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Thread: WWE NXT Discussion: February 22nd, 2017

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    Re: WWE NXT Discussion: February 22nd, 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Hollywood Dook View Post
    The general perception is that Demott hurt his rep quite a bit, not liking how Ohno carried himself (wanting to help teach others at the PC, etc). Either way, glad he's where he should be.
    Knowing DeMott's reputation and listening to the man talk on the couple of podcast's I heard him on post-departure, that seems likely. For a pretty big dude, he's got a hell of a little man complex and doesn't seem like the type of person open to new ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed View Post
    Why would people want Hero on the main roster right now? Samoa Joe's had a killer debut and it seems unlikely he's going to be in an important match at Wrestlemania. Would rather have him as a highlight of the NXT Takeover show where he'll be able to have a great match than in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal or the 7 man ladder match.
    My point wasn't so much that he should be on the main roster right now, my point was more that he should already have been there because his firing in the first place was moronic. I do think he shouldn't be spending too much time in NXT though and should be looking at a call-up within 2017, purely based on the fact that they wasted so much time kicking him to the curb before and he's been in conversations about the greatest wrestler's on the planet consistently for almost a decade at this point. He doesn't need the edges smoothing, he doesn't need to work on his character and promo's, he doesn't need to learn to work the WWE style... he might need to work on his look a little bit - and I'm not talking about his weight, but his fashion sense; knee pads under skinny jeans and a dinner jacket over a baggy t-shirt are not the fashion choices of a "Superstar". Other than that though, he's ready, and keeping him in NXT and working regular matches on TV only increases the likelihood that he get's injured and never makes it to the main roster.

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    Re: WWE NXT Discussion: February 22nd, 2017

    Mandrews and Dunne tore the house down. It was really something to behold, Mandrews is probably one of my favourite wrester on the UK scene to be fair and everyone knows what Dunne is capable off.

    I did like Bobby Roode vs Jose, but I will confess I am not a huge fan of Jose, I do think that Roode is a fantastic NXT heel.

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    Re: WWE NXT Discussion: February 22nd, 2017

    Look at me, late for NXT again. I am a continuous disappointment, I know.

    - PEYTON ROYCE <3 Aussie Poison Ivy for NXT Women’s Champion please and thank you. The Triple Threat was okay, but felt far too slow more often than not. Still, though, Liv’s showing great signs of improvement along with that Space Jam Lola Bunny costume scheme so I’m pretty alright with it, Ember’s still an unpinned force waiting for Asuka to notice her, and I’ll never shit on a Peyton Royce win. That fisherman’s suplex bridge <3

    - ‘Bruiserweight,’ huh. I’m genuinely surprised that pun nickname hasn’t been brought up before. Speaking of Pete Dunne, holy hell, he’s detestable. The uniquely punchable face, dull attire, shitty haircut, the overtly-brutal wrestling style. Dude’s one hell of a heel, working me. And Mark Andrews is a fantastic face to play off him. Pretty great match there.

    - Patrick Clark doing things! <3

    - Gif of Jose’s dancing infecting a confused Roode:

    Jose/Roode was a solid enough main event, but the real story: Kassius Ohno officially returns! Dad-bod and all. Huzzah. And already hotshotted into a main event title feud with the champion. Not so huzzah.

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