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Thread: WWE: A different future

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    SD Live Re: WWE: A different future

    October 25th:

    Match 1: Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler

    This match ends up starting off the show as Dolph Ziggler looks to try to gain some of his momentum back after seemingly being unable to pickup a win to save his life recently but here against the WWE champion he stands little chance and Dean Ambrose is able to put him away after a decent fight by Dolph with Dirty Deeds. Post-match Dean does not waste much time clearly still annoyed by Orton's attack last week on him and picks up his title from ringside before charging towards the back.


    Winner via pinfall: Dean Ambrose (14:22)

    We cut to the backstage area where we can see Kalisto is working out but seems a lot more angry and aggressive then you would expect to see someone like him. Rich asks if he is OK but Kalisto seems almost spaced out. Rich asks again but Kalisto snappily responds what? Rich said he came to see if he was OK but Jesus you need to take a chill pill or something before walking off leaving the angry Kalisto there carrying on his work out.

    Tommasa Cimapa and Johnny Gargano make their way out to the ring. Tommasa has a microphone in his hand as does Johnny and they talk about that on Sunday #DIY finally get the chance to get their hands on tag team gold something that they have been chasing for many many many months and finally they are about to make it to the top of the mountain. Cimapa mentions there have been times where they have doubted themselves and wondered if they would make it as a team but Sunday we prove them all wrong. Johnny takes over saying me and my best friend on Sunday will take those titles from the prima donnas and prove why we are the best.

    Brezeedango make their way out to heat next as they stand on the ramp taking selfies with their titles before making their way down to the ring.They climb into the ring saying these uggos thinking they have a chance is cute but they are facing against the most beautiful champions of all time. They say they are good but they will never be champions and they are always destined to fall just short like these people in the crowd. Fandango then goes hey just look at who you married Johnny which causes him to snap and attack Fandango whilst Cimapa goes for Tyler Breeze. They are brawling in the ring but Breeze grabs his title belt before hitting Gargano in this head. After taking down Gargano he goes after Cimapa before hitting him with a beauty shot. Fandango then goes for the last dance and connects to Cimapa as Breezedango grabs their titles before holding them in the air as a sign to come?

    Match 2: Randy Orton vs Tyson Kidd

    Tyson Kidd comes to the ring but for once is not his cocky self knowing that he is facing a 12 time World champion in Randy Orton with Orton being in control from the start of the match however Kidd is able to put up a decent fight. However towards the end Orton hits Kidd with the rope hung DDT when Dean Ambrose music hits. He comes out to the ring with Orton shouting what does he want with Ambrose smirking when Kidd rolls Orton up from behind holding the tights and STEALS THE 3 COUNT PICKING UP A HUGE WIN OVER RANDY ORTON!


    Winner via pinfall: Tyson Kidd (9:25)

    Post-match after Kidd lets go and runs for dodge knowing what Orton is like temper wise. Dean meanwhile runs in the ring and hits Orton with a dirty deeds before he can react as Ambrose shouts that was for last week before holding his WWE title in the air over Randy Orton.

    Dean Ambrose is shown walking through the back after the ad break when Orton appears from behind and attacks Ambrose. Both men start to brawl with each other throwing the other into walls when Daniel Bryan appears and call over security to stop both men from fighting with each other. Both men have to held back by multiple security guards before Bryan tells them that is enough and he is not going to have them brawling through the back all night telling both men to cool off and leave each other alone or there will be consequences. Both men stare each other down before going their separate ways.

    TJP makes his way out to the ring. He comes to the ring with a microphone before declaring at Survivor Series he proves that Neville defeating him was a total fluke and that he is the true royalty in this division. TJP says he won the CWC and is clearly the best cruiserweight in the world no matter how loudly these people cheer for Neville they are jealous of his greatness.

    At this point probably bored of listening to TJP Neville makes his way out to the ring. Neville says he has listened to TJP for the last time and tells him that he did not get lucky when he beat TJP he is just better then TJP. He however promises we don't have to wait till Survivor Series to find out if it was a fluke before rushing to the ring and going for TJP but TJP leaves the ring saying these people are not worthy of seeing him beat you up when Neville jumps through the ropes hitting TJP with a suicide dive. Neville then stands tall over TJP before telling him he will see him at Survivor Series.

    Mustafa Ali is backstage and can be seen praying before his match when Gallagher walks in with Ziggler. Ali turns around after finishing his prayers and ask if Ziggler is OK. Ziggler is feeling a bit rough but nothing too serious. Gallagher tells Ali as the good gentlemen they are they will be joining Ali at ringside for his match tonight. Ali thanks them saying this is the biggest test of his career as we go to an ad break.

    Match 3: Mustafa Ali w/Jack Gallagher and Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt w/Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

    This match starts off with Mustafa Ali coming out of the block on fire knowing how big a win over Bray Wyatt can be for his career here and he puts up a good fight but as it goes along Bray shows his power and takes control of the match. However towards the end Ali gets Bray in position for the imploding 450 splash. However as he goes for it Luke Harper moves Bray out of the ring and takes him to outside. Jack Gallagher and Ziggler go to confront him and Rowan. Ali meanwhile then jumps off the taking the bigger men down. However as he gets up Bray grabs him and hits him with Sister Abigail. He then slides him back into the ring before hitting Ali with a second sister Abigail for the win.


    Winner via pinfall: Bray Wyatt (14:03)

    Post-match the Wyatt Family stand tall in the ring as Gallagher and Ziggler help Ali up as Ziggler looks in the ring at the man he wants to face knowing what a challenge he faces from the eater of worlds if he can ever convince him to face him in the ring.

    The Miz makes his way to the ring with his wife Maryse to start off the Miz TV segment as he invites his team out to the ring as they all make their way out though Corbin makes sure he is away from the others not really into this whole working as team thing. Miz then invites Team Bryan out to the ring and he comes out with all the members of the team expect John Cena who is still away with other commitments.

    Miz welcomes everyone to the ring before asking the members on team Bryan why they are helping this stooge and what rewards has he offered them. Kane ignores the Miz so he moves onto Rhyno who says he just wants to get his hands on Corbin. Corbin stands up at this point getting in Rhyno's face when Kane gets up and gets in his face as well. Miz says for them all to calm down and not turn his show into a mass brawl.

    Zack Sabre however speaks up saying him and his friend Noam joined Team Bryan because they respect him and also they want titles not just the cruiserweight but the IC title as well and beating Miz is a quick way to get a title shot. Miz says you are not ready to come for my title with Zack saying he will be glad to bend him in multiple ways. Sheamus then gets in his face and accidentally bumps Kane. Kane loses it and a brawl begins between the teams with Miz joining in and Bryan being helpless to watch.

    Team Miz gain the upper hand in the brawl when Bryan says he has one surprise for Miz as JOHN CENA makes his way out and helps team Bryan back a week earlier then expected! They get in the ring and they fight off the heels sending them all out of the ring expect for Kendrick who Cena grabs a hold off and hits him with an AA as the faces stand tall in the ring to a pop from the crowd as we go to an ad break.

    Match 4: American Alpha vs Nese and Gulak

    American Alpha come to the ring for a match with two off their opponents for Sunday and they put on a good match with American Alpha picking up the win with Olympic slam from Jordan as American Alpha stand tall ready for their “war” with the Wyatt family.


    Winners via pinfall: American Alpha (12:22)

    We then get ready for the main event as Kevin Owens makes his way out promising that he will do what he would have done if not for a corrupt ref and that is win the WWE title at Survivor Series. He says none of the 3 men can compete with him and heck maybe he will make it so Styles does not even get to Survivor Series.

    AJ Styles comes out to the ring and says Kevin Owens is always talking a big game but unlike him the face that runs this place can back it up in the ring before saying lets start this right now.

    Main Event: AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens

    Both men throw down the mics and start this match off hitting each other with all they have. Ambrose makes his way out whilst this is happening coming on commentary saying he wants to scout his opponents for Survivor Series. Randy Orton comes out shortly after and sits down as well saying he is here to see the men he will put away at Survivor Series.

    Both men on commentary start to argue with each other for their attacks with Orton saying he was sending a message and Ambrose saying well I was sending on one back with both men coming to blows and ending up in the ring with KO and AJ getting bumped into by both and it spills into a 4 man brawl as the ref calls for a no contest.


    Winner: No contest (8:08)

    All 4 men carry on brawling after the bell with Owens ending up down after a RKO. Ambrose and Orton carry on fighting but go to outside when AJ jumps off the ropes and hits them with Phenomenal forearm. He then grabs the WWE title in the air that was in the ring when Kevin Owens lowblows AJ before hitting a pop-up powerbomb. He then grabs the title holding it into the air maybe as a sign to come?

    Current matchcard for Survivor Series:

    Pre-show: Team Emma (Emma, Dana Brooks, Bayley, Naomi and Alicia Fox) vs Team Carmella (Carmella, Tamina, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax and Natalya)

    Pre-show: Winner picks the stipulation for the US title match: Lana vs Paige

    Pre-show:Team Blood Warriors (Akira Tozawa, Apollo Crews, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger and Lince Dorado) vs Team Shining Stars (Epico, Primo, Ariya Davari, Aiden English and Simon Gotch)

    Pre-show: Tyson Kidd vs Kalisto

    World title match: Samoa Joe © vs Kofi Kingston

    Team Reigns (Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Ryback, Wade Barrett and Nick Aldis) vs Team Rollins (Seth Rollins, Big E, Xaiver Woods, Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley)

    Number one contender Chase Series final: Cesaro vs Sami Zayn

    Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Big Cass, Cedric Alexander and ???) vs Team Club (Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder)

    US title match (Stipulation TBD): Rusev (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

    Women title match: Sasha Banks (c) vs Becky Lynch

    WWE title fatal 4 way elimination match: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles

    Team Miz (The Miz, Baron Corbin, Sheamus, Brian Kendrick and Hunico) vs Team Bryan (John Cena, Kane, Zack Sabre Jr, Noam Dar and Rhyno) (If Team Miz wins Bryan is removed as GM)

    Team Alpha (Chad Gable, Jason Jordan, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Gallagher and Mustafa Ali) vs Team Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Tony Nese and Drew Gulak)

    World tag team titles match: Breezedango (c) vs #DIY

    Cruiserweight title 2 out of 3 falls match: Neville (c) vs TJ Perkins

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    NXT Takeover Special Re: WWE: A different future

    October 27th:

    Alicia Fox
    vs Natayla

    Alicia Fox takes on Nattie in a battle between two of the women in the Survivor Series elimination match and Alicia Fox is able to pick up the win here against Natayla with Watch Yo' face for the 3 count and gaining some momentum.

    Winner via pinfall: Alicia Fox (6:11)

    Akira Tozawa, Jack Swagger and Lince Dorado vs Epico, Simon Gotch and Ariya Davari

    In a match to build up to the pre-show match Swagger ends up picking up the win for his team as he locks in the ankle lock into Simon Gotch and his team pick up the key win here.

    Winners via submission: Akira Tozawa, Jack Swagger and Lince Dorado (8:57)

    Mark Henry and Apollo Crews vs Primo and Aiden English

    Mark Henry teams with Apollo Crews here as they take on the Primo and Aiden English as the other two members of the pre-show match face off with Aiden English able to pick up the win for his team stunning Crews with the Whirling Dervish and picking up the pin whilst Primo low blowed Henry to stop him breaking up the fall.

    Winners via pinfall: Primo and Aiden English (5:48)

    Main event: Any survivors earn a future US title shot: Team Golden Truth: Big Show, Titus O'Neil, Goldust, R-Truth and Darren Young vs Team Slater Heath Slater, Viktor, Konnor, Bubba Ray Dudley and D'Von Dudley

    This match starts off fairly slow but the first elimination of the match comes when Viktor gets the hot tag to his team mate Konnor however Big Show has been tagged in on the other team and hits him with a KO punch eliminating Konnor.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Big Show: Konnor (3:22)

    Viktor runs in the ring to try to take out the man who eliminated his teammate but gets hit with a KO punch himself. Big Show covers him and another man is out of this match.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Big Show: Viktor (3:35)

    The match then goes for a good few minutes without an elimination but Big Show ends up on the top ropes by heels team corner before The Dudleys hit 3D to the giant from the top rope and Bubba Ray Dudley goes for the cover. Slater and D'Von runs interference meaning it is 4 on 3 now.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Bubba Ray Dudley: Big Show (7:32)

    Darren Young jumps in the ring next but the superior team work and experience of the Dudley boys allows them to team up and Bubba Ray Dudley picks up another pin.

    Elimination via pinfall by Bubba Ray Dudley: Darren Young (8:11)

    However Titus runs into the ring like a train on fire taking D'von off the apron before hitting the clash of Titus onto Bubba Ray Dudley and he covers him for the 3 count.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Titus O'Neil: Bubba Ray Dudley (8:39)

    Titus O'Neil then starts to take control of the match and D'Von jumps in the ring but gets taken down and after a good few minutes or so tags in Goldust who hits the final cut meaning it is 3 on 1 now.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Goldust: D'von Dudley (11:12)

    Heath Slater runs into the ring but gets taken down. R-Truth tags in and acts up a bit but Slater rolls him up eliminating him making it 2 vs 1.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Heath Slater: R-Truth (12:45)

    Titus O'Neil jumps in the room and goes on the attack. He controls the match and plays up to the crowd but Heath is able to out of nowhere counter him and hit him with the E-minor getting a mixed reaction from the crowd with some of them wanting to see this comeback for Slater.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Heath Slater: Titus O'Neil (14:55)

    Goldust jumps in the ring and does not waste time. They battle out for a bit with Heath Slater teasing making a comeback but in the end he gets hit with the Final cut for the 3 count and Goldust earns a US title match on the next episode of Monday night Raw.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Goldust: Heath Slater (18:33)

    Sole Survivor and earned a US title shot on Monday Night Raw: Goldust (Team Golden Truth)

    NXT Takeover Toronto Results:

    October 29th:

    Austin Aries beats Tye Dillinger

    The Authors of Pain beats Hideo Itami and Kota Ibushi to win the Dusty Rhodes classic

    Rodrick Strong beats Andre Aimas

    Gran Metalik beats EliasSamson

    (Gran Metalik makes his debut in NXT and shows off his skills beating Elias Samson in relatively quick fashion)

    Askua beats Mickie James for Women title

    TM-61 beat The Revival for NXT tag team titles

    (The Revival look like they are about to win when Enzo and Cass's music hits to a massive pop from the crowd. Enzo is in a wheelchair as he makes his way out and Cass distracts The Revival which causes TM-61 to advantage allowing them to take the titles from the Revival. Post-match TM-61 are celebrating when The Authors of Pain run down and attack the new champions.)

    Bobby Rhoode beats Shinsuke Nakamura for NXT title

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    Survivor Series Re: WWE: A different future


    The pre-show starts off with Renee Young welcoming us to the Pre-show. She mentions that tonight has a special two hour pre-show as they run through the card for tonight. Renee then informs us that Stephanie has had to go to rehab during the week and due to this HHH as announced on Monday will no longer be a part of this match. They talk about how that can throw Seth Rollins's plans out of the window as he will now have to rethink the plans he had made but Mojo Rawley is a top talent who whilst is no HHH can still be a massive asset to his team.

    Lana vs Paige

    Match summary: Lana and Paige face off in a super short match as Lana acts super cocky to begin with mocking Paige however after her being mouthy for about 30 seconds she goes to kick Paige however Paige grabs her leg before hitting her with punches after taking her down to the mat. She then hits her with the Paige turner before covering her 1 2.... However Paige picks Lana up before locking in the PTO forcing Lana to tap out rather quickly. Paige lets go and stands tall after having sent a message to Lana with this utter destruction.

    Winner via submission: Paige (1:43)

    Paige then waits for Lana to starts to head up the ramp before saying I tried to tell you this IS MY HOUSE!!! She says that making Lana tap out is giving her inspiration before making the US title match later on tonight a submission match whilst also banning anyone from ringside including both of them so her man can show Rusev who the true US champion is. She drops the microphone as Lana heads to the back and Paige stands tall in the ring as we cut elsewhere backstage.

    We cut to backstage where Foley is speaking on the phone to someone saying HHH told him to make sure the Raw side of the show ran smoothly so he can make sure his wife is OK when Bryan comes in and asks how he is. Foley says he is fine then asks Bryan how he feels about potentially losing his job tonight, Bryan says that he has faith in the men he has found and that by the end of the night he may shut Miz up for more then 10 minutes. Foley asks him about if he feels the itch to get back in the ring? Bryan smiles saying he does not think he ever will be able to before walking off clearly not happy at the thought of never getting to step into the ring again.

