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Thread: WWE 2016 Draft

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    WWE WWE 2016 Draft

    WWE Raw Roster

    Dean Ambrose WWE Champion
    AJ Styles
    Seth Rollins
    Finn Balor
    Charlotte WWE Women’s Champion
    Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman
    American Alpha
    Bray Wyatt
    Sasha Banks
    The Miz with Maryse Intercontinental Champion
    Kevin Owens
    Chris Jericho
    Enzo and Cass
    Luke Anderson and Karl Anderson
    Zack Ryder
    Luke Harper
    Erick Rowan
    The Dudley Boyz
    Titus O Neil
    Jack Swagger
    Mojo Rawley
    Summer Rae
    Big Show
    Alberto Del Rio
    The Ascension
    Dana Brooke
    Alica Fox
    Curtis Axel

    Roman Reigns
    John Cena
    Sami Zayn
    Randy Orton
    Rusev with Lana United States Champion
    New Day WWE Tag Team Champions
    Baron Corbin
    Nia Jax
    Dolph Ziggler
    Golden Truth
    The Usos
    Darren Young with Bob Backland
    Sin Cara
    Apollo Crews
    Mark Henry
    Alexa Bliss
    Eva Marie
    The Shinning Stars
    Bo Dallas
    Becky Lynch

    Stephaine Mcmahon Commissioner of Raw
    Shane Mcmahon Commissoner of Smackdown
    Mick Foley General Manager of Raw
    Daniel Bryan General Manager of Smackdown

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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by Rfc90 View Post

    Curtius Axel

    "Courteous Axel" sounds like a great gimmick waiting to happen. Good luck!

    The Worldwide 96 has concluded and a World Champion has been crowned,
    but we're far from finished scratching our tournament itch. Introducing...

    The above image will lead you to an index for Tournament Road.
    The links below cover everything leading to these tournaments.


    Quote Originally Posted by Meatwad View Post
    If anyone knows me then one things for sure, I know BTB's, and this is by far the best one.

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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    Lol my keyboard played up there lol

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    Battleground Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    WWE Battleground Results

    Brezango v The Usos

    Winners The Usos

    The Wyatt Family V The New Day
    Winners The Wyatt Family

    WWE USA Championship Match
    WWE USA Champion Rusev v Zack Ryder
    Winner Rusev

    Sami Zayn v Kevin Owens
    Winner Sami Zayn

    Natalya v Becky Lynch
    Winner Natalya

    Intercontinental Championship Match
    Intercontinental Champion The Miz v Darren Young
    Winner The Miz

    The Club v John Cena,Enzo and Cass
    Winners The Club

    WWE Championship Match

    WWE Champion Dean Ambrose v Seth Rollins V Roman Reigns

    Winner and New WWE Champion Roman Reigns

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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft


    WWE RAW 25 July 2016
    Mcmahon and Mick Foley are in the ring
    Stephaine This new era on Monday Night Raw and it has gotten off to a bad start last night at Battleground Dean Ambrose was a disgrace to the Raw Roster. He lost the WWE Championship to Smackdown Star Roman Reigns . Now my brother show is home to WWE Championship which is no right .WWE Championship belongs to Raw No Smackdown . Do not worry me and Mick have came up with a plan . Mick tell everyone our plan .

    Mick Foley There may be no more WWE Championship on Monday Night Raw but at Summerslam there be New Championship and the name of that Championship is the WWE Universal Championship .Tonight there will be two Fatal Four Way Matches and then winners of them two matches will face each other in tonights main event. Then winner of tonights main event will face Seth Rollins at Summerslam for the Universal Championship .

    Stephaine Also tonight Sasha Banks will face Charlotte for WWE Women's Championship. I want wish everyone good luck in there matches tonight .

    Finn Balor V Chris Jericho V Kane V The Miz

    Finn Balor Coupe De Graces Jericho for the win .
    Finn Balor clebrates in the ring . Finn Balor will be in tonights main event .

    Natalya v Dana Brooke
    Natalya sharpshooters Dana Brooke for win

    Brock Lesnar will appear on next week Monday Night Raw

    Dean Ambrose v Kevin Owens V AJ Styles V Bray Wyatt
    Dean Ambrose Dirty Deeds Kevin Owens for the win
    So tonights main event will be Finn Balor v Dean Ambrose .

