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    Five Star Attraction: Live

    The show opens up highlighting the matches for the evening...

    Highlights of Ricky Reynolds CWA career are shown thus far, and then his confrontation with Triple J Secruity is shown...

    Highlights of the feud between Shannon O'Neal and Shawn Summers plays out showing their challenges, and Shawn leaving Shannon laid out on the previous Adrenaline Rush...

    The feud between Nate Savage and Christian Quinn has heated up, showing Quinn's elimination in the Wrestle-Royale as well Quinn costing Savage his High Voltage Championship...

    Elijah Edwards is shown winning the High Voltage Championship, then he lays out the challenge which is accepted by Krash and Elijah blindsides Krash with an unprovoked attack...

    Finally, the events that have transpired leading up to the main championship match for Five Star Attraction...

    LIGHTBRINGER winning the Wrestle-Royale...

    Snowmantashi retains his championship...

    Promos between the two men are highlighted, as well as them teaming up to take on Krash and Elijah Edwards...

    After the match is over there's a confrontation between champion and challenger, which leads to LIGHTBRINGER taking out Snowmantashi and the video package ends with LIGHTBRINGER standing over a fallen Jon Snowmantashi...
    CWA proudly presents...
    Live from Madison Square Garden in New York!

    Pyrotechnics display and the camera pans out over the sold out Madison Square Garden crowd, who show their support for each and every superstar as they go wild in anticipation for the night's event...

    Jim Taylor: Welcome everyone to Five Star Attraction! I am Jim Taylor joined alongside as always by Tim Coleman, and Tim what an action packed show we have in store for tonight!

    Tim Coleman: You got that right Jimbo, we've got grudge matches galore along with that main event where LIGHTBRINGER challenges Jon Snowmantashi for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship!

    Jim Taylor: Before that though we're going to kick things off with our opening contest!

    Lindsay Monahan: The opening contest is a handicap match set for one fall!

    Grudge Match
    Ricky Reynolds vs. Triple J Security

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first Jiggy John, Jobber Jimbo, and Jugem Jugem, they are Triple J Secruity!

    The crowd is very unhappy to see the trio of Jiggy John, Jimbo, and Jugem Jugem as they walk down to the ring mocking and taunting the fans along the way.

    Jim Taylor: These outsiders from FWA have come to takeover CWA in their words!

    Tim Coleman: We'll see how that works out for them

    Lindsay Monahan: and their opponent being accompanied by Holly-Rod Reynolds, from the Quad Cities by way of Chicago, IL and weighing in at one-hundred & eighty pounds...RICKY REYNOLDS!

    The fans are on their feet and cheering for Ricky, who excitedly makes his way out and looks eager to make an impact in his first ever FSA as well as defend CWA's honor. His father, Rod Reynolds looks less than enthusiastic about the whole ordeal and shakes his head in disapppointment at his song.

    Jim Taylor: Ricky Reynolds making his first ever PPV appearance as well his first Five Star Attraction, and he's looking to make a name for himself tonight as he's set to take on Triple J Security!

    Tim Coleman: I can get behind this kid as long as he sends the three stooges packing!


    The bell rings as Ricky looks at the odd trio with an expression of bemused confusion as the three FWA "stars" converse with one another and seem to be formulating a strategy. Now, a GOOD strategy would be for Jiggy Jon, Jobber Jimbo, and Jugem Jugem to rush Reynolds at once and issue a three-on-one assault.

    Triple J Security, however, eschews THAT for the strategy of Jimbo and Jon pumping Jugem up and goad him into taking the first attack. To his credit, Jugem IS pumped as he hops in place excitedly. He screams his name "JUGEM!" out loud and runs at Reynolds...

    ...only to get DRILLED in the face with a palm strike from Reynolds and sent rolling out of the ring. Jimbo and Jon seem shocked that their "brilliant" strategy failed as Reynolds cocks an eyebrow as if to say "Really, you idiots? Come on." Jimbo and Jon FINALLY realize they have a numbers advantage as they rush Reynolds for a double team lariat, but Reynolds ducks and rebounds off the ropes to drop both men with a dropkick. Reynolds kips up to the delight of the crowd as Jobber Jimbo gets to his feet only to be driven back down with an R & R!

    With Jimbo and Jugem disposed, Reynolds grabs Jiggy Jon and locks him in the Reynolds Wrap! Jiggy wastes exactly zero seconds in tapping awarding Reynold a dominating FSA victory!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match by submission, Ricky Reynolds!

    Jim Taylor: A big win for Ricky Reynolds in his Five Star Attraction debut as he disposes of Triple J Secruity in quick fashion!

    Tim Coleman: So much that take over you goofs!

    Triple J are all on the outside stumbling and bumbling while Ricky celebrates, his father Rod berates Ricky and tells him to calm down but Ricky doesn't listen and soaks it all in.


    The arena was still catching its breath from what they’ve just seen. There was a buzz, an electricity in the air… and then it was gone. Darkness consumed the arena and a deathly silence fell as all eyes were drawn to the giant screen hanging above the ramp. It was crackling and spluttering in a way that over the past few weeks had come to mean only one thing – Kate Hunter. With a gasp of realisation, the CWA Universe held its collective breath as the girl herself suddenly came into focus, sat once more on the window ledge of her eerie cell, nursing the doll that had not left her side since it had been returned to her – Paula.

    However, she was not alone. It seemed she was once again being interrogated by the nameless doctor who for months had tried without success to get to the bottom of her past and finally remove her from this hospital, returning her to where she belonged. Today, though, there was a calmness between the two. There was no hostility, no sense of the great battle that had gone on to crack Miss Hunter's code of silence. Today both seemed to feel like they held all the cards.

    Kate "Red" Hunter
    : I have to tell you, Doctor, this isn't even fun anymore. Why can't you just admit that this is beyond you? Why can't you just go and meddle in affairs that you can understand and leave me to my own designs?

    Unknown Voice: These delusions of grandeur are all part of your problem Kate. You believe that something has the power to decide whether you stay in this room forever, but they don't. It doesn't exist. You can't hide from the things that scare you. You can't pretend to be sick or mentally unstable and withdraw from the world and just wash your hands of everyone and everything because it suits you. You do NOT get to make that decision for yourself.

    Kate glanced up at him and smiled.

    Kate "Red" Hunter
    : Oh? And who does? Who does get to make that decision for me Doctor? You? I have spent all the time I am going to cleaning up the mess that other people leave behind. I have wasted enough time trying to preserve those who choose to drown in a sea of their own sins. Let them live by the choices that they make. From now on I will have no part in it.

    Unknown Voice: Kate, you're just a child! You are NOT God and you are NOT responsible for the fates of others. Whatever you think you are – whoever you think you are – you need to let it go. You are simply a young girl who was assaulted in a forest. A forest, I might add, that you had no place being in. You are NOT sick and you are NOT staying in this facility a moment longer.,,,

    A silence descends over the scene, as the doctor seems to make a forced attempt to be diplomatic, a final throw of the dice

    Unknown Voice: “Kate Hunter doesn’t exist. For the last few months, I’ve looked through every record, every hospital, every school. Every possible record I could find. Nothing. So I’ll ask you one more time: “Who. Are. You?

    Kate Hunter: “....”

    Unknown voice: “Where did you come from?

    Kate Hunter: “....”

    Unknown Voice
    : “What happened to you in that forest?”

    Again Kate smiled, but this time it was a much more threatening gesture.

    Kate Hunter:
    Doctor, I have warned you many times about the perils of embarking down this road. If you insist on trying to remove me from this cell then I will have no choice but to remove you from the equation. Your visits have been… pleasant. You have afforded me a window into the world that I left behind. . You refuse to heed the warnings that I give you. Time and time again I have tried to show people the way, I have tried to guide them along the path of righteousness, but in the end… just like you… they respond only to force. This "assault" that I suffered was but the latest in a long line. My scars are badges of honour, records of the battles that I have fought, of the people that I have been able to save. They are something that you could never understand.

    There was a brief silence as the doctor studied Kate. He let out a hollow laugh and moved across the room to her tower of alphabet blocks, picking one up and rolling it around in his hand. The display had not moved in weeks. They still spelt out "KATE RED HUNTER".

    Unknown Voice: ...And you refuse to acknowledge that carrying a doll is the act of a child? Don't you see a paradox between this God-like persona you create for yourself and the little girl I see holding her best friend Paula? Why can't you be like everybody else? Why can't you see what I can see?

    Kate "Red" Hunter: Why, Doctor, can't YOU see what Paula can see?

    She held up the doll, its smile eerily directed at the exasperated doctor, and he sighed.

    Unknown Voice
    : You know what? Fine. I… whatever game you're playing Kate, I'm not interested. In a few hours you're somebody else's problem anyway. I've done everything I can to help you but as far as I'm concerned you can keep your secrets. Once you're out of this cell maybe you can confront whatever it is that you're so scared of.

    Kate's features adjusted into a look of doubt and confusion

    Unknown Voice: I was going to tell you yesterday but you refused to see me. You're being transferred. Tonight .. You're going upstate where you can be properly identified, by DNA if necessary. You ARE leaving this cell Kate and you ARE going back to your old life. And maybe then you'll realise that you're too old for a doll.

    The doctor turned and left the room, slamming the door shut behind him. Kate's eyes were glazed over and she held her doll even more tightly, whispering faintly to Paula. Rage was twisted over every feature of her face. It was clear, that she wasn’t what she was expecting. For the first time in these series of videos she seems to be legit appalled by what just happened she blinked rapidly her head twitching like she has some kind of nervous tick constantly muttering under her breath “Too old?!...Too old?!” her eyes flashing psychopathically before they finally settle on Paula. Quickly snatching it up in her hands with the same desperation one might use to grasp a life preserver

    Kate Hunter: “I know you can hear me”

    A vain seems to be pulsing in the girl’s forehead in anger and frustration, but whatever she’s looking for from the doll, it doesn’t come as the doll just smile back at her with a vacant smile

    Kate Hunter: Answer me!

    Again nothing.

    Kate Hunter: “I know you’re angry, But….I know how to make it right….I can give you what you want. I can make this right! Give me one more chance and I promise….I can prove myself worthy. Give me back what you took from me and I can deliver onto you the richest prize of them all...A new battleground,where we can forge an empire

    A beat pasts and again; nothing. Despondent, Kate tosses Paula to the floor uselessly as she places her hands against her eyes in despair….

    ….But then something strange happened.

    On the tape, a light hail of white static began to interfere with the video picture, not to the point where the entire video was totally obscured, but the picture for the moment is momentarily obscuring the screen...and when the picture comes back...Things have changed, it was a subtle change but it was definite

    Paula had moved.

    From her lying down position, her head was facing away from the was staring blankly towards the camera as if just noticing our presence. It takes a moment but Katie’s posture shifts to look at it, her body language tense but alert as if...something just called out to her

    But before we go any further, The titantron shut off abruptly and light returned. While the ending was just….bizzare, we now know one thing for sure. After all these weeks still nobody had any idea what the hell was going on or who Kate Hunter was, but now at least there was a sense of imminent closure. Tonight the event that the girl had long insisted would never happen was about to come to pass. In just a few hours she would be taken from her cell and returned to her old life. And maybe, just maybe, the source of all this confusion would be forced to reveal them at the same time…..


    Shannon O'Neal looks around the Rogers Centre as the camera focuses in on her face as she mouths "are you kidding me". A pitching machine can be seen on the pitcher mound and baseball bats are lined near home plate. Shannon picks up one of the baseball bats and begins to take a couple of practice swings. She smiles at her technique as she starts to get into a "groove".

    Shawn Summers: Looks like your wrestling technique isn't the only thing that's sloppy and needs work.

    Shannon turns and notices Shawn Summers coming from out of the dugout, dressed in full on Toronto Blue Jays baseball gear. He picks up the bat and takes a couple of swings, mocking Shannon.

    Shannon O'Neal: This is ridiculous, yo. There plenty of fields we coulda' used in New Yark, but ya' chose to fly out to Toronto for this.

    Shawn Summers: (Laughing) Yea, it feels good to have money....oh wait you wouldn't know a damn thing about that. I mean look at you (Pointing up and down at Shannons attire). You knew we were going to be having a Homerun derby and you choose to wear.....that. We're hitting baseballs not working the local strip club. Speaking of which, if you need a job after I embarrass you in these "competitions", I know of a really good strip club here in Toronto that is always looking for new......bathroom attendants.

    Shannon O'Neal: I'm sure it's the same strip club that ya' father met ya' mom in. It must hold some sentimental value in ya' heart.

    Shawn Summers spits at the feet of Shannon O'Neal and shoots a cold look her way. Three CWA officials make their way towards the two and signal for Shawn to go back to the dugout. Shannon picks up the bat and puts on a batting helmet, taking a few practice swings.