    We cutback to the pre-show panel where they talk about Kidd and Kalisto battle coming up next with them mentioning that Kalisto seems to have been suffering from anger issues recently and losing his temper a lot. They also mention how Kidd has shown in the past he can be kind of a dick and rub people the wrong way but they do mention that Kalisto breaking his headphones has got to have pissed him off as we cut to the match.

    Tyson Kidd vs Kalisto

    Match summary: The match starts off with Kalisto attacking Kidd as he makes his entrance once again showing that Kalisto's temper is out of control and for the first few minutes of the match he is in control and really hammering into Tyson Kidd here however due him being so heated he makes a mistake which allows Kidd to take control of the match due to this error as he starts to go on the attack against Kalisto here. We get towards the closing stage as Kidd has been in control against the 2 time US champion.

    Closing Sequence: Kidd has Kalisto in a single leg boston crab but Kalisto is able to kick Kidd off. Kidd then goes after Kalisto but Kalisto hits Kidd with a diving head-scissors taking down Kidd to the mat. He then picks Kidd up and looks to be going for Salida Del Sol but Kidd is able to push Kalisto off before hitting with Code Blue! He covers Kalisto but is only able to get a two count.

    He then heads to corner and goes for a dropkick however he misses as Kalisto jumps up in the air grabbing him and hits him with a Twirl Whirl DDT. He then climbs to the top rope before hitting Kid with a seated senton. He goes for the cover 1 2 TYSON KIDD gets his feet to the rope. Kalisto however gets up and asks the ref why he has not counted to 3 having not seen the foot on the rope. Kalisto gets in the ref's face with his anger issues recently showing once again however Kidd has recovered in the meanwhile and rolls Kalisto up!




    Kalisto realises his mistakes and goes on the attack taking down Tyson Kidd. He then grabs him and gets ready to go for Salida Del Sol once again however Kidd in his desperation grabs the mask and pulls it down over Kalisto's eyes!! He knocks Kalisto down to the mat before he looks to be going for the Sharpshooter however instead locks the dungeon lock onto Kalisto. Kalisto is trying to fight but Kidd hits him with kick after kick with Kalisto finally tapping out giving Kidd the victory here!

    Winner via submission: Tyson Kidd (12:17)

    Post-match Kidd gets his hand raised before leaving once seeing that Kalisto has fixed his mask as he chases after him Kalisto clearly still mad as hell and possibly even more angry if that was possible after what happened here.

    We then cut elsewhere as the pre-show panel talk about what just happened as they mention that Kidd may use shortcuts but he is a damn good wrestler in that ring and Kalisto's temper cost him showing maybe Kidd was right? They then cut to elsewhere backstage where Dolph Ziggler is shown talking to American Alpha.

    Ziggler and American Aplha talk as Ziggler says tonight is his chance to send a message to the eater of worlds Bray Wyatt and get him to finally face him one on one. Chad asks why he is chasing this match so much with Ziggler saying he needs to do something to save his career as he feels like he has failed. He says he is the show off yet people have been talking about how boring I have gotten or how I wasted my potential constantly. Well now I have been drafted to Smackdown this is my second chance and tonight I show the world why I am the Show off. He storms off as American Alpha looks concerned for the man they have been teaming with for the past few months as we cut to the ring where we have the next match on the pre-show as team Carmella takes on team Emma.

    Team Carmella (Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Tamina and Natayla) vs Team Emma (Emma, Bayley, Dana Brooks, Naomi and Alicia Fox)

    The match starts off with Tamina in the ring as Dana Brooks gets into the ring as well. As the match goes on we see Nia Jax tag in and Bayley insists on getting in the ring but gets taken down quickly with Emma tagging in to save Bayley before Nia Jax can do too much damage. The match goes on for decent length of time before we get towards the first elimination as Bayley takes control attacking Natayla taking her down before tagging in Naomi. Naomi waits for Natayla to get up before getting her in a position near the corner before she hits her with the Rear view knocking her to the mat. She then climbs to the top rope before jumping off it connecting with a spilt legged moonsault which the commentary team call Lights out and covers Natalya getting the first elimination of the match.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Naomi: Natayla (5:47)

    Naomi after the moonsault chooses to tag in Dana Brooks whilst Nia Jax enters the match as Naomi takes a rest after having eliminated a member of the other team. Dana goes on the attack and tries to match Nia Jax for power but it does not work. She keeps on trying to take down Nia Jax but all of her attempts Jax powers out of before Nia Jax takes control and headbutts Dana taking her down to the mat before hitting her with her running somersault senton and covers Dana Brooks eliminating her from the match evening the score.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Nia Jax: Dana Brooks (8:19)

    Nia Jax turns around as Alicia Fox runs into the ring as she looks for payback on Nia Jax for the damage she has done in recent weeks. She is in control for bit with her crazy offence working quite well against the monster Nia Jax but in the end it does not work well as Alicia Fox gets hit with a Samoan drop before Nia Jax hits a running somersault senton for the 3 count.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Nia Jax: Alicia Fox (9:44)

    Nia Jax stands in the ring when Bayley steps into the ring. She looks a little scared but she goes right after the monster Nia jax but she gets taken down. Bayley fights as best as she can but Nia Jax is in control and starts to mock Bayley calling her a silly little girl when Bayley gets up countering Nia Jax before locking in the guillotine choke onto Nia Jax! She keeps it locks in with Tamina ,Carmella running in try to help whilst Bliss watch on the outside (not really wanting to get her hands dirty) but Namoi blocks both of them with a crossbody whilst Emma takes Bliss off the apron leading to them fighting on the outside of the ring. Bayley keeps it locked on before Nia Jax passes out eliminating her from the match and giving Bayley some measure of revenge.

    Eliminated via submission by Bayley: Nia Jax (13:33)

    Nia Jax gets rolled out of the ring to the outside as Bayley gets in the ring as Tamina runs in the ring and goes on the attack trying to take Bayley out of this match. She goes after her as Bayley is clearly exhausted but when Tamina goes for a superkick but Bayley dodges before hitting Tamina with a belly to belly for the 3 count as team Carmella are down to two.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Bayley: Tamina (15:01)

    Meanwhile Bliss climbs into the ring and puts the glove she uses on her hand.The ref seeing this goes over to take it off of her when Nia Jax runs into the ring and attacks Bayley as revenge for eliminating her and hits her with a fireman carry powerslam leaving her in the ring. Bliss sees this and runs over once the ref has taken her glove and hits her with a DDT for good measure eliminating Bayley and making it 2 vs 2.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Alexa Bliss: Bayley (17:19)

    We are now down to two on each team when Alexa takes a rest as Naomi makes her way into the ring making it Carmella and Naomi in the ring. Naomi goes on the attack and takes down the Staten Island princess. Naomi is in control but she is a little tired from being in the match early on however and Carmella is able to dodge the spilt legged moonsault before Carmella connects with a superkick to the face and covers Naomi.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Carmella: Naomi (20:16)

    Emma is now by herself against the last two members of team Carmella. Bliss stands on the apron mocking her however Emma goes on the attack and quickly knocks Bliss off the apron but Carmella rolls Emma up but Emma is able to kick out at 2. However as she goes on the attack Emma is able to get Carmella down to the mat before hitting her with the hair pull stomp before locking in the Emma lock and making Carmella tap out!

    Eliminated via submission by Emma: Carmella (22:28)

    However after Emma lets go Alexa Bliss sneaks up behind Emma and hits her with the DDT before covering her and getting the win for team Carmella!
    Eliminated via pinfall by Alexa Bliss: Emma (23:08)

    Winner and Sole Survivor: Alexa Bliss (Team Carmella)

    We cut back to the backstage area where they go over the main matches on the card as well as talking about the mindset of Seth Rollins heading into tonight.

    Team Shining Stars vs Team Blood Warriors

    The match starts off with Simon Gotch in the ring facing off against Lince Dorado. He starts off in control and taking down the luchador. He is acting super cocky and takes Lince down to the mat so starts taunting to the crowd shouting he can take anyone in a fight and he can beat anyone whilst Lince gets up and tags in Mark Henry. Simon Gotch keeps on boasting in the ring but turns around and see Mark Henry there who picks up Simon Gotch and hits him with World strongest slam. He covers Simon Gotch and gets the the 3 count.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Mark Henry: Simon Gotch (1:23)

    Mark Henry stands tall in the ring as the heels do start to worry a bit. The match then goes for another 7 minutes without an elimination as numerous wrestlers tag in and out getting a turn in the ring when we end up with Aiden English in the ring with Lince Dorado and he having learned from his teammate hits him with the Whirling Dervish for the 3 count evening the scores in this encounter.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Aiden English: Lince Dorado (9:01)

    Aiden English stands in the ring but as Mark Henry comes into the ring he smartly gets the hell out of there tagging in Epico. Epico tries to go against Mark Henry but has no chance on his own so his partner runs in the ring and they double team with both hitting him with a backstabber whilst Davari and English blocks the other three faces whilst Epico covers him and eliminates Mark Henry.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Epico: Mark Henry (11:51)

    The Shining stars in the ring celebrate getting rid of one of the biggest threats when Tozawa runs in the ring and dropkicks Primo out of the ring before hitting Epico gets hit with a german suplex and Akira holds the bridge 1 2 3. Epico is eliminated from the match.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Akira Tozawa: Epico (12:24)

    Primo charges at Akira looking to gain a measure of payback for his teammate but Akira is quick to react and hits him with a german suplex before bridging 1 2 3! Primo is now out of the match as well and Akira has turned the deficit on it's head!!!

    Eliminated via pinfall by Akira Tozawa: Primo (13:06)

    Ariya Davari though jumps into the ring and attacks Akira with vicious attacks trying to get his team back in this match as they are freefalling here against Team Blood Warriors with Akira getting worked over by Davari. However after a few minutes of Ariya being in control Akira escapes and tags in Jack Swagger! Jack Swagger takes down Ariya with a chop block before he locks in the Patriot lock onto Davari who holds on for a bit but is forced to tap making this 3 on 1!
    Eliminated via submission by Jack Swagger: Ariya Davari (17:11)

    Aiden English realises how much trouble he is in as he steps into the ring and tries to go on the attack however Swagger takes him down super quickly before he hits him with a gutwrench powerbomb in the corner. He tags in Apollo Crews who hits a standing moonsault before Akira tags in climbing to the top and hitting a seated Senton and getting the 3 count as team Blood Warriors pick up the win.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Akira Tozawa: Aiden English (19:14)

    Winners and survivors: Akira Tozawa, Apollo Crews and Jack Swagger (Team Blood Warriors)

    We cut backstage where we can see Seth Rollins talking with the Hype Bros. He explains the situation and Mojo says he will be glad to take the Game's place wanting to get his hands on Braun Strowman personally. We leave the scene as they talk about getting hype when we cut back to the pre-show panel as they thank us for watching and introduce us to the start of the show.

    Main Show:

    Chase series finale for number one contendership for World title: Sami Zayn vs Cesaro

    Both men start off the match shaking the other man's hand as they both know how much this match means to both men as it will give them the chance to break through to the top of Raw. Both men go for it right from the first bell once they break up as both men show the WWE universe how good they each are. Cesaro uses his size and strength advantage to take control of the match though after the early start with Sami playing the role of the underdog here against the size and strength of Cesaro.

    As we get towards the middle stage of the match Zayn gets back into control of the match and starts to try to target Cesaro's arms whilst Cesaro goes for Zayn's legs to slow him down and take away his speed advantage. As we get to the closing stages of the match Cesaro has Sami in the Cesaro swing and does it for about 7 rotations before transitioning to his sharpshooter and locking it in on Sami Zayn.

    Closing sequence: Cesaro has got the sharpshooter locked in tight onto the back of Zayn as he keeps applying pressure onto Zayn as he struggles to escape from the hold. Zayn tries to make his way to the ropes but is struggling to get any momentum as Cesaro is keeping that hold locked in tight on the underdog from the underground.

    Zayn however keeps fighting through the pain and makes it to the ropes.The ref gets to a 2 count before Cesaro lets go of the hold as he leans on the ropes as he thinks in his head what to try next to take down Sami Zayn here. Cesaro climbs to the top rope and gets ready to hit a diving crossbody to Zayn however Zayn rises and climbs onto the top turnbuckle with Cesaro. They start battling on the top turnbuckle but Cesaro uses his power and hits him with an European uppercut sending Zayn to the floor.

    Cesaro then rises back up and goes for the Diving crossbody to Zayn and covers him but only gets a 2 count! Cesaro gets up and tries to think of what to do next when Zayn tries to go for a roll up but Cesaro is able to power out at two. He then goes for Zayn but Zayn is able to counter his attack by going for an exploder suplex into the turnbuckles! He then has Cesaro set up and goes for the Hulleva Kick but Cesaro hits him with an European uppercut as he comes charging in before he goes and picks up Sami Zayn hitting him with Neutralizer.



    ZAYN KICKS OUT AT 2.9!!!!

    Cesaro looks in shock here as he did not expect Zayn to be able to kick out of the Neutralizer. He is a little shocked before questioning the ref though the ref tells him it was a two count when Zayn runs up behind Cesaro and as Cesaro turns around he hits him with a sunset flip powerbomb!!! He holds on for the cover




    Zayn looks stunned as he thinks about what he can do not next to win the match but he climbs up the top rope as he goes for a diving crossbody off the top rope however Cesaro counters it with a pop-up European uppercut!!! Cesaro then wastes no time and hits Sami with a Neutralizer and covers Sami Zayn once again. 1 2 … 3. Cesaro has won and will be fighting for the World title at Breaking Point!

    Winner by pinfall: Cesaro (20:18)

    Post-match Cesaro waits for Zayn to rise in the ring. He gets up as both men stare each other down with Cesaro sticking his hand out and Zayn quickly grabs a hold of it shaking his hand though he looks very disappointed to have lost tonight to the Swiss Superman. Cesaro celebrates leaving the ring whilst Zayn is left there stood there clearly upset that he has missed out on a massive chance to get a World title shot by the smallest of margins here against Cesaro.

    Team American Alpha (Chad Gable, Jason Jordan, Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali and Jack Gallagher) VS Team Wyatt (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, Tony Nese and Drew Gulak)

    Match starts off with both team staring each other down but quickly turns into a brawl between all 10 men as they do battle and go to war like Bray Wyatt spoke about.After the brawl goes on for a good 2-3 minutes outside of the ring with everyone down after Ali jumps on them all he picks up Tony Nese and they head into the ring as the two men who shall be starting this match off here. Ali goes on the attack and takes down Tony Nese as members of both team starts to make their way to the apron. Mustafa Ali has Tony Nese in the corner as he hits him with a few kicks before throwing him into the turnbuckle and he tags in Jack Gallagher.

    He then runs at Nese looking to get an early elimination and connects with the Gentleman dropkick before going for the cover. 1 2 3!!! Nese is out very early on in this match giving Team Alpha a head start in this encounter.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Jack Gallagher: Tony Nese (3:13)

    Erick Rowan heads into the ring and attacks Jack Gallagher putting him the corner going right on the attack with headbutts but has made a mistake rushing into the other team's corner as Jason Jordan tags himself into the ring. He hits Erick Rowan with a belly to back suplex and covers but is only able to get a 2 count on Erick Rowan. He picks up Erick Rowan before throwing him into the corner with his teammates before running in and hitting a spear in the corner before tagging his teammate Chad Gable to come into the match now.

    Chad Gable goes on the attack looking to take down Erick Rowan but Rowan is able to get out of the corner by hitting him with a big boot as Erick then moves towards the centre of the ring. He then hits Gable with a running body splash before he tags in his partner Luke Harper and they go to work on Gable in the corner double teaming him.However after a while Chad is able to escape and tags in Mustafa Ali whilst Erick Rowan (after a period of multiple tags) tags in Drew Gulak who makes his way into the match.

    Drew Gulak goes on the attack and hitting Mustafa Ali with a bunch of brutal strikes as he tries to keep Ali as grounded as possible but Ali is able to counter his attempts to hit him with the spine spillter, Ali is able to counter it by sending him into the rope for a complete shot taking down Drew Gulak. He then slides out of the ring before connecting with a dropkick to the face of Gulak!

    He then climbs onto the apron before hitting Drew Gulak with a twisting springboard tornado DDT. Mustafa Ali then climbs onto the apron and hits Gulak with the 054 and covers him getting the 3 count eliminating Drew Gulak from the match giving team American Alpha a two man advantage in this match now.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Mustafa Ali: Drew Gulak (10:59)

    Mustafa Ali rises to his feet as Bray climbs in the ring and turns to his followers saying he will do what a true leader does and shall save them in this war. He charges at Ali who is by the corner but Ali hits him with an Enzugiri making Bray stumble back a bit. Ali then climbs to the top rope and looks to be going for a diving crossbody but Bray is able to get out of the way causing Ali to come crashing down to the mat.

