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Thread: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

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    Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    Post promos for Trial By Fire PPV here. Promos are due Friday, January 20th at midnight Pacific time, which is Saturday, January 21st at 3 a.m. Eastern time and 8 a.m. British time.

    24-hour extensions granted on an emergency-only basis and that person's opponent(s) also will get an extension. You have nine (9) full days. You shouldn't need an extension, but you all are a bunch of procrastinating bastards. I know you. Don't lie to me. DON'T LIE TO ME! 9 full days. I better see some next-level shit.

    Mike Parr
    Michael Garcia
    Trenton York
    Tristan James Galloway
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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    January 15th, 2017 - Washington, DC

    Kelvin Hockensmith is jittery.

    He taps the steering wheel of his rental Toyota Camry a few times as he stares out the window at the building across from him.

    Kelvin was used to being called at irregular hours to go film promos for FWA talent during his ongoing tenure as FWA.coms media and content specialist. Most of these assignments had taken him to grimy, exotic, and well-worn backstreet locales. His most notable trip had been pairing up with a then-rookie wrestler named KAIZEN and producing a video blog of KAIZENs travel to Japan and Germany. Kelvin is by now used to being called to holes in the wall, to rural and obscure locations. When he was assigned to stay in DC for a week and get material for Jhunha to be used in the run-up to Trial By Fire, he assumed he would be called to another random place for a quick and easy video clip.

    He didn't expect that an hour ago, he would receive a text from Jhunha stating simply:

    "Come to The Diplomat. Ask for LT. Hide your camera."

    The Diplomat is a famed cigar club in Washington, DC. Known for being a place where the rich and privileged converge in DC, the club had gained near-mythical status on social media for its exclusiveness, strict door policy, and ban on cameras or recordings of the main floor. Aside from the 60 private rooms in the building, the building is also known for its glowing blue and black illuminated ceiling, designed to emulate a star-lit sky for a relaxing ambience to smoke and drink to. The sky-ceiling can also be turned pitch black for days The Diplomat is hosting a party, to suit whatever debauchery would unfold under cover of darkness.

    Kelvin Hockensmith had quickly thrown on his work suit and drove down to The Diplomat. Never had he imagined that he would have access to such a trendy venue.

    Never had he imagined that Jhunha would be in a place like this.

    After slipping the FWA camcorder into his coat pocket, Kelvin leaves his car, takes a deep breath, and walks towards the front door.

    Despite having four large bouncers at the door, there is no line at The Diplomat.

    You're either already on the list or not supposed to be there at all.

    One of the bouncers stops Kelvin, gazing down on him with a look of derision. The bouncer's eyes move towards the slight bulge in Kelvins coat.

    Kelvin: "I'm here to see LT."

    All the bouncers suddenly look Kelvins way. The lead bouncer, upon hearing the words "LT", suddenly steps away from Kelvin and holds the door open for him.

    The smell of smoke and whiskey spews out of the doorway and swamps Kelvin in the face.

    Bouncer: "Down the corridor. Room 52."

    Kelvin Hockensmith enters. The corridor leads directly to the private rooms, but Kelvin sneaks a gander of the cavernous main floor as he passes by. There is no big party today so the ceiling is colored in a deep blue with shimmering lights which simulate stars. Old men mingle and smoke while sitting in large opulent red sofa armchairs while an all-female wait staff cater to their wants and needs. The island bar in the middle of the room houses a giant bar and a magnitude of TV screens.

    Kelvin stops to admire the scene, squinting as the smoke makes his eyes water slightly. He then catches himself, puts his head down, and walks down the corridor.

    He locates Room 52. As he looks on the door for a door bell of some sort, an intercom located by the number plate of the room suddenly calls out to him, making him jump.

    "Doors open. Come in".

    Kelvin obliges.

    The private room is less smoky than the outside but still has a sizeable haze. Unlike the main floor, where a large amount of smells have intermixed, Room 52 has a more concentrated and unique tobacco flavor, somewhat silky and sweet. Unlike outside, the private rooms, in addition to having individual red armchairs, has long glass table sandwiched by two long leather couches. A mini-bar, the intercom system,and two TV screens complete the experience.

    While the table and couches are neat, the bar area and the individual chairs seem disheveled and messed up.

    Two men sit on either end of the same couch. One of the men, a thin and bespectacled Caucasian dressed in a sharp business casual grey-and-white suit with no tie, is pouring Johnnie Walker KG5 into three glasses. The other man, wearing a white dress shirt with sleeves rolled up and black dress pants, has kicked back and is smoking a cigar. Both men are laughing at something.

    The door closes behind Kelvin.

    Kelvin squints through the dim light and the smoke and makes out the man smoking the cigar as Jhunha.

    Jhunha: "You the guy FWA sent, right?"

    Jhunha glares at Kelvin.

    "Yes.... that would be me. I'm Kelvin Hockensmith from"

    Jhunha suddenly shoots up from his seat as Kelvin is rooted to his spot by the door. Jhunha walks over and gets right into Kelvin's face, cigar dangerously swinging close to Kelvins ear as he gestures.

    "How magnanimous, how kind of FWA to send someone over to Jhunha for once!! What, you finally found some spare time from writing all your puff pieces on how Zachary Kazadi is tweeting his way to superstardom? Done writing your propaganda on FWA's chosen doggies Cyrus Truth, or Mike Parr, or KAIZEN or Bell Connelly?? Let me guess, we need more coverage on Shannon O'Neal, on Danny Toner, so we can all keep up with how the weak and obsolete spend their time!!!!"

    The other man gets up as well and gently puts his hand on Jhunha's free arm.

    "Now, now, Jhunha. Lets be nicer to this young man, alright? Suffice to say he probably isn't the one calling the shots in management."

    Jhunha shoots another look at Kelvin before sitting back down. He takes one of the glasses off the table and drinks it all at once. The other man turns to a frozen Kelvin and smiles.

    "I apologize, Mr. Hockensmith, its been a hectic day and everyone just needs to... unwind. I thank you for coming down here on such short notice. Trust me when I say that you accommodating our packed schedule is highly appreciated."

    Kelvin remains frozen in his spot.

    "Oh, uh... no problem. Just doing my job..."

    "Can I interest you in a scotch, Mr. Hockensmith? KG5, 26 years old. You like scotch?"

    ".... I, uh, no thanks, I'm driving tonight."

    "Ah but of course! Well thats a shame, its quite the drink! In that case, I suppose I'll let you two get right down to it. Come, sit down!"

    Kelvin finds his feet and takes a step towards the open couch across from the man and Jhunha.

    He accidentally kicks something and stops.

    Someone grunts in pain.

    Kelvin looks down.

    Its a person. A man, clothes shredded, face marked up with bruising, and lying unconscious face down on the floor.

    Kelvin jumps in shock. The man sees that Kelvin has noticed the fourth person in the room and laughs again.

    "Oh, don't worry about that old thing, just step on over him and sit down. Come on!"

    Kelvin obeys and steps over the man.

    The man turns to Jhunha, who has taken the glass Kelvin declined and is about to drink it.

    "Well, you be good with Mr. Hockensmith now and make some FWA magic! Its going to do wonders for you, Jhunha, trust me. You win that X-Championship, let Mr. Hockensmith do his part, and you'll be a star, I guarantee it. The money, Jhunha, I can hear it coming in, I can taste it! We're going to make you rich, and speaking of which, I'm going to head out of the main room, shake a few hands, and get some... fresh air."

    Jhunha nods as the man gets up and walks next to Kelvin to address him in a soft whisper.

    "It hasn't been easy getting Jhunha to play your little media games, Mr. Hockensmith... so I'm sure you'll do an excellent job."

    The man smiles at Kelvin one more time and exits the room, making sure that the door closes swiftly behind him.

    Kelvinslowly sits down on the couch opposite of Jhunha. Jhunha is pouring himself some more scotch.

    "You sure you don't want any? Its good stuff."

    Kelvin notices some blood smeared on the floor next to the body. Kelvin looks at Jhunha in a panic.

    Jhunha laughs.

    "What, you think he's dead? He's not dead, he made noise when you kicked him, right?"

    "You did this?"

    "Yeah. What of it?"

    "... who... who is he?"

    "No idea."

    Kelvin looks at Jhunha again wide-eyed.

    "You have no idea who he is and you beat him up like this? Why??? What did this guy do???"

    Jhunha casually takes another drink.

    "Don't know, don't care. All I know is someone offered me a job to teach someone a lesson for 10 grand, so I took the job. The end."

    Jhunha looks back at Kelvin and shrugs. He gestures towards the artificial sky on the ceiling.

    "Wanna hear something funny, Kelvin? Back in Mongolia, people worship a whole bunch of weird shit. One of the things people worship there is the sky. The Eternal Blue Sky,, they call it. They believe the Blue Sky sustains all existence and balance in the world, and if one doesn't lead a virtuous life, the Blue Sky refuses to grant them balance or justice and their lives will fall into disarray. Fucking stupid, I know, but thats what people where I'm from believe."

    Jhunha sighs and gazes up into the ceiling as Kelvin tears his gaze away from the limp body on the floor does the same. Jhunha sloshes the scotch in his glass as he continues speaking.

    "When I was a child, I prayed to the Blue Sky too. I did everything that people told me was good and virtuous. I worked hard at home. I honored my parents. I was kind to everyone. I tried my best with my studies. What little I had, I made open and available to all. I did everything. I tried everything. Everything in hopes that my life would be granted some peace and balance. And you know what I realized, Kelvin? You know what I realized?

    I realized that those who didn't follow the Blue Sky got everything that they wanted. And those who did, well, they were just suckers wasting their lives away. They are naive. They are weak. The Blue Sky shows itself to the guilty and the innocent alike. It doesn't care about virtue, or honor, or justice. The Blue Sky doesn't dispense justice. Strength... strength is justice. The Blue Sky... its all a lie, its all a sham, a fairy tale for the little children to look up at and marvel at while while the grown men take what they want and leave nothing but scraps."

    Jhunha turns away from the ceiling and puts down the glass and the unfinished cigar. He leans his forearms on his knees and looks at Kelvin.

    "But everyone does it, right? Everyone loves to live the lie. Its comfortable, it feels safe, it feels... predictable. FWA is the same, no? Management feeds you the lies, and people you turn the lies into propaganda for the FWA Universe to eat up."


    "Won't admit it?? Let me lay it out for you and see how you explain it. Lie #1: Cyrus Truth is the strongest wrestler in FWA. That is a lie. I am the strongest wrestler in this company. Jhunha is. Lie #2: Ashley O'Ryan and Matt Robinson calls the shots on FN... we all know this isn't true. Lie #3: KAIZEN is the true #1 contender to Cyrus Truth, but we all saw what happened with Mike Parr, didn't we? I could go on and on... but theres one particular lie which really really irritates me right now, Kelvin. It pisses me off. Its the lie that FWA helped create, its the lie that FWA helps perpetuate...

    ...the lie that Zachary Kazadi is the next big thing in FWA."

    Kelvin gives Jhunha a puzzled look.

    "Zachary Kazadi, the boy who LOST in the Quest for the Best tournament, the boy who LOST to Jean-Luc Watkins and was then granted an undeserved second chance at the X-Championship and then took advantage of Mr. Watkins to score the fluke pin. The boy who, ever since winning the X-Championship, has been running his mouth off on the internet about how he has elevated the X-Championship and how he has made the X-Championship equal to the others in FWA, yet has never defended it!! Hell, he hasn't even scored A SINGLE PIN on anyone since he won the belt. And he's the next big thing??"

    "We... we don't regulate what Kazadi says on his personal twitt-"

    Jhunha slams his fists onto the table.

    "LIES!!!! LIES LIES LIES LIES!!!! DONT THINK YOU CAN PULL THE WOOL OVER MY EYES!!! You, all of you in FWA, you've barely even hidden the fact that you want Kazadi to be face of the X-Championship, that while that boy talks about legacy and history, he's already being groomed for bigger things, hand-fed chance after chance!!! Where were those chances for me?? Where were those chances for Jhunha?? Why is it that while Kazadi is granted shot after shot at the big money matches and the spotlight, Jhunha is stuck teaming with AirShow, and wrestling the likes of Stan Weaver and XYZ??????

    Well, those days come to an end at Trial By Fire. Because while Zachary Kazadi has been tweeting, has been doing videos, has been prancing around begging for the spotlight, I have been training. I have been honing my body into a weapon, with the single mission to destroy Zachary Kazadi and rip that X-Championship away from him!! I am a force of destruction that the FWA has never seen before, and I don't need to tweet about it, once I destroy each and every idol that the FWA has, all the money, all of the spotlight, all of the fame and fortune, it will belong to ME!!! It doesn't matter how photogenic Kazadi is, or whether he's got a basket of little zingers that make people laugh, or whether FWA thinks they can sell him to the sheep looking up at the big Blue Sky of the FWA Universe, that wrestling ring is a BATTLEFIELD and only the truly strong will survive!! And nobody is stronger than me, nobody is more worthy to carry that X-Championship than me! You'll all see at Trial By Fire!!!"

    Kelvin puts his hand up and grabs the camcorder out of his pocket. Carefully training it on Jhunha so as to not catch anything else in the room, Kelvin speaks with a shakey voice.

    "Do... do you have a message to the FWA Universe before Trial By Fire, Jhunha?"

    Perhaps the alcohol had finally gotten to Jhunha's head.

    Jhunha looks into the camera, grabs the table and flings it to one side. As booze and cigars and glasses go flying, he snatches the camera away from Kelvin and brings it up to his own face.

    "Zachary Kazadi, you called me a puppet, you said I wasn't my own man and that I'm in it for the money, well, this puppet is going to end your pathetic 'legendary' X-Championship run before it even begins, hold on to your stupid notions of honor and valor, its not going to save you from the legendary beating I'm going to give you at Trial By Fire!!! But since you brought it up, let me tell you, let me enlighten you on who you really are and who I am really am. You are nothing but a child, a slick creation of the FWA marketing machine, a little puppy dog who will do and say anything to get the FWA Universe to pet you on your little head and tell you you're a good doggie. I am not a dog! I am JHUNHA, son of Usqal, and at Trial By Fire, I will be the one who ends the lies, ends the charade, I will be the one who drags you back down to earth!! I am more than a man, Kazadi, I am more than the storm!!


    The sound of the door shutting causes both Jhunha and Kelvin to snap their heads towards the door.

    Jhunha's benefactor LT has returned.

    LT: "Whoa whoa... the big guys finally had too much to drink, I see! Easy there!"

    Jhunha is breathing heavily, his teeth gritted. After a second, he calms down and casually drops the camcorder on the floor.

    Kelvin moves to scoop the camcorder up.

    As he does, the man who has been lying on the floor stirs suddenly. The man rolls from his chest to his back, clutching his swollen and bloodied face in pain.

    Jhunha walks over to him and slams a boot into the mans chest. The man screams in pain.

    LT looks at Kelvin.

    "Good work, Mr. Hockensmith, I hope this session was... productive. Me and Jhunha have other business to attend to, so please, show yourself out."

    Kelvin checks on the camera and makes his way out as quick as possible. As he heads for the door, he can hear the man on the floor crying out.

    Man: "Achinu.... please... I just need more time!! Mercy, please!!"

    LT looks at the man and laughs. As he speaks, he looks at Kelvin one last time, catches Kelvins eyes, and gives Kelvin the 'shhhh' sign with a finger to his lips.

    "Don't call me Achinu. You're out of time."

    Kelvin exits the room.

    The door closes swiftly behind him.

    Kelvin tries to wipe away his cold sweat and winces. The corridor is now darker, hazy, where he kind of remembers the way back out but things don't seem clear.

    It must be the smoke messing with me...


    Kelvin makes it back to his car across from The Diplomat. As he closes the door, he slumps his head against the wheel and tries to process everything that has happened.

    The bouncer from the door suddenly smacks his hand on the window.

    Kelvin jumps again.

    Its been a jumpy night.

    Kelvin rolls down his window.

    The bouncer hands him a grey gift bag.

    "Compliments of the house."

    The bouncer goes back across the street as Kelvin opens the bag. Inside the bag is a small white notecard and an unopened bottle of Johnny Walker KG5.

    Kelvin reads the note:

    "Thanks for all your hard work today, I'm sure we'll cross paths again soon! Here's to a successful Trial By Fire show! - LT"

    Kelvin Hockensmith slowly puts the note back into the bag.

    He looks up above, through the sunroof of the rental car into the night sky above.

    The real night sky.

    He breathes.
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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    -Static roars across the screen. We open into an office with a blonde woman sitting on a desk, a man is seated in a chair behind the desk. His chair is turned with it's back towards the camera.-

    ???: "Hello FWA and FWA fans, you may not know exactly who I am, but I am here to rectify that." -He turns his chair to reveal the newest FWA talent Starr.-

    Starr: "Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Starr. I'm known as 'Mr. One in A Million'. The lovely lady before me is Ms. Anna Alexis, my agent." -Anna waves to the camera.- "You see we've been wondering what the next step in my career should be."

    AA: -Anna gets off the desk and walks off. As the camera follows her, so does her client.- "We've pondered and pondered, and finally we found our winner. We stood and watched from a far, biding our time for the perfect moment."

    Starr: "And now it's here", he says with a smile. "I've been waiting to sink my teeth into this roster for awhile and I must say -he shifts from a smirk into a more aggressive tone., all of you are on my radar."

    AA: "But," -As she pulls Starr away and intervenes- " ...we have chosen our first opponent to be a warm up. A showcase, if you will, of what my client can do. You see that's why we chose you... Risky Douglas."

    -Starr walks off in another direction with this camera focused on him instead of Anna. Starr sits back down in his chair.-

    Starr: "Risky, I gotta say you are one impressive talent. I've seen a lot of what you've done in that ring. But you see Risky, when I look into your eyes I see a man who wants sympathy. I see a man who dances and parades himself as the big clown that he is. Someone to make the fans laugh and have fun." -Starr has lost his smirk and scowls at the camera.- "Guess what, Dougy, I'm not that type of guy. I wrestle, I win, I get paid, and I go home. I feed off the hate that the same fans you entertain give to me. My fame grows, my stock rises, and the power that I have grows." -Starr is seething with rage.- "Risky! When I meet you January 21st at Trial By Fire, know that nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, will give me more joy than seeing you fall to your knees and shoving my boot into your face with a superkick! You wanna know why?! Because Risky..." -He regains his usual arrogant composure.- "I'm 1..."

    AA: -Anna comes to his side.- " A Million."

    -The duo look at each other and laugh as more static rolls to end the promo. A promo pic for Starr's debut fades in.-


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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    Shortly after his match XYZ, the FWA cameras find Jason Randall backstage watching on a monitor Zaire Wyoming in the ring calling him out. A scowl slowly forms as Jason watches and he swiftly turns away from the monitor to find Katie Lynn Goldsmith ready to approach him, nearly startling the poor girl.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Whoa, um Jason we just heard FWA legend Zaire Wyoming calling you out, what is going through your mind?

    Jason stares at her with a scowl, his head twitches slightly.

    Jason Randall: What's going through my mind Katie? Well how about the fact that some out of touch old timer has the gall to call me out and question my toughness, just who exactly does this Zaire Wyoming think he is and who is he to question me and my toughness, huh?

    Katie is about to answer but Jason stops her.

    Jason Randall: Don't bother answering that because I already know your basic answer. Zaire Wyoming thinks he can just go around and do that and get away with it, well he better think again! If he wants to challenge me he better be able to back up all of those claims he just made or else he's going to look like a fool when I humiliate him at Trial by Fire

    Katie nods and tries to back away but Jason puts his hand on her shoulder.

    Jason Randall: I'm not finished yet Katie. While I'm at it aren't you going to ask me about my match where I successfully defeated XYZ on my own? No of course you aren't because all you care about is some fossil thinking he's man enough to challenge me

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: With all due respect Jason you technically didn't defeat XYZ on your own because Tommy Thunder interfered and distracted XYZ therefore allowing you to pick up the scraps...

    Jason stares at her with a wide eyed gaze, almost manic like before running his hand through his ragged hair and laughs.

    Jason Randall: I don't know what you're talking about Katie because clearly I defeated XYZ on my own! You're just like the rest of these people that think that because I'm so helpless that I need assitance, well I don't need anyone's help, okay? OKAY?!

    The situation is beginning to get tense as senior interview Todd Salum steps in.

    Todd Salum: Why don't you back off and leave the girl alone!

    Jason Randall: Careful old man or else I might show you a sneak peek of what I have in store for Zaire Wyoming!

    Jason's agent Phil steps in to pull away Jason away and Penny runs up too to watch it all go down.

    Phil: Calm down, relax!

    Jason brushes Phil off.

    Jason Randall: Piss off! You're just like them, everyone is against me now! That's fine because I don't need anyone, you hear me?!

    Jason storms off as Todd takes Katie away while Phil and Penny stay behind watching Jason. Phil turns to Penny with a glare.

    Phil: This is all your fault! Ever since you came back into the picture he's been different!

    Penny shakes her head and smiles.

