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Thread: The Ask Bookers Thread

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    The Ask Bookers Thread

    Once upon a time I posted monthly questions in the BTB section and while it started off hot, it sort of faded pretty quickly after a month or two. Here's a second, looser attempt and open for all to ask questions. Considering this is a more open thread than a specific Ask X thread, it'd be best to hold till we have 48hrs or so of no response to a question before moving on to a new question. Try to be diverse, don't limit yourself to present day WWE and if you want to answer an older question, feel free.

    This will be an easy way to get your thoughts on something other than your own thread and as with the old monthly booker threads, you're free to go into however much detail you do or don't want to.

    As the inaugural thread starter, let me give you guys a question worth deep thought... book Wrestlemania 34. We're less than 48 hrs from the Ultimate Thrill Ride and I'm sure plenty of people have thoughts on how that went and how they'd have done it. Well, with a year between now and the next rollercoaster, which direction would you go? Here's my briefly thought attempt with very little detail.

    Wrestlemania 34

    1. The Rock vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship: There's two directions to go here, this can be full on into the Roman Reigns heel turn or this can be the start of it. Roman Reigns is detested, and this is wishful thinking, but this is him saying, "fine, I'll be the villain you all want me to be." The Rock comes back and doesn't realize that Roman has taken the torch, he can't come back to Roman's yard and keep taking the spotlight and Roman doesn't need Rock's help to get fan approval. Roman wins this for sure and breaks more hearts by ending Rock a year after ending Undertaker. The Rock entered #30 to everyone's shock and won the Rumble by the way. Hardy Boys level surprise after rumors of a Lesnar win.
    2. AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: I like the idea of the two Club leaders going head to head with The Club on the same brand to add some interesting as to who they'll side with. No Demon shtick here by the way. Balor can't adapt to it so let's just forget it. If there's anyone who can nullify Balor's faults and bring the best out of him, its the GOAT, Styles. This is your work rate match to counter the Reigns/Rock main event spectacle.
    3. John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE United-States Championship: This was a feud I really wanted to do after Lesnar/Nakamura in my BTB with Silk. I think these guys can have a ridiculously fun story with Nakamura just outswagging Cena in the way no one has really done since Bryan. Like with Zayn, Nakamura will force Cena into being more aggressive and like with Zayn, Nakamura will feel the need to push himself on a bigger spotlight with a huge opponent.
    4. Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Intercontinental Championship: Three big names with nothing to do who aren't good enough to main event but have the star power to make the main card. I had Rollins in the Balor/Styles match but feel like that would hurt it. Here they can have a DUD or a good or possibly great match but this is really a throwaway means of getting them on the card. I care for neither of these guys (Ambrose really needs to go heel though).
    5. Neville vs. Austin Aries vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Gran Metalik vs. Andrade Almas vs. Roderick Strong for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in a Ladder Match: I considered moving Neville onto the UK Championship match. Six wrestlers who can have godly matches any day of the week. Ladder match because Mania is missing this spotfest. This could low-key steal the show and there's no way this ends up bad. Huge variety of talent here too.
    6. #DIY vs. American Alpha for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships: I'm not sure if one of them goes heel or not and this could either be their first main roster match (I can see a Best Two out of Three Falls next PPV in the main event) and there's a chance this is hurt from being too short because of time constraints.
    7. Usos vs. The Hardy Boys vs. The Revival for the Raw Tag Team Championships: Tempted to add ladder match. I like the diversity of styles here and Usos Brother vs. Hardy Brothers is money on its own but Revival adds an interesting element here. Maybe make this a TLC match but having a ladder match already on the night might be overkill.
    8. Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch for the Smackdown Womens Championship: I want Becky Lynch to dominate most of the year as Smackdown Womens Champion with none of the Four Horsewomen to bother her and only Bliss really rivalring her. Maybe you can add in Emma to change the dynamic and Carmella can be raised as as a challenger. Asuka will pop up over Wrestlemania season to offer Lynch a challenge to her dominant reign.
    9. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley for the Raw Womens Championship: Unlike Smackdown, I see Raw still being title change heavy (after a decent reign by Bayley) because the Horsewomen are so equal. Nia Jax will have gotten a reign here but Charlotte wouldn't have won a thing this year. This is their chance to replicate their NXT magic.
    10. Samoa Joe & Triple H vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn: Does Joe/HHH/Owens stay involved all year? Not sure. Still Owens is a complete failure imo, he doesn't have Rollins comparable talent in kayfabe and HHH has realized it. Owens gets help from frenemy Zayn against Joe & HHH destroying him. Owens & Zayn will win this and basically make their brand their playground as the guys WWE signed to please fans but had no intention of truly getting behind. Joe has seen what happened to Rollins & Owens and has no intention of being a tool for HHH, he's going to murder him before HHH even has a chance to turn on him. Probably HHH will have his last year after this and 35 will be his last Mania.
    11. Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar: The build-up having begun the night after Mania 33, Strowman will go unpinned throughout the year and have dominant wins over just about everyone. Keep him away from Reigns because he's the only untouchable guy on the roster. I'd have him wreck guys like Orton, Cena across the year if they happen to be on the same brand and even beat tag teams. Lesnar meets a bigger destroyer than him and this is the guy we're transfering all of Lesnar's build to. Strowman is your monster for the future. Only 33, a behemoth, he's going to wreck shit for the future.
    Andre The Giant Battle Royal - Debut of Kassius Ohno: Don't need to give Ohno the win here, guys like Ziggler, Dillinger, and such will be here too. Doesn't really matter who wins, could have Shaq pop up and throw over Big Show and win it if you want. Maybe one last hurrah for Show or Kane or Henry who retire afterwards.
    Cesaro & Sheamus vs. The Authors of Pain: Debut for Authors of Pain. Should Cesaro & Sheamus still be together, I'm not sure but there's no denying this would be a fun af hard-hitting match. Authors of Pain to win.
    Drew McIntyre vs. Tyler Bate for the WWE United-Kingdom Championship: This will main event as the only title match not on the main card. Drew McIntyre will be champion and this will be a good david vs. goliath match. I considered Dunne but I didn't want him against Bate again and wasn't sure who would be an appropraite face. Neville was also considered to be involved.
    Charlotte vs. Nia Jax: Nia Jax will be super dominant this year, pretty much unbeatable and unpinnable without dubious circumstances including a length womens title reign. Charlotte has gone the year title-less and this is her chance to turn the page. I don't think she wins though, but a rematch for next PPV on the main card might be Charlotte's way in. Nia is the women's Brock or Braun.

