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    Saturday, January 21st, 2017
    Live from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee

    The show opens up with a grand display of pyro as expected, the fans in attendance shouting out and trying to get in the picture as the camera pans all around. There's a sign in the crowd that shows Piers Gallagher as Donald Trump whilst another says "WHERE'S KENNEDY AND WOLF!?" - there also multiple signs in support for the majority of superstars on the show's card. We come to the commentary team - Langdon Trafford, Piers Gallagher and David Weinstock as they welcome us to the show.

    Langdon Trafford: Hello FWA fans and welcome to a very special night! It's Trial By Fire! It's finally here! Cyrus Truth vs KAIZEN in the traditional Trial By Fire match, Ryan Rondo vs Phillip A. Jackson, Mike Parr vs Michael Garcia... Bell Connelly vs Eimi Sanada... and much more! They're all happening tonight! And I can't wait!

    David Weinstock: Me neither Langdon! This could be a very special night for the FWA. It's all been leading up to this for KAIZEN, this is his big shot at redemption. Can he do it? He won the Quest for the Best but NOW he has to overcome the biggest obstacle of all, the champion, Cyrus Truth!

    Piers Gallagher: I just can't wait to see Phillip destroy that schmuck Rondo. He's on the downward slide... and Phillip is in the ascension as always. It will be GREAT!

    Langdon Trafford: All the titles are on the line tonight - The FWA Undisputed championship as we have discussed is contested between Cyrus Truth and KAIZEN. But we've also got a match with great potential... it's the FWA Women's title matchup between Eimi Sanada and Bell Connelly!

    David Weinstock: I think it's going to be fantastic, both girls have similar styles... Sanada might be a little more hard hitting but she can be flashy and high flying too. It's a seriously big test for Bell and her reign. Tonight COULD be the night we see it end. Sanada and KAIZEN could represent Japan very well here tonight.

    Piers Gallagher:

    Langdon Trafford: Of course, we've got Mike Parr too... "The Prodigy" takes on "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia... a rematch... but a match that's tough to call. Michael Garcia defeated Ryan Rondo recently... now he has to carry that momentum forward. We could have a new champ tonight. Infact, come to think of it - all of the titles really could switch hands tonight! KAIZEN, Eimi Sanada, Michael Garcia, Jhunha the Mongolian mountain and The Olympians could really kick this year off in stylish fashion!

    David Weinstock: Either way, Langdon, I think this is going to be a good show. PLUS we've got a lot of up and coming talent to showcase!

    Langdon Trafford: Well... I think it's time to get to it!

    Risky Douglas' theme music begins and the crowd offers no reaction. Risky comes out, looking chipper as ever while the referee stands in the ring and the announcers hype up Risky Douglass as a hot-and-cold superstar so far in the FWA.

    Then it's "Bad Medicine" by Die Mannequin as the crowd turns its attention to the entrance, where Starr makes his appearance for the first time in the FWA. The announcers mention the debut of Starr here on Trial By Fire and the "big moment" for the newcomer. Langdon Trafford says Starr is a two-time World Champion in other feds, and the crowd gives Starr a decent pop for his first appearance.

    He enters the ring, looks across and eyes up Risky Douglas, and then stretches in his corner before giving his attention to the ref.


    Risky Douglas vs. Starr

    Starr looks the part of a rising star in the FWA. He overpowers Risky with a strong grapple and locks in a nice side head lock. Starr gets shoved into the ropes but a chop block takes Risky down to the canvas. Starr lands a big uppercut forearm to the jaw and whips Risky into the ropes. A beautiful jumping forearm to the face follows, and Starr appears in complete control early on.

    Langdon Trafford: One-word name: Starr. How do you feel about him so far, Piers?

    Piers Gallagher: Impressed. But let me see if he can keep it up.

    Starr whips his foe into the turnbuckle and charges but no one's home. Risky lands a nice back suplex and goes for a cover, but it's an immediate one-count kick out. Risky Douglas yanks Starr to his feet, mostly on Starr's own energy, and tries a forearm that misses. Starr locks in a rear waist lock but Risky runs to the ropes and grabs the ropes as Starr rolls back after trying a roll up. He springs up and ducks a running forearm from Risky. Then it's a kick to the stomach and a backslide pin try!
    ..................1....................2..Kick out

    Starr hits a backstabber when the two men get to their feet as the crowd gets behind Starr's effort. He presses himself up to the second turnbuckle and jumps off for a leaping double foot stomp to the chest! Starr tucks and rolls and poses for the fans. The crowd lightly cheers, but Starr turns back around and waits for Risky to get up. Using the ropes, Risky is up, turns, and ducks a forearm before landing a jawbreaker! The crowd is now quiet again as Starr stumbles back into the ropes. Risky charges but Starr lands a knee into the ribs! Risky hunches down and tries a whip. Risky reverses, sending Starr into the ropes, but Starr lands his reverse Atomic Drop and enzuiguri! Starr kneels next to Risky while catching his breath. Instead of going for the pinfall, he waits for Risky to begin stirring. When Risky rolls to his stomach, he gets on one knee and looks up, with a boot coming right into the jaw!!!

    Langdon Trafford: He calls it "Starrstruck!" A thunderous superkick to the jaw of Risky Douglas!

    Starr then crouches and connects with the single-knee facebuster, popping Risky on his back on the canvas! The crowd cheers as Starr crawls over and hooks both legs!

    Winner: Starr (Match time: 6:25)
    Starr celebrates the win, a debut victory here in the FWA, and the crowd celebrates with him.

    Langdon Trafford: Starr makes it One and Oh, one win in one match, with a dominant performance against Risky Douglas. He was never not in control here!

    ---------------------------------------------- Exclusive

    Three Hours Earlier

    The sun still lights up the sky at this point, but that doesn't stop fans from flocking to the arena. Fans holding signs supporting Cyrus Truth, Kaizen, James Hughes, Kazadi, Tristan James Galloway, Bell Connelly, Eimi Sanada, Phillip A. Jackson, Ryan Rondo, and many others.

    It's a run-through of just about every type of fan imaginable, but the quick-cut scenes showing as many fans as possible begins to repeat itself. A common name continues popping up.

    "Mike Parr."

    One fan shouts, "TRIPLE CHAMP!" Another fan dons a T-shirt for "The Prodigy." A third fan, a small child, has replica Television and North American championship belts on his shoulder and a Mike Parr sign held by the boy's father.

    This is the last scene of the video.

    Because this young fan's pre-show fun is interrupted by ...

    "Look what we have here. Another one of these so-called Mike Parr fans running around the place."

    "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia stops the kid as he approaches the ticket window. As the scene continues, more fans stop and gawk at the 7-foot-tall physical specimen before them. Big Mike doesn't acknowledge anyone else, though, except this FWA fan no older than 10 years. He stands next to him like a elephant standing next to a lamb. It's quite the humorous sight.

    "All I see are fans with Mike Parr shirts. Mike Parr signs. Mike Parr chants. Not one person chanting my name. Not one person with my shirts. Mike Parr has a rocket strapped to his ass and it's shooting him straight to the moon. And it looks like I — the most dominant wrestler in the world — is being left behind back on earth. Like always."

    Garcia looks down at the kid and smirks, and even begins to belly out a laugh for a good four seconds.

    "That's cute. You've ... you've got the two belts. The North American Championship. He won't have that much longer. And, oh look, the Television Championship. You've got that because I'm the TV champ, right?"

    Garcia finally pauses, and crouches down to meet the boy eye to eye. The kid simply shakes his head "no" and Mike straightens back up.

    "Funny, 'cause last I checked, I was the Television Champion. I did beat him. But ..."

    Mike looks at the replica belt the boy brought and sort of judges and scoffs at it. He touches it, rubs the fake gold plate, and even plays with the strap.

    "Fake. Fake. All of it is fake. Just like Mike Parr's claim of being a dual champion. Just like Mike Parr's rise to stardom. Just like Mike Parr's ... so-called fans. 'Cause little kid, let you be the example: When I beat Mike Parr for the North American Championship in a few hours, you will go home crying. In tears. Your day ruined. All of these fans' day ruined. But you'll wake up tomorrow and realize just that: Mike Parr was a fake. Just like those belts you have on your shoulders. And you'll realize that Michael Garcia ... is REAL. The REAL Champion."

    "The Carnegie Carnivore" looks at the camera, lowering his sunglasses and eyeing up both the lens and the man he's directing this message to: "The Prodigy" himself.

    "The REAL rising star."


    Airshow's theme music begins and the pair head to the ring, with an expected match with Toxic Wednesday on the card. But news circulated that Toxic Wednesday was released from their contracts and would not be competing. So this is a bit of a shock to the fans.

    The tag team enters the ring and commands the crowd's attention with microphones in hand. Drake Whisnant gets a chorus of boos from the crowd as he tries to speak.

    "We want to put the FWA on notice. And tonight, even though our opponents could not make it, we still want to make an impact."

    The fans continue to boo as Wayne Tyler Frank is handed the mic and begins talking.

    "Eyesnsane will defend the tag team championships against The Olympians. Quite frankly, we don't really think the Olympians deserve this shot. We think..."

    More boos from the fans as the crowd continues to no-sell the hell out of Airshow. The two become quite frustrated until Drake Whisnant finally screams, "SHUT THE HELL UP!" The crowd grows even louder and more vocal, knowing they are getting to the team with their trolling. Wayne Tyler Frank calms down Drake for a second, but they are interrupted when a blast from the past begins playing!

    Danny Toner's theme music begins playing and the arena goes absolutely NUTS! Everyone turns their attention to the entrance, where the Irishman appears for the first time in months!

    Langdon Trafford: Danny Toner! The rabid dog! He's here! He's BACK!

    Piers Gallagher: I thought we were done seeing this maniac in the FWA! I thought Matthew Robinson fired him!

    Danny Toner walks briskly to the ring, slides in, and ducks under a double clothesline try from Airshow before taking both Drake and Wayne down with a clothesline to both at the same time! Danny Toner then begins throwing wild punches at Drake Whisnant and a big forearm uppercut to his partner, Wayne Tyler Frank! Danny clotheslines Wayne out of the ring, and then turns in time to duck and flip a charging Drake Whisnant over the ropes and land on top of Wayne Frank!!! Both Airshow members have been sent out of the ring!

    Langdon Trafford: Danny Toner has saved these fans' from dying from boredom! Now we get to hear from The Rabid Dog yet again!

    Piers Gallagher: Can't deny that Airshow was putting everyone to sleep.

    Danny Toner holds the microphone up, but he can't get a word in as the fans begin shouting approval. "WELCOME BACK, DANNY! WELCOME BACK! *clap, clap* WELCOME BACK, DANNY! WELCOME BACK! *clap, clap*" Then it's "DANNY F'N TONER! DANNY F'N TONER!" Danny soaks it all in, loving every second of the limelight and being inside the ring yet again.

    Danny Toner: Now ... The fockin' suits are scurryin' on over, if I was a bettin' man. I am a bettin' man. Fockin' roit! That's why Danny fockin' Toner is out 'ere. To tell all the dirty rotten scoundrels 'round the fockin' world who sent emails, tweets, reached out and asked when I would appear next. What was next for the rabid dog! They asked. And I was roit' honored, to feel so loved!

    Three members of FWA's security team rush out the entrance, causing the thousands of fans to boo their existence and surely antagonistic motives.

    Danny Toner: Roit, fockin' 'ell. I gotta scoot out, but the FWA ain't gonna keep me out forever. I will KEEP comin' ... until I'm back ... and until I finally have gold around my fockin' waist. DANNY FOCKIN' TONER ... OUT!

    Danny drops the microphone and rolls out the ring right as the security members slide in. The rabid dog hops the fan barricade and races through a sea of fans that parted like a magical ocean. The crowd begins an explosive "DANNY F'N TONER" chant. When the security members attempt to follow after, the channel of fans close and block the security team from chasing after. More cheers from the fans as Danny Toner stands at the top of the fan section and holds up a fist, shouting "THEY CAN'T KILL ME!!! ... I'LL NEVER FOCKIN' DIEEEEEE!!!!"

    Langdon Trafford: Danny Toner ... he's a mad man. And he's gone rogue!

    Piers Gallagher: Does he even have an FWA contract?! Arrest him for trespassing!

    Danny sprints out the arena and into some hidden part as the security members continue fighting through the crowd, but seem reserved with the fact that Danny escaped free this time.


    Tommy Thunder's theme music begins playing, and the crowd turns its attention to the entrance to greet the self-proclaimed "Division-One Superstar" with a mostly negative reception. Thunder walks out, brash and cocky as ever, with a big grin on his face. He trash-talks some of the front-row fans and smacks a sign out of one kid's hand that reads, "Tristan James Galloway Fan Club!"

    Langdon Trafford: In a few short weeks, Tommy Thunder has made quite a name for himself here in the FWA. He is arrogant, confident, and borderline obnoxious. Well, not even borderline.

    Piers Gallagher: But he's a Division-One Superstar, and there's NO denying it. XYZ and whoever else wants to challenge that notion will be made a fool in front of thousands of fans!

    Langdon Trafford: Like XYZ made Tommy look foolish a few weeks ago?

    Piers Gallagher: And what happened after? Tommy Thunder took a steel chair to XYZ's spine. I'd be surprised if he even shows up tonight! I wouldn't recommend it!

    XYZ's theme music interrupts Tommy's as the Division-One Superstar enters the ring and turns and begins yelling toward the entrance. He doesn't take to kindly to the abrupt stop of his entrance music, but XYZ doesn't much care. A wild and maniacal gaze is directed toward the ring, and the long, curly hair bounces to the side as XYZ sprints down to the ring to meet his new rival!

    Langdon Trafford: Here we go! No point in waiting for this one!


    XYZ vs. "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder

    XYZ slides in at a fast pace while Tommy Thunder baseball slides out the ring at the same time! Tommy wags his finger "no" as XYZ pops up, looks around, and freezes with a psychotic glare pointed at Tommy. The referee urges Tommy to enter the ring, but XYZ doesn't wait for it. He darts through the ropes as Tommy sprints around the ring, slides in, and turns in time to stomp into XYZ's back as he tries entering behind!

    Tommy continues the beatdown with forearms into the upper spine, keeping the spry XYZ grounded until he wants him upright. Tommy Thunder poses for the fans, who return with boos. When Tommy turns back to XYZ, the athletic oddball is up and lands a jumping enzuiguri to the side of the head! Tommy stumbles to the ropes, and XYZ begins his bare-foot kicks to the shins and thighs as Tommy begins sinking down to a seated position against the middle rope. XYZ lands one more kick, this one right into the bare chest, before backing up a few steps.

    XYZ growls a bit, grabbing his hair and pulling as he circles the ring. When he charges at Tommy, the Division-One Superstar is prepared and lands a back elbow to take XYZ down. Tommy pulls XYZ upright and delivers a few knife-edge chops to the chest. Then it's a whip into the turnbuckle and a corner clothesline, followed by a bulldog back into the middle of the ring. Tommy covers, but XYZ kicks out at two!

    Tommy brings XYZ back up for a scoop powerslam, but XYZ slides down the back and tries for a school boy pin! But Tommy kicks out at two. Both men spring up, and XYZ ducks a clothesline and then catches a kick attempt to the ribs. XYZ lands a leg sweep using his left leg to take out Tommy's left leg, and then lands repeated knee drops into the inside of Tommy's thigh and calf and knee! XYZ continues working on the left knee and thigh before switching to the right knee and thigh.

    Langdon Trafford: The meticulous ground game seems to be working for XYZ here!

    Piers Gallagher: I gotta give some credit here. I didn't think XYZ had the smarts to try and match Tommy's technical skills.

    XYZ pulls Tommy up and whips to the ropes. It's there he lands a standing dropkick to the chest but before he can go for the pinfall try, Tommy rolls out the ring to safety! Piers commends Tommy's intelligence as XYZ darts off the opposite ropes and tries a suicide dive through the middle and top ropes! but he misses the mark! Tommy side-steps in time and XYZ goes flying head-first into the announcer's table!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Just when I was ready to call XYZ somewhat smart, he goes and does THAT! HAHAHAHAHAH! This one is DONE!

