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    Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Note: The show is incomplete but I'm just posting what we have for now, sorry for the delay.

    Before the show begins footage is shown from challenges 3 & 4 between Shawn Summers and Shannon O'Neal...

    Current tally: Shawn Summers 2, Shannon O'Neal 0

    The next challenge in the Shannon O'Neal-Shawn Summers rivalry is a punching contest. The bag hangs down from the plastic shell for the machine. Shannon walks up with some nervous energy while Shawn Summers struts in a few seconds later with a cocky confidence brewing with each stride.

    Shawn Summers: Two to zero, Shannon. And you said girls could compete with men.

    The FWA official explains the rules of the competition. Each will get one punch on the machine and the one scoring the highest — a combination of the punch with the most force and best connection — wins. Shawn Summers approaches first. He continues his same strut before turning back and blowing a kiss to Shannon, who nearly pops him in the mouth but is held back by the ref.

    "It's all in the form. Take notes, Shannon. All in the ..."


    The punching bag ricochets back and forth a few times before settling. The digits continue changing in a blur until finally settling. 543 out of 999.

    Shawn seems pleased with his score and steps to the side. Shannon walks up, looks determined, and lines up her fist a couple times in the center of the bag.

    "Time, please."

    "What ya' sayin'?"

    "Time, ref. Please? She's taking forever."

    "Yo, shut ya' ass up! I ain't takin' any longer."


    The official turns to Shannon and is about to say something, but Shannon simply puts up her hand, lines up her fist one more time, and then...


    Shannon looks on, a worried glare on her face. Shawn smiles, thinking it's certainly lower.

    But then the numbers settle: 618!!!


    Shannon raises her arms in the air, turns and gets right into Shawn's face. This just makes him even more upset.

    "No way. The machine is broken. No way. That competition is void."

    "What?! Ya' a damn sore loser."

    "No. No. That doesn't count. Come on. I'll finish this on the next one."

    Shawn storms off the scene as Shannon smirks a bit, thinking she's in her opponent's head. Then she follows as the camera zooms in on her score before fading out.


    Score tally: Shawn Summers 2, Shannon O'Neal 1

    In the next competition, Shawn Summers is seen storming into a weight room in the CWA headquarters. The officials running the competitions follow behind, with Shannon also part of the party. Shawn briskly paces to the nearest weight bench and the free weights on the racks near the mirror. He turns and puts his hands on his hips and begins talking more of the same trash, although with his speech sped up and his voice a bit higher-pitched than usual.

    "Right here. Bench press. You and me. I'll even let the girl have the damn honors!"

    Shannon thinks for a second, walking up to the bench and then pauses.

    "Nah. Nah. I won the last one so I'm gonna give ya' the honors, Shawnie. Have fun!"

    Shawn knows Shannon is trying to get in his head, but it's succeeding a bit. He lays down on the bench and asks for 330 pounds on the bar. Shawn loosens up, clenches his fists a couple times, and then grabs the metal bar.

    His face grows red and his mouth grimaces with his eyes squinted. He's just about to get the bar up when it drops down to the bench stand!

    Shannon's face changes to an ear-to-ear smile. The officials are stunned and Shawn cannot believe it, his eyes massive with surprise and his mind wondering how this could happen.

    "No. No! I get another chance. My fingers slipped. No! over! I can do 330 pounds!"

    The officials explain Shawn only gets one shot and a miss means he scores a 0!

    Shannon walks up, and instead of just doing the bar's basic 45 pounds, she asks for an impressive amount. She asks for 260!

    "260? You're gonna hurt yourself! Hah! What an idiot! Give me another chance to win this right here!"

    Shannon lays down on the mat and loosens her wrists and fingers as she looks up at the bar. She takes a deep breath, grips the bar, and slowly lifts it up into the air before COMPLETING the lift!!! Then she lowers it down to the bar stand and breathes heavily with a BIG smile.

    "No! No. Her elbows weren't straight! Disqualify! What?!"

    Shannon sits up and raises her arms in the air when the official approves the lift! Shannon hops up as Shawn turns around in anger and frustration. Shannon meets his eyes as he turns and holds up two fingers with each hand right up to Shawn's face.

    "Two ... two."

    Shannon steps by Shawn, who closes his eyes and tilts his head back eating the crow he dished earlier. Then his eyes open and his face changes to a focused anger, unlike anything we've seen yet from him in this competition.

    Jim Taylor: Good evening fans and welcome to another exciting edition of Adrenaline Rush! As you just saw it's tied 2 a piece between Shawn and Shannon in their best of five...

