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Thread: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

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    WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    ***"The proper thread title for this BTB is "WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy, ?"***

    Survivor Series

    1P - Fandango (w/Rosa Mendes) def. Justin Gabriel - Singles match
    2P - Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Coulter) def. Cesaro via submission - Singles match
    3 - The Miz & Damien Mizdow def. Gold & Stardust ©, The Uso’s & Los Matadores (w/El Torito) - Fatal 4-way match for the WWE Tag Team championship
    4 - Team Fox (Alicia Fox, Emma, Naomi & Natalya (w/Tyson Kidd)) def. Team Paige (Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae & Layla) - 4-on-4 Survivor Series elimination match
    5 - Bray Wyatt def. Dean Ambrose via DQ - Singles match
    6 - Adam Rose & The Bunny def. Slater-Gator (Heath Slater & Titus O’Neil) - Tag team match
    7 - Nikki Bella (w/Brie Bella) def. AJ Lee © - Singles match
    8 - Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan & Ryback) def. Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Mark Henry, Rusev & Luke Harper) (w/Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury & Lana) - 5-on-5 Survivor Series elimination match.
    Since Team Authority lost, they were removed from power. Had Team Cena lost, Cena's teammates (with the exception of Cena himself) would have been fired.


    At Survivor Series we saw the debut of “The Icon”, Sting, a man many thought would never make his way to the WWE and he did it in such an impactful fashion, evening the odds for Team Cena by thwarting Triple H’s plan to sabotage the main event, as he put him on his back after a Scorpion Death Drop heard around the world. And with the help of Sting, Dolph Ziggler, the man of the hour, was able to pin Seth Rollins and send The Authority packing…

    The next night on RAW, the biggest hero from Survivor Series would come out with a major announcement. He said the WWE Board of Directors contacted him personally early this morning with a message to tell everyone tonight. And that message was not only is The Authority ousted for good. But The Authority being gone from the WWE is good for business. But that’s not all, he said to really start things anew in the WWE, there will be a draft on a live episode of Smackdown, this coming Friday.

    Every main roster championship was defended that night as well as a surprising NXT Championship match between Neville and Sami Zayn, which saw Sami Zayn become victorious. Because Team Cena won, Erick Harper earned himself an Intercontinental Champion match against Luke Harper. The two fought it out in a Hardcore Match, which saw Harper nail Rowan with a discus clothesline on the concrete steps in the crowd. Harper would pin Rowan on the steps. Ryback would take on Rusev for United States Championship, but would pass out to The Accolade, after a hard fought battle, causing the referee to call the match. Miz and Mizdow would state no team they faced last night was worthy of another title shot and that if they had to defend their titles it would be against someone they hadn’t faced yet. The Ascension would make their debut and defeat Miz and Mizdow in short and dominating fashion to become the new tag team champs.
    AJ Lee would get her rematch against Nikki Bella for the Diva’s title, but would come up short after Brie interfered and cost her the match.In the main event, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman would return, where Lesnar defended his WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler. Late in the match, The Undertaker’s dong was enough to distract The Beast and a surprise Zig Zag was enough to put him down. Ziggler would put his full body weight into pinning Lesnar, who kicked out at three, put the ref called the match. RAW would end with all the Team Cena guys lifting Ziggler up in the ring, as he was very emotional holding the WWE Championship.

    November 28, 2014 - Smackdown Draft Night

    To everyone's’ surprise, we saw the return of the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, who announced himself as the new General Manager of Smackdown. Oh, it’s true he stated. But before he could properly give his return speech, he was cut off by another returning ex-WWE figure, Eric Bischoff, who announced he was the new General Manager of RAW. Without all the pleasantries, the two would get on with the draft. Howard Finkel would come out to the coin flip to determine who got the #1 Overall pick. It was RAW, to Bischoff’s delight.

    1. RAW - John Cena
    2. SD - Dolph Ziggler - WWE Champion
    3. RAW - Brock Lesnar
    4. SD - Seth Rollins
    5. RAW - Dean Ambrose
    6. SD - Randy Orton
    7. RAW - Cesaro
    8. SD - Rusev (w/Lana) - WWE United States Champion
    9. RAW - Luke Harper - WWE Intercontinental Champion
    10. SD - The Ascension - WWE Tag Team Champions
    11. RAW - Ryback
    12. SD - Bray Wyatt
    13. RAW - Corey Graves (NXT call-up)
    14. SD - Finn Bálor (NXT call-up)
    15. RAW - Titus O’Neil
    16. SD - Hideo Itami (NXT call-up)
    17. RAW - Bo Dallas
    18. SD - Chris Jericho (return)
    19. RAW - Sheamus
    20. SD - The New Day (debut)

    The remaining picks were featured on the WWE Draft Center Live via the WWE Network.

    21. RAW - Nikki Bella - Diva’s Champion
    22. SD - Roman Reigns (injured)
    23. RAW - Fandango
    24. SD - Bad News Barrett

    25. RAW - Big Show
    26. SD - Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter)
    27. RAW - Zack Ryder
    28. SD - Adam Rose
    29 .RAW - Heath Slater
    30. SD - Justin Gabriel
    31. RAW - Curtis Axel
    32. SD - Rey Mysterio
    33. RAW - Tyson Kidd
    34. SD - Bunny
    35. RAW - Mark Henry
    36. SD - Sin Cara
    37. RAW - Erick Rowan
    38. SD - Kane
    39. RAW - R-Truth
    40. SD - Darren Young

    **Tag Team division exclusive to Smackdown**
    **Diva’s division exclusive to RAW**
    **Cruiserweight division (returning soon) exclusive to Smackdown**

    Smackdown Results

    Cesaro def. Kane - Singles match
    Emma def. Paige, AJ Lee, Alicia Fox, Naomi, Cameron, Summer Rae, Layla, Tamina, Eva Marie, Rosa Mendes & Natalya - Diva's Championship #1 Contender's Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal - (The Bella's on commentary)
    Luke Harper vs. Rusev (w/Lana) - Singles match - Double Count-Out
    The Ascension def. The Uso's - Tag Team match - Non-Title
    Seth Rollins (w/J&J Security) def. Dean Ambrose - Singles match - [J&J Security interfered]
    Bo Dallas def. Corey Graves, Hideo Itami & Finn Bálor - Fatal-4-Way match
    Dolph Ziggler def. John Cena - Singles match - WWE Championship [Rollins tried to cash in after the match, but Ambrose stopped him and nailed him with Dirty Deeds.]



    Adrian Neville
    Kevin Owens
    Becky Lynch

    Sasha Banks
    Tyler Breeze
    Baron Corbin
    Aiden English
    Simon Gotch
    Dash Wilder
    Scott Dawson
    Bull Dempsey
    Colin Cassady
    Tye Dillinger
    Jason Jordan
    Enzo Amore
    Wesley Blake
    Solomon Crowe (yet to debut)
    Chad Gable
    Dana Brooke
    Alexa Bliss
    Angelo Dawkins
    Braun Strowman
    Elias Samson
    Mojo Rawley
    Uhaa Nation (yet to debut)
    Sawyer Fulton
    Samoa Joe (yet to debut)
    Sami Zayn
    Steve Cutler
    Marcus Louis
    Brad Maddox
    Tucker Knight
    Nia Jax
    Riddick Moss
    Billie Kay (yet to debut)
    Hugo Knox
    Peyton Royce (yet to debut)
    CJ Parker
    Alexander Wolfe (yet to debut)
    No Way Jose (yet to debut)
    Tino Sabbatelli (yet to debut)
    Aliyah (yet to debut)
    Noah Kekoa
    Ember Moon (yet to debut)
    Buddy Murphy
    Tony Briggs
    Blue Pants
    Johnny Gargano (yet to debut)
    Tommaso Ciampa (yet to debut)
    Rich Swann (yet to debut)
    Danny Burch
    Liv Morgan (yet to debut)
    Sylvester Lefort

    Tag Teams/Stables

    The Vaudevillians (Aiden English & Simon Gotch)
    The Mechanics (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)
    Wesley Blake, Buddy Murphy & Alexa Bliss
    Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady & Carmella

    Other On-Air Personalities

    William Regal - General Manager
    Devin Taylor - Backstage Interviewer
    Rich Brennan - Lead Commentator
    Jason Albert - Color Commentator

    Pay-Per-View & Special Event Schedule

    TakerOver: Rival - Winter Park - 2/11/15
    TakeOver: Unstoppable - Winter Park - 5/20/15
    The Beast In The East - Tokyo - 7/4/15
    TakeOver: Brooklyn - Brooklyn - 8/22/15
    TakeOver: Respect - Winter Park - 10/7/15
    TakeOver: London - London - 12/16/15

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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy, ?


    John Cena
    Brock Lesnar
    Dean Ambrose
    Luke Harper
    Corey Graves
    Titus O’Neil
    Bo Dallas
    Sheamus (IR)
    Nikki Bella
    Big Show
    Zack Ryder
    Heath Slater
    Curtis Axel
    Tyson Kidd
    Mark Henry
    Erick Rowan
    The Undertaker
    Brie Bella
    Alicia Fox
    Summer Rae
    Tamina (IR)
    Eva Marie
    Rosa Mendes
    AJ Lee

    Tag Teams/Stables

    Tyson Kidd & Natalya
    Fandango & Rosa Mendes

    Other On-Air Personalities

    Eric Bischoff - General Manager
    Michael Cole - Lead Commentator
    John “Bradshaw” Layfield - Color Commentator
    Paul Heyman - Manager
    Rene Young - Backstage Interviewer

    Pay-Per-View Schedule

    Royal Rumble - Philadelphia - 1/25/15
    WrestleMania 31 - Santa Clara - 3/29/15
    Backlash - Rosemont - 4/26/15
    Bad Blood - Corpus Christi - 5/31/15
    King of the Ring - Manchester - 6/28/15
    Vengeance - St. Louis - 7/19/15
    SummerSlam - Brooklyn - 8/23/15
    Live from Madison Square Garden - New York - 10/3/15
    Unforgiven - Los Angeles - 10/25/15
    Survivor Series - Atlanta - 11/122/15
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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy, ?


    Dolph Ziggler
    Seth Rollins
    Randy Orton (IR)
    Bray Wyatt
    Finn Bálor
    Hideo Itami
    Chris Jericho
    Big E
    Kofi Kingston
    Xavier Woods
    Roman Reigns (IR)
    Bad News Barrett
    Jack Swagger
    Adam Rose
    Justin Gabriel
    Rey Mysterio
    The Bunny
    Sin Cara
    Darren Young
    Jey Uso
    Jimmy Uso
    Damien Mizdow
    The Miz
    Daniel Bryan
    Drew Gulak
    T.J. Perkins

    Tag Teams/Stables

    Seth Rollins w/J&J Security (Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury)
    Mizdow (The Miz & Damien Mizdow)
    The Colón's (Primo & Epico)
    The Uso’s (Jimmy & Jey Uso)
    Goldust & Stardust
    The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)
    The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor)
    Adam Rose & The Bunny
    Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter
    Rusev & Lana

    Other On-Air Personalities

    Kurt Angle - General Manager
    Tom Phillips - Lead Commentator
    Booker T - Color Commentator
    Byron Saxton - Backstage Interviewer
    Lana - Valet
    J&J Security - Body Guards

    Pay-Per-View Schedule

    Royal Rumble - Philadelphia - 1/25/15
    No Way Out - Memphis - 2/22/15
    WrestleMania 31 - Santa Clara - 3/29/15
    Judgment Day - Baltimore - 5/17/15
    The Great American Bash - Columbus - 6/14/15
    King of the Ring - Manchester - 6/28/15
    SummerSlam - Brooklyn - 8/23/15
    No Mercy - Houston - 9/20/15
    Live from Madison Square Garden - New York - 10/3/15
    Survivor Series - Atlanta - 11/122/15
    Armageddon - Boston - 12/13/15
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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    Good luck with the project, Kid Vid. Interesting choices regarding the GM positions. I would have liked to see Cesaro on Angle's show though, but maybe after the next draft.

    ...forever, Rebecca...forever...

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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    December 1, 2014
    Tulsa, OK

    RAW opens with a match! The #1 contender for the Diva’s Championship defeats former Diva’s Champion, AJ Lee, with the Emma Lock, after a medium length contest. Emma would dance in celebration. (There was no personal backstory to this match, just a method to push Emma towards her title match and outplace AJ from the title picture.)

    Diva’s Champion, Nikki Bella, would come out and to cut a promo on Emma, belittling her and telling her she was a waste of time. She suggested they have their title match next week, so that she could move on to actually important stuff. Emma says she will on the condition that she come down to the ring and have a dance party with her. Nikki rolls her eyes in disgust, as she and Brie walk to the back. Emma continues to dance to her music.

    Before heading to break, we see still shots from the Survivor Series main event. Michael Cole hypes of Sting’s debut and how he’s the reason The Authority is no more. He says new General Manager, Eric Bischoff, has a message for Sting later tonight.

    Back from break, Rene Young has Corey Graves for an interview. She asks Graves about his debut on Smackdown last Friday resulting in a loss. And if the loss puts a damper on his debut to the main roster. Graves talks down the loss, saying a meaning fatal-4-way means nothing. He says what does mean something is the life experienced inked all over his body. He says he landed in the perfect spot and soon she and everyone will know what he’s here to do. He walks off. Rene thanks him.

    In the second match of the night, Tyson Kidd would defeat Zack Ryder with a swinging fisherman suplex. He used his wife, Natalya, again as a decoy to sneak the win. He didn’t stick around long after getting post-match praise from Nattie, as he was already on the ramp celebrating. Ryder looked annoyed at Tyson. Nattie looked like she didn’t know how to truly respond, as she trailed behind her husband.

    We go to the back and Heath Slater is asking crew if they want to hear his new single. No one appears to want to, but he bellows it out anyways. After too many notes, we see a woman’s hand rest on his shoulder. He stops singing and turns to see it’s Eva Marie. She says a seductive look on her face and she tells him she’s had her eyes on him for a while, but was too shy to say anything. Slater plays it cool, like he has that effect on women. Eva says she can tell and has something she wants to tell him in private. She’s all low and up in his face with that last part and Slater wastes no time suggesting they move to a more intimate location. They hook arms as they walk off camera.

    We see a match card of a non-title singles match between Intercontinental Champion, Luke Harper and John Cena. Michael Cole says that match will be later tonight, but up next, the inspirational Bo Dallas will debut a new segment called A Few Words From Bo when we return.

    We come back and there’s a few people sitting in chairs, in the ring, facing Bo Dallas, who’s wearing a dress shirt and tie over his gear. He writes the word “winner” in big black bold letters and circles it. He then taps the board with his metal pointer and has his class repeat the word winner after him. He says that what he is and it’s what they can be if they just follow his lead. He points to the monitor and we see clips of the matches he’s won since being called up. He’s all smiles at his class. He says that’s the work of a winner and his class can all do the same if they just “Bo-LIEVE!”

    Mark Henry’s music interrupts and out he comes to disrupt the class. Bo’s students run off in panic and Henry destroys the classroom. He snatches the mic from Bo and yell ain’t nobody winning nothin’ until he starts winnin’ somethin’. Bo smiles and motions for him to settle down and says he’d be more than happy to help him, next week, if he shows up for class. He says but right now, he’s got a private session to get to. Henry angrily tells him he ain’t go nowhere and throws him around the ring. Bo can’t recover and ends up taking a “World’s Strongest Slam.” Henry stands over Bo, berating him.

    We go to the back and hear a loud ruckus, as AJ losing her mind, screaming and kicking The Bella’s dressing room door. Backstage crew try to calm her down, but she attacks them. They subdue her, when Bischoff appears. He tells them to escort her out of the building. He watched as they carry her down the hall, while she’s kicking and screaming. He shakes his head, calling AJ a mental case, before putting his cellphone to his ear. He tells someone not to worry and that they won’t have to suffer any consequences if they playball. He tells them to enjoy the night off and that he’s got to go. Bischoff pockets his phone and stares back down in the direction AJ went, before we head to commercial.

    We come back to see Cesaro def. Titus O’Neil with The Neutralizer. After the match, Cesaro takes a mic and gives a short speech about 2015 being his year. At the end, he climbs the turnbuckle and shoots his fists in air for the Tulsa crowd.

    We get a split screen of Luke Harper and John Cena walking backstage, as they’re headed to the ring for their match. Michael Cole announces the match is coming up next. JBL says he wouldn’t consider a Luke Harper win an upset.

    Back from break, a hotly-contested, very physical battle battle between Luke Harper and John Cena came to an end when Corey Graves attacked Cena from behind, after Cena had tossed Harper to the outside. Graves lays Cena out with a Fade to Irrelevancy and stands with his legs split across Cena’s abdomen, as he points his closed fists down at him. Showing “Stay Down.”

    Luke Harper is walking in the back when he’s called by Sheamus. Sheamus tells him he’s got a nice piece of gold there and he’s been on quite the run as of late, tonight’s match notwithstanding. He says nevertheless, he hasn’t faced a force like him yet and how about they dance next week, no titles involved, but if he wins he gets the next shot at the Intercontinental title. Sheamus and Harper stare off, when the camera pans out to show Ambrose to their sides, staring them both in the face. They turn to look at him. He says he has a better idea. How about he face the both of them at the same time next week and when he wins, he walks away with the Intercontinental Championship. How about that he says. Harper says how about the two of Ambrose and Sheamus face off next week and who’s standing in the end, he’ll gladly knock down. Harper gives them both crazy eyes and demented smile, before walking off. Sheamus and Ambrose stare-off.