    Tommy Thunder seems to think so, and the crowd doesn't seem to disagree. The arena goes quiet as Tommy lifts up XYZ's motionless body and leans him against the apron. Tommy props XYZ up, leaning his head against the ropes, and lands a roundhouse kick right to the side of the head! The crowd boos as Langdon asks Tommy just to finish the match. He rolls XYZ into the ring, but not before hoisting him up and leaning him against the turnbuckle. Tommy props XYZ up to a seated position atop the turnbuckle, steps up, and hits his sitout facebuster from the second turnbuckle! The ring shakes on impact as Tommy smiles sadistically. Instead of going for the pinfall, though, he applies his Anaconda Vice finishing submission!

    Piers Gallagher: YES! No way XYZ escapes!

    Langdon Trafford: I don't think XYZ is conscious, Piers!

    The referee lifts XYZ's hand in the air once, and it falls immediately. The ref then calls for the bell, awarding Tommy Thunder the win due to TKO.

    Winner: "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder (Match time: 9:43)
    Tommy Thunder celebrates the decisive victory and makes a motion for a championship around his waist. The fans are mostly silent, with some jeers and groans mixed in. Tommy shows off with a few poses and taunts before exiting the ring, not before lightly kicking the side of XYZ's head as the defeated wrestler tries to recover.


    Eyesnsane appears on the stage without warning. He’s wearing black jeans and shoes but no shirt, with both FWA tag team title belts around his waist one on top of the other. The crowd boo’s at just the sight of him as he makes his way down to the ringside area. He looks out at the crowd as he reaches ringside. Which seems to make the boos intensify not entering the ring Eyesnsane walks around to the announcers table where he shakes hands with Piers and snatches a microphone away from Langdon. Eyesnsane then turns his attention to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope before getting up and walking to the middle of the ring.

    Eyesnsane: When I raise this microphone to my mouth that is your cue to shut the hell up!

    Boos rain from the crowd for a few moments.

    Eyesnsane: You see that’s just one example of what I come to expect from the average FWA fan. Not that my hopes were exactly high with us being in Tennessee of all places. I mean half of you are inbred hicks while the other half is just plain old drunks.

    Boos come pouring from the crowd once again.

    Eyesnsane: Hey, hey don’t hate on me. We all know there’s only one good thing that ever came out of Tennessee, well two. One was Peyton Manning who had the good sense to get the hell out of here and never come back!

    The boos are accompanied by cups and other items being thrown at the man in the ring. Yet Eyesnsane remains stone faced as if nothing is happening.

    Eyesnsane: Like I was saying, the second good thing to come from this state is Jack Daniels whiskey. Let’s face it you all should be proud of that whiskey because Elvis was a rip off and don’t count.

    More items are thrown and more boos can be heard as a matter of fact the crowd gets so loud the commentators can’t be heard. Even as Eyesnsane attempts to continue his rant, the crowd is too loud forcing him to wait and after a few moments he moves to a nearby corner and climbs the turnbuckle and sits on the top one.

    Are you idiots done, because I have something important to say. 2016 was a big year for the FWA. If you recall I started 2016 as the FWA North American champion, you know because unlike some other guy you all like to cheer for I know how to set my sights on something and go out there and win it. I said I would be the end of Cryos and I damn well was I beat him and put him on the back of milk cartons. You all were so sure that Drew Stevenson would just walk back in this company and snatch from me what was mine, what I worked my ass off to get, and I left him defeated with even him acknowledging me as the greatest North American champion in the FWA. So much so that all Ashley could do was throw Ryan “Grand slam Champion Rondo at me to beat me for that title. Of course now we know Ryan accomplished all of that while on the juice. Hell by rights that victory should be thrown out, asterisk should be added to the record books, but then again we all know Ashley has his favorites.

    Eyesnsane gets down from the top turnbuckle but is still leaning back into the corner. The crowd boos again.

    Eyesnsane: Boo all you want you all know what I’m saying is true. It’s easy to see I and I alone have been put in a position to fight the entire company and my only regret is that I did not see it sooner. I should have realized back when I was stripped of the Young Lion’s title because I kept winning, and kept winning with it just to watch it get devalued and handed to the aforementioned drug user. The injustice I suffered last year would have derailed the career of any ordinary man, but as I continue to prove over these years, I am anything but ordinary. Because I am a wrestling God I was able to take those lemons and turn them to wine right before your very eyes. Not only have I won the tag team titles I have defended them against any and all challengers for the last six months by myself. Something not even the late great Matt Bordeaux could have done. My place forever burned into the history of the FWA as I stand before you as the only man who could, and the only man who did, even after another defense right before your very eyes tonight in this God forsaken state you all still fail to show me the respect I have damn well earned over the years. Understand me here just in case you need boxes checked off I’ve beat Chris Kennedy, I have a win over Kaizen, I have beaten Bell Connelly and have kicked Mike “ I got mad excuses for my losses” Parr and Ashely and company still break their necks to protect the world champion from me, because now even they see as they have no choice that I can’t be stopped and that I won’t stop until the world title is firmly around my waist.

    More boos come from the crowd….

    Eyesnsane: if I cared about what you all thought, I’d be running around here hocking merchandise with nothing to show for it. When the fact is I’m the reason you all are here.

    Boos reign from the crowd once more…

    Eyesnsane: Really, let me prove how fickle you all really are. Let me here it if you came out here tonight to see me beat the Olympians.

    Loud and strenuous boos come from the crowd.

    Eyesnsane: Right, now let me here it if you said a prayer last night before bed and came here to see the Olympians be the first team to beat me.

    The crowd actually cheers loudly for this.

    Eyesnsane: Now if you are just ready for anybody to come along and beat me…..

    The crowd cheers so loudly nothing else can be heard even before he finishes the question.

    Eyesnsane: That all you hicks for proving my point exactly. I have become the whole damn reason asses are in seats and the buy shares of this event are off the damn charts, me I did that, I made 2016 a banner year for the FWA. As a matter of fact all of you are going to witness me top last year as I continue to rise. It’s all going to begin with Fight Night next week because I am going to come out and get in the ring and I’m gonna call O’Ryan down to my ring and he is going to do two things. One he’s going to thank me for everything I have done for the FWA and lead by example so that all of you will know how to properly show me respect, and he’s going to name the time and place where I am going to get my one on one shot at the world title. It’s no less than what I have earned; it’s no less than what I deserve! Who has done more than me? Which champion has defended their titles more than me? For all of you thinking impaired I’ll cut to the chase, the answer to those questions is nobody. I am a shark in a pond full of catfish and you all have been fooled into thinking your rag tag assortment of false heroes are better than I am when it comes to fighting in this ring. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it. I am pound for pound the single best fighter in this company, period! That’s it, that’s all!

    Eyesnsane drops the microphone and exits the ring to a chorus of boos as items and trash are thrown at him on the way to the back.


    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall's theme music blares through the arena, and the crowd turns its attention to a man wearing a wife-beater shirt with a cowboy hat on his head. A toothpick presents itself from his mouth as he flicks it off the stage with no attention given to the fans' mixed reaction.

    Langdon Trafford: Ever since Penny returned to Jason Randall's life, it seems "The Wildcard" has been a more aggressive and lethal competitor. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder. And he seems to be ... turning a new leaf in the win-loss column.

    Piers Gallagher: A woman can either set you straight or send you off the path of success. For Jason Randall, it seems Penny has put him back on the right path here in the FWA. I'd love to see just how far Jason Randall can go with Penny in his ear.

    The classic, old-school music of Zaire Wyoming is next, and the fans EXPLODE with cheers when Wyoming comes out hopping on a toy horse, like one of those wooden ones kids play with. The crowd loves it, and Zaire Wyoming does this all the way down the entrance aisle with the biggest smile on his face.

    Langdon Trafford: Zaire Wyoming! A man who won the first ever X Championship. A man with countless honors and accolades here in the FWA. And a man who claimed there's only room for ONE cowboy in the FWA. And that's either HIM ... or Jason Randall.

    Piers Gallagher: Look at this damn idiot!

    Also not impressed or amused is Jason Randall, whose stoic face tells the story as he watches Zaire Wyoming hop and skip around the ring to the entertainment of the fans. Once he hands off the toy wooden horse to a youngster fan in the front row, Wyoming turns his full attention to Jason Randall and slides into the ring.


    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall vs. Zaire Wyoming

    The two cowboys half circle the ring once before coming together in a strong grapple. It's one Zaire wins with a nicely applied side headlock, but Jason Randall powers out of it with a wrist lock. Then he applies a shoulder twist before Zaire front rolls and counters with his own wrist lock turned into a shoulder twist. Randall overpowers Zaire by pulling his arms and hands over his head, but Zaire lands a kick to the ribs and releases the wrist lock. Zaire lands another forearm to the jaw, whips Randall to the ropes, and lands a beautiful back body drop! The old-timer seems on his game early here as Zaire charges and clotheslines "The Wildcard" out the ring!

    Randall takes a second outside to collect himself, but Zaire exits and follows with a running forearm to the back! Randall goes down hard as Zaire continues the offense with more kicks into the lower spine. He yanks Randall to his feet and sends him back first into the fan railing. Then he tries sending him into the nearby ring post, but it's reversed! And Randall sends Zaire face first into the post! The crowd groans as Zaire falls like a sack of bricks to the floor and Randall puts his hands on his knees to catch a breather.

    Piers Gallagher: That's the game-changer, Langdon. That's what will turn this match!

    "The Wildcard" leans down and grabs Zaire by the hair, yanking him upright and leading him around the ring. He smashes his face into the fan railing and then begins working on his ribs with mudhole stomping. Wyoming is almost seated on the floor when Randall smashes his knee into Wyoming's face, pressing it between his knee and the fan railing bars. Wyoming is nearly out cold when Zaire resets the ref's 10 count at eight. He yanks Zaire up again, leads him around the ring and hoists him up on his shoulders, jogs, and drops him face first into the apron!!! Zaire falls backwards, laying in an X position on the outside floor. Randall looks down for a second and then whips his long hair back over his head. He grabs Zaire by the neck and rolls him into the ring, following closely behind. That's where Randall covers, but only gets a two count!

    Randall goes to work with his offensive repertoire. First it's a fireman's carry neckbreaker. Then it's an inverted headlock backbreaker! Randall hooks the back leg as he lays his back atop Wyoming and looks out to the fans and the ceiling!


    Langdon Trafford: Jason Randall has been in complete control of this match since he reversed and sent Zaire into the ring post. It's been all "Wildcard" in this bout for the past three or four minutes!

    Randall is inching closer to a 3 count. But he never lets up, not even for a second. He immediately locks in a ground head lock to keep Wyoming in a constant struggle. Then it's a ground surfboard with the knee driven into the middle of Wyoming's back and his hands pulled behind him. The crowd groans and begins a "Let's Go, Cowboy!" chant. Randall releases the hold before applying yet ANOTHER ground head lock to the side. But this one doesn't last as Randall nudges himself nearer to the ropes and props his right foot up on the bottom rope!

    The ref forces Randall to release, which he does at a three count out of five. Randall backs off, and Wyoming pulls himself up with the rope's help. When Randall comes forward, Wyoming lands a few backhand chops to the bare chest of his foe. He backs Randall up into the ring and attempts a scoop slam, but the damage to the back and ribs is too much from the moments earlier! Wyoming limps off, and Randall seizes the moment and charges. But his running forearm try results in Wyoming landing a snake eyes into the nearby turnbuckle. Wyoming then lands a desperation belly-to-back suplex into the center of the ring. Wyoming goes for a possible upset with the pinfall attempt!

    ......................ONE...................TWO.....NO! Not close, either!

    Wyoming pulls himself up, and he lands a few forearm shots when Randall rises. He backs Randall into the ropes and tries an irish whip. Randall counters, sending Wyoming into the ropes. Wyoming tries to twirl around Randall, but "The Wildcard" catches Wyoming's legs around his back and has him in perfect position for ....

    Piers Gallagher: The Wildcard Special!!!

    The over-the-shoulder piledriver shakes the ring on impact, sending Wyoming head and neck first down into the canvas! The crowd groans as Jason Randall lays atop, hooks the far leg, and drives his free arm down into Wyoming's neck for insurance.


    Winner: "The Wildcard" Jason Randall (Match time: 12:14)
    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall celebrates as Zaire Wyoming recovers in the ring. The announcers hype up Randall's recent success — his second win in a row — and the potential for a future championship bout following Trial By Fire.


    Kurt Harrington:
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the FWA X Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, hailing from Tamsabugal, Mongolia and weighing in at 268 lbs, Jhunha.

    "Trickster" by Yonosuke Kitamura plays and out comes Jhunha, looking confident.

    Kurt Harrington: And his oponent, he is the current X Champion, Zachary Kazani.

    "G.O.M.D." by Sickick plays and Zachary comes out to loud boos as he carries his X Championship on his shoulder. Zachary gets into the ring, walks nose to nose with Jhunha before taunting the crowd as he holds up his Championship Belt. Zachary then hands the X Championship over to the referee, who shows it to Jhunha then holds it up so the hard camera can get a shot of it before handing off to Kurt Harrington.


    X Championship
    Singles match
    Zachary Kazadi (c) vs. Jhunha

    Zachary and Jhunha circle each other keeping their distance from each other for a good 15 seconds, feeling each ohter out. Jhunha gets the early adventage nailing Zachary with the JUTEI followed by an irish whip sending Zachary into the ropes. As Zachary rebounds off of the ropes, he blocks a Northern Lights Suplex attempt and instead manages to counter into the Canadian Reverse Keylock but as he is wrenching it in, Jhunha showcases his height and weight dominance but getting back up to his feet and forces Zachary to release the hold with a Powerbomb.

    Jhunha, gets up and moves his arm, trying to get the blood flowing again as Zachary slowly gets to his feet. Jhunha, seeing Zachary getting to his feet, goes against the ropes and charges forward hitting a Shoulder Tackle and taunts the downed Champion. Jhunha talks a bit more smack then starts hitting Zachary with the PENANCE but as Jhunha is stomping back up towards Zachary's chest, Zachary catches Jhunha's stomping foot and rolls him down forcing Jhunha to the mat. Zachary locks in the Canadian Clutch with Jhunha quickly scrambling his way to the ropes to force the break. Kazadi releases the hold, backs up to allow Jhunha to get up only to nails Zachary with the Heaven Punisher and covering for a two count.

    Jhunha, grinning lifts up Zachary and nailes him the Icarus Fell, covers and Zachary somehow manages to kick out again causing Jhunha to get visibly upset. Jhunha, fuming from Zachary's kicking out of both his Icarus Fell and the Heaven Punisher climbs up to the turnbuckle, looking to connect with the DAGGER only for Zachary to get an adrinaline boost and pop up surprising Jhunha and connecting with a Superplex only to keep the hold, floating over and locking in a reverse French Canadian Triangle Choke and combining it with a Kamura Lock. After a couple minutes of struggling and fading, the referee calls for the bell when Jhunha passes out.

    Winner by Submission and STILL X Champion: Zachary Kazadi

    Zachary gets up, yanks his X Championship from the referee and gets onto the turnbuckle when the Tron's live feed cuts to static before playing Babymetal's version of "Ave Maria (Schubert)" with the words and a disguised voice speaking interjecting after 30 seconds of the song: "One.... Two.... Coming for."

    The feed comes back to show the back of a chair, and the same voice over though more familiar to the FWA Crowd, minus the voice disguiser begins speaking again.

    "No more charades

    no more gimmicks

    no more discussions of a bygone hardcore era.

    You've called me out Zachary. Consider this..."

    and the lights in the arena go out before a Crimson Spotlight lights up moving across the entrance stage before setting upon a well-dressed hooded figure holding Vincent Blackbird's mask. The man drops the mask at the same time tossing his hood aside showing himself to be Vincent Blackbird. Vincent stares down the X Champion, Zachary Kazadi with the rest of the Babymetal Song playing.

    Langdon Trafford: Always gets a little too weird when Lord Vincent shows up.

    Piers Gallagher: The dude is all theatrics. Kazadi gave him a challenge. He needs to win a singles match with no gimmicks or strings attached to earn a title shot.


    Tristan James Galloway is walking in the backstage area as the crowd pops seeing his presence. The 6-foot, 7-inch newcomer to the FWA is set to face his first rival, "Just a Little Psycho" Trenton York, when another of the FWA's recent batch appears from the side of the camera view.

