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Thread: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    As always, I appreciate the feedback JayWhy. Regarding the finish to the main event, I initially planned on having a match in between Rhino/RVD and Lynn/Credible. Once I decided on the finish though, they had to back to back. The reason why Spike wouldn't appear is because, as the authority figure, he'd be to busy dealing with the fact that RVD may have just broken his neck.

    There is also an explanation from Credible in a future promo as to why he just wouldn't walk out during the match. Really glad you enjoyed the show though.

    Here is some news and notes summarizing some of what may/may not occur throughout the next month. The next post I make in this thread will be a new show.


    ECW News and Notes

    - Paul Heyman and company at ECW are reportedly pretty pleased with the way Anarchy Rulz came across last night. The two main events especially delivered but on top of that the pay per view buy rate was one of the highest in recent times for the financially unstable company. With ECW’s deal with TNN coming to an end, there was a worry from within the company that no pay per view hosts would want to deal with ECW events anymore. There are common thoughts that no television time would mean a lack of audience interested in buying the pay per view. Whilst this still may be the case, with the reaction to last night’s pay per view and the momentum ECW currently has on screen, the pay per view hosts have confirmed they will at least be sticking with the company until the end of the year. This means the tentatively scheduled Massacre On 34th Street (December 3rd) and November To Remember (November 5th) will be taking place.

    - There is one more episode of ECW on TNN and one more episode of ECW Hardcore TV scheduled to air this coming week based off of the last TNN television tapings. Paul Heyman has made it clear on numerous occasions that he is furious with the way TNN have dealt with his company. Considering their deal is up and they can no longer be cancelled, the chances are pretty high that ECW could deliberately put on shows that don’t contain too much new content. As of a matter fact, this was admitted onscreen last week by ECW’s play by play commentator Joey Styles.

    - Creative are said to be a little concerned on hot shotting certain angles, as now they will only be dealing with one hour worth of programming a week rather than two. Not only this, but there are two pay per views coming up within the next two months, which means they will only have half the amount of shows to build the next two pay per views compared to what they had for Anarchy Rulz.

    - November To Remember is historically known as ECW’s biggest extravaganza of the year. This year is set to be no different, however unfortunately two of ECW’s biggest names will not be appearing at the pay per view. The first is Tommy Dreamer who still hasn’t recovered from his arm injury he received a few weeks ago. ECW officials were hopeful that Dreamer would be able to make it back for the pay per view but it now seems certain that he won’t be. The other big name that won’t be appearing on television over the next month is arguably ECW’s most popular wrestler, Rob Van Dam. Van Dam has had some niggling injuries over the better part of two years and ECW decided to write him off screen to give him some more time to heal. It has also been reported that the World Wrestling Federation are showing strong interest in Van Dam. Our sources who are close to Van Dam have said he has considered moving to the bigger company for better money and less stress on the body, so ECW are hoping giving him this time off will compensate for that.

    - One man who made his return before Anarchy Rulz and has been cleared to compete full time is New Jack. New Jack is expected to be an integral part of programming heading into the new year. There are a few other names being mentioned to potentially return to ECW, two being female valets and the other being an international wrestler.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    As mentioned in my news and notes, pretty uneventful show as Heyman is holding a grudge against The Network, as well as the fact that ECW never really aired any new in ring content the night after a PPV. This is the last episode of ECW On TNN though.


    ECW On TNN


    St. Paul, Minnesota

    The show opens up with a video recap of the main event of last week’s Anarchy Rulz...


    The video plays showing highlights of the ECW Championship match between the champion JUSTIN CREDIBLE and the challenger JERRY LYNN. We see multiple highlights before the video really focuses on the ending showing Lynn is able to fight out of the That’s Incredible, lands behind Credible and nails a Bridging German Suplex! Lynn hits his head on the ECW Championship laying in the ring and loses the bridge, but the referee counts the pin and Lynn’s hometown team goes crazy as they believe Jerry Lynn has finally become the ECW Champion.

    Lynn has a look of jubilation on his face as he celebrates until the referee has the ring announcer inform everybody that Lynn’s shoulders were also on the mat so the match ruling is a draw. Jerry looks heartbroken as he is forced to give the referee the title and Credible immediately snatches it and leaves with FRANCINE. The referee then orders for the match to be continued but Credible refuses to return, instead just heading to the back. The pay per view then heads off the air with Lynn and his hometown fans being devastated at the fact that Jerry Lynn is still not the ECW Champion.


    Once the video is finished, we head to the back where ‘The Voice Of ECW’ Joey Styles is standing by. Joey has a slightly shocked look on his face, shaking his head having just seen the same video everybody else has, before he straightens up his jacket and begins to speak.

    Joey Styles: Welcome to ECW On TNN! I’m Joey Styles and I just want to take this time to recap the history making moment we witnessed last weekend at ECW Anarchy Rulz. Last weekend was the first time in ECW history that a big time main event ECW Championship match has ended in a draw.

    Styles pauses, still looking concerned before he continues.

    Joey Styles: I’ve seen some damndest things in my times in ECW and I’ve also seen some tremendous feats. I called Shane Douglas going sixty minutes with Sabu and Terry Funk and then another forty five minutes with Tully Blanchard for crying out loud...

    A pop can be heard inside the arena for the epic memories as Styles nods for a moment, acknowledging the reaction but remaining deadly serious.

    Joey Styles: But the one thing that I had never seen, until last weekend, was a double pin occurring and then the champion tucked his tail between his legs and outright LEFT the fans high and dry instead of restarting the match.

    Joey shakes his head, almost looking disgusted for the company he loves to have a champion who isn’t classified as a ‘fighting champion’.

    Joey Styles: As we all know throughout ECW’s proud history, we’ve had numerous moments where the proverbial line has been crossed...

    Another pop for the epic line has been crossed reference. Styles is forced to pause due to the ovation and he nods along with it, appreciating the fans respect.

    Joey Styles: But I’d like to apologise to each and every fan that was at the arena last weekend, and to every fan who spent their hard earned money on the pay per view, because last weekend, Justin Credible crossed the line in a completely different way.

    Joey again looks disgusted in Credible’s actions, before trying to become a little more upbeat.

    Joey Styles: Despite the disappointment of last weekend, the show must go on and Justin Credible is still the ECW Champion. After defeating CW Anderson last weekend, this means that The Network’s Steve Corino is the rightful number one contender to the ECW Championship!

    Massive amount of heat from the St. Paul crowd forces Styles to stop speaking for a moment.

    Joey Styles: But after last weekend, in my opinion, surely Jerry Lynn has a legitimate claim to a rematch.

    Big time pop this time from Lynn’s hometown crowd.

    Joey Styles: Now onto the action scheduled for tonight’s show...

    Joey actually gets a bit of a stern look on his face now as he looks directly into the camera.

    Joey Styles: We will have one new match for everybody to see...

    Mixed reaction from the fans as Joey now has a smug smirk on his face.

    Joey Styles: But that’s all this shitty Network gets. It’s more than what this shitty Network deserves!

    Epic pop and some “JOEY”, “JOEY”, “JOEY” chants from the crowd as Styles has a passionate look on his face, ripping into TNN for the umpteenth time.

    Joey Styles: And after tonight, be sure to tune in tomorrow night and onwards on Hardcore TV for shows jam packed with new action.

    The fans cheer a little more for Styles despite the fact they are probably getting ripped off in terms of the action they’ll see tonight. Joey then motions to the camera that he’s finished his monologue and we cut back to ringside...


    We now see a detailed video package, highlighting all of the main occurrences which took place on last weekend’s Anarchy Rulz...


    The first group of highlights we see are from the tag team Three Way Dance which opened up the show. CHRISTIAN YORK is able to roll up CHRIS HAMRICK to eliminate Hamrick and JULIO DINERO. The match continues for another seven minutes until DANNY DORING and ROADKILL are able to hit York with the Buggy Bang and pin him, eliminating York and JOEY MATTHEWS and winning the match in the process.

    After the match, Doring and Roadkill’s celebration is cut short as JOHNNY SWINGER and SIMON DIAMOND clear the ring of Roadkill and drop Doring with the Snapshot before signalling for the ECW Tag Team Titles.

    Next up, CYRUS is out to the ring, insulting ECW and putting over The Network, before goading JOEL GERTNER into coming to the ring. Cyrus goes on a tirade, calling him a “fat ****** bitch”, a “bitch” and a “fat prick”, however just as Gertner looks set to violent, Cyrus changes his tune. The leader of The Network claims that Gertner is dumb if he thinks he can touch Cyrus, and Cyrus’ back up come out, which consists of EZ MONEY, CHRIS HAMRICK, ELEKTRA and JULIO DINERO, collectively known as HOT COMMODITY. The quarter corner the scared Gertner, much to Cyrus’ delight until the Commissioner of Extreme Championship Wrestling, SPIKE DUDLEY interrupts. Spike claims that he has more power than Cyrus right now because the pay per view doesn’t air on The Network. Spike then says if EZ Money wins the next match, Cyrus and Gertner won’t happen, but if EZ loses, the match takes place.

    KID KASH comes down and the match takes place. Spike Dudley is able to keep the rest of Hot Commodity at bay on the outside and Kid Kash is able to reverse a Powerbomb off of the top rope into a Super Hurricanrana about nine and a half minutes in.

    Hamrick and Dinero attack Kash post match, beating him down until Spike Dudley makes the save. EZ Money recovers and attacks Spike from behind before putting Spike’s injured leg into the Figure Four Leg Lock! Things look pretty sombre until THE SANDMAN shows up and clears the ring of Hot Commodity, including holding Elektra by the hair and allowing Gertner to motor boat her.

    Once all of Hot Commodity is taken care of, The Sandman throws Cyrus into the ring. Cyrus actually uses Karate Kicks to keep Gertner at bay, until The Sandman spits beer into his face and after two and a half minutes, Gertner wins with an ugly looking School Boy!

    We then get our first REALLY brutal match of the night which sees BALLS MAHONEY go one on one with PIERRE CARL OULETTE. The two battle inside and outside of the ring until after ten minutes, Le Cannonball through a table is enough to give PCO the victory.

    Back up at the Eagle’s next, JOEY STYLES and JOEL GERTNER are still in celebration mode, until LOU E. DANGEROUSLY sneaks up from behind and breaks his cell phone over the head of Gertner. As EMT’s rush out to check on the unconscious Gertner, Styles and Lou E. are held apart by security.

    A few segments later Joey Styles has settled back down and is ready to call the rest of the pay per view by himself, until CYRUS shows up with a smug look on his face. The two immediately bicker as Cyrus announces he will be on commentary for the rest of the night.

    In what was match of the night so far, CW ANDERSON and STEVE CORINO, as always accompanied by JACK VICTORY, battled it out to determine who will be the new number one contender for the ECW Championship. About thirteen minutes in, thanks to a second Old School Kick, and with no outside interference, Steve Corino was able to gain the victory.