    We go back to the ring, where Fandango makes rather quick work of Curtis Axel, finishing him off with Last Dance. Rosa Mendes joined Fandango in the ring to dance.

    Michael Cole talked about how impressive Fandango looked and how he could position himself as a player on RAW with more performances like that. JBL says it’s all for naught when he follows it up with a dance routine. He says if Fandango is ever going to be redeemed, he has to cut the dancing act and in a hurry.

    We go to the back and see Eric Bischoff with a serious look on his face as, as he head to the ring. We go break.

    Back from break, Bischoff is standing in the middle of the ring. He talks about the opportunity he was given to manage RAW again and how he plans to make it must see TV again. He says he won’t speak much on The Authority besides the fact that he won’t abuse his power like his predecessors. He says which leads him to someone from his past. A man that made life hell for him in WCW--STING! He said he never thought he’d see Sting in a WWE ring, but he’s a now a true believer that anything can happen in this life. He looks directly in the monitor and says he’s not going to lie and say he’s happy Sting made the jump, but it is what it is. He says Sting did what he does, he fought against an evil and got The Authority removed. He says he has no qualms with that, but things are different in RAW now--things are good. He says there’s no reason for Sting to show up on RAW. He says he can’t keep Sting out of the WWE, but wishes for his time in the company to be on Smackdown. Sting, he calls out again. The camera zooms in on his face. Please, just stay away, he says as he breaks down each word. RAW ends with a close-up of Bischoff’s straight and unblinking face.

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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    One thing I don't understand - SD gets 2 exclusive Pay-Per-Views before RAW gets 1? Seems little unfair imo.

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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    Quote Originally Posted by King Slim View Post
    One thing I don't understand - SD gets 2 exclusive Pay-Per-Views before RAW gets 1? Seems little unfair imo.
    That does make sense and I noticed that. But I was going for SD having the first PPV since the WWE Champion is there. I won't be having two world titles. But moving TLC to RAW after a first show of no mention of it can still work. I just need to really establish things on the next RAW and first SD. I wanted the 2015 PPV's on particular brands to match how brand specific they were years back, which is how SD ended up getting two exclusive PPV's before RAW.

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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    December 5, 2014
    Oklahoma City

    WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler, comes out in a dark dress coat, hot pink tee, jeans and Chuck Taylor’s to a nice ovation. He talks about the last month and how his life has seen so much change in such a short amount of time. From being a slumping Intercontinental Champion, to ousting The Authority, beating Brock Lesnar and winning the WWE Championship. Ziggler is smiling from ear-to-ear. He says but on the way to the top, there’s been some help along the way. He says it was Sting who helped him beat Rollins at Survivor Series and rid the WWE of The Authority and it was The Undertaker who distracted Brock Lesnar, which led to him winning the WWE Championship. He said he doesn’t want all these asterisk marks on his resume, next to his accomplishments. He looks in the camera and tells Brock if he’s watching, he knows he owes him a rematch and he knows it’s going to be the toughest fight of his life, but he wants that match again--with no help--and he wants it at TLC.

    Rollins and J&J Security would come down to the ring out shortly after Ziggler’s announcement. Rollins protested that Ziggler wasn’t allowed to go to RAW and give Lesnar a rematch, because he was apart of the Smackdown roster now. He said so is he and now that he has the Money In The Bank briefcase, he needs the WWE Championship close by at all times .He says especially since Ziggler would get his ass handed to him, if he faced Lesnar without any help. Rollins and J&J busted Ziggler’s balls about it. Rollins got in Ziggler’s face and said if he’s facing anyone next with the WWE Championship on the line, it’s him. Ziggler and Rollins had an intense exchange of words up close, before new Smackdown General Manager, Kurt Angle, theme hit to a huge pop.

    Angle came down to the ring and greeted both the champ and Mr. MITB. He said he respected what both guys could do in the ring and congratulated both on their accomplishments so far. He commended Ziggler for his integrity and said he knows a thing or two about that., but the WWE Championship belongs to Smackdown now, the brand that’s very dear to his heart. He said that means Smackdown has first priority of the WWE Championship. He tells Rollins he doesn’t agree with the way he tried to position himself as the next contender for the WWE Championship, but that he does have a point. He says he’s definitely no fan of how Rollins has been handling his business for most of the year, but he’ll give him a chance to redeem himself. He said tonight main event will be Dolph Ziggler versus Seth Rollins, one-on-one. And if Rollins wins with no help, he’ll be the number one contender for the WWE Championship.

    Rollins smirks about it and he and J&J Security taunt Ziggler, before exiting the ring. Angle and Ziggler watch on, before shaking hands.

    A match card airs of Rusev with Lana issuing an open-challenge for his United States Championship later in the night. Tom Phillips hypes up Rusev’s dominance since coming to the main roster and calls whoever steps up to the challenge a soon to be victim. Booker drives this home in a colorful way that only he can do. We go to commercial.

    We come back with The Real American, Jack Swagger, putting Darren Young away with The Patriot Lock. Young had a few spots where he looked impressive, but Swagger was firing on all cylinders tonight. Swagger said he’s in his home state tonight and how special would it be to accept Rusev’s challenge and win the US Championship right here in Oklahoma City. The crowd was into it. Swagger and Zeb led OKC in a “We The People” chant to end things.

    We go backstage and Miz is getting on Damien Mizdow for being a screw-up and costing them their tag team championships. Miz says he’s a winner, a former WWE Champion and has main evented WrestleMania. He says he refuses to let Mizdow tarnish his reputation and tonight he’s going to have to prove he’s still worthy of being his sidekick. He says for them to take walk and see who they can find for him to face in a match tonight. They come upon Goldust and Stardust. Miz calls them freaks and stirs them up, especially Goldust. Goldust wants a fight with Miz, but Miz tells him Mizdow said all these insults about them. Mizdow acts surprised. Goldust turns his attention to Mizdow and tells him to meet him in the ring next. He huffs at Mizdow and he and Stardust walk off. Mizdow tries to address the conversation, but Miz cuts him off and ignores it. He tells Mizdow tonight is his chance to redeem himself and he needs to be focused. He walks off and we can hear him yelling “let’s go” to Mizdow, who looks kind of bothered. We go to commercial.

    We come back and Sandow has been looking surprisingly impressive against Goldust, who is accompanied by Stardust. Every time Mizdow builds momentum and looks to put Goldust away, Miz calls him out of the ring to do a personal task for him. This went on several times and the last request was ignored by Mizdow, who put Goldust away with a Skull-Crushing Finale. Miz was quite heated about this and didn’t allow Mizdow to celebrate post-match, instead blasting him about ignoring him. He said he’s not impressed and that Mizdow isn’t off the hook yet. He puts his shades on a stomps off. Mizdow doesn’t know how to react. Miz gets a few steps up the ramp and yells at Mizdow to follow him. Mizdow follows looking more bothered. Stardust checks on Goldust, who’s outside the ring still feeling the effects of the SKF.

    The Ascension appear on the monitor. They cut a promo standing in the middle of a busy street during the nighttime. The traffic doesn’t touch them as if they aren’t really there. They say the people of this world has no idea of what’s really amongst them. What causes the goosebumps to rise on their necks. The bumps in the night. They say there’s an ascension in place and they’ve risen. And now, Smackdown is there’s. Konnor gives an evil laugh and sound, as they’re NXT theme music plays. They vanish into thin air a few seconds later.

    Booker and Phillips talk about what they just saw and act frightened, saying they’re not sure what it means, but it sounds like not only has The Ascension put the Smackdown tag team division on notice, but the entire WWE. We go to commercial.

    We come back and The New Day make their Smackdown debut. We cut a promo about it being a new day, full of the power of positivity. They dance in the ring, before their opponents, Los Matadores, come out. It would be Big E and Kofi Kingston defeating the bullfighters in impressive fashion, as if they’d been teaming for years. They debuted their finisher Midnight Hour, which sealed the win.

    After the match, New Day got down in the ring again and many in the audience joined in.

    We see a match card of WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler versus Mr. Money In The Bank, Seth Rollins, for tonight’s main event, with Phillips hyping it up. We then get a video package of Finn Bálor. We see his time in the indies, NJPW, his Bullet Club run and his short stint in NXT. Bálor narrates the package himself, talking about how he started from the bottom and fought and scrapped to finally get the chance to get to the WWE. And now he’s here. The video ends with a slowed down still shot of Bálor standing in the ring, with the bright white spotlight on him and his head back and arms extended. Booker is excited saying he’s ready to see this guy in action on Smackdown. We go to commercial.

    We return and Bálor’s opponent, Sin Cara, comes out to rather quiet cheers. Finn Bálor makes his Smackdown debut in the black leather jacket and black trunks. (His entrance is the same as his non-demon 2016 RAW entrance) He and Sin Cara meet in the center to shake hands before their match. Both guys give a nice showing of cruiserweight action, but it was Bálor who put Sin Cara away with Coup de Grâce.

    After the match, Bálor celebrated in the corner, on the second row. Phillips and Booker acknowledged Sin Cara for his efforts, but raved on Bálor for his impressive debut. They harped on Bálor’s presence being that of a superstar.

    We go to the back and Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio are shown having watched the last contest. Their interest appears to be piqued. Kurt tells Rey he was glad he was able to get him to re-sign and come over to Smackdown. He says with the cruiserweight talent on the roster and rising up outside of the WWE, it’s time to bring back something for those guys to fight for--the Cruiserweight Championship. Kurt says there should be a tournament to crown the first Cruiserweight Champion in the new era and he can’t think of a better guy to the division than Rey. Rey says he’s feeling better than he has in awhile and would be honored to lead the way and become a nine-time Cruiserweight Champion.

    We go back inside the arena and The Bulgarian Brute and United States Champion, Rusev comes out with Lana on his side. Rusev waves the Russian flag on the stage, before carrying it down the ramp and entering the ring with Lana. Rusev says he heard about the stupid American, Jack Swagger, wanting to step up and challenge him for his United States Championship. He says when he asked for a challenger, he didn’t ask for someone he’s already destroyed and taken their pride from. He says and he doesn’t even care if Swagger is from this pathetic state, they’re not getting that match tonight or never. The crowd doesn’t like this at all. Rusev asks who else actually feels they’re worthy to step up and challenge him for his United States Championship. He yells for them to come out and have their pride ripped from their red, white and blue hearts. Moments go by and Rusev looks intense as he and Lana stare up the ramp waiting. The crowd’s anticipation is high.

    A few moments later, Daniel Bryan’s theme hits and the Chesapeake Energy Center goes nuts. He starts the “Yes Chants” from the stage and bring it all the way down near the ring. Rusev temper is visible rising. Lana is already highly annoyed. Bryan gets in the ring and pipes down on the chant. He tells Rusev he already knows why he’s out there, so how about they give Oklahoma City a United States Championship match. Lana stepped in front of Rusev. She looked Bryan up and laughed, asking is this the best there was to step up and challenge the Bulgarian Brute Rusev. Bryan looked at the crowd and started the “Yes Chant” again, eyeing Lana. Lana looked like she was about to blow a fuse. She then turned to Rusev and balled her fist, yelling for Rusev to crush Bryan. The contest went Rusev’s way early, with Bryan showing ring rust. Bryan would have OKC behind him late as he staged a comeback, but he couldn’t overcome the brute strength combined with athleticism of Rusev. Rusev would hit the Machka Kick to the back of Bryan’s head for the win.

    After the match, Rusev drew in major heat as he stood over Bryan and waved the Russian Flag, overflowing intensity. Rusev and Lana would leave, as Bryan recovered in the ring. Bryan would gingerly get to his feet to the applause of the crowd. He had a little moment with that crowd, just soaking in the crowd’s appreciation, when Seth Rollins’ theme hit and out came he and J&J Security. Seth marched down the ramp with the MITB briefcase and entered the ring with a purpose. He met Bryan face-to-face, before pointing to himself and yelling that he was the main now, also pointing to his briefcase. Bryan took a glance at it. Rollins pointed and demanded bryan leave his ring. The crowd didn’t like it at all. Bryan looked back and saw J&J Security flanked beside Rollins. He decided to live to fight another day and exited the ring. Rollins watched as Bryan walked to the back, laughing and teasing from afar.

    Booker says it was a nice feel good moment seeing Daniel Bryan return, but business is really about to pick up with Seth Rollins taking on WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler, in the main event. Phillips sends us off to our final commercial.

    We come back and Dolph Ziggler comes out to a really nice pop. These two tear things up with several near falls. Rollins instructs J&J Security to stay out of it, saying he’s got it. He--like Ziggler--apparently wanting to prove it to Kurt, the world and himself that he can win on his own. Late in the match, it looked like Rollins was about to put Ziggler away with the Curb Stomp, but Ziggler dodged and countered with a Zig Zag. But before Ziggler could cover, J&J Security interfered for the first time in the match and pulled out their guy. They held Rollins up, who acted loopy and didn’t make any efforts to re-enter the ring.

    They made it up to the top of the ramp, when Rollins stood on his own. He yells to Ziggler that it doesn’t matter because he still has this, holding up the briefcase. Ziggler motions for Rollins to bring it again, annoying Rollins, but he waves the champ off and he and J&J Security head to the back. Phillips announces that Dolph Ziggler will indeed be facing Brock Lesnar at TLC for the WWE Championship and what a fight it will be. Booker hypes up the match as well and says with the way Ziggler has been rolling as of late, he might have a fighting chance.

    Smackdown ends with Ziggler standing on the ropes [facing the TV audience] and raising the WWE Championship high in the air.

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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    December 6, 2014
    News & Notes

    - After no Main Event or Superstars airings for the first post-draft RAW and Smackdown shows, they’ll be returning after the TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view. Main Event will be used to feature RAW’s lower-card roster and Superstars, Smackdown’s lower-card.

    - As reported a few weeks ago, NXT is committed to regaining its identity as a developmental ground for graduates of the Performance Center, who need fine tuning before coming aboard the main roster. Some exceptions will be proven talent from other promotions that the WWE feels needs to be redefined in a WWE light, before coming to the main roster.

    - After TakeOver: R Evolution, it’s planned that Adrian Neville will retain against Sami Zayn, before moving into a program with Kalisto. Sami Zayn and Kevin Steen are set for a program after the event as well. Charlotte is planned to retain at the event against Sasha Banks, before the NXT Women’s Championship picture expands to include Becky Lynch and Bayley. Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake are planned to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships against The Mechanics at the event, before moving into a program with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady.

    - The WWE has been in contact with The Dudley Boyz about a return as it looks to rebuild it’s tag team division.

    - As of now, there’s a large role being planned for The Big Show on RAW as an extension of him going turncoat on “Team Cena” at Survivor Series.

    - A couple of competitors are being discussed for having new gimmicks. Names like Justin Gabriel, Adam Rose and Fandango. In the end, all three guys could see new characters in the near future or none. But it’s believed at least two of them will see change.

    - The company is said to be comfortable in Finn Bálor’s debut and confident that he’ll be perceived the way they intend, establishing him in the Cruiserweight division. Same sentiments are said to be there for Corey Graves, who they wanted to have a higher spot from the early goings, as he’ll be working with John Cena immediately.

    - There’s rumblings that Vince was very hesitant about allowing Daniel Bryan to compete this soon and having his return match against Rusev was something akin to Vince pulling all of his teeth out without anesthesia. Bryan was ordered to see a company doctor and his own physician after his match just as a precaution and if everything is good, it’s believed he’ll be in a feud with Rusev over the United States Championship instead of a one-off match. However, expect a much safer move-set from Bryan going forward.

    - It’s being reported, Vince is adamant about the company having one world title (WWE Championship) and plans to have it be apart of both RAW and Smackdown for the immediate future. It’s being planned that when it’s not main eventing a respective show’s pay-per-view, the Intercontinental or United States Championship will main event the event in it’s place.
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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    December 8, 2014
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    WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler, comes out to the ring to start things off. He says he didn’t come to RAW to do a lot of talking, but wanted to look Brock Lesnar in the eyes and tell him, “Suplex City” was about to be evacuated. Paul Heyman would come out and say Lesnar wasn’t there tonight and that he wasn’t acting as an advocate for Brock, since Brock was at an impasse of sorts and wants to re-evaluate things, including their relationship. Heyman says he came out on his own accord for two reasons. One, to announce Brock’s rematch be a tables. ladders and chairs match and two, to personally thank Ziggler for his eagerness to get the WWE Championship back in possession of the rightful and only deserving owner, Brock--. Ziggler puts his hand over Heyman’s mic and tells him he doesn’t need to be reminded of who he’s facing, he knows who he is. He then looks into the camera and tells Brock he knows he’s watching and that Brock’s looking at the guy who’s not only going to beat him again, one, two, three (he counts with his fingers), but a man who’s going to show off doing it. Ziggler glaces at Heyman and leaves the ring to his music playing. Heyman looks appalled at Ziggler’s audacity.

    Cole hypes up the TLC match between Lesnar and Ziggler. JBL calls Ziggler insane for not only wanting to face Brock again, but for provoking him and accepting this stipulation to top it all off. We see a match card of Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose in an Intercontinental Championship number one contender’s match, which Cole hypes will be on for later tonight, but says Emma will be taking on Diva’s Champion sister, Brie, when we return. We go to our first break.

