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Thread: WWE: A Different Future

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    WWE Re: WWE: A Different Future

    6-man tag made for Raw:

    After Elias's and The Revival actions on the most recent editions of Monday night Raw we will see the True Gentleman and Neville look for payback as they will face off in a 6-man tag on the next Monday night Raw which will take place in Cardiff, Wales.

    Kurt Angle to appear on Smackdown Live in 2 weeks time:

    It has been announced that Kurt Angle will be making an appearance on Smackdown Live in two weeks time. He has not been seen in WWE since he announced he was retiring from the ring. It will be interesting to hear what the WWE legend has to say.

    8-man tag man main event and Cesaro vs Heath Slater made official for Smackdown Live:

    On this week's Smackdown Live it has been announced on twitter that we will see two encounters. Heath Slater did not take too kindly to Cesaro's comments on Tuesday night and has challenged him to a match which the Swiss Superman has agreed to.

    Meanwhile in the main event of the show the 8 men who will take part in the Smackdown side of King of the Ring face off as American Alpha, Big E and Finn Balor team up against Luke Harper, Zack Sabre Jr, Rusev and Finn Drew McIntyre. It will be interesting to see how the two teams co-exist ahead of the tournament next Sunday!

    Brie Bella back injury to keep her out of the ring for 2 weeks:

    Brie Bella picked up a back injury at a house show and will be out of action for the next two weeks.

    Shane McMahon announces that no one will be allowed at ringside for King of the ring:

    Lastly ahead of the King of the Ring tournament Shane McMahon the commissioner for both Raw and Smackdown Live has announced that no one will be allowed at ringside for the King of the Ring tournament matches. Shane McMahon has said he wants this be an opportunity for a new superstar to emerge and earn an opportunity at either the World or WWE title without any controversy.

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    Raw Re: WWE: A Different Future

    September 18th:
    Cardiff, Wales

    We start off Monday Raw getting straight down to business as Sheamus walks to the ring getting a loud pop from the Welsh crowd.

    Michael Cole: Welcome to Monday Night Raw and we are in Cardiff, Wales as we are 6 nights away from King of The Ring. And right now, we will be seeing the US title on the line as Sheamus takes on Samoa Joe!

    Corey Graves: And not only that but in the main event we see Sami Zayn try to take back the World title from Braun Strowman.

    Michael Cole: That is correct Corey. But focusing on the match that is about to happen right now what do you think Sheamus's chances are tonight?

    Corey Graves: Sheamus is a tough warrior and 4-time World champion as well as a two-time US champion. But Samoa Joe has been near unstoppable on Monday night Raw since he first appeared. Only two men have managed to beat him. Samoa Joe is like the casino; the house always wins and I am betting on the house.

    Samoa Joe marches out next holding his US title in the air getting a mixed reaction from the crowd due to their smarky nature and Joe being Joe. He has a snarl on his face as he marches to the ring joining Sheamus inside. Both men square up looking ready to fight straight away as the ref makes sure to keep things under control.

    Michael Cole: Well you might be right there but you have to wonder if Joe's comments about Sami Zayn's help at Payback will motivate Sheamus tonight.

    Corey Graves: Maybe it will Michael but maybe it will make Sheamus angry and emotional causing him to make a mistake allowing Joe to take advantage.

    The ref lets the timekeeper do the usual announcements before ringing the bell getting the US title match under way.

    Match 1: US title match: Samoa Joe (c) vs Sheamus

    The bell rings and right from the start it is a brawl as the two powerhouses start laying into each other with massive clubbing blows. Sheamus is able to shock Joe taking control early on as the show cuts to a very quick commercial break. When it comes back it is still evenly matched as the two men are trading blows, vying for control. However, the tide turns when Joe is able to hit Sheamus with lariat sending Sheamus to the outside. Joe then runs off the ropes as he hits a suicide elbow to Sheamus!

    From there Samoa Joe would start to grind down Sheamus with mostly submissions though he does use some of his power game to wear down the Celtic Warrior. Joe is able to switch up his submissions any time Sheamus is able to try to escape the hold. However, in the closing stages Sheamus makes a comeback and even looks like he might take control. He gets Joe down hitting him with a massive White Noise! Samoa Joe kicks out at 2 however.

    Sheamus at this point gets into the corner of the ring as he starts to beat his chest as he gets ready to go for the Brogue kick! He charges in slightly slower than usual due to the damage Joe has done to his legs during the match which allows Joe to duck out of the way and lock in the Coquina clutch! Joe looks to get the hold wrapped in tight but before he can fully get the hold locked in Sheamus sends Joe back first into the turnbuckle over and over till he lets go of the hold! Sheamus makes his way back to the corner as he looks to go for the Brogue kick again but Joe is able to counter, lifting him onto his shoulders before hitting him with the musclebuster planting Sheamus. Joe makes the cover and retains his US title.

    Winner via pinfall and still US champion: Samoa Joe (14:37)

    Michael Cole: Samoa Joe once again holds onto his US title!

    Corey Graves: Like I said before you never want to bet against the house. Sheamus put up one hell of a fight but Samoa Joe once again proved why he might be the most dominant US champion in WWE history!

    Samoa Joe gets passed his US title as he holds it in the air as he stands over the Celtic Warrior looking every bit the dominant champion he is whilst Sheamus looks to get back to his feet when this hits...

    Andrade Cien Almas and the rest of the Ungovenables walk out onto the ramp with Zelina Vega leading the way. Samoa Joe the US champion who has climbed out of the ring looks confused and wary.

    Michael Cole: What are Zelina Vega's Ungovenables doing out here?

    Corey Graves: Well we know she tried to get Sheamus to join her group last week and was turned down. Maybe they want to show what Sheamus is missing?

    Joe after a 15-minute match looks at the group ready for a fight if needed but they all walk past Joe and make their way to the ring letting the US champion head to the back. Instead Zelina Vega bends down next to Sheamus who is starting to rise to his feet as he sells the damage, he went through during the US title match. Zelina Vega tells him they could have helped him become US champion but he turned them down so now he pays and slaps Sheamus in the face! Before he can react Andrade Cien Almas, Hunico and Kalisto start beating him down!

    Michael Cole: Come on there is no need for this!

    Corey Graves: Hey once you disrespect someone like Zelina Vega you make yourself her enemy and she will look to make you pay via any means necessary.

    All 3 men are beating on him like a pack of viscous hyenas when this music hits:

    Seth Rollins sprints down to the ring getting a loud pop from the crowd as he climbs onto the ring apron. He wastes no time as he springboards off the ropes and takes down Hunico with a springboard clothesline! He turns around and catches Kalisto with a dropkick bringing him down! However, before he can react Andrade hits him with a superkick sending him into the corner of the ring.

    Andrade gets to his feet looking super angry as he charges in and hits his running double knees smashing Rollins's head into the corner of the ring! Rollins is struggling now as Hunico and Kalisto both climb to the top rope as they hit Sheamus with a double diving splash. Meanwhile Andrade drags Seth Rollins from the corner of the ring before dropping him on his head with La Sombra!

    Michael Cole: Well Seth Rollins tried to get some revenge on the group but no success as once again the Ungovenables stand tall over him and they have added another victim to their list.

    Corey Graves: Andrade Cien Almas has to be one of the favorites to win King of the ring. Not only that but with the Ungovenables he might be one of the few men who is able to stop Braun Strowman!

    Michael Cole: Yeah but he will not have the Ungovenables or Zelina Vega at ringside this Sunday!

    Corey Graves: He won't need them Michael. This guy has been reborn under Zelina Vega's mentor-ship and now will prove himself to be the icon he believes he is.

    The Ungovenables stand tall in the ring as the show cuts to a commercial break.

    Cody Rhodes's music hits as he makes his way to the ring to boos from the crowd with his beautiful wife Brandi Rhodes by his side.

    Michael Cole: Well last week we saw Cody Rhodes sneak attack Damien Sandow with the help of his wife who distracted the intellectual savior.

    Corey Graves: Cody felt betrayed by Damien Sandow for his actions in the past year and wanted to get revenge.

    Michael Cole: But Damien Sandow did nothing wrong!

    Corey Graves: Cody and Brandi do not see it that way Michael.

    Both of the Rhodes stand in the ring as Cody has an evil smile on his face as he looks at the booing crowd.

    Cody Rhodes: Last week I gave Damien what he deserved.

    Boos from the crowd as Brandi looks offended by the crowd's reaction.

    Brandi Rhodes: Hey show some respect. We are part of wrestling's true royal family!

    More boos from the crowd as she shakes her head and lets her husband carry on.

    Cody Rhodes: It is fine. These people would not know royalty if it was staring them in the face. I mean look at my wife and look at your queen. You will see the difference.

    More boos from the crowd for the insult for the queen of the United Kingdom as Cody looks to carry on.

    Cody Rhodes: Only the WWE universe would be stupid enough to boo me and defend a man like Damien Sandow who has betrayed my trust time and time again.

    Cody's face is going red as he is clearly furious as Brandi tries to comfort her husband. Cody calms down a tiny bit before he carries on.

    Cody Rhodes: First do you remember years ago when he robbed me of my chance to become Mr Money in the Bank? I was this close to finally breaking through and he ripped that away from me.

    Cody Rhodes shakes his head before carrying on.

    Cody Rhodes: But I was the bigger man and I forgave him. I was the one who brought us back together with the idea to show the world what we should have been. And we beat the two top men in this company Seth Rollins...

    Cheers from the crowd for the mention of Seth Rollins.

    Cody Rhodes: and Roman Reigns!

    Which change to boos for the mention of the Smackdown Live superstar.

    Cody Rhodes: We even won the WWE tag team titles defeating teams like The Club and the current champions the Revival. But there is only so long a team can last with someone you can't trust!

    More boos from the crowd as Cody shakes his head.

    Cody Rhodes: When I needed someone to help me and support me as my brother was attacked, Damien was more focused on gold. Well guess what my dad taught me. Family means more than titles and always will but someone like Sandow does not know the meaning of that.

    Brandi nods her head agreeing with her husband.

    Cody Rhodes: He ditched me. I tried to be the bigger man and be friends with the betrayer but then he turned on me in the battle royal. I knew I had to teach him a lesson.

    Boos from the crowd as Cody looks to carry on.

    Cody Rhodes: But last week I made sure he knew not to cross me again. And if he comes back the same fate will befall him.

    Brandi Rhodes: My husband took out the trash and now it is time for him to prove the Rhodes are the true royal family in WWE as he will win King of the Ring next week.

    Boos from the crowd as Cody takes back the microphone.

    Cody Rhodes: I have been here too many years and I have never had a fair chance to become World champion like my father was. However, this Sunday after I beat the pretend king Shinsuke Nakamura, I will make my way through everyone in my path and prove myself king of the rhodes!

    Boos from the crowd which carry on until this music hits:

    Cody's opponent this Sunday Shinsuke Nakamura's music hits as the King of strong style walks to the ring getting a loud pop from the crowd. Cody and Brandi look annoyed at being interrupted as Shinsuke does his usual antics before joining the pair in the ring with a microphone in hand.

    Shinsuke Nakamura: You called me a pretend king?

    Cody Rhodes: Yes, that is what I said. You may have been known for your hard punches in Japan but when you step into the ring with American Nightmare, I will show you the strength of a legacy.

    Shinsuke smirks before getting in Cody's face.

    Shinsuke Nakamura: You talk too much.

    Shinsuke backs away before taking down Cody with a massive kick to the skull! Cody rolls out of the ring in pain as Brandi Rhodes joins him on the outside of the ring.

    Michael Cole: Shinsuke sending Cody Rhodes a message ahead of their battle this Sunday!

    Corey Graves: Well he did surprise Cody Rhodes with that knee to the face but you have to think Cody will be more prepared this Sunday!

    Cody Rhodes still looks annoyed selling the damage that kick has done to his face whilst Shinsuke smirks in the ring. We then cut to a video package which shows Piper Nevin once again fighting in the Mae Young classic. It shows how strong she is and with clips from ICW mixed in. It cuts back to her standing in a ring punching her fist.

    Piper Nevin: My name is Piper Nevin and I have gone around the world fighting women everywhere.

    More clips of her matches play.

    Piper Nevin: And now I come to WWE.

    She lets out a smile looking towards the camera as some more of her impressive ring work is shown off.

    Piper Nevin: I have devoted nearly 10 years of my life to this. I have made so many sacrifices but I am proud of them as it has made me a champion all over the world.

    Shows the numerous belts she has won especially in Japan.

    Piper Nevin: And trust me I intend to become a champion on Monday night Raw as well.

    The video package comes to an end with the caption saying she will debut in 2 weeks time before we cut back to the ring.

    Michael Cole: Well in two weeks time we will see Piper make her debut on Monday night Raw and she is an incredible talent.

    Corey Graves: The fact that she did not make the semi-finals says to me how high the skill level is in the Mae Young classic as Piper Nevin is a world class wrestler.

    Titus O'Neil makes his way out doing an odd dancing and barking at the crowd getting a small reaction from the lively UK crowd as he walks to the ring.

