FWA World Championship
"The Exile" Cyrus Truth (69.5) vs. "Tokko-yaro" KAIZEN (69.5)

"The Immortal" Phillip A. Jackson (65) vs. "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo (0)

North American Championship
"The Prodigy" Mike Parr (66.3) vs. "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia (65.6)

X Championship
Zachary Kazadi (65.3) vs. Jhunha (65.16)

Tag Team Championships match
James "Eyesnsane" Hughes (65.5) vs. The Olympians (63.3)

Tristan James Galloway (64.5) vs. Trenton York (0)

"The Division 1 Superstar" Tommy Thunder (56.5) vs. XYZ (0)

Women's Championship
"Azure ★ Future"Eimi Sanada (67) vs. Bell Connelly (0)

"The Wildcard" Jason Randall (62.5) vs. Zaire Wyoming (0)

Airshow (0) vs. Toxic Wednesday (0) -- Canned.

"One in a Million" Starr (53.3) vs. Risky Douglas (0)

--- Personally think Parr should be higher. Sanada should probably be a bit lower. The rest seems just about spot on to me. I thought both KAI and Cy deserved to break 70 though.