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Thread: Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread

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    Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread

    Promos are due Sunday the 19th of March at Midnight Pacific. This is Monday the 20th of March at 3AM Eastern and 7AM British. If you need an extension, please request one via PM or in the Promo Discussion thread. Deadline to ask for one is Saturday the 18th of March at Midnight Pacific. Any requests for extension made past this deadline will be automatically denied.

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    Re: Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread


    Danny Toner: ďThatís fucking somethiní, eh Jermaine?Ē

    Tonerís wired eyes dart over towards what can only be described as a breathing lump. Someone is slumped over the dirty bar top, face buried into his arms, breathing erratically. Toner slams his beer bottle on the countertop and shouts out.

    Danny Toner: ďEH JERMAINE!Ē

    The lump Ė Jermaine Ė shoots up and starts bumbling unintelligibly. A weird whistling sound emits from the gaps in between his crooked, mangled teeth at the start and end of his sentences.

    Jermaine: ďYaíll know I say to Injun Tommy down on 23rd about that damn, there meth. I says he ainít cookiní it right cause it ainít got the sparkle like those biker-Ē

    Danny Toner: ďShut your black ass up Jermaine and look at what Iím showiní ya.Ē

    Toner points his beer bottle to the television screen that just so happens to be conveniently playing a rerun of Fight Night and guess what? The segment involving Toner and Fight Night General Manager Ashley OíRyan is on the battered plasma screen.

    Danny Toner: ďHeís giving me a shot Jermaine, your plan worked Ė Iím back in the FWA!Ē

    Jermaine: ďBut-Ē

    Danny Toner: ďAlas, I have to wage war with the notorious Blaze Brothers. Stan and Fred, the young duo that strike fear into the hearts of men the country over. The headlining act. Hell if it wasnít for Main Event Mike, these two young whippersnappers would be the draw on every single card.Ē

    Jermaine: ďSo they good?Ē

    Danny Toner: ďNo, theyíre fucking shit Jermaine. I remember those two bitches, they ran out of the company with their tails between their legs when they realised they were out of their depth. I mean who the fuck just ups and leaves like that???Ē

    Jermaine: ďUh..Ē

    Danny Toner: ďSo now I gotta go through these two, little, spotty dickheads to get my freakiní job back but ya know what? I regress. Iíll run Ashleyís race right enough but as soon as I get over the finish line Iím going to seriously, seriously upend the place. You know what it is Jermaine, man? Iíve always thought FWA was my strongest drug, the thing I need but you know what Iíve come to realise? The FWA needs me man. They, for once, NEED me. Thereís a reason I can disappear for months and still have the fans chant my name when I show up uninvited. Those chants drown out any corporate bullshit about how I ainít got the right look, the right attitude and how I donít say the right things. The satisfying thing is that soon, theyíre gonna be forced to admit it and face their worst nightmare. Man, I might even do a Cyrus on it and drop in on the stiffs when theyíre looking at their post-Back In Business figures and first-hand hear them say the words they are going to detest themselves for sayiní; Danny Toner is a draw. The numbers wonít lie and ya know what? Back In Business is what itís all about really. Last year I got put on a pedestal and got to fight my career rival in a one on one match and itís probably my most famous match, the year before I got my first ever taste of championship gold with Christian. This year? Who knows? Maybe Kazadi wants to even the score on the grand stage. Maybe Iíll win my first ever singles championship. Maybe Iíll go into the main event as the Carnel Contender. Hell, I might even snap the fucking streak

    Danny is getting animated now as he tears off his leather jacket to reveal a dirty, grey wifebeater. He hops up onto the bar Ė the barman doesnít even look his direction, heís too busy snorting cocaine Ė and continues his tirade, beating his fist against his heart.

    Danny Toner: ďSay whatever the hell ya like but thereís one thing you cannot deny and thatís that Iíve got freakiní fight in me like no other man. I got heart. I got my own beliefs Ė yeah I gotta belief Ė the belief that every man deserves chances, the belief that you fight for what you want, the belief that just because you wear a suit that donít make you any better than ME! I get it, I freaking get it. You guys gotta do shit right. You guys canít be seen to take chance after chance on someone that is so against the grain, a supposed PR nightmare and a loose cannon. You guys got a company to run. Run your company but you canít run DANNY FUCKING TONER!Ē

    Toner has his fist raised in the air as he stands atop the bar, breathing heavily, coked out of his mind. The barman disappeared at some stage during his rant and it appears Jermaine has fallen back asleep. Danny jumps down on the bar side of the counter and helps himself to a bottle of beer.

    Danny Toner: ďUngrateful assholes.Ē

    Toner opens the bottle with the side of the counter and takes a long hearty swig. Danny looks at Jermaine who is asleep on the bar, his eyes widen as Jermaine cocks a leg and lets out a thunderous fart. Danny immediately spits the beer out in disgust and immediately begins retching and running for the door. Toner crashes out the door of the dive bar screaming at the top of his lungsÖ


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    Re: Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread

    Sitting at the counter of a Waffle House, dressed in full wrestling attire and garnering quite a few confused and suspicious glares, the man with the three-letters-at-the-end-of-the-alphabet name ruffles his fork through some moist waffles packed with syrup and off-brand butter. XYZ is silent, looking down at the not-so-appealing midnight meal and getting lost in his own mind.

    It's just a night after the supershow, when he felt it was a sure thing he'd win the X Championship. He felt he was due for it, and he felt the fans all behind him. When he limped his way to the backstage, turning a blind eye to Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird's celebration, some fan shouted complimentary words to him.

    "At least you got some spots, XYZ! It's better than Tommy Thunder!"

    It was more a rib on Thunder, though, who made his way to the back seemingly unharmed after being in the match but somehow not taking a single bump.

    XYZ shuffled his feet below the counter. His wrestling boots have stayed on ever since the match. Same for his purple cape tied around his neck and silver jump-suit-looking singlet. XYZ's curly sandy brown hair dangles around his ears as his eyes barely stay open.

    "XYZ, aren't you going to change out your clothes?"
    the attendant asked minutes after the match. XYZ, though, just kept walking. All he remembers is not saying a word to anyone. Only thing he's said is "a pair of skillet bread dough with square indents in them, a biscuit sliced down the middle with a sausage patty between the halves, and the biggest glass of Orange Juice offered" ever since.

    "Yooooo ... look, Frank!"

    Two teenage-looking boys have the largest grins on their faces as they approach XYZ in this dank-smelling Waffle House. They flank XYZ on either side, disrupting his sulking session.

    "It's XYZ! The weird dude in the FWA! He's even dressed up!"

    The two boys share a giggle amid their blood-shot eyes and chatty demeanors. XYZ looks up, takes a glance at both, and drops his face back down to his plate. He doesn't want to talk if he can avoid it.

    "Yo, XYZ, how'd you get so weird? You must've done some like ... serious acid."

    XYZ takes a bite of some waffles. Mmmm, not bad. He shakes his head, and then looks at the Syrup bottle before opening it and pouring some more on there.

    "Come on, man. LSD. X. Some shrooms."

    "I don't know of a man named LSDX nor do I know of a group of people named Shrooms."

    "... You're kidding, right?"

    XYZ keeps eating his waffles. He loves Waffle House. He goes at least once a week, sometimes more, when he's feeling down.

    "Can you say some weird stuff for us?! We're big fans."

    "Your minds are too wrapped up within the titanic airwaves of a mongoose avalanche of dictatorship to understand anything I say."

    The two teenagers — presumably high — look at one another for about three seconds with dumbfounded expressions.


    They high-five over XYZ, who continues eating waffles.

    "So really. How much pot do you smoke a day?"

    "I don't smoke pots. Pots are for plants."

    "Yeeeeah. That they are. But you don't do any drugs? How'd you get so weird?"

    "Too many ice cubes."

    And with that, XYZ stands upright from his chair and leaves with a $10 bill laying on the counter. The two teenagers are trying to wrap their minds around his last comment. The Waffle House waitress comes up and grabs the $10.

    "$7 check. You'd think he could tip me a bit more considering he's a magician and all. People these days. Only care for themselves."

    "Yo, he wrote something. Maybe he gave you his phone number!"

    XYZ's handwriting is filled all over the check. It's mostly scribble scratch of odd sayings. However, at the bottom, right below the total for his bill, you can make out a sentence with three lines right underneath and a smilie face right after.

    "The dream will never die"

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread

    The scene opens up inside of a seedy strip club where various females are dancing for the male patrons, who hand them crinkled up, dirty bills that get stuffed in their attire or what there is left of it. A man walks into the strip club, looking rather uncomfortable and out of place. He's wearing a white button up shirt with a cream colored sportcoat over it and cream colored pants to go with it. He stands there awkwardly, looking around when he's led to an area by a young female.

    "Phil, I'm so glad that you decided to show up!"

    That voice belongs to Jason Randall, who appears to be in somewhat high spirits despite suffering a loss in the Ultimate X match he had recently. He motions for Phil to join him, and reluctantly Phil does so and doesn't waste time with spitting out his first question.

    "What are we doing here?"

    "What's the matter, Phil? I thought a guy like you would like a place like this!"

    "I'm a married man, you know that"

    "That doesn't mean anything! Look, Penny is here with me and she loves it!"

    Penny sits beside Jason and cuddles up to him as he wraps his arm around her.

    "Okay, better question then, why did you ask me here?"

    Jason chuckles.

    "Lighten up a little Phil, come on man!"

    Jason nudges Phil on the shoulder with his fist.

    "If you must know though, I asked you here because you're the one that wanted to speak with me"

    "Yes I did, but I assumed it would be much more...private...and quiet"

    "That's what you get for assuming Phil, you know what they say when you assume don't you?"

    "You seem a little upbeat considering your recent loss"

    Jason takes a shot of something from a glass before answering as Penny glares at Phil.

    "Of course I'm upset that I didn't walk out with the gold like I had wanted and instead it was that washed up bum Vincent Blackbird, that's why I'm here...needed to clear my head"

    "Shouldn't you be focused on your next match"

    "I am focused Phil, don't I look focused?"

    Another round of shots is brought to their table. Jason takes one and offers it to Phil, who objects. Jason shrugs and takes a shot.

    "Oh that's good stuff! Listen Phil, I understand that you don't like the way I do things now, I get that. You're a good guy Phil, that's why I want you to stick around..."

    Jason grabs another glass and downs the liquid in it.

    "Oh man! Unless of course you're not willing to accept this fact and choose to ditch us, that's fine. You do what you gotta do Phil..."

    Phil stares at Jason intently and then at Penny, who is still glaring at him.

    "I don't know...."

    "Listen Phil, take a shot, lighten up man!"