    One match that was plagued with interference was the ECW World Tag Team Championship match. Members of THE FULL BLOODED ITALIANS, LITTLE GUIDO and TONY MAMALUKE, accompanied by SAL E. GRAZIANO and SCOTTY ANTON successfully defended against THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE! MIKEY WHIPWRECK and YOSHIRO TAJIRI did their best, gaining several near falls, but even with THE SINISTER MINISTER at ringside, the numbers game was too much for them to overcome. Guido was eventually able to nail Mikey with one of the titles before putting him away with the Last Kiss!

    Arguably the most personal match of the night saw RHINO defend his ECW Television Championship by ROB VAN DAM, accompanied by BILL ALFONSO. The match is back and forth with some incredible spots, until RVD looks set to pick up the win after nailing the Five Star Frog Splash, but The Network employed referee DANNY DANIELS interrupts the three count and knocks out the match referee. Van Dam turns his attention to Daniels which allows Rhino to regain the advantage and get a near fall after a low blow and a Piledriver. RVD eventually regains control but missed a Van Daminator from the top rope, which allows Rhino to Piledriver RVD off of the apron and through a table set up on the outside. The TV Champion then drags RVD’s lifeless body into the ring and makes the cover to retain his title.

    After the match, everybody is in a state of shock as RVD is stretchered out of the arena for the first time ever on pay per view.

    The main event sees JUSTIN CREDIBLE, accompanied by his girlfriend FRANCINE defending his ECW Championship against the hometown hero JERRY LYNN. This match, much like the last, is very up and down with both men looking dominant at different times. The referee takes a bump thanks to an errant title shot from Credible, which causes The Network referee DANNY DANIELS to stick his nose in another match. Lynn looks set to nail Credible with the Cradle Piledriver but Daniels tries to pull Lynn off, so Lynn drops him with the Cradle Piledriver instead. A new referee sprints down to the ring and a few minutes later, the ending comes about when Lynn lands a German Suplex, but hits his head on the title and loses his bridge, but still holds onto Credible. The referee ends up counting both men’s shoulders down for the count of three and the match results in a draw.

    After the match, the referee looks set to restart the match but Credible and Francine just leave, meaning for the first time in ECW’ s history, an ECW Championship match ended as a draw without a restart. The final shots we get in the video are of a distraught Jerry Lynn inside the ring.


    After the overly long video package, just placed there to piss off The Network one final time, we return to ringside. “Sad But True” by Metallica hits and there’s little to no reaction except for some generic heat because nobody cares about the fact that Bilvis Wesley is making his way to the ring, accompanied by The Prodigy and The Prodigette. Bilvis gets to the ring pretty quickly and raises his arms above his head, once again, not getting much of a reaction. “Intergalactic” by The Beastie Boys hits next and there’s a DAMN LOUD pop as long time crowd favourite Nova struts through the curtain. Nova acknowledges the cheers from the crowd, a smile on his face, however once he gets inside the ring; he’s all business, knowing he has an opponent inside the ring as well as others outside the ring.

    Match One
    Bilvis Wesley vs. Nova w/The Prodigy and The Prodigette

    The match goes longer than it really should have, and to be completely honest, almost as if just to annoy The Network, the match is far from something to write home about. Surprisingly there is no interference from the two on the outside, and NOVA IS EVENTUALLY ABLE TO LAND THE KRYPTONITE KRUNCH AND HOOK THE LEG...1...2...3!!!

    Winner – Nova @ 5:46

    After the match, Wesley rolls to the outside to be looked after by his friends, as Nova gets up and has his hand risen by the referee.

    The fans cheer happily as Nova takes a few deep breaths now, seemingly relieved to be back on the winners list.

    Nova continues to celebrate when all of a sudden; heat can be heard from the fans as CHRIS CHETTI... SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP AND SLIDES INTO THE RING!!!


    Rights, now lefts, both men are throwing wild haymakers and Nova looks set to gain the advantage, landing a few blows in a row until Chetti rakes the eyes.

    Nova staggers around blindly and this allows Chetti to ram his head into the turnbuckle and continue his assault in the corner.

    There’s some heat from the fans for Chetti as he continues his assault in the corner... HOWEVER A BUNCH OF SECURITY GUARDS NOW CHARGE INTO THE RING!!!

    As they get inside of the ring, Nova is able to regain control to a big pop, having dropped Chetti with a Double Legged Takedown and hammering away with more punches.

    Much to the dismay of the fans, Nova is dragged off of Chetti by security.

    A few members of security make sure Chetti stays down and they usher him to roll out of the ring, whilst the others keep hold of Nova, who’s trying his best to break their grip and make another advancement.

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants can be heard from the fans as they want to see a fight. Security continue to keep the former partners apart though, with only one thing being perfectly clear heading into a commercial break, this issue is certainly not over...


    We return from the commercial break, and sorry readers, but Paul Heyman and ECW continue to try and get at The Network, as two matches from Anarchy Rulz are played in full...


    The first match we see is EZ MONEY with CHRIS HAMRICK, ELEKTRA, JULIO DINERO and CYRUS at ringside up against KID KASH with ECW Commissioner SPIKE DUDLEY and JOEL GERTNER at ringside. Spike Dudley’s voice replays stating that if Kash beats EZ Money, Cyrus against Gertner will still go ahead. We see all nine and a half minutes until Kash lands a Super Hurricanrana and is able to pick up the victory!

    Hamrick and Dinero attack Kash post match, beating him down until Spike Dudley makes the save. EZ Money recovers and attacks Spike from behind before putting Spike’s injured leg into the Figure Four Leg Lock! Things look pretty sombre until THE SANDMAN shows up and clears the ring of Hot Commodity, including holding Elektra by the hair and allowing Gertner to motor boat her.

    Once all of Hot Commodity is taken care of, The Sandman throws Cyrus into the ring. Cyrus actually uses Karate Kicks to keep Gertner at bay, until The Sandman spits beer into his face and after two and a half minutes, Gertner wins with an ugly looking School Boy!


    The fans probably aren’t the biggest fan of this, much like you readers probably aren’t. Heyman is not only trashing his Network on screen characters by showing Cyrus lose again, he’s also making sure this show doesn’t have ANY real juicy new content. Sorry but it’s a necessary evil, and now it’s time for another commercial break.


    The final commercial break of the evening has been completed, and we return to hear that famous tune as it’s time for some PULP FICTION!!!

    We begin with the ECW Television Champion Rhino who has his title in one hand, and is breathing heavily and snarling at the camera.

    Rhino: At Anarchy Rulz I proved what I told everyone all along is the truth, I proved that RVD is my bitch. He came back and in a blaze of glory and he got burnt because I’m the one guy that Van Dam can’t get by.

    Rhino lets out an evil grin at the thought, smiling, almost calmed at the fact he beat RVD.

    Rhino: When I took RVD out the first time and took the ECW Television Championship, all everybody talks about was how RVD never lost the belt...

    The champion pauses, rubbing his jaw, getting aggravated again.

    Rhino: There wasn’t any doubt in my head but for all of you people out there, Anarchy Rulz proved that this belt is mine now.

    Rhino holds up the belt, showing the camera the nameplate which reads “RHINO”.

    Rhino: I am the one man in this company that Rob Van Dam cannot beat!

    He’s beginning to huff and puff now, pumping himself up as per usual.


    Silence in the arena as Rhino begins getting red in the face, looking as intense as ever.


    The champion pauses, taking huge deep breaths now, looking damn near demented.


    Some murmurs for his intensity from the crowd, but Rhino pays no attention, catching his breath, and now holding the title up in the air, a twisted smirk on his face.


    Rhino really emphases his last few words, before storming out of camera shot...


    Next up we head to a random hallway, where the ECW Tag Team Champions The Full Blooded Italians can be seen standing huddled together. Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke are wearing a title each around their waist, whilst Sal E. Graziano and Scotty Anton are clearly the muscle of the group. Big Sal and Anton look pretty menacing, whilst Guido looks relaxed, however Mamaluke looks absolutely terrified. The other three notice and look at him quizzically and he awkwardly notices.

    Tony Mamaluke: The Unholy Alliance, I don’t want to have to deal with them again, guys. They’re nearly impossible to beat. It would take something special; nobody can get past Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck!

    Mamaluke continues to look pretty fearful, until all three of his mates look at him funnily again.

    Sal E. Graziano: Nobody can beat The Unholy Alliance, except for us, The Full Blooded Italians...

    They all cackle to themselves, laughing at their jokes, whilst Little Guido now pushes past the rest of them, making sure he’s front and centre.

    Little Guido: Move over ya’ freakin’ gory hounds. I’m the boss; I finish the promos around here.

    Guido’s followers basically do as they are told and Guido looks into the camera, a smug look on his face. Guido doesn’t say anything though and his teammates begin to look at him funny, as the silence is becoming somewhat awkward.

    Little Guido: Uh... and now we are done...

    Big Sal and Mamaluke look at each other and roll their eyes, until Guido looks back and the three of them begin shooting rude Italian hand gestures to the camera. Meanwhile, Anton is the odd one out, instead just standing in the background, flexing his impressive rig as we cut away...


    With the champions having finished up, we now see the trio they were talking about, The Unholy Alliance standing by. The Sinister Minister stands front and square, the usual dastardly look on his face, whilst Mikey Whipwreck is in the background holding a book of ‘Wizardry’, whilst Yoshihiro Tajiri stands, slightly squatting and looking intense.

    The Sinister Minister: This cold, hard world we live in is full of hatred, deceit and liars. In this world it’s far too easy to get consumed by a world of lies, and there’s no doubts The FBI are the biggest liars in this world.

    The Minister shakes his head and Mikey and Tajiri both looks pretty annoyed at The FBI as well.

    The Sinister Minister: We already didn’t like The FBI, but we hate them even more now that we’ve found out that they are liars. We don’t like liars or their words or their deeds and these Full Blooded Italians have lit a fire under us that grows hotter every single day...

    As The Sinister Minister finishes this sentence, Tajiri begins cackling wildly as Mikey crazily waves his book in the air and THE BOOK IS NOW ON FIRE!!!

    All three continue to laugh like lunatics as the book burns to ashes and the camera cuts out...


    Pulp fiction continues as we see a very arrogant ‘King Of Old School’ Steve Corino standing in casual gear, flanked by his loyal friend, Jack Victory. Both seem to be in high spirits and why wouldn’t they be, now that Corino is the number one contender for the ECW Championship. Corino looks pretty cocky however his face slowly begins to change, showing a slight hint of frustration.

    Steve Corino: You think that tonight would be one of the best nights of my life, that I’d be happy with the fact that I’m finally the number one contender but that’s not the case. I beat CW Anderson to earn the right to be called the number one contender but all anybody is talking about is how Jerry Lynn deserves another shot.

    Corino shakes his head, showing more frustration as Victory basically mimics him in the background.

    Steve Corino: But I just want to make one thing perfectly clear for anybody and everybody tonight. I don’t give a shit if they both got pinned or if the referee missed something or how many times they had each other beat. None of that matters, the only thing that matters is that I am the new number one contender.

    Victory nods along again as Corino pauses, not letting his emotions get the better of him.

    Steve Corino: As far as I’m concerned, the past is the past. There’s no point crying over spilt milk, it’s time to look at the future...

    The number one contender takes a step forward now, looking deep into the camera.

