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Thread: NBA Journal: The New Orleans Pelicans Experience

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    NBA Journal: The New Orleans Pelicans Experience

    NBA Journal: The New Orleans Pelicans Experience


    The idea of this project will be to follow the real life NBA world, but with my perspective. The leading story will be my favorite sports team--the New Orleans Pelicans. The rest of the league will mirror real life events, unless they’re affected by my version of the Pelicans. I’ll present actions from the owner, Tom Benson, the general manager, Dell Demps, the head coach, Alvin Gentry, possibly other staff, the players, agents and other outside people. This franchise has been in a sad state of affairs for many years now, it’s been time for someone to clean things up for this franchise! And I’ve volunteered to be the one to do it. I’ll be beginning with today’s date of February 9, 2017 and will go through the day of the Pelicans franchise. Here goes...

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    Re: NBA Journal: The New Orleans Pelicans Experience

    Commissioner: Adam Silver
    Deputy Commissioner & COO: Mark Tatum
    Headquarters Location: New York, NY
    Number of Franchises: 30
    TV Partners: ABC/ESPN; NBA TV & TNT

    NBA Championship History (since New Orleans relocation)

    2003: San Antonio Spurs (4-2) New Jersey Nets
    2004: Detroit Pistons (4-1) Los Angeles Lakers
    2005: San Antonio Spurs (4-3) Detroit Pistons
    2006: Miami Heat (4-2) Dallas Mavericks
    2007: San Antonio Spurs (4-0) Cleveland Cavaliers
    2008: Boston Celtics (4-2) Los Angeles Lakers
    2009: Los Angeles Lakers (4-1) Orlando Magic
    2010: Los Angeles Lakers (4-3) Boston Celtics
    2011: Dallas Mavericks (4-2) Miami Heat
    2012: Miami Heat (4-1) Oklahoma City Thunder
    2013: Miami Heat (4-3) San Antonio Spurs
    2014: San Antonio Spurs (4-1) Miami Heat
    2015: Golden State Warriors (4-2) Cleveland Cavaliers
    2016: Cleveland Cavaliers (4-3) Golden State Warriors

    Eastern Conference

    Atlantic Division

    Boston Celtics
    Brooklyn Nets
    New York Knicks
    Philadelphia 76ers
    Toronto Raptors

    Central Division

    Chicago Bulls
    Cleveland Cavaliers
    Detroit Pistons
    Indiana Pacers
    Milwaukee Bucks


    Atlanta Hawks
    Charlotte Hornets
    Miami Heat
    Orlando Magic
    Washington Wizards

    Western Conference

    Northwest Division

    Denver Nuggets
    Minnesota Timberwolves
    Oklahoma City Thunder
    Portland Trailblazers
    Utah Jazz

    Pacific Division

    Golden State Warriors
    Los Angeles Clippers
    Los Angeles Lakers
    Phoenix Suns
    Sacramento Kings

    Southwest Division

    Dallas Mavericks
    Houston Rockets
    Memphis Grizzlies
    New Orleans Pelicans
    San Antonio Spurs

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    Re: NBA Journal: The New Orleans Pelicans Experience

    **All real life NBA updates can be followed at the above link. Consider it a favorites tab.

    Any events that change for my project will be reflected in a posting.**

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    Re: NBA Journal: The New Orleans Pelicans Experience

    Front Office

    Owner: Tom Benson
    General Manager: Danny Ferry
    Head Scout: Dell Demps
    Head Coach: Alvin Gentry
    Franchise Player: Anthony Davis


    Alexix Ajinca - C - 7'2 248
    Omer Asik - C - 7'0 255
    Dante Cunningham - F - 6'8 230
    Anthony Davis - F/C - 7'0 253
    Cheick Diallo - F - 6'9 220
    Tyreke Evans - G/F - 6'6 220
    Tim Frazier - G - 6'1 70
    Langston Galloway - G - 6'2 200
    Buddy Hield - G - 6'5 214
    Solomon Hill - F - 6'7 225
    Jrue Holiday - G - 6'4 205
    Terrence Jones - F - 6'9 255
    E'Twaun Moore - G - 6'4 191
    Donatas Motiejunas - F/C - 7'0 222
    Quincy Pondexter - G/F - 6'7 225

    Depth Chart

    PG - Jrue Holiday/Langston Galloway/Tim Frazier
    SG - Buddy Hield/E'Twaun Moore/Tyreke Evans
    SF - Solomon Hill/Dante Cunningham/Quincy Pondexter(IR)
    PF - Terrence Jones/Donatas Motiejunas/Cheick Diallo
    C - Anthony Davis/Alexis Ajinca/Omer Asik

