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    Adrenaline Rush: Live

    A video plays of the events that transpired last week between number one contender LIGHTBRINGER and champion Jon Snowmantashi:

    Adrenaline Rush
    January 9th, 2017

    LIGHTBRINGER thought he was in control, despite the pain in his back, of the match against Krash. He thought he was about to win the match as he grabbed his opponent's wrist... but he was taken by surprise. A pele kick knocks him off of his feet... and he landed hard on his back, the pain distracting him from the danger he was in... and KRASH landed on top of him and that was the match. BoBo tried to sneak his foot onto the rope but it was all in vain as the referee was not able to notice it. Many would say that was the correct decision, anyway, given that cheating should never prosper.

    However, LIGHTBRINGER didn't like to lose, no matter what - and upon getting helped to his feet by BoBo, he stormed to the referee to question why the pinfall was counted. The referee says he didn't see it. There's no more to it. The number one contender doesn't try to argue his case anymore - but BoBo is incensed as he grabs the referee by the arm and starts to shout obscenities at him in Japanese...


    LIGHTBRINGER stands next to his friend and lets it happen, however declares enough is enough as he looks to grab his friend and drag him away... but Jon Snowmantashi is there to break it up already and suddenly there's a shift in attitude from 'Tokyo Kisai'. The champion gives off a stare at the challenger which is more than enough to get the challenger pent up with frustration and anger. It's a stare that's markedly different from last week - it's almost lacking in anger. Instead, the champion appears to be on the brink of a smirk. And suddenly, BoBo seems like the sensible one as he holds back his friend, trying to prevent any sort of fight from breaking out. Snowmantashi can only stand and stare a hole through LIGHTBRINGER as a barrage of Japanese is shouted across the ring.


    Of course, Snowmantashi was as stoic as ever - the no sell of the taunt only tried to make LIGHTBRINGER lunge forward but his friend pushed him back. It was uncharacteristic of 'Tokyo Kisai' but, given the circumstance, it was easy to understand. LIGHTBRINGER didn't like to show a weakness in his game and he didn't like to lose. He had shown both right infront of the champion and now it was ammo that would dent his confidence easily. Eventually he would brush his friend off and simply stare back at Snowmantashi. He'd snapped out of his stupid huff and realised that he had given far too much away this week. At the end of the day, he lost, but he also knew that people in the ring were focusing on him and the champion - and not Krash. A small victory. He tapped his friend on the shoulder and was ready to leave the ring, he stepped between the ropes but BoBo stood for a moment and, as usual, had to get some words in.


    LIGHTBRINGER grabbed his friend and made sure he left the ring with him. The pair of them would walk up the ramp and not pay any attention to the fans or even dare to look back. It felt like a retreat compared to last week. A shameful moment. It was bitter.
    Jim Taylor: Welcome to Adrenaline Rush fans, we just showed you what transpired last week after the show went off the air between LIGHTBRINGER and Jon Snowmantashi, and tonight in our main event we'll see a rematch between LIGHTBRINGER and Krash at the request of LIGHTBRINGER but before then we have some exciting action lined up for you with a debut to kick things off!

    Proving Grounds Match
    Ricky Reynolds vs. Noah Nitro

    Noah Nitro is already in the ring awaiting his opponent...

    The sound of "Turn Me Loose" by Loverboy fills the arena and newcomer Ricky Reynolds makes his way out to a nice pop from the fans, he's followed by his father and former wrestler "Holly-Rod" Reynolds, who is scolds Ricky when he tries to interact with the fans on the way to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring being accompanied by "Holly-Rod" Reynolds, from the Quad Cities by way of Chicago, IL and weighing in at one-hundred & eighty pounds, "R&R" RICKY REYNOLDS!

    Jim Taylor: Ricky Reynolds a newcomer to CWA with his father, "Holly-Rod" Reynolds, who doesn't seem to care for Ricky's interaction with the fans

    Tim Coleman: A little tough love never hurt anyone, Jimbo!

    Ricky is about to step in the ring when Rod gives him a stern pep-talk, Ricky nods before getting in the ring.


    As soon as the bell rings Noah Nitro bursts from his corner and pummels Ricky in the corner, prompting Rod to berate Ricky on the outside. The referee backs Nitro away as the crowd loudly jeers him for his sneak attack.

    Jim Taylor: Noah Nitro eager to get this match underway

    Reynolds recovers as Nitro charges at him and Reynolds sidesteps Nitro causing Nitro to crash and burn in the corner chest first, with the wind knocked out of Nitro, Ricky turns him around and drills Nitro with a european uppercut followed by a palm strike and a barrage of knife edge chops while Rod is on the outside looking unimpressed by his son. Ricky brings Nitro out of the corner and hits a snap suplex, and then follows up with a beautifully executed fisherman suplex!