    Steve Corino: And unfortunately for Jerry Lynn, Justin Credible versus Jerry Lynn is finished. That rematch does not belong in the foreseeable future.

    Victory smiles at this and Corino shakes his head, trying to emphasise his point.

    Steve Corino: The foreseeable future only has one question that needs to be answered...

    There’s a wry smile on the face of the ‘King Of Old School’ now.

    Steve Corino: And that question is between Justin Credible and myself!

    Corino nods now, his smile returning.

    Steve Corino: The question is WHO’S THE MAN???

    Steve pauses as Jack Victory points at Corino in the background.

    Steve Corino: Oh and for those who have been living under a rock for the last six months, the answer is Steve Corino.

    Corino has a full grin on his face now, as Jack claps along, patting his best friend on the back. Corino now grabs Jack by the arm and raises his hand in the air.

    Steve Corino: This guy, Jack Victory, is just as much the man as I am!

    Both men are all smiles now, obviously in a good mood overall despite the Jerry Lynn stuff.

    Steve Corino: Now Jack, come on man, throw that V up for us...

    Victory puts his arms in the air in the shape of a V, as Corino chuckles to himself.

    Steve Corino: ...HIGH SPOT!!!

    Having completed the patented catchphrase, Corino and Jack slap each other some high five, before they leave the screen. Despite the annoyance early on, it seems Corino and Victory are confident that Steve will be the next ECW Champion...


    Next up we see black high heels walking down a hallway, tapping on the floor. The camera slowly pans up to show tanned ankles, followed by some stunning legs, all the way up to the thigh where we begin to see the hem of a short, black dress. The camera continues to pan up to reveal the pouty lips and face of Dawn Marie. There are some cheers from the males who are happy to see Marie again, as she continues to walk down the hallway, before she stops, almost as if she’s only just realised the camera is there.

    Dawn Marie: In case you’ve forgotten, my names Dawn Marie, and simply put, I’m a star.

    Dawn then blows a kiss to the camera and continues to walk away, keeping it short and sweet. The camera follows Dawn a little, showing off the dress hugging her tight body, before the camera finally turns off...


    And our last segment of the night sees a pumped up looking New Jack looking deep into the camera. New Jack has a typical curled upper lip, not looking impressed and I’m sure we’re about to find out why.

    New Jack: I’m here tonight to ask a question to one person and one person only and that’s the ECW Champion Justin Credible. Justin, did you really think that I wouldn’t show up after everything that went down between us?

    New Jack has a somewhat surprised smirk on his face, shaking his head as if the thought of him not returning was unbelievable.

    New Jack: If that’s the case, I’m gonna’ explain something to you one time, because you need to UNDERSTAND SOMETHING!!!

    ECW’s resident gangster is getting pissed, thinking about how Credible and Rhino took him out.

    New Jack: I’ve never been more set on revenge in my life. I CAUGHT A FLIGHT AND SHOWED UP IN CANADA JUST TO GET YOUR ASS!!!

    NJ takes a moment to regain his composure, cracking his neck and nodding his head as if he’s accepting something.

    New Jack: But I’ve got to give you and Rhino credit where credit is due. You guys surprisingly did okay...

    Jack clearly shows a sarcastic smile before continuing.

    New Jack: I thought I was invincible, and you two put your little heads together and got one up on me...

    New Jack nods again as the fans boo, but now he begins getting a sadistic look on his face.

    New Jack: But there’s an age old saying that applies to our situation, and it’s that payback is a bitch. For your actions, you’re not going to get a receipt, you’re gonna’ get a hell of a lot more.

    He takes a deep breath, clearly beginning to get a little worked up again.

    New Jack: A receipt is nothing compared to what you’re going to get, I’m going to break the whole damn cash register over your head. I’m gonna’ lay a beating on you and Rhino like you both have never received before. Over my dead body will you two go down in history as the guys who took out New Jack.

    The fans are popping in the arena for the intensity of New Jack, as he continues to get angrier by the second.

    New Jack: Not only am I gonna’ take you out, but I’m gonna’ take your girl as well. I’ve seen the way Francine eye balls me when I’m around, and the way she makes sure to bounce those big silicone titties to put on a show for me. I’m gonna’ get Francine to suck my dick because she’s GOING TO BE MY NEXT TRICK!!!

    Big time cheers in the arena as New Jack took a bit to get going, but he’s cooking on all cylinders now. New Jack has a grin on his face after yelling his last outrageous statement.

    New Jack: Francine’s my next trick, and Justin Credible and Rhino are my next two bitches.

    New Jack has said his bit now, as he gets his patented snarl back on his face, and he raises his hands in the air, and signals as if his fingers were guns and he was pulling the trigger. This is the last view we get as the final ECW On TNN fades to black...


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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Really enjoyed this show despite it having very very little in terms of new content but that is true to ECW's nature and was their last 'fuck you' to TNN. Looking forward to what happens next with their future.

    Your opening with Styles was spot on, exact same can be said for Rhino & Sinister Minister, you've clearly done your research into the ECW characters as you get better and better at really capturing them.

    Hoping to see you continue to progress as this is one of my favourite threads in the section. Top stuff.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Finally getting to typing up all my thoughts here after reading over the weekend. I find it unfortunate to have Heyman holding a grudge against The Network and refusing to give it a good show, but at the same time, it's very realistic and I commend you for how you managed it.

    As usual, you capture Joey Styles voice well. I always enjoy reading him in this thread just because I can imagine it in his voice exactly.

    I like the idea of showing the clips of Anarchy Rulz, but at the same time, I feel like you gave a massive recap early and then it made it feel like any of the whole clip parts were worthless later. It makes sense, makes it worthless to watch in a way and works for what Heyman is doing, but continues being unfortunate.

    Who are The Prodigy and Prodigette? Nova getting a win is no problem to me, dude is obviously going over on Bilvis. As I was reading it, I suddenly remembered the whole Chetti stuff. It still doesn't feel very hot to me, but this is something for the feud at least and gives an idea of some hatred. I know you said there wasn't going to be much to this, so this is fine for a small feud and to give it some play.

    Great choices for matches to give away for free. Why not, right? Kash is awesome, Gertner winning is a great last F-U to The Network. I enjoy it.

    Pulp Fiction is fantastic. Rhino is intense as ever and legitimately is terrifying. I love it. I'm curious to see what he'll be doing next after beating what I'd consider the biggest star in the company. The FBI had some humor there with Guido's end and with Scotty Anton not fitting in. I do wonder if he'll start to fit in or if he'll be the cause of some problems.

    I always love TSM and the Unholy Alliance. Short promo, but got to the point and made it hot. It was a little too similar to the Anarchy Rulz promo to me, the book burning and all. But it makes sense for a short stint. I very much enjoy Steve Corino and I hope to see him continue this somewhat tweener/face path. He's going to be an awesome potential opponent for Justin Credible, and I do wonder with him pushing Lynn aside here how things may go down between those two.

    I did forget Dawn Marie. Just honest. I also forgot her again since Sunday.

    New Jack! I'm intrigued by what will happen with him. I've never really watched him. I've heard of him a little, but never watched anything, I just know he's a big star of ECW and played his music throughout matches. A good promo here to get things moving a bit, show him against Credible and Rhino, maybe the next one after Rhino? I really enjoyed calling Francine his next trick for some reason, just funny. This is a good promo for the timeframe, thinking of this now made me cringe just a bit, but it was great when I got into the mindset of ECW for this. It's a great end to get people to follow the show off the Network.

    Overall, I enjoyed this. It was a mostly worthless show in terms of anything happening, had a few spots that were interesting. I'm going to work on remembering Dawn Marie from one day to the next, but I can't guarantee I'll remember her past tomorrow -- or tonight. I'm definitely looking forward to the big feuds continuing, to Credible's explanation, Lynn's reactions, etc. I'll always be along reading whatever comes next, that's for sure.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Baldwin and Jaywhy, thanks as always for the comments, much appreciated.

    My apologies in advance for this show. It's the last somewhat uneventful show as its content comes from the final ECW on TNN taping. Moving forward, the shows will be back to how they were before Anarchy Rulz (entertaining hopefully).


    ECW Hardcore TV


    Salem, New Hampshire

    No opening video package, no commentary run down of the card, no promos. The final episode of ECW Hardcore TV associated with a TNN television taping begins with “Electric Molecular” by Chemlab playing over the PA system, to a crowd reaction that is probably Christian York and Joey Matthews loudest one yet. The young, happy duo slap hands with the fans as they make their way down the ramp, clearly enjoying the respect that they have earned from the fans over the past couple of months. Once they are inside the ring, they speak to each other about their game plan as “False Salvation” by All Out War hits to a minimal reaction, which picks up when Angel and Tony DeVito, collectively known as Da Baldies appear on screen for the first time in over a month. The boos pick up once the fans realise who is making their way to the ring, but Da Baldies ignore the fans, keeping their eyes locked on their young opponents, clearly meaning business tonight.

    Match One
    Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. Da Baldies

    Both teams actually get a good amount of time to shine, with both getting solid amounts of offense in what ends up being an all out extreme war. The ending comes about when Da Baldies have managed to put a hurting on York and Matthews, which allows them to place York on a table, set up in the middle of the ring... AND THEY THEN DOUBLEPOWERBOMB MATTHEWS ON TOP OF YORK AND THROUGH THE TABLE!!! ANGEL THEN HOOKS THE LEG...1...2...3!!!

    Winners – Da Baldies @ 8:00

    There’s an air of disappointment from the fans as Da Baldies both stand up, kicking bits of the broken table out of the ring before they celebrate. The referee raises both of their hands in the air, before Angel leans through the ropes and grabs a microphone, signalling for their music to be cut.

    Angel: It seems like everybody in this company and everybody in this arena tonight have made the mistake of forgetting the most important fact in ECW. It seems like everybody forgot that Da Baldies run this hood, papa.

    A bit of heat from the fans as Angel stands still, looking at the fans, whilst Tony nods along.

    Angel: That was a big mistake, you all forgot once but we are going to make sure that you don’t forget again. We are going to make sure all you people remember who the kings of the streets are.

    More heat as Angel and Tony continue to look dead serious.

    Angel: From this point forward, I don’t care if you’re a fan, I don’t care if you make the ECW Merchandise, I don’t care if you’re Joey Styles or Jerry Lynn... everybody is officially being put on notice.

    Da Baldies’ theme song then hits again as Angel throws the microphone to the floor, and they raise their arms again, now gloating to the fans a little, gaining more heat than before the match...


    We now see the same detailed video package, highlighting all of the main occurrences which took place on last weekend’s Anarchy Rulz...


    The first group of highlights we see are from the tag team Three Way Dance which opened up the show. CHRISTIAN YORK is able to roll up CHRIS HAMRICK to eliminate Hamrick and JULIO DINERO. The match continues for another seven minutes until DANNY DORING and ROADKILL are able to hit York with the Buggy Bang and pin him, eliminating York and JOEY MATTHEWS and winning the match in the process.

    After the match, Doring and Roadkill’s celebration is cut short as JOHNNY SWINGER and SIMON DIAMOND clear the ring of Roadkill and drop Doring with the Snapshot before signalling for the ECW Tag Team Titles.