    Penny: You should be thanking me

    With that she walks off leaving Phil more confused as the scene fades out.


    Static appears like on a dead television before the scene comes into focus, albeit a shaky and still a bit staticky camera to find Jason Randall in no place particular. The room is your usually dimly lit room and Jason looks like he hasn't slept in days. His hair remains ragged and unkempt as well as his facial hair and clothes, though it's obvious he doesn't care about any of that.

    Zaire Wyoming, or is it Lt. Wyoming? or maybe the Black Stallion? It doesn't matter what I call you though because you don't really matter to me. Though I would be foolish if I didn't do my research on you and you led quite the successful career in FWA facing off against some top stars in your time and even becoming the first person to ever hold the X-Championship.

    He mockingly claps.

    Bravo Zaire, bravo. Bravo on what was by the looks of it a successful career. I'm sure that it's something you can look back on and be proud of...

    He continues to clap in a mocking manner before spitting on the ground and points at the camera.

    You make me sick Zaire! Guys like you that think they can come back and relive their previous glory days, it makes me sick to my stomach! I've dealt with guys like you before and I've done to them what I'm going to do to you when I get my hands on you at Trial by Fire!

    He begins to frantically pace as a bit of static comes over the camera.

    You want to challenge me and my toughness? Who do you think you are to do such a thing? Do you even know who I am and what I'm capable of Zaire? You think that you can just do that and I'm going to let it slide? Oh no you're sorely mistaken because you see Zaire when you make a challenge you better know what you're getting yourself into because if you don't you'll only look like an old fool. You see I did the smart thing and did my research but I'm sure you didn't do the same for me because you think that I'm just some young whipper snapper that you can easily put me in my place. You're an out of touch old timer that has no respect for guys like me that are still doing this night in and night out while you sit at home in the middle of bumfuck nowhere in Wyoming with Sally on your ranch with nothing better to do then to challenge me...

    You, the fans, and everyone else has no respect for me and what I do. It's time for all of that to change because I'm sick and tired of not being shown the respect that I deserve after all that I do. You challenging my toughness was the ultimate sign of disrespect...

    He stops pacing and runs his hands through his hair, making it even more messy and out of place than before.

    Zaire, I hope you bring Sally so she can watch first hand what I do to you at Trial by Fire. I want her to see what happens when her husband can't back up his claims and I make him eat his words and show me some damn respect! I want her to see first hand as I put him in his place and suffer ultimate humiliation in front of the entire world. Maybe then Zaire will understand what I'm all about, and he'll think twice next time before challenging someone's toughness.

    He walks up to the camera and stares straight into it with a calm expression as slight static appears.

    Your time is over Zaire and it's time you go fade back into obscurity where you belong with the rest of the old relics of the past...

    With the camera drops and static comes over the screen but what can barely be made out is Penny approaching Jason and the two embrace before full static ends the scene abruptly.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

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    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    Peter Rosenberg explores the crazy world of professional wrestling. It's a show for the modern mark. Tonight, his guest on his podcast is the leader of The Olympians, the newest group on the FWA roster, Zeus.

    By The Gods...

    P.R.: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen I am Peter Rosenberg and I welcome you to another edition of Cheap Heat. Tonight, I have for you a very special guest. He is the leader of the Olympians, the self-proclaimed King of the Gods, Zeus! Your majesty, welcome and thank you for accepting my invitation."

    Zeus: "Now Majesty is not the right word for it child, I am not just a King or an Emperor. I am a God, a descendant of Lord Zeus, so you can call me...Just Zeus."

    P.R.: "Alright, so just Zeus, you are saying that you are a descendant of Zeus but not the actual God?"

    Zeus: "In my veins runs the blood of a God. Zeus was my grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand father. I carry his name, his legacy and his responsibilities. Same goes for my sons, Ares and Dionysus. They are descendants of the Gods Ares and Dionysus respectively. We do not believe that we are the actual Gods, we are not crazy."

    P.R.: "Of course, you are not THAT crazy. Please do tell me more about, sons."

    Zeus: "Sure I can talk about my boys. Big topic. There's been a lot written about Ares, but most of it isn't true. People are quick to judge. They don't know the whole story. I don't even know the whole story. But I know the man. Worked with him, fought with him. Trust him with my life. Ares had some rough patches. Who of us hasn't. He's been forced to fight a lot of battles alone. God only knows how he got out of some of that. Makes your head spin. Thing is, you never heard a complaint. Never once got "No, sir. I can't do that." He never hesitated. Few people know what Ares has been through. I'd like to think I come pretty close. And I worry sometimes he forgets: there's a whole bunch of people who lose sleep over him getting back home after every match. Maybe it doesn't need to be said. Maybe we're too dumb to say it. Warriors like Ares are rare. Men like Ares... even more rare.”

    P.R.: "And what about Dionysus?"

    Zeus: "He was lost when I found him. He needed guidance. He needed someone to remind him of who he is and what his purpose in this life is. He is destined for greatness. They both are and they both need me to guide them. We are The Olympians and before you ask what our purpose is, I will say that we are here to continue the work of our ancestors. Step by step we will take over the whole world. Take wrestling for an instance. People are glued on their TV's and their precious social media, watching and talking about it. Wrestling has become a cliche, a sport like those violent games that promote violence instead of sportsmanship. Football, baseball and...what was it? Oh yeah. Rugby. The Greeks gave birth to a lot of things that humanity enjoys right now and wrestling was one of those things. Wrestling meant respect and honor once. Not fancy suits, drags and expensive cars. Step one to make wrestling great again is when my boys win the FWA Tag Team Titles."

    P.R.: "I'm glad you brought that up. Tell me what are your thoughts about the current Tag Team Champion James "Eyesnsane" Hughes?"

    Zeus: "He‘s a wildcard. Unpredictable, unhinged, unbalanced. I respect his accomplishments and his contribution to the industry from a professional point of view even though his mental stability outside of the ring is rather questionable..."

    P.R.: "So wait...You- YOU, question his mental stability?"

    Zeus: "Yes."

    P.R.: "You and I mean, you the descendant of Zeus, call him unstable?"

    Zeus: "That is correct."

    P.R.: "I...I see."

    Zeus: "He is a formidable opponent no question about it. He has proven time and time again that he can go out there and defeat two opponents at once. His reign has been fascinating but he has never faced anyone like Ares. No matter how good he is, he can't win this time. He will fight valiantly at Trial by Fire but in the end he will fall. It is unavoidable. Don't get me wrong, I am no racist. I don't judge people by their color nor their religion. I do not consider myself to be above black people. I consider myself to be above all people, white, black, yellow or red."

    P.R.: "...Red. Right, so you predict that Ares and Dionysus will walk out of Trial By Fire as FWA Tag Team Champions. And what comes next?"

    Zeus: "Time will tell."

    P.R.: "And what if they fail to win the titles? What if Eyesnsane wins? What then?"

    Zeus: "It's not going to happen."

    P.R.: "But what if...?"

    Zeus: "It's not going to happen. No point in talking about things that will not happen."

    P.R.: "Very well...Anything you'd like to say to the fans of FWA? Or the wrestling fans in general?"

    Zeus: "Bow down to The Olympians. Worship up, respect us, love us and you will be rewarded. Stand in our way and you shall perish."

    P.R.: "Alright, thank you Ze-"

    Zeus: "And buy our merchandise from"

    P.R.: "-us, for being here with us. See you next time folks!"


    In the "Acropolis Palace" one of the most expensive hotels in Athens, Greece, Ares is enjoying the view from the window while Dionysus rests on the couch with a glass of wine on one hand and his iPhone on the other.

    Dionysus: "Do you ever think about them?"

    Ares: "What?"

    Dionysus: "The people we left behind. Friends, family...loved ones? We left so many people behind when we followed him."

    Ares: "He is family too. He is our only family."

    Dionysus: "Or at least that's what he says."

    Ares: "Doubt is no good brother. And hide that iPhone before he comes back. You know he doesn't like it when we get involved with technology."

    Dionysus: "Alright, You ready for Trial By Fire?"

    Ares: "Yes."

    Dionysus: "Big things are coming right?"

    Ares: "Yes."

    Dionysus: "Right. Nice talk."

    "It's Raining Men" starts ringing from the iPhone and Dionysus answers the call.

    Dionysus: "Hey babe, what's up? Are you still wet, filthy and cable?"


    Late at night, Ares walks into his hotel room as Zeus can be heard from the other room yelling at Dionysus, lecturing him about the evil of technology. Ares shuts the door and locks it. He kneels next to his bed and reaches underneath to grab something. He pulls a laptop from under his bed and sets it on the bed. He clicks on Skype and silences the volume so no one else can hear. A very young, soft voice is heard...

    ???: "Daddy...?"



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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    Exile Chronicles: Volume 14

    "Ascending Tyrant"

    It's a few days after the go-home episode of Fight Night, that saw a shocking assault by FWA World Heavyweight Champion Cyrus Truth on not only his challenger "Tokko-Yaro" KAIZEN, but on Fight Night General Manager Ashley O'Ryan as well. It was a vile, brutal blindside attack that would have culminated in the champion setting Ashley on fire in retaliation for what Cyrus considered an affront to his championship reign by booking he and KAIZEN in the Trial By Fire Match...that is, had KAIZEN not stopped Cyrus beforehand.

    Social media was buzzing at this turn of events. It's been a long time since Cyrus has done ANYTHING like this that had been almost universally reviled and condemned, with scores of FWA fans now loudly proclaiming their contempt for The Exile, many doing so after supporting him during his initial run in FWA. What once was a match-up made only interesting due to the novelty of an inferno match and the combined talent and accomplishments of the two men squaring off now has the whole world talking due to the clear and present enmity that Cyrus has now displayed towards FWA, its bosses, and its erstwhile champion KAIZEN.

    However, none of that is on the mind of FWA head honcho Matthew Robinson as he makes his way past a collection of cubicles and offices at FWA's corporate headquarters to a meeting with the rest of the Board of Directors. Certainly, the prospect of having a wrestler assaulting management and threatening to burn them alive on his flagship program isn't exactly something you want or have the option to ignore, but the ever-busy FWA boss will deal with that in due time. He's already made calls to Cyrus demanding an apology on Ashley's behalf and will talk with his staff about possible punitive actions, but that will have to wait. It's the end of FWA's fiscal calendar and Robinson has to review the previous quarter with the Board.

    Not exactly the most exciting or even the most pressing matter that Robinson wants or need to deal with, but the Board has a schedule and it's not as if it'll take long. Robinson double-checks the files in the manilla folder in his hand and opens the door to the board room.

    Sitting around a circular table are a half dozen suits, with a fairly even collection of gender and age. They don't look too unique, nor are they. While they're well-versed in the ins-and-outs of the wrestling business (otherwise, Robinson wouldn't have hired them), all they care about are their respective divisions and being nameless suits doesn't bother them in the slightest. Robinson takes his seat at the head of the table, a flatscreen monitor with a spinning FWA logo screensaver playing behind him. If he's feeling any stress from the Cyrus Truth situation, he doesn't show it in the slightest as he settles into his chair and opens his folder.

    Matthew Robinson: Good to see you all here. Should we go ahead and get started? We've got a lot of good things to talk about with regards to our net revenues from last quarter and some exciting things in the pipeline for fiscal 2017 that I think...

    One of the nameless suits holds his hand up, cutting off Robinson. Robinson looks a bit confused and annoyed, but his expression changes when the suit speaks up.

    Nameless Suit #1: Matthew, we know what we're here for, but there's something the Board would like to talk about before we get into the fiscal meeting proper.

    Robinson sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. Of course they want to talk about it. It wouldn't be the first time something like this came up at a board meeting.

    Matthew Robinson: I assure you, I'm sorting that out.

    Nameless Suit #2: We're sure you are, sir. However, we're more than a little concerned about what happened on the last Fight Night with Ashley and the World Champion.

    Matthew Robinson: If you're worried about the sponsors and the WC Network, don't. I've already contacted them personally and reassured them.

    Nameless Suit #3: That's all well and good, but...

    Robinson interjects. The suits always get worked up whenever something even remotely controversial happens on FWA programming, and every time Robinson handled it and usually turned it around to FWA's benefit. Why would this be any different?

    Matthew Robinson
    : "But" nothing. FWA has dealt with controversy and disturbing actions since its inception. And every time, you get antsy and want to talk about it. And EVERY time, I sort it out with my staff. We've touched base with the sponsors and have smoothed over any talk of pulling ad revenue, the WC Network has been contacted and we're dealing with the fan backlash. I hired you to handle your departments, and I don't need you to butt in on things that are my responsibility in MY company.

    Nameless Suit #4: It's just...this is different.

    Matthew Robinson: "Different" how?

    Nameless Suit #1: This time, we're dealing with somebody that wasn't brought up in the FWA system. Someone who from day one has been in the spotlight and who is a complete outsider who hasn't shown any deference to longstanding FWA tenets and traditions.

    Nameless Suit #5: Quite frankly, we're concerned that this Cyrus isn't going to be that easy to reel in.

    Robinson rolls his eyes at that. It's not a question of "reeling in" Cyrus. This isn't a resource that can be readjusted.

    Matthew Robinson: Again, how many times do I have to explain this? These are wrestlers. In this line of work, tensions run high and ego can make a man snap. It happens. But Cyrus is a professional. He's been doing this for a long time and I know that once he's had a chance to cool off and I can talk to him man-to-man, he'll apologize and that'll satisfy any of the...

    The last nameless suit interrupts...and she has a look of fright on her face.

    Nameless Suit #6: Mr...Robinson...

    Okay, NOW Robinson is irritated. He's had enough of being interrupted.

    Matthew Robinson: WHAT?!

    Nameless Suit #6: Behind you...

    Robinson spins around angrily to see what in the hell is so important...and when he sees it, the color flushes from his face.

    On the flatscreen behind him are a pair of eyes, staring daggers at the Board of Directors even though it appears to not be a two-way feed. Robinson looks a bit perturbed by this (and the suits even moreso) and that expression only gets more astonished as the owner of those haunted eyes slowly holds up a piece of engraved gold... that bears the words "World Heavyweight Champion."

    ???: So...I take it I finally have your attention?

    Oh. Oh, dear. The camera zooms out just enough to see the face that those eyes belong to, and it's the face of the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Cyrus Truth. While his eyes are burning with a deep, unsettling hate, the smile on his face makes for a sharp and diverse contrast. It's as if part of the Exile is enraged, but somehow pleased with that anger. As if that hate is giving him something he had been missing. It's still unnerving as Cyrus has a seat in a nearby chair with his elbows resting on his knees and the World Title draped over his folded hands. He's still taking up the majority of the camera's view, as it's impossible to tell where he is. Cyrus is chuckling as he speaks directly to the camera and, obviously, to Matthew Robinson and the FWA Board members.

    Cyrus Truth
    : I imagine you're in the middle of a very important meeting, discussing everything and anything business-wise regarding FWA. But my phone's been ringing incessantly and what messages have been left seem to want me to apologize for something. Apparently, me attempting to light a man on fire live on FWA programming was something I wasn't supposed to do and got everybody all riled up.

    Cyrus shakes his head, apparently finding the whole situation amusing.

    Cyrus Truth: I'm sure you can understand how utterly hilarious it is that I'm being told to apologize for trying to set a man on fire when at Trial By Fire I LITERALLY HAVE TO DO THAT VERY THING to keep my title, can't you? I have to tell you, I have had a hell of a time wrapping my head around this, but since Matthew won't leave me alone until I address this then I'll make this brief. As far as apologies I will not apologize to the fans for my actions. I will not apologize to your media people or your sponsors. I will definitely NOT apologize to KAIZEN for attacking him and Ashley O'Ryan can rot in hell, because he's not getting an apology either. So you can stop calling me, Matthew. I apologize for absolutely nothing because I have nothing to apologize for. But since I have your undivided attention for the first time since I got here, I have QUITE a few things I want to say to you, but I suppose we'll start with...thank you.

    Wait, what? "Thank you?" The Board members look confused. Robinson? He's steaming. Few in FWA's history have been this flagrantly bold or arrogant, and it does NOT sit well with him.

    Cyrus Truth: I want to thank you for finally helping me understand what I am to you and FWA. Ashley's unwillingness to listen and KAIZEN's inability to see reason are insulting and belittle my status as champion, and I will deal with that in due time. But in their disrespect, I learned what you have been holding close to your vest regarding how you see me. Now that I understand that I will never gain a champion's respect or even the slightest bit of gratitude for the work I've put into building not only my legacy but the prestige of your company's top that I know that you'll never listen to my vision of what pro wrestling is supposed to be, I finally see the bigger picture and know that, deep down in your hearts, that this?

    Cyrus holds up the World Title belt and says with a sneer.

    Cyrus Truth: This was something you never wanted to have happen.

    Cyrus practically growls that out. It seems that thought doesn't sit well with The Exile, regardless of how true it actually is.

    Cyrus Truth: You never wanted me to be your World Champion, did you? What you saw in me was not a champion, nor a warrior seeking glory. Despite my long and very storied history in this industry, despite the fact that I treated your organization and your wrestlers with nothing but respect despite neither having earned it from me, the only thing you saw in me when I decided to enter Carnal Contendership was the almighty dollar sign. You saw the opportunity to capitalize on my name and continue building your signature battle royale as a can't miss event. Instead of respecting my legacy and my humility in coming into your company for the opportunity at proving my greatness, all you cared about was how much extra money you could make by my appearance. But you underestimated me, and not for the last time. I won, didn't I? I hijacked your biggest show's main event and won your World Heavyweight Championship. Boy, did that make you sweat? I imagine you all breathed a big sigh of relief when Rondo squeaked out a victory and became the Undisputed least, for a minute. And then, your worst nightmare happen and I beat Rondo decisively to regain FWA's top title. And then Rondo left. And Phillip. And Stu. And Kennedy. All of your top guys? They left to either go find themselves, lick their wounds, or just out-and-out retire. All that you had left was a bunch of bright prospects, marketable names, and the outsider who now reigns over your company as its champion. Tell me, how many sleepless nights did you have when you realized that the man you brought in just to pop some interest and make a bit more money outlasted and beat down your supposed best?

    Cyrus chuckles at that, a low and sinister laugh. Something's unhinged in the mind of the FWA Champion as he continues expounding.

    Cyrus Truth: You couldn't fathom the fact that your best and brightest weren't good enough to hang with me, could you? After all, what does it say about the greatness of FWA when its best fall like dominoes to an outsider? You can't present such a man as a stalwart hero, and while I could fill the role of a fighting champion well because THAT'S WHAT I HAVE BEEN since winning this title, such a role isn't terribly "sexy" or "exciting" or "marketable" or...I don't know, "inspiring?" Is that the word? Regardless, you were convinced that having Cyrus Truth as FWA World Champion was not what was best for business...that is, unless you put me in the role that allows your wrestlers to shine brighter and drum up that fan support you translate into dollar signs. The role...of a villain.

    That low chuckle is becoming more of a deranged cackle as Cyrus gets more and more fired up.

    Cyrus Truth: Bell Connelly, the virtuous flower child who is beloved by everybody! Mike Parr, the most popular man on our roster! Women and men who are considered heroes speak out against me, stand against me to take the title away from me...take the title back to FWA. I'm the villain in all of this, aren't I? It's the role you wanted people to associate me with, because even if your wrestlers couldn't beat me...and let's be clear on the fact that none of them COULD...that I could still be vilified, and your fans would grow more and more spiteful towards me and pay to see me beaten. You could still have your millions of dollars with your outsider champion being positioned as a vile conqueror who showed no respect to your so-called "traditions" of barbarism like Mile High Massacre and Trial By Fire. That's what you wanted, wasn't it? Well, congratulations! You have want you wanted. After all, those stubborn fans who cheered for me because I represented proper pro wrestling and the struggle for greatness? Those fans you couldn't sway to your position? Well, they hate me now after doing what I did to Ashley. The fans have their villain, and they have their glorious hero in KAIZEN.'re welcome. I gave you exactly what you wanted. But you have to tell it worth it? Was disrespecting me, disrespecting my legacy, ignoring the advice of a man who has been in pro wrestling for as may years as I have and has rebuilt the shattered pride of your company's top championship worth the extra coin you'll receive now that I am reviled and KAIZEN is exalted?

    The smile disappears from Cyrus's face. There's no more chuckles. No more "ha-ha." Only contempt and disgust.

    Cyrus Truth: You think I care about being hated? I don't. Never have. History will be my judge. Not your fans, who have yet to realize that your "spectacle" is mindless entertainment for plebeian sheep. Not you, because you don't understand the struggle and the glory that comes with fighting for your life. As for KAIZEN? He's not my judge either. I wanted to earn glory alongside FWA. But I've no problem earning it in SPITE of FWA. However, you made a very dangerous and foolish decision when you chose money over respecting your champion. I am not a tool to be used for profit. I am not a "special attraction" to be whored out for the almighty coin. Have you fools forgotten just who the hell I am?! I am Truth. I am not manipulated. I am not used. I fight, I win, I REIGN. You honestly thought you could get away with disrespecting my work, my greatness, my legacy without repercussion? You poor stupid bastards...there's a price that will have to be paid for this insult. You think that money you have and those suits you wear are going to be enough to save you or FWA from me?! Hate to break it to you...actually, no, I don't care about that. You're all condemned now, and KAIZEN is going to be the first.

