed my pride and I will pyrrhic over domination any day because it will still mean I won the war.'

    At this point our conversation was cut short. Jackson was called outside to talk to before his match but I managed to get a peak into the where Jackson’s head is before his brutal match up against Ryan Rondo. I gave him a good luck thumbs up and he smiled at me. I kept packing my things up and making sure everything was ready but I was thrown off because this is not a side that I ever thought I would see, I don’t think anyone would ever see this day and I have been at this company a long time. I have been helping prep wrestlers before matches so I know most of them pretty well but any doubt I had was extinguished because although he is awkward he is still the talented wrestler. It was my most memorable conversation with Phillip in my few weeks with him and I made sure to remember it.

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    United We Stand

    (View of the Temple of Olympian Zeus in 2017, showing the sixteen surviving columns, one of which is lying on the ground.)

    A few days after Fight Night and following a set-back after a loss to Eyesnsane and Alana Allure in a tag team contest, The Olympians have gathered at The Temple of Olympian Zeus also known as the Olympieion or Columns of the Olympian Zeus. Zeus himself is observing some tourists that take photographs of the temple. Some of them photograph him too, apparently considering him a cosplayer or a local attraction. Meanwhile, Ares and Dionysus are arguing over the events of Fight Night.

    Dionysus: "I told you not to trust her! And look what happened! She got beat, like I told you she was going to!"

    Ares: "You are not listening brother."

    Dionysus: "No, you are the one that won't listen! You are not listening to me anymore and look where that got us! We will lose our titles right after we won them because you had to go and join forces with that Japenese lunatic!"

    Ares: "I will not tolerate any more of this outburst brother! Behave yourself or prepare to face the consequences!"

    Dionysus: "Oh what are you going to do? Respect me to death? You seem to show respect towards everyone lately, even that Smurf you call a valuable partner!"

    Ares: "That is it! You want to keep talking brother or are you going to do something about it?"

    Zeus: "SILENCE!!!"

    Zeus finally thrusts himself into the discussion and stops the up coming conflict before it gets started.

    Zeus: "Both of you are missing the bigger picture here. Don't you see that this is what Eyesnsane wants? He wishes for the two of you to be in conflict so he can capitalize on it and beat you both and right now you are giving him what he wants! So enough of this. You are both missing the point. Ares, you brought a foreign individual to this battle without considering the consequences. Sure, Eimi Sanada seems like a valuable partner and a capable warrior. But can she be trusted? Can she work with Us? Can she even understand Us? And you Dionysus, you lose yourself in greed but you forget that greed is a mortal disease that shouldn't affect Gods among men. This isn't about two title belts, this isn't about fame and fortune, this is about sending a message, making a statement, creating change. I helped you both become who you are because you two represent the future."

    "A future where Eyesnsane no longer walks amongst us. I was...wrong. I'll admit it. I made a mistake. Even Gods can make mistakes from time to time. I thought there was greatness in Eyesnsane, I saw in him the dedication and the perseverance of My dear brother Poseidon. But now I also see lust, hate and...emptiness. Inside this vessel is no God. Eyesnsane is not one of Us so he must be destroyed for who are We if We allow him to claim victory over Us? James Eyesnsane Hughes proved to be a dangerous enemy but his time has come, he has overstayed his welcome so now he must be put down...permanently. This battle will be won if we all work together and that includes Eimi Sanada. Never underestimate the woman that holds God's pen. At Payback We will stand united and united We will defeat Eyesnsane, united We will triumph and united We will rule!"

    99 Problems

    A few minutes later, The Olympians exit the Olympieion as a tourist approaches Zeus for a picture but Zeus points his finger at him. Zeus then starts preaching at the tourists how they should respect these grounds and pay tribute to the Gods. The tourists gather around Zeus and observe him, much like he was observing them earlier.

    Meanwhile, Ares and Dionysus have distanced themselves from Zeus to make sure he will not overhear them.

    "Welp, that went well."

    Ares: "I guess so."

    Dionysus: "Just between you umm...are you have the hots for Sanada?"

    Ares: "Excuse me?"

    Dionysus: "I you like her?"

    Ares: "Well she is actually a good person. And she truly knows how to kick ass so what's not to like?"

    Dionysus: "No, no, no you don't get me. I mean, do you "like like" her?"

    : "Oh...that. Well, no. I mean she is hot and all but not really my type. And if anything I am not in the mood for romance these days. We've got Eyesnsane at Payback and I've got to meet Dinah later as well."

    Dionysus: "Oh yeah, I forgot. Good luck with that, and don't worry I'll cover you for the old man. I'll come up with something."

    Ares: "Why did you ask me about Sanada? I don't suppose you want to make a move on her..?"

    Dionysus: "No! Definitely not. I way."

    Ares: "Alright."

    Dionysus: "IF I was you think I would stand a chance?"

    Ares: "Nope."

    Dionysus: " come?"

    Ares: "She would kick your ass."

    "Good point."

    Ares: "Listen, I have to go so I just wanted to ask you to hold on for a little longer. Once we finish this thing with Eyesnsane...We....we'll do it. We'll ditch the old man."

    Dionysus: "What? You sure?"

    "Yeah. What's the matter; I thought you would be happy."

    Dionysus: "Oh, sure yeah, of course I'm happy. I'm thrilled! Best news I've heard in months really."

    Ares: "Right, I'll hit the road now, you make sure he doesn't get lost out here. I'll be back at night."

    Once Ares walks away and disappears from view, Dionysus pulls out his phone and makes a call.

    Dionysus: "It's happening. Sooner than you expected."

    What Is & What Should Never Be

    (Introducing Dinah, wife of Ares and mother of his child)

    Plaka is Ares' favorite neighborhood in Athens. In the shadow of the Acropolis, the Plaka is like a village within the city, an island for those who don't have the time to visit the Greek Islands.

    Ares finds himself in a local cafeteria where he sees Dinah ordering a coffee.

    Ares: "Make that two" [He says to the waiter before taking a seat next to Dinah]

    They just sit there for a few minutes without looking at each other. Finally, Ares breaks the silence...

    Ares: "I have missed you...both of you."

    Dinah: "Dont! Just don't. I don't want to hear it."

    Ares: "Dinah please..."

    "No, you've been gone for months - MONTHS - you disappear and you leave me and our daughter behind as if we were just some sort of distraction for you. You abandoned us Joe, you walked away and along with your buddy you followed that psycho to another country. The next thing I know, you are on TV playing a God, becoming rich and famous! While you are there doing whatever it is you're doing, I am here raising your daughter by myself!"

    Ares: "I tried to explain to you so many times...It was the only way. We needed the money. For her and for us. So we can have a better future for all of us, together. A future where she will be raised without a care in the world and a future where you won't have to work double shifts at the hospital. A future where I am a good husband and father."

    Dinah: "Listen to yourself! You are not a good father and you are not a good husband. You are trash Joe! You hear me? You make me sick! I loved you, I married you and I gave you a daughter and at the first chance you got you left us for some weirdo and that moron of a friend you've got. I hope you have been enjoying every single minute with them."