    Tim Coleman: You've gotta think that the final challenge will be a wrestling match...

    Jim Taylor: We'll find that out later tonight but up first we have our opening contest which will be underway shortly, take it away Lindsay!

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is set for one fall...

    Music plays as Leo Taylor makes his way out to a nice pop from the fans, Leo slaps hands with fans along the way to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from New York, NY and weighing in at two-hundred pounds, "The Ultimate Fanboy" Leo Taylor!

    Jim Taylor: Leo Taylor ready for action tonight and the fans are happy to see him

    "Turn Me Loose" by Loverboy soon rings out through the arena eliciting another nice pop from the fans as Ricky Reynolds makes his way out with his father Holly-Rod Reynolds following behind him, shooting glares at the fans and yelling at Ricky to focus

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent being accompanied by Holly-Rod Reynolds, from the Quad Cities by way of Chicago, IL and weighing in at one-hundred & eighty pounds, "R&R" Ricky Reynolds!

    Jim Taylor: Coming off a successful debut, Ricky Reynolds is here tonight to take on Leo Taylor in what should be an exciting contest!

    Ricky enters the ring as Rod remains at ringside with a stern look at Ricky while the music fades out.


    As the bell sounds Leo offers Ricky a handshake, and Ricky obliges him much to the dismay of Rod who scolds his son.

    Jim Taylor: Nothing wrong with a little sportsmanship

    Tim Coleman: It's a sign of weakness!

    The two then circle around for a bit before locking up with Leo getting Ricky in a side headlock but Ricky shoves him off to the ropes, yet Leo comes back off the rebound ducking an attack from Ricky and connects with a pele kick that stuns Ricky. Leo takes Ricky in position and brings him down with a back suplex! Leo takes a bit of time before attempting a springboard moonsault, but Ricky scoots out of the way in time yet Leo manages to catch himself and barely land on his feet, stumbling a bit and holds his knee. This gives Ricky enough time to strike back with a sharp european uppercut before hitting Leo with a snap suplex straight in to the pin attempt...


    Jim Taylor: I think Leo may have landed wrong on his knee there but he had enough power to kick out

    Leo kicks out and rolls away and gets to one knee where Ricky attempts a shining wizard, but Leo ducks underneath and manages to catch Ricky with a roll-up from behind!


    Ricky kick out this time and Rod shouts at Ricky to focus. Ricky gets back to a vertical base, as does Leo and Ricky goes for a palm strike but Leo blocks it and catches Ricky with an enziguiri that stuns him on his feet allowing Leo to strike with a standing dropkick! Ricky manages to bounce back to his feet however he's caught by Leo with an arm drag takedown into an armbar submission. Leo wrenches on Ricky's arm as Ricky tries to fight free while his Dad is yelling at him not to give up, and Ricky does break free and slips away out of Leo's grip and distancing himself from Leo momentarily. Leo comes back and looks for a hurricanrana but Ricky was ready for it and counters with a buckle bomb!

    Jim Taylor: Ricky with a nice counter and sends Leo crashing into the turnbuckle!

    Ricky takes Leo out of the corner and takes him down with a slingshot suplex! Ricky soon follows that up by climbing to the top and hits a beautiful senton bomb! He goes for the cover...


    Jim Taylor: Oh, so close but not enough to keep Leo down!

    Rod on the outside shouts at Ricky to finish off Leo, and Ricky is looking to do so as he for a superkick, but Leo sidesteps him just in time and nails Ricky with a boot to the gut...Spirit Bomb! Leo hits the powerbomb on Ricky and he hooks the far leg...


    Ricky kicks out and Leo is in a bit of disbelief but looks past it and brings Ricky up looking to put him away with Die Hard, but Ricky manages to escape it and strikes with a superkick! Leo is stunned now and before he can drop Ricky grabs him in position...R&R! He hits it and goes for the cover...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Ricky Reynolds!

    Ricky has his arm raised and goes to help Leo to his feet, who is still nursing his knee and is limping to his feet, but Rod berates Ricky yet Ricky does his best to ignore his Dad and helps Leo up before leaving the ring.

    Jim Taylor: A good show of sportsmanship from Ricky, while Leo may need some medical attention once he reaches the back

    He's about to leave the ring...

    He stops as the most annoying theme music falls over the arena and out come FWA's goon squad, Triple J Security. The trio walk towards the ring, looking at Leo with smirks across their faces while the crowd rains down on them boos.

    Jim Taylor: Now just what do these guys want?

    Tim Coleman: Beats me Jimbo, but by the looks of it they mean business!

    Jim Taylor: You can't be serious!