    Cyrus runs his fingers through his hair as he rests a hand on the title belt sitting on his lap. The Board members look rather worried, and Robinson is gritting his teeth.

    Cyrus Truth: I really wanted to like KAIZEN. I really wanted him to be great, because he is talented. Far more talented than a lot of your so-called "best." He survived that shark-tank that is the Japanese dojo wars and became a damn fine wrestler. I can see why the FWA fans, with their short-term memories, would choose to see him as their savior against the big bad conquering Exile. It doesn't hurt when the FWA marketing machine decides to present him as such, right? But that's not why I wanted to like KAIZEN. Because with KAIZEN, you know he understands the struggle. What everybody wants to forget is that, for a while, KAIZEN was the ultimate villain. He was young, and pushed hard as the savant wonder-kid of Crossfire, but in his inexperience he let the strain of chasing gold break him. As much as I pride myself on being original, I'm not the first to try and set Ashley on fire, am I? KAIZEN fell hard and became every bit the villain that you want me to be. But he didn't dwell in the darkness of despair. He realized how far he had fallen and came back to chase glory once again. He was on the road to becoming great again, greater than he ever was during his first World Title reign. And I wanted to see him take that next step towards glory by standing with me and proving that he was above this misguided notion of "tradition." I really, REALLY wanted KAIZEN to realize that such traditions do nothing to prove your greatness and step up to be a king instead of just another servant to a corporate hegemony. But...

    Cyrus exhales, the sound of the air leaving his lungs heavy with disappointment and disgust.

    Cyrus Truth
    : But no. KAIZEN wouldn't walk the road of a king, of a true champion. Instead of choosing greatness, he chose the fire. I realized on Fight Night, when I stood in the ring face-to-face with him, I saw not a willingness to fight for glory, but a tin soldier fighting for his master and his ideals. You turned a bright, promising champion into a servant to your vision of what FWA should be, what wrestling should be. And now when I see KAIZEN, I get this feeling in my stomach. A feeling of regret...but more than that, a feeling of unrelenting disgust. What kind of man serves a corporation? What would-be king trades greatness for blind loyalty to outdated novelty? I see now that this company doesn't reward its champions with respect and deference to their vision, but WILL promote the hell out of a wrestler if they shill the idea that FWA is perfect, its ideas are genius, and their "spectacles" are what wrestling is all about. KAIZEN is no warrior, no champion...he and so many others on the roster are zealots drunk on the Kool-Aid that this company is beyond reproach. Now, every time I look at KAIZEN, I feel sick that such a man would dare attempt to take my title away and call himself champion of anything. The very thought that KAIZEN could take THIS away from me and not even have to beat me to do it is abhorrent, and I will not abide it. This title is MINE! I have earned it, I have made it! I have endured more hardships than any wrestler in this business for the glory of being called the greatest in this industry's history, and I will be DAMNED if I let him take it away from me...I will be damned if I let YOU take it away from me.

    Cyrus is getting very riled up as he stands up, title belt in hand. He's almost shouting as he continues to rant, which really unsettles the Board members. Even Robinson is getting a bit uneasy, as he's not dealt with someone like Cyrus. He's ranting like a madman, sure...but there's a certain conviction to his tone, as if he wholeheartedly believes in what he's saying.

    Cyrus Truth: So be it, then. I'll play the villain. I'll be the bad guy and you can keep pushing KAIZEN as the hero. It won't matter. You can't save him from me anymore. You can't save your company from my wrath. The respect I had for your wrestlers and FWA itself? Consider that gone now. I will not respect a company that will not show respect to a champion who has done nothing but build its greatness piece by piece, and will not respect wrestlers who can't seek glory without the company they work for telling them how to seek it. KAIZEN is the first, but he will not be the last. This Trial By Fire match will grant me no glory, but I don't care about that right now. What I do care about is that I show you just how foolish your actions have been, and to show KAIZEN that his arrogant, blind faith in FWA is going to be the downfall of his dreams of pro wrestling greatness. At Trial By Fire, I'm not just going to burn KAIZEN. I'm not just going to defeat him and retain my title like I've been doing since I won it. At Trial By Fire, I'm going to destroy him. I'm going to beat some fear into him. I'm going to make him realize just how blind he is and just how terrifying The Exile can be. As we are surrounded by those searing flames, feeling the oxygen around us burn until we can no longer breathe, I'm going to watch all the bluster and all the pride that KAIZEN has in himself and in FWA disappear. I will grab KAIZEN by the throat and squeeze until I can feel his heartbeat slow before tearing it out, and tear out the heart of FWA along with it. KAIZEN chose this, and at Trial By Fire? He's going to pay for it in blood, pain, and seared flesh. I will make him regret the choice to come to FWA, regret the choice to become a pro wrestler...make him curse his mother's name for giving birth to him and allowing him to walk a path that ever crossed mine. And after I'm done annihilating KAIZEN and surviving yet another of your pathetic "traditions," the rest of your roster is next.

    Cyrus cracks his knuckles as he continues to lay out his plans.

    Cyrus Truth: Send them all, FWA. Send all your heroes to try and take this from me. Keep putting me in matches like Trial By Fire if you think it'll help stop me. This company could've had a king leading them to a better and brighter future. But instead, you chose your pocketbook over the glory of professional wrestling. So steps down the king, and in his place arises a tyrant. One who will not bother aiding a bunch of idiots too stupid to see the Truth. One who's goal is not to save a kingdom, but simply rule over the ashes he leaves behind. Your company? Consider this the beginning of the end of FWA. Because all those heroes you're going to send? You're sending them to a execution. They are dead if they want to fly your flag and stop me. Because now, I don't care anymore. I don't care about your company's history. I don't care about your wrestlers' pride. You didn't care about mine, after all...why should I care about yours? I gave FWA a chance to be a company worth taking pride in. But FWA, KAIZEN, you? You took my good will and respect and decided that you'd rather try and milk an extra buck out of me. So I hope it was worth it. I hope that money will give you great comfort as everything you built burns around you. FWA as you know it is DONE. This company, much like KAIZEN, will not survive Trial By Fire. Everything burns, everything dies, and you will KNOW who I am and how foolish you were to not realize it. And once everything is reduced to cinders and all your talent lays broken, I will rebuild an empire on the ashes. One worthy of being called a pro wrestling company. One worthy of proper challengers and great champions. One that does not let meaningless and pathetic abominations like a Trial By Fire match dictate who's "worthy" of being a champion. And I realize that all of this is going over your feeble little minds and you're probably a bit confused as to what this really means, so allow me to dumb this down for you. I'll even use a word your talent LOVES to use in order to make them seem cooler and edgier than they are.

    Cyrus fastens the belt around his waist as he picks something up from the floor. And it's something Robinson and the Board didn't want to see...a glass bottle with a soaked rag plugged in the neck. Cyrus gets right into the camera lens and says, pointedly:

    Cyrus Truth: Fuck your FWA. As of right now, your company and its history belong to me.

    Cyrus chuckles like a madman as he walks off from camera-view, and for the first time we see a glimpse of the room that he was in. It's covered wall-to-wall with FWA memorabilia, replica title belts, posters from prior events...oh, wait a second.

    Nameless Suit #1: Isn't that the FWA Historical Showcase here at HQ?

    Robinson, realizing what Cyrus is going to do, immediately gets up from his chair and races for the stairs as the broadcast cuts to static. The FWA Historical Showcase contains a lot of FWA's history, and if Cyrus is serious about burning it all...

    Robinson doesn't think, just moves. He's flying down the stairs, hoping against hope to make it before so much of FWA's history is lost to a crazed would-be despot's madness. He manages to make it to the floor that the Showcase is on display at and opens the door...

    ...and finds everything still in tact. The room's not burning and the molotov that Cyrus supposedly have is sitting in the chair in the middle of the room, the camera sitting on a tripod nearby. As Robinson scans the room for any sign of Cyrus still lurking around (and finding nothing), he tentatively walks up to the bottle to find out that it's not a molotov at all, and that the "rag" is actually a folded message. He pulls it out and reads:


    Robinson grits his teeth as he crushes the message in his hand. He realizes that Cyrus may have gone off the deep end, but he is far more dangerous than ever. And perhaps, even a little bit, he regrets the damage this madman, his company's champion, will do in the name of retribution...

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    The scene opens on a dark stage. After a moment of silence, a single spotlight turns on to reveal a grey throne, seemingly carved out of stone. Sitting on the throne, crown shimmering in the light, draped in a giant fur cloak and clutching a sword with bejeweled hilt and blade turned towards the ground, is the God-King.

    The God-King looks up and stares straight towards the direction of the camera, brows furrowed, face slowly twisting as the emotions inside his head toss about. After what seems like an eternity, he speaks.


    January 17th, 2017 - JFS Gym, San Diego, CA

    The video on Luis "M16" Correa's phone ends. Luis doubles over, laughing his ass off.


    KAIZEN throws his hands up, exasperated.

    KAIZEN: "Dude, you said you were going to show me the video you took from your kid's school play! What the hell is this?"

    "THAT WAS MY KIDS SCHOOL PLAY BRUH!!! That was how it started!! He forgot all his lines!!!! Wasn't that funny as shit????????"

    ".... did you get any footage of the parts your daughter is actually in?"


    "Alright, enough with your bullshit, sheesh..."

    KAIZEN turns away from the still-cackling Luis and climbs back into the training ring of JFS Gym. He faces his sparring partner and JFS teammate, Shane Everest, and shakes his head.

    "Honestly, we don't ever get anything done when Luis is around."

    Shane, a happy-go-lucky behemoth of a man, laughs.

    Shane: "I like Luis! He livens up the place!"

    At 6'4 and 270 pounds or so, Shane Everest is a lot bigger than Cyrus Truth. But then again, Cyrus Truth is significantly bigger than KAIZEN, so KAIZEN figured if he could spar with Everest, he could spar with Truth. And seeing as it would be a Trial By Fire Inferno match, there would need to be some special training.

    "Okay Shane, heres the deal. I'm setting the timer for 10 minutes, and you're going to grapple with me with the objective of pushing me into the ropes. I'm going to do everything I can to break away and not touch the ropes, got it?"

    "Aw man, you better some lotion for them ropeburns for when I'm done with you, boy!"

    KAIZEN smirks.

    "If you push me into the ropes even once, I'll buy you a log of Copenhagen. Big if."

    Shane smiles wide and rubs his hands together.

    "Might as well buy it for me now, sucka!!"

    KAIZEN and Shane put in their mouthguards and get ready, but before KAIZEN can start the timer, JFS Assistant Head Coach Courtney "Joker" Aretina comes out of the office section of the gym and yells at KAIZEN.

    Courtney: "Kai!! You got a land line call! Wanna take it or not?"

    KAIZEN looks at Courtney with arched eyebrow.

    "...from who? Who would call me on the landline?"

    "The person says she's calling on behalf of one, uh, Alison Houser? Housler? Something like that!"

    KAIZEN freezes.

    Shane Everest notices.

    "...everything cool, brother?"

    KAIZEN quickly rips out his mouthguard.

    "Sorry Shane, I gotta take this call."


    January 18, 2016 - Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA

    KAIZEN strides through the automatic doors of Hershey Medical Center, two sports bags in tow. As the Uber which drove him from Harrisburg Airport to Hershey slowly drives away, he gets the attention of one of the receptionists at the front desk.

    "Hi, I'm a visitor for Ms. Alison Housler."

    The receptionist looks down at her papers.

    "Housler, Housler.... 4th floor, room 408."


    KAIZEN goes towards the elevators. He presses the button and takes a deep breath.

    KAIZEN and Alison Housler had first met in 2015, when the Make-a-Wish foundation had worked with FWA to grant Alison's wish to meet KAIZEN. While it was not the last wish KAIZEN had granted during his tenure with FWA, it was his first, and he remembered it well. KAIZEN had given Alison a replica X-Championship belt as a memento that day, as well as his contact info for Alison or her mother to keep in touch with.

    Initially, they did indeed keep in touch through ink-and-paper letters, postcards KAIZEN would occasionally send from cities where FN or a PPV was, and things were good. Alisons condition, while serious, was improving. However, as KAIZEN became more consumed with his feud against Devin Golden, then Stu St. Clair and Ashley O'Ryan, he had also stopped responding to Alisons letters. The Housler family fell out of touch with the FWA wrestler.

    Until yesterday, when Alison's mother had called KAIZEN to tell him about Alison's latest relapse, the one which had landed her back in the hospital after a year of encouraging progress. Alison's mother had called in hopes that KAIZEN could perhaps spare a little time to record a video message, or write an email or something of the sort, to cheer up Alison through this difficult time. KAIZEN had told her he would.

    24 hours later, he was in Hershey. A sudden compulsion had seized him and compelled him to put his training camp for Cyrus Truth on hold. He just had to be here. He just knew there was something more he could do than just a video.

    As he entered the elevator, a tightness in his chest suddenly catches KAIZEN. He starts cold sweating as he watches the light slowly crawling upward towards the number four.

    Will she even want to see me?

    After me blowing her off?

    After everything I did at the end of Crossfire?

    Why... did I think this was a good idea?

    Why didn't I just do a video?

    The bell rings and the elevator doors open. KAIZEN steadies himself and walks out.

    Too late now.

    After turning a corner, he almost runs into a familiar face. It's Alison's mother, Ruth Housler.

    Ruth: "You... you came."

    ".......I.... uh... I didn't know if its a good time or, uh..."

    "But... don't you have a big match? A big fight?"

    "That can... yeah, I guess you could say that... but, I just wanted to see if Alison, you know, uh... how she's doing..."

    KAIZEN struggles to speak to Ruth while looking at her eye to eye.

    The conversation is painfully awkward.

    "She's better now, they've woken her up from the medically induced coma and shes resting in her room, in pretty good spirits. They're keeping her for the rest of the week to observe, just in case..."

    "She's a fighter."

    Ruth nods at KAIZEN's statement. Ruth suddenly gasps a little and starts tearing up.

    KAIZEN panics.

    "Listen, I didn't mean to barge in here uninvited and-"

    "No no, its that... I can't believe a big sports star took time out to visit... you didn't have to, you didn't have to! Oh, let me check if she's awake, she's going to be so thrilled!"

    Ruth wipes an errant tear away and suddenly hugs KAIZEN.

    In the past, KAIZEN would recoil when being hugged by strangers. Hugging is a western custom that was foreign to him, uncomfortable, an always-unwelcome invasion of KAIZENs personal space.

    But this time, KAIZEN hugs back.

    It didn't feel awkward. It didn't feel weird.

    This time, it felt right.

    Ruth lets go and walks on ahead of KAIZEN beckoning him to follow.

    KAIZEN and Ruth get to the window of room 408. Inside, Alison Housler is wide awake. Her bed is adorned with cards from classmates and friends wishing her well. Orange and black balloons hang over the cards and gifts. KAIZEN recognizes many of the gifts to be FWA-themed. Alison, meanwhile, looking a little tired but certainly her normal upbeat self, is concentrated on her Playstation with portable screen, mashing away at the controller with a big smile on her face.

    "Oh, she knows she's not supposed to be playing video games all day!"

    "She must be bored in her room all day though, heh..."

    Ruth gestures that it would be alright for KAIZEN to enter. KAIZEN slowly drops his bags on the floor. As he reaches for the door handle, the tightness grips him one more time.

    What if...


    KAIZEN opens the door.

    Alison pauses the game and looks towards the door. Their eyes meet.

    KAIZEN gives her a sheepish wave.

    Alison shrieks.

    In delight.

    Bouncing up and down on the hospital bed, she throws her hands out while shrieking, demanding a hug.

    A wave of relief washes over KAIZEN.


    KAIZEN examines one of the cards on Alisons table. On the front of the card, a cartoon Bell Connelly is depicted trying to hide something in a box behind her back.

    Alison: "Its a pop-up card! Open it!"

    KAIZEN opens the card. A pop-up version of Drama the Llama jumps out of the box, knocking the cartoon Bell Connelly on the floor. KAIZEN chuckles, intentionally not reading the personal note that someone had scrawled to Alison on the cards inside.

    "Pretty slick. I didn't even know FWA made these."

    KAIZEN and Alison had spent more than an hour just catching up. Alison had assured KAIZEN that she was just fine, that the doctors had explained to her and Ruth that this relapse wasn't anything unexpected and that the worst was behind them. KAIZEN, in turn, entertained Alison with funny stories from his dojo days in Japan and took her through a blow-by-blow account of the Quest for the Best tournament.

    "Psst. I brought that with me too."

    "The what?"

    Alison gestures towards under the bed. KAIZEN leans down and looks, finding a black pelican case. He knows exactly what it is.

    "Wow... you actually brought it here?"

    "I didn't bring it, but when I woke up I asked Mom if she could bring it here, and she did!"

    KAIZEN picks up the case. As Alison excitedly looks on, KAIZEN opens the case to reveal the X-Championship belt that KAIZEN had gifted to Alison during their first meeting.

    "Heh... look at this thing... what a beauty."

    "I know, right???? Usually at home I keep it on a rack in my room! And every week, I wipe it and clean it so that it stays shiney!!"

    "Sure brings back memories."

    KAIZEN touches the 'X' on the plate. Memories suddenly rush into his brain.

    Marcus Thane.

    Ultimate X.

    Garcia, Blackbird.

    Alana Allure, Mac Michaud, Tim Stone.

    Lucian Ace.


    The record.

    Devin Golden....

    KAIZEN looks at Alison, who stares back, bemused.

    "Alison.... I'm sorry."

    Alison keeps staring back at KAIZEN.

    She had been nine when they first me. She is almost 11 now. She's old enough, though, to understand what KAIZEN means.

    "Its okay. I mean... I didn't get why you were so mad at Devin Golden. And I didn't get why you did what you did to Mr. O'Ryan..."

    "I'm... I let you down."

    Now it seems like Alison is the one reliving unpleasant memories.

    "I remember... I just kept thinking that on the screen, that wasn't the KAIZEN I knew, not the KAIZEN I met. The KAIZEN I met told me to be strong, to be a champion.... Mom told me to stop watching that stuff, but I just knew you would come back though. The real KAIZEN!"

    KAIZEN smiles.

    "Did you really know that? You're not just tough, you're smart too!"

    "It wasn't just me! It was all of us!"

    "Who's us?"

    Alison whips out her phone and shows KAIZEN a facebook group.

    The page is entitled "The Tokko-yaro FAN GROUP".

    "I started this group, look how many followers and likes it has already!"

    There are a lot of followers and comments. Way more than KAIZEN ever thought possible.

    KAIZEN scrolls through the page, which consists mostly of articles and random posts of his pictures. Theres a picture of him as a shaven-headed young lion in SPJ. Theres another one of him and Lucian Ace. Theres another one of him on the night he was drafted to Crossfire. One post has a picture of him making his entrance during BIB.

    KAIZEN hands the phone back to Alison and shakes his head.

    "So you've been maintaining this page the whole time?"

    "Yep! Every chance I get! I want people to know the REAL you, the real KAIZEN!"

    KAIZEN takes another look at the beaming Alison, confined to her hospital bed but radiating energy from it nonetheless.


    Why couldn't I have been a better champion?

    Why am I not a better example, a better man?

    He desperately searches for something to distract himself from this moment.

    He looks at the screen of the Playstation, which has been idle for over an hour.

    "FWA 2k17, huh?"

    "Yeah!! I really like it! Wanna play??? The story mode where you fight for the X-Championship while dangling by a rope on the side of a volcano is kind of weird, but all the other modes are awesome! Wanna play?"

    "I'm no good at video games, but sure, lets play."

    Alison resets the game to versus mode. When the screen pops, she immediately selects KAIZEN.

    "Hey, I wanted to be me!"

    "Too slow, sorry not sorry!"

    KAIZEN feigns indignation and scrolls through the other characters.

    "Pick someone I don't like! Pick someone I don't like!! I have the Lord Dog CAW too, if you wanna pick him!"

    KAIZEN hovers over Cyrus Truth.

    "KAIZEN versus Cyrus Truth.... who do you think would win, Alison?"

    "Sweet, is this going to be a Trial By Fire preview?? Mom said I probably shouldn't watch Trial By Fire... she still isn't a big fan of FWA, and she got wind of what a Trial By Fire match means..."

    "Well, I'm sure you'll find the results one way or another. I don't wanna tell you to not listen to your mother."

    "Are you scared? Last year you won but got burned, I remember, but this year... are you scared?"

    KAIZEN thinks about it for a second.

    He thinks about what kind of fear has been gripping him recently.

    "No, I feel like I'm going to win."

    "I want you to win, KAIZEN, I think you're going to win and be Champion again!! But... thinking about Cyrus Truth getting burned makes me a little sad too."

    Alison's admission surprises KAIZEN.