    CWA Official: Shannon, we went over the rules of the contest earlier today but I will remind you of them. You will have 3 minutes to hit as many home runs possible. At the end of the 5 minutes you will put your bat down and Shawn Summers will be given his chance. Do you understand the rules?

    Shannon O'Neal: Ya, son.

    CWA Official: Alright, take your place and give us the signal to begin.

    Shannon takes her place and signals for the official to start the machine. A ball fires out of the machine and Shannon takes a hard swing at it. The ball flies through the air but is just shy of a home run. She signals for another ball, but receives the same results. As the timer approaches the "1:30" mark Shannon takes a deep breath and signals for the official to send out the next ball. The ball flies out of the machine and towards her. Shannon connects squarely with the ball and it flies high over the barricades in Rogers Centre and the score board lights up with "Home Run" as a smirk appears on Shannon's face.

    Shawn Summers stands and gives Shannon a standing ovation as the next ball comes out and she repeats with a second home run. Shannon seems to have found her groove as she calls for the official to load the next ball as the timer reaches "2:30". Shannon smacks the ball high into the stands for her third home run. The final ball shoots out of the machine and Shannon hits it but as it's in the air, the timer hits "0". The ball makes it into home run territory and the final score for Shannon reads "3 home runs"

    Shannon O'Neal: It says "3 home runs." Why it says "3 home runs?" I hit "4," yo!

    Shawn Summers: It's because that last ball you hit, it didn't make it into homerun territory in time. You should be proud of the 3 that you got. I honestly didn't expect you to get any. Now why don't you go.....take a seat and watch daddy do his thing.

    Shawn picks up the bat and takes a couple of swings before telling the official to start the machine. The first ball zooms out of the machine and Shawn smacks it right into Homerun territory for his first home run. Shawn takes a little time to do a couple of practice swings before signaling for the next ball. The ball shoots out of the machine and Shawn again smacks it out of sight. He looks at the timer and it reads "1:45". He smirks as he calls for another ball, he smacks it high in the sky for a third home run. The clock continues to countdown as Shawn takes his time watching the ball fall into the upper stands of the arena.

    Shawn Summers: Hey Shannon? I've gotta ask does it feel.....losing to the God.... (hits his fourth home run)......King?

    Shawn drops his bat and runs around the bases as the timer countdown slowly counts down the final seconds. The scoreboard reads Shawn Summers 1 | Shannon O'Neal 0, as Shawn laughs and jogs out of the stadium.


    Outside of the Rogers Centre, Shawn Summers and Shannon O'Neal stretching as they get ready for the 50-meter dash.

    Shawn Summers: Shannon O'Neal, less than 30 minutes ago you were EMBARRASSED in the Home Run Derby by "The God King." What is your mind set going into this 50-meter dash, a competition that you definitely have no chance of winning?

    Shannon O'Neal: Ya' know, if the whole wrestlin' thing doesn't work out for ya'...ya' should definitely consider a career in journalism. I can see y' first headline...."Shannon O'Neal does what whiney-little bitch boy never could...winnin' the World Championship."

    Shawn smiles and takes his place at the starting line. Shannon takes her spot and the CWA official starts his countdown.

    Shawn Summers: Hey Shannon? You're going to regret what you said.

    The official shoots a gun in the air and Shawn and Shannon take off down the stretch. The two are neck and neck and Shannon begins to take a small lead. Shawn notices this and slightly puts his leg out in front of Shannon, resulting in her falling face first into the pavement. Shawn laughs as he crosses the finish line and celebrates as the officials go to check on Shannon. Shannon is helped to her feet and blood rushes down her face from her nose. Shannon attempts to run at Shawn but the officials hold her back.

    Shannon O'Neal: Ya' smug-ass son-a-bitch. Ya' tripped me!!!! That's cheatin'!!! He's disqualified right?!?!

    Shawn Summers: Wrong!!! The rules only said "first person to cross the finish line wins" they never made mention of anything that could get you disqualified. Be gracious in defeat Shannon. Learn from it.

    Shawn waves her off as he walks off into the distance as officials continue to tend to Shannon as the scene fades to black. The scoreboard now reads: "Shawn Summers 2 | Shannon O'Neal 0"
    Current tally: Shawn Summers 2, Shannon O'Neal 0[/SIZE]

    The next challenge in the Shannon O'Neal-Shawn Summers rivalry is a punching contest. The bag hangs down from the plastic shell for the machine. Shannon walks up with some nervous energy while Shawn Summers struts in a few seconds later with a cocky confidence brewing with each stride.

    Shawn Summers: Two to zero, Shannon. And you said girls could compete with men.

    The FWA official explains the rules of the competition. Each will get one punch on the machine and the one scoring the highest — a combination of the punch with the most force and best connection — wins. Shawn Summers approaches first. He continues his same strut before turning back and blowing a kiss to Shannon, who nearly pops him in the mouth but is held back by the ref.

    "It's all in the form. Take notes, Shannon. All in the ..."


    The punching bag ricochets back and forth a few times before settling. The digits continue changing in a blur until finally settling. 543 out of 999.

    Shawn seems pleased with his score and steps to the side. Shannon walks up, looks determined, and lines up her fist a couple times in the center of the bag.

    "Time, please."

    "What ya' sayin'?"

    "Time, ref. Please? She's taking forever."

    "Yo, shut ya' ass up! I ain't takin' any longer."


    The official turns to Shannon and is about to say something, but Shannon simply puts up her hand, lines up her fist one more time, and then...


    Shannon looks on, a worried glare on her face. Shawn smiles, thinking it's certainly lower.

    But then the numbers settle: 618!!!


    Shannon raises her arms in the air, turns and gets right into Shawn's face. This just makes him even more upset.

    "No way. The machine is broken. No way. That competition is void."

    "What?! Ya' a damn sore loser."

    "No. No. That doesn't count. Come on. I'll finish this on the next one."

    Shawn storms off the scene as Shannon smirks a bit, thinking she's in her opponent's head. Then she follows as the camera zooms in on her score before fading out.


    Score tally: Shawn Summers 2, Shannon O'Neal 1

    In the next competition, Shawn Summers is seen storming into a weight room in the CWA headquarters. The officials running the competitions follow behind, with Shannon also part of the party. Shawn briskly paces to the nearest weight bench and the free weights on the racks near the mirror. He turns and puts his hands on his hips and begins talking more of the same trash, although with his speech sped up and his voice a bit higher-pitched than usual.

    "Right here. Bench press. You and me. I'll even let the girl have the damn honors!"

    Shannon thinks for a second, walking up to the bench and then pauses.

    "Nah. Nah. I won the last one so I'm gonna give ya' the honors, Shawnie. Have fun!"

    Shawn knows Shannon is trying to get in his head, but it's succeeding a bit. He lays down on the bench and asks for 330 pounds on the bar. Shawn loosens up, clenches his fists a couple times, and then grabs the metal bar.

    His face grows red and his mouth grimaces with his eyes squinted. He's just about to get the bar up when it drops down to the bench stand!

    Shannon's face changes to an ear-to-ear smile. The officials are stunned and Shawn cannot believe it, his eyes massive with surprise and his mind wondering how this could happen.

    "No. No! I get another chance. My fingers slipped. No! over! I can do 330 pounds!"

    The officials explain Shawn only gets one shot and a miss means he scores a 0!

    Shannon walks up, and instead of just doing the bar's basic 45 pounds, she asks for an impressive amount. She asks for 260!

    "260? You're gonna hurt yourself! Hah! What an idiot! Give me another chance to win this right here!"

    Shannon lays down on the mat and loosens her wrists and fingers as she looks up at the bar. She takes a deep breath, grips the bar, and slowly lifts it up into the air before COMPLETING the lift!!! Then she lowers it down to the bar stand and breathes heavily with a BIG smile.

    "No! No. Her elbows weren't straight! Disqualify! What?!"

    Shannon sits up and raises her arms in the air when the official approves the lift! Shannon hops up as Shawn turns around in anger and frustration. Shannon meets his eyes as he turns and holds up two fingers with each hand right up to Shawn's face.

    "Two ... two."

    Shannon steps by Shawn, who closes his eyes and tilts his head back eating the crow he dished earlier. Then his eyes open and his face changes to a focused anger, unlike anything we've seen yet from him in this competition.
    Jim Taylor: Welcome back to Adrenaline Rush ladies and gentlemen, I'm Jim Taylor and I'm joined as always by my broadcast partner Tim Coleman. And we welcome you back as we get ready for what very well could be the finale of the Best of Five series between Shawn Summers and Shannon O'Neil. Last week Shannon O'Neil was able to score a victory in a punching power contest AND a bench press challenge bringing the score in this competition to an even 2-2.

    Tim Coleman: Actually Jim, I have received word from CWA officials that Shawn Summers hired a team of investigators to look into the punching machine used during the punching power contest and it was found that the machine had faulty wiring inside of it. The faulty wiring resulted in the machine displaying mixed results when punched, so therefore the results of that competition are thrown out and the score is officially 2-1 in favor of Shawn Summers.

    The scene switches to Shawn Summers and Shannon O'Neil standing in opposite corners of the ring. Shannon has a look of determination on her face as the camera pans to show a cocky Shawn Summers relaxing in his corner. In the center of the ring stands a CWA official and CWA Ring Announcer Lindsay Monohan.

    Lindsay Monhan: The following contest is contest number 4 in the best of 5 series between Shawn Summer and Shannon O'Neil. Because of faulty wiring in the punching machine used during the punching power competition, the results of that competition have been overturned and the score for the series is officially 2 Summers, 1 O'Neil.

    The fans rain down "boos" at that announcement as Shawn can be seen applauding the announcement. The CWA official points into the direction of Shannon and asks "are you ready?" she nods her head "yes". He points in the direction of Shawn and asks, "are you ready," and Shawn nods his head "yes". With that, the referee calls for the bell.

    Shawn and Shannon circle each other in the ring as both try and read the actions of the other. Shawn fakes as if he is going to go in for a takedown and Shannon quickly jumps into a defensive position to block. Shawn laughs at her before faking another takedown, causing tremendous frustration to Shannon. In almost a fit of rage, Shannon charges in for a takedown on Shawn but is stuffed in her attempt. As Shawn pushes Shannon away he smiles and waves his finger "no" and Shannon can be heard "stop being a little bitch and do something!".

    Jim Taylor: Shannon O'Neil getting a little frustrated with the nonchalant attitude of Shawn Summers in this competition.

    Tim Coleman: O'Neil better get her frustration under control. Lets not forget, Shawn Summers had a perfect record in amateur wrestling during his days competing in high school and was extremely accomplished in college, before deciding to pursue professional wrestling.

    The two continue to circle one another until Shawn charges in for a takedown. Shannon sidesteps the attempt as Shawn calmly gets back up and turns his attention back to her. He charges at her for another takedown but this time Shannon manages to stuff the attempt and mockingly waves her finger at Shawn and tells him "not this time". As Shawn gets to his feet Shannon quickly rushes in for a takedown only for Shawn to deliver a stiff knee to Shannon sending her flying backward. The referee rushes in and directs Shawn to go back to his corner and reprimands him for kneeing Shawn.

    Jim Taylor: What a dirty move by Summers. He knows damn well knees aren't allowed in this competition. It's a takedown challenge. No other moves allowed.

    Tim Coleman: That was not made apparent when this competition started so....

    Shawn mouths "sorry" to Shannon as the referee restarts the competition. The two circle each other once again until Shawn rushes in and shoots for the legs of Shannon, lifting her up in the air in an attempt to power slam her into a takedown only for O'Neil to wiggle over the head of Shawn. She manages to catch her balance and as Shawn turns around she charges at him and lands a successful takedown. The CWA official calls for the bell as the audience erupts into cheers as O'Neil celebrates her victory.

    Jim Taylor: Shannon O'Neil has done what NO one believed she could do. She has taken down Shawn Summers!!! Shannon O'Neil evens this competition up AGAIN putting the score at 2-2.

    The camera pans in on Shawn Summers sitting in the corner of the ring saying "I lost?" slowly over and over to himself. Shannon continues to celebrate as the titantron shows the score at 2-2. The referee raises Shannon's arm in the air as she celebrates in the ring. Shannon stops her celebration as she turns around and notices Shawn Summers standing ominously behind her. Shawn has a look void of emotion as he looks down on Shannon. Shannon opens her mouth to say something to Shawn but is stopped by a vicious headbutt from Shawn.

    Jim Taylor: What the hell?!?! What the hell is wrong with Shawn Summers?!?!

    Tim Coleman: Shannon wanted "The God King" right? She wanted to show that she can compete against men in the ring? Well....she's getting what she wanted.