    Tristan stops in his tracks as the crowd boos the entrance of "The Division-One Superstar" Tommy Thunder!

    Tommy Thunder: I hope to watched what happened out there. I hope you watched every...single...second.

    Tristan turns and faces the confrontational Tommy Thunder face to face, giving him every ounce of attention.

    Tommy Thunder: What just happened out there, with XYZ, how I DEMOLISHED him. I made that Division-Two Superstar look like a Division-THREE superstar. And when we face — and it's inevitable, Tristan, we will — I will make you look the same.

    Tristan smirks back, gives Tommy a friendly pat on the top of his head, and walks off after giving a very quick reply.

    Tristan James Galloway:Whatever you say, Tommy. Whatever you say.

    Tommy is left stewing, watching one of the new wrestlers he's been compared to, as the scene fades away.


    In Fear and Faith's music begins as the loud, obnoxious music blares through the arena. Trenton York comes out strutting and looking a little "off," as he always does. He straightens up, poses for the fans, and heads to the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: So these two, entering the FWA as rookies looking to make an immediate impact, seem attached at the hip. Trenton York pulled a fast one with a roll-up grabbing the tights in their first match. Then in the second bout, it was Tristan Galloway getting the revenge.

    Piers Gallagher: Now it's a best-of-three-falls match. Fitting conclusion to a best-of-three series, right?

    "Turn the Page" by Metallica begins and the crowd pops loudly for the entrance of Tristan James Galloway! The 6-foot, 7-inch stud storms out to the entrance and points toward the ring, picking out Trenton York specifically. Tristan Galloway begins walking briskly and slides in, where Trenton York meets him with a barrage of clubbing blows and the referee calls for the bell!


    Tristan James Galloway vs. "Just a Little Psycho" Trenton York

    Trenton York tries to keep Tristan down and remain in control but Tristan explodes out, pushing Trenton back and exploding through with a big running body bump! Tristan James Galloway runs off the ropes for another shoulder bump right through "Just a Little Psycho" before growling down at his foe. Trenton crawls back to the bottom rope and Trenton reaches down but Trenton kicks at the shins until he gets Tristan down to one knee. Trenton pulls himself up using the middle and top ropes and then lands a few punches to the forehead. Now it's Trenton's turn to prowl over his foe, stomping down into the chest and ribs a few times as he circles his opponent. Trenton grabs Tristan by the neck and whips into the ropes but it's reversed around. Trenton is sent hard in, ducks under a big boot from Tristan, and bounces off the original ropes and hits a running spinebuster! The ring shakes on impact as Trenton surprises the announcers and fans with his strength, lifting a man five inches taller and 70 pounds heavier up and dropping him down! The Psycho locks in a wrist lock while Tristan is down on his back and begins stomping repeatedly into the vulnerable ribs! Then it's a bounce off the ropes and a running knee drop into the ribs. Once, twice. And a third time. And now Trenton goes for the match's first pinfall!

    ...................1....................2.Kick out

    Langdon Trafford: Trenton York is showing he can hang with the much larger Tristan Galloway.

    Piers Gallagher: And he will win, because he has the superior intelligence. He's borderline crazy, pure genius.

    Trenton York grabs Tristan by the neck and attempts a vertical suplex, but the difference in size catches up to him! Tristan Galloway counters with his own move a gorilla press slam! Tristan drops Trenton down in the middle of the ring and yanks Trenton up to his feet and follows with a backbreaker! Tristan covers but it's a kick out at two. Trenton backs up into the turnbuckle and Tristan cowers over him, but Trenton kicks wildly to keep Tristan at bay. Trenton rises up, using the turnbuckle, and Tristan Galloway goes for a big forearm but Trenton ducks out the way and begins landing repeated kicks to the gut. He tries a whip across the ring but Tristan plants his feet and yanks Trenton chest first into the turnbuckle. Tristan then plants a boot down into the neck, his boot sole pressed against Trenton's neck. Tristan adheres to the ref's count once it reaches two and backs up. York tries pulling himself up, but Tristan is again all over him with an elbow driven into his jaw. And a second one. Tristan walks Trenton out to the middle of the ring and delivers a massive side slam! And he covers for the second time in the match!


    Langdon Trafford: Tristan James Galloway is rolling here against the self-proclaimed Psycho!

    Tristan whips Trenton into the ropes and attempts ANOTHER big boot, but Trenton ducks AGAIN. And this time he turns and delivers a surprising spear! The awkward contact stops Trenton in mid-air and sends Tristan back a few feet as he rolls to the apron. The crowd cheers as Trenton and Tristan lay on the mat mere 4 feet apart.

    The referee starts counting, reaching three .... four .... five .... six .... Trenton is to his knees .... seven .... Tristan reaches up and grabs the middle rope .... eight .... Trenton is upright again! Tristan is up as well. Trenton sprints forward and AGAIN lands a spear into the gut, sending Tristan off the apron backwards and down to the floor outside!!! Trenton York lays hanging in between the middle and top ropes as the crowd begins a loud "HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T!" chant. Trenton is up first, and Tristan is stirring on the outside. Trenton steps outside and lands a few clubbing forearms into the upper spine. Trenton then pulls Tristan by the hair and rolls into the ring. He follows and goes for the pinfall!


    Trenton York steps back, waiting for Tristan to rise up to his feet. When he does, Trenton charges for another spear but Tristan Galloway sticks up the knees and connects right into the skull! The crowd cheers as Trenton falls backwards and Tristan catches a breather. Trenton tries pulling himself up using the middle ropes. Tristan Galloway catches him with a sitout side slam and covers!


    Tristan Galloway grabs Trenton by the neck and whips him into the turnbuckle. He charges after but Trenton lands a big elbow to the face. Then he goes to the top turnbuckle and leaps off for a flying clothesline but Tristan catches him in a bear hug and transitions into a Double A spinebuster!!! The crowd cheers as Tristan yanks his foe back up again, and finishes with the Carcinogen Crush sitout crucifix powerbomb! The crowd cheers as Tristan James Galloway hooks the far leg.


    First-Fall Winner: Tristan James Galloway (1-0)

    The crowd cheers as Tristan Galloway backs up, celebrating a 1-0 lead in the match. The referee orders Tristan to remain in his corner while Trenton York recuperates. Once he is upright, leaning against the turnbuckle, and responding to the ref's concussion test, the ref calls for the bell to start the second pinfall!

    Tristan charges toward the corner, but Trenton York sticks up both knees and blocks it right in Tristan's chest. Trenton can barely stay upright but catches a second wind and lands a Chicago Nights superkick right into the jaw! The crowd is stunned as Trenton stumbles back and leans against the ropes for support. He drops to his knees and lays atop Tristan for a cover!


    Langdon Trafford: That might have been the closest Trenton will come to getting a pinfall!

    Trenton York rolls off, unable to fathom not getting the three-count he needed. He grabs the middle ropes and goes upright once more. When Tristan Galloway gets himself up, Trenton goes for a second Chicago Nights superkick. But he misses. Tristan lands a kick to the ribs and his "Black Rainbow" pumphandle suplex!!! The ring shakes as Tristan drops Trenton down, seizing control yet again. With the crowd sensing the end near, Tristan grabs Trenton by the neck and looks down into his eyes and says, "I'll show you how it's done!" He lands one GIANT slap across the chest. Then a knee into the stomach. He whips Trenton across the ring to the ropes, and catches him with a MASSIVE bone-crushing spear on the rebound!!!

    Langdon Trafford: OH MY GOD! Trenton York might be broken in half!

    Tristan Galloway, with the fans going wild for him, pulls Trenton's motionless, dead-weight body up and hoists him upside-down into the air. He holds it for a good four seconds before dropping him and completing the jackhammer, thus finishing the "Shattered Symphony" finishing combination!

    Langdon Trafford: If there ever was a statement to make, Tristan James Galloway surely made it tonight! In a best-of-three-falls match, he didn't even need to go to the third fall!

    Tristan James Galloway casually hooks the far leg and hovers over his defeated foe, with the crowd counting all throughout the arena.

    Crowd: ONE......TWO.....THREE!

    Second-Fall Winner: Tristan James Galloway

    Winner: Tristan James Galloway, 2-0
    (Match Time: 16:03)
    Tristan James Galloway rises, raises both arms, and drops them exhaustedly. Trenton York remains face up in the middle of the ring, nearly unconscious. Tristan James Galloway exits on his own effort and looks at the camera and says, "Two to one? More like three to one. Tommy Thunder wants to be next. He can be next."

    Langdon Trafford: An impressive win for Tristan James Galloway. It's a bright future ahead for him and if I'm a champ in the FWA, I'm watching out for him rising the ranks!


    Backstage we see a limousine arrive inside the arena parking lot. A door pops open, black shoes drop down to the concrete pavement, and the door closes behind a man.

    The Man.

    Piers Gallagher: The Champ! The Truth! In the building!

    The crowd's boos echo throughout, nearly back to this exact scene, as FWA Undisputed World Champion Cyrus Truth walks with his championship belt over his shoulder and slick sunglasses covering his eyes. His focused look offers no frown or smile, simply that of the usual from the champion, but if anything, he looks confident. The camera follows Cyrus for a few more seconds before the scene ends and the PPV feed returns to the arena.


    "Olympic Fanfare" rings out through the arena to a mixed reaction as The Olympians, Ares and Dionysus step out. Dionysus surveys the crowd and shakes his head in disdain while Ares remain stoic while they both methodically make their way to the ring. Zeus is behind them a few steps.

    Langdon Trafford: Here come The Olympians who have a big opportunity tonight as they challenge for the FWA Tag Team Championships!

    Piers Gallagher:
    I'll tell you Langdon that it will be no walk in the park!

    Not long into the walk to the ring, Ares and Dionysus begin chatting to themselves. They seem to agree on something that Ares proposed, and Dionysus and Ares turn to Zeus and begin talking to him. The announcers act a bit curious to what they're discussing, and the cameras pick up Zeus saying, "Are you sure? You boys ... OK." Zeus suddenly turns around, but not before putting his hand around each Ares' and Dionysus' head and giving a familial head-to-head tap, a sign of encouragement and care. Zeus turns and walks back to the entrance way, and suddenly disappears, leaving Ares and Dionysus alone without their manager.

    Langdon Trafford: It looks as if The Olympians asked Zeus to head back. They want to do it themselves!

    Piers Gallagher: A stupid move from a rookie team if you ask me.

    Langdon Trafford: No one asked you.

    Soon the music is replaced by Twista's "Adrenaline Rush" and the crowd erupts into heavy boos as Eyesnsane steps out carrying the tag team championships over each shoulder while being accompanied by Gabrielle at his side.

    Piers Gallagher: Eyesnsane has single handedly dominated the tag team division, honestly I don't think there's a team out there that can stop him!

    Langdon Trafford: Well The Olympians look to put that theory to the test tonight

    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is set for one fall and it for the FWA Tag Team Championship! Introducing first the challengers weighing in at a combined weight of four-hundred & eighty two pounds they are the team of Ares and Dionysus...THE OLYMPIANS!

    Another mixed reaction for the challengers as they both remain laser focused on the man across from them.

    Kurt Harrington: And their opponent accompanied by Gabrielle Montgomery, from Chicago, Illinois and weighing in at two-hundred thirty pounds he is "The Eye in Team" and the FWA Tag Team Champion...JAMES "EYESNSANE" HUGHES!

    A heavy set of boos rain down on Hughes, who hands over the championships to the referee before heading back to his corner where he and Gabrielle share a passionate embrace much to the disdain of the fans.


    FWA Tag Team Championships
    Handicap Match
    "The Eye in Team" James "Eyesnsane" Hughes (c) vs. The Olympians


    It'll be Ares starting things off for The Olympians as Hughes looks the least bit intimidated by the massive man that stands before him. The two lock up and immediately Ares gets Hughes in side headlock looking to take him down but Hughes manages to slip out and delivers swift front kick striking Ares square in the chest knocking him back some. Hughes strikes again with another front kick but this doesn't phase the big man as he coldly stares at Hughes, who goes for another kick but Ares catches his boot and spins him around before taking him out with a short arm clothesline! Hughes drops to the mat and immediately rolls away keeping his distance from the big man who tells him to bring it as the crowd is in full support of Ares. Hughes refusing to be shown up charges at Ares only to be caught and hoisted up before getting planted with a thunderous samoan drop!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Ares taking it to the champ!

    Hughes writhes on the mat before trying to crawl back on all fours as Ares comes over and looks to pick him back up, but Hughes strikes back with a straight punch to the midsection taking Ares by surprise. Hughes follows up with several more rapid fire strikes stunning Ares, which allows Hughes to come back and turn the big man around and Hughes takes Ares off his feet driving him to the mat with a dragon suplex followed by a pin...


    Ares with a shoulder up before two and Hughes wisely grabs Ares' arm and wrenches back on it. Twisting and turning every which he can causing as much pain possible to Ares arm, who cringes in agony trying to fight out of the hold and he somehow finds a way free as he rolls to safety where Dionysus makes the blind tag allowing himself into the match causing some boos from the fans.

    Langdon Trafford: Dionysus looking to try his luck with Hughes, though I don't think Ares and these fans are all too pleased

    Dionysus comes in and charges at Hughes with a clothesline attempt but Hughes ducks it and lands a low angle dropkick to the knees allowing Hughes to set up Dionysus on the apron and hits him with a dragon neck screw!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Hughes is systematically taking out The Olympians!

    Dionysus lays on the mat as Hughes wills him on and when Dionysus is up Hughes clutches him from behind looking for his cobra clutch suplex, but Dionysus fights back with several back elbows stunning Hughes allowing Dionysus to fire back with a pele kick knocking Hughes to one knee and Dionysus comes back with a shining wizard taking Hughes to the mat and now it's Dionysus with the lateral press...


    Dionysus makes the tag to his brother Ares, who comes in and hoists Hughes position...and Hughes crashes to the mat with huge impact as Ares hits him with a niagra driver! Another pin attempt this time by Ares...


    Hughes kicks out and rolls to his side as Ares makes the tag to Dionysus once more, who comes in and hits a low kick to the spine prompting Hughes to cringe and roll back over on his back allowing Dionysus to hit him with a picture perfect standing moonsault!

    Langdon Trafford: The Olympians finding their groove and beginning to wear down the champ.

    Hughes sluggishly rolls underneath the bottom rope on the apron where Gabrielle checks on him. He falls to the outside and she helps him to his feet, meanwhile in the ring Dionysus is getting fired up and Hughes senses it as he moves Gabrielle out of the way in time before getting taken out by Dionysus with a suicide dive!

    Piers Gallagher: Hughes taking a bullet for Gabrielle!

    Langdon Trafford: A bullet in the form of Dionysus!

    Dionysus staggers a bit to his feet having knocked himself a bit silly and tosses Hughes back in the ring. He gets momentarily distracted by Gabrielle's taunting but shoos her away before hopping up the apron and springboards off with a clothesline in mind, but Hughes has answer for that catching Dionysus by the arm and transitions into a cross-armbar!

    Langdon Trafford: Gabrielle paying dividends again!

    Piers Gallagher: Shut your piehole Davey! Gabrielle is just doing what any good manager would do!

    Hughes wrenches back on Dionysus' arm as he howls in pain trying to reach for that bottom rope while Ares encourages him. Finally, Dionysus barely clings to the bottom rope breaking the hold but the damage may have been done as Hughes stomps on the same arm eliciting more cries of pain from Dionysus as he cradles his arm. Hughes is toying with Dionysus, who struggles to his feet and Hughes brings him up and puts him in position for Careless Whispers but Dionysus fights out of it with rapid fire elbow strikes stunning Hughes enough for Dionysus to bring Hughes up and drive him down hard to the mat with a fireman's carry facebuster! Both men lay on the mat in exhaustion. Ares is in his corner chomping at the bit to get in the match while Gabrielle is on the outside cheering on Hughes...

    Eyesnsane crawls to his corner and finds ... no one! Dionysus makes the desperation tag to Ares, who enters the ring and immediately begins stomping into the chest of Hughes. The crowd is HOT watching the offense from Ares. He lifts Eyesnsane up to his feet and whips across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle. Then it's a beautiful leaping corner clothesline! Ares walks Eyesnsane to the middle of the ring and drops him with a belly-to-back side slam! Area hooks the far leg as the crowd counts along!