    It's unpredictable to know how the year will go, who will get called up, signed, and I thought about getting Angle in too. I wanted to minimize spectacle matches and wanted all the main roster titles in. UK title was on the main card for a while too but I eventually moved it to make way for Triple H to get on the card. I know some will criticize how title heavy the main card is but that's 100% what I want out of the biggest event of the year, I like the spectacle but I want the best of each division competing for titles. No Shane McMahon. Sorry.

    /shit you do when you don't pay attention in class.

    Let's see what you guys would do with Mania 34.

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    Re: The Ask Bookers Thread

    WWE Universal Championship

    Brock Lesnar (c) Vs Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor

    WWE Championship
    AJ Styles (c) vs Samoa Joe

    International Dream Match

    John Cena vs Nakumara

    Triple H vs Cesaro

    WWE United States Championship
    Kevin Owens (c) vs Kurt Angle

    Raw Womens Championship
    Stephanie McMahon (c) w/ Ronda Rosey and Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks

    The Miz vs Conor McGregor

    Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin

    WWE Intercontinental Championship
    Ladder Match
    Dean Ambrose (c) vs Austin Aries vs Sheamus vs Big Cass vs Randy Orton vs Jack Gallagher

    Smackdown Live Womens Championship

    Bayley (c) Vs Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss

    Pre Show/Kick Off

    Andre The Giant Battle Royal

    WWE Crusierweight Championship

    Submission Match

    Zack Sabre Jr (c) vs Neville

    Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship

    #DIY (c) vs American Alpha

    Raw Tag Team Championship

    The Revival (c) vs The Youngbucks vs The Hardys

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    Re: The Ask Bookers Thread

    Roman Reigns vs. John Cena - Universal Champion: We know for a fact that Roman is here to stay and I can see this match serving as a 'passing of the torch' from the face of one generation to the face of the next generation.

    Sami Zayn vs. Triple H: Sort of similar to the Bryan/Triple H feud with Zayn being tired of being pushed around by The Authority before finally getting a match. Serves as Triple H's send-off into backstage only work.

    Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor - United States Championship: A fatal four way would be the best way to get these four guys on the show, could make it a ladder match or elimination match.

    The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan: Hypothetically Bryan gets cleared for one more match and really the only suitable opponent would be The Miz due to their lengthy history together.

    Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair - Raw Women's Championship: Asuka will likely be called up pretty soon and these two would put on a wrestling clinic at Mania.

    AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin - WWE Championship: Corbin is in for a big push soon I'm thinking and I'd have him actually win the Royal Rumble match to face Styles.

    The Usos vs. The Hardys - Smackdown Tag Team Championship, Ladder Match: Brothers vs. Brothers in a match that would most certainly steal the show.

    Dean Ambrose vs. Rhyno - Hardcore Match: Rhyno will probably split from Heath Slater between now and WrestleMania and what better way to rekindle some of the ECW spirit than to have him face The Lunatic Fringe in a hardcore match. Could have some ECW alumni get involved as well.

    Bray Wyatt vs. Luke Harper vs. Erick Rowan - Intercontinental Championship: I know it's a long shot but WWE's booking is whack sometimes so these three will probably still be feuding this time next year. Have Wyatt become a dominant IC champ throughout the year before putting it on the line against his disciples.

    Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar: Huge battle of the behomeths that would certainly be an intriguing one to watch.
    Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Obviously have some surprise entrants (NXT guys, a legend or two) but actually use it as a leap frog to something better.

    Sasha Banks vs. Ember Moon - Smackdown Women's Championship: Would be fascinating to watch and could be argued that it would fit well on the main card and certainly would be a contender for match of the night.

    Akira Tozawa vs. Austin Aries - Cruiserweight Championship: Could be a showstealer and would headline the pre-show. Could make it a stipulation like 2-out-of-3 falls.

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    Re: The Ask Bookers Thread

    WM 34

    Universal Title-Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Owens.....Owens Wins The Title As A Face

    WWE Title-Samoa Joe vs Nakamura vs AL Styles....Nakamura Wins The Title

    US Title Match-Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor....Face vs Face Match...A Draw Of Some Sort (Double DQ/Time Limit Draw)

    IC Title-Baron Corbin vs Bray Whatt....Wyatt Wins The Title As A Face

    Roman Reigns Vs Braun Strowman....Reigns Takes Over The UnderTakers WrestleMania Spot

    RAW Tag Team Titles-Revival vs Young Bucks....Revival Cheats To Win-Program Continues

    SmackDown Tag Team Titles-American Alpha vs DIY vs Authors Of Pain....AOP Win Titles

    RAW Women's Title-Nia Jax vs Charlotte....Jax Retains

    SmackDown Tag Team Titles-Becky Lynch vs Naomi vs Asuka....Asuka Wins The Title

    CruiserWeight Title-6 Man Gauntlet Match....Austin Aries vs Neville vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ???

    Andre The Giant Battle Royal....Winner Bobby Lashley

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    Re: The Ask Bookers Thread

    Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar - WWE Universal Championship
    In the site of the shocking first loss, the two men who can lay claim to defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania duke it out for the Universal Title in a rematch of their hotly contested encounter three years back.

    John Cena vs. AJ Styles - WWE Championship
    One of 2016's hottest rivalries spills into 2018 as Styles' desire to regain the title overwhelms him and eventually regains the strap. Cena wins the Rumble in Philadelphia and goes on to face Styles in NOLA in an attempt to capture the elusive 17th World Title reign.

    Triple H vs. Finn Balor
    Hunter spends months trying to get Balor to join him, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe, calling upon their history together and how he was the one to bring Finn in. But Finn sticks to his guns and stays a babyface leading to a massive matchup at the SuperDome.

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens - Interpromotional Match
    A match agreed upon by both general managers, who are posed with picking a superstar from their respective brands. Bryan tabs Nakamura while Owens has to earn his way into the match per the orders of Kurt Angle. Owens is hellbent on proving he's the best and making KOMania III his night to remember, while Nak is merely focused on taking KO down.

    Dean Ambrose vs. Samoa Joe - Interpromotional Match
    Ambrose eliminates Joe from the Royal Rumble, leading towards Joe making Dean's life a living hell after he cost him a shot at going to the main event of WrestleMania. The match, perhaps, turns into a gimmick match as well.