    American Alpha v The Accenison
    Winners American Alpha
    American Alpha celebrate there win in the ring .Gallows and Anderson jump American Alpha in the ring .Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic Killer on Chad Gable and then hit Magic Killer on Jason Jordon .

    Karl Anderson Welcome to Monday Night Raw lads .

    Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows stand laughing in the ring .

    Cuts to the Break

    Curtis Axel in the ring
    Curtis Axel I may been the last pick in draft but they saved the best for last . I Challenge anyone at the back to a fight .

    Braun Strowman muisc hits

    Strowman I accept your challenge

    Braun Strowman V Curtis Axel
    Braun Strowman reserves chokeslams Curtis Axel for the win .

    WWE Womens Championship
    Charlotte Womens Champion V Sasha Banks
    Sasha Banks Bank Statements Charlotte for the win .

    New WWE Womens Champion Sasha Banks

    Enzo and Cass v The Dudley Boyz
    Big Cass Big Boots Dvon for the win .

    Backstage Dean Ambrose is getting ready for his match .Finn Balor comes up to Dean Ambrose .
    Finn Balor Good luck for tonight
    Ambrose stares at Balor for couple seconds .
    Ambrose Same to you
    Finn Balor I need no luck I am irish and we invented luck .
    Finn Balor walks of with a cocky smile .

    Finn Balor V Dean Ambrose

    Halfway during match Chris Jericho runs in the ring and Codebreakers Finn Balor and runs through the audience .
    Dean Ambrose then pins Finn Balor for win .
    So at Summerslam will be Dean Ambrose v Seth Rollins for the Unviersal Championship .
    Dean Ambrose celebrates in the ring .
    Raw goes of the air.

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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    I don't want to come across as to much of an ass here, but you're giving nobody a reason to read. Your format is all just red, which isn't the easiest on the eyes, your segments and matches lack any real detail (hard to be interested in) and your grammar is horrendous. The amount of times you have words missing in your sentences makes this feel more like a chore to read, rather than a hobby. I'd recommend reading some of the better BTB's in the section, Wolfy, The Natural, Hug Life to name a few, and try to improve your work.

    Good luck.

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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by stojy View Post
    I don't want to come across as to much of an ass here, but you're giving nobody a reason to read. Your format is all just red, which isn't the easiest on the eyes, your segments and matches lack any real detail (hard to be interested in) and your grammar is horrendous. The amount of times you have words missing in your sentences makes this feel more like a chore to read, rather than a hobby. I'd recommend reading some of the better BTB's in the section, Wolfy, The Natural, Hug Life to name a few, and try to improve your work.

    Good luck.
    I am new to this so i am working on things so give me a chance .

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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    Smackdown 26th July 2016

    Smackdown starts with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan in the ring .

    Shane This start of new era on Tuesday Night Smackdown . Smackdown is going be about opportunity .At Smackdown's 1st PPV Backlash there be plenty of opportunities that night . The date of Backlash will be 11th of September . Another good news I got for everyone here and everyone at home is Smackdown is now the new home of WWE Championship . Last Sunday night Roman Reigns defeated both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for WWE Championship .So let me Introduce you to the New WWE Champion Roman Reigns .

    Roman Reigns music hits

    Roman Reigns I am glad to have my WWE Championship back and I am ready to defend against anyone on the Smackdown Roster .

    Daniel Bryan Roman Well done for winning the WWE Championship on Sunday and I am glad to see WWE Championship on Smackdown . I am also glad see your right to fight someone . Summerslam coming up soon and we need opponent for you to fight . So tonight there going be Six Pack Challenge for the number one contender to fight Roman at Summerslam for the WWE Championship . The superstars that will be in Six Pack Challenge are Dolph Ziggler ,John Cena ,Sheamus ,Baron Corbin ,Cesaro and sixth place is open to anyone . The sixth place will be winner of tonights Battle Royal .