    "You like Cyrus Truth as well? You a fan of his?"

    "I mean, I like you more for sure, but I don't think Cyrus is a big mean bully like Michael Garcia or Chris Kennedy... I have a classmate which reminds me of Cyrus, he's really nice inside, I know it! But he's like, grumpy all the time too, and sometimes he does bad stuff... but you did bad stuff too, and you're not a real bully! Maybe he's, he's just misunderstood!"

    KAIZEN has no response other than to hang his head.

    "He maybe just needs a hug. Maybe that would cheer him up!"

    "... interesting observation."

    KAIZEN moves his selection off of Cyrus Truth to someone else on the roster.

    "How about him, then?"

    Alison brightens up.

    "Yeah, I can totally beat him!! Lets do it!"

    KAIZEN locks in his selection. The game starts.


    January 21, 2017 - FedEx Forum, Memphis, TN

    Trial By Fire is in full swing. In a locker room in the bowels of FedEx Forum, KAIZEN sits in a chair, dressed in his ring gear. The room has no CCTV showing what is happening in the ring and is only decked out with various posters of FWA events. But KAIZEN can hear it. The roar of the arena crowd, the 'ooooh's and 'aahhhhhh's as bodies are thrown, launched, and slammed in the pursuit of the thrill of victory and to avoid the agony of defeat.

    KAIZEN is not alone. In the room with him is his JFS teammate and VALOR Kickboxing Woman's Bantamweight Champion Kacey "Rachanon" Etxeberria. Kacey is helping tape up both of KAIZEN's ankles. As she does so, she gives KAIZEN a nervous look.

    Kacey: "Are you sure this is the best idea? I thought for this type of match, you'd be trying to avoid things that can be set on fire..."

    "Its fine. I'm going to need supports in my legs and feet if I want to execute my strategy correctly. Besides, Cyrus never goes for leg submissions. So tape is fine."

    KAIZEN heards the chants for "Rondo!" coming from the arena floor.

    He closes his eyes.



    Cyrus Truth.

    Trial By Fire Inferno Match.

    FWA World Championship.



    Thomas Jordan, Garcia.



    Shannon O'Neal.

    "What's on your mind? Nervous? Excited?"

    KAIZEN opens his eyes as Kacey finishes up the taping.

    "I was just thinking... how jealous I was of Shannon O'Neal at Mile High."

    "O'Neal, the one who ran off after you beat her at Mile High? Jealous? Of her? Why?"

    "Because she was fighting for something. Rightly or wrongly, she was fighting for something. She wasn't scared. She wasn't afraid. She put it all out there, and even though she lost to me on that night, she proved why she's a former champion. She proved that she was a champion."

    Kacey checks the tape to see how tight it is on one foot.

    "Heh... is that what being a champion means? Talking a big game and then bailing when you lose the fight?"

    KAIZEN smiles.

    "I get a feeling though that Shannon O'Neals fight isn't over just because she lost to me..."

    "So why are you jealous then? Don't you have something to fight for?"

    Kacey finishes checking the tape. She pulls up another chair and sits directly in front of KAIZEN, leaning in so that they are almost forehead to forehead.

    "What does beating Cyrus Truth mean to you, Kai? What does being a champion mean to you?"

    KAIZEN nods towards one of the posters in the room. The poster is an advertisement for Trial By Fire. On it, a regal Cyrus Truth, in wrestling gear with a crown and fur cloak draped over his shoulders, is sitting on a huge elaborate throne-like chair.

    "Just look at him, Kacey. Isn't it fitting that someone like him is the FWA World Champion? He's big, he's tall, he's brash, arrogant, and tells it like it is. He talks the talk and then walks the walk, and he's always found gold in whatever organization he's been in. Any way you look at it, Cyrus Truth is an exceptional talent, an exceptional wrestler, someone who seems destined to be a star for as long as he wants. There aren't that many people like him walking this earth, I'd say.

    Then theres me, KAIZEN. I'm shorter than the average athlete, lighter than the average athlete, I don't do public speaking well and when I was World Champion I ended up losing the belt in a hot minute. I was never the best wrestler in Tiga-gun, I was never the best wrestler in SPJ, I've never been the best wrestler in FWA, hell, I was never even the best wrestler on Crossfire. But even so...

    I know there are people out there are supporting me. People out there are rooting for me. Someone like me... who is average and plain in so many ways, who has constantly disappointed and let people down so many times... I've lost so many matches that felt like must-wins. Against Devin Golden, against Stu St. Clair, against Chris Kennedy. And yet, there are people out there who relate to that. Who are used to feeling average, unexceptional, beat down by the grind of life... my FWA career hasn't gone the way I hoped it would, Kacey, but thats life, right? Tough times don't last, tough people do. Earlier this year I was lost. I didn't feel confident, I didn't feel like I belonged. But then Thomas Princeton forced me back for Quest for the Best. And that oppurtunity started me down the road that had led to right here, tonight.

    Thats what beating Cyrus Truth in this Trial By Fire match would mean for me, Kacey. Thats what being a champion means to me. That FWA World Championship is a symbol. When Cyrus Truth holds it, its a symbol of elitism, arrogance, a disdain for the traditions of this company, he wants it to be a reminder that the gifted and superior will always dominate the inferior. If I become champion here, it takes on a different meaning. It means even someone like me, plain, average, me... can have one day in the sun, one day as a lion... can put it all together and exorcise the shame of my past misdeeds with the World Title... it would mean that the people who have watched me, supported me, waited for me to finally reach the summit the right way, can hopefully realize that whatever challenges they face within their own lives...there is nothing too hard for them to overcome. Life is about making running changes. You can't stop to only fix things, you have to mend the sail while you're still at sea."

    Kacey stares for a second, taking all that in.

    "Do you really think of yourself in that way, Kai? Just average?"

    "Even average people are capable of amazing things."

    "Thats... deep. And here I thought you were scared of Cyrus Truth or something, hah!"

    "I am."


    Someone knocks on the door. A FWA stagehand sticks his head into the room.

    "You're up, KAIZEN."


    The door closes again. KAIZEN gets up and shadow boxes for a few seconds, throwing a few kicks in the air.

    "Tape feels good. Thanks for all of your support, Kacey. I really appreciate it."

    KAIZEN steps towards the door.


    KAIZEN turns around. He sees that Kacey's hand is shaking a little, but she tries her best to pump him up.

    "I don't get what you mean, but don't be scared, okay? You're not going to get burned, you're going to win! I believe in you!! Go out there and show that fucker what JFS is all about!!"

    KAIZEN smiles.

    It's been two and a half years since KAIZEN had met Kacey Etxeberria. Its been almost two years since Luis Correa had told KAIZEN how Kacey Etxeberria felt.

    This time, it finally feels right.

    KAIZEN walks over, leans in, and kisses Kacey Etxeberria on the cheek.

    Kacey reflexively knees KAIZEN in the groin.

    KAIZEN doubles over.

    "Oh shit!!!! Sorry, that was just a reflex, uh, why did you do that so suddenly????!!?"

    Kacey, face turning a deep shade of red, tries to help KAIZEN up.

    "Don't surprise me like that, you!!! And don't, don't take that the wrong way too, I just, like, the reflex, thats wrong, don't misunderstand!! I'm okay with what you did! I like it!"

    Kacey absent-mindedly caresses KAIZENs face as he composes himself.

    "I like... you."

    KAIZEN shakes out his legs and smiles.

    ".... yeah. I like me too."

    "Hah, you and your dorky-ass jokes..."

    KAIZEN smiles and heads towards the door.

    "I'll be watching and waiting. Good luck."

    KAIZEN leaves Kacey in the room and heads out.

    He is lost in though as he makes the long walk down the hallway towards the gorilla position.

    Cyrus Truth.

    Cyrus Truth.

    The truth is, I really do fear you, Cyrus. Not because of your skills. Not because of all your titles and your accolades. Not because you've already taken out people like Bell and Mike Parr, Rondo and Eyesnsane, people who represent the best of what FWA has to offer.

    I fear that I might one day become just like you. On the posters, in the flesh, on Fight Night and in the videos... you look so lonely. You look like you're stranded on an island, alone. Is this where your brilliance has led you, Cyrus? To turn your back on everyone else, to brand everyone else in the FWA Universe as worthy only to be subjects that you keep at arms length? You talk like we, the wrestlers, can strong-arm the fans and the company into doing whatever we want, like the fans don't matter, like the people who tune in to watch us, to support us, like they couldn't be more insignificant in your grand vision of FWA. Why would you even bring that up to me on Fight Night, Cyrus? I've already walked that same path of delusion and hatred as you did. I've lashed out at O'Ryan before. I've lashed out at FWA management, the FWA system. It brought me nothing but pain, regret, and shame. You talk like you know me, like you know what I want and what I'm thinking, what I've been through.

    Get real. You don't know me.

    But here's something I know about you, Cyrus Truth.

    You fear me as well.

    I could see it in your eyes. I could feel it in your condescending tone. The way you dodged me during the match on Fight Night. The way you tried get the Trial By Fire Inferno match cancelled. The way you paid lip service to my abilities yet at the same time seemed astounded that I had the audacity to turn down your 'reasonable' offer. For someone who fancies himself as a king, a mad king... you seem awfully sensitive to the concept of being burned. If you don't want to dance in the fire, all you have to do is push me in the fire and WIN the match, right? Sounds easy enough for someone who bills himself king and champion. Why can't you even entertain that risk without going off the deep end, Cyrus, what are you afraid of?

    Is it because, deep down, you can't stand the fact that I have a chance of beating you? Is it because you understand your own limits and can tell that in my pursuit of that World Championship, I might be a man so desperate that I have no limits? Is it because... maybe you can't stand even thinking about the prospect of the FWA Universe seeing the God-King on fire, in need of assistance, in a position of weakness?

    KAIZEN passes by writer Kelvin Hockensmith as he continues to walk. Kelvin gives him a nod. As KAIZEN keeps walking, other staffers and stagehands that he knows from his time on Crossfire slap him on the back or the arm, or give him a holler and a fistbump as he passes by.

    You hit one thing on the head though. I am desperate for redemption, Cyrus. I haven't forgotten about Crossfire, losing the X-Championship, my feud with Golden, the shameful way that I conducted myself as World Heavyweight Champion.... failing to save the brand. I remember, and I'm sure a lot of people remember as well. But me, and hopefully others around the FWA Universe... that spirit of Crossfire, that upstart, can-do, never-back-down spirit of Crossfire, when it seemed like all the hype was on Fight Night but all the viewers were waiting for the blue brand, that underdog spirit is still alive!! That spirit, that passion, it lives on within me, it gives me the courage to keep moving forward despite all my failures and my flaws, it gives me the strength to ask for forgiveness. Do you even know what that means, Cyrus? Have you always been so obsessed with your vision of honor and glory and perfection, hiding behind your FWA World Title any way you can while claiming to be a fighting champion, going as far as to try to change FWA tradition, just because you are so terrified of the prospect of failure at Trial By Fire against me? Because you equate the road to redemption to a walk of shame? Would you rather burn everything to the ground in an effort to ensure nobody ever rises higher than yourself at any time?

    KAIZEN is almost at the gorilla position. Someone gives the signal that the ring is set up for the main event.

    The hum of the anticipating crowd grows louder.

    KAIZEN passes by a personal locker room near the gorilla position. A paper stuck to the door reads:

    "Reserved for Cyrus Truth"

    KAIZEN walks past the door without stopping.

    Maybe thats the difference between you and me, Cyrus. You want to tell the world that everyone who isn't Cyrus Truth is a failure and a loser. You use the prestige of the FWA World Championship to silence, bully, and subjugate anyone who you can't control. That's your message. That's what you stand for.

    Through the FWA World Championship, I want to tell the world that even when a person fails, it doesn't mean that they are a loser. My message is that bravery is a choice.

    It might sound cliche, it might be corny, but I've seen it with my own eyes, I've heard it and felt it, throughout every corner of the FWA Universe, every arena, city, and country my FWA career has brought me to, there are fans, admirers, people who look up to FWA wrestlers and FWA Champions, they look to us to lift them up!! They look to us show them that true honor is not in dodging the inferno, but walking through the fire and surviving! To be the spirit of the underdog, to be the ones who don't give up in the face of uneven or seemingly unfair odds that life throws at all of us at one time or another, to be the ones who keep on fighting even when it seems like everything going on the universe is going against us!!! I'm not willing to face the fire, Cyrus Truth, because I have no sense of honor, I'm not willing to do it because I think I can't defeat you in a normal match, or because I think I'm tough, or because I'm part of the FWA vendetta against you!

    I am willing to face down the fire because I want to give people HOPE!! I'm willing to meet the inferno and Cyrus Truth head on because I want the chance to give everyone who has been with me on this journey that ONE MOMENT!! That one moment, that moment of victory, that moment when you conquer your doubts and your fears, you past and your present, the moment you choose fight over flight and you WIN! I want everyone and anyone who is watching Trial By Fire, watching the FWA, I want people to see how amazing that moment is, that feeling of being a winner, being a CHAMPION, being STRONG!! I'm willing to dance with the flames because not everyone is perfect, but I want the chance to show people what REDEMPTION can look like!! How sweet it can taste!!! How the past doesn't have to define the future!!!!!








    KAIZEN is at the gorilla position. He can hear the roar of the crowd. He sees the producer signalling for the truck to cue up KAIZENs theme. He can see the ring. He can see the flames starting to lick up from the sides of the ring.

    Everyone is watching.

    Kurt Harrington starts introducing the main event.

    MINORU is watching.

    Kurt Harrington goes over the rules.

    Everyone in Tiga-gun is watching.

    The roar of the crowd gets louder.

    Japan is watching.

    The producer pats KAIZEN on shoulder.

    Brazil is watching.

    Producer: "You ready, kid?"

    The ones who believe in me are watching.

    A chant of "KAIZEN!" erupts in the arena.

    Alison is watching.

    "Real Rock'n'Rolla" starts blaring, bringing the arena crowd to their feet.

    Kacey is watching.


    Everyone is watching!!!

    The producer holds the curtain open.

    Everyone is waiting!!!


    KAIZEN steps out through the curtain.

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    Shoot Talk! Episode 318 ft. Zachary Kazadi

    “Welcome back to another edition of Shoot Talk! I’m your host, world-travelled, and well-travelled, Paul Constantinople and before we even get started, I’d like to thank our sponsors over at DraftKings. You’re all well are that all you can use the code CapitalC to play for free and obviously are gracious host PodcastOne for hosting us. With all that out of the way, I’d like to welcome our guest for this episode, he’s a current X Champion over at the FWA and is going to be defending that very same championship at their PPV event, Trial by Fire. Without further adieu, welcome Zach.”

    “Great to be here, man. Awesome that we finally got to do this.”

    “Yeah, you know. We were trying to do this back before you had your Quest for the Best tournament, and a week or so before you win your X Championship too but obviously we’re both always on the road so it’s always hard to get together. Fortunately, I’m wrestling at the Michael Memphis Memorial tournament this weekend and obviously you’ve got your big match defending that title for your first time.”

    “Oh, man, thanks. You know, it always slips my mind that this will be my first title defense.”

    “It’s because you’ve been talking too much about it, almost feels like an eternity. You’ve got everyone coming out of the woodwork too. You had Dave Sullivan coming back out from whatever he was doing.”

    “Filming a reality show for FWA. It’s been awhile, to be honest, I’m not sure if they’re still going ahead with it or if they’ve changed plans.”

    “Yeah, well, those always go well right. You’d think maybe they might try something a bit different in 2017 now that that sort of fad is gone. I mean, don’t get me wrong, a sort of competition to find the next talent sounds great but we’re professional wrestlers, you know, there are better ways to do that.”

    “Like a tournament, right? Quest for a Contract or something. Invited sixteen guys out, maybe thirty-two, really, the more you have, the surer you are that the best guy comes out winning. But I mean, this is the FWA, I’m not really surprised.”

    “Ha! We’ll get to that in a moment, let me jot that down… but man, so Sully comes out of the woodworks and the response is sort of bizarre, like downright depressing. Let me actually get a quote for you because I had it written down: I’ve found my ceiling and I’m comfortable with it. Low ceiling, low floor. Not too bad… and he goes on of course criticizing you and saying you’re arrogant.”

    “It’s funny because it’s not quite bitter veteran, he comes across broken, you know. Look, a lot of people say I talk a lot, I’m always on twitter, that’s sort of my generation, sometimes it’s serious, sometimes I’m just poking fun, whatever. When I call out a guy like Sullivan, I’m not just trying to get into some sort of twitter fight, when I call you out, it’s an invitation. Come out. Fight Night. Fight me. You know, you think I’m arrogant, come teach me a lesson. I’m always looking for a fight, always, that’s me, that’s why I’m here. But you read that and it just sucks all the energy out of you, kills all the adrenaline you know.”

    “I’ve got to repeat it man, it sounded downright depressing. I agree with you. We’re competitors, we’re driven to go higher, we don’t get satisfied with some artificial ceiling, but there he is, I’ve met my cap, you’ll meet it too, then you’ll know what it feels like. It’s pathetic, in every sense of the word. I’ve seen guys who’ve wrestled twenty years, and never really cracked the surface, and people would tell these guys, you’ve got a low ceiling, this is all you’ll ever get. But they didn’t settle for that, they kept fighting, and working, and improving, and trying and twenty four years in, at forty-two years old… all of a sudden… it clicks. And they get that one last run, and everyone suddenly finds the brilliance in their past matches.”

    “Right, right. My uncle was like that, you know. Spent most of his career around the states doing the big bad savage foreigner shtick, got tired of it, went to Japan, worked his ass off, and made a name for himself. But, you know, maybe his heart wasn’t into it. I mean, at least I can clear up any misconception anyone might have about Sullivan ever coming back, for whatever fan he may or may not have. He isn’t.”

    “There is one guy, most people are expecting back, sooner or later, I think you know who I’m talking about. Pretty controversial figure in wrestling, but somehow he’s always stuck around the FWA.”

    “You say somehow but I think it’s obvious FWA likes any sort of attention it can get.”

    “It’s all slowly coming out isn’t it. Well let me just get straight to it, Vincent Blackbird versus Zachary Kazadi, I don’t want to ask if it’s happening because it almost feels inevitable, the question is, when is it happening. Oh, you don’t look too happy about that.”

    “Vincent Blackbird is probably not the sort of attention I was hoping to get with the X Championship. When I set out to sort of establish a new guideline for this belt, a new mission statement, so to speak, I was hoping to get the rest of the guys riled up. It was a message to Hughes, Parr, and hell, even Bell. You’ve got a belt, take pride in it. If you don’t take pride in it then one of two things happen, someone else is going to take it to make better use of it… or no one is even going to want to chase that belt. It doesn’t really help that Ashley O’Ryan, Matthew Robinson and the rest of the guys in charge, they don’t really care about elevating those belts, they’ve got one thing in mind: publicity, drama, and their world title. So, when they toss all those champions in that Mile High match, they don’t really care about the other repercussions. Are there any elite tag teams trying to come here and fight for the belt? No. Does anyone care about Eimi Sanada challenging Bell at this point, not really, especially after she lost twice to Cyrus Truth and I think she lost to… what, KAIZEN and Hughes or something like that. She pretty much gave away everything Shannon was fighting for. And no one even cares about Mike Parr holding the North American Championship anymore, they just want to see him fight for the Undisputed Championship, Garcia’s almost a sideshow attraction till KAIZEN and Truth get past each other.”

    “There’s a lot to unpack there and I don’t even think we got to Vincent Blackbird.”

    “Right, Vincent Blackbird. He doesn’t like what I’m doing with the title, and I know you’re looking for attention on this but I’ve chosen to start ignoring his crap on twitter for a reason. So here’s what I’ll say, very straightforwardly, about Vincent Blackbird. He wants the title. He can have it. On a certain set of conditions. He earns his shot at the title in a fair singles match without controversy and two… he beats me in a fair singles match without controversy. I’m sure you probably want me to go on about the history of the X Championship, and its origins and all that crap but look, I don’t want to give Blackbird any more attention than I already have, so you’ll have to skimp out on that one.”

    “Fair enough, man. You know, you’re X Champion, which is traditionally seen at the bottom rungs of the FWA ladder, but we sort of have seen you brush shoulders with the guys at the top. You had your match against Phillip A Jackson mid-2016, you’ve fought KAIZEN in the finals of the Quest for the Best, depending on your perspective of Danny Toner, you had that match, and then recently you had your big six man tag match teaming with Cyrus Truth, and Mike Parr against KAIZEN, Michael Garcia and Jhunha. That didn’t really end the way you wanted it to.”

    “Yeah, no. You clamor to hang with the big boys and then the big boys go and do that. There’s one man above all else in the FWA, despite my occasional disagreements with him, that I respected… that was Cyrus Truth. He saw things the way I did. The FWA was forgetting that it’s a wrestling company, about competition, about proving who is the better wrestler. It’s not a popularity contest. It’s not a beauty contest. It’s a wrestling contest. But the FWA isn’t really concerned with that point. They want money. So they find the best ways to generate that money. They manufacture stars. They treat competitors like circus animals. But Cyrus Truth did the opposite of what he should’ve done. He bought into the circus. He, as we like to say, sold himself out. He tried to burn a man on live television, and look, I’m not saying I didn’t want to see it-”

    “Yeah, I was kind of hoping he’d go through with it.”