    Shawn slowly walks over to the downed Shannon and mounts her chest as she struggles with his weight on top of her. He grabs her by her hair and slowly launches headbutt after headbutt on Shannon. With each headbutt, blood slowly begins to fly out from between the two. Shawn inflicts a final headbutt to Shannon before letting go of her hair and allowing her head to fall back onto the mat. He slowly unmounts himself from Shannon's chest as CWA officials rush the ring. Shawn picks up Shannon's motionless body and puts her in a reverse choke hold, demanding that the officials stay away from the ring. He screams, "GIVE ME A MIC" repeatedly until an official rolls a microphone into the ring.

    Shawn Summers: Look at her!!! LOOK AT HER!!!! see. Look what you've done to Shannon O'Neil. Look what you people have done to ANOTHER women in this industry. *Shawn rubs his hand into all of the blood on Shannon's face, before rubbing it all over his face* I warned Shannon that she was going to get hurt stepping into the ring with a man and look what happened to her!!! Talk all that trash now Shannon!!! That's what you people want to hear right? You wanna hear this bitch run her mouth, right?!? Well, she can't because she's hurt and in desperate need of medical attention. This is what happens when a woman steps into the ring with a is what happens when a woman steps into the ring with THE GOD KING!!!!

    Shawn moves with Shannon still in the reverse chokehold, showing her bloody motionless body off to the fans in attendance. The camera pans to a woman with her hand over her mouth and then shows children looking away, faces buried into their parents shirts.

    Shawn Summers: You all wanted this. Shannon wanted this and now....I'm going to get what I want. You see, I want to put the definitive nail into the coffin of Shannon O'Neil's little crusade against me. Right now, our score is tied at 2-2 and I wanna end this competition with one...last...challenge. At Five Star Attraction, it will be Shannon O'Neil VS "The God King" Shawn Summers in the finale of the the best of five series. And now....let me leave you with this warning for Five Star Attraction.

    Shawn drops Shannon's body in the ring as the CWA officials quickly rush into the ring and check on her. They order a stretcher be brought out while the camera continues to focus in on her as Shawn speaks.

    Shawn Summers: Warning, the Five Star Attraction match up between Shawn Summers and Shannon O'Neil will contain; violence, grisly images, strong language, and scenes that will NOT be suitable for children under the age of 17. Viewer.....Discretion....Is...Advised.

    The scene fades to black as Shannon O'Neil is carted out of the arena.

    Jim Taylor: Folks, now you're up to speed on the situation surrounding Shannon O'Neal and Shawn Summers, and boy I can tell that this one is going to be personal!

    Grudge Match
    Shawn Summers vs. Shannon O'Neal

    Lindsay Monahan: The next contest is set for one fall...

    The opening to DJ Kool's "Let Me Clear My Throat" begins to play, getting the crowd hyped up and as the song kicks into high gear the crowd comes alive when Shannon O'Neal steps out wearing a blue jean jacket over a black tank-top and wrestling tights. She stands atop the stage, surveying the sold out crowd before walking down to the ring and slaps hands with fans along the way and even points to a sign that says "KICK HIS BUTT SHANNON!" being a held by a young girl. Shannon stops and gives the little girl a hug before continuing on her walk to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making her way to the ring from Lafayette, Indiana by way of the Sunset Strip and weighing in at one-hundred seventy pounds, Shannon O'Neal!

    Jim Taylor: Shannon taking time to soak it all in on her first Five Star Attraction with a good portion of the firmly behind her for this one!

    Tim Coleman: She's going to need all the support she can get!

    As Shannon enters the ring and removes her jacket and hands it off, she then stands in her corner and waits for the arrival of her opposition. Her music fades out and is soon replaced by the somber voice of Lana Del Rey as she sings out her song "Cola", and soon Shawn Summers steps out wearing a smirk across his face. He takes in all of the negative energy he's feeling from the fans as he walks down to the ring and the camera pans to a sign in the crowd that says, "MAKE HER GO BACK TO THE KITCHEN SHAWN!" The majority of the fans are booing Shawn, but he does have his supporters that are making themselves be heard with their cheers.

    Lindsay Monahan: and her opponent from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and weighing in at two-hundred & five pounds, "The God King" Shawn Summers!

    Jim Taylor: Shawn Summers seems to be enjoying this negative reaction, he's feeding off of it!

    Tim Coleman: He has some supporters out there Jimbo, you just aren't listening! Maybe turn your hearing aid up!

    Jim Taylor: It works just fine, thank you!

    Shawn enters the ring and stares across at Shannon with a smirk, he cracks his neck and begins to hop in place to hype himself up while Shannon remains calm and focused. Referee Karl Rooney goes over rules with each competitors before calling for the bell.


    Shannon and Shawn begin to circle each other with the crowd at a hush in anticipation. Shawn arrogantly hops around Shannon but she does her best to keep up with him and refusing to let him get to her. Shawn attempts a rear waist-lock but Shannon finds a way out of it and throws a back elbow out of instinct, but Shawn narrowly avoids it and backs up and smirks as he dances around Shannon some more. Shawn then sticks his chin out and begging Shannon to take a shot, and she's more than happy to oblige him with a wicked forearm to the jaw that rocks Shawn as he stumbles back. Shannon doesn't let up though as she continues with several more forearm shots to the chin as Shawn is in the corner and the crowd comes to life before the referee backs Shannon away. Shawn has a noticeable bloody lip, he wipes some blood away from it and then spits some out in Shannon's direction but luckily none gets on her.

    Jim Taylor: Shawn wasn't expecting that kind of fire from Shannon!

    Tim Coleman: Yeah but as you can see Jimbo he's not intimidated by her!

    Shawn bursts out of the corner and goes for a clothesline but Shannon ducks, and catches him on the jaw with another forearm strike followed by a snap suplex! Shawn is up quickly to his feet but pays for it as he's on the receiving end of a backhand chop that echoes through the building. She has him backed up in the corner again and unleashes some body strikes to Shawn, but Shawn is able to counter and hits her with a knee to the gut followed by a quick rake of the eyes temporarily blinding her. Shannon is doubled over and blinded which allows Shawn to regain a comeback and hits Shannon with an inverted lifting DDT! He makes a cover with the lateral press...


    Shannon manages to get a shoulder up and Shawn brings her up and irish whips her to the nearest corner, and she violently bounces off of it and stumbles back out right into a stiff rolling elbow from Shawn!

    Tim Coleman: Goodnight Irene!

    Another cover hooking the far leg...


    Shannon gets a shoulder up again and Shawn mounts her and looks to go to town with Red King, but Shannon blocks the attack and throws Shawn off of her to the side giving herself some recovery time. She's back to her feet and runs the ropes just as Shawn is getting up and Shannon takes him down with a thesz press followed by wildly thrown punches as Shawn does his best to cover up. Shannon is fired up now and the crowd is feeling it as they come to life for her, and as Shawn is trying to bring himself up he's struck down with a spinning wheel kick! Shannon drops down on top of him for the cover...


    Shawn kicks out with authority, nearly throwing Shannon off of him. Shannon remains undettered though as she brings Shawn back up and hooks him up in position for a double underhook gutbuster , but Shawn is able to counter and flips her behind him yet Shannon is able to land on her and just as Shawn spins around Shannon attempts another forearm strike, but Shawn counters and transitions into a cross-armbreaker!

    Jim Taylor: Shawn with the amazing counter into the Coat of ARMS!

    Tim Coleman: Shannon may as well just give up now!

    Shawn cranks back on Shannon's arm, refusing the relent on the hold while Shannon struggles and fights through the pain while desperately trying to reach out to the nearest bottom rope and finally clasps on to it forcing the hold to be broken. Shawn, a bit upset by this turn of events relinquishes the hold but viciously stomps on the targeted arm adding more insult to injury. Shannon writhes in agony on the mat while clutching her arm, Shawn picks her up and holds her in position for his signature overhead belly to belly suplex but Shannon claps her arms on each side of his head forcing his grip to be released and Shannon rocks him with a forearm before locking him up in position and hits the double underhook gutbuster! Shannon with the cover hooking the far leg...


    Shawn kicks out and clutches his gut through gritted teeth as Shannon thinks about her next move. She brings him up and goes for a whip to the corner but Shawn counters with an irish whip of his own sending Shannon to the corner and nails a running corner clothesline and he takes a dazed Shannon from the corner and this time he hits the Wipe Out! Shannon is sent across the ring and crashes hard to the mat. Instead of going for the pin, Shawn waits and wills Shannon up before nailing her with a shining wizard! A hook of the leg...


    Shannon kicks out and Shawn just laughs.

    Jim Taylor: Summers seems to be enjoying this

    Tim Coleman: He's been going to town on Shannon from the get-go!

    Jim Taylor: She's had her fair share of offense, Tim

    Tim Coleman: She got a few lucky hits in!

    As Shannon struggles to her feet, Shawn kneels down and smacks her on the head and trash talks to her before bringing her in and is about to apply his Alpha Male guillotine choke, but Shannon counters out of it and hits Shawn with a snap suplex! The crowd is on their feet now showing their support for Shannon, rallying behind her giving her a second wind. She struggles back up once more as Shawn is getting up and she connects with a standing dropkick that sends him back into the corner and hits a huge stinger splash! She backs up and Shawn stumbles out of the corner and she goes for Paradise City, but Shawn sidesteps her out of instinct and goes to put her position for Alpha Male again but Shannon refusing to go down shoves him away and hits a standing hurricanrana! Shawn goes flying to the mat and the crowd is roaring on approval as Shannon is waiting for Shawn, who stumbles back to a vertical base...PARADISE CITY! She connects with the running bicycle kick and falls on top of Shawn for the pin...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Shannon O'Neal!

    Shannon's music rings out through the arena once more and the crowd wildly for her, as she's assisted back to her feet by the official. Her arm is raised and she soaks it all in with a smile and goes out to celebrate with the fans while Shawn just comes to and looks deflated and upset in defeat.

    Jim Taylor: She beat Shawn at his own game!

    Tim Coleman: Shawn may as well hide his face now because he's going to be seen as a laughing stock!


    We go backstage to where we can see 'Nasty' Nate Savage leaving the office of CWA General Manager, Noah Hanson. He's startled slightly as Michelle Kelly approaches him and puts a mic straight into his face... he doesn't look best pleased and mean mugs her.

    Nate Savage: What the hell do you think you're doing? Get that thing out of my face. Don't you have any manners!? I have a match to prepare for, Michelle... I can't be dealing with you and your crap right now. Get out of my way!

    He tries to get past her but she stays in his sight and tries to speak.

    Michelle Kelly: Sorry, Nate! I know you're busy but we were just wondering... what were you doing inside Noah Hanson's office? Do you have something important to share with us? What's going on? We've already heard that Christian Quinn may not be in the building tonight - nobody has seen him. Does it have something to do with that?

    Savage stops. He looks slightly confused at her statement.

    Nate Savage: What!? No, I didn't hear that. I didn't know that. You're just an interviewer, what would you know? You can be sure that Christian Quinn is here tonight. He's the one who wanted this fight. He probably just doesn't want bothered by the likes of you. Or perhaps... he's afraid to show his face anywhere near me until match time? Who knows?

    Michelle Kelly: I mean... It's possible. But He's going to fight you anyway, isn't he?

    Nate Savage: Shut up. I didn't ask for your opinion, did I? No.

    Michelle seems affronted and takes a step back as Savage looks to walk away... but she steps back infront of him.

    Michelle Kelly: You didn't answer me, Nate. What were you doing in Hanson's office?

    Savage rolls his eyes before yanking the mic off of her.

    Nate Savage: You want to know what I was doing? I was convincing Hanson that tonight needs to be violent. It needs be a real brawl. A fight. That's why I had the match changed to a street fight. That's right. I'm going to beat Christian Quinn black and blue...

    Before he can finish speaking, a random backstage worker with a baseball cap and glasses on walks by and glances at him, Savage returns the stare and shouts at him.

    Nate Savage: What are you staring at!? Get out of here!

    The worker walks on....

    Nate Savage: As I said, I'm going to beat the crap out of Quinn and Hanson has given me the right match for it. People think Quinn might be a hero... but tonight, he's going to be a complete zero. He won't be able to walk after I'm done with him. I.... wait a minute...

    Savage stops and ponders for a moment, looking confused.

    Nate Savage: Have you ever seen that guy before?

    The question lingers in the air for a moment before Savage turns around and is levelled by a steel chair from the backstage worker. Kelly appears out of camera shot as the worker starts slamming more chair shots into Savage before ripping off his cap and glasses to reveal himself as CHRISTIAN QUINN! After a few chair shots, the chair is dropped and Quinn bends down next to Savage who struggles on the floor.

    Christian Quinn: You're going to beat ME black and blue, Nathan!? Well, we'll see about that. I hope you're able to walk to the ring to do so. See you there, buddy.

