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Thread: SmackDown Live; Take A Chance

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    Re: SmackDown Live; Take A Chance

    Thank you for the comment stojy! It's good to see you around. I'm glad you're enjoying most of the thread, I can understand some weariness with the comedy parts. I'm still getting the hang of pacing that out and writing it properly. I appreciate the honesty and the criticism with it. With this episode, I tried something a little different. This was a massive episode to me in terms of the story development from it, and most of all with the show closing segment and I figured this is one that it's best I write out instead of trying to recap and losing some of the intensity to it. I'm hoping it plays well and look forward to hearing people's thoughts on it.

    JANUARY 3, 2017

    The familiar sound of crashing boxes is how we open SmackDown Live this week. Baron Corbin is thrashing about backstage, destroying everything in his path and demanding to have WWE ChampionAJ Styles come out and face him like a man. He turns a corner and runs into Randy Orton, smirking and standing in a doorway. He tells Corbin when it comes to finding Styles, there’s a few rules to consider. Corbin starts to shrug Orton off, but Orton says if Corbin wants to find Styles, wants to get his hands on him, he may want to pay attention. Corbin pauses and thinks for a moment, giving Orton the chance to tell him to look for the people he’s closest to, he’ll never be far. Corbin shakes his head, steps up to Orton and says for the “old man” to know his role here. He says if he just wanted to stand there and insult his intelligence, maybe he’d like to be the next victim. You should know by now, after everything that happened to Heath Slater, to The Usos, you should be afraid of insulting Baron Corbin. Orton tells Corbin he’s faced much worse. He’s gone toe-to-toe with The Undertaker, he’s been face-to-face with Kane and he’s battled with the likes of John Cena. What makes Baron Corbin so special? Corbin says if he wants to find out, he’ll be happy to teach him, now stay out of my way. Corbin then walks off, and we focus in on Orton looking somewhat impressed and smirking.

    The first match of the evening is The Ascension absolutely decimating The Vaudevillains with the Fall of Man. They show their strength and dominance the entire match, never really giving a chance for the Vaudevillains to gain any control. The hover in the ring for a while after winning, showing they’re in control of the yard.

    Going backstage again, we see Randy Orton again in the locker room, getting prepared for his match tonight. The commentators highlight that he’ll take on Dolph Ziggler later, but we see a man in jeans walk up to Orton and he looks up to him. Dean Ambrose is standing over him, and with the unusual way he tends to speak, he starts telling Randy that he better be careful out there because, you see, this championship opportunity, it doesn’t actually belong to him. And if he were to, maybe take it, it would really make some people very, very angry. We don’t want that. Orton tells Ambrose that if he’s threatening him, he absolutely dares him to follow through. We found out at Survivor Series that you don’t have what it takes to beat me without someone helping you out, and we found it out at Backlash too. You may be lucky, you may be good, nobody knows. All we know is you’re stupid and you obviously don’t understand what’s good for you, so stay out of my way. Ambrose gives a smile and leans in and whispers to Orton that if he has to, he’ll cave Orton’s head in worse than Brock Lesnar did. He pats Orton on the shoulder, tells him to think about it, and walks off.

    The camera follows Ambrose, and behind him as we pass we see Daniel Bryan talking to Kalisto. Bryan has a hand on his shoulder and both look a bit somber as we zoom in and overhear Bryan explaining that due to Kane’s recent suspension, he can’t allow the qualifier from last week to count. Kalisto is pleading with him, but Bryan insists that he’s going to be fair about this. Kalisto will defend his Royal Rumble spot tonight in a match with Tye Dillinger. Kalisto puts his head in his hands and sits down, Bryan says he has to go and walks off. We hover on Kalisto for just a moment before following Bryan out.

    Walking up the hallway, Bryan seems very intent. Tom Phillips walks up and asks about his meeting with The Miz later, but Bryan says he isn’t able to comment on that at this time. Phillips asks if Bryan has seen Miz at all tonight, and he says he hasn’t. Tom is left standing there as Bryan continues on, and we spot SmackDown Live Women’s ChampionNikki Bella talking outside the women’s locker room with Alexa Bliss. She instructs Bliss to stand guard over the locker room with the weird things happening recently and Bliss agrees. A title card comes up on the lower third that says “UP NEXT” before we cut to commercial on Bliss standing outside the locker room, looking around nervously.

    Getting back from commercial, Nikki Bella is in the ring and cuts a short promo on being the greatest Women’s Champion of all time, and the fact that the idiots who couldn’t figure out who the “Assassin of the Women’s Division” was are now trying to trick her and torment her is just adding to that fact. She says how there is NOBODY on the SmackDown Live roster who is able to stand up to her, NOBODY who is able to beat her, and NOBODY who is woman enough to even try. During the speech, we cut back to Alexa Bliss standing guard still, she seems very nervous and scared to be standing there alone though. Bella then introduces her opponent tonight -- La Luchadora.

    During the match, La Luchadora continually outwrestles Bella, and gets a few nearfalls. This obviously doesn’t sit well with Bella, who starts trying to cheat her way to the victory all the while murmuring how she’s the champion and she’s a good person. Eventually, the titantron cuts to show Alexa Bliss has been attacked and is now inside a dark locker room with GLOW sticks hanging from the ceiling and swinging by her. Behind her, you can see a cheetah statue just over her shoulder. Bella is distracted and La Luchadora gets the roll up victory.

    Bella is infuriated, but embarrassed. She rolls out of the ring and grabs her title, trying to rush away, but La Luchadora grabs a microphone and calls out to her. It’s a familiar voice, and Nikki stops dead in her tracks and looks back at the ring as La Luchadora removes her mask to reveal BECKY LYNCH!. The crowd cheers, and Nikki looks like she’s seen a ghost. Becky cuts a promo about how you can’t hold Becky Balboa down. No matter how hard you hit, no matter what you do to cheat, no matter the tricks and the traps, you can never keep me down. Unlike you, Nicole, I am not going to fight unfairly. I’m not going to hide behind a mask or keep my identity a secret. You just lost to Becky Freakin’ Lynch, and when I get my hands on you again, you’ll lose again. And again. And again. Because I’m coming for my title. I’m going to get it back. And Nicole, there is NOTHING you can do to keep me from it!

    We focus in on Nikki looking stunned while Becky dares her to bring it on. We cut from that to a quick title card to say up next is Heath Slater returning to SmackDown Live, and later we have Dolph Ziggler taking on Randy Orton.

    When we get back, in the ring are balloons and a table with a cheap, Party City table cover over a wood table. There’s a cake on it, and badly photoshopped pictures of Beauty and the Man-Beast. Heath Slater comes out to the ring and starts talking about how in the past few months, he has been blessed. He has done things he could have only imagined before. He’s met his best friend, he’s tag teamed with him, he was in a tournament, he earned a contract to SmackDown Live. These past few months, he’s been on Cloud 9. So tonight, he wanted to do something special. He wanted to celebrate the joy of having his best friend, he wanted to celebrate working together and winning, he wanted to be together. So without further ado, please welcome his best friend Rhyno!.

    Rhyno makes his return to SmackDown Live, marching down to the ring and looking somewhat reluctant. He looks at the pictures and chuckles. He notices that on the table are crackers and cheese, his favorite. Slater tells Rhyno that if it weren’t for him, he would never have found the strength he needed at TLC. The power of his friendship has been the best thing ever, and at TLC he took on and defeated Baron Corbin for YOU, Rhyno. It was the power you have given me, and man, I just wanted to thank you and say that we did it. Beauty and the Man-Beast are back, man. Rhyno is trying to downplay everything, trying to tell Heath to stop, but Heath keeps on going, telling Rhyno that he just wanted to make him proud, he wanted to do something for his best friend and avenge him. Heath turns to the side, grabs something from the announcer and turns telling Rhyno he’s gotten him something -- AND IS HIT WITH A MONSTROUS GORE!!!