    Phil tries to object but Jason insists and forces it in his hand and practically forces him to drink it.

    "Another round of shots for my good friend Phil here!"

    "I'm not so sure..."

    Jason shushes Phil and shots are brought to the table.


    The scene changes and now it's Jason and Penny alone in a hotel room. Jason sits in a chair across from the bed where Penny lays and listens to Jason as he speaks

    I don't usually play well with others, but it seems like FWA is forcing me to team up with that schmuck Tommy Thunder. Like I really need the help! I can take on both Blackbird and Galloway on my own, easy. Tommy Thunder hasn't done much to impress me so why should I want to team up with him in the first place? That's the real question. All I know is that he better not get in my way or find some way to screw this up for me or I'll knock his damn lights out much like what I'm going to do to both Blackbird and Galloway.

    Galloway and Thunder have had this rivalry going on I see. Why should I care? Why am I being involved in all of this? Oh, because Blackbird is in the match and they needed to give him something to do to make him feel important since he's the new X-title holder and all that jazz. I'll tell you what should have been done, have Galloway and Thunder kill each other or whatever in their own match and give me a title match with Blackbird so I can destroy him one on one. That would have given Blackbird something to do and it would be giving an opportunity to someone as deserving as myself. No, they don't do that though, you know why? Because this company is ran by mouth-breathers that don't know anything.

    He sighs.

    Tristan James Galloway, again why should I care about you? Just because you're one of the guys that I just so happening to be facing in this match. I don't know who you are or why you're even sharing the same ring as me because I'll tell you right now that you don't have what it takes to take me on. I'm on another level while you're beneath me. That's not me being cocky because I can back it up when I'm in that ring and you'll see first hand what I mean. This isn't going to be any ordinary wrestling match either Galloway, oh no this is going to be a fight and I'm going to embarass you. There's no way that you can handle me in a fight let alone in a wrestling match. I'm going to school you kid, end of story.

    Penny laughs and smiles as Jason continues his tirade.

    I do feel slightly bad for Galloway though because he has to team with that washed up bum Vincent Blackbird. Blackbird is going to drag down yet another up and coming talent just so he can feel good about himself. The thing is though nobody really cares about Galloway and won't remember him in a few months. Just like in a few months time nobody will remember you either Vincent. Hell, I'm sure people are struggling to remember who you are now even though you're a champion, god knows why but you are. People are probably having to look you up and find out who you are and see if you're a big deal or not, only to be let down when finding out you're just a hack. A miserable hack. You're nothing Vincent. You were nothing back then and you're nothing now. Go back to nGw and let it fade deeper into obscurity along with your career.

    Blackbird, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Galloway. You're just as much beneath me as he is, maybe even more. You're not even in my league Blackbird. You don't deserve to carry that title and sooner or later I'm going to be the one to take it from you and bring some prestige back to it. It's only inevitable Vincent, so get ready because it'll happen. Until then, what I do to you and Galloway in this match will have to suffice. Maybe then the mouth-breathers in the back will open up their eyes and give me what I deserve. See you soon boys...

    With that he gets up from his seat and joins Penny in bed as the scene fades

    Rest in power, Flock U

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    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread


    A veteran police officer, instructing his rookie partner on the use of their departments UAV's and doing simple surveillance notices a black Mercedes Benz pulling up to an abandon church, instructs his partner on how to do surveillance using the black Mercedes Benz as a "test subject". Unbeknownst to them, River gets out from the front passenger's seat first, followed by Sonny and Bella, with Vincent getting out last. They see one man, seemingly in charge, say something to both ladies, whom simply nod and walk to different corners of the street, they see the same man says something to the man that got out of the front passenger's seat before heading into the abandon church.

    Rookie Cop: Boss, I think we may have stumble across a prostitution ring.

    Vet. Cop: Possibly, but we at least got them on trespassing as well as b & e [breaking and entry]. Either way, we'll continue to watch them to see if we can get them breaking other laws.

    Rookie Cop: Yes sir.

    The rookie police officer goes back to watching his monitor while his boss lights a cigarette, unknowningly letting River know that someone is on the roof that they are on. They see the man that was leaning against the front passenger door turn and say something to their driver before taking a walk towards the nearby diner where he shakes his head towards both women before going into the diner.

    ~~ Meanwhile inside of the Church ~~

    Vincent walks down the aisle towards the broken alter where he kneels and does the "Catholic/Christian cross" across his chest.

    Vincent: Forgive me father for I have sinned, and I plan on sinning some more. This past week I assaulted and made my fellow man bleed.... alot. This week, myself and another are going to do some serious physical and emotional harm to two others. One of which, used to specifically work for me.

    Vincent stands up, lights a Cuban cigar before relaxing in one of the pews.

    Vincent: His name is Jason Randall, he was out of his league last week just as he's way out of his league this week. Honestly, I believe that he should just return down to the nGw where he might actually be able to win a solo Championship. Sure, he held a Championship belt before, but that was only because Dan Ward was fine with lowering himself down to make Jason look good. Fact of the matter is that had it not been for Dan, Jason would've been without any Championships because no one else was willing to work with Jason. I know this as fact because of the number of complaints others have told me about how bad he is in the ring.

    Vincent continues to smoke his cigar defiantly against the "rules of conduct" while inside of a place of worship before sitting up straight.

    Vincent: I don't know, maybe I'll use this as an opportunity to beat some sense into the kid and teach him that this isn't the right career choice for him. That he just doesn't have the stomach for it. Which brings me to my other opponent, Tommy Thunder, the one many that competed, failed and didn't do jack shit in the match last week. HE definitely doesn't deserve to be with the company. He is the most pathetic and unqualified worker in the company, and that's saying something when I'm forced to "work for" a fucking drunken Irishman. Eh, who knows, maybe he'll pull a Hudini and join the former X Champion, Kazadi, wherever the hell he's at.

    Vincent gets up, approaches the altar and leans against it as ashes from his cigar drops on top of the altar.

    Vincent: Which brings me to my partner this week, Tristan James Galloway. I hope that he doesn't allow his blood lust for Thunder get in the way of our Match, otherwise I'll have to add his blood to my Championship belt. I doubt that it'll come to that, but since I don't trust anyone, I'll have no qualm or remorse over leaving Tristan to do that Match solo.

    Vincent puts out his cigar on top of the altar, damaging it even further. Vincent grabs a tattered cloth that was left on the altar to blow his nose before heading for the door. Half way down the aisle, Vincent stops, reaches into his jacket and takes a swig from the Jack Daniels he has with him. Vincent puts it away, then heads out the door where Sonny and Bella greet him.

    Vincent: Everything okay?

    Bella: Yeah, River decided to attack to police officers and so now we have to get moving before back up arrives.

    Vincent looks around and sees a destroyed, UAV along with scorch marks in the side of a building where it crashed. Vincent, Sonny and Bella hear the faint sound of police cruisers.

    Sonny: Can we go, I wouldn't do so well in prison.

    Bella: Don't worry, I'll make sure the other prisoners know that you're my personal bitch.

    Sonny sticks her tongue out at Bella before getting into the car along with Vincent and Bella.The black Mercedes Benz manages to drive off into the darkness moments before the police cruisers arrive.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread


    (Poseidon Palace)

    Hours after defeating Eyesnsane and Alana Allure at the Winter Wasteland Supershow to capture the FWA Tag Team Titles, The Olympians flew back to Greece to celebrate their victory in the Poseidon Palace. The very next day, the Hotel's management was told to organize a celebration gala in honor of the new champions. Greece's finest have come to meet and congratulate The Olympians, TV crews from numerous TV Channels were also invited to cover the event. Even the Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Alexis Tsipras was invited along with his wife.

    Zeus is looking on from the balcony, looking down at the people that his sons invited to the gala with a look of disapproval on his face. He is soon approached by the God of War and now one half of the FWA Tag Team Champions Ares. Zeus and Ares look down at Dionysus who has joined the party half naked and he is pouring wine all over his chest as some girls surround him.

    Ares: I couldn't help but notice that you haven't been really excited Father. You seem rather disappointed.

    Zeus: When I said we should organize a gala to celebrate our win that wasn't what I had in mind. Look at all these people that you invited. Those people were ignoring us, making fun of us not too long ago. And now here they are to share this moment, to congratulate us, shake our hands and welcome us with open arms simply because we brought them two shiny belts.

    Ares: Well, we didn't invite any criminals...

    : The Prime Minister is right there Ares.

    Oh...alright, perhaps we did. But to be honest I wasn't looking forward to throw a gala anyway. That's not the type of celebration I had in mind.

    Zeus: And what did you have in mind?

    Ares: Just me and my family. Celebrating together somewhere nice.

    Zeus: But you are with your family and this is a nice place, no?

    Ares: Ahh...Yes. Yes, of course. It's just that, like you said, there are too many people in here that I don't wish to share this moment with.

    Zeus: Your brother seems to have a different opinion.

    Ares: He is...a little overexcited I guess. He really wanted this.

    Zeus: I can see that.

    Ares: And what about you? Are you upset because Eyesnsane might not be who you think he is?

    Zeus: I would be lying if I said that I'm happy right now. Like I told you before, winning those titles was never the goal. We are supposed to change the world and to do that we need to find others like us. Gods among men that will share our vision. Eyesnsane would have been a huge asset to our cause.

    Ares: I am sorry if you feel disappointed about our progression but in my opinion, winning those titles was a step to the right direction. Now we can get more people to listen to us, as champions we have more attention and it's easier for us to spread our message.

    Zeus: And you think that those who get the message will follow us?

    Ares: I think it's worth the effort.

    Dionysus shows up with two redheads by his side, all three of them covered in wine from head to toe.

    Dionysus: Is this the best party ever or what? Hey Dad, some creepy guy dressed as a marine wanted to meet you downstairs.

    Zeus: That's got to be the Minister of Defense. This should be rather interesting...

    Zeus goes to the elevator to head downstairs.

    Dionysus: Give us a second babes, I'll be back with you in a minute [The redheads leave] We did it man! We are at the top of the world! And it's all thanks to you! All those sacrifices we had to make, following this lunatic around, all of that finally paid off! Now we are the champions and we will be rich and famous!

    Ares: it would seem.

    Dionysus: Hey what is it man? You should be smiling and celebrating, this is all thanks to you after all! You should be proud of yourself! Oh wait...she didn't came uh?

    Ares: No...she did not.

    Dionysus: Well cheer up buddy, you are a champion now. You'll have your wife and daughter back in no time! I'm sure of it!

    Ares: Yeah, it's not just that. I was thinking about him. Zeus I mean.

    Dionysus: Yeah, we are ditching him aren't we? Please tell me we are abandoning this old creep! Let's leave now! We don't need him anymore we are the tag team champions! He served his purpose.