    We come back to see Emma completely on her game tonight. Brie looked decent in a few spots, but Emma outshined her throughout, as she was clearly sending a message to the Diva’s Champion, who watched under the ropes. Emma would counter a Bella Buster with an Emma Lock, tapping Brie out in no time.

    Cole goes on about liking Emma’s dancing. JBL looks disgusted and calls Emma the biggest clown to enter the WWE women’s division ever and that he’s looking forward to Nikki Bella wiping the floor with her at TLC and giving her an L for the world to see.

    After the match, an angry Nikki would storm off, leaving Brie behind. Emma would head to the ropes near the ramp to dance, further pissing Nikki off. Nikki had a mic and told Emma all of her wins are adding up to nothing and that after TLC, she’ll be left with a big fat L, symbolizing her entire existence. They stared off for a few when Brie attacked Emma from behind, sending her crashing to the mat. Brie went to put the Yes! Lock on Emma and Nikki looked as though she was going back to the ring, until Emma double kicked Brie away and nailed her with VenEmma, laying Brie out. Nikki backed away, starring hot lasers back at Emma, who danced away to her music.

    We head to the back and Zack Ryder and Natalya are talking about last week. Ryder says he doesn’t mean to pry, but says he’s noticed the way Tyson has been treating her lately and it’s concerning. Soon after, Tyson bursts in between them. He’s got a “what the f***?!” look on his face, as he looks at both, asking what’s going. Before anyone can explain, he accuses Natalya of cheating on him. Before Natalya can respond, he’s in Ryder face and driving his finger in his chest, accusing him of trying to get with his wife and to stay the hell away from her. Tyson turns his back to Ryder and yells at Natalya, who looks like she wants to cry, before yanking her away and storming off. Ryder only watches at first, but then his demeanor changes and he races up behind Kidd and slams him into a wall, before stomping him out. Natalya is frozen still. Backstage crew come pull Ryder away, who’s heated. Natalya rushes down to Kidd’s aid and console’s him. We head to commercial.

    We come back to get a replay of what transpired before the break. Cole says Kidd had what Ryder just gave him coming and that he’s been horrible to Natalya lately. JBL calls Cole and Ryder immoral and says Ryder had no right to stick his nose in another man’s business nor to talk to his wife. He says Ryder and Natalya are one-hundred percent in the wrong and Tyson Kidd is the only victim here.

    Back in the ring, R-Truth is taking on Mark Henry and is holding his own, making good use of his athleticism advantage, until his What’s Up gets squashed with a World’s Strongest Slam. The World’s Strongest Man goes to cover when Bo Dallas’ music hit. Bo, without a mic, yells he’s here for Henry’s private session on becoming a winner. Henry mean mugs Bo and can’t believe he’s coming out right then, his fists are balled up and his mouth is quivering, as the cheesing Bo makes his way down the ramp with large with cards. Moments later, R-Truth rolls Henry up from behind for the three count.

    After the match, Truth waste no time getting out of the ring and heading up towards the ramp. He walks past Bo and gives him a thumbs up, saying he’s a big fan of his movies, before heading up the ramp. Bo nods and cheeses, before turning back to Henry, who gets up and is shaking with anger. Bo starts flipping through his large flashes cards, that read out. STEP-ONE-IT’S-OK-TO-LOSE. Bo extends his arms, asking Henry for a hug. Henry continues to fume, as he stares back at Bo. Bo comically accepts the rejection and gives Henry a thumbs up before turning and heading back up the ramp. Moments later, Henry has Bo in his clutches and he slings him against one side of the barrier, before dragging him back down to the ring and ramming him into the ring. Bo crumples in angst, as Henry stares down with fierce rage. He yells that it’s not all fun and games now is it, before picking Bo up again in position for the World’s Strongest Slam and carries him over to the steel steps before delivering the move on them. Bo is sprawled out on the steps and not moving. Henry yells out that’s what he do, as he beats his chest and looks down at Bo one more time before heading up the ramp.

    Cole sympathizes with Bo, saying he appears to genuinely want to help Henry, but his methods may need a bit of tweaking. JBL calls Bo an idiot, plain and simple.

    We go to the back and Kidd is yelling at Natalya, who backed into a corner. Her head is down and she’s just taking the abuse. We hear someone yell and see that it’s Ryder. He runs up on Kidd and grabs his upper arm to whip him around. We see Kidd has a black eye. Ryder yells asking Kidd did he not learn his lesson earlier. Kidd frowns before shoving Ryder and telling him to mind his damn business. Kidd turns back to Natalya and yells at her, saying his black eye and all of this is her fault. He goes to drill his finger in her forehead, but Ryder jerks him away and swings, but misses and almost hits Natalya, who flinches. Ryder is caught off guard and gets taken to the floor by Kidd, who pummels him. The two wrestle around, getting blows in where they could, before backstage crew break it up again and pull the men away. Kidd yells he’s sick of Ryder and issues a street fight between the two at TLC. Ryder yells come at me bro, signalling he accepted. As Ryder was pulled away, Kidd looked back at Natalya and yells for her to look at his face. She tries to reach for his black eye, but Kidd yells for her to not touch him, causing her draw back in. We go to our next break.

    We come back to a singles match between Alicia Fox and Summer Rae. Both women look impressive in a surprisingly good match, but Alicia wins it with Watch Yo’ Face.

    After the match, we see Bischoff has been watching the match on a monitor and he’s shaking his head. Just terrible he says in a drawn out manner. Something catches his eye and it’s Ziggler walking passed his office. Bischoff hurries to Ziggler and calls him, causing him to turn. Bischoff asks if Dolph was in a hurry. Ziggler said he was just heading out. Bischoff suggested since Ziggler was still there, how about he be even more apart of the RAW show, since he is “The Show-Off” after all. He suggests Ziggler be in tonight’s main event against an opponent of his choosing. Ziggler says he has no problem showing up RAW tonight and walks off. Bischoff looks annoyed. He takes out his phone and calls someone, telling them he doesn’t care if the odds are already in his favor, do it tonight. He hangs up and is smirking.

    We an NXT TakeOver: R Evolution ad, featuring the NXT Championship match between Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn.

    We go back to the ring and Cesaro is standing in the center .He says he’s caught wind that some people thinks he’s pretty strong, so he decided to find out just how strong, with the help of the WWE Universe. He says starting tonight, he’ll be embarking on interactive feats of strength. He explains that there will be a gadget on everyone’s TV screen during his segments that will keep track of his accomplishments. He explains that although he may be kind of strong, to be able to truly reach his limit, he’s going to need a little boost. He goes in the satchel he’s holding and pulls out a jar of spinach leafs. He says it’s called Samson’s Spinach and an interesting old man told him it could make him really strong. Cesaro gives us a wink and motions his mouth as if there’s a pipe in it.

    Titus O’Neil interrupts and heads down to the ring. He says Cesaro is being downright ridiculous and that Cesaro and all of the people in Greenville are idiots if they think some magic spinach could give a man inhuman strength. He asks is it some kind of Viagra for the entire body. The crowd laughs and Cesaro let’s out a slight chuckle. Cesaro asks Titus how about they have a match to find out if it’s true. Titus agrees. As Cesaro heads back to his corner, Titus attacks him from behind. Titus keeps control of the match for several moments, really roughing Cesaro around, until The Swiss Superman has enough and starts rallying. Cesaro gets Titus in the Cesaro Swing and spins him ten times before tiring. He catches his breath before going to the corner and eating a spinach leaf. Cesaro eyes light up and flexes as if good as new. He goes back over to Titus and gives him a Cesaro Swing, but this time twenty swings, as the crowd counts. Cesaro drops Titus, who tries to get up and is so dizzy he stumbles into Cesaro who drops him with The Neutralizer for the pin.

    After the match, Cesaro goes over and lifts his jar of spinach in the air, giving it a look of approval, before fisting pumping in the air to his music. The crowd loves it.

    We go to the back and see John Cena walking. Cole says John Cena is on his way to the ring to call out the NXT call-up, Corey Graves, when RAW returns.

    Cena comes out and says he’s out to call-out, new NXT call-up Corey Graves and if anyone is out of the loop, take a look at the monitor. We get a replay of Graves attacking Cena from behind, during his match with Harper, before getting hit with Fade to Irrelavancy. Cena asks for Graves to come out and explain himself.

    Graves comes out with a laid-back swag, getting in the ring and leaning up against a corner, with Cena in the center of the ring. Cena says he called him out to have a man-to-man conversation and Graves goes and stands in the corner like a child. Cena asks Graves for an explanation, but he doesn’t respond. Cena tries to patronize Graves, but Graves walks up in Cena’s face and shakes his head.

    Graves takes the mic from Cena and tells him he’s not out there to play the games Cena plays with everyone else, leading to a burial by yours truly. Graves says he’s going to keep it short and simple and then he’s off to do something more enjoyable with his time. He said he attacked Cena because unlike it’s says in Cena’s theme song, his time is actually up. Graves drops the mic and turns to walk away. Cena grabs mic quickly and says if that’s the case, two can play that game. Cena grabs Graves from behind and goes for a quick Attitude Adjustment, but Graves fights free and takes Cena knee out with a chop block. Graves lifts Cena up and drop him with Fade to Irrelevancy for the second week in a row. Graves stands over Cena again, showing him his fists “Stay Down.”

    JBL gushes over Graves shouting that that’s how you make an impact-going right after the biggest name around--John Cena. Cole says Graves has certainly caught everyone’s attention and they’ll be watching things closely between him and Cena for further developments.

    A vignette of the following airs. [David Otunga is sitting in an expensive looking leather chair, with an opened book in his hands] “I’m a Harvard law graduate.. a real lawyer… I have an I.Q. over 180, which means I’m much more smarter than you. You could say I’m too smart for my own good, which is why my first WWE run failed… I was bored out of my mind with all the idiots! Well.. I’m coming back and this time I’ll use this (points to head) and these (flexes biceps) to show I’m better... than all of you.” He smiles.

    JBL yells in Cole’s ear that David Otunga is a real lawyer. Cole tells JBL he knows, he used to remind everyone of it all the time. JBL is glad he’s coming back. Cole gives a lackadaisical yay for his return. JBL calls Cole a hater. We go to break.

    We return to ring where Fandango is accompanied by Rosa Mendes and he easily defeats a local jobber.

    After the match, Fandango and Rosa dance and JBL rants about Fandango wasting his time dancing and how it’s never going to get him anywhere in the WWE. Cole suggests maybe Fandango is happy dancing and that he’s a great dancer. JBL goes silent as he scowls.

    Backstage, Henry is Bischoff’s office. He says he’s ready to be done with Bo Dallas and asks for a match to wipe the cheesy grin off his face for good. Bischoff tells Henry he can have his way with Bo in a Strap Match. Henry nods his head and leaves.

    We return to the ring and Sheamus and Ambrose inflict as much brutality in a regular match as possible upon one another. Sheamus’ brute strength is matched by Ambrose’s toughness, who uses the inside and outside of the ring to counter Sheamus’ power. In the end, Sheamus was able to stave off a Dirty Deeds and deliver a Brogue Kick, that would get him the pinfall victory and make him the new number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

    After the match, Sheamus had just gotten down off the turnbuckle celebrating when he turned to a huge discus clothesline by Harper, knocking The Celtic Warrior off his feet. Harper would stand over Sheamus with those crazy eyes, as he raised the Intercontinental Championship in the air. Moments later, he was spun around and nailed with Dirty Deeds by The Lunatic Fringe. Ambrose looked deranged as he stared down at the two men who’ll be competing for the Intercontinental Championship at TLC. Ambrose headed up the ramp and stopped near the stage to look back and smirk. Harper had gotten to the ropes and was giving Ambrose a death stare.

    JBL said Bo Dallas may be an idiot, but Dean Ambrose is completely out of his mind. He says he’s the type of guy that’ll get naked and throw rocks at a Killer Bee nest. Cole agrees that Ambrose is a rather unhinged individual and coming up short in his Intercontinental Championship opportunity appeared to inhibit his attack on Harper just now. Cole says coming up next, Dolph Ziggler will be in action in tonight’s main event, after our last break.

    We come back and the WWE Champion comes out ready for action. Eric Bischoff comes to the stage and tells Ziggler his opponent is a man worthy enough to face anyone from Smackdown and can certainly hold his own against even The Show-off--Curtis Axel. Ziggler doesn’t look impressed by Axel is fired up as he nods to Bischoff and makes his way down the ramp. Bischoff claps for Axel. When the action gets underway, we get a good contest between Axel and Ziggler, with Axel looking more motivated than he did against Fandango last week. Axel has a really good performance, as he lays it all out against Ziggler, but in the end, The Show-Off and WWE Champion would prevail with a resounding Zig Zag.

    After the match, Ziggler grabs his WWE Championship and heads up the ramp, giving Bischoff a cocky smile. Bischoff gave Ziggler a sneaky smile back. Ziggler was walking backwards as he told Bischoff maybe next time, alluding to Bischoff’s terrible attempt to show him up. Moments later, Ziggler is clobbered from behind by The Big Show. Ziggler sells it like he got hit by a Mack truck and flops to the floor. Bischoff looks like he doesn’t know what’s going on. Big Show doesn’t pay Bischoff any attention. Instead, continue to assault Ziggler, raising him in the air, before throwing him into the RAW set. Ziggler is barely moving, but this doesn’t stop Big Show who does it again. Big Show has a sadistic grin on his face as he pulls Ziggler by the hair and drags him near the corner of the stage, before lifting him up to chokeslam him off of it.

    Ryback theme erupts and out The Big Guy comes running. He makes a b-line for Big Show, who drops Ziggler on the stage and readies for Ryback. Ryback throws hard punches knocking Big Show back, who teeters as if he’s about to fall off stage. Ryback backs up and goes for a shoulder charge, but Big Show side steps him and sends Ryback with his momentum flying off the stage into the equipment below. Big Show takes a moment to look at the carnage, before turning his attention back to Ziggler. He lifts the WWE Champion to finish the job, but Ziggler has the instinct to wiggle free and muster enough strength to give Big Show a superkick, that sent him crashing down near Ryback. Ziggler took a moment to look at the chaos below, before turning around and heading back towards Bischoff. Ziggler put his championship around his shoulder and patted it to annoy Bischoff, before telling him again to try harder next time. Ziggler gave Bischoff a smile and headed to the back. Bischoff looked like he could murder Ziggler at that very moment. RAW goes off the air.

    December 14, 2014
    Cleveland, Ohio


    Test Of Strength Competition
    Cesaro vs. Titus O'Neil

    Main Card

    WWE Championship - Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match
    Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

    Intercontinental Championship
    Luke Harper (c) vs. Sheamus

    Diva's Championship
    Nikki Bella (c) w/Brie Bella vs. Emma

    Strap Match
    Bo Dallas vs. Mark Henry

    Street Fight
    Tyson Kidd w/Natalya vs. Zack Ryder

    Big Show vs. Ryback

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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    December 11, 2014
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    Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy © (w/Alexa Bliss) def. The Mechanics (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson) - Tag team match for the NXT Tag Team Championship - 5:12

    - Blake & Murphy won via pinfall following a Death by Dubstep. Wilder took the fall. -

    CJ Parker def. Kevin Owens - Singles match - 1:14

    - CJ Parker won via disqualification after KO snapped and wouldn’t stop assaulting him. -

    Baron Corbin def. Ty Dillinger (w/Jason Jordan) - Singles match - 2:01

    - Baron Corbin won via pinfall following an End of Days. -

    Kalisto def. Tyler Breeze - Singles match - 12:47

    - Kalisto won via pinfall following a Salida del Sol. -

    Charlotte © def. Sasha Banks - Singles match for the NXT Women’s Championship - 13:09

    - Charlotte won via pinfall following a Bow Down to the Queen. -

    Adrian Neville © def. Sami Zayn - Last Chance match; if Sami Zayn loses, he never gets another NXT championship opportunity - 22:25

    - Adrian Neville won via submission following a Rings of Saturn (debut). -

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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    December 12, 2014
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    We start things off with Kurt Angle in the ring with a wrestler. Angle says he’s committed to making Smackdown the best WWE broadcast around and one way he wants to achieve that is by bringing back the Cruiserweight division and making it awesome. He says he's scowered the globe for the best cruiserweight talent and have found a very sound technical talent in Drew Gulak. He says he’ll be making his debut against a man who made his debut last week. A man whose sure to get you out your seats and a star on the rise--Finn Bálor. Angle leaves the ring and Bálor comes out to a roar. The entire arena sounds to be behind him, as he makes his way to the ring. Bálor and Gulak engage in quite the physical contest, with Gulak trying to wear down Bálor and take the crowd out of it. Gulak was impressive with his superior technical prowess, but it wasn’t enough to keep Bálor down for good, as he would go 2-0 after hitting the Coup de Grâce.

    After the match, Bálor would be immersed in celebration with the crowd, when Gulak attacked him from behind, knocking him off the top turnbuckle and sending him falling to the outside floor. Gulak’s, who was apparently upset with losing his debut match, combined with Bálor’s adoration from the crowd, attack would stop there as he was satisfied with watching Bálor laid out with the wind knocked out of him. The referee would rush to the outside to check on him.

    Phillips talks about Gulak taking his debut loss hard and says things certainly got out of hand post match. Booker says what Gulak did was uncalled for and that after putting on an impressive match, he’s erased it all in his mind with an unsportsmanlike character. They both hope Bálor is alright.