    He picks up Ali off the mat before hitting him with thrust to the throat before he grabs him from behind and locks in sister Abigail and connects it before he covers Mustafa Ali and gets the 3 count stemming the bleed and helping the Wyatt family get a foothold back into this match.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Bray Wyatt: Mustafa Ali (13:46)

    Dolph Ziggler runs into the ring like a man possessed and attacks Bray hitting him with multiple punches and taking him into the corner. He then runs at Bray but gets taken down with a running crossbody. Bray then goes towards his corner and starts doing the spider walk taunt! He crawls towards Ziggler as Ziggler rises. Bray shouts to Ziggler you should join us! However Ziggler seeing Bray in his face hits him with a headbutt before picking him Bray up to his feet and hits him with a swinging neckbreaker covering Bray for a 2 count.

    Ziggler though carries on his attack and goes for the heart stopper elbows hitting them on Bray before covering him but once again he is only able to get a two count. He then stands by the ropes as he seems to be going for a superkick however when he goes for it Bray dodges out of the way and hits him with short arm clothesline. He then goes off the apron and hits him with a running senton but is only able to get a two count.

    Hethen picks Ziggler off the mat and laughs at him saying he should just join us before getting ready to hit sister Abigail on Ziggler however Ziggler fights out of it and locks in the sleeper hold onto Bray Wyatt. He locks it in tight but Bray is able to get by the apron forcing Ziggler to let go. Bray leans on the ropes to recover however Ziggler charges at him hitting him with a dropkick sending Bray out of the ring. Ziggler however follows Bray out of the ring after the dropkick with them being by the ropes nearest the announce table.

    Dolph Ziggler however follows him out to the outside as the referee in the ring starts the count getting to 1 so far. Ziggler goes on the attack and hits him with a number of punches as he gets to a 2 count. He then picks Bray up however Bray throws him into the barricade as the referee gets to 3 as they battle on the outside carries on. He then hits him with Body avalanche onto the ringside barricade inflicting even more pain onto Dolph Ziggler on the outside. Meanwhile Gallagher and American Alpha climbs down from the apron looking to head round to help however the two monsters from the Wyatt Family stand in their way as they all start to fight as the ref is now on the number 5.

    However as the battle carries on the outside Bray is looking to inflict pain on Dolph Ziggler here as he picks him up and sending him flying into the steel steps as the ref gets to a 6 count as Bray shouts follow the buzzards and seems to be enjoying himself a lot here inflicting pain onto Dolph Ziggler. Meanwhile on the outside Luke Harper picks up Jack Gallagher but his legs gets taken down by American Alpha saving Gallagher from a powerbomb but Rowan runs past hitting Gable with a big boot before he starts to battle with Jordan as the ref counting in the ring gets to 7.

    Bray then picks up Ziggler and gets him up teasing going for a Sister Abigail on the outside as he looks to finish off Ziggler on the outside as the ref is on 8 now. Meanwhile Jordan is able to take down Rowan on the outside hitting him with a belly to back suplex on the outside of the ring. Meanwhile Bray is going to hit the sister Abigail but Ziggler fights out of it and hits him with a Zig Zag as the ref reaches the 9 count whilst Ziggler is still exhausted. Ziggler tries to get up and into the ring but the ref counts to 10 meaning both Bray Wyatt and Dolph Ziggler have been eliminated from this match!!

    Eliminated via countout: Bray Wyatt and Dolph Ziggler (23:33)

    Bray rises shortly after this and realises what happened and goes to town on Ziggler beating the hell out of him. He says to Ziggler you will learn to follow me and grabs the knocked over steel steps as refs come down to try to stop him before he takes Ziggler's head off with them. He then picks up Ziggler taking him onto the steel steps and hitting him with Sister Abigail before refs come out forcing him to leave the area as he laughs leaving his two boys as they are still battling at ringside shouting as he leaves to win the war. Ziggler on the outside has been cut open by the attacks from Bray before being helped to the back by the medics. American Alpha meanwhile have ended up down after a double big boot by the Wyatts as Jack Gallagher tries to take down Luke Harper attacking his leg however Rowan comes from behind grabbing him and hitting him with a chokeslam on the outside. Luke then rolls him into the ring making him and Gallagher the legal men in this tag. Meanwhile medics arrive at ringside to help Ziggler to the back. In the ring Luke Harper waits for Jack Gallagher to rise before hitting him with the Discuss clothesline and covering Jack Gallagher for the 3 count as it is now down to 2 vs 2.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Luke Harper: Jack Gallagher (26:07)

    Luke Harper stands in the ring as American Alpha can be seen on the outside trying to recover. Harper goes over to his fellow family member Erick Rowan and tags him in. He then runs off of the ropes and hits a suicide dive to American Alpha on the outside. He then slides in Chad Gable who Erick Rowan covers. 1 2 CHAD KICKS OUT!

    Erick looks a bit shocked but goes to pick up Chad Gable when he rolls him up!!! 1 2 3 Chad Gable pins Erick Rowan!

    Eliminated via pinfall by Chad Gable: Erick Rowan (28:10)

    Luke Harper heads into the ring and goes for Chad Gable who gets up and ducks the discuss clothesline before tagging in Jason Jordan with both men connecting with a pair of dropkicks to Luke Harper. He picks the massive Luke Harper onto his shoulders as Gable climbs to the top rope and they go to hit Luke Harper with Tech Fall and it connects. Jason covers Luke Harper 1 2 KICK OUT. Harper is not going down that easy Jordan then tags in Gable who jumped back onto the apron as they get ready for Grand Amplitude. He gets ready to hit Harper who fight shim off and hits Jordan with a superkick sending him down. Gable comes at him going for a German suplex but Harper sneakily hits a low blow as Rowan can be seen distracting the ref by not leaving straightaway. Harper then heads back to the ropes before hitting a discuss clothesline to Chad Gable!! He covers Chad Gable and gets the 3 count meaning it is Luke Harper vs Jason Jordan.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Luke Harper: Chad Gable (31:51)

    However as Harper gets off from the cover Jordan runs in and hits him with the Olympic slam covering him 1 2 3!!! TEAM ALPHA HAVE DEFEATED THE WYATT FAMILY!

    Eliminated via pinfall by Jason Jordan: Luke Harper (32:02)

    Winner and sole survivor: Jason Jordan (Team Alpha)

    US title submission match (No one allowed at ringside): Rusev(c) vs Alberto Del Rio

    This match starts off with Alberto Del Rio in control early on with him going for Rusev's arm however as he is working over the arm Rusev is able to counter Del Rio and connects with a body block and takes control of the match from there with multiple kicks to the back of Del Rio's head as he looks to inflict a lot of pain to Del Rio and in the end locks in the accolade keeping it locked on in the middle of the ring and Alberto Del Rio has no choice but to tap out!!

    Winner via submission: Rusev (9:06)

    After the match however Rusev does not let go of the hold and keeps it cranked on looking to inflict a lot of pain to Del Rio who has been a pain in his side when suddenly we hear a familiar music hit to a pop from the crowd!!


    Shelton Benjamin sprints down to the ring and goes for Rusev connecting with a superkick to the face of the Bulgarian brute. He then picks up Rusev and hits his with a T-Bone suplex as he picks up the US title and waits for Rusev to get up before going to hit him with the US title and connects with a shot to the head. He then stands tall with the US title promising to get his title back from Rusev.

    We cut to the backstage area where we can see Sami Zayn walking through the backstage area when Kevin Owens walks in. Sami Zayn asks what the hell he wants and why is he in here. Owens smirks saying he just wanted to see how his old buddy was coping with coming up just short once again. Zayn reminds him that he beat him and banished him to Smackdown as a result. Owens smirks saying but like the winner he is he has moved onto better things and now the monkey is off his back he is competing for the WWE title whilst Zayn is falling short once again. He walks off as Zayn throws a water bottle into the wall clearly wound up.

    Cruiserweight title 2 out of 3 falls match: Neville (c) vs TJ Perkins

    Neville and TJP stare each other down after they have made their way to the ring to start off this match. The bell rings and Neville goes to lockup but TJP rolls away before doing a dab to mock Neville. Neville does not look to impressed. However he goes to attack TJP who just slides out of the ring as Neville comes for him. TJP then starts to taunt the crowd not learning his lesson from being too cocky last match and turns around before getting hit with a suicide dive on the outside by Neville.

    He then picks up TJP before hitting him with a release German Suplex on the ringside floor. He then picks up TJP before rolling him back into the ring after taking control of this match very early on. He jumps on to the apron as he waits for TJP to rise before hitting him with springboard dropkick off the ropes to the face of TJP before covering him 1 2 … Kick out by TJP. He waits for TJP to stir a bit before connecting with a soccer kick to the head of TJP. He then covers him once again 1 2 KICK OUT! However you can see TJP is struggling here as Neville signals for the ref arrows and climbs to the top rope before connecting with the red arrow!!! 1 2 3!!! Neville is 1-0 within the first minutes of the match here.

    First fall via pinfall: Neville (3:08)

    The ref then sends Neville into the corner opposite TJP as TJP gets woken up by the ref and looks to be in total shock. He looks furious and after the rest period if over he gets up as he heads to the corner as the 30 seconds recovery time begins. When it ends he goes right on the attack as soon as he can and charges at Neville but gets rolled up!!!



    TJP kicks out at 2.9!!!

    TJP at this point looks furious and starts hitting Neville with a bunch of kicks whilst shouting he is super lucky clearly getting heated here as his cockiness at the start of the match has already cost him one fall and now he needs to come from 2 behind to defeat Neville. He starts to go for Neville's leg before he locks in the TJP Clutch. He uses it to twist and stretch Neville's leg. He keeps it hooked for a good 30 seconds before Neville is able to get to the ropes but TJP keeps it locked in till the count of 4 looking to maximise the pain he is inflicting on the cocky former champion.

    As Neville gets up to the ropes TJP jumps up and hits him with a dropkick to his knee looking to do even move damage to Neville. TJP then grabs a hold of Neville before he hits him with Tiger Suplex t othe mat. He covers Neville but only ends up getting a 2 count. The match after this goes on as TJP works over the knees of Neville who struggles through the pain but TJP is a lot more focused and on the attack but none of his moves can get Neville down for the 3 count.

    As we get towards the second fall of the match TJP picks up Neville before hitting him with a springboard tornado DDT off the ropes when he lands awkwardly after landing the move. However he goes down and covers Neville only getting a 2 count. He then smirks shouting he knows how to beat Neville as he leaves him there before climbing up to the top rope. He mimics what Neville does when goes for the red arrow when Neville runs over to TJP who stumbles a bit due to the damage he suffered from landing awkwardly on his leg and hitting him with an avalanche Frankensteiner from the top rope!!! He covers TJP but TJP is able to kick out at 2.9! Neville then grabs a hold of TJP and locks in a new submission move we have never seen him use before(Rings of Saturn). He locks it in putting a lot of pressure onto TJP who tries to fight out of it but is forced to tap out and Neville wins the 2 out of 3 falls match 2-0.

    Second fall via submission: Neville (12:19)

    Winner by 2 falls to 0 and still Cruiserweight champion: Neville (12:19)

    Post-match Neville poses with his title as TJP struggles in the ring as medics come down to help him out as he seems unable to stand properly on his ankle as the match comes to a close with Neville finally silencing TJP's claims of his win being a fluke by scoring 2 falls over him in this encounter here.

    The next match is the battle between Team Club and Team Rhodes Scholars as they all make their entrances though you can see the Revival are fuming at Big Cass after he had cost them the NXT tag team titles with his distraction last night with Enzo Amore. The entrances end with Rhodes Scholars coming out last with Damien Sandow holding a microphone in hand as he waits for the crowd to quieten down however Finn grabs a microphone and says he knows what is coming next and says whoever you bring out to have joined your team will not scare me and says he will start the match so he can beat him personally like the Rock and Rolla that he is.

    Damien Sandow smirks telling the crowd he figured Finn would say something like that act as cocky as he is but this man has been looking for payback from their day as friends in NXT as they introduce HIDEO ITAMI AS THE 5TH MAN!!!

    Team Club (Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) vs Team Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Cedric Alexander, Colin Cassidy and Hideo Itami,)

    He rushes into the ring as Rhodes Scholars make it to the apron and goes after Balor straight away charging him and hitting him with punch after punch. He does not stop even though the ref tells him to calm down. However as soon as he gets up Finn tries to tag out but Hideo hits them with a dropkick to the legs taking them off the apron. Big Cass heads to the outside to battle them whilst Cedric goes to join him. Meanwhile Hideo looks to be going onto the attack to Finn Balor when the fellow members of the Club jump into the ring. However Cody and Sandow fight both men off taking them out of the ring as chaos reigns in this match right from the start sending them to the outside too. In the ring though Hideo gets rolled up by Finn Balor 1 2 KICKOUT. Hideo kicks out of Finn's sneaky attempt to remove him from the match and he realises that maybe it was a mistake before Hideo hits him with brutal kick after burtal kick before hitting a roundhouse kick to the head and covering him. 1 2 Finn kicks out.

    Hideo though almost seems glad that Finn kicked out as he screams you ruined my career in NXT and throws him into the turnbuckle before going for kick after kick after kick. The ref gets to a 5 count and Hideo does not seem to be stopping here hitting kick after kick still after the 5 count with the ref telling him to stop but he carries on anyway. He keeps on going with the ref trying to drag him off but Hideo hits the ref away before the ref calls for the bell and DISQUALIFIES Hideo Itami from the match for not stopping after the count of 5 as well as striking the referee here as his temper has gotten the better of him.

    Eliminated via DQ: Hideo Itami (4:32)

    Hideo when he hears that realises what has happened and if it was possible seems even more angry as Finn smirks though he is clearly dazed from the assault by Hideo here who picks him up and hits him with a GO TO SLEEP to a massive pop before leaving the ring. Meanwhile after th echoas on the outside we can see Damien Sandow shouting to Hideo asking what the hell that was as they argue on the ramp with Sandow clearly annoyed a member of their team got themselves DQ'd however in the ring Cody Rhodes has gone in and hits Finn with a Cross Rhodes for good measure as his fellow Balor Club members do not bother trying to break the pinfall seeing how out of it their boss is after the battering he just received.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Cody Rhodes: Finn Balor (6:06)

    At this point Luke Gallows runs in and attacks Cody hitting him with a big boot which gets a two count here. The match goes on for another good 5 minutes after the carnage at the start of the match with Luke Gallows ending up tagging out of the match as Big Cass is in the ring with Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson. Both men have been using their superior tag team skills to get them back into the match and take control of the match. With the help of the Club they end up in the ring alone with Big Cass after hitting him with the Bearhug and Diving Leg drop combo for a two count. However both men get ready as they manage to get Big Cass in position as Dash connects with a Double Knee facebreaker and Dawson hits a flowing DDT as they cover Big Cass and get the 3 count on the 7 foot tall man.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Scott Dawson: Big Cass (13:17)

    They starts to mouth off to Big Cass about that was for the tag team titles boasting how that was payback for it and saying they are glad they did what they did to Enzo when Cedric Alexander makes his way into the ring and hits Dash Wilder with a Lumbar Check sending him from the ring! Scott Dawson has realised what has happened and goes for Cedric but he gets hit with a superkick to the head. Cedric then picks him up and hits the Lumbar check on him for good measure and covers Scott Dawson. 1 2 Dash Wilder tries to make it in time but does not make it 3!

    Eliminated via pinfall by Cedric Alexander: Scott Dawson (14:10)

    Cedric gets up when he gets attacked by Dash Wilder who starts working away with fists onto Cedric Alexander. Meanwhile we see Scott signals to the Club who run into the ring and go for Rhodes Scholars which distracts the ref who is once again getting fed up of having to deal with them not waiting for tags when Scott Dawson runs in the ring and helps Dash Wilder by hitting Shatter machine to Cedric Alexander. Scott disappears to the back as The Club take Rhodes Scholars out of the ring whilst Dash covers Cedric for the academic 3 count.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Dash Wilder: Cedric Alexander (15:28)

    Dash smirks in the ring happy at his handy work as Cody and Damien recover on the outside. Luke Gallows picks up Sandow before roll him into the ring after the beating he has taken. Dash grabs a hold of Sandow hitting him with a spinebuster and covers him. 1 2 Sandow kicks out. Dash however acting cocky and looks to keep going after Sandow waiting for him to rise and hits him with a chopblock to the leg. He then locks in the figure four onto the leg of Sandow however Sandow is doing his best to hold on and fight it.