    Ares: It's not so simple. We can't just leave him behind and carry on with our lives and our careers. What are we going to say to the people at FWA? Or are we just publically going to admit that we used an unstable man for his money? And we still need him anyway. It's not the right time to drop this.

    Dionysus: So how long is this fairytale going to continue, "brother"?

    Ares: For as long as it takes. And we have to think about what we'll do afterwards, with our careers and with him.

    Dionysus: With him? What are we supposed to do with him?

    Ares: We can't just abandon him like that. We can't just leave him in his own little world and carry on with our lives.

    Dionysus: Why? Is it possible that someone might use him and squeeze every last drop of money out of him? Oh wait, that's what WE have been doing for months!

    Ares: And that's why we have to make sure he gets the treatment that he needs. He needs help and you know it. It's the least we can do.

    Dionysus: And why do we HAVE to do that?

    Ares: ... To save our souls.

    Ares then turns and leaves as Dionysus shakes his head.

    "I Broke Your Rib"

    (Adam and Eve by Titian)

    A few days later, Dionysus is sitting in the throne of his father Zeus, enjoying a glass of wine.

    - Dionysus -

    "Oh hello fellas! Were you expecting another one of those boring Mythology lessons? Well this time, things will be a little different. Less boring dare I say. Because this time we will talk about Adam and Eve. Did you know, that some early Fathers of the Church held Eve responsible for the Fall of man and all subsequent women to be the first sinners because Eve tempted Adam to commit the taboo? "You are the devil's gateway" Tertullian told his female listeners in the early 2nd century, and went on to explain that they were responsible for the death of Christ: "On account of your desert even the Son of God had to die." Ouch! We all know the story - or the myth for that matter - about the creation of Man."

    "In the Jahwist version of the story, God places the man in a garden in Eden where he is permitted to till the land and tend the garden and animals. God also places a tree in the garden, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and God prohibits the man from eating the fruit of this tree, warning him that he would die if he ate the fruit Genesis. But none of the animals are found to be a suitable companion for the man, so God causes the man to sleep and creates a woman from a part of his body - in this case, a rib. The woman is established as subordinate to the man, as the impetus for her creation is to serve the needs of the man by being his "helpmate" and to ensure that he not "be alone"

    "Alright, let's stop right there for a second. The reason that women exist - according to this story anyway - is to serve the needs of the man and be his "helpmate" Let's talk about how...accurate this is. Let's take Eyesnsane for example. At Trial by Fire, Eyesnsane managed to beat both me and my brother Ares to retain the FWA Tag Team titles. Just one man, one man did the job for himself, by himself. The next time he had to defend the title he had help! He had a "helpmate", someone to ensure that he wouldn't "be alone". He had Alana Allure as his tag team partner. Let's keep this in the back of our heads for now shall we?"

    "Back to Adam & Eve, their fall and expulsion from Eden begins with a dialogue between the woman and a serpent, identified in Genesis as an animal that was more crafty than any other animal made by God, although Genesis does not identify the serpent with Satan. The woman is willing to talk to the serpent and respond to the creature's cynicism by repeating God's prohibition against eating fruit from the tree of knowledge. The woman is lured into dialogue on the serpent's terms which directly disputes God's command. The serpent assures the woman that God will not let her die if she ate the fruit, and, furthermore, that if she ate the fruit, her "eyes would be opened" and she would "be like God, knowing good and evil". The woman sees that the fruit of the tree of knowledge is a delight to the eye and that it would be desirable to acquire wisdom by eating the fruit. The woman eats the fruit and gives some to the man. With this the man and woman recognize their own nakedness, and they make loincloths of fig leaves."

    "In the next narrative dialogue, God questions the man and the woman and God initiates a dialogue by calling out to the man with a rhetorical question designed to consider his wrongdoing. The man explains that he hid in the garden out of fear because he realized his own nakedness. This is followed by two more rhetorical questions designed to show awareness of a defiance of God's command. The man then points to the woman as the real offender, and he implies that God is responsible for the tragedy because the woman was given to him by God. God challenges the woman to explain herself, whereby she shifts the blame to the serpent."

    "Divine pronouncement of three judgments are then laid against all the culprits. A judgement oracle and the nature of the crime is first laid upon the serpent, then the woman, and, finally, the man. On the serpent, God places a divine curse. The woman receives penalties that impact her in two primary roles: she shall experience pangs during childbearing, pain during childbirth, and while she shall desire her husband, he will rule over her. The man's penalty results in God cursing the ground from which he came, and the man then receives a death oracle, although the man has not been described, in the text, as immortal. Abruptly, in the flow of text, in Genesis, the man names the woman "Eve", "because she was the mother of all living" and Adam receives his name "the man", changing from "eth-ha'adham", before the fall to "ha'Adham", to Adam after the fall."

    "The chiasmus structure of the death oracle given to Adam in Genesis, is a link between man's creation from "dust" to the "return" of his beginnings: "you return, to the ground, since from it you were taken, for dust you are, and to dust, you will return." The garden account ends with an intradivine monologue, determining the couple's expulsion, and the execution of that deliberation. The reason given for the expulsion was to prevent the man from eating from the tree of life and becoming immortal: "Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever" God exiles Adam and Eve from the Garden and installs cherubs and the "ever-turning sword" to guard the entrance."

    "End of the story. Now what did this story really told us? I mean, the way I see it, Adam was doing just fine in the garden before Eve came and ruined everything. Just like Eyesnsane who was able to push back every tag team, every pair of challengers, all by himself for so long only for him to lose the titles because a woman tagged along. Yep, that's all we needed to break Eyesnsane. We needed him to trust a woman and even though Alana Allure likes to consider herself as some sort of tough chick in the end all she was for Eyesnsane was a liability. So Eyes, you wanna point your finger at someone? You wanna blame someone for losing those titles? Blame yourself buddy! Blame yourself because you choose a woman to help you out in a fight against Gods! You were up there on the top of the mountain until a God knocked you off of it because of a woman - or a "rib", if you will. At the Supershow, I broke your rib but at Fight Night I will break your neck. You hear me, you sick goblin/ant-eater hybrid? I will break you and I will make sure that you will never even think about stepping into the ring with a God. This is the end for you my friend, but for Us, this is just the beggining."

    Something Wicked

    Back in Poseidon Palace, Zeus is approached by Ares on the balcony.

    Ares: Everything alright?

    Zeus: I sense something...

    Ares: What? What is it?

    Zeus: Where is your brother?

    Ares: I...I honestly don't know.

    Zeus: I feel something different about him. As if he is hidding something.

    I'm sure it's just a hunch. Don't worry about it.

    Zeus: Yes...and feel responsible for something. As if you've done something that you are not proud of. Something wicked.

    Ares: I don't understand...

    Zeus: And now you won and you got what you always wanted but you feel like you don't truly deserve it. You feel like you fought and sacrificed so much for something that in the end failed to make you happy.

    Ares: ...

    Zeus: But then might be just a hunch. Right?


    Zeus: I just wanted you to know that for whatever happens next...I forgive you.

    Zeus then turns and puts a hand on Ares' shoulder.

    Zeus: But this means nothing if you don't forgive yourself first.

    And with that Zeus leaves as Ares stares at the view from the balcony. He feels a vibration in his pocket so he takes out his phone to check the message his just received. The message reads:

    "Congrats. I hope you are happy now. Dinah."

    Room 611

    Hotel Code del Mare, Athens. The elevator doors open on the sixth floor as Dionysus walks out. He walks down the hall and approaches the room with the number "611". He knocks twice and then enters the room. The room is completely dark and a man is sitting behind a desk smoking a cigar.

    ???:About time you showed up Tyler...

    Dionysus: Yeah, sorry, I just had to take care of something first.

    ???: I suppose everything is proceeding as planned...

    Dionysus: Don't worry. They do not suspect a thing...


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    Re: Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread

    The scene opens inside of a strip club where Penny is sitting with Jason and his agent Phil, who is about ready to pass out. Penny gives Jason a peck on the cheek before excusing herself and goes outside the club. She leans against the building and looks up at night sky, and begins to laugh to herself. She continues to laugh as a man walks out of the club and finds her standing outside, laughing hysterically now. He finds this odd but approaches her with caution.

    Um, excuse me but are you okay?

    Penny stops laughing and looks at him.

    Oh me, I'm far from okay...

    The man gives her a perplexed look.

    Are you okay?

    She asks him, making him even more confused.

    May I ask what was so funny?

    She laughs again.

    Oh, wouldn't you like to know?

    Look lady, if you don't...

    She grabs him by the collar and laughs in his face.

    Eimi thinks that just because she beat me that it's over between us? Oh my dear goodness no! It's just begun Eimi, it's just begun!

    The man tries to free himself but Penny tightens her grip.

    Now Alana Allure thinks she can just insert herself into the picture and take the title like she earned it! Does she not know that it's my title?! MINE!

    The man is finally able to free himself and shoves Penny away, causing her to stumble back and trip falling on her backside. She's laughing the whole time, even after getting shoved to the ground.

    Crazy bitch!

    Just then the door of the club bursts open and Jason is being tossed out by security.

    This place sucks anyway!

    Jason turns around and sees Penny on the ground in hysterics. Then he looks at the man and rage fills up in his eyes.

    You son of a bitch!

    Before the guy can react he's slugged by Jason right across the jaw, Jason follows up with a fist to the gut and tosses the guy into some nearby trash cans. All the while Penny is still laughing as she's helped up by Jason.

    You alright sweets?

    She stifles her laughter to a giggle now and nods.

    That Eimi really broke you didn't she?

    Jason pulls out a flask from his jacket and takes a swig of whatever is in it.

    I'll be...haha...fine...haha

    Here, take a drink of this...

    Jason hands her the flask and she takes a drink of it.


    A little...haha...why does everyone think that they can just walk all over me and get away with it, huh?

    I don't know but I'm sick of it

    Me too, and I'm going to show Alana Allure that she just can't walk over me and take the title. If she wants that title she's going to have to get through me...

    Jason takes another swig of the liquid in the flask as Penny begins a tirade.

    You hear me Alana? You think that you're better than me? You think that you can just take the title and think I'm okay with it? There is nothing okay with that! Sure, I thought it was humorous that you laid out Eimi, but it's not going to be as funny when I make an example out of you at the next Fight Night! You're going to wish that you had stayed hiding behind Eyesnsane instead of sticking your nose in my business where it doesn't belong.

    You can call me crazy all you want because I know that's what you're going to say about me when you do decide to run your mouth. You would be saying the same thing that everyone else has said about me. Something that I've heard time and time again, it's nothing new. I saved you the trouble Alana so don't even bother trying to come up with some of retort because you can't. You can't come up with anything original even if your life depended on it, because for one you took the title from Eimi, who had taken it from me. Way to be original Alana, good job!