    Jim Taylor: Ricky taking it to Noah Nitro so far

    Tim Coleman: Rod still doesn't seem impressed though

    Rod begins yelling at Ricky, telling him to finish off Nitro. This distracts Ricky as he turns his back on Nitro and to his father, which allows Nitro to sneak up behind with a roll-up!


    Ricky kicks out! Rod is fuming now as he continues to yell at Ricky at ringside. Ricky rolls back to his feet and ducks a clothesline from Nitro and drills him with another european uppercut followed by a swinging neckbreaker! Ricky calls for the end as he sets up Nitro...R&R! Ricky isn't through yet though...REYNOLDS WRAP! Nitro instantly taps out!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Ricky Reynolds!

    Ricky has his arm raised but the celebrating is cut short as Rod enters the ring and berates Ricky some more as they exit the ring together.

    Jim Taylor: A successful debut for Ricky Reynolds picking up a win here tonight!


    We go backstage where we can see Michelle Kelly standing next to one of the newest faces on the CWA roster - 'The Instant Classic' Christian Quinn. Quinn is in his wrestling gear and appears to be having a pre match warm up stretch as Kelly lifts the microphone to her mouth to speak.

    Michelle Kelly: We are just moments away from what appears to be a rather impromptu grudge match between former High Voltage champion, Nate Savage, and a slightly unfamiliar face around these parts: Christian Quinn.

    She then turns to face Quinn - who stops his stretching and returns her stare before looking straight into the camera.

    Michelle Kelly: Christian... it seems that you and Nate haven't taken a liking to each other during your short time here in the CWA. Why do you think that is?

    Quinn smirks before he speaks.

    Christian Quinn: Well, Michelle, first I'd like to say it's a pleasure to meet you - and it's a pleasure to make myself known to the CWA universe. Secondly, as for Nate Savage not liking me? He can join a long queue of people. It's simple to me: He's jealous. I eliminated him at the Wrestle Royale and he didn't like it. That's why he hasn't taken a liking to me. Really, he should thank me. I stopped him from wasting his time and energy from fighting a losing battle. He was never going to win that match.

    Michelle Kelly: Well, that explains why he hasn't taken a shine to you. Of course, I don't know if a lot of people will have been happy with your appearance. Some might be a little confused. So here's your chance to explain... why have you come to CWA?

    Christian Quinn: I assume that you are implying some people may be offended that I am a former FWA superstar and I took up a slot in a big match? Again, I should be thanked for that. I am a former FWA tag team champion, the architect of one of the greatest groups the FWA has ever seen as well as a former world title challenger. I have a high pedigree and I know how to compete inside that ring. You might think I'm being arrogant but the facts check out. I helped provide some intrigue to that match. I came to the CWA because the CWA needs all the star power it can get. The CWA needs to be made great again and I have the mind and talent to help accomplish that. I was well on my way to doing that at the Wrestle Royale... but you see... Nate Savage got in my way and he ruined it all. All because he's jealous.

    Michelle Kelly: You... want to make the CWA... great again?

    She tries to stifle a laugh at the obvious reference. Quinn is still completely deadpan.

    Christian Quinn: You could say that. It's clear that the CWA has suffered a slight decline recently. I'm here to provide a boost. I'm here to force everyone else to up their game. I'm not just here to take part in proceedings, I'm here to take over. If some people don't cut the mustard then we'll soon find that out. My entrance into the Wrestle Royale was a signal of intent, Michelle. It was ruined by Savage... and so I had to take revenge on him. I don't think he is very talented. I don't think he deserves much respect. The fact he has been a champion here tells you just how far CWA has fallen. I plan to put him in his place. I took my chance for some small revenge at the last show... he let his guard down, he got distracted and he paid the price for it. But now? Now, I get to beat him up. I get to show him that he's nothing but trash whilst showing the CWA fans just how good I can really be. After I'm done with him, I'll set my sights higher. Now... if you don't mind, I have a match to win. Thank you for your time.

    He gives a wink to Michelle before he walks off camera.


    Grudge Match
    Christian Quinn vs. Nate Savage

    We come back to the arena as "Not Your Kind of People" by Garbage hits and 'The Instant Classic' Christian Quinn begins to make his way out onto the stage to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Tim Coleman: Well, Jimbo, it's time to see what Christian Quinn is all about! He ruined Nate's chances against Elijah... and I think it's time that he gets what's coming to him for that!

    Jim Taylor: Come on, Tim, Quinn just explained his actions, can't you see his viewpoint?

    Tim Coleman: Quinn had no business showing up at the Wrestle Royale... he had no business playing games with Nate in his High Voltage title match... and he has no business being here tonight!

    Jim Taylor: Well... I think Quinn might try to prove you wrong. There's one thing for sure... this match won't be pretty. Both men seem to have built up a big dislike of each other in such short time.

    Quinn walks down the ramp and doesn't seem to give much attention to the crowd as he poses... but suddenly, there's a large chorus of boos as Nate Savage comes storming down the ramp and clubs him from behind!