    Quinn walks off leaving a stunned Michelle Kelly to look down at a badly hurt Savage... and refuse any help.



    (A video starts playing it's from an old CWA event 8-27-2015. A tag match is going on with the fugitives vs. the ice age. The match ends with a DQ. A figure approaches from the darkness.

    The camera see's the feet first before slowly going up.
    The shoes are old browns boots covered in dust. There's some old torn up blue jeans holes in them and dirt covering them as well.

    Then we see the t-shirt faded blue in color with CWA written on the front. We then see a necklace that has a cross on it and it reads on the cross "saved".

    Finally the face of the figure is revealed it's a face that's seen horror. A face that has the look of no fear. A face that as seen the worst of humanity and the best of it as well. It's revealed as an older Thomas Jones.

    He has much shorter hair almost gone all together. Has a steely look in his eye's that command respect. He looks almost happy with a slight grin on his face. He looks right into the camera lens and yells.)

    That's right, i'm back!

    The crowd roars with excitement as the Iceman steps out on the stage. Jones really feeling the crowd starts jumping and running from one side of the stage to the other.

    Jim Taylor: Oh my God it's Thomas Jones! No one ever thought he'd be back!

    Tim Coleman: As much as I hate to admit it I didn't see this one coming either. How in the world does this guy keep coming back from injuries so sever as that neck injury?

    Jim Taylor: Heart my man heart. Jones doesn't have the word "quit" in his dictionary.

    (Jones making sure to take time to slap every fans fan going up and down both sides of the ramp. And going all the way around the ring. Jones see's Coleman sitting at ringside)

    Jones: I even missed you timmy!

    Coleman: I didn't miss you!

    Taylor: Ah come on he gave you a shout out.

    (Jones steps into the ring and grabs a mic.)

    Yes i'm back after an almost two year "vacation". I've come back to right a few wrongs and maybe add a few titles to my name.

    I'm here to set a goal for myself those closest to me have said "Thomas 45 is too old to be doing that kind of job".

    You know what maybe their right maybe their wrong. But one of those are true and the only way to know is to get back in the saddle and go full speed and wrestle like it might be my last.

    And who knows maybe this neck injury will finally catch up to me. Maybe the new guys and girls on the roster will take the old iceman be hide the barn and put me out of my misery.

    But I do know this every single one of them will learn something from being in the ring with me. Every one of them will earn respect from me. I WILL get respect from them.

    And all the new faces along with the old friends will know the cold hard truth. They will feel the icey grip of the Ice ring. Then when their all energy from the cruel freeze is gone.

    They'll be hit with a Dagger a dagger that'll break through most men's faith. And then and only then will they know the iceman had cometh.

    Now over that almost two year hiatus I got low.
    And I mean low enough that I didn't want to see tomorrow. I didn't think I'd be wrestling again.

    I didn't think I would get out of the house again.

    Then that summer my community was hit with a storm no one died and most of the damage is gone.... Most of it.

    I was living in a little camper trailer.

    I thought well if I die let it be. The storm hit the pine tree fell on the roof of the camper limbs came through and within inch's of my head.

    Scary life changing stuff.

    The next sunday I went to the Church and saw for the first time in a long time hope. I saw hope and the pastor spoke to me and said "God works in ways we can not understand"

    It was like a switch was hit. So I cleaned up my act went to the gym found my old wrestling gear and cleaned all the dust and spiders off of it made sure everything fit.
    To my surprise it did.

    And while I was training in a little wrestling school with some local talent. I thought to myself why not call CWA? After the school had let out for that day.

    The first thing I did was call up the higher up's here.

    Now I wish I could say they were happy but to be honest they didn't know who I was.... Which hurt but it's whatever.

    I sent them a tape, yeah that's right a former high voltage champ having to send in a tape.

    And they finally knew me and told me "Aren't you a little old to be here again?"

    I told them look if I break a hip or something too bad I want to compete. I'll cover the cost's.

    That was apparently the hold up because right after I said that they said ok. So here I am.

    Back in CWA. Back in front of all the fans. Back in the faces of the opponent's. And back to where I belong in the middle of the ring throwing my body on the line for gold and for you fans.

    I don't know what the future holds but I do know why the Lord spared my life. it was for me to come here tell my story so that those of you that are in that low place right now can see. You can over come it. You can fight it. You can win and you can live long and prosper.

    My name is Thomas Iceman Jones and the Iceman cometh!
    Jim Taylor: It's great to see the return of Thomas Jones and it'll be interesting to see how his return will shake up Adrenaline Rush!


    Grudge Match
    Christian Quinn vs. Nate Savage

    Jim Taylor: We saw earlier tonight that Nate Savage had successfully requested a street fight with Christian Quinn tonight... BUT... we've now got to wonder if he will even show up after events that occured almost immediately after! As we know, Christian Quinn attacked Nate whilst he was mid interview...

    Tim Coleman:
    Wasn't very nice of him, Jimbo.

    Jim Taylor: You can't blame him, Tim. Savage has been speaking like he is a dominant force recently and I guess Quinn wanted to give him some payback. Now we will see if he shows up!

    "Not Your Kind of People" hits and the fans cheer as "The Instant Classic" Christian Quinn makes his way out onto the stage. He carries no weapons but his fists are taped up and he wears uncommon wrestling attire - a white tank top and a pair of jeans.

    Jim Taylor:
    Well, Christian Quinn is certainly ready for this fight...

    It's a sign that Christian Quinn tonight will be different, he seems focused as he doesn't make much effort to interact with fans as some shout his name. He gets midway down the ramp before, suddenly, Nate Savage appears at the top of the ramp with the dented chair from earlier in hand! The fans shout and try to warn Quinn!

    Tim Coleman: Looks like he wasn't ready for this, Jimbo!

    Quinn turns around too late as a half hurried Nate Savage levels him with a chair shot to the head! The crowd let out a massive boo as Savage proceeds to stomp down Quinn as the music stops and then rolls him into the ring and the bell signals the start of the match.

    Street Fight
    "The Instant Classic" Christian Quinn vs "Nasty" Nate Savage

    Savage leans over Quinn and instantly begins to bloody him up with punches before picking him up and driving sickening knees into the gut before throwing his opponent out of the ring. The fans aren't best pleased with the brutal moves on Quinn but Savage shows no signs of caring as he taunts them in the middle of the ring. Quinn gets to his feet on the outside and comes to the apron - but before he can step up - Savage comes and takes him out with a sliding kick. Savage comes out onto the apron and delivers a running cannonball senton off of it onto Quinn that some fans are wowed by but most still keep up with the boos. He picks up his opponent and smashes him into a few barricades before making their way up the ramp...

    Tim Coleman:
    Looks like Savage wants to take this backstage already! Arguably where this match started!

    Savage throws Quinn into the stage set up before grabbing him and tossing him behind the curtain to go backstage. The beatdown continues as Savage stomps Quinn against a wall before backing away and grabbing a lead pipe - he nails Quinn to the torso with it multiple times before dropping it on the ground and picking Quinn up. He looks to go for a powerbomb but Quinn is able to fight it off and mount some offense - he fires off some right hands and then grabs Savage and hits a saito suplex right onto the steel pipe! Savage is now the one in pain and clutches his previously damaged back in agony. Quinn is now in a bit of a driving seat as he delivers stomps to Savage and eventually gets him back up to his feet - he looks to throw his opponent into a wall but Savage reverses it and Quinn ends up smacking the wall face first. A huge bloody face print is shown on the wall as Quinn slowly slumps down... but Savage grabs him and shouts at him before throwing his head into the wall multiple times and taunting him. Quinn stumbles away from the wall and perilously close to a glass window...

    Jim Taylor: I think Christian Quinn might be a little bit loopy right now... and Nate Savage has murder in his eyes!

    Savage walks up to Quinn and grabs him with both hands to the head - "YOU'RE SCREWED NOW!" shouts Savage - as he looks to throw Quinn through the glass window... but Quinn reverses it at the last second and Savage ends up going flying through instead! The glass shatters as the massive frame of Savage collides with it and disappears from view.

    Tim Coleman: My goodness! Savage has to be dead!

    Quinn falls to his knees and takes the time to recover... he eventually starts to slowly crawl towards the window and climbs over it. Savage is shown to have multiple cuts on his arm and is now busted open at the top of his head. Quinn delivers some punches before getting to his feet and kicking Savage as he crawls slowly tries to recover... he gets to his feet and gives Quinn and eye poke before trying to walk away but Quinn grabs him from behind and delivers a german suplex that sends him back through the now shattered window! Quinn crawls through and makes the cover..1...2.....NO! The first pinfall attempt and Savage somehow manages to kick out. Quinn knows there needs to be more done as he picks up Savage and looks to take him back out to the ring but Savage has another plan as he pokes Quinn in the eyes again then delivers a lowblow - he then turns around from the distracted Quinn and begins to scale several massive crates! He ends up going way up high and Quinn has no choice but to follow him - the referee doesn't even bother.

    Jim Taylor: This is lunacy! What are they doing!?

    Quinn eventually gets to the top but Savage boots him into the ground a few times. Eventually the pair start to trade back and forth right hands and the situation starts to look very scary as the pair of them seem to recognise that there is only one way down. Savage gets the upper hand using some more dirty eye rake tactics as well as putting a thumb into the cut on Christian Quinn's head. He lifts Quinn up onto his shoulders and looks to throw him off from the top... but Quinn struggles off at the last minute... but Savage hits him with a quick shoulder block to prevent any offence. Savage beats him back with furious shoot punches before loading up and going for a discus elbow smash... but Quinn ducks under it! Savage ends up almost falling over the edge... he wobbles for a minute before turning back around AND QUINN HITS HIM WITH A LEAPING FOREARM! SAVAGE FALLS OFF THE EDGE AND GOES RIGHT THROUGH A CRATE ON TOP OF A STACK OF PALLETS BELOW!

    Tim Coleman: Alright... he HAS to be dead now!

    Jim Taylor: Someone get some medics!

    Quinn looks down in some horror as Savage doesn't appear to be moving whatsoever on top of the crate. But the referee isn't going to stop the match - he begins a climb down and thinks about making a pin attempt... but there seems to be no way he can pin him given that Savage is angled in a position where his shoulders are 'up'. Quinn tries to pull Savage out of the crate but he's unsuccessful. He drops to his knees as he seems to have no choice but to wait for Savage to recover but... his eyes light up as he looks to his side... the camera pans to show...a FORKLIFT!

    Jim Taylor: You've got to be kidding me...

    "The Instant Classic" shows absolutely no hesitation as he jumps up and makes his way to forklift, turning it on... the referee tries to stand his way and deter him but has to move out of the way as Quinn makes his way to the pallets and loads them up. He reverses out and begins to drive his way through backstage - eventually going through a curtain and coming out in the arena to screaming fans. He is, somehow, able to get the forklift onto the ramp and drives it all the way down to the ring. Savage simply lies in the crate extremely bewildered at what is going on. He has no choice... eventually Quinn stops outside the ropes and raises the crate all the way up... Savage forces himself to roll out and take a little fall damage. Quinn gets out of the forklift and instantly goes underneath the ring - he grabs what weapons he can find, chairs, street signs, kendo sticks... the lot and throws them all into the ring before sliding in. Savage tries to hit Quinn to the gut with a punch but Quinn responds by picking up a kendo stick and smashing it over Savage's head. It stuns him and Quinn bounces off of the ropes and hits the Thor's Hammer clothesline from hell! He goes for the cover..1....2.....NO! SAVAGE KICKS OUT!

    Tim Coleman: There's life in Nate Savage!

    Quinn rolls away in disbelief but sets himself up for another Thor's Hammer... he waits for Savage to get to his feet and runs at him... but Savage has a chair in hand and smashes Quinn right in the face with it! Quinn doesn't even fall to the ground, he simply stumbles away completely lifeless as Savage dumps the chair on the mat then grabs Quinn - he lifts him up high and nails him with a huge vertical suplex onto the chair before making the cover...1..2.....NO! Quinn gets the kickout and rolls out of the ring! Savage decides to follow after and delivers a few punches before throwing him into the barricade. He then grabs him, hoists him up and throws him onto the barricade with a powerbomb! Quinn doesn't even have time to react in pain as a big discus elbow comes at him and sends him flying over the barrier!

    Jim Taylor: Both these guys have beaten each other up... and they're nowhere near finished yet! Savage wants to continue the pummeling!