    We go to the back and Angle is WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler. Angle tells Ziggler he liked the way he handled himself this past Monday on RAW and that he’s been representing Smackdown well. He says he wants him in tip top condition for his TLC match with Lesnar and gives him the night off. Moments later, Miz and Mizdow approach. Miz says four years ago, he was the WWE Champion and main eventing WrestleMania and taking no nights off, while Ziggler was somewhere being a nobody. He says Ziggler hasn’t proven anything yet and tonight he’s going to be put to the test when he goes one-on-one with (he acts like he’s about to point to himself, but moved his finger behind him to point at Mizdow) my protege, Damien Mizdow. Angle tries to deny Miz, but Ziggler steps up and says Miz is right, he hasn’t fully proven anything yet. He says if he’s going to call himself the“Show Off”, he’s going to have to live up to it and be ready to perform at a moment's notice. He says the match is on and says it’ll be a piece of cake, before smirking and walking off. Angle takes a look back at Miz and Mizdow before shaking his head and walking off too. Miz is frowning and Mizdow is mocking him. We go to our first break.

    We come back to the ring and The Uso’s are taking on Stardust and Goldust. Jimmy and Jey were in near perfect sync as always, as they dispatched the discombobulated Rhodes brothers without much resistance. Goldust took the pin after receiving the Double Samoan Splash.

    After the match, the tension would grow between Stardust and Goldust, with Stardust shoving Goldust after a heated verbal exchange, before storming out of the ring and heading up the ramp. Goldust looked pitiful as he watched his younger brother storm off.

    Phillips discusses the tension that’s building between Cody and Goldust lately and asks Booker for his take on it. Booker talks about how he used to team with Goldust and how he can be difficult to be around at times, but what looks to be going on with him and Cody looks to be deeper since they’re brothers and he hopes it all straightens itself out soon.

    We get a video package of The Ascension. It’s night time and they’re on top of a city skyscraper. They talk about the puny power of men and how they have no idea of what true power means. They say as combined Ascended One’s no team poses a threat to their abilities and that they’ll hold on to these (shows the WWE Tag Team Championships) until a team rises that is deemed worthy. Konnor appears to be harnessing this power as their music begins to play. He gives an evil laugh, while Viktor is silent and relaxed. Then both of them get in sync with closed eyes, before disappearing into the darkness.

    We go to the back and Bryan is with Saxton for an interview. Byron asks Bryan how everything is with his health and what’s next for Daniel Bryan in the ring. Bryan says he’s seen his specialist and the WWE doctor since last week’s Smackdown and everything looks great. He says as far as what’s next for Daniel Bryan as a competitor--he smiles--he says he’d be remiss if he didn’t say eventually regaining the WWE Championship that he never lost. But he says he knows things have changed in the pecking order since he vacated the championship and that he knows he’ll have to wait on another opportunity. Right afterwards, Seth Rollins and J&J Security step in. Rollins has huge smile on his face. He asks if he just heard Bryan mention he was going after the WWE Championship he never lost. He laughs saying that’s the funniest thing he’s heard all week. He asks Bryan if he learned anything the first time he was on top and that’s that he’s not cut out for the big league. He mentions last week and how Bryan got mauled by Rusev. Rollins says he’s heard the Cruiserweight division is coming back and that maybe Bryan should make his comeback there. Rollins laughs. He lifts his briefcase and tells Bryan this means there’s a new guy about to take the WWE by storm and as soon as Dolph Ziggler’s fifteen minutes are up, he’ll be running Smackdown. Rollins grins. Bryan gets in Rollins’ face and tells him he’s quite arrogant for not having accomplished much. He says he hopes Rollins is successful in cashing in his briefcase for the WWE Championship because he wants to be the guy to take the championship--he never lost--away from him and burst his overly inflated ego. Rollins tells Bryan all the adrenaline from the “Yes Movement” has killed too many of his brain cells if he thinks that will ever happen. Rollins gives Bryan one last smirk before walking off with J&J Security. Bryan looks on.

    We go back to the ring, where Swagger and Zeb Colter are. Swagger says since Rusev was afraid of him accepting his United States Championship open challenge, tonight he’s issuing his own challenge--exclusive to Rusev. Swagger yells for Rusev to bring his big, mean hairy behind out to the ring. A few moments go by with Swagger pacing the ring, when the lights go out and we see Bray Wyatt on the tron. Wyatt tells Swagger he and the people of this world are so drunk with ambition that it blinds them to the fact that there’s nothing tangible in this world that can ever feel that void inside them. He says but he can. He says he’s the cure for humanity's suffering and tonight he’ll go back to the square one--with Swagger.

    Wyatt would make his way out and Swagger would send a reluctant Colter from leaving, as he wanted to stand up to Wyatt. This one was back and forth, with neither man dominating the other for long stretches, until Colter hopped on the apron while Swagger was down and tried to stand up to Wyatt. Colter went on about being American and not subscribing to Wyatt’s Commie mumbo-jumbo. Colter kept an eye on Swagger, as he tried to buy him time. Bray was in his spider walk position staring at Colter, until suddenly turning to Swagger who was recouping. Wyatt would leap up and position Swagger for Sister Abigail, while giving Colter a cold stare, before putting The Real American down for the pin.

    After the match, Bray went to drag Swagger out of the ring, but Colter grabbed another end of Swagger and protested. Wyatt nailed Colter with a throat thrust, causing the old guy to flop to the mat, as he held his throat coughing. Wyatt proceeded where he left off when someone started calling his name. It was Adam Rose on the tron, but with Leo Kruger’s voice. He says it’s been a long time. He asks Bray to take a look at what his first disciple has made of himself (we see the Rosebuds all looking terrified), asking him if he approves. Rose laughs (Sounds like Leo Kruger). Bray looks taken aback. Rose asks Bray if he remembers the promise he made him. The one about him being apart of the main family when Bray came to the WWE. He asks Bray if he lied, before quickly convincing himself that that’s not true. He laughs. He says Bray simply forgot. He forgives Bray and says it’s time they be a family again now. He gives a “tata” at the end and the screen goes blank. Wyatt stops everything and looks really worried for the first time, we’ve seen. We go to break.

    We come back and Phillips and Booker are talking about what occurred before the break. Phillips talks about the mean streak Rose had been displaying lately, but now he appears to be a completely different person. Booker says what’s even crazier than that is the look Bray Wyatt had after all of that was over. He says he’s never seen The Eater of World’s rattled like that. He’s says it’s got him unsettled. He says and as far as Adam Rose goes, something was always off about him. We see a card of Rey Mysterio. As Phillips explains Rey Mysterio joins the rebirth of the Cruiserweight division, as he returns to action for first time in eight months, next week.

    The New Day would come out next. They’d do their dance shtick to the ring. The cut a promo saying last week they talked about the power of positivity and that’s all fine and well because it works most of the time. They say but sometimes there’s just nothing the “POP” can do to help you with. They show us clips of Los Matadores. The New Day rag on them about being fake bullfighters and saying they’re not even Spaniards, but Carlito’s less talented Puerto Rican relatives. They laugh until Los Matadores would come out. They walk down taking off their pants and shoes. They have mics and tell the New Day, they’re right. They were just an act to make kids and adults alike have a little joy. They say that’s what New Day advertise they’re all about, but they sound like hypocrites right now. They enter the ring. They tell the New Day the one thing that is real is this...(Epico and Primo start attacking New Day).

    The Colón's hold their own for a moments, but the numbers game of the New Day is too much, as a combination of all three members of New Day hit their pendulum backbreaker and diving double foot stomp finisher on The Colón's. The New Day dance up the ramp, acting positive, like the beatdown never happened.

    Booker says he likes The New Day, saying they know how to have a good time, but at the same time they have an edge to them, that’s effective when it’s time to get serious. Phillips says one could deduce that they’re sending the wrong message to children and anyone that they influence, by saying one thing and doing another, but we’ll have to keep an eye on their future actions. We get a shot of backstage, as the United States Champion, Rusev is joined by Lana, as they’re heading to the ring to issue another United States Championship open challenge. We head to commercial.

    We get an ad showing highlights from yesterday’s NXT TakeOver: R Evolution event. The narrator focuses on Charlotte retaining the NXT Women’s Championship and which challenger will be the next to step up to her. As well as Sami Zayn losing his last opportunity at the NXT Championship against Neville, and what’s next for Sami Zayn.

    We back and Rusev comes out carrying the Russian flag in one hand and US Championship around his opposite shoulder. He and Lana make their way down to the ring to a crowd not happy to see them. Lana cuts a promo saying last week they gave America a chance to fight for their championship and they spit in Rusev’s face by sending out a broken goatman. She laughs. She says they came out to give America a second chance, but have decided they don’t deserve it. She says instead, they’re offering anyone to come out and challenge The Bulgarian Brute, Rusev, to a non-title match and if the challenger is successful in defeating Rusev, they will re-instate the United States Championship Open Challenge.

    Darren Young would make his way out, with Lana and Rusev not looking impressed. Young was eager for the challenge all the same. Darren extended his hand for Lana’s mic, which she handed over reluctantly, while rolling her eyes. Darren didn’t get to say but a syllable, as Rusev charged at him, scooping him up and ramming him into the corner. The bell would ring and Lana hurried out of the ring. After a few hard shoulder charges, Rusev slung Darren out of the corner, towards the center of the ring, before stepping on his back, causing Darren to holler in pain. Rusev would lock in the The Accolade with that cold, emotionless look. Darren tapped and tapped, but Rusev wouldn’t relent.

    Several moments went by with the referee trying to get Rusev to back off, but to no avail. That’s when Daniel Bryan’s music hit and he came rushing down the ramp. Rusev paid him no mind until he was a few feet away, but Bryan got the jump on Rusev and unleashed a fury of strikes on the brute, causing him to break the hold. Rusev ate the strikes and barely flinched, Bryan realized his ineffectiveness quick and ran and bounced off the opposite ropes, to come back with an Air Goat attempt, trying to knock The Bulgarian Brute from the ring. This was met with a Machka Kick while Bryan was in mid-air, causing the crowd to awe. Bryan was down and not moving, as Rusev roared and stomped around like a barbarian. Rusev would lock in the second Accolade of the night on the unresponsive Bryan, causing backstage crew to have to rush out and pull Rusev off of him. Considering Bryan’s health circumstances, trainers weren’t far behind and they rushed in the ring to assist Bryan. Rusev and Lana leave up the ramp, raising the US Championship and Russian flag high in the air, while Rusev screams Russian to Bryan and the crowd. The crowd rains down their displeasure.

    Phillips talks about the brutality Rusev has displayed since debuting earlier this year and how no one seems to be able to stop him. Booker agrees and says someone needs to get in Bryan’s ear and let him know he needs to back off of this man Rusev. Booker says he knows Bryan is the ultimate underdog that never shy’s away from a challenge, but going up against a monster like Rusev is going to get Bryan hurt long-term. He tells Bryan directly, enough is enough and that he has nothing to prove to him or anyone else. Phillips says for Bryan’s sake, he hope he gets the message.

    We go backstage and Miz tells Sandow that tonight is the biggest match of his career. He says a win over Dolph Ziggler would ensure The Miz has a future WWE Championship shot in the near future. Sandow looks perplexed asking how Miz would get a shot from his work. Miz shuts Sandow down fast, saying Sandow is the protege and all of his efforts are to make him look good now, so that when he’s on top, Sandow can reap the rewards that offspring from his success. Sandow doesn’t look all too happy about it. Miz gets in his face and tells him now is not the time for another one of his selfish tantrums and that right now, he needs to be solely focused on defeating Dolph Ziggler for Team Miz. Miz barks for them to head towards the ring. Miz walks off with Sandow looking a bit peeved, before following behind. We head to our final break.

    We’re back and Ziggler and Sandow are battling in the main event. Ziggler is firing on all cylinders as he’s been on a roll since Survivor Series. Booker and Phillips talk about him being the first guy to knock off Lesnar, since Lesnar ended Taker’s streak, but Booker did mention that Lesnar was distracted by what appeared to be a call from the Undertaker, allowing Ziggler to sneak a win. He says a win’s a win though and doesn’t hold it against Ziggler. Meanwhile, Ziggler runs circles around Mizdow and despite interference attempts by Miz, nails Mizdow with a stinger splash, after Miz moves from the corner, deciding not to shield Mizdow, who was behind him, from the attack. Ziggler would hit the Zig Zag on Mizdow afterwards for the pin.

    After the match, Miz barked at Mizdow for not getting the job done and costing him a future WWE Championship. Meanwhile, ZIggler would celebrate on the turnbuckle with the WWE Championship. Phillips and Booker went on about Ziggler going into TLC on a roll. But Booker mentions his competition hasn’t been anything close to Brock Lesnar and as much as he likes The Show-Off, he can’t go against his better judgment and picks Lesnar to win back his WWE Championship decisively. Phillips says Ziggler certainly has a tough battle ahead of him, but hope he represents the blue brand well and brings the WWE Championship back out of Suplex City and back to Smackdown. Smackdown ends.

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    Cesaro would beat Titus in the 300lb keg carrying competition, where they were to carry the keg from the top of the ramp, around the ring and back across the end of the ramp--without dropping it. Neither men dropped the keg, but Cesaro would finish 9 seconds faster. In the second competition, Cesaro and O’Neil would lift/squat a 350lb Atlas Stone. They were to do 3 sets of 3. Cesaro would finish out the exercise, but Titus would only get through 2 sets. Cesaro dug into his fanny pack and dig out a Samson’s spinach leaf for Titus, but he swatted it away in frustration. Titus got in Cesaro’s face, but there were trained Strongman competition officials there to break it up.

    After Titus settled down, they began their final competition, which was deadlifting 500lb tires for 3 sets of 3. Cesaro went first and got through 2 sets on his own, before eating a spinach leaf to finish out the last set. Titus looked flustered before attempting his sets and got loud with Cesaro, whom remained poised. Titus would get through 1 set, before dropping to a knee, complaining about his back. One of official would check on Titus, while they other proclaimed Cesaro the winner.

    After a few moments, Titus would blindside Cesaro, tossing him into the barricade, before wailing down a fury of stomps on him. The two officials grabbed Titus and pulled him away, until backstage crew came out and took him to the back. A few officials stayed back to check on Cesaro, who was much to worn out to fight off Titus and laid on the ground holding his ribs.

    Main Show

    Before Bo and Henry would come out for their match, we’d get a video package of Bo getting the best of Henry in almost every occasion they’d met up. The presentation would show Bo “winning” and inspiring others, while Henry kept losing and losing foolish. All before Henry would snap and nearly snap Bo in half, with the destruction we’ve seen from the World’s Strongest Man, in his “Hall of Pain” induction run.

    Right after the referee was done securing the rope around Bo Dallas and Mark Henry’s wrist, Henry yanked hard on the rope, pulling Bo forward, all while charging him with a body avalanche that sends him to the mat. Henry would continue to maul on Bo for several minutes, knocking him to the mat every time he got back to his feet. Bo would allow Bo to get to his feet in order to yank him towards him for a scoop powerslam! From here, Henry would drag Bo around to the first turnbuckle and then second, before Bo would get to his feet and hop on Henry’s back. Bo would be a real pest for Henry, making it difficult for Henry to get ahold of him. Bo would use his hands to blindfold Henry, as Henry would start making the rounds to the corner and Bo would tap them. The crowd got excited for the development, that Henry was unaware of.

    After the third goal, Bo and Henry were headed for the last corner, when Henry caught on. He’d shift Bo’s body around, using just a twist in his hips, before running and dropping Bo with a running powerslam! An even more angered Henry would drop down on Bo with a big splash, crushing The Inspirational One, who made huge gasps for air. Henry would abuse Bo for several minutes from here, ignoring the goal of the match. He launched him into adjacent corners, hitting him with corner slingshot splashes after each. Bo would fall to the mat after the second, but get jerked right back up by Henry, who military pressed him, before slamming him to the mat! Henry face looked like it had some satisfaction and was ready to end it now. He lifted Bo up for the crowd to see, asking (yelling) them where all Bo’s inspiration is now.

    Henry adjusted Bo across his torso and dropped him with the World’s Strongest Slam! He then dragged him from corner one to corner two, the crowd beginning to show their disapproval. The corner three and the crowd started to send Bo support, as he was trying to get to his feet. Half-way to the last corner, Bo got up and surprised Henry with a club in the back. Henry would turn to several lefts and rights to the face, knocking the big man back and getting the crowd really excited. Bo would give Henry a big kick to the gut, which bent him over, before going for a DDT. But this is where Bo’s run would end, as Henry kept his base strong and prevented the move.

    He broke free to the astonishment of Bo and dropped him with a huge headbutt, knocking him out! Henry would begin pulling Bo towards the last half of the destination as the crowd would voice their unapproval loudly. After Henry touched the last corner, the bell would ring and he would jerk away from the ref, who was trying to raise his free hand in victory. Henry yelled for the ref to take the ropes off of him and made his way out of the ring as soon as he was free. Henry yelled to the crowd to get some inspiration from that loser now, as he made his way up the ramp. They would rain down their disgust for the World’s Strongest Man.

    Before these two would come out, we saw a video package highlighting their journey from Survivor Series. We see Show turn on Team Cena and knock Cena out, before leaving the match. We also see Ryback being Curb Stomped before taking a Savate Kick from Rusev and then pinned. We see Bischoff coming into power and having conversations backstage with someone, who would be revealed at The Big Show as he’d come out during Ziggler’s last match on RAW and try to send him off the stage, but was saved by Ryback, only for the latter to be sent off the stage by Show instead. We’d see Show briefly standing tall over the wreckage of Ryback below.