    Jim Taylor: Oh come on! Can't this guy ever play fair!?

    Tim Coleman: Quinn didn't play fair... so why should he!? Let's see if Quinn can get out of this if he's so damn good!

    Savage still attacks Quinn and throws him into the ring apron before bullrushing him and trying to fist fight with him some more. Quinn becomes responsive and the pair go back and forth - turning their encounter into an all out brawl. Savage tries to whip Quinn into the barricades but Quinn reverses the whip and sends Savage towards them instead. 'The Instant Classic' goes after his foe but he is able to throw Quinn over his shoulder and into a small section of the crowd. Referees suddenly storm out and try to keep Savage pinned back but he breaks free and goes over the barricade to brawl with Quinn some more. The referees all converge at the barricade as Savage clubs Quinn over the back before grabbing him and hitting him with a german suplex that sends him back over the barricade - and knocking over all the refs like they're bowling pins!

    Tim Coleman: It's a strike, Jimbo! Savage is on fire!

    Jim Taylor: I don't think this is the time for jokes, Tim. It's looking like this match isn't going to start. There's too much chaos!

    Savage comes back over the barricade as Quinn crawls away - there are some words shouted "YOU'RE NOT BETTER THAN ME!" - followed by a few stomps. Quinn gets thrown into the steel steps before being picked up again. He can barely stand and wobbles slightly as Savage smirks at him and shouts "YOU DID THIS! YOU!" before picking Quinn up and hitting him with a powerbomb onto the apron! Savage soaks in boos from the crowd and smiles from ear to ear as EMTs and referees rush past him to check on his fallen opponent.

    Jim Taylor: Well... this was an interesting development.

    Tim Coleman: Quinn thought he was smart... well look who's laughing now!

    'Nasty' Nate backs up the ramp with the crowd booing him - but he doesn't seem to care. He throws his arms up and poses for the crowd before shouting "TOO EASY!" down towards Quinn.

    Jim Taylor: I don't know if Nate Savage is a smart man... or stupid.

    Tim Coleman: Stupid, Jimbo!? He just wrecked an apparently great wrestler. Savage is obviously very gifted and smart!

    Jim Taylor: You don't think Quinn will get revenge?

    Tim Coleman: I don't think Quinn's going to be capable of much after this!

    Savage poses one last time at the top of the stage before disappearing behind the curtain -- EMTs and referees are seen helping Quinn to the back.

    Jim Taylor: I think it's safe to say that we'll have to wait another day for this match... I'm sure Christian Quinn isn't in any condition to compete now...


    Shannon O'Neal looks around the Rogers Centre as the camera focuses in on her face as she mouths "are you kidding me". A pitching machine can be seen on the pitcher mound and baseball bats are lined near home plate. Shannon picks up one of the baseball bats and begins to take a couple of practice swings. She smiles at her technique as she starts to get into a "groove".

    Shawn Summers: Looks like your wrestling technique isn't the only thing that's sloppy and needs work.

    Shannon turns and notices Shawn Summers coming from out of the dugout, dressed in full on Toronto Blue Jays baseball gear. He picks up the bat and takes a couple of swings, mocking Shannon.

    Shannon O'Neal: This is ridiculous, yo. There plenty of fields we coulda' used in New Yark, but ya' chose to fly out to Toronto for this.

    Shawn Summers: (Laughing) Yea, it feels good to have money....oh wait you wouldn't know a damn thing about that. I mean look at you (Pointing up and down at Shannons attire). You knew we were going to be having a Homerun derby and you choose to wear.....that. We're hitting baseballs not working the local strip club. Speaking of which, if you need a job after I embarrass you in these "competitions", I know of a really good strip club here in Toronto that is always looking for new......bathroom attendants.

    Shannon O'Neal: I'm sure it's the same strip club that ya' father met ya' mom in. It must hold some sentimental value in ya' heart.

    Shawn Summers spits at the feet of Shannon O'Neal and shoots a cold look her way. Three CWA officials make their way towards the two and signal for Shawn to go back to the dugout. Shannon picks up the bat and puts on a batting helmet, taking a few practice swings.

    CWA Official: Shannon, we went over the rules of the contest earlier today but I will remind you of them. You will have 3 minutes to hit as many home runs possible. At the end of the 5 minutes you will put your bat down and Shawn Summers will be given his chance. Do you understand the rules?

    Shannon O'Neal: Ya, son.

    CWA Official: Alright, take your place and give us the signal to begin.

    Shannon takes her place and signals for the official to start the machine. A ball fires out of the machine and Shannon takes a hard swing at it. The ball flies through the air but is just shy of a home run. She signals for another ball, but receives the same results. As the timer approaches the "1:30" mark Shannon takes a deep breath and signals for the official to send out the next ball. The ball flies out of the machine and towards her. Shannon connects squarely with the ball and it flies high over the barricades in Rogers Centre and the score board lights up with "Home Run" as a smirk appears on Shannon's face.