    She laughs some more as Jason is leaning against the wall, listening and drinking.

    You don't scare me, I'm fearless. You should be scared though. Scared what I'm going to do you when I get my hands on you because you're standing in my way of what I want, and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty in order to get what I've been warned Alana...

    She goes back into a hysteric fit of laughter and Jason laughs with her and the two stumble down the street as the scene ends.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread

    Post Fight Night 2/24/17

    -We see Starr still in his gear sitting on a prop box looking down at his hands. Starr has a towel wrapped around his neck. Starr is obviously upset at the result of the match. A cameraman approaches him.-

    ???: Excuse me, Starr...

    Starr: Not now...

    ???: We just want your thoughts after your first title match...


    ???: We understand that you're upset, please don't take your anger out on us...

    Starr: I don't let anyone see my vulnerable side. Last week, I let my vulnerable side show. I got distracted by a image from my past. I let someone grab my dream. I would've had that match won if there wasn't 5 OTHER PEOPLE IN THERE! I was THIS CLOSE!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT DIPSHIT?! Now get thE HELL OUT OF MY FACE....

    ???: Thank you for your time sir...



    -Open into a condo overlooking Los Angeles, California. The camera has a black and white filter over it. It's the calling card of Starr, who is looking out the window at the streets and buildings.-

    Starr: I've been here almost a month, and I've racked up 1 win... and 2 losses... but hey we can't all be perfect, I've had plenty of bad nights. I've had my first big match in FWA against 5 other men. I was still dominant half of it. Time will tell when I get my hands on the champion 1 on 1. But the past is in the past. Now's the time where I tackle my next challenge...

    -Starr turns his head to face the camera.-

    Starr: Mr. Jhunha... You giant mound of Mongolian beef... We've never met before. Hi, I'm Starr, but you can call me Mr. One in A Million. I'm not intimidated by you. Never have been, never will be. I've faced men like you before, but one thing remained the same. I beat them all. Everything I do and have done it's per-fect. -The camera follows Starr as he begins walking into the room.- You are one lucky man because you've got me in the absolute worst mood I've felt in a LOOOONG TIME. And I am absolutely more than happy to take out my frustrations out on a 6'10'' punching bag. After our match, the fans won't be saying Jhunha, they'll be asking "Jhun-huh?".

    -Starr sits down in a leather chair and stares intensely into the camera.-

    Starr: I will leave you broken, bloody, and I will leave you... Starrstruck.

    -The camera zooms out and fades to black.-


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    Re: Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread

    On the set of the movie ďAll That GlitersĒ.


    Flashback to a fateful moment when Whisper realizes that shemust find a way out of Club X; or end up as just another brick in the wall ofDamien's cruel empire...


    Damien X ... Dax Beckett
    Whisper ... Alana Allure
    Detective Crevello ... Uncredited

    With all the lights set up and the actors in place.The next sound we here is a gripÖ.

    Grip: Quiet on the set!
    Director: Aaannd, action!

    The sounds of a passionate tussle in the sheets can be heardas a woman moans loudly. It is accompanied by the sound of a man encouraging itwith softly spoken, almost inaudible words. The visuals slowly fade in towitness Damien X, owner of Club X, with one hand planted against the mattressas he thrusts, his heavily tattooed chest heaving, the hair matted to his chestas he continues to work his magic on the ebony goddess on top of him. He leansup as he kisses her on the lips, running his free hand up and down theslender frame of her back; however, the woman turns her head away from him, andit becomes apparent that this isn't that kind of arrangement.

    Damien: I guess the saying is true, huh? You don't kiss awhore on the mouthÖ

    Whisper reaches her hand back and slaps Damien across theface. Damien chuckles as he continues to pump into the woman who detests him atthis point. She purses her bottom lip as she prepares to remove herselffrom the situation; however, Damien grabs onto her luscious backside as heleans back.

    Damien: Oh fuck yeah, Whisper! Mmmm! Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuckahhhhhhhh! ShitÖ

    Damien stares Whisper dead in the eye, as he tries to catchhis breath. He maneuvers himself before shoving Whisper off of him.She pulls up the sheets as she shields her body from Damien. Damien rubsat his face as he stands up, using the sheet to clean himself off. He returnsthe same look of contempt as he looks back at her.

    Damien: You could at least try to pretend that you're intoit, you knowÖ I got at least ten bitches out there right now who would love totake a ride on this shit.
    Whisper: Take away the coke and the money and you gotnothing.
    Damien: Except for thisÖ

    Damien grins as he gestures down toward his crotch. Whispershakes her head as if to say that she doesn't agree, but it isn't quite asconvincing as she hopes.

    Whisper: You're just an asshole, X. I don't care what you doto me, but I'm out. I quit.
    Damien: You wanna quit the D? I give it five minutes,Whisper.
    Whisper: All of it! I'm done with you, the drugs, and thishell hole!

    Damien listens as he nods his head. He slowly walks over tothe nightstand by the bed where his hand slowly reaches for the gun. He picksit up and cocks it back as he points it at the ceiling.

    Damien: So you mean to tell me that an over glorified cokewhore who is up to her nostrils in this shit is just gonna walk away like that?I should demote you to Rufusí play toy just for saying that."

    Whisper: At least Rufus isn't so thirsty for validation thathe tries to kiss a girl he knows can't even stand looking at him like some kindof a pussyÖ

    With that, Damien points the gun right at Whisper, hisfinger grazing over the trigger as he teases the idea of plugging her righthere and right now. However, the fondness he holds for her causes him to stophimself.

    Damien: I'm building an empire here, Whisper. I think weboth know what this is. So sue me if I got caught up in the moment. We're justtwo sexy fuckers, having fun together, like friends with benefits. I want yousitting right at the top with me. Together, we could run this townÖ

    Damien lifts up the sheet as he crawls into bed withWhisper. It's clear that the promise of money and power overrides the obviousabusive nature of Damien as she reaches her hand under the sheet. Damien grabsher hand as he sinks under the sheets and works his way between her thighs asher eyes roll back, and moans escape her lips.

    It doesn't take long before the door to the room opens and aman walks in, gun pointed directly at the lump of a man underneath the covers.Whisper doesn't notice at first, as the man walks closer to the edge of thebed. Once he makes it about five feet away, he clocks the gun, which causesWhisper to clinch her thighs together as she let's out a scream. She scootsback against the headboard, her breaths shallow and heavy. Damien emerges fromunder the covers as he looks angry.

    Damien: What the fuck?! I know I'm good, but damn baby!

    Whisper points over to the man, who has his police badgeprominently displayed. Damien gulps as he gently wipes at his face. The sheetonly comes up to his waist as he runs his fingers through his hair.

    Damien: I guess I shouldn't have expected this to lastforever. This town is full of dirty cops, all of them with a price.

    Officer Crevello, snorted as he kept his gun trained on theclub owner.

    Officer: The only price good enough for me is your mugshotframed in my living room you piece of shit!

    Damien smirks as he gently reaches over to the nightstand tograb a cigarette and lighter. He puffs on it as he lights it, showing it off ashe sets it back on the nightstand.

    Damien: I'm going to take a guess hereÖ Five Gís is toolittle, but your rookie stance makes me believe that I don't have to sweat muchmore. It's your lucky day thoughÖ

    Whisper grabbed Damien's arm.

    Whisper: X? This one looks pretty damn seriousÖ

    Damien: Baby, it's okay. I'm a business man so I have to getused to it. Now, as I was sayingÖ how about I give you ten grand, and we callit a day?

    The officer charges over and nails the butt end of his gunagainst Damien face, knocking a tooth out in the process. Damien holds his headdown as blood dribbles from his mouth. He spits a tooth out onto the floor ashe slowly looks up.

    Damien: Twenty, and a private session with Whisper, righthere, right now.

    Crevello clenched his jaw, more than ready to hit himagain if the mood took him.

    Officer: Listen up, dirt bag! We can do this the easy way orthe hard way. But, the only way this is gonna go is you're gonna wind up in theback of my squad car. I got enough evidence to put you away for life, not tomention all the dirt I've heard from the inside."

    Damien looks over at Whisper as she looks between the twomen. Damien nods his head as he puts his cigarette out in the ashtray. He holdshis hands up, standing in all his glory. The officer rolls his eyes.

    Officer: Put some clothes on for fucks sake. Have somedignity, you slime ball.

    Damien can only laugh, modesty was for lesser men.

    Damien: The funny thing about that is that I'm proud ofeverything. I built a kingdom in this town. I'm a fucking king. You come inhere and you threaten to usurp my throne. All the cocaine, and the prostitutionhas given me a lot of power.

    Officer: You definitely didn't build it on intelligence.Shut your fucking mouth, and put some fucking pants on. I came here knowingthat after today, my girl would be safe. No more of the SaphÖ

    Whisper cut him off.

    Whisper: No!

    Crevello looks over at Whisper, as they share a moment ofrecognition. However the distraction gives the perfect opportunity for whatcomes next. There is a loud explosion of gunfire as Damien fires shot aftershot right into Detective Crevello. He walks forward with a gangster like poseas he empties the clip right into the officer. He stands over his bleedingbody, stepping onto the hand with the gun. He reaches down and picks itup.

    Damien: This fucking empire was built on the blood and thebodies of everyone that stood in my way. Fucking literally! You're just anotherbrick in the wall, and your girlfriend will be right behind you.

    Whisper spoke up, pleading.

    Whisper: NO! Don't, baby. Don't. She didn't know he was anydifferent than any other cop come walking through those doors. She reallydidn't, babyÖ

    Damien looks back at Whisper as she begs for the life of herfriend. Damien's eyes widen as he points the gun down and blows an eightcaliber hole through Crevelloís head. He storms over to Whisper and crawlsacross the bed as he hunches over her. She refuses to show how afraid she is,as she is pretty numb from what she's just seen. Damien notices this, and hisdeep feelings for her grants mercy as he only retorts with yelling.

    Damien: Get your ass dressed and handle that piece of shitpig bleeding all over my fucking floor!

    Whisper tangles her fingers in her hair as she watches whathas just unfolded before her eyes, seeing what she's really gotten herselfinto.


    The actors all get up and a robe is provided to Alana who iswrapped in a sheet as she stands up while a lady places a robe over hershoulder and then leaves Alana to the rest of the task.Alana closes the robe and ties the belttightly in front of her.After securingthe robe and remaining wrapped in the sheet we see her walk off of the set asshe heads to her trailer, once reaching the door she climbs the steps andenters the trailer.