    Braun Strowman vs. Seth Rollins - WWE United States Championship
    Rollins is bullied by Strowman for much of late 2017 and reinjures his knee. Seth comes back at the Rumble in Philly and eliminates U.S. Champion Braun for retribution, spearheading this match in NOLA.

    Sasha Banks vs. Bayley - Raw Women's Championship
    After turning heel, Banks wins back the belt at SummerSlam in Brooklyn, finally getting a duke over Bayley. The two quarrel for the latter of 2017 with 'The Boss' saying she doesn't have to prove she's better than her anymore. Eventually, there's no more running as Bayley wins a #1 contender's match, setting the stage for an epic showdown at the SuperDome.

    Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch - SmackDown! Women's Championship
    After Charlotte appears on SD following the 'Superstar Shake-Up' her and Becky reignite their rivalry. Char eventually gets a stranglehold on the title and for months taunts Becky, saying she was only women's champion because Charlotte, who she's never beaten in a big match, was never around.

    The Miz vs. Tye Dillinger
    Dillinger is called up to SmackDown and has his occasional run-ins with The Miz. Things are turned up a notch at the Rumble when Miz eliminates him and then subsequently mocks him on several SDs afterwards, bringing up that the two started their career around the same time and that Tye never sniffed the level that he was ever on and that he's a nobody and Miz became a star on 'Day 1.' Dillinger gains crowd support of course and is out to prove that it may've taken him years, but he'll get his WrestleMania moment.

    Luke Harper vs. Bray Wyatt
    The Wyatts' long-running feud finally comes to an end in NOLA. Simple as that.

    Baron Corbin vs. 'Cien' Almas vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton - WWE Intercontinental Championship Six-Pack Challenge Match

    The Revival vs. The Hardy Boyz - Raw Tag Team Championships

    American Alpha vs. The New Day - SDL Tag Team Championships


    Team Raw (Emma, Nia Jax, Summer Rae) vs. Team SDL (Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Natalya)

    Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

    Akira Tozawa vs. Austin Aries - Cruiserweight Championship Match
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    Re: The Ask Bookers Thread

    WWE Universal title match: Roman Reigns (c) vs Sami Zayn (Royal Rumble winner)

    Reigns turns heel shortly after beating Taker at Mania and wins the title at Summerslam from Brock Lesnar. Zayn gets built up throughout the year as an underdog and wins the rumble from near the start of the rumble. Zayn beats Roman Reigns at Mania ending Reigns reign of terror.

    WWE title match: AJ Styles (c) vs Finn Balor

    Face vs Face match with Styles winning the title around Survivor Series after Miz has had a title reign via MITB cash in. Balor earns this match after winning some number one contender's match. The Club get brought into the build up for this and in the finish of the match come out to help Finn Balor win and turning him heel.

    Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman

    Big massive fight between the two beasts that gets teased throughout the year with Braun winning and getting put over as a monster.

    Dean Ambrose vs John Cena

    Feud I have wanted for a while between the two after their promos on Smackdown. Ambrose turns heel early in the year and this ends up being a war with Ambrose using some kind of weapon to cheat to win and brutalising Cena post-match.

    Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

    Bray and Rollins face of in a match to get them on the card. Bray wins to give him an actual win at Mania.

    Intercontinental title match: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Samoa Joe

    Shinsuke Nakamura wins the title some point throughout the year and then Samoa Joe earns a title shot. Both men get to beat the hell out of each other.

    US title 6-man elimination match: Drew McIntyre (c) vs Cesaro vs Baron Corbin vs Randy Orton vs Neville vs Sheamus

    US title match to get people on the card.

    Hardcore match: The Miz vs Shane McMahon

    The Miz gets a title reign and carries on his feud with Bryan. Finally come to a climax in the build to Mania with Miz going to attack Bryan and getting ready to Skull crushing finale him when Shane comes out and says you want to attack an authority figure fight me. Miz wins in a hardcore match.

    Kurt Angle vs Rusev

    Even though Rusev is a jobber I really still want to see this match.