    Shawn Summers stands and gives Shannon a standing ovation as the next ball comes out and she repeats with a second home run. Shannon seems to have found her groove as she calls for the official to load the next ball as the timer reaches "2:30". Shannon smacks the ball high into the stands for her third home run. The final ball shoots out of the machine and Shannon hits it but as it's in the air, the timer hits "0". The ball makes it into home run territory and the final score for Shannon reads "3 home runs"

    Shannon O'Neal: It says "3 home runs." Why it says "3 home runs?" I hit "4," yo!

    Shawn Summers: It's because that last ball you hit, it didn't make it into homerun territory in time. You should be proud of the 3 that you got. I honestly didn't expect you to get any. Now why don't you go.....take a seat and watch daddy do his thing.

    Shawn picks up the bat and takes a couple of swings before telling the official to start the machine. The first ball zooms out of the machine and Shawn smacks it right into Homerun territory for his first home run. Shawn takes a little time to do a couple of practice swings before signaling for the next ball. The ball shoots out of the machine and Shawn again smacks it out of sight. He looks at the timer and it reads "1:45". He smirks as he calls for another ball, he smacks it high in the sky for a third home run. The clock continues to countdown as Shawn takes his time watching the ball fall into the upper stands of the arena.

    Shawn Summers: Hey Shannon? I've gotta ask does it feel.....losing to the God.... (hits his fourth home run)......King?

    Shawn drops his bat and runs around the bases as the timer countdown slowly counts down the final seconds. The scoreboard reads Shawn Summers 1 | Shannon O'Neal 0, as Shawn laughs and jogs out of the stadium.


    Outside of the Rogers Centre, Shawn Summers and Shannon O'Neal stretching as they get ready for the 50-meter dash.

    Shawn Summers: Shannon O'Neal, less than 30 minutes ago you were EMBARRASSED in the Home Run Derby by "The God King." What is your mind set going into this 50-meter dash, a competition that you definitely have no chance of winning?

    Shannon O'Neal: Ya' know, if the whole wrestlin' thing doesn't work out for ya'...ya' should definitely consider a career in journalism. I can see y' first headline...."Shannon O'Neal does what whiney-little bitch boy never could...winnin' the World Championship."

    Shawn smiles and takes his place at the starting line. Shannon takes her spot and the CWA official starts his countdown.

    Shawn Summers: Hey Shannon? You're going to regret what you said.

    The official shoots a gun in the air and Shawn and Shannon take off down the stretch. The two are neck and neck and Shannon begins to take a small lead. Shawn notices this and slightly puts his leg out in front of Shannon, resulting in her falling face first into the pavement. Shawn laughs as he crosses the finish line and celebrates as the officials go to check on Shannon. Shannon is helped to her feet and blood rushes down her face from her nose. Shannon attempts to run at Shawn but the officials hold her back.

    Shannon O'Neal: Ya' smug-ass son-a-bitch. Ya' tripped me!!!! That's cheatin'!!! He's disqualified right?!?!

    Shawn Summers: Wrong!!! The rules only said "first person to cross the finish line wins" they never made mention of anything that could get you disqualified. Be gracious in defeat Shannon. Learn from it.

    Shawn waves her off as he walks off into the distance as officials continue to tend to Shannon as the scene fades to black. The scoreboard now reads: "Shawn Summers 2 | Shannon O'Neal 0"


    “Icky Thump” by the White Stripes, signifying the arrival of the High Voltage Champion Elijah Edwards, who’s walking out to the ring with an intense borderline peeved expression on his face. Romeo Rolling is in toe, whispering something into the ear of Elijah who doesn’t acknowledge what his agent is saying.

    Elijah rolls into the ring and parades the championship around the ring to a great response from the crowd. He receives the microphone from Lindsay Monahan.

    Elijah Edwards: Alright, let’s cut the music and cut right to the chase.

    The music immediately stops playing.

    Elijah Edwards: Last week you all witness me successfully defend the High Voltage championship against Nate Savage. However, there is an asterisk by my victory… all because Christian Quinn decided to stick his nose where it didn’t belong.

    The fans begin to boo at Quinn’s mention.

    Elijah Edwards: That match was supposed to be putting to rest all the doubters I have. It was supposed to set the tone for my title reign, but that’s not the case. Now I have more people questioning my abilities as a champion. Sure, I emerged victorious like I said I would, but I didn’t do it on my terms. Quinn, if you decide to get involve in one of my match again, you better not stick around afterwards because I promise you I will put you in critical care… now.. how do I rectify this? How do I prove to myself and to the rest of the wrestling world that I am a deserving High Voltage champion? How can I prove to you all that it isn’t luck allows me to hold this championship, it’s skill.