    Leo keeps his distance from the trio, who eye him up like a pack of wolves before snatching the microphone from Lindsay

    Jiggy John: What do we have here?! Some kind of nerd boy?

    Jugem Jugem and Jimbo laugh and nod.

    Jiggy John: Is this really the best that CWA has to offer?! Heck, we couldn't come here soon enough, and for those of you that don't know who we are well we are the best damn security that money can buy and we are here to take over CWA! Because after our unfair treatment in that Wrestle-Royale match, we have decided that we need to show CWA what we're all about and teach everyone here a little respect, and it's your lucky day Mr. Taylor because you just so happen to be first!

    John throws down the microphone and the three men surround Leo, who has nowhere to go and they strike immediately taking him down. They gang up on Leo and he tries to fend them off with a comeback, but they take him out from behind with a clip of his bad leg and begin stomping away on it much to the dismay of the crowd. Soon enough the boos turn to cheers when Ricky Reynolds is sprinting back down the ramp and chases off Triple J Security. Holly-Rod catches up with Ricky and is loudly yelling at him, but he chooses to ignore his Dad and checks on Leo who is nursing his leg.

    Jim Taylor: Thank goodness for Ricky Reynolds for stepping up and doing the right thing, but the damage may have been done by those three goons

    Ricky and the referee help Leo back to his feet as the show cuts to commercial.


    Jim Taylor: Welcome back to Adrenaline Rush ladies and gentlemen, I'm Jim Taylor and I'm joined as always by my broadcast partner Tim Coleman. And we welcome you back as we get ready for what very well could be the finale of the Best of Five series between Shawn Summers and Shannon O'Neil. Last week Shannon O'Neil was able to score a victory in a punching power contest AND a bench press challenge bringing the score in this competition to an even 2-2.

    Tim Coleman: Actually Jim, I have received word from CWA officials that Shawn Summers hired a team of investigators to look into the punching machine used during the punching power contest and it was found that the machine had faulty wiring inside of it. The faulty wiring resulted in the machine displaying mixed results when punched, so therefore the results of that competition are thrown out and the score is officially 2-1 in favor of Shawn Summers.

    The scene switches to Shawn Summers and Shannon O'Neil standing in opposite corners of the ring. Shannon has a look of determination on her face as the camera pans to show a cocky Shawn Summers relaxing in his corner. In the center of the ring stands a CWA official and CWA Ring Announcer Lindsay Monohan.

    Lindsay Monhan: The following contest is contest number 4 in the best of 5 series between Shawn Summer and Shannon O'Neil. Because of faulty wiring in the punching machine used during the punching power competition, the results of that competition have been overturned and the score for the series is officially 2 Summers, 1 O'Neil.

    The fans rain down "boos" at that announcement as Shawn can be seen applauding the announcement. The CWA official points into the direction of Shannon and asks "are you ready?" she nods her head "yes". He points in the direction of Shawn and asks, "are you ready," and Shawn nods his head "yes". With that, the referee calls for the bell.

    Shawn and Shannon circle each other in the ring as both try and read the actions of the other. Shawn fakes as if he is going to go in for a takedown and Shannon quickly jumps into a defensive position to block. Shawn laughs at her before faking another takedown, causing tremendous frustration to Shannon. In almost a fit of rage, Shannon charges in for a takedown on Shawn but is stuffed in her attempt. As Shawn pushes Shannon away he smiles and waves his finger "no" and Shannon can be heard "stop being a little bitch and do something!".

    Jim Taylor: Shannon O'Neil getting a little frustrated with the nonchalant attitude of Shawn Summers in this competition.

    Tim Coleman: O'Neil better get her frustration under control. Lets not forget, Shawn Summers had a perfect record in amateur wrestling during his days competing in high school and was extremely accomplished in college, before deciding to pursue professional wrestling.

    The two continue to circle one another until Shawn charges in for a takedown. Shannon sidesteps the attempt as Shawn calmly gets back up and turns his attention back to her. He charges at her for another takedown but this time Shannon manages to stuff the attempt and mockingly waves her finger at Shawn and tells him "not this time". As Shawn gets to his feet Shannon quickly rushes in for a takedown only for Shawn to deliver a stiff knee to Shannon sending her flying backward. The referee rushes in and directs Shawn to go back to his corner and reprimands him for kneeing Shawn.

    Jim Taylor: What a dirty move by Summers. He knows damn well knees aren't allowed in this competition. It's a takedown challenge. No other moves allowed.

    Tim Coleman: That was not made apparent when this competition started so....

