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    Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Instead of the usual fanfare of an opening intro, fans are greeted by something different...

    It's the final moments of the WrestleRoyale. The field of 19 outstanding competitors (and Noah Nitro) have now been whittled down to two: the Japanese wresting savant LIGHTBRINGER and the long-time standard bearer of CWA Cyrus Truth. Both men are lying flat on the mat in exhaustion after LIGHTBRINGER had countered Cyrus's Journey's End into a piledriver of his own. The crowd are on their feet willing the two to stand up some more as both men slowly stir.

    We see the look on Cyrus's face as he reaches for the ropes to drag himself back up as we can see the wheels turning in his mind. Even though no words are spoken or heard, the message in Cyrus's eyes is crystal clear:


    Cyrus has regained his footing, but LIGHTBRINGER is quicker and clotheslines Cyrus over the top. The Exile lands on the apron, hanging on to the rope as if his life depended on it (and considering what the CWA World Title means, it may damn well be that serious). LIGHTBRINGER, sensing victory in his grasp, pelts Cyrus with forearm strikes that the former CWA World Champion responds with in kind. All the while, you can see that mantra replaying in Cyrus's mind over and over again.


    Cyrus seems to have connected flush with his elbow on the side of LIGHTBRINGER's head...

    HOLD ON...

    Cyrus cranks back just a bit more to give him JUST enough punch to send LIGHTBRINGER back and give him some space to re-enter...

    JUST. ONE. MORE...

    ...but LIGHTBRINGER counters with a vicious headbutt that staggers Cyrus. Time seems to slow as Cyrus is barely hanging on and LIGHTBRINGER springboards. The last sight we see is from Cyrus's point of view as LIGHTBRINGER leaps up and delivers the dropkick right to The Exile's face...and we cut to black...


    That dropkick won the match, as LIGHTBRINGER eliminated Cyrus Truth to be the last man standing and the winner of the WrestleRoyale. In the main event of Five Star Attraction, LIGHTBRINGER will challenge Jon Snowmantashi for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship in a battle of two of CWA's most accomplished foreign superstars. The press in Japan is beset themselves with covering the event as record numbers of Japanese wrestling fans are clamoring to order the Pinnacle of PPV so that they can watch the event live and see this clash of two of their most successful and venerated wrestling talents.

    And it's not just Japan that's all abuzz, as many of the wrestling news sites and shows in the West are covering this event in droves as well. One of the more popular podcasts, "Getting Over with Sawyer N' Tomas" is going on and on about what this means for CWA's global presence. They're getting super excited talking about how great this match is going to be and how the rest of the card is going to shake out...

    ...but the podcast is cut short by a hand turning off the mobile device being used to play it. We now see our scene is a hotel room where a TV is showing a replay of the WrestleRoyale. There's no light save from the television as we pan towards the bed where Cyrus Truth is sitting cross-legged. It's...hard to pin down what Cyrus is thinking based on the expression on his face. He's definitely not happy, but it'd be a stretch to say he's angry either. It's...more a sense of sorrow, longing, and determination. It's the final moments of the match where LIGHTBRINGER delivers the final move to win the Royale that Cyrus pauses the video and exhales deeply.

    Cyrus Truth: Denied. No two ways about it. I was within an inch of pulling off yet another enormous battle royale victory to earn another shot at World Title glory. But victory slipped through my grasp and the main event of Five Star Attraction with it. I don't begrudge LIGHTBRINGER for winning, nor do I begrudge he and Snowmantashi battling in the main event for the title I hold so dear in my heart. But coming so close to another shot at glory has left me...wanting. No, no. "Wanting" isn't strong enough to describe my feeling. "Yearning" or "Needing" is more appropriate. I felt before the WrestleRoyale that another shot at the gold and the main event of Five Star was a goal that should be pursued and sought after, for certain. But having that moment slip away like that has made me realize that I needed that match, I needed my title, I needed it all and to have it ripped away from me has left this hole in my chest that, no matter what accolades I've accumulated in my career, to be denied that shot to reclaim the title that meant so much to my legacy on CWA's grandest was like a piece of my soul died. And it burns like a smoldering fire that I can't extinguish.

    Cyrus takes the remote in his hands and rewinds the footage to see the final stretch of the WrestleRoyale in its entirety.

    Cyrus Truth: The main event of Five Star Attraction is set, and I won't argue it. I've no right to. But the Royale did prove one thing to me. It's not a matter of desire anymore. This is not a whim to reclaim a lost prize. I must have the CWA World Title back. I need to have it in my hands again to prove that this company has not passed me by. The goal, the dream, the desire to reign as king in two companies is no longer just a flight of fancy, but a gnawing hunger that will not be sated until CWA's highest prize is back in my hands and around my waist. I need to prove to CWA and to the world that as great a champion as Snowmantashi has been and as credible a challenger as LIGHTBRINGER is, this company still exist in my shadow and I still run this place. So, let's just put it out there for all the world to hear. No matter where I end up at Five Star Attraction and no matter how long it takes, I WILL be CWA World Champion again. And heaven help whatever poor bastard gets in my way between now and then...

    As if on cue, Cyrus's mobile beeps as an alert pops up. Cyrus grabs the device and swipes to see what the commotion is about, and it's an notification from It looks like the matches have been announced for Adrenaline Rush, and Cyrus has been booked to face Mark Merriwether. The Exile smirks at this as he closes the alert and sets the mobile down.