    These two would meet for the first time in singles action and the anticipation of the World’s Largest Athlete versus one of the most dominating powerhouses in recent WWE history was to be finally realized. They would lock up in the center of the ring, in a battle of strengths--neither man winning several tie ups. Ryback would then use his quickness advantage and hit the ropes, before coming in and knocking Show off his feet with a flying shoulder block! Ryback would go to the corner, revving up the crowd as he geared up for the Meathook. The crowd chanted “Feed Me More” as Show got to his feet.

    But within moments of being upright, Show was dropped with Ryback’s powerful running lariat! Show was down again and the crowd’s anticipation built as Ryback looked to end this one quickly.
    “The Big Guy” lifted the (450) pound athlete onto his shoulders with almost ease--to the amazement of the arena--before delivering a ring rattling Shell Shocked! Ryback makes the cover. 1………...2………………...3! Ryback has defeated The Big Show in just under a minute and a half. An impressive showing of pure dominance by “The Big Guy.”

    The video package for this contest shows this rise of Luke Harper, after being set free by Bryan Wyatt. He’d return to be a helping and for Team Authority, attacking Ziggler to show his worth. He later be rewarded an Intercontinental Championship match, where he’d go on to defeat “The Show Off” and take his Intercontinental Championship, for his very first WWE belt. We’d see Harper eliminate his fellow Wyatt brother Rowan in the Team Cena vs Team Authority Survivor Series match, before defeating him in a grueling Falls Count Anywhere match on the next RAW. After walking away from a count-out loss to Cena, Harper would be met by Sheamus and Ambrose backstage, who both announced they wanted a shot at Harper’s Intercontinental Championship. Sheamus would be shown defeating Ambrose in a hard-fought Intercontinental Championship Number One Contender’s match before being laid out by Harper’s discus clothesline, post-match. The crazy-eyed Harper would stand tall over his pay-per-view opponent.

    Sheamus would be the aggressor early, taking it right to to the champ with a barrage of clubs to the back, before whipping Harper to the corner. “The Celtic Warrior” would attempt a spear into the corner, only to miss, with his injured shoulder hitting the steel hard! Harper would the ailing Sheamus out from his predicament only to shove him back into that very corner, with the same results as before. This is the same shoulder that had been injured by Rusev and Big Show, causing him to miss Survivor Series. Harper would work over the bad shoulder, digging his claws into it in intermissions from dropping hard knees into it. Pain was written all over Sheamus’ face, who had the crowd support as he slowly got to his feet, after taking the brutal punishment. “The Celtic Warrior’ would push through the pain to stand upright, Harper’s claw still dug into his shoulder, before lifting the champ up and delivering the Irish Curse!

    Sheamus would fall to his knees, almost instantly, as he grabbed at his bad shoulder. The ref would come to check on him, in which the tough as nails Irishmen would quickly assure him he could continue the match. Knowing he was too wounded to go the distance with the champ, Sheamus would gather himself and head to the corner, where he’d beat his chest to let everyone know what was coming. The call was tempered as Sheamus held his bad shoulder as still as possible. Harper would begin to stir, as the crowd was coming alive in anticipation. As Harper turned, Sheamus took off for the Brogue Kick. With his feet a whole foot away from Harper’s face, the champ would dodge and counter with a sitout scoop slam piledriver!

    Sheamus would grimace as he quickly grabbed at his shoulder. Harper would make the cover, but only got 2! The champ would lock onto Sheamus for his Gator Roll, wearing on the shoulders of Sheamus for several moments before lifting him up and charging him into the corner, with his shoulder ramming in Sheamus’ gut! Multiple shoulder charges would weaken Sheamus enough to be lifted and seated on the top of the turnbuckle. Harper would climb up in front of Sheamus to deliver slow, hard right hands onto the top of Sheamus’ head. Sheamus would teeter back, but instinct would stop him from falling and he’d fire back some hard right hands of his own, trying to get control of his predicament. The backwoods brawler wouldn’t be phased much by the depleted strength of the Irishman, as he’d hook his arms around Sheamus for a double underhook suplex.

    However, each time Harper tried to lift Sheamus up, Sheamus did all he could to block it and remain seated. After a few kidney shots to the champ, Sheamus was able to get just enough of an opening to shift Harper onto his shoulder--with one arm--and take the both of them flying off the top turnbuckle for a huge White Noise! The crowd is fired up as “Holy Sh*t” chants erupt! Harper and Sheamus were both on their backs, with Harper’s entire body having spasms ever so often. Sheamus breathed heavily, as his eyes looked spent. The ref would check on both men and begin his 10 count. The crowd simply cheered for the match at this point, with Sheamus stirring and showing more activity than the champ.

    By the count of 8, both men had gotten to their feet. Harper was supported by the ropes and Sheamus teetered, with his bad shoulders arm completely useless. Both men would find another gear as they rushed each other thinking the same thing. Sheamus connected--barely--with the Brogue Kick as Harper connected with a big boot! Both men would be knocked to the mat, with Harper having the wherewithal to roll to the outside. The ref would begin his count, as Sheamus would lay on his side, looking nearly out of it. Seconds later, after rolling over and realizing Harper wasn’t in the ring, Sheamus would slowly roll out to seek him out.

    Moments would go by as both men lay on the outside catching their breath, before a yell could be heard of Harper rushing towards Sheamus with a steel step! Harper barely missed bludgeoning Sheamus’ face, as he just rolled out of the way of the falling steps! The ref yelled to Harper that it wasn’t a no disqualification match. Harper ignored him, not looking to disqualify himself, more so than to brutally hurt Sheamus. Harper had a renewed sadistic look in his eyes and he lifted Sheamus’ worn body and slammed him into the barricade! Harper would roll into the ring and back out to reset the refs count. The champ wouldn’t give Sheamus time to breathe as he lifted his limp body up and slammed his bad shoulder into the ringpost!

    Sheamus cried out in agony, as Harper’s crazy eyes became aroused. As Sheamus lay on the floor, Harper would slowly walk on his bad shoulder, putting all of his weight on it. Sheamus would yell out and bang the fist on his good arm on the mat to vent the pain and anger. Harper rolled into the ring and back out again for another count reset. He wanted to savor inflicting pain to Sheamus now, as he was clearly enjoying himself. Harper lifted Sheamus by the hair and let the arena get a good luck at his suffering face, turning Sheamus around 360 degree for everyone to see. This would anger Sheamus and with an adrenaline rush, he grabbed onto Harper and rushed him towards the announce table, crushing the champs back into the side of it!

    Harper would arch his back in pain, as he slowly fell to his knees. Sheamus strained to get to his feet and rolled into the ring to break the count, as he planning to inflict enough damage to Harper on the outside to soften him up. Sheamus stood in an adjacent line from the champ and began to beat his chest again, his chest pasty white and red and his face filled with intensity. Sheamus would charge with all he had towards the kneeling Harper, who’d sprout up just as Sheamus was nearing with his leg extended and lifted the Irishmen off his feet for a spleen rupturing spinebuster! The announce table would explode with Sheamus and Harper tearing through it! Harper would gather himself and drag his drained body towards the ring, just getting into the ring at the count of 9. Sheamus laid in a ruinous heap on the outside, as the referee counted to 10 as counted him out.

    The Intercontinental Champion Luke Harper wouldn’t beat Sheamus, but he’d survive still in possession of his championship. Medics would rush down to assist Sheamus, who wasn’t moving. Harper rolled out of the ring and rose to his knees, doing his signature cross motion, while clutching his Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder.

    Before this one kicks off, we get a video package of Kidd mistreating his wife and using her as a decoy to win matches. He see Ryder stepping up and addressing this issue and Kidd taking serious offense. We see the backstage brawl between Kidd and Ryder from last week’s RAW, Kidd verbally abusing Natalya and Ryder asking for a street fight with Kidd to set him straight.

    This one starts with Kidd leaving the ring and going to Natalya and hugging and kissing on her. Kidd appears to be deliberate in his public affection for his wife, perhaps planting seeds for something later in the match. Natalya doesn’t know how to respond and just takes what Kidd gives her, as Ryder watches in almost disgust. “The Woo Woo Woo Kid” would cut the lovefest short, ripping Kidd from Natalya and turning him into a fury of fast right punches! Kidd would go reeling back, before shoving Ryder backwards into Natalya to get away. Ryder fell onto Natalya and helped her up. He looked back at Kidd smiling in the ring and just shook his head. Ryder would go to slide in and get his hand and ankle stomped on by Kidd, before eating several of Kidd’s knee drops to the temple!

    Ryder had to roll back out of the ring to collect himself. Kidd taunted at the crowd, as he was quite impressed with himself. Kidd would hop over the top rope, before coming down with double knees into the back of Ryder! Ryder would yell out in pain. Kidd would continue his brutality, as he’d lift Ryder by the trunks and spin him around, before throwing him into the side of the ring, head down and leg up in the air. Kidd would dust his hands off and turn to Natalya smiling, asking her how good he was doing. Natalya closed her eyes and stood frozen, as Kidd stole a kiss on the cheek. Kidd had an arrogant smirk on his face and he strutted back towards Ryder. He kneeled down and slapped him repeatedly, ridiculing himself about the lesson Ryder said he had for Kidd. Kidd would toss Ryder back into the ring, before going for a pin, which Ryder kicked out before 2. Kidd would continue with vicious strikes to the vulnerable parts of Ryder, displaying not only physical aggression but verbal as well, taking it out on Ryder. Kidd would go to the ropes to with a kind demeanor, asking his wife how he was doing again. Natalya couldn’t lift her head. Kidd would begin to take apart the padding from one of the turnbuckles, before turning back to the stirring Ryder.

    Kidd would wipe the bottom of his boots on Ryder’s head, burning his skin! Before lifting him up and attempting to ram his head into the exposed turnbuckle. Ryder would get a foot up and stop his forward motion, before grabbing Kidd’s head and ramming it into the corner! Kidd would fall to the mat and roll out of the ring, kicking his feet. When he rolled over, we saw that his mouth was bloody from some type of injury. Ryder would join Kidd on the outside and finally get some offense in on the Canadian. Ryder would pick Kidd up, before whipping him towards him and nailing him with a flapjack, that ended with Kidd hitting his face on the side of the ring!

    More blood began to poor from Kidd’s mouth, as Ryder lifted him back into the ring. Ryder went for the cover, but Kidd kicked out at 2. Ryder would go on a run of offense, wearing down the vulnerable Kidd, before getting him in position for a Rough Ryder. As Ryder charged, Kidd dropped to the mat just in time to dodge the attack and crawled towards the corner of the ring, as he called for his wife. Ryder grabbed both of Kidds’ ankles and stopped him from fleeing, but Kidd would grab tight to the corner of the ring, as Ryder had the lower half of his body at a high angle. Kidd continued to yell for his wife, as Ryder observed the position Kidd was in. After realizing this was a street fight, Ryder shrugged at the crowd, before delivering a stiff kick to the Kidd Family jewels!

    This caused Kidd to stop calling for his wife and instead hitting a high note in Acapella! Kidd was forced to let go off the ring and Ryder pulled him from the ropes for a the pin. 1………..2………..NO! Kidd was close enough to the ropes to reach back and grab them. Ryder shook his head and stood up, ready to put Kidd away with something else. Kidd would crawl towards the corner and rest there, as Ryder smirked, measuring him for the Broski Boot. As Ryder charged, Natalya hopped on the apron and wrapped her arms around Kidd for in protection. Ryder looked befuddled by this and asked her what she was doing. Natalya would stare up at Ryder before clutching her grips tighter on her husband and saying please outwardly, I guess for Ryder to stop the match.

    Kidd was dazed and out of it meanwhile. As Ryder approached, Natalya would stand up and talk with him, as he asked for an explanation. Kidd would take the time to slither out of the corner. It sounded like Ryder reminded Natalya of how Kidd had been treating her, but she kept shaking her head no, as if in some serious denial. As soon as Ryder was done with it, he turned to where Kidd was and got a huge smack across the face by Natalya!

    This sent Ryder turning back into an enzuigiri by Kidd! Ryder hit the mat with a thud and was instantly locked into the Sharpshooter! Within moments Ryder was tapping out. After the match, Natalya rushed into the ring with a towel, as Kidd had his armed raised in victory. Kidd was more concerned with his praise, as he pulled away from Natalya attending to his mouth, to climb the turnbuckle with his arms raised high and his bloody smile showing. The crowd responded with the disdain they had for Kidd.

    Before the main event, we rush to the back to see Ryback laid out on the cement. He’s isn’t moving as medics rush to his aid.

    We get a video package of Lesnar’s 2014 run. We see him ending The Streak at WrestleMania, destroying Cena at SummerSlam to become WWE Champion and then losing the championship on RAW after Undertaker’s dong distracted him. We’d then see the rise of Ziggler starting at Survivor Series when he was the sole survivor for Team Cena. We’d see his confrontation with Bischoff and Heyman, with the tone around his rise being he’s had help the whole way. We’d see Ziggler address this and offer Lesnar a rematch, stating “The Show Off” would go into “Suplex City” alone and come out still WWE Champion on his own merit, all while showing off.

    Tension was high as these two starred across from each other, neither man blinking. Heyman had snuck his way down to the ring, explaining to the questioning Lesnar that was just there as an observer with the best seat in the house. Lesnar wouldn’t focus on Heyman too long, as his attention was right back on Ziggler where it belonged. Ziggler would play cat and mouse with “The Beast” to start things off, as he looked for the best opening to attack. Ziggler would act as if he was going for a high strike on The Beast, only to slide between his legs and attempt an early Zig Zag, but “The Beast” was laser focused and shook “The Show Off” off, sending him sliding halfway across the ring! Ziggler’s eyes grew large, as he watched Lesnar’s hulking body approach him. Ziggler would make haste to slide out of the ring to think things over. A camera caught Heyman smirking towards Ziggler.

    Ziggler dropped down to check under the ring for a something, when Lesnar pursued him with his scary speed and quickness and just as Ziggler pulled out a chair, Lesnar was yanking him up and delivered a crushing German Suplex to the outside floor! Brock would slide into the ring to break the refs count. Heyman was shown giddy, as just the first suplex seemed to take a toll on Ziggler. It was clockwork for Lesnar now, he lifted the blonde underdog and delivered yet another bone breaking German suplex towards the opposite direction! The WWE Champion would turn inside out like he’d just been hit by a semi! Lesnar would stalk the champion with cold, unforgiving eyes, as he watched Ziggler reach up for something, anything to help him out. Ziggler reach would be met with “The Beast” however, who would jerk him up onto his shoulders before positioning himself near the ringpost and giving Ziggler an F5, that saw his leg smack up against the hard metal!

    Ziggler would drop to the floor in agony as Lesnar re-entered the ring again to break the count. Heyman was heard yelling for Brock to throw Ziggler back into the ring and to end it, but Lesnar paid him no mind. Lesnar entered the ring to break the count again. It appeared as if Lesnar was about to set Ziggler up for another F5 to the ring post, but Ziggler re-adjust on Lesnar, getting him into a sleephold. Ziggler would hold on for dear life, as Lesnar rammed Ziggler’s back into the barricade and then the side of the ring! Ziggler wouldn’t let go though. On Lesnar’s next attempt to ram Ziggler into the side of the ring, Ziggler hopped off just in time, causing Lesnar to ram his on back into the ring.

    With Brock stalled, Ziggler would lift up to deliver a dropkick to Lesnar’s chest, sending his back ramming into the ring again. Still not that rattled, Lesnar charged the hobbling Ziggler, who hopped up off one leg to deliver a satellite DDT! Brock’s head bounced off the outside floor, putting him in a major daze, as he lay on his back. Ziggler hopped back into the ring for a breather, as Heyman tip-toed himself closer to Lesnar to see how he was fairing. Ziggler knew he had to make the most of his time with Lesnar down, as he slid out the other side of the ring and retrieved the chair from earlier. He tossed it into the ring and dropped down for something else...he pulled out a standard sized ladder and hobbled on one leg as he slid it in the ring. Ziggler climbed back into the ring and grabbed the chair, as Lesnar was getting to his feet. The re’s count got up to 8, as Lesnar had been stalling to enter the ring, noticing Ziggler was prepared with a chair.

    At 9, Lesnar went for it and caught a chair shot across his back, as soon as he was on the canvas! Ziggler delivered three more chair shots to Lesnar’s body, before “The Beast” would stand up quickly, seemingly unharmed! Ziggler stared in disbelief at Lesnar standing in front of him unaffected. But he wouldn’t dwell long on it and tossed the chair at Lesnar--who caught it--before delivering a dropkick to the chair, which connected on Brock’s face and sent him tumbling through the ropes and back to the outside! This bought Ziggler more time, who still looked in disbelief that chair shots had no effect on Lesnar. Ziggler pulled back on his hair tightly, from his hairline, going back, pulling his fingers through the sides of his hair. Ziggler took a deep breath as well, to plan his next move. He looked around and noticed he had a ladder with him.