    Rhyno tells Heath that is absolutely sick of having to put up with him and his stupid kids. Half of them, he doesn’t even think are actually his. Granted, it only makes sense that with a man like you, your wife would need to find someone else. Look at you, grovelling over friendship, crying over a cheap win where you got the crap beat out of you. You make me sick. Being the Man-Beast used to mean something, and now it’s going to mean something again. Without the annoying, stupid freak by my side. Heath is crawling, grabbing at Rhyno’s boots and saying he did it for him though, and Rhyno grabs him by the hair, lifts him up and pulls him in. He lifts and spins into A SPINEBUSTER THROUGH THE TABLE AND RIGHT ON TOP OF THE CAKE!!. Rhyno stands over Slater as we cut away.

    Baron Corbin is backstage, he paused to see the destruction and smirks, knowing he was a primary cause of this. He keeps marching through the backstage area, calling out for AJ Styles to be a real man, and a real WWE Champion and face him like he promised. Apparently his word means absolutely nothing. He turns a corner and runs into Breezango who are stopped dead. Fandango takes the opportunity and hands Corbin a ticket for noise ordinance around here. Tyler Breeze tells Dango he’s never seen a biker without the bike, or the mystique. Corbin seems to get pissed with this, grabs both and pushes them against the wall. He tells them to stay the hell out of his way, or else. He storms off, still searching. Breeze looks at Dango and tells him that was assault of an officer, and Dango says to let him go -- he’s a free spirit, and there’s nothing we can do about him.

    They go to walk off and run into Shane McMahon. He explains that he’s impressed that Breezango haven’t lost in a while, and says he’s decided he’s going to help them. Breeze gets excited, asking if they get to keep their Chief Santino. McMahon says he has other ideas. Dango says he thinks they’re going to be getting a promotion, maybe head of investigations? Breeze says that sounds good, he was hoping for something more like meter maid. I look good in a maid outfit. McMahon cuts them off, obviously confused and concerned. He tells them that next week, they get to take on the hottest team on SmackDown Live lately, The Ascension. They both seem confused as to how this is good news, and McMahon says it’s good news for him and walks off. We cut to commercial zoomed in on Breeze and Dango.

    Back from commercial, Tom Phillips is outside the locker room of The Miz. He knocks on the door, and Maryse answers. Tom asks if he can speak with Miz, and Maryse says absolutely not. After all, am I not good enough? Tom says she’s fine, and asks her what her thoughts are on the invitation from Daniel Bryan tonight. She says no interviews are allowed and slams the door in Tom’s face.

    We cut out to the ring where John Cena has his Royal Rumble qualifying match against NXT starAndrade ‘Cien’ Almas. Almas gets a lot of great moves in, and has a great spot where he has the ‘tranquilo’ pose, ducks down and drops Cena out then hits a flurry of high impact and high speed moves. He nearly puts Cena away a couple of times, partially due to Cena constantly showboating to try and draw out The Undertaker. Cena taunts Taker frequently throughout to no avail. Almas gets his hammerlock DDT for a two count, but by the end, Cena gets the win with the Attitude Adjustment. Almas comes out looking fantastic, though.

    Backstage, Tom Phillips meets up with Tye Dillinger. Dillinger speaks to the camera telling Apollo Crews that he’s impressed with the cowardism of a man proclaiming himself the ‘Perfect Eleven.’ You hide, you come out and call yourself awesome, then you hide again. There’s nothing about you that screams “I’m better than other people.” In fact, you’re the epitome of a mediocre two. Like I’ve said, maybe I’m not the ‘Perfect Ten,’ but I am a hell of a lot better than you. At the very least, I follow through on my promises. At the very least, I give it my best damn effort. At the very least, I am going to fight and scratch and claw for the people out there, not the person back here. You call yourself an eleven, maybe you should rethink that, because all I see is a coward. A title card comes up on the bottom saying “UP NEXT”.

    Out to the ring, we have Tye Dillinger take on Kalisto in a match for Kalisto’s Royal Rumble spot. They have a solid match, with Kalisto highlighting his speed and lucha techniques while Dillinger manages to get the crowd involved with his famous “TEN” chant. At the end, Apollo Crews comes out and sneaks in to hit Dillinger with a surprise superkick that knocks him clear out. Neither the referee nor Kalisto notice and Kalisto gets the pin, barely. As Dillinger gets up, he realizes what happened and jumps out of the ring to chase Crews backstage. While Crews runs off, The Revival come out and pass him and Dillinger to go get their revenge on Kalisto. They rush into the ring and start beating down on Kalisto, and we show Dillinger on the stage about to catch Crews when he stops and turns to see Kalisto being taken advantage of. He thinks, looks in both directions and the crowd starts chanting “TEN.” He looks down at his hands, giving himself the “TEN” and then runs to the ring and makes the save on Kalisto. He runs in, knocking back both Wilder and Dawson and manages to clothesline Dawson out of the ring, while Wilder ducks out to recuperate with his teammate. Dillinger checks on Kalisto and protects him as we fade off to commercial.

    Coming back, it’s time for a REMEMBER THE RUMBLE vignette. In honor of the tagline of the Rumble this year, we have a pretaped interview with AJ Styles with the WWE Championship on his shoulder. He talks about the Royal Rumble last year, coming out at number three and the excitement he felt. He says how the Rumble is truly something special, something you will never find anywhere else in the world. Last year, he was debuting in the WWE. This year, he’s going to the Rumble as WWE Champion and it’s going to be just as special.

    We cut away to Baron Corbin standing in front of a camera backstage. He looks into it, staring with cold, dead eyes. He screams that next week, he’s going to find AJ Styles. He’s going to find his Club. He’s going to torment them, torture them, BREAK them. And if you try to hide again, go ahead. But you can’t hide forever, and when I do find you, I will drag you to that ring and I will destroy you, I will take your precious championship, I will make you an afterthought. I’ll get what I want, one way or another. I’ll get it.

    As Corbin walks away, he runs into Dolph Ziggler who looks at him strangely, and Corbin pushes through him, bumping shoulders with him. Ziggler looks into the camera, smirks and shakes his head. He says kids these days, they just don’t understand. You don’t “earn it” in a week, you don’t get to lose to Heath Slater and become special because you attack somebody. Typical Daniel Bryan era, John Cena era entitlement. Exactly what I will end here. Unlike them, the ones who are just handed it, I’ve earned everything I’ve gotten and then some. Tonight, I’m going to show Randy Orton that he isn’t entitled to anything because of his name. A card pulls up that says “UP NEXT.”

    Ringside again for our main event match between Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton. Having had this previously, they have a similar match with some key differences. Orton manages to hit an RKO early on, but Ziggler is able to kick out to the shock of the crowd and Orton. Ziggler hits the ZigZag, but Orton kicks out of it. It’s a great back and forth match, and just as Ziggler is about to hit the Superkick to end it, Baron Corbin comes out and runs him over with a massive clothesline. He sees Orton getting up and pulls him in and hits the END OF DAYS on him. Ziggler stands, turns and takes a DEEP SIX for his troubles as well. Corbin stands over both of them and screams to them that they should learn to fear him, that he’s somebody to be feared and respected. He wants his chance, he’s earned his damn chance and he’s going to take it. Do NOT stand in my way.

    We cut to our final commercial break with Corbin over the two.


    Daniel Bryan walks out onto the stage and is met with a chorus of “YES!” chants and arm thrusts from fans. He’s smiling, but you can see him growing a bit weary in the eyes. He hops down the ramp doing the “YES!” chant with his adoring fans. He’s ecstatic.Getting into the ring, he grabs a microphone, he has a clipboard with him.

    DANIEL BRYAN || Good evening everybody! I hope you’ve had a great time here tonight at SMACKDOWN LIVE!

    More “YES!” chants from the crowd, and Bryan laughs a bit.

    DANIEL BRYAN || Considering we’ve been running an advertisement for it all night long, I’m sure you know why I’m out here tonight.

    Some soft booing comes through.

    DANIEL BRYAN ||Now, now. Over the past few months, there has been a steady disagreement between myself and a man named Michael Mizanin. He has enlisted agents, he’s enlisted lawyers and he’s even sent his wife, Maryse.