    Cyrus Truth:
    Merriwether, eh? Man, CWA really must not like Merriwether that much. Putting a wannabe Hollywood star in the ring with me, after what happened at the WrestleRoyale? Either CWA overvalues this boy's talent, or they don't realize just how much I feel like I have to prove. But so be it. If Merriwether wants to be famous, I'll make him a household name with a world-class bludgeoning. I don't have anything against him personally, but he's walking into a storm of blades if he shows up at Adrenaline Rush. But the Long and Winding Road to glory and legacy must start somewhere, and turning Merriwether into a corpse is as good a place to star. So send him to stand in the presence of the Vagabond King. Send Merriwether to my ring and let his evisceration be the prelude to my march to glory. I will not let the WrestleRoyale be the final gasp of a falling legend, but the stoke that fuels the fire that leads me back to CWA's highest crown. And as for the others who stand in my way? Prepare to be reminded why they call me the Reaper. Whatever Road is needed to reclaim my title? I will walk it, and smash any obstacle who stands in my way. And you should know by now...doubting me is a fool's diversion. Victory or annihilation. There is no more middle ground.

    Cyrus's eyes are ablaze with that scary resolve that has defined his career as he turns his gaze back to the TV and the finish of the WrestleRoyale. What could've been a utterly crushing loss has now become the push Cyrus will use on his quest for a third CWA World Title. Woe betide any poor smuck who gets in his way...
    Jim Taylor: Welcome to the first Adrenaline Rush of the new year, and it seems that Cyrus Truth is intent on not backing down and will stop at nothing until he captures his third world title in CWA

    Tim Coleman: Talk about a glory hound!

    Jim Taylor: Regardless, we do have a show full of great action in store for you after we take a brief commercial break


    Singles Match
    Shawn Summers vs. Leo Taylor

    Adrenaline Rush returns from a brief commercial break to find Leo Taylor already in the ring having made his entrance.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first already in the ring from New York, NY and weighing in at two-hundred pounds, "The Ultimate Fanboy" LEO TAYLOR!

    The crowd pops loudly for Leo, who soaks in the cheers.

    Jim Taylor: Leo had a great showing in the Wrestle-Royale match but unfortunately came up short after being eliminated by Elijah Edwards

    Tim Coleman: Even I'll admit that he was impressive but he'll have to keep it up tonight if he wants to get through his opponent

    As if on cue "Cola" by Lana Del Rey hits and the crowd erupts into loud boos as Shawn Summers steps out with a smug, arrogant smirk on his face. He walks slowly down to the ring soaking in the hate from the fans, encouraging them to shower him in their hate.

    Lindsay Monahan: His opponent from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and weighing in at two-hundred & five pounds, "The God King" SHAWN SUMMERS!

    Jim Taylor: Shawn coming off an unsuccessful attempt at taking away the world title from Jon Snowmantashi at the Wrestle-Royale and then entering himself in the Wrestle-Royale match

    Tim Coleman: He hasn't let that deter him though Jimbo! Look at the focus in his eyes, he's ready to unleash on Leo Taylor!


    As soon Shawn enters the ring and the bell has sounded he makes a beeline for Leo pummeling him in the corner giving him no to breathe forcing the referee to back Shawn away. Leo slowly but surely recovers from this attack and bounces out of the corner looking for a clothesline, but Shawn is one step ahead of Leo and ducks underneath the attempt and grasps Leo in a rear waist-lock...RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Shawn sends Leo crashing to the mat in a heap and Shawn pops up with a smirk looking out the crowd that responds back with more boos. Shawn begins taunting Leo and smacks him on the head several times as Leo is on all fours trying to recover, and now feels a bit fired up after Shawn's humiliation of him and trips up Shawn into a jacknife roll-up!


    Jim Taylor: Leo nearly getting away with highway robbery there after Shawn spends too much time gloating

    Shawn looks incensed by this turn of events as he pops back up and looks for a clothesline, but this time it's Leo ducking out of the way and comes back with a pele kick stunning Shawn stopping him in his tracks as he stands on jelly legs allowing Leo to grip him from behind...BACK SUPLEX! He drops Shawn on the back of his head and Shawn quickly rolls out underneath the bottom rope to the outside giving himself some distance from Leo and ample time to recover while Leo is feeding off the energy from the crowd and runs off the opposite ropes and back over...TOPE SUICIDA! Taking out Shawn and nearly himself on the outside as the referee begins a count...

    Jim Taylor: Leo is refusing to back down and throws caution to the wind!

    Tim Coleman: Only an idiot would do something like that Jimbo! He nearly took himself out!

    Jim Taylor: He's still standing though Tim, and these fans are eating it up!

    The fans are on their feet now in support of Leo, who takes Shawn and tosses him back in the ring and plays up to the crowd some more before hopping on the apron and looks for a springboard moonsault but misses as Shawn scoots out of the way in time. Yet Leo manages to keep his footing just barely though as he struggles a bit to maintain his balance while Shawn finds his bearings and rises up Leo goes for a standing dropkick but Shawn swats him away like an annoying gnat. Leo springs back up however but pays for it as Shawn levels him with LIGHTS OUT! A vicious roundhouse kick to the head knocking Leo silly and Shawn brings him in...WIPE OUT! Shawn has had enough now as he waits for Leo to recover before striking and locks in ALPHA MALE! He has the guillotine choke applied and wraps his legs around Leo's body adding more pressure giving Leo other option but to tap out!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Shawn Summers!

    Jim Taylor: A tremendous effort by Leo Taylor but Shawn Summers manages to come away with the victory

    Tim Coleman: Don't beat around the bush there Jimbo, yeah Leo showed heart but he was clearly outmatched here and one false move cost him in this match

    Shawn savors this victory as Leo is rolled out of the ring and helped to the back.


    Jim Taylor: Welcome back ladies and gentleman to Adrenaline Rush, we just witnessed an amazing contest between Shawn Summers and Leo Taylor but since the end of the match Shawn Summers has refused to leave the ring. During the commercial break, he brought a steel chair into the ring and has been sat with a microphone.

    Tim Coleman: You say this as if it's a problem.