    Ares rolls backwards and springs up to his feet. That's when he makes a tag to Dionysus, who enters and immediately delivers a standing moonsault. Now he goes for a pinfall try!




    But the Olympians are not fazed. Dionysus brings Eyesnsane to his feet and hoists Hughes to his shoulders. He sets up for a fireman's carry facebuster and HITS it. Now it's time for "Red Wine," the finishing frog splash!

    Langdon Trafford: The Olympians are gonna do it! They're gonna win the titles!

    As Dionysus gets his footing, Gabrielle hops up to the apron and seizes the attention of nearly all of the arena. Dionysus pauses for a brief moment watching the referee instruct Dionysus to get down. Ares charges over and tries to move her off the apron without actually causing physical harm.

    When he grabs Gabrielle's arm, she feigns an injury to her left forearm! She falls down to the floor and to her knees! Ares becomes concerned, and then he pleads innocence to the referee. The ref does the same back to him, both worried they might be at fault for hurting a woman!

    Piers Gallagher: Ares just hurt Gabby! She's retired!

    Langdon Trafford: She shouldn't be on the apron then!

    Dionysus still hasn't leapt from the turnbuckle, distracted by the scene on the other side of the ring. Little do they know, as the referee and Ares try to convince themselves they aren't at fault for Gabrielle's injury, another female has entered the scene!

    Langdon Trafford: ALANA! She's up on the turnbuckle!!!

    Alana Allure takes one swing at the side of Dionysus' head and clocks him unconscious with brass knuckles on her fingers! The crowd groans loudly and boos the holy hell out of Alana's interference! She immediately hops off the apron and ducks on the other side of the ring, out of sight!!!

    Langdon Trafford: I can't...I can't believe it! Alana just turned this match upside-down!!!

    Alana's work causes Dionysus to go limp, flipping forward and falling down to the canvas. Eyesnsane is upright, and sees Ares turn to face him just in time. He ducks a running forearm and hits a low-angle dropkick to the knees! Then he flings Ares through the ropes and to the outside floor. He turns his attention to the stirring, regaining-consciousness Dionysus next! Eyesnsane has easy pickings as he brings the woozy Dionysus upright and hits "Careless Whispers" in the middle of the ring!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Eyesnsane is going to do it AGAIN! He's going to retain the tag titles alone AGAIN!

    Langdon Trafford: I wouldn't call it "alone," Piers. Eyes had help!


    Winner and STILL FWA Tag Team Champions: "The Eye in Team" James "Eyesnsane" Hughes


    Eyesnsane raises his arms in the air as Gabrielle miraculously is healed and slides into the ring to celebrate with him. Alana Allure pops up on the other side of the ring, slides in, and snatches the two Tag Team Championship belts and hands them to Eyesnsane.


    Hughes, now upright, holds the belts high in the air and leans on the support of Gabrielle and Alana to exit the ring. His face is drenched in sweat, and his energy is spent. But Hughes has enough to produce a sincere smile, from ear to ear, as he exits the ring with the belts again, something many thought he wouldn't be able to do this time.

    Langdon Trafford: James "Eyesnsane" Hughes remains the tag team champions tonight! He fought off The Olympians for long enough and got the help at the end from Gabrielle and Alana Allure. What was a one-on-two match became a three-on-two match.

    Piers Gallagher: Suck it up, snowflake! Go find your safe zone. What Eyesnsane is doing as the sole holder of the tag team championships is unprecedented. This is FWA history!

    Hughes, with the two women supporting him, leaves the scene with one belt in each hand. The Olympians, frustrated, console one another and begin discussing how it went wrong. Zeus comes out to ringside and begins giving each an earful of criticisms, and Ares and Dionysus close their eyes or look down to the ground and nod their heads in agreement at everything Zeus says.


    A small promo video plays - teasing an announcement 'soon' for Back in Business XII's location.

    The crowd breaks into a pop as "Skydive" by SHO YA sounds through the arena - they know that the women's championship match is up next! Eimi Sanada makes her way out onto the stage - she's her usual cheery self as she makes her way to the ring.

    David Weinstock: I'm excited for this match!

    Langdon Trafford:
    I think a lot of people are, Dave. It has great potential. We've got Bell Connelly -- who has the title for over a year... and then we've got Eimi Sanada -- who has yet to be pinned or submitted by any female in the company! Something's going to give!

    Piers Gallagher:
    The way you put it... either outcome is good for me! Someone's going to be disappointed. I love it!

    As always, she makes sure to hand out her mask to a small child in the crowd before getting into the ring - she takes a small look around the arena before focusing to the ramp.

    The challenger puts her gameface on as "Tell the World" by Eric Hutchinson replaces her music and the FWA Women's Champion, Bell Connelly, begins to make her way to the ring with a louder reaction.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Something tells me that the crowd love Bell Connelly.

    David Weinstock: Who doesn't?

    Piers Gallagher: Me.

    David Weinstock: Not surprised.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Bell looks focused... tonight... is an interesting challenge.

    David Weinstock:
    I agree. It's an interesting match for both. Sanada has had experience wrestling a variety of women in her career - infact mostly just women. But Bell has wrestled the likes of Cyrus Truth here in the FWA. It's hard to compare the two in terms of opponents faced. But both are crowd pleasing wrestlers... so I think the crowd will be the real winner tonight anyways.

    Piers Gallagher: I hope they lose too.

    Bell gets into the ring and poses for the crowd before handing her title over to the referee - she warms up as Sanada watches intently... and then they are both searched before the match is scheduled to begin...

    Langdon Trafford: Here we go!


    FWA Women's Title Match
    Bell Connelly (c) vs "Azure ★ Future" Eimi Sanada

    Before the bell rings, Sanada walks to the middle of the ring for a handshake which Bell returns - there's a tense stare between the pair of them, Sanada walks backwards to her corner without breaking the eye contact and the bell sounds. There's an unexpected sudden surge from Eimi as she sprints forward and tries to launch a dropkick at Bell... but the champion is able to move out of the way just in time. Sanada gets to her feet quickly and Bell tries to catch her out with a kick to the side but it's blocked. The champion then finds herself on the floor as Sanada runs at her and hits a Japanese armdrag, followed by another that slows Bell down slightly. As Bell gets to a seated position, Sanada bounces off of the ropes and looks for a stiff penalty kick... but Bell ducks under it and lays flat on the mat. Sanada, however, anticipates it and tries for a standing moonsault but the champion rolls towards her and Sanada misses the mark - but she manages to land on her feet. There's a pause in the action as the champion on the ground looks up in her challenger knowing that she's in for a fight.

    Langdon Trafford: A quick start to the match -- and a warning shot to the champion from the challenger.

    After the brief pause in action, Sanada bounces off of the ropes as Bell gets to her feet, she jumps over the oncoming Sanada, then falls to the mat and lets Sanada jump over her before leaping up and going for a headscissors takedown - but Sanada cartwheels out of it and lands on her feet before she runs at Bell and going for a headscissors of her own - but Bell copies her cartwheel and lands on her feet too. Neither appear to be giving the other a chance to take control. Sanada puts her hand up in the air and appears to be looking for a test of strength - they lock up but it's a losing battle for Sanada as Connelly is able to force her back towards the ropes before letting go and slamming a knife edge chop into the chest of the Japanese challenger.

    David Weinstock: I'm sure Sanada's no stranger to that! Bell signalling that she's willing to play her game, it seems?

    The crowd react to the loud chop but Sanada doesn't appear to be in any pain as she shoves away Bell and beckons her to do it again - which she does.... but Sanada doesn't seem fazed as she slams a stiff kick into the leg of the champion. There's a small pause before Bell hits her with another chop - and is given a kick to the leg again in return. She tries to fire off another chop but Sanada drives another kick into the thigh before grabbing her and landing stiff forearms to the chest, driving the champion all the way back. Bell is then whipped towards the ropes on the other side - Sanada gives chase but stops in the middle of the ring as Bell jumps up onto the ropes and springboards backwards with a corkscrew and armdrags Sanada across and out of the ring. She tries to get the crowd on her side as she runs towards the ropes and hits a suicide dive through the ropes that sends Sanada backwards into the barricade. The champion continues with her momentum as she drives her body into the seated Sanada with the Glitterball senton. She then picks her opponent up and rolls her into the ring but Sanada is quick to her feet, bounces off of the ropes and hits Bell with a dropkick that causes her to fall backwards and through the ropes. The challenger waits as the champion gets to their feet on the outside before leaping up onto the ropes whilst also turning her back to hit a twisting slingshot asai moonsault! Despite the crowd's affinity for Bell, they can't help but appreciate the move.

    Langdon Trafford: No matter who you are cheering for in this match, that was a spectacular move and the crowd, rightly so, love it!

    Piers Gallagher: If you say so.

    David Weinstock: I guess Sanada wants to try and outshine the champion when it comes to the high flying moves!

    Sanada then climbs up onto the top and waits for Bell to get to her feet - she hits a front flip Rider kick that connects clean on the top of Bell's head... the challenger makes the cover..1....2...NO! Bell kicks out just as the referee makes the two count. The champion crawls away but the challenger doesn't let up, grabbing her by the head and delivering a few stiff forearms that seem to knock Bell senseless as she sits against the bottom rope. Sanada backs off before the referee has a chance to intervene and Bell has some brief respite but as she tries to gather her sense, Sanada runs at her full pelt and hits a dropkick right to the jaw of the seated champion and sends her out of the ring once more. The champion isn't in a good spot as the challenger gets herself hyped up before launching herself over the top rope with a Sanada special (handspring into over the top rope corkscrew moonsault) that gets its usual good reaction from the crowd.

    David Weinstock: Bell is struggling right now! Did you see how her neck whipped back when Sanada was hitting her with those forearms? It might be knocking her off her stride!

    It's clear that the champion is letting this match slip away from her with Sanada starting to take control - she's lifted onto her feet and turned round, Sanada grabs her and hooks the arms, lifts her up... the fans are expecting some sort of reversal but it doesn't come as Bell is slammed onto the outside canvas with a Stardust Dragon Suplex!

    Langdon Trafford:
    No mercy from Sanada! I think you're right Dave, the neck must be targeted now - that suplex will have put Bell in even more of a world of hurt! There's some silence in the crowd whilst a few are quite hyped up to see Sanada being extremely aggressive. The challenger picks the champion up and rolls her into the ring... she goes for the cover...1....2.....NO!! BELL MAKES THE KICKOUT... THERE ARE SIGNS OF LIFE!

    Piers Gallagher: Maybe if she was smart enough to do that move in the ring, she would have won!

    Eimi cuts a slightly frustrated figure but she remains calm - she signals that the match is done as she climbs up to the top rope and looks for a frog splash... but Bell gets her knees up! Sanada clutches her midriff in agony as Bell rolls around the ring and tries to get to her feet... she looks up to see Sanada still in pain and hits her with the Confetti Cannon dropkick! The crowd are alive as the champion shows great signs of a comeback and they let out a pop as Bell kips up back on to her feet and sizes Sanada up - she hits the 'Ringing the Bell' (Natural Selection) and goes for the cover...1...2....NO! Sanada kicks out early in the two count... but Bell seems to be back in the game as she tries to get some more momentum going. She grabs Sanada and lands a belly to belly overhead suplex - and then another... and another! She's fired up and she jumps up on to the top turnbuckle to hit a missile dropkick and goes for the cover..1....2...NO! Sanada makes the kickout again!

    David Weinstock: Bell is making a huge comeback right now! This match is starting to take off!

    Sanada gets to her knees as Bell starts slamming kicks into her chest - but the young Joshi lets out a defiant shrill and gets to her feet as she refuses to allow Bell the satisfaction of seeing her strikes do damage. She gets up and catches a kick... and returns with an upwards palm strike that stuns Bell! Sanada bounces off of the ropes and looks for a tilt a whirl headscissors... but Bell counters it as Sanada lands back on her feet, gets her arm wrenched and is then hit with Footloose (Eat Defeat) ! Sanada is stunned! She doesn't fall, she turns around and wobbles for a moment... and then she returns to face Bell who comes running at her and looks for the Glitter Bomb (Code Breaker).... but Sanada doesn't let Bell hit the floor - she uses all of her strength to keep Bell in place and walks around for a moment holding her. Sanada tries to adjust her grip but Bell forces herself down and monkey flips Sanada - who ends up doing a full rotation before landing on her feet on the second turnbuckle! An amazing sequence with twists and turns is then capped off as Sanada goes up onto the top turnbuckle, jumps backwards, lands on Bell's shoulders and hits her with the inverted ultrarana! The crowd explodes as Sanada has the cover...1....2......NO!!! BELL KICKS OUT JUST IN TIME!

    Langdon Trafford: Unbelievable! What a back and forth contest! Bell is showing why she is the champion!

    David Weinstock: That move must've hurt her neck even more though... will she be able to come back from this!?

    Sanada picks the champion up and tries to hoist her up for another Stardust Dragon Suplex.... but Bell is able to grab onto the top rope and prevent herself from being hoisted. Sanada lets go and slams an elbow into Bell's arm before getting the Stardust Dragon hold again... she looks to hit...


    Sanada falls backwards and out of the ring as a result of the kick - but Bell is suddenly fired up once more and climbs to the top turnbuckle... the crowd willing her on. She decides to turn around and gets a big pop from the crowd as she leaps off with the Bellsault to the outside! Both of them are down and out as the referee begins to count - Bell gets up first and is able to get halfway into the ring... but Sanada grabs her by the leg and tries to pull her out... only to be kicked away. The champion recovers on the apron and gets to her feet but Sanada also climbs up onto the apron... and a striking exchange begins - Bell chops Sanada... and Sanada responds - they go back and forth... until Sanada hits an upwards palm strike that stuns her foe. Bell is grabbed and her arms are locked behind the ropes as Sanada fires off rapid machine gun chops, the crowd enjoying the brutality. The challenger then lets Bell free, turns her around, hoists her up and hits the Stardust Dragon Suplex on the apron!! There's a "Holy Shit!" chant but Sanada takes no notice of it as she desperately tries to grab Bell and roll her into the ring for a pinfall attempt... but she's frustrated as Bell slides off of the apron and onto the canvas on the outside.

    Langdon Trafford: That's the second Stardust Dragon Suplex! How is Bell's neck not broken yet!?

    Sanada gets down from the apron and tries her best to pick the champion up and roll her into the ring... but it's taking too long. Eventually, Bell is rolled into the ring... but Sanada knows she isn't going to get the pinfall. There's a small sense of deja vu as she ascends to the top rope... and she goes for a moonsault this time... but Bell rolls out of the way and towards the middle of the ring! Sanada reads it though and lands on her feet then hits a standing corkscrew moonsault! The crowd are impressed with the flashiness of the move as Sanada makes the cover and looks to have the match won..1....2......NO!!! BELL KICKS OUT!

    David Weinstock:
    What more can the challenger do!? It's going to take something incredibly special to put the champion away!

    The challenger tries a new approach as she allows Bell to get to her feet before hitting a low dropkick to the knee - she then grabs her and instantly locks in a Boston crab! The champion is struggling and the crowd are on their feet... some are willing her to tap out whilst others are screaming for her to hold on!

    Langdon Trafford: Have you ever seen a crowd like this!? Some have come round to Sanada and want her to win whilst some want to see Bell survive! Either way, both women have electrified this place tonight!

    Bell is SO CLOSE to the ropes - she skims it with her hand but Sanada pulls her back and transitions into a single legged crab - focusing on the leg she abused earlier with leg kicks. Bell inches closer and closer to the ropes as Sanada lets out an almighty scream as she torques on it... Bell thinks about tapping but one final push and SHE MAKES IT TO THE ROPES! Sanada lets go - but she knows that victory is within her sights... she gets Bell up and AGAIN tries to go for a Stardust Dragon Suplex... but the champion is able to twist out of it. She kicks the challenger in the midriff and then twists her around for the Carebear Stare neckbreaker. She's bought herself some time as she crawls to the ropes and tries to use them to stand up, Sanada slowly recovers but is still clearly the fresher competitor - she is able to get to her feet first. She runs at the champion and looks for a double knee strike in the corner... but Bell rolls out of the way and Sanada hits the turnbuckles. She lands on her feet though and turns around as Bell goes for a superkick.... but it's ducked... and Sanada hits a spinning back kick into Bell's gut instead! Sanada grabs Bell by the head and looks to go for a Shiranui - she runs towards the turnbuckle but Bell breaks the hold and shoves her into it instead, stunning her. Sanada is then grabbed by the head and Bell is able to hit the Belldog! Bell's momentum is slowly coming back - and the crowd explode for what happens next... Sanada gets to her feet and Bell manages to hit Glitter Bomb! It's a clean connection and Sanada looks lifeless on the canvas! But Bell can't make the cover! She rolls around the ring in pain, clutching her knees after hitting the move.