    Shawn mouths "sorry" to Shannon as the referee restarts the competition. The two circle each other once again until Shawn rushes in and shoots for the legs of Shannon, lifting her up in the air in an attempt to power slam her into a takedown only for O'Neil to wiggle over the head of Shawn. She manages to catch her balance and as Shawn turns around she charges at him and lands a successful takedown. The CWA official calls for the bell as the audience erupts into cheers as O'Neil celebrates her victory.

    Jim Taylor: Shannon O'Neil has done what NO one believed she could do. She has taken down Shawn Summers!!! Shannon O'Neil evens this competition up AGAIN putting the score at 2-2.

    The camera pans in on Shawn Summers sitting in the corner of the ring saying "I lost?" slowly over and over to himself. Shannon continues to celebrate as the titantron shows the score at 2-2. The referee raises Shannon's arm in the air as she celebrates in the ring. Shannon stops her celebration as she turns around and notices Shawn Summers standing ominously behind her. Shawn has a look void of emotion as he looks down on Shannon. Shannon opens her mouth to say something to Shawn but is stopped by a vicious headbutt from Shawn.

    Jim Taylor: What the hell?!?! What the hell is wrong with Shawn Summers?!?!

    Tim Coleman: Shannon wanted "The God King" right? She wanted to show that she can compete against men in the ring? Well....she's getting what she wanted.

    Shawn slowly walks over to the downed Shannon and mounts her chest as she struggles with his weight on top of her. He grabs her by her hair and slowly launches headbutt after headbutt on Shannon. With each headbutt, blood slowly begins to fly out from between the two. Shawn inflicts a final headbutt to Shannon before letting go of her hair and allowing her head to fall back onto the mat. He slowly unmounts himself from Shannon's chest as CWA officials rush the ring. Shawn picks up Shannon's motionless body and puts her in a reverse choke hold, demanding that the officials stay away from the ring. He screams, "GIVE ME A MIC" repeatedly until an official rolls a microphone into the ring.

    Shawn Summers: Look at her!!! LOOK AT HER!!!! see. Look what you've done to Shannon O'Neil. Look what you people have done to ANOTHER women in this industry. *Shawn rubs his hand into all of the blood on Shannon's face, before rubbing it all over his face* I warned Shannon that she was going to get hurt stepping into the ring with a man and look what happened to her!!! Talk all that trash now Shannon!!! That's what you people want to hear right? You wanna hear this bitch run her mouth, right?!? Well, she can't because she's hurt and in desperate need of medical attention. This is what happens when a woman steps into the ring with a is what happens when a woman steps into the ring with THE GOD KING!!!!

    Shawn moves with Shannon still in the reverse chokehold, showing her bloody motionless body off to the fans in attendance. The camera pans to a woman with her hand over her mouth and then shows children looking away, faces buried into their parents shirts.

    Shawn Summers: You all wanted this. Shannon wanted this and now....I'm going to get what I want. You see, I want to put the definitive nail into the coffin of Shannon O'Neil's little crusade against me. Right now, our score is tied at 2-2 and I wanna end this competition with one...last...challenge. At Five Star Attraction, it will be Shannon O'Neil VS "The God King" Shawn Summers in the finale of the the best of five series. And now....let me leave you with this warning for Five Star Attraction.

    Shawn drops Shannon's body in the ring as the CWA officials quickly rush into the ring and check on her. They order a stretcher be brought out while the camera continues to focus in on her as Shawn speaks.

    Shawn Summers: Warning, the Five Star Attraction match up between Shawn Summers and Shannon O'Neil will contain; violence, grisly images, strong language, and scenes that will NOT be suitable for children under the age of 17. Viewer.....Discretion....Is...Advised.

    The scene fades to black as Shannon O'Neil is carted out of the arena.


    Rest of the show to be added in later

    Lindsay Monahan stands in the ring and appears ready to get the main event introductions started...

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is set for one fall and is your main event of the evening!

    The crowd pop for the announcement of the main event... but they suddenly break into boos as "Icky Thump" by the White Stripes hits...

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and weighing in two hundred and twenty-one pounds... he is the current CWA High Voltage Champion...."Double E" ELIJAH EDWARDS!

    There's a continuous boo as Elijah Edwards makes his way down the ring with a smug grin, he carries his High Voltage title and makes it a point to lift it infront of the crowd multiple times.... his happy/smug expression changes as "The Kill" by Thirty Seconds to Mars hits and the crowd break into a cheer as Krash makes his way out...

    Jim Taylor: Elijah Edwards... clearly has an issue with Krash. And as you can tell by the look on his face, he doesn't like having to even hear his music. I think it's fair to say, Tim, that this one will be interesting in how they work together.