    Some time later after the scene for the upcoming featurefilm, ďAll That GlitterísĒ, featuring the FWAís very own Alana Allure.Ted walks up to the door of Alanaís trailerand knocks on it.After a few momentsshe opens the door and invites Ted in.Once inside they both sit down for a moment to discuss what they areabout to do.

    Alana: How are you doing sir?
    Ted: Just fine and how about yourself?
    Alana: Iím ok.
    Ted: You sure?
    Alana: Yeah why?Do Ihave dark circles under my eyes?
    Ted: No, Iím checking on you, thatís all.
    Alana: Oh ok.I appreciatethat.
    Ted: No worries, now did you want to get out of here for awhile, because I was thinking we could go toÖ.
    Alana: Not today.Ireally want to stick around since Iíve been in the scenes weíve been shootingtoday.So in case something needs to bedone again or changed or whateverÖ
    Ted: Youíd rather be here than not.No I completely understand.So, let me ask you this, did you have anyideas as far as how you want to go about shooting your footage?
    Alana: Well I thought we could start with a close up of thebelt and then a shift to me.While Iímsitting at the desk and talking about having taken the belt and myassertiveness blah , blaah, blahÖ
    Ted: Blah balh
    Alana: Then I could be in front of the desk as I wrap thingsup and close it out.
    Ted: Ok, I think I see what you want, but I have a question?
    Alana: Shoot.
    Ted: In here?

    Alana raises her right hand in a fist but with one fingerpointed up.

    Alana: No, I saw a set thatís not being used today and wecan use that.
    Ted: Ok, Letís do it.Iím ready when you are as he lifts the camera in his right hand up toeye level while remaining seated.

    Alana turns to her left and retrieves the womenís title andthen stands up walking next to the door and opening it as she makes her waydown the steps to the ground Ted follows her and she then close the door behindhim.The duo makes their way pastseveral different sets before finally coming to the one that is set up like anoffice.Alana lays the belt out on thebrown wooden desk with the plate reading the name of another woman facing up.She steps back and away from the desk as Tedstands near the desk with the camera in place and is looking down at thetitle.

    After a few moment Ted still pointing the camera slowlyturns and moves to face Alana, wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt withwhite letters the read O.T.E. across the front and all white shoes.Sheís slowly walking toward the camera from aslight distanceÖ.

    (On Camera)

    Alana: Ladies let me just take a moment to illustrate whyAlana Allure knows better than the both of you.Ok first and foremost, and donít worry Iíll go slow.What kind of champion canít keep their owntitle.I mean first you let fresh meatPenny steal it just to beat her and have me come along.Which of course if she could do it then awoman of my experience and caliber and over all esteem would find it easy to dowhich as we all saw last week.

    Alana walks next to the desk and sits on the edge of itpushing the belt back and behind her.

    Alana: However I am fully aware that this week has nothingto do with me taking that title.Or thefact that one way or another I am going to be crowned the new FWA Womaníschampion.Itís not about how I am bendto bend and stretch, and all the different ways Iím going to break Eimi.This week is all about Penny.

    While swinging her feet slightly Alan folds her arms in frontof her.

    Alana: You ladies, and trust me Iím using the term very loosely.Had better step it up because the spot lightis back in my womenís division now that Iím back.The FWA Womenís title is going to matteragain and not just be some crutch to chase other titles.Now Penny you play the most important of allroles in this entire thing.You see you havebeen chosen to be the first woman I prove it to that I am the Queen of thewomenís division.

    Alana unfolds her arms and slides off of the desk and slowlywalks along the side of it as ted follows her movements while holding thecamera.

    Alana: Penny I have to get in that ring and prove to youthat Iím better than you.You see I am expectingyou to be at your best so there are no excuses when I beat you and when I saybeat you, I mean that I will beat you so badly the entire division will be puton notice and not even Eimi will dare try to take this title back.
    Penny you just had you chance.You stole the title, you got your shot.Where did it get you?Youlostand in doing so have gone to the back of the line, Iím sure youíll remember itseeing as how that where you have spent most of your career, at the back of theline.Iím just here to slam that door inyour face on your way back.Hereísanother lesson you can learn about this business.Opportunities are few and far between, takethem when youíve got them and make the most out of them.
    Penny, beating you is that all important first step on myway back to my rightful place atop the womenís division.I cannot and will not allow myself to bestopped by some flash in the pan that thus far has only been able to prove thatwhen the lights are the brightest and the gameís on the line, Penny you aregoing to fumble the ball.

    Having walked around the desk and now being behind it Alanatakes a seat in the black leather chair.

    Alana: Penny as much as you need to win this match againstme.Iím going to tell you right now itísnot going to happen.Itís great that youare standing up for yourself more and not being the welcome mat that you oncewere.But even you looking at me shouldrealize when you are about to get steam rolled.Iím making a movie and your life is like a Lifetime movie.Iím what this company needs in a womanís champion.Penny you are going to the first in a line ofdefeated foes I leave behind on my way back to the top of my division.

    Just remember while my hand is being raised and Iím beingannounced as the winner.This was theonly possible conclusion.Iíve beenwomenís champion before and I am destined to become womenís champion once againand I donít want any of you to just believe it Iím back to prove it.Iím also still very much the same woman whobroke her sisterís leg for a title shot.Soak that in as you let your mind ponder all the things Iíd do to any ofyou and what Iím going to do to our dear Penny, first in a line of examples Iíllbe making.

    (Off Camera)

    Ted lowers the camera as Alana picks the belt up and off ofthe desk before walking over to Ted. Tedhas his free hand just above the screen attached to the camera.

    Ted: This footage looks pretty good.I think its going to come out very well onceI finish editingeverything.
    Alana: Great, Iím glad to hear it.I canít wait to see it when its all finished.
    Ted: Iíll be sure to send you a copy as soon as I finish andthen Iíll wait till you ok it before I submit it to FWA.
    Alana: Ok, that sounds like a plan.Alright if you need me Iíll be in my trailer untilwe all break for the day.
    Ted: Alright no worries I got you boss lady.

    As the two walk back past the various sets once more Alanaheads to and enters her trailer while Ted turns a corner disappearing from oursight.
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    Re: Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread

    Little Rock, AK.

    We see Eyesnsane standing outside of his hotel. He iswearing a long grey colored coat that conceals most of his body and has a cupof coffee in his hand as evident by the steam rising up from the cup. Itís darkoutside but that darkness seems to be making a slow retreat from the cominglight of the day as the Sun makes its first appearance of the day. The air iscrisp and has freshness to it. Eyesnsane seems to appreciate rural scenery ashe looks around the area of his hotel. Eyesnsane raises the cup being held inhis left hand to his mouth and sips slowly from the cup and lets out a sighafter finishing his beverage.

    Just then we see Dr. Rebecca Weaver emerge from the door ofthe hotel. Her coat is black with some brown fur around the collar; she issliding on the second of her two black leather gloves as one of them is onalready. Eyesnsane turns and looks at her for a moment while she is not payingany attention to him. Silently he stands there admiring her. Her red hair ispulled back into a ponytail giving a great view of her neck as Eyesnsanebecomes lost in the thought of her skin having the appearance of milk.Eyesnsane lifts his cup once more and takes another drink as Dr. Weaver looksup at him and takes a couple of steps toward him.

    Rebecca: Good morning. You know I did not take you for anearly riser.

    Eyesnsane: I suppose Iím often what people do not expect meto be. Good morning Dr. Weaver.

    Rebecca: And so formal early in the morning.

    Eyesnsane: Just not in much of a joking kind of mood thismorning.

    Rebecca: Iíll guess itís the weather.

    Eyesnsane: Actually I donít mind the weather. Lately Iívespent so much time in the southwest that I can appreciate this kind of weather.It really seems as though winter never really came.

    Rebecca: I think I can wrap my brain around that.

    Eyesnsane: Sometimes this kind of weather brings back somany memories.

    Rebecca: Thatís right you have to be used to the coldgrowing up in Chicago.

    Eyesnsane: Very true. Truth be told I prefer being hot tobeing cold.

    Rebecca: Donít we all?

    Eyesnsane: I suppose thatís subjective.

    Rebecca: I was being rhetorical.

    Eyesnsane: Iím sorry.

    Rebecca: So are we starting our day? Or was the call to getme down here a ploy to have me at your side to enjoy a cold sunrise?

    Eyesnsane turns his gaze toward hers and they lock eyes foronly a moment. In that moment he can see the sort of half smile on RebeccaWeaverís face. He actually considers his options carefully before speakingÖ

    Eyesnsane: I really did not mean to be a burden. Sometimes Idonít sleep well and I find myself up early. I thought this would make for anopportunity to get ahead on a few things. With the shoot being one of them.

    Rebecca: That actually sounds like a great idea.

    Eyesnssane: I figured that would leave me more time to getin the gym. I know weather like this well. I can see flight cancelations comingtoday as the snow is supposed to get worse. A reason why Iím glad we flew inearly.

    Rebecca: I noticed the air travel was getting crazy lastnight while listening to the news.

    Eyesnsane: Listening?

    Rebecca: Yes. I have a habit of turning the news on the TVwhether I watch it or not. I was sorting some things out and checking thecamera equipment as well, you know settleing in. From what I heard it may takeus an extra day to get out of here.

    Eyesnsane: Iím in no rush so thatís just fine. I also knowthe gym wonít be as crowded during this weather either so I want to takeadvantage of that also.

    Just then the door opens and a bellman brings out two bags,one a black leather bag we recognize as the doctor bag. While the other has thelook of the camera bag. The bellman speaks to and gives the bags to Rebecca,who says something to him while handing him something concealed in her hand.

    Eyesnsane: I was also thinking that I could have you tape myfootage outside.

    Rebecca: That should not be an issue. Although I would liketo wait until thereís a bit more light out here. Once the sun is up a bit moreIíll know better how to adjust the camera settings.

    Eyesnsane: Can I ask you something?

    Rebecca: Sure I donít see why not.

    Eyesnsane: Why are you doing this? I mean youíre a doctor,so I would think there were tons of options available to you.

    Rebecca: Well there is some flexibility to being a doctor.One thing I always knew while going to school was that I wanted to go intosports medicine. I used to think I wanted to e a team doctor. Well and now Isuppose I am. Instead of a football or basketball team I have been hired to bea doctor for a team of wrestlers.

    Eyesnsane: Ok I got you.

    Rebecca: Only working with you guys I feel as though I getthe respect I deserve and I have final say so on everybodyís health so Iímdoing what I love to do and Master Wong knows how to pay a gal for her servicesas well.

    Eyesnsane: Iím sure thatís not a bad perk either.

    Just then a black SUV is driven in front of them. The valetgets out of the vehicle and leaves the driverís side door open and hurriesaround to the woman with the two bags.