    Next up, CYRUS is out to the ring, insulting ECW and putting over The Network, before goading JOEL GERTNER into coming to the ring. Cyrus goes on a tirade, calling him a “fat ****** bitch”, a “bitch” and a “fat prick”, however just as Gertner looks set to violent, Cyrus changes his tune. The leader of The Network claims that Gertner is dumb if he thinks he can touch Cyrus, and Cyrus’ back up come out, which consists of EZ MONEY, CHRIS HAMRICK, ELEKTRA and JULIO DINERO, collectively known as HOT COMMODITY. The quarter corner the scared Gertner, much to Cyrus’ delight until the Commissioner of Extreme Championship Wrestling, SPIKE DUDLEY interrupts. Spike claims that he has more power than Cyrus right now because the pay per view doesn’t air on The Network. Spike then says if EZ Money wins the next match, Cyrus and Gertner won’t happen, but if EZ loses, the match takes place.

    KID KASH comes down and the match takes place. Spike Dudley is able to keep the rest of Hot Commodity at bay on the outside and Kid Kash is able to reverse a Powerbomb off of the top rope into a Super Hurricanrana about nine and a half minutes in.

    Hamrick and Dinero attack Kash post match, beating him down until Spike Dudley makes the save. EZ Money recovers and attacks Spike from behind before putting Spike’s injured leg into the Figure Four Leg Lock! Things look pretty sombre until THE SANDMAN shows up and clears the ring of Hot Commodity, including holding Elektra by the hair and allowing Gertner to motor boat her.

    Once all of Hot Commodity is taken care of, The Sandman throws Cyrus into the ring. Cyrus actually uses Karate Kicks to keep Gertner at bay, until The Sandman spits beer into his face and after two and a half minutes, Gertner wins with an ugly looking School Boy!

    We then get our first REALLY brutal match of the night which sees BALLS MAHONEY go one on one with PIERRE CARL OULETTE. The two battle inside and outside of the ring until after ten minutes, Le Cannonball through a table is enough to give PCO the victory.

    Back up at the Eagle’s next, JOEY STYLES and JOEL GERTNER are still in celebration mode, until LOU E. DANGEROUSLY sneaks up from behind and breaks his cell phone over the head of Gertner. As EMT’s rush out to check on the unconscious Gertner, Styles and Lou E. are held apart by security.

    A few segments later Joey Styles has settled back down and is ready to call the rest of the pay per view by himself, until CYRUS shows up with a smug look on his face. The two immediately bicker as Cyrus announces he will be on commentary for the rest of the night.

    In what was match of the night so far, CW ANDERSON and STEVE CORINO, as always accompanied by JACK VICTORY, battled it out to determine who will be the new number one contender for the ECW Championship? About thirteen minutes in, thanks to a second Old School Kick, and with no outside interference, Steve Corino was able to gain the victory.

    One match that was plagued with interference was the ECW World Tag Team Championship match. Members of THE FULL BLOODED ITALIANS, LITTLE GUIDO and TONY MAMALUKE, accompanied by SAL E. GRAZIANO and SCOTTY ANTON successfully defended against THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE! MIKEY WHIPWRECK and YOSHIRO TAJIRI did their best, gaining several near falls, but even with THE SINISTER MINISTER at ringside, the numbers game was too much for them to overcome. Guido was eventually able to nail Mikey with one of the titles before putting him away with the Last Kiss!

    Arguably the most personal match of the night saw RHINO defend his ECW Television Championship by ROB VAN DAM, accompanied by BILL ALFONSO. The match is back and forth with some incredible spots, until RVD looks set to pick up the win after nailing the Five Star Frog Splash, but The Network employed referee DANNY DANIELS interrupts the three count and knocks out the match referee. Van Dam turns his attention to Daniels which allows Rhino to regain the advantage and get a near fall after a low blow and a Piledriver. RVD eventually regains control but missed a Van Daminator from the top rope, which allows Rhino to Piledriver RVD off of the apron and through a table set up on the outside. The TV Champion then drags RVD’s lifeless body into the ring and makes the cover to retain his title.

    After the match, everybody is in a state of shock as RVD is stretchered out of the arena for the first time ever on pay per view.

    The main event sees JUSTIN CREDIBLE, accompanied by his girlfriend FRANCINE defending his ECW Championship against the hometown hero JERRY LYNN. This match, much like the last, is very up and down with both men looking dominant at different times. The referee takes a bump thanks to an errant title shot from Credible, which causes The Network referee DANNY DANIELS to stick his nose in another match. Lynn looks set to nail Credible with the Cradle Piledriver but Daniels tries to pull Lynn off, so Lynn drops him with the Cradle Piledriver instead. A new referee sprints down to the ring and a few minutes later, the ending comes about when Lynn lands a German Suplex, but hits his head on the title and loses his bridge, but still holds onto Credible. The referee ends up counting both men’s shoulders down for the count of three and the match results in a draw.

    After the match, the referee looks set to restart the match but Credible and Francine just leave, meaning for the first time in ECW’ s history, an ECW Championship match ended as a draw without a restart. The final shots we get in the video are of a distraught Jerry Lynn inside the ring.


    Once the video package is complete, we head backstage where ‘The Voice Of ECW’ Joey Styles is standing by. Styles, as usual, is wearing an old yet still in good condition suit, with a microphone in hand, still look a little concerned over the ending to the video package we just saw.

    Joey Styles: Ladies and gentleman, I spoke about the closing moments of Anarchy Rulz last night however I will be touching on it again. As you all just saw, both Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible’s shoulders were down for the count of three after Lynn was unable to maintain the bridge, due to hitting his head on the title after landing the German Suplex. Jerry Lynn’s hometown fans were heartbroken that the match ended in a draw, until ECW senior official HC Loc announced that the match would be restarting and we must have a winner.

    Styles pauses, allowing his words to sink in before continuing.

    Joey Styles: However, once again, as you all just saw, the restart of the match never took place. Our current ECW Champion Justin Credible made history by being the first champion to have a title defence end in a draw and not have the match restarted to declare a winner. Justin Credible blatantly refused to continue to compete, instead leaving with his title, and undoubtedly he performed the cowardly action to save himself from defeat.

    The fans actually cheer a little for this, as Joey is as passionate as ever about this topic.

    Joey Styles: Right now, we’ve actually managed to get the ECW Champion Justin Credible via telephone, so Justin, thanks for joining us, and rather than a question, I along with everybody else just want you to explain yourself.

    A slight muffled noise can be heard from the other line, almost as if Justin Credible is in a car or something. Either way though, he can hear Styles and responds immediately.

    Justin Credible: Yeah, I will explain myself Joey, because to be quite honest with you, I sat back and watched last night’s show, listened to you ramble on just now, and I think it’s all a load of crap. I’m not like the rest of the losers in this company, I’m the ECW Champion. I came from a company that was one million times more professional than this one, so above all else, I’m a business man. As a business man heading into Anarchy Rulz, I signed a contract to a one fall title defence against Jerry Lynn.

    Boos from the fans as Styles rolls his eyes at the explanation. Obviously we can’t see Credible though.

    Justin Credible: I completed my contractual obligation and then I went home, just as any other smart business man would... However I think Jerry Lynn deserves all the plaudits he’s been getting, to last twenty minutes in the ring with me, he obviously put on the performance of his lifetime and for that, I give him credit.

    More heat for the arrogance of Credible as Styles can’t believe what he’s hearing either.

    Justin Credible: I was even a little shocked because I never thought I would ever have to admit to the world that Jerry Lynn pinned me, but that’s exactly what happened...

    Big time pop from the fans, as Styles nods at Credible actually admitting he got pinned.

    Justin Credible: The only issue was that Jerry Lynn doesn’t have that instinct that champions do; Lynn doesn’t have that instinct that I do. A true champion would have capitalised on that golden opportunity but Jerry Lynn was an under qualified idiot who knocked himself out when trying to get the job done.

    BOOOOOO from the crowd as Styles doesn’t really agree or disagree with this statement by the look on his face.

    Justin Credible: I had an off night, it pains me to say it but I’ll admit it. But Jerry Lynn didn’t capitalise, he proved at Anarchy Rulz that he will never be the ECW Champion!

    Joey looks as if he disagrees again, as the fans listen on intently.

    Justin Credible: But all this flack I’m receiving for ending the match in a draw is simply unfair. BECAUSE I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR A TWO FALL OR A THREE FALL MATCH!!!

    The line begins to distort a little as Credible yells, and Joey does his hardest to understand what the champion is saying.

    Justin Credible: ONE FALL...

    Everybody in the building is a little shocked at this outburst from Credible at the moment.

    Justin Credible: One fall is all I signed up for, and one fall is all that I was paid for... Well, actually, hold that thought...

    Credible pauses and Styles actually looks a little confused for a moment.

    Justin Credible: One fall isn’t what I was paid for; it’s what I was supposed to be paid for!

    Mixed reaction from the fans for Credible referring to the companies all too real financial issues. Styles actually uncomfortably clears his throat, attempting to interrupt the ECW Champion.

    Justin Credible: What, Joey?

    Joey Styles: Justin I just don’t think it is appropriate to be talking about these things on air. Maybe you shouldn’t be talking about your financial agreements with ECW right now...

    Justin Credible: I’m the champion, I’ll do what I want, and I don’t care about the reputation of this company.

    JC gets a lot more heat now as Joey Styles gets fired up at somebody insulting the company he loves. Joey gets slightly red faced and irritated, before he is ready to speak again.

    Joey Styles: Well, I actually have some information that you may care about, Justin, and that’s information regarding your next ECW Championship defence. Do you know who you will be defending your title against?

    There’s nothing but silence on the other end of the line as Credible obviously has no idea.

    Joey Styles: Judging by your silence, I’m going to take that as a no. Being here in the arena, like our ECW Champion should be, has its advantages as I am privy to up to date information... And I’ve just received word about your next two matches which will take place over the next two weeks.

    A loud, frustrated exhale can be heard coming from the other line, as Joey’s on a roll now. Meanwhile, the fans are buzzing in anticipation for the announcement.

    Joey Styles: Firstly, next week you will have a non title match against a man, who last night made his intentions very clear. He feels like he owes you one so next week WE WILL SEE JUSTIN CREDIBLE GO ONE ON ONE WITH NEW JACK!

    BIG TIME POP, as Credible remains silent, and Francine can be heard whispering worriedly in the background. Joey senses weakness and continues in a hurry.

    Joey Styles: And if you are able to survive the onslaught of New Jack, you will defend the ECW Championship the following week on Hardcore TV!

    Justin Credible: Oh yeah, against who?

    Joey Styles: You will be defending your ECW Championship against the man who defeated CW Anderson to become the number one contender at Anarchy Rulz, STEVE CORINO! That’s right, JUSTIN CREDIBLE AND STEVE CORINO WILL FINALLY HAPPEN!!!

    There’s a pop from the fans but it’s not as loud as it could be, as some of the fans may have wanted a Jerry Lynn rematch rather than a heel versus heel match. Styles looks pretty smug after making the announcement though, as Credible remains silent for another moment or two.