    The boo’s begin to grow a bit.

    DANIEL BRYAN || So tonight, I have decided to take it upon myself to “bury the hatchet.” Tonight, I’m letting you behind closed doors. I’ve decided to invite Miz, as he likes to be called, out here tonight to show him that SmackDown Live cares about him …

    “BOOO” from the crowd, cutting off Bryan.

    DANIEL BRYAN ||I’m sure you all care. And to show him how much we all care about him, allow me to welcome out here my guest at this time, accompanied by his wife, Maryse -- MICHAEL “THE MIZ” MIZANIN!



    “I came to play” starts playing, the lights have dimmed, and the crowd has gone on full blast for the man who has tormented Daniel Bryan for months over anything and everything he could. Bryan’s smile has dissipated as he’s met eyes with Miz, walking out in a three-piece suit with Maryse on his arm. They stand atop the ramp, kiss, the Intercontinental Championship heavily featured on Miz’s shoulder. They walk down, ignoring the fans and giving their evil smirk to show how they view themselves as better than everybody. They enter the ring, Miz holding the ropes for Maryse, and come face to face with Daniel.

    DANIEL BRYAN || I’m glad to see you made it safely, Miz.

    MARYSE ||Oh yes, you care so deeply about safety. I’m glad you’ve finally come to your senses.

    THE MIZ || Babe, babe.

    DANIEL BRYAN || It’s alright, what do you have to say, Maryse?

    MARYSE ||No, my husband is right. We’re here to have a meeting, to be together.

    THE MIZ ||What I think my wife meant to say was that she’s happy to see that we were able to work something out. I assume that’s the deal in your hand?

    DANIEL BRYAN || Yes, it is. I’ve worked long and hard over this, Miz, and I’m certain you’ll love it.

    Miz snatches the clipboard from Bryan’s hand and starts reading over it. He flips pages furiously, his face growing red.


    MARYSE || What is the meaning of this, Daniel?

    DANIEL BRYAN || Miz, I am …

    Maryse slaps Daniel across the face, shutting him up and stands in his face as he checks for blood.

    MARYSE || This is downright appalling. This is absolutely disrespectful. How DARE you treat my husband like this?! He is the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! You should respect him. You should honor him. He brings value to your show, he shows up and immediately brings viewers and fans and what do you do? You spit in his face? Well I spit in yours!

    Maryse spits in Bryan’s face, and Bryan takes a couple steps back. Miz grabs Maryse and pulls her back, his face is red as he steps up to Bryan.

    THE MIZ ||YOU HAVE DONE THIS AT EVERY TURN! I work my ass off. I push and push, I am here every single night doing what no one else will. You don’t see Roman Reigns out here. You don’t see John Cena out here. You sure as hell don’t see DANIEL BRYAN, the saviour of the masses, out here. You see me, coming out here and working my ass off. I do everything. I am the saviour of this show. I have made you millions. I have drawn the views. I am the Intercontinental Champion, I brought that back to relevance. I did something you could never do, and then I did something you did and made it better. I get it, I do, you’re jealous. You can’t handle that you’ve failed. That you’re through. So instead, you come out here, you become what you hated. You hold back the real talent. You push me back. YOU have done nothing but HOLD ME DOWN, ENDANGER MY WIFE AND TRIED TO TAKE MY TITLE. You should be honoring me, and with this you’re saying I won’t be in the Royal Rumble?

    Cheers from the crowd.

    THE MIZ ||OH SHUT THE HELL UP! I’m better than each and every one of you. You say I have to compete for my title every damn week, I could lose my title any time?

    More cheers from the crowd.

    THE MIZ || WHAT DID I JUST SAY?! Fine. Fine. I see how it is. I bet Raw will treat a champion better. I’m better than them. I’m better than SmackDown Live. I’m sure as hell better than YOU, Daniel. Come on Maryse, we’ve got better places than this to be.

    Bryan shakes his head, his eyebrows furrow and his face is starting to get red.


    The crowd starts doing the “NO!” chant.

    DANIEL BRYAN ||I AM SICK OF THIS. I AM SICK OF YOU, MIZ. YOU WALK AROUND HERE LIKE YOU OWN THE WORLD. You think you’re so important just because you’re the Intercontinental Champion? I could buy a new belt and strip you of that right now if I wanted to.

    “YES!” chants start reverberating through again, and Miz and Maryse turn and stare at Bryan.

    DANIEL BRYAN || You know why I gave you this offer? Because I’m done giving in to you. I’m DONE with EVERYTHING you two have put me through. I’m no push over. I’m not putting up with it. You want something, how about earning it for once.

    THE MIZ ||FOR ONCE?! Have you been paying any attention?! I’ve been earning it for YEARS and I get NO RESPECT from the likes of you!




    The Miz looks stunned for a moment.

    THE MIZ || I’m a what?


    DANIEL BRYAN || He’s just a no-good, cheating, barely known on the red-carpet B-Plus Player.

    And with that, Miz has snapped and tosses Maryse aside. He tackles Bryan and a brawl ensues, he starts beating on Bryan, his face red with anger. Security comes rushing out to try and break them up, and it takes six of them to hold Miz back as they check on Bryan. Miz breaks free as Bryan is starting to get up and tackles him down again, swinging wildly at him and screaming “WHO’S A B+ PLAYER NOW?!” The security finally pulls him off, adding a few more to drag him away.

    We watch as they get Bryan up to his knees, holding the ropes and checking his ear for blood, and he looks up the ramp to see Miz being dragged away, foaming at the mouth and screaming at Bryan about not being a B+ Player. Maryse is following, she turns and goes to throw her hands up, and before we catch what she does the camera cuts back to Bryan. We cut one more time to Miz as he gets taken behind the curtains and fade away.

    January 29, 2017

    Royal Rumble Match

    Confirmed Entrants:
    Apollo Crews, Kalisto, and John Cena

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    Re: SmackDown Live; Take A Chance

    Iíve really enjoyed the turn of events with Baron Corbin over the past couple of weeks. Despite the loss at the PPV, he has really taken a more serious role dealing with AJ and Orton. Corbin being furious and wanting to find AJ is fine, and Ortonís role in this was very interesting. Giving somebody like Corbin advice just leaves me wondering what happens from here. Corbinís bad attitude was written well though, and this was a fun segment to open the show with.

    There is a philosophy I learned from a booker elsewhere and that was that the only time a squash match should open in ring actionÖ Is if something big happens after it or a promo is cut. Neither here so not sure I liked the placing of this, the opener is supposed to get the crowd pumped. This wouldnít have done that, imo. I guess this is a solid win for The Ascension though.

    :lmao at the way Dean Ambrose speaks being called unusual. Fair point but when I read it, I found it funny. I really enjoyed this segment between Ambrose and Orton as it felt like there was proper hatred between the two, which makes the sense considering they have been joint at the hip since this thread started. That last line about the Brock Lesnar cave in was awesome as well. Good stuff.

    I still donít like the way the whole qualifier scenario with Kaneís suspension has been booked. I wonder whether this was your plan all along, or whether youíve added this in based off feedback. Either way, Kalisto/Dillinger sounds like a good match but I donít agree with Kalisto being punished for something Kane did. Like last week, the situation with the booking of this angle just hasnít got me on side.

    Bryan being asked about The Miz is just a smart way of hyping up what is sure to be a good segment between them later. Good stuff.

    Alexa Bliss being on security guard duty sucks for her. It makes sense for Nikki to want this although Iím not sure the dynamic between Nikki/Alexa is completely there yet. Alexa is a bitch and I feel as if sheíd still struggle to take orders so easily, especially so early on in the relationship, but you havenít shown that at all.

    Nikki promo was pretty standard stuff, however Bliss being kidnapped with glow sticks lying around is awesomeÖ As was the masked lady turning out to be Becky Lynch. All booked really well, and Beckyís promo was well written as well. Good stuff all around.

    I really enjoyed this segment between Slater and Rhyno. It was quite obvious with those hospital segments a month ago that Rhyno would be turning on Slater. To do it in such a Kevin Owens festival of friendship sort of way was a nice touch. From here, Iím looking forward to see a Rhyno push, as you can probably tell from my thread, Iím a massive fan of his. This will hopefully give Slater a more serious edge in their feud as well, great segment.