    Sandow is in pain but starts to make his way over to the corner selling the pain his leg is in but instead of going for the ropes he seems to be going for his teammate. He fights his way over but eventually he makes his way to his partner who tags into the match which Dash does not see as he is so focused on trying to make Sandow tap out. Cody Rhodes climbs into the ring and hits Dash Wilder with a moonsault causing him to break the hold as Cody covers 1 2 KICK OUT. Dash is able to kick out of the moonsault however Cody reacts quickly and picks up Dash before he hits Dash with a Cross Rhodes . 1 2 3!

    Eliminated via pinfall by Cody Rhodes: Dash Wilder (19:23)

    Cody Rhodes then waits in the ring as his teammate recovers on the outside as Luke Gallows runs into the ring. He goes after Cody going for a leaping shoulder block but Cody is able to dodge out of the way before grabbing Gallows and hitting him with a flowing DDT to the mat before covering him. 1 2 KICK OUT! Cody is in control though and goes for moonsault however Karl Anderson pulls Luke out of the ring saving Gallows from being hit with it. Cody crashes and burns onto the mat.

    Luke heads back into the ring whilst Sandow on the outside hits Karl Anderson with a Superkick whilst he is still stood on the apron before quickly moving back to the tag position selling his other leg. Meanwhile Luke Gallows picks Cody whilst the superkick happens on the outside and hits Cody Rhodes with a belly to back suplex. He then covers Cody 1 2 Cody kicks out. However Luke picks up Cody and looks like he is going for the chokebomb however as he lifts Cody in the air to hit the chokebomb Sandow tags himself in as Luke hits the chokebomb. Luke Gallows covers Cody but the ref tells him that he can't pin him as he is not legal. Gallows argues with the ref when Sandow comes from behind and rolls up Gallows 1 2 3. SANDOW HAS OUTSMARTED Gallows here.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Damien Sandow: Luke Gallows (23:47)

    Gallows kicks out at 3.1 and goes for a big boot to Sandow as payback but Cody saves his teammate by pushing out of the way taking it before Sandow hits Gallows with a discuss elbow to the face sending him out of the ring. Karl Anderson runs into the ring and goes for a diving neckbreak... Sandow blocks it sending him away before he grabs a hold of Anderson before he locks in You're welcome and connects covering Anderson. 1 2 3 TEAM RHODES SCHLOARS HAVE WON!!! Rhodes Scholars and Cass + Cedric have future tag team titles shot against the Club.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Damien Sandow: Karl Anderson (25:12)

    Survivors: Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow (Team Rhodes Scholars)

    We cut to the backstage area where Shelton Benjamin and Mick Foley can be seen talking as he shakes hands with Mick Foley before saying it is good to be back after what had happened to him last time he appeared on Raw.. He told Mick he wanted payback on the man who not only put him on the shelf but put his mentor and close friend Kurt Angle out of action. Mick Foley agrees making the US title match for Breaking Point as well as promising Shelton he can pick the stipulation he wants for the match. Shelton says he is going to think about it and will let the world know his decision tomorrow night before shaking hands with Foley as he go leave.

    World tag team titles match: Breezedango © vs #DIY

    These two teams do battle here with #DIY being in control for the majority of the match giving Breezedango a massive fight here and a challenge that they have yet to have faced as tag team champions with Breezedango not knowing what to do to defeat #DIY in this match. Cimapa spends the majority of the time in the ring. As we get towards the end of the match Fandango is in the ring being worked over in the corner when Cimapa tags in his partner Gargano.

    Cimapa hits Fandango with a jumping high knee in the corner whilst Gargano hits him with a gamengiri in the corner before he goes for the cover. 1 2 Fandango kicks out and stays in the match. Gargano waits for Fandango to start to rise before he connects with a double foot stomp to the back of Fandango as he goes for another cover but is only able to gain a two count once again.

    Gargano though after the damage he has managed to do to the back of Fandango locks in the Garga-no-escape wrecking back on the neck of Fandango which goes on until Tyler Breeze jumps in the ring to break it up to stop #DIY from winning the titles. He then hits Gargano with a beauty shot as he rises to his feet. Meanwhile Fandango heads towards his corner. In the ring however Cimapa goes to attack Breeze and fights him off as the ref starts to count for both me to leave the ring.However whilst the ref is distracted Fandango sprays Gargano in the face with hairspray getting it right in his eyes.

    Fandango throws away the hairspray as Cimapa ends up sending Tyler Breeze over the ropes with a clothesline and turns around. Meanwhile Fandango grabs Johnny Gargano and looking to hit him with a Russian Leg sweep when Johnny using instinct is able to counter out of it. He then tries to attack Fandango but due to him not being able to see properly misses and connects with his teammate instead hitting him with a superkick to the face. Whilst this has happened Breeze makes it back to the ropes and Fandango is able to get the tag. Gargano eye sight starts to comeback as he realises his mistake as Cimapa rolls out of the ring selling the kick when Breeze comes with a beauty kick to the face. Fandango meanwhile climbs to the top rope and hits the last dance for good measure as Tyler Breeze makes the cover. 1 2 3 BREEZEDANGO SOME HOW SURVIVE WITH THEIR TITLES!!!

    Winners by pinfall and Still World tag team champions: Breezedango (13:49)

    Post-match Breezedango get the hell out of here as they grab their titles and head up the ramp happy to have escaped as tag team champions whilst Gargano sits in the ring with Cimapa. Gargano goes over to his partner who comes into say sorry. He offers him a hug but Cimapa walks away leaving Gargano in the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd here.

    Women’s title match: Sasha Banks © vs Becky Lynch

    The match starts off with both women stood in the ring with Sasha coming out second to a mixed reaction as she has started to act more heelish in recent weeks. The match starts and she offers Becky a handshake to start the match Becky however knowing what Sasha has been saying in recent weeks seems wary but goes to shake her hand when Sasha cheap-shots Becky to heat from the crowd as she shouts poor naïve Becky. She then goes onto the attack straight away going right after Becky early on.

    Sasha spends the start of the match targeting Becky's neck and arm whilst she is also chatting a lot of trash talk to Becky Lynch here. Sasha is being a lot more viscous then usual here really attacking the back of Becky and even hitting her with a double knee backbreaker before going for the bank statement early but Becky is able to fight Sasha off before connecting with a bex-plex. She covers Sasha but is only able to get a 2 count.

    Becky though is happy to have gotten back into this match after Sasha's attack near the start of the match. Becky goes onto the attack working over Sasha's arm looking to inflict as much pain to it as possible and even using putting pressure on it when she is going for covers as well really looking to not only weaken the Bank Statement and make it harder for her to lock in her finisher as well as set up the dis-arm-her!

    As we get towards the end of the match both women are countering each other and inflicting pain into each others body parts as both women are sold as being equals with each other by the commentary team watching the match. Sasha rises to her feet before running off the ropes when Becky grabs her arms and hits her with a Japanese Arm drag before hitting her with another one and another one before making a cover to the Women champion. 1 2 SASHA KICKS OUT.

    She then looks to lock in the Dis-arm-her once again to Sasha but Sasha fights her off before going for a roundhouse kick to Becky however Becky ducks and Sasha hits the ref by mistake! Sasha however gets picked up by Becky who hits her with a pumphandle slam! Becky covers Sasha 1 2 3 4 5. Sasha is down for the 3 count but there is no ref with him still down due to the kick by Sasha. Becky gets up having seen and this goes to try to wake the ref up as Sasha slides out the ring by the commentary desk. Becky tries to make sure the ref is OK whilst Sasha on the outside reaches under the ring.

    Becky turns around as the ref starts to rise as Sasha is back in the ring and she hits her with the steel chair!! The crowd rain down heat on Sasha for the cheap trick here but she does not care before mocking the crowd. The ref is still turned around as she hits another shot to the back for good measure before deposing of the chair. She then grabs Becky and locks in the Bank Statement however Becky tries to hold on. She fights and tries to get out of it but after a good 40 seconds Becky has to tap out due to the damage done via the steel chair.

    Winner via submission and still Women's champion: Sasha Banks (14:41)

    Sasha post-match smirks in the ring as she soaks up the heat from the crowd as we can see Becky fuming in the corner as Sasha rubs the fact that she is Women's champion in the face of Becky as she heads up the ramp happy to still be the Women's champion as we get ready for the next match.

    Team Miz (The Miz, Baron Corbin, Sheamus, Hunico and Brian Kendrick) vs Team Bryan (John Cena, Kane, Noam Dar, Zack Sabre Jr and Rhyno)

    Daniel Bryan sits at ringside on commentary as he watches his team take on team Miz. Miz at the start of the match comes off of the apron and grabs a headset to trash talk Bryan and tell him his team are going to lose. After this goes on a while Sheamus comes over to ask Miz what the hell he is doing and they argue at ringside. In the ring Hunico and Kendrick do most of the work at the start but the faces take control as they seem more like a unit with Corbin seemingly wanting no part of teaming up and Sheamus arguing with Miz about his antics at ringside.

    However Hunico is not above using dirty tactics to get back into the match. He is in the ring with Noam Dar who has been working over his leg and inflicting a lot of pain to set up his champagne kneebar. However The Miz and Sheamus argue at ringside which distracts the ref which allows Hunico to throw Dar into the corner when Kendrick passes him the chain he had bought to the ring and Hunico smashes it over Dar's head knocking him out cold. Sheamus and Miz stop arguing at this point and head back the the apron with Sheamus making it clear that Miz should be on the apron not on commentary if he wants to mess with Bryan. Hunico meanwhile hits Noam Dar hits him with the Falling star and eliminates Noam Dar from the match.

    Eliminated by pinfall by Hunico: Noam Dar (8:15)

    Hunico mouths off to the other team as he tags in Kendrick into the match whilst Zack Sabre Jr jumps into the ring with Kendrick. Kendrick takes control though Zack keeps escaping Kendrick's attacks and working on his arm. The end comes when Kendrick tries to go for a tornado DDT however Zack Sabre Jr is able counter out of it and use the arm twist pele kick move to his arm inflicting pain to his arm before he locks in a cross armbreaker to Kendrick wrenching back on the arm before Kendrick taps out due to the pain.

    Eliminated by submission by Zack Sabre Jr: Brian Kendrick (12:43)

    Zack Sabre Jr lets go of the hold as The Miz runs in the ring but Zack is able to trip him up before locking him in an armbar but Miz is able to claw and makes it to the ropes. Zack hits him with a penalty kick before he sends Miz into his corner before hitting him with an European Uppercut in the corner before tagging the Big Red machine Kane into the match.

    Kane comes to the ring and starts hitting Miz with multiple punches taking down the IC champion before he grabs him by the throat and hits him with a chokeslam. Kane then covers the Miz 1 2 Hunico breaks the pinfall up!!! Hunico makes the save keeping the team captain in the match! Kane then goes to attack Hunico who is still limping and grabs him in the air when Sheamus runs in the ring and Brouge kicks Kane.This causes Rhyno to run in and Gores him causing him to roll out of the ring. Corbin runs in and they brawl out of the ring to the outside. Cena runs in taking down Hunico as they go over the top rope however Zack Sabre Jr runs off the the ropes before hitting all 5 men with a tope suicida. The ref is distracted by this chaos as Kane starts to rise when Maryse slides in the IC title. Bryan tries to get the ref's attention but he is too focused on the chaos with Miz hitting Kane with the title. Miz covers Kane 1 2 Miz sticks his feet on the ropes for extra leverage 3! Kane has been eliminated by the Miz here.

    Eliminated via pinfall by The Miz: Kane (16:11)

    The Miz looks super happy whilst Kane has a face like thunder after being eliminated from the match with Miz tagging Hunico into the match as Miz starts to leave the ring in terror of the big red machine. He gets the hell out of dodge as Kane chases him up away from the ring as Sheamus once again gets annoyed at the team' captain and his antics before going after him to help him and protect him from Kane. Meanwhile in the ring John Cena steps into the ring with Hunico.

    John Cena gets attacked by Hunico who goes after him with a lot of venom but Cena uses his experience and skill to take control of the match in the ring. Meanwhile on the ramp The Miz ducks away from Kane and runs back as Sheamus goes to help him. However instead of helping his partner Miz heads back to the ring leaving Sheamus to deal with Kane on the ramp. Kane takes control of the battle after dodging a brouge kick when Kane hits a chokeslam to Sheamus on the entrance ramp though the ref has not seen this going on being focused on the in ring action.

    John Cena being in control taking down Hunico to the mat whilst it is clear Hunico is struggling with his leg when Cena tags in Zack Sabre Jr who jumps in the ring and hits a penalty kick to the leg of Hunico. Hunico is in clear pain with Zack Sabre Jr locking in a kneebar onto Hunico. Meanwhile Kane happy with the damage he has done to Sheamus letting go of some of is anger heads to the back. In the ring Hunico tries to fight out of the kneebar but in the end has to tapout Zack Sabre Jr.

    Eliminated via submission by Zack Sabre Jr: Hunico (19:17)

    Zack Sabre Jr is in the ring as Baron Corbin makes his way into the ring when Rhyno at this point tags himself in wanting a piece of Baron Corbin. Sheamus meanwhile on the ramp slowly starts to get up after the chokeslam on the outside. Sheamus starts to shake off what has happened as he makes his way back to the ring. Meanwhile in the ring Rhyno and Corbin are having a brawl but Rhyno misses a gore and ends up in the Miz's team corner with Sheamus hit him with a punch to the head distracting him to deal with Sheamus long enough for Corbin to spin Rhyno around for the end of days.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Baron Corbin: Rhyno (22:06)

    At this point John Cena jumps in as Corbin is too busy trash talking Rhyno when John Cena grabs Baron Corbin and picks him up hitting Corbin with an AA!!! 1 2 3 John Cena has eliminated Corbin.

    Eliminated via pinfall by John Cena: Baron Corbin (22:18)

    John Cena does the you can't see me taunt to Corbin as he rolls out of the ring looking furious as he kicks the steel steps as he walks off as a mistake in taunting Rhyno has cost him in this match and caused him to be eliminated. Meanwhile Sheamus and Miz are arguing who should go into the match next. This carries on as Zack Sabre Jr shouts to Cena to tag him in. Zack tags in as Cena stays in the ring. Sheamus calls Miz a coward before he turns around attacking Cena hitting him a Brouge kick to the face. He goes for the cover but the ref tells him that Cena is not the legal man. However Sheamus is too late in realising what is going on as the actual legal man Zack Sabre Jr jumps up behind and rolls up Sheamus 1 2 3!!! Sabre gets another elimination!

    Eliminated via pinfall by Zack Sabre Jr: Sheamus (23:25)

    The Miz holds his head in his hands now knowing he faces a 2 on 1 situation and gets in the ring taking down Zack Sabre Jr hitting a bunch of clothselines before he starts doing the Yes Kicks mocking Bryan who is watching on commentary. He keeps on mouthing to Bryan taking his eye off the ball when Sabre gets up hitting Miz with a rolling elbow. Sabre then covers Miz but only get a two count before picking Miz up and sends Miz towards the corner before tagging in Cena. He hits Miz with an european uppercut and another one as Cena picks The Miz up and hits the AA 1 2 3!!! DANIEL BRYAN STAYS AS SMACKDOWN GENERAL MANAGER.

    Eliminated via pinfall by John Cena: The Miz (26:15)

    Survivors: Zack Sabre Jr and John Cena (Team Bryan)

    Post-match Zack Sabre Jr and John Cena shake hands clearly happy to have picked up the win here with Bryan joining them in the ring and thanking both men as he raises their hands whilst The Miz retreats up the ramp mouthing that this is not over whilst holding the IC title in his hands.

    WWE title match: Samoa Joe © vs Kofi Kingston

    The match starts off with Kofi going after Joe right from the get go. Kofi is right on the attack and working over Samoa Joe taking the big man off his feet in the early stage using his speed and hitting him with a flurry of unique offence to keep away from the monster. However after the initial flurry Joe is able to take back control of the match and after Kofi goes for a springboard crossbody but Joe is able to move out of the way before Joe picks up Kofi and hits him an Uranage which gets a close two count. From that point on Samoa Joe is in control of this encounter.

    Samoa Joe goes on the attack working over the neck and looking to weaken that area making it easier for him to choke out the New Day member. However as Joe is working him over around the 8 minute mark Kofi takes control again by hitting Joe with a Jawbreaker to the face of Joe. He goes for trouble in paradise but Joe is able to slide away out of the ring dodging it however Kofi hits him with a somersault plancha on the outside to Joe.

    Kofi and Joe end up fighting on the outside with the match being teased to be end in countout after Joe ends up throwing Kofi into the steel steps but Kofi is able to make into the ring for the count of 8. Joe however starts to work over Kofi and manages at one point to lock on the Couqina clutch however Kofi is able to make to the ropes escaping the hold. Joe charges at him after this escape and hits Kofi with one of his old finisher from years back the Chimera-plex but only gets a 2 count as Kofi escapes.