    Tim Coleman: I don't think we'll see much teamwork from these two, Jimbo. Krash is a guy who can overcome adversity by himself... and Elijah isn't exactly on level terms with him right now... neither guy has the ability to work with the other. It could be a long night for both of them. I think Krash might actually hold Elijah down here... perhaps that's why Elijah's so upset!?

    Lindsay Monahan:
    Introducing his partner... from Melbourne, Australia and weighing in at two hundred and five pounds... he is "The Heartbeat of the CWA".... KRASH!

    Krash reaches the ring and poses for the crowd - drawing cheers in response. He gets into the ring and bounces off of the ropes a few times before coming face to face with Elijah. There's a staredown between the pair but the attention is quickly drawn to the stage as a coin is heard dropping and familiar music begins...

    There's a weird, mixed reaction as the number one contender to the CWA World Heavyweight Title emerges onto the stage. LIGHTBRINGER doesn't appear fazed by it as he makes his way to the ring backed by his manager/friend, BoBo.

    Lindsay Monahan: And introducing their opponents... first, accompanied by BoBo, he is from Tokyo, Japan and weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds... he is the Wrestle Royale 2017 winner, 'Tokyo Kisai' LIGHTBRINGER!

    Jim Taylor: You have to wonder just what's going through his mind right now. Having to team with the man he so desperately wants to take the title from.

    Tim Coleman: I'm sure he has something figured out.

    Jim Taylor: Well, Tim, he did mention that he wanted to use tonight to prove himself better than Snowmantashi. We will see what he can offer... but for now, Snowmantashi is our champion... and he is the best in the company...

    The crowd then pop for the sound of "Sword of Destiny" as the CWA's World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out with a stoic expression on his face. He eyes up his future challenger intently as he makes his way down the ramp but make sure to give glares at both Krash and Edwards too...

    Lindsay Monahan: and presenting his partner, from Los Angeles, California by way of Tokyo, Japan, he is the CWA World Heavyweight Champion... "Inhuman" JON SNOWMANTASHI!!

    Jim Taylor: There he is... the CWA World Heavyweight champion! And He's ready for action! Will he be able to trust LIGHTBRINGER enough to get the job done? They have a past together so this shouldn't as much as a strange feeling as it will be to say, Krash and Elijah Edwards...

    Tim Coleman: Who knows, Jimbo? I can't wait to find out!

    Elijah Edwards & Krash vs Jon Snowmantashi & LIGHTBRINGER

    Snowmantashi and LIGHTBRINGER seem to have a slightly tense discussion that results in LIGHTBRINGER throwing his hands up and standing out on the apron, he discusses something with BoBo whilst Snowmantashi turns his attention to his opponents. Krash and Edwards are barely standing anywhere near each other but Edwards practically forces him out of the ring as he demands to be the one to start off the match. Edwards fakes a lockup attempt that Snowmantashi buys... then he turns around and instantly tags in Krash. "The Heartbeat of the CWA" seems bemused but he gets into the ring and is more than happy to attempt a lockup with the current CWA champion. It's clear the champion has an advantage as he forces Krash back towards the ropes and the referee demands a break, they lock up again and Snowmantashi takes the back and drops his opponent with a quick german suplex - Krash is back to his feet but not for long as Snowmantashi bounces off of the ropes and hits a lariat. There's a quick pin attempt but Edwards storms into the ring and breaks it up immediately. Snowmantashi goes to chase him but he backs away and slides out of the ring. Krash looks like he has the chance to strike but he lets Snowmantashi turn around before running at him... but he's flipped over the ropes and ends up taking out Edwards on the outside! There's a sarcastic cheer from the fans - and Krash gets to his feet without showing much care for his teammate. He tries to slide into the ring but Edwards grabs him and yanks him out immediately and gives him some stern words. There's a shove but Krash keeps his cool and gets back into the ring whilst his partner returns to the apron.

    Jim Taylor: That's just unnecessary!

    Tim Coleman: Just something to provide a little spark, I'm sure.

    Again, the match restarts with a lock up but this time, Krash takes the back of the champion and tries to lift him for a german... but Snowmantashi reverses out of it and goes for a backdrop suplex... but Krash lands on his feet and hits the turning champion with a dropkick that sends him back towards the turnbuckle where Elijah is. Krash runs after the champion and hits a dropkick once more, causing him to fall, and then hits another sliding dropkick. The crowd are into it and get behind Krash, he gets to his feet and tries to get them hyped but suddenly Elijah slaps the back of Krash and tags himself in! The crowd are furious as Krash has no choice but to leave the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Elijah Edwards is clearly trying to mess with Krash here... he's not allowing him to get settled.