    Savage jumps onto the barricade and brushes off some abusive fans... he even grabs the drink off of one and pours it over Quinn's head. He picks Quinn up, grabs him and delivers a belly to belly suplex that sends Quinn back over to ringside. He gets up onto the barricade and comes flying off with an elbow drop and makes the cover..1...2....NO! Quinn stays in the match! Savage doesn't look happy and hits the canvas with his hands before shouting at Quinn and telling him to just die already. He gets up and goes under the ring and pulls out a table! The fans boo Savage setting it up... but he takes too much time and Quinn gets back to his feet and clubs him in the back before getting up onto the apron. Savage grabs his foot and yanks it away, however, and Quinn ends up falling to one knee and smacking his head off of the edge of the apron whilst still being on it. Savage climbs up and stomps him and allows him to get up. He kicks him in the gut then grabs him... he looks to go for the Savaged package piledriver... he lifts Quinn up and drives him right through the table!! The fans let out a huge gasp of shock!

    Tim Coleman: I see Quinn is the one dead now!

    Savage makes the cover..1...2......NO!!!!! CHRISTIAN QUINN KICKS OUT! The crowd break into a frenzy whilst Savage looks in total and utter disbelief!

    Jim Taylor: How!? Do these guys hate each other enough that they refuse to lose until they are, literally, dead!?

    Savage rolls away from the wreckage whilst Quinn is barely moving. He instantly goes under the ring again and pulls out a ladder! The fans, again, cheer for the obvious violence that's about to unfold but boo Savage as he drops the ladder onto Quinn before hitting a senton on top. He pulls the ladder away and goes for a cover..1...2....NO! It's kicked out of! Savage picks Quinn up and slams his head into the apron before throwing him back into the ring. Savage walks over to the commentary desk and grabs a bottle of water and hydrates himself whilst Quinn slowly recovers in the ring. Savage then rolls back into the ring and looks to make his over to Quinn... but Quinn grabs the kendo stick from earlier and hits Savage where the sun doesn't shine. The crowd cheer for it as Savage falls to his knees before Quinn grabs a chair and hits him right on the head with it. Savage falls backwards as Quinn stumbles around the ring before jumping outside and grabbing the ladders... but Savage recovers slightly and slides out into the ladders and knocks Quinn back into the barricade. Savage picks the ladders up and tosses them onto Quinn's back - Quinn crawls away in pain. Savage continues the assault with the ladders and forces Quinn to make his way up the ramp before decking it.

    Tim Coleman: I guess we're going back to where it all began... again!

    Savage again comes at Quinn but Quinn ducks under the attempted ladder ram before hitting a dropkick that causes Savage to drop them. Savage comes at Quinn but gets a boot to the gut and smacked with another superkick that sends him sprawling all the way up the ramp. He's struggling as Quinn chases after him and throws him into the stage set this time. Savage stumbles perilously close to the edge of the stage as the fans cheer for Quinn. The camera pans down to reveal a big drop onto a large stack of tables with a ton of electronic equipment on it...


    Jim Taylor:
    Savage better get his bearings! Quinn is sizing him up!

    Christian Quinn storms forward and leaps into the air - he connects with a busaiku knee kick that takes both him and Savage off of the stage and through the tables below!! An explosion can be seen to go along with the sound of the wood of the tables and, presumably, bones breaking! The fans let out a huge "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! chant!

    Tim Coleman: They HAVE to be dead this time! Did you see that!?!?

    A flood of EMTs and referees go to the area to see both men completely laid out and not moving... and the referee has no choice but to throw up an X!

    Match Result: No Contest

    Jim Taylor: I'm not surprised neither man can continue... DID YOU SEE THAT!?

    A replay is shown of the pair going through the tables and the 'explosion'. EMTs bring out stretchers for both men and lift them onto it - the fans applauding as both are taken out of the arena...


    The titantron crackled into life and the CWA Universe were transported one more time to Kate Hunter's cell. She was rocking back and forth on her bed, her eyes still glazed, muttering something to herself. Paula was lying beside her and the only other visible item was her tower of alphabet blocks, one letter of her name still missing after the doctor had taken it earlier. The door swung open and in he came. Two other men, presumably from "upstate", remained in the doorway, watching everything with a sense of unease. Only the doctor entered the room still holding the block he picked up before

    Unknown Voice: Okay Kate, it's time. Now there's no rush. We'll leave when you're ready.

    But Kate didn't seem to hear him. She rocked gently, whispering over and over again whatever she was saying.

    Unknown Voice: I'm sorry Kate, I can't hear you. You'll have to speak up.

    But she did not. Nor did she acknowledge that anybody was in the room with her. Even Paula was beyond reach it seemed. The doctor eyed her nervously and then leant in, cautiously, hesitantly, leaning one ear toward the girl's animated lips. He frowned as he listened to her. Whatever he had heard clearly meant nothing to him.

    Unknown Voice: Kate I'm afraid I don't…

    Suddenly her head lifted up and her eyes were rolled back into her skull. When she spoke it was with a deep and terrifying voice.

    Kate "Red" Hunter: "I said: I… am NOT… too… old."

    There was a moment, a second of calm where everyone could see what was about to happen but nobody could react, and then Kate was on her feet and threw herself at the doctor. The door to her cell abruptly swung shut and the lock clicked on its own accord the men outside frantically kicking and punching against it But it was to no avail. Meanwhile, Kate's hands gripped tightly around the throat of the doctor with strength that no girl her age could possibly have

    Kate "Red" Hunter: I gave you every chance; EVERY chance to avoid this! But you have chosen your own path. You have chosen your own demise. And for what? In the pursuit of fame? In the pursuit of truth? In the pursuit… of power?

    The doctor tried to throw the alphabet block he was clutching at Kate but he missed. It collided into the tower and sent every letter tumbling onto the floor. His stifled chokes were becoming more and more desperate.

    Kate "Red" Hunter: You’re a victim of your own hubris. Why couldn't you see what Paula sees? Why couldn't you know what would happen if you left me alone?? The fate that you have just condemned this world too Doctor… if you only could see it! If you only could understand how many souls you have just doomed to an eternity of pain and suffering. But you will not. You will not see any of it. And that… that is your greatest blessing.

    The doctor's arms collapsed at his sides and he crumbled to the floor, dead. Kate stared down at him for a long time and then ran a hand through her hair, deaf to the furious violence and shouting outside the door of her cell. But “Kate” just stands there calmly, not moving a muscle, standing a bit straighter looking more dominant, powerful and more in control than we’ve ever seen her..And soon as if rejuvenated by an unknown seen force. Ignoring the mayhem all around her, She quickly leans down and picks up Paula apparently the source her rejuvenation. She has time to smile down at in in appreciation the blink of an eye….

    Kate Hunter was gone…

    ...And where she stood an entirely different woman took her place

    Lilith: “You will not regret this….”

    The lights flickered for a moment before cutting out completely. When they returned, the cell was empty! The men were still outside the door, now barking orders and demanding something to cut it open, and evidently Kate/Lilith had not passed that way. She had faded like a shadow. The final alphabet block, which had been clinging to the very edge of her bedside table, now toppled onto the floor and landed with a thud beside the others on the opposite side of the bed. The camera slowly advanced over the mattress and angled itself at the floorboards,...before the screen clicks off..Blackout

    Jim Taylor: The show goes on folks and what comes next is another personal rivalry between High Voltage Champion Elijah Edwards and challenger Krash!

    “Icky Thump” by the White Stripes, signifying the arrival of the High Voltage Champion Elijah Edwards, who’s walking out to the ring with an intense borderline peeved expression on his face. Romeo Rolling is in toe, whispering something into the ear of Elijah who doesn’t acknowledge what his agent is saying.

    Elijah rolls into the ring and parades the championship around the ring to a great response from the crowd. He receives the microphone from Lindsay Monahan.

    Elijah Edwards: Alright, let’s cut the music and cut right to the chase.

    The music immediately stops playing.

    Elijah Edwards: Last week you all witness me successfully defend the High Voltage championship against Nate Savage. However, there is an asterisk by my victory… all because Christian Quinn decided to stick his nose where it didn’t belong.

    The fans begin to boo at Quinn’s mention.

    Elijah Edwards: That match was supposed to be putting to rest all the doubters I have. It was supposed to set the tone for my title reign, but that’s not the case. Now I have more people questioning my abilities as a champion. Sure, I emerged victorious like I said I would, but I didn’t do it on my terms. Quinn, if you decide to get involve in one of my match again, you better not stick around afterwards because I promise you I will put you in critical care… now.. how do I rectify this? How do I prove to myself and to the rest of the wrestling world that I am a deserving High Voltage champion? How can I prove to you all that it isn’t luck allows me to hold this championship, it’s skill.

    Romeo Rollings takes a step back, shaking his head appearing apprehensive. Elijah shrugs at him and even says to Romeo, “I don’t care. I’m doing this!”

    Elijah Edwards: I’m issuing an open challenge.

    Jim Taylor: What?

    Tim Coleman: Putting his money where his mouth is, but it may come back to bite him in the ass. What if LIGHTBRINGER accepts and takes the title just cause? We could see a champion Vs champion at Five Star Attraction!

    The fans cheer as Elijah paces around the ring.

    Elijah Edwards: That’s right, folks. O-pen Challenge. For anybody. It doesn’t matter who you are. You could be from CWA or from any other promotion in the world. It doesn’t matter to me. I will proudly defend this against anyone, and defend it successfully. And it’s not for Adrenaline Rush this week or next week. No, this match will take place at Five Star Attraction. Issac has already signed off on it. My name is on the dotted line. All I need is a challenger… so who’s it going to be?

    Jim Taylor: Elijah Edwards has just issues an open challenge to the entire CWA locker room, nay, the professional wrestling landscape as a whole! He wants to prove how good he is against anyone, and he’s not leaving until he gets an answer!

    Tim Coleman: Ballsy move by Elijah, Jim, and it seems like this is completely Elijah’s idea, not his manager, Romeo Rollings! That takes guts, to put your gold on the line to the next stranger who walks through the curtain, you have no idea who’ll dare answer the call.

    Elijah Edwards paces around the ring, not listening to Romeo Rolling’s words as he glares at the entranceway, waiting, daring for someone, anyone, to stake their claim onto his High Voltage Championship. The CWA audience begins chanting ‘OPEN CHALLENGE’ in anticipation as the seconds dwindle by, when suddenly-

    Cheers overtake the arena as ‘The Kill’ by 30 Seconds to Mars blares out the arena speakers, only growing louder as the Heartbeat of CWA, none other than multiple-time champion, Krash, makes his entrance, posing atop the entrance ramp as he locks eyes with Elijah Edwards.

    Jim Taylor: Krash! It’s Krash, one of the most decorated men in the history of this company!

    Tim Coleman: Shouldn’t he be backstage getting ready for LIGHTBRINGER to tear him apart?

    Jim Taylor: He heard opportunity knocking, and has come to answer the call!

    Krash begins approaching the ring, taking a microphone out from his trousers pocket and spinning it in his hands. The cheers begin to die down as Krash raises the microphone, signalling for quiet.

    Krash: Do my ears deceive me, or is there a challenge here that needs to be answered?

    The fans chant ‘YES’ in agreement, while Elijah Edwards nods in confirmation.

    Krash: Well, in that case, if it’s a challenge you’re wanting, Elijah my friend, then by all means-

    Krash rolls into the ring, approaching Elijah and stopping right in front of him.

    Krash: By all means, look no further.

    Krash spreads his arms, posing, as Elijah looks Krash up and down, appraising him. It’s hard to tell whether he’s satisfied with this man, of all people, answering his open challenge, his expression is completely unreadable. Unsure of Elijah’s reaction, Krash continues.

    Krash: Listen, Elijah. You want people to think – nay, know, that you’re the best? That you’re the future? That you’re a worthy High Voltage Champion? I’m your answer to that. You know my resume. Former CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Multiple-time CWA Tag Team Champion, Winner of the 2014 Wrestle Royale. I’m a five-star veteran of this company. Even with my recent… bad luck, in the ring, who’s going to say I’m not a major player? You face me at Five-Star Attraction, with the lights on bright and the whole world watching, then there’s no bigger opportunity to prove your doubters wrong, Elijah. Prove that you belong here, that you’re a worthy High Voltage Champion, and prove that you’re the future.

    Elijah seems to nod in affirmation, while Romeo Rollings whispers something in his ear.

    Krash: And don’t get me wrong, Elijah. You have potential to be all that, and much more. I see all that ability within you, all it needs to do is click, and you’ll go soaring right to the top. Although, Elijah, I have to admit, I’m not saying all this out of the goodness of my heart. Yeah, I’m going to leap at the opportunity to have a five-star match on the biggest show CWA has with one of the most talented wrestlers I know, but there’s something I should let you know in return. I have wrestled all over the globe, held countless championships, won so many accolades I have trouble remembering them all. The one thing in CWA that I haven't done, the only achievement I haven't obtained, the only trophy I haven't held… Is that.