    Samoa Joe goes back on the attack waiting for Kofi to rise and looks to go for the Couqina clutch however Kofi slips away before hitting a dropkick to Samoa Joe before doing a leaping clothesline when he rises up. Kofi then goes for the boom drop and connects before getting a two count on Samoa Joe. He then waits for Joe to rise and goes for Trouble in paradise but Joe dodges going for the clutch again but Kofi is able to counter and hits the SOS!! 1 2 Joe kicks out of the move. However as he rises Kofi goes for Trouble in paradise however Joe dodges and then grabs Kofi placing him in position for the muscle buster connecting! 1 2 3 SAMOA JOE IS ABLE TO RETAIN.

    Winner via pinfall and still WWE champion: Samoa Joe (16:18)

    Post-match Joe stands tall in the ring as Kofi gets to his feet the crowd gives him a nice cheer but he knows he has come up just short in this match here as we cut to the penultimate match for the night.

    Team Reigns (Roman Reigns, Wade Barrett, Nick Aldis, Braun Strowman and Ryback) vs Team Rollins (Seth Rollins, Mojo Rawley, Big E, Xaiver Woods and Zack Ryder)

    The match starts off with Roman Reigns wanting to be in first however Braun insists on starting this match and Mojo Rawley on team Rollins goes right after the giant. Rawley does his best to fight against the monster among men however after the first 5 minutes it is clear he has no chance and Strowman is able to put him away with the running powerslam after a fun beating with Mojo getting a few hope spots but clearly not anywhere near Strowman's level in this encounter.

    Eliminated by pinfall by Braun Strowman: Mojo Rawley (5:14)

    Xaiver Woods of the New Day jumps into the ring next and goes on the attack even able to connect a few big moves to the giant as he is able to hit Braun Strowman with a few dropkicks and taking the big man off his feet for a 2 count. He goes over to the ropes to attempt an elbow drop onto him when Strowman kips up Woods jumps off the ropes and catches him. He then hits Woods with the running powerslam and the ref counts to 3 as Strowman takes down another man.

    Eliminated by pinfall by Braun Strowman: Xaiver Woods (7:03)

    Zack Ryder runs into the ring at this point and charges at the giant who grabs a hold of him and sends Zack crashing down to the mat with a reverse chokeslam. Zack then rolls out of the ring to get a breather and probably try to get back into this match when the monster among men follows him outside. Weirdly at this point Curt Hawkins is nowhere to be seen. Strowman however is enjoying attacking and throwing Ryder round into barricades and destroying him however as this is going on Seth Rollins runs along the apron before hitting Strowman in the face with a diving knee to the face of Strowman on the outside as the ref gets to 5.

    He then goes to help Ryder up when Ryback charges in but connects with an enzugiri to the head of Ryback sending him to the ringside floor. Notably Reigns is staying on the apron not really feeling like getting involved in the chaos. The Mercenaries look like they are going to get involved when Big E does his running spear sending them both crashing down to the outside. Meanwhile Zack Ryder gets in the ring for a 8 count whilst Strowman attacks Rollins before hitting him with a brutal running powerslam to the outside floor. He then heads to the ring for the 9 count however stops for some reason as we can see a hand under the ring. The ref reaches the 10 count and Braun Strowman is eliminated from the match!!!!

    Eliminated via countout: Braun Strowman (10:10)

    Meanwhile in the ring Ryder has just managed to get to his feet when he turns around and SPEAR!!! 1 2 3 Zack Ryder is eliminated from this match and team Reigns have a 2 man lead again.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Roman Reigns: Zack Ryder (10:37)

    At this point Rollins is still down and struggling on the outside of the ring when Big E gets rolled back into the ring after the Mercenaries hit him with a double team move. Outside the ring Strowman drags out Curt Hawkins and beats the hell out of him before picking him up and putting Hawkins through the announce table for the way he helped to cause Strowman to be eliminated. He leaves as Ryder slowly recovers and checks on his friend and fellow bro to see if he is OK.

    In the ring the heels work over Big E as he fights his way back into this match whilst on the outside Seth looks to be in a lot of pain and seems to be struggling to move. Ryback ends up in the ring and starts to work over on Big E before picking him up for shellshock when Big E counters and slides out before picking up Ryback and connecting with the BIG ENDING. 1 2 3 Ryback is out!

    Eliminated via pinfall by Big E: Ryback (14:17)

    Big E gets up clearly still struggling when Nick Aldis runs in the ring and goes right after Big E as soon as he steps into that ring. On the outside Seth slowly starts to move again though as the medics has come over but he sends him away saying he is not leaving this match. In the ring Big E is trying his best to fight off the gladiator but in the end Magnus is able to pick Big E up and hits him with Tormentum. 1 2 Seth Rollins tries to make it to break up the fall but cannot make it in time 3. It is now 3 on 1 for Seth Rollins here.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Nick Aldis: Big E (17:25)

    Nick Aldis at this point smirks after seeing Rollins down on the mat as he tags in his partner Wade Barrett and they go to work on on Rollins as a team. The pairing target the knee which has been a problem for Seth Rollins but Seth does his best to try to fight back. He is in the ring with Wade Barrett and gets hit with wasteland which gets a 2 count. Wade however carries on the attack whilst Reigns taunt him on the apron which causes Rollins to spit in the face Roman Reigns. Reigns goes mental with Nick having to pull him off the apron to calm him down whilst in the ring Wade drags him away and goes gets ready for the bullhammer when Seth is able to duck and hits him with a snap single underhook facelook. He covers Barrett but only gets the two before he runs off the ropes and hits him with a curb stomp. 1 2 3 Wade Barrett is eliminated.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Seth Rollins: Wade Barrett (22:15)

    Nick Aldis runs into the ring going right after Seth who still looks a bit worse for wear. He goes after Seth and takes control wasting little time before he hits Seth Rollins with a belly to back side slam which the commentary team call the spineshaker. 1 2 Seth Rollins kicks out.Nick Aldis look annoyed at this point and mocks Seth when Seth quickly grabs him for a roll up! 1 2 Nick Aldis is able to kick out and looks super annoyed. He grabs Seth and hits him with blow after blow before he picks him up looking for Tormetum and starts to spin when Seth escapes and then sets up Nick Aldis before hitting him with a Pedgiree! 1 2 3 Seth has now got just Roman Reigns left!

    Eliminated via pinfall by Seth Rollins: Nick Aldis (24:45)

    Roman Reigns at this point steps into the ring as Seth turns around SPEAR!!! Reigns then goes for the cover 1 2 Seth kicks out!!! Reigns has a look of pure anger that Rollins has managed to kick out of his spear. Reigns then picks up Seth Rollins looking to do even more damage to him as he picks him up and before hitting him with Reigns now looking to hit the Niagara bomb however Seth counters and rolls up Reigns 1 2 KICK out by Reigns. Reigns goes for a superman punch but Rollins dodges and grabs Reigns before hitting him with a Pedgiree! 1 2 REIGNS kicked out! Rollins has his head in his hands before he get sup and looks to go for the Curb Stomp as Reigns gets up but Reigns dodges hitting Rollins with a SPEAR!! 1 2 3

    Eliminated via pinfall by Roman Reigns: Seth Rollins (28:55)

    Sole Survivor: Roman Reigns (Team Reigns)

    WWE title fatal 4 way elimination match (If Owens loses he cannot challenge for the WWE title whilst Dean Ambrose holds it): Dean Ambrose © vs Randy Orton vs AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens

    The match starts off with them splitting into almost like two groups as Orton and Ambrose go after each other whilst Owens and Styles do battle with each other right from the start of the match. Ambrose and Orton end up outside of the ring as they go at each other like two crazy people would after attacking each other during the weeks leading up to this. Meanwhile in the ring Styles and Owens spend the majority of the match in the ring battling with each other. Owens seems a little desperate to do damage to Styles in the early stage selling how much him not being able to compete for the WWE title means to him if he loses here.

    Owens ends up sending Styles out of the ring before Ambrose having won the encounter on the outside of the ring heads into the ring as he goes on the attack taking down Kevin Owens. Ambrose is in control after hitting Owens with snap DDT working over on Owens however after awhile Styles comes back into the fold and hits Ambrose with a phenomenal forearm. Owens rising seeing this suggests an alliance by Owens who responds with a pele kick making it clear he has no interest in such an alliance. However as he turns around Orton is in the ring and hits him with a RKO!! Orton coves AJ 1 2 AJ IS ABLE TO KICK OUT!

    Orton looks almost in shock however as he rises Owens hits him with a superkick to the face which sends Orton out the ring as Owens goes for a cover himself but AJ kicks out at 2. Owens looks like he is going to work over AJ but AJ rolls out of the ring as Owens ends up in the ring with Ambrose and they start to brawl with each other at about the 12 minutes mark in this match.

    As the match goes on AJ can be seen struggling a bit after being hit with the RKO whilst Ambrose and Owens look a bit staggered after battling up and down the ramp. Orton meanwhile being the viper smells prey. He is on the attack and even hits the elevated DDT to AJ for a 2 count. Randy then gets ready for a RKO on Styles when Owens comes in the ring and goes for a pop-up powerbomb but as he gets thrown in the air Orton counters it into a RKO 1 2 3! Kevin Owens has been eliminated from the match!

    Eliminated via pinfall by Randy Orton: Kevin Owens (15:58)

    Orton however goes back to business as once again AJ has left the ring when Ambrose ends up in the ring with him and Orton battling it out in the ring. However after a back and forth brawl for a bit Orton hits Ambrose with a scoop slam looking strong when Kevin Owens runs in the ring and attacks Orton! He beats down Orton before hitting him with a pop-up powerbomb before leaving the ring. Orton stays down for a few seconds before Styles comes in the ring and makes the cover 1 2 ORTON KICKS OUT. AJ though does not worry about that however he climbs onto the apron and hits the superman (springboard 450 splash) onto Orton before covering the Viper 1 2 3 It is now down to AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose.

    Eliminated via pinfall by AJ Styles: Randy Orton (21:40)

    AJ Styles gets to his feet clearly struggling a bit whilst Ambrose makes his way into the ring and whilst he has taken damage this match AJ has been through a lot more. Both men start to battle in the ring with AJ getting the upper hand over Ambrose. AJ starts to work over Ambrose and hits with a Pele Kick. He then goes to the ropes getting ready for the phenomenal forearm. He jumps off the ropes and looks to hit Ambrose with the forearm but starts to mock him and making fun of how he acts. As AJ is going for it Ambrose moves out of the way sending AJ crashing and burning before hitting AJ with Dirty Deeds. Ambrose plants AJ and makes the cover 1 2 3 AMBROSE IS STILL WWE CHAMPION.

    Eliminated via pinfall by Dean Ambrose: AJ Styles (28:03)

    Winner and still WWE champion: Dean Ambrose (28:03)

    Current matchcard for Breaking Point:

    World title match: Samoa Joe © vs Cesaro

    US title match(Stipulation TBD): Rusev or Goldust © vs Shelton Benjamin

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    Re: WWE: A different future

    Backstage news:

    BubbaRay Dudley 30 day suspension due to drug habit sent to rehab

    In the latest string of people within WWE suffering from drug problems Bubba Ray Dudley has been suspended for 30 days for violation of the wellness policy and will be in rehab until his addiction is cured. WWE are looking to stamp down on what seems to be a major issue within the locker room with numerous big names being in rehab due to substance abuse with Angle and Stephanie being off at the moment due to this. Rumours are any more issues injury wise a couple of Smackdown superstars may be drafted to Raw to help the shortage.

    TJP out for 2 months with an ankle injury

    TJP also in this match with Neville picked up a knock to his ankle which will require the star to be out for 2 months. Many people feel that even though he is a decent hand him being the first person to win the Cruiserweight classic was a mistake. When he comes back he is expected to move on from Neville and was expected to be moved out of the title picture post Survivor Series before the injury occurred.

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    Raw Re: WWE: A different future

    October 31st:

    Monday Night Raw starts off with a cold open which is unlike most Raw's as we can see the Hype Bros making their way into the arena as they are laughing and joking with each other in the parking lot when we hear a noise. Suddenly we see the Hype Bros drop their bags as BRAUN STROWMAN charges into Mojo and Hawkins first hitting them with a brutal clothesline with each of his arms taking them down to the concrete in the car park.

    Zack jumps onto a car looking to attack Strowman and goes for a rough ryder by jumping off the car however Strowman grabs a hold of the broski and does a running powerslam onto the front of the car damaging Ryder's spine as well as putting a massive dent into the front of someone's car. Hawkins meanwhile is going through his bag and finds his cane before going to strike Strowman with it. It causes Strowman to stagger but when he goes for a second Strowman is able to dodge it and grabs a hold of Hawkins before hitting him with a reverse chokeslam to the concrete in the parking lot when Mick Foley comes out with security demanding Strowman stop right now. He smirks before walking off whilst stepping on Curt Hawkins as he is leaving. We cut as away as the Hype Bros can be seen down in the car park destroyed by the monster among men.

    Raw does the normal introduction after that cold open with Strowman showing how much of a monster he is as we cut to another monster our World champion Samoa Joe who makes his way to the ring holding his World title with a smug smirk on his face as he comes down to the ringside area. He makes his way very slowly to the ring but once in the ring he holds the title in the air to a mixed reaction though it is mostly boos from the crowd (with some fans cheering him because he is Samoa Joe).

    Samoa Joe waits for the crowd to quieten before starts to speak to the crowd. Once they have calmed down he says 4 words to the crowd: I told you so. The crowd boos these words but Joe shakes his head. He says he tries to warn Kofi and advise him but he lost to me. He says the difference between me and him is I will do whatever it takes to get to the top whereas Kofi is happy to share the stage with his friends and never get to the top. He says that is a noble goal when you are not someone who is a monster like him. he says Kofi will have a good career but he never be a great like Joe is. Joe promises that he will keep crushing whoever comes into his path including the so called Swiss Superman. As almost on cue Cesaro's music hits as he makes his way out to the ring.

    Cesaro comes down to the ring in a business suit before jumping into the ring. He climbs into the ring and stares at Joe ripping off his suit to a pop from the crowd. He smirks saying don't worry Joe I am just getting ready for my match next I am going to wait a few weeks before beating you. Joe smirks saying he is ready to fight Cesaro anytime he wants to. Cesaro smirks though telling Joe he has been around Joe for years in ROH. He knows how much Joe likes to run his mouth and he plans on showing Joe right now how he will handle the monster that is Joe by showing his skill against someone of similar size right now offering Joe to take a seat on commentary and get a front row seat. Samoa Joe smirks saying there is no one like me but this could be fun to watch so he will indulge Cesaro. Joe goes to take a seat when the Big Show makes his way out for the opening match of the night.

    Match 1: Cesaro vs Big Show

    This is a decent match with Cesaro mostly having this match here to show off his strength with Show controlling a decent amount of the match but Cesaro also showed his brain using his superior technique to get back in control before picking up the giant hitting him with the Neutraliser for the win. On commentary Samoa Joe spends a lot of the match putting over Cesaro's skill but says he is equally skilled and will do whatever it takes to keep his title mentioning he has faced Cesaro and beaten him before.


    Winner via pinfall: Cesaro (9:14)

    However post-match as Cesaro stands tall in the ring celebrating his win Joe comes up behind him before locking in the Coquina clutch onto Cesaro. He has it locked in tight making Cesaro pass out from the hold before standing over his challenger for Breaking Point sending a message of what could await the Swiss Superman.

    We then cut to the backstage area where can see Bayley is with Charly Caruso. Charly asks how she feels after last night. Bayley says she is a little sore and upset her team lost but she is happy she was able to get a small measure of payback on Nia Jax eliminating her from the match. When asked about the Women's title match tonight Charly asks who does she want to win? Bayley says she knows her best friend Sasha will pull out the win when Nia Jax comes into shot and grabs Bayley before throwing her into a wall. Nia calls Bayley a stupid little girl promising to break her like a little doll and promises that Sasha will fall tonight and she will take her rightful spot at the top of the Women's division.

    Raw comes back from an ad break before Hideo Itami's music hits as he makes his way out to the ring in lighting fast fashion before getting in the ring shouting “FINN BALOR!”. This gets heat from the crowd clearly not a fan of the leader of the Club. He says people have been asking him why he joined team Rhodes Scholars last night. He tells the crowd think back to last year in NXT when he was found in a car park.He then shows us a clip of the time he was found in the car park and was unable to take part in the triple threat match for the number one contender ship. He said at the time numerous people speculated that Kevin Owens attacked him heck some either suspected Tyler Breeze or Samoa Joe but he says it was the man who he called a friend Finn Balor. He says he kept quiet as he wanted to wait for the right moment to strike and get his payback on this dishonourable man. He says Finn stole what should have been his moment and that in Japan he heard stories of how Finn was a snake and would use hired guns to do his work but he ignored them because he thought Finn had honour but he has fuck all honour getting a reaction from the crowd for the F bomb. Hideo says if you have any honour you will come out right now.