    Battle Royal
    Bo Dallas v Golden Truth v The Usos v Neville v Sin Cara V Mark Henry v The Shinning Stars v Sami Zayn v Darren Young v New Day

    Mark Henry eliminates Goldust
    Sami Zayn eliminates Epico
    Sami Zayn eliminates Primo
    Sami Zayn eliminates R Truth
    Darren Young eliminates Bo Dallas
    Big E eliminates Mark Henry
    Big E eliminates Sin Cara
    Neville eliminates Xavier Woods
    Kofi Kingston eliminates Jimmy Uso
    Kofi Kingston eliminates Jey Uso
    Sami Zayn eliminates Kofi Kingston
    Big E eliminates Darren Young
    Sami Zayn eliminates Neville
    Sami Zayn elminates Big E

    Winner of Battle Royal Sami Zayn

    Renee Young interviews Sami Zayn

    Renee Young Sami well done for winning tonight's Battle Royal . How do feel about win ?

    Sami Zayn I feel brilliant Renee I hope I win tonight's Six Pack Challenge and then I get my dream to fight for the WWE Championship .

    Sheamus cuts promo on about Six Pack Challenge

    Nia Jax v Becky Lynch
    Nia Jax Pop Up Samon Drops Becky Lynch for the win .

    Rusev and Lana .

    Lana I want to introduce the United States Champion and my husband Rusev .

    Rusev Smackdown does not deserve a Champion as good as me . I would rather be on Raw than this crappy show called Smackdown . Raw were all the real stars hang out .I could beat anyone on this Roster .Being on Smackdown no worth my while .
    Randy Orton music hits

    Rusev What hell do you want ?
    Randy Orton Rusev was not liking what I was hearing coming out your mouth about Smackdown . Over the years I have had good matches on Smackdown . Against people like Kurt Angle ,Rey Mysterio and Undertaker .These people are top names so Smackdown is a top show .
    Rusev That in the past and who cares what you think . Your nothing but a hasbeen .
    Randy Orton I think this has been would take that United States Championship of you .
    Rusev Your getting nowhere near this Championship I fight big names no people looking for one last pay day . So I am leaving this ring goodbye .
    Rusev and Lana walks out the ring .

    Randy Orton Do not worry Rusev I will find way to get The United States Championship around my waist .

    Backstage Daniel Bryan in his office
    There knock on door
    Daniel Bryan : Come in
    Heath Slater walks in
    Heath Slater : Hows my old pal Daniel doing ?
    Daniel Bryan :What are you wanting Heath ?
    Heath Slater:Daniel your speaking to biggest hottest free agent in wrestling
    Daniel Bryan : Biggest Free agent in Wrestling ?
    Heath Slater :I am here to offer my services to Smackdown .
    Daniel Bryan :Your services to Smackdown you say ?Well I Book you in match tonight and if you win tonight I will give you contract to Smackdown .
    Heath Slater That brillant I knew I could count on my old pal Daniel
    Daniel Bryan : You be fighting Apollo Crews
    Heath Slater looks shocked .
    Daniel Bryan And your match is next

    Heath Slater V Apollo Crews
    Apollo Crews Spinout Powerbombs Heath Slater for the win .

    Six Pack Challenge for the no 1 contender for WWE Championship
    Sheamus v Dolph Ziggler V John Cena V Sami Zayn v Baron Corbin v Ceasaro
    Sheamus brogue kicks Dolph Ziggler for the win .

    Daniel Bryan appears on the Titantron
    Daniel Bryan Well done Sheamus on your win and good luck at Summerslam against Roman Reigns .
    Sheamus celebrates in the ring .
    Smackdown goes of the air .

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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    Try and add title and sub headings in order to let the reader that they are reading another segment. Just like stojy, read other people's work and try and emulate their layout. Since you are new, i'll start out with labelling the different segments and add more then one color.

    Good luck will be Reading.
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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    Yeah i noticed that i do my next booking different.
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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    Good Luck

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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    Monday Night Raw 1 st August 2016

    Sasha Banks is in the
    ring .

    Banks :Last week I achieved something I thought would never do I won the WWE Woman's Championship . I want thank the fans for all there support I could not do it without them .I hope all you fans will there to watch me fight at Summerslam .

    Charottle music hits

    Charottle: Last week on Raw Sasha Banks had the biggest fluke in WWE history and won a match against me . When I have my rematch against Sasha I be the winner of that match because I am best woman Superstar in WWE .

    Sasha Banks : If you are best woman superstar in WWE why could you not beat me?