    Michael Cole: Well tonight is a big night for both Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews.

    Corey Graves: You are right Michael Titus needs to win to get his Titus Worldwide idea off the ground but if he loses to Apollo, he has to give up his purist of the young star.

    Apollo Crews makes his way out also get a fairly small reaction from the crowd. He walks to the ring smiling and slapping hands with the fans in the front row before joining Titus in the ring.

    Michael Cole: Well Apollo Crews looks very calm and relaxed tonight.

    Corey Graves: I mean it is a win win for him. If he loses, he gets a new mentor as well as a temporary tag team partner till Akira Tozawa returns. If he wins, he picks up a win over a former tag team champion and an experienced competitor within WWE.

    Match 2: Titus O'Neil vs Apollo Crews

    Both men spend the first part of the match trying to overpower the other. Apollo soon uses his unique agility to take control of the match as Titus struggles to keep up with the fast pace Crews brings. It looks like Apollo is going to win but he spends a little too long paying to the crowd before going for a standing moonsault allowing Titus to get his knees up! Titus does not waste anytime as he scoops Apollo Crews up, hitting him with the clash of titus picking up the win.

    Winner via pinfall: Titus O'Neil (7:14)

    Michael Cole: Well it looks like Titus Worldwide has it's first client Corey!

    Corey Graves: And Titus can use this first match as a lesson for what Apollo needs to work on. Too much playing to the crowd cost him and gave Titus the win.

    Titus is celebrating the win as he barks at the crowd whilst Apollo Crews struggles back up to his feet. We see Titus stood there for a while as he offers his new client a handshake which Apollo Crews accepts as both men start talking in the ring. The show cuts to a commercial break before coming back as we cut to a video promo which shows Mustafa Ali in a hoodie walking down a street.

    Mustafa Ali: A lot of people have been wondering how I am after Randy's attack.

    Ali sighs before looking at the camera.

    Mustafa Ali: And if I will be 100% before what was going to be the biggest tournament of my career? The answer is no I am not 100%. The damage done by that punt kick to my skull, well I am still feeling the effects. The doctors have advised me I won't be fully fit but I refuse to miss out on an opportunity to earn a World title shot.

    Ali takes a seat on a bench with the camera still following him.

    Mustafa Ali: I know how tough Andrade Cien Almas is and he will do whatever it takes to advance to the quarter finals. But I refuse to give up my chance to achieve my dream of becoming a World champion. Especially not due to a jealous veteran who cannot handle the newcomers on the scene surpassing him.

    Ali rises to his feet selling his anger.

    Mustafa Ali: You talk about how you were sending me a message and for me to stay away. I ain't going to run away. See if I win at King of the Ring, I will save my World title shot for a later date because I want you at Armageddon! You want to be a bully well I am going to show you that you can't get away with it! And I will be the man who shows you what happens when bullies run into someone who is able to stand up for themselves!

    The promo comes to an end as Mustafa can be seen staring into the camera clearly still furious about what he did to him a couple of weeks ago. We cut to the backstage area as Charly Caruso tentatively approaches the World champion Braun Strowman.

    Charly Caruso: Braun, can I ask how you are feeling ahead of your World title match tonight?

    Braun turns around giving Charly Caruso a glare scaring the backstage interviewer.

    Braun Strowman: I am feeling fine. Why don't you ask Sami Zayn how he is feeling? He is the one who has to face a monster. He is the one who is going to get crushed. He is the one who should be feeling fear when he gets these hands. Hell, by the end of the match he will be hoping that I am finished with him because if I am not you won't see him again after tonight.

    Braun Strowman walks off elsewhere backstage as we cut back to the commentary team.

    Michael Cole: Strong words from Braun Strowman ahead of his World title match in the main event of tonight's show.

    Corey Graves: I mean he is right. They should be asking Zayn is he is feeling OK willingly taking on the monster among men.

    Michael Cole: Well it shows how much the World title means to Sami Zayn and how much he wants it back. However, we are about to go to a commercial break but up next we will see the True Gentleman and Neville take on The Revival and Elias in a 6 man tag next!

    When we return from the commercial break, we hear a nice loud pop as the True Gentleman make their way out to the ring (which are mostly for Jack Gallagher) with English still stuck having to wear that phantom of the opera like mask. Both men also have their umbrellas with them as well which they place by the corner of the ring.

    Michael Cole: Well it may not be Gallagher's home country England but the fans are still very happy to see the True Gentleman tonight.

    Corey Graves: Well both of these men need to start getting ready to put their gentlemanly ways aside as they get ready to battle The Revival and try to become WWE tag team champions.

    Neville's music hits next and he is able to get the loudest pop of the night so far as the king of the cruiserweights makes his way to the ring with an angry focused look on his face. He does not even crack a smile but does shake hands with Jack Gallagher. Aiden English however thinks better of trying to get a handshake with Neville.

    Michael Cole: Jack Gallagher earned the respect of Neville earlier in the year but I don't think English wants to test whether Neville has any for him.

    Corey Graves: Heavy is the head that wears the crown and Neville sees himself as the pinnacle of Cruiserweight wrestlers. He ain't got time for people he feels ain't worthy of it.

    Elias makes his way out and gets boos from the crowd as he walks out with his special singer microphone and his guitar in hand ready to sing a song.

    Corey Graves: Oh god to think of all the great musicians the British have produced and now they have to suffer through this!

    Elias: Now before I step into that ring, I have a song to perform so if you would kindly shut your goddamn mouths and silence your cell phones!

    This obviously gets boos from the crowd as Elias starts to strum his guitar whilst Neville snarls in the ring not wanting to waste his time to listening to Elias. Jack Gallagher and Aiden English just roll their eyes not impressed.

    Elias: Beating up Neville is such fun like watching the Wales rugby team run. I had such a smile when I knocked Neville out just like I do knowing Wales won't win the six nations for a long old while!

    This gets massive boos from the crowd not happy for the jokes about the Wales rugby team.

    Elias: Both of these men are from England but they are losers like the whole of Wales. Now go back to the valleys as they are sheep that need tending to.

    Massive boos for Elias who starts to walk to the ring soaking in the boos.

    The boos carry on with a small smattering of cheers due to the nature of the crowd. The Revival walk to the ring showing off the WWE tag team titles before joining their friend in recent times Elias and they make their way to the ring. Neville and Gallagher talk to each other with Neville starting for their team. Meanwhile Dash Wilder steps into the ring to start for their team.

    Match 3: True Gentleman and Neville vs The Revival and Elias

    Neville controls the match early on really showing his skill and the fact he can go head to head with anyone, Cruiserweight or not. As the match goes on it gets a bit more evenly matched but neither team takes control. Both the Revival and True Gentleman show off their teamwork as they try to feel each other out and get an idea on what the others weaknesses are. Meanwhile Elias is noticeably staying away from his opponent this Sunday. Neville meanwhile does not care who is in the ring with him.

    The finish comes as Neville and Elias are the legal men. On the outside The Revival are trying to take out Aiden English with the shatter machine as Jack Gallagher hits his signature splash using the umbrella! Meanwhile in the ring Elias gets taken down with a superkick from Neville. Neville makes his way to the top rope before flying off hitting the Red Arrow to pick up the win!

    Winner via pinfall: Neville (12:08)

    Michael Cole: Neville and The True Gentleman pick up the win tonight and maybe that is a sign of what is to come this Sunday Corey?

    Corey Graves: Well a one on one match is a very different environment to tag team match but all the momentum is with Neville at the moment.

    Neville gets his arm raised as the True Gentleman join Neville in this ring happy with the win. Meanwhile the WWE tag team champions and Elias start to retreat up the ramp. Aiden English makes it clear he thinks the belts are coming to them making a belt motion.

    Michael Cole: The win will also give the True Gentleman a lot of confidence ahead of their tag team titles encounter at Armageddon.

    Corey Graves: It may but the top guys are known for finding a way to win when the titles are on the line.

    The show cuts to a commercial break and when we return, we see The Ungovenables are backstage talking to each other in Spanish when Mike Rome approaches the group.

    Mike Rome: Zelina Vega why did your clients attack Sheamus tonight?

    Hunico looks around at Andrade and Kalisto like he cannot believe Mike asked that question.

    Hunico: Are you serious? How about I knock some sense into you.

    Zelina puts her arm out stopping Hunico from doing anything rash.

    Zelina Vega: Hunico not everyone is as smart as us, you have to remember that.

    Hunico nods his head.

    Zelina Vega: Like Sheamus. He was stupid enough to disrespect me and he paid the price.

    Andrade Cien Almas: La falta de respeto no se tomará a la ligera

    Zelina Vega: Exactly Andrade, anyone who shows us disrespect will get the same treatment. What we did to Rollins was not personal but if he keeps trying to fight us the same thing will keep on happening.

    Mike Rome: This Sunday Andrade Cien Almas will take part in the King of the Ring tournament. How will yourself and the rest of the Ungovenables being not allowed at ringside play a factor into his chances?

    Andrade looks very annoyed by that comment.

    Andrade Cien Almas: ¡Si élhace una preguntamásirrespetuosa, lo noquearé!

    Zelina Vega: Está bien, Andrade es demasiado estúpido como para saberlo mejor.

    Andrade seems to calm down as Zelina looks to carry on.

    Zelina Vega: Did he need Hunico and Kalisto to beat Shinsuke Nakamura? No, he didn't. This man is the future of wrestling. He was an icon in Mexico and now he has come to the WWE to be a worldwide icon. Mustafa Ali his first-round opponent has himself said he ain't 100%. He would need to be more then 100% to stand a chance against my client. This Sunday Andrade will become Rey Andrade.

    Zelina walks off leading the way as Kalisto and Andrade Cien Almas walk off straight away. Hunico though takes a little longer as he fakes punching Mike Rome which makes the interviewer jump back.

    Hunico: That is what I thought!

    As the camera fades, we cut back to the commentary team at ringside.

    Michael Cole: Well strong words from Zelina Vega tonight.

    Corey Graves: She has faith in her client. There was a reason she picked him back in NXT. She knows how good he is and that he needed her motivation to reach his full potential. But that does not mean he needs her at ringside.

    A massive pop from the crowd as the home country boy makes his way out. He takes his time getting to the ring as he slaps hands with the crowd.

    Michael Cole: Would you listen to that awesome reaction for Mark Andrews.

    Corey Graves: The Welsh crowd love their boy Mark Andrews and I can't blame them. He is an exciting competitor to watch and a great addition to the Cruiserweight division on Monday night Raw.

    Mark Andrews is still playing to the fans when the music for his opponent plays.

    Drew Gulak meanwhile gets a small number of boos as he walks to the ring looking very serious. He gets in the ring ready for the match as Mark Andrews is still playing to the crowd and having fun which seems to be making Drew Gulak even more angry.

    Michael Cole: Well Drew Gulak is not a fan of Mark Andrews.

    Corey Graves: Gulak has always been a hyper-serious competitor and anti-high-flying offense. Mark Andrews is the complete opposite.

    Drew Gulak is tapping his feet whilst Andrews is still having fun with the crowd and snaps demanding a microphone from one of the people at ringside.

    Drew Gulak: How about you stop pandering to these morons and get in this ring right now!

    That gets loud boos from the crowd as Mark Andrews shrugs joining Gulak in the ring. Gulak tries to attack Andrews straight away but the ref holds him back telling Drew he needs to wait for the bell. The ref after backing up Drew Gulak calls for the bell getting this match under way!

    Match 4: Mark Andrews vs Drew Gulak

    Drew Gulak is violently aggressive laying into Mark Andrews. He starts trying to wear down Mark Andrews with submissions trying to take away the legs of the high-flier. Any time Andrews escapes and goes up top, Drew cuts him off as he taunts Mark Andrews saying this is a no-fly zone! In the closing stages Drew is able to get the gu-lock on Mark Andrews. He struggles and teases tapping but he is able to get Drew's shoulders onto the mat and keeps them down for the 3 count stunning Gulak!

    Winner via pinfall: Mark Andrews (8:36)

    Drew kicks out on 3.01 but it is too late! Andrews rolls out of the ring and stumbles over to the fans celebrating this big win in his home country as Drew Gulak struggles to come to terms with losing this match. The crowd meanwhile love this result and chant Mark Andrews name.

    Michael Cole: Mark Andrews picking up a big win in his home country tonight.

    Corey Graves: Drew Gulak was too focused on trying to hurt Mark Andrews tonight and it cost him.

    Drew Gulak rolls out of the ring as he sees Mark Andrews celebrating with the fans. He heads towards the back but something in him snaps. He turns around and attacks Mark Andrews from behind! He picks him up and throws him into the barricade at ringside getting massive boos from the crowd.

    Michael Cole: There is no need for this!

    Drew carries on as he lays into him with a number of kicks before locking him in another gu-lock on the outside of the ring as keeps it on till Mark Andrews passes out. He grabs hold of him and tosses him to the floor before smiling for the first time since coming out. He starts shouting to the crowd who really won as they boo the hell out of him.