    Romeo Rollings takes a step back, shaking his head appearing apprehensive. Elijah shrugs at him and even says to Romeo, “I don’t care. I’m doing this!”

    Elijah Edwards: I’m issuing an open challenge.

    Jim Taylor: What?

    Tim Coleman: Putting his money where his mouth is, but it may come back to bite him in the ass. What if LIGHTBRINGER accepts and takes the title just cause? We could see a champion Vs champion at Five Star Attraction!

    The fans cheer as Elijah paces around the ring.

    Elijah Edwards: That’s right, folks. O-pen Challenge. For anybody. It doesn’t matter who you are. You could be from CWA or from any other promotion in the world. It doesn’t matter to me. I will proudly defend this against anyone, and defend it successfully. And it’s not for Adrenaline Rush this week or next week. No, this match will take place at Five Star Attraction. Issac has already signed off on it. My name is on the dotted line. All I need is a challenger… so who’s it going to be?

    Jim Taylor: Elijah Edwards has just issues an open challenge to the entire CWA locker room, nay, the professional wrestling landscape as a whole! He wants to prove how good he is against anyone, and he’s not leaving until he gets an answer!

    Tim Coleman: Ballsy move by Elijah, Jim, and it seems like this is completely Elijah’s idea, not his manager, Romeo Rollings! That takes guts, to put your gold on the line to the next stranger who walks through the curtain, you have no idea who’ll dare answer the call.

    Elijah Edwards paces around the ring, not listening to Romeo Rolling’s words as he glares at the entranceway, waiting, daring for someone, anyone, to stake their claim onto his High Voltage Championship. The CWA audience begins chanting ‘OPEN CHALLENGE’ in anticipation as the seconds dwindle by, when suddenly-

    Cheers overtake the arena as ‘The Kill’ by 30 Seconds to Mars blares out the arena speakers, only growing louder as the Heartbeat of CWA, none other than multiple-time champion, Krash, makes his entrance, posing atop the entrance ramp as he locks eyes with Elijah Edwards.

    Jim Taylor: Krash! It’s Krash, one of the most decorated men in the history of this company!

    Tim Coleman: Shouldn’t he be backstage getting ready for LIGHTBRINGER to tear him apart?

    Jim Taylor: He heard opportunity knocking, and has come to answer the call!

    Krash begins approaching the ring, taking a microphone out from his trousers pocket and spinning it in his hands. The cheers begin to die down as Krash raises the microphone, signalling for quiet.

    Krash: Do my ears deceive me, or is there a challenge here that needs to be answered?

    The fans chant ‘YES’ in agreement, while Elijah Edwards nods in confirmation.

    Krash: Well, in that case, if it’s a challenge you’re wanting, Elijah my friend, then by all means-

    Krash rolls into the ring, approaching Elijah and stopping right in front of him.

    Krash: By all means, look no further.

    Krash spreads his arms, posing, as Elijah looks Krash up and down, appraising him. It’s hard to tell whether he’s satisfied with this man, of all people, answering his open challenge, his expression is completely unreadable. Unsure of Elijah’s reaction, Krash continues.

    Krash: Listen, Elijah. You want people to think – nay, know, that you’re the best? That you’re the future? That you’re a worthy High Voltage Champion? I’m your answer to that. You know my resume. Former CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Multiple-time CWA Tag Team Champion, Winner of the 2014 Wrestle Royale. I’m a five-star veteran of this company. Even with my recent… bad luck, in the ring, who’s going to say I’m not a major player? You face me at Five-Star Attraction, with the lights on bright and the whole world watching, then there’s no bigger opportunity to prove your doubters wrong, Elijah. Prove that you belong here, that you’re a worthy High Voltage Champion, and prove that you’re the future.

    Elijah seems to nod in affirmation, while Romeo Rollings whispers something in his ear.

    Krash: And don’t get me wrong, Elijah. You have potential to be all that, and much more. I see all that ability within you, all it needs to do is click, and you’ll go soaring right to the top. Although, Elijah, I have to admit, I’m not saying all this out of the goodness of my heart. Yeah, I’m going to leap at the opportunity to have a five-star match on the biggest show CWA has with one of the most talented wrestlers I know, but there’s something I should let you know in return. I have wrestled all over the globe, held countless championships, won so many accolades I have trouble remembering them all. The one thing in CWA that I haven't done, the only achievement I haven't obtained, the only trophy I haven't held… Is that.

    Krash points at the CWA High Voltage Championship in Elijah Edward’s grasp. Elijah glances at his golden prize, before lifting it above his head for all the fans to see in it’s sparkling glory, resulting in another cheer from the crowd. Krash runs a hand through his neat mustache, gazing at his reflection in the finely-polished gold.