    AJ Styles music hits

    AJ Styles : Sasha you should learn some respect that not how you speak to best Woman Superstar in WWE . Charottle is right you where lucky last week .Next time you face Charottle she will kick your ass .She just
    female version of AJ Styles and she even better than her own dad .So Sasha if I was you I would shut the hell up .

    Enzo Amore theme hits

    AJ styles : What hell are you doing out here? You not deserve me in same ring as AJ Styles If I was you I would leave before get your ass kicked .

    Enzo : I am here to celebrate my mates title win but I have noticed we got Cuppa of haters in the ring .

    AJ Styles : Do you blame me hating you you shrimp

    Mick Foley music hits

    Mick Foley : Sasha I want to congratulate you on your win last week and Enzo I agree they are a Cuppa haters in the ring so I am going slove this problem here .Next there going be a mixed tag match AJ and Charottle v Enzo and Sasha .So everyone have a nice day .

    Match one
    AJ Styles and Charottlev Enzo and Sasha Banks

    AJ Styles Phenomenal Forearms Enzo for the Win

    AJ Styles attacks Enzo .Big Cass runs into the ring and Big Boots AJ Styles .
    Big Cass helps Enzo to the back .

    Match 2
    Titus O Neil v Alberto Del Rio
    Titus O Neil Big Boots Del Rio for the win .

    Mick Foley Office Stephaine with Foley

    Stephaine Mick I enjoyed that mixed tag you booked tonight I hope you book many good matches as that in the future .
    Mick Foley I am glad you enjoyed it
    Corporate Kane walks in
    Corporate Kane Mick I am wondering do have any jobs going round here ? I am happy to offer my services to you .
    Mick Foley Coporate Kane I was never fan of Coporate So I have no jobs for him . I am huge fan of the Demon Kane though I am willing to offer Demon Kane a shot at the IC Title tonight .Do think he be interested
    in that match ?
    Coporate Kane smiles
    Coporate Kane I think he will be intrested in that .
    Mick Foley Good .

    Match 3

    The Hype Bros v The Vaudevillans

    Mojo Rawley Stinger Splashs Aiden English for the win .

    Dean Ambrose speaks

    Dean Ambrose in the ring .

    Dean Ambrose: At Battleground I lost my WWE Championship to Roman Reigns .I was gutted I lost my title to Reigns but last week I won a chance to fight for Unviersal Championship at Summerslam . I could be 1st ever Universal Champion .
    Seth Rollins music hits

    Seth Rollins Dean you can not be serious ? You the 1st ever Universal Champion ? No chance in hell . I am man for makeing histroy I was 1st ever NXT Champion ,I was 1st member of The Shield to win the WWE Championship and I was also 1st preson to ever cash in there Money In The Bank at Wrestlemania .So histroy will repeat itself at Summerslam and I will be 1st ever Unviersal Champion .Where you Dean you just carry on your trend as being the biggest failure of The Shield .Dean I invite you to come ringside tonight and watch my match .You get see how real Champion fights .
    Dean Ambrose Dirty Deeds Seth Rollins

    Dean Ambrose walks out the ring

    Match 4

    IC Championship Match

    IC Champion The Miz with Maryse v Demon Kane

    The Miz Skull Crushing Finales Demon Kane for the win .

    Match 5

    Jack Swagger V Big Show
    Jack Swagger ankle locks Big Show for the win .

    Mick Foley Office

    Chris Jericho walks in

    Chris Jericho Why did you give Kane a IC Title shot ? It should went to me cos I am greatest of all time .
    Finn Balor walks in
    Finn Balor Chris if should be fighting anyone should be me last week you costed me a shot at the Unviersal Championship .
    Chris Jericho I am tried of rookies trying take limelight of me so you had it comming to you .
    Mick Foley Sounds like we got match for tonight. The winner will get shot at IC Title .

    Tom Phillps interviewing Kalisto
    Tom Kalisto tonight you will be faceing Seth Rollins How do you feel about that?
    Kalisto Tonight my 1st match on Raw since the draft and I be starting with bang against Seth Rollins .I admit will no be easy but I am going show everyone I can hang out with the big boys on Raw.

    Match Six
    American Alpha V Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows
    Jordan and Gable double dropkick Anderson for the win .
    After the match Gallows and Anderson double powerbomb Chad Gable through annouce table .