    Tim Coleman: I think he's just displaying a newfound attitude... perhaps this is a tactic for his team to try and win the match?

    Jim Taylor: I doubt it.

    Elijah then stomps into the champion a few times before being backed away by the referee. However, he comes back to continue the attack... but Snowmantashi gets to his feet despite the assault, Edwards tries to reel off some European Uppercuts but they only seem to wake Snowmantashi up... and he responds with a crushing sequence of elbows and chops before grabbing Elijah by the head and nailing him with a thunderous headbutt. The force of the strike causes Elijah to drop down and backwards roll, he instantly grabs Krash and tags him back in. Krash, still bemused, decides to get back into the ring. Snowmantashi cuts a frustrating figure at the constant change of opponent and tags in LIGHTBRINGER, not looking at him as he does so. The crowd are suddenly into what seems to be the next chapter in Krash vs LIGHTBRINGER as the pair circle off against each other. The number one contender carries a slightly arrogant aura about him as they go to lock up.. he grabs a hold of Krash's leg and hits a dragon screw before running at him and hitting a sliding European Uppercut. Again, another quick pinfall is attempted and it's, again, broken up by Elijah. LIGHTBRINGER gets to his feet and simply smirks at Elijah whilst BoBo comes storming around the ring and decides to get into a verbal spar... Elijah mocks him and seems more intent on arguing with him than paying attention to anything in the ring.

    Jim Taylor:
    Our High Voltage champion is clearly showing himself up to be a great tag partner for Krash... right Tim?

    Tim Coleman: Do I detect unnecessary sarcasm, Jimbo?

    'Tokyo Kisai' returns to his attention to Krash... they lock up and LB forces him into a corner... he slowly pulls away and fakes a strike... fooling Krash before then taunting him. He steps away and beckons Krash to come at him... which he does and ends up on the receiving end of a flapjack in the middle of the ring. LIGHTBRINGER then bounces off of the ropes and hits a sliding kick to his opponent... before getting up and winking at Snowmantashi before tagging him in and getting back onto the apron. Snowmantashi gets into the ring, half heartedly, and casts a confused look at his partner. His partner, in response, simply points at Krash and barks an order. Krash seems to be in real trouble as his partner doesn't care much about saving him and Snowmantashi, obviously frustrated with LIGHTBRINGER, looks to take that frustration out. He stomps into Krash, somewhat dividing the crowd as he does so, and works over his head with stomps, hammer strikes and headbutts. The ever so resilient Krash is able to get to his feet however and seems to be completely fine with the punishment as he crunches a forearm into a welcoming Snowmantashi. He keeps forcing more and more and shows some fire but Snowmantashi is in complete control as he eventually reverses a strike right into a uranage. He questions going for the cover but instead, locks in a sleeper hold!

    Jim Taylor: Krash is locked in the frostbite submission hold! Who knows how long he can survive!?

    Edwards is suddenly active in the corner and is shouting at Krash to make the tag. Krash seems to be fading, he's able to get to his feet and eventually drives elbows into Snowmantashi to break out of the hold - but he is wiped out by another lariat as he bounces off of the ropes. Snowmantashi picks Krash up again, delivering some headbutts as he does so, and then grabs him for another sleeper! This time it's locked in standing up! Krash is up against it now! He is able to keep his composure and fights the hold standing up - he inches closer and closer to Elijah, who has his hand outstretched... he manages to drive an elbow into the gut of Snowmantashi again to release the hold... and he looks to make the tag... but Elijah steps down from the apron AGAIN!

    Jim Taylor:
    This has to stop! This is just not fair on Krash!

    BoBo laughs at ringside whilst the crowd boo Elijah heavily - all he can do is shrug his shoulders as he points to the apron and claims he slipped. He berates Krash for not being quick enough. There's a slight development, though, as Snowmantashi stands at the ropes and casts a stony glare at Edwards. He's clearly not happy with Edwards' treatment of the match and of Krash. Edwards makes sure to shout out a few words at him and tries to mock him.

    Tim Coleman: Looks like our champion is getting a little fed up too. I can't say I'm fed up, Jimbo. I'm enjoying this! Elijah's looking great!