    Rebecca: Please place them on the back seat.

    The valet attendant takes to two bags and places them on theback seat. Eyesnsane walks around to the passenger side door as Rebecca makesher way to the driverís side of the vehicle. While holding onto the door shecarefully gets in the truck as Eyesnsane does the same thing on the other sideof the vehicle. The doors close and Dr. Weaver looks over at Eyesnsane.

    Rebecca: So, outside huh? Did you have any place in mind asfar as where you might want to do thing?

    Eyesnsane: No not really. I arguably have a tough fightagainst Dionysuss a guy so tough he tried to jump me whie I was not looking.Where do you think I should go to talk about an old friend.

    Rebecca: Oh wait you and Dionysuss go back like that?

    Eyesnsane: No we donít, we are just not strangers to oneanother. He and I have been in the same ring at the same time before. I likeseeing opponents in the ring in real fighting situations. I think it gives methe greatest insight into how their mind works and what they are or are notliable to do in certain situations.

    Rebecca: Ah so you have him scouted?

    Rebecca checks her surroundings as she pulls off and awayfrom the hotel in the SUV.

    Rebecca: Ok, whatís Over the Edge?

    Eyesnsane: Itís my stable.

    Rebecca: Ok, I might be lost here. I thought you all wereElders and that was the stable.

    Eyesnsane: We are, ok wait. The Elders are Song, Orchid,Blasted Monk, Alana, and myself, oh and there is one more person. That hasalways and will always be our stable. However as you know we tend to work indifferent companies. A few years ago I joined FWA, and I was joined there byAlana and Killemall.

    Rebecca: Wait who is Killall?

    Eyesnsane: Itís Killemall. Letís just say for now heíssomebody you have not met yet.

    Rebecca: Where is he? Who is he?

    Eyesnsane: All you need to know is this. Right now heístaking care of something very important and trust me when I say youíll know himif and when you see him.

    Rebecca: Sounds kind of cloak and dagger to me.

    Eyesnsane: I can understand that, but it is what it is. Backto my story. So I was soon joined by Killemall and Alana. The three of usdecided to form a stable in FWA and that became Over the Edge.

    Rebecca: Why Over the Edge? What does that mean?

    Eyesnsane: Well after I left Malaysia, I decided to go backto the United States and to make a long story short I was being trained towrestle by Owen Hart. He had an accident and I suppose it was my way of payingtribute to my wrestling teacher. After his accident my training was continuedby two of his brothers. I suppose itís my way of paying homage to the man whotaught me wrestling.

    Rebecca: Oh ok, thatís very admirable of you. Hey do youmind if I ask you something?

    Eyesnsane: Sure shoot.

    Rebecca: Maybe I shouldnít.

    Eyesnsane: No go ahead. If I donít want to answer you Iwonít.

    Both of them laugh just a bit. While Rebecca keeps her eyeson the road as she is driving. Eyesnsane makes an adjustment to seat belt.

    Rebecca: Do you remember when we were at my house for thebarbeque?

    Eyesnsane: Of course, that was a fun night. We all shouldhangout more like that.

    Rebecca: That was fun and I agree but with you all beingspread out among different companies itís a wonder you all have any time to gettogether.

    Eyesnsane: True but hopefully we will all be in the samecompany soon which will translate into more time together.

    Rebecca: Well we all were drinking and having a good time.You had dozed off for a while and I went to check on you because you weremaking an unusual noise while you were sleeping and I heard you mumbling butyou kept saying something. Really you kept calling out to somebody named Tyson.I was just wondering what that was about?

    Eyesnsane turns his head and silently stares out of thewindow for a few moments creating an awkward silence in the vehicle.

    Rebecca: Iím sorry if it was just a dream or something but Inever heard you or anybody else mention that name before.

    Eyesnsane: Oh itís a name that gets talked about especiallyby Orchid and Alana.

    Rebecca: Was he an old group member?

    Eyesnsane: No, Tyson is my son.

    Rebecca: Oh, youíre a father. Whereís his mom?

    Eyesnsane: She lives in L.A. or rather they both live inL.A.

    Rebecca: Thatís awesome. Do you see them often? I mean asmuch as I see you getting ready for matches all over the place it must be hard.

    Eyesnsane: His mom and I were together a while ago, butthings well got complicated and it put me in a not so good place for a while.Some of our personal business was aired on TV for FWA as they kind of used whatwe were going through for on air angles.

    Rebecca: Oh my God!

    Eyesnsane: Donít get me wrong. We kept Tyson from it for aslong as we could. He still does not know all the details.

    Rebecca: Details.

    Eyesnsane: Yeah, allow me to give you a bit of insight intoit. At one point in time Tysonís mom was a member of Over the Edge so as youcan imagine we worked together. Now nothing happened during that time we justworked together and I would say became friends. She was also kind of seeingTysonís Godfather at the time and he was another wrestler. After her time withhim she dated another guy on the roster who started mistreating her. It gotpretty bad. I was trying to step in and save her for lack of better terms. Sheleft the show for a bit suddenly and came back. I found out she was pregnantbecause an FWA pole came out letting fans vote for who they thought was thefather of her child. Yes she and I got close, yes we had a relationship, and itturned out to be another one that did not quite work out for me. I stopped datingwrestlers after that, although I am in a sort of pseudo relationship with mysonís Godfatherís ex-wife. I would not say itís serious though.

    As they have come to a stop at a red light, Rebecca is justlooking at him and perhaps processing the information she just heard. Eyesnsanestops looking out of the window and turns his head in the direction of thedoctor. They look at one another for a moment as the light turns green.

    Rebecca: I suppose that makes for some awkward visits.

    Eyesnsane: Like I said it ainít serious so I donít justbring anybody around my son. I donít want him getting any wrong ideasabout how to treat women and what a healthy relationship looks like. Iscrewed stuff up for him enough.

    Rebecca: Look sometimes things donít work between adults. Iím sure itís not that bad as long as you and her are not fighting infront of him orÖ.

    Eyesnsane: I donít really mean to cut you off but again tomake a rather long story short. I only get court supervised visits withhim and have literally had no interaction with her in quite some time. Unless sitting at the opposite table in court counts.

    Rebecca: Oh Iím sorry I had no idea.

    Eyesnsane: Itís not your fault. No need to say sorryletís just talk about something else.

    Rebecca: No problem. Besides we have to find you a placeto do your shoot for FWA.

    Eyesnsane: Hey there is a park that way.

    Rebecca: Is that were you want to go?

    Eyesnsane: Sure. I mean itís violent as hell and noteven close to Millennium Park but it will do. FWA should have a show inChicago.

    Rebecca: Iíll get us there we are not far, however findingparking will be another trick.

    Eyesnsane: I have faith in you good doctor.

    (On Camera)

    Eyesnsane: Dionysus you have proved to be slightly more thana thorn in my side, ah but soon Iíll take some measure of solace in defeatingyou.Like I said you may have won but itwas only a battle, a small skirmish in this protracted war we find ourselvesin.Donít be so quick to breathe yoursigh of relief.Two weeks ago you triedto get the jump on me.Iíve not forgottenthat Dionysus.Only this time we will beface to face from the get go and truthfully thatís what Iím looking forward to.

    Eyesnsane folds his arms in front of himself as he stopswalking.

    Eyesnsane: Dionysus this is not going to go well foryou.This is my time to get up off ofthe mat and simply tear you apart oh and hey you donít have to worry we canmake this a good old one on one fight.There will be nobody at ringside for me, no Alana, no Gabriellle.So, how about you leave Lurch and uncleFester in the back and you come get your punk ass in the ring and face me likea man.Say what you have to say like aman.And fight me face to face like aman.Something I imagine you donít haveexperience at, seeing as how you are Godlike according to you.
    Week after week you stroll out here with your stupid storiesfrom mythology as if they are the end all be all answers to whatís going on andthatís just not the case.Just like youbeating any other person would have knocked them down, as for me.All youíve done is make me stronger and evenmore of a force than I was going to be before.I shall have all I want and all I desire and you and your false Godswill not stop me.Nor can I allow you tostand in my way.

    Eyesnsane resumes his walk while heading too his right.

    Eyesnsane: You took from me last week now itís my turn totake something from you and this week you need not fear that much because itwill only be a win I take from you.Asonce again I remind you of what kind of dominant force I am.Its time I once again put you back in yourplace which is going to be on your back watching my hand getting raised.
    The reality of the situation is this. You and your boy gotlucky, hell even the sun shines on a dogís ass every once in a while.Then again this ainít about titles oranything other then me kicking your ass.I for one hope you have been training, I hope you are ready. Because thisis going to be the fight of your life.Iímpissed off and I get to take all the anger and rage out on you and you are damnsure going to take every bit of this work I got I for you kid.When Iím done with you, youíre going to beasking God to make the pain stop.

    With out another word Eyesnsane turns a corner going out ofviewÖÖ..

    (Off Camera)

    Eyesnsane: How does that look?
    Rebecca: Not too shabby, Iíll get to work on it right away.
    Eyesnsane: Good that means more time in the gym for meÖ.

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    Re: Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread

    Itís the middle of the night and Tristan is tossing and turning violently in his sleep.

    Tristan James Galloway: N- no! No! Leave me alone! Please!

    Tristan screams at the top of his lungs as he sits up rapidly. He becomes awake as his eyes scan the room, realizing heís been dreaming and that heís okay. He wipes sweat off of his brow as the hears a knock at the door. Tristan heads over to the door, opening it slowly, and peaking out the door to see a hotel employee.

    Hotel Employee: Is everything okay sir?

    Tristan doesnít respond at first, nodding his head in assurance.

    Hotel Employee: Okay. Fellow visitors were complaining of screaming.

    TJG avoids eye contact with the employee, staring off in the distance.

    Tristan James Galloway: Sorry for the disturbance.

    Galloway shuts the door and shuffles his way back into bed. He doesnít manage to fall back asleep, spending the rest of the night gazing at the ceiling. The sun peaks in through the curtain as it slowly rises into the sky. The phone resting on the night stand behind him rings. Tristan picks it up gingerly.

    Tristan James Galloway: Hello?

    Employee: Morning, this is your wake up call.

    Tristan James Galloway: Thank you.

    Tristan hangs up the phone, resuming his ceiling gazing. A minutes later his phone lights up with a notification. Itís an event reminder that reads: MAGAZINE INTERVIEW @ 10:30 AM. Galloway exhales a deep frustrated sigh.

    A petite brunette in a light blue button up and mini skirt sits at the conference table staring down at a legal pad. Tristan walks in, wearing a beanie, big black Ray bands, and tattered faded red hoodie. The woman rises up from her chair with a smile.