    Piers Gallagher: I don't know who has been more stupid tonight... but at this rate, neither of them are going to win!

    David Weinstock: Bell has taken too much damage on her knees... but it was a desperation move. She might be able to pull something out of the bag again!

    Bell recovers... but it's clear that she won't get the win so she grabs Sanada and drags her over to the corner of the ring. Bell then looks to climb the turnbuckle - obviously looking for the Ode to Tinkerbell Moonsault... but Sanada recovers just as she sets herself. The challenger clubs Bell in the back and then turns her around as she joins her up top. The crowd can feel this one coming to a head as the pair of them exchange strikes... Sanada seems to get the upperhand and looks ready to hit the Sky Piercer V moonsault slam... but Bell throws furious elbows into the side of her head to prevent it happening. In what is an extremely rare sight, Bell gives Sanada a headbutt that causes her to fall down and onto her back! The crowd are on their feet as Bell turns around and looks set for the Ode to Tinkerbell...

    Langdon Trafford: THIS COULD BE IT!

    The crowd are expectant as Bell lifts herself up into the handstand then looks for the moonsault....


    Bell kneels in pain with her back to the challenger... she's completely unaware as Sanada gets to her feet and hits her from behind with a Shining Wizard... straight to the neck! Bell falls face down, lifeless... Sanada makes the cover....1...2.......NO!!!!! BELL KICKS OUT AGAIN! The champion refuses to lie down - despite her neck being destroyed.

    David Weinstock: Just what is it going to take!? Bell has managed to avoid the Stardust Dragon Suplex in the ring every time and she kicks out of everything else! Sanada must be so frustrated right now!

    There's a murderous look in the eye of the challenger as she picks up the champion and AGAIN tries to hoist her up for the Stardust Dragon Suplex... but Bell fights it! She's able to twist out of it - and just as Sanada tries to grab her, she gives her a defiant slap that echoes around the arena! Sanada pauses for a moment... somewhat shocked as a barely standing Bell Connelly looks at her... refusing to give up. There is something to be admired about the champion's defiance... but Sanada snaps out of it and lets out a primal scream - she grabs Bell by the head and crunches forearm after forearm into it... she delivers a superman forearm, a European uppercut and a spinning back fist... all extremely stiff strikes that cause Bell to fall to her knees. But she grabs a hold of Sanada and tries to get to her feet, she tries to land a defiant forearm to the chest of her opponent but it's too weak to trouble her... Sanada makes sure Bell is standing before landing a thunderous palm strike... but Bell refuses to go down. She simply keels over, still on her feet... Sanada grabs her head and puts her in a suplex position, she also grabs Bell's injured leg and hoists her up - the crowd aren't sure what they're seeing...

    Langdon Trafford: What is this, Dave!?

    David Weinstock: I don't know... but it's bad news for the champion!

    Sanada then drives Bell Connelly to the canvas with the DIAMOND DUST Fisherman's Piledriver - the neck of the champion is well and truly obliterated... the fans pop for a move they've never seen Sanada pull off.

    David Weinstock:
    Good lord... she's killed her.

    Langdon Trafford:

    The challenger makes the cover....1....2..........3!!! Eimi Sanada has ended the gargantuan reign of Bell Connelly!! The crowd's reaction says it all - they can't quite believe it... some are in stunned silence... some simply can't help but applaud!

    Winner and NEW FWA Women's Champion: "Azure ★ Future" Eimi Sanada
    Langdon Trafford: She did it!

    David Weinstock:

    Piers Gallagher: The worst outcome possible guys.

    Langdon Trafford: Come on, Piers, you have to give her some credit! Eimi Sanada just ended Bell Connelly's historic title reign! And it took everything she had!

    David Weinstock: I don't think many people realised just what that young lady is capable of.

    Some medical staff come into the ring to check on Bell's neck - she's helped to her feet and given a big cheer by the crowd - Sanada is handed the title and she clutches it like a new born child. She puts the belt down infront of Bell and bows her head before Bell leaves the ring. Sanada then poses with the title - she gets up onto the top turnbuckle and lifts the belt, proudly, into the air with a cheesy grin etched over her face.

    Langdon Trafford: I think that's the happiest woman in the world right there! What a performance!

    Sanada gets down and then stands at the ropes as some of the crowd cheer her name... but suddenly, someones comes through the crowd and jumps into the ring.

    David Weinstock:
    What's she doing out here!?

    Piers Gallagher: Penny! The savior!

    The crowd start booing as Penny grabs Sanada and hits her with the Bitter End rolling cutter!

    Langdon Trafford:
    This is awful! She's ruining the big moment!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Which means it's great!

    The crowd continue their booing as Penny crawls over the laid out Sanada and takes her title. She wears a devilish smirk as she leaps out of the ring and decides to walk up the ramp with the belt on her shoulder. The new champion is out cold in the ring whilst Penny stands on the stage hoisting the belt in the air, eliciting more heat, before disappearing.

    David Weinstock: I don't think Eimi Sanada will be happy when she realises what just happened. We knew Penny was unhinged... but she must have some serious screws loose to do this!


    A small hype package plays for the upcoming North American title match

    "Giving In" By Adema begins and the entire arena goes BEZERK. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr comes out with the arena pitch black except for a few white strobe lights pointed toward the stage. The crowd begins a "PRO-DI-GY! PRO-DI-GY!" chant as he carries the North American and Television championship belts down to the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Mike Parr was the man who unseated Chris Kennedy for the North American title. He claimed he was the best thing on Television and thus the TV champ. He has been called the CAUSE of the re-rise in FWA's popularity the past few months. Some even have gone so far as to call "The Prodigy" the BEST in the FWA ... EVEN ahead of Cyrus Truth ... AND Kaizen!

    Piers Gallagher: At one point, he was. He was that damn good. But now, I don't know. The success and the fans' adoration has made him somewhat complacent. Michael Garcia has been able to get in his head, and get over on him a few times lately.

    Langdon Trafford: But Parr doesn't even want the fans' love. He said he doesn't need them!

    Piers Gallagher: It's there. I can tell. Parr has changed. He won't admit it, but he has. He's a fan favorite and that has had an effect on him.

    The arena continues flooding Mike Parr with praise as he arrogantly and brazenly walks around the ring before hopping up to the apron and shouting obscenities at some of the front-row fans. That doesn't dilute the cheers, which seem to maintain the momentum as Parr begrudgingly hands his two championship belts to the referee before taking his corner.

    That gives way to "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia's theme music. The arena changes tune to mostly boos and jeers, with a few cheers mixed in for the Pittsburgh native. The physical specimen slowly stomps his way to the entrance, holding HIS OWN version of the FWA Television Championship. Garcia looks at it, pauses for a moment right at the arena entrance, and gives it a playful and taunting kiss. "The Prodigy" seethes to himself in the ring as he paces and keeps his eyes on his rival.

    Langdon Trafford: Michael Garcia has NEVER won a singles title in the FWA. Never. At least, not an official one.

    Piers Gallagher: He is the TRUE FWA Television Champion. But tonight he becomes a dual champ and wins the North American title. It's a long time coming for "The Carnegie Carnivore." He has been screwed time and time again. First it was Jason Gryphon. Then it was the entire X-title division. Then it was Cryos. Now it's Mike Parr. But the injustice against this absolutely glorious athlete stops ... TONIGHT!

    Garcia slowly struts down to the ring, raises his mammoth size-17 boot up to the apron and grabs the top rope and yanks himself up. The referee stops Mike Parr from charging and engaging Garcia early, and "The Carnegie Carnivore" barks orders at the ref before stepping over the top rope and taking his corner with his "precious" TV title still over his shoulder.


    FWA North American Championship
    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr (c) vs. "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia

    The title belt is raised above the head of the ref and the two men send daggers with their eyes as they stalk each other and wait for the bell to sound. When it finally does the crowd cheers, ready to see these two men tear each other apart as they rush each other and lock up. There is a struggle, Garcia is a bit stronger but Parr got a good position on him and they toss and twist into each other's grips and finally Garcia wins out throwing Parr to the side. But Parr stays on his feet. Garcia moves in but Parr gets low and the two grapple again this time with Parr winning out twisting into a modified twirl to send Garcia down onto the mat. Garcia is up fast and he and Parr circle one another before locking up again and then Garcia grabs him and then throws him onto the ropes. Parr holds on but is struck across the face by Michael for his trouble. The two grapple once again.

    Langdon Trafford: Mike Parr beat Garcia for the North American title on Fight Night a couple months ago. That has to give him some confidence even though Garcia got a pinfall in a tag match weeks later.

    Piers Gallagher: Confidence only goes so far. Brute strength takes over eventually.

    Parr goes for an European uppercut but Garcia sees it coming and knocks it down and then elbows Parr and throws him off the ropes, this time Parr can't slow himself down and he's hit with a strong arm lariat from Garcia which takes Parr down to the mat. Parr gets up before Garcia can attempt a pin but the Garcia seems to be on the offensive and grabs Parr to toss him right into the corner, but Parr plants his feet and elbows Garcia in the side and then grabs him into another grapple to then flip him onto the mat. Garcia tries to get up slow but Parr delivers a knee to the back of Garcia. Garcia winces in pain and Parr goes for a headlock but Garcia slips out of it and gets to his feet.

    Parr goes for a grapple but Garcia is ready and strikes Mike with a forearm and then begins raining a few blows down onto Parr, the champion is caught off guard by this and Garcia takes advantage and grabs him into an Irish whip sending him off the ropes and right into a clothesline! Parr drops to the mat Garcia covers 1...Parr kicks out. Garcia yanks Parr up and the two continue to go at one another but Parr seems a bit slowed by the clothesline and Garcia strikes him with a forearm once again and then grabs him into an arm drag right onto the mat. Parr gets up a bit slow and Garcia rushes up for a high knee to the skull of Parr followed by grabbing the dazed champion into a sidewalk slam! Garcia has busted this match wide open and he covers Parr 1...2 Parr kicks out!

    Langdon Trafford: Michael Garcia is DOMINATING right now. The self-proclaimed TV champ against ... the other self-proclaimed TV champ.

    Piers Gallagher: We know who the real one is. Garcia BEAT Parr on TV a month ago!

    Parr is looking a bit ragged as Garcia hooks him for a suplex but Parr slips out and then spins around and clubs Garcia in the back. Garcia doesn't seem too hurt by it but Parr is back on his feet hopping on his toes as Garcia lunches in it's just what Parr wants as he grabs Garcia and Irish whips him out of the way, Garcia doesn't make it to the ropes but that's more than enough for Parr who comes from behind for a one handed bulldog! Garcia is up a bit slow and Parr is ready for him grabbing his opponent from behind for a reverse DDT! Parr covers 1...2 Garcia kicks out!

    Langdon Trafford: That might have been the closest Parr will get to winning!

    Garcia begins to get up and Parr is steady ready for the ensuing battle, Garcia and Parr grapple up, once again Parr loses out and Garcia knees him in the gut and lifts him up for a sidewalk slam, Garcia tries to roll into a 2nd one but Parr slips out and sweeps the leg of Garcia. Garcia and Parr both regain their status quickly and begin trading blows back and forth. Parr gets in a few good shots but Garcia has strength on his side and eventually knocks Parr back and then grabs him for a quick shoulder suplex! Garcia rolls up and hooks the leg 1...2 Parr kicks out a bit desperately.

    Garcia tries to grab Parr again but the champion counters it and grabs Garcia's arm into a twist elbow lock. Garcia groans in pain but doesn't tap as Parr applies more pressure then eventually lets go. Garcia gets up a bit slow and Parr comes up for an offensive assault. Throwing blow after blow at Garcia and then grabbing Garcia into a belly to back suplex! Garcia gets up slow only to be put back down again by a modified shining wizard from Parr! Parr hooks the leg of Garcia 1...2..Garcia kicks out!

    Garcia rolls up and Parr gets up the two circle each other for a moment, catching their breath. Then the two men move at one another and grapple up, Garcia wins out and pushes Parr back, Parr goes off the ropes and Garcia kicks Parr in the chest and then charges to spear him to the ground!!!

    Piers Gallagher: This one is close to finished! Garcia is going to put an end to this AND The Prodigy's rise.

    Parr clutches his chest in pain as Garcia stalks him, Garcia grabs Parr and lifts him up but Parr manages to take Garcia in the eye without the ref noticing!

    Langdon Trafford: Parr with the underhanded tactics!

    The crowd loves it, and that gives Parr the opening he needs as he kicks Garcia in the gut and lifts him up for a quick snap suplex. Garcia is up fairly fast but he's still holding his eye in pain, it's affecting his vision but he tries to grab Parr anyway and the champion is ready with a counter right into his finisher Rolling Cutter!!!

    Piers Gallagher: PARR CHEATED! HE RAKED THE EYES!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Parr did what he needed to do! That's what you always say!

    Garcia is laid out, Parr covers him!

    Crowd: ONE........TWO..........


    Mike Parr is still the North American champion!

    Winner AND STILL FWA North American Champion: "The Prodigy" Mike Parr via pinfall

    "The Prodigy" celebrates and snatches his North American and Television championship belts from the referee as the fans all applaud on their feet. Parr leans against the ropes as Mike Garcia stays down on the mat with his hands covering the raked, injured eye. He can barely see well enough to even get upright, and "The Prodigy" exhaustedly falls through the middle and top ropes and leaves the ringside area without shaking hands or doing any sort of fan interaction.

    Langdon Trafford: Mike Parr is STILL the North American Champion, and Michael Garcia STILL does not have a singles ti...

    Piers Gallagher: Mike Parr CHEATED! He raked the eyes. That's the only reason he won this match! This is a travesty! AGAIN! You are fine when Mike Parr does this but anyone else and it becomes breaking news! Explain yourself, Langdon! These fans should explain themselves!

    Langdon Trafford: I'm not saying it's right, Piers! Mike Parr did it. The ref didn't see it! He's STILL the North American Champion. It's over. It's done!

    Piers Gallagher: Oh yeah! It's over and there's nothing you can do when it fits what YOU want. But when it's what someone else wants, it's a DAMN CRIME!

    Michael Garcia nearly punches the referee when he finally gets his sights on him. The official leaves the ring, smartly, and Mike Garcia remains inside, stewing about the loss.

    Piers Gallagher: This won't be the last time those two face for that belt! Mark my words! There WILL BE consequences for this!

    Langdon Trafford: I'm sure there will, Piers! I'm sure with you advocating for Michael Garcia, things will work out for him. Sheesh!

    Garcia grabs his Television Championship belt, the one he claims is the true recognized title, and rolls out of the ring slowly. He cusses to himself and appears to be close to a breakdown as he walks around the ring and ignores the fans heckling and even the few supporters.


    There is a brief recap of Phillip A. Jackson's shock return to Fight Night and his attacks on Ryan Rondo - we then get a small focus on Ryan Rondo's revenge and how everything is destined to come to a head tonight.

    The crowd break into a loud cheer as "Just Close Your Eyes" blares through the arena's sound system...

    Langdon Trafford: We all know what that music means! It's time for the grudge match... It's time for Ryan Rondo... and....

    Piers Gallagher: Phillip! The greatest of them all! The Immortal vs the biggest chump in the industry! This is going to be such a glorious beatdown.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Well, we always knew who you would cheer for Piers. But do you remember Back in Business?

    Piers Gallagher:
    Shut up! A night that we would all like to forget! But revenge... revenge is Phillip's tonight! He's going to embarrass Rondo. Speaking of that chump... where is he!?

    There seems to be something wrong as Rondo is yet to emerge - the crowd stop cheering and begin wondering what is going on. The big screen lights up and we go backstage - two men are shown grabbing a hold of each other and wildly exchanging furious punches. It's clear that it's Ryan Rondo and Phillip A. Jackson...

    David Weinstock:Looks like we have a problem here. Neither guy wants to wait to get into the ring!