    Justin Credible: That’s good, Joey, that’s real good. I can tell by your voice that you’re happy with yourself, and that’s fine. But let me make one thing clear, I will always be the ECW Champion and if this BULLSHIT continues, I may have to take the title elsewhere...

    With that eerie threat, a loud click can be heard as Justin Credible hangs up the phone. The conversation is over whilst the fans continue to murmur, and Styles looks a tad nervous about Credible’s threat. Styles then recaps the matches he just announced for over the next couple of weeks, before he sends us to our first commercial break of the night.


    The commercial break ends and the rarely seen Stephen Prazak is standing by, with a microphone in hand, attempting to do his best Joey Styles impression.

    Stephen Prazak: Ladies and gentleman, I’m Stephen Prazak and please welcome my guest at this time, fresh off a brutal match at Anarchy Rulz... BALLS MAHONEY!

    Our camera man pans out to reveal the big, rugged, Balls Mahoney standing next to him in his standard t-shirt. The fans cheer for Balls who nods, sporting a huge black eye due to the match he had at the pay per view.

    Stephen Prazak: Now Balls, the question that’s on everybody’s mind is what’s next for you after putting up a gallant effort but ultimately falling short against Pierre Carl Oulette?

    Mahoney looks a little irritated at the mention of his loss, before he takes a moment to mull over his words.

    Balls Mahoney: It’s kinda’ funny because I’ve always considered myself one of the toughest guys in ECW. Chair shots, flying through tables, breaking bones, shedding blood; I could do all of it just about better than anybody else in the entire wrestling business. When Pierre came into this company, coming from a background in WCW and the WWF, I probably didn’t give him the credit that he deserved. I can stand here and say Pierre is one tough, tough man and that means he’s was a lot tougher than I thought he would be.

    Balls looks a little annoyed at himself as he shakes his head.

    Balls Mahoney: A good thing about the fact that Pierre is an ECW guy now, it means that I won’t have to live with the disappointment of last week’s loss very long. I’ve tasted PCO’s best and now I’ve got a measure on what kind of ass kicking he is capable of!

    A slight reaction from the fans as Balls looks at the camera, seemingly pretty determined.

    Balls Mahoney: I don’t mind taking an ass kicking but I love dishing them out and the next time I get in the ring with PCO, I will kick his ass!

    The pop from the fans is pretty huge with Balls signalling his intent for a rematch, WHEN HE IS CLOBBERED FROM BEHIND out of nowhere by ANGEL and TONY DEVITO!!!

    Balls crumbles to the canvas and Angle rips off his t-shirt which reveals taped up ribs that Devito stomps all over, much to the dismay of the fans.

    Devito continues with the ugly attack, whilst Angel momentarily disappears off screen.

    The heat from the fans is snuffed out by anticipation as Angel steps back into screenshot... DRAGGING A WODDEN TABLE AND SETTING IT UP!


    Feint “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants can now be heard from the fans, as Prazak has scurried off for help. Balls isn’t moving and Angel and Devito stand over his broken body, vicious smirks on their faces, having made the impact they desired tonight...


    With the fans still pretty excited after the huge attack on Mahoney, we head to ringside and a video package plays hyping ECW’s next PPV offering...




    Once the PPV recap video is completed, another video plays which shows, in full, the match between Rhino and Rob Van Dam for the ECW Television Championship at Anarchy Rulz...


    Arguably the most personal match of the night saw RHINO defend his ECW Television Championship by ROB VAN DAM, accompanied by BILL ALFONSO. The match is back and forth with some incredible spots, until RVD looks set to pick up the win after nailing the Five Star Frog Splash, but The Network employed referee DANNY DANIELS interrupts the three count and knocks out the match referee. Van Dam turns his attention to Daniels which allows Rhino to regain the advantage and get a near fall after a low blow and a Piledriver. RVD eventually regains control but missed a Van Daminator from the top rope, which allows Rhino to Piledriver RVD off of the apron and through a table set up on the outside. The TV Champion then drags RVD’s lifeless body into the ring and makes the cover to retain his title.

    After the match, everybody is in a state of shock as RVD is stretchered out of the arena for the first time ever on pay per view.


    With the PPV match up being completed, we head to our final commercial break of the evening.

    We return from the final commercial break of the evening, to see a sombre looking Joey Styles standing by.

    Joey Styles: Ladies and gentleman, as you would have seen before the commercial break, last week at Anarchy Rulz, Rhino successfully defended his ECW Television Championship against Rob Van Dam. Regardless of the crooked referee, it was a great performance by Rhino; however after that disgusting Piledriver through the table, Rob Van Dam has done some serious damage to his neck.

    The best announcer in the business pauses, shaking his head sadly, as the fans in the arena remains completely silent.

    Joey Styles: At this stage the medical facility at which RVD is a patient of have been very selective with the information they wish to share and the information they wish to withhold. I’m currently unaware of his exact condition but I’m very relieved to be able to confirm that Rob Van Dam’s neck is NOT broken!

    A HUMUNGOUS pop from the fans for that announcement, as Styles nods along, but still seems pretty down in the dumps.

    Joey Styles: As further tests are done, information can change but it looks incredibly unlikely that the doctors will clear RVD to compete in an ECW ring again before the New Year...

    Heat for the idea of no Van Dam for awhile, and Styles once again, nods along with the fans, understanding the reaction.

    Joey Styles: Knowing the sadistic beast that the ECW Television Champion Rhino is, he probably won’t be content with the fact that Van Dam can return, because it means he’s only partially achieved his goal.

    Some heat now for Rhino, as Joey now gets a somewhat staunch look on his face.

    Joey Styles: But I know RVD better than just about anybody else currently in ECW does, and I know by hook or by crook, no matter how long it takes for him to recover, Rob Van Dam WILL be back to come after Rhino and that ECW Television title!

    Styles is a little red faced now, getting worked up as the fans cheer him along.

    Joey Styles: Now what we have done is decided as this is part of the final taping whilst the company is under control of The Network, we will not be airing any new content but we will be airing an unseen match that was taped a few weeks ago. This match will feature Rob Van Dam and will show exactly what Rhino has to look forward to when Van Dam returns...

    No real reaction from any fans this time, as they don’t want to see an old, taped match. Styles looks set to sign off when all of a sudden he begins listening to the speaker in his ear, getting some last minute news. Joey smiles and nods at the news, before continuing.

    Joey Styles: I’ve also just been informed that I need to let the fans know that next week on ECW Hardcore TV, when there will no longer be ECW on TNN, Extreme Championship Wrestling will return to the action packed program that we all know and love. One match has already been announced for the show which will see the ECW Champion Justin Credible go one on one with New Jack in a non title match, and I’ve just been informed that a title match has been announced for the show as well. The Full Blooded Italians will defend the ECW Tag Team Championships against a team they had to cheat and use their numbers to beat a couple of weeks ago, the House of Hardcore graduates, Danny Doring and Roadkill!

    Big time cheers from the crowd now as Styles smirks and introduces the taped match as the fans inside the arena chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”!!!



    Match Two

    Kid Kash and Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso vs. Team Me

    The match followed a pretty basic tag team formula in the early going, with Kash and RVD dominating early and clearing the ring of Team Me. Eventually Team Me were able to isolate Kash, gaining several near falls, as Van Dam and Alfonso cheered Kash on.

    Eventually the tide turned, and Kash was able to make the hot tag to RVD who begins dominating Simon Diamond, hitting a Split Legged Moonsault and gaining a LONG two count, until Johnny Swinger broke up the count.

    Team Me look to double team the fresh Van Dam, however Kid Kash makes his way back in and tries to intervene, only to walk STRAIGHT INTO AN ANDERSON SPINEBUSTER FROM THE INTERFERING CW ANDERSON!!!

    Anderson looks ready to help Team Me beat down on Van Dam until DANNY DORING AND ROADKILL slide into the ring and they pinball CW around with right hands, before Double Clotheslining him over the top rope.

    Rather than continuing to interfere, Doring and Roadkill head to the outside and back CW Anderson up the ramp, which allows RVD to avoid a Superkick from Swinger, which ends up hitting Diamond square on the chin!!!

    Van Dam then lands a Spinning Wheel Kick on Swinger, before heading to the top rope... AND LEAPING OFF WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH, LANDING ON DIAMOND!!! RVD HOOKS THE LEG...1...2...3!!!

    Winners – Kid Kash and Rob Van Dam @ 14:09

    After the match, Alfonso, RVD and Kash celebrate as the fans cheer along and the video comes to a close...


    With the video package of the final show of the evening being completed, the show fades to black with a rather lacklustre ending in what is the final show in the ‘Network Era’.


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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy


    - Da Baldies have put us on notice!!! Empty threat or not, I'm interested to see where this goes. With FBI, Doring/Roadkill, Hot Commodity and Team Me there's already a plethora of tag teams trying to make a name for themselves. Not to mention my favourite team The Unholy Alliance.

    - Good recap of Anarchy Rulz. Despite the main event turning into a bit of a let-down because of Credible walking out (good job making me hate the cretin even more) the big talking point is definitely RVD getting hurt by Rhino. I'm just waiting for The Man Beast to snap(more so than usual) and take down everyone around him, including The Network guys.

    - Excellent interview with Credible. As a heel he still believes his actions are right. Nice to see two matches booked but I definitely see him beating New Jack because Corino/New Jack is a lot less appealing that Corino/Credible.

    - I guess it wasn't an empty threat afterwards. Wondering if you will bring Axl Rotten back in or maybe even go with PCO as Mahoney's equaliser. Would be an interesting change of direction.

    - November 2 Remember!!! November 5th!! Fireworks expected!!!

    - RVD's neck is not broken!!! That is good to hear. Hopefully he actually comes back.

    - Hopeful that now TNN is out that the programmind does turn to proper fresh content from you. Had to double check what was going on after Styles said RVD was injured yet then teaming up in the main event haha.

    Overall I liked the fresh content that was on show. Da Baldies made an impact. Credible said his piece. Would have been nice for Rhino to have said something, but alas I guess it can wait till next week. I've slacked a bit in the feedback department Stoj and I apologise for that. Good to see you still pumping shows out and I'll continue to read and more importantly review your top quality work. Keep it up!!!

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    I really appreciate that York and Matthews have been growing with the crowd over time. They're not a big team, but they're exciting and fun and it makes it seem like maybe they'll get a shot at some point in the future with the crowd able to get behind them more and more each time they see them. Unfortunately, they make the perfect babyface team to get beat as well. In this case for Da Baldies, who I completely forgot existed. A good opening promo, it likely won't amount to a lot, but gives another team to make an impact in whatever way. I'm curious what they'll be doing after this "notice."

    More of the same Anarchy Rulz stuff. While it was extremely enjoyable, at this point it feels a bit like overkill. It makes sense as it's the ECW on TNN taping and all, just a ton of showing the same Cyrus and Gertner segments to me while the rest wasn't as heavily focused on.