    Ares: "I sent you some checks. Why didn't you...?"

    Dinah: "Oh please keep your money! We don't want anything from you!"

    Ares: "At least keep some for the kid, she..."

    Dinah: "She needs her father not some cold check. Being a parent isn't about giving money Joe. It's about being there and you are not there."

    Ares: "Does she...ask about me?"

    Dinah: "...Yes."

    Ares: "And what do you tell her?"

    Dinah: "I tell her the truth. That you are gone."

    Ares: "I don't want her to blame herself."

    Dinah: "Oh how humane of you." [She takes some papers and leaves them on the table] "I need you to sign up these ASAP."

    Ares: "What's this..?, Dinah, you can't be serious."

    Dinah: "What were you expecting to happen? You were expecting me to welcome you back with open arms, kiss you and tell you that I forgive you? No, hell no. I am done with you - WE are done with you. I am divorcing you and I am taking Zoe away."

    Ares: "What?"

    Dinah: "I will file for full custody and I'll make sure that you will never hurt her again." [She gets up] "Make sure you sign those soon and send a copy to my lawyer. Are there any lawyers in Olympus Mr. God of War? Oh by the way...Zoe took a mythology exam in school the other day...she said that Ares was the most evil God of them all."

    Dinah turns her back on Ares and walks away, struggling to hold her tears. Ares puts his hands in his face before slamming his fists on the table. Other customers from the cafeteria notice him and some of them who happen to be fans of FWA recognize him. They start taking pictures of him and asking for autographs. Ares takes some time to take a few deep breaths before reluctantly signing a few autographs.

    The Eyes in DemEyes

    We cut to Dionysus sitting on Zeus' throne with a glass of wine in his hand.

    - Dionysus -

    “Payback. A fitting name to this story, don't you think James? You think you have it all figured out, that you are controling how things work in FWA but the truth is that you are just another cog in the wheel. You, like most of the guys in the locker room, are replaceable. We on the other hand are not. We are the special ones, the ones you only meet once in a lifetime. We are the ones that win because that's what we are destined to do. And even though you have people to support you, men and women willing to join you in battle, in the end you might as well just bring an army and we will still strike you down until there is nothing left. If you think that Alana Allure will help you win back the Tag Team titles, think again and remember what happened the last time you trusted her. And if you think that by calling in a third partner at the last minute will catch us off guard and give you an opening well think again. Because whoever you bring will share the same fate with you. You are good Eyes, I'll give you that. You are really good. But you are no match for a God. We are getting tired of going back and forth with you my friend so Payback will be the end for you."

    Ares then approaches from the shadows.

    - Ares -

    "At Payback I will toss respect and honor out of the window. I will rip you into pieces and I will bathe in your blood. We are here to stay and if we have to end your career to finish this...then so be it. Eyesnsane, prepare to meet your demise."

    - Dionysus -

    "And remember, Payback is a bitch, and the bitch is in our team.”



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    Abandon Insane Asylum
    April 10th, 2017

    A lone two man Film Crew slowly approach the creepy front doors of the abandon insane asylum that they had been ordered to film at, at the door stands Rayne, Vincent's bodyguard. Rayne slowly opens the door, creaking as it opens allowing the two guys into the building. As they walk through the lobby, they see a partially decaying front desk with one of them imagining that he's hearing screams of patients coming from the deepest parts of the asylum. At the desk, they find a note and a map, the note instructs them to follow the map and as they get near where they are supposed to go on the map, they glimpse a message down one of the side hallways.

    As they nervously turn around they come face to face with Vincent.

    Vincent: Welcome to this abandon insane asylum. I see you followed the map. Jason Randall, you fucked up when you took it upon yourself to attack Sonny like that, but also brutally assault the lovely Bella Kendall, forcing the doctors to put her in a medically induced coma because the pain was too much for her to handle. You could have kept it between us, you should've kept it between us, because once I'm done maiming, destroying, ripping the flesh from your body, I'll pay a visit to your girlfriend, Penny. Hell, I might just pay her a visit before out match, and really show her what true pain, what true terror and horror really feels like.

    Vincent walks down the hallway to where the previous message was written, and places his hand over it.

    Vincent: "Death chamber the point of no return" fitting because we'll be locked inside of a steel cage, only it will be your death not mine. And so we aren't confused on my meaning, I will kill you and leave you for death in that cage like the mangy mutt that you are. You try to be all strong, tough and hardcore, but I know that you are that same pathetic boy whose only career highlight is going to be "The Boy who rode a Legend's Coattails".

    Vincent leaves the message and continues down another hallway with the two camera guys following. Vincent enters a room, which upon entering causes the two camera guys to pause at what they see. On one of the walls, they see an intricate star on the wall.

    But what stunned them more was what was taking place in front of them on the floor as Vincent circles the three naked ladies, caressing them softly before turning to face the camera crew.

    Vincent: You see Jason, I've made me peace, I've made my bed and I've made my deal with the Devil a long time ago. At Payback, the Devil has chosen me as its vessel to collect payment, to collect your very soul. And if you somehow choose not to pay up, then I'll be forced to take payment from your lovely girlfriend... You might be able to withstand the pain, the torture, but can she? How long do you think it will take to get Penny to scream for mercy, to scream for it to end? Hmmm?

    Vincent leans in closely to the camera.

    Vincent: Jason, I wonder, how long do you think she'll last before she joins the three ladies and calls me "Master" or better yet, "Daddy"?

    Vincent lightly growls before placing his right hand on the camera, ripping it from the grasp of one of the camera guys and tosses it aside causing the three blood covered, naked ladies to stop what they were doing. The camera lands perialously on a big hole in the floor, and moments before it falls into the hole, blood curdling screams of the two camera guys as well as lustful, passionate screams of the three unknown ladies.

    [I WIN]

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    Tristan James Galloway sits alone in the corner of a dark, smoky bar room. A bottle of whisky along with a small glass sits in front of him. The infamous fedora rest on the edge of the back of Galloway’s chair as the long flowing mane rest along the back of his neck.

    Before I stepped foot in FWA, I knew I would be tested. I knew their would be men threatened by my presence, perceiving I would be treading on their territory, so they would challenge me to combat. They may even dare to engage in psychological warfare against me. Maybe even a fellow newcomer would try to use me as a tool to showcase their exemplary talents and gain notoriety. This is a tactic employed by Tommy Thunder. Our fates have been intertwined since our arrival. We debuted on the same night. And it was on that night he decided I would be the focus of his ascension to fame and glory. Since that day, he has mocked me, he has assaulted me with chairs and fist- all from behind I might add. We have even had a tag team match against each other where we both have emerged victorious. In our final tag team encounter, he managed to pin my shoulders to the mat for the victory. I’m not one to make excuses. It’s never been who I am, but I know this feat he achieved wasn’t through his actions. No, our World Heavyweight champion Cyrus Truth was my undoing. Tommy was merely allowed to enjoy the spoils of war, gloating to the world and parading around like a lone conquering hero. Now, at Payback, I can gain redemption for my loss. I also aim to shed this distraction from my life.