    It's unintentional but the small distraction to Snowmantashi allows Krash some time to recover as he gets to his feet and hits the champion with a vicious kick to the throat. It doesn't floor him, though, Snowmantashi simply rebounds off of the ropes and straight into a snap powerslam! Krash suddenly has some momentum! He bounces off of the ropes and hits a leg drop - going for the cover... but Snowmantashi kicks out pretty easily. He gets to his feet and Krash sizes him up as he fakes a high kick and switches his target to the gut - it fools Snowmantashi. He hits a big roundhouse kick to the almost keeled over champion and then finishes it off with a superkick to the head... but the CWA champion doesn't fall! Krash gets back up and hits a stiff dropkick... and yet the champion remains standing! He stumbles forward and Krash shows ridiculous strength to lift him up and bring him down with a Samoan Drop! LIGHTBRINGER thinks his partner is in trouble and tries to shout an order to get back to the corner but Snowmantashi isn't in the best of shape. The crowd are into Krash's small period of dominance as he looks to climb up and go for 'The Kill'... but Elijah slaps him and tags himself in again! This time, though, Krash doesn't let him get away with it. He turns Elijah around and the pair have an argument. Meanwhile, Snowmantashi slowly recovers and makes his way to his corner. Elijah shoves Krash and Krash responds with a huge European Uppercut just as Snowmantashi makes the tag.

    Jim Taylor: Some miscommunication has helped Snowmantashi! Here comes the number one contender, LIGHTBRINGER!

    Elijah turns around and is hit with a huge flying knee from LIGHTBRINGER and backed into the turnbuckle - he receives multiple chops and forearm strikes before being lifted up onto the turnbuckle. As LB takes a small run at him, he sticks out a boot and kicks him away. Elijah then tries to hit a flying move but LIGHTBRINGER ducks under him, catches him off guard, locks the wrist and looks to hit the LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT!!! But Elijah kicks LIGHTBRINGER and rolls out of the ring, shaking his head. He doesn't seem to want to take part in the match anymore but as he walks around the ring he doesn't notice Snowmantashi come storming at him with a huge running bicycle kick! The crowd love it as Elijah gets sent to the spirit realm. LIGHTBRINGER quickly comes out of the ring and grabs Elijah away from Snowmantashi, rolling him back into the ring. Not to be outdone, he gets up onto the apron and hits a senton atomico onto the High Voltage champion and covers for a count... but Krash makes the save, clearly not wanting to lose the match. Snowmantashi comes into the ring and attacks Krash - the pair of them end up brawling slightly, Krash jumps up onto the champion and locks in his guillotine choke as LIGHTBRINGER watches on with a keen interest.

    Tim Coleman: Krash is showing fight but I don't think he's good enough to pull this submission off! If Elijah was the one with it though...

    Jim Taylor: It would be no different. Jon Snowmantashi is difficult to submit! And it looks like LIGHTBRINGER's coming up with a plan already!

    The number one contender shouts something at Snowmantashi and the champion seems to respond by reversing the guillotine and lifting Krash up into the air in a vertical suplex position... he holds the position for a few moments, impressing many with his display of strength. He then, reluctantly, gives over the suplex hold to LIGHTBRINGER who keeps Krash elevated for just about the same amount of time before bringing him down with a neckbreaker. There's a brief stare off between the pair as Krash rolls out of the ring... but it's interrupt when Elijah attacks them both. The High Voltage champion is booed as he delivers elbow strikes to both Snowmantashi and LIGHTBRINGER... he manages to take LIGHTBRINGER down with a discus lariat before hitting a double underhook suplex on Snowmantashi and sending him out of the ring. As LIGHTBRINGER gets back to his feet, Elijah takes him down with a knee chop block before continuing to work over the leg with boots. Elijah lets the number one contender get to his feet and tries to attack with a tornado kick but LIGHTBRINGER avoids it before grabbing him and sending him into the ropes. 'Tokyo Kisai' tries for a dropkick but Elijah reads it and he ends up flat on his back instead... as he gets to a kneeling position, Elijah hits a tornado kick clean and looks to have him properly knocked out. The High Voltage champion goes for a cover but LIGHTBRINGER is able to kickout just prior to Snowmantashi making the save.

    Jim Taylor:
    It looked like LIGHTBRINGER owes Snowmantashi one after that! He could've lost the match there and then!

    Tim Coleman: C'mon Jimbo, didn't you see him make the kickout first?

    Snowmantashi and Elijah have a brief clash but the referee tries to restore order and forces the CWA champion out of the ring. Inside, Elijah has LIGHTBRINGER in the centre and stuns him with a couple of boots to the gut before launching him into his home turnbuckle with an exploder suplex. However, the suplex is skewed slightly and LIGHTBRINGER ends up hitting Krash off of the apron also. Edwards sees no issue with it and waits for LIGHTBRINGER to get back to his feet - he runs at him and looks to attempt some sort of knee strike... but LIGHTBRINGER catches him and vaults him over onto the apron. "Tokyo Kisai" then hits a European Uppercut before jumping up onto the turnbuckle and hitting a triangle dropkick to knock the High Voltage champion down and onto Krash on the outside. LIGHTBRINGER then makes the tag to Snowmantashi who gears himself up to hit a suicide dive...