    Team Salaries

    Player Option / Team Option / Qualifying Offer / Non-Guaranteed / Early Termination / Not With Team
    Name 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
    Anthony Davis $22,116,750 $23,775,506 $25,434,263 $27,093,019 $28,751,775
    Jrue Holiday $11,286,518
    Solomon Hill $11,241,218 $11,747,073 $12,252,928 $12,758,781
    Tyreke Evans $10,203,755
    Omer Asik $9,904,494 $10,595,505 $11,286,516 $11,977,527
    E'Twaun Moore $8,081,363 $8,445,024 $8,808,685 $8,664,928
    Langston Galloway $5,200,000 $5,434,000
    Alexis Ajinca $4,638,203 $4,961,798 $5,285,394
    Quincy Pondexter $3,617,978 $3,853,931
    Buddy Hield $3,517,200 $3,675,480 $3,833,760 $4,861,208 $6,484,851
    Dante Cunningham $2,978,250 $3,106,500
    Tim Frazier $2,090,000 $2,000,000
    Alonzo Gee (waived) $1,400,000
    Lance Stephenson (waived) $980,431
    Terrence Jones $980,431
    Donatas Motiejunas $576,724
    Cheick Diallo $543,471 $1,312,611 $1,544,951 $1,931,189
    Reggie Williams -- waived $180,483
    Anthony Brown -- waived $108,043
    Archie Goodwin -- waived $95,595
    Guaranteed Total: $99,740,907 $70,366,928 $63,567,786 $48,516,728
    Inclusive Total: $99,740,907 $78,907,428 $68,446,497 $67,286,652 $35,236,626

    Assets (over the next 5 seasons)

    2017 1st round pick / 2017 2nd round pick [to MIN; (protected 31-55--if it fails to meet obligations the pick is extinguished.)] / (PHI) 2017 2nd round pick
    2018 1st round pick / 2018 2nd round pick
    2019 1st round pick / 2019 2nd round pick
    2020 1st round pick / 2020 2nd round pick
    2021 1st round pick / 2021 2nd round pick

    David Michineau - Draft rights
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    Re: NBA Journal: The New Orleans Pelicans Experience

    February 9, 2016

    6:32 AM CST

    New Orleans Pelicans General Manager, Dell Demps, received a phone call from his boss, Tom Benson. Demps was already up and going through his morning routine when he received the call. Benson NEVER calls Demps at home, surprising Demps greatly. He thought to himself..”Uh-oh, this is it…” Benson had stale disgust in his voice as he ranted about the 127-94 embarrassing loss to the Utah Jazz yesterday. He told Dell he’s given him long enough time to put a respectful team on the floor and he’s had enough. He tells Dell that Danny Ferry will now be acting general manager until an official general manager can be named. He also tells Dell that he will continue in the front office as lead international talent scout and that he wants him on a flight to Greece pronto. He wishes Dell much success and a great day. A huge weight instantly falls off of Demps’ shoulders, a response he never expected to happen after hearing his firing/demotion. Dell gives a slight smile, he’s got redemption in mind. “Greece...OK..,thank goodness for Tom Brady or I'd be out of a job!” he says to himself.
    8:19 AM CST

    Tom Benson, Danny Ferry and Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday are in Benson's office. Benson starts things off by congratulating Ferry on the promotion. Ferry nods and thanks. But then Benson takes a long pause to look at the three men sitting in front of him and asks them how can we get better. All three men don't start at once, before Ferry steps up. He says the best two players on our team are sitting beside him and getting better starts with them. He says without those two guys together, we're in for a long rest of the season. Benson asks Davis what does he think. AD says he thinks they have winning pieces, but he's not sure if all of the pieces together can equate to long-term winning. Benson nods and asks Jrue his opinion. Jrue says he loves AD and loves playing with him and the guys. He says he has to agree with AD about the team construction and how it can produce a winning season. Benson nods and looks around the room and thanks them for their input. He tells AD and Jrue that they mean a lot to the franchise, the city and to him. He says he wants to do everything in his power to make them happy, successful and love New Orleans the city and playing in town. He says he'll talk with AD and Jrue again soon and lets them get back to their business. He then asks Ferry if he truly believes we can build a winner with AD and Jrue as our best two players. Ferry says absolutely. Benson says he's happy to hear it. He tells Ferry to do what he sees fit at the trade deadline to steer this team in the right direction, but he says he doesn't want the 2017 1st round pick to be traded. Ferry agrees. Benson dismisses him and tells him he'll be in touch.
    10:44 AM CST