    Woman: Hi, Caroline. VICE

    Tristan James Galloway: TristanÖ VICE, you said?

    Caroline: Yes, sir.

    Galloway is staring at her perplexed.

    Tristan James Galloway: What makes VICE so interested in a lowly rookie pro wrestler?

    Caroline: Well, you come a unique background. Itís the kind of thing our readers are interested in.

    Tristan James Galloway: ÖAhÖ I seeÖ.

    He lets out an uneasy laugh as he sits down at the conference table. Caroline sits down, pulling out her voice recorder. Galloway stares at it for a moment, appearing to be lost in thought. As if heís remembering an event from his past. Caroline breaks his concentration.

    Caroline: It helps for when I transcribe the interview later.

    Tristan James Galloway: I understand. Makes sense.

    Caroline: Letís get started. Tell me about your childhood.

    Tristan James Galloway: What about it?

    Caroline: Ya know, what it was like growing up. Where did you grow up?

    Tristan James Galloway: Everywhere.

    Caroline: Can you be more specific for me? Like where you were born?

    Tristan James Galloway: Kansas CityÖ I think. Least thatís what my Aunt told me. Sheís not the most reliable source.

    Caroline: Where would you live growing up?

    Tristan James Galloway: Around.

    Caroline begins to grow irritated by the vagueness. She gives him a look as if sheís saying, ďwork with me here!Ē

    Tristan James Galloway: Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York. Just to name a few. Ball park number? Over a dozen places. A lot of foster parents liked to me, so I bounced in and out of several systems.

    Caroline: What was the group home experience like?

    TJG shrugs, formulating his thoughts.

    Tristan James Galloway: Depends on the place and city. Some were good, some where bad. Rules were laxed at Bellmount in Seattle while Zion Home in Chicago was more strict than the military.

    Caroline: Did you have friends?

    Tristan James Galloway: I guess so. It was a revolving door of kids in my life. Whether it was me leaving or them. After a while, names and faces run together and you just stop trying.

    Caroline: Sounds lonely.

    Galloway slouches down in his chair, pulling the hood of his pullover jacket down over his head, concealing his face.

    Tristan James Galloway: If you stop and think about it, sure. I guess it is. When thatís your existence for the majority of your life, you donít pay it any mind. You just live and keep on living.

    Caroline: Were you always a wrestling fan?

    Tristan James Galloway: Iíd like to think so. I found it at a very early age.

    Caroline: How old were you?

    Tristan James Galloway: Eight or nine, I believe. Whenever I was allowed tv privileges, I would watch it as much as I could. Hogan, Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and Bret Hart were among some of my favorites. I remember my first exposure to wrestling came from a VHS tape at one of the foster homes I was in. My foster father was a huge wrestling fan and a bit of a tape trader, so he head tapes of New Japan, All Japan, CMLL, ECW stuff. It had Summerslam 94, the tail end of WrestleMania 5, and everything but the main event of Six. All WWE events, but I was a huge WCW fan.

    Caroline: What was it about wrestling that you loved?

    Tristan James Galloway: Everything. The larger than life characters and compelling stories, of course. I canít really explain why I loved it. I just did. It was also my escape from my reality.

    Caroline: Like from the hardships of living with Pete OíMalley?

    A long, pregnant silence fills the room. Tristan uneasily gazes at Caroline, who regrets the question almost immediately

    Tristan James Galloway: Yeah.. when I managed to sneak tv time inÖ

    Caroline: Heís serving a life sentence for first degree murder in Boston. Did you know about that?

    Tristan James Galloway: No, I didnít. The last I heard of him he was serving time for child negligenceÖ I didnít know he was out long enough to commit murder.

    Caroline: He was out for two daysÖ murdered a family member.

    A look of concern appears on Tristan face as he removes the hood from his head, staring intently at Caroline.

    Tristan James Galloway: Who?

    Caroline: A cousin apparently.

    Tristan is overcome with relief as he buries his hands in his arms. Caroline grows intrigued by this reaction.

    Caroline: Were you close to someone heís related to?

    Tristan James Galloway: Yeah.. his kids. Logan and Tessa. I havenít spoken to them in yearsÖ they kept me and the other kids safe as best they could. Tessa was the closes thing to a mother figure I had in my life. And Logan would bare the brunt of his fatherís punishment when he tries to intervene. More often than not when an ďanonymous tipsĒ to child services was often themÖ and he knew it.

    Caroline: You know, if Iím being honest here. The only two times youíve been willing to give me detailed answers to was wrestling and his kids..

    Tristan James Galloway: You ever had to give your life story over and over again? More often than not when I was asked questions about my life it was to put someone in prison or how Iím feeling emotionally to assets my emotional state to determine which home I needed to be put in. Not to mention Iím asked to divulge information about my life to a perfect stranger to then share it with the world. There to cast their judgements. Some will call it a sob story while a majority will champion how inspiring it is for someone to overcome rough and uncertain circumstances to become a professional wrestler. I donít need anyoneís pity. For better or worse, my life unfolded the way it was supposed to. Iím not too fond of the speculation of how far the abuse went to.

    Tristan pauses. At this point, his gaze is solely on his interviewee.

    Tristan James Galloway: And no, I was never the inspiration for an SVU episode. Physical abuse was very seldom. Majority of it was emotional. Thatís just my story. Some of my foster siblings had it way worse than I could have ever fathomed. Why I escaped unscathed is a question Iíve pondered more times than I could care to count. To be honest, I would love to move forward from my past. Like Iíve been trying to do since I joined FWA. I would like to worry about the challenge of ďThe Division One AthleteĒ Tommy Thunder, who's been goading me for a fight for months. And how this up coming week, Iím facing him and Jason Randall, a man whoís arrogance matches his partner. Itís a perfect pairing. Meanwhile, Iím paired with a guy named Vincent Blackbird, a man who I have no knowledge of except weíre similar in that the company considers us mysterious. Iíve never been fond of having to put my trust into someone, but I have no other choice in this situation. My whole life itís been me by myself. I had to fight for myself when no one else would, so tag team wrestling is a foreign concept for me. I could fail at it, or I could do okay. Iíve already rumbled with the World champion and lost. Itís fine. It happens. Itís a learning experience. This isnít what you want to hear, but itís my reality nowÖ

    Silence fills the room again. Caroline look at him then searches for what she could possibly say, but in the end decides thereís nothing to say to Tristan.

    Tristan James Galloway: Now, if itís all the same to you. I think this interview is over.

    Caroline: Sure.. thank you for your time.

    Tristan James Galloway: You tooÖ

    Tristan Galloway shoots up out of his chair and heads for the door. He reaches out for the knob when he stops and turns around.

    Tristan James Galloway: Nothing personalÖ I hope you understand.

    Caroline: I do.

    With these final words, Galloway exits.

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    Re: Fight Night 3/17/17 Promo Thread

    KAIZEN sent his promo in yesterday morning my time. It was on time.

    March 6, 2017 - La Jolla, San Diego, California - 5:12am

    Kacey "Rachanon" Etxeberria parks her car in the visitor parking section of La Mesa housing. Usually reserved for students attending one of the local universities, La Mesa is one of the few housing complexes in affluent La Jolla that is price-controlled to offer affordable rent. The buildings are square and all identically painted tan, with none of the exquisite green foliage or fancy patios, staples of upscale SoCal living. Rather, the common areas of La Mesa are cluttered with the toys of children; boxes of chalk, soccer balls, scooters, and fisher-price plastic cars have all been left out on the sidewalk, abandoned where they lay when their owners were called into dinner. It almost never rains in San Diego, and the elements are usually kind. No doubt when these toys are picked up again when their owners return later in the day, their condition would practically be no worse for wear.

    In the darkness, Kacey turns on the flashlight app on her phone and gingerly steps around the clutter. Seeing as so many graduate students from the local universities lived in La Mesa, its no surprise that there were so many young families in the area. She wonders to herself why KAIZEN would choose to live here.

    Is it just because its so cheap?

    Well, anything beats living in that broom closet at JFS...

    I mean... he could just come live with me at PB if he wants....

    Kacey feels her face burning up in the darkness. While most everyone (led merrily by Luis Correa) at JFS delighted in ripping on KAIZEN for being so naÔve and inexperienced when it came to relationships, nobody knew that this was Kacey's first proper relationship as well. Technically, she was flying just as blind as he was. It was exhilarating sometimes, and frustrating during others. Sometimes, it is a innocent mix of both.

    What the hell am I even thinking....

    I'm supposed to be mad at him. Act mad!

    Kacey arrives at building 8, where apartment 806 is located. She stumbles around in the darkness, narrowly avoiding stepping into a small, empty kiddie pool. She finds door 806 and tries to compose herself.

    Be strong.

    Don't let him off the hook.

    You're angry. You're angry!

    Kacey raises her hand to knock on the door. Before she does, she sees something in the darkness and raises her phone light to the door.

    Its a post-it note stuck close to the door number.

    The note reads:

    'Kacey: I'm at the cove."


    March 5, 2017 - Pacific Beach, San Diego, California - 9:47pm

    KAIZEN is walking down the winding and unkempt sidewalks of a residential area. After a brief period of travel back to Japan in between Fight Night and now, he has finally returned to San Diego. He stops walking and stretches out his body, his sports bag swinging from his shoulder as he raises his arms.

    As he walks, he browses the internet on his phone. He absentmindedly hits on /r FWA and looks through the top threads, with titles like "Zeus constantly sounds like he's high on dat reefaaaaaaa", "Tommy Thunder spot from Ultimate X (gif)", "My Danny Toner sign from FN" and "DAE remember 4 months ago when Zachary Kazadi kept saying he would be the longest X-champ in history? LOL". On the first post, however, the card for the next Fight Night has been stickied. Having not been informed yet, KAIZEN clicks on the thread and skims it over.

    Garcia, huh?


    KAIZEN puts away the phone and looks up. He arrives at a fairly large house with light blue paint and multiple surfboards and bikes crowded on the front porch. Kacey Etxeberria also happens to be sitting on the porch, with a bottle of some drink in one hand and her phone in the other. Her hair, normally done up in a tight bun or narrow single braid when she is sparring or in the gym, is now tied back in a ponytail. She is wearing glasses, sweatpants, and a loose-fitting pink novelty t-shirt of some San Diego IPA which highlights her milky brown skin. The yellow-blueish hue of the phone screen illuminates her brown eyes, tucked behind the hipster glasses, and makes them glimmer in the dark.

    KAIZEN takes a moment to admire her from afar.

    Just like he did the first day he met her.

    Just like he always had. And always will.

    He steps closer and speaks up.

    "Hey, you."

    Kacey looks up.