    Corbin still looking for Styles makes me think something big is going to happen when AJ finally does appear. :lmao at the biker without a bike line, brilliant stuff. The Fashion Police being put in their place by Corbin was good though, showing that heís not a joke. Iíve enjoyed the two Corbin segments tonight, hopefully there is a pay off on tonightís show.

    Shane McMahon continuing his mission of torturing Santino and Breezango is something I like. Heís still a babyface, but itís just a different angle. I really like it and this segment was fun, setting up a solid match for next week, and continuing a fun angle.

    Maryse not giving much away which is to be expected, and itís smart that youíve continued to hype this Bryan/Miz meeting throughout the night.

    Give Almas a call up, Iím a mark for the guy. Apart from that, Iím really happy he didnít just get squashed because as we have learned over the past couple of years, Cena is actually quite good at putting over talent. A good win for Cena though and the ĎTaker taunts was well put in. Canít wait to see Cena/Taker step it up a level at the Rumble.

    A very intense interview from Dillinger which is something we havenít really seen from him before. It makes sense to with the way his break up with Apollo has gone down. I wasnít completely sold on Tye self-doubting himself so hard though, trashing his own perfect ten nickname, not sure I felt it. Still, a solid, intense interview though.

    Apollo costing Tye the Rumble match makes sense, and this was another good win for Kalisto. The aftermath with Dillinger wanting to go after Crews was good. The Revival are such assholes, and picking on Kalisto here was another example of that. Iíve really enjoyed your booking of The Revival thus far and this was no different. Dillinger making the save was a nice touch, and I smell a tag team match next week.

    AJ Styles pre-taped interview makes me think heís not here tonightÖ This makes me upset after all the awesome stuff with Corbin so far. It makes sense as a booker to tease the pay off and deliver on a different occasion though. Very well done.

    Corbinís last little bit here was intense and well written. I canít wait to see what happens here next week. Ziggler bumping shoulders with Corbin and using him as an example was sensational, because it completely proved Dolphís point. Looking forward to the main event now as well.

    Ziggler/Orton would have been a pretty good match by the sounds of things. I really didnít expect Corbin to interfere with his AJ focus, but it makes sense considering his dealings with Dolph and Orton throughout the show. Iím glad three or four Corbin segments meant there was a pay off on tonightís show. Really well done and Iím intrigued to see what happens in the title picture from here. Although, as much as I love Corbin at the moment, surely heís not in the title picture after losing to Slater.

    I absolutely ADORED this final segment. As much as recaps do the job and still show how great the booking is, there is just that extra something about reading a full segment. Very well written. Maryse with the slap and the spit was just crazy, added so much to this, so I applaud your use of Maryse here. Everything that was said was so intense, it was perfect. Bryan finally losing it at the end, only to get attacked was brilliant as well. The only issue I have is beeped out or not, Bryan would never be allowed to swear on WWE TV. Outside of that, this segment was perfect. Hopefully this foreshadows a match between the two at Mania, because this feud in real life, and especially in this thread, has been very worthy of a big stage blow off match. Awesome stuff.

    A few minor things I disagreed with but overall another good show. By this point, itís obvious I like the direction youíre heading and a lot of characters, especially Corbin over the past few weeks. That final segment was amazing to, write more segments in full please. As always, a pleasant experience and Iíll be back for more.

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    Re: SmackDown Live; Take A Chance

    Thank you very much for the comments stojy. I always appreciate hearing from you, and I really appreciate that you enjoyed the full segment. I felt that was a huge moment and deserved to be written in full. Considering you asked for some more full segments, I felt maybe I'll give it a shot here again so the show today starts out with a more experimental segment written in full to see how it comes out. Personally, I enjoyed it but we'll see. Kane's scenario is somewhat rushed and something in response to some other developments, but I figured it works. I am trying to push Corbin pretty well at this stage, just seeing how it comes out. And actually the women's angle is what I'm most hoping will come out well considering the success of the mystery attacker, I feel the follow up here is important so I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it and hope it continues to be a success!

    January 10, 2017

    The show opens this week on a black Escalade pulling into the parking lot near the door. The camera swings around and shows The Usos in the front seats, Jey driving. They get out, peek around the lot a bit and duck down at the urge of someone in the back seat. The door opens and out steps AJ Styles.

    AJ STYLES || Are you crazy? We have to get moving. Come on.

    The three are ducked down. With AJ having been hunted by Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose and most recently Baron Corbin, The Club is understandably nervous. They open the door and AJ tells Jimmy Uso to go ahead. Heís a bit hesitant, but peeks through and nods for them to keep going. The shine of AJís WWE Championship belt is giving them away a bit, but they seem to be doing just fine. Until they get just inside the door and the camera is able to swing around behind them to show down the hallway to their right is Baron Corbin walking through, and to the left is Dean Ambrose adjusting the tape on his wrists. AJ looks ahead and spots a door and points.

    AJ STYLES || Go go go. We have to move, quick.

    They open the door and quickly slide in, leaving it cracked and peeking out where the camera can see Corbin and Ambrose walk up to each other. Ambrose seems to be chewing gum and smacking his lips loudly, very animated in his speech while Corbin is easily heard through the door.

    BARON CORBIN || Look here, you better watch your mouth before someone -- I mean -- I knock it off your ugly face. You better hope I donít find AJ Styles, you better hope I donít find you when Iím angry.

    Jey Uso whispers to tell the guys thereís something behind them. They turn and the camera continues following, turning away just as Ambrose says something else. We follow through the darkness to what appears to be another room where in the corner we see The Miz.


    AJ STYLES || *whispering* okay, letís sneak by.

    THE MIZ || What was that? Oh great, now he has people spying on me. I swear, Daniel Bryan is the worst thing to happen to the WWE. Heís the worst manager of all time. Iím going to do something tonight, thatís what will teach him.

    The Club has snuck out the door to their left, but the camera is a bit slow to follow. As we catch up, theyíre nervously turning and running to the right. The camera peeks left and spots Baron Corbin continuing up the hallway, then turns to follow. Styles opens a door, and we see Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family standing in a dark room around The Hype Bros. and the Man in Tweed.


    They shut the door abruptly.

    JIMMY USO || Wrong room.

    They go to the next room over and open the door to find Heath Slater.

    HEATH SLATER || Why did he do it? My best friend Ö

    Again theyíre quick to shut the door.

    JEY USO || Another wrong room.

    AJ STYLES ||I donít care, letís get out of here.

    They sneak into a locker room nearby and duck down to the side of the door. The camera pans around to see Baron Corbin just walking by, not noticing the trio. It then turns to show DIY is in the locker room.

    JOHNNY GARGANO || I canít wait to our hands on those Usos. Theyíre literally what you would get if you took 3 Minute Warning and made it into 15 Minute Snooze.

    TOMASSO CIAMPA ||Theyíre the background of a rap music video that was made by some 15-year-old whoís somehow still better at literally anything than they are.

    JOHNNY GARGANO || They want to mess with us. They think theyíre the best. Fine, weíll show them exactly what a REAL team is. The brothers you choose.

    DIY walk out of the locker room, leaving The Club there. The Usos look furious, ready to strike, but Styles holds them back.

    AJ STYLES ||No, no, no. Eyes on the prize, boys. You can deal with them later. Do not draw attention to us.

    Styles directs them to leave as well, they turn up the hallway in the opposite direction of Corbin was walking. However, as the camera soon shows, Corbin has just turned around and spots them.


    He starts to give chase, and the three of them book it down the hall. The camera is following as closely as it can, they turn a corner and duck into what appears to be a closet. You can hear Corbin running by, smacking the walls and doors to try and scare them out, but they stay put until the noise dies down. Suddenly, the lights click on from a drawstring above them and show Breezango in there with them.

    JEY USO ||Not these clowns again.

    TYLER BREEZE || See Dango! I told you a stake out would work!