    Galloway gulps down the contents of his glass.

    For Tommy Thunder this is all a game. Do you know how people define the term game? It’s a form of play or sport. It’s entertainment, a past time for those with the luxury of leisure. I’m almost certain he spent his entire life playing some sort of sport. When he was six or seven, his parents had him in sports all year round from football to baseball. Every weekend spent on the field while parents sat under umbrellas with juice boxes waiting in the ice chest for when his game concluded. In middle school he probably began to specialize in on particular sport and once he entered high school he was a varsity letterman. Although he excelled in that sport, it was still fun. If he endured loss it was no big deal, he would simply come back and do the same thing next time. It all came easy to him. Once he graduated and moved on to college, he had to find another avenue. He need an athletic outlet. He chose professional wrestling to ply his trade. This is all fun for him. It’s recreation- much like his time as a child.

    I wish I had that luxury.

    Tristan lowers his head, eyes scanning the floor in heart break.

    I wish I could say I was heavily involved in athletics as a child. I wish my playground wasn’t the asphalt of whatever neighborhood I stayed in at that time. I don’t wrestle for the sport of it, I wrestle to survive. I have fought my entire life and I have yet to stop. Leisure time is almost a foreign concept for me. Every action I took ensured I lived to see another day. The riches I have acquired from this great sport has allowed me to have a home in a flourishing neighborhood . It’s supplied me with the proper nourishment absent from my youth. Wins mean more earnings and ensure I progress forward. Every loss is one step back and closer to a location I have clawed away from. A win here brings me a step closer to acquiring a trophy offered to the premiere wrestlers in the organization. The prize being the North American championship. Tommy threatens this elevated momentum and security I have grown accustomed to. Beating him brings me one step forwards to acquiring this illustrious prize so I can be further away from the darkness I resided in.

    TJG’s head rises up with a determined gaze upon his face.

    You have poked and prodded me for far too long, Tommy. You figured I would be a toy in your childish games, but I am consequence for actions you didn’t consider repercussions for. The storm that will not weather, leaving devastation and despair in my wake. All to preserve my peace. Ask yourself this, Tommy. Are you willing to sacrifice your soul for victory? Because I am.

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    St. Paul’s Cathedral
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    April 14th, 2017


    The camera took us to a dreary day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The grey sky told the story of a somber day for Catholics across the world. Good Friday. It was one o’clock in the afternoon, amidst what is commonly referred to as the Three Hours Agony, when Catholics observe the time period in which the Christ had hung from the cross. The parishioners of Saint Paul’s shuffled into the church, being mindful of the time. St. Paul’s Stations of the Cross service began in just a few moments. The last several parishioners made their way into the large gothic style doors, just moments before the last bell rang.


    But there was one man who still remained on the outside, observing it all. Michael Garcia was the lone man on the outside, taking a deep drag off his cigarette before dropping the butt down on the cement and putting it out with his shoe. Michael seemed to be in pretty deep thought, as he leaned back comfortably against the limestone. He suddenly inched forward, as if he were about to speak, but retracted his thoughts. He reached into the pocket of his basic black suit jacket, and pulled out a packet of Camels, took out another cigarette, cupped his hand over the cigarette and lit it, using the flame of a single candle that hung next to the main entrance. A few seconds later, he held his hand in the air, grabbed the beautiful gold door handle to the cathedral and pulled it open, as the service had just begun. The camera zoomed in to see a priest and two altar servers, down the center aisle of the church. Per the tradition of Good Friday, the church was completely bare until after midnight mass the next night. What once was a glorious, beautiful, inspiring church had been stripped of it’s décor but was surprisingly inviting in it’s simplicity. The only light was the minimal sunlight that shown through the stained glass windows. As the priest finished the second station, he concluded as always with the following:

    Celebrant: We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you…

    And, on cue and in unison, the congregation responded.

    Response: Because by your Holy Cross, you have redeemed the world.

    The priest, flanked by his two servers, turned and began to move to the next station, as Mike quickly and quietly closed the church door. He took one more hit off his cigarette before beginning to speak.

    “It may surprise you all to know that I spent many a Sunday sitting in those very pews. Every single Sunday, Ma would drag Malik, Malia, and I to church, kicking and screaming. It’s not a secret in this neighborhood, that as a teenager, I was even a servant of this very church. So, there’s a lot that I know about the Christian faith and the traditions of the Catholic Church. I spent so much time being indoctrinated by the clergy that it kind of pisses me off just thinking about it. But then I grew up. Logic started kicking in and the fairy tales about the magical man in the sky became nothing more than an afterthought to me. But you look at these commonfolk, here inside this church, and you have to ask yourself: How can people be so fucking stupid? How can a grown man honestly convince himself that some of the shit that’s supposedly taken place, according to the Bible, has actually taken place? And when you ask one of the many so called religious leaders out there, the answer they always give is…Faith. You gotta have faith. Keep the faith. Believe in our God.

    But not to go all George Carlin out here, because believe me, I could spend all fuckin’ day out here pointing out the faults and inconsistencies of the Catholic Church. My point here is…people don’t believe in God, Jesus Christ, the Apostles, yada yada yada… they don’t believe in them because they’re stupid. No, they believe in them because they need to. They believe in these things because it gives them hope in their otherwise hopeless lives. People need something to believe in, because if they don’t believe in some higher power, they truly start to fear that nothing can overcome the evil that exists in the world. Look around you. Look at what’s happening in the world today.
    Syria. North Korea. South Korea. Bombings. Dictators gassing their own citizens. Mass shootings every other day. Hell, at this very moment, I’m keeping one eye open for a white Ford Fusion! For thousands and thousands of years, people have prayed to their Gods for peace! They’ve prayed for their God to end suffering! To end world hunger! To end war! How many more times do their gods have to fail them before they realize that everything they’ve grown up believing is a lie? How much longer will it be before they realize that there will always be evil in this world and that Gods do not exist?”

    Mike took a few steps down onto the front stairway of the church, before taking a seat.

    “Because by your Holy Cross, you have redeemed the world.”

    Mike chuckles a bit before thinking about it just a bit more.

    “Did you hear how robotic that sounded? There was no passion, whatsoever, in what they said. An automated response, almost. It’s just so similar to Mike Parr. Make no mistake about it, Mike Parr is the Jesus Christ of the FWA. He is the chosen one. The savior. The one that you all blindly place your…faith…in. All praise be to Mike Parr, savior of the masses, right? Mike Parr, the man you have been indoctrinated to cheer for. Mike Parr, the man that you’ve been told is the future of the FWA right now, is the new hope for the FWA. The last bastion of light in a world that has gone dark. Cyrus Truth has turned to the dark side and one ups KAIZEN at every turn. PAJ has shown himself to be unworthy pf your trust every chance he gets. And now…now…even the great Ryan Rondo, has turned his back on you. Mike Parr is the only one left. The lone candle in a darkened church. The very last hope you all have.