    Raw women's title match: Sasha Banks (c) vs Bayley

    Heel Sasha takes the title from Bayley around summerslam. Bayley gets her revenge at Mania

    Raw tag team titles TLC match: The Revival (c) vs American Alpha vs Hardy Boyz

    TLC match with the Revival having stolen the titles from the Hardy Boyz. American Alpha get added to this as well after Revival snuck past them. Revival win this once again proven themselves as the top guys.

    Smackdown tag team titles match: New Day (c) vs #DIY

    New Day come to Smackdown and shortly win the title from the Usos and hold them for a decent amount of time before #DIY get called up. #DIY pick up the win putting them over as a top team.


    Andre the Giant battleroyale

    Everyone else fight here.

    Cruiserweight title match:Austin Aries (c) vs Jack Gallagher

    Austin Aries conquers Neville at Payback before losing the title to Gran Metalik some point in the year. Have Aries win it back as a heel around Mania before losing to Gallagher at Mania putting him over as the top cruiserweight babyface.

    Smackdown women's title 2 out of 3 falls match: Becky Lynch (c) vs Asuka

    Asuka comes in post-mania and just dominates the whole division. Becky finally conquers Asuka pay per view before mania. Asuka snaps post-match attacking her. Calls it a fluke saying she was lucky to get one fall over her. Becky wins 2-1 to stay champion

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    Re: The Ask Bookers Thread

    Wrestlemania 34|New Orleans
    -Pre Show-
    Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal:
    Big Show wins to become a 2 times winner, after the match he reveals he's retiring and all the participants in the match clap him and give him a guard of honor, Alisteir Black makes his debut in this match.

    Cruiserweight Championship Match - Ricochet vs Akira Tozawa (c)
    Heel Akira Tozawa wins the title from Aries under the management of Brian Kendrick at Summerslam, he takes the title through til March where Ricochet debuts and challenges him to a match at Mania, a load of flippy shit happens and Ricochet wins and wins the attention of the fans.

    United Kingdom Championship Match - Drew McIntyre (c) vs Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne vs Mark Haskins
    Drew after holding the NXT championship moved onto the UK division and dominated the scene blasting past everyone in his tracks, he wins this match retaining his title before announcing he would be relinquishing it to move up to the main roster and challenge for the World title.

    -Main Card-

    Mask vs Mask Match - Andrade Cien Almas vs Kalisto
    Cien Almas was called up to the main roster the Smackdown after Wrestlemania, after losing momentum he took a 2 month break from the company, returning at Summerslam with his old La Sombra mask, he attacked Kalisto and put him on the shelf and recently Kalisto returned and attacked Almas challenging him to a mask v mask match. Almas would win the match but Sin Cara would save Kalisto before Almas could take his mask off.

    Raw Women's Title Match - Becky Lynch (c) vs Bayley vs Maria Kanellis
    Maria returned alongside her husband Mike Bennett and immediately went after the women's title, she would go on to win it at Mania
    Smackdown Tag Team Championship - American Alpha (c) vs Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin
    The four men started off as a stable with Angle and Benjamin, American Alphas trainers but as Alpha regained the tag belts they turned on there trainers which led to a match set up for mania, in which Angle and Benjamin would win to become new tag team champions.
    "Broken" Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt vs Eric Young
    The battle for spiritual power on smackdown, Matt and Jeff hardy were split up in the draft and Bray Wyatt was immediately interested by Broken Matt, and over time and after many epic promos, Sanity debuted and Eric Young went after the two broken leaders claiming himself to be the most powerful. Bray Wyatt would win this match to become the overall leader of Smackdown

    Intercontinental Championship - Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Johhny Gargano
    Gargano would win a battle royal to become the number one contender for Shinsuke's title, he would go on to win the title at Mania only for his long time best friend Tomasso Ciampa to turn on him while celebrating and raising the title above his head.