    Jim Taylor: Well, it sort of is a problem because he's holding up the show.

    Boos echo through the arena as Shawn sits staring into the distance. He raises one finger in the air as the crowd continues to boo, before raising the microphone to his head.

    Shawn Summers: At Wrestle-Royale, CWA played its cards and they played a good hand. At Wrestle-Royale, CWA officials gave Jon Snowmantachi a victory over me and gave him a first class ticket to Five Star Attraction. Now I know what a lot of you may be thinking, "Shawn, Jon Snowmantachi man handled you in the ring and proved that he was the better man, get over it," but what you all need to ask yourself is "Did he really'? Did Jon Snowmantachi really prove he was the better man or did he just reap the benefits of a clear as day conflict of interest?

    Jim Taylor: Conflict of interest? What the hell is he talking about?

    Shawn Summers: A clear as day conflict of interest that my good friend Tim Coleman pointed out during the broadcast. Jon Snowmantachi and Johnny Yamaguchi have a history with one another as it is clearly known that the two are good friends outside of the ring and the officiating of Yamaguchi IN FAVOR of his countryman Snowmantachi has been called into question in the past.

    When I signed the contract to compete in this match I was assured that this match would be called by a fair and impartial in-ring official, but its obvious that this did not happen because Johnny Yamaguchi was completely in capable of being impartial in a matchup that involved his fellow countrymen AND friend.

    The fans begin to boo at the accusations that Shawn is making in the ring. Shawn puts his hand in the air in a way to say "silence" to the crowd.

    Shawn Summers: Because of this, I have had my lawyers file an official lawsuit with CWA AND Johnny Yamaguchi.

    Jim Taylor- A lawsuit?!?! Are you kidding me?

    Tim Coleman- I can't believe someone didn't do this sooner. Shawn Summers was cheated out of a fair World Championship opportunity and he deserves to be compensated for putting his body on the line for a match that he could have never won. Good for him.

    Jim Taylor-
    He just can't accept that he lost.

    Tim Coleman- He didn't lose. He was put in an unfair situation that was unwinnable.

    Shawn Summers- CWA brought this all on themselves because they "neglected" to look into this matter before hand and instead decided to put all their focus on promoting the eventual brutal beating of a female wrestler by a male twice her size. I warned Michelle and all of CWA that Women should not be allowed to compete against men in the ring and you all laughed but who's laughing now? It's not poor Michelle because she nearly got her head decapitated in the ring because she wanted to prove herself against a man in a sport where WOMEN should have never been allowed to compete with men. CWA and all of you fans should be ashamed of yourselves for hyping that poor girl up and giving her the false hope that she could stand against a man when it was never even a true option. You all should be happy that I saved her from further harm and embarrassment by throwing her out of the Wrestle-Royale match. Michelle had to learn the hard way that Women's Wrestling is just exactly what the name implies it should be, Wrestling between Women. If there's anyone in the back that wants to argue this point with me, I encourage you to come out here, plead your case and I will assure you with facts and examples that you are one hundred percent wrong.

    Shawn sits in the ring and waits.

    The sound of a trumpet begins, in the tune of a hip hop beat, and the crowd looks interested and a bit befuddled toward the entrance way. They've never heard this entrance music before, with repeated requests to "Jump," and the lighting in the arena sort of dims until...

    Jim Taylor: SHANNON O'NEAL?!?!

    The blonde hair sways down at her shoulders as the lights come on and the crowd EXPLODES with cheers. Shannon holds both fists up in the air, soaking in the amazing atmosphere of Adrenaline Rush and the thousands filling the arena.

    Tim Coleman: Shannon O'Neal does not belong here. She IS NOT a CWA wrestler. Go back to that other company!

    Shannon O'Neal begins strutting down the entrance ramp with her eyes switching from side to side, nodding her head and smiling at the fans chanting her name. Shawn Summers stands in the ring, not approving this scene one bit, but Shannon has the attention of the whole arena. And she's not giving up the spotlight anytime soon. Even when the music stops, the "SHANNON! SHANNON! SHANNON!" chants continue.

    Shannon O'Neal: A few things first before I get to this jackass inside the ring.

    The crowd cheers Shannon's ... brusk speech, to put it lightly.

    Shannon O'Neal: First off ... *Shannon looks right into the camera held by the cameraman standing 3 feet to her right* ... Bell, keep kickin' ass and hold down that fort for me.

    The crowd pops for the Bell Connelly reference. Shannon then turns her attention around to the arena.

    Shannon O'Neal: Second off ... *Shannon turns back to face the same camera* ... Cyrus, make a mental note of this moment. 'Cause I'ma wreck ya world, son.

    The crowd AGAIN pops like crazy as Shannon O'Neal smiles, holding the microphone and hopping up to the apron. She stares right into Shawn Summers, standing on the other side of the ring. Shannon steps through the ropes and bounces in, pacing around with her eyes wandering away from Summers but pacing the ring a mere 5 feet in front of him.

    Shannon O'Neal: So ... not to be unexpected ... at all ... but my first day in CWA and I have to watch you come out here and say a whole bunch'a bullsh*t about women and men wrestlin'. Feels like old times for me, really. I thought I escaped all that misogynistic crap in the FW...wait, maybe I shouldn't say the company. My ... *Shannon does air quotes with her fingers* ... former employer. Let's call it "Elsewhere Land." As for now, let me properly introduce myself. Or as the song goes ... let me clear my throat.

    Shannon mockingly clears her throat, and the fans all cheer as she commands the room and the ring and stares right into the eyes of Shawn Summers.