    But hey, keep the faith, right? Keep the faith! Keep believing in Mike Parr, right? Keep cheering him on, keep believing in Mike! It’s so fitting…so fucking fitting what’s about to go down at Payback. Easter Sunday. It all fits together so perfectly. This….this whole time of year is what those mindless, weak zombies in there call The Triduum. It’s when they celebrate the Passion of the Christ. For those of you who have been living under a rock, the Passion is when the Christ was put on trial, publicly humiliated, beaten, tortured beyond belief, nailed to a cross, and then buried in a tomb. And why? Because the kings and dictators saw him for the false god that he truly is. The Catholics are told that he died to free us of our sins, to bring us to eternal salvation and that he died to DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

    Well, Mike Parr, this Sunday at Payback, you will get everything that you’ve ever wanted. This Sunday, at Payback, you will be treated like the God that you’ve always believed yourself to be. This Sunday at Payback, your king is going to put you on trial. I am going to humiliate you in front of 70,000 strong. You are going to be forced to walk a long and painful journey. You’re going to bear your own cross, wear your own crown of thorns, walk your own Via Dolorosa, but not for their sins, Parr! For your own! This match, Parr, is the way of suffering for you! I’ve got little to no idea why you would choose this, of all matches, to take me on in. Don’t you know what kind of brutality you’re in for? Don’t you understand what I’m capable of? In a normal wrestling match, sure….there’s rules I have to abide by. Rules that…protect you…and protect that in which you hold dear. But you, you my friend have chosen a casket match and for the life of me, I just can’t figure out why. Do you think it’s going to be easy? Do you think I’m just going to roll over and fall in? I’m going to fuckin’ hurt you, Mike. The rules go out the window. I could break every bone in your body like a Twix bar. I could powerbomb you through every table in sight, break steel chairs over your fragile spine, choke the life out of you with your own shoelaces, or deliver a Burning Hammer off the stage, onto concrete below. I could literally kill you, Parr. I could kill you, put you in the casket and hold the funeral right then there.

    The difference here Parr is that once I shut that casket lid and end this sham of a title reign, there will be no resurrection. You’ll have been exposed. You will have been victimized. I am going to beat you so bad that even if you wanted to show your face in this company again, you won’t physically be able to. Your grandiose dreams of winning Carnal Contendership or breaking through into the main event will prove to be nothing more than delusional aspirations of someone that’s been hitting the insence a little too hard. Mike Parr, main event superstar, is even more of a fictional story than any parable discussed in the Bible.

    The most fitting part of this whole story, though, is that even though Mike Parr, the savior, will remain in his tomb, there will be a resurrection. Easter Sunday will indeed be a glorious day. It will be a day of rejoicing. Everyone who said that Michael Garcia’s career was treading water will be shown the truth. This is the moment, folks, when Michael Garcia rises up out of the shadows. This is the day when Michael Garcia frees himself from the shackles of FWA Management, frees himself from the shackles of doubles standards and inequities….Yes, my friend, this Sunday, Michael Garcia’s doubters will be laid to rest along side their fallen hero and I will RISE to prominence! In just three days, Main Event Mike takes his rightful place in this company as your new North American champion!”

    Mike leans into the camera just a bit closer, taking one last hit off his cig before tossing it aside.

    “ So let me make this all perfectly clear. From the very moment that Mike Parr has walked into this company, he’s been handed everything on a silver platter. HE’s been treated like a king, and given a championship that he didn’t deserve, courtesy of a retiring Chris Kennedy. Well, King Parr, I’ve told you once that I will not stop until I take everything that you hold precious to you. I took your Television championship two weeks ago, and now I’m coming for everything else. You’ve made it easy for me, too. Now I can take everything in one single match. I’m going to take your dignity, your self-respect, your North American championship….When that lid slams shut, Parr, I will have everything that you once had. The only thing that King Parr will have left to call his is the crown of thorns that he rightly deserves, the cross of shame that he’ll bear all alone, and scars that remind him of the vicious, torturous beating that I administer to him. And to all of you out there, who refuse to believe in me, I urge you to say every prayer you’ve ever heard of, beg your God, plead with him to have mercy on Mike Parr’s soul….I’ve seen the success rate that’s had so far. I’ll take my chances. Just remember, in three days, Parr will have suffered, died, and be buried.“

    Garcia stands up and walks toward the front door of the church.

    “So as for your last bastion of hope, the eternal light?”

    The Carnegie Carnivore leans in towards the candle and in one quick short breath…extinguishes it.

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    Camelot Tower
    Chicago, Ill. April 14, 2017
    Alana Allure’s Office….

    We are coming in on a conversation between Alana and Eyesnsane as he has just returned from Mexico. A country he was banned from reentering four years ago…..

    (Off Camera)

    We see Alana standing next to the window behind her desk and she is staring out at the city as Eyesnsane is seated on the other side of her desk in a chair facing her. As usual she is dressed in a professional manner looking every bit the manager part.

    Alana: I do the best I can with all of you. I really do. I go out of my way to ensure you have freedom, to ensure that I’m not coming off as some kind of mother hawk or something. Then you go and do this kind of shit!

    Eyesnsane: Look, Alana. I’m sorry I just had to do something…

    Alana: I really don’t give a damn how sorry you are or what you wanted. Look after the stunt you pulled in 2009 you were lucky we found a way for the government to allow you back into the country for work.

    Eyesnsane: That stuff was so long ago…

    Alana: You are right that was a long time ago, and they still remember! Although here is the thing I have been struggling with. You went back. You know you got banned from entering Mexico, right?

    Eyesnsane: Yeah, but after all these years I just ….

    Alana: You just. You just, let’s talk about what you just go out there and do.

    Alana walks over to her desk and picks up a rather thick manila folder holding it in front of herself as she now stands between her desk and looking into the folder.

    Alana: Let’s see. Impersonating a police officer, Impersonating a doctor. Reckless endangerment, child endangerment. Medical fraud, malpractice. Oh wait this one is my favorite. Interference in a multinational federal investigation. Extortion, kidnapping, solicitation of prostitution, driving while under the influence and trafficking narcotics. Last time you were in Mexico this is more or less the list of things you just managed to do.

    Eyesnsane: Ok, look that was a long time ago, and I kind of went wild once I got the business credit card. I’m not saying it was anybody’s fault but my own. I’m just saying that I might have lost my head a bit. Also when you read the list like that it makes me sound like I’m some kind of bad boy…..

    Pausing for a moment, Eyesnsane turns to his right to look into the camera being held by Ted that he is supposed to be pretending is not even in the room. While looking at the camera he gives a playful wink at the camera and turns his head back to Alana.

    Alana: Oh, so you got jokes and you think this is all funny huh?