    Jim Taylor: The CWA Champion is looking to fly! Here he comes!

    Snowmantashi comes flying through the ropes... but Elijah pulls Krash in the way and the CWA Champion only takes out one of his opponents. The High Voltage champion gets revenge for earlier as he hits a bicycle kick to Snowmantash before grabbing him and throwing him into the ring post. LIGHTBRINGER simply lies on the apron, holding his knee, and struggles to concentrate on wanting to help his partner. The champion is thrown into the ring and gets hit with the Kick of Fury... but it doesn't knock him down. Edwards manages to hit a second... and it still isn't enough. He bounces off of the ropes and manages to hit a sling blade that finally takes Snowmantashi off of his feet. He goes for the pin... but Snowmantashi is able to get a foot on the ropes... but BoBo takes his foot away! The referee doesn't spot it! He counts the victory!

    Winners: Elijah Edwards and Krash via pinfall

    Tim Coleman: A deserved victory for the High Voltage champion!

    Jim Taylor: Didn't you see that, Tim? Snowmantashi had his foot on the rope and BoBo removed it!

    The crowd are surprised that Edwards has somehow managed to pick up the win - even Krash is taken by surprise as he gets back into the ring. There's a small amount of jeers for BoBo and his actions but there's even bigger jeers as Elijah doesn't let the referee raise Krash's arm. Instead, Elijah raises his belt up in the air and celebrates the victory like it is his own.

    Tim Coleman:
    He deserves it. He did all the work in this match, Krash is trying to take a little too much credit for my liking!

    LIGHTBRINGER doesn't do anything as Snowmantashi slowly gets to his feet. However, Elijah seems to take things too far in the ring as he makes a point to lift his belt right infront of Krash before giving him a cheeky slap. Krash explodes with lefts and rights and forces Elijah out of the ring. The pair brawl up the ramp and Krash comes out on top as he ends up spearing the High Voltage champion into a guard rail. He's left looking down at the fallen 'teammate' with a hugely disapproving glare before walking away. The fans chant for Krash as he does so, clearly happy that he's taking some route of action against Edwards. The attention turns back to the ring where LIGHTBRINGER seems to be arguing slightly with BoBo... he shakes his head at his friend and turns and walks away. BoBo then taunts Snowmantashi and draws his ire... the pair of them come face to face. There's some clear words exchanged as LIGHTBRINGER stands behind the pair of them. Suddenly, BoBo stops his frantic ranting and steps backwards, he points and laughs at Snowmantashi. There's some confusion but it all becomes clear... in a flash, LIGHTBRINGER grabs Snowmantashi from behind and plants him with the Lightbringer lariat! The crowd break out boos!

    Tim Coleman: That's why you should always be on guard, Jimbo!

    LIGHTBRINGER seems completely unfazed, almost as if the crowd aren't there... instead, he stands over the body of Snowmantashi and looks down with a cold stare... the stare then shifts to the title belt lying next to him. 'Tokyo Kisai' bends down and picks it up. He looks at it for a brief moment as the crowd continue to boo... he then drops it down over Snowmantashi with a hint of disgust attached to the action. BoBo stands over Snowmantashi and grins right in his face, shouting some insults in Japanese. There's a massive amount of boos as LIGHTBRINGER then strikes his signature pose over the fallen champion and his music hits, BoBo stands next to him, grinning from ear to ear....

    Jim Taylor: A clear message here and a surprising turn of events. LIGHTBRINGER promised respect... and instead, he appears to have taken Snowmantashi for a fool. It was all a ploy. Suddenly, the main event to Five Star Attraction seems like it might just be a big match for both of these men's careers. I'm sure that if Snowmantashi didn't view LIGHTBRINGER as a threat, he will now... and I'm sure he will be hellbent on putting him in his place. What will happen? I can't wait to find out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Anybody who's got something, please get it to Jimmy so that we can finish posting the show. Apologies for the delay.
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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Im working to finish my stuff. I tried to get it done during the weekend but I just struggled to find the time to get to my computer never mind the time to do some writing. Been a pretty hectic week for me and my output for CWA/FWA has suffered as a result/it's shit the bed big time. It's my bad, honestly.
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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Main event has been added. One more segment to be added in and the show is complete, so be on the lookout for the FSA card this weekend folks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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