    Krash: Oh yeah. That’s the one. So much history and prestige in that championship, yet I’ve never even come close to holding it. And I know what people say behind my back, that I’ve lost my way, that I’m not as good as they used to be, that I should never have come back. Hell, there are days where I feel like I should honestly agree with them. This is not one of those days, and if I can beat you at Five-Star Attraction and win the only championship I’ve never held before, then those days will never come again.

    Krash pauses, before extending a hand towards Elijah.

    Krash: What do you say, Elijah? Want to steal the show at Five-Star Attraction?

    Elijah looks to his left and right at the crowd in the arena, seeking their answer. The fans are going wild. Double E drapes the High Voltage championship on his shoulder grinning.

    Elijah Edwards: Yes!!

    The fans are cheering and Krash is smiling from ear to ear as Elijah Edwards accepts his hand shake. The High Voltage champion is smiling, too...

    Until Krash gets yanked into Elijah Edwards and gets taken to the mat with a Uranage!!

    Jim Taylor: What the hell?! Did I- Did I just see this right? Elijah Edwards has attacked Krash?!

    Tim Coleman: You're damn right he did! Elijah Edwards is the future of this organization and he's going to prove it at Five Star Attraction.

    Elijah kneels beside Krash, gazing down upon him with a fierce look. The crowd is stunned and Romeo Rollings watches on bug eyed until he begins to smile and clapping. He runs around the ring celebrating as if he just won a Super Bowl. He pats Double E on the back as he picks up the High Voltage championship. Elijah grabs the microphone and begins to speak.

    Elijah Edwards: But I'll be damned if I'm going to allow YOU, of all people, to take the High Voltage championship from ME! ​The only achievement you'll receive at Five Star Attraction is being in the match of the night, and even the year, with the greatest technical wrestler wearing championship gold today. Elijah Edwards!

    The fans jeer as Elijah begins to pose with Romeo Rollings holding the championship above him. Double E drops the microphone, applying the Excellent Execution on Krash. The former world champion is crying out in pain, desperately trying to escape, but Edwards as the hold locked in tight as leans back putting a lot of tension on Krash's lower back. Romeo sets the title down on the mat and proceeds to act as a referee, asking if Krash wants to submit. The challenger doesn't respond because he's too busy screaming in pain from the hold. Romeo looks to the time keeper, instructing them to ring the bell. Elijah doesn't release the hold. After several more minutes of torture, security comes running out to try and pull Elijah off of Krash, but he doesn't let go of the hold.

    Jim Taylor: Come on! Let go of the damn hold! You've made your point! Enough is enough! Elijah Edwards is a coward.

    Tim Coleman: A coward? No, he's ensuring the High Voltage championship stays with him. Krash answered the open challenge, but he's going to pay the price. He won't be ready for Five Star Attraction and I don't he'll be ready to face LIGHTBRINGER later on tonight.

    The officials are pulling at Elijah in hopes of getting the hold relinquished, but the champion still doesn't let go. This goes on for several more minutes until Elijah releases the Excellent Execution and holds his arms high in the air as Romeo slings the High Voltage championship over his shoulder. Elijah stands over Krash and holds his arms high in the air with a sadistic smile on his face.

    Jim Taylor: I'm in shock at what we just witnessed fans, and if it can't get any worse for Krash he has a match to compete in up next! He's in no shape to compete though!


    Jim Taylor: Welcome back fans, and before the break we witnessed a heinous and unprovoked attack on Krash by Elijah Edwards after issuing an open challenge for his High Voltage championship at FSA!

    Tim Coleman: Brilliant move by Elijah!

    Jim Taylor: Brilliant is the last word I'd use to describe those actions

    Tim Coleman: Genius?

    Jim rolls his eyes.

    Jim Taylor: Moving on fans, after that assault Krash still has a match to compete in and he has assured the referee that he's willing to compete

    Tim Coleman: Not so brilliant move by Krash

    Jim Taylor: It's called heart Tim, Krash is full of it

    Tim Coleman: The only thing he's full of is himself!

    As the two bicker back and forth, Krash is being assisted by the referee and once again reassures him that he's wanting to compete, much to the delight of the fans that show him the proper respect and adulation.

    Lindsay Monahan: The next contest is set for one fall, introducing first and already in the ring, from Melbourne, Australia and weighing in at two-hundred & five pounds, "The Heartbeat of CWA" KRASH!

    Krash gingerly raises his arm, garnerning more support from the fans.

    "LIGHTBRINGER" rings out and the man himself, LIGHTBRINGER steps out with BoBo at his side. The fans pop for the number one contender as he makes his down to the ring looking ready for action.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent being accompanied to the ring by BoBo, from Tokyo, Japan by way of Tampa Bay, Florida and weighing in tonight at two-hundred & thirty pounds, "Tokyo Kisai" LIGHTBRINGER!

    LIGHTBRINGER enters the ring leisurely without taking his focus off of Krash while BoBo is shouting instructions and encouragement in japanese. The referee for the match is Nate Bryne, who calls for the bell.