    Krash points at the CWA High Voltage Championship in Elijah Edward’s grasp. Elijah glances at his golden prize, before lifting it above his head for all the fans to see in it’s sparkling glory, resulting in another cheer from the crowd. Krash runs a hand through his neat mustache, gazing at his reflection in the finely-polished gold.

    Krash: Oh yeah. That’s the one. So much history and prestige in that championship, yet I’ve never even come close to holding it. And I know what people say behind my back, that I’ve lost my way, that I’m not as good as they used to be, that I should never have come back. Hell, there are days where I feel like I should honestly agree with them. This is not one of those days, and if I can beat you at Five-Star Attraction and win the only championship I’ve never held before, then those days will never come again.

    Krash pauses, before extending a hand towards Elijah.

    Krash: What do you say, Elijah? Want to steal the show at Five-Star Attraction?

    Elijah looks to his left and right at the crowd in the arena, seeking their answer. The fans are going wild. Double E drapes the High Voltage championship on his shoulder grinning.

    Elijah Edwards: Yes!!

    The fans are cheering and Krash is smiling from ear to ear as Elijah Edwards accepts his hand shake. The High Voltage champion is smiling, too...

    Until Krash gets yanked into Elijah Edwards and gets taken to the mat with a Uranage!!

    Jim Taylor: What the hell?! Did I- Did I just see this right? Elijah Edwards has attacked Krash?!

    Tim Coleman: You're damn right he did! Elijah Edwards is the future of this organization and he's going to prove it at Five Star Attraction.

    Elijah kneels beside Krash, gazing down upon him with a fierce look. The crowd is stunned and Romeo Rollings watches on bug eyed until he begins to smile and clapping. He runs around the ring celebrating as if he just won a Super Bowl. He pats Double E on the back as he picks up the High Voltage championship. Elijah grabs the microphone and begins to speak.

    Elijah Edwards: But I'll be damned if I'm going to allow YOU, of all people, to take the High Voltage championship from ME! ​The only achievement you'll receive at Five Star Attraction is being in the match of the night, and even the year, with the greatest technical wrestler wearing championship gold today. Elijah Edwards!

    The fans jeer as Elijah begins to pose with Romeo Rollings holding the championship above him. Double E drops the microphone, applying the Excellent Execution on Krash. The former world champion is crying out in pain, desperately trying to escape, but Edwards as the hold locked in tight as leans back putting a lot of tension on Krash's lower back. Romeo sets the title down on the mat and proceeds to act as a referee, asking if Krash wants to submit. The challenger doesn't respond because he's too busy screaming in pain from the hold. Romeo looks to the time keeper, instructing them to ring the bell. Elijah doesn't release the hold. After several more minutes of torture, security comes running out to try and pull Elijah off of Krash, but he doesn't let go of the hold.

    Jim Taylor: Come on! Let go of the damn hold! You've made your point! Enough is enough! Elijah Edwards is a coward.

    Tim Coleman: A coward? No, he's ensuring the High Voltage championship stays with him. Krash answered the open challenge, but he's going to pay the price. He won't be ready for Five Star Attraction and I don't he'll be ready to face LIGHTBRINGER later on tonight.

    The officials are pulling at Elijah in hopes of getting the hold relinquished, but the champion still doesn't let go. This goes on for several more minutes until Elijah releases the Excellent Execution and holds his arms high in the air as Romeo slings the High Voltage championship over his shoulder. Elijah stands over Krash and holds his arms high in the air with a sadistic smile on his face.
    High Voltage Championship
    Elijah Edwards (c) vs. Krash

    The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. 'The Kill' begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro explodes from the corners of the stage, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all. After a few seconds of posing, he begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd. He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner, patiently awaiting his opponent.

    Jim Taylor: Krash looks ready for action tonight on the biggest stage where he looks to capture the one championship that has eluded him during his tenure here in CWA

    "Icky Thump" now plays throughout the arena to loud boos and jeers from the fans as the High Voltage Champion Elijah Edwards steps out wearing his prized possession around his waist. He walks down to the ring with a purpose and an air of confidence surrounds him as his manager Romeo Rollings remains behind him, hyping him up along the way.

    Jim Taylor: Upon winning the High Voltage Championship, Elijah Edwards has developed a new attitude and aggression and chose to unleash this new attitude on Krash after laying out an open challenge that Krash gladly obliged

    Tim Coleman: Edwards is sick of being pushed around and wants to be taken more seriously, can you blame the guy Jimbo?

    Jim Taylor: I can understand that but the way he went about it was not to my liking

    Tim Coleman: He's not doing this for you or anyone else Jimbo, he's doing this for himself now and Krash is going to find that out the hard way!

    Edwards has entered the ring and remains in his corner with Romeo at his side on the apron, talking him up,. Meanwhile, Krash remains lazer focused with his sights set squarely on Elijah and the championship.

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the CWA High Voltage Championship! Introducing first the challenger from Melbourne, Australia and weighing in at two-hundred & five pounds, he is "The Heartbeat of CWA"...KRASH!

    Huge pop from the fans for Krash's announcement.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, accompanied by Romeo Rollings and from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He weighs in tonight at two-hundred & twenty-one pounds, and he is the current CWA High Voltage Champion "Double E"...ELIJAH EDWARDS!

    A negative response from the fans for Elijah but a fair amount of people out there still show their support for the champion. He hands over his championship to the referee Nate Byrne, who shows it to Krash and then holds it up to display it to the fans before handing it off to ringside and signals for the bell.


    The two competitors face off in the center and right away they begin trading lefts and rights with the roar of the crowd behind with every hit. Elijah gets the better of the exhange with a swift knee to the midsection, doubling over the challenger. Elijah uses this time as an opportunity to slap Krash, and berates him with trash talk. Krash not one to be taken lightly doesn't take kindly to this treatment and takes down Elijah with a tackle to the mat and lights him up with several wildly thrown forearms.

    Jim Taylor: Elijah with a complete lack of respect and all it does is fire up Krash!

    Tim Coleman: Minor mistake but Krash will slip up I'm sure!

    The official breaks it up, backing Krash away who obliges the referee with some reluctance. This gives Elijah the opportunity to find his bearings as he brings himself back to his feet while Romeo yells out encouragment from ringside. They lock up in the center of the ring with Krash backing Elijah in the corner and once again is backed away by the official, but this time Elijah uses this to his advantage and strikes with a european uppercut that sends Krash stumbling back a bit. Elijah delivers another sharp european uppercut and he has Krash reeling allowing him to hit Krash with a double underhook snap suplex! Krash is back up though, slightly dazed still and is on the receiving end of a belly to back suplex this time. Elijah is finding his stride now and irish whips Krash in the corner and nails him with a running clothesline that nearly knocks Krash out of his boots! Elijah unloads now with several elbow strikes with Krash still propped up in the corner, getting his head rocked back with each elbow strike before slumping down in a prone position and Elijah continues this assault with a facewash, just violently scraping his boot across Krash's face....

    Elijah picks a groggy Krash up and sends him across the ropes and catches him with a spinebuster into a pin...


    Krash gets a shoulder up and Elijah quickly grabs hold of Krash's free arm and transitions into a hammerlock submission before turning it into a bridge. Krash is struggling to fight free as he's desperately reaching out and eventually does so. Elijah relinquishes the hold but he's not done with the submission as he looks for the Canadian Deathlock, but Krash senses it and manages to kick Elijah away knocking him back some. This gives Krash ample time to recover and get back to a vertical base, and Elijah goes for a discus lariat but Krash senses danger once again and ducks underneath it and grapples Elijah from behind with a rear waist-lock and wastes no time launching Elijah straight across the ring with a release german suplex! Elijah bounces off the mat upon impact as Krash is finding a second wind. Elijah struggles back up and as he turns around he's met by a jumping hurricanrana from Krash that sends him flying to the mat and Krash hits a running leg drop for good measure before making the pin...


    Elijah kicks out and Krash now sends Elijah to the corner, and proceeds to soften him up with several strikes before applying a figure four neck lock while hanging from the turnbuckle! Elijah flailing about with his arms and struggling to breathe, and as he tries to power out of it he manages to lift Krash back up into a powerbomb position but Krash senses danger and turns it into another hurricanrana out of desperation! Both men take their time to get back up and Krash is first as he aims at the throat with his boot but Elijah manages to counter and sends Krash back to the mat and applies a heel hook submission yet Krash is quick to grab the rope. Elijah becoming a bit flustered drags Krash away from the rope and stomps on Krash's surgically repaired knee!

    Jim Taylor: Right on that knee that put Krash on the shelf for some time

    Tim Coleman: There was some viciousness with that stomp!

    Krash writhes on the mat, holding his leg as Elijah stomps down on it again showing no remorse. Krash howls out in pain while holding his knee and Elijah now takes this time to apply his Canadian Deathlock! He cranks down on that knee, adding extra pressure to it and drives several elbow strikes down on it to add extra salt to the wound.

    Jim Taylor: Elijah like a shark that smells blood in the water!

    Tim Coleman: You may not like it but it's wise on Elijah's part to target Krash's bum knee

    Krash refuses to give up though, despite the utter agony he's feeling in that knee. He's fighting through the pain with gritted teeth as he's trying to reach out for the rope, and just barely manages to cling on to break the hold yet the damage may have been done. Elijah keeps the hold applied a few seconds longer before releasing it and smiles deviously as he stares down at Krash knowing he has the match in his favor. He drags Krash away and brings him up in position...EXPLODER SUPLEX INTO THE CORNER! Krash is folded up like an accordion in the corner and Elijah drags him out and goes for the cover...


    Krash with the kick-out and Elijah not done yet brings up Krash and holds him up high...THE DAY TIME STOOD STILL! Delayed vertical suplex and Krash is laid out. Elijah begins to climb up on the turnbuckle, taking his time to mock Krash and this allows Krash to recover and running on fumes springs up on top with Elijah, catching him by surprise...SUPERPLEX! The ring shakes as both men crash on the canvas and they both lay in a heap on the mat...

    Jim Taylor: What a superplex! I don't think Elijah was expecting that at all!

    Tim Coleman: Both guys are spent!

    Krash begins to stir first, with the crowd behind him all the way. He stumbles to his feet and brings Elijah up in position for the Overdose, but Elijah shoves him away into the ropes and Elijah looks for that discus lariat again and misses once more as Krash rolls underneath it...KICK TO THE THROAT! Elijah remains on jelly legs now giving Krash the opportunity to place him in position...HOLY FRICK! Elijah is laid out for Krash, who climbs up top...THE KILL! He hits all of it and hooks the far leg...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match and the NEW High Voltage Champion...KRASH!

    Jim Taylor: He's done it! He's finally done it! He's won the High Voltage championship! What a tremendous moment!

    Krash is helped up and is handed his newly won championship, and has his arm raised holding the championship as the crowd roars with delight for him. He clutches the champioship closely to his chest and drops to his knees, cradling the championship in his arms. Meanwhile, on the outside Elijah is helped out by Romeo Rollings and the both of them look inside the ring at Krash in disappointment.


    CWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Jon Snowmantashi (c) vs. LIGHTBRINGER

    A small promo plays highlighting all the key events leading into the main event matchup of Five Star Attraction: LIGHTBRINGER overcoming a slew of opponents in the Wrestle Royale match and booking his spot in the main event. Jon Snowmantashi defeating Shawn Summers at the same event to keep his title. LIGHTBRINGER making his challenge on the next Adrenaline Rush and telling Snowmantashi that he will be dismantled... and the champion responding by refusing to acknowledge the challenge and calling him ''young boy'' as a slight. The fake out LIGHTBRINGER Lariat in response is focused on as what seemed to kick the pair off to a truly bad start... focus is shown on LIGHTBRINGER tapping the CWA title lightly. Heated exchanges would soon follow - LIGHTBRINGER losing to Krash infront of Jon Snowmantashi but still being completely adamant on destroying him.... and then avenging that defeat on the next edition of the show. A peculiar request to team up with his future adversary would soon follow... why? Why the sudden change of attitude? It was all just to embarrass the champion and make him look the fool on the final Adrenaline Rush before Five Star Attraction. The tag match was lost... but that never mattered. The true goal is shown: LIGHTBRINGER laying out Jon Snowmantashi with his special lariat to close the show. The final image of the promo is shown: LIGHTBRINGER picking up a fallen Snowmantashi's belt before dropping it down in disgust and striking a pose over him. Can Snowmantashi take vengeance tonight? Or was it a glimpse into the future?[/B]


    The lights in the arena dim down... signifying that the final match of the evening is to begin, the fans cheer as the announcement is made....

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen... it is now time for the FIVE STAR ATTRACTION MAIN EVENT! A match set for one fall with the CWA World Heavyweight Championship on the line! Presenting first.... the challenger....