    This promo by Credible is fantastic! Alright, you got me in there. You hooked me on it. I love the idea of being signed up for "one fall" and that fall was already decided. I love the intensity he had, how well he played the crowd. Honestly, it was all around fantastic. And the bit of comeuppance for Styles by being able to announce the New Jack match and the Corino match are interesting. I'm curious to see how that goes. I like that there was a pop for Corino, though I popped a bit harder than the crowd did and understandably. He's getting there.

    The Balls segment is good, just a simple promo saying I'll be back. Though I do feel his story with PCO is over, it makes sense for him to be talking about it. Da Baldies attacking him is great, gives some meaning to their words earlier and gives them someone to be feuding with a bit. I'm sure Balls will be going for payback at some point, though he'll likely need a partner and I wonder who he'll get. I'm still iffy on Da Baldies, they feel like a lower-tier team, but they could definitely get there.

    Excited for November to Remember. Feels pretty close, should be great.

    Nice little piece with Styles, I appreciate the check in on RVD. It's disappointing that he won't be back for a long while, since he's such a great part of the show and such a story-driver in a lot of ways. But I'm sure he'll be mentioned often and the injury will likely be a driver of sorts. Very excited for FBI against Roadkill and Doring. Seems we're going to have a massive show next week.

    Like the crowd, a little eh on a previously taped match being the last one of this taping and all. It's just a kind of crappy taste for a finale of sorts. But at least we know next week will be big. Decent match, gives Team Me a bit of a showcase and maybe some added story to their attack on Doring and Roadkill at Anarchy Rulz really, an added reason. Kash and RVD winning is completely expected, it is unfortunate we won't see more of RVD but it's a decent way for him to go out and look forward to him coming back.

    I'm definitely excited for the next show coming up. These past two have felt very petty on the part of Heyman, willingly throwing his own show away in a way and subjecting his fans to some meh shows simply to stick it to The Network. It's good to hear of some big matches coming up. I am curious to read some New Jack matches soon for sure. I'll be reading, as you know. Keep up the great writing.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Appreciate the comments as always so thanks to Sykotic and Jaywhy.

    Feels good to be posting a show with actual new stuff once again.


    ECW Hardcore TV


    The Rave

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    No opening video, no pyro, but instead we open up to see both Joey Styles and Joel Gertner standing inside of the ring, microphones in their hands and massive smiles on their faces. Both men are just soaking in the ovation and the crowd reaction as the fans are chanting “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA. As the fans continue to chant, the camera pans around the arena to show plenty of the ECW faithful holding signs, rejoicing at the fact that ECW is no longer on TNN. After a solid minute or two of just an amazing ovation, Styles decides to break his silence.

    Joey Styles: Hi ladies and gentleman, I’m Joey Styles here with my broadcast partner Joel Gertner, and we are all smiles for another edition of ECW Hardcore TV! We’ve got an amazing show planned for the night but above all else, Extreme Championship Wrestling is finally FREE FROM THE NETWORK!!!

    Another epic pop emanates from the fans as Styles and Gertner remains all smiles. It’s clear this is the reason the fans are so upbeat as well.

    Joel Gertner: Yeah, you’re damn right, and being free of The Network also means we’re free of that slimy bastard whose ass I kicked at Anarchy Rulz, Cyrus...

    Gertner laughs as Joey gives him a round of applause and says “thanks for that”, whilst the fans cheer, continuing the good mood of the night so far.

    Joey Styles: With The Network being gone from ECW forever, it’s time for us to get on with the show and a man who still has plenty to prove after his title defence at Anarchy Rulz ended in a draw, and he refused to restart the match is set to join us. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome our guest at this time, he is the ECW Champion, Justin Credible!!!

    There is heat everywhere from the Milwaukee fans as “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” by Grimspoon hits and the ECW Champion Justin Credible steps through the curtain, closely flanked by Francine, whose dresses like a whore as always. Nobody has forgiven Credible for walking out of Anarchy Rulz, as the heat he receives his deafening, however he ignores the fans, walking down the ramp and looking pretty furious at Styles for the introduction he received. Once inside of the ring, Credible keeps the title strapped around his waist and looks at the commentators, stating “your questions better be a little more damn respectful than your introduction”. Styles and Gertner both look at the threatening Credible and look to rethink their strategies, as the fans begin chanting “PUSSY”, “PUSSY”, “PUSSY” directed towards the champion...

    Before Styles or Gertner can even begin asking a question, “Scapegoat” by Fear Factory brings about an ENORMOUS reaction as the man who Credible did NOT beat at Anarchy Rulz, Jerry Lynn makes his way out to the back. Lynn doesn’t pander to the fans at all, as he walks straight down the ramp, a foul look on his face, and he doesn’t take his eyes off of the champion. Credible himself looks pretty frustrated at being interrupted as Lynn gets into the ring and politely takes a microphone from Joel Gertner. The fans begin chanting “ONE MORE MATCH”, “ONE MORE MATCH”, “ONE MORE MATCH” to which Lynn nods his approval, but Credible and Francine both shake their heads.

    Jerry Lynn: I thought I’d come out here straight away and give you the opportunity to save your breath. I know you were going to come out here, Joey and Joel were going to grill you with some hard hitting questions about Anarchy Rulz, and you were going to attempt to justify your actions. You were going to attempt to make excuses as to why you walked out of Anarchy Rulz without a winner being announced.

    As the words are coming out of his mouth, Lynn looks furious and so does Credible, as Lynn may have a point. The fans boo the reference towards the non decisive ending to the PPV.

    Jerry Lynn: You cost me my dream that I’ve worked my entire life for. You cost me the chance of a triumphant return to my hometown in front of my family and friends where I should have become a World Champion for the first time. YOU cost me these things by being a coward and it made me feel defeated on that night, but let’s make one thing very clear, you never beat me.

    JL gets cheers from the fans this time as he steps forward, getting right in Credible’s face, who doesn’t seem to comfortable with the way things are progressing.

    Jerry Lynn: So since I never lost and I actually did pin your shoulders down to the mat for a three count, I’m out here to make a claim for what is rightfully mine. I don’t give a damn about number one contenders, I DESERVE my rematch!

    Another pop for the determined Lynn who is now nose to nose with the champion. The crowd is anticipating a huge confrontation here as Francine hands a microphone to Justin Credible. As this is happening, Styles and Gertner slyly exit the ring, and Credible is about to speak, when “The Old School Style” by Boner plays and a mixed reaction, that’s probably eighty percent heat greets the arrival of Steve Corino, who as always is flanked by Jack Victory. Credible throws his arms up in annoyance as again he hasn’t been allowed to get a word in, whilst Lynn rolls his eyes. Corino and Victory take their time getting into the ring, and Corino steps in, a smug look not moving from his face the whole time. Eventually Corino’s music dies down and he puts his arms up, proclaiming his innocence before he speaks.

    Steve Corino: First of all, I’d like to sincerely apologise for interrupting this lovers’ quarrel, but I felt it was really important that I came out here and said my piece. So Jerry, with all...

    Corino has turned his attention to Lynn who listens intently, an annoyed look on his face. Corino stops half way through his sentence though, shaking his head as if he’s made a mistake.

    Steve Corino: No, no, no, no, sorry. SCRAP THAT, I’ll start again!

    The fans seem a little bemused by Corino’s start, but Lynn and Credible are both definitely not laughing.

    Steve Corino: What I actually meant to say was so Jerry, with NO due respect, because you don’t deserve any...

    It seems like the fans have forgotten about Corino’s dealings with CW Anderson after that statement. The fans boo Corino whilst Lynn begins to get a little red faces with fury. Jack Victory in the background is laughing his ass off though.

    Steve Corino: I don’t even care Jerry, get mad, step to me, I’m not that pussy holding the title, and I won’t back down. I’m the number one contender now, not you, YOU HAD YOUR SHOT!!!

    ‘The King Of Old School’ is the one getting fired up now, showing no fear whatsoever.

    Steve Corino: After all those years of toiling around the mid card and losing to Rob Van Dam ever second week, YOU FINALLY GOT YOUR BIG SHOT!!!

    Steve Corino pauses, almost staring down Lynn now, who breaks eye contact and takes a deep breath, potentially being affected by these words.

    Steve Corino: You had your shot against (points at Credible) quite possible the worst champion ECW has ever had, AND YOU STILL FUCKING BLEW IT!!!

    Credible and Francine are furious at Corino now, as are the fans, as is Lynn, but Steve couldn’t care less.

    Steve Corino: So as far as I’m concerned, after beating CW Anderson at Anarchy Rulz, I automatically became next in line for a title shot. As of right now, IT’S BACK TO THE MIDCARD, JERRY!!!

    BOOOOOOOOOO’s force Corino to pause.


    More heat from the fans, as Credible touches at his title around his waist protectively, and Lynn continues to just shake his head. Corino now gets a look on his face as if he’s thinking long and hard about something.

    Steve Corino: Now I’ve been mulling over exactly when I should have my match for the ECW Championship. I was thinking I could have one of those career defying moments by waiting until November fifth and becoming champion for the first time on the biggest ECW event of the year, November to Remember.

    A few cheers for that idea as Corino smirks and Lynn and Credible continue to listen intently.

    Steve Corino: And as great as a moment as that would be, waiting just isn’t my style. There is no chance that I’m going to wait until November fifth to kick your ass, Justin...

    Slight pop comes for the dig at Credible, who shakes his head, whilst Corino now takes a step back, so he can look at both Credible and Lynn at the same time.

    Steve Corino: So when exactly will I cash in? I’m not sure yet. But it will be before November to Remember, and I will beat Justin Credible, and then Jerry, if I’m feeling generous, maybe I’ll give you another shot at the gold at November to Remember... But you won’t get close to The King Of Old School!

    Half the fans want to see Credible lose and cheer, but the other half don’t like the way Corino is speaking about Lynn. Meanwhile Credible drops his microphone and Lynn immediately steps up to go nose to nose with him, and Corino tells Victory to leave the ring...

    The fans are buzzing in anticipation now as Victory and Francine leave the ring, Credible remains in the corner, watching on and CORINO AND LYNN ARE NOSE TO NOSE...



    The fans are going ape shit, as Anderson mounts Corino and continues to land blows...

    However Lynn took exception to being shoved out of the way and LYNN ACTUALLY DRAGS ANDERSON OFF OF CORINO!!!


    The arena shakes with cheers as Lynn takes his eyes off the ball, letting out a roar of pure emotion... AND THEN TURNS STRAIGHT INTO AN OLD SCHOOL KICK FROM STEVE CORINO!!!

    Lynn and Anderson are both now down as Corino stands over them, feeling glorious, as FRANCINE HAS SLID THE SINGAPORE CANE TO JUSTIN CREDIBLE IN THE CORNER!!!


    The panicked champion quickly passes Francine the Singapore Cane, and takes his title from around his waist and puts it over his shoulder.

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants are overbearingly loud now, as Credible continues to back away and Corino continues to plead with Credible to come back for more.

    As Credible gets close to the curtain, Corino begins signalling that the ECW Championship will be around his waist very soon.

    The last image we see is of Corino looking like the man inside the ring, whilst an eyes bugging, clearly worried Justin Credible backs up through the curtain...