    Finn comes out but as always he is flanked by the other two members of the Club who are holding their tag teams titles whilst Finn has a black eye on his face after the battering he got from Hideo Itami last night. Finn comes out with a smug look on his face and smirks saying of course I did mocking the crowd for trusting him and thinking that he was the good person he claimed to be. He says they should give into their inner demons more. He took out Hideo to make it easier for him to win. I mean why have a triple threat when you can have a one on one match. Hideo says that Mick Foley has told him that tonight he will face Finn in the main event and Hideo promises to make him pay for robbing him of over a year of his career. Finn tells him he looks forward to taking another year off of Hideo's career once again. Hideo looks like going to attack Finn but Finn slides out the ring saying not just yet I will let you keep your career going for another two hours as him and the Club head to the back whilst Hideo stews in the ring mad as hell and wanting to kick Finn's ass.

    Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring and comes out looking very annoyed and fired up after losing last night with Sasha using nefarious means to retain her title. She says she knew that Sasha was a cheat and is angry at herself for not being ready for it. She says she has been stabbed in the back before so should be ready for it and now on will be ready to deal with people like Sasha and whoever wins out of the two tonight she will grab a hold of their arm and break it before getting what she has been chasing for nearly a year now.

    At this point when it looks like Becky is about to leave the ring Alexa Bliss makes her way out to the ring. She laughs as she walks down before asking if Becky is going to cry about life not being fair again. Becky has a face like thunder as Bliss carries on down before saying as the sole survivor on her team last night and therefore it should be her getting the title shot at Breaking Point. She climbs into the ring before telling Becky that she will prove she is better then her when Becky attacks her not in the mood for Bliss right now. Foley music hits telling both women that they can face each other right now with the winner getting a Women's title shot at Breaking Point against the winner of the title match later on tonight. And that number one contender's match is next!

    Match 2: Number one contender for Breaking Point: Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss

    A decent match between two women who have become fairly familiar with each other in the last few months with Becky able to pick up the win with the Dis-arm-her. She keeps the hold in for a few seconds after the bell selling her anger as he has her hand raised knowing she is going to Breaking Point.

    Winner via submission: Becky Lynch (8:14)

    We cut to the backstage where we can see Sasha watching it in a locker room where Bayley is sat with her and has an ice pack on her shoulder still sore after what Nia Jax did to her earlier on in the night. Sasha seems to be focused on getting ready. She tells Bayley she is going kick her ass on her behalf though she asks Bayley if she can do her a favour? Bayley says sure Sasha anything. Sasha asks if she could come to ringside with her so she does not have to worry about Becky again. Bayley argues that Becky won't interfere but Sasha brings up last week and manipulates Bayley into agreeing saying don't you want to see Nia jax lose up close. Bayley says sure and before getting hugged by Sasha who smirks as we go to an ad break.

    Seth Rollins makes his way out to after the ad break. He gets to to the ring and says he is feeling a little sore. He says first things first he wishes Stephanie and HHH the best hoping she is back soon. He then says he feels like he let down HHH by not getting the job done against Team Reigns. He says he came this close to beating Reigns like he usually does but Reigns managed to pull it out. He however challenges Reigns to get in this ring right now.

    Roman comes out with a suit on and a massive rolex watch on his wrist as he makes his way down to the ring with a smug ass smirk on his face before climbing into the ring with Seth Rollins. Reigns smirks saying he is a busy man so make this quick. Rollins says that at Survivor Series he may have lost but he also knows how much it must hurt someone with the ego the size of Reigns's to still not been able to beat him 1 on 1.Reigns smirks saying he knows he can beat Rollins anytime and says hey how about I put you in the hospital with HHH. He then drops the mic and superman punches Rollins starting a brawl between the two.They keep on fighting until security come out to the ring which breaks the two up even though they keep trying to escape. Foley tells both men that at Breaking Point they put this rivalry to an end as they can face each other in a street fight. Both men stare at each other still wanting to beat the shit out of each other.

    Match 3: Women's title match: Sasha Banks © w/Bayley vs Nia Jax

    Sasha Banks comes into this match getting mostly heat from the crowd as well as smattering of cheers as she goes into this heel vs heel match up with the monster Nia Jax. Nia Jax uses her size to control the match whilst as the match goes on taunting Bayley at ringside but no matter what she just can't put Sasha away for the 3 count. Nia Jax gets frustarted towards the end of the match and looks towards the turnbuckle looking to take the padding off the whilst the ref checks on Sasha Bayley runs over. She gets the ref attention who sees the turnbuckle and admonishes Nia Jax as he goes to fix it. Nia Jax furious at this grabs Bayley and brings her into the ring before hitting her with Samon Drop. However whilst this has been going on Sasha went out of the ring and grabbed a chair like she did in her match against Becky last night before hitting Nia Jax with it. She throws it away though once done with it and makes the cover. The ref turns around in time and makes the 3 count giving Sasha the win.


    Winner via pinfall and women's champion: Sasha Banks (13:31)

    Sasha holds the title before looking to see if Bayley is OK hugging her friend as the crowd give a mixed reaction to Sasha's win. However Nia Jax gets up and goes for Bayley attacking her. Sasha looks like she is unsure whether she will help her friend or not when Becky Lynch runs down and attacks Sasha looking for payback from the other week. Nia Jax meanwhile throws Bayley into the barricade and leaves her there whilst Becky has Sasha in the ring and makes her tap out to the dis-arm-her as we go to an ad break.

    We cut backstage to see Kofi playing 2K16 on a Xbox backstage clearly upset as he pins Samoa Joe 1 2 3 on the game before saying out loud why could I have not done that last night. Xaiver Woods calls into the locker room asking how he is holding up. Kofi tells Woods he will be alright. Big E comes in and makes a joke about not being sour before saying he will get them next time. Kofi says it is time to not look back before saying we need to go after the Mercenaries and get some answers from the two of them. However before they can carry on talking Ryback walks into the locker room. Ryback walks in asking if they think it is that easy to get a shot after being robbed. He mocks them saying you think it is that easy getting a shot when you get robbed let alone losing fair and square. Kofi however replies back to Ryback that at least his career did not peak after 1 year at the top. Ryback punches Kofi in the face when Big E goes to hit Ryback for what he did but Kofi tells him he is not worth it when the Mercenaries come in and attack the New Day. The 3 heels lay out the New Day telling them you will never find out who paid us off before thanking Ryback in advance for his money saying this was not just business this was pleasure. Wade says he has a match next as the 3 heels head off towards the ring as we go to an ad break.

    Match 4: Wade Barrett w/Nick Aldis and Ryback vs R-Truth w/Goldust

    Wade Barrett gets in the ring and is in control of the match from the start of this battle. Goldust comes to ringside even though he has a big US title match coming on later on in the show and he is here to show support to his partner. However Wade Barrett picks up the win giving him a bit of momentum here. Goldust runs into the ring and gets his friend out of there as the Mercenaries and Ryback stand tall in the ring hinting at an alliance between the 3 men after they teamed at Survivor Series?


    Winner via pinfall: Wade Barrett (6:12)

    After an ad break when we here a familiar theme song as Chris Jericho makes his return to the ring getting cheers from the crowd even if he was a heel when he left as his Chris FUCKING Jericho. He has a slight limp as he walks to the ring before getting in. He is clearly still visibly injured. He shouts DRINK IT IN MAAAAAAAN to the crowd which gets a great pop from the crowd before hyping them up saying very soon he shall be back in action once again but he could not keep away from Raw for long and says in 3 weeks time at Breaking Point has a special treat as he will be giving everyone the GIFT OF JERICHO as he will be hosting a very special segment of the highlight reel and I will be having this star as my guest.

    We then cut to the titantron which starts to play a video as we hear violins play before we see Shinsuke Nakamura appear on the screen in action in NXT. The video plays for a good couple of minutes showing the King of strong style in action before it finishes saying coming to Monday Night Raw at Breaking Point. Jericho smirks saying at Breaking Point he will be hosting a special Highlight Reel with Shinsuke Nakmuara. He then leaves the ring to a pop from the crowd. We then cut to the backstage area where we can see Braun Strowman storm into Mick Foley's office.

    Braun Strowman cuts an intimidating pose over the hardcore legend. Strowman says he wants the Hype Bros tonight. Foley shouts back saying hey guess what they are unable to compete after what you did in the parking lot. Strowman tells Foley he is not finished with them YET. Foley tells him that he can face all 3 of them each week with next week he can face Mojo Rawley, the week after he will be facing Curt Hawkins and then at Breaking point you will be facing Zack Ryder. Strowman says you should have put them against me at the same time. They MIGHT have had a chance of making it out alive.

    We come back from the ad break as we hear Rhodes Scholars music hit as they make their way down to the ring. They look very happy after managing to be the sole survivors against Team Club. They slide into the ring with Cody and Sandow each with a microphone in their hand. Sandow smirks saying let me beg your indulgence before Cody says we proved why we are the stars who will leave them in the dust. He says they are a little sore after last night but due to their win last night they are guaranteed a tag team title shot and they want that right here right now. However it is not the Club who come out to the ring but instead the team of Big Cass and Cedric Alexander.

    Big Cass tell them that they are not the only ones who earned a tag team title shot last night and that they also want their match tonight. Sandow however tells Cass since they survived they should be first in line and Cass can get a title shot when they win. You're welcome. Cedric says he respectfully does not feel like waiting for his shot at the titles and says you guys have been here for long enough whereas I have yet to secure a shot like this. The tension in the ring is rising when The Revival make their way out to the ring.

    The Revival looks very angry saying they only teamed with the Club to get a shot at the WWE tag team titles to go with their NXT tag team titles but they were cost those titles by Cass and his crippled friend. They tell Cass and Alexander that they ain't getting a shot first they are as they were robbed of their NXT titles and they owe the pair of them a few fists. The Revival climb into the ring looking to start a fight when Mick Foley makes his way out stopping the tension for a moment.

    Mick Foley however comes out and tells all 6 men that they are all due a title shot due to Survivor Series and the deals the Club have made with the Revival so here is what we are going to do. At Breaking Point it will be The Club vs Big Cass and Cedric Alexander vs The Revival vs Rhodes Scholars in a ladder match! He also says oh btw Finn is banned from ringside as well. This news gets a pop from the crowd when The Revival cheap shot Cedric before taking him down. They then go after Big Cass taking him out as Rhodes Scholars choose not to get involved clearly feeling this is not their fight. The segment ends with the Revival staring them down in the ring standing tall as Rhodes Scholars look on as Big Cass and Cedric Alexander down in the ring.

    We cut to the backstage area where we can see the Club not happy with this announcement with Finn telling them we will come up with a plan but for now I have to focus on Hideo saying he knows his boys and they will walk out still WWE tag team champions which will be TOO SWEET.

    We then cut to Seth Rollins who is chatting with Mike Rome who asks Seth how he is feeling. Seth says that Reigns will not leave him alone till he puts him down once and for all. He says he is like a dog with a bone and he intends to finish this rivalry at Breaking Point and move onto getting back to the top of Monday Night Raw where he belongs walking off as we get ready for the US title match next which will be after the break.

    Match 5: US title match: Rusev (c) w/ Lana vs Goldust w/ R-Truth

    Rusev here is in control from the match right from the start of the encounter and picks up the win fairly quickly putting away the bizarre one making him tap out.


    Winner via submission and still US champion: Rusev (5:47)

    Post-match Lana gets in the ring before declaring Rusev the US champion still, telling the crowd he will keep crushing all off your heroes as he is better then your heroes telling them to ask Kurt Angle where he is .He says Shelton made the biggest mistake of his career coming back and promises to crush him again daring him to come out right now and he will make sure Shelton does not make it to Breaking Point.

    Shelton Benjamin makes his way out and says he has been thinking about the best way to get payback for his friend Angle and himself but he has been thinking an eye for an eye. Lana mocks Shelton is unable to crush like Rusev. Shelton said that is not quite what he meant saying Rusev put him and his friend in an ambulance and he has decided that at Breaking Point it will be an ambulance match for that US title promising he cannot wait to gain payback on Rusev.

    We cut backstage with Alberto Del Rio looking upset as Paige is looking after him telling him that Rusev got lucky and he will get him next time.Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal the two members of 2MB walk past and mock the two. Jinder says that people like them back in his homeland would be seen as the jokes they are as they walk off leaving Del Rio enraged.

    Match 6: Jinder Mahal vs D'Von Dudley

    In what is technically heel versus heel here Jinder Mahal faces off against one half of the Dudley brothers in D'von Dudley and he ends up picking up a nice win giving Jinder a bit of momentum.


    Winner via pinfall: Jinder Mahal (4:59)

    We cut to the backstage area where we can see Dana Brooks and Emma hanging out. They comment on the disappointment of last night when Carmella walks in with her bodyguard. She mocks the pair of them saying she knew her team would pick up the win and defeat them. Emma replies that was down to Alexa Bliss not you. She then tells Tamina and Carmella she is sick of them getting in their face all of the time before challenging them to one last match between the teams on Main Event. Carmella says you are on promising to show Emma why they are better and why Charlotte picked her as the future before she goes onto win the Women's title.

    We cut to the backstage area where we can see Sami Zayn who is being interviewed by Charly Caruso after his loss last night to his friend Cesaro. He says he knows how close he came but he knows if he keeps trying.... Finn Balor walks past with the Club in tow. Finn tells Zayn he will just fall short like he always does when it matters the most. Zayn tells Finn what the hell has gotten into him. Finn says he has proved the world he is the real rock and rolla whilst Zayn is stuck in the past. He tells Zayn that Neville was always right heck maybe even Owens was before walking off leaving Zayn there looking upset and angry at Finn's words to him.

    Main Event: Finn Balor w/The Club vs Hideo Itami

    Finn Balor makes his way out to the ring first with the Club holding him up as he comes out and he does the pop the collar to mock the crowd. However as this is happening Hideo comes out and attacked the men holding him causing Finn to go crashing towards the ground. He gets right on Finn after this and throws him into the ring. He goes on the attack from the start. The other two member of the Club stay on the outside and at the start stay out of it knowing that if they get caught attacking Hideo Finn will lose this match. However as the match goes on they start to distract Hideo which allows Finn to get into the match. In the end Luke Gallows distracts the ref which allows Karl Anderson to run in the ring and hit Hideo Itami with a rocket kick sending him to the mat allowing Finn to climb to the top rope and hits him with the Coup D'Grace covering Hideo Itami to pick up the win here.


    Winner via pinfall: Finn Balor (14:16)

    After the match though Finn is not done as he screams for his boys to get a chair it is time to send a message what happens when you mess with us. They grab a chair each and start to attack Hideo with a couple of chair shots. Sami Zayn runs out to try to stop them but Finn does a Suicide somersault senton to Zayn taking him down on the outside. In the ring Luke places the chair on Hideo's ankle when Finh slides in and climbs to the top rope before jumping on the chair causing it to injure Hideo's ankle. He is writhing on the ground in pain as the Club stand tall in the ring having sent a message to the whole roster.

    Current matchcard for Breaking Point:

    World title match: Samoa Joe © vs Cesaro

    Street fight: Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins

    Women's title match: Sasha Banks (c) vs Becky Lynch

    WWE tag team titles fatal 4 way ladder match: The Club (c) vs The Revival vs Rhodes Scholars vs Big Cass and Cedric Alexander

    US title ambulance match: Rusev © vs Shelton Benjamin

    Highlight reel segment with Shinsuke Nakamura

    Braun Strowman vs Zack Ryder

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    Smackdown Re: WWE: A different future

    November 1st

    Daniel Bryan makes his way out to the ring and starts playing up to the crowd as they cheer for him very loudly as they are clearly happy he is still the General Manager of Smackdown Live. He says he is glad to still be in charge of this great show and with Smackdown 900 he wants to make the best possible show for the fans. Starting with announcing it will be a rare 3 hour Smackdown which is in 2 weeks time. He then makes a joke saying don't worry we will not be going 3 hours permanently like the other brand.

    He says we will be seeing two men who helped to make Smackdown what it is today with the Undertaker making his return to Tuesday nights as he will be appearing at Smackdown 900. He also announces the return of the true best talk show in Smackdown history as Edge will be hosting a special edition of the cutting Edge with the WWE champion and whoever wins the gauntlet match tonight to decide who will be facing Ambrose on Smackdown 900.

    He says that the men who he is placing in that gauntlet match will be the World Tag team champions Breezedango, Jason Jordan, The Curiserweight champion Neville and all 5 members of Team Bryan from last night as a reward for helping him keep his job. At this point we hear the Miz's music hit as Bryan smile drops a bit as he can see Miz coming to the ring.