    Eyesnsane: No, no it’s not that at all. In fairness I explained all of that before. Sure there was some weed in the car and I did happen to smoke some of it, while driving in front of the federals, not a great idea. But I found it in the car after driving into Mexico, I felt luck the car did not get checked at the border. So I decided to just smoke it since there was enough left for a blunt and one was in the car. There was like nobody on the road that I could see for miles in either direction so I figured why not.

    Alana: Why not huh?

    Eyesnsane: Yeah and then most of that other trouble was me dealing with Lucia. How was I supposed to know that she was a drug lord's daughter? I mean you can’t exactly see that on a person, and sure between drinking the water and the alcohol things got kind of crazy. I was blitzed and half the time I was in that hospital I swore she and I were just playing doctor.

    Alana turns some pages in the folder while still looking at the documents.

    Alana: Yes, that’s what you told authorities you thought the two of you were running a 3d simulation game. Jesus Christ, were you high when they asked you questions?

    Eyesnsane: Honestly I’m not sure, a lil Molly, some X, whatever we were drinking, and you know cocaine is a hell of…

    Alana: Just stop. Ok stop. Help me to understand why you would just get a wild hair up your ass and go gallivanting back through Mexico. I mean what could have been so important? Was this under the orders of Master Wong?

    Eyesnsane: No, and why would you ask…

    Alana: I’m asking because you maybe a lot of things but stupid is generally not one of those things. So help me understand Eyesnsane, damn James. I’m really trying to keep my temper.

    Eyesnsane: Might I ad you are doing a fine job at just that.

    Alana: No you may not add that you think I’m doing a good job. Shit like this makes it look to Master Lilly like I am not able to handle my job. You see James, that’s the line right there. I need you to wake the hell up and check the hell in. These things you go do. These wild ideas that creep into your head, they don’t just have an effect on you. They affect us all believe it or not. I have to get on the phone and explain this all to Lilly. So tell me what made you go to Mexico.

    Eyesnsane: I had to go to an old temple. I wanted to see it first hand and explore it. So you see it’s not at all like the last time.

    Alana sits down in her chair placing the documents and folder down on her desk in front of her. She turns over a few more papers before seeming to find what she is looking for. Alana looks fiercely at Eyesnsane as she then smoothes her clothing as she stands up. Then Alana goes into her right hand desk drawer and removes a new I-phone. She closes the drawer and walks around to the front of her desk so that she is in between him and the desk.

    Alana: Bit of good with the bad.

    Alana holds up the cell phone next to her with a slight grin on her face.

    Alana: It seems that while Master Lilly is state side we were tying up some things with the cell provider. Turns out it was upgrade time for us and the contract covered everybody’s phone so if you’ll give me yours I’ll transfer your stuff on this new one for you.

    Eyesnsane reaches into his pocket and produces his cell phone while handing it over to Alana. Alana turns around while turning her laptop around as she taps the keys before attaching Eyesnsane”s old phone. After a few moments have passed Alana disconnects the old phone and attaches a cord to the new phone. A few more minutes pass before Alana hands Eyesnsane the new phone.

    Alana: Here’s your phone, and here’s the deal. You are on a short ass leash, I’m in the process of seeing if this is the kind of trouble I can get you out of myself or if I’ll need to explain this all to Master Lilly as well. I really did not need this shit right now. You were doing such a good job of not fucking up.

    Eyesnsane: I got it.

    Alana: So when you leave Ted will be waiting for you, and he has your itinerary. He’s going to make sure that you stick to it as well. You are not going to give him any trouble about travel at all, while I sort out all this new work you made for me. Now get the fuck out of might sight before I really lose my fucking temper…..

    Alana reaches for the stapler that’s on her desk as Eyesnsane gets up and heads across the room to the door. He grabs the handle and turns and looks back at Alana just in time to see her with the stapler raised up by her head as he exits the room very quickly closing the door behind himself. Ted who was sitting in a chair next to the door stands up…

    Ted: You ok?

    Eyesnsane: It could be worse.

    Cluck! Is the loud sound heard from the other side of the door

    Eyesnsane: So we should probably get going, right?

    Ted: Uh, yeah let’s go. We can go to my office downstairs, I can get you to voice your parts for the animation.

    Eyesnsane: You that’s right, I somehow let that slip my mind.

    The two of them walk over to the elevator, Ted presses the button and after a few moments the door opens allowing them both to step onto the elevator as the door closes as opposed to selecting a number, Ted places his thumb on a plate and then the plate lights up and remains lit until the door opens and they both step out onto another floor of the building. Once reaching the door on the right Ted again presses his thumb to a plate next to the door and it opens up for him.

    As they step into the office, studio combination, we see Eyesnsane looking all around the place seemingly in awe of what he sees. There is a wall of large screens and computers, cameras of various sizes. Eyesnsane heads toward a couch and sits down, but Ted walks right up to him and hands him some papers….

    Ted: Don’t get comfortable. These are your scripts for the skits I’m going to put together for the first episode of the cartoon.

    Eyesnsane: Oh wow really, we are ready to do that already?

    Ted: Well Had you not been off on your adventure you could have done this with everybody else when they were here.

    Eyesnsane: Awe man that sounds cool.

    Ted; Yeah it is pretty cool. So look this is the easy part. In all these you are reading for yourself. You just need to go in the booth and put on the head set. From there what I will do is play the vocals of the scene and at the same time you will see a monitor playing the scene out, to help you get into it. In the headset you’ll hear a faint short beep, those are your ques. When you hear those read your lines as your character should deliver them, I’ll be listening and filtering from just in that room and other side of the glass.

    Eyesnsane: Ok, that all sounds easy enough. So this is how I get to see the episode as my sneak peak.

    Ted: Eeeh not really, most other scenes are done already so there’s a lot you won't see right now aside from scenes you are in, but don’t worry it won’t be long before I have everything edited together and a finished product for you all to see.

    Eyesnsane: Ok, that’s what’s up.

    Eyesnsane walks over to the booth area with Ted and they both step through a door that leads to a room with multiple boards and switches, at the other end of the room is another door that leads to an inner room where the microphone and stool are set up with a nearby table that has a bottle of water on it. Just to the left of all of that is a monitor with a dark and blank screen at the moment.

    Eyesnsane walks into the padded inner room and places the headphones on his head. As Ted closes the outer door and then takes a seat in the center of all the boards and switches were there is also a slim and long and flexible microphone. Ted leans toward his microphone and presses the controls….

    Ted: Alright, alright, can you hear me?

    Eyesnsane looks up at Ted and gives him a thumbs up.

    Ted: That’s not the cone of silence bro. Let me hear you talk, give me a mic check.

    Eyesnsane leans into the microphone

    Eyesnsane: Hello, can you hear me?

    Ted: Loud and..

    Eyesnsane: Hey, mic check one two what is this?

    Ted: Eeeh! I said I hear you. Just cause you in a booth don’t make you a rapper. Now look over to you right is the monitor on?