    The tron begins to light up as a remixed version of LIGHTBRINGER's entrance music begins to play.

    The long intro plays out to a murky, cloudy sky with heavy downpour and some thunder flashes here and there... but as the intro builds up to its climax, a small golden ray of light begins to appear and eventually shines through, enveloping the screen before the penny drops and his regular theme begins to play. Red and gold pyro bursts down from the stage as the number one contender comes out into the arena... he stands and strikes his pose as his friend, BoBo, follows next to him. The crowd mostly give a negative reaction towards the challenger.

    Jim Taylor: The crowd... not liking LIGHTBRINGER at the minute after what he did to Jon Snowmantashi. A beloved champion.

    Tim Coleman: Hey, look, Jimbo... you have to defend yourself at all times. Snowmantashi should've been smarter.. it is what it is!

    Jim Taylor: I'm sure, Tim. It was an act of cowardice... but it's over and done with. Perhaps it will hand him an advantage tonight, mentally.

    LIGHTBRINGER struts to the ring with his special robe on as Lindsay Monahan announces his entrance....

    Lindsay Monahan: Standing at a height of six foot and three inches with a weigh in of two hundred and thirty pounds... he comes to us from Tokyo, Japan.... the number one contender to the CWA World Heavyweight Title.... "TOKYO KISAI" LIGHTBRINGER!!!

    As she announces his name, the number one contender gets into the ring and jumps up onto a turnbuckle to strike his pose to a reaction of boos. He eventually jumps down after soaking in the reaction and turns his attention to the stage after disrobing. A clear focus in his eyes. The champion's music begins to play - and it's clear he has a special theme song to enter to as female vocals play out.

    As the drums kick in, the tron shows flashes of Jon Snowmantashi in battle - delivering brutal damage to his opponents before his proper tron begins playing and he walks out onto the stage during the epic chanting. The crowd break into a huge cheer for the champion who wears a stonefaced expression. He simply looks down at the ring - fire burning in his eyes - as he makes the walk. The belt glints in his possession and it's clear LIGHTBRINGER can see it.

    Jim Taylor: Neither man can take their eyes off of each other. This is intense, Tim! This could be one for the ages! I bet they can't wait to get this thing started!

    Tim Coleman: I have some slight goosebumps myself Jimbo. We could be about to witness a war.

    Snowmantashi begins his walk up the steps as Monahan announces his information...

    Lindsay Monahan: Standing at six feet and five inches with a weigh in of two hundred and ninety pounds... he comes to us from Los Angeles, California... by way of Tokyo, Japan... he is the CWA World Heavyweight Champion... "INHUMAN" JON SNOWMANTASHI!!!

    The crowd let out a huge tear for Snowmantashi's introduction and he holds the belt high right infront of LIGHTBRINGER to make sure he knows who the champion is. The referee is quick to stand in between them but it's clear that neither man is going to be particularly friendly with each other. LIGHTBRINGER motions that the belt is his as it is handed over and the referee holds the belt up high to signify the prize of the match.

    Tim Coleman:
    Here we go...

    Main Event

    CWA World Heavyweight Title Match
    “Inhuman” Jon Snowmantashi (c) vs “Tokyo Kisai” LIGHTBRINGER

    As the bell sounds, there's a brief staredown between the two competitors. Neither of them make a move to begin with until the challenger decides to circle the ring. Snowmantashi circles away in the opposite direction as the crowd chant for him and clearly want him to get off to the better start. They lock up, initially, and the champion easily takes the challenger into a headlock before hiptossing him... but the challenger gets a headscissors and the champion breaks out and gets back to his feet...

    Jim Taylor: A bit of a methodical opening here...

    Tim Coleman: Not what I expected, Jimbo. I was expecting the champion to come out guns blazing after the embarrassment he suffered on Adrenaline Rush!

    Jim Taylor: It could be a part of the plan, Tim. Maybe he has his opponent scouted... or maybe it's a feeling out process. Perhaps he wants to get him tired with some good ol' fashioned grappling and then blitz him!

    LIGHTBRINGER gets back to his feet with a smirk too and simply signs that he wants another lock up – Snowmantashi obliges and ends up taking the back of the challenger after the fact... but LIGHTBRINGER hits a cheeky back elbow before twisting around and taking the champion's back. In one sudden motion he grabs the champion's wrist and rolls him out – clearly looking for the LIGHTBRINGER lariat – but Snowmantashi has it scouted and responds by pulling LIGHTBRINGER in and hitting him with a ferocious headbutt! The crowd come to life as Snowmantashi lands the first big blow then pulls the stunned challenger in for a massive lariat that flips him completely. The champion explodes with a barrage of merciless stomps to the head as the challenger scrambles to get away and out of the ring – some of the stomps clearly miss and LIGHTBRINGER seems to avoid taking any serious damage as he scoots out. The crowd applaud the champion as he stands at the ropes furiously looking down at his challenger – who gets a few slaps on the back from his manager and takes a breather.

    Jim Taylor: There's your blitz, Tim! Guess he was just waiting for an opening!

    Snowmantashi backs away from the ropes and lets LIGHTBRINGER get back into the ring – the tempo having calmed down again. They circle each other once more and have another lock up... but neither can seem to get an advantage. Snowmantashi is pushed back towards the ropes and the referee insists on a break... it slowly comes to fruition as LIGHTBRINGER backs away then fakes going for a punch... before taunting Snowmantashi with a light tap on the chest and looking to back away... however he fakes doing so and gives Snowmantashi a thunderous slap that draws a boo from the crowd. Snowmantashi simply returns a stonefaced, unbothered expression at the challenger, unnerving him. The champion suddenly explodes forward with some stiff forearms that knocks his opponent back and takes him all the way across the ring to the other set of ropes. LIGHTBRINGER leans against the ropes and continues to take some brutal, stiff forearms to the face before receiving a kick to the gut and keeling over. Snowmantashi delivers clubbing strikes before delivering head stomps... but again, the challenger rolls out of the ring to avoid any more damage.

    Tim Coleman: A slow start for LIGHTBRINGER. He was supposed to be the man to watch in this matchup...

    Jim Taylor: I think Snowmantashi has a fire lit under him, Tim. It seems like LIGHTBRINGER's actions on the go home Adrenaline Rush might have spurred this.

    There are clear chants for Snowmantashi and boos for LIGHTBRINGER as he fakes walking back up the ramp before turning around. He wears a puzzled expression on his face and can't quite seem to figure him out. He gets a slap from BoBo and begins to walk back to the ring.. but simply stands on the outside staring at Snowmantashi. The champion appears to have enough of it and slides out... but LIGHTBRINGER slides back into the ring, Snowmantashi gets up onto the apron to come back in and ends up being suckered into a triangle dropkick! The champion falls back down and the challenger comes to the outside and throws him into the barricade – drawing ire from the fans – before putting the champion back into the ring. Snowmantashi gets to his feet but LIGHTBRINGER is on him with a forearm and then a downwards elbow to the back of the head. It seems the champion is slightly stunned as LIGHTBRINGER picks him up and drops him onto his back near the ropes before jumping out onto the apron and hitting a senton atomico. He covers but the champion kicks out just as the referee drops the one count. LIGHTBRINGER, again, is on it quickly and sits Snowmantashi up, grabbing both his arms and putting him into a straight jacket choke hold whilst putting pressure on the back of the neck with his knee. The referee is checking with a keen eye as Snowmantashi struggles... the crowd try to rally support and eventually he sticks his foot out and gets it onto the bottom rope.

    The challenger, somewhat in control now, picks the champion up and drops him with a quick snapmare – he then bounces off the ropes and appears to be going for a running dropkick... but just as he hits the ropes, Snowmantashi gets to his feet and wipes LIGHTBRINGER out with another lariat. He doesn't let up and grabs LIGHTBRINGER as he returns to his feet and delivers a german suplex – right into a turnbuckle! The challenger, in a seated position, is helpless as Snowmantashi comes roaring at him and hits him with a big dropkick and he rolls out of the ring after. Snowmantashi, now with the crowd behind him, waits for LIGHTBRINGER to get back to his feet on the outside before hitting the ropes...

    Jim Taylor: Looks like the champion is going to fly, Tim!

    … and he comes flying through the middles ropes with a perfect rotated suicide dive that the challenger has no time to avoid. The fury of Jon Snowmantashi is plain to see as he grabs LIGHTBRINGER and takes him, runs him right into the barricade... and then grabs him again and runs him all the way into the opposite barricade. He delivers some head stomps before he turns around at BoBo... who is screaming clear hostilities at him. He almost goes after him but he stays focused on the task as he delivers some more boots at LIGHTBRINGER before throwing him back into the ring. He jumps up onto the apron then up onto the top rope and hits a missile dropkick before going for the cover...1...2.....NO! LIGHTBRINGER gets the shoulder up and rolls away, using the ropes at a turnbuckle to get to his feet. The champion is stalking him though and makes sure he can't get out of the corner, delivering more brutal forearms and even some heavy elbows. The crowd are into it and loving the punishment Snowmantashi is dishing out... LIGHTBRINGER tries to respond with a stiff forearm of his own but Snowmantashi hits back with a big headbutt that drops the challenger down into the seated position. There's no let up as the champion stomps on the challenger before dropping to one knee and delivering ridiculous forearms with massive wind up. The referee calls for them to break but the champion appears not to hear him. The crowd has no issue with it. He delivers more forearms but eventually the referee backs him off. The challenger appears suddenly fired up as the champion is brought back to the middle of the ring and gets to his feet. He chases after the champion and hits him with a big boot to the chest before grabbing him by the head and delivering rapid forearms of his own. He bounces the champion off of the ropes and goes for a dropkick... but Snowmantashi is smart and holds onto the ropes and LIGHTBRINGER ends up falling flat on his back.

    Tim Coleman: I think we all wrote Snowmantashi off too soon at the end of Adrenaline Rush, Jim. He has been dominant here. Maybe this LIGHTBRINGER guy just got lucky the last few weeks. Maybe he's not the guy I thought he was.

    Jim Taylor: It looks that way so far! But the longer the match goes on... there is always a chance! The champion is certainly showing his fighting spirit early... and LIGHTBRINGER seems to be just barely hanging on barring a few glimpses here and there.

    Snowmantashi delivers a few boots to the back before grabbing LIGHTBRINGER and putting him in a chinlock. He doesn't keep it for long – he releases one of his arms and drops it down with a big elbow to the forehead of the challenger and lets go. He then makes the cover by placing his knee over LIGHTBRINGER... but it is kicked out at one. BoBo, on the outside, goes ballistic as he clearly sees it as a form of mockery. The champion gets up and applies the chinlock again... but this time, the challenger tries to fight it and eventually gets to his feet – he drives elbows into the torso and eventually breaks the hold. He hits Snowmantashi with a stiff forearm before bouncing off the ropes and goes for a normal lariat... but Snowmantashi ducks it and reverses it into a uranage slam! The challenger lands totally on his neck and the crowd wince – but Snowmantashi shows no sign of caring as he goes for the cover...1....2...NO! The challenger continues to prove resilient as he makes the kickout. Snowmantashi brings him back up onto his feet and hits him with a T-Bone suplex. He makes the cover again...1...2...NO! The challenger kicks out once more. Again, they're back on their feet and this time it's a belly to back suplex that drops LIGHTBRINGER. Another pin...1...2...NO! Another kickout.

    Jim Taylor: It seems that the champion is trying to wear down the challenger with these repeated pin attempts. Forcing him to kickout and waste energy!

    The challenger is back on his feet, groggy, and stumbles backwards towards a turnbuckle as Snowmantashi makes sure to keep the pressure up with stiff strikes before grabbing him and trying to whip him to the other side... but LIGHTBRINGER reverses and Snowmantashi finds himself hitting the corner. The challenger comes after him with a leaping forearm attempt but the champion ducks out of the way. Snowmantashi comes forward but LIGHTBRINGER hits a European uppercut to stun him before bouncing off of the ropes... Snowmantashi follows straight after and hits the rope too, LIGHTBRINGER turns around and reads the oncoming lariat attempt... he drops down and lifts Snowmantashi up and drops him onto the canvas with a flapjack! The challenger sits up and tries to compose himself as the champion lays on the canvas slightly stunned.... BoBo slams the apron of the ring as he furiously tries to will his friend on. Both men get to their feet but LIGHTBRINGER is the one going aggressive as he delivers some stiff forearms and European uppercuts... Snowmantashi tries to come back with a forearm of his own but it's ducked by the challenger and he drops the champion down with a big neckbreaker! He picks the champion up and throws him into the turnbuckle before running after him and launching into him with a big shoulder barge... and then he pulls him out, kicks him in the gut and hits a DDT... and then kips up onto his feet, showing that he's not out of this by any stretch of the imagination! The crowd, however, are still more into Snowmantashi and boo the showmanship of the challenger.