    Shannon O'Neal: Ya' Shawn Summers. Hi. I'm Shannon O'Neal. I'ma two-time Women's Champion in Elsewhere Land, but that don't matter much here. I've main-evented Pay-Per-Views, dominated TV ratings, trended on social media, 'n more. But most importantly, to you, I've beaten men. 1-2-3. Beaten 'em. Now, that also was in Elsewhere Land. So it don't really matter much here 'n now. But lemme tell ya', Shawn Summers, that toughness don't die in one company. It's in me. It's in my blood. It's part of me. And when I stand back there and listen to you stand out here and tell these fans that women aren't good enough to wrestle men, it irks me a bit. Ya' know? It gets my blood boilin' again. It reeeeeally makes me all sorts'a pissed off. At ya'. At this mindset. At the CWA for givin' ya' a microphone and lettin' ya' waste all our time with this drivel.

    Shannon smiles, holds up her hands and shrugs her shoulders. The fans buzz with excitement as Shannon continues talking before Shawn can interject.

    Shannon O'Neal: But here we are. You have your opinion. I have mine. The good thing is ... I can change ya' opinion. You think women should be wrestlin' women. And that's it. 'Cause a woman can't possibly beat a man. No way, no how. These girls just gonna' get embarrassed, right? How about we test that idea? 'Cause I have tested it before with men and proved to 'em that they ain't the sh*t they think they are.

    Shawn continues to sit in his seat, staring at the entrance ramp with an emotionless expression. He finally turns his head towards Shannon O'Neal, sizing her up before raising the microphone to his mouth.

    Shawn Summers: First, I'm going to tell you that kids watch this show so you need to watch your mouth. Second, I'm going to repeat what I initially said; If there's anyone in the back that wants to argue that women can FAIRLY compete in the ring with men, I encourage you to come out here, plead your case and I will assure you with facts and examples that you are one hundred percent wrong.

    Now, you might be wondering why I'm repeating what I initially said because I know that you think that you can show me why women deserve to compete with men but in all honesty what you think doesn't matter to me or anyone else to be honest because the last time I checked, you're not a part of the CWA. So why don't you take our cute little hip-hop beats and your "don't assume my gender" swag and know your place when men are talking. Okay, sweetheart?

    You're gonna get yourself hurt trying to play with boys and that's something that I've been wanting to avoid. You're coming out here speaking to me like I'm an enemy when in fact I'm an ally to women in the world of professional wrestling. Stepping into the ring with a man increases the chances of your career being cut short tremendously. No matter what you tell yourself or what you believe. It's a scientific fact that MEN and women were not created physically equal and that's why sports leagues separate MEN and women. It's for your safety, sweetheart.

    Tim Coleman: The God King preaching the gospel in that ring. Who the heck is Shannon O'Neal. Coming out here swearing like a sailor, and interjecting herself into CWA business. Who does she think she is and who does she think she's talking to?

    Shannon smiles, glances to the fans, and then looks back at Shawn Summers with a bemused expression. She plants her hands on her hips and tilts her head to the side, still smiling and lightly chuckling, but finally breaks it when she raises the microphone to her mouth.

    Shannon O'Neal: Got a little upset there, din'cha Shawn? Sorry, I think I heard ya' ask me to watch my mouth so ... um ... go to hell?

    Shannon gets a loud applause from the crowd and leans back before continuing.

    Shannon O'Neal: As for my safety, how 'bout ya' let me decide what's right for me and what ain't. And, well, I'ma say that a match with you is 'bout right for me right now. So science be damned, Shawn, let's have some fun. How 'bout next show? I think ya' and me can do somethin' excitin'. Oh, and last thing. Gotta correct ya' on one thing: I AM ... part of CWA.

    The crowd explodes with cheers as Shannon drops the microphone and exits the ring before Shawn can say anything more.

    Shawn laughs and stands up from his seat and begins to exit the ring as Michelle Kelly approaches him with a microphone.

    Michelle Kelly: Shawn, Shannon O'Neal has laid down the gauntlet and challenged you to a match. What is your response to that?Shawn Summers: It's cute that Shannon wants to make an impact in her debut with CWA but I am not the person that she will be making her "impact" with. I stand firmly by my beliefs that men should never put their hands on women so I respectfully decline Shannon's request for a match. However, I encourage her to put all her efforts into helping CWA rebuild their Womens Division just like she helped to build up FWA's.

    Shawn pats Michelle on the shoulder and walks away as the scene fades to black.

    The camera comes into view focusing in on a serious looking Michelle Kelly as she stands by with a microphone in hand.

    Michelle Kelly: My guest at this time is the former High Voltage Champion, Nate Savage

    Savage walks in to view looking rather displeased and staring a hole through Michelle for her comment. Michelle is about to speak but is stopped as Nate holds up a hand.

    Nate Savage: Is that how you're going to address me Michelle? The "former" High Voltage Champion...

    Michelle Kelly: Well, you did in fact lose the championship to Elijah Edwards at Wrestle-Royale, so technically you are the former champion

    Savage is steaming now as he stares down Michelle, who looks intimidated and a bit frightened. Eventually she gives the microphone to Nate and backs away to a less hostile environment. Nate takes the microphone and stares at the camera with ill intent.

    Nate Savage: What happened at Wrestle-Royale was a fluke! You hear that Elijah?! A FLUKE! You think that you outsmarted me at my own game and now you're riding high but don't think for one second that this is over between us. We will go at it again but things won't go your way that time around because I will do everything in my power to ensure that I walk out with what is rightfully mine, and that you don't walk out at all. You think what I did to you was bad in our first match? Think again Elijah because that was child's play compared to what I have in store for you in our rematch.

    He's now seething with rage.

    Nate Savage: You'll have to wait for that though, won't you Elijah? The powers that be decided to be kind enough to give you the night off to lick your wounds. How considerate of them to do that for you yet I get put in a match with Krash. Sounds fair, right? I thought so. Before I get to Krash though let me get to another happening at Wrestle-Royale where some nobody named Christian Quinn spoiled my plans to main event Five Star Attraction by eliminating me. He paid for that though didn't he?