    The Authority vs The Bullet Club (Loser Disbands) - Triple H, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Scott Dawson, Dash Wilder vs Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Hideo Itami, Adam Cole
    The second raw after Mania Finn Balor cuts a promo reforming the Bullet Club with Anderson and Gallows over the next few weeks Triple H, Owens and Joe had ungrudged matches with the three men when one raw the three authority members savagely attack the Bullet Club, over time the two teams have added the revival, and Hideo Itami and Adam Cole respectively, the authority would lose the match meaning they would have to disband

    Universal Championship - Brock Lesnar (c) vs Roman Reigns
    No backstory needed, LESNAR KILLS REIGNS

    Once In A Lifetime - Aj Styles vs Shawn Michaels
    Michaels comes out of retirement for one last time to face the best wrestler on the roster, Styles wins the match but the two show a mutual respect after the match despite Styles being a heel, but after the match leader of the bullet club Finn Balor attacks Styles
    World Heavyweight Championship - Baron Corbin (c) vs Sami Zayn
    In the feel good story of the year, to main even Wrestlemania, Sami Zayn manages to get himself Daniel Bryan over and campaigns for a world title shot beating everyone that the general manager puts in his way until finally he was granted his title shot, he wins after three helluva kicks in a row to bring Corbin down, he tears the roof down after it seemed he had lost but manages to pull out a win.

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    Wrestlemania 33 Re: The Ask Bookers Thread

    WWE World Championship:
    Seth Rollins(C) vs. Bray Wyatt
    Winner: Bray Wyatt

    Universal Championship:
    AJ Styles(C) vs. Finn Balor
    Winner: Finn Balor

    Intercontinental Championship:
    Shinsuke Nakamura(C) vs. Sami Zayn
    Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

    Smackdown Women's Championship:

    Charlotte(C) vs. Asuka
    Winner: Asuka

    Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe
    Winner: Samoa Joe

    The Miz vs. The Rock
    Winner: The Miz

    United States Championship:
    Braun Strowman(C) vs. Big Cass
    Winner: Cass

    Roman Reigns vs. John Cena
    Winner: Roman Reigns

    Dean Ambrose vs. Triple H
    Winner: Dean Ambrose

    Raw Women's Championship:
    Bayley(C) vs. Sasha Banks
    Winner: Sasha Banks

    Smackdown Tag Team Championships:
    The Hardy Boyz(C) vs #DIY vs American Alpha vs Breezango
    Winners: #DIY

    Pre Show/Kick Off

    Andre The Giant Battle Royal
    Winner: Rusev

    Raw Tag Team Championship:
    The Revival(C) vs. New Day vs. The Ascension vs. Gallows and Anderson
    Winners: The Revival

    Cruiserweight Championship Scramble:
    Noam Dar(C) vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Neville
    Winner: Cedric Alexander

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    Re: The Ask Bookers Thread

    WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
    American Alpha (c) vs Breezeango vs The Usos vs DIY
    Winners - DIY

    Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
    Final 5: Drew McIntyre, Hideo Itami, Big Show, Erick Rowan, and Dolph Ziggler
    Winner - Drew McIntyre

    Intercontinental Championship
    Luke Harper (c) vs Eric Young
    Winner - Eric Young

    Main Show
    WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
    The Revival (c) vs The Hardy Boys
    Winners - The Revival

    Main Show
    Singles Match
    Randy Orton vs Cesaro
    Winner - Cesaro

    Main Show
    Cruiserweight Championship - Ladder Match
    Austin Aries (c) vs Neville vs Zack Sabre Jr. vs Cedric Alexander vs Jack Gallagher vs Noam Dar
    Winner - Cedric Alexander

    United States Championship
    Braun Strowman (c) vs Big E
    Winner - Big E

    Singles Match
    Kurt Angle vs Rusev
    Winner - Kurt Angle

    Singles Match
    Samoa Joe vs John Cena
    Winner - Samoa Joe

    Tag Team Match
    Finn Balor vs Triple H
    Winner - Triple H

    Tag Team Match
    Bobby Roode and James Storm vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
    Winners - Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

    Singles Match
    AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns
    Winner - Roman Reigns

    WWE Championship
    Dean Ambrose (c) vs Tye Dillinger vs vs Kenny Omega vs Seth Rollins
    Winner - Tye Dillinger

    Women's Interpromotional Match
    Asuka vs Ember Moon vs Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss
    Winner - Ember Moon

    WWE Universal Championship
    Brock Lesnar (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura
    Winner - Shinsuke Nakamura

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    Re: The Ask Bookers Thread

    Ohhey, I remembered this. Here's my attempt.