    Main Event
    Krash vs. LIGHTBRINGER w/BoBo

    The two men begin to circle each other, Krash with an obvious limp in his step though is unable to keep up with LB before they lock up in the center of the ring. Krash manages to trap LB in a side headlock but LB fires back with a shove sending Krash off the ropes and drops Krash with a shoulder tackle to the mat. Krash gingerly rises up back up, however before he can regain vertical base LB targets the left knee of Krash with a kick which brings back to the mat holding his knee. LB follows up with several stomps to the knee as well as the back of Krash, who howls in pain.

    Jim Taylor: Krash has a history of nagging spinal injuries as well as the most recent his knee injury that put him on the shelf for several months, so it's all coming back to haunt him now as LB viciously targeting those wounded areas of Krash

    Tim Coleman: Vicious but effective Jimbo!

    The fans unsure of how to react as LB brings Krash up before dropping him back down with authority with a neckbreaker! LB then applies a calf killer submission, stretching back on Krash's calf eliciting more screams of agony from Krash. The referee checks on Krash, seeing if he wants to give up, but Krash refuses and fights through the pain and somehow powers out of the hold and crawls to safety. LB however targets that knee once more with another stomp before bringing Krash back up but Krash catches him with a surprise inside cradle!


    LB kicks out at two and a half in surprise. He rolls back to his feet and charges towards Krash aiming for a sliding european uppercut as Krash is on his knee, yet he's able to move out of the way in time causing LB to get caught up in the ropes. Krash clutches in a rear waist-lock as LB tries to fight back but to no avail as Krash hurls him to the mat with a release german suplex!

    Jim Taylor: Krash finding a second wind, can he keep it up?!

    He limps back up as LB remains on the mat and Krash lands a leg drop across LB's throat and makes the pin...


    LB with a shoulder up allowing Krash to grab hold and attempt an armbar submission, but LB manages to slip out of it before any harm is done and then proceeds to drill Krash with several forearm strikes leaving him stunned in a prone position allowing LB to connect with a sliding kick! LB this time makes the cover...


    Krash kicks out, keeping himself alive in the match. LB is on his feet once more waiting for Krash...sliding european uppercut! LB then brings Krash up...samoan driver! LB makes the cover...


    Krash showing tremendous will, throws a shoulder up.

    Jim Taylor: Krash showing heart and the will to survive but how much does he have left in that tank of his?

    Tim Coleman: He's gotta be running on fumes about now!

    LB has Krash set in his sights as he brings him up and looks for the LIGHTBRINGER lariat, but Krash manages to avoid it and instead counters...DISCORDANT SERENITY! He has the guillotine choke with the body scissors locked in on LB. Soon they drop to the mat with Krash keeping the hold locked in and nowhere to go for LB as he begins to fade away, despite the pleas of support from BoBo at ringside. After a second check, LB shows signs of life however and soon rises back up while Krash has the hold applied, and out of desperation Krash counters into a DDT! Both men lay flat on the mat for several seconds. Krash begins to stir first, much to delight of the fans who are on the edge of their seats for this exciting action. Krash limps up and signals to corner where he begins to climb up, but LB has recovered and out of desperation springs up and crotches Krash on the turnbuckle! He then drags him off and spins him in position...tombstone piledriver! The pin is made...


    Krash refuses to give up as he barely gets a shoulder up and LB can't believe it while BoBo is throwing a fit on the outside, shouting and cursing in japanese. LB brings Krash up and looks for his lariat again, but Krash somehow finds a way to avoid it and ducks underneath, he attempts a pele kick but LB swats him away to the mat. LB, growing frustrated by the minute now wastes no time and brings Krash up once more...LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT!

    Jim Taylor: That may be lights out for Krash

    LB makes the cover...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, LIGHTBRINGER!

    Jim Taylor: LIGHTBRINGER picks up a hard fought victory after a admirable performance from Krash

    LIGHTBRINGER celebrates his victory over Krash as some fans cheer whilst a few others stay silent, the number one contender does not check on Krash as he gets up onto the top rope to celebrate as his best friend, BoBo, enters the ring to celebrate with him.

    Jim Taylor: I'm sure LIGHTBRINGER will be happy with his win... but... Krash had already been through the ringer.

    Tim Coleman: I think a win is a win, Jimbo.

    'Tokyo Kisai' beckons for a mic to be given into the ring, he's handed it but before he speaks, he walks over to Krash and helps him to his feet. He shares a few words with him before patting him on the back as he is helped out of the ring. BoBo also gives him a thumb up. The fans give Krash a big cheer and applause as he walks up the ramp with help from some EMTs. The focus then shifts to LIGHTBRINGER in the ring with mic in hand.

    LIGHTBRINGER: I must applaud Kurasshu's spirit, he was willing to stand toe to toe with me once again despite going through some pain earlier. I can understand that. I also want to thank him for his willingness to face me once more. Arigatou.