    He chuckles a bit through his rage.

    Nate Savage: Christian Quinn, some lousy bum from that loser company FWA decided that since he couldn't hack it there anymore that he thought he'd try out at his hand in CWA. You didn't really think that through, did you Christian? Because now you're lying in a hospital somewhere after I left you a broken mess when I powerbombed you on that ring apron. I bet that you're regretting your decision to come to CWA now, aren't you? Next time try not sticking your stupid nose in business that is of no concern to you.

    He pauses for a moment.

    Nate Savage: Now that leaves me with Krash tonight, a man who I've shared my thoughts about before but allow me to reiterate for those that may missed it or forgot. Here's a man with a career that practically speaks for itself with multiple championships held and a former Wrestle-Royale winner, but somewhere along the way you lost your step. Now you're a shell of your former self. You're a broken man Krash and now your career is on borrowed time. You're nothing anymore. You're a has-been Krash. You couldn't win a match to save your life and yet you still keep going because a part of you thinks that you still have what it takes but deep down you know that's just not true. You won't be man enough to admit that though and you'll be keeping fighting on foolishly because you have more guts and determination than brains.

    That's where I come in Krash because I'm going to do the whole world and CWA a favor when I take you out back and put you out of your misery for good. Your time has come and gone Krash. Tonight, I'm going to put an end to you Krash and make sure that the self proclaimed heartbeat of CWA, takes one final beat...

    With that Savage tosses aside the microphone and storms off set.

    Singles Match
    Nate Savage vs. Krash

    The bell rings and Savage, irritated more than usual, opens the match by slapping Krash in the face! The former World Champion strokes his cheek and takes it in stride, having seen it all before. Nate, however, is still shouting at Krash with all sorts of derogatory verbage. Krash rolls his eyes and does what any veteran pro wrestler would do in this scenario: SLAP THE TASTE OUT OF SAVAGE'S MOUTH.

    Savage reels a bit as Krash starts kicking the leg out of Savage's leg, causing Savage to backpedal into a corner. Krash continues the barrage with a flurry of elbows before sending Savage out of the corner with a monkey flip. Savage lands hard on his tailbone as Krash sizes him up for a running enzuigiri, but Savage has great ring awareness and rolls out to catch a breather.

    Krash, still all riled up, starts to get the crowd pumped up as he runs for a suicide dive, and connects! Savage collides back first into the barricade as the crowd is all charged up for the White Wolf, who lays in some BLISTERING chops to the former High Voltage Champion. He then rolls Savage back into the ring and follows close behind as he attempts to deliver a gourdbuster...however, Savage blocks it and squirms out, jabbing his thumb in the eye of Krash! The referee admonishes Savage, but Savage hardly cares as he grabs Krash by his hair and delivers a vicious headbutt. Krash is staggered and still blinded as Savage powers Krash down with a Ura-nage slam! Krash CRUMPLES under the violent slam as Savage goes for a cover, but only get a one count.

    Savage now has control over the match, and more importantly is in full "Nasty" move as he brutalizes Krash with slams, suplexes, and insults. Krash valiantly tries to strike back against the bully, but Savage's strength overwhelms any attempts at Krash making a comeback with more brutality. However, Krash's heart keeps him in the match as Savage becomes quickly frustrated with his inability to keep Krash's shoulders down for a three count. Savage decides to go for broke with a VICIOUS package fallaway bomb that looks like it breaks Krash in half, but to the White Wolf's credit he STILL manages to kick out at two.

    Savage is now losing his cool. With losing the title and being dumped out of the WrestleRoyale, he already had a feeble grasp on his self-control. Now? He is beside himself and wanting to make an impression as he slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. The referee tries to get Savage to put the chair down as he re-enters the ring, but Savage yells at him to leave him alone. But that slight distraction is all Krash needs as he has gotten to his feet and dropkicks the chair in Savage's hands RIGHT into his face! Savage drop the chair and is on spaghetti legs as Krash feeds on adrenaline and drills Savage with a lariat! Krash doesn't question this turn of events and immediately heads to the top rope to deliver The Kill! Krash covers and scores the three count!

    Jim Taylor: Another disappointing loss for Savage, who is growing more frustrated by the moment yet Krash picks up some much needed momentum with a well deserved victory

    Krash soaks in the victory while Savage comes to looking irate as the cameras cut to the back to find new High Voltage champion Elijah Edwards standing by with Michelle Kelly.

    Michelle Kelly: Elijah, we just saw the man you defeated for the High Voltage title suffer another loss at the hands of Krash and now we've received word that on the next Adrenaline Rush it will be you defending your title in a rematch with Nate Savage, how are you feeling?

    Elijah Edwards: Well Michelle I'd be lying if I said I didn't hurt. I took some bumps and bruises at Wrestle-Royale in not only my match with Nate but also in the Wrestle-Royale match itself, but I'm still here standing proudly as the High Voltage champion and there's nothing that I'd like more than to shut Nate up one more time and keep this High Voltage title in my hands.

    Michelle Kelly: If you are successful in your defense, where do you go next?

    Elijah Edwards: I haven't thought that far ahead Michelle but if I am successful, well I'm no fortune teller but I can see myself taking this title to prestigious heights and that's not being cocky if you can back it up

    Michelle Kelly: Thank you for your time Elijah


    Singles Match
    Cyrus Truth vs. Mark Merriwether

    "Hollywood" plays out through the arena and Mark Merriwether comes out arrogantly receiving a bit of a mixed reaction but mostly jeers. He walks by the camera man and looks into the camera proclaiming, "I'm from Ho-LLY-WOOD babay!"