    Match 7
    Finn Balor v Chris Jericho
    Chris Jericho low blows Finn Balor for the win .

    Heath Slater

    Heath Slater in the ring

    Heath Slater Last Tuesday night I give Smackdown a chance to sign me but they messed up . So I am offering Raw a chance to sign me .
    Mick Foley music hits

    Mick Foley So your wanting Raw Contract ?
    Heath Slater That Right
    Mick Foley Well your going have to earn it and you have beat this guy 1st.Have nice day .
    Braun Strowman music hits

    Braun Strowman reverses chokeslams Heath Slater for the win .

    AJ Styles is in the lockeroom and Kevin Owens walks in .

    Kevin Owens AJ I seen what Big Cass did to you and made me sick . I also hate that clown Enzo . I am willing to help you take them out .
    Kevin Owens puts his hand out
    AJ Styles shakes Kevin Owens hand .

    Match 9

    Seth Rollins v Kalisto
    Seth Rollins Pedigrees Kalisto for the win .

    Brock Lesnar Returns

    Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are in the ring

    Paul Heyman Ladies and Gentlemen want to intrdouce the ruler and conqueror of WWE Universe Brock Lesnar .You may of noticed my cilent does not have a opponent at Summerslam . So if anyone wants to enter Suplex City come on out now .I challenge anyone in back to face my cilent at Summerslam .
    Lights go out and Wyatt family graphic appears .
    Bray Wyatt Sister Abigails Lesnar .
    Bray Wyatt Paul I accept your Challenge to fight the beast at Summerslam .
    Bray stands in ring laughing with Rowan and Harper .
    Raw goes of the air .

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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    Smackdown 2 August 2016

    Daniel Bryans Office

    Rusev and Lana walk in

    Rusev What hell are you playing at?

    Daniel Bryan What do you mean ?

    Rusev You have put Randy Orton in number one contender match for my USA Championship he no worthy shot at my title .

    Daniel Bryan I think you and Randy Orton would have quailty match against each other

    Rusev You very lucky your retried and have neck injury because I would tear your head apart in the ring for what you have just done .

    Rusev walks out the office

    Roman Reigns speaks .

    Roman Reigns in the ring

    Roman Reigns At Battleground I beat both my Sheild brothers for WWE Championship . I finally got my title back arouind my waist . It feels great to be WWE Champion again. Lets get down to business I am faceing Sheamus at Summerslam for WWE Championship .
    Sheamus music hits

    Sheamus Roman we have had simliar careers . We both have won the Royal Rumble and also we both been WWE Champions . There one thing Roman .
    Roman What that?
    Sheamus In last year my career been up and down . I won the Money in the Bank and then I cashed it on you then 22 days later I lost it to you . You got lucky and at Summerslam I am going walk out as the WWE Champion .
    Cesaro Neutralizers Sheamus
    Cesaro Sheamus I think the WWE Championship would look better round my waist than yours . I challenge you to put your title shot on the line tonight against me . Show me what Celtic Warrior can really do .

    Shane Mcmahon Office
    Sheamus walks in
    Sheamus You just see what Cesaro just did ?
    Shane yeah you do not have put your title shot on the line .
    Sheamus I want to Brogue Kick Cesaro into next week
    Shane Right ok tonights Main Event will be you v Cesaro .

    Match 1

    Apollo Crews v Baron Corbin
    Apollo Crews spin out powerbombs Baron Corbin for the win .

    Match 2

    Nia Jax v Eva Marie
    Nia Jax leg drops Eva Marie for the win .

    Match 3
    Big E and Xaiver Woods with Kofi Kingston v Golden Truth
    Big E Big Ends Goldust for the win .

    Dolph Ziggler talks

    Dolph Ziggler in the Ring

    Dolph Ziggler I demand John Cena comes to this the ring now
    John Cena music hits

    Dolph Ziggler I started my WWE Career as Chaddy and then was a male cheerleader
    John Cena What that got do with me ?
    Dolph Ziggler It got everything do with you .You had easy all your career you had Wrestlemania matchs against likes of Shawn Michaels,HHH and The Rock .In my eyes you do not deserve that matchs .I broke records at Kent State University and I get nothing for it . I been undervalued and overlooked in this company and I am tried of people like you takeing my spot .
    John Cena So you think I am takeing your spot . I have work my ass everyday since I came here in 2002 . I work my ass in matchs against Shawn Michaels,The Rock ,CM Punk ,HHH and Chris Jericho . How about me and you face each other at Summerslam ? Showstopper can show me what he can do ?
    Dolph ZIggler superkicks John Cena
    Dolph Ziggler I accept at Summerslam will be end of John Cena .