    “Right, but again, this is a wrestling company, it’s not the place for that shit. Go hop on Jack Ass or something. The thing is, he did exactly what the FWA wanted him to do. And I know he’s going to say that he’s feeding them their own poison, and fine, he can tell himself that, but I think most people are well aware, Cyrus Truth took the easy way out.”

    “Obviously, it is something the FWA wanted him to do, but you still have to get the feeling that they might end up regretting it.”

    “Who knows? KAIZEN’s one helluva competitor too but he also betrayed my expectations, my respect for him. We all know he long ago bought into FWA’s shit, he was threatening to kill Ashley O’Ryan long before Cyrus Truth got here, but I think we all thought he turned a new leaf, that he reflected upon his past, that he was going to go back to what he learned back in Japan, but again expectations turned over. He pushed Cyrus Truth over the edge… for the tradition of a Trial by Fire match.”

    “We’re halfway through the show so I’ll direct your attention to another topic, your first defense, Jhunha, one on one, singles match, your choice. Jhunha has almost a foot, and about, what, seventy pounds on you, the man is built like a tank, and you wanted to fight him on equal footing.”

    “I don’t even know if equal footing is the right word. We didn’t really get much time in the ring together last Fight Night but the one before that, when I was teaming with the Greeks, Jesus, tank is the right word. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a big boot crash into my face like that before. Honestly felt like my face shattered. Like someone just smashed a chair straight into the side of my face.”

    “What I’m most curious about… is that Heaven Punisher.”

    “Heaven Punisher?”

    “You forgot already? The Western Lariat?”

    “Right, right. I mean, what can I say, I haven’t flown much in the FWA on a matter of pride but when he hit me with that, I think you saw it yourself, man, I turned upside down. Like, I really wasn’t aware of where I was. Then you hear the ref smacking down on the mat sort of distantly. You don’t even hear it, more like you feel it, and I wasn’t even aware of why, until the sound comes in, and that delayed two sort of settles into the back of your mind, and you go, ‘oh, fuck!’ and you throw your shoulder up.”

    “That was a close up, and you have the Olympians to thank for pulling you out of the corner-”

    “When he tried to split me in half with a spear. Yeah, I avoided it the first time, second time, I was still sort of out there after his, you called it Heaven Punisher? That. It ended up costing him too. Still, he’s got to build like a stone if he ran that fast, with that much weight, shoulder straight into the steel post and he was back next show like it was nothing.”

    “Makes you think twice about that ‘bigger they are, harder they fall’ shit. But obviously this isn’t really your first experience facing a man of sizeable different, you got your big break doing that if I recall.”

    “Yeah. After Maple Leaf Wrestling got rid of me, I travelled around LA and Philly and sort of just stalled there till London came calling. It’s a bit odd because the UK is sort of the home of my style of wrestling, the very mat-centric, slow, technical pace but then you have London Brawling and it’s all these guys that weight at least two sixty, minimum. And you can sum up every match as, two big Brits hit each other till the other one falls, you know. But really, they could’ve probably found anyone there to really come in and carry the legacy mental of catch wrestling there but instead they called me.”

    “It looks like they sort of wanted a foil to those guys.”

    “Yeah, maybe. They saw the sort of reaction I was getting in Philly and LA, where I was antagonizing those crowds, vowing not to use light tubes and shit, or jump off a walkway. And I say that, but I eventually did, because at the time, it was more about doing what I needed to do to win, still, I was admonishing it there, and they really hated me. They wanted that in London Brawling, first man under two fifty pounds, from out of the country, doing the opposite of the hard hitting style they liked there.”

    “Considering how things turned out, I’ll assume you blew up.”

    “Exactly. They didn’t really expect it. I don’t think they even expected me to see much success on my own let alone get the crowd behind me.”

    “So how did you find success. You’re facing these guys who sometimes have fifty to one hundred to two hundred pounds on you.”

    “It took a moment man, I won’t say it was instant. I remember the first night I got in I was facing this big, big guy. Six foot four. Three hundred and twenty two pounds. Huge fucking red beard. Irish. He looked like a goddamn viking. I think, I’ve always been able to sort of have some measure of success in every match I’ve had before and after then. It lasted like three minutes.”

    “Three minutes?”

    “Three minutes. Rounded up. He fucking threw me around. And I was stupid. I try to take him down with a shoulder block. Doesn’t move an inch. He tells me to try again. At least, I think he did, I couldn’t make out his accent. So I do. Nothing. One more time, and the crowd’s laughing at me, if I was white, I’d be red-faced. Doesn’t matter. I try again. Doesn’t work. So I tell him to try.”


    “I think I was one year into the business. I was out of the country for the first time. I was trying to prove myself.”

    “Whatever justification you need for that thought process, man.”

    “Right, so he does it, he doesn’t even shoulder block me, he jumps, full boot into my face, and I do back flip. The ref had to check if I was alright, and I probably wasn’t, doesn’t matter, he wasn’t done. He lifts by my hair, one hand, tosses me onto my feet and with his fucking gigantic hand, slaps my chest. Now, my face didn’t go red, but my chest did. I had his hand prints on it for at least a week afterwards.”

    “This isn’t really sounding optimistic for your match against Jhunha.”

    “Ha, yeah. Well, I’ve said this a lot, especially after losing to KAIZEN, after losing to Danny Toner and after losing to Jean-Luc Watkins…”

    “Real rough patch for you.”

    “Not really. I mean, I pride myself on winning, you know, I’m a competitive guy, this is why I’m here but it didn’t really kill my motivation. The way I saw it was: this is a learning experience. Go back to the hotel, pop up FWA Network, rewatch the match, over and over again. I have a notebook with me, I’m writing down every mistake I’ve made. I’m writing down his tendencies. I’m writing down the mistakes he made. Every pertinent note. I’m listening to what the boys at the booth are saying so next time we face off, there’s a different story.”

    “I remember when we teamed up in Japan, you kept making us watch those tapes over and over again and we couldn’t fucking understand Japanese, so you had to call up one of the young boys to come help us out.”

    “And we won.”

    “I’m not complaining. Maybe just take the notes yourself and give me the rundown afterwards next time.”

    “Ha. You saw it work out against Baby J-L though. Second time we faced off, he tried to cheat again, but I knew better. My promise is always the same, we can face off one time, and you can beat me, but the second time we face off, there’s no way I’m losing. That’s a promise. So, I went back to the drawing board back then. I don’t think there was much to watch tape wise for that one, except bad memories, but I stayed out for the rest of the show. I watched how these guys worked. And I noticed weaknesses. How slow they were. I noticed how they took their time with their moves, how you could slip out at perfectly the right time. When they go for those big boots, when you’ve got to catch it. I knew better than to get into a fist fight. I knew what to target to make their size, their power, pretty much useless. I mean, it’s big man one o’ one, go for the back of the knees, keep them on the ground. But you can do more, work on the shoulder, put pressure on it, bend that arm in ways it’s not supposed to bend, next time he tries to lift you up, it doesn’t matter how strong he is, he’s arm’s numb, he can’t do it. It took some trial and error but that’s how I made my name. Everytime I went back out there, I was looking for the bigger guy, the bigger guy after, the bigger guy after that. I was finding ways to make them tap out. I remember the first time it happened, dead silence, and then it broke. I don’t think any of these guys ever even used submissions. To them it was a real simple game of hit the guy harder, till he can’t get back up. When they stepped in with me, they had to try to even get their hands on me, and then, not risk getting tied into knots, and man, the bigger you are, the tighter those knots can be.”

    “I think that’s a new one.”

    “Might put it on a shirt after Trial by Fire.”

    “Obviously FWA is a bigger stage than London Brawling. Jhunha’s made it to this big stage where as those guys haven’t, he’s, in a way, the best of the big men.”

    “You know, you can say that but I’ve learned FWA isn’t really about being the best wrestler. Jhunha’s a Mongolian Giant, he stands out. He’s mean. He’s ruthless. He’s destructive. Is he a good wrestler? That’s up for debate. I’ve seen him wrestle. I’ve wrestled with him. In the chaos of a six man match, he’ll take advantage of it, the attention isn’t really on him. But in a singles match, one on one? That’s pure skill. I watched him face off against Jason Randall and I watched him lose. The real thing going against him, is his puppet master.”

    “You’ve been saying that but let me offer another perspective here for you. I think we’ve talked about a ton of people today. You’ve got your hands in a dozen baskets, but… Jhunha’s only got his hands in one basket. He’s focused on one thing. You… and your gold. He doesn’t really care about anything else, especially with Jean-Luc Watkins out of the conversation, the absolute only thing he needs to worry about, is you. I’m going to say this as a professional wrestler, to another professional wrestler, I’m afraid you’re not going into this match with your eyes on Jhunha, and that could be very dangerous.”


    “Not to be offensive of course but I think we’ve known each other a decent amount and I’ve been in this business for twenty seven years now to sort of respectfully pass on my thoughts.”

    “… Of course, you’re probably right. But isn’t that the difference between a man like me and a man like Jhunha. I’m a man of ambition. When I look at my future, I’m not seeing a single pathway, I’m seeing multiple pathways. When Jhunha looks at his future, it’s a short distance, it’s the next stop. It’s the X Gold and really, it’s not the X Championship for the sake of the X Championship, it’s the X Championship for the sake of a bonus paycheck. Jhunha’s a sellsword. He doesn’t fight for himself. He fights for whoever sends him a nice cheque. He doesn’t need to concern himself with anything else but that’s the difference between a man who aspires to be recognized as the greatest and a man who simple doesn’t aspire, period. When I step into the ring with him, you can rest assured all this talk about Blackbird, Sully, past losses and defeats, the FWA, all of that, it doesn’t really matter when I’m in the ring. When the bell rings, there’s only a single thing that really resonates in my mind, making the man I’m facing tap out. Not pinning. Tap out. I want to hear him scream. Jhunha, he’s familiar with making people scream, but not the way I do it. I’m going to break his every finger bone, I’m going drive my fist into the back of his shoulder and wrench back his arm until it snaps. The easy thing to do would be to make him sleep, but there’s no way I’d ever be satisfied with that. A lot of these people think that because I’ve put myself in a singles match, that the people I’m facing aren’t going to feel the real trials and tribulations you need to go through to move up in the FWA… I can assure them… the pain of having your foot turned three hundred and sixty degrees, as your foot feels like its falling right out of your ankle, it doesn’t compare. Having the life choked out of you, like you’re not about to pass out but you’re about to die, and you know that if you don’t give up, if you don’t scream your abandonment before you close your eyes, your never opening them again, that’s a pain that you’ll never get in any other way. Stepping into the ring with me, is going under surgery with no anesthetic. It’s wilfully entering a torture room with thousands of eyes watching you beg for mercy. Jhunha threatens people. He destroys people. He breaks people. He’s going to try and do all of that to me. I’m not walking into this with the mindset that I’m David facing Goliath. I think we’re both walking into this respecting the law of the jungle, what he doesn’t realize is that in a jungle, it’s not always the biggest beast that walk away. All it takes is a spider tangling you into a web, or a snake constricting you until your eyes pop out of your skull. All it takes is a single submission, and then he’s the prey.”

    “I don’t think there’s anything more that needs to be said than that. I’ve fought with you. Against you. Watched you. I’ve seen you learn every style. I’ve seen you fight the best at their best. And there’s one thing few, if anyone can match you in and you described it best man, you’re like a snake. Doesn’t matter if you’re facing a crocodile, a jaguar, a goddamn fucking plane, you know where to strike, and when you do, it’s over, in a second. Of course, I wish you good luck heading into Trial by Fire.”

    “Likewise for your tournament man, FWA could use someone like you, someone who appreciates competition.”

    “Right, but they couldn’t pay me enough to step into a ring of fire.”

    “Just threaten to burn them, maybe they’ll know better.”

    “Well, I’m sure they know how to reach me if anything. Thanks for coming again, we definitely need to do this another time if the opportunity arise, and hopefully you still have that X Championship at that point.”

    “No intention of giving it up anytime soon.”

    “Thank you guys too for watching, again, thanks to our sponsors at DraftKings and PodcastOne for hosting us!”

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    Athens, Greece

    Eyesnsane is on the balcony of a villa he has rented for his visit to the picturesque country of Greece. Wearing his white pants and black belt without a shirt he places a leg on the railing of the balcony and begins to stretch. The sky is just beginning to lighten up as the night gives way to the impending sunrise. Quietly a barefoot Gabrielle walks up behind him, first kissing him on the back of the neck before wrapping her arms around him wearing a peach colored nighty with a plunging v-neck front we can see that very much of her caramel coated skin is in view.

    Gabrielle: My we are up early aren’t we?

    Eyesnsane: By design my love. I hope I didn’t wake you.

    Gabrielle: No, but you certainly put me to sleep.

    Gabrielle giggles a bit as she leans on his back turning her head to the right as she reaches in front of him with both of her hands sending them up his chest as he places his foot back on the ground.

    Eyesnsane: It’s my pleasure to please my Goddess.

    Gabrielle: Believe me it’s my pleasure as well. What made you decide for us to come out here?

    Eyesnsane: What better places to celebrate my last title defense than to take you to the home of the Gods, as the stories go? I must admit another motive for this trip.

    Gabrielle: Do tell.

    Eyesnsane: After sun rise I plan to head to the Acropolis.

    Gabrielle: Really? Taking in some ancient sites that sounds delightful.

    Just then the click and clack of high heels can be heard approaching the couple as they are still awaiting daybreak on the balcony. We see black high heels and then the toned legs of Alana Allure as she walks out onto the balcony wearing a black form fitting skirt and white blouse with her hair pulled back into a ponytail.

    Gabrielle: Lana’s here!

    Alana: It’s always nice to see you to Gabrielle.

    Gabrielle lets go of Eyesnsane and walks over to Alana and gives her a hug while reaching around the bronzed woman’s body and using both of her hands to grab her ass. As Gabrielle leans in cheek to cheek and whispers to Alana….

    Gabrielle: You certainly surprised me the last time I saw you.

    Alana: I suppose you had a lot to take in all at once.

    Gabrielle: In more ways than one, but I made thanks to your help.

    Gabrielle bites her bottom lip a bit.

    Alana: I think we all helped each that night.

    Gabrielle: I never took you for type to mix business and pleasure.

    Alana: There’s so much pleasure in business, you just have to prioritize.

    As the embrace comes to an end, Alana uses a finger to move a thin strand of hair back behind Gabrielle’s left ear and leans in and kisses her as the two women engage in a passionate kiss Eyesnsane walks just past them and takes a seat at the table on the balcony.

    Eyesnsane: I’m so glad to see you two getting along.

    The two women stop kissing after a few moments and Gabrielle takes a seat on Eyesnsane’s lap while Alana sits in the chair next to him at the table. As the colors of the sky start to change and orange hue can be seen signaling the coming sun.

    Gabrielle: So how long have you two been playmates?

    Gabrielle giggles playfully.

    Eyesnsane: I was as shocked as you were Gabrielle.

    Gabrielle: Wait what?

    Alana: Yes that was the first time Gabrielle. Before then nothing had ever happened between us.

    Gabrielle: But the way everything just flowed. I mean it was like you two knew each other and me so very well.

    Eyesnsane: Well I am a Scorpio.

    Alana: I’m just going to be honest. I tapped into the condo’s security feed. I’ve watched you two.

    Eyesnsane and Gabrielle: What?

    Alana: Don’t be upset. With everything I have going on managing everybody I don’t have much time for myself. It happened after the last upgrade to the system, and the first time I saw you two it was completely an accident.

    Eyesnsane: The first time.

    Gabrielle: You little voyeur.

    Alana: The two of you were so in tune with one another, it was so sensual, so hot. Before I knew what I was doing my hand was down my skirt, my blouse was open and watching you two had me panting like a damn dog in my office. After that I just set the motion sensor for James’ condo and tuned in until I could not take it anymore.

    Gabrielle turns her head to look at Eyesnsane with a smile on her face.

    Gabrielle: Are you hearing this, do you believe this?

    Eyesnsane: I most certainly do because nothing ever even got close to that before between me and Alana.

    Alana: Both of you should understand though its sex for me. I needed a real release and I wanted both a man and woman. I know you two and I can trust you two and here we are.

    The three of them sit in silence for a moment as the sunrises above the horizon. Eyesnsane raises his hands from his side and takes hold of Gabrielle’s thighs with each hand. As Gabrielle leans back on him tilting her head upward and closing her eyes as she begins to rock her hips a bit. Eyesnsane bites on Gabrielle’s right ear lobe as she moans a bit. Just then Alana stands up…

    Alana: Excuse me.

    Alana takes Gabrielle by the hand while also pulling her up to her feet. Alana stands behind Gabrielle and gently pushes her forward so that she is not only up against the table but has to lean over slightly placing her hands on the table. Eyesnsane stands up with a mischievous grin on his face and steps toward Alana who places a hand on his chest to stop him.

    Alana: If I’m not mistaken you have something to do, don’t you?

    Eyesnsane: Well I was going to just go to the Acropolis, but.

    Alana: But nothing. Go!

    Gabrielle: Wait don’t I get a vote.

    Smack! Gabrielle bits her bottom lip as Alana has just turned back toward her while having smacked Gabrielle’s right ass cheek with the palm of her hand. Alana uses her other hand to grab Gabrielle by her hair pulling her head back slightly.

    Alana: No sweetie you don’t get a vote, but you are going to enjoy everything you get while Eyes takes care of his business. You and I are going to play some games until he comes back and then if you’ve been a good girl I might just let you cum.

    The caramel Goddess’s face has turned beet red from her blushing while Eyesnsane’s eyes look as if they are going to pop out of his head. Eyesnsane heads toward the door of the room while both grabbing a shirt and looking back at the balcony. As he grabs the handle to the door, Alana pushes Gabrielle all the way down on the table causing her nighty to ride up completely exposing her from the waist down. Then another, Smack is heard.

    Alana: Do you want to be a good girl for me?

    Gabrielle: Yes.


    Alana: Yes what?

    Gabrielle: Yes, Lana!

    The door closes as Eyesnsane leaves the two women alone in the room.

    The Acropolis

    Eyesnsane is seated in the temple of Athena on the ground sitting right over left with his eyes closed as he meditates on his opponents and upcoming FWA tag team title match. There is silence throughout the temple and the waves can be heard off in the distance crashing into the rocks of the shoreline on what looks like a picture-perfect day as there are hardly any clouds in the sky and the sun is shining brightly.

    Eyesnsane: Grant me the wisdom that I may know how to break the spear.

    The sound of the mortal man’s voice resonates throughout the building until all traces of sound fades away. Seated in white pants with a black belt around his waist and a white t-shirt is Eyesnsane.

    Eyesnsane: It has been said time and time again to beat an opponent you must know that opponent. I’m told that the FWA has no choice but to enlist Gods to try and take the tag team titles away from me. A mistake I will take great pleasure in making them pay for. As they clearly have not chosen wisely. Two Gods said to be guided by Zeus himself, yet this brings about questions in my mind. Let us begin with the bastard, Dionysus the God if you will of fertility, of wine, of having a fancy party. Not to be taken lightly at all because he has a mean streak, or rather is such a brazen drunk he is quite capable of losing control and flying into a blind rage. The illegitimate apple of his daddy’s eye was saved from the ashes of his burnt mother’s womb and carried the rest of the way by dear old dad in his thigh. Wow what a story, no? Hell the titans even killed Dionysus, good thing Rhea brought him back so that he could turn up in the here and now to become a wrestler and challenge me for the FWA world titles.

    While seated he slowly stretches his arms out at his sides, while taking a deep breath in and slowly releasing it.

    Eyesnsane: Next up we have the rightful child of Zeus and Hera, Ares. The God of war or rather the atrocities and untamed acts committed therein. Obviously meant to intimidate those of lessor intellect. No doubt an enviable position to some to be an heir to Mt.Olympus, yet this one is hated by both his parents. Though I will admit Zeus has been doing a great job at acting like this is not the case as he guides his children through how to be wrestlers, 101. Although last week’s lesson seemed more like how to paint women as nothing more than vile creatures, but then again, my dad did not sleep with anything that moved and was human. By the way Ares how’s your sister Aphrodite, you know your baby mama. Talk about keeping it in the family. You knocked your own sister up like eight times and let me guess your favorite vacation spot is Alabama were your favorite leisure activity is catfishing by hand when you’re not broad jumping. Gods indeed, more like a double helping of tragic disappointment.

    Eyesnsane’s eyes slowly open and he is staring at the statue of Athena. He slowly rises to his feet.

    Eyesnsane: Ah Ares with your lust for conflict perhaps under different circumstances you could have been chief among my servants. Alas it is not to be. As is your unfortunate destiny you will continue to fail. You and your half bastard brother will fall in battle with me. The Spartans should have been smarter and worshipped Athena.