    Uh oh.

    Doesn't look to be in the best of moods.

    "Don't hey you me."

    KAIZEN feels a strange little tug of disappointment in his chest.

    Kacey puts down her drink and steps off the porch.

    "... just... why? Why can't you listen for once?"

    "What? not like I had a match or anything."

    "You weren't supposed to be on the show! You were supposed to be here, resting! You're not medically cleared, you know that!!! What if Cyrus Truth had hit you on the head again with something?? What if things got worse because you just couldn't wait a few weeks???"

    "Oh come on, I just wanted to be backstage, you know, catch up with Eimi and stuff. But when Cyrus started running his mouth I just had to get out there. I had to. Stop worrying over nothing, no harm no foul, right?"

    KAIZEN tries to step closer to Kacey but Kacey waves her phone in his face, showing him the website.

    "No harm no foul? Thanks to your stunt now you're booked against Michael Garcia! Is that what you want before your rematch? You're already not 100%, now this?"

    "....good tune-up opportunity?"

    KAIZENs joke falls flat.

    Kacey throws her hands up, seeing that shes not getting through to him.

    Their relationship has changed the dynamic between the two. Where once there was mutual starry-eyed admiration and flirting, there is now tension.

    "You need to take care of yourself, Kai. You need to give your body time to heal! I know your wrestling schedule is tough but nobody was forcing you to get in that ring, nobody was forcing you, but why, why do you insist on putting yourself in a shitty situation-"

    KAIZEN is losing his patience.

    "You don't have to fuss over me like I'm some sort of baby. I'm fine."

    "You're not fine, come on, we're all worr-"

    "Did you get a PhD while I was gone? Because last time I checked you're a kickboxer and not a fucking doctor."

    KAIZEN immediately regrets trying to sound smart.

    Kacey gives him a blank look. KAIZENs known Kacey long enough to know that the blankness is worse than any show of emotion.

    "That came out wrong, uh-"

    "No, I hear you. Sorry for being such a bother, right?"

    Kacey turns around and storms back onto her porch.

    KAIZEN tries to follow her, but Kacey turns her head and shoots him a look that freezes him.

    "I know you've spent a lot of time on your own, living your great cool-guy life, accountable to nobody, but if this... if this is going to work then you need to get that other people are going to worry about you, and maybe you should think twice before letting them know you don't give a shit about how they feel."

    Kacey walks through her front door, slamming it on her way in.

    KAIZEN looks at the door. After a few seconds, he hangs his head.


    March 6, 2017 - La Jolla Cove, San Diego, California - 5:40am

    La Jolla Cove is a small beach tucked in the middle of a cavernous bowl of jutting sandstone cliffs. Known for its idyllic scenery and close proximity to packs of yelping sea lions, the cove is usually chock full of tourists and sunbathers during the weekends, making the beach and its surrounding cliffs a snarl of people and vehicles. But in this early Monday morning, the cliffs and the beach are clear save for some AM joggers on the paved road behind the cliffs, trudging along in their morning routes with personal lights strapped to their heads. Kacey parks again and hops out of her car. She hustles quickly towards the left side of the sandstone cliffs, away from the beach proper, away from the tourist trap restaurants, away from the sea lion packs laying lazily on the wide rocks close to the shore.

    Sure enough, in the hazy dark, Kacey can make out KAIZEN sitting on one of slabs overlooking the cove, at a spot not of particular comfort but with a good vantage point over the beach and the vast Pacific Ocean. Out to sea, the lighthouse and the giant research lab of the local university offers up beams of bright lights which pierce the darkness. Kacey climbs over the minimal protection railing and sits cross-legged next to KAIZEN on the rock. KAIZEN turns his head around and acknowledges her with a nod.


    The sound of a wave crashing down into the beach below cuts her off.

    "Say again?"

    She composes herself and starts over.

    " did you know to leave a note on your door?"

    "....because you're the kind of person who cares enough to come early, I guess."

    Kacey feels her face burning up again.

    Don't let him sweet talk his way out of this.

    KAIZEN looks out into the black and blue horizon again.

    "Kacey... you watch FWA, right?"

    "Yeah, of course. Have my whole life."

    "What do you think about Michael Garcia?"

    Kacey stops to think about it.

    "He's.... dangerous. He's wild, undisciplined, instinctual... a bull. People outsmart him sometimes, but you know, you can't teach power, and Michael Garcia has that. Until recently he hasn't been all about winning and losing, Kai. But now that he I said... he's dangeous."

    ".... I agree, he's dangerous. Do you think he's changed, though?"

    " how?"

    "Like... his new thing, being more camera-friendly, with his new female friend.... zeroing in on Mike Parr..."

    "His more... professional approach, so to speak?"

    "Yeah, that."

    "I suppose yeah, thats a pretty big change. Its working out too for him, no?"

    KAIZEN shifts in place.

    "Yeah, he got one over Parr. He's got the momentum and attention that he's looking for.

    But I don't really think he's changed. Michael Garcia's thing has always been being a little boy trapped in a big man's body. He's never held a singles title in this company. He's gotten some signature wins during his time here, but he's never been able to put it together into something meaningful, something lasting. Every faction where he's a piece of the puzzle, like Executive Excellence, the Blackhearts, all that stuff. All of it has ended in failure. None of it added up to anything. Now, he's playing the role of a media maven, he's got a girl cooing in his ear, perhaps focusing him for once, and thats all good. But are we seeing a changed Michael Garcia, a new and improved Michael Garcia? I guess I'll find out on Fight Night, but if I had to guess after listening to him for the past couple of shows, then I would have to say no. He might have developed a taste for the camera, a taste of glamarous living, but really, this is the same Michael Garcia, still claiming that everyone is out to undermine him, still trying to pin up everyone he faces as a 'hero' so he can pump himself up trying to tear down the straw man that he put up himself.

    Still blaming everyone but himself for his own shortcomings and failures in this company, in this profession.

    Different tie, same suit. Same old Michael Garcia, same old shit."

    Kacey tries to look intently at KAIZENs face in the darkness.

    "Look, yesterday I wasn't implying that you don't have what it takes to beat Garcia. You did it at the QFTB tounament, yeah we all saw that, but what I was saying is that-"

    "Is that I needed to dodge being put in needless matches before my rematch? That I needed to stay fresh? That I need to be realistic and admit to myself that Michael Garcia has the potential to not just to beat me, but to hurt me?"

    Kacey feels the anger from yesterday rising up again. But KAIZEN continues, in the same soft and steady voice he's been using this whole time. He continues to stare off in the distance as he speaks.

    "Kacey.... please don't take how I'm acting personally. I know I'm being insensitive. I know I'm acting like a piece of shit to you. And I'm sorry. Don't take this as a sign that I don't care about you because I do."

    The flash of anger inside of her head dissipates and is replaced with confusion.

    This fuckin' guy....

    "But you're a yearlong champion in VALOR, you're an undefeated champion. Maybe you don't understand how desperate I feel. I'm an ex-champion whose run with a world title is thought of as a fluke . Right now I'm an also-ran, a forgettable fighter, a nice hand better known for losing to the real supernovas of FWA than I am for winning. And then Trial by Fire came and went, yet Cyrus Truth still holds the World Title. Maybe in times past I would've felt sorry for myself, but I could feel it in my first fight with Cyrus, I can feel it in the arenas that I've been to, the fans that I've met, the people who know my background, know my story, and have watched me from the time that I was a a bald-headed young boy in SPJ, to when I was a know-nothing 'Savant' on SMASH, to where I am now today! I can feel it, Kacey!! I am meant for something more than just being the bridesmaid, the also-ran! I have to become World Champion again, I WILL become World Champion again! And until that time comes, until that chase ends and I fulfil that destiny...

    A part of me will never be able to think about anything else. I will be empty. I will be incomplete."

    Theres a little fire inside of Kacey now, but not one of annoyance and anger anymore.

    KAIZEN exhales. He moves over a little until he's sitting next to Kacey. His hand slides over hers in the dark.

    She doesn't move it away.

    "Don't worry about me, Kacey. On Fight Night I'm going to go in there and I'm not just going to win. I'm going to smash Michael Garcia. I'm going to run circles around him faster tha I did at QFTB and then I'm going to fly back here and prepare for Cyrus Truth again. I'm not going to crush Garcia because I have anything in particular against him, not that I care about him and his victim complex, because I don't. What I care about is that the world is watching, Cyrus Truth is watching, probing for weaknesses, looking for openings to exploit, ways to convince the world that I am what he says I am, just a pretender, an also-ran, someone who could never achieve greatness on his own, doing it his own way. It's on me to prove him wrong, Kacey. It's on me to prove that I can be more than woe-is-me-look-at-me Garcia. It's on me to prove that I'm worthy of being seperated from the rest of the chasing pack. Right now it really feels like the FWA Universe is behind me, and every moment in that ring, every moment where they cheer me on, every moment that I feel their strength flowing through me feels amazing. It's something I don't take for granted. When I was on Crossfire, I loved having the fans behind me too, but back then I was too young and dumb to fully appreciate what that meant. Now I do. Now I get why it feels so sweet. Every moment of it is precious. Every moment becomes unforgettable. Someone like Michael Garcia doesn't understand that. Someone like him isn't worthy.

    So when the chance to face someone like Michael Garcia on Fight Night comes along, I welcome it. When a chance to go out and stop Cyrus Truth from spreading his garbage and trying to tear down FWA and all it stands for presents itself, I go out and take it. Every chance is another oppurunity for me to have these moments with the FWA universe, and they mean the world to me because they represent the best of me. It's on me to prove myself worthy of the fan's respect and cheers, worthy of the FWA universe's attention... worthy of the care and attention of someone like you."

    Kacey slowly moves her hand so that its holding KAIZENs.


    KAIZEN bows his head as a sliver of orange suddenly seeps into the black horizon. His voice gets a little shakey.

    "I know I'm a difficult guy, Kacey. I know there are some things where I don't know any other way except for my own way. But please give me time....please don't give up on me. Let me show you the best of me in time. I just... need one more time, one more chance."

    Kacey laughs a little.

    There's something in my eye.

    "You are so fucking corny sometimes."

    KAIZEN finally looks over at Kacey again. His goofy smile spreads across his own face.

    "I'm starting to think corny is how you like it."


    March 6, 2017 - La Jolla Cove, San Diego, California - 6:25am

    The sun is rising over La Jolla Cove. The sea lions are awake and are yelping to their hearts content. A warm reddish-orange light fills the cove and the SoCal sky.

    KAIZEN and Kacey sit on the cliff, enjoying the sunrise.

    Kacey rests her head slowly on KAIZEN's shoulder.

    ~~ WE ARE ALL ONE~~

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