    Corey Graves: Well Gulak clearly felt slighted by the way he lost and wanted to make sure he walked away looking like the victor.

    We see Mark Andrews just coming to as we cut to a commercial break.

    Tommaso Ciampa the Cruiserwieght champion makes his way out after the commercial break getting boos from the crowd as he walks to the ring. He starts mocking some of the fans before he climbs into the ring.

    Michael Cole: Well it looks like we are going to hear from the Cruiserweight champion ahead of a big week for him.

    Corey Graves: Ciampa feels like he has already proven himself as the best Cruiserweight in the world and now looks to prove himself to be the best in the world period.

    Tommaso Ciampa is now in the ring as he looks out into the crowd as he adjusts goldie on his shoulder before looking to speak to the crowd.

    Tommaso Ciampa: In 6 days time I enter the King of the Ring and in 6 days time you will be forced to recognize me as not only the Cruiserweight champion but the greatest sports-entertainer today!

    Boos from the crowd.

    Tommaso Ciampa: You can boo it all you want but when I win King of the Ring you will be forced to come to terms with the fact!

    He lifts the Cruiserweight title into the air holding it for the crowd to look at.

    Tommaso Ciampa: I already dethroned one king to take this title and this Sunday in the last 16 I face a kid. Noam Dar you have potential but I am already reaching mine.

    Tommaso Ciampa licks his lips as he carries on.

    Tommaso Ciampa: And from there it does not matter who I face whether you are a king I have beaten or a wannabe king or a member of some famous family. You could be a singer or an icon or a plucky kid with a lot of heart.

    Ciampa takes a moment to catch his breath.

    Tommaso Ciampa: It does not matter who you are if you get in my way, I will defeat you. So, Braun Strowman you better get ready cause when I win King of the Ring, I am going to use my title shot the next night and take that title!

    Tommaso Ciampa has a cocky smirk on his face when we hear this music play.

    Cedric Alexander's music hits as Ciampa's challenger at Armageddon comes out to the ring with a microphone.

    Cedric Alexander: Shouldn't you be thinking about the title defense you know about already?

    Tommaso Ciampa lets out a slight smirk.

    Tommaso Ciampa: I don't need to.

    Boos from the crowd for the arrogance shown by Tommaso Ciampa.

    Tommaso Ciampa: I will deal with you when the time comes. When you are the greatest sports-entertainer in the business today you deal with contenders of the month all the time. You will just be a footnote in my reign.

    Cedric is looking annoyed by Ciampa's comments as he looks to respond, climbing into the ring.

    Cedric Alexander: Well if I am just a footnote why don't I make the most of my 15 minutes of fame and fight you right now?

    Cheers from the crowd as Tommaso Ciampa smirks but instead slides out of the ring to boos from the crowd. He takes a moment getting to half way up the ramp before speaking.

    Tommaso Ciampa: Sorry kid but the champion fights on his own terms not yours.

    Noam Dar makes his way out, Ciampa last 16 opponent this Sunday as he walks down the ramp smirking which distracts Ciampa. This gives Cedric the time he needs to slide out of the ring and spin Ciampa lifting him up and connects with the Lumbar check planting the Cruiserweight champion! Cedric gets back to his feet letting out a smile as the crowd cheer him on as Noam Dar walks past Cedric. Dar takes a moment standing over Ciampa before speaking off mic.

    Noam Dar: See ye Sunday ya dafty.

    Noam Dar starts walking back up the ramp once again smirking to himself like a cocky little shit getting a decent amount of cheers from the crowd.

    Michael Cole: Well Cedric Alexander letting Ciampa know he is not someone to be taken lightly!

    Corey Graves: But angering the champion is not a good idea. Ciampa is not known for being a calm individual and will not take been made to look a fool lightly.

    We see Tommaso Ciampa struggle up to his feet after taking that Lumbar check as Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander smile on the ramp happy to have got one up on the Cruiserweight champion as we cut to a commercial break.

    Brian Kendrick makes his way out to the ring after the break getting a small number of boos. He looks focused tonight knowing he has a big opportunity.

    Jeff Hardy makes his way out getting a loud pop from the crowd happy to see the popular veteran in action tonight in Wales.

    Michael Cole: Well the crowd are excited to see Jeff Hardy competing in singles action whilst Matt Hardy is on the shelf.

    Corey Graves: As a competitor you need a different mentality when you move over from the tag team division and focus on being a single competitor. Brian Kendrick will be looking to take advantage of that.

    Match 5: Jeff Hardy vs Brian Kendrick

    It takes a while for Jeff to get going as Brian Kendrick tries to keep him grounded knowing Jeff Hardy likes to use a high-risk offence in his matches. Jeff Hardy though is too experienced to allow that game plan to work and in the end is able to put away Brian Kendrick away with the swanton bomb.

    Winner via pinfall: Jeff Hardy (6:59)

    Michael Cole: Well Jeff may have some ring rust as a singles competitor but he was able to pick up the win tonight.

    Corey Graves: Jeff Hardy is a former World champion for a reason and now he is no longer trying overcome the top team in all of wrestling, he might be able to achieve some success in the singles division.

    Jeff Hardy celebrates in the ring as we see Summer Rae walking through the back followed by the rest of the BFF's.

    Michael Cole: Well it looks like our Women's champion Summer Rae is on the way to the ring. We will hear what she and the rest of the BFF's have to say after the commercial break. Don't go anywhere.

    Summer Rae leads the way as the BFF's walk to the ring getting loud boos from the crowd as they make their way to the ring. Summer looks very cocky as he looks like she wants a microphone.

    Michael Cole: Last week we saw Summer Rae hold onto her Women's title but she had some help from the goddess Alexa Bliss who slipped Summer Rae her metal glove.

    Corey Graves: Yeah and if I know the boss Sasha Banks, she won't just want to get at Summer Rae but she will want to destroy Alexa Bliss.

    Summer Rae looks out into the fans as she holds her hand to her ear as she seems to be enjoying the reaction from the crowd. Meanwhile in the background Tamina is stood stoic. Carmella is the first to speak for the group.

    Carmella: Show some respect to the true Boss of the women's division.

    That gets boos from the smarky crowd as Summer Rae, Mandy Rose and Carmella all laugh at their joke before Summer Rae takes the microphone.

    Summer Rae: You can boo all you want because once again you didn't get what you want.

    She mimics a crying motion further taunting the fans.

    Summer Rae: Every time I put this title on the line you pray the person across the ring from me are able to take this title but they ain't good enough to take my Women's title!

    Summer Rae soaks in the boos from the crowd as they carry on reigning down the heat on the champion.

    Summer Rae: Your “4 horsewomen” I have beaten every single one of them! Keep lining up your favourites because I will beat them all!

    She has a smug smirk on her face when:

    Alexa Bliss's music hits getting boos though a few cheers with the crowd happy someone is here to shut Summer Rae up. She has the metal glove from the previous week on her wrist as she walks down the ramp but stops short of getting in the ring.

    Alexa Bliss: What you see on my wrist is the only reason you are still Women's champion!

    Summer Rae: Well it is not the only reason I mea...

    Alexa Bliss: Yeah because without me out here to stop Sasha Banks from being rewarded for cheating me, she would be a 3-time Women's champion.

    Summer Rae looks annoyed as Bliss on the outside looks to carry on.

    Alexa Bliss: But there is one way you can thank me for saving your title reign.

    Mandy borrows the microphone from Carmella.

    Mandy Rose: Let me guess you want a title shot?

    Alexa Bliss: Clever girl.

    Summer Rae: Listen you can say whatever you want but I never asked for your help so you are not entitled to a title shot!

    Alexa looks furious on the outside of the ring and looks like she is about to lose her temper. However, she is just about able to keep a lid on her emotions.

    Alexa Bliss: Now don't bliss me off. Give me what I want!

    Summer Rae smirks before she to respond...

    Sasha Banks sprints down the ramp and is furious after Alexa Bliss cost her a shot at the title last week. Bliss fearing reprisal is able to make her way to the barricade and climbs into the crowd. The BFF's in the ring meanwhile enjoy what they see as Sasha grabs a microphone.

    Sasha Banks: Yeah you run like the pathetic little bitch you are!

    Massive ooohhhs from the crowd as Sasha stands at the bottom of the ramp furious as Summer Rae and the BFF's watch on.

    Sasha Banks: And Summer Rae since you are so confident you would have held onto your title why don't you face me right now!

    Summer Rae: No Sasha you don't get to force your way back to the front of the line. You lost so go to the back of line.

    Alexa Bliss: She is right,go to the back where you belong.

    Sasha Banks: Why don't you come say that to my face tinker-bell?

    Alexa Bliss can be seen on the steps in the crowd pulling an unimpressed look but she chooses to stay where she is away from Sasha Banks. However, before the argument can carry on...

    Charlotte Flair now makes her way out to the ring in a nice suit jacket not ready to compete but she does not seem happy either.

    Charlotte: Sasha will all due respect you ain't the person who deserves another shot. It is me. I have a flair for the gold and I was robbed by the BFF's at ringside so if anyone is next in line it is me.

    Sasha Banks: Hey Charlotte I have no problem beating you to get a shot at my title.

    Charlotte: That is fine because I will beat you just like I did at Summerslam.

    Both women come face to face as BFF's in the ring and Alexa Bliss in the crowd watch on.

    Becky Lynch and Bayley make their way out to the ring with microphones in hand each looking to join Charlotte and Sasha Banks on the ramp but neither Bayley or Becky have a friendly look on their face.

    Becky Lynch: Listening to you two dopes trying to get another shot handed to you. Oh, don't think I don't see you hiding in the crowd still Alexa.

    Alexa Bliss: I am not hiding; I am greeting my fans!

    Sasha Banks: How about I come and greet them too?

    Alexa Bliss: Lets be real Sasha you ain't going to greet any fans, are you?

    Sasha Banks moves towards the barricade which makes Alexa Bliss go further into the crowd as Sasha smirks to herself.

    Bayley: As Becky was saying we are entitled to a rematch as much you two are and we will be more than willing to fight you two for it.

    Sasha Banks turns around as her and Charlotte go face to face with Bayley and Becky Lynch.

    Summer Rae: No no no. None of you are getting a shot given to you! You 4 all lost and little miss Bliss in the crowd I did not need your help to beat Sasha Banks. I will not be defending my title against any one of you!

    All of the 4 horsewomen and Alexa Bliss look annoyed but before anything can kick off.

    Drake Maverick the Raw general manager makes his way out to the ring.

    Drake Maverick: Let me make one thing clear Summer Rae. You and the BFF's do not run this show. I do.

    Cheers from the crowd as Drake looks to carry on.

    Drake Maverick: But Summer Rae you are right. You won't be facing any one of the four horsewomen as you did beat them. Ins...

    Summer Rae: Thank you for seeing sense Drake. I always knew there was a reason I liked you.

    Boos from the crowd as Drake Maverick does not look impressed that he was interrupted.

    Drake Maverick: I wasn't finished. You will not be facing any one of them but due to the way you have held onto your title at Armageddon you will face Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch and Charlotte in a fatal 5 way!

    Loud cheers from the crowd as Summer Rae looks to complain. However, Alexa speaks up first.

    Alexa Bliss: And once again Drake proves he favours the four horsewomen and the BFF's over everyone else on the roster! Where is my title shot?

    Drake Maverick: Well Alexa....

    Ember Moon makes her way out joining Drake Maverick on the entrance ramp as she is followed by her friend in recent times Natayla.

    Ember Moon: I hate to agree with Alexa but she is right. I ain't even asking for a title shot like her but just the chance to earn one.

    Natayla: I agree with Ember; the show has been dominated by these women for months.

    Sasha Banks: That is because I am a star. Not someone using their dad's glory to get ahead. Oh, wait I am not talking about Charlotte for once.

    Becky stops Charlotte from attacking Sasha Banks who smirks whilst Drake Maverick responds.

    Drake Maverick: OK you have a point. So, after the commercial break there will a battle royal with every woman not already in the Women title match minus Summer Rae's BFF's and the winner will be added to the Women's title match at Armageddon making it a 6-pack challenge!

    Drake Maverick heads to the back as Summer Rae and the BFF's look even more annoyed as the show cuts to a commercial break. When we return, we see all 8 women in the ring ready for the battle royal to begin.

    Match 6: Women's battle royal: (Ember Moon, Natayla, Naomi, Alicia Fox, Alexa Bliss, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay and Brandi Rhodes)

    All 8 women in the ring battle it out trying to earn themselves a shot at the Women title.

    Elimination order:

    Brandi Rhodes by Naomi

    Alicia Fox by The Iiconics

    The Iiconics by Ember Moon and Natayla

    Ember Moon by Natayla (happens after the Iiconics elimination. Natayla uses her veteran experience to eliminate Ember Moon. Ember Moon smiles after it happens)

    Naomi by Natayla

    Natayla by Alexa Bliss

    Winner: Alexa Bliss (8:15)

    Michael Cole: Alexa Bliss has earned herself a spot in the 6-pack challenge at Armageddon!