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from Seattle, WA and now residing in Hollywood, CA and weighing in at two-hundred & thirty pounds, "The Megastar" MARK MERRIWETHER!

    Jim Taylor: Merriwether has fallen into a bit of a rough patch as of late, yet he still remains confident and he'll need all of that confidence with the tough task ahead of him tonight

    "Subconsious" hits and the crowd goes wild as the song kicks in and Cyrus Truth with his usual calm, yet serious demeanor about him as he casually walks down to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: His opponent from The Long and Winding Road and weighing in at two-hundred & thirty-two pounds, "The Exile" CYRUS TRUTH!

    Tim Coleman: As much as I hate to agree with you Jimbo, you're right about what you said about Merriwether needing all of that confidence because he faces this man...

    Jim Taylor: Cyrus can't particulary be in high spirits...

    Tim Coleman: Is he ever?

    Jim Taylor: Fair point, but the fact remains that he was one of the last two men in the Wrestle-Royale match before being eliminated by the winner LIGHTBRINGER, so to say that Cyrus is not in particulary high spirits would be putting it mildly

    Tim Coleman: You can say that again!

    Cyrus steps into the ring staring across at Merriwether, who remains undettered by Cyrus' stone faced gaze he feels upon him as he smirks back at The Exile.


    The two men square off and immediately lock horns with Cyrus gaining the early lead into the grapple and knees Merriwether in several times before hitting him with a suplex followed by an arm drag takedown immediately into an arm lock submission hold. Merriwether struggles to find a way to free himself using his feet to his advantage kicking upwards towards Cyrus knocking him in the a few times before Cyrus relents the hold and holds his head a bit. Merriwether finds his way and catches Cyrus by surprise with a small package cradle!


    Cyrus kicks out and kips back up instantly but Merriwether is one step ahead of him and sweeps the leg bringing Cyrus back first to the mat allowing Merriwether to strike with a jumping knee drop to Cyrus' temple before following up with a springboard moonsault off the second rope into a pin...


    Cyrus gets a shoulder up and Merriwether grabs hold of Cyrus' arm and transitions into an armbar submission showing off his technical side. Merriwether spits out insults at Cyrus and tells him to give up as Cyrus inches his way to the bottom rope and breaks the hold. Merriwether berates the referee a little before going to pick up Cyrus, who is on one knee now and levels Merriwether with a sharp elbow to the midsection doubling him over allowing him to mantain his balance enough to lock in Merriwether in position for a fisherman suplex yet Merriwether blocks it with his foot and counters with his own suplex!

    Tim Coleman: Merriwether holding his own against Cyrus, proving why he is a true megastar!

    Merriwether lies in wait as Cyrus rises up and Merriwether goes for his Welcome to Hollywood superkick, but Cyrus manages to sidestep it in time and catches Merriwether with a dragon suplex! Merriwether rolls to the far corner trying to find his bearings allowing Cyrus to counter that with five consecutive stomps to Merriwether's into the turnbuckle!

    Jim Taylor: Cyrus opening up on Merriwether and teaching him the First Five Steps!

    Tim Coleman: The first five steps to what exactly?

    Cyrus then drags Merriwether from the corner and lifts him up in position...JOURNEY'S END! Merriwether is out like a light and Cyrus makes the cover...


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner of the match, Cyrus Truth!

    Jim Taylor: A win for Cyrus here tonight against a game Mark Merriwether

    Tim Coleman: Unfortunately for Merriwether though Cyrus was just too much for him to handle as he had an answer for almost everything Merriwether threw at him

    Cyrus leaves the ring while Merriwether is coming to in the ring still a bit dazed.


    A familiar music sounds around the arena as the sound of a coin dropping can be heard followed by some heavy guitar riffs - the crowd break into a cheer as the winner of the Wrestle Royale, LIGHTBRINGER, begins to make his way out onto the stage. He is not dressed to wrestle - instead he wears a fine looking suit, but he does pose at the top of the ramp for a brief moment before he is joined by his best friend/manager, BoBo.

    Jim Taylor: Well, here he is, the man who will challenge our world champion, Jon Snowmantashi, at Five Star Attraction: LIGHTBRINGER.

    Tim Coleman: What the hell is that with him?

    Jim Taylor: I believe that's his best friend and manager, Tim. Recently retired. Now he has time to help his friend over here.

    Tim Coleman:
    Let's hope it pans out better than the last manager LIGHTBRINGER had!

    Jim Taylor: Well, Tim, he did just win the Wrestle Royale... and he defeated Michelle von Horrowitz too. Two matches in one night! I guess this era is off to a good start!
    Tim Coleman: I'm sure he will have plenty to say about those things, Jimbo.

    Lindsey Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring... from Tokyo, Japan, he is the new number one contender to the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, "Tokyo Kisai" LIGHTBRINGER!!

    "Tokyo Kisai" walks down to the ring with a gigantic smirk on his face as some fans reach out and try to grab him - BoBo tries to ward them off by pointing and shouting at them, clearly not acclimated to a western audience. Eventually, they both get to the ring, LIGHTBRINGER steps in, poses on the turnbuckles a few times before being passed the mic by Monahan. He takes a moment to steady himself in the middle of the ring before speaking.

    LIGHTBRINGER: You know... I must thank you all for the warm reception. I am a little surprised. I thought that my recent harsh words may cause some to take a sudden dislike to me - perhaps think that I was being rude. I also thought that by outlasting certain favourites like Cyrus Truth... I may draw the ire of a few. But I guess I was wrong. It's good that Michelle von Horrowitz was wrong to call audiences fools. It's very clear to me that you are all smart people - and so I thank you.

    There's some confusion but mostly a round of applause. Of course, the crowd lap up being complimented. Whilst they are doing so, LIGHTBRINGER looks around - almost as if he is searching for someone.