    Match 4
    The Number one Contender for USA Championship
    Randy Orton V Sin Cara
    Randy Orton RKOS Sin Cara for the win .
    Rusev runs in the ring and attacks Randy Orton
    Rusev throws Randy Orton in the barrier .
    Rusev : Randy you be getting nowhere near this title.

    Shane Mcmahon office
    Heath Slater walks in
    Heath Slater I am going give Smackdown a second chance to sign me .
    Shane Mcmahon Daniel Bryan give u chance last week and you failed to deliver but I am willing give you second chance .
    Heath Slater Shane I knew you had sense .
    Shane Mcmahon I sure do have that .Next week you be fighting for chance at WWE Contract .
    Heath Slater I will not let you down .

    Renee Young Interviews Roman Reigns
    Renne Young How do feel about Sheamus putting his title shot on line against Ceasro ?
    Roman Reigns I am happy to face the pair of them so I am no bothered who wins .I happy to fight anyone .

    Backstage Sheamus is warming up . Daniel Bryan Walks in .
    Daniel Bryan Sheamus I want wish you luck for match against Cearso .
    Sheamus Daniel the Celtic Warrior does not need luck . I am going beat Ceasro like I did to you at Wrestlemania in 2012.
    Sheamus walks of laughing

    Main Event
    Sheamus v Cearso . Roman Reigns is at Ringside .
    Sheamus Brogue Kicks Cearso for the win .
    Cearso attack Sheamus
    Roman Reigns Spears Cearso
    Neville runs in the ring and hits Reigns with a chair .
    Neville helps Cearso to the back .
    Smackdown goes of the air .

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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    So. I've read a few of your shows. I understand this is new to you and you're trying things out. We've all been there. Rather than throw a lot at you at once I'm gonna just ask for 1 thing. Spelling/Grammar. I don't know if you use Word or another document type program for your writing but I would recommend using it and finding spell checker. If you were to follow what said spell checker was asking you to do it would make reading this a lot easier for me. There's a lot of inconsistency too. One minute you write Rusev : Randy you will be getting nowhere near this title. That's fine I know rusev is speaking. However you also use 'Dolph Ziggler talks Dolph Ziggler in the ring Dolph Ziggler I demand John cena comes to the ring' no consistency and just doesn't read well. Hopefully you'll see this as trying to help rather hinder.

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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    dolph Ziggler talks is the headline . I admit I am no best speller but i do not care I am just doing this as bit of fun .

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    Re: WWE 2016 Draft

    Raw 8August 2016

    Enzo and Big Cass are in the ring.

    Enzo I had mixed week last week on Raw I tell you the good points 1st. I got to share the ring with the sexy Sasha Banks and she loved every moment of it .

    Big Cass In your dreams Enzo

    Enzo Laughs

    Enzo You knows it true well anyway the bad points were I lost a mixed tag to AJ Styles and Charlotte. I can accept that but one thing I cannot accept is that trailer trash like AJ Styles attacking me after the match. I am glad my best friend Big Cass came and save me.

    Big Cass I be always there for you Enzo

    AJ Styles music hits

    AJ Styles Pair of yous make me sick .I tell you what else makes me sick is way Big Cass attacked me last week . Cass you’re going pay for what you did to me last week .I got someone that willing to help me do that. Let me introduce him.

    Kevin Owens music hits

    Kevin Owens When I came to Nxt a couple years ago I meet Big Cass I thought he no bad guy but then I met his tag team partner Enzo . I thought why the hell is Cass hanging about with this tool for ? .Then Big Cass brings that tool Enzo to Raw . I realised Big Cass just 7 foot tool aswell .

    Big Cass Come ring say that to my face.

    Kevin Owens I rather not cos Enzo there and he just annoying as piles.