    Corey Graves: Well Alexa Bliss has finally been given an opportunity and she picks up the win and you have to feel the goddess will be extra motivated to become Women's champion for the first time at Armageddon.

    Alexa Bliss celebrates in the ring as we cut to the backstage area to see Samoa Joe walking through the back when he is approached by Mike Rome.

    Mike Rome: Samoa Joe what is next for you as this impressive US title reign reaches 106 days?

    Samoa Joe: And it will last for another 106 days. Everyone who has stepped up to me have fallen. I have either beaten them up and pinned them or choked them out. And I demand more. I want more victims. I want more people to destroy. I will leave an even greater pile of bodies in my wake as I keep defending this US title. So, what is next? My next victim is what is next.

    Samoa Joe walks off with the same angry look on his face as when he started the interview as the show cuts to a commercial break. When we return from the commercial break, we see Ariya Davari stood in the ring ready for a match.

    Randy Orton makes his way out slowly walking to the ring as Ariya Davari watches him walk to the ring looking worried.

    Michael Cole: Well before the commercial break we heard from our US champion Samoa Joe who is looking for his next victim and speaking of victims well Ariya Davari could be Orton's next one.

    Corey Graves: Well after what he did to Mustafa Ali, Ariya Davari has every right to be worried going into this match as he knows Orton can snap at any time.

    Michael Cole: Well Corey I am just getting word from Drake Maverick backstage that Mustafa Ali's challenge has been made official and in 4 weeks time at Armageddon he will take on the Viper Randy Orton!

    Corey Graves: Well I have to wonder if this is wise. Mustafa Ali could have moved on and licked his wounds. Now? Orton might look to make an example out of him.

    Match 7: Randy Orton vs Ariya Davari

    Randy Orton controls the match from start to finish with Davari getting little chance to fight apart from a few hope spots. Orton takes his time looking to play with his prey finishing him with the hangman DDT.

    Winner via pinfall: Randy Orton (4:33)

    Randy Orton rises to his feet with a cold blank stare as the ref raises his hand in the air. Meanwhile Davari is still down on the mat.

    Michael Cole: A dominant win for Randy Orton tonight.

    Corey Graves: I think tonight was about sending a message to Mustafa Ali and what he plans to do to him at Armageddon.

    Randy Orton though sees the rising Ariya Davari as he stalks him from behind hitting an RKO planting Davari to a mixed reaction from the crowd for the popular move.

    Michael Cole: Well it does not matter who you are but if you are in Orton's way he will look to inflict as much pain to you as possible.

    Orton makes his way out of the ring now happy with his handiwork as we cut to the backstage area. We see Sheamus and Seth Rollins both sat in the medical room recovering from the beating they suffered at the hands of the Ungovernables.

    Sheamus: Listen fella I have said in the past I don't exactly trust you but the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Sheamus offers a fist out for Seth Rollins who takes a moment before touching it.

    Sheamus: So how do you feel about taking the fight to them?

    Seth Rollins takes a moment to pause as he thinks about what Sheamus has said.

    Seth Rollins: Whilst I agree we need to fight Zelina's cronies head on it would not be a good plan to go charging in 2 on 3.

    Sheamus: Didn't you attack them by yourself tonight?

    Seth Rollins: Yes, and that was stupid. I am meant to be the architect. We need to think of a plan and a way to get an ally to help us.

    Sheamus: Not to ruin your plan fella but we ain't exactly made many friends over the years.

    Seth Rollins: Mustafa Ali?

    Sheamus: No, he is busy dealing with Randy Orton. We may need to pay someone to help us.

    Sheamus chuckles to himself at that suggestion but Seth Rollins eyes light up as if he has an idea.

    Seth Rollins: Sheamus I think you just had a great idea.

    The camera fades out as we cut to Charly Caruso who is stood backstage ready for an interview as she approaches Sami Zayn as he is about to make his way to the ring.

    Charly Caruso: Sami how are you feeling ahead of your World title next?

    Sami Zayn: I am focused and ready to take on the monster. I know he has the size and power advantage but I will find a way to overcome him tonight. People forget that I beat Samoa Joe to become World champion so I have beaten larger foes before. Tonight, I overcome the odds and become a 2-time World champion.

    Sami Zayn walks off as he heads to the ring as we hear from the commentary team.

    Michael Cole: Well up next we will see the World title on the line in the main event of the evening. Don't go anywhere!

    Sami Zayn makes his way out to a big pop from the crowd. He runs down the ramp as he slaps hands with the fans and is clearly pumped up ahead of his World title rematch tonight.

    Michael Cole: Well tonight is a massive challenge but if there is anyone on Monday night Raw who knows how to overcome the odds it is Sami Zayn.

    Corey Graves: There is odds and there are insurmountable goals. Beating the monster among men might be a bridge too far for Sami Zayn tonight! Braun is the reason Brock Lesnar has not been on TV since the post-mania edition of Raw. He is the reason Big Show is now a Smackdown Live commentator. Braun is more than capable of ending Sami Zayn's career tonight if he is not careful.

    Braun Strowman marches out to the ring with his World title around his waist. He looks in an angry mood as always before stepping over the ropes and makes his way towards Sami Zayn who does not flinch.

    Michael Cole: Well Braun is trying to intermediate Zayn before the match begins.

    Corey Graves: His presence alone should intermediate you.

    Braun is told by the ref to head to his corner as he holds the World title in the air as the usual announcements are done by the timekeeper before the match gets under way!

    Main event: World title match: Braun Strowman (c) vs Sami Zayn

    Once the bell rings Sami starts the match charging at Braun looking to go after the legs and try to overwhelm the monster with his speed. Braun though is able to cut him off quickly with a big boot and controls the match from there sending Sami flying around the ring. He seems intent to hurt Sami not going for early covers.

    Braun is controlling the match but at one point he gets Zayn up going for a powerbomb but Zayn is able to counter with a tornado DDT. Sami Zayn sells his back and the damage Braun has managed to do so far. He rises to his feet before hitting a dropkick sending Braun into the corner of the ring! He gets to the opposite side of the ring as he looks like he about to go for the Hulleva kick when this plays:

    Sami Zayn turns to the ramp ready for a fight but nothing happens. After a while he sees Braun starting to stir so looks for the Hulleva kick but Braun moves out of the way! Braun looks to charge going for a clothesline but Sami ducks. Sami follows it up with a leg lariat sending Braun Strowman out of the ring! Sami looks to run off the ropes going for a suicide dive but as he does the crowd boos as Kevin Owens has appeared on the apron from the crowd and punches Zayn stopping the momentum of Sami Zayn and causing the DQ!

    Winner via DQ: Sami Zayn (8:07)

    Michael Cole: Kevin Owens is back!

    Corey Graves: Well Sami was right with what he said last week. Kevin Owens would not let the attack in his falls count anywhere match go.

    Kevin Owens starts punching Sami Zayn in the head as he can be seen screaming abuse at his former friend. He looks to keep him down as on the other side of the ring we can see Braun get to his feet annoyed at what has happened. Kevin Owens meanwhile tosses Sami Zayn into the barricade. Owens grabs Sami by the face as he promises to end him! He drags him towards the ring apron and looks to lift him into the air for the pop-up powerbomb onto the ring apron!

    Michael Cole: Oh my god someone needs to stop Kevin Owens!

    However, before he can powerbomb Sami Zayn onto the apron, Braun Strowman hits Kevin Owens with a big boot to the head! Mixed reaction from the crowd for the save but he is not done as he grabs hold of Owens telling him to stay out of his matches.

    He lifts him up and drops him with a running powerslam onto the ring floor! Braun turns around to see Sami Zayn struggling to his feet. He runs over and takes him down with a big boot to the face. He then drags Sami Zayn up and chokeslams him onto the downed Kevin Owens leaving both men laid out on the ring floor!

    Corey Graves: Braun might be truly unstoppable!

    Braun Strowman starts to walk up the ramp as both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are laid out on the ring floor next to each other. Braun stands at the top of the ramp, holding the World title in the air as the show fades to black.

    Matchcard for King of the ring:

    King of the ring tournament last 16:

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs Cody Rhodes

    Noam Dar vs Tommaso Ciampa

    Neville vs Elias

    Mustafa Ali vs Andrade Cien Almas

    Jason Jordan vs Rusev

    Luke Harper vs Drew McIntyre

    Finn Balor vs Zack Sabre Jr

    Big E vs Chad Gable

    Matchcard for Armageddon:

    Women's title 6 pack challenge match:
    Summer Rae (c) vs Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss

    Cruiserweight title match:
    Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs Cedric Alexander

    WWE tag team titles match:
    The Revival (c) vs The True Gentleman

    Grudge match:
    Randy Orton vs Mustafa Ali
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    Re: WWE: A Different Future

    September 19
    Birmingham, England

    WWE champion AJ Styles makes his way out to the top of the ramp getting a loud pop from the crowd here in the England!

    Mauro Ranallo: Welcome to Smackdown Live here in Birmingham England and we have had our main event for the evening announced during the week as all 8 King of the Ring participants on the Smackdown Live roster will be taking part in an 8-man tag.

    Big Show: That is right Mauro. We will see American Alpha team with Big E and Finn Balor to take on Zack Sabre Jr, Rusev, Luke Harper and Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre!

    Mauro Ranallo: But right now, we are starting the show off with AJ Styles taking on Tyler Breeze.

    Big Show: Well after what happened last week Dean Ambrose has the night off but AJ Styles wanted a piece of Tyler Breeze due to the way the tag match ended.

    Mauro Ranallo: Could AJ be being a bit hot-headed tonight?

    Big Show: I mean AJ Styles is one of the best wrestlers in the world if not the most phenomenal one but he is a hot-head. And that can sometimes come back to bite him.

    AJ looks like he is about to climb in the ring but he takes a moment.

    Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows make their way out getting a loud pop from the crowd as they walk to the ramp joining their ally AJ Styles at the bottom of the ramp too sweeting him which gets a few too sweet chants from the crowd.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well it looks like the Club have learned their lesson from last week and will be out here just in case The Miz pulls any tricks.

    Big Show: The Club are being smart. Miz is crafty enough to be thinking about cashing in after AJ is weakened by Tyler Breeze or even during the match like Seth Rollins did at Wrestlemania 31.

    AJ slides into the ring as the Club stand on the outside of the ring as he waits for Tyler Breeze and The Miz to make their way out.

    The Miz and Tyler Breeze make their way out with only Breeze dressed to compete as The Miz has a nice suit jacket on and a microphone in hand which noticeably makes AJ roll his eyes as he asks one of his boys to get him one as well.

    The Miz: Once again our unfair general manager punishes us. Anyone else does what we did, trying to give the WWE universe an impromptu WWE title match and they get praised. However, we do it and we get chased off by your club and Breeze now has to fight you!

    Boos from the crowd Miz looks to carry on his rant.

    The Miz: I should be fighting you for the WWE title tonight. Like I showed last week Bryan said if I beat Ambrose, I would get a WWE title shot without having to cash in my briefcase!

    More boos as Mauro mentions on commentary that is not quite what Daniel Bryan had said.

    The Miz: But you are an honorable man AJ.

    AJ Styles: Am I?

    The Miz: Well more so than Daniel Bryan and you can still wrestle!

    Massive heat for that line as The Miz carries on.

    The Miz: And you want to fight me? So how about this? Next week me vs you for that WWE title without cashing in my briefcase!

    AJ Styles: Miz if you want a title match so badly use that briefcase. Plus, I don't trust you to have your little groupie to pull something during the match.

    Tyler Breeze: I will have you know I am very trustworthy. All of the fashion show secrets told to me by the top designers. Only the Miz gets those, I mean look at his amazing outfit it is from...

    AJ Styles: OK no one has time to listen to you talk about fashion Tyler. I will make a deal with you Miz. I will give you a WWE title shot without you having to cash in that briefcase on one condition.

    The Miz: Name it.

    AJ Styles: Tyler Breeze stays backstage as will The Club.

    The Miz: That is fine Breeze will...

    AJ Styles: No, I wasn't finished as I saw what happened at No Mercy. They will stay in a locked room with Daniel Bryan making sure he is there.

    Miz fumes at that line having had his plan thwarted.

    The Miz: That is not fair!

    AJ Styles: Those are my terms. Take it or leave it!

    The Miz takes a moment talking with Breeze who we can hear call the Club uggos and not wanting to be locked in a room with them. Miz however pulls away from the member of his entourage.

    The Miz: Fine, I will fight you next week and become the most must-see 2-time WWE champion of all time.

    Boos from the crowd.

    The Miz: If you even make it to next week.

    The Miz drops the microphone making his way to one of the corners whilst The Club make their way to AJ's as the ref gets ready to start off the first match on the show.