    Eyesnsane: Yeah man its on.

    Ted: Alright, get yourself together and let me know when you are ready and I’ll roll everything.

    After a few moments…

    Eyesnsane: Ok, I’m ready let’s get it going.

    Ted claps his hands together as Eyesnsane finishes his last line for the cartoon. Ted leans toward the microphone and presses a button.

    Ted: Ok we got it, come on out of there man.

    Eyesnsane takes off the headphones and places them on the nearby table and gathers up his scripts in his hands as he moves from the inner padded room to the outer room where Ted is.

    Ted: Well that’s it for you guys, the rest is pretty much me from here on out. I just have to edit it al together versus how it will be used in footage and son on and so forth.

    Eyesnsane: I’m going to pretend like i understand everything you just said and say ok.

    Ted: Ah don’t worry You guys will see the finished product and it will be all good by then I just still have some work to do on it.

    Eyesnsane: Suits me just fine. So, Alana mentioned that you had my itinerary.

    Ted: Oh yeah we do have a schedule to be mindful of.

    Eyesnsane: No worries, just let me know what’s up and you will get no complaints from me.

    Ted: Well we are supposed to be in Philly by at least four pm tomorrow.

    Eyesnsane: How about we grab some food and just fly out to Philly tonight, then we can get a nice early start on thing tomorrow.

    Ted: I don’t see anything wrong with being ahead of schedule.

    Eyesnsane: Also if something weird happens then we won’t be all rushed if we get held up or something, or a flight is a little late.

    Ted: No I get you, what do you want to eat?

    Eyesnsane: I actually want some JJ Fish.

    Ted: That does sound good, come on man lets go. I’ll drive…

    Eyesnsane: Great, I’ll drink.

    Seated at one of the tables at JJ Fish they both have their food in front of them and are getting ready to dig in.

    Ted: Hey, can I ask you something?

    Eyesnsane: Sure. What?

    Ted: You and the doctor got a thing going on?

    There are a few moments of silence as Eyesnsane chews his food while looking at Ted. After he finishes chewing up with a good swallow…

    Eyesnsane: No, and why would you even ask me that?

    Ted: Well it was really just the whole thing about not letting you travel with her anymore. Although I suppose if you were being late and running off here and there I can see her just wanting to try anybody else.

    Eyesnsane: It was not her fault.

    Ted: Oh I’m sure. I’m going to tell you just like I told Alana. I’ll keep track of your schedule and take care of your footage and you will not get any DUI’s with me. Aside from that you are a grown ass man and you are going to do what you want when and how you want to do it and I can only say so much to you in any given situation but ultimately whatever you do or don’t do is all about you.

    Eyesnsane: Yeah I get that man.

    Ted: Good so long as we understand each other, they say understanding is the key.

    They continue eating their food and sipping on their sodas.

    Ted: Any ideas on what you want to do as far as your footage is concerned?

    Eyesnsane: No not really, I just figured we would figure that out between now and tomorrow.

    Ted: Ok, I have not come up with anything just yet either.

    Houston, Tx..
    April 15, 2017
    Alana Allure’s hotel suite….

    Dr. Weaver is making some final adjustments on her camera as she stands on the balcony with her back to the city. While Alana is inside of the room waiting for her que. Once Dr. Weaver is done with the camera she lifts it into place focusing where she both wants and needs to. The camera begins recording and Alana gets her que. She walks out onto the balcony….

    (On Camera)

    The sun is shining brightly as Alana stands on a balcony just off of her bedroom area of the suite she has. There’s not a cloud in the sky as she looks out at the city with big dark black sunglasses on, her hair is down and occasionally being blown in the wind. She leans against the wall next to the open door she came out of.

    Alana: I came back to the FWA because Eyesnsane needs me. Once I got here and took a good look around I realized very quickly that the FWA women’s division needs me. Take a good long look at it right now. The division is soft and a damn afterthought. Hell even the champion spends more time talking about other champions in Japan than her own dan title. Then again why talk about something you were too soft to be able to keep in the first place.

    Helro, Eimi san you to am I speaking… So glad you've finally taken some time to learn the language although I’m sure you’ll still have to have what I’m saying explained to you. Oh and I hope they don't hold back and I hope it pisses you off, just like you got pissed off at Penny. I want you just as, no more pissed off than that at me. Who are we kidding, it’s in your fluffy little DNA to bring every bit of fight that you have, again…

    Alana folds her arms in front of her…

    Alana: Here we are going into payback, and let’s look see where your stewardship as champion has the women on this roster. For crying out loud Eimi, you beat Bell for the title and do you know what everybody is talking about when it comes to the women’s division, its me? It’s me walking in here after a leave of absence and going right back to the top where I belong and where I have earned my place. You have the women’s title being defended in a damn tag team match. Let me tell you, this is about as low as I’ve ever seen the title dragged down. Not that I’m some kind of hero but I can damn sure do a lot more than you ever will be able to do as champion. Hell and as you’ve seen, first off I apparently not only know how to take it, but how to keep it as well.

    Eimi it’s your weakness, and meekness that betray you. Yet you are held back by the constant whim of the people. Oh you worry your pretty head so much about the fans and what does it get you? They cheered for you against Penny, they cheered for you when you won, yet here I am with your title. Oh and since I know you are going to thank me, you’re welcome. You’re welcome for all these valuable lessons I’m going to teach you. Both in and around that ring. You see I’ve decided that I want the FWA women’s title and if you don’t believe that I let nothing get in my way, ask around I broke my own sister’s leg. So understand Eimi, I’ve come to Texas to do one thing and that’s leave the FWA women’s champion for the second time.

    (Off Camera)

    Alana stands straight up and moves toward Dr. Weaver and the camera as Dr. Weaver seems be making adjustments to the camera….

    Alana: How was that?

    Dr. Weaver: It Looked great and it sounded great.

    Alana: I almost forgot what its like to do footage shoots, it has been a while.

    Dr. Weaver: Well you could not tell from what I just saw.

    Alana: Awe thank you.

    Just then the two of them step inside of the room and there is a knock at the door. Alana heads over to the door and opens it to reveal Eyesnsane and Ted. They both come in and the four quickly sort things out.

    Ted: Alright I suppose we just have to get to it.

    Alana: This is the team going forward.

    Eyesnsane: Wait, really. No offense Ted has not wrestled since….

    Ted: That’s not important, it will be like when I was in college again.

    Eyesnsane: You know you can’t be like all NCAA again right?

    Ted: What do you mean? You don’t want me to help you and be your guys partner?

    Eyesnsane: No I’m not saying that.

    Ted: What are you saying?

    Alana: He’s saying you two need to figure it out like right now because Alana is about to have Rebecca start recording the two of you for footage.

    Ted and Eyesnsane look at each other for a moment and then at Rebecca as they both nod at her as she raises the camera.