    Ziggler hobbled towards the ladder and stood it up, as he noticed Lesnar was standing on the apron with a pissed off expression. Ziggler dropped down and rolled out of the ring in a hurry, with “The Beast” in hot pursuit! Ziggler was only able to hobble as Lesnar gained on him quick. Ziggler hopped up onto the apron and slid in the ring, as Lesnar reached out for him, only to kick at Lesnar as he was reaching for Ziggler under the bottom ropes. Lesnar simply caught Ziggler’s legs and yanked him out of the ring, but somehow Ziggler was able to lock his ankles around Lesnar’s neck to send him flying toward the wreckage of the announce table with a hurricanrana!

    Heyman was heard yelling Brock’s name, as the crowd was getting loud. Ziggler took a look back to observe Lesnar was down again, as he hobbled towards the bottom of the ring. He rummaged around until he pulled out a table, which he slid into the ring, before re-entering the ring himself. Ziggler hobbled around as he set the table up, perpendicular to one side of the steps. Ziggler would notice Lesnar was getting back to his feet, as the ref’s count was at 7. The WWE Champion, now running out of options, decided it was time to take a major risk. He began dragging himself up the ladder as fast as he could, as Lesnar slid back into the ring.

    The tone of the crowd changed, as they watched Lesnar stand, watching Ziggler do all he could to climb the ladder, even cracking a chuckle. Ziggler would soon notice Lesnar watching from below, causing him to freeze momentarily, before putting a bit of pep in his step to get to the top. Lesnar stepped to the side of the ladder, putting his hands on it to tip it over, before looking to the side and noticing the table set up. Brock looked back up at Lesnar with a smile on his face, as if having another idea for how he’d get Ziggler down. Lesnar headed around the other side of the steps, where the table was, and headed up the ladder to meet Ziggler. Ziggler hung onto the top step of the ladder, yelling for Lesnar to come on! Moments later, Lesnar made it to the top and stood staring at Ziggler face to face!

    Anticipation had built to a high in the arena and the crowd was buzzing loud. AHHH! The crowd shouted as Ziggler through the first blow! Lesnar shook it off quickly like nothing! AHHHHH! The crowd goes again as Lesnar delivered a stiff punch to Ziggler’s jaw, causing “The Show Off” to teetering off the ladder with one hand! His arm and leg flailed around as he hurried to regain balance! As soon as Ziggler had his footing back, he cocked back and delivered a harder right hook to Lesnar’s jaw! This one was loud throughout the arena and Lesnar felt this one, teetering back off the ladder himself!

    Heyman had his hands on his head, as he looked up at Brock and down at the ladder, yelling Brock’s name for dear life! Lesnar would regain his balance, only to be met with a hard right hand! Then another! Another! Another! Another! Brock teetered backwards again,flailing his arm in the air as he looked down at the table twenty feet below! Lesnar would regain his balance on the ladder and look the worn out Ziggler in the eyes, smirking, causing Ziggler to freeze in terror. Lesnar was done with the games and reached over to pulled Ziggler across the ladder. Ziggler did all he could to resist ‘The Beast’s” will. When suddenly…. the lights went out……………………………………………………………………………………………….DONG!

    Several moments later, the lights turn back on and we see Lesnar lying between the broken table! Heyman is beside himself as he’s yelling for Lesnar to get up! Ziggler is still on top of the ladder, hanging on, in shock of the situation. When Lesnar begins to stir! Ziggler is in disbelief, as he knows Lesnar fell twenty feet through the table somehow, but he’s still getting back up! A certain look of resolve crosses “The Show Off’s” face as he pulls himself up higher and sits on top of the ladder. Ziggler looks around the crowd, who’s anticipation is brimming near the edge!

    Ziggler looks back down at Lesnar who’s stirring his hardest to raise up. Ziggler shakes his head no, as a mean frown crosses his face as he looks down at Lesnar’s inhuman resilience. Ziggler stands up on top of the ladder, battling to gain balance of his shaky posture, before leaping off the twenty foot ladder!!!! Elbow drop connects on Lesnar!!! Lesnar not Ziggler is moving, but Ziggler’s body lay across Lesnar. The ref begins to count. 1…………………………….2………………...3!!!! Ziggler’s done it! Ziggler’s put “The Beast” down again! Heyman is beside himself, as his mouth lay agape at the outcome of the match! The ref rushes to check on both men. Moments go by and Lesnar continues to lay in defeat, but he’s responsive. Ziggler gets up with the help of the ref and is handed the WWE Championship. Ziggler hobbles, as his hand in raised high in the air, as his music continues to play. But suddenly, it’s cut short by Eric Bischoff’s music.

    Bischoff comes out with a mic, applauding Ziggler. He shakes his head as he tells Ziggler congratulations. He says he never thought he had a chance in his battle with Lesnar, but here Ziggler stands still WWE Champion. Bischoff says well, Ziggler did claim he would prove the doubters wrong and not only “Show Off”, but win on his own. Eric says he had the first part covered in spades, but the latter not so much.

    He says he doesn’t know what happened when the lights went out, but it sounded like he had some help from a familiar undead resident of the WWE. Bischoff said that being said, looking down at his watch. There’s some time left on this show, considering that fact that he cancelled the pathetic WWE Diva’s Championship match. And because of that, he says he’s going to give Ziggler the chance to honor his word and to be a winning champion, all on his own. He says ladies and gentleman, he’s got a surprise match in store for them. He says without further delay, the man who will now be facing Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship. Bischoff outstretches his arm towards the curtain...


    WWE Championship
    Dolph Ziggler © vs. The Big Show

    Ziggler can’t believe it, as The Big Show’s theme hits and out he comes down the ramp. The ref hesitantly takes the WWE Championship from Ziggler, before giving him a quick glance as if saying sorry about this. Ziggler hobbled around, as Big Show crossed over the top rope. Ziggler could barely stand as the side judge rang the start bell. Ziggler had nothing left, but he wasn’t going to back down. He put his hands up in fighting position, as Bischoff smirked on the stage with his arms folded. Big Show had a big evil grin on his face as he took his time approaching Ziggler…. the lights went out again!!!

    Several moments go by as the crowd went into a high anticipating frenzy. A few moments later, the lights come back on and Sting is in the ring!!!! Big Show looks like he’s seen a ghost! The crowd is going bonkers! Bischoff’s arms are dropped and his face his sunk.

    Ziggler is standing behind Sting, eyes wide with as much shock as anyone else. Show would shake out of his state of shock and get really angry. He yelled at Sting telling him he was not going to ruin this for him. Show lunged forward to attack Sting, when Sting’s bat fell from one of his trench coat arms, before it’s tipped rammed quick and stiff into Show’s gut! Show keeled over, before getting the bat cracked across his huge back! The bell had already rang, as Show fell to the mat and rolled out of the ring. Sting looked up at Bischoff, shaking his head no and pointing his bat at him.

    Bischoff’s face was red and looked ten times as mad as The Angry Miz-faced girl. TLC would come to an end with Sting raising Dolph Ziggler’s arm in victory as Sting’s theme played to close the show.

    (Theme I'll be using for Sting in this BTB)

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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    December 15, 2014
    News & Notes

    - Post-TLC pay-per-view talk is that Vince McMahon was "meh" on the event as a whole, but did enjoy the way the WWE Championship played out for the most part. It sounds like he's still on-board with giving Dolph Ziggler a massive push--for now.

    - There's also a lot of buzz around the Women's division, as the 'controversy' around the Diva's Championship match being cancelled. Apparently, there's major plans for the division in 2015, starting in the first few months of the year. It's been decided to let the change be spear-headed by Eric Bischoff's pompous persona and his apathy for the division.

    - Sheamus will be taking several months off to undergo surgery for his torn labrum, as well as film "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows."

    - Apparently, the WWE Championship match was originally planned to begin the Sting/Undertaker program for WrestleMania 31, but plans were nixed at the last moment. The WrestleMania program plans now for the two icons are said to be starting sometime after the New Year.

    - Titus O'Neil made a video, post-TLC, stating how his "Test of Strength" competition against Cesaro was inconsequential, considering the fact that he was performing with a bad back. He says the reality is, Cesaro is a fraud and doesn't have an ounce of the talent, "The Real Deal", Titus O'Neil has.

    - With Brock Lesnar using two of his limited schedule appearances so close together (and in non-major ppv events), he's not expected to make another appearance for sometime, putting his involvement at the Royal Rumble in serious question.

    - With the December 15, 2014 edition of RAW being in Eric Bischoff's hometown of Detroit, it's currently planned to play into the show to some degree.

    - It's being speculated that WWE will soon be holding tryouts in one of Dubai, Shanghai or Europe, sometime after the Royal Rumble.

    - This weeks Smackdown is set to introduce a "Beat The Clock" Tag Team Challenge to find the new number one contender's for The Ascension's tag team championships.

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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    December 15, 2014
    Detroit, Michigan

    RAW begins in Bischoff’s office, who’s sitting in his seat looking very frustrated. He shakes his head as he exclaims this isn’t happening again. He yells he will not do this to me again. The camera pans out to reveal The Big Show, sitting in a chair, at the corner of the desk. Show says Sting is the reason WCW died. He said despite his differences with the nWo, they had a good thing going and Sting ruined it. He tells Bischoff they have a good thing going now on RAW and Sting is up to his old tricks again.

    Bischoff says they don’t have a good anything going on RAW without a WWE Champion. He then gets frustrated with Show, asking him why he took so long to beat Ziggler last night and bring the WWE Championship to RAW. Show can’t come up with an answer quick enough. Bischoff gets stern telling Show that there’s no excuses for failure and that he better start producing results. He says as far as Sting goes, the reason he’s in the WWE is for his WrestleMania moment and to be entered into the Hall of Fame. Big Show cuts Bischoff off, telling him that he’ll make sure is in no shape from now until WrestleMania to make it to the Hall of Fame nor have a WrestleMania moment. Show says the thing is, Sting just shows up when he wants, who knows when he’ll get another shot at him.

    Bischoff tells him not to worry about that, he knows how to draw Sting out. He says but as far as tonight goes, someone has to pay for Sting’s actions last night. Show tells Bischoff not to worry, if it can’t be Sting tonight, it will be someone else.

    Back out at the commentators booth, JBL is bad mouthing Sting, calling him a traitor and a cancer to the RAW brand, saying he’s the sole reason RAW doesn’t have the WWE Championship in its possession right now. Cole says if anything Sting was protecting the integrity of the WWE Championship, by making sure it wasn’t defended when it’s champion was not at his best. JBL told Cole to watch it and that he was sounding like a communist.

    The first match of the night would be Diva’s Champion, Nikki Bella, against Emma--the contest that was supposed to be for the Diva’s Championship last night. By order of Eric Bischoff, it wouldn’t be for the Diva’s Championship tonight. Emma’s frustration of not getting her chance at the Diva’s Championship last night or tonight was taken out in the match, as she dominated the champ at every turn, at least as much as she could. Between the referee being partial towards Nikki and turning a blind out to Brie interference, as well as Nikki leaving the ring often--it was tough for Emma to finish things. In the end, it would look as though Emma scrapped out a victory, after a sitout scoop slam piledriver, but the referee would reverse the decision, stating Emma’s shoulders were down and Nikki’s were up.

    After the match, Nikki and Brie would gloat as they went up the ramp, giving Emma the “L” sign. Nikki would hold up the Diva’s Championship, saying Emma’s chance at it were over. Emma look extremely irked in the ring.

    Cole would mention how unfair it’s been for Emma to have earned a title shot, only to have it taken away from her, with no explanation. JBL told Cole he has no authority on the matter and that he trusts Bischoff’s better judgment. He says Cole’s perspective has been terrible thus far tonight and that he needs to get it together. Cole would brush it off. Cole would also announce Corey Graves would be in action for the first time on RAW, later tonight. We go to commercial.

    We come back and see Big Show walking in the back, before he’s stopped by Rene Young. She asks Show for a word. Show stops to listen. She mentions Ryback being attacked backstage at TLC last night, after a commanding victory over Show, leading some to believe Show had something to do with it. Show tried to sound believable when he gave the explanation for Ryback beating him so decisively being due to the fact that he knew he’d have a WWE Championship shot had either Ziggler or Lesnar won. He dismisses Ryback as yesterday’s news, saying he’s no longer relevant to him. He finished by asking Rene if he had attacked Ryback what was she or anyone else around there going to do about it. Rene had to answer and Big Show smirked and walked off.

    We go back to the ring and see Cesaro standing there with the “Cesaro Meter” on the screen. We see the accolades Cesaro has accomplished in the last few weeks, with a picture of Titus O’Neil beside them. Cesaro talks about his accomplishments last night and how much fun he had, but says a certain sore loser had to ruin it all. We see a replay of Titus attacking Cesaro after their “Test of Strength” contest. Cesaro brings up the video Titus posted after TLC and tells him to come out and address their unfinished business. Moments go by and instead of Titus coming out, “Some Bodies Gonna Get It” hits and out comes “The World’s Strongest Man.” Henry enters the ring and grabs a mic, before getting in Cesaro’s face.

    Henry says he doesn’t know what Cesaro is trying to pull with his amateur strong man contest and fake records, but it’s pissing him off. He says he’s if Cesaro thinks he’s taking crown as being the strongest man in the WWE, he’s bumped his damn head. Cesaro smiles and interjects, telling Henry he knows all about his reputation and isn’t trying to take any crown. He says but if Henry wants to prove he’s still entitled to his reputation, he’s offering a test of strength challenge next week on RAW. Cesaro extends his hand. Henry looks down at for a few moments and then back up at Cesaro. Henry looks as though he’s about to shake Cesaro’s hand, but instead takes him out with a huge clothesline!

    Cesaro hits the mat hard. Henry goes to the corner and barks at the ref that there’s going to be a match. The ref is hesitant about starting it, until Henry threatens to confront him outside the ring, prompting the ref to call for the start bell. Cesaro would go at Henry quickly, catching him off guard, to start things off. Cesaro and Henry would match in strength throughout the contest, but Cesaro’s agility and speed advantage would give him the advantage in getting in his offense. Cesaro would set Henry up for The Neutralizer, but would get blindsided by a big boot from Titus O’Neil, causing the disqualification.

    After the match, Titus would continue his assault on Cesaro, putting the boots on him. Henry would also join in on the stomp fest. Titus would hit the Class of the Titus on Cesaro, before Henry yelled for Titus to lift Cesaro up. Titus would whip Cesaro towards Henry, who lifted him up for a World’s Strongest Slam. Titus emptied Cesaro’s “Samson’s Spinach” jar onto his face, before tossing it outside the ring. He then did his fraternity sign and bark, as the two assailants stood over Cesaro, while the crowd voiced their displeasure. We head to commercial.

    We return to Emma backstage in Bischoff’s office. She’s frustrated as she asked him what happened at TLC and earlier tonight. Bischoff says it’s no secret the women’s division has been terrible for quite some time now and with him now running RAW, it reflects on him. He says he won’t let the ineptitude of the division tarnish his image and for the meantime, it’s best if Nikki Bella remain champion. Emma exclaims that she’s owed the championship shot she’s owed. Bischoff says she’s right, but the women’s division is bigger than Emma and the Diva’s Championship and Emma will have to learn to be a team player. Emma asks what’s next for her. Bischoff told her she needed to learn patience if she was ever going to make it in the WWE, before dismissing her.

    Back out to the arena, Graves would meet a local competitor from Detroit in the ring. Cena would make his way out and join JBL and Cole on commentary. Graves would cut his eyes over at Cena and slightly shake his head. Graves would begin making quick work of the Detroit native--for a few moments--but turn his back to him, after a crushing shin breaker. He’d go to the ropes to face Cena, who had been discussing Graves throughout the match. Graves would go to the ropes and stare at Cena a little too long. Moments later, the Detroit jobber rolled Graves up from behind for a quick three count. The jobber would make an even quicker escape, as Graves looked down and back, thinking over what just happened. He’d then slowly exited the ring to grab a mic, before walking in front of the announce table.

    Graves told Cena he doesn’t give a damn about meaningless exhibition matches. He says his sole purpose on RAW right now is ridding the WWE of John Cena. He says the WWE hasn’t been the same since Cena took over and that’s a real shame, but things are about to change. He says there’s been others in the past who began the crusade of taking Cena out, but none of them could get the job done. He says they failed because they were bought. He says the difference between them and him is he doesn’t give a damn about the money, the perks, none of that shiny stuff.

    He says he has a certain philosophy about life and John Cena is the antithesis of it. He says to hell with chasing championships right now and to hell with the kids who shouldn’t even be here in the first place. Cena cuts in all loud and fanatical as his usual self. He says he’d been racking his brain trying to figure out Graves’ motive and thanks him for clearing it up. He tells Graves he’s right, many men have tried to knock him off the top and everyone of them have failed. He congratulates Graves on knowing his history. He says he doesn’t agree with Graves’ perspective, but respects the fact that he believes in something so much that he would risk it all to see it fulfilled.

    He stares dead at Graves and tells him, he definitely taking a risk the way he’s been trying him the last few weeks. Cena says despite everything Graves has done over the last few weeks, he can actually look past it all, except for one thing and that’s the dismissal of the young fans of the WWE. Graves face said it all at this point. Cena would start to preach on the kids when Graves turned his back and started walking off. Cena lowered his mic and just stared for a moment before rushing up to Graves, turning him around and decking him in the mouth! Graves would hit the floor and turn around to Cena, as he checked his slightly bloody mouth. Graves would get to his feet, smiling, as he backed up the ramp. Cena would yell that Graves had no respect and that he was about ready to teach him some. We go to another commercial.