    LIGHTBRINGER: Speaking of Michelle... does anyone know where she is?

    He turns around and asks his friend - who shrugs his shoulders. The pair of them share a small smirk at each other.

    LIGHTBRINGER: It seems that I accomplished what I set out to achieve - vanquish the so called 'Dreamer'. It's a real shame that Michelle was all words and no hype. A real shame. But I hope that my performance against her serves as a warning to everyone - do not cross me, do not goad me, I am a dangerous opponent and you will be lucky to come out of any confrontation unscathed. I hope I have not given her any traumatic memories... I am sure she will be wincing everytime she hears the words LIGHTBRINGER and Lariat in close proximity to each other. She was an example of what I can do. It was too easy. Easier than I expected. Perhaps that is why I had the energy to go on and compete... and win the Wrestle Royale match.

    Tim Coleman:
    Well I can't disagree with him. I think Michelle von Horrowitz will think twice about crossing this man again, Jimbo.

    Jim Taylor: There was a definite mean streak to LIGHTBRINGER whenever he faced off against her - be it in their earlier match that night or the Wrestle Royale itself. I don't think it is a good idea to try and light a fire inside this man.

    LIGHTBRINGER: Before I continue any longer, I don't wish to be rude to the people I defeated - I wish to commend them for brave performances. Especially Cyrus Truth and Krash. They were close... yet so far. Elijah Edwards, Leo Taylor... they tried their best. I wish I could say I respect Shawn Summers... but it's not difficult for someone to lose two matches in one night and be an embarrassment in doing so. Michelle? Well, I've said enough about her... but she knew what it would take to win a match of that calibre and so to defeat her in that matchup... it's not something to completely disregard. To stand above them all... with only one man now left in my way of being atop the CWA mountain... it's special. But... Wrestle Royale... it was only the beginning of this grand story.

    The number one contender turns around to his friend and says something - he nods, the crowd grow curious.

    LIGHTBRINGER: See, perhaps a Japanese audience may have more of an idea about this upcoming matchup... but the western audience... maybe not so much. Over the coming weeks, you'll start to realise that there is a small tinge of destiny sprinkled on top of this. A feeling of inevitability. It has been coming for a long, long time. Since before Snowmantashi and I had been a part of the CWA. There is a lot of history between us that hasn't been addressed... but now there is a perfect platform to do so. But perhaps it is ignorant of me to think that you may be interested in that. Perhaps you just want to see a good wrestling contest between two supremely talented men? There's a lot to say. A lot. But right now... I don't think it is the right time. I didn't want to come out here and give a history lesson about my career. About my past. Instead, I came out here to thank you for the support. And to also warn Snowmantashi that his days are numbered.

    Tim Coleman: Big words.

    Jim Taylor: LIGHTBRINGER doesn't like to mess around, it seems.

    LIGHTBRINGER: That's why I want him to come out here now. Not for a fight. Not for a mud slinging insult contest. But for a simple acknowledgement of the future that you face. I want you to come to the ring so that we can shake hands and agree to a hard fought contest. No dirty tricks. I want you to look into my eyes and see just how serious I am when I tell you that I am going to end your reign at Five Star Attraction... that I want to dismantle you. I want you to realise that Wrestle Royale is nothing compared to what I will do at Five Star Attraction. You are a great champion... and great champions acknowledge the challenge. Let's do this the right way, Kaiju...

    Jim Taylor: I guess the challenger is calling out the champion... for... a handshake?

    Tim Coleman: Something along those lines, Jimbo. Perhaps a mind game? Perhaps just wanting to clear the air right away. Who knows?

    Jim Taylor: Well, I'm not sure Jon Snowmantashi will want to shake his hand after being told, in no uncertain terms, that he is being targeted for a dismantling...

    The number one contender turns his attention to the stage - along with most of the crowd - BoBo can be heard shouting something in Japanese with a displeased look on his face as they all await the arrival of the CWA World Heavyweight Champion...

    The roaring vocals, a roar cry of sorts, reverberates throughout the arena. A cry that the CWA fans have become all but accustomed to for over a year now and for the better part of that year, it has signified the arrival of the CWA World Heavyweight Champion.

    Jim Taylor: We both know, Tim, that this isn't the first time that Jon Snowmantashi has come out here to take a measure of the Wrestle Royale winner.

    Tim Coleman: The first time was peaceful, Jimbo, but the second time the very same woman LIGHTBRINGER beat at Wrestle Royale nearly decommissioned the World Champion right before Five Star Attraction.

    Jim Taylor: If LIGHTBRINGER is a man of his word, I suspect we won't have to worry about anything of that sort tonight.

    Tim Coleman: And what about the champion? He attacked Shawn Summers before Wrestle Royale unprovoked.

    Jon Snowmantashi appears at the top of the ramp with the most coveted goal in CWA on his shoulder. At his side is John Duncan, a direct contrast to bulldog like demeanor of BoBo in the ring. Duncan has an awkward smile on his face as he power walks behind the KAIJU. A loud audible "KAIJU" chant echoes across the arena, the fans becoming bloodthirsty with the idea of Snowmantashi going to war in the squared circle. He doesn't pander much, instead he climbs the turnbuckle and stands a respectful distance away from LIGHTBRINGER. The moment Duncan even closes within proximity, BoBo shouts rabid insults. Snowmantashi takes a calm step forward but BoBo is entirely undeterred. His insults turn from a cowering Duncan to Snowmantashi. The KAIJU is unfazed, looking down on BoBo with the sort of indifferent expression that is typical of Snowmantashi. When BoBo jabs a finger at Snowmantashi's chest, the possibility of pass insults leading to blows becomes real. Snowmantashi lowers the belt-

    Tim Coleman: It looks like LIGHTBRINGER won't even have to get his hands on the champion. His manager might do it himself!