    Memphis, Tennessee
    (On Camera)

    A Black jet is stopped on the tarmac only marked by three big silver letters that read “OTE”. A red carpet starts at the open door of the plane and stops at a podium. The sky is a bright blue color and clear of any clouds while the sun is shining brightly. There are two large speakers set up on either side of the podium that reads “FWA” across the front of it. As a large crowd is gathered and waiting. Without warning the PA system comes to life as we hear an unfamiliar song Adrenaline Rush by Twista.

    Eyesnsane steps out of the plane wearing a powder blue suit, white shirt, and a gold paisley tie. As he steps onto the red carpet he is followed by Gabrielle wearing a tight red mini dress with a tag team title over her right shoulder and she is followed by Alana Allure in a similar type of mini dress only colored purple with a tag title over her right shoulder. As Eyesnsane walks just ahead of the two women he stops just before arriving at the podium to allow both women to walk past him to the podium….

    Alana & Gabrielle: Ladies and gentlemen your FWA tag team champion, Eyesnsane!

    Eyesnsane steps up to the podium as Gabrielle places her title over his left shoulder while Alana places the title she was holding on the podium in a way that it faces the crowd as they boo him.

    Eyesnsane: In case you spent 2016 under a rock, my name is Eyesnsane and I am the single greatest fighter in the FWA today.I am a living legend, I am the Icon and I am the reigning, defending and fighting FWA tag team champions of the world.You don’t have to like it or love it but you damn well will respect me. I told you I was going to take what I wanted whenever I wanted to in the FWA and I have done just that. I fight week in and week out with the FWA stacking the odds against me. Two opponents or three opponent’s men or women it has not mattered because none have been able to me a sure up. None have been able to overtake me and none have been able to take these titles. Week after week, fight after fight I call on any who dare to challenge me for these titles. I’ve asked FWA to recruit more teams. I’ve challenges all those talking heads who normally have plenty of crap to talk to form teams and come get me yet her I am. I have defended my titles more than any other champion in the FWA today. I have overcome handicap match after handicap match like no other champion in the FWA.I am the first and only person in the FWA to be the sole holder of the tag team titles. I am a former Young Lions champion, a former North American champion and stand here before you a three-time tag team champion.

    Both Gabrielle and Alana begin clapping for Eyesnsane as he pauses for a moment placing both hands on top of the podium.

    Eyesnsane: The truth is I have been more than the so-called fans of FWA deserve. The truth is your remaining heroes in the FWA are either scared of me or have already fallen to me. The truth is I’m better than Sun Rise Sun Set, I’m better than APAB, I’m better than Kennedy and Servino, I’m better than Toxic Wednesday and frankly I’m the only reason any of you gave a damn about the Blackhearts! God knows I carried the Garcia Brothers farther than they could carry themselves. Unless you suffer from short term memory loss then you all know damn well I’m better than the Airshow. And so, the next to challenge The Eyes in Team will be the Olympians.

    Both Alana and Gabrielle give thumbs down signals and shake their heads.

    Eyesnsane: If I had a question to ask them it maybe it would be something like, so how does it feel to get a shot at my titles by default? How does it feel to be the next team up? What goes through their minds as they are getting ready for the most important match of their young FWA careers? One thing is for sure I’m expecting them to put up more than a fight than Airshow did. Of course, that won’t help them much since they have to fight me. Zeus, dinosaur and…

    Alana leans over and whispers in Eyesnsane’s ear for a moment.

    Eyensane: Really? I could have sworn his name was dinosaur. Eh… that dud whose name begins with a D and runs around with Ares. Now it’s been a long time since there were Gods among us here in the FWA but I just have to say When I look at these two I don’t see the self-proclaimed God and former tag team champion Duke Drazin nor are any of them the lovely Goddess Gabrielle. The powers that be are desperate to have these titles taken from me. They are as desperate as the Olympians will be for a win against me. The simple fact of the matter is that this is my FWA and I and I alone am the damn measuring stick in this company. I’m tougher than the average, stronger than the average and smarter than the average person. Nothing any of you say or do will take that away from me. The thing this business has taught me over the years is that many will claim to be what they are not . Just like these supposed Gods or whatever they claim to be. Oh, but in the end very few will be able to prove themselves to be what they claim. I don’t have to call myself by any titles because of the simple fact that each and every time I get into a ring I prove I am that good. I prove that I can and am more than able to do everything I say I can. So, boo me all you want, stand on your seats screaming and cheering for whoever you want it really makes about as much difference as the vote you cast for president of the United States. Olympians I hope you paid attention to what happened to Airshow last week because your fate just like theirs is already sealed. I’m walking into Trial by Fire as the FWA tag team champions and when I walk out The Eye in Team will still be your FWA tag team champions like it or not. My will be done on Earth and in the heavens. Trial by Fire will go down in FWA history as the night Eyesnsane made Zeus weep as I slay the FWA newest Gods. That’s it that’s all!

    Eyesnsane raises both titles up in the air above his head as the crowd envelopes him in boos. As Alana and Gabrielle step up on either side of him clapping their hands as the scene fades out.

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    The camera cuts to a room where we see senior interviewer Todd Salum sitting in a chair.

    Todd Salum: Hello FWA fans! I'm sitting here today waiting to conduct an interview with one of FWA's newest acquisitions. A man who calls himself the best in the world at what he does, and the division one superstar. Ladies and gentlemen; Tommy Thunder.

    The camera pans to show Thunder, who's wearing a dapper, navy three piece suit. He has a sour look on his face and Salum has barely finished welcoming him before he opens his mouth.

    Tommy Thunder: Let me stop you right there, Todd. I'm not a man who calls myself those things, I simply AM those things. I AM exactly what I say I am. When I say I'm the best in the world at what I do, the division one superstar, I mean it. Those aren't gimmicks. They're facts about me. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

    Todd Salum: I can understand you perfectly clear, Mr Thunder, and unlike my young colleague, who interviewed you the other week, I won't stand for you pushing me around. You're not going to dodge my questions, and you're not going to tell me what I can and can't do. I ask, and you will answer, do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

    Thunder: Are you trying to humor me, Salum? Huh?! Are you trying to be funny? Trying to get a cheap pop out of the fans by pandering to them?

    Salum: No, I'm doing my job, and speaking of which, let's move on to my first question. Now, you call, or say that you're the division one superstar, and indeed, you say that you're the only division one superstar in FWA. What makes you think this?

    Thunder: You better watch it Salum. You're testing my patience and if you're not careful I'll slap the questions right out of your mouth. How about that?
    Now I've been watching FWA for a while, and it should be no great surprise to you or anyone else that there's nobody else here that compares to me. But seeing as you're asking it's evident to me that you haven't done your homework in regards to who I am, where I've come from and what I've achieved in my career thus far.

    I'm a 5 time world champion. I've won world titles in every promotion I've worked for and mark my words, things aren't going to be any different here in FWA. It's only a matter of time. It won't be tomorrow, the day after, next week or even next month, but it will happen. the talent I've come up against here so far aren't worthy of sharing a ring with me, and as for my opponent at Trial By Fire, Mr XYZ, if that even is his real name, all he's done so far is try and beat me by playing these little mind games. Does he think I'm a novice? That's the tactic of a division 2 superstar. And at Trial By Fire, I'm going to show him what a real superstar is. I'm going to show him how a real superstar wins matches by beating him. I made an example of him by beating him in front of everyone with a steel chair and now I'm going to embarrass him by beating him in that ring in front of all the FWA fans.

    Does that answer your question, Todd?

    Todd Salum: I think I've heard all I need to hear, Mr Thunder. For tonight...

    Salum has barely finished his scentence as Thunder has already taken off him mic and left the room, leaving Salum shaking his head disapprovingly.

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    Diary of an unknown future.

    I remember the night, 2016.
    The sound of my ankle snapping still haunts me to this day.
    In the shadow of Back in Business.
    The crippling fear of the unclear, rehab filled future.
    The man in hospital next to me, saw his life shattered.
    All alone with nothing but my mind,
    And I concluded to fight my tortuous doubts and bring it all together.
    A doubt still creeps.
    A new perspective ends the doubt.


    August 2016.

    We open at a recently undecorated room. Pictures torn off the wall. Wallpaper shredded and patchy. The room had been gutted and the window covered over with wood. The room full of gym equipment occupied by one man, Phillip A. Jackson. Jackson stares down at the ankle he broke just months prior. Finally given the green light to start his full work out regime to get back to wrestling shape. Jackson looks fatter than normal, his muscles have started to lose definition and Jackson is not in the shape he once was. Jackson has huge bags under his eyes and has grown almost a full beard. Jackson is in workout gear with extra bandages and support over his ankle. Jackson steps onto the treadmill to test out his ankle before moving onto anything serious. Jackson takes a deep breath and starts to walk before getting up into a run. Jackson doesn’t last long and quickly holds his ankle but there is no pain. Jackson rubs his face and takes a deep breath. Jackson looks broken, beaten and nowhere near ready to make his 4 month comeback mark.

    Jackson slumps to the floor. He bends one leg but keeps his formerly injured ankle out on a straight leg.

    ‘How the fuck do I do this? They told me to focus on rehab at home. I ripped everything out. I gutted this room. Have I lost it? Am I done? I was meant to be unbreakable.’

    Jackson sits on the floor staring at the treadmill with real determination in his breath.

    ‘One day, I will do this. I just need to find a reason.’

    Jackson gets up and gives up on working out.


    September 2016.

    We return to Jackson sitting on the floor of his now gutted home gym. There is no other piece of equipment in the room. Jackson has grown more dishevelled with his hair grown out and a full beard. His upper body is more defined and he has had no trouble working out his top half. Jackson still has bags under his eyes and looks like he is high on crack. A man sits across from Jackson they are staring into each other’s eyes. Jackson still sits with his right leg straight. The man across from Jackson is wearing a lab coat with his local hospital ID.

    Psychiatrist: You are riddled with doubt. I heard about you re-writing ‘Diary of an Unknown Soldier’ with doubt. You are worried that your body is giving up on you. That is why you aren’t sleeping?

    Jackson: Hospitals make me crazy, I guess. I’m just concerned that I can’t do this anymore. I haven’t had an injury this serious in my life and when you perform at a high level all the time you wonder if you can ever reach that height, ya know?

    Psychiatrist: I deal with athletes all the time. We just need to get you to believe. We need to find a focus. Something for you to work on. Something that will destroy the doubt. You have been full of pride for a long time, for the first time you have been humbled. We just need to build your confidence back up. The doctor said you should be able to be back in the ring by January if you can get your rehab going.

    Jackson nods and begins to think.

    Jackson: So a reason to get back to the FWA? Like something I feel has left a hole?

    The Psychiatrist smiles and agrees.

    Psychiatrist: Yes! Exactly. That would be a healthy start.

    Jackson smirks.

    Jackson: Someone who makes me doubt? Someone who I have unsettled history with? Someone who needs to be taken down a peg? Ryan Rondo. I need to destroy him.

    The Psychiatrist interrupts

    Psychiatrist: That’s not exactly what I mea-

    Jackson springs up to his feet. Leaving the psychiatrist stunned, having witnessed the lack of confidence in Jackson for the last two weeks.

    Jackson: Thanks doc. I will let you know how I get on.

    The doctor is quickly ushered from the room and Jackson laughs at the treadmill and begins to run quickly and confidently.

    ‘I have meaning again. I have purpose again. The darkness makes me better. I am worthless until I am better than ever’


    Jackson shouts this words over and over again.


    Jackson stands in the gym he was in months prior. The gym has been re-fitted with painted walls, his old pictures on the walls, gym equipment and a polished wooden floor. A return to normality. Except for a giant black tarp covering part of the wall that the gym equipment faces. Jackson has had his hair cut, his blonde highlights put back in and his beard trimmed but leaving a bit of stubble. Jackson is in peak psychical form but still is wearing a black hoodie and all black clothing. Jackson paces around the room touching all the equipment as if he is reflecting on it. Jackson takes a deep breath.

    Phillip A. Jackson: In my months of surgery and rehab I only struggled with one thing. I had no fear of going under the knife, that is part of this business, I had no fear of the rehab. I work hard all the time to be in great shape. In those months of toil and all that work to get back it was the unknown that got to me. For the first time in my life there was an abyss of the unknown. Will I get back into wrestling shape? Can I be as good as I was before? It was something I had never, ever experienced. For the first two months I couldn’t even watch FWA. The unknown tortured me. Sleepless nights wrought with doubt. What was a four month lay-off lasted 6 months because it was situation I was not used to. I used to believe that I was invincible but only a fool believe they are invincible. It is a bullshit statement that guys spew when they have no meaning behind their words. It’s what they spew when they believe in their ability too much. So what got me through? How did I survive? How did I come back? I am a competitor. I am a guy who doesn’t let anything beat me. I worked my ass to get back here but I didn’t make a show of it. I didn’t have updates on surgery. I didn’t post about every part of my day. I didn’t do interviews. I never said a word to anyone except the one man in FWA you need to speak too. I became edgier, darker, more rounded. I became much more self-aware. The world went from something worth having to something worth ignoring. Darkness began to plague me and I did not mind. Self-loathing helped. Hating what I had become was exactly what I needed. It cleared the system and let me reset. I got to see a whole new perspective.

    ‘Jackson: NO PRESS. NO GRANDEUR. WORK UNTIL YOU ARE BETTER.’ Jackson remembers. He has overcome. He is better. He is on his way back.

    But make no mistake, this isn’t a pity party. It’s also not revenge on Ryan Rondo. This a payback on my own former shortcomings. I am getting revenge on Phillip A. Jackson. The one who polluted me. Ryan Rondo stands in the way of that. Ryan Rondo is part of the problem but he is not the whole problem. Rondo and I have a long, long history and it is my past that I am trying to forget. Nothing I have done in the past matters. Nothing I have said in the past matters because I have moved beyond it. The future is what matters. I understand that I may not have long left in this company and this business. The end is coming and I intend to make use of every second. You saw the birth of the new Phillip A. Jackson already. I didn’t need to just out wrestle Ryan Rondo but outsmart him too. I didn’t need to say a word to throw everyone off. I just let speculation run wild. I went into hiding. It made me stronger because it would make coming back better. It gave me will power. It gave me everything I have lacked and it was good for me. Injuries like mine usually destroy careers but mine is reborn through pain I have become better. I am the comeback story of the year because words are no longer my only weapon, unlike certain people, my words had become so grand, so over-the-top that they lost all meaning. I was just spewing and hoping that something meaningful would come out of it. My approach is now much more refined. Less arrogance, less delusion, just straight reality. It was my last move. Everyone expected me to be impulsive and in a rush just to get to the part where you see my face again but my statement was more important.

    Jackson pulls down the tarp but doesn’t look at the wall. We cannot see what is written on the wall.

    We all know that the old me would have revealed at Mile High and cut some awesome promo that would have left you all happy but it would have made no meaning. Rondo had to face a boogeyman. Rondo had to face the one boogeyman that he has never been forced to face. I have referred to Ryan as The Golden Boy for years but that would be too nice to Ryan. I feel sorry for Ryan. A poor little company boy stuck being the face of FWA. Stuck with the demands of having to try and please everyone. Pretending to actually give a crap about anyone else’s problems and standing up for the values of Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. They sent Ryan Rondo to put Michael Garcia in his place for talking crap about Chris Kennedy and Devin Golden. How he beat and how he is superior. Thanks to me, he can add Ryan Rondo to that list. They wanted Rondo to beat Michael to make sure the legacy of Kennedy and Golden were preserved. Who better, right? After all, Devin and Ryan were best friends and a pretty crap superhero duo. Ryan Rondo is ‘Mr. FWA’. Ryan Rondo is the guy that everyone aspires to be. Except for me, I pity Ryan Rondo. He is under pressure every day of his life. He has to smile no matter what. He has to be clean. He can’t have any warts. He has to please everyone. I can tell you that is hard. You think Ryan Rondo goes home happy? I think Ryan is broken. I think Ryan struggles every day with this job. Ryan is slowly breaking down and FWA can’t see what they are doing to him. I need to take out Rondo to do him a favour. To make him see the boogeyman that no-one else can defeat. Ryan COULD be a legend if he finally realised what was good for him. If he could slay the boogeyman that is holding him back, The FWA. They are using him as their pawn keeping him in check. They keep his obedience by dangling the golden carrot on the stick and sometimes letting him get it. They let him get it at Back in Business.But Ryan needs to see the light. I saw the light but the light was dark. It was cold. It was grey. It was broken but it was real. Wrestlers in this company pretend this business is glamorous. They like to pretend that this is a life you want to live. It is all sunshine and fucking rainbows but it is not. It is harsh, relentless, demanding and brutal. So goddamn brutal. You fly all the time. You drive all the time. You sleep in average hotels 300 days a year. For a guy like me, you live in a foreign country. Why should I walk out pretending that I have any self-worth? I am a goddamn slave to a company that bends you over the table. It is the same wherever you go. Yet Ryan Rondo pretend he is some bastion of hope for FWA fans. That sometimes the kid can grow from opening the show to closing it. It is time to break the illusion and break Rondo’s delusion. This is NOT revenge for taking the belt I believed matter. That would be too easy on Ryan. I want to break his world. Ryan is breaking. Ryan is slowly coming apart and I intend to accelerate that process. Gone are the days where I break people with words before finishing them off in the ring. My statements come through my actions because I am NOTHING without them. I already threw Ryan off the goddamn stage, I cost him a match, I attacked him week after week before he knew what he was dealing with. He thought he was clever last week by trying to attack me but all he has done is confirm my decision. I had my pick of anyone in FWA because FWA values me for some contractual reason.

    Jackson starts coughing to highlight what he is doing and pretending to make it rain. Jackson shakes his head realising what he has done. Jackson takes a deep breath and continues.

    I could have had a shot at Cyrus Truth or Zachary Kazadi but I knew Ryan was the one. Ryan was my chosen one. The history is irrelevant to me because I will continue to not dwell upon that I cannot change. Whether that be a New Era or a New Elite Order. Trial By Fire is my focus. Ryan Rondo is the only thing in this world that I care about and I only care about him because I will destroy him. I have an advantage over Ryan. I am clear of baggage. I am clear of doubt. Ryan is battling everyday but I battle just once in the ring. It will be memorable because my actions will not be changed by my words. I don’t need fanfare or glory. I just need to make sure that Ryan gets my message, loud and clear.

    Jackson points to the wall without looking at it.

    One Word.


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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    The Future Princess Diaries (Eimi Sanada's Blog) - Christmas and New Year Update

    明けましておめでとうございます !!!!

    (akemashite omedetou gozaimasu -- 'Happy New Year' greeting for when the New Year has arrived.)

    Hi everyone! Sorry, I haven't been able to update very much during the holidays as I have been busy visiting my family and friends here in Japan and trying not to be antisocial! I also wanted to take the time to write this and get my feelings across about a certain situation when there was nothing else on my mind.

    Firstly, this holiday break has been good for me -- I have come back to Japan and have been able to refresh myself. It was nice to see my family and friends as well as to be back somewhere familiar in general -- I had forgotten, a little bit, about Shimonoseki... but I made sure to visit the Akama Shrine. I think the spirits of the Taira won't be upset me... I asked for forgiveness... but I think they may have been busy dealing with a few tourists. Let's hope I have not brought a curse upon myself! I hope they didn't think I was just a tourist too.

    Secondly, I have been slowly learning and improving my English skills. I think I will be more comfortable in the future speaking the language. I am improving. I visited KUMA gym recently to give Kurisumasu gifts - I was also able to teach some English of my own! I bought my friend, Haruka, a new lightsaber for her entrance... and I also taught her to say:


    It felt very good.

    Thirdly, I know I have a big match coming up for the FWA but I have been trying not to stress about it! The truth is -- I have struggled a little over this title situation. Anzu-chan was recently injured and I think that may have been my fault - I feel like I have stolen her place. But also, parts of me are conflicted. I like Beru Konerii but I have to defeat her. It's a hard riddle to solve. I know I am capable of beating her - that is not the issue - it's how I feel, morally, about it. It's not like Beru has offended me greatly... and so I feel like I must come up with a way to fire myself up. I have already spoken on the past Fight Nights - I even told Beru that I want to give her respect, take her title... and also wished her Merii Kurisumasu... it's all over the place a little! Aside from my morals and my feelings, though, I feel like, deep down, Beru does not take me seriously. Over the last little while, I feel like that has been true for a lot of my opponents. The only opponent I have faced who has shown me respect in the FWA has been KAI-san. And that was because of how fiercely contested our match was... even before then, he didn't respect me. But I must say that Beru's Kurisumasu gift was very nice! Very nice!