    He tells Bryan he should be putting Sheamus in the match tonight as without him Bryan would no longer be GM of Smackdown Live and he may as well have been a double agent. He says that the main event should be to see who faces me for the IC title at Smackdown 900 as I am on day 211 of the IC title world tour. He tells Bryan he has once again overlooked the man who has brought prestige back to the IC title and the winner should get the honour of facing the Miz. Daniel Bryan tells him he has not decided who will face The Miz for the IC title at Smackdown 900 when Randy Orton's music hits to a pop from the crowd.

    Randy Orton has a microphone in his hands saying after his lost he needs some way to get back to the top again and The Miz is holding a title that Orton helped bring prestige to so Miz needs to shu.... However before he can finish what he is saying Kevin Owens comes out and attacks Orton from behind beating down Randy Orton in viscous fashion. Miz at this point takes his IC title and goes past watching what is going on between the two men with a slight bit of fear at what he is seeing. Owens throws Orton down into the ring apron before picking Orton up. Bryan tells Owens to stop but he is not listening to a word he is saying before he powerbombs Randy Orton onto the ring apron before walking off with Orton needing help at ringside after that vile act by Owens.

    We come back from the ad break to see Kevin Owens storming through the back with Daniel Bryan calling after him demanding answers for why he just did that. Owens tells Bryan he is going to hurt and take people out till he has no choice but to give him a ONE ON ONE WWE title shot and if he does not Orton will just be the start of it. He storms off as Bryan looks not in anyway happy as we cut away to the first match of the night.

    Match 1: Tyson Kidd vs Lince Dorado

    Tyson Kidd takes on Lince Dorado in a decent match with Lince getting a chance to show off what he can do but the result is never in doubt as Tyson is able to pickup the win with a dungeon lock once again.

    Winner via submission:Tyson Kidd (8:17)

    He mocks Lince Dorado post-match making fun of his mask when Kalisto comes out from the crowd and sends Kidd flying out of the ring. He starts to attack him and chases him up the ramp as he looks to get his hands on the man who tried to mess with his mask at Survivor Series.

    We come back from the ad break as we can see they have made their way into a backstage area when Kidd gets slammed into a wall by Kalisto. Kalisto then climbs onto a box backstage before he does a jumping senton off of it landing on Kidd. He then carries on pummelling him when Shane McMahon walks in and drags Kalisto off of Kidd. Kalisto tries to fight Shane off but Shane tells him that is enough. Kidd gets up looking for a fight but Shane says that both men need to go home and cool off. He says if these two want to fight all over the backstage then at Smackdown 900 they can face off in the a falls count anywhere match. Kalisto does not look happy whilst Kidd smirks saying he will beat Kalisto again and that is a FACT! Kalisto tries to go after Kidd but Shane says that is enough and get his temper under control.

    Bray Wyatt comes out to the ring alone after the ad break and makes his way out to the ring. He says his family whilst still being with him he does not need tonight as he has a message he wants to tell Ziggler personally before calling out the man who wants to be noticed Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler's music hits to a pop from the crowd as he comes out with a hoodie covering his face looking blank as he comes to the ring with a bandage on his head to sell the damage that Bray did to him on Sunday.

    Dolph climbs into the ring and stares down the eater of worlds as he waits for him to speak. He tells Ziggler he can see a lost man and he can lead him to the true path. He can rebuild Ziggler and make him great again or Ziggler can get his wish and face him and fall like the peon he is. Ziggler says that he has been chasing Bray for months and will not stop until he has gotten him 1 vs 1 promising to make him pay for the pain inflicted on him. He tells Bray he will never join him and instead challenges him to a match at Smackdown 900. Bray laughs at Ziggler who goes for a superkick but Bray dodges and rolls out of the ring laughing before telling Ziggler he shall fall at 900 or learn his true calling. Ziggler stands in the ring declaring he will beat Bray and prove himself as Bray laughs as he goes up the ramp as we go to an ad break.

    Match 2: Tommaso Cimapa vs Akira Tozawa

    Tommaso Cimapa comes out to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd having left Gargano in the ring last night however since he did not turn on his partner he still gets some cheers from the crowd. Both men give each other a good fight as Akira picked up some good momentum after helping his team crush team Shining stars. It is a close encounter but in the end Tommaso Cimapa pick up the win with Project Cimapa for the 3 count over Akira.

    Winner via pinfall: Tommaso Cimapa (9:30)

    Johnny Gargano makes his way out as Tommaso Cimapa gets his hand raised in the ring. Cimapa looks like he is about leave as soon as Gargano makes his way out to the ring. Garagno says wait. He says he is so sorry that he hit him by mistake as due to the hairspray he could not see and he knows why Cimapa is mad. He says he came to NXT and WWE to be a singles star and never thought he would make a best friend like Cimapa. He says he can see why Cimapa wants to spilt up but he knows that Cimapa cannot be happy feeling like they failed by not getting the tag team titles on NXT or Smackdown. Cimapa can be seen to visibly annoyed at the though of being a loser or maybe at what Gargano is saying? Cimapa says he likes Johnny Gargano as much as someone like him can like anyone but maybe it is time we move on as a team. Gargano tells him to reconsider which Cimapa can be seen thinking about. Before he can give an answer the Wyatt Family's music hits to heat from the crowd as Luke Harper and Erick Rowan make their way down to the ring.

    The big men come down to the ring and they attack #DIY taking them down using their size advantage to good effect laying waste to them in the ring as the two members of the Wyatt Family stand tall in the ring having taken out the two members of #DIY.

    We cut to the backstage area where we can hear a bunch of arguing and shouting as we can see Hunico and Kendrick blaming Sheamus for their team losing whilst Sheamus said if he had teammates who were not jokes maybe his team may have picked up the win. Sheamus threatens to kick both men's heads off with Kendrick and Hunico look like they are about to fight Sheamus when Bryan comes into the picture saying they should calm down as he has matches all 3 of them next week.

    Sheamus mentions a warrior like him is never calm with Bryan saying he might want to save his strength as it could earn him a shot at the IC title at TLC. Sheamus says he is listening with Bryan setting up a match versus Brian Kendrick next week whilst Hunico will face Mustafa Ali for a spot on Smackdown 900 with the winner going on to face whoever is the IC champion at TLC. Sheamus smirks saying he hopes it is the Miz as knocking his teeth out would be such fun.

    AJ Styles comes to the ring with a microphone in his hand as he gets ready to cut a promo saying last night he came so close to beating Dean Ambrose. He talks about being the face that runs this place and how he let his ego get to him showing off because he can. The crowd cheer but he insults them saying he is just too great for his own good they can't help but cheer him even though he thinks nothing of them which gets some heat.He says however he knows he will not get a title shot from the people above unless he forces them to take notice and give him the 1 vs 1 shot he should get. He promises that he will find a way to force them to take notice and he will show that he is the face that runs this place and he will soon be the champ who runs the camp.

    Match 3: Jack Gallagher vs Ariya Davari

    Jack Gallagher faces off once again against Davari here and both men having faced each other a fair bit put on a good showing but in the end Gallagher picks up the win with running Corner dropkick for the 3 count.

    Winner via pinfall: Jack Gallagher (8:58)

    We then cut to backstage where Baron Corbin can be seen leaning against a wall. He looks very annoyed saying he has once again been overlooked by the powers within the company. He says he lost last night due to not being a team player and never will be. He says look what he did to RVD and Corbin promises to make sure the company are forced to give him what he is due.

    Main Event: Number one contender for Smackdown 900 gauntlet match:

    Entrants: Tyler Breeze, Fandango, Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, Neville, John Cena, Zack Sabre Jr, Kane, Noam Dar, Rhyno

    Zack Sabre Jr vs Noam Dar

    The two partners start off the match with both men shaking each others hands.They put on a really close battle with Zack Sabre Jr using his skill to act like his knee was worse pain then it was playing possum getting Dar in close before locking him in an cross armbreaker before getting the win via submission.

    Winner via submission: Zack Sabre Jr (8:19)

    Zack Sabre Jr vs Fandango

    Fandango comes out and tries to tell Zack Sabre Jr off for his awful outfit that he is wearing. Sabre however takes his arm and tries to break it off though Fandango gets to the ropes getting out of it fairly quickly. Fandango goes back on the attack however Sabre has him scouted before wrapping up Fandnago in knots and making him tap out eliminating another person.

    Winner via submission: Zack Sabre Jr (15:43)

    Zack Sabre Jr vs Jason Jordan

    Jason Jordan comes down next as Zack Sabre Jr is looking a little tired. He puts on a good match here trying to use his submission skills to take down Jason Jordan however Jordan has clearly scouted after watching in the back towards the end. Zack goes for a penalty kick but he misses as Jordan ducks before going behind Zack and hitting him with an Olympic slam for the 3 count being the first man to pin Zack Sabre Jr since the CWC.

    Winner via pinfall: Jason Jordan (25:54)

    Jason Jordan vs Rhyno

    Rhyno is the next man out and he comes out like a man on fire here trying to take down Jordan quickly going straight for power moves. He goes for the Gore to finish it but Jordan is able to counter it into an Olympic slam for the 3 count getting another elimination.

    Winner via pinfall: Jason Jordan (28:01)

    Jason Jordan vs Tyler Breeze

    Tyler Breeze makes his way out with the Selfie stick and poses on his way down to the ramp. Jordan can be seen to be very tried as he waits in the ring however he takes control of the match early however towards the end Breeze out of sight of the ref sneakily hits Jordan with his selfie stick in the corner before grabbing Jordan and hitting the unprettier for the 3 count.

    Winner via pinfall: Tyler Breeze (34:22)

    Tyler Breeze poses in the ring super cocky daring whoever they want to hurry up and come out to the ring right now when John Cena's music hits to a mixed reaction as Breeze regrets his words. However after John Cena comes out Baron Corbin appears and beats the hell out of John Cena. He hits the ends of days on the entrance ramp before throwing him into the steel steps. He then picks Cena up and hits him with End of days on the outside again before sliding him into the ring for Tyler Breeze as the ref rings the bell after Breeze demands the uggo does it.

    Tyler Breeze vs John Cena

    Tyler Breeze covers him and gets the 3 count thanks to the act before the match from Baron Corbin.

    Winner via pinfall: Tyler Breeze (36:42)

    Tyler Breeze vs Neville

    Tyler Breeze poses in the ring when Neville makes his way out holding his Cruiserweight title as he makes his way out. Breeze insults Neville telling him he can give him a match for that when he eliminates him. Breeze tries to use his cheap tactics but in the end Neville is able to counter Breeze's attempts at the Unprettier before locking in the Rings of Saturn for the 3 count.

    Winner via submission: Neville (43:08)

    Kane vs Neville

    Kane makes his way out and he stand over Neville in a towering figure here over Neville. He takes control of the match and uses his size to control the match but no matter what Kane hits him with Neville keeps coming back. Kane even hits him with the chokeslam but Neville kicks out at two. However Kane looks like he is going to hit Neville with a tombstone piledriver however he reverse it into a hurricanrana laying him down to the mat. He then climbs to the top rope and hits the Red Arrow. He covers Kane 1 2 3 NEVILLE WILL FACE DEAN AMBROSE FOR THE WWE TITLE ON SMACKDOWN 900.

    Winner via pinfall and New Number one contender for the WWE title: Neville (52:17)

    Neville stands tall in the ring as Kane storms off not happy as he stands tall in the ring holding his Cruiserweight title in the air when Dean Ambrose coming out gets his attention. Dean Ambrose walks down to the ring before he stands in the ring holding his WWE title in the air as he stares down Neville to end the show.

    Current Smackdown 900 card:

    WWE title match: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Neville

    Number one contender's for IC title match: Huinco or Mustafa Ali vs Sheamus or Brian Kendrick

    Bray Wyatt vs Dolph Ziggler

    Falls count anywhere match: Tyson Kidd vs Kalisto

    Appearances from Edge and Undertaker

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    Re: WWE: A different future

    November 3rd:

    Aiden English vs Mark Henry

    Aiden English comes out before the match and gives the crowd a little bit of a song however Mark Henry comes out and does not seem as into the music. A fun match but in the end Mark Henry puts away Aiden English with a World Strongest Slam.

    Winner via pinfall: Mark Henry (6:48)

    Primetime Players vs The Ascension

    The Primetime Players here take on the Ascension looking to gain some momentum however Backland at ringside is off putting to Titus O'Neil who gets into it with him at ringside which distracts him from the ring and Darren Young gets pinned by Konnor giving the Ascension the win.

    Winners via pinfall: The Ascension (7:51)

    Jack Swagger vs Tony Nese

    Jack Swagger here takes on the man who calls himself the perfect athlete in a decent back and forth match with Nese picking up the shock win with a roll up countering an ankle lock from Jack Swagger.

    Winner via pinfall: Tony Nese (8:14)

    Main event: Emma and Dana Brooks vs Carmella and Tamina

    Emma and Dana Brooks pick up the win when it comes to this rivalry with Emma making Tamina tap out to the Emma lock. Post-match the two friends hug mocking Carmella and Tamina on the outside.

    Winners via submission: Emma and Carmella (10:15)

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    Raw Re: WWE: A different future

    November 7th:

    Monday Night Raw starts with Sami Zayn coming out to the ring with a microphone in hand looking to still be in a bit of pain after the attack last week when he tried to save Hideo Itami from a brutal beatdown at the hands of the Club. He gets to the ring and brings up how close he came to fighting for the World title in 2 weeks time instead his friend Cesaro is going to be doing that. Zayn says it upsets him because he knows that he is good enough to be the World champion. However he just cannot seem to get to the top where he belongs always just falling short but that will not stop him from trying to get where he belongs which gets a pop from the crowd.

    He says he finally got over the hill that was originally blocking him when he beat Kevin Owens and banished him from Monday Night Raw. He says that Owens words at Survivor Series bothered him because he knows how good he is. Which brings him to last week. He was going to say what he just said to Charly last week until Finn comes along. He brings up how in NXT Finn played the part of the nice guy but he was really a no good two-faced snake of a person. He says Finn used to talk about his whole other demon side but Zayn says that was an excuse that Finn came up to jusitfy himself when ever he thought about how he stepped over Hideo and ruined his moment. He tells the crowd he used to respect Finn but now that is all gone. Zayn tells the crowd he is out here now to challenge Finn to a match at Breaking Point. What does he say?

    Finn Balor comes out flanked by his fellow members of the Club as he declares that he is not even sure if he should say yes. He tells Zayn he has bigger and better things to do then face someone like Zayn. He mocks Zayn before telling him beating him and knocking some sense into him would be a lot of fun saying he does not feel like waiting till Breaking Point directing his Club members towards the ring telling Zayn that he will give him a repeat of what happened to Hideo Itami and make sure he would not even be able to face him at Breaking Point.They climb into the ring when Rhodes Scholars music hits to a pop from the crowd to make the save. They chase off the heels who choose to back off now it is even as we go to an ad break.

    We can see the see Club talking backstage when they bump into Mick Foley. He tells the Club he saw what happened out there and even though Finn does not feel that Zayn is worth his time I think Sami Zayn vs Finn Balor sounds like a great match for Breaking Point. Finn smirks seemingly shrugging it off before he gets told later tonight it will be the Club vs Rhodes Scholars and Sami Zayn. Finn says his boys will do what they do best and they will win. He says not only will the Club beat them tonight they will retain their tag team titles, Finn will show Zayn why he is not in his league and soon he will take over Raw like he took over NXT.

    Match 1: Braun Strowman vs Mojo Rawley w/Hype Bros

    Braun Strowman and Mojo Rawley face each other with Strowman out for payback after Curt Hawkins caused him to be eliminated from the battle royale by holding his leg from under the ring. He destroys Mojo in the end hitting him with the running powerslam for the win.

    Winner via pinfall: Braun Strowman (4:24)

    Strowman however after the match bellows he is not finished with you yet as he looks towards Mojo Rawley with pure menace looking to inflict even more pain onto Mojo. However the Hype Bros realise the danger their partner is in and grabs him by the ankles dragging him out of th ering before Braun can hurt him any more. They leave him on the outside and charge at the monster among men. Curt Hawkins swings the cane but Strowman kicks him to the mat with a boot before he turns around as Ryder goes for a rough ryder but Strowman catches him as he does it and hits a running powerslam as Strowman stands tall in the ring as we go to an ad break.

    Nia Jax comes out to the ring after the ad break and looks angry as she always does. She declares that she was cheated due to a little girl who does not know her place. She says that she should have put Bayley on the shelf for good and has been too nice by not ending Bayley's career but now she is not being nice anymore. At this point Bayley's music hits as she makes her way out to the ring.