    FANDANGO ||Breeze, this isnít The Ascension though. Itís The Usos.

    TYLER BREEZE || Oh, I canít tell any of those paint wearing teams apart.

    FANDANGO ||Itís easy. The Usos are pudgy, and theyíre twins.

    AJ STYLES ||I hope heís gone because I canít take this much longer.

    TYLER BREEZE || How do you tell which one is which then if theyíre twins?

    FANDANGO ||Easy, Jey has an e in his name. Left has an e in it. Therefore, Jey is always on the left.

    TYLER BREEZE || Oh! I get it!

    JIMMY USO || Thatís not how that works.

    Fandango points to the Uso who last spoke.

    FANDANGO ||See, on the left, clearly Jey.

    JIMMY USO || Iím Jimmy.

    BREEZANGO || No, youíre Jey.

    TYLER BREEZE ||See, even they canít tell themselves apart!

    The Usos give a knowing look to Styles.

    AJ STYLES || Fine.

    The door busts open and The Usos immediately superkick Breezango knocking them out, but alerting anyone around with the sound.

    AJ STYLES || Come on, letís get moving. We can make it.

    JEY USO ||That felt good, about time we shut those idiots up.

    Styles guides The Usos up the hallway they were going before and they spot SmackDown Live womenís champion Nikki Bella talking to Alexa Bliss.

    NIKKI BELLA || What do you think Becky has up her sleeve?

    ALEXA BLISS || Look, Nikki, Iím just .. I donít want to be getting into these creepy situations anymore. What is the plan here? I thought you were supposed to have rid us of the trash of the Womenís division?

    NIKKI BELLA ||Sometimes, the trash needs to be taken out a few times before it gets the hint and learns to stay gone.

    Styles nods to sneak by the two, and they do before going into a locker room. The camera changes finally, inside the locker room we see Styles turn and run into Dolph Ziggler.

    AJ STYLES || Just the man I wanted to see.

    DOLPH ZIGGLER ||Really? Oh thatís funny, I was hoping to see you too.

    AJ STYLES || Look, Dolph, I appreciate what you did last week.

    DOLPH ZIGGLER || What I did? For you? Last I checked, all I did was take a beating for you without expecting it. Last I checked, Baron Corbin was hunting YOU and YOU are the coward who keeps running from him. Last I checked, YOU are putting everyone in danger because you canít swallow your pride or man up. You appreciate what I did?

    AJ STYLES || Easy, Dolph.

    JIMMY USO || Chill, Uce. We got much bigger fish to fry than Baron Corbin.

    AJ STYLES || What I appreciate is that you disposed of Randy Orton. I get it wasnít how you wanted, and I know itís hard to be ostracized by Daniel Bryan like this. I mean, he is constantly keeping you down, constantly pushing you down. But I appreciate you, Dolph. I give you full credit for all the things youíve done. Think about it, you actually earn your opportunities and deserve them. Getting rid of Randy Orton, it benefits both of us, because we both have earned everything we got. He just gets it handed to him by Daniel Bryan, because Daniel Bryan doesnít want US to succeed. Dolph, I want you to succeed. I want to see you get opportunities and I appreciate the fight youíre putting up to get them.

    DOLPH ZIGGLER ||Then how about, instead of all this bull about me facing Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose, how about you just agree to put that WWE Championship on the line against me and we just settle it there?

    AJ STYLES ||Dolph, thereís a long war ahead. We canít be squabbling like this. Youíre right, you deserve the Championship match. And I will give it to you. But first, we have to keep fighting the good fight. We have to keep taking down the Randy Ortons, the John Cenas, the Dean Ambroses of the WWE. Think about it Dolph, youíll have your moment soon. We have to make Daniel Bryan recognize your moment, though. We have to make the blind see the light.

    DOLPH ZIGGLER || Yeah, yeah. Fine, but remember, that Championship match belongs to me. When I decide, when I come for it, remember that.

    AJ STYLES ||Of course, Dolph. I want you to have it. I believe in Dolph Ziggler. Remember that.

    The camera zooms out a bit with the two smirking and nodding at each other and we cut away to the ring for our first match, and the return of the recap format.

    The first match of the evening pits Heath Slater up against NXT SuperstarOney Lorcan in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match. Oney has a great showing, hitting some very stiff shots on Heath, who seems to still be moping about Rhyno at times. Heath starts to get a bit of a roll at one point, but Oneyís stiff shots and skill pay off as he goes. Unfortunately, the match ends with a disqualification victory for Slater as THE MIZ comes running in from the crowd and starts beating on both Slater and Lorcan. He stares into the camera and with a disheveled look that makes it seem like he hasnít slept since last week screams out ďIs this what a B-PLUS PLAYER would do? Am I still just some B-PLUS PLAYER to you? I WILL TEAR DOWN THIS SHOW PIECE BY PIECE UNTIL I GET MY WAY, UNTIL I GET MY RUMBLE SPOT!Ē He hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Lorcan, who sells it well, and stands over his body for a moment. Security rushes out to grab Miz and escorts him away while medical attention is given to Lorcan in the ring.

    Cutting backstage, we see Daniel Bryan in front of a television looking disappointed as we see Miz being dragged out again, eerily similar to last week, and screaming for Bryan. Dasha Fuentes walks up and recaps that itís been a tumultuous time for Bryan recently, and asks for his thoughts. Clearly exhausted and focused, Bryan says he has other business to attend to and walks off. The camera tracks him as he walks off, but itís a short trip as he runs into Baron Corbin. Bryan says that Corbin has a lot of nerve doing what he did last week and then walking around here like he owns the place. Corbin says itís because he does, he runs this place because this place isnít run on the hopes and dreams of the spunky little brats, itís run on the fear that you hope you never run into Baron Corbin on a bad day. And Daniel, today is a BAD DAY. I want AJ Styles, tonight. Daniel doesnít even hesitate, obviously thinking ahead to other things, he says if you can find him, if you can draw him out -- heís yours. Itís up to you to get him though.

    Bryan continues walking off as we zoom in on Corbinís smirk then cut away. We see Becky Lynch walking down a hallway and the bottom corner shows ďUP NEXTĒ. Tom Phillips walks up and asks Becky where sheís been for the past few weeks and her thoughts on Nikki Bellaís recent reign of terror. Becky pauses and looks at Tom and says that sheís been just biding her time. Nicole was a coward at TLC. Nicole thought she could use her underhanded tactics, her dirty tricks and she could use illegal tactics to get ahead in life. Well Nicole, let this be a lesson to you, when youíre going to be hiding behind a little note, you arenít the only one who can hide a little. When youíre going to be attacking woman after woman on the SmackDown Live roster, youíre going to have a lot of enemies. Nicole, Alexa, you have your little pow-wow while it lasts. You enjoy having that title belt around your waist and pretending to be loved and pretending that youíre smarter than other people. When the time comes, and the time is coming real soon, you arenít going to be standing very long. You wonít be using that arm to choke anybody out. You wonít be using your brain to come up with silly tricks and games. Youíre going to be lying on the mat, crying and pleading and begging ďBecky, please. Becky, you win. Becky, I didnít mean it.Ē And in that moment, I will show you what true power is.

    After a short commercial break, we come back to ringside where Becky Lynch is taking on a local competitor by the name of Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna gets a few good looks in, benefitting mostly by the fire of Becky Lynch and the skillset she holds. Lynch locks in the Dis-Arm-Her eventually and makes Purrazzo tap out. After the match, Alexa Bliss is standing outside the ring and twirling her hair a bit, jawing with Becky as Nikki Bella comes running up from behind and attacks Becky. She has the shoelace in her hand and wraps it around Beckyís throat quickly to try and choke her out, as Alexa is taunting her and badmouthing her. Becky is knocked out, and security hits the ring for the second time this evening. Nikki grabs the SmackDown Live Womenís Championship and raises it high, and we see her stand over Becky and say ďThe Assassin strikes again, poor wittle Becky.Ē

    Backstage again, Breezango are walking down a hallway holding their jaws. Breeze remarks how ridiculous it is that they didnít see The Ascension on their stakeout. He says they must be hiding in a different broom closet. Fandango looks at Breeze, still rubbing his jaw, and asks if he was saying anything and says ďsorry, I couldnít hear you, my jaw hurts.Ē Breeze says that makes sense and the two continue walking through the hallway where they see Santino looking frantic and ecstatic to see them. He says itís good he found them, theyíre coming up soon and they have to prepare! What happened to you? Dango says it was a huge fight, big brawl, weíll write up the report when we get back to the precinct. Breeze nods along and agrees, saying it was massive, youíd never believe it, big bust, boss. Santino says well letís get to work, and walks off and Dango and Breeze look at each other kind of worriedly knowing theyíve both lied.

