Raw 22ND August 2016

Foley and Stephanie are in the ring

Foley Would like to introduce you all to the 1st ever universal Champion Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins music hits

Seth smiling
Seth I told yous all that I would be the 1st ever Universal Champion but none of yous would not believe me, I even told Dean Ambrose not bother to turn up at Summerslam but he would not listen. Histroy repeated itself at Summerslam I am 1st ever NXT Champion I am also 1st ever Shield member win a WWE Championship and I am also 1st WWE Superstar that cashed his Money in The Bank Briefcase at Wrestlemania .Now I can add on that list I am 1st ever universal champion .
AJ Styles music hits

AJ Styles I am sorry to interrupt the history lesson here but I have won Championships all over the world I am planning to add your title to that collection.
Bray Wyatt music hits

Bray Wyatt Last night I took out the beast now I plan to take the architect out
Dean Ambrose music hits

Dean Ambrose I may lost last night but Seth I know I can beat you.
Mick Foley We got three good candidates here for Seth Rollins Universal Championship. So I got a good idea next week on Raw Seth will be defending his title against all three of yous .

Stephanie All 4 of yous will be in action tonight aswell .
Mick Foley Have Nice Day
Mick Foley Music hits

Match 1
Seth Rollins v Erick Rowan

Seth Pedigrees Erick Rowan for the win

Match 2

AJ Styles v Kalisto
AJ Styles Frog Splashs Kalisto for the win

American Alpha are in the ring
Chad Gable Last night me and Jason dream came true we became Tag Team Champions and also what makes it little bit more special we are 1st ever WWE Tag Team Champions
Gallows and Anderson music hits

Gallows cut the music now !

Music stops
Gallows American Alpha last night you scored the flukiest victory in your wrestling career
Anderson and we are no happy about it
Gallows We demand a rematch
Jason Jordan Sure that can be arranged
Chad Gable I would love to beat yous again

Match 3

Jason Jordan with Chad Gable v Anderson with Gallows
Jason Jordan Superkicks Anderson for the win

Match 4

Bray Wyatt with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper v Big Cass with Enzo
Bray Wyatt Sister Abigail’s Big Cass for the win

Backstage AJ Styles and Kevin Owens are speaking
AJ Styles Kevin this time next week I will be Universal Champion
Kevin Owens I cannot wait
AJ Styles Either can I
Kevin Owens now lets get down business I may not be fighting for Unviersal Championship myself but I can have still some effect on that match .Tonight I am going take out Dean Ambrose in my match .
AJ Styles So it will be a triple threat
Kevin Owens Will be indeed
AJ Styles and Kevin Owens laugh

Charottle in the ring
Charottle Look who back WWE Womens Champion again Me ! Back where it belongs and Sasha Banks Reign is over . She will never get a chance to get it back .If I was you Sasha I would retire and never bother ever show your face in WWE again .
Mick Foley Music hits

Charottle What are you wanting ?
Mick Foley I got announcement to make .
Charottle Annoucement ?
Mick Foley Yes Annoucement
Charottle About what?
Mick Foley Let me tell you .Today I had meeting with certain free agent and meeting went well .I decided to give this free agent a contract on Raw .Let me introduce her .
Bayley music hits

Mick Foley Welcome to Raw Bayley
Bayley Thanks Mick and will not let you down I am living the dream
Charlotte Yeah your in the ring with me
Bayley Charlotte I would never disrespect you but would love your title around my waist one day
Charlotte Tough luck you never fight me in the ring
Mick Foley Is that right ? because tonight Charlotte you be faceing Bayley in non title match
Charlotte You can not do that
Mick Foley I just did have nice day .
Match 5
Bayley v Charlotte
Bayley Bayley to Bellys Charlotte for the win

Backstage Tom Phillps interviewing Dean Ambrose

Tom Phillps Dean What your views on Kevin Owens saying you going turn your fatal 4 way match into a triple threat next week ?
Dean Ambrose Comical if I mind right Seth Rollins said the same thing and I still made Summerslam so If Universal Champion Seth Rollins can not do it there no way in hell Kevin Owens can .

Match 6

Braun Strowman v Zack Ryder
Braun Strowman Reserves Chokeslams Zack Ryder for the win

Tom Phillps interviews Finn Balor

Tom Phillps Finn you won your 1st match in best of seven series with Chris Jericho How do you feel ?
Finn Balor Tom I feel great ever since I joined Raw I been screwed by Jericho .He either costed me title shots or cheated in matchs against me . So getting a clean win over him is brilliant and I hope there many more to come

Dudley Boys Retriement Speech
Bubba Ray Dudley and Dvon Dudley are in the ring
Bubba Ray Tonight end of the Dudleys in WWE and I am going miss all you fans .This last year in WWE has been amazing .
Dvon I agree with you there Bubba and what to thank you for supporting us over the years and had many good match my favourite has be with Hardy Boys and Edge and Christian
Bubba Ray That was some match
Gallows and Anderson attack Dudley Boys
Gallows Anderson get the tables
Anderson gets the tables
Gallows and Anderson 3D Dvon through a table
Gallows and Anderson 3D Bubba Ray through a table
Gallows Bubba your right it is end of The Dudleys
Anderson Yeah it all about Gallows and Anderson now you fans do not forget about it .
Anderson and Gallows walk to the back
Both Dudleys are lying in the ring .

Main Event

Dean Ambrose v Kevin Owens with AJ Styles
Dean Ambrose Dirty Deeds Kevin Owens for the win
Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles stare at each other
Raw goes of the air .