    (On Camera)

    Eyesnsane: You see last week we showed you that it could be anybody and now we present…

    Ted: The masked man all this time and for all these weeks has been none other than yours truly. Who else could it be? Let’s not go there right now. Doesn't it make sense. Think about it week after week I’m out here with the camera seeing first hand what this man and this woman go through to put on great performances and for what? For them to go unnoticed and underappreciated.

    We are talking about tag team wrestling in the FWA right? Let me tell you about it. First for months I watched this man at my side pick up an otherwise dead division and carry it step by step week by week back into prominence and back into relevance.

    Eyesnsane: Don’t let yourselves get too full on the events of the past couple of weeks, the fact is you mythology guys have had your fun and run in the sun. It’s time we make things right once again. It’s time my friend and I here beat you two and take our place back atop the tag team division. After all we don’t want to not please all these people who are coming to see me tie the great Vodka and Venum record for tag team title reigns when Over the Edge walks out of Houston being the FWA tag team champions.

    All of you have to see this is the logical conclusion. We have already proven that you guys can’t even hold on to something that is supposed to be yours. You two have had your moment, it has come and in a very short time, your time will be gone just like your titles have been gone. You two have to admit what’s coming, me adding another friend of mine o the mix has only served to make our resolve just that much stronger. Ted and I have not been champions before and that’s something we aim to fix. Don’t sleep n my friend here he was quite the accomplished amatuer wrestler.

    Ted moves closer to Eyesnsane placing an arm around him.

    Ted: I’m at your side and I got your back. These guys are not going to know what hit them, not this time around. We have all the odds in our favor. We are a real team.

    Eyesnsane: We are real friends, not hiding secrets from each other. Because as close a unit as you all seem to be.

    Ted: We see right through the weekly allegories as you attempt to relate every bit of life to some aspect of Greek Mythology with from a historical reference could be considered plagiarized philosophy. I’m no scholar, I just occasionally read their books. Hey I get it, it’s a hook. Right it grabs the Percy Jackson crowd, gives you the little kid demographic. Shoot five minute with Alana will tell you that’s just good business.

    Eyesnsane: You two know all about wars so go que up your story about one of those old clashes between Gods. I don’t care what you call yourselves, and to that point I don’t care what you call me or who you all think I am. I am going to show you, we are going to show you and just like you are moments away from the three of us walking in there with the titles we have taken, you are moments away from your title runs coming to an abrupt end. Don’t worry this is just the nature of the business and if the three of you can find some way to hang in there maybe someday down the road you may just get another shot.

    Ted: For now we will just leave you with that sick feeling in your stomach because deep down on the inside you all know that e are going to win. You know we are better than you guys, and that we are more united than you three ever will be and in the end this fight gives us the advantage. An advantage so great the truth is you all have already lost.

    The scene slowly fades out to black…..

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    There wasn’t a single person in sight, the conditions were more befitting of a storm than the welcoming of spring. Not a single person in sight with one notable exception, that is. For rows upon rows, there is the same tombstone that is looking more and more battle-weary as the days draw past, filled with an increasingly difficult to maintain heap of dirt and assorted flower arrangements. Sure, when someone is committed it’s easy to make the daily pilgrimage, bring your fresh displays and generally maintain the area as if the person you lay to rest there is going to really appreciate it. But just as time moves on and you begin to emotionally heal, your desire and drive to ensure that their final resting place is maintained also fades.

    The end result? Only one person in sight, each grave as you scan past looking more and more unkempt than the other. This one person in sight, this one person that is braving the elements and isn’t letting the sharp gusts of cold wind detract from his being there, is your North American Champion. Rather than dressed immaculately as per usual in one of his customer made suits, Parr has gone for the more workmanlike approach. Long bomber jacket, beanie hat covering his usually well kept hair in place, jeans covered in dirt and pair of boots that wouldn’t look out of place on a construction site. With each gust of cold air, Parr noticeably winces, but he remains unmoved otherwise. In front of him, a headstone similar to the rows and rows that are all around him, although this one is freshly maintained. Looking around, whilst the other’s carvings have been victim to days and nights such as this, the inscription on this headstone is as clear and as fresh it is as if Parr himself has just leant up from personally scribing it.

    “We are gathered here today to celebrate the life and career of one man who rose from obscurity to make a mark within FWA. We are gathered here to celebrate his achievements and conquests whilst we are also here to honour the mark that he left behind on this business. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…….”

    Rain begins to beat into the graveyard, but Parr remains unperturbed. He reaches down, grabs a handful of dirt and as he does so it becomes clear that the grave that he is stood beside is open. Parr stands over the open grave in silence, before releasing the dirt into the vacant hole in the ground. Such is the velocity of the wind at the moment, upon release some of the dirt flies back into Parr’s face.

    “Regular viewers of FWA over the past number of weeks may be surprised to know that I am not stood here about the lay to rest my career in this company, far from it. If that is truly what you were expecting from this then you need to stop buying in to whatever Michael Garcia is selling you. I’m here to signify the burial of the “legend” that is the career of Michael Garcia, a burial that was essentially cemented two weeks ago on Fight Night when he decided it would be humorous to lay to rest my Television Championship. I would say that it wasn’t a smart move, but Garcia and intellect don’t exactly fall hand in hand so that really shouldn’t surprise you….”

    Another sharp gust of wind causes Prodigy to visibly wince once more, as the rain continues to beat in against him.

    “This has been a long time coming, and it almost feels right that I am the one to end it for poor Michael, as I was really where it all began. 18 months ago Michael decided that he and his brother were not getting enough attention, that the FWA was just passing them by, so when I made my Fight Night debut and moved shows from CrossFire, Michael decided to attack me to make a statement. He decided to use me to get noticed, does that sound familiar to anyone? Because whilst time has passed, there hasn’t really been a significant change in Michael’s mindset. Whether that is down to his limited mental capabilities or simply the fact that he believes it is a tactic that works, well, that is up to each of you to be able to sit and work out…I know I have my opinion on the matter. Nevertheless, the fundamental default reaction of Michael is to use other people to try and deflect from his lack of achievement, lack of ability, lack of skill and lack of talent by taking the easy way out and making a statement another way. That is why he attacked me a year and a half ago. That is why he attacked me from behind a couple months ago just after my shot at the World Championship. That is why he attacked Devin Golden after his Hall of Fame speech. It has got to the point where I no longer blame him, where I genuinely think that Michael lacks the foresight to see that there might be another way. He can’t impress anybody in the ring, he cannot impress with his words so he resorts to cheap tactics and attacks to get the job done in the hope that people will walk away talking about what a scumbag he is as opposed to reflecting on how limited he is.”

    “Congratulations Michael. You’ve finally made it.”

    Parr pauses momentarily as the wind once more picks up. He navigates his way around the open graveside through the mound of dirt and settles crouched at the headstone, taking his finger and tracing the inscription that adorns it.