    LIGHTBRINGER grabs BoBo and confers with the man, trying to get him to calm down despite the evident urge he has to get back into the face of the champion. Snowmantashi takes another step forward and LIGHTBRINGER gingerly raises his hands up as if to proffer peace, after all, he came for a handshake, the dismantling will wait for the pay-per-view. Instead, despite the cheering of the crowd for a physical encounter, he offers that handshake. Snowmantashi looks stoically down at the offered hand, then in the eyes of LIGHTBRINGER and his smile which can be at once disarming or smug, given the perspective. Snowmantashi seems as if he will offer his hand, but instead slowly reaches for LIGHTBRINGER's other hand and grabs the microphone. LIGHTBRINGER looks down, still smiling but doesn't object to the taking of the microphone. He lowers his offered hand and waits to see what the champion will say.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Misheru-kun. Eriyah-kun. Makuginisu-kun. Shonzu-kun. Kurasshu-kun. Conner-kun. I have never shied from defending my spot amidst the mountain's peak and yet no one has managed to fulfill the promises they have made. The promise to dethrone me. The promise to break me. And here you are, another man, another... young boy...

    LIGHTBRINGER puts his hands on his hips, his smirk thinning momentarily at that slight.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Making promises he will not fulfill. You have requested me here so that I can acknowledge your challenge. But... I do not acknowledge your challenge. You are not worthy of challenging for my throne. Once upon a time, in your eyes I saw a fire, a desire to do things with honor, to fight for the glory of fighting in of itself. But you chose the wrong road.

    His eyes very overtly land on BoBo as he makes that statement. This isn't merely a message to the manager, but a message to his entire clan. LIGHTBRINGER puts a hand to calm BoBo down, who is already intent on getting fired up again.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Pride. That is your flaw. And I do not speak of pride in regards to dignity, and honor, and self-respect, the self-assurance that drives a man like me to raise the arms to war. I speak of vanity. Hubris. Conceit. I speak of the pride that drives you not to seek glory for glory, but glory because you believe you have been entitled to it. Entitlement. The poison that has swelled back home. The poison I see swelling here, among the countless wave of challengers I have subsided, is one you seek to embellish. And the stench of it, it is greater now, tonight, than ever before. This poisonous entitlement is what drives you. But I assure you... LIGHTBRINGER... your claim to this championship... will not be acknowledged. No. At Go Suta Attorakushon... it is I who will have to dismantle you and put you back as the man I once believed you could be. I will humble you. I will rid you of all the wrong notions instilled in you. I will show you the true means by which the world runs. I will show you the road you have missed through that singular vision that poisons you. And until that has been accomplished. No, young boy, I will not acknowledge your challenge.

    Tim Coleman: Why does it seem like all of these fights over in Japan keep finding their ways here? First McGinnis, Now LIGHTBRINGER? I'm just hoping we don't get another man jumping off the deep end and threatening our livelihoods.

    Jim Taylor: More peculiarly, Tim, I think this is the first time we have seen Snowmantashi genuinely angered by a challenger without being outright affronted. LIGHTBRINGER called him out for a handshake but Snowmantashi, a man who prides himself on honor, has refused the offer.

    Tim Coleman: Seems to me, Jimbo, that Snowmantashi didn't just leave Japan because he wanted a bigger challenge.

    LIGHTBRINGER nods with a frustrated smirk at Snowmantashi's words. The KAIJU, having finalized his statement, moves past BoBo and LB, two shoulder bumps on the way, to hand the microphone back at ringside. BoBo violently tries to get at Snowmantashi again but LB is quick to drag him to the opposite end of the ring. Snowmantashi only gives him a passive over the shoulder glance to ensure the manager doesn't do anything reckless then turns back to hand the microphone to a road agent at ringside.

    Suddenly, a roaring explosion from the crowd.

    Snowmantashi is spun around - LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT!?

    Wait. He stops midway. Snowmantashi's eyes are wide with anger, having braced for the murderous strike. Instead, LIGHTBRINGER brings down an open palm, and pats the CWA World Heavyweight championship. A slow smirk emerges on the face of the challenger and he walks backwards to the opposite end of the ring. Snowmantashi watches with a glare, still leaning on the rope. His lips twisting into an angered snarl a contrast to the confident grinning challenger.

    Tim Coleman: Did you hear the crowd, Jimbo, I think they wanted our Five Star Attraction main event.

    Jim Taylor: I think LIGHTBRINGER sent a message louder than anything else he possible could have. He put Snowmantashi in a position of weakness and I think we've all come to learn, that is a position our champion is not accustomed to. LIGHTBRINGER has walked up to the Lion's Den and made it his preying ground. Ladies and gentleman, we are well and truly on the way to a Five Star Attraction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    This isn't the complete show as there is one more segment coming to close out the show, but I wanted to post what we have now so we don't keep you waiting any longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Let me clear my throat, SONS

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    I wasn't able to get a promo in on time, I apologise. Assignments and Work has kept me awake all week and I've had no time, sorry, Jimmy.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    A Michelle von Horrowitz versus Shawn Summers feud would have been pretty brilliant, but in lieu of MvH, there's no one better to take this spot than Shannon O'Neal. Really happy to see TGO join CWA and I'm pretty sure that Summers versus O'Neal might be one of the more (the most) entertaining feud heading into FSA. Even with a smaller roster, O'Neal versus Summers, a possible Truth match, a possible Krash match (maybe both together), the Snowmantashi/LIGHTBRINGER match, Elijah Edwards versus Nate Savage and there's the question of what Leo Taylor & Mark Merriwether might be doing. FSA won't be the spectacle of a Wrestlemania but could be a pretty great focused workrate card no less.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Final segment has been added, thank you Jon and Shake.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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