    But I have been thinking of what to say here, hopefully Beru reads this and knows how to translate Japanese so she can understand. I was not able to use the correct words to explain how I feel about this match to Beru in the ring. I am not good enough at English and I think... it is not good enough to stand and speak in Japanese when the entire arena won't understand you. I tried my best. I have friends who translate words for me - what she really said and now I feel like I can respond. I guess it is smart I haven't responded right away, I would probably have less to say... but during my holidays here, I think I have been shown a few things. I have been preparing for Trial By Fire long before she told me to on that Fight Night, trust me. I guess it is lucky that all my friends here in Japan support me and are all very wrestling centric too - it is difficult to go a day without speaking about things. I think it is slightly ignorant... and perhaps arrogant that Beru thinks I have not been preparing already.

    As I have spoken about - I have struggled with the idea of respect in the FWA. I don't seem to be afforded much by my opponents. Even though I always put in a good performance in the ring and show I can be violent, they don't seem to recognise it. My eyes were opened recently.


    It was at the ASCENZION ŌMISOKA (New Year's Eve) FIESTA MMA event that I attended during the holidays that I realised that I need to do more. Of course, if you are my fan... my friend... then you know that my sister, Suzuka, was a part of the big event at Saitama Super Arena. I don't have much time to support Suzuka in person anymore but I had the chance to on this day and I wasn't going to miss it. I would go along with Mika-chan - who was going to see Suzuka fight live for the very first time. It was an exciting day! Suzuka regularly trains at the KUMA gym to sharpen her grappling knowledge -- KUMA is a grappling master, of course. However, I was very nervous - I always am for my sister. The night did not go very well up until her fight... alot of Japanese fighters lost... it was supposed to be a great showcase of our talent but we were losing badly. The crowd still enjoyed the action and we loved seeing the talent on display... but I was worried the trend of Japanese fighters losing would continue for Suzuka's fight.

    Now, I don't want to speak at incredibly long length about my sister's fight but the fight really highlighted a lot of similarities we share. As I said, it opened my eyes somewhat.

    Suzuka was fighting a girl from Ukraine...she had very nice blonde hair... she reminded me of Beru. I heard she was a kickboxing champion in Ukraine and considered a fearsome fighter, Suzuka had no fear of her though... and there was no true rivalry between the two. Infact, days before the fight, they were seen sharing dinner together and having fun... really surprising! I wondered how could Suzuka fight this girl? They seemed like they would be friends, right!?

    I even spoke to Mika-chan about it - but she seemed to understand it quite easily. She said it was different when they got into the ring. They weren't in the real world trying to be friends anymore, they were opponents in a match that was practically life or death. When it's do or die, you don't have time to think about whether you like your opponent or not. But I will speak about this a little bit more later.

    See, everyone takes Suzuka serious... and it puzzles me a little. I know she is not a pro wrestler like me and the worlds are different but I couldn't help but think we are so similar yet so different. As her entrance song played - エイジア エンジニア / 絶対負けない (Asia Engineer - Zettai Makenai) - I could see the crowd singing along with the song and Suzuka would walk down the big ramp dancing and singing too. It was like when I come out! We'd hear random cries of "SUZUKA!" from the crowd... perhaps a little different from American chants but it was the crowd showing support nonetheless! Even Mika-chan picked up on it - she asked me if I had ever realised that both me and my sister come out to songs the crowd instantly recognise/enjoy whilst dancing and being energetic. I didn't. But it perplexes me to think that my sister would walk to the ring with her opponent still taking her serious - I think Beru might end up dancing and singing along too... thinking that I may be a soft touch.

    But... the switch flipped - just like it does with me. After she got into the ring, Suzuka wasn't happy and smiley anymore. She looked like she wanted to kill her opponent. That's the impression I want to give! It was like my sister was two different people - she completely transformed in the ring. She would win the fight in a really dominant fashion too! I saw Mika-chan cover her eyes as Suzuka almost soccer kicked her opponent's head into the first row. It was very brutal. I don't know if I can be that brutal in the ring. Yet after the fight was stopped, Suzuka was back to being energetic and happy, hugging her opponent. She showed that she is not a monster, she is not a terrible person... she can be fun and happy but also dangerous at the same time, someone that people need to take serious.

    And that's when I realised that - I am similar but yet so different. I don't get afforded that level of respect by my opponents in the FWA. When I make my entrance, I am viewed like Suzuka. But when I am in the ring, I am not. This has to change. I want to be like my sister in both regards. I feel like I perform to my top potential in the ring but it seems that people take more note of my personality. Perhaps I need to be meaner in the ring. Perhaps I need to be a little more brutal. Heavier kicks? More Sutādasuto Doragon Sūpurekkusu? I don't know but I need to make myself stand out more in the ring and Beru provides the perfect opportunity for that. What better way for people to take me more seriously by dismantling the champion?

    But as I have said, I don't want people to view me as a demon or a bad person. All I want to do is make people see my personality should not be confused with how I perform in the ring. I like to have fun, just like my sister, but I also want to win and dominate, just like my sister. I feel like telling you of my experience, it might convey how I feel about the situation. Maybe you come away from this reading this and I think I am my sister's biggest fan. Maybe I am but that is not why I told the story. I don't want to be a bad person in the FWA... but I also want to be someone that is taken seriously. I hope you all understand. In Japan, I fought my way through everything and Mika-chan helped me be taken seriously in our escapades... but in the FWA, I am alone. It is what it is.

    However, my desire to be taken seriously... it is not enough. I could face any opponent and try to give them a beating to prove myself. This is much more! This is a championship match! I have to dominate the match, outclass Beru to be taken seriously... but I need the inspiration to do that. It's not so simple as me deciding that I need to be taken seriously and so I now have the strength to smash the champion into a thousand pieces. No. I need more motivation. As with Suzuka's fight, I am sure that the crowd really wanting a Japanese win provided an extra boost. Maybe that's why she was so brutal. I need to think of and find these extra boosts of motivation for myself. No doubt, Beru will want to dominate the match and make a good point, so I need to find something more, some kind of inspiration that will allow me to outmatch hers.

    And now, I think I can speak about these inspirations.


    I have been thinking about the title and Beru alot. And, I am sure most people will think this - me and Beru are quite similar. The difference is, I feel like she treats everything like a toy. I feel like she treats puroresu like it is a fantasy land for her childish dreams. I come out with props, I have my teddy bears, I have my raito seibaa and all those things.... BUT.... there are a few things that should be treated seriously in puroresu. The title belt is one of them. The FWA Joshi championship should be treated with the utmost respect. I think Beru has a great personality and is a very fun person... but she treats the title belt like a prop! A mere toy! The title belt has been defaced! How are the battle maidens supposed to be taken seriously when the champion is strutting around with a glittery defaced belt that looks like her toy rather than her title belt!? It makes me a little bit furious on the inside to see this. I see Shanon Oniiru speak about women being taken seriously - yet she appears to be blind, her partner does not help our situation whatsoever! A title belt that looks like a joke... is it any wonder that there is a lack of women willing to step up and challenge? They probably think that the division has sunk so far enough now that it's a complete joke. Beru is a very good fighter but someone HAS to beat her to help this division and bring the belt back some prestige. It may be callous of me to say these things... I may be extremely disrespectful but my viewpoint must be shared! I know Beru said that it wouldn't be the same if I didn't point out she was a disgrace to the belt and that I would crush her. Maybe she can see the future. I don't think I would call her a disgrace to the belt... but the belt has suffered in her hands for a good while now!

    It is difficult to not call Beru a great champion... but recently, she has not been a great champion for us. Her actions signify to me that she views the title as a mere stepping stone. Something that she wants to use for a bigger destiny. She looks past it. Perhaps she can't be blamed for this - after all, there appears to be a distinct lack of courage here... nobody willing to stand up for what is right and stand up for the belt! Just look how much of the battle maidens division has been an afterthought as Beru tries to chase Sairasu for the big belt! She speaks about wanting to win the big belt but she does not speak about how proud she is to be the top battle maiden, she does not speak about what the women's title belt means to her in the grand scheme of things! Instead it is just pure selfishness and how much she wishes to be the world champion. A great shame. Shanon had the right idea... but I feel that Beru misinterpreted it for her own gain. All Beru can do is focus on Sairasu and winning the big title, she does not focus on the women, she does not focus on the right things. She loses to Sairasu and it insults the prestige of the women's title! I know women can win the world title in the FWA because it has been done before - so for Beru to fall short in her quest, it is a small slap in the face to those women as well as those who have waited by the sidelines for an opportunity... LIKE ME!! It is sad for me to say this but Beru failed to beat Sairasu... and so she has failed in her duty as our champion - for multiple reasons. The men must surely now look at our title belt and think it is somewhat of a joke. She did not fight for the right reasons. She fought for herself. It is clear as day to me. And that is what hurts so much.

    She had the chance to come back down... but instead, she still chased after Sairasu and had him in her sights at Mile High! She didn't care enough about the battle maidens to have a showcase match on a big show! I will admit, she did defend her title against me and Anzu-chan but... why not on the big show!? Why not let the world see just how strong the FWA maidens really are!? Because Beru was selfish. She just wants to be recognised as the top battle maiden and nobody else. She does not want to share the glory. She does not want anyone else to stand out. It is a crying shame because this division could be so much more with the right person on top of it. I think I am the right person. Maybe some people may laugh at me because me and Beru are so similar - but I would not treat the title belt like a silly prop. I would treat it with true respect. I would fight to defend it and showcase all the talented ladies in the FWA. That's what I want to do. I don't think it is what Beru wants to do. Do you understand?

    It's funny, because I have spoken about being taken seriously... and I guess, it is selfish of me to try and say that I want this and I want that - how can I truly prove that I am different from Beru in this regard? Well, I need to win the belt to show that. Winning this match... it accomplishes all my missions for me. I can finally show that I deserve to be taken seriously and that my antics outside of the ring should not be used to judge me inside of it. But I can also start to make this belt be taken seriously too. It is clear that Beru has higher ambitions... but me? I do not wish to run after Sairasu and the men. I wish for nothing more than this belt. Beru wants to be the main attraction, she wants to use the women's title now as a stepping stone to something greater, she treats it like a toy... this is not the sign of a great champion, she is not a great champion anymore. She does not treat the belt like it means the world to her. But can't you see how much this title would mean to me? How much this match means to me? Do you think it means as much to Beru!? I don't think so. That belt is all that I want right now. Beru cannot say the same. That is my motivation. That is why I know I can win this match. I have the stronger desire. I want to free Beru to do whatever she wants... but with her no longer harming the prestige of the title!

    I want... ALL CLEAR MISSION!

    よんでくれてありがとうございます !!!

    (Yonde kurete arigatou gozaimasu - Thank you for reading)

    anada Eimi

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    Tristan James Galloway is sitting at the end of the bar at Alex’s Tavern, the oldest tavern in Memphis. The trademark beaten up fedora sits on the bar top as his hair is pulled back. Galloway’s gaze is fixated on his half empty glass of sprite sitting on the counter. The door opens and a man in well pressed jeans, black button up shirt with a baby blue vest enters the Tavern. This man is CWA’s High Voltage champion’s agent Romeo Rollings, the founder and owner of Rollings’ Agency. Romeo scans the room until his eyes find Tristan at the bar. The smug smirk surfaces on Rollings’ face as he makes his stride towards TJG. Romeo takes the seat next to him.

    Romeo Rollings: You’re a hard man to find.

    Tristan doesn’t acknowledge Romeo, thus confusing the silver tongued devil.

    Romeo Rollings: I’m sorry. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Romeo Rollings. I represent Elijah Edwards from the CWA. The current reigning and defending High Voltage champion. I’ve got an offer for you.

    Tristan James Galloway: Not interested.

    Tristan downs the rest of his drink, digging into his pocket for a few dollars and leaves it on the bar. He puts on his hat and coat as he heads towards the door. Romeo Rollings gives chase.

    Romeo Rollings: You haven’t even heard my pitch! Hey, c’mon, man. Give me a break, will ya? I’ve flown here all the way from Vegas to see you. Personally. I didn’t skype, tweet, text, DM. I came to talk to you in the flesh. Because I’m dedicated to the people I represent. I’m motivated to help them, and I’m motivated to help you.

    Tristan James Galloway: The idea of status and power are your drives in life. I have no use for social status and the false idea of power.

    Romeo Rollings: Kid, while the Kurt Cobain “I don’t wanna be famous” gimmick works and fools certain people, but the main drive in this profession or any other sport is money. You wanna be the voice for the broken and lonely? I’m cool with that. I can sell that. I can get you a far better deal than what FWA has given you.

    Tristan walks through the door and quickly turns left, heading down the street with his hands in his pocket grinning as he shakes his head.

    Tristan James Galloway: Do you expect me to break my word with FWA and jump to CWA? Play second fiddle to the High Voltage champion?

    Romeo Rollings: No, not what I’m saying at all. And you wouldn’t be playing second fiddle to anybody. You would get the same focus he gets. You say you have no desire for social status? But what about prestige and respect in the sport of professional wrestling? Don’t you want championships and high profile matches? I can get you that. Instantly. Look what I’ve done for Elijah Edwards. He wasn’t winning championships in POWER wrestling association, but when he linked up with me and made his way to CWA- he became everything he was supposed to be. Now don’t give me that spill on how you’re not concerned with championships. I’ll know you’re full of crap and will want to know why you are even in this business to begin with. Let’s survey the landscape right now. Ares and Dionysus, two guys who were signed around the same time you were. What are they up to at Trial by Fire? Competing for the Tag Team titles against Eyesnsane!

    Romeo’s pace slows down as he ponders somethings.

    Romeo Rollings: Quick thought- how does one guy hold two belts meant for a team? But I’ll figure that one out later.

    He speeds up to get in stride with Tristan James Galloway.

    Romeo Rollings: My point is this: they’ve already found themselves in title contention and you’re stuck having to prove yourself against Trenton York, a whack job with daddy issues. You’ve wrestled him twice already. Now, you’re engaged in a two out of three falls match. Doesn’t that eat you up inside? To be looked over when you’re just as good as they are. You’ve got the size, the power, the charisma. Come with me and in less than a month you’ll be wrestling for the X title or the North American title. I promise you this.

    Tristan James Galloway: You talk too much… but of course I’m sure you know this.

    This comment frustrates Romeo. He yanks on Tristan’s arm, turning him around and forcing him to look him in the eyes.

    Romeo Rollings: Listen, pal. I’m trying to do YOU a favor here.

    A menacing look is upon Tristan’s face as he moves towards Romeo Rollings. The powerhouse agent looks up, realizing the vast size difference between the two. Romeo changes approach, this time putting on a sly smile, patting TJG on the back.

    Romeo Rollings: Let me rephrase that. I come on too strong sometimes. I forget that I’m no longer dealing with cutthroat film producers and studio. I’m dealing with warriors… and one who is currently contemplating to rip my face off, but let’s not get to that. Huh? We’re two civilized gentlemen here, right? All I’m offering is a chance for greatness.

    Tristan James Galloway: And I’m telling you that I don’t want your help, nor do I need your help. I stand alone. My whole life I have been alone and have no desire to change that now. Especially for a seedy cult of personality such as yourself. You’ve lead Elijah to greatness and I applaud you both for that. However, his path is not mine. We are driven by two different things… So I thank you for your offer, but respectfully decline.

    Tristan leaves. A dissatisfied Romeo makes a crude gesture to Galloway before kicking his foot in disappointment.


    Trial by fire.

    The scene opens with Tristan James Galloway sitting in front of a crackling bonfire. His gaze is fixated on the rising flames.

    A fitting title for the show in which my final encounter with Trenton York, for our last contest is a two out of three falls match. To say the two of us have been to war with one another would be a great disservice to what has transpired for the last couple of weeks. We have something to prove; to ourselves and to the world watching. For me, Trenton is the representation of the forces that will try to oppose me, oppress me, and violate me at every turn. There’s only a few options for me in this fight. I can submit to their will, allowing myself to be victimized for their devilish desires. A doll subjugated to their commands in their child’s play, so they will be satiated. My other option is to clench my fists tightly and release a force so strong they dare not return fire. To instill in them that I am not a pawn for their games. I will not bend to their will, nor will I allow them to conquer me.

    Tristan begins to stoke the fire, causing the flames to rise higher and burn brighter.

    This fire represents my spirit. Amidst the trails and tribulations I will face, my fire will not be put out. Despite being tormented by beast who were masqueraded as my protectors, I did not break. When I suffered defeat, even under foul circumstances, I was not extinguished. I breathed more life into the flames and I rose again in burning triumph. Even if I am to be down in this match one fall to none, I will not be deterred. Because I can not allow Trenton to win.

    Trenton, you remind me a lot of Peter O’Malley. The question you’re asking is who is Peter O’Malley. Peter was my foster father. He, for whatever reason beyond my comprehension, was entrusted by the state to raise several children. For the social workers and child services agents, he portrayed himself to be almost saint like. For them, he was a blue collar worker striving to make life better not only for himself and his children, but for those he took in. He knew what to say and when to say it. He figured out people’s personalities and exploited them to the fullest all for his gain. But when the government wasn’t around, when his friends and other family were nowhere to be found, he was a vile man. He would slap in the face with the buckle of his belt if you dared interrupted a Patriots game with talking or playing. If you were to inquire for more dinner than the bread and cheese you were given, he forced you into a closet for three days with no food, water, or sunlight. A small bucket is where you were allowed to dispel of your waste. You did what he wanted- one way or another. His aspired for control. Just like you.

    Being only nine years old, I had no ways to fight him off. I tried speaking out to social workers, but they could never find evidence against him. None of the other children were willing to speak. And should find out who said what, you were to sleep in the dog kennel outside. If one of the older kids shielded you against his beatings, they would be struck down and you would receive a punishment far greater than you would have before. I spent many of days fantasying about him getting his comeuppance. Hoping he would die from heart failure, a stroke, or even hit by a car. Anything to save me from him. I even thought about ways I could hurt him myself. Many meals spent staring at his fork and wanting to jab it into his eyes. Maybe even smothering him with a pillow, but I was frozen with fear. Fear of repercussions should he survive or that my age limited my success…

    I couldn’t destroy that demon, but I can destroy you Trenton. And I will. For beating you is exercising the traumas of my youth, and a step closer to achieving greater things in FWA. Winning two of the three falls establishes dominance and control over you and this rivalry of sorts. I will not be a victim. Not anymore.

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    Mental Health Evaluation Clinic - two days before Trial by Fire 2017

    “I’m telling you that this is a waste of time, how is THIS going to help?”

    Prodigy throws an arm in the air in exasperation as he stands in what appears to be some sort of reception. It is only days before Trial by Fire and in the days before a PPV you will often only find Mike Parr travelling of training. Certainly, in a public domain in an apparent argument on the phone wouldn’t be where you would expect the defending Television and North American Champion of FWA. Mike had paused whilst the person on the other end of the phone clearly tries to explain something to him, rationally.

    “I’m as mentally ready as I’ve ever been, I just want to repeatedly stamp of his face again and again. If anything, I’m more ready than I’ve ever been for someone like Garcia…”

    Short pause whilst the person on the phone interjects once more.

    “It’s better if it’s personal for me. EVERYTHING IS PERSONAL. You should know me well enough to know that I’m not going to let some jumped up moron take me off of my game….”

    Prodigy doesn’t even allow for the person to respond, he slams the phone down and takes a seat in what is quite a crowded reception. Twenty minutes….Mike decides that he is going to give this twenty minutes before deciding that he was right all along and calling it a day. The only thing that he needs to unload is his fury on Michael Garcia’s face, he doesn’t need to talk his way through his problems. Parr stares up at the clock in the reception, but as his anger subsides he can feel his head becoming a bit heavy as the week of training and travelling does begin to catch up to him……..

    It was the summer of his fifteenth birthday, and Michael had pretty much everything that you could want at that age. He had the dashing good looks that his classmates envied, he had the female attention that those looks deserved. He had the intellect to excel in school and he had the brawn to look after himself should anyone try to chance their luck and try to make a name for themselves. As yet, his parents were unaware that he was also leaving school at 4pm each day to go train and follow his dream of becoming a professional. Not a professional doctor like his mother wanted and believed he was capable of, nor a professional lawyer like his father thought that he had the attributes for. No….Michael was training to become a professional wrestler.

    “You’re going to be great” Katie gushed as she leant in and placed a kiss on the man that she figured, like anyone else who had watched him at this point, would be the next big thing in the game of professional wrestling. Michael was sat on the apron of the ring, panting slightly after finishing up in a dark match for one of the local company’s shows. He smiled in response and grabbed her hand and gave it a light squeeze.

    Katie was a year older than him at this point. Michael’s reaction to her kiss wasn’t reciprocated as you would imagine. I mean, what fifteen year old wouldn’t be dancing his way home having this sort of attention from a female on a daily basis? And so it continued week after week where Michael would excel and Katie would excitedly approach him however as the weeks went on Michael went from grabbing her hand and smiling to simply letting her actions become an afterthought. If you asked Michael two months from this point did Katie approach him after his match, he couldn’t tell you. He was looking at the crowd, breathing in the noise and atmosphere and dreaming of his future.