    -insert Wrestlmania 34 Logo here-

    WWE Universal Championship
    Roman Reigns (c) vs Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman
    There's rumors of Brock holding the strap until Mania, where he'll drop it to Roman for his third or forth coronation crowning ceremony. Rumors typically like this tend to have a basis in reality, so I'm going to keep it in, but add some spice: Roman beats Lesnar for the Universal Title at Summerslam. No stranglehold on the title for a whole year for you, Lesnar. Lesnar invokes his rematch clause not for the next night on Raw, or the next PPV, but for Wrestlemania. Roman fights through several challengers, building up to Wrestlemania, and it's looking like a sure thing that it'll be Lesnar vs Reigns at mania. Enter: Braun Strowman winning the Royal Rumble and attacking both Roman & Brock during some in-ring faceoff segment, leading towards a triple-threat HOSS main event battle. Roman will have probably turned heel sometime by Survivor Series to finally ride those heel chants out, Braun's got enough for a following that it could be argued he's a badass face, at the very least tweener, and Brock's Brock.

    WWE Championship
    AJ Styles (c) vs John Cena
    Cena aims to win his 17th World Championship and break Ric Flair's record. AJ's all like 'nah.' DO BATTLE.

    WWE Intercontinental Championship
    Seth Rollins (c) vs Finn Balor

    Things have been awkward between Seth & Finn for a long time, despite being on the same alignment side. Try as he might to turn the cheek of forgiveness, Finn still thinks that, deep down beneath the face-embracing persona, Seth's still the same scumbag that injured him back at Summerslam 2016 and robbed him of his Universal Championship reign. Seth pleads otherwise, offering an olive branch in the form of the two teaming together for a tag title opportunity. Unfortunately, tag team champions The Revival easily retain due to Seth & Finn not being on the same wavelength, and afterwards, Finn turns heel and beats the shit out of Seth. It becomes less about 'Seth trying to prove he's a changed man' and more of 'Finn can't let go of a new man's past mistakes.' The Intercontinental Championship is also in this.

    WWE United States Championship
    Baron Corbin (c) vs Sami Zayn

    Baron's a jerkwad and has a solid grasp on the US title. Sami Zayn is the total opposite of everything Baron Corbin is and would like to win his first main roster title. Babyface underdog hero vs Dominating jerkwad heel.

    WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
    The Revival (c) vs The Hardyz vs Enzo & Cass

    The Revival want to knock the nostalgic act of The Hardyz out of the picture. Enzo & Cass are also here.

    WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
    The New Day (c) vs American Alpha

    New Day hold the gold, and American Alpha have a story to play out, an obstacle to overcome to actually get people on-board with them instead of hotshotting the straps onto them and wondering why no-one seems interested in them. Included in this story is the return of Chad's 'READY, WILLING, & GABLE' towel, and actual personalities for Chad & Jason.
    WWE Cruiserweight Championship
    Austin Aries (c) vs Neville vs TJ Perkins vs Jack Gallagher vs Mustafa Ali vs Akira Tozawa vs The Brian Kendrick vs Rich Swann

    Eight-man cruiserweight clusterfuck. Enough said.

    WWE Smackdown Woman's Championship
    Charlotte (c) vs Naomi vs Becky Lynch


    WWE Raw Woman's Championship
    Alexa Bliss (c) vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Emma


    Andre the Giant Battle Royal
    Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Big Show, Kane, Elias Samson, Mojo Rawley, Apollo Crews, Erick Rowan, Mark Henry, Aiden English, Titus O'Neil, Sin Cara, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Heath Slater, Rhyno, Fandango, Tyler Breeze, Kalisto, Jinder Mahal, Goldust, R-Truth, Primo, Epico, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Konnor, Viktor, Darren Young, James Ellsworth, Curt Hawkins, & Andrade Almas

    The story here is a tale of adventure, passion, hardship, love lost, a time-travelling officer with a rough & tough attitude and his by-the-book partner who's nearing retirement, and a battle royal.

    Raw vs Smackdown Brand Supremacy
    Samoa Joe, Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, The Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, & recent NXT callup Kassius Ohno vs Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev, Tye Dillinger, & recent NXT callup Hideo Itami

    Basic Raw vs Smackdown match for bragging rights, fit a few more people on the card.

    So. Tried to have it based on reality and what I could actually realistically see and tried to limit my fantasy booking as much as possible. It wasn't until I after typed all this up that I remembered the Draft will probably throw all these theories in the air. Eh, whatev. Kinda wish I tried going full-on fantasy booking for the hell of it.

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