    Match 1: AJ Styles w/The Club vs Tyler Breeze w/The Miz

    Tyler Breeze and AJ Styles lock up at the start of the match as he looks to wear down Tyler Breeze. Commentary note that AJ Styles would be wise to not underestimate Tyler Breeze as he is a former tag team champion. Breeze is able to give a good account of himself during the match and even gets a few near falls making the fans worry that we could see a massive shock. However, in the end AJ Styles counters an Unpreitter attempt with a pele kick sending Breeze back. AJ looks towards the ropes but seeing Miz instead grabs Breeze and hits him with Styles clash staring at Mr Money in the bank as the ref counts to 3 giving AJ the win

    Winner via pinfall: AJ Styles (12:47)

    Mauro Ranallo: AJ Styles picks up the win and keeps his momentum going!

    Big Show: I have to give Tyler Breeze credit for the performance he put in tonight. He gave the WWE champion a run for his money.

    The Miz grabs hold of Tyler Breeze getting him out of the ring and retreating to the back. Meanwhile the Club join the WWE champion AJ Styles in the ring as they celebrate his win as the show cuts to a commercial break. When we come back, we see The Miz and Tyler Breeze walking through the back when they bump into the Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan.

    Daniel Bryan: I would like to remind you the only way you can just make your own title matches is using that briefcase!

    The Miz: So, these fans are expecting a WWE title match next week which AJ Styles agreed to and you would let them down like your body let you down?

    Daniel Bryan does not react trying to keep his cool.

    The Miz: Are you not going to keep your word? What would your wife think of you? You said if I beat Ambrose you would give me a chance at the WWE title without this.

    Daniel Bryan: I said I would consider it but since AJ wants it you get the match under his terms.

    The Miz: You can make good decisions now maybe you can give Tyler...

    Daniel Bryan: Miz I suggest you get out of my sight before I change my mind. Oh, and just to let you know. Pull any more stunts like you did to Dean Ambrose and there will be consequences.

    The Miz: You know top Hollywood producers give their stars leeway and let them use their creativity. Maybe you should follow their lead once I become WWE champion if you want to make this the A show?

    The Miz walks off with Tyler Breeze who is still selling the match he just went through as we cut back to the ring.

    Mauro Ranallo: The Miz once again taunting our prestigious general manager Daniel Bryan.

    Big Show: I get the feeling Bryan would have come down a lot harder on The Miz if he was not scared of becoming the type of authority figure he hated during his time in the ring.

    Massive boos from the crowd as the unpopular as ever Roman Reigns marches out to the ring in a fancy suit, with a massive rolex watch on his wrist.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well it looks like Roman Reigns has something to say.

    Big Show: Well he was missing from Smackdown Live last week after his win against Rusev but the Bulgarian brute made it clear he felt they had unfinished business.

    Roman has a smug look on his face as he talks to one of the stage hands and gets a microphone. He takes a moment looking out into the crowd listening to all the boos before he laughs.

    Roman Reigns: Do you guys ever take a break? I mean I took a week off because unlike youfans, I can take a break whenever I want.

    Reigns gets even louder boos as he shakes his head looking to carry on.

    Roman Reigns: I guess you did come here to see me so you could boo me. I mean let's not pretend you are here for anything else. You have come to see who will lose to me next.

    Reigns points to the rolex on his wrist.

    Roman Reigns: You have paid for the ice on my wrist so I really should thank you fans but they do say a fool and his money are easily parted.

    The crowd start chanting “Screw you Roman” which makes him laugh.

    Roman Reigns: However, I didn't come out here to insult you people. I mean you people don't even matter! No, I came out here to talk about the WWE title!

    Reigns now looks very serious as he faces the hard camera.

    Roman Reigns: You see The Miz is going around talking about how he is the top superstar on this brand but he clearly forgot about me. I am the face of this company and don't any of you forget it. Here let me show you something.

    It shows a clip of all the WWE title wins that Roman has had in his time in WWE and also his Royal Rumble victory. Once the video package is finished it cuts back to him in the ring looking every bit the smug asshole he is.

    Roman Reigns: That is why the people in charge wanted me to be the face of the company. I am the best and no matter how much you cheer for your favorites deep down you know it. It is why you have always been so fixated on hating on me.

    More boos from the crowd who start up a you suck chant.

    Roman Reigns: At No Mercy I proved it by beating Rusev. And AJ or The Miz next week, it does not matter who wins between them as I am coming for the WWE title and taking what is mine. Believe that!

    Roman Reigns drops the microphone onto the mat as he looks to climb through the ropes and head to the back.

    Rusev makes his way out to a loud pop from the UK crowd as a Rusev day chant is starts up as Lana is stood by him but it is Rusev who has the microphone.

    Rusev: Roman Reigns.

    He takes a moment as the Rusev Day chants get louder with Roman Reigns stopping in the middle of the ramp as Rusev walks towards him getting in the big dog's face.

    Rusev: You talk too much!

    Rusev smashes Reigns in the head with the microphone dropping Roman Reigns to a massive pop from the crowd! Rusev jumps on Roman as he starts laying into him with numerous blows looking to wear down Roman Reigns. Rusev grabs hold of Reigns sending him into the steel steps by the ringside area. Rusev takes a moment to pauses as Reigns stumbles to his knees and connects with a Machka Kick.

    The crowd starts up a “we want tables chant”. Rusev hearing this shouts to the crowd “do you want tables?”. The crowd respond with a yes chant and Rusev responds with a “Happy Rusev Day!”. He takes Reigns over to the announcers table sending his head into a few times before he starts to take the covers off the announce table. Big Show and Mauro Ranallo move out of the way with Big Show standing in front of his commentary partner to protect him from any potential damage.

    Rusev lifts Roman Reigns up into the air before he brings him crashing down with a falling powerbomb sending him through the announce table to a massive pop from the crowd. We can hear Mauro Ranallo behind Big Show shout “Momma Mia”. Rusev stands over the body of Roman Reigns as his wife kisses him as we cut to a commercial break. When we return from the commercial break, we see Mauro Ranallo and Big Show sat back down behind the wreckage of their former announce table.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well before the commercial break we saw Rusev put Roman Reigns through our announce table.

    Big Show: Rusev destroyed Roman Reigns tonight like few people ever have.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well you have to wonder if it will give him confidence ahead of the main event this evening and Rusev might have to considered one of the favorites.

    Big Show: And this is why AJ Styles needs to be careful. Once you become a champion you have a target on your back at all times.

    Heath Slater's music hits as he gets a good pop from the fans as he plays air guitar on the way to the ring.

    Mauro Ranallo: This match was made last week after Cesaro's comments about Heath Slater.

    Big Show: Heath Slater felt like after Cesaro's comments he had a point to prove and asked for this match tonight.

    Cesaro makes his way out to loud cheers from the crowd as he is followed by Kassius Ohno. Cesaro looks focused having had some trouble picking up wins in the last few months.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well this will be a tough challenge for Heath Slater. Cesaro has always been seen as someone who has been on the verge of breaking through but in recent times has taken some tough losses.

    Big Show: Cesaro is one hell of a competitor but sometimes you need that little something else to become a WWE champion.

    Match 2: Cesaro w/Kassius Ohno vs Heath Slater

    Heath Slater starts the match off well surprising Cesaro and maybe catching the Swiss Superman off guard who might have been expecting an easy win against the one-man band. As the match goes on Cesaro does take control as you would expect and, in the end, puts away Slater with Ricola bomb.

    Winner via pinfall: Cesaro (8:07)

    Mauro Ranallo: Cesaro picks up the win but Heath Slater gave him a good fight tonight.

    Big Show: Heath Slater held his own tonight and showed a lot of heart against the stronger opponent. He has been fighting to get food on the table for his kids.

    Cesaro celebrates in the ring with Kassius Ohno joining him inside as both men are happy Cesaro was able to get back to winning ways whilst Heath Slater goes up the ramp disappointed with his loss tonight. We then cut to the backstage area as we see Renee Young approach Liv Morgan for an interview as she has her headphones on.

    Renee Young: Liv, Liv how you feeling after Dana Brooke's post-match assault?

    Liv pulls the headphones down to around her neck as she smiles looking at Renee.

    Liv Morgan: See normally I am quite a happy person. But what Dana did to me? That was straight up disrespectful yo. So, I want another match with her and to teach her some respect. Jersey style. Brap.

    As she says that we see Emma walk into the shot with her shades on.

    Emma: Really?

    Emma takes her sunglasses off as she approaches Liv Morgan.

    Emma: Well I just spoke to our general manager and requested a match with you next week.

    Liv Morgan: That is fine. Just tell your former friend you are once again fighting her battles cause can't win by herself.

    Liv Morgan walks off as Emma stands there smirking as she puts on her shades as the show cuts to a commercial break. When we return from the ad break, we once again cut to the ring as we can see Aliyah is stood ready for a match.

    Tessa Blanchard makes her way out to the ring as she has a cocky look on her face as she poses on the ramp getting a positive reaction from the crowd.

    Mauro Ranallo: Now Tessa Blanchard for me is a diamond in the rough so to speak. She is a 3rd generation superstar and the daughter of Tully Blanchard so you could say this business is in her veins.

    Big Show: You are right there. This woman has the birthright to be a success and boy does she know it. She ain't here to pretend she ain't great and she is not here to make friends that is for sure.

    Tessa steps inside the ring, doing her signature pose as she pays little attention to her opponent. She turns around as she gets ready for the ref to ring the bell when...

    Mickie James makes her way out to a pop from the crowd for the freakin legend. She walks past the ring as Tessa does not take her eyes off of Mickie James who takes a seat next to the commentary team and grabs a headset.

    Mauro Ranallo: Welcome to the what was the commentary desk.

    Mickie James: Thanks for having me Mauro.

    Big Show: What brings a freakin legend out here?

    Mickie James: Well Tessa's comments made me very interested in this match. See I have seen cocky women like her before and I want to see if the kid is the real deal.

    In the ring we can see Tessa shouting to Mickie she will show her what a legend looks like. She turns as the ref rings the bell getting this match under way!

    Match 3: Tessa Blanchard vs Aliyah

    Tessa lays into Aliyah with a number of stiff strikes as it becomes clear that Tessa is a superior competitor. However, Tessa allows Aliyah back into the match on a couple of occasions as she mouths off to Mickie James who is sat on commentary. Aliyah at one point looks to take advantage with a roll up but Tessa kicks out at 2! This seems to light a fire under Tessa who lays into Aliyah before finishing her off with a slingshot back suplex!

    Winner via pinfall: Tessa Blanchard (3:54)

    Tessa Blanchard rises to her feet post-match as she starts gloating to the crowd who are now booing the Diamond.

    Mauro Ranallo: What did you think Mickie?

    Mickie James: I think she has a lot of talent but she may need to get that ego in check if she is going to have a long career.

    Big Show: Some people might say that a big ego is needed to get further in this business.

    Mickie James: A bit yes but too much can stop you from seeing what you need to work on and therefore you remain static. Which is the one thing you can't do in such a competitive division.

    Tessa though after having her hand raised makes her way over to the where Mickie is as she stands in front of her posing and celebrating. Mickie however just stares at her looking unfazed by the show of arrogance from the youngster. The show cuts to a short commercial break.

    When we come back, we hear what is arguable the loudest pop of the night so far as Paige makes her way out to the ring in a leather jacket and jeans as she walks to the ring with a microphone in hand.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well at No Mercy Paige made her return to Smackdown Live when she stopped Sarah Logan from interfering in the WWE title match and Paige isn't done with her.

    Big Show: Sarah Logan tried to end the career of Paige with her viscous assault on Smackdown Live a few months ago and Paige was never going to take that kind of attack lying down.

    Paige gets in the ring but she does not do her usual scream on the apron instead climbing through the ropes and getting inside the ring as she gets ready to speak.

    Paige: I would say it feel good to be back in England but I have spent the last few months here.

    Paige takes a moment to rub her neck before carrying on.

    Paige: Sarah Logan as a lot of you will know tried to break my neck because I dared to stand in the way of her trying to become Amazonian champion. But I came back for more after the first time.

    Paige leans on the ropes.

    Paige: And she did the same thing again, only worse. The damage she did to my surgically repaired neck, well I have been warned she could have ended my career.

    The crowd gasps worried for the anti-diva.

    Paige: However, I am still fighting and there is no chance of me retiring until I get my hands on that bitch!

    Massive pop as usual for the swearing on an otherwise PG show.

    Paige: And where better to call her out for a fight then my home country of England! So, Sarah lets be having you!

    Crowd lets out a loud pop as the anti-diva sticks her arms out beckoning the queen of horror to come out and fight her. However, Sarah Logan does not appear straight away winding up Paige.

    Paige: Come on Sarah or are you scared!

    Well this time Paige got her wish as the Amazonian champion's music hits as she walks out onto the entrance ramp getting loud boos from the crowd. Sarah Logan however does not join Paige in the ring.

    Sarah Logan: Paige, Paige I tried to merciful but you keep coming back for more pain. You truly must love suffering.

    Paige: Sarah I don't think I made myself clear. I am not here to talk; I am here to fight.