    We get an upcoming NXT show ad of NXT Championship number one contender, Kalisto, taking on Elias Samson, Becky Lynch taking on Bayley and NXT Champion Adrian Neville versus Tye Dillinger.

    Backstage, Rene is with Graves. She talks about Graves' choice words for Cena and asks what’s his next step in taking out John Cena. Graves wipes his lip and smirks. He says he doesn’t know if Rene has ever realized it, but John Cena is a bit of a control freak and that what just happened a moment ago was Cena reacting to losing control. He says that’s Cena’s biggest weakness and he’s going to weaponize it and use it to destroy John Cena once and for all, before walking off.

    Back in the ring, we’ve got A Few Words From Bo going, where Bo is talking to his class about resiliency. Bo tells them he won’t make excuses about last night and that he got his ass kicked by Mark Henry. He says all he’s been thinking about since his pay-per-view debut loss is pushing himself harder to be better next time. This would bring out Tyson Kidd, who had a mic and Natalya. Kidd would begin his diatribe on the ramp saying all he’s tired of being around and hearing about losers like Zack Ryder, Bo Dallas and people from Detroit. He and Nattie--who looks less melancholy than last night--get in the ring, and stands beside Bo’s class. Tyson calls Bo a flop and says he’s got nothing of worth to teach anyone and says if anyone could teach his class of losers anything it was him. Bo says he sees Kidd has things to be proud about, things like being the last trainee of the Hart Dungeon and winning his match at TLC last night, but what about Natalya.

    Bo says it seems to him that Natalya is suffering from severe emotional abuse, but he can help with that. He says he can help Kidd too. Kidd looks sincere and tells Bo he’s right and that he and Natty want his help. Bo directs Natalya to a seat in the front row and while Bo is distracted, Kidd begins assaulting him. Bo would turn things around momentarily, nailing Kidd with several hard punches and a big clotheslines. Kidd would fall and get up stumbling, as Bo was prepared for a running big boot attempt to the bent over Kidd. But Kidd would grab Natalya, who was close by, and placed her in Bo’s way, so that he could get away.

    Kidd would scurry away up the ramp to the crowd’s displeasure, leaving a confused looking Nattie behind. Kidd would yell, calling Bo a loser and that there wasn’t anything he could teach him. Bo looked like he wanted some more of Kidd.

    Backstage, we see Heath Slater dressed up in blue jeans, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and no shirt. We get a close-up of him to talking to someone. He says he’s has quite the few hot flings in his lifetime. Quite a few hot gals that were the one, until he found the next one. He laughed. He says but he’s never met anyone that made his heart sing like this and he wants them to be the last woman he gives his heart to. The camera pans out and we see a shiny, dark red acoustic guitar sitting up against the wall in front of Slater. Slater calls it Jo-Ann and tells her let’s go make sweet love in the ring. He grabs her and walks off. We head to commercial.

    During commercial, Slater sang and played us a few notes on Jo-Ann, to a song he called “The Best Red He’s Ever Had.” We come back and Slater and Ryder are involved in a singles match. Ryder would maintain most of the momentum in this one, with Slater getting two short runs of offense. It looked as though Ryder was about to win via pinfall after hitting the Rough Ryder on Slater, when Big Show yanked him out of the ring by his ankle. Ryder would get in a few blows, before being whipped into two sets of stairs and chokeslammed on the ramp.

    Show walked off, but stopped at the top of the ramp and turned around to inflict more pain. He grabbed Ryder by the neck and stood him up, looking around the arena and towards the back to let us know he could do anything he wanted and no one was going to stop him. He grinned from ear-to-ear as he lifted Ryder high in the air and rammed him into the cold metal again with a crushing Chokeslam. No trainers came out to check on Ryder as Show disappeared to the back.

    Cole stated it was clear Zack Ryder was the target of Bischoff’s and Big Show’s wrath tonight and how he was an innocent victim who had nothing to do with how things ended at TLC last night. JBL told Cole to stop whining and that Ryder was a grown man who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He said order that Sting disturbed needed to be restored and Show did that. He said if Ryder was the guinea pig--tough on him.

    A vignette airs of the camera panning over diplomas, awards and trophies, all with David Otunga’s name on them. We then see Otunga looking up at them admirably, from the side. He says unbeknownst to most of the WWE Universe, winners win more than just WWE championships. He says just take a look… before you are the decorations of a world-class winner. He says not only is the WWE Universe not as smart as him, but they’ll never win like him either, but soon, they’ll be able to live vicariously through him. He has an arrogant smirk on his face as he looks down at his flexing bicep. We go to commercial.

    Back from break, Fandango and R-Truth engaged in a rather competitive singles match, after they were done trying to outdo each other with dance moves. Fandango would get the pinfall after Beauty In Motion.

    After the match, Fandango went over to the announce table and questioned JBL his criticalness of his dancing. Fandango asked JBL if he was jealous. JBL denied it and told Fandango he was wasting his prime on foolishness. Fandango said JBL was jealous and challenged him to a dance off next RAW. JBL instantly declined, saying he was well-respected broadcaster who didn’t engage in idiotic things like that. Fandango told JBL he was jealous and stiff and could never bust a move like him. Fandango danced off with Rosa, leaving JBL red in the face, as he berated Fandango about squandering his opportunity with nonsense. Cole says he thinks JBL is a little jealous and a little stiff. But quickly segments to an update where he says he’s been told Intercontinental Champion, Luke Harper, will be coming out next to address Eric Bischoff and the WWE Universe. Cole talks up the brutal contest between Harper and Sheamus and mentions Sheamus being out for the next several months due to an injury at the hands of Harper. JBL says it was great seeing a guy like Harper, who reminded him of himself, just completely beat the hell out of Sheamus and walk out of TLC a proud Intercontinental Champion. Cole says he’s not sure if Harper should be proud of winning via count-out, but JBL cuts him off, blasting him about never doing anything competitive in his life and not knowing what it takes to win. He says you win anyway you can. We head to our final break.

    We come back and Harper comes out walking like he was in a battle last night, as the Intercontinental Championship is draped across his shoulder. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says he keeps hearing this talk about RAW not having the WWE Championship and how that seems to be a big issue. He says normally you could say that, but not with him as RAW’s Intercontinental Champion. He says one of the many things he learned from his brother Bray Wyatt, was about the superficial titles people love to adore. He says he’s already beaten the current WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler, to win this (he holds the IC belt up). He says and last night, he proved he was more than worthy, when he annihilated Sheamus and sent him running back to Ireland.

    He tells the Detroit crowd that they’re looking at the true WWE world champion. He says they’re looking at a man with a unique blend of cerebralness, grit and ability that hasn’t been seen all in one body in a very long time. He says and that’s the reason why Eric Bischoff should turn his eyes off the WWE Championship and on the him, the man that can get it done like no one else around. He says he knows Bischoff is a man that places value in titles and in due time, he’ll bring the WWE Championship he covets so much back to RAW. But in the meantime, he asks Bischoff to put his trust in him, the same way he himself put his trust in Bray Wyatt. He says he assures him, RAW will reign supreme because of it.

    Dean Ambrose’s theme would hit to a loud joyous reaction. He’d come down and grab a mic before standing across the ring from Harper. Ambrose says he’s not exactly sorry about interrupting this existential moment Harper is having but he’s in possession of something that he wants, badly. He says that Intercontinental Championship that he’s looking past is something he respects and will gladly take from him, any place, anywhere, even right now. Harper drops his head a moment and shakes it.

    He tells Ambrose despite all the miracle transformation his brother Bray could cause in people, Ambrose was not one of them. He says Ambrose and he are similar in many ways, but the difference between them is he has self-control, whereas Ambrose was a loose cannon, who will always be a misstep away from crashing and burning. He says it’s the reason he’ll never hold this (holds up the IC belt). Ambrose says Harper may have stopped being one of Bray Wyatt’s lackeys, but he’s still as brainwashed as ever if he thinks he won’t kick his ass good enough to take the Intercontinental Championship from him. Harper remains calm, while Ambrose gets riled up for a physical confrontation. That’s when Bischoff’s theme hit. Bischoff comes out with Big Show to his side and says he heard everything Harper said and admitted he never realized their was so much intelligence behind that exterior.

    He says perhaps there is something that can be developed between the two of them soon. He says but as of now, there’s an unpredictable element of chaos that’s really bothering him, that could cause problems for him in trying to make RAW the superior brand. He says that high risk asset is Dean Ambrose. He says despite his lack of trust in Ambrose, he is a businessman and have become successful from taking risks. He says and considering the fact that Ambrose wants to be Intercontinental Champion so bad, he’ll give him that opportunity against Luke Harper--if he can win a number one contender’s match against a man who wants it as equally bad. Curtis Axel’s theme hit and out he came to the ring.

    Axel’s execution and precision in the ring matched Ambrose’s unorthodox, cannonball style to a grid-lock. After several nearfalls behind each men’s signature moves and high impact counters, Ambrose would go to a place mentally where he’d either crash and burn to his benefit or Axel’s. After a several moments of pure chaotic offense, Ambrose would hit the Dirty Deeds on Axel and was moments away from getting a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, when Harper drilled Axel in the head with a hard kick. The referee would call for the bell. Harper would quickly turn his attention to Ambrose and began mauling him, before putting him in the gator roll. Bischoff and Show, who remained on the ramp the entire match, were loving the scene.

    A few moments later, Axel was up and instead of taking out revenge on Harper, he joined Harper in the assault on Ambrose. He would hold Ambrose on his knees, as Harper punched away at his face. Harper would walk back from his onslaught and grab his Intercontinental Championship, as the still defiant Ambrose had a bit of fight left. Harper instructed Axel to hold The Lunatic Fringe up for a knockout belt shot to the head. Just as soon as it seemed all hope was lost for Ambrose, big ole’ Erick Rowan would make his return, coming over the audience barricade and entering the ring. Axel would go after Rowan first, but would catch a big boot for his trouble! Harper would strike Rowan in the back with the belt, which only made Big Red flinch.

    Rowan would block Harper next blow and started raining down clobbering shots on the champ, knocking him back, before whipping him into the opposite ropes for a waist-lift sitout side slam setup, but Harper ducked down and rolled out of the ring before Rowan could make contact. Harper remained calm, yet his face was full of evil intent. He called Rowan a boy and told him he’d return him to ruin if that’s what he wanted. Rowan checked on Ambrose, as we saw a quick glance at Bischoff looking disgusted. The last seen was of Harper with a sadistic slight grin on his face, as RAW goes off the air.
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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    December 16, 2014
    Detroit, MI
    (12/16 pre-recording hours earlier)

    Paige versus Alicia Fox was a draw. The ref ruled both women’s shoulders were down during the pin. Both women would get testy with the referee post-match.

    Backstage, Rene interviews Curtis Axel. She brings up Axel showing up a lot recently when Bischoff needs a dirty job done and asks what his relationship is with the RAW general manager. Axel would take offense with a verbal and physical reaction, but before he could speak, Zack Ryder would come into frame. Ryder said he could answer that for Rene. He says just like Big Show, Axel is Eric’s b****! This would instantly trigger Axel, who got into a scuffle with The Ultimate Broski. Backstage crew would break the guys up after a momentarily heated exchange.

    We get a RAW rewind of Mark Henry confronting Cesaro about his feats of strength accolades, before an impromptu match between the two would end with Titus O’Neil kicking Cesaro’s head off, ending in a 2-on-1 assault on Cesaro.

    In singles action, Titus O’Neil would defeat his ex-Slater Gator teammate, after Eva Marie would come to the ring and distract Heath Slater. After the match, Eva would get in Slater’s face and yell at him about replacing her with Jo-Ann (she didn’t call the guitar that.) Slater would have a cheesy expression on his face, like he knew he was wrong, before Eva smacked it off of him and stormed away. Slater would go to Jo-Ann and strum her chords, with his eyes closed--singing--as he slowly walked up the ramp.

    Backstage, Fandango and Rosa Mendes are dancing. Fandango says JBL is so jealous that his hips aren’t as flexible as his and that at next week’s RAW, he was going to do JBL’s famous “Texas Two-Step” better than he ever has. He and Rosa look to really be enjoying their dancing.

    The ring action would continue with R-Truth scoring a victory over Tyson Kidd, after Kidd was distracted by Bo Dallas coming down to the ring and sharing some literature with Natalya, who appeared to be welcoming to the kind gesture. Bo grinned as he walked away, as Kidd was laid out in the ring. Natalya stared down at her information and Kidd with confliction.

    We get a look back at Luke Harper’s manifesto for Eric Bischoff and the WWE Universe last night.

    In the main event, Zack Ryder and Curtis Axel would put on a nice back-and-forth showing for the Detroit crowd, but another victory would be snatched away from Ryder as Axel would be victorious after a fast-counted roll-up. After the match, Ryder would question the ref about his decision, who wouldn’t seem to have much of an explanation. Axel would make his up the ramp, looking quite smug.
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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    December 19, 2014
    Grand Rapids, MI

    We get a series of still shots from the WWE Championship TLC main event, with audio being plugged in for the significant moments of the match. It would end with the worn out WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler, having his hand raised in victory.

    The defending WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler, would make his way down to the ring, with a much lighter countenance upon him. Ziggler would take a moment to receive the Grand Rapids adulation before reminding everyone that he did what he said he would do and that’s enter Suplex City and walk out still WWE Champion. He said he may not have kicked Lesnar’s ass like he said he would, but that a win's a win and that the reason he’s still got this [he raises the WWE Championship in the air]. The crowd gives above moderate level adoration for this. Seconds later, Money In The Bank briefcase holder, Seth Rollins and J&J Security would make their way to the ring. Rollins stood a few feet from the champ smiling and taking a look at the WWE Championship on Ziggler’s shoulder, before telling him he’s not off the hook. Rollins says yet again, Ziggler needed help to retain the WWE Championship, courtesy of The Undertaker getting involved in his match and laying out Brock Lesnar because Dolph Ziggler sure couldn’t do it.

    Rollins says but he’s not out there to talk about that. He says he’s out there to discuss who’s next in line for the WWE Championship and he says there’s no one else on Smackdown qualified to challenge for the WWE Championship than him. Next out would be United States Champion, Rusev, with Lana. In the ring, Rusev would stand across the champ and the money in the bank briefcase holder, looking at them both. Lana would retrieve a mic for them. She would tell Ziggler and Rollins, that neither of them can compare to her brute Rusev and that if Rusev wanted to, he could take Rollins’ briefcase and Ziggler’s title. She says it’s plain to see no one on Smackdown is worthy enough to challenge for the US Championship, so Rusev is already moving to higher heights and is coming for the WWE Championship now. Daniel Bryan’s music would hit to a loud delight of the crowd. Lana, Rusev and Rollins weren’t happy at Bryan’s arrival.

    Bryan soaked up the crowd for a few moments before telling Rusev there was someone worthy enough to challenge for his US Championship and it was him. Lana and Rusev laughed. Bryan said he didn’t come out here to talk about that though, he said since everyone is putting their name in the hat to be the next man to face Ziggler for the WWE Championship, he says he will too, considering the fact that he never truly lost the championship. Rollins steps up and tells Bryan he’s already told him once that heis time is past and that there's a new man on top now, one in which he nor anyone else in the ring can compete with and that’s him. Rollins rattles his head and laughs. The others stare at him. The next to come out would be Bad News Barrett. He would have a mic in-hand as he told them he’s sorry but he has some bad news. He says he’s heard all of their cases of why they should be considered the next number one contender for the WWE Championship and unfortunately none of them hold any weight.

    Barrett steps through the ropes. He says if anyone should be competing for the WWE Championship right now, it should be him. He says he’s way overdue and well more than qualified. He says the UK has never produced a WWE Champion, but the time has finally come with Bad News Barrett. Lastly, Angle would come out to the ring to sort things out.

    He says after hearing each of the four competitors case to challenge for the WWE Championship next, he’s decided to put them all in a six-pack challenge in tonight’s main event. He says the four of them will be joined by the winning tag team of tonight’s tag team Beat The Clock Challenge. He says here on Smackdown, not only is the WWE and United States Championship important, but so is the Tag Team Championship and soon to be reestablished Cruiserweight Championship. He says and considering the fact that it’s now Royal Rumble season, not only will the winning team of the Beat The Clock Tournament be in tonight’s six-pack challenge main event, but they’ll be the first two of fifteen Smackdown competitors to qualify for the rumble. He says and every match, besides tonight’s six-pack challenge, will be a Royal Rumble qualifying match until Smackdown has fifteen representatives.

    Angle drops leaves the ring to his music playing. Ziggler dips out of the ring, looking at the four men in the ring as he walks off. Rollins, Rusev, Bryan and Barrett all stare at each other, as we went to our first commercial.

    In the ring, The New Day’s Kofi would be going at it with Epico. [The Colón's have dropped Los Matadores gimmick] After a testy contest, where both teams had to be put in timeout by the ref several times, The Colón's would knock off The New Day at 5:28. The shocked New Day would head to the back, as The Colón's smirked. Next out would be The Uso’s. Lot of really good chemistry and wrestling was displayed here with frequent tags. However, after being cut off from the ring for several minutes, Epico would make the hot tag to Primo, who would score the win for his team shortly after at 5:06. Next out were The Miz & Mizdow.

