Current tally: Shawn Summers 2, Shannon O'Neal 0

The next challenge in the Shannon O'Neal-Shawn Summers rivalry is a punching contest. The bag hangs down from the plastic shell for the machine. Shannon walks up with some nervous energy while Shawn Summers struts in a few seconds later with a cocky confidence brewing with each stride.

Shawn Summers: Two to zero, Shannon. And you said girls could compete with men.

The FWA official explains the rules of the competition. Each will get one punch on the machine and the one scoring the highest — a combination of the punch with the most force and best connection — wins. Shawn Summers approaches first. He continues his same strut before turning back and blowing a kiss to Shannon, who nearly pops him in the mouth but is held back by the ref.

"It's all in the form. Take notes, Shannon. All in the ..."


The punching bag ricochets back and forth a few times before settling. The digits continue changing in a blur until finally settling. 543 out of 999.

Shawn seems pleased with his score and steps to the side. Shannon walks up, looks determined, and lines up her fist a couple times in the center of the bag.

"Time, please."

"What ya' sayin'?"

"Time, ref. Please? She's taking forever."

"Yo, shut ya' ass up! I ain't takin' any longer."


The official turns to Shannon and is about to say something, but Shannon simply puts up her hand, lines up her fist one more time, and then...


Shannon looks on, a worried glare on her face. Shawn smiles, thinking it's certainly lower.

But then the numbers settle: 618!!!


Shannon raises her arms in the air, turns and gets right into Shawn's face. This just makes him even more upset.

"No way. The machine is broken. No way. That competition is void."

"What?! Ya' a damn sore loser."

"No. No. That doesn't count. Come on. I'll finish this on the next one."

Shawn storms off the scene as Shannon smirks a bit, thinking she's in her opponent's head. Then she follows as the camera zooms in on her score before fading out.


Score tally: Shawn Summers 2, Shannon O'Neal 1

In the next competition, Shawn Summers is seen storming into a weight room in the CWA headquarters. The officials running the competitions follow behind, with Shannon also part of the party. Shawn briskly paces to the nearest weight bench and the free weights on the racks near the mirror. He turns and puts his hands on his hips and begins talking more of the same trash, although with his speech sped up and his voice a bit higher-pitched than usual.

"Right here. Bench press. You and me. I'll even let the girl have the damn honors!"

Shannon thinks for a second, walking up to the bench and then pauses.

"Nah. Nah. I won the last one so I'm gonna give ya' the honors, Shawnie. Have fun!"

Shawn knows Shannon is trying to get in his head, but it's succeeding a bit. He lays down on the bench and asks for 330 pounds on the bar. Shawn loosens up, clenches his fists a couple times, and then grabs the metal bar.

His face grows red and his mouth grimaces with his eyes squinted. He's just about to get the bar up when it drops down to the bench stand!

Shannon's face changes to an ear-to-ear smile. The officials are stunned and Shawn cannot believe it, his eyes massive with surprise and his mind wondering how this could happen.

"No. No! I get another chance. My fingers slipped. No! over! I can do 330 pounds!"

The officials explain Shawn only gets one shot and a miss means he scores a 0!

Shannon walks up, and instead of just doing the bar's basic 45 pounds, she asks for an impressive amount. She asks for 260!

"260? You're gonna hurt yourself! Hah! What an idiot! Give me another chance to win this right here!"

Shannon lays down on the mat and loosens her wrists and fingers as she looks up at the bar. She takes a deep breath, grips the bar, and slowly lifts it up into the air before COMPLETING the lift!!! Then she lowers it down to the bar stand and breathes heavily with a BIG smile.

"No! No. Her elbows weren't straight! Disqualify! What?!"

Shannon sits up and raises her arms in the air when the official approves the lift! Shannon hops up as Shawn turns around in anger and frustration. Shannon meets his eyes as he turns and holds up two fingers with each hand right up to Shawn's face.

"Two ... two."

Shannon steps by Shawn, who closes his eyes and tilts his head back eating the crow he dished earlier. Then his eyes open and his face changes to a focused anger, unlike anything we've seen yet from him in this competition.