    'Tokyo Kisai' shows no signs of caring though as he gets to a knee in the corner and appears to size Snowmantashi up. The champion gets to one knee and the challenger makes his move: he runs after him and hits him with a sliding kick – the slap of the boot on Snowmantashi's jaw is heard around the arena and the crowd let out another big wince. The challenger makes the cover...1...2...NO! The champion is able to kick out. LIGHTBRINGER even has the cheek to ask the referee if he is sure it was a two count... but he accepts the call eventually.

    Tim Coleman: Surely he knows he's going to need more than that to win!

    Jim Taylor: Just a bit of fun, I think, Tim. Who knows? The champion's lead is starting to slip, though... remember what I said earlier about the longer this match goes on?

    Tim Coleman: It's looking like I might have been wrong. It seems we do have a big battle on our hands here.

    LIGHTBRINGER gets Snowmantashi back up onto his feet, delivers a forearm and then grabs him, lifting him up and dropping him with a bodyslam. The challenger then makes his way out onto the apron and climbs up top – but the champion is already back on his feet! He rushes the turnbuckle... but the challenger leaps over him and forward rolls to the other corner... however the champion's a move ahead and bullrushes him at the same time and connects with a massive lariat in the corner before throwing him forwards onto the ground. Suddenly the crowd perk up as Snowmantashi gets up onto the turnbuckle...

    Jim Taylor: Jon Snowmantashi is looking to end it here with his signature Snowfall moonsault!

    He stands with his back to his opponent... but BoBo gets up onto the apron and tries to distract him! The crowd boo and the referee is having none of it... but it appears to work as LIGHTBRINGER slowly recovers and is able to club the champion on the back. He steps back and hits a dropkick also that causes Snowmantashi to slump forward. The crowd suddenly raise the volume as LIGHTBRINGER decides to climb up also... he tries to grab a hold of Snowmantashi and is clearly looking for a suplex of some sort... but the champion fights it and starts to stand up. The pair of them stand atop the corner with the crowd holding its breath... Snowmantashi furiously throws elbows as LIGHTBRINGER keeps a hold of him... one almighty effort from him and LIGHTBRINGER falls down to the canvas. The crowd break out in a cheer as Snowmantashi comes crashing down on him with the Snowfall moonsault! They think it's all over as he makes the cover...1..2......NO!!! LIGHTBRINGER GRABS A HOLD OF THE BOTTOM ROPE WITH HIS HAND! The crowd thought that was it! Snowmantashi also shows a bit of shock on his face... he gets to his feet and stomps repeatedly on the arm of the challenger in response. He walks away and allows his opponent to get to his feet... then he delivers some kicks to the chest that drive him into the corner. LIGHTBRINGER is then whipped into the ropes and taken out with a jumping axe kick! The crowd are firmly in the champion's corner and making sure to wildly applaud every big move that he hits. He drops down for the cover after the kick...1.....2......NO! Another kick out from the challenger! LIGHTBRINGER is barely hanging on and Snowmantashi knows it as he lifts him up back onto his feet and then onto his shoulders – clearly he's looking for Hailstorm... but LIGHTBRINGER squirms away and lands behind the champion... he tries to go for a forearm but it's ducked under and reversed into a belly to back suplex hold! The referee counts the pin again...1...2...NO! Another kickout!

    Tim Coleman: I'm losing count how many times Snowmantashi has gone for the pin.

    Jim Taylor: It's clear he thinks this should be over by now. But LIGHTBRINGER is not giving up! Something to be admired... but the crowd are still firmly on Snowmantashi's side!

    “Inhuman” Snowmantashi watches as LIGHTBRINGER crawls to a corner and slowly gets to his feet... he decides to take up a spot at the opposite corner... he lets out a big yell as he runs forward towards his challenger... but he ends up running into a boot. It only stuns him for a brief second and he goes back on the attack but LIGHTBRINGER ducks underneath and lifts him up into a reverse neckbreaker! A brief moment of respite for the challenger – he turns his attention to his manager, BoBo, shouting and slamming the ring apron and looks for some advice. He slowly gets to his feet and awaits the champion to do so. He crushes a forearm into the skull of Snowmantashi, who responds with one of his own... they engage in a striking duel and LIGHTBRINGER looks to be losing until he winds up a huge forearm and lands it whilst letting out a huge yell of desperation. He does so again. And again. And again. It stuns Snowmantashi but he tries to rebound with a big headbutt... only for LIGHTBRINGER to counter it with a European uppercut! The champion's wobbled and he stumbles forward right into a fireman's carry neckbreaker from the challenger! Cover by LIGHTBRINGER! 1...2.....NO! A kickout from the champion! Suddenly, the crowd are a little bit more quiet... and even some are starting to applaud the efforts from the challenger, a small minority however compared to Snowmantashi's support. LIGHTBRINGER sits Snowmantashi up before bouncing off of the ropes and hitting a running kick. He sits him up again and lands the kick again. He repeats it once more before going for another cover..1....2....NO! The champion is, again, able to kick out. LIGHTBRINGER knows he has to do more and climbs outside onto the top turnbuckle... he waits for Snowmantashi to rise and hits him with a missile dropkick! He makes another cover...1...2...NO! The champion kicks out of yet another pinfall attempt!

    Jim Taylor: It seems LIGHTBRINGER is slowly coming back into it... and he is now trying to wear the champion down! You get the feeling this is going to take something special to win, Tim.
    Tim Coleman: I'd think so, Jimbo. The kitchen sink is going to have to be thrown at someone to end this.

    LIGHTBRINGER picks the champion up and drops him with a bodyslam – he then goes out to the top rope again and hits an elbow drop... but he doesn't make the cover. Instead, he stands over the champion, hits the canvas with his hand and strikes his signature pose to signal the end is near! He picks the champion up and clutches the wrist... he rolls him out... but it's countered with a headbutt! Somehow, the wrist is still kept a hold of by the challenger and he HITS THE LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT!!! HE DROPS DOWN FOR THE COVER! 1....2.......NO!!!! THE CHAMPION MAKES THE KICKOUT! THE CROWD EXPLODE!

    LIGHTBRINGER simply stares at the referee in complete disbelief and BoBo is shown with his jaw on the floor. They can't believe it! LIGHTBRINGER doesn't ponder on it though and grabs the champion, lifting him up again and grabs the wrist... he goes for another LIGHTBRINGER Lariat but Snowmantashi counters it into a fireman's carry... he looks to go for his Hailstorm once more... but LIGHTBRINGER is able to drop down again. He goes for another LIGHTBRINGER Lariat but Snowmantashi yanks his opponent towards him instead and counters it into a pop up sit out powerbomb! He is unable to make a pin attempt though as he falls flat on his back, clearly having used a burst of adrenaline to escape danger. The competitors both start to get to their feet, using each other for leverage, and start to engage in another striking duel... this time involving chops. They even taunt each other after every single one – beckoning one to hit harder. Eventually, Snowmantashi has enough and delivers some rapid chops before landing furious downward elbows to his opponent's head and then grabbing him and landing multiple headbutts... he then slaps on the frostbite sleeper hold! The crowd gaps as they see blood start to streak down the face of both men as a result of the headbutts also.

    Tim Coleman: Crimson mask time, Jimbo! This could be it right here!

    Jim Taylor: Snowmantashi, the champion, has the Frostbite sleeper hold submission locked in! With LIGHTBRINGER bleeding, this could be bad!

    LIGHTBRINGER is fading but still on his feet – he shows clear anguish on his face and the referee is constantly asking him if he wants to give up. The champion is squeezing with all his might! The challenger starts to fade... his knees start to give out and he ends up on his knees... Snowmantashi ends up converting the choke hold into a rear naked choke and squeezes harder. But somehow, LIGHTBRINGER is able to lunge a desperate foot onto the rope and the referee is forced to come in and break the hold! The crowd thought it was almost over! The champion is disappointed to have the hold broken up but he waits as an exhaused LIGHTBRINGER gets to his knees before him. He shows no mercy as he delivers a shoot kick right to his opponent's chest... and then one to the back. He then lets out a roar as he delivers another that looks to have killed his opponent stone dead. He waits for his challenger to get to his feet before driving a boot into the gut and then looking for a brainbuster. He gets him vertical but LIGHTBRINGER drops down a knee onto the head of Snowmantashi and is able to break away. The challenger stumbles to a corner to recuperate but Snowmantashi comes running at him with another huge forearm. He lifts LIGHTBRINGER up onto the turnbuckle and joins him up there... and the crowd start to create a huge noise, a mixture of expectation and disbelief, as Snowmantashi lifts his challenger up onto his shoulders....

    Jim Taylor: Surely not, Tim! He's not going to go for a top rope Hailstorm!?!?

    Tim Coleman: Kitchen sink, Jimbo...

    The champion tries to get his finishing move off but LIGHTBRINGER fights out of it and manages to drop to the ring on his feet. He takes advantage of the brief confusion, climbs up, grabs Snowmantashi quickly and delivers an avalanche german suplex! The champion crash lands right onto his neck and a lot of the crowd are silenced... whilst some are breaking out “Holy shit!” chants. The challenger just can't make the cover, though, he is too exhausted. Both men are completely spent... but they crawl towards each other, contempt prevalent on both of their faces... neither willing to give up. The pair of them get to their knees – they don't even consider standing up – and start to exchange forearms again. Every single one resonates louder and louder around the arena as the crowd react to them. They don't seem to be cheering for just Snowmantashi anymore... it's become irrelevant as they're clearly just enjoying the match and the efforts from both men. Snowmantashi gets the advantage and is able to land three slow, loaded up forearms in a row a that sends LIGHTBRINGER onto his back... but the challenger rolls towards the ropes and uses them to stand up. Snowmantashi is slow to his feet and LIGHTBRINGER grabs him and reels off a desperate European uppercut... and another... followed by one more that keels him over. The challenger senses this is his chance and he goes behind Snowmantashi, grabs the wrist.... but the champion fights it furiously and delivers elbows. He breaks away and then turns around to try and deliver a discus lariat... but LIGHTBRINGER ducks under and delivers a german suplex! He keeps a hold of the champion and they both get back to their feet – he tries to roll the champion out for another LIGHTBRINGER Lariat attempt but, again, the champion fights back furiously! LIGHTBRINGER adopts a new tactic and throws him into the ropes and then hits him with a dropkick!

    Tim Coleman: He says he has the best dropkick in the world, Jimbo! I can believe it! That was beautiful!

    Jim Taylor: Just one of the many, many, stunning moves we have seen in this match. Could we be seeing the beginning of the end now, though?

    The challenger now feels like he has done enough to stun the champion, he slowly brings him to his feet – and the crowd get to their own feet too – and grabs him. He rolls him out... but Snowmantashi counters with a headbutt just like we've seen before! LIGHTBRINGER lets out a war cry, though, and tries to hit it again... BUT THIS TIME SNOWMANTASHI COUNTERS THE SECOND ATTEMPT WITH ANOTHER HEADBUTT! The crowd explode as LIGHTBRINGER falls to his knees... an exhausted Snowmantashi knows that this is his chance to end it once and for all!

    Snowmantashi picks up the stunned challenger and lifts him up into the fireman's carry... and he manages to hit the HAILSTORM CUTTER!!! LIGHTBRINGER IS TOTALLY FINISHED AS HE DROPS DOWN FOR THE COVER...1...2......3!!!!! JON SNOWMANTASHI HAS RETAINED THE CWA HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!

    Winner and STILL CWA World Heavyweight Champion: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    Jim Taylor: It's over! It's over! Jon Snowmantashi is still the champion! What a defence!

    Tim Coleman: A match that had its twists and turns, Jimbo. Both men are winners tonight. Both of them showed that champion spirit. Unbelievable.

    The crowd are on their feet and break into some serious applause as the pair lie flat on their backs in the middle of the ring. The referee rushes out of the ring and grabs the title belt before coming back in. BoBo is already checking on LIGHTBRINGER and holding an icepack to him. He rolls him out of the ring whilst the referee helps Snowmantashi to his feet and awards him his title belt. His music plays and the crowd chant his name as he realises that he has won the main event of Five Star Attraction! LIGHTBRINGER is shown being helped up the ramp by BoBo, head in hands, as Snowmantashi stands alone in the ring. Five Star Attraction closes out on the image of the bloody champion proudly standing, holding his belt aloft, as purple confetti falls around him.

    *END SHOW*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Five Star Attraction: Live

    That main event jeez. Took this show to a whole new level.

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    Re: Five Star Attraction: Live

    Last match has been added so the show is complete.

    Thank you to Cyrus and Shake for helping out with the match writing, and to everyone else who contributed to this show. Apologies for the lateness once again, be on the look out for the next card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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