    Paige throws the microphone down getting a loud pop from the crowd as she slides out of the ring and up the ramp joining Sarah Logan as both women start brawling with each other! The crowd are cheering on loudly as both women look to batter the hell out of each other. Paige looks like she might be gaining the upper hand when we see numerous members of the security team scramble out to the ring separating the two women to boos from the crowd.

    Both women however don't want to be stopped and break free on a couple of occasions! The security eventually gets the situation under control as Daniel Bryan makes his way out to the ring with the English crowd chanting “Let them fight”. However, he chooses to let security lead them to the back separately as Smackdown cuts to a commercial break.

    When we return, we see Daniel Bryan walking through the back as we see security in the distance still trying to get the situation under control.

    Daniel Bryan: Get them away from each other and I will calm them both down.

    Security guard: How?

    Daniel Bryan: I have an idea but I just need to check with Shane if I can do it.

    As he says this, we see Cesaro and Kassius Ohno walk up to Daniel Bryan.

    Daniel Bryan: Not the best time guys.

    Cesaro: Listen we just wanted to ask for a match next week.

    Kassius Ohno: Since you gave Heath Slater a match with Cesaro we would like to request a match with the tag team champions the Wyatt Family.

    Daniel Bryan: Guys you know I am a big fan but you haven't been in the best of form and I don't think it would be fair to hand you both a title shot.

    Cesaro: That is fine we just want to face them and when we beat them.

    Kassius Ohno: We will have proved we deserve a title shot.

    Daniel Bryan: OK the match is official for next week. You two will take on the Wyatt Family.

    The camera cuts elsewhere after that as we see Dana Brooke backstage in a gym like area working out. As she is working out, we see Emma walk into the room wearing her sunglasses as she approaches Dana Brooke. Dana though does not look happy to see her as she puts the weight down onto the floor and gets up ready for a fight.

    Emma: Listen, listen I know we haven't been on the best of terms recently but I do want us to be friends again.

    Dana Brooke does not respond looking annoyed as Emma carries on.

    Emma: Listen you still have a lot to learn and I can help with that. Heck watch my match with Liv Morgan next week. Just think about what I said OK.

    Emma walks off leaving Dana Brooke with something to think about as we cut back to the ring.

    Bobby Roode makes his way out to the ring getting a mixed reaction due to his entrance music as the crowd sing along. On the top of the ramp we see Bobby Roode posing though he is clearly annoyed by something.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well up next we will be seeing the number one contender for the Intercontinental title Bobby Roode in action against Jack Swagger.

    Big Show: Bobby Roode had to work off some ring rust last week when he took on Cesaro but picked up a massive victory. Well tonight he faces a tough challenge in a former World champion.

    Bobby Roode on the way to the ring has grabbed a microphone as he looks to address the crowd who are still singing along to his theme song.

    Bobby Roode: I know you fans are happy to be out here to see someone as glorious as me for the first time but this is not a sing along with Bobby Roode so shut the hell up!

    And those cheers quickly turn to boos from the crowd as the glorious one tosses the microphone out of the ring and takes off his robe.

    Jack Swagger's music hits next getting a lukewarm pop from the crowd as the Real American looks to get back to winning ways.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well Swagger has been having issues with Taya Valkyrie and Big Cass in recent times as John Morrison picked up an injury at a house show.

    Big Show: Well tonight he looks to try to move away from that and who knows if he can defeat Bobby Roode, he might be in line for a future Intercontinental title shot.

    Match 4: Bobby Roode vs Jack Swagger

    Both men are fairly evenly matched in this encounter putting on a decent showing as Swagger looks to target the leg. Roode being the veteran he is however goes right after the arm. Commentary note that this could be Bobby Roode preparing for Drew as he has been suffering shoulder issues ever since his title defense against Zack Sabre Jr. In the end the attacks on the arm become key as Swagger struggles to lock in the ankle lock and Roode takes advantage escaping the hold. He then grabs hold of Jack Swagger hitting the glorious DDT for the win.

    Winner via pinfall: Bobby Roode (8:20)

    Bobby Roode gets his arm raised as the crowd boo the number one contender for the Intercontinental title.

    Mauro Ranallo: An impressive performance tonight from Bobby Roode and it seems he is set on taking that Intercontinental title.

    Big Show: Bobby Roode knows the shoulder has been a problem for Drew McIntyre even after overcoming Zack Sabre Jr at No Mercy and now he seems like he wants to pick the bones.

    Bobby Roode asks for a microphone from someone at ringside as he looks to speak once again.

    Bobby Roode: Next week will be glorious as I will cash in my Intercontinental title shot.

    Pop from the crowd who for a confirmed title match on next week's Smackdown live.

    Bobby Roode: And when I take the title that would have been mine at the Great American Bash it will be...

    The crowd shout glorious which once again annoys Bobby Roode.

    Bobby Roode: Do you morons listen to me? I said this wasn't a sing along.

    Boos from the crowd as Bobby Roode looks unfazed.

    Bobby Roode: Like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. It will be glorious!

    Boos from the crowd as Bobby Roode stands in the ring cockily grinning to himself.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well it looks like Bobby Roode ain't waiting to use his Intercontinental title shot.

    Big Show: It is genius if you ask me Mauro. He knows how bad Drew's shoulder is at the moment. Plus, two nights before Drew McIntyre will be going through a grueling tournament and will not be at 100% even if he wasn't working with an injury. We might be looking at our next Intercontinental champion!

    Bobby Roode is shown smiling on that note as the show cuts to a commercial break. When we return from the commercial break, we cut to what looks like a shack in the woods as Bray Wyatt is sat all alone with a number of books around him all open and scattered about. He looks unkempt and once again looks like he has not been sleeping.

    Bray Wyatt: I have been relearning her teachings. I have been looking back through the wise words of sister Abigail! The words I had forgotten as I lost my WWE title to the man who flies too close to the sun!

    Bray slams his fist down onto the wooden floor looking angry before his face changes to a smile.

    Bray Wyatt: However, all things come to those who wait and one by one all his friends will fall till he is all alone with no one to protect him.

    Bray lets out a mad chuckle.

    Bray Wyatt: However, my family is still there and we will still take over. Luke Harper will become king and next week the fake kings get a taste of what my family can do. And Sarah Logan oh the destruction she will cause to Paige will make Sister Abigail proud.

    Bray laughs to himself before going back to the books around the room as he looks to resume his relearning of Sister Abigail's teachings as we cut back to the backstage area as Renee Young is stood ready for an interview.

    Renee Young: Hello would you please welcome my guest at this time Taya Valkyrie and Big Cass.

    Both of them walk into the shot as they do not look happy.

    Renee Young: Taya you requested this interview time as you wanted to talk about King of the Ring?

    Taya Valkyrie: Yes, and the fact it is going ahead without my husband is disgraceful. They should have delayed it till he got better.

    Renee Young: Well I don't know if that is possible due to it taking place in the UK and being planned months in advance.

    Taya Valkyrie: You make sacrifices for your big stars. And it is not like the people here in the UK matter.

    Cheap heat.

    Taya Valkyrie: But next week on Smackdown Live my husband will be appearing. Flying over all the way from slamtown to address what he will be doing now that his arm is nearly fully healed.

    Taya Valkyrie walks off as Big Cass follows after her as we cut back to the commentary team.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well unfortunately for Taya and the mayor of Slamtown the King of the Ring tournament will still being going ahead this Sunday.

    Big Show: And up next we will see all 8 men who take part in the Smackdown side of the last 16 in an 8-man tag. Don't go anywhere!

    When we return, we hear a massive pop for Zack Sabre Jr who is in his usual British jacket as he enjoys the reaction with a smug look on his face as he walks to the ring.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well he may not be popular in America but in the UK, ZackSabre Jr is a very popular man.

    Big Show: Before coming to the WWE he was a very popular man due to his time wrestling up and down the country. And sometimes it just feels good to be home.

    Getting a large pop from the crowd as well Rusev walks to the ring followed by his wife Lana.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well if the crowd were not hyped for Rusev Day before tonight, they were after Rusev put Roman Reigns through our announce table.

    Big Show: I mean this Sunday falls on Rusev day and could you imagine Rusev becoming King of the Ring on Rusev day!

    The cheers change to boos as Luke Harper makes his way out followed by Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan. All 3 walk down to the ring as Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler join an uncomfortable Lana on the outside of the ring.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well the Wyatt Family still cut an imposing figure even with half of their members not at ringside.

    Big Show: Yes, Sarah Logan was here earlier in the night but Bryan made sure she left the arena after the brawl with Paige earlier on in the show and I have heard we will be hearing an update on that situation during the week from Daniel Bryan.

    Drew McIntyre makes his way out getting loud cheers from the crowd as his left shoulder is tapped up and clearly in a lot of pain with his right arm lifting his Intercontinental title in the air proudly.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well it says how much of a fighter Drew McIntyre truly is. His left arm and shoulder are still in bad shape after his match with Zack Sabre Jr 2 weeks ago but he refuses to let that stop him as he looks to not only be the Intercontinental champion but WWE champion.

    Big Show: Numerous men have held that Intercontinental title and gone on to be a WWE champion but very few have held both at once. Drew looks to join that exclusive club.

    There is noticeable tension between the team here as Sabre and Drew still hate each other after their recent Intercontinental title feud and The Wyatt Family members noticeably staring down Drew McIntyre but most importantly his Intercontinental title. Rusev meanwhile chats to his wife not really interested in talking to his partners.

    American Alpha's music hits as the pair make their way out to the ring getting a good pop from the fans as the popular tag team sprint down to the ring ready for this match tonight.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well both of these men dominated the tag team division until the Wyatt Family brought an end to their 264-day tag team title reign. But this Sunday both men look to become King.

    Big Show: I would love to see these two men go head to head in the semi-final. I always love when tag team partners go head to head and from the way those two train, I think they would love it as well.

    A loud pop as the New Day make their way out to the ring as Xaiver Woods and Kofi Kingston play to the kids in the crowd as they look to support their boy Big E in action tonight.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well the New Day have in the past talked about their mission to get Kofi Kingston the WWE title but I think they will more than happy with their boy Big E becoming WWE champion.

    Big Show: These 3 men have a bond you rarely see in this business and one I am jealous of. A lot of teams in the past have talked about if one wins, they all win but when these 3 say it, they mean it.

    Big E climbs into the ring joining American Alpha, a team that the New Day have had a few issues with in recent times. However, those issues seem to be in the past they show each respect once they are inside the ring even though Chad Gable and Big E go head to head this Sunday.

    The last name to make his way out but certainly not the least is Finn Balor. He makes his way out on the shoulders of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows as he looks extremely confident. He joins his teammates inside the ring with Big E looking wary of teaming with Finn Balor due to the New Day's long war with the Club. The Club meanwhile join the New Day on the outside of the ring leading to a stare down between both teams.

    Mauro Ranallo: Well Finn Balor for me has to be one of the favorites. A former NXT and US champion as well as a 2-time WWE tag team champion due to the freebird rule.

    Big Show: Finn has achieved a lot in his short time in WWE and has a lot of tournament experience due to his time in Japan. However, his first-round opponent is Zack Sabre Jr who also has vast tournament experience and will stretch your body parts causing injuries, which is the last thing you want in a long one-night tournament.

    After a quick chat Finn Balor offers to start for his team which they agree to whilst on the opposite side of the ring Zack Sabre Jr makes it clear he does not want to start. Rusev ends up stepping forward starting the match for his team.

    Main Event: American Alpha, Big E and Finn Balor w/The Club and New Day vs Zack Sabre Jr, Rusev, Luke Harper and Drew McIntyre w/The Wyatt Family and Lana

    This ends up being a fun 8-man tag with a number of stories told throughout the match. Both Big E and Chad Gable on their team at one point play a game of one up man-ship trying to psyche the other one out ahead of this Sunday. Zack Sabre Jr does not tag in once looking to save his energy for this Sunday which winds up his recent rival Drew McIntyre. Drew meanwhile when in the ring struggles due to his left arm injury. On the outside neither of the Club, New Day or The Wyatt Family have gotten involved until the finish of the match.

    As the match comes to a close Luke Harper is in the ring as he is fighting Big E. Big E is gaining an edge on Harper when Ziggler steps onto the ring apron. However, Kofi sees this and attacks Ziggler sending both men off the apron. Woods meanwhile goes after Rowan as they start brawling towards the ramp. The Club seeing this make their way over and attack The Wyatt Family helping the New Day take control of the battle due to the number's advantage.

    In the ring Big E gets hit with a discuss clothesline planting Big E. He makes the cover but Chad Gable jumps into the ring breaking the cover. He grabs hold of Harper and hits him with a deadlift German suplex. As he rises to his feet though he gets hit with a claymore! Drew rises to his feet but Jason Jordan charges in hitting a German of his own causing Drew to land on his shoulder! Jason Jordan pulls his straps down but gets met with a Mackahakick.