    Behind them, we see Shane McMahon, who notices them and yells out for them. They duck their heads as if in shame and turn to respond. Shane tells them that heís expecting a good match tonight, otherwise he wouldnít have wasted the time of having Santino and his puppets on the show. They look a little bit annoyed and say they understand. He says, good, due to that, Iíve decided to spice things up a little bit and Santino is officially banned from ringside! Dango says thatís over the line. Breeze yells ďObjection, your honor!Ē Shane says overruled, anyway have a good match guys. He runs off and the two look even more worried and dejected than before.

    Commercials hit, then we come back to Randy Orton walking into the office of Daniel Bryan. Daniel looks to be rearranging a bit, or just plain messy and frantic. He asks Randy what he needs, and Orton asks if he saw what happened last week. Daniel says last he checked, you were the one egging Corbin on to do something big. He says thatís true, I figure what could it hurt for the kid to get some experience targeting a big dog. Well, now heís about to find out. The kid wants to play games and act all big and bad, fine, whatever. He stepped in the way of the wrong man, so give me Baron Corbin so I can put him in his place, RKO him, get the three and show him just what heís worth in the WWE. Bryan is still scrambling through papers and tells Orton maybe he should consider making an impact himself. Orton nods along a bit and says maybe Iíll do just that.

    Into the ring again for Bray Wyatt in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match against, oddly, Simon Gotch. Itís a quick affair, with Gotch obviously no match for Wyatt, who is alone tonight. Wyatt is our latest qualifier for the Rumble match.

    Immediately following, though, American Alpha make their return since being attacked by The Wyatts a few weeks ago. Jason Jordan stands on the announce table side and Chad Gable stands at the bottom of the ramp. Wyatt has a microphone and looks back and forth between the two. He asks if they think theyíve surprised him, theyíve got him. Congratulations, youíve surrounded your fears, you face them. Itís a good thing, the hubris of a few good men. You could be heroes, real heroes who fight for whatís good and right in the world. You could be something to aspire to. However, instead, you choose to stand there and sin, your pride and ego too strong for you to comprehend what youíre really doing. You think youíve caught me? Iím seven steps ahead in this game of chess. DEH!!

    The lights go out and come back on to show Luke Harper and Erick Rowan beside Jordan and Gable respectively. Harper goes for his discus clothesline, but Jordan ducks down and catches him and on the other side Gable is seen catching Rowan going for a full body avalanche. Synchronized, they hit the two with massive Alphaplexes!! With the two protectors down, they focus in on Bray and slide into the ring. Bray runs and slides out the side facing the camera and backs away to the barricade, laughing his sinister laugh as his monsters regroup around him. Gable grabs a microphone and focuses in on Bray. He says youíre a great one to talk about sins, after all, you do nothing but hide between monsters and men, pretending to be a god. Youíre a false idol who causes panic and pain, well not anymore Bray. No, no. Weíre the American Alpha, weíre the heroes of the story, weíre the best wrestlers, the best people youíve ever damn met. You want to challenge us? You want to attack us? You want to haunt us? Weíve seen Scooby Doo episodes scarier than you. Weíve fought behemoths bigger than you. You fault us for wanting our championships? Jealousy is an awful color on you Bray. So sit there on your ivory throne and make your claims and order your men around. Youíre no god, Bray. Youíre barely even a man. Gable drops the microphone and Alphaís theme plays while they pace around the ring. Bray smirks and laughs, screaming that heís seven steps ahead and there is a plan for them.

    Backstage, we see Rhyno walking through the hallways in his street clothes. In the corner it says ďLATER TONIGHTĒ. Behind him, we see Baron Corbin still marching around the hallways in search of AJ Styles. Finally, we turn to find Dean Ambrose stretching a little in preparation for his match. The commentators hype up Ambrose against Ziggler in the main event until Ambrose is met with John Cena. Cena tells Ambrose heís looking good, and Ambrose tells him to can it. Cena shakes it off quick, telling Ambrose you know you wouldnít be in this position if it werenít for me. Ambrose says no matter what John thinks heís done, you havenít done anything. You stand here and pretend to be the big shot while losing just about every match youíve been a part of since WrestleMania. Youíre the one that got me this position? No, I earned my place. What have you done lately? John says that he sees Dean is in a bit of a bad place, but letís face it, if he hadnít challenged for the title at Backlash, Ziggler wouldnít be after him. If Ziggler never goes after him, they never have that ladder match. If they never have the ladder match -- Ambrose cuts Cena off and tells him, Iíll repeat, can it, John. Cena says alright, fine, just saying, pay attention to whatís going on around you. Ambrose looks at Cena and tells him, shouldnít you be out chasing some ghosts or something anyway? Enjoy hunting the dead. Ambrose walks off and Cena is left standing there a bit confused.

    Behind him, we see Kalisto and Tye Dillinger. We focus in on them and Dillinger tells Kalisto he canít be around to help him all the time, he has his own fish to fry. Kalisto tells him he understands, he just appreciates the help last week. Dillinger says itís what a ďTrue 10Ē would do. Just as Dillinger leaves, The Revival come walking in and up to Kalisto. We follow Dillinger around the corner, but he stops as he hears the two start bad mouthing and picking on Kalisto. They call him Rey Mysterioís dumb cousin, Ron Mystery. They say he mustíve been one of the slow ones, thatís why they shipped him out to America. Dillinger looks down, and looks back up to see Apollo Crews actually walking by down the hallway. He thinks for a moment about going to get Crews, then looks at his hands and does the ď10Ē taunt to himself then turns and goes back in to break things up a bit. He asks what the two of them think theyíre doing? They say itís none of his business, just like it wasnít last week either. Dillinger says they seem to be pretty intent on picking on the little man, how about explaining why itís so great. They say they donít need to explain themselves, theyíre Top Guys, theyíre Number One. Dillinger retorts by saying theyíre obviously just a couple of Ones, and theyíd never be a true Ten. They get a big angry with him and say itís funny how the little fella seems to make friends all over the place. Kalisto says itís mostly in the personality, you should try getting one. The Revival tell him theyíd be happy to show him just what ďpersonalityĒ they have. Dillinger steps in, and tells them next week. They nod and walk off.

    Out to the ring, itís time for the Breezango match against The Ascension. Breezango is able to get a few comedy spots in, and actually start with one of Fandango going up and licking the paint on Viktorís face, then issuing a ticket to him for using lead paint. This only upsets the beastly duo, and The Ascension start taking it to the Fashion Police early. They dominate throughout the match, showing a lot of power and managing to isolate Breeze in long periods. At one point, Breezango manage to take down both members of The Ascension before coming together and staring deep into each otherís eyes. Dango looks worried, and Breeze says ďWhat would Chief do?Ē They both look off into the distance quizzically then shake their heads and looks disgusted, and Dango says ďI donít ever want to think of Beth Phoenix that way again.Ē Finally, however, Breezango gets a decent run and manages to take Konnor out of the equation before Breeze nails Viktor with the Beauty Shot and Fandango hits the top-rope leg drop to get the pinfall victory and save their police chiefís career for now.