    Straight after the commercial break, “Sad But True” by Metallica hits to a pretty minimal reaction as Bilvis Wesley steps through the curtain. Wesley is quick to walk his way down the ramp, looking like he means business, as he steps inside the ring and waits for his partner to arrive. “Prodigy” by the ECW Production Team brings out Wesley’s tag team partner for the evening, The Prodigy, who is accompanied by The Prodigette. Much like Bilvis, there isn’t really much of a reaction as the ECW fans remain strangely silent for the rarely sighted pair. Once The Prodigy gets inside the ring, he shakes hands with Bilvis before “Electric Molecular” by Chemlab hits to a damn nice reaction, as Christian York and Joey Matthews make their way out from the back. The two are all smiles as they seem to be enjoying their new found popularity, slapping hands with the fans before they get inside of the ring and are ready for action.

    Match One
    Bilvis Wesley and The Prodigy w/The Prodigette vs. Christian York and Joey Matthews

    The match is extremely fast paced as Wesley and The Prodigy try and get an early advantage with a sneak attack, but York and Matthews are far too quick. They manage to avoid the tag and clear the ring of both men. Wesley and The Prodigy have a meeting of the minds on the outside of the ring and The Prodigy gets back in as the legal man, only to be dominated by quick tags and some swift double team moves from Matthews and York. Eventually, Wesley attempts to attack Matthews from behind, but York intervenes and Clotheslines Wesley over the top rope and to the outside. From here, YORK DROPS THE PRODIGY WITH A FRANKENSTEINER... ONLY FOR MATTHEWS TO COME OFF OF THE TOP ROPE WITH A FLYING EBLOW DROP... MATTHEWS HOOKS THE LEG...1...2...3!!!

    Winner – Christian York and Joey Matthews @ 02:34

    The bell rings and the fans are cheering heavily for York and Matthews, who get up and have their hands risen by the referee. Wesley looks a little frustrated on the outside and The Prodigy is still down in the ring, as York and Matthews continue to celebrate and we cut away from the scene...


    Our camera view of backstage is shaking as all hell has broken loose... AS CHRIS CHETTI AND NOVA ARE STANDING TOE TO TOE... SWINGING WILD RIGHT HANDS AT EACH OTHER!!!

    Neither man is backing down, as they grab each other by the head, AND THEY RAM EACH OTHER INTO THE HALLWAY WALL, BREAKING THE PLASTER IN THE PROCESS!!!

    They continue to brawl, neither man giving any ground or gaining the upper hand... UNTIL A SWARM OF SECURITY GUARDS YANK THE TWO APART!!!

    Both men are eager to get at the other, still trying really hard, but security has them covered. Nova still seems pretty desperate to get at Chetti, whereas CC has actually stopped trying to struggle against the security, and instead just maintains eye contact with Nova.


    Nova nods but continues to try and get at Chetti, who gives Nova, one last dirty look, before shrugging free of security, turning his back and walking away...


    We now cut to another area in the back where we see tonight’s challengers for the ECW Tag Team Championships, Danny Doring and Roadkill standing by. The two looks pretty determined, as they dead pan the camera and one of them begins to speak.

    Danny Doring: Tonight, tonight is the night where it finally happens. Tonight is the night we become the ECW World Tag Team Champions. The FBI have screwed us over twice, The FBI have stopped us from being the champions twice, so The FBI have cost us our dreams twice.

    Doring pauses, grimacing at the thought and Roadkill basically does the same.

    Danny Doring: Let’s call a spade a spade, The FBI have used their numbers and cheated and have done whatever it takes to retain those tag team titles, and for that they deserve some credit.

    A wry smile comes across the face of Doring, as he continues speaking.

    Danny Doring: As of right now, you guys probably think that you’re untouchable. I’m sure you’re really happy with the way things have gone over the past month.

    The smile vanishes from Doring’s face now as he is dead serious, and so is Roadkill, whose facial expression really hasn’t changed throughout.

    Danny Doring: But you’ve done all that you can do to us now. From this point forward, we expect everything. Not only do we expect everything, but we’ve learned new things because we are from the House of Hardcore!

    A big time pop reverberates around the arena for the mention of the ECW training facility, which draws a slight grin from Doring.

    Danny Doring: So it’s fitting that we can stand here and say... THE MOOD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!!!

    Roadkill: CHICKENS!!!

    Doring and Roadkill both look pumped up, as the fans cheer loudly for the catchphrases, even though Doring gave Roadkill a quick, strange look for the standard chickens outburst. The two stroll off camera though, ready for tonight’s title shot as we cut to a commercial break...


    The break ends and we are back at ringside where “Super Bon Bon” by Soul Coughing hits over the PA system and there’s huge cheers for the House of Hardcore tandem of Danny Doring and Roadkill. The duo slap hands with the fans but make their way down the ramp really quickly, before getting in the ring, bouncing off of the ropes and waiting for the champions. They don’t have to wait long as “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” by The Beastie Boys hits as the quartet known as The Full Blooded Italians slowly saunter down the ramp. The heat is deafening for the tag team champions as the two men who will be competing, and wearing the titles, Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke lead the way. Of course they are closely followed by Sal E. Graziano and Scotty Anton who look as menacing as ever. As usual, the arrogant Italians shoot hand gestures towards the audience and their opponents before getting inside of the ring. Once they are inside the ring, Little Guido says “WE ALREADY BEAT YOU PUNKS ONCE” and Doring and Roadkill nod, ready for action.

    Match Two
    ECW Tag Team Championship Match
    The Full Blooded Italians w/ Sal E. Graziano and Scotty Anton defend against Danny Doring and Roadkill

    There’s some hatred in this one as Doring and Roadkill clearly haven’t forgotten how The FBI cheated to beat them last time, so the referee has no control from the moment the bell rings. Doring and Roadkill are proactive early, with Doring taking care of Little Guido and Roadkill beating on Mamaluke in separate corners. With their opponents dazed, Roadkill Irish whips Doring across the ring, and Doring drops Scotty Anton with a Baseball Slide!!!

    There’s a raucous cheer for this one as Big Sal loses it and climbs up onto the apron, only for Roadkill to charge him off of the apron with a Shoulder Block!!! The challengers then turn around only to be attacked by their two actual opponents, Guido and Mamaluke. The Italians are unable to keep any real momentum though with Doring and Mamaluke becoming the legal men. Doring outwrestles Mamaluke, schooling him with holds that will never get the win but just prove his superiority.

    The House of Hardcore graduates continue to look really impressive as they make quick tags and continue to isolate Mamaluke, whilst Guido looks on rather concerned. Guido even yells “COME ON, TONY” but it’s to no avail as Roadkill drops him with a Sidewalk Slam. Roadkill then makes yet another tag to Doring, and places Tony in a Bear Hug, before Doring bounces off the ropes for momentum... BUT BIG SAL TRIPS UP DORING... AND PULLS HIM OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!!

    Sal looks to land a right hand but Doring uses his quickness to avoid the shot and kick Sal in the gut before quickly sliding back inside of the ring and connecting with a LANCASTER LARIAT OF LUST... DORING WITH THE COVER...1...2... LITTLE GUIDO BREAKS UP THE COUNT WITH A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE BACK OF DORING!!!

    The fiery leader of The FBI continues to land some more blows, until Roadkill comes back into the ring and tosses Guido to the outside. A recovered SCOTTY ANTON THEN CHARGES INTO THE RING, AND RUNS AT ROADKILL... HOWEVER ROADKILL HOISTS HIM ABOVE HIS HEAD IN A MILITARY PRESS POSITION... AND THROWS ANTON OVER THE TOP ROPE AND STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING TIME KEEPER’S TABLE!!!

    Little bits of wood fly everywhere as Anton crashes and burns and the fans erupt into chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. Big Sal and Guido immediately hurry across ringside to check on Anton, whilst Doring and Roadkill slap each other high five, really feeling on top of their games tonight. Mamaluke is left inside of the ring; however Doring quickly tosses him out... AND THEN ROADKILL HOISTS DORING OVER HIS HEAD AND THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE... AND DORING LANDS AND TAKES OUT ALL THREE REMAINING MEMBERS OF THE FBI WITH AN ASSISTED CROSSBODY!!!

    Those famous “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out again now, as the champions look to be struggling with the ever improving Doring and Roadkill more than they were last time according to Joey Styles. Despite favouring his ribs slightly, DD bounces back to his feet, dragging Mamaluke up and rolling him inside the ring. Doring then tags out, allowing Roadkill to step back inside the ring, and drop three HEAVY Leg Drops across the chest of Tony.

    Guido is now back on the apron but after Anton’s fate he seems a little tentative to interfere, and this allows Roadkill to just manhandle Mamaluke, capping things off with an AMISH BOMB!!! ROADKILL WITH THE LATERAL PRESS...1...2...NO!!! THE REFEREE NOTICES THAT DUE TO BAD RING POSITION TONY WAS ABLE TO GET HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!

    There are groans from the fans as they thought we were going to crown new champions, but the big man gets right back to business, dragging Tony away from the ropes and tagging in Doring. Danny immediately climbs up to the top rope... AND LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A DIVING LEG DROP OR DANACONDA... AND HE LANDS IT. DORING HOOKS THE LEG...1...2...3!!! NO! GUIDO PULLS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND!!!

    A ferocious amount of heat is directed towards Guido, who argues with the referee on the outside of the ring... BEFORE DORING COMES THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE WITH A SUICIDE DIVE... BUT GUIDO MOVES AND DORING GOES FLYING HEAD FIRST INTO THE CROWD BARRICADE!!!

    Groans echo throughout the arena from the fans whilst there’s also more chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” for the spot. Guido can do no further damage to Doring on the outside, as Roadkill immediately hops off of the apron and begins checking on his partner. Doring signals that he’s okay and Roadkill helps him roll back into the ring but Mamaluke meets Doring with a stiff kick to the mid section to keep him down. From this point onwards, The FBI has a period of domination where they isolate Doring, using their tag team skills as well as Big Sal’s interference on the outside to maintain the advantage.

    After softening up Doring and gaining a few near falls, Guido decides that the match is over as he tells the fans “HE’S ‘BOUT TO BE SLEEPIN’ WITH THE FISHES”! The man who will be one day known as Nunzio then grabs Doring... AND POSITIONS HIM FOR THE KISS OF DEATH... BUT DORING POWERS OUT WITH A BACK BODY DROP!!!

    Both men immediately jump back to their feet, and Guido swings wildly with a Clothesline, but Doring ducks and lands a German Suplex! The fans begin urging Doring on with a slow clap as he slowly makes his way towards his corner to tag in Roadkill, whilst Guido crawls after him, trying to grab his ankle. Once it’s clear that Doring is going to be able to make the tag, Mamaluke sprints into the ring but the referee intercepts him. As the referee deals with Mamaluke, BIG SAL DRAGS ROADKILL OFF OF THE APRON... AND DRILLS HIM WITH A CHOKESLAM ON THE COLD, HARD CONCRETE FLOOR!!!

