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Thread: Turning Your World Upside-Down

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    Turning Your World Upside-Down

    "Why did I come?"

    Shannon O'Neal props her feet up on the edge of the couch, leaning all the way back with her head against the couch arm and her eyes pointed up to the white ceiling. The video camera focuses right on Shannon O'Neal, who has welcomed the CWA crew for an impromptu Facebook Live right from her locker room. The two-time Women's Champion from, as she calls it, "Elsewhere Land" made a monumental appearance on CWA and declared she's here long term.

    "That's quite the loaded question there, but it's the right one, ain't it? Well, I guess it's all 'bout tryin' to find a spot where I'm needed. Ya' see, in Elsewhere Land, they didn't need Shannon O'Neal anymore. I think that was the true reason I left. I looked around, saw Elsewhere Land movin' on without much requirement for a hard-nosed or strong woman to help steer the company in a more equality-driven direction. 'n anyways, Elsewhere Land got people, good, strong, competitive, talented women, willing to do exactly what I'd do. Elsewhere Land ain't goin' anywhere. Elsewhere Land will always be there.

    But the CWA ... this place ... this place NEEDS me."

    Shannon pauses, looks at the camera briefly, and seems to make a face of regret, as if she wishes she could take back that statement.

    "No, no. This ain't one of those savior things. Well, it is. And it ain't. Ya' see, the CWA ... don't let it fool ya', they strugglin'. Strugglin' for a roster. Strugglin' for ratings. Yet, they still chuggin' along, waitin' for that big breakthrough star. Well, the way I see it, some call me an honest one, and some call me opportunistic. That's how I made my career, on opportunities. Ones that presented to me, and ones I created from thin air.

    I like to think the truth is somewhere in the middle. The CWA needs a strong, talented, stubborn b*tch like mahself to come in here and shake things up, to push back against the Shawn Summers of the world and support the MVHs of the world. The CWA needs a woman to be a star — because the men just ain't gettin' the job done. So in that sense, yeah, I'm honest. Shawn Summers and his 'mentality' needs to be put on its ass. For real."

    Shannon finds comfort on the couch once more. She looks at the ceiling, dreaming of all the big moments and victories she plans to have in the CWA.

    "But I'm also opportunistic. And I'm also seein' a chance to save the CWA. I'm seein' a chance to pick up the CWA out the dirt that its in. I'm seein' a chance to fill a void, to grab opportunity by the damn neck. Ain't no one else here doin' a damn thing to make things better. Ya' think Cyrus Truth cares about the CWA? He's off in Elsewhere Land helpin' them out. Ya' think Shawn Summers cares about the CWA? He just put out one of the worst World title matches I ever seen. Ya' think Krash, Leo Taylor, Nate Savage, Mark Merriwether, or anyone else here gives a damn? If not, they'd be savin' the CWA. But they don't. I'm callin' Shawn Summers out, and I'm callin' all the other men who think they got big d*cks but really they just little boys playin' in a little-boy playground.

    And a girl 'bout to come in and take over the damn place. And when I do, people gonna start payin' attention to the CWA again. 'Cause that's what Shannon O'Neal does. She gets people payin' attention."

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    Re: Turning Your World Upside-Down

    Shawn Summers leans over the balcony of his Vancouver penthouse, staring off into the distance as the live video feed begins. Shawn is dressed extremely casually compared to his normal attire; wearing black Nike sweatpants, a black and white hooded sweatshirt and a pair of Oakley Holbrook sunglasses.

    Shawn Summers
    I normally don't do address the "wrestlers" of CWA when they say things about me because it's just not my style but.....the thirst is real with this one. Shannon O'Neal, sweetheart, I find it flattering that you want to make a name for yourself in CWA by targeting one of the top talents that this thinning roster has to offer. However, I feel like I need to warn you that you're treading into dangerous territory. Don't hurt yourself....or should I say try not to hurt yourself.

    You're going to hurt yourself speaking about me and my business in CWA. You're going to hurt yourself in your attempt to prove that women and men are on equal footing in the ring against one another. You're going to hurt yourself by calling out the big dogs in CWA when you couldn't make it in FWA. You're going to hurt yourself trying to verbally spar and box with a God. You're going to hurt yourself Shannon and I don't want that to happen. This is your one and only warning. Pave your path in the company, go for the High Voltage Championship, bring some attention to CWA, but before you do all of that, know your place before you get put in it.

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