    Enzo I challenge you to a match

    Kevin Owens No thanks but I leave that to AJ he never get tried beating you up Enzo .
    AJ Styles laughs

    AJ Styles Your right there Kevin .

    Match 1

    AJ Styles with Kevin Owens v Enzo with Big Cass

    Big Cass Big Boots AJ Styles

    AJ Styles wins by DQ

    Big Cass I am tired of pair of yours antics. I challenge both yous to a tag team match at Summer slam.

    Kevin Owens We Accept

    Mick Foleys Office

    Charlotte walks in

    Charlotte Mick I am wanting rematch at Summerslam for WWE Women’s Championship.
    Mick Foley I do like the idea seeing you fight Sasha Banks again because pairs of yous put on brilliant match the other week on RAW but going have earn that shot . So tonight your going face Natalya tonight and winner will get shot at Sasha Banks at Summerslam .

    Match 2

    Braun Strowman v Kalisto
    Braun Strowman Reverse Chokeslams Kalisto for the win

    Match 3

    Luke Harper v Jack Swagger

    Luke Harper big boots Jack Swagger for the win .

    Seth Rollins Speaks
    Seth Rollins Ambrose is very lucky he has the night of .Last week he attacked me for no reason and this no the 1st time he has done this . At Money in the Bank after I won the WWE Championship of Roman Reigns . Ambrose did not like seeing me have success again so he decided to attack me and then take my WWE Championship of me . Dean jealous that I am more successful than him and he will do anything just try and end my career. He knows I was strongest link in The Shield and he was the Weakest link , He going pay for what he did to me last week and he regret the day he crossed Seth Rollins .

    Seth Rollins drops the mic and walks out the ring .

    Match 4

    Finn Balor v Curtis Axel

    Finn Balor Coup De Graces Axel for the win

    Match 5

    The Hype Bros V The Dudley Boys

    Zack Ryder Elbro Drops Dvon for the win

    Miz Tv

    The Miz and Maryse are in the ring .

    The Miz I welcome everyone to the most seen talk show in WWE history Miz Tv . Tonight’s guest is me the biggest A lister in Hollywood .No one deserves to be on this show except me and my beautiful wife Maryse .Raw very lucky to have such A lister like myself on their roster. I am best ever IC Champion in WWE history.

    Titus O Neil music hits

    The Miz How dare you interrupt the best ever superstar that WWE ever had. Do you have no respect?
    Titus O Neil I am sorry to interrupt the A Lister called The Miz but I noticed you do not have a match at Summerslam and I would also love have shot at IC Championship .
    The Miz No

    Titus O Neil I may no be A Lister like yourself but I am PrimeTime Player.
    The Miz The answer still no .

    Titus O Neil Well this might change your mind .
    Titus O Neil Million Dollar Slams The Miz

    Titus O Neil walks out the Ring .
    Maryse checks on The Miz

    Match 6

    Charlotte v Natalya
    Charlotte Figure 8 Leg Locks Natalya for the win .

    Match 7

    Karl Anderson with Luke Gallows v Jason Jordan
    Karl Anderson Superkicks Jason Jordan for the win .

    Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attack Jason Jordon .

    Chad Gable comes running to the ring with a chair and chases Gallows and Anderson out the ring.

    Tom Philips interviews Mick Foley

    Tom Mick I understand you have announcement to make about Summerslam

    Mick That right Tom you may notice there no Tag Team Championship on Raw.
    Tom Yeah I have noticed that.

    Mick Well Tom there will be Match at Summerslam to crown the Raw Tag Team Champions.
    Tom Who will feature in this match ?

    Mick Gallows and Anderson will face American Alpha in this match .

    Chris Jericho appears

    Chris Jericho If we are speaking about title shots where my title shot you promise me last week ?

    Mick I did offer you a title shot and you did win the match .It might not been fairly you won the match but you still won it .Well anyway we have no main event for tonight so you can have IC Title Shot tonight in the main event.

    Chris Jericho I am for that .

    Main Event

    IC Title Match

    The Miz IC Champion with Maryse v Chris Jericho

    Finn Balor attacks Chris Jericho

    The Miz then Pins Chris Jericho for the win .

    Titus O Neil runs into ring and Million Dollar Slams The Miz .

    Titus O Neil poses with IC Title .

    Raw goes of the air

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