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Thread: WC Royal Rumble 8: Day 19

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    WC Royal Rumble 8: Day 19

    Down to our final ten, mates. Three HoF, Four Smods, Two Mods, Two VIPs, but only one Admin.

    Boss Ed, showing his leadership qualities by directing traffic with his Smod troopers. Under the guidance of Ed, Zero, Silk, and Fuji Vice isolate Postman Dave, and just kick the shit out of him. It's not pretty.

    SJ Wolf: Say Nash, what would you say if Ed goes on to win this entire Rumble?

    Nash: I would, obviously, be proud of my Admin partner. I already have my congratulations speech written out here, look.

    SJ Wolf: Nash, all this paper says is 'Nash is the reason for any and all of Ed's success' written seven times, along with a break for applause and a brief Tinder search.

    Nash: Pretty good, right?

    Suddenly, Ed is laid wayside by Hollywood Dook, never one for following authority orders! Hollywood Dook kicks Ed in the shin, and grapples with him by the ropes, pushing him over. But Ed's savvy enough to land on the apron, and drags Hollywod Dook out with him. A step away from elimination, the two trade punches! Bam! Pow! Kazah! Zappo! Etc!

    Nash: Looks like Ed needs my assistance! As per usual, am I right? ... Wolf? No? Right, okay.

    Nash throws down his headset and rushes to the ring, where he pushes Ed's body up, preventing it from falling. Ed, not really in any particular danger after winning the punch-off battle, turns to Nash and shouts at him to 'piss off you bleeding wank pheasant.'

    As Ed's yelling this, Hollywood Dook takes him by surprise and throws him off the apron and onto the floor next to Nash. The Admins trade barbs, arguing over who's fault it is, before deciding to blame it on the Smods, who rather than helped, continued to kick the shit out of Postman Dave.
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    Re: WC Royal Rumble 8: Day 19

    Perfect setup for Nash vs. Ed at WrestlingCliqueMania!
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    Re: WC Royal Rumble 8: Day 19

    Quote Originally Posted by Order View Post
    Perfect setup for Nash vs. Ed at WrestlingCliqueMania!
    Battle of the Billionaires.
    Quote Originally Posted by RaiZ-R View Post
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