    This change in demeanour wasn’t lost on Katie either, and before you could blink, Michael was finishing matches and she was clapping from ringside, feeling obliged to attend rather than a part of the proceedings. On one of those nights, Michael finished up at ringside and was back in the locker room. “Michael….do you want me to even be here anymore?” she asked, and rather tellingly Michael didn’t have an immediate response for her. He put his gear in his gym bag, and looked at her and muttered “Of course.” They both knew, and her eyes began to fill up noticeably with tears. She stormed out of the locker room as Michael didn’t even cast a second glance but continued to put his stuff away. He threw his bag over his shoulder and suddenly began to feel a pang of slight remorse….what did she actually do to deserve that? Deserve him? As he flung open the door, Katie was outside being comforted by one of the other wrestlers who clearly noticed how distressed she looked. For the first time in months, at this moment, Michael felt a surge of emotion relating to Katie. He could feel his blood beginning to boil, and in one swift movement he dropped his bags and marched towards the two of them….

    “Can I get a picture please?”

    Parr jolts back to life, his senses entirely peaked not realising that he drifted off. A quick glance at the clock in the reception tells him that it was only a matter of minutes, but it could have been hours for all he knew. He shakes his head quickly and as he gets his bearings back, he clocks a young ten year old responsible for the question staring expectantly at him. The child’s mother now identifies the situation and walks over to usher the child away from the dazed superstar.

    “Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

    Prodigy manages to bring himself back around to some semblance of normality in time to put his arm around the child and pose for the photograph. Strictly no smiling though, he was always told that pulling off the smug and brooding look was his speciality and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

    “Good luck at Trial by Fire!!” the kid shouts as he skips away. As he fades into the distance and as Prodigy slowly comes to his senses, he spots that the kid is wearing a vintage PAJ shirt.

    “Stupid little shit” Parr mutters under his breath as he gets to his feet and heads for the exit himself.

    Later that same day The Prodigy Mike Parr released a tape for

    Heavily breathing, sweat dripping down his forehead and dressed in a tanktop, long shorts and with a towel around his neck, it is a fair assumption to make that Mike has just wrapped up the latest of his training designed to ensure that he leaves Trial by Fire still the only double champion in FWA. As he slowly catches his breath, he then stares up at straight down the camera lens as if staring directly into the eyes of Michael Garcia.

    “I want to make one thing abundantly clear, clear so that you can grasp it and clear so that the entire FWA fanbase know what is about to happen. I am turning up to Trial by Fire, not just to defend the North American Championship, but I am turning up to hurt you to the point where you won’t want to step into the ring again. Why? Why is this not just your typical title defence? Because I want to finish you. I experience many emotions in the lead up to fights, but hatred? Hatred is reserved for those special occasions where no, I’m not saying you have got under my skin, but where I’m saying that it has reached a point where you existence and continued presence in this federation and in my business is proving too much of an inconvenience for it to continue past our match.”

    Parr breaks his glare with the camera as he uses the towel to wipe the sweat from his forehead. He hops to his feet with the agility and speed of somebody who has just woken up in the morning, not somebody who has just finished a gruelling training session. Hanging on the turnbuckle in the corner is Prodigy’s North American Championship. Parr walks over to the championship and pats the face of it, akin to how a parent would lovingly pat their child on the head.

    “I don’t really care for you. I’m not sure if I really want you anymore. I mean…I only have you because you were there for the taking, and you were there to make myself stand out and make me look better. But I have to wonder, have I now outgrown you? Am I heading to a place where you will not only be required but to a place that if you were to accompany me that you are just going to hold me back?”

    Prodigy shakes his head ruefully at the North American Championship.

    “When I was younger, there was a girl that I was attracted to. I mean, she wasn’t the best looking girl that you would ever see but there was enough there to keep a young man….interested. And the best part was, she was keen on me. She probably was in love with me. She stood ably by and supported me as I grew as a person and developed into the, frankly, remarkable individual that I am today. But I was only ever just attracted to her. And attracted….I don’t think attracted is enough. There was enough for me to fake interest for a while but it got to the point where it was just convenient to have her around……”

    “I’m not telling you Garcia, because I’m still cut up inside about my confused teenage years. I’m telling you this because it’s the next part of the story that I want you to pay attention to. I grew apart from her, to the point where I didn’t really mind if days went by and I saw her or not. I knew she would always be there, clinging on to my success in the name of supporting me. But then one day, she was getting close to somebody else. There was another man, one who was nowhere near her league, punching above five weightclasses above where he should be, who was putting his hands on her. And then….then is when I began to care. That is when I suddenly roared into action and I made sure that everyone knew who she was affiliated with. When somebody tried to take her from me, I didn’t grab on to her and refuse to let her go, I knocked the teeth down the throat of the person who dared to make a move on something that I felt obligated to defend.”

    Parr pauses as he takes a deep breath for clarity of thought.

    “The North American Championship is something that I was attracted to. It served a purpose because not only would it finally get some attention on me, attention that I deserved, but it was also at the time in the possession of Chris Kennedy who had thrown me out of the Carnal Contendership match earlier in that year. I wanted the North American Championship, not because I felt that I wanted to be the reigning and defending champion of North America, but because holding that championship would ensure that the eyes of FWA would be on me and the hope was that they eyes of Chris Kennedy would be filling with tears as I tore away his championship belt and made a mockery of the fact that he claims to have been Astonishing.”

    “I’m not going to bullshit anybody watching this. I’ve got my eyes on the greater prize, and Michael, at the moment you are proving to be the most unwelcome and inconvenient of distractions in my pursuit of that prize. People should be sitting here and talking about how the main event of this PPV is nothing more than a competition to see who is going to get beat down by me. I’ve pinned Cyrus Truth and I’ve pinned Kaizen. Do you hear people talking about that? All this faux outrage in the streets that the country is now run by Donald Trump, people should be up in arms and burning limos and boycotting events in support of installing The Prodigy Mike Parr to his rightful slot in the main event of Trial by Fire. But they aren’t, are they Michael?”

    “They aren’t because you’ve brought me down to your level. You have brought me down to this shitty inconsequential position as the third match on the card, because you have this complex about not being respected? Because you feel like you should have been given more than you have at present? I respect anyone who tries to make a statement but you do not try to make a statement by picking a fight with somebody who could run around and tie you up in knots technically or could equally as quickly kick every single tooth out of your head and down your throat. You started this Garcia….”

    Prodigy again pauses for thought, and breaks his glare from the North American Championship. He begins to jog on the spot, even speaking about his opponent appears to have got the adrenaline flowing, bringing into question exactly how pumped Parr will be for his title defence in a couple days.

    “You started this whole thing Garcia, and you started it not just a few weeks ago when you decided to attack me, you started this over a year ago when you and your halfwit brother and that pathetic excuse of a tag team champion Eyesnsane tried to make your reputation off the back of trying to put down the hottest rising star in this company. It didn’t work then, and it isn’t about to work now.”

    “I was not only on the cusp of the main event Michael, I was the main event. And now, because you decided once again foolishly to believe your own hype and believe in the fact that because you were able to take out a retired legend without breaking sweat that you would be able to take out a legend of the future in much the same way? You started this Michael…..and I’m not only going to finish it, but I’m going to finish you. You try to steal my spotlight, you try to take what is mine…you’re about to work out what happens and the lesson is going to be a harsh one. I am dangerous enough to deal with without the motivation of you trying to take something is mine as well as preventing me from achieving what I want to achieve. Congratulations, you’ve done both. You’ve pissed me off, you’ve wound me up….and now….now you better run or you may emerge from our match lacking the ability to walk again.”

    Maybe Mike did need that session alluded to earlier, because there is considerable amount of pent up frustration evident in the manner in which he is addressing Garcia.

    “One thing I promise you all. When Trial by Fire goes off the air, people won’t be talking about the main event between Cyrus Truth and KAIZEN, they won’t be talking about the return of PAJ. They won’t even be talking about poor Michael Garcia and if he is ever going to be the same again. Everybody will be talking about how they managed to forget about Mike Parr, and wondering WHEN, not if, he is going take his rightful place as champion of this entire federation.”

    Parr in one quick movement spins on the spot and knocks the camera flying, the scene cutting to black as the camera crashes to the ground.

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2017 PROMO THREAD

    Taking atrip down memory lane

    “Rise and shine, sleepyhead!”

    Normally, Michael adored hearing that voice, the melodious voice of Lexie Monroe, but at 5:00 in the morning even that voice sounded no better than nails on a chalkboard. Michael started to awake from the king size bed that the local Days Inn was able to provide them, and tried his best to rub the sleep out of his eyes. Exhausted after going a few rounds with Ms. Monroe, he managed to squint his eyes just enough to see his beautiful valet standing over him, that glowing smile adorned upon her face. Not even that smile could bring one to Michael’s face though, not today. Michael playfully tossed a pillow at her as he pleaded for five more minutes. Lexi tossed the pillow back at him, and then turned away towards the bathroom where she picked up her hairdryer and went to work on her long gorgeous blonde hair.

    “Not today, Lexibug! I need my rest. God knows, I didn’t get any last night, thanks to you.”

    “Just consider that warm-up for tonight, Mikey. Now, come on, no more foolin’ around. We got a big day set up today. Hittin’ the gym at 6. Breakfast at 8 with James. And then we got interviews, and press conferences all the way til 2. We hit the arena, and get settled in. Got a Meet and Greet scheduled at 4. Today is a new day for Michael Garcia and the Michael Garcia brand!”

    Michael began to sit up in his bed, showing no signs of getting out just yet.

    “What about time for mental preparation? Isn’t that just as important?”

    “Oh don’t worry about that, Mikey. We’re gonna make sure you’re plenty motivated. Now, come on, get up, I got all your clothes right here.”

    Michael let out a rather loud sigh.

    If you weren’t so fine, I’d probably hate you.”

    “Good. Means I’m doin’ my job, now get up!”

    With that, Lexi turned around and flung a bar of hotel soap right at his chest. Her long flowing golden locks whipped through the air as if she were a Maybelline model in a photo shoot. The soap struck Garcia in the chest with light impact but that didn’t even break his gaze from his southern belle.

    “I said, GET UP!”

    This time, she slung a sample hotel shampoo bottle at the Carnegie Carnivore. This time, Michael swatted it away.

    “Can’t I even get five more minutes?”


    This time, she unplugged her hair dryer and wrapped the cord around the neck of the dryer. She wound her arm back and…

    “Woah! Woah! Woah! I’m goin! I’m goin!”

    As if the sheets were on fire, and they may well have been last night, Michael rolled straight out of his bed and jumped to his feet. Lexi tossed his workout clothes to him as she held open the bathroom door.

    “Water’s runnin’. Not too hot, just the way you like it.”

    “You know…I hate to shower alone….”

    Lexi leaned in for a kiss but gently pushed him back afterwards.

    “We’ll keep that as incentive for you. After you win, Mikey.”

    “WHEN I win, Lexi.”

    Later that day
    FedEx Forum

    Memphis, Tennessee

    4:00 P.M.

    There was an odd calmness in the locker room where Michael sat all by himself, on a steel chair, with only a duffel bag by his side. Michael seemed to be staring out into space, as he evaluated the magnitude of what happens tonight. This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the make or break night of his career. It was indeed a must win situation for the “Monster of the Midway”. He’s been in big matches before. He won some, he lost some, but it’s no secret….He can’t seem to win in one on one championship matches. Those thoughts kept running through his head. It’s all he could think about. For the past several weeks, it’s all he could think about. Mike Parr. North American Champion. FORMER North American Champion.

    Garcia clenched his fist as he thought back over his journey. The ups and the downs, the rises and falls….many would have predicted that by 2017 Michael Garcia would have held a World Championship, yet for some reason, singles gold always seems to evade his grasp. And somebody always pays for it. Devin Golden….Ryan Rondo…Malik Garcia…but what happens when you run out of people to blame? Michael was staring down the barrel of that very problem. If he loses this match tonight, there will be no one else to blame. The only man that he can blame is the one that stares him back in the mirror and there is no chance in hell that he’s willing to do that. That’s why tonight is a must win. Because there’s no one left to blame.

    Michael’s thought process was interrupted by a knock at the door. ‘Don’t answer’ Michael thought to himself. He knew it was Lexi and he was no mood to hear her chew him out for dodging the Meet and Greet today. There will be no Michael Garcia brand if there’s no gold around his waist tonight and high fivin’ some snot-nosed brats was last on his list of priorities today. Ignoring the knock, however, did no good. The doorknob began to turn and Michael collected his breath, preparing for a battle with his manager. He was relieved to find that Lexi Monroe was nowhere to be seen, but annoyed to see his friend, Jeremiah Jones, strut through the doorway. Michael was surprised to see that for once Jeremiah was not wearing his loud purple suit. Shockingly enough, his suit and fedora had been traded in for a Khalil Mack Oakland Raiders jersey, a pair of tattered ol’ jeans and a throwback Raiders hat. His normal meticulous appearance was no more. His hair had grown out, his beard gone shaggy, and honestly, disheveled would be a compliment. The look caught Michael off guard enough to actually break his silence.

    “Well…you look like hell.”

    “Ah…I always did admire your tact, Michael.”

    “If you want tact, you caught me on the wrong day, old man. Now, you can go back to Lexi and tell her where I’m at….I don’t care. I need to be alone right now. I need to focus. She doesn’t understand. I mean, she’s great. She’s honestly, the best thing that ever happened to me. This, though, this…she doesn’t get. She doesn’t know what tonight means to me. She doesn’t get the full magnitude of what happens tonight. To her, this is just an opportunity to push me further ahead and in that manner, yeah…we got the same goal. It’s everything that’s happened before that that weighs on me right now. It’s everything that’s in that bag over there that’s eating me alive.”

    “Bag? What bag? That bag over there? What’s in the bag?”

    “Me. That’s what in the bag. Everything that’s accumulated over the past several years.”

    “So, you think sitting here and sulking, reminiscing about the past is going to do a damn thing for your chances tonight? Thinking about your failures?”

    Michael slowly put his head down, and grabbed the bag. He sat the bag on his lap as he pondered the correct way to answer Jerry’s question.

    “How can I not, Jerry? It’s what everybody in this company throws up in my face every single time I start to gain a little traction. Everytime I start to gain a little bit of headway, somebody always brings up how I’ve been here for 5 years and never won a singles championship. It’s all I hear. Mike Parr, despite everything I’ve done to him the past few weeks, sees me as a nuisance instead of a challenger. The people who Lexi want me to take pictures with, they think I’m nothing more than a pit stop on Mike Parr’s championship reign.And how could they not? Mike Parr’s practically been anointed by FWA brass as the golden child. That’s quite an appropriate term too. I believe it’s Devin Golden who seems to be fueling the fire and stoking the flames. I’ve seen the podcasts and heard what the ‘has-been’ has to say. “Mike Parr is the future of the FWA’. ‘Mike Parr is a future FWA Champion.’ Parr this, and Parr that. He’s far from the only one who thinks that way, too. You got Kazadi singing his praises, Shake Meltzer giving him five star reviews, and hell, Ashley O’Ryan practically gives him a verbal blowjob in every interview he’s ever given. I’m pretty sure Golden’s got a poster of him on his bedroom ceiling.

    That’s why out of every single person in this company, I hate Mike Parr the most. He’s practically been crowned the next big thing. Guys like Parr are given every opportunity in this company when they show an ounce of work but guys like me are over-looked and pushed aside for the next golden child. People expect me to just sit back and wait, idly by, as yet another hot up-and-comer tries to forge their way through this company. All of those, every single flash in the pan, has faded out. All of them. Jean-Luc Watkins. Thomas Jordan. Cryos. Where are they now? I am tired of sitting back and waiting for my turn. That’s the message that Mike Parr is going to hear loud and clear, tonight. Whenever I see somebody in this damn company being given a handout, I’m going to tear it from their weak, undeserving hands and if Parr is unwilling to part with what he was undeservingly given, well then, I hear Malik’s looking for a roommate.”

    Mike begins to unzip the bag and rummage through the contents.

    “But you know what, Jerry? Trial by Fire….tonight, this match isn’t just about Mike Parr. It’s about Michael Garcia. That’s what THEY don’t get. This isn’t Mike Parr’s coming out party, no…..It’s Michael Garcia’s coming out party. This isn’t his moment. It’s my moment. This is a culmination of my FWA journey so far. Everything that’s in this bag has led up to this point. See this, right here?”

    “The trolley? Isn’t that from when you used the set of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood?”

    Michael pulls out a red miniature trolley. The writing on the side of the trolley reads “Mr. Garcia’s Neighborhood”. Michael spins the wheels of the trolley as he takes the journey down memory lane.

    “Indeed, it is. My start here in the FWA. A constant battle with that meddling pest, Jason Gryphon, in his homeland….The Neighborhood of Make Believe. Jason started off as that annoying gnat, that for as many times as you swatted him down, he just wouldn’t go away. Eventually though, he got a little too close and the gnat got caught. Devin Golden, however, lit a fire under his ass and Jason Gryphon came back, better than ever. This new man, even managed to win the X Division championship in a match against me!”

    Garcia took a deep breath as he fought back the urge to smash the trolley against the wall.

    “What Jason Gryphon would soon find out , is what Parr is about to find out this Sunday, and that’s that I only sit back and wait for so long. Eventually, I took back what Gryphon held most dear to him, and unfortunately for him, that wasn’t a shiny championship belt. I took his career. I broke his neck. Mike Parr, luckily for him, holds his fame and notoriety far beyond anything else. Parr, even though he gets every opportunity in the world, is still like a child yearning for attention. He needs a championship belt to validate his inflated ego. It’s why he created a toy championship when he couldn’t take the North American belt from Kennedy. Claiming you’re the best does no good unless you have a belt over your shoulder. Trust me, I know. He NEEDS that championship. But so do I, and unfortunately for him, I’m taking it.”

    Michael handed the trolley to Jeremiah before reaching in and grabbing the next item out of the bag. This time it was a blood-covered towel.

    “What in the hell?”

    “Ah, yes. The very blood that stains this towel is the result of the stubborn attitude of Lord Vincent Takaab Blueballs, who refused to listen to logic, and instead, thought that he could actually compete with me in an X Division war. We fought through many wars. We lost a lot of blood. To his credit, Vincent put up a much better fight than I ever could. At the end of the day though, Vincent ended up with one flaky victory over me and I ended up with his X Division and it wasn’t long after that Lord Vincent retired from active duty due to mounting injuries. Lord Vincent was given the X Division. Lord Vincent pissed me off. And at the end of the day, I took what he held most dear to his heart. I took his precious X Division.”

    Michael tossed the towel over his shoulder and reached in for the next piece of Michael Garcia memorabilia. A comic book cover.

    “Who could forget this? One of the most iconic issues in the history of ALL comic books. Superman Volume 2. Issue 75. The Death of Superman. This issue spawned a crusade in 2015 that led to many broken bodies. You see, the fans had continued to show their disdain for me and disrespected me at every turn. So I made sure that I took from them. I took their heroes. Every single hero that stepped up to the plate fell to their knees swinging. Even the “Astonishing” Chris Kennedy fell in defeat. I challenged their heroes and they failed. They doubted me so I took their hopes, their dreams, their heroes.I took out all they people they paid to see. Are you seeing the pattern here, Parr?”

    Mike handed the comic over and pulled the next object out of the bag. This one being a Cryos T-shirt. Garcia took one look at the shirt and began seething in anger.He viciously ripped the shirt to shreds before collecting his thoughts.

    “HE took my confidence. HE took from me. SO I took his fucking family. I took Nightmare. I ended Nightmare. I eliminated Nightmare. And if Cryos ever shows his fucking face around this company again, I will end his career too. That’s what this is all about, Jerry, taking what’s mine. Taking what should have been given to me. I deserve the North American Championship. No one has fought harder for longer than I have, and no one has gone to the lengths that I have to prove it!

    Mike Parr is an impostor. He’s got everyone fooled. Someone has got to expose Parr for the fraud that he is and that someone is going to be me! When I set foot in that ring with the determination that I’ve got right now, there is NOBODY who can stop me from taking what I want, least of all some over-rated hack like Mike Parr! Look out, Parr because you are the culmination of everything that’s happened to this point. It’s time for me to re-enter the land of “Mike Believe” where apparently Devin Golden, Shake Meltzer, and Mike Parr have nightly circle jerks. It’s time for me to go to war and do whatever it takes to take what’s mine. He’s become their new hero, and not just the hero of the fans. He’s the hero of FWA brass. And, as you well know…’All Heroes Must Die’. So, trust me, Jerry, this is the birth of the emergence of a dominant North American Champion, the new North American Champion, Michael Garcia, and the death of a false hero, Mike Parr. Hundreds of thousands will rise to their feet and watch helplessly as Michael Garcia promises to bring prestige back to a championship that so desperately needs it. Hundreds of thousands will watch the beginning of a new era, in which I, Michael Garcia, will indeed make the North American Championship great again! Riot in the streets, though they will, it wont change the fact that Mike Parr will have once again fallen to Michael Garcia, and then, maybe then, I’ll give him back his Television championship. I’ll be sure to drape it over his lifeless body before leaving the ring. And you know why, Jerry? Because he’s their hero, and All Heroes Must Die.”

    And with that the camera fades to black.

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