    The official in the ring can be seen leaving it and quickly running backstage. In the meantime, various security guards try to split Rondo and PAJ up... but instead, Rondo and PAJ fight them off before continuing to throw down with each other. Rondo delivers a massive right hand to PAJ and PAJ then responds with a Supersweet Chin Symphony... but Rondo ducks and it hits a security guard instead! Rondo has to evade again as another security guard is taken out... he avoids one final attempt from PAJ and looks to grab him and RKO him onto the hard backstage flooring... but PAJ pushes him off and Rondo ends up knocking another guard over. The other security guards stop bothering as PAJ grabs Rondo and throws him into a wall, knocking him down and delivering some boots. He then grabs a bunch of leadpipes and drops them all on Rondo's back before shouting at him.


    PAJ pushes Rondo's head with his foot a couple of times as Rondo looks up with total disdain in his eyes... "The Immortal" then turns around and finds himself a steel chair - Rondo gets to his feet and seems slightly woozy, PAJ looks to go in and hurt his would-be opponent even more but the referee comes into view infront of him and stops him. The referee tells PAJ to get to the ring for the match but PAJ shoves him out of the way anyway and then goes to plant the chair on Rondo... but Rondo ducks and PAJ ends up connecting with the wall. PAJ then turns around and ends up being lifted off of his feet and straight onto his back with a discus lariat from Rondo - the referee comes back into the picture and tries to convince Rondo to come to the ring. He seems to agree and begins walking closer and closer to the arena... but PAJ comes from behind and blindsides him with a club to the back. He then spots something out of camera shot and tries to drag Rondo over to it - it's a bunch of wooden pallets. PAJ slams Rondo's head off the top pallet before throwing him on top, he joins him and proceeds to stomp a hole through him before picking him up onto his shoulders. He threatens a Samoan Drop but Rondo manages to fight out of it... he then turns PAJ around and lands the Amazing KO on the wooden pallets!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Ryan Rondo manages to pull that Amazing KO out of somewhere!

    David Weinstock: They should just turn this match into a street fight! They better get to the ring before the referee decides to call it off!

    Rondo slaps PAJ in the face and returns the taunts from earlier before grabbing him and dragging with him through the corridor. They reach a small area where a vending machine catches Rondo's eye - he sits PAJ down on a chair and gives him a few punches for good measure. Rondo then turns around and approaches the vending machine - clearly excited for a chocolate bar. He finds that he does not have any pockets and thus no money... he turns around to the referee and absolutely demands enough coins to buy a snickers.

    David Weinstock: Is... Is this really happening right now? Ryan Rondo is taking a break from beating up Phillip A. Jackson... for a snickers?

    Langdon Trafford: We all know that you're not yourself when you're hungry, Snickers satisfies!

    Rondo manages to get the money and puts it into the vending machine - he makes his selection... but the machines jammed! He shouts at it and begins hitting it to no avail.

    Piers Gallagher:
    What a moron.

    He turns around and PAJ catches him off guard with kick to the gut... his head is then driven through the Vending Machine's front which shatters... a whole bunch of chocolate bars and other assorted snacks all tumble down onto Rondo's back before he stumbles backwards and hits the deck. Of course, the Snickers is still jammed in place. PAJ grabs it and removes it from the machine... he also takes a butterfinger. He looks at Rondo - who is now busted open and decides he has enough time to eat the butterfinger. He offers the referee a bite but he refuses. Rondo slowly starts to recover and PAJ taunts him, he throws the Snickers bar off the face of his opponent before dragging them forward and finally through an entrance tunnel. The camera pans high up into the crowd as the two emerge.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Well... we're getting closer!

    David Weinstock:
    I have to wonder why these two weren't kept apart... how did this all start?

    Piers Gallagher:
    We all know it was Rondo. Always picking fights he has no chance of winning. Loser. I mean, a snickers? Really!?

    Rondo is struggling to get to his feet but PAJ grabs him and drops him with a quick snap suplex on the concrete at the entrance tunnel, the crowd booing. "The Immortal" gets back to his feet and walks over to a couple of fans - he looks in their cup, grabs it and drinks a few sips of whatever is in it and then walks over to Rondo and spits it in his face. Some fans are loving it but most are showing Jackson with complete and utter disdain. He walks back over to the fan and grabs the cup off of them. Before he can do anything, the fan starts to argue with him - Jackson turns back around and gives them a big death stare before holding the cup high up in the air, he teases the fan about getting his drink back - Jackson then turns the cup upside down and pours it out, laughing at the fan as he throws it away. However, he pays the price for not paying attention to Rondo as he turns around straight into a Kip up Frankensteiner! Jackson's head hits the canvas hard - but Rondo doesn't seem to care, he gets the fans hyped up whilst he wipes some blood away from his forehead. He looks at the top of the entrance tunnel and looks back down at PAJ... who is in a precarious position...

    David Weinstock: Is he thinking what I am thinking?

    Langdon Trafford: It's Rondo. He's probably thinking something better.

    The fans pop as Rondo makes his way up the steps and gets to the top of the entrance tunnel - he waits as PAJ starts to get to his feet... he turns around and Rondo jumps off of the entrance tunnel/balcony with a Shooting Star Plancha!! He connects fully with PAJ and takes him out - PAJ even has to roll down the stairs after taking such an impact. The crowd break into "Holy Shit!" and "This is Awesome!" chants....

    Piers Gallagher: That wasn't awesome! The match hasn't even started yet!

    The referee gives one last warning - get the match to the ring or it's off. Rondo boots PAJ further down the stairs and they eventually get to the barricade and throws PAJ over. He turns around and gets the crowd hyped up before jumping onto the barricade and looking for a leaping forearm... but it turns into the flying nothing as PAJ connects with the Supersweet Chin Symphony out of nowhere! The crowd is stunned into silence - Piers Gallagher can be heard shouting joyfully. PAJ picks Rondo up and rolls him into the ring - the referee FINALLY rings the bell to signal the start.

    Langdon Trafford: Well... here we go!


    "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo vs "The Immortal" Phillip A. Jackson

    PAJ jumps up onto the apron and taunts the fans as Rondo slowly gets to his feet in the ring - he seems like a spent force already. Phillip jumps up onto the rope and hits the 720 DDT!

    Piers Gallagher: It's over already!

    He makes the cover...1...2......NO!!! Ryan Rondo kicks out!

    David Weinstock: Shouldn't speak so soon Piers!

    The crowd are clearly happy that Rondo is able to get the kick out but he's in no condition to get up and make a fight of it and PAJ knows it. He cuts a frustrated figure but he knows that he has Rondo right where he wants him. He shrugs his shoulder at the kickout and taunts the crowd - signalling that he gets to beat Rondo up some more. He waits for Rondo to get up and measures him up... he goes for another Supersweet Chin Symphony... but Rondo ducks it for the fourth time tonight and replies with the Amazing KO cutter!!! The crowd break into a big pop as Rondo makes the cover....1...2.....NO!!! SHOULDER UP! Rondo rolls away from PAJ - both men take their time recovering, they manage to get to their feet at the same time in the ring. The pair of them have a staredown and suddenly break into the pattern that started their night off - they grab each other in a single collar and start punching each other without flinching, it's a great burst of energy from both and the fans get into it. A 'Fight Forever!' chant breaks out as the pair of them start to slow down into a pattern of exchanging forearms. PAJ is able to beat Rondo back towards the ropes with a few forearms... but Rondo hits a huge European uppercut that swivels PAJ around... PAJ responds with the PAJle kick! Rondo stumbles backwards and almost out of the ring but rebounds back into the ring using the ropes and wipes PAJ out with a pendulum discus lariat!

    Langdon Trafford: Neither of these men are holding back! What an exchange!

    The pair of them use each other to get to their feet whilst again exchanging strikes - neither man is willing to give the other any sort of breathing space, every move seems to be filled with an extreme amount of vitriol and intent to hurt. PAJ tries to hit an enzuigiri but Rondo ducks under it and grabs PAJ from behind - he hoists him up into the air for a huge german suplex! And PAJ gets to his feet almost immediately, grabs Rondo and returns the favor! Rondo gets to his feet and hits another! PAJ returns! Again, Rondo hits a 3rd german and almost collapses... but PAJ gets back up and grabs him and hits his 3rd German suplex! This time, both men stay down on the mat but the crowd are loving every second of the exchange!

    David Weinstock: They are literally going move for move. This is incredible!

    Rondo is able to get to his feet just a second before Phillip and storms after him - but Jackson reads it and drops down and hits a dropkick to the knee of "The Last Star in the Sky" - he then pops up and hits an enzuigiri, giving himself some momentum. He gets out onto the apron and hits a springboard 450 splash before going for the cover...1...2..NO! Rondo manages to get the kickout on time. PAJ covers again...1....2..NO! An earlier kickout this time from Rondo - PAJ tells the referee to count quicker but the referee is defiant. PAJ gets up onto his feet and shoves the referee and shouts at him... but the referee is absolutely having none of it as he shoves PAJ back. PAJ is turned around due to the force of the shove and Rondo comes out of nowhere with a busaiku knee kick attempt.... but PAJ ducks it and Rondo ends up taking out the referee! He's stunned for a moment and tries to get the referee back up as PAJ sneakily gets on the apron and jumps up... clearly looking for the 720 DDT... Rondo turns around and counters it into the Amazing KO cutter! He goes for the cover.....


    Piers Gallagher: What an idiot! Making pin attempts when the referee isn't available! Fool!

    Rondo is frustrated and tries to get the referee up once more but it's to no avail. He delivers a few stomps to PAJ before climbing up top - he goes for the Starlight Shine Bright (Phoenix Splash)... but PAJ gets the knees up! The crowd boo as "The Immortal" is somehow still in the match.

    Piers Gallagher: These idiots can boo all they want - Phillip is just proving how smart he is!

    Rondo rolls around the ring clutching his ribs whilst Phillip rolls out - he signals to Piers Gallagher, who stands up and hands over a steel chair.

    Langdon Trafford: Piers, just what are you doing!?

    Piers Gallagher: Being the hero, Langdon!

    The boos ring out around the arena as Phillip gets back into the ring and measures Rondo up - he comes running forward and looks to plant a chairshot on him but Rondo ducks it and hits him with a low blow! He bounces off of the ropes... but PAJ quickly recovers and hoists Rondo up onto his shoulders and hits him with a Samoan Drop right onto the chair! Piers can be seen jumping out of his chair in excitement as the fans boo the move. PAJ quickly gets rid of the chair and throws it out of the ring, he then drags Rondo's body over to the turnbuckle and climbs up. The fans continue to let out boos as PAJ jumps off with the Amazing Splash! He connects clean and makes the cover just as the referee comes to....1.....2.......3!!!!

    Winner: "The Immortal" Phillip A. Jackson
    Piers Gallagher: This is a great day boys!

    David Weinstock: Terrible. Just terrible.

    Langdon Trafford: Ryan Rondo had that match won! Piers, why?

    Piers Gallagher: Don't ask me. Rondo should've ate his snickers. Maybe that would have helped him?

    Phillip A. Jackson gets to his feet and celebrates like he's just won the biggest match of his life - he can't stop smiling as he soaks in the boos of the fans. He gets out of the ring and begins to walk up the ramp with the cheesiest grin on his face - he speaks to the camera:

    "You are the embarrassment, Rondo! I told you I'd beat you! You're nothing! It was TOO. EASY."

    The crowd don't like it as he stops at the top of the ramp and looks down towards the ring - Rondo is struggling to get up, trying to use the ropes for balance... but he locks eyes with his rival and shares an intense stare. PAJ can only smirk as he raises his arms in victory.

    Langdon Trafford: I think Phillip should sleep with one eye open.

    PAJ disappears as Rondo requires help out of the ring and up the ramp.


    As the crowd recovers from what they just witnessed from Phillip A. Jackson and Ryan Rondo, the ring crew hustles to install four large metallic tubes around the ring. After the set-up, they give the signal to the engineer at the timekeeper position to test out the system. The engineer smacks a button, and a wall of fire licks up on all four sides of the ring. The crowd pops for the test as the engineer gives Kurt Harrington the thumbs-up. Kurt Harrington also gets the go-ahead from the truck and goes over the rules with the arena crowd one more time. As he does so, the crowd gets buzzier and buzzier, finding their final wind for the main event.

    Langdon Trafford: The main event is finally upon us, ladies and gentleman!! We've known for months that KAIZEN was owed a title shot after winning QFTB, and now, at Trial By Fire, in an Inferno match, can "Tokko-yaro" cash in?

    Piers Gallagher: Theres not going to be any triumph tonight, only a BBQ-ing that KAIZEN asked for!! Cyrus Truth, the FWA World Champion, the God-King, is going to give this peasant KAIZEN exactly what wants! Cyrus extended an olive branch to KAIZEN and KAIZEN might as well have spit in his face!

    David Weinstock: KAIZEN wanted to uphold this company's Trial By Fire tradition, Piers, call it stupid, call it unwise, but he's standing up for what the FWA Universe wants.

    Piers Gallagher: You know who doesn't give a damn about what the fans want? The FWA World Champion, thats who!!

    Langdon Trafford: The wait is over! That FWA World Championship is on the line!!


    "Real Rock'n'Rolla" blares out as KAIZEN steps out onto the arena ramp with serene look on his face. The crowd pops to its feet and cheers wildly for KAIZEN, who stands at the entrance ramp looking left and then right before slowly walking down towards the ring. As he passes by the rampway camera, he looks into the camera and says 'Listen to your mother, Housler, turn this off!" and gives the camera a sly smile.

    Langdon Trafford: The Japanese sensation! The former World Heavyweight Champion, the longest reigning X-Champion in FWA history!! After a tumultuous 2016, will 'Tokko-yaro' begin 2017 by taking the most prestigious prize in our industry away from Cyrus Truth??

    Piers Gallagher: 2016 exposed KAIZEN as the flash in the pan I've always said he was! You think this is the guy to unseat Cyrus Truth??? You've lost the plot Langdon!

    KAIZEN steps through the ropes and gazes at the machinery surrounding the ring. He acknowledges the cheers as he backs himself into the top right corner of the ring.

    The crowd is suddenly hushed by the piercing sound of the Shakuhachi flute. As crashing guitar of "Subconscious" joins the traditional instruments and fills the arena, the crowd all turn towards the ramp, as the Champion emerges!

    Cyrus Truth strides out, wearing the FWA World Championship belt around his waste. He looks at the ring and slowly walks forward, his weary face seething with rage.

    Langdon Trafford: Many have tried and all have failed!!! Amid his war against the history and tradition that is FWA, its best we all keep in mind that this man's title reign is approaching a full years length!!! Ladies and gentleman, one man, and one man alone stands at the apex of this company, this business! And that man is 'The Exile', Cyrus Truth!!!

    Piers Gallagher: They can't stand him! The board, these know-nothing fans!! They can't stand the fact that he's just better than them, than everyone else! Cyrus Truth is the best, and anyone who's not on board with that will feel his wrath!!!

    Cyrus stands outside the ring for a long few seconds, ignoring the cat calls from the ringside fans. As the ref asks him to step in the ring, he shakes his head and tosses the belt to the ref. He then steps through the ropes and stares a hole through KAIZEN, who is crouched in his corner, looking down at the mat.

    As refs with fire extinguishers surround the ring, the head referee holds up the Championship belt and then gives the signal to the engineer. The engineer then turns on the flames, popping the crowd once more.

    As Cyrus looks at the flames surrounding him, he screams out at KAIZEN "This is what you wanted!! You asked for this!!!"

    KAIZEN keeps looking down.

    Cyrus cannot take KAIZEN ignoring him. He charges KAIZEN in the corner and smashes KAIZEN with a clothesline! The crowd roars with disapproval as the ref belatedly calls for the bell!


    Trial By Fire Inferno Match
    FWA Undisputed World Championship

    "Tokko-yaro" KAIZEN (Challenger)
    "The Exile" Cyrus Truth (Champion)

    After catching KAIZEN cold with the clothesline, Cyrus quickly tries to kick and punt KAIZEN into the flames, but KAIZEN quickly tangles up his legs with Cyrus. KAIZEN grabs a hold of Cryus by the ankle and rolls, causing Cyrus to fall backwards into an ankle lock!! Cyrus grits in pain for a second, but he uses his free foot to kick KAIZEN in the face and breaks the hold!!