    Rusev sees the downed Harper and brings him over looking to make the tag asking for Sabre to help but the Brit smirks tapping his head and walking away from the ring towards the timekeeper's area to boos from the crowd who have turned on him after he has refused to enter the match at any point. Rusev is then forced to tag in but whilst this has gone on Big E has made his way over to the corner of the ring tagging in Finn Balor.

    Big E charges at Rusev but gets met with a falling powerbomb. Rusev goes for the cover but does not realise Big E is not the legal man. Finn however has climbed to the top as he hits a Coup D'Grace to the back of Rusev. He quickly follows it up by rolling Rusev over looking for the cover when Zack Sabre Jr runs into the ring smashing Balor in the back with a steel chair causing the ref to ring the bell for the DQ!

    Winners via DQ: American Alpha, Big E and Finn Balor (15:09)

    Zack Sabre Jr lets out a smirk hitting a second shot to the back before dropping the chair as the Club run into the ring and escapes through the crowd!

    Mauro Ranallo: Zack Sabre Jr has just ruined a great main event!

    Big Show: Well his plan has become clear very quickly. Don't waste any energy in the ring and let everyone else wear themselves out ahead of this Sunday.

    Zack Sabre Jr has fled now that the Club are checking on Finn in the ring who looks very angry. Meanwhile on the outside The New Day and Drew McIntyre are fighting against the Wyatt Family. Rusev is checked on by Lana whilst American Alpha stare them down. The camera shows a shot of each of the 8 men who will compete in the Smackdown side of the bracket as the camera starts to fade to black.

    Mauro Ranallo: Make sure you subscribe to the WWE network this Sunday for the King of the Ring. It is a show you won't want to miss!

    Matches announced for next week:

    WWE title match (The Club and Tyler Breeze banned from ringside):

    AJ Styles (c) vs The Miz

    IC title match:
    Drew McIntyre (c) vs Bobby Roode

    Tag team match:
    The Wyatt Family vs The Kings of Wrestling

    Women's division match:
    Emma vs Liv Morgan

    Matchcard for King of the ring:

    King of the ring tournament last 16:

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs Cody Rhodes

    Noam Dar vs Tommaso Ciampa

    Neville vs Elias

    Mustafa Ali vs Andrade Cien Almas

    Jason Jordan vs Rusev

    Luke Harper vs Drew McIntyre

    Finn Balor vs Zack Sabre Jr

    Big E vs Chad Gable

    Matchcard for Halloween Havoc:

    World tag team titles match:
    The Wyatt Family (c) vs The New Day

    Stipulation TBA:
    Dean Ambrose vs The Miz

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    WWE Re: WWE: A Different Future

    News update:

    Daniel Bryan makes an Amazonian title No DQ match for King of the Ring

    After what went down on the most recent edition of Smackdown Live Daniel Bryan in an attempt to try to get the situation under control, has made a No DQ Amazonian title match for King of the Ring. Both women have faced off before but Paige will be looking for revenge after Sara Logan's brutal assault last time they met.

    King of the ring pre-show update:

    With the addition of the Amazonian title match which will take place between the semifinals and the final of the King of the Ring, it has also been confirmed that 4 of the last 16 matches will take place on the pre-show making it must see. 2 of them will be from the Raw brand and 2 will be from the Smackdown Live brand. These matches are:

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs Cody Rhodes

    Neville vs Elias

    Big E vs Chad Gable

    Jason Jordan vs Rusev

    Matchcard for King of the ring:


    King of the ring tournament last 16:

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs Cody Rhodes

    Neville vs Elias

    Jason Jordan vs Rusev

    Big E vs Chad Gable

    Main Show:

    King of the ring tournament last 16:

    Noam Dar vs Tommaso Ciampa

    Mustafa Ali vs Andrade Cien Almas

    Luke Harper vs Drew McIntyre

    Finn Balor vs Zack Sabre Jr

    King of the ring tournament Quarterfinals:

    Shinsuke Nakamura or Cody Rhodes vs Noam Dar or Tommaso Ciampa

    Neville or Elias vs Mustafa Ali or Andrade Cien Almas

    Jason Jordan or Rusev vs Luke Harper or Drew McIntyre

    Finn Balor or Zack Sabre Jr vs Big E or Chad Gable

    King of the ring tournament Semi-finals:

    Shinsuke Nakamura or Cody Rhodes or Noam Dar or Tommaso Ciampa


    Neville or Elias or Mustafa Ali or Andrade Cien Almas

    Jason Jordan or Rusev or Luke Harper or Drew McIntyre


    Finn Balor or Zack Sabre Jr or Big E or Chad Gable

    King of the ring tournament final:

    Shinsuke Nakamura or Cody Rhodes or Noam Dar or Tommaso Ciampa or Neville or Elias or Mustafa Ali or Andrade Cien Almas


    Jason Jordan or Rusev or Luke Harper or Drew McIntyre or Finn Balor or Zack Sabre Jr or Big E or Chad Gable

    Amazonian title No DQ match:
    Sarah Logan (c) vs Paige

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    Re: WWE: A Different Future

    September 21st:

    Primo w/Epico Vs Nick Aldis

    Nick Aldis takes on Primo in his home country getting a good reaction from the crowd which he plays up to as the match goes on. He is able to put away Primo with Tormentum for the win in relatively quick fashion.

    Winner via pinfall: Nick Aldis (6:24)

    The Usos vs The Singh Brothers

    This is also a very quick match. The Usos make quick work of the Singh Brothers hitting both of them with a superkick followed up by a double splash hitting each one picking up the win.

    Winners via pinfall: The Usos (4:26)

    Tony Nese vs Jinder Mahal

    Tony Nese takes on Jinder Mahal in a decent match for what it is. Tony Nese plays the effective babyface with Jinder using his power to control the match however in the end Tony Nese makes a comeback and finishes Jinder off with a 450 splash.

    Winner via pinfall: Tony Nese (8:49)

    Zack Ryder w/Curt Hawkins vs Bo Dallas w/Curtis Axel

    Zack Ryder takes on Bo Dallas in a decent back and forth match as he looks to pick up another win. Curt Hawkins at ringside stops Curtis Axel from getting involved as Zack Ryder finishes off Bo Dallas with the el-bro drop.

    Winner via pinfall: Zack Ryder (10:07)

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    Re: WWE: A Different Future

    King of the ring interviews:


    These interviews were conducted by Renee Young and have been uploaded to YouTube. Ahead of the return of the King of the Ring this Sunday in London, England.

    “El Idolo” Andrade Cien Almas:

    Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega are shown entering the interview room as they both take a seat across the room from Renee Young.

    Renee Young: Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

    Zelina Vega: It is our pleasure Renee. We know the people want to hear from their future king.

    Reene Young: So, my first question is for a long time Andrade was struggling to succeed in NXT until you arrived. Andrade how much of your success do you owe to Zelina Vega's managerial expertise?

    Andrade Cien Almas: Sin Zelina, estaba perdiendo el tiempo de fiesta en lugar de convertirme en el icono que soy hoy. Ella es un genio.

    Translation: Without Zelina I was wasting my time partying instead of becoming the icon I am today. She is a genius.

    Zelina Vega: Exactly. The talent was always there but he just needed someone to guide him. I am an expert in seeing talent and pointing them in the right direction.

    Renee Young: Is that why you have recruited Hunico and Kallisto?

    Zelina Vega: Smart girl. Exactly. Both men were NXT tag team champions and Kalisto is a former 2-time US champion. However, both were in a rut and are still works in progress. However soon they will be WWE tag team champions.

    Reene nods before looking to ask her next question.

    Renee Young: Your client also had an NXT title opportunity before joining Raw against the current NXT champion Gran Metalik? What did he learn after coming up short in that match?

    Andrade looks a little annoyed that his failure in the past has been brought up. Zelina though says something quietly to him to make sure he stays calm.

    Zelina Vega: My client learned that flukes happen. Andrade was the best talent in Mexico and now he is here in the WWE, he will prove his is the best in the world. Andrade will be more ruthless and anyone who gets in his way he will take out.

    Renee Young nods before asking her next question.

    Renee Young: You have made quite the impact on Monday night Raw picking up wins over stars like Shinsuke Nakamura and a two-time WWE champion Seth Rollins. However, some people have questioned your methods. What do you say to those people?

    Zelina Vega: Space at the top is limited and there is only room for one person. So, you need to send a statement and go after the top stars. You want to make an instant impact? Go after the most popular stars.

    Andrade Cien Almas: No espero mi lugar. Estoy tomando mi lugar.

    Translation: I ain't waiting for my spot. I am taking my spot.

    Zelina Vega: Exactly. We will take what we want and make Andrade the worldwide icon he has been always been destined to become.

    Renee Young: What do you think of Andrade's opponent in the first round Mustafa Ali?

    Zelina Vega: Mustafa Ali is a good competitor and the kid has a lot of heart. However, he is not ruthless enough to defeat Andrade. And that is at 100%. If Mustafa Ali was smart, he would protect himself and pull out. Cause trust me whilst Orton did what he did to Ali out of rage, Andrade will do worse to get to the top.

    Renee Young: One last question. If your client makes the...

    Andrade Cien Almas: When I make the final!

    Renee Young: Who do you expect him to face from Smackdown Live in the final?

    Zelina takes a moment to think it is through.

    Zelina Vega: Finn Balor. He has shown a ruthlessness in the past that reminds me of Andrade and is a worldwide icon. However, it does not matter who wins on the Smackdown side as Andrade will soon be known as Rey Andrade Cien Almas.

    Renee Young: Thank you for your time.

    Zelina Vega and Andrade leave the room now with the interview being finished as the video comes to an end.

    “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes:

    Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes are shown entering the room. Cody is in a very nice suit as he has a cigar in his mouth whilst Brandi is dressed in a very fancy dress.

    Renee Young: Thanks for agreeing to this interview.

    Cody takes a puff from his cigar as Brandi leans forward.

    Brandi Rhodes: The fans need to hear from wrestling's one true royal family. They need to hear from their future king.

    Renee Young: Last year you made your return to the WWE with Damien San..

    Cody Rhodes: Renee I know when you are talking to someone with an extensive family history it is easy to focus on the past but you are looking at the future of the Rhodes family. No, the future of the wrestling business.

    Brandi Rhodes: Yes, my husband came back with Damien Sandow but he was carrying dead-weight when he came back.

    Cody Rhodes: I have been a 7-time tag team champion with numerous other partners including Drew McIntyre who is in this tournament. I am also a two-time Intercontinental champion. Sandow meanwhile? He is a two-time tag champion and each time it has been from riding the coattails of a superior talent.

    Brandi Rhodes: And let's not talk about his Money in the Bank cash-in.

    Both of the Rhodes laugh at the joke as Cody turns back towards Renee.

    Cody Rhodes: As you can see there is no need to mention my past because I am the future of the Rhodes dynasty.

    Renee nods her head before looking to carry on.

    Renee Young: My next question was going to mention you have been in the WWE for a long time now but have not yet managed to break through? What has changed in the last few years?

    Cody Rhodes takes a puff on his cigar as he thinks about what he is going to say next.

    Cody Rhodes: You are right I have been here a long time and there was a lot of it was wasted staring at the stars instead of becoming showing I am the top star.

    Renee Young: What do you think of your opponent in the last 16 Shinsuke Nakamura?

    Cody Rhodes smirks to himself as he thinks through what he is going to say.

    Cody Rhodes: Being here through the years I have seen superstars brought in from around the world. And I have out lasted them all. He may think he has come to the WWE to live the American dream but when he steps into the ring with me, he will learn it will be an American nightmare.

    Renee Young: One last question Cody. Who do you expect to face in the final from Smackdown Live?

    Cody Rhodes: Drew McIntyre, He is a former tag team partner of mine and he is a top competitor. There is a reason he is the Intercontinental champion on Smackdown.

    Renee Young: Thank you for your time Cody.

    Cody gets up throwing the cigar in a bin at the side as his wife follows him out of the door.

    “The musical sensation” Elias:

    Elias walks into the room with his guitar as he takes a seat in front of Renee Young ready for the interview.

    Renee Young: Thank you for agreeing to the interview.

    Elias: Well it is always good to see my fans. I mean who does not love my music. Did you want an autograph?

    Renee Young: I mean no I wanted to a...

    Elias: Listen it is not a problem. Elias is always happy to give an autograph to one of his garbage fans.

    He gets a notepad out of his pocket and a pen as he scribbles a signature on it as Renee looks on shaking her head. Elias then passes her the paper.

    Elias: Now I better not see that placed on ebay later tonight.

    Renee puts it in down on the side shaking her head as she looks to get the interview back on track.

    Renee Young: OK Elias how have you been finding being on Monday night Raw after your time in NXT?

    Elias: Well the crowds still don't know a true musical sensation when they see one. But soon they will.

    Renee Young: But focusing on your wrestling you picked up big wins over the Hardy Boyz in single matches. How did that feel?

    Elias: What a silly question. They are former stars whilst I am a current star and I am on my way to the top of Monday Night Raw.

    Renee getting bothered by Elias being a pain to interview tries to ask him another question.