    After a brief commercial, we come back to Rhyno having a sit down interview with Tom Phillips. Rhyno is pretty elegant in his answers, seeming like the politician he is at times. Phillips asks him why he would attack his friend Heath Slater last week. Rhyno said that after everything that has happened to him, it was sickening to be associated with such a weakling like Heath. He took Heath under his wing for a couple weeks, thought alright, Iíll help the kid out, do a charity case. What he did for charity, turned out to be the worst decision he couldíve made. Heath runs his mouth, wonít shut up with his annoying West Virginia twang. He caused every kind of hell for me, from the head injury I suffered to Baron Corbin to enduring the hell of being near Heath for weeks, trapped in a hospital bed. Finally, Heath gets a win over Corbin by pure luck and he thinks heís some hero? He needs to be taught what his place is. He needs to learn to shut the hell up, put your head down, and grow up. This is the WWE, this is where the big boys rule and Heath is just some wimp that talks and talks, then hides behind someone whoís actually tough. No, Iím done with that. I used to be a star. I used to dominate television in ECW. I used to drive ratings for the WWE. I was a leader. I AM a leader. I AM a star. Iím sick of being associated with Heath Slater. Iím Rhyno, Iím the Man-Beast. Itís time I start getting the respect of one.

    Rhyno walks out of the room and runs into DIY. He pushes through them and screams to get out of his way. Phillips is following, but stops at DIY. They turn and look around and ask who crapped in his cereal? Gargano makes a joke that he must have eaten Booty-Oís if heís acting like that. Ciampa says he thinks itís the Uso syndrome. The two continue through the hallway and run into Daniel Bryan. They start talking to him about the hell theyíve been putting up with around here with The Club and how theyíre getting sick of it. Bryan says heís getting sick of hearing all about it, what do you two want, AJ Styles? They say how every step theyíve taken, every time they move forward itís The Usos just pushing them right back. We get into the SmackDown Tag Team Championship tournament, and The Usos get upset they lost and attack them. We get into the Survivor Series team and The Usos are causing problems. We get a SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship match at TLC and here come The Usos to interfere. We are absolutely sick of it. We want them. We want the two of them, those cowards, in the ring. We want to show them that theyíre messing with the wrong guys. Theyíre messing with two player ones on a co-op game. Theyíre messing with the TANK and the TANK, not two healers like them. Bryan says alright, heís had enough. Fine, at the Royal Rumble it will be The Usos against DIY. Happy now? Very.

    After a commercial, we come back to Dasha Fuentes with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler talks about how ridiculous it is that we allow Daniel Bryan to have any sort of power. Obviously he canít handle it. Obviously he doesnít understand what heís doing to people. Heís decided to play favorites yet again, heís decided ďoh no, we canít let Dolph Ziggler have an opportunity.Ē Heís decided to do everything in his power to try and screw over good ole Dolph Ziggler. He saw what happened last week, he knows whatís going on around here, he HAS to. Yet when itís not safe, when Iím being assaulted out there, he says ďoh wellĒ and he still is forcing me to defend my rightfully won WWE Championship opportunity against Dean Ambrose. Dasha, you tell me, does that sound like what a sane and normal manager would do? Iíll answer for you, NO. Daniel Bryan is a man of the people, yet no one knows what people that is. Well I know. Iíve figured it out. Heís here for Dean Ambrose, here for John Cena, here for Randy Orton. Heís here for himself, his friends. Heís not here for the fans. Heís not here for The Miz. Heís certainly not here for Dolph Ziggler. So Iíll do what I do best, Iím going to go out there, Iím going to put on a show, and Iím going to walk out STILL the Number One Contender and there is NOTHING Daniel freakiní Bryan can do about it.

    Dolph walks off and past Baron Corbin, who stares at him walking by. We hover on Corbin for a moment as he turns and smiles and says ďFinallyĒ before we cut away.

    The main event tonight is Dean Ambrose challenging Dolph Ziggler for his WWE Championship Number One Contendership. Itís a solid match in the early goings as Dolph challenges Dean to outwrestle him, but Dean fails to do so and resorts to brawling after a while. Dolph gets the upperhand over time and nails a Satellite DDT that nearly secures the victory. As he starts charging up and taunting for Dean to get up to take a Superkick, we cut to the stage where The Usos get tossed out like rag dolls and go rolling down the ramp a bit. Baron Corbin walks out with an evil smirk on his face then sees one of The Usos getting up on his knees and runs and hits a big boot to his head that knocks him off the stage entirely. He continues marching down, and Dolph seems to get prepared to face off with Corbin and challenges him to come on down. Dean sneaks up on Dolph and rolls him up for a two count, but Dolph just manages to get out. Corbin gets into the ring as Dean almost hits the Dirty Deeds, but Dolph pushes him into Corbin who hits him with a Deep Six! Dolph then runs at Corbin who hits him with a Deep Six as well!

    Corbin destroys both men, throwing Dean out of the ring and grabbing Dolph by the arm, pulling him up and hitting him with yet another End of Days! He stands tall in the ring and screams out ďOne by one, they continue to fall AJ, until you come out. Every damn day. Every damn day, AJ.Ē The camera fades on an image of Corbin looking strong and badass standing overtop of all his victims sprawled out around the floor.

    January 29, 2017

    Royal Rumble Match
    Confirmed Entrants:
    Apollo Crews, Kalisto, Bray Wyatt and John Cena

    Tag Team Grudge Match
    DIY v. The Usos

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    Re: SmackDown Live; Take A Chance

    Hmm. Iím happy to see a full segment making an appearance for the second straight week, and I think for most things this was brilliant. Firstly, I feel as if this is the pinnacle of what youíve been doing since you started this thread. The world doesnít stop when one wrestler is cutting a promo, everybody has their own stuff going on, and this was used again brilliantly here. I think Iíve said it before but itís one of my favourite parts of the thread, it just makes things feel so real. So many different wrestlers involved was an interesting risk and I enjoyed it for the most part. Corbin and Ambrose hunting for The Club, and the way The Club were sneaking through everybody was brilliant. The only real negative I had was that Ambrose was forgotten about after the initial interaction with Corbin, where I think things would have remained more exciting if both guys were still looking for The Club. Secondly, I had to read the part about sneaking in and out of Mizís locker room before it made sense to me. It initially felt a little confusing when I read it. Despite this though, was an awesome segment. The Club being scared, a bit of comedy with Fandango being dropped, the reappearance of the prisoner Hype Broís, and of course the perfect manipulation of Dolph by AJÖ Which I guess is the biggest point of this. Very well written all around, and Iím intrigued to see how the potential partnership of Dolph and AJ works.

    Slater/Lorcan a very fun opening match for a spot in the Rumble. The Miz interfering and looking dishevelled is brilliant development from last week. I guess this is what you meant when you were referring to development and last weekís segment having to be in full. Miz has been one of your best booked characters from the start, and I canít wait to see how he continues to try and get himself in the Rumble. Great development/booking here, and wow this show is off to a hot start.

    Daniel Bryan being distracted makes sense after what occurred last week. Iím disappointed Bryan didnít give us an answer about his thoughts, however I assume that will come later. It just HAS TO really, so Iíll withhold judgment for now. I like how you mentioned heís a little distracted so he basically gives Corbin permission to fight Styles. Very good segment again, Iím pumped to see if Corbin eventually has Styles. Also, a request, can you please book Corbin in a match with Slater to retract that fluke loss? Thanks.

    Damn Becky was intense here. Itís good to finally hear from her though as besides those notes, the womenís division has been all Nikki and Alexa the last two weeks. Iím intrigued to see how this continues to develop as Becky clearly has a plan. Another well written segment, showing off some real intent from Becky.

    Becky was obviously always going to squash the jobber. With everything that has been happening over the past few weeks, I thought Becky might have had some back up tonight with either Naomi or Nattie. Obviously, I was wrong. This wasnít necessarily a bad thing though, as the heels look good tonight, using their numbers advantage. Womenís division continues to be a highlight, which I seem to be repeating week after week. Good work.

    As Iíve mentioned last week, Iím not really feeling the whole Breezango/Santino thing anymore. The idea of Breezango lying to their boss, Santino is kind of amusing though. Shane continues to hold this vendetta, barring Santino from ringside. Decent enough progression here I guess.