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth wants to finish this early, but the challenger isn't having it!

    KAIZEN gets up holding his face, and Cyrus pops him hard with a knife edge chop!! Cyrus whips KAIZEN into the ropes but KAIZEN reverses; Cyrus bounces off and swings forward with a discus punch!! KAIZEN ducks it, however, and drops Cyrus with a Slingblade!! The crowd cheers as KAIZEN waits for Cyrus to get up, and then smacks Cyrus with big kick! And then another! And another!! Cyrus tries to cover up, but KAIZEN is opening up with a variety of kicks now aimed at the lower body!

    Langdon Trafford: KAIZEN is starting out strong! He whips furious kicks at the champion!!

    David Weinstock: He's utilizing muay thai to try to stop Cryus and his mat-based style!!

    KAIZEN grabs Cyrus Truth by the neck and drives a big knee into Cyrus! Cyrus gasps for air, but returns fire with a big headbutt to KAIZEN! KAIZEN steps back and tries to kick again, but this time Cyrus is ready and catches the kick, pulls KAIZEN in, and plants him with a big Fishermans Suplex!! KAIZEN tries to get up quickly, but Cyrus Truth dropkicks his leg right out from under him and then follows up with a big knee dropped right onyl KAIZENs temple! Cyrus stomps away at KAIZEN, with each strike having a little more venom than the next!

    The crowd tries to rally KAIZEN as Cyrus settles in for a headlock. Cyrus cranks KAIZENs head so that KAIZEN is looking directly into the flames. Cyrus yells out "Look at it!!! LOOK AT IT!!!" as he twists KAIZENs neck and chin. KAIZEN goes a little red but eventually gets on his knees, grabs a hold of Cyrus by the waist and then cradles backwards! Despite this match not being about pins, Cyrus' muscle memory makes him involuntarily do a kick-out motion and KAIZEN is released from the hold! As KAIZEN rolls away and makes space between them, Cyrus realizes what happened and charges KAIZEN, but KAIZEN catches him in a LIGHTNING STRIKE (Twisting snap powerslam)!! KAIZEN tries to drag Cyrus towards the flames but Cyrus resists, slipping away from KAIZEN and trying to hit a Release German Suplex! KAIZEN lands on his feet, but Cyrus immediately turns around and smacks KAIZEN in the head with an Enzugiri!! KAIZEN reels and stumbles backwards. Cryus sees an opening and suddenly pushes KAIZEN, trying to get him to stumble through the ropes and into the fire!! KAIZEN catches himself on the ropes though, and as Cryus arrives to try and kick KAIZEN into the flames, KAIZEN puts both his feet on the bottom rope, springs forward, and catches Cyrus in the ANTI-D (Tornado DDT into Guillotine Choke)!! But Cyrus, in a huge show to power, stands up while KAIZEN is holding on to the choke, sticks his free arm through, and crushes KAIZEN with a beautifully arched Dragon Suplex!!

    Langdon Trafford: What a display of technical prowess by both men!! Even amidst the flames!!

    Piers Gallagher: Do you really think KAIZEN can keep up with Cyrus Truth move for move?? Its only a matter of time before the God-King puts this peasant down!!!

    KAIZEN is bounced away from Cyrus as Cyrus recovers. Cyrus stands up, grabs KAIZEN by the hair, and drags him towards the fire once again! The crowd boos as Cyrus headlocks KAIZEN and hits him in the head with punches. KAIZEN tries to slip out, but Cyrus anticipates it again and boots KAIZEN in the gut before planting him with an Evenflow DDT!! KAIZEN reels on the mat as Cyrus stands over him and sneers, drawing more boos from the crowd. KAIZEN sits up and grabs a hold of Cyrus by the leg, but Cyrus shakes free, runs the ropes, and smashes KAIZEN twice in a row with the Wanderers Wrath (Running knee strike followed by knee drop)!!

    David Weinstock: He's just punishing KAIZEN now! He's got KAIZEN on the ropes!!

    Piers Gallagher: Get the silverware ready, boys and girls, because KAIZEN is as good as cooked!!!

    Cyrus Truth leans down and starts slapping KAIZEN on the top of his head. The camera catches Cyrus saying "it could've been different! All you had to do was LISTEN!! YOU IGNORANT FOOL!!" while toying with KAIZEN. Cyrus brings KAIZEN up to his feet, then slashes KAIZEN in the throat with a huge chop. And then another!! With each rapid fire chop, KAIZEN stumbles closer and close to the fire. KAIZEN feels his back touch the ropes and throws a desperation kick which smacks Cyrus in the thigh. Cyrus laughs and tells KAIZEN to do it again, screaming at him "That was nothing! You're nothing!!!" KAIZEN winds up another kick, but fakes and catches Cyrus instead in a drop-toe hold!! Cryus falls forward towards the fire!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: OH MY GOD!!!!

    Cyrus just misses the fire by bouncing his own head on the ropes!! Cyrus rolls around and furiously tries to charge KAIZEN, but KAIZEN is ready and cracks Cyrus Truth with a spinning backfist!! As Cyrus stumbles, KAIZEN cracks him with more kicks to the knee!! Cyrus eats more kicks to the legs, stumbling backwards, but throws a kick of his own back! KAIZEN catches the kick, but Cyrus leaps and smacks KAIZEN with another Enzugiri!! KAIZEN wobbles but refuses to go down, or let go of Cyrus, and instead drops down to the mat with Cyrus' leg in tow with a Dragon Screw!! Cyrus howls in pain and KAIZEN tries to recover on the mat.

    Langdon Trafford: Both men have survived close calls with the flames, but the challengers strategy is plainly clear: attack the legs of the champion!!!

    David Weinstock: I don't know how smart that is in an inferno match where if could end quick, but KAIZEN seems determined to drag this out!!

    Cyrus Truth is up first and tries to collar KAIZEN, but KAIZEN shoots on the weak leg of Cyrus and takes him down! KAIZEN tries to ankle lock Cyrus again but Cyrus spins out of it and as KAIZEN tries to get up, Cyrus catches him mid-motion with a snap DDT!! KAIZEN tries to get up quickly but he is dizzy; Cryus once again tries to push him towards the flames but KAIZEN again smacks him with a leg kick!! KAIZEN grabs Cyrus and tries to Dragon Screw him down again, but Cyrus stops KAIZEN with a big elbow to the chin!! KAIZEN lets go and leans forwards, so Cyrus flips him inside out with a running neckbreaker!!! The crowd winces as Cyrus has laid KAIZEN out flat but cannot capitalize due to the pain in his leg!

    Both men are slow to get up. KAIZEN stumbles into a corner as Cyrus watches him. Cryus measures KAIZEN, but then takes time to turn around and flip off the crowd. As the crowd boos loudly, Cyrus charges the corner and smashes KAIZEN in the chest with a high knee!! Cyrus goes back and charges again, but this time KAIZEN pushes out of the corner and flings himself into a SHINGATA (540 kick) which catches Cyrus in the face!!! Both men crash into a heap by the corner as the crowd cheers and gasps. KAIZEN stirs first and sees where Cyrus is lying. Avoiding the flames lickup up, he slowly climbs the turnbuckle and stands high on the top, popping the crowd!!

    David Weinstock: TOKYO SKYLINE (Corkscrew Swanton)!!! He's breaking it out!!!

    Langdon Trafford: KAIZEN is going for it all at Trial By Fire!!

    But Truth is playing possum!!! Cyrus gets up gingerly and flings his own body into the turnbuckle, knocking KAIZEN off!! The crowd gasps in horror as KAIZEN falls off the turnbuckle towards the flames.... but just misses the flames by inches and falls onto the mats outside the ring!! The refs converge on KAIZEN and after taking a look, confirm he is NOT on fire, which draws cheer of relief fromt he arena crowd!!!

    Langdon Trafford: KAIZEN's fallen outside of the ring!! This match has not ended, but now the fire is seperating Cyrus Truth and KAIZEN!!

    Piers Gallagher: Its over!!! He can't touch the champion!! Cyrus Truth is untouchable!!!!!!!

    Inside the ring, Cyrus looks out and sees KAIZEN has fallen outside. A demented smile starts to spread across his face as he realizes what happened. Meanwhile, KAIZEN is also realizing what has happened, and desperately looks for a way back into the ring without getting burned. As KAIZEN looks around for a way in, Cyrus suddenly turns around and screams for... a microphone. As the crowd gets restless, Cyrus demands Kurt Harrington throw a mic over the fire into the ring. Meanwhile, KAIZEN slides under the fire structure to find something the ring to help.

    Cyrus gets a mic tossed to him.

    Cyrus Truth: Aha...ahahahha... KAIZEN, you-

    The mic suddenly cuts out. Cyrus turns around, hurls the broken mic at Kurt Harrington and demands a new one. While his back is turned, KAIZEN finds something under the ring that might help: a ladder.

    With Cyrus turned away from him, KAIZEN quickly sets up the ladder next to the ring and climbs up. As the crowd cheers KAIZEN, Cyrus turns around to see KAIZEN perched on top of the ladder! Cyrus furiously shakes his head and tries to move, but KAIZEN launches himself off the ladder, over the blames and back into the ring with a thunderous crossbody onto Cyrus Truth!!! The crowd goes wild!!!

    Langdon Trafford: GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!! He jumped from the ladder back into the ring!!! He jumped from the ladder into the ring!!!

    David Weinstock: Ingenuity or insanity?? Good lord...

    Piers Gallagher: Nothing genius about that, its pure INSANITY!!!

    Both men lie in the ring as a 'KAIZEN' chant picks up in the arena, although smarks in the front rows also start a small dueling "Cyrus Truth" chant. Both men struggle to their knees at the same time, with Cyrus shaking his head in disbelief. The camera catches Cyrus mouthing "You're crazy" at KAIZEN, KAIZEN sees this and responds "No I'm not" before slugging Cyrus with an uppercut. Cyrus returns in kind, and both men grab each other by the hair and trade furious and rapid punched, bringing the crowd to a frenzy!! KAIZEN tries to get up to his feet, but Cyrus gets up right with him, grabs him by the throat and slams him down with the Memento Mori (Choke into STO)!! The camera catches young fans wincing at the brutality of Cyrus!! Cyrus picks KAIZEN up and slings him over his shoulders, signalling for the Journeys End (Firemans Carry into Belly to Belly Piledriver)!!! As Truth tries to execute, KAIZEN pushes himself off of Truth's shoulders and counters into a Backstabber!! Cyrus is flung into the air by the momentum and crashes down!! Holding his back, he tries to punish the still-recoving KAIZEN, but when he tries to lift KAIZEN again, his legs give out!!

    Langdon Trafford: The work on the leg!! KAIZEN strategy is paying off a critical time!!

    Cyrus steadies himself tries to headlock KAIZEN, but KAIZEN slips out this time and hits Cyrus with a German Suplex!! KAIZEN refuses to let go, and after Cyrus struggles, KAIZEN is still able to deadlift him into a second German Suplex!! KAIZEN goes for a third, but a woozy Cyrus sandbags himself and elbows KAIZEN in the face to free himself!! Cyrus runs the ropes to try for a running neckbreaker, but KAIZEN moves, hoists Cyrus up, and crotches Cyrus on the top rope!!! Cyrus howls in pain again as KAIZEN tries to tip him over into the fire, but Cyrus grabs KAIZEN by the hair and refuses to let go until he falls back into the ring instead of into the fire!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Now thats genius!! Cyrus Truth proving once again his cunning, his superiority!!!

    David Weinstock: Thats awfully generous Piers...

    KAIZEN takes the reeling Cyrus and sets him up for the MINORU Special (Gotch Piledriver), eliciting a huge pop from the crowd!!! As he tries to lift, though, Cyrus drops to a knee and blocks it! KAIZEN smashes Cyrus a few times in the back to set up again, but Cyrus intentionally stumbles in a corner, taking KAIZEN with him!! Cyrus then summons all his strength to backdrop KAIZEN, but now KAIZENs the one who wont go over!! Cyrus instead, still holding onto KAIZEN, bull rushes him towards the ropes!! But KAIZEN reverses and tries to slip out, but Cyrus has AGAIN grabbed KAIZEN by the hair!! Both men end up tumbling through the gap in the middle and top ropes...

    AND INTO THE FIRE!!!!!!!!

    The crowd gasps, and everyone in the arena stands up to see who is burning!!!

    Referees check on both men on the floor and start spraying down both of them with fire extinguishers!!!

    Langdon Trafford:

    David Weinstock:
    But who won????? Who was burned first???

    Piers Gallagher: KAIZEN went into the fire fire, I saw him!!

    Cyrus is screaming obscenities, writhing in pain on the mat while KAIZEN lays near him, silently twitching. Both men are tended to by paramedics as the fire is turned off. The head referee gets on a headset and takes instructions from the back while the crowd watches the instant replay in slow-motion. The slow motion shows Cyrus dragging KAIZEN by the head into the fire, and its indistinguishable whether KAIZENs arm or Cyrus' back went into the fire first.

    After the replay is played a few times and the head referee speaks with people in the truck who have seen the replay from all angles, the head referee quickly tells something to Kurt Harrington, who clears his throat to announce the result.

    Kurt Harrington:
    Ladies and gentlemen, I have been informed that after consulting the replay, General Manager has ruled that this match

    ...IS A DRAW!!

    The crowd boos heavily!!

    Kurt Harrington: Therefore, STILL!! THE FWA WORLD CHAMPION... "THE EXILE" CYRUS TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!

    Result: DRAW

    Still FWA World Champion: "The Exile" Cyrus Truth

    "Subconscious" plays, but its drowned out by the boos raining down from the arena audience. Cyrus Truth, crawling on all fours and still cursing KAIZEN, crawls to the head referee and demands his belt. He snatches the belt from the referee and tries to walk away, but KAIZEN, covered in the white extinguisher dust, steps in his way. The crowd starts cheering again as KAIZEN is heard telling Cyrus Truth that "this isn't over". Both men stare at each other between deep yet halting breaths...

    Then Cyrus Truth spits in KAIZENs face.

    The crowd issues a collective shocked gasp.

    The ringside camera catches Cyrus Truth calling KAIZEN a "stupid son of a bitch."

    KAIZEN charges Truth and tackles him. The crowd roars as the brawl is on again. As referees and crew members try to separate the two, the crowd chants to "LET THEM FIGHT!!!"

    Langdon Trafford: The disrespect from Truth!! The defiance from KAIZEN!! THIS IS NOT OVER, FOLKS, THIS IS NOT OVER BY A LONGSHOT!!!


    Langdon Trafford: LOOK OUT!!!!!

    Cyrus breaks free of the men separating him from KAIZEN and grabs a fire extinguisher lying on the ground. As KAIZEN is being inadvertently restrained by FWA crew members, Cyrus takes the extinguisher and slams the bottom of it into KAIZENs head.

    KAIZEN falls backward, knocked senseless.

    Cyrus drops the fire extinguisher and looks down at KAIZEN. He picks up the FWA World Championship belt he dropped and raises it over his head amid a rain of boos as medics and referees surround KAIZEN.

    A beverage cup flies from the crowd and hits Cyrus Truth in the face. Cyrus goes berserk and tries to charge into the crowd, but FWA personnel manage just about to hold him back. Meanwhile, referees throw up the 'X' sign and call for a stretcher for KAIZEN.

    Trial By Fire goes off the air with these scenes of chaos.
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    Unfortunate this has been posted for 18 hours and no one has commented. The FWA's experienced members did well this time reviewing promos but they also need to make the results thread something engaging and lively. That's Sayer, Jon, Prodigy, and Kaizen — and now Tig and PheTom.

    Overall thoughts: I thought the show was solid, with the necessary people going over and clarity in knowing which angles/feuds will continue and which ones ended here. There were a few things I look back on and wish for a do-over, but that's fine. Nothing is perfect. This show was solid, nothing really standing out big but nothing really disappointing like back in the summer. I think the big WIN from this show is how good some of the newer, lower-card guys like Galloway, Thunder, Starr, and Randall looked in wins, and how the Olympians looked good despite falling short.

    Pros: I thought the way Eyes' win was done was really good and really beneficial for The Olympians to get a second crack at the titles. I know some have expressed concern with one man handling a tag team clean, and this was a good workaround for that. It also progresses the angle because, as many have stated, Eyes by himself has a low ceiling and short shelf life. Alana getting involved makes sense and Gabrielle's influence here essentially made it a 3-on-2 match.

