A statement released by Phillip A. Jackson’s agent on behalf of Jackson.

‘After Fight Night I was taken to a local hospital, along with the referee and my close friend Piers Gallagher, after a heinous assault by Ryan Rondo. It is not heinous because of the assault on me. Im fine. I can take it and I have taken much worse. I am sure I will be released in a few hours with nothing more than a few cuts, bruises and a massive headache but to commit such an assault on a referee and a commentator there is not much lower you can stoop. The only thing lower would be to assault a fan and Im not sure that Ryan won’t stoop that low in the near future. All because I refused to lose. Every single thing thrown at me was not good enough. I wanted to retire Ryan Rondo but now I want to hurt Ryan Rondo. You can hit me with a chair all day but when you bring the level of disrespect it even makes me sick. Fair was fair but for you fair was foul. I don’t know how fans will handle all of this but many of them are sickened by the actions of their former hero. How this changes things I am not sure because it will put Ryan and I in unfamiliar position and it is weird to think about. When will I be back? I am not sure but I will be back to hurt you Ryan so sleep with one eye open and watch your back and be ready because at any moment I will get my revenge.’