    Bayley comes out and says Nia Jax is the exact kind of girl she used to have to deal with growing up. She is nothing but a bully. However when she was young she learned then you have to stand up to bullies. She tells Nia Jax that Nia Jax for all her talk could never beat her for the NXT title and at Survivor Series she made her pass out. Nia Jax tells the little girl to watc... Baylye fires back is no little girl and whilst she may be a bit different to others her niceness is not a weakness it is her strength. She challenges Nia Jax to a match at Breaking Point which Nia Jax says yes to. She then goes to attack Bayley who actually puts up a good fight but in the end Nia Jax plants Bayley to the mat to heat from the crowd.

    We cut to the backstage area where we can see the New Day who ask who who who has seen Mick Foley when he appears like magic and asks what he can do for the New Day. New Day make a joke about The Mercenaries and their new hanger on Ryback. They tell Foley they want a match with the Mercenaries and heck they can through Goldberg in too. Woods questions if he meant Ryback and Big E says he always gets those two mixed up. Kofi says they want answers as to WHO WHO WHO paid them off. Foley says yes saying he will be happy to help them as New Day Rocks. They do a New Day rocks chant and dance for a bit till Kofi says guys I know we love having fun but we do need to take this seriously as well. The other two agree as the group head off determined to get some answers.

    Match 2: Alberto Del Rio w/Paige vs Heath Slater w/Jinder Mahal

    Alberto Del Rio takes on Heath Slater in a decent match. Heath Slater does his best to try to defeat Del Rio but is not match for a former WWE champion and loses to the cross armbreaker.

    Winner via submission: Alberto Del Rio (8:15)

    After the match Del Rio gets his arm raised when Jinder jumps him from behind before laying into Del Rio with a number of boots to the back of Alberto Del Rio. He looks like he is about to carry on attacking him when Paige runs in the ring which makes Jinder decide to leave Alberto Del Rio down in the ring as he goes to get his 2MB partner as they head to the back.

    We cut to the backstage area where we can see Dana Brooks working out with Emma as she is showing off her power-lifting skills before promising that soon playtime will be over. Alexa Bliss however is walking by and laughs calling Dana Brooks a joke. Dana throws the weights down going towards Alexa when Emma holds her back saying Bliss is not worth it. Bliss mentions that Dana was the first one out on her team saying she is such a loser who needs someone to always hold her hand. Dana tells Alexa she will face her out there and shut her mouth. Bliss smirks before saying sure see you out here.

    Match 3: Dash Wilder w/Scott Dawson vs Cedric Alexander w/Big Cass

    This ends up being a good match with Cedric taking on one half of the Revival here with Big Cass supporting him at ringside. Even in this singles match you can tell that the Revival have their teamwork down whilst Cass and Cedric not being a regular tag team struggle with Dawson helping to distract the ref by attacking Cass from behind. Wilder in the ring looks in trouble but thanks to the distraction uses an eye rake before hitting the double knee facebreaker before covering Alexander for the 3 count.

    Winner via pinfall: Dash Wilder (9:15)

    Scott after the match goes to attack Cedric as well as they tease repeating the move that wrote Enzo off as they scream this is what happens to your friends when you cost us our tag team titles in NXT. However Cedric fights off Dash and hits him the Lumbar Check whilst Big Cass pushes Scott Dawson off the top rope causing Scott to get Dash Wilder and take him up the ramp as Cedric and Cass stand tall before Raw goes to an break.

    Match 4: The Club vs Sami Zayn and The Rhodes Scholars

    The Club control the match using their cheap tactics and the fact the 3 men know each other so well as a unit. Finn Balor ends up distracting the ref by teasing he is going to hit Zayn with a weapon on the outside, which distracts the ref long enough for Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to each use their tag titles to lay out Rhodes Scholars before Karl Anderson the legal man covers the other legal man Damien Sandow.

    Winners via pinfall: The Club (16:09)

    After the match the Club take down Zayn to the mat before standing tall as The Club hold their tag team titles sending a message to their foes after this match.

    We come back from the ad break when Sasha Banks makes her way out to the ring as she holds her Women's title in the air for the crowd. She gets in the ring as the crowd reign down heat. Sasha tells the crowd that they are booing her because they cannot stand the fact she is still the Boss of this division and does not have time to spend with losers like the people in the crowd. She says as the champion she has people pestering her at 5am when she is going back to her hotel or when she is at airports but you guys are not worth my time. She is about to carry on when Becky Lynch comes out to a pop from the crowd.

    Becky Lynch comes out and tells Sasha it must be hard getting through doors with your head being that big. Sasha tells Becky that was cute but if she is out here just to make jokes at her expense them you can leave and I will beat you one more time. Becky however smirks saying she is out here because she knows what Sasha is like and has known her since NXT. She says at Breaking Point she knows if it is a fair match Sasha will find some way to bend the rules. Sasha smirks saying yeah she lies she cheats and she steals. The crowd chant Eddie Eddie to which Sasha turns around shouting he wishes he was as good at it as me getting monster heat from the crowd.

    Becky tells Sasha that she has lost her mind if she thinks she will ever comes close to being as good as Eddie was with Sasha telling her that she is the greatest Female wrestler of all time and Becky wishes she could come close to Sasha's level. Becky tells Sasha the only thing she wants to do is break Sasha's arm challenging her to a submissions match where the only way to win is to make the other person tap or pass out. Becky declares we can use weapons and the only way to win is to make the other person tap or pass out. If Sasha is the boss surely she can win that kind of match. Sasha smirks before agreeing and telling Becky it is really naïve to end her own career like that. She goes for the cheap shot with the microphone but Becky dodges before grabbing a hold of Sasha and locks in the Dis-arm-her. Sasha taps but there is no one to stop it till security come pouring out forcing Becky to let go of the hold as Sasha holds her arm whilst Becky has sent a message to Sasha Banks.

    Match 5: Titus O'Neil w/Darren Young and Bob Backland vs R-Truth w/Goldust

    Titus O'Neil comes out for this match with his tag partner to take on one half of the Golden Truth. They put on a decent match with Bob telling Titus to do certain things but when he does them they fail. He gets into it with Bob at ringside after the match with Darren Young having to play peacemaker between the two men.

    Winner via pinfall: R-Truth (6:20)

    We come back from the ad Break as we have the ring set up with a bunch of weapons on a table (a steel chair, kendo stick, all the standard ones etc) before Lana and Rusev make their way out to the ring to heat from the crowd. Lana tells the crowd to give Rusev their US champion the respect he deserves which gets him more heat from the crowd. She calls the crowd stupid Americans before getting everyone to turn their attention to the titantron and watch this.

    We then see images of all the people he has beaten as we can see them being taken away with injuries as it focuses on the last two people to show up Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin. We then cut back to the ring as Rusev and Lana can be seen smirking in the ring as the crowd reign down heat on the pair of them.

    Lana says that Shelton took what did not belong to him and Rusev took it back with interest. He says Shelton tried to avenge his friend but he was too weak to do so. Rusev says into the mic he crushed him like he crushed his mentor and friend Kurt Angle. Lana says Kurt Angle was your people's hero and look where he is now. Rusev says he beat him so bad he became addicted to painkillers due to the pain and had to go to rehab. This gets massive heat as Rusev and Lana laugh in the ring. However before they can carry on Shelton Benjamin makes his way out angry as hell.

    He storms to the ring clearly having heard enough from Rusev and Lana sliding in the ring getting ready to go on the attack. Rusev goes after him but Shelton sees it coming taking him down to the mat with a bunch of punches. He then gets back up and looks at the table with weapons on it before grabbing the chair and hits Rusev in the back multiple times. He wails on Rusev before picking up the US title and holding it the air shouting this will be his once again. Ruse rolls out of the ring as Lana helps him towards the back as he is clearly in a lot of pain after this beatdown.

    Match 6: Naomi vs Tamina w/Carmella

    Naomi takes on Tamina here as Tamina looks to gain some momentum back after losing to the team of Emma and Dana brooks last week. In the end Carmella distracts Naomi by getting on the apron allowing Tamina to take advantage hitting her with a superkick for the 3 count.

    Winner via pinfall: Tamina (8:20)

    We come back after an ad break as Samoa Joe makes his way out to the ring holding his World title to a mixed reaction mostly heat for the World champion. Samoa Joe smirks in the ring saying people should start listening to him. If people would listen to him and stop coming after his title they would not get hurt. Joe tells the crowd when he gets in the ring he is there to win matches. They just happen to get hurt when they step in the ring with him. He says he came here to destroy and conquer. He declares it took him less then a month once on Monday Night Raw to take the World title whilst Cesaro has been here for years and never come close to winning anything like this.

    At this point Cesaro comes out in a suit to a good pop from the crowd. Cesaro gets into the the ring and tells Joe if he is so great why did he sneak attack him last week? Is he worried that Cesaro knows enough about what Joe can do from their time in ROH? Joe smirks saying he does not need to cheap-shot Cesaro but he did because he can. He can hurt people, he can inflict pain on people and he can destroy people. He says why not take Cesaro out now so I can get a night off at Breaking Point or get to hurt someone else. Cesaro says that Joe has always been like this taking people out from behind and talking about how tough he is but the truth is Joe thinks too highly of himself and Cesaro knows how to beat him.

    Joe smirks but looks super angry before raising the microphone again but goes to hit Cesaro with it but he ducks before taking down Joe with a bunch of uppercuts as Samoa Joe rolls out of the ring and heads to the back as Cesaro stands in the ring having gotten the upper hand on the destroyer Samoa Joe.

    Match 7: Alexa Bliss vs Dana Brookes

    Alexa Bliss takes on Dana Brookes and picks up a nice win using as many dirty tricks as she can but picks up the win with her DDT after hitting Emma with an eye rake to the face before mocking Emma in the ring.

    Winner via pinfall: Alexa Bliss (7:16)

    Shinsuke Nakamura gets a hype package on the big screen once again letting the crowd know who he is and that he is coming to Monday Night Raw very soon.

    We cut to backstage where we can hear a shouting match with Titus O'Neil and Bob Buckland. Bob tells Titus he needs to learn how to be great again with Titus firing back that they would be better off without some crazy old man helping them. Darren Young looks caught between a rock and a hard place as Titus says he is getting fed up of Bob and the fact he is dragging them down in his mind but he wants to be great again like Backland is promising to make him.

    Match 8: Kofi Kingston w/The New Day vs Ryback w/The Mercenaries

    This is a good long match as Kofi here looks to get some payback on Ryback after his attack last night as both men prepare for the 3 man tag at Breaking Point. Ryback is in control from the start but Kofi's recent war with a monster has prepared him well in advance for this match as he uses his speed and unique offence to take control of the match. He gets ready to hit trouble in paradise but the Mercenaries charge into the ring and attack Kofi causing the DQ.

    Winner via DQ: Kofi Kingston (13:59)

    The New Day charge into the ring to help save their friend Kofi from this assault by the Mercenaries and Ryback. The heels are in control until they end up near the ropes when Big E charges spearing the pair out of the ring as Woods climbs to the top rope and drops down onto the pair of them whilst in the ring Kofi hits Ryback with Trouble in paradise knocking Ryback down to the mat. The segment comes to an end as New Day stand tall in the ring.

    We come to the ring for the final segment of the night as we can see the Highlight Reel set up as Chris Jericho makes his way out to a pop from the crowd. He says welcome to the highlight reel and tells the crowd to drink it in maaaaaaaaaan whilst holding the list in his hand. He says tonight he will be hosting what can be called a warm up Highlight reel segment between two men who hate each other before bringing his first guest to the ring Seth Rollins.

    Seth Rollins makes his way down to the ring. He looks angry as hell as he takes a seat in the ring. Chris Jericho welcomes him to the show when Roman Reigns music hits to heat from the crowd. Jericho says you are meant to wait till I call you out you stupid idiot! Reigns says he is done doing things on other people's time and they are all in his yard so he will do what he wants.

    Seth Rollins jumps up at this point saying he has gotten to the point where he no longer cares about what Reigns has to say he just wants to beat the hell out of him. Reigns says he feels the same and wants to destroy him. Jericho tells Reigns that you know what happens when you interrupt the highlight reel and come out before you are meant to! You know what happens? Reigns however is no mood for Jericho and hits the superman punch to Jericho before he can be put on the list which gets massive heat from the crowd.

    He stands in the ring smirking when Rollins has picked up one of the chairs from the set of the highlight reel and hits Reigns with it smashing it over his back to a thunderous sound. He then jumps on Reigns as they head to outside of the ring and start to brawl however Reigns is able to take control countering Rollins before hitting him with a spear laying him out on the floor at ringside. He then smirks when Jericho comes up behind looking to get back at Reigns but he is able to counter the codebreaker attempt hitting Jericho with a crufix powerbomb. Reigns starts to clear the announce table before he grabs Rollins picking him up and he sends him through the announce table!!! Raw comes to an end with Roman Reigns standing tall with Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins laid out on the ground.

    Current matchcard for Breaking Point:

    World title match: Samoa Joe © vs Cesaro

    Street fight: Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins

    Sami Zayn vs Finn Balor

    Women's title No DQ submission match: Sasha Banks (c) vs Becky Lynch

    Highlight reel segment with Shinsuke Nakamura

    WWE tag team titles fatal 4 way ladder match: The Club (c) vs The Revival vs Rhodes Scholars vs Big Cass and Cedric Alexander

    US title ambulance match: Rusev © vs Shelton Benjamin

    New Day vs The Mercenaries and Ryback

    Nia Jax vs Bayley

    Braun Strowman vs Zack Ryder

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    SD Live Re: WWE: A different future

    November 8th

    So managed to lose all the the latest episode of Smackdown which was the build to Smackdown 900 so the episode will be done in recap form due to this with me summing up the key moments that happened this week for each of the matches that will be happening on Smackdown 900.

    WWE title match: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Neville

    Neville comes out to start the show before Kevin Owens makes his way out threatening to destory Neville and force Bryan to place KO in the title match instead. Ambrose comes out with a bit of a back and forth before Bryan comes out to make the main event for the night between KO and Neville. Neville wins the main event via a distraction from Dean Ambrose. Post-match Neville and Dean Ambrose get into before both men stare down the other holding their respective titles into the air as Smackdown ends.

    Number one contender's match for TLC: John Cena vs Baron Corbin

    Tyler Breeze makes his way out to the ring with Fandango to boast about eliminating John Cena. John Cena comes out and challenges him to a match right there. Short match but Cena wins before calling out Corbin. Corbin comes out saying he is sick of waiting and is taking out the old guard so he can have his rightful spot at the top. Cena says he was robbed of a number one contender's spot and was going to be given the title match at TLC but will put on the line against Corbin to shut him up.

    IC title match: The Miz (c) vs Kane

    Miz holds a Miz TV segment to call out whoever Bryan has picked for him to beat at Smackdown 900. Kane makes his way out to the ring and destroys the Miz TV set as Miz flees in horror with his wife knowing he is facing the Big Red Machine at Smackdown 900.

    AJ Styles vs Zack Sabre Jr

    AJ Styles comes out and again says he will show the world why he is the face that runs the place now when Zack Sabre Jr comes out and challenges him to a match at Smackdown 900. AJ laughes but agrees to the match. Sabre offers a handshake but AJ walks off laughing leaving Sabre hanging.

    Number one contender's match for IC title: Hunico vs Sheamus

    Hunico picks up the win against Mustafa Ali is a good back and forth match. As he heads up the ramp Sheamus shoulder barges him sending a message before he in quick fashion finishes off Brian Kendrick with a Brouge kick for the 3 count.

    Bray Wyatt vs Dolph Ziggler and #DIY vs Wyatt Family

    Bray Wyatt calls out all 3 men with his family calling them lost giving Ziggler a last chance to join him or fall. Ziggler says if those are the only two options he would rather fall then join Bray. Bray laughs promising this will be the end of Ziggler. #DIY come out together to a massive pop for the crowd and chase off the 3 men as they look for payback. Gargano calls out Harper and Rowan for their attack challenging them to a match at Smackdown 900.

    World tag team titles match: Breezedango (c) vs American Alpha

    Breezedango are backstage boasting with their titles when American Alpha appear and make jokes about their posing before telling them Bryan has told them they will be facing Breezedango for the tag team titles at Smackdown 900. Breezedango then go out to the ring to complain and insult Cena. Breeze loses but Fandango has no chance to attack Cena as American Alpha come out chasing the heels off.

    Falls count anywhere: Tyson Kidd (c) vs Kalisto

    Tyson Kidd beats Rich Swann in a good match before Kalisto comes out and attacks Kidd until Swann pulls him off. Backstage Swann tells him he is losing his temper way too easily with Kalisto swearing at Swann in Spanish storming off.

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