    Parr-Garcia finish was really good and a way to get Parr closer to tweener or "Eddie Guerrero face" territory while also putting Garcia over as on his level and worthy challenger. Garcia is gonna win a singles title in 2017. We'll find out if it's early or later in a few weeks.

    PAJ-Rondo was a really good match and reading it, I really started to buy into PAJ as a heel in this feud. I wasn't convinced of it yet because the La Muerta return does have a bit of a badass feel to it. But he really pushed his asshole-ness in this match and that's good for the survival of this feud for a good while.

    Galloway getting the W in two falls was something I wrestled with, but I think it really puts him over as dominant. The only loss was a fluke roll-up where York grabbed the tights and cheated. Main thing is the lower- and mid-card guys look good. Galloway, Thunder, Starr, and Randall all have some momentum behind them.

    That was a great way to reintroduce Danny. It's at the expense of Airshow but it fits with the angle and it'll be interesting if Danny pops up on FWA TV again and how this whole "not a contracted FWA employee but finding a way onto FWA TV" thing works itself out.

    Cons: Not a fan of the draw but I understand the logic behind it and why it's good for the future build of this feud. I just think the draw would look goofy if you were watching live, and in the era of instant replay, you could pinpoint by a fraction of a second which person caught on fire first. But that's a very specific and whiny gripe, so I won't harp on it.

    I do think the post-match stuff between Cyrus and Kaizen saved the ending. That was really good and I felt the heat between the two, especially from Cyrus' end. I think Kaizen comes off a weeeeeeee bit too vanilla here, and I hope his balls grow a half an inch on Fight Night and he gets a bit aggressive. Cyrus nearly jumping into the crowd was pretty badass. I'm always a fan of a crowd nearly rioting — or even doing so, in Drew Stevenson's case.

    Eimi-Bell was a bit of a downer solely because while the match itself was amazing — well done, Shake — we all knew the result. I wish there would've been more drama/competition/suspense for Bell dropping the title after 18 months holding it.

    Kazadi-Jhunha deserved more actual wrestling and I think this was a bit of a disservice to the promos put out. Kazadi basically won in four moves, which sort of buries Jhunha while not giving Kazadi his glow of putting on classic matches over and over.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

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    Shannon O'Neal
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    Yeah, I'll take the heat on the match write-up for the Kazadi/Jhunha match being short. My passion for writing full matches had been faltering as of late and I did it to see if I would be able to write full matches again. Turns out, that that passion is still out of reach, and to that I do apologize to both respective handlers of Kazadi and Jhunha.

    [I WIN]

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    That was a very solid show so kudos to those that worked on it. I am very satisfied with The Olympians' first PPV appearance as their loss was necessary for what I have in store for them and their current story arc. For the finish, a simple roll-up would have worked imo as I thought that the brass knuckles and then the finisher were too much but in the end it makes Dionysus look strong in defeat so I'll take it.

    Next promo will be focused more on the story and it should clear the air on what The Olympians actually want in FWA.



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    Tight work guys. Great show from top to bottom. Cyrus vs Kaizen was dope. Draws in e-feds are rare and I really liked the finish.

    Sad to see Bell's reign come to an end. Easily the best Women's Champion of all time, not even up for debate.

    Honestly wish the tag titles wind up on a team and if Eyes doesn't follow this one man tag team gimmick with a world title run it was all for nothing. I dig The Olympians.
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    1. Starr gets a PPV debut victory in the opener of the night. I would have liked to see Starr be differentiated more within the ring. More mannerisms. I also think he could do with a more unique moveset. Right now, in the ring, he's a bit of a bland character who albeit won, it was against an equally bland character. Going solely off what I'm seeing from here, Starr doesn't leave much of an impression with no unique moveset or taunts or even a distinct character to speak of, but at least the win will go someways in establishing him. Crowd are cheering for him but why, I'm not quite sure. He didn't exactly do anything to endear himself besides the victory. I feel like it'd more like a modest applause then outright celebration.

    2. I'm not sure about the Michael Garcia promo. I like the concept of this 7 foot guy approaching Mike Parr fans but I guess I probably wanted him to be more intimidating, more domineering. The fans father is right there next to him, let's seem try to stop Garcia when he grabs the TV belt and rips it in half because after all, like Parr, it's fake. I think it may have been you criticizing Jhunha or even it might have been someone else directing this at Michael Garcia but his whiny complex simple doesn't do his position as the true monster heel of the company well. This is of course a mix of his RP portrayal and his in-ring portrayal. Lesnar loses tons and lost tons until his Suplex City shtick but he was till this sort of murderous monster, I'd like to see Garcia, even with losses happening, still appear like this monstrous figure. Garcia isn't a rising star. He doesn't have to be. He's a monster. He doesn't need to prove himself. He's already the most dangerous man on the entire roster. He's a star by virtue of who he is.

    3. Had no idea whether AirShow were face or heel to begin with. But R.I.P. them. Love the "Danny F'N Toner" chant (though I kinda prefer to imagine it as "Danny - Danny - Danny F'N Toner". Good return for Danny Toner, dominant and interesting. Though I'm not a huge fan of the uncontracted talent somehow being able to easily infiltrate a show thing that WWE or even TNA will often bust out, it still fits Danny Toner to a T. Kazadi is watching.

    4. Good moment for Tommy Thunder who was booked really well here as an intelligent, conniving heel. He's a Division One superstar who runs away from a fight, and is lacking in any sort of sportsmanship. You can both say he won by sheer luck but also justify it because he was smart enough to use XYZ's brashness against himself. And he adds to his disgusting victory with the roundhouse kick, sitout facebuster and then Anaconda Vise. Not a real display of technical prowess in that regard though. Also someone fire that referee for not realizing before the entire arena and commentators that XYZ was unconscious.

    5. I think the best sort of heels are the ones who make statements that feel valid, that I can genuinely say, "hey, I get where you're coming from even though I don't want to" which is what this James Hughes promo felt like. He has beaten a ton of guys and he came extremely close to being the new World Champion but instead Parr is being rumored for the next shot only and it was Bell before and KAIZEN now who get all the world title attention. Though Rondo's juicing was probably just pot or whatever, and he sort of half-assed that newspost, there's nothing wrong with taking advantage and discrediting nearly all of Rondo's accomplishments while simultaneously supporting yours. Hughes never lost the NA Championship as far as he should be concerned and in this case, it makes sense. He really should be next in line after KAIZEN for a title shot if KAIZEN can't do it. Sole criticism? Hate the Wrestling God moniker. Godhood in wrestling is overused.

    6. Good, solid win for Jason Randall against an ex X Champion. He does well kayfabe in some of these big matches, say his #1 Contendership for the X title or that one match against Jhunha way back. He dominates Wyoming for most of this and his work on Wyoming’s back pays off in the end. Not a great match or anything like that but a solid one that pushes Randall up the X Championship rankings.

    7. Kazadi gets neither a proper introduction and his name is botched by Kurt Harrington. Whatever, promo material I guess. He was more or less a semi-face but gets loud boos at this point which doesn’t bode well when he’s the “underdog”, facing an outright heel and in his most recent title victory was also facing a heel and has been more or less steering towards facedom lately. Guess the fans don’t care for his rehabilitation. Jhunha gets squashed by Kazadi who survives two of Jhunha’s finisher and has the energy to him him with a Superplex and turn it into a submission for the pass out. Kazadi is more dangerous than I thought.

    8. Blackbird finally makes his return giving Kazadi everything he’s been asking for, no charades, no gimmicks, no talk of a forgotten era. Why was it so hard? Not quite sure what he wants Kazadi to consider however I can tell you that after the referee’s blatant disregard for XYZ’s safety, Danny Toner’s outright assault on two competitors, and the hacking of the PA system, Kazadi no longer trusts in FWA’s security and safety as a competitor.

    9. Interesting interaction between Galloway & Thunder. A match between the two would be great. Along with Trenton York, they were the trio that entered FWA altogether. York seems all but gone (/spoilers) but I hope Thunder & Galloway are here for the long run.

    10. Dominant victor for Tristan James Galloway who has a lot of hype after this match, decimating his budding rival and ending that rivalry relatively early. Though the match sort of made me root for Trenton York, whom, despite being the heel, felt more like an underdog face punching above his waist. The desperation with the spears, and the superkicks putting emphasis on that. TJG’s style felt a bit too much boring power moves until the giant slap, spear and jackhammer sequence but I can’t say I’m a fan of TJG yet, as a viewer. Thunder will have to bring it to take out TJG. He’s bigger than I thought too, definitely can be a notable fixture in the roster.

    11. Olympians make an interesting decision shedding Zeus for this match and Zeus has no qualms with it. Zeus seemed manipulative beforehand so I’m surprised he was altogether accepting of their decision. Woo. Interesting match. The Olympians look like they may very much have won that match if not for the finish and so they still looked good in defeat, and Eyesnsane realized the cost of not having a partner during that hot tag sequence for the first time. I do think the sketchy finish was necessary to keep The Olympians strong but I was bothered by the emphasis of Gabrielle’s womanhood, and how they were afraid they hurt a woman. Being that this is a company where woman aren’t really seen as weaker than men, after all Bell was pushing Eyes, Truth, KAIZEN to the limit. Olympians faced a pair of women not long ago. And this is Gabrielle for crying out loud. She’s the most dangerous woman there is. I get it she’s retired. Meh. Still was annoying, just like watching any sort of recently retired wrestler IRL look like they’re weak as fuck when they were dominating just a couple of years back. Aside from that minor peeve of my own that probably won’t bother anyone else, happy to see Alana, Eyes looks strong, Olympians looks strong. Good booking overall.

    12. Welp. Easy MOTN. After a lot of decent/good matches, a great one finally comes along. The champion is finally off her throne and someone is atop. Sanada looks great here and Bell was extremely valiant in defeat. I think the selling of the knees was unnecessary and distracted from the focus of the neck but aside from that little hitch, sounds like an easy contender for the MOTY award at the end of the year.

    13. Not a fan of the post match attack by Penny. I think the moment was intense as it was, and I might have even appreciated some sort of handshake of sorts to end the sequence as opposed to Penny’s attack. This could’ve happened the next Fight Night or something. On another note, the company is in desperate need of a deeper women division with Bell out and only really Penny & Bell in it.

    14. Parr versus Garcia was what it was. There never came across that animosity or hatred that might be expected in this rivalry. Very subdued match. And not very exciting. A big deal was made about the eye rake but really that happens so much in wrestling and the referees only give a casual warning, it’s not like they’d throw the match out or something. So this feels like a full on clean loss to Garcia who again couldn’t do it on the big stage, the eye rake isn’t enough of an excuse to use for him. Langdon being a hypocrite is annoying too. Definitely an underwhelming one. Garcia sells the eye like death and feels all the more weak for it imo.

    15. Great spectacle of a match between PAJ & Rondo. I was disappointed to see Rondo not get a promo in but this was match was a stunner. The puro influence, like in the Bell/Eimi match, are pretty evident. The pre-match brawl was fun, not sure about the comedic take but I don’t really mind it because attitude era had plenty of it and at the end of the day, this felt like a blend of the best of strong style and the best of attitude era style brawls. PAJ needs a chair to win (oh come on, let’s not blame Piers, he could’ve got a chair from anywhere) so it definitely leaves the door open for another, perhaps more brutal encounter. Maybe a cage to keep them in the ring or a street fight to let them do whatever the fuck they want. Overall, great stuff.

    16. The main event was the spectacle it was intended to be but like a real life inferno match, it just seemed to stunt the possibilities of this singles match than actually help it. Just not a fan of a match of this sort. The spot with KAIZEN getting a ladder and jumping back inside was great and there were teases of what could be a really fun match. The draw feels like a cop out and unnecessary. It’s not like losing an inferno match makes anyone look bad, in fact, I would’ve had Truth make KAIZEN pay for his decision and actually end up winning the inferno match if he was going to retain it, even if by cheap means. This isn’t to take away from this match, it was still a good match and probably the third best of the night after the womens title and the PAJ/Rondo match (Womens being first).

    17. The post match was great stuff though. Cyrus Truth’s full heel turn has made him the best character on FWA by far. I do think KAIZEN needs to do something more than be the bland babyface who sides with whatever management wants him to do because why not. On air, there just hasn’t been a reason to care for him as a face for me. I haven’t really come to relate to his reasoning for supporting this match type, and his in-between rivalry with Bell/Shannon never helped either. He’s in a bit of a lull on camera and needs to do something more as the face in this big story. Cyrus’s fire extinguisher and then near assault on the fans was great stuff overall.

    Final verdict for the show? Too many matches for me. I honestly could’ve done without the first three matches and instead had them on a random Fight Night. Or combined them into a three on three of sorts if you still wanted to make some of them look good. There were three huge matches to carry this show. Eimi/Bell easily stole the show. And the KAI/Cy and PAJ/Rondo developments were great. Olympians are primed for a rematch. TJG vs. Thunder should be fun. Kazadi/Jhunha was a dud of a match and story. Parr/Garcia was really underwhelming. Looking forward to Fight Night though. The big two monsters, Garcia & Jhunha, are in my eyes, in desperate need of being rehabilitated for the crowd. TJG is looking better as a powerhouse than the pair atm.

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    Solid show all around, congrats to all of the winners. I've got some promos ideas in mind for both of my characters so I'm anxious for the next card.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    I knew it'd be close considering how hard KAI brought it, but I didn't expect it to be THAT close. Whew. Still good, though. Looking forward to seeing where we can take this program. Glory or death.

    Hell of a show, boys.

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    More than a few shots fired a couple posts ago........

    Anyways, really enjoyable show, massive thanks to everyone who worked on putting it together.

    Some thoughts:

    Loving the influx of new talent (new in FWA terms) Tommy Thunder, TJG and Olympians all have huge potential to be a big part going forward. Loved the tease for Thunder and TJG.

    If Danny Toner is back and regularly back that is going to be a huge asset.

    The decisive win for TJG in the 2 out of 3 falls match should see him shoot up the ranks considerably, loved some of the recent work done in that regard.

    Eyesnsane continuing to do a great job as the sole tag champion, doing as good a job with that as could be expected as it's quite a restrictive gimmick once the novelty wears out. Also interested in how losing a match could be beneficial for Olympians story going forward.

    The Bell-Sanada write up was excellent although completely ruined in that the result was known ahead of time. The writing did all that it could but the impact of it was hampered hugely by knowing who would be walking out with the win.

    The NA title match was clearly going to be close, I don't think either of us produced our best work. I would agree that the rake was perhaps oversold slightly, but that's only a minor point to pick up on. I do like the direction taken.

    I absolutely love PAJ. Delighted he is back and hope it's long term. I don't know what it is but the character/promos are just on point. Even when the feud with Rondo definitely has it's flaws, I find myself engaged with it.

    The main event was great, the two promos for it were excellent. In saying that, I thought there was a clear winner (not going to say who but I think one promo had the clear edge despite both being the best on the card by a distance) and I'm surprised that it was an exact draw across all of the averages. The draw was a bit of a downer given the type of match, as someone pointed out previously there is very little chance that they would've both hit the fire at the same time and it could not have been determined.

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    as the main event matchwriter, i take responsibility for the bad finish. i told the mods i was OK with there being no tiebreak and that since it was a legit draw, that would be workable storyline-wise. but i neglected to take into consideration that this type of match should not lend itself to non-finishes.

    but aside from that, impactful card which sets up nicely for CC and BIB. a good read, kudos to all the matchwriters and everyone who helped put this show together~

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheProdigy View Post
    More than a few shots fired a couple posts ago........
    If this is in reference to me, which I presume it was, not really. Shots fired would imply an intention to insult/ridicule/belittle/demean/etc. someone which wasn't the intention. It's genuine criticism, explained and elaborated on, not witty one liners. Okay maybe aside from the Jhunha match. And largely focused on the content of the show and the portrayal of characters on it, not beyond that. Most of this stuff is stuff I've said before but TGO wanted some feedback (or maybe merely a response) on the show so there it is. No such things as shots fired her.

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    I wanted feedback. Jon gave great feedback. I didn't view it as shots fired, either, and I think his view that Eyes should get more praise is warranted.

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