    “I started by saying that we were here to celebrate the life and career of the man who is going to be laid to rest. Spoiler alert Michael, the only person who is being put down is you. But you finally have achieved something that nobody else in FWA has been able to achieve, you managed to piss me off. You managed to piss me off to the point where I don’t think it will be sufficient any longer to just outwrestle you and pin your shoulders to the mat or make you tap out, that wouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone watching if that was to happen. No… a way that you wanted to use me to make a statement I’ll be using you to make a statement. I’m going to turn up at Payback and fittingly deliver what the title of the pay-per-view stipulates. It wouldn’t be as impactful if I turned up and wrestled circles around you because everyone knows that as much of a strength that technically proficiency is for me, it’s also your weakness. My statement, what I’m going to be remembered for after Payback and what is going to reverberate through the FWA, is the image of me turning up to fight you. It is going to be the image of my bringing fist after fist crashing into your face, bones breaking upon each separate impact. It is going to be the blood that is spilled not only failing to deter me from continuing but acting as the proverbial red rag to what will be the raging bull.”

    Parr takes a deep breath of the cold early evening air as light is slowly fading away. He grabs another handful of dirt from his crouched position and deposits this in the open grave again.

    “I knew from the minute that you held your service for me on Fight Night that what needed to be done Michael. I needed to turn up and beat you at your own game and make a statement of my own. I needed to beat you in a fight. I needed to make sure that I am not sitting here years from now and people are talking about that one time of Fight Night where Michael Garcia proved that he was the better man and took my Television Championship from me, and about how that was the beginning of my downfall. I need to erase that image from everyone’s mind, and the only way that I feel I can do that is beating you senseless in a match where there are not pin falls and there are no submissions, where I am entering your comfort zone and the only way to win is to incapacitate your opponent to the point where they are rendered defenceless. Leaving Payback, which will be our final chapter, the message transmitted across the world to anyone that watches FWA will not be about remembering that one time Michael Garcia defeated The Prodigy and took his championship belt, it will be about that one time that Michael Garcia enraged Mike Parr who beat him to within an inch of his life. The image that will transmit across the globe won’t be of Michael Garcia holding the North American Championship above his head, it will be of my blood stained torso stood over your limp body. And the crowd….the crowd won’t be cheering and they won’t be booing. They will be sat there in silence, uncomfortable, not sure whether to cheer your downfall or pray that someone comes out and takes mercy on you and calls the end to the match. Michael…you won’t be getting any mercy from me.”

    Parr, from his crouched position at graveside, quickly transitions and stands in the open grave, his head and shoulders of his 6ft 2in frame just sticking out from the 6ft deep hole in ground. Prodigy reaches down out of sight momentarily and when he re-emerges in his left hand he is holding his Television Championship.

    “So Michael, your first achievement will be adding to the aura surrounding me, in that I’m not just the best wrestler on the planet but I’m also capable of being the most feared fighter. But your second gift to me, your second achievement is arguably even more significant and is something that nobody else has managed to achieve, you have managed to open my eyes to this……”

    Parr raises the Television Championship in the air.

    “For months and months I have proudly worn this championship, proclaiming that I was the most must-see thing on television each week. I defended it against the likes of Jean-Luc Watkins. I often at times wore this and treated the North American Championship as an accessory. And Mike, truth be told, when you buried this on Fight Night, it felt like I lost someone close to me. I’ve grieved Michael, and unfortunately for you, heading into Payback, from the stages of grief laid out, I have reached acceptance .”

    “You see first there was denial. That’s why I took some time out, that’s why I didn’t march down to the ring and stop you demeaning this championship and the prestige with which it was now viewed due to its association with me. I didn’t want to believe that I had contrived to lose to you. I didn’t want to believe that I had lost a match for the championship that I had brought back into existence. So I watched your little ceremony from home, but even as I watched it, it didn’t quite register that I had lost.”

    “But as that championship was discarded, denial turned to anger. What was I angry about? I was angry with myself, initially, because I underestimated you. Why I am as good as I say I am is because I don’t take shortcuts and I ensure that regardless of whether I’m facing local talent or the World Champion that my preparation and focus is the same. I took my eye off the ball and assumed that our contest would go the way it always seems to go when you end up in a one-on-one situation….I assumed you would bottle it and then you would lose.”

    “And from anger, then stemmed depression….”

    Prodigy swiftly manages to move himself back out of the open grave to the point where he is stood at the foot of the grave. Still with Television Championship in hand, the light has now faded to where you can just about make out the silhouette of Parr and the gleam of the Championship belt still held in his hand.

    “I switched off the television after Fight Night and I wasn’t angry any more, I was depressed. I was depressed because as I sat there I knew that it was over. I knew that the run had come to an end. Not my career in FWA, not my legacy, but I knew that this championship and the great things that I had achieved holding this now had to end. Arenas across the country were still shaking with the deafening chants of “TRIPLE CHAMP” however I knew now that, for probably the first time in my career, that there would be a promise that I would not be able to fulfil. And in the meantime, you were parading around reminding people that you were partly responsible for that. I hated that. I hated myself more than I hated you for that, and there was a point where I didn’t want to move from the chair watching that on Television…..the platform that I claimed to be the best thing on was solely responsible for staring back and depressing me thinking about what could have been….”

    “But then in the following week, that depression gave way to acceptance…..”

    Although difficult to make out in the fading light, Prodigy stares into the face of his Television Championship, slowly raising it towards his face and tenderly kisses the front of it. He takes one deep breath and in a fluid motion holds the championship belt over the open grave and drops it in. Prodigy again takes another couple of deep breaths for composure, before turning to stare down the camera.

    “I don’t need that Television Championship to be the most dominant and must see athlete on your weekly broadcast. I don’t need to be a triple champ because what I have done, and what I have achieved is already enough to be classified as THE champ. Going back to what your second achievement was Michael, what you managed to do that nobody else in FWA was able to do, you managed to make me accept that I don’t need the Television Championship. You made me realise that I was using it is a crutch to hold myself up when really I was capable of standing on my own two feel all along. I am the North American Champion of this company and I have been for months. Chris Kennedy saw the inevitable in the match in which I took this from him and ran off into retirement. I did that. If there ever was a parallel to compare us, it would be that I sent Chris Kennedy from the active roster into retirement whereas all you were capable of was beating on an already long retired Devin Golden.”

    Prodigy backs off from the camera shot and grabs a shovel that has been discarded nearby, and begins the laborious process of shovelling dirt back on top of the Television Championship that he carried with him with such pride for so long. As he shovels heap after heap of dirt back, he continues….

    “It’s funny how some people probably think that I should be thanking you for opening my eyes. Not exactly my train of thought, unfortunately for you. Whilst the end result may benefit me in the long run, there still the fact that you are a living breathing reminder of what I once had and what I have now lost. It’s time for the North American Champion of this company to stand and hold his championship proud above his head. It’s time for The Prodigy to step up and beat some of the respect you claim you stole from me by beating me back. In summary, it’s time for Payback, Michael.”

    With that, the scene slowly fades away as Parr continues to shovel dirt on what we could now say is the retired FWA Television Championship.

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