    LIGHTBRINGER makes sure to turn to the stage and bow his head.

    Jim Taylor: A nice gesture!

    Tim Coleman: Sure is. It's nice to make losers feel special. It's something I would never be able to do, though.

    LIGHTBRINGER: But make no mistake, preparing for this match was tough. I'm never injury free as I train to be the best I can be. I went through hell this week -- a great amount of training, a hell that most of you could never understand. Kurasshu will understand. Others in the back will understand. Tonight, some may look at my victory with an asterisk next to it... but I know that I was not one hundred percent heading into this either and so I will treat this like a true victory. Redemption for my earlier defeat. I will be happy to do it again some time, Kurasshu. You all may think my treatment of him in this match was harsh... but understand that I cannot show mercy to any opponent. Not when I have to make sure that my future opponent... a certain CWA champion... gets the message. Not when I have to ensure that I am still as dangerous as ever. The last defeat was a blip.

    As he continues to speak, BoBo whispers in his ear.

    Jim Taylor: I think we're about to hear some choice words for our champion... it seems that BoBo is always there to remind LIGHTBRINGER of that. I don't think he likes Snowmantashi.

    Tim Coleman: He called him 'fatboy' right? That's pretty funny. I hope that's the only English he knows.

    LIGHTBRINGER: My friend here, BoBo, has reminded me that, recently, we have been acting slightly out of character and perhaps quite harsh to Snowmantashi-san. We've been particularly insulting and very disrespectful at times and I would like to clear that now. It was only meant to rile him up and bring interest in our match, a mind game... a tactic... but now, I must apologise. I want our match to be respectful with no hatred. As I said, tonight was a message that I am still focused and as ready as ever... but I also want to speak a personal message to our champion. One that you may not understand. There's a lot of history here that's never come to the surface.

    Jim Taylor: He says he was playing mind games... who says this isn't one now?

    LIGHTBRINGER: This is a personal request for our next show. I know we are close to our matchup. But I want to offer a small olive branch of peace for a moment. Snowmantashi, for old times' sake... I want us to be a tag team together on Adrenaline Rush. One last time. One last stroll down memory lane - together we can show our might, together we can show why we will be the main event of Faibu Sutā Atorakushon! Perhaps it is a selfish request to make. Perhaps we should not be teaming together - we should be against each other... it's unorthodox. But you'll understand. If we are to be rivals then we must close the book on the other chapter first.

    Tim Coleman: What is he talking about?

    Jim Taylor: I have no idea, Tim. I'm sure our champion will know.

    LIGHTBRINGER: I know, some of you will be confused but... you have the internet at home. I am sure you can research and you can understand me. I feel that once Faibu Sutā Atorakushon comes around, a new rivarly will be born. A rivarly for the ages. And so, these upcoming shows... these are the last chance for me and Snowmantashi to provide some sort of closure to a certain chapter of our careers. So Snowmantashi, CWA.... I ask for one last tag match next time. Just to finalise that. And then the rivalry can truly begin.... I know... you all probably expected a big victory speech about how I am ready to kick his ass at Faibu Sutā Atorakushon and how I am the superior wrestler. But... I don't have it in me. Kurasshu's heart tonight has evoked a softer side in me. One that now wants to treat the champion with respect. As I have said, this is my peace offering, my signal of intent that I want to have a friendly natured but competitive match in the future. That is all I have to say. Again, I would like to thank Kurasshu for allowing this match to happen. And I would like to thank you all for understanding and having a good response. It is a pleasure to perform here -- I hope to continue entertaining. I am ready to lead the CWA and continue to provide a rejuvenation!

    The mic is dropped by LIGHTBRINGER as his music hits and he strikes his pose in the middle of the ring - the fans cheer for him as he high fives BoBo and they exit the ring. The number one contender makes sure to walk by fans and interact with them as he goes up the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: He seems to be in good spirits, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: Sure, Jimbo. A weird request. I wonder if Snowmantashi will give a response? I wonder if LIGHTBRINGER will get his wish? I guess we will find out on the next edition of Adrenaline Rush.

    LIGHTBRINGER reaches the top of the ramp... turns around... and has to scurry back down it to grab BoBo away from a group of female fans before posing at the top as the show goes off the air.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    The show is a little incomplete but this is what we have so far. Once it's fully complete the next card for the next show will go up, thanks for your patience everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    It would actually be perfect for my character if you bumped his debut and he had to wait. I'm good either way, but that would work well.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    I got the match added in, whipped it up real quick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    I thought, even with the missing segment and match, this was a much better show than the previous one. Full review coming but we saw some storyline creation and progression and didn't sacrifice quality matches.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    My bad on my lateness, Jimmy. I'll have that closing seg to you shortly. I'll edit my thoughts in here too.


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Closing segment has been added, be on the look out for the next card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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