    Miz would be yapping at Mizdow their entire way down to the ring, with Mizdow just taking it. Mizdow would do most of the work for his team, with Miz yelling instructions for the corner. However, Miz would tag himself in at opportune times to pick the bones of his opponent, before tagging back out when he’d lost his advantage. Even still, it would appear Epico & Primo were about to advance again, before The New Day would return to the ring and cost them their chance, attacking the cousins. Miz would demand Mizdow tag him in, who hesitated a bit, causing Miz to bark even louder. Miz would be tagged in and would score the pinfall for his team at 4:12. Miz celebrated as if he’s already won the tournament.

    The last team out was Goldust & Stardust, another pair with their own set of problems recently. However, it the Rhodes brothers would be in sync enough to handle Miz and Mizdow at 4:04.

    After the match, Goldust tried to celebrate with Stardust, but Stardust would walk away and leave the ring. Goldust would slump his shoulders and face, as he slightly shook his head. We head to our next commercial.

    Back from break, we see Angle with an unknown cruiserweight (T.J. Perkins). Angle tells him tonight, he’ll get his chance to go out there and prove he belongs in Smackdown’s cruiserweight division, let alone the WWE. He tells Perkins not to let him down. Perkins tells Angle he worked his butt off to get there and that no way was he about to disappoint now. Angle nodded and told Perkins to go get em, as Perkins walked off.

    Back to the arena, Perkins would head down to the ring and await his opponent. Several moments would go by, when the lights went off. Seconds later, Chris Jericho’s theme hit and out he came to the ring. There was a loud roar for his return. In the ring, Perkins didn’t looked rattled, but rather poised as Jericho entered the ring. During the contest, Perkins really showcased his offense, with Angle not putting any restriction on his talent. Even still, after a few close calls, the veteran Jericho would put roster hopeful away with the Codebreaker.

    After the match, Jericho would go to Perkins, who was sitting down on his butt and give him a hand up. Jericho would have a few words with him, which Perkins seemed to receive well, before Jericho raised Perkins arm, after the rookie appeared to have earned the respect of the legend.

    Backstage, Finn Bálor is being interviews by Byron Saxton. Bálor tells Saxton that he doesn’t know what was up Gulak’s butt last week, but he’s going to sort him out soon. He says he’s not sure, but maybe Gulak find him to be some soft guy or something and a guy with a supposed gritty reputation such as his doesn’t respect him. He says he don’t let the good looking face and swimmer’s physique fool you Gulak or anyone here on Smackdown [he looks into the camera]. He says he was the leader of the one and only Bullet Club, a faction no softie could ever imagine being apart of. He says but that was his Japan days and he’s now in the present and as for the present, the next time he and Drew Gulak shared the same space, it’ll be him laying on his arse. Bálor walks off. We head to commercial.

    Back from break, Goldust is trying to talk some sense into Stardust. He pleads with his brother to not only be on the same page with him in the ring, but outside it. He says tonight might be the last WWE Championship opportunity he ever gets. He tells Stardust that they have twice the chance as everyone else in the six-pack challenge to walk out the next number one contender for the WWE Championship and begs Stardust to work as a team with him for the Rhode’s name. Stardust looks at Goldust and after a few moments yells at Goldust about being selfish and only being concerned about gaining a WWE Championship for himself. Goldust exhales and goes to explain how Stardust had it all wrong, when Rollins approaches them by himself. He looks around before speaking low to them, trying to work out a deal.

    He tells them if they work with him in their match tonight and ensure he walks out the new number one contender, he’ll do them a real solid. He’ll make them his newest associates and make sure they get the future opportunities they deserve. Goldust exclaims how they wanted nothing to do with Rollins’ plans and that they’d be gunning for him just like everyone else in the match tonight. Stardust shook his head at Goldust and mentioned how Goldust was speaking for the both of them now. Stardust reiterated how Goldust was selfish, before walking off. Rollins looked at Goldust and cackled before walking off as well.

    Back in the ring, Drew Gulak would take on Rey Mysterio, who’d be in his first ring action in over eight months. Rey’s ring rust would show, as Gulak would attack Mysterio straight away. Gulak’s tenacity and technical prowess would slow and keep Mysterio grounded for most of the match, until Mysterio went on a late run of offense. Just as it appeared Mysterio was going to put Gulak away, the tides changed after a big miscalculation by Rey. Gulak would target the knee Mysterio had just recovered from, which brought out Bálor. Bálor would confront Gulak on the apron for a few moments, before Mysterio would catch Gulak distracted. However, this was after Gulak struck Bálor, knocking him back and when Bálor recovered, he instantly struck what he thought was Gulak, instead striking Mysterio, which allowed Gulak to pick up the win over the veteran.

    After the match, Bálor looked frustrated with Gulak, who was already backing up the ramp. He thought to give chase, but was more immediately concerned with costing Mysterio his match. Bálor looked upset about attacking Rey and gave apologetic body language as well as through words, which could be read on his lips. Mysterio rubbed his neck and gave Bálor a nod, as they both looked up at Gulak who was happy with himself up on the stage.

    We get a clip of The Wyatt Compound, with Bray breathing heavily and looking out a peephole in his door. Bray springs from the door and stands with a more confident posture, telling himself he was a god and need not be afraid of a mere man. He goes on boasting himself up for a few moments when he hears a noise that makes lose all his confidence again and quickly return to the peephole. Moments later we hear “ahhhhahhh.” Bray goes frozen before slowly lifting off the door and turning around. The camera pans up and we see Adam Rose sitting on the second second of the barn, with his legs dangling. He looks down at Bray and tells him he’s been a bad boy.

    He hops down and stands to the side of Bray, who stands still and looks down. Rose’s voice goes between sounding like Rose and Kruger. Rose asks Bray if he remembers the last conversation they had in this place. Bray slowly nods his head. Rose smiles and says he does to, as he walks to the other side of Bray. He says it was here that Bray decided their family would go to the WWE and use her to spread their message. He says but Bray didn’t keep his word. He says he went out and brought Bray more followers and returned to no family of his own.

    He says after the loneliness and despair sat in good, all the work Bray had done on him began to unravel and he found it hard to control “it.” Bray flinched, looking at Rose smiling at him. Rose said he fought to hard to control “it” that something miraculously happened, something split inside him, creating what Bray sees now as Adam Rose. He laughs maniacally. He puts his arm around Bray and shakes him a bit and pokes Bray’s nose. He says now they can pick up where they left off, he, Adam, Bray and his Rosebuds and they can be the family they’ve always wanted. Bray pulls away from Rose and walks off a bit, looking unnerved. Rose slowly approaches Bray, asking him what’s wrong, in an unsettling manner.

    He asks Bray if he left him behind because of Sister Abigail. It looks like Bray is triggered and he clutches down on his rocking chair. Rose expresses in a hyper manner, how what happened with Sister Abigail was an accident and that Bray acknowledged this fact himself. Rose reminded Bray that he said they would embrace Sister Abigail’s memory and use her words to go out and bring people out of the darkness. Bray goes to mumble on Rose’s darkness and looks up shaking his head as if forgetting Rose was standing there. Bray looks down at Rose, who’s staring at him with a crazed look. Bray puts his hands on Rose’s cheeks and tells him he is family and it’s time he’d rejoin the flock. Bray tries to put on a look of confidence, as Rose puts his hands on Bray’s before letting out a deranged “tata.”

    We head to commercial.

    Back now, Swagger is taking on Darren Young in singles action. Earlier in the night, Swagger was getting down on himself about his disappointing showing last week and how he almost got kidnapped by Bray Wyatt like some pathetic loser. Colter tried to raise Swagger’s spirits, telling him the important thing is it didn’t happen and that he’s got this week to get things back on track. Zeb reminds Jack that he made a declaration to Daniel Bryan on draft night about how he was going to be a different Jack Swagger on Smackdown. Zeb started to light a fire under Jack and told him to shake off the self-doubt and shape up like a real American is supposed to do. Zeb says Swagger has all the talent in the world to have been one of the qualifiers for the six-pack challenge tonight, but that’s OK because Swagger’s going to work hard until he reclaims the spot he deserves and then no one will be able to over him. Swagger has his game face on after the short speech.

    Back to the action, Swagger would make quick work of Young, not letting him get any momentum going, before getting the pinfall.

    After the match, Swagger and Zeb would lead Grand Rapids in a “We The People” chant.

    We get a replay of last night’s NXT show where Becky Lynch defeated Bayley and joined the running of the next contender for the NXT Women’s Championship as well as Kalisto defeating Elias Samson, before being attacked by Adrian Neville to close the show.

    Backstage, Miz is fussing at Mizdow again about being the weak link in their team and how much of a disappointment Mizdow is. Angle comes up and says he can hear Miz yelling all the way down the hall. Miz tells Angle he’s trying to have a conversation with his pupil and Angle’s interrupting. Angle tells Mizdow he doesn’t know why he puts up with Miz. Miz takes offense and tries to chew Angle a new one. But Angle quickly cuts him off and says he knows something that help get their relationship sorted. He says next week, Miz and Mizdow will go one-on-one for a spot in the Royal Rumble, before walking off. Miz smiles and so does Misdow. Mis yells at Mizdow, asking him what’s he smiling about. Mizdow’s smile dissipates, but slightly returns when Miz turns his head.

    In the main event, Rollins would remain a spectator, outside the ring with J&J Security, to start the match. Meanwhile, Rusev and Stardust made a temporary partnership to jump Bryan, while Barrett and Goldust battled it out. Midway through the match, Rollins had gotten himself involved into the contest a few moments ago and went after the vulnerable Bryan, who was in the ring with Barrett, who was in the corner collecting himself. Rollins pin on Bryan would be broken up by Barrett. The two would go at it, before Barrett sent Rollins flying outside the ring. Soon after, Rusev would re-enter and he and Barrett got into a physical test of wills. Barrett held his own, until Goldust re-entered and went on a burst of offense against both the Brit and Bulgarian brute.

    Goldust would send Barrett to the mat, before failing to do the same to Rusev, who splattered Gold’s dust all over the ring. Late in the match, after a Rusev run through of every other man in the match, Bryan would unleash a fury of offense on Rusev before sending him to the outside. Bryan would go to dive out of the ring to take Rusev all the way down, but reconsidered and stepped outside to the apron and took Rusev out with a much safer maneuver. Stardust would watch Goldust take beating from Rollins, before turning his attention to a groggy Barrett, whom he tried to hit his finisher on, while everyone else was occupied. Barrett would avoid it with a devastating counter, putting Stardust down for a while. Barrett would then take it to Rollins, whom he and Goldust non verbally decided to double-team and remove from the equation. After Rollins was taken out, Barrett and Goldust went to blows, before a series of tense back and forth led to Barrett nailing Goldust with the Bull Hammer Elbow for the pinfall.

    After the match, Barrett was elated as his arm was raised as the new WWE Championship number one contender. Ziggler music would hit and he’d step onto the stage and clap for Barrett. Barrett would stare up at Ziggler before going to retrieve a mic and walking to the edge of the ramp. Barrett would tell Ziggler that he’s got some bad news for him. He says at the Royal Rumble, Ziggler’s streak of good fortune would be coming to an end and that there would be no “Rocky Balboa” sensation in Philadelphia, because he was walking into their match the favorite and leaving with the consensus expectation--as the new WWE Champion. Barrett pointed up at Ziggler, as Ziggler raised the WWE Championship above his head. Smackdown goes off the air.

    Philadelphia, PA

    WWE Championship
    Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Wade Barrett

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    The Ascension (c) vs. Goldust & Stardust

    (##?) Royal Rumble Match

    **Smackdown Royal Rumble qualifiers: Goldust, Stardust, Chris Jericho, Jack Swagger & Drew Gulak.**
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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    December 20, 2014
    Grand Rapids, MI
    (12/20 pre-recording hours earlier)

    In the opening match, Big E and Kofi would defeat The Colón’s after the ref missed some shenanigans by Woods. The New Day taunted The Colón’s after the win, as they headed up the ramp. The Colón’s looked really annoyed in the ring.

    We see The Miz running down a game-plan with Mizdow about his match with Jack Swagger tonight. Mizdow seems to be zoning out, as Miz would call him on it. Miz reminded Mizdow that Kurt Angle may have handed Mizdow an opportunity that should’ve already been his, but that Mizdow needs to remember who else he’s contractually obligated to and that it’d be in his best interest to remember it.

    We get a replay of of the Bray Wyatt and Adam Rose confrontation at The Wyatt Family compound.

    Sin Cara def. T.J. Perkins in an exciting, high-flying contest. TJP would show-off too much during the match, which cost him the victory. He looked disappointed in himself at the end of the match, realizing his mistake.

    We get a recap of Bad News Barrett’s big night on Smackdown, where he came the #1 Contender to the WWE Championship.

    In the main event, Jack Swagger def. The Miz. Swagger was impressive the entire match, as he appeared to be really focused. Miz would hold his own however, but would succumb to defeat, after Sandow refused to tip the odds in his favor. Miz tried to rip Sandow yet another new one, but Sandow ignored him and pandered to the crowd as he left up the ramp. Miz was beyond pissed, as he stood at the bottom of the ramp, frozen in anger. End of show.

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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    Just a few comments based off of what I have read so far. First I like you overall presentation. It's nothing flashy but it is easy to read and not too much. Now just a few comments based off Smackdown and Superstars:

    The Rose/Wyatt angle is fantastic. I was always a fan of the Leo Kruger character so seeing that being slowly brought back is great. One deranged man fighting another is good. It seems like it can be quite a great feud.

    TJP joining Smackdown is great! However, not a fan of him losing his first two matches. While I did like the storytelling behind him vs. Jericho (similar to Angle/Cena somewhat) I feel like he needs to pick up that win over Sin Cara. I get what your trying to portray but a losing streak right now is not what he needs.

    I was also a tad bit confused as to why Stardust and Goldust would be in the main event after winning earlier. They have a match set for the Rumble, are already in the Rumble so realistically they have zero chance of winning and also being in the WWE Championship match. Would have much rather seen Gulak and Balor there.

    But on that note I love Barrett for being chosen and Ziggler being your current champion. Two underrated talents. My one fear though is with Ziggler beating Lesnar in such dramatic fashion one has to believe Ziggler keeps the title till WrestleMania to give him that mega star power which is Fine, but now creating another superstar on the same level as Lesnar to take it off of him may be difficult.

    Other little things love the push of Swagger and can't wait for the Mizdow turn which I expect at the Rumble.

    I wish I could provide more, but I'm not completely caught up. I will say the big thing that sticks out with Raw is Corey Graves/Cena program. I'm really excited for that. Otunga vignettes are creative and the Divas division has plenty of potential but still needs to grow.

    Good luck I'll be reading!
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    Re: WWE 2015: Justice, Yes! Mercy

    Thank you RR31.

    Quote Originally Posted by RatedR31 View Post
    The Rose/Wyatt angle is fantastic. I was always a fan of the Leo Kruger character so seeing that being slowly brought back is great. One deranged man fighting another is good. It seems like it can be quite a great feud.
    Yeah, this angle is a treat for me as well. Hopefully I can do something worthwhile with the two and have both characters come out better for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by RatedR31 View Post
    TJP joining Smackdown is great! However, not a fan of him losing his first two matches. While I did like the storytelling behind him vs. Jericho (similar to Angle/Cena somewhat) I feel like he needs to pick up that win over Sin Cara. I get what your trying to portray but a losing streak right now is not what he needs.
    I'm a fan of TJP, so having lose so early in his career is tough, but it's building towards an angle I'm starting his WWE career out with. Hopefully I can bring you around to why it was a good idea soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by RatedR31 View Post
    I was also a tad bit confused as to why Stardust and Goldust would be in the main event after winning earlier. They have a match set for the Rumble, are already in the Rumble so realistically they have zero chance of winning and also being in the WWE Championship match. Would have much rather seen Gulak and Balor there.
    Remember, Angle is trying to push all the SD divisions and wanted to reward the winners of the tag team beat the clock match, by not only giving them tag team championship matches at the Rumble, but putting them in the rumble and giving them a shot to be #1 contender's for the WWE Championship. Balor and Gulak aren't on that level in my BTB and I plan to build them in the cruiserweight division for the immediate future. I know it seems like the CW division got jilted there, but their weight class is an exception to the rule. I haven't gotten to the point of the Rey Mysterio's challenging the heavyweights...just yet...

    Quote Originally Posted by RatedR31 View Post
    But on that note I love Barrett for being chosen and Ziggler being your current champion. Two underrated talents. My one fear though is with Ziggler beating Lesnar in such dramatic fashion one has to believe Ziggler keeps the title till WrestleMania to give him that mega star power which is Fine, but now creating another superstar on the same level as Lesnar to take it off of him may be difficult.
    I'm really enjoying Ziggler's push too and I'm delighted to give Barrett a push I feel he deserves. Stay tuned on how it all unfolds...

    Quote Originally Posted by RatedR31 View Post
    Other little things love the push of Swagger and can't wait for the Mizdow turn which I expect at the Rumble.
    Yeah, everything is time and place. I hope to capture the right moment for everything...

    Quote Originally Posted by RatedR31 View Post
    I wish I could provide more, but I'm not completely caught up. I will say the big thing that sticks out with Raw is Corey Graves/Cena program. I'm really excited for that. Otunga vignettes are creative and the Divas division has plenty of potential but still needs to grow.
    I hope to portray the Cena/Graves angle as a bigger deal, as I want to establish Graves as a rising star. I have a unique (not another Punk) story I want to tell with him and hopefully I can deliver. I'm happy about the Otunga return. And probably the biggest development cooking is the diva's division--you'll see.

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