    Ferry sits in his new chair, in his new office with Jrue Holiday sitting in front of him. Ferry asks Jrue to speak his mind. He tells him what's said between them stays between them. Ferry inquires about Jrue's free agent status and asks if he truly wants to remain in New Orleans. Jrue licks his lips before speaking--Ferry notices. Jrue says like he said earlier, he loves AD and loves playing with him and the other guys... Ferry drops his head a bit, looking at Jrue... he asks about Drew's hesitation. Ferry says he wants them to be two men this morning. He asks Jrue straight up, does he plan on re-signing with New Orleans or not. Jrue says it's really too soon to make that call and that he needs to let the season finish to come to that decision. Ferry says that's fair enough and thanks Jrue for the one-on-one. Jrue leaves. Ferry picks up his phone, just as his door closes behind Jrue.
    11:12 AM CST

    Jrue calls his wife Lauren. He asks her about her day and about their child. All is well with the Holiday family. Jrue's tone has alerted Mrs. Holiday and she asks what's wrong. Jrue pauses and tells her he thinks he may be traded soon and asks her if it were to happy, would she like to come along to the new city or join him in the off-season. Lauren, having had not only had their first child a few months ago, but also had brain surgery. Lauren tells Jrue she's willing to do whatever is best for him. Jrue tells her what's best for her and his baby is what's best for him. The Holiday's say "I love you" and end their conversation.
    11:08 AM CST

    Ferry is on the phone with Rich Cho, the Charlotte Hornets general manager. Ferry gets straight to business and asks about the availability of Michael Kidd-Gilchrest. Cho says he's not the first name that comes to mind when he thinks of trades. Ferry tells Cho that the MKG trial hasn't worked out for them and mentions a guy would help Kemba in the back-court and their offensive woes would be Jrue Holiday. Ferry sells Holiday as a younger guy, who can do it all and is a great guy for the community and franchise. Cho brings up Holiday's looming free agency and his injury history. Ferry tries to assure Cho Jrue is healthy and as they both know, injuries can happen to anyone at any time. Ferry wants to know how close they are on a one for one deal? Cho hesitates and says it wouldn't be a two player deal if anything happened. He says he needs time to think things over and that he'll be in touch. Ferry tells Cho this could be the trade that saves the Hornets' season and Cho's job. He says he'll be expecting a call back from him soon. Ferry hits the switch--a smirk on his face--as he looks down his call list for his next team...
    12:12 PM CST

    The team is going through practice one for the day. AD and Jrue have a light schedule today and will be mostly getting injury preventive treatment. Cheick Diallo continues to stand out in practice, going 6-7 from the floor. Maybe a move will happen that allows him to see some more minutes this season. Tyreke is looking better and better, coming back from his third knee surgery. He's another upcoming free agent who Ferry and perhaps Benson will be talking to in the near future. Buddy Hield has an insane work ethic and he brings it in every practice and workout. He had a stat-line of 19 points 5 rebounds 4 assists 2 steals and 1 block. He should see his current minutes and just go through a natural progress as the season continues. One other stand out was Donatas Motiejunas--the guy just gets it. He's really helped the teams passing improve since being acquired a few weeks back. He's always looking for his teammates and knows when to take the shot. He's a free agent the Pelicans should consider re-signing.
    1:19 PM CST

    Ferry has just gotten off of the phone with Philadelphia--the talk with the Sixers was just that--talk. Ferry has no plans to continue in Demps' pursuit of Jahlil Okafor. Ferry takes a look at some film from the 2016-17 college basketball season, while sipping something from his mug. A few moments later after his facial expression shows amazement from something he just saw in the film, he gets a knock on the door... it's the Pelicans' chief financial office with the finance report Ferry requested earlier. The CFO leaves the report on Ferry's desk and leaves his office as soon as he entered. Ferry continues to watch footage.
    5:54 PM CST

    Most of the team is done for the day, but Buddy Hield is still in the training facility putting up shots. Ferry appears near the doors and peaks into the opening, smiling. He says to himself, "That guy's going to be good....really good." After a few minutes of watching Hield's release, Ferry thinks about stepping onto the floor for a few shots, but says to himself, "Nah..better not get in the way." Ferry heads to his office for his things, turns out the lights and leaves work for the day.
    2:03 AM GMT+2

    Demps is settling into his hotel room in Aenaon Villas. He's going to be in the country for a week, before heading to France. He's gotten a few texts and calls from former colleagues from the Spurs and other places. The news had gotten to them that he's been demoted to Head International Scout. He smiled about something he received from Coach Pop. Demps seems to be taking it all in stride with no ill-will towards Benson or the organization.

    NBA Scores

    HOU 107
    CHA 95

    PHI 112
    ORL 111

    OKC 118
    CLE 109

    DAL 112
    UTAH 105

    BOS 120
    POR 111
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