    Renee Young: However last pay-per-view you came up short against Noam Dar.

    Elias: What kind of question is that? Would you ask Beyonce or Ed Sheeran these kind of questions?

    Renee Young: Well I was also going to ask about your recent 6-man tag where your opponent this Sunday Neville pinned you in the ring.

    Elias looks furious staring at Renee as he rises to his feet and starts to walk off.

    Renee Young: Elias, Elias the interview is not over!

    Elias: No, it is. You do not disrespect a musical sensation with such comments. You have forgotten that WWE stands for Walk With Elias.

    Elias storms off as Renee Young turns towards the camera.

    Renee Young: Well looks like Elias has left the building.

    The camera fades to black bringing an end to the video.

    “The heart of Monday night Raw” Mustafa Ali:

    Mustafa Ali makes his way into the room slowly being polite as always before offering a handshake to Renee Young who accepts it.

    Reene Young: Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

    Mustafa Ali: It is my pleasure Renee.

    Renee Young: How are you feeling?

    Mustafa takes a moment before speaking.

    Mustafa Ali: Sore. My head is still not 100% after Randy Orton kicked me in the skull with his punt kick.

    Reene Young: A lot of people are questioning your decision to come back when you are not at 100%. What do you say to those people?

    Mustafa Ali: They may be right. However, I refuse to sit at home when I could have a chance at becoming King of the Ring. And as we know the winner gets a chance to win the World title.

    He takes a moment before looking down like he is thinking.

    Mustafa Ali: When I was a police officer there were some nights, I was feeling a bit under the weather but I still went out there. I ain't someone who is going to give in and sit at home when I am not 100%.

    Renee nods before she asks her next question.

    Renee Young: My next question relates to after King of the Ring. You made it clear you wanted Randy Orton in 3 weeks times whether or not you win at King of the Ring and were willing to delay your title shot to finish your issues with him. What do you make of the people who think it is a mistake to keep going after him?

    Mustafa Ali: People like Randy Orton use their power to control people and hurt whoever they can. He is a bully and when you come face to face with someone trying to bully you, you stand up to them! The only reason he has been attacking me is because he is a sore loser.

    Mustafa Ali is getting really fired up right now.

    Mustafa Ali: He was on top of the WWE in the past but has since fallen down and cannot stand it. So, he needs to go after the future stars. I mean look at who he attacked on Smackdown Live. Zack Sabre Jr, Johnny Gargano and Noam Dar. All newcomers and all targeted by Randy Orton.

    Renee Young: So, you are saying there is more to it then Orton just being a bully?

    Mustafa Ali: I am starting to think that. All of his targets have been young cruiserweights cause Orton fears that the new young superstars are going to take his spot like he did when he was the legend killer.

    Renee Young: Would it be fair to say that you are not 100% focused on King of the Ring this Sunday?

    Mustafa Ali: Yes, it would be but once my bell rings my mind will be on trying to beat Andrade.

    Renee Young: How do you plan to overcome someone as aggressive as Andrade and who will have no problem with taking advantage of your weakened state?

    Mustafa Ali: I am going to be honest. I don't have a plan. But I very rarely do when I step into that ring. I just go out there and give it my all. Whether that will be enough to beat him we will see. He is a great wrestler and was a star in Mexico for a reason.

    Renee Young: One last question. If you make it to the final who do you expect to face?

    Mustafa Ali takes a moment to think unsure how to answer.

    Mustafa Ali: There is a lot of tough competitors on Smackdown Live so it is hard to pick one to win. However, gun to my head Zack Sabre Jr. Whilst I don't like his recent actions he is a tournament expert and his style allows him to pick people apart.

    Renee Young: Thanks for your time Ali.

    Mustafa Ali smiles shaking hands with Renee before leaving.

    “The king of the Cruiserweights” Neville:

    Neville makes his way into the room with a snarl on his face as usual as he takes a seat across from Renee Young.

    Reene Young: Thank you for agreeing to this interview Neville.

    Neville just stares at Renee Young with a cold hard angry stare unnerving Renee a little.

    Renee Young: OK... so you are a former NXT champion and a two-time former Cruiserweight champion. How did it feel winning those titles?

    Neville: It felt right. I am known as the King of the Cruiserweights for a reason.

    Renee Young: However, in the last few weeks you are coming off losses to Tommaso Ciampa in Cruiserweight title matches...

    Neville: Renee if you want this interview to be air-able I would suggest not angering me. Yes, I lost to Ciampa but only due to wanting to send a message to him and everyone. If I get another shot at the Cruiserweight title, I will take back my throne.

    Renee Young: Well there is a chance at revenge if you both make it the semi-finals? Is that something on your mind right now?

    Neville: All that is on my mind is becoming King of the Ring. Whether I kick Ciampa's ass or Elias's ass or anyone else's to get to that goal it does not matter. I am the king of the Cruiserweights and soon I will be known as King Neville.

    Renee Young: Speaking of Elias, how much confidence does it give you pinning Elias on the most recent edition of Monday night Raw in tag team action?

    Neville: Why would I need confidence? Elias is not on my level.

    Renee nods before asking her next question.

    Renee Young: You have mentioned before your disappointment about not being in the Cruiserweight classic last year. Do you see this tournament as a chance to prove what you could have done?

    Neville: I don't need to prove anything. I would have won that tournament if I was in it. Only difference is I won't just being beating Cruiseweights. I will be beating wrestlers of all sizes and that includes Braun Strowman when I become King of the Ring.

    Renee Young: Do you not have any worries about facing the monster among men if you win King of the Ring?

    Neville: Do I look like I fear anyone? Braun Strowman may be a monster among men but I am no ordinary man. I am a king and I have run the Cruiserweight division since it came to life. Now I am will prove that the Cruiserweights can compete with the heavyweights.

    Renee Young: One last question, who do you expect to make the final on the Smackdown side of the bracket?

    Neville: Whoever wins out of Finn Balor or Zack Sabre Jr. Both are men I have faced outside of WWE and I know how tough they are. But they are competing to lose to the King.

    Renee Young: Thanks for your time Neville.

    Neville gets up not smiling once as he leaves the room.

    “The Scottish Supernova” Noam Dar:

    Noam Dar walks into the room with a cocky smirk on his face chewing some gum as he walks into the ring taking a seat in front of Renee Young.

    Renee Young: Thank you for agreeing to this interview Noam.

    Noam Dar: My pleasure Renee.

    Renee Young:You have not been in the WWE very long but you have been able to make an impact in your short time here. You made the quarter-finals of the Mae Young Classic and earned yourself a contract with the WWE.

    Noam Dar: Thare is a reason a'm called th' Scottish supernova Renee. I may be young but ah dinnae intend tae wait around tae achieve greatness.

    Renee Young: And what do you make of the fact that this Sunday you have the chance to become the youngest king of the ring winner of all time?

    Noam Dar: Breaking Brock Lesnar's record? That wid be oan hella o' an achievement.

    Renee Young: In recent times you have picked up big wins against older talents like Austin Aries and Elias. What do you think gives you an edge against these talents?

    Noam Dar: I may be young bit ah hae bin daein' this since I was 15. Ah hae more experience then fowk think whinthay see a 23-year-old kid walking to the ring.

    Renee Young: And in the last 16 you face off against the Cruiserweight champion Tommaso Ciampa. How do you feel about the prospect of facing a champion in the last 16?

    Noam Dar: A'm hyped. Beating him means ah kin ask Drake fur a Cruiserweight title shot.

    Renee Young: Tommaso Ciampa had some strong words for you ahead of this match. What did you think of his comments on Raw?

    Noam Dar: Ciampa likes tae run his mouth but he knows he git lucky in th' cage against Neville. He knows he is on borrowed time.

    Renee Young: Lastly who did you think will get to the final on the Smackdown side of the tournament?

    Noam Dar: Drew Mcintyre mah fellow Scotsman or Zack Sabre Jr. Even wi' his arm injury Drew is a tough fellow wha ah hud th' buzz o' fightin' whin he left wwe. Sabre wis mah partner fur a short while 'n' haes mair tournament experience then ye kin shake a stick at.

    Renee Young: Thanks for your time.

    Noam Dar: Glad to be here.

    Dar gets up still chewing his gum cockily smiling before leaving the room.

    “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura:

    The King of Strong Style makes his way into the ring is a weird suit as he sits across from Renee Young as he relaxes on it in his own unique style.

    Renee Young: Thanks for agreeing to this interview Shinsuke.

    Shinsuke Nakamura: My pleasure Renee.

    Renee Young: Before you came to WWE you spent your time in your native country of Japan winning numerous titles. What brought you to the WWE?

    Shinsuke Nakamura: Surfing.

    Renee looks a little shocked by that response.

    Renee Young: Surfing?

    Shinsuke Nakamura: Yes, surfing and a new challenge. New people to beat. New people to fight. New people to knee in the face.

    Renee Young: When you came to WWE you made in instant impact defeating Sami Zayn and soon you would become NXT champion defeating Samoa Joe. However, since then you have been unable to get your hands on gold even though you have picked up some big wins against stars like Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho. What do you think the reason for this is?

    Shinsuke takes a moment to think before answering.

    Shinsuke Nakamura: Adjusting to a new culture takes time. The level of competition is stronger however I am ready to become World champion.

    Renee Young: That is good to hear Shinsuke. In your time in Japan you would have taken part in many tournaments. Do you feel that experience gives you an edge?

    Shinsuke Nakamura: Yes. The toll it takes on your body is like nothing else.

    Renee Young: How do you feel about your first-round opponent Cody Rhodes?

    Shinsuke Nakamura: Cody is an experienced competitor and has a legacy. However, I have my own legacy from Japan. This Sunday he will get a knee to the face.

    Renee Young: My last question who do you expect to make the final on the Smackdown side of the bracket?

    Shinsuke Nakamura: Finn Balor. I know his strength from Japan and like me he knows how to compete in a tournament.

    Renee Young: Thanks for your time Shinsuke.

    Shinsuke does his usual pose before rising to his feet as the interview comes to an end.

    “Psycho killer” Cruiserweight champion Tommaso Ciampa:

    Tommaso Ciampa the Cruiserweight champion walks into the room with his goldie clutched preciously in his hands.

    Renee Young: Thanks for agreeing to this interview Tommaso.

    Tommaso looks up from his Cruiserweight title staring at Renee Young.

    Tommaso Cimapa: Do they not teach the interviewers on Smackdown Live how to properly address top talent?

    Renee Young sits there a bit confused by that line as Ciampa carries on.

    Tommaso Ciampa: I guess not. I am the greatest sports-entertainer below 215 pounds! Now introduce me again.

    Renee lets out a sigh.

    Renee Young: Thanks for agreeing to this interview the Greatest sports-entertainer under 215 pounds Tommaso Cimapa.

    Tommaso Ciampa: It is your pleasure Renee.

    Renee Young: Whilst it has been quite the year since leaving NXT, I would like to talk about your time down there first.

    Tommaso Ciampa: What the time I was held back by my partner Johnny? The only reason I did not become NXT champion or tag team champion down there was due to being held back by Johnny Failure. I mean look what he is doing right now without me carrying him. He is at home licking his wounds after Orton kicked him in the skull whilst I am Cruiserweight champion soon to be World champion as well.

    Renee Young: Well since breaking up from your tag team partner you have been on a roll but a lot of people question your actions to your former friend.

    Tommaso Ciampa: Those people are fools. I knew once we lost to Breezedango and missed out on winning tag team gold again that it was time to cut him loose. People may not agree with my actions but whilst I have goldie here I don't care what the fools in the crowd think.

    Renee Young: You also had some choices words for your first-round opponent Noam Dar? Do you think your comments may backfire and motivate him?

    Tommaso Ciampa: No. Listen the kid has potential but I am the champ for a reason. This belt means I am the best sports-entertainer under 215 pounds so Noam Dar does not stand a chance. Heck I will prove I am the best sports-entertainer period.

    Renee Young: Well if you get to the semi-finals you could potentially face off against the man who you won that title from Neville? Do yo...

    Tommaso Ciampa: I already know what you are going to say and let me make this clear. If I fight him again, I will beat him. People can talk about how he would have beat me at 100% or if he climbed out of the cage he would have won. I knew he would not climb out the cage. I planned it all and I took advantage. If I fight him in the semi-final, I am making the final guaranteed! And I will become a double champion!

    Renee Young: Speaking of becoming a double champion you have a Cruiserweight title defense coming up against Cedric Alexander. How are you preparing for that when it is only 3 weeks away?

    Tommaso Ciampa: Once I win this King of the Ring tournament, I will give Cedric Alexander my full attention especially after his attack on Monday. And once I beat him, I will use my World title shot to challenge whoever the champion is at Survivor Series!

    Renee Young: One last question, who do you expect to make it to the final from the Smackdown side?

    Tommaso Ciampa: It does not matter because whoever does will lose to me in the final. Now the champion and goldie has other business to attend.

    Tommaso Ciampa gets to his feet leave the room as Renee Young shakes her head with the video coming to a close.

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