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Thread: TNA Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread 2017 (Now With More Canadian Bacon!)

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    Re: TNA Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread 2017 (Now With More Canadian Bacon!)

    I think GFW produced a good show this week even know I heard the viewership went down 15% and when I discuss some things later it's no shock that happened. Caleb/Lee vs Dutt/Petey was a good opening match we even got Petey doing his OOOHHHH CANADA during the match, but I don't know if felt like the crowd were sleepy during the match because they were doing some good out there poor guys. I'm starting to think more and more Dutt is a transitional champion for DJ Z or Xavier and it could happen by the end of Bound for Glory. I'm not feeling this alliance with Lee and Caleb, both are too cartoonie for my taste with their interactions with each other.

    Allie/Gail vs Sienna/Taryn. A pretty average match, just to further the feuds going on, but the high points of this is seeing Rosemary is more over than Gail and Allie on the Face side take out Sienna and Taryn pretty easy. Also after the match Taya Valkyrie came in teasing like if she was going to be a Face and then she drops Rosemary good stuff there. Sienna should be stressing out right now GFW put all that package in for Taya debuting because they consider her a Star and Sienna is far from it. I bet Taya wins the GFW Knockouts Title in some kind of Fatal Four Way that Sienna doesn't take the pin.

    After the funny Drake pre-taped promo we get Mundo/Cornette and LAX segment. This really came off well for me, seeing Low Ki come out and say this isn't WWE, AAA or Lucha Underground this is GFW motherfucker you are a nobody here you don't deserve a title shot before me. He does have something right about that, we will see if he back up those words next week when he faces Action for the number one contendership for the GFW World Title.

    GFW's package of them during TripleMania was nice, we got too see time being put on talents like Lashley, Action, Moose and even Rosemary. I like that they talked about the Rosemary issue and backed Rosemary, while the fighting with LA Park and Double J felt like a work to me hmm. More good packages on Xavier and Garza JR on their Careers in Wrestling good to do that because alot of people don't know they are at all even Xavier won recently the Super X-Cup. I didn't even know he wrestled in Maryland where I live in currently should check their promotions out considering oVe and Xavier laid down their groundwork there.

    Sydal/Drake. The fans love Drake and they showed it during the match, but I had hopes the match would be better. At least the Drake gravy train continues DUMMY YA thanks for coming Sydal.
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