    I canít wait to see the outcome of Daniel Bryan now that heís in this distracted state. Randy Orton wanting a piece of Corbin makes sense, and again, Bryan is dismissive here. Orton wanting to make an impact should be fun, and I canít wait to see this place pretty much implode with Bryan basically egging everybody on because heís distracted.

    Bray Wyatt was always going to be the winner of this one. Another squash. I donít really like jobbers getting Rumble qualifier opportunities though.

    About time we see American Alpha again as it has been awhile. I enjoyed them trying to surround Bray, only for Wyatt to have a plan and Harper and Rowan to show up. Since itís their return, Alpha needed to get the upper hand here so you made the right call. I thought Alpha being fired up on the microphone was good, although I wasnít a huge fan of that scooby doo line. It made me cringe a little. Only thing I felt was missing was some sort of challenge from Alpha. Iím sure this will come about in the coming weeks though, looking forward to it. Solid stuff.

    Weird that it feels like it has taken three quarters of the show and then we hear about the Ambrose/Ziggler main event, which is kind of a big deal. Ambrose/Cena banter was interesting although Iím not sure what impact it has on anything, just seems like a random conversation. Still fun to see two big names interact though, and Ambroseís call about chasing ghosts at the end as brilliant.

    Kalisto and Tye not really being a team makes sense. Not really sure if helping Kalisto makes Tye a perfect ten though, didnít really agree with the logic there. Tye leaving only to return when The Revival picked on Kalisto was good. It shows what type of personal Dillinger is, ignoring Crews to help Kalisto. The Revival picking on Kalisto is pretty standard these last few weeks, and LMAO at Ron Mystery. Great call. Whilst I do feel The Revival are above this, the tag division is stacked so Iím glad youíre still giving them something to do.

    Another big win for Breezango. Poor Ascension. A solid win for Breezango though, especially without Santino. LMAO at the Beth Phoenix spot as well. Breezango keep winning though so I guess this angle I dislike will be continuing for the future.

    Rhynoís explanation is basically written perfectly here, as it needed to be. Everything is set up for him to destroy Slater when they eventually meet. Good stuff here though, and I canít wait to see Rhino getting a push, you know I love him by my thread. Looking forward to thisÖ A lot.

    DIY and The Usos sounds like a damn good Rumble match to me. The Usos have put DIY through a lot, youíve booked this feud quite well. Really looking forward to seeing this one play out. Also, noticed that Bryan is still in the worst mood of all time.

    Dolph Zigglerís promo running down Bryan was written well. Everything he said hit the nail on the head. The pay off with this Bryan stuff is going to be awesome.

    Corbinís little bit of input was interesting. Looking forward to this main event.

    The main event would have been a fun contest between two guys who can legit go in the ring. Obviously, with your booking over the past few weeks, I loved Corbin taking out The Usos and Dolph and AmbroseÖAnd itís all because he wants a crack at AJ Styles. Awesome ending.

    Honestly, looking at this as a one-off show, at any time of the year, Iíd probably say this is close to the best weekly show youíve written. I really enjoyed this from start to finish. Your promo writing seems to have improved heaps, and this show didnít have the comedy aspect overdone. Hot start and barely anything I disagreed withÖ

    However, in mid-January, only a couple of weeks out from the Royal Rumble, I have a problem. Despite a couple of throwaway unimpressive Rumble Qualifier squash matches, there has been no Rumble hype. Where are the guys claiming they are going to win, where are the guys feuding over the Rumble match??? There has been nothing. One of the biggest matches of the years and it simply feels like an afterthought at this point. I think you need to work on that in the coming weeks.

    As always though, enjoying this thread immensely. My favourite project here, so Iíll be reading.

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    Re: SmackDown Live; Take A Chance

    Hey man! I missed a couple shows so I might not know all the storylines , but I read your newest show on my lunch break last night.

    - The whole opening segment had me laughing. Seemed strange for a wrestling show though. Seemed more like a SNL skit or and episode of Being The Elite how it kept moving past a certain person and going to another if the segment was changing instead of cutting...and it did that all throughout the night. Not that it was bad, just different.

    - Wouldn't it be a no contest if Miz attacked both men? Either way, Angry Miz is the best Miz. Hope you actually go through with a Miz Bryan match.

    - Alexa twisting her hair on the outside reminded me of AJ Lee lol.

    - Damn!!! Awesome beatdown by Nikki.

    - You have Breezango nailed. Loved everything you did with them on this show.

    - Missed what made Bryan so distant, aside from Miz being Miz earlier in the night. I sense an Orton interference happening.

    - Wyatt with the squash. The right man won.

    - American Alpha vs The Wyatts seems like a cool feud.

    - Dillinger seemed like a heel in the segment, in my opinion. Revival Vs Dillinger and Kalisto should be good though.

    - RHYNO!! Seeming like a're funny. Awesome to see Rhyno getting a push, I've liked him since waaay back in the Invasion days.

    - Ziggler is, and has been one of my favorites for awhile. Glad you're actually using him in a good way, unlike current WWE.

    - Loved their match at last years Summerslam so I would have been into this main event. Corbin with the interference..which I'm assuming(like at the beginning of the show) led to a no contest..4 way at rumble?!?

    Enjoyed the show a lot. Definitely going to keep reading, and I'm gonna go back and catch up on the last couple shows tonight at work!!
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    Re: SmackDown Live; Take A Chance


    - Opening was a bit long but I enjoyed parts of the Styles sneak. Breezango was the best part for me and actually made me laugh out loud at how smoothly they were funny. You've got me rooting for Baron Corbin which is odd considering he's associated with being a heel. Hopefully AJ Styles gets into a situation where he has nowhere left to run or hide.

    - Miz is a lunatic!!! Not much else to be said although I can envision another moment where Miz puts Bryan on the shelf forcing him into out of retirement. No continuation of the Slater/Rhyno story here, maybe later though.

    - Corbin gets his wish, I'm guessing the hunt is on now.

    - Good interview with Becky. I can't see her getting the better of Nikki just yet however.

    - I think Breezango is my favourite part of your work. Always making me laugh no matter how much or how little they say. Keep up the good work.

    - I'd be surprised if Bryan isn't temporarily relieved of his duties. He;s way too distracted. Orton will certainly be looking for Corbin now so the merry go round will begin. I can envision Styles, Ziggler, Corbin, Orton and Ambrose all going at it later tonight.

    - Nice little segment between The Wyatts and Alpha. With spaces limited in the Rumble I can see Alpha/Wyatts on the undercard of the Rumble match. Keeps everyone occupied. A good momentum swing for Alpha here as they one-up Rowan and Harper before letting Wyatt know what they think of him. Good stuff.

    - Nice line from Dillinger. Kalisto and Dillinger against The Revival should be interesting. I'll be looking out to see what Crews thinks and does about it.

    - Good win for Breezango. Glad they saved Santino for now but long term I don't think they need him to be relevant and comical as they are.

    - Awesome interview with Rhyno. The guy should have an interesting little feud with Slater. I don't know who should come out on top. The revitalised veteran or the plucky rock star. Personally I'd prefer to see Rhyno run right over him.

    - Nice!!! DIY vs The Usos at Rumble should be another big culmination of a lengthy storyline. Got to feel that DIY will go over. The Usos will always have Styles to make them relevant. A defeat for DIy could knock them down the card and out of the title picture.

    - Great finish to the night with Corbin obliterating The Usos and Ziggler and Ambrose. Ziggler gets another taste of Corbin after last week and my big problem would be if Ziggler doesn't call out AJ Styles next week for not helping him out. Would love for Corbin to be named # 1 contender to Styles title. Either that or he's been built up well enough to win the Rumble. AJ Styles continues to hide. Surely he has to come out of hiding soon. The 4 way does look promising though if that's the route you take.

    Overall a good show again. Loved the starting segment as well as Corbin's search for Styles. Only negative I can give is that like Stojy said there wasa distinct lack of Rumble hype. Rumble always interrupts storylines and I'd love to see you integrate that into your next show.
    But as always keep up the awesome work mate. I'll continue to to check you out and hopefully give plenty more reviews.

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