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Thread: WCW 1999 - Getting Things Back on Track

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    Re: WCW 1999 - Getting Things Back on Track

    Thanks for the reviews Stojy and Sykotic much appreciated.

    News and Notes - January 14, 1999

    After the attacks by the Outsiders and The Giant to Goldberg and Bret Hart this past Monday on Nitro, Eric Bischoff has announced that the main event at Souled Out for the WHC will have a special enforcer referee to prevent any outside interference. He will be revealed before the match.

    Hollywood Hogan will be out of action for several months following the beat down on Monday by the Outsiders.

    Following his huge win on Monday, new United States Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. has requested his first title defense at Souled Out to be against old rival Dean Malenko. These two men had some of the best matches in the Crusierweight division and now they will face off for the US title on PPV.

    The following teams have been announced for the Tag Team title tournament set to start this Monday on Nitro.
    Rob Van Dam & Sabu
    Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko
    Eddie & Chavo Guerrero
    Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr.
    The Dudley Boyz
    Faces of Fear
    Raven & Saturn
    Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell
    Disco Inferno & Alex Wright
    More teams will be announced this Monday.

    A hardcore division with its own champion will begin shortly and word is WCW is trying to lock up Japanese star Hayabusa to build the division around along with Sabu and possibly Terry Funk who has had talks with WCW lately.

    Working on on results for Souled Out. Will be posted in a few days. Thanks.

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    Re: WCW 1999 - Getting Things Back on Track

    Once again thought I'd drop by with some notes. Loving what I've seen so far. Going to save a thorough review for Souled Out.

    intrugued to find out who the special enforcer will be. Hart v Goldberg is a big enough sell but that addition of a mystery enforcer would be another reason for folk to tune in with their money I like that,

    I totally agree with putting Hogan on the shelf. Wcw waited too long but right after starrcade is perfect. I wonder when he will come back and if it will be hulk or Hollywood still. Hmm.

    pushing Rey mysterio as US champ is a big thing. I don't think he was ready for it personally, just the way he was actually built up by this point but of course the way you push him could totally make it worthwhile and workable.

    love a tag team tournament. Originally I was hoping for a lethal lottery type tournament but from the teams you've listed so far I'm really more excited now than I was before. Lots of great teams and combinations. Can't wait.

    ehh. The hardcore division was poor in real wcw. The hardcore ecw mini invasion was something I hated. I'm hoping youll change my feelings on this and will give you the chance to do so. Hopefully it'll be more than Terry funk though. Some of that was really corny.

    Like I said. Loving this so far. Keep it up please

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    Re: WCW 1999 - Getting Things Back on Track

    I’m interested to see who the Special Enforcer is. My only worry is I hope Hart/Goldberg doesn’t become a standard WCW over booked mess.

    No issues with Hogan being gone, thought it was all done really well.

    Mysterio ‘requesting’ to defend the title against Malenko of all people is a little strange, but I guess it will make for a potential show stealer on the PPV. The one thing I’d warn against is just booking good wrestling matches for the sake of it. Really make the mid card mean something with some good angles and what not as well. This is definitely something WCW lacked in real life.

    That tag tournament is actually AWESOME. SO many big time matches that can come out of that, I look forward to it.

    With all of the ECW guys you have hanging around, I don’t mind a Hardcore division. As Franchiser mentioned, in real life this failed miserably but that was mainly due to bad booking. Booked correctly, a hardcore division riddled with ECW guys can be an asset.

    I look forward to Souled Out.

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