    The splat from Roadkill’s body hitting the mat reverberates around the entire arena before those “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants take over. With the damage being done, Mamaluke steps back onto the ring apron and the referee begins paying attention to the action again. Doring and Guido both make their way up, and Doring shakes his head, knowing he now has to do this on his own. He turns towards Guido, kicks him in the gut... AND LOOKS FOR THE WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA’AM... BUT GUIDO REVERSES INTO A SCHOOLBOY...1...2...



    Winners – The Full Blooded Italians RETAIN the ECW Tag Team Championships @ 13:46

    After the match, the heat from the fans is incredibly loud as Tony Mamaluke steps into the ring and he helps Guido get back to his feet. The two hug and jump around uncontrollably, as the referee does his best to raise their hands in the air.

    Doring is shaking his head, knowing he got robbed, before he waits for Tony and Guido to turn around... AND HE RUNS THROUGH THEM BOTH WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!

    Guido drops in the centre of the ring, however Mamaluke drops and crawls to the corner, where Doring follows, stomping all over Tony... UNTIL BIG SAL COMES FROM BEHIND WITH A BODY SPLASH INTO THE CORNER, TAKING ALL OF THE AIR OUT OF DORING!!!

    Boo’s are continuing to ring out now that Doring is on the receiving end of a triple team attack. They all stomp and punch Doring, with Roadkill still showing no real signs of movement on the outside.

    Guido and Mamaluke then hold Doring down in the middle of the ring, stretching him out, as the fans begin to buzz with anticipation because Big Sal is climbing up to the top tope. Big Sal is a little unsteady and takes his time to get up top... BEFORE HE LEAPS OFF AND LANDS A HUGE SPLASH FROM THE TOP ROPE ONTO DANNY DORING!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out again after that one as everybody is a little shocked at the big time spot. The Italians continue to beat down on Doring, really wanting to prove a point... UNTIL MIKEY WHIPWRECK AND YOSHIHIRO TAJIRI SPRINT INTO THE RING!!!

    Mamaluke immediately runs at Tajiri... ONLY TO BE DROPPED WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK FROM TAJIRI!!!

    Mamaluke rolls out of the ring and MIKEY DROPS GUIDO WITH A SNAP DDT!!!

    Guido rolls out of the ring as well, and Tajiri and Mikey both hammer away on Big Sal... BEFORE TAJIRI GOES UP FOR A SPINNING HEEL KICK... WHILST MIKEY SWEEPS THE LEGS AND BIG SALL DROPS TO THE CANVAS!!!

    A huge ovation for that as Big Sal rolls out of the ring and The FBI are forced to regroup, as “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out for The Unholy Alliance.

    Tajiri and Mikey keep an eye on the champions from inside the ring, as the furious Italians point menacingly at them, but continue to back their up the ramp.

    The Unholy Alliance then begins to check on Doring inside of the ring as we head to our final commercial break of the evening...



    We return from the break and we are straight back to ringside where “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” by Grimspoon hits and the ECW Champion Justin Credible makes his way out to the ring, his title around his waist and a determined look on his face. Not far behind him is the half naked Francine, holding onto Credible’s Singapore Cane as usual. The fans are giving the duo a MIGHTY amount of heat, but Credible ignores it, knowing he’s got to be focused tonight. “Natural Born Killaz” by Dr Dre and Ice Cube bumps through the pa system next and things get a little gangster as New Jack steps out from the back. The fans are on their feet, cheering LOUDLY, really wanting to see Jack get his hands on Credible. The champion in the ring seems a little nervous, as New Jack slowly struts down the ramp, showing no emotion and keeping his composure.

    Match Three
    Justin Credible w/Francine vs. New Jack

    Despite the obvious anger he would be feeling inside, New Jack is very composed as he stands in his corner of the ring, waiting for the referee to ring the bell. The ECW Champion Justin Credible actually seems a little more agitated, looking a little unsettled at the fact that Jack isn’t showing any emotion. Once the bell rings though, it’s a completely different story... AS NEW JACK SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING, TAKES DOWN CREDIBLE WITH A DOUBLE LEG AND BEGINS BEATING ON HIM WITH WILD RIGHTS AND LEFTS!!!

    The crowd almost blows the roof off of the arena, loving the moment and chanting “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. The first few minutes of this match are just brutal, as besides the odd poke in the eye or kick to the gut, Credible gets in no offense and New Jack just beats the shit out of him with punches, kicks and chokes. After a brutal right hand to the temple, Credible rolls to the outside where he only gets beaten down more, before being sent back into the ring.

    New Jack looks set to follow the champion in, until a fan yells “HEY JACK, OVER HERE”, and New Jack looks to see the fan waiving a guitar over his head. Once the Milwaukee fans realise what’s going through Jack’s head, the arena begins marking the fuck out as Francine can be seen yelling at the fans to “SHUT UP”. New Jack grabs the guitar off of the fan and slides into the ring, now standing over Credible, who’s trying to use the middle rope to pull himself back up. As Credible continues to struggle... NEW JACK RAISES THE GUITAR ABOVE HIS HEAD... AND BRINGS IT DOWN TO THE CANVAS... MISSING CREDIBLE AS HE’S DISTRACTED BY A CHAIR SHOT TO THE BACK FROM FRANCINE!!!

    With the guitar falling to the canvas, Francine gets a smirk on her face, until NEW JACK LOOKS AT HER, NO SELLING THE CHAIR SHOT!!! Francine begins to panic as New Jack picks up the steel chair and begins stalking her, mouthing “YOU’RE MINE, BITCH”. The fans are going ape shit at the idea of Francine getting what she deserves, and she backs away, until she hits the turnbuckle pads, realising she’s trapped in the corner. New Jack continues to slowly get towards her... WHEN HE SENSES SOMETHING... AND TURNS AROUND AND SMASHES A CHARGING CREDIBLE WITH THE STEEL CHAIR RIGHT OVER THE HEAD!!!

    Those “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out again as this momentary distraction damn near kills Credible, but it also allows Francine to escape harm’s way. She rolls under the bottom rope but Jack doesn’t care and he follows her outside the ring. Francine sprints across ringside and heads up the ramp, Jack half jogging after her until Francine runs all the way to the back, and it looks like now, we’ve got a one on one, no interference contest. New Jack makes his way back into the ring now, still getting a standing ovation from the fans, before he picks up Credible and drops him with a Side Belly To Belly Suplex! NEW JACK HOOKS THE LEG...1...2...CREDIBLE KICKS OUT!!!

    Most would be frustrated with the near fall, but New Jack grins, enjoying the fact that he’s going to be able to inflict more punishment. Credible gets to his knees and tries to crawl towards the ropes, only for Jack to land a stiff kick to the ribs, followed by a second and a third, which sends Credible rolling to the outside. Jack quickly follows him out and lands a couple of stomps, before he grabs Credible’s legs... AND CATAPULTS HIM INTO AND OVER THE CROWD BARRICADE!!!

    The fans cheer the fact that Credible is now in the crowd, and honestly, they probably land a couple of cheap shots themselves. Jack climbs over the crowd barricade and brings Credible to his feet, before decking him with another right hand. It’s simply a brawl, as Jack continues to just land punches to Credible who staggers away through the crowd, further and further from ringside. Jack changes things up by landing a Head butt which keeps Credible down, and JACK BEGINS CLIMBING UP THE FAMOUS ECW BALCONY!!! The crowd is geeing up again, knowing what’s about to go down... AS NEW JACK LEAPS OFF... AND THE LANDS THE NEW JACK STAGE DIVE ON JUSTIN CREDIBLE!!!

    A mix of “HOLY SHIT”, “HOLY SHIT”, “HOLY SHIT” and “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants greet the big move. This time Jack stays down for a bit, selling the impacts of the big move and realistically, the first bit of damage he has taken in the match. Styles puts over how we have probably never seen Credible get dominated this badly, as Jack now gets up and throws up some gangster signs with his hands, before slapping five with some of the fans who are in awe. He now gets his mind back on the game, and picks up Credible, placing him in a Side Headlock and dragging him towards ringside, only stopping to land the odd knee to the mid section every now and then. Once at the barricade, Jack climbs over himself... BEFORE VERTICAL SUPLEXING CREDIBLE FROM THE CROWD TO RINGSIDE!!!

    Credible’s holds his back, his face filled with agony, as the fans groan a little at the splat his body made when hitting the concrete. Jack just shows no emotion, again picking up Credible and rolling him back inside of the ring. Once Credible’s inside, Jack climbs into the ring and grabs the steel chair, before heading to the top rope. The fans begin to boo though as FRANCINE IS MAKING HER WAY BACK TOWARDS RINGSIDE... BUT NEW JACK FLIPS HER OFF... LEAPS OFF OF THE TOP ROPE AND CRUSHES CREDIBLE WITH THE 187!!!

    The ECW Champion is done for as those “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out yet again AND NEW JACK MAKES HE COVER...1...2...3!!!




    Massive heat and “CRACK WHORE”, “CRACK WHORE”, “CRACK WHORE” chants come from the fans, as New Jack gets off of Credible and looks around, quickly seeing what the problem is. Jack begins to head towards Francine again, moving the referee out of the way, when Francine yells “TURN AROUND” and Jack turns, STRAIGHT INTO A BRUTAL GORE FROM RHINO!!!

    New Jack has finally been taken down and he remains down, clutching his ribs, as Rhino, as usual is heavy breathing, standing over his prey. Meanwhile Francine clings onto Credible’s arms and slowly drags him under the bottom rope, and he just collapses again on the floor. With Rhino having taken out New Jack and Credible seemingly unable to continue, the referee has no choice but to call for the bell.

    No Contest @ 09:11

    The fans boo the decision as you can imagine, but regardless, it has been made. The referee tells Rhino to leave the ring, but Rhino doesn’t listen, INSTEAD THROWING THE REFEREE THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE AND TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

    Rhino quickly heads outside as well, but instead of pursuing the referee, he looks under the ring, and pulls out a TABLE!!!

    He manoeuvres the table inside of the ring, before getting back in himself, and leaning the table against the corner of the ring.

    ECW fans are as sadistic as ever and they begin to buzz, knowing what’s coming next. Rhino gets on his haunches at the opposite corner to where the table is set up, waiting for New Jack, who fights back to his feet... AND RHINO CHARGES AT NEW JACK... GORING HIM RIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE IN THE CORNER!!!

    Big time pop for the spot as “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants filter throughout the arena again, and Rhino stands over the now not moving New Jack.

    Meanwhile, up the ramp, Francine is dragging Justin Credible through the curtain and to the back. Credible is seemingly out of it, except for the fact that in his right hand, he remains holding onto his ECW Championship...


    With Rhino now leaving back through the crowd where he came from, and New Jack getting help from EMT’s, we head to Joey Styles and Joel Gertner up at The Bird’s Nest.

    Joey Styles: Wow! What a series of events in our main event. New Jack dominated Justin Credible tonight and looked set to get the win, until Rhino interfered, and landed two Gores on New Jack, the second one sending him crashing through a table.

    Joel Gertner: New Jack is one tough guy though, Joey, and he’ll be gunning for Rhino now, if he wasn’t already. Maybe he’ll get at him next week, but there are two matches we can already confirm for next week.

    Joey Styles: Firstly, two men who will be looking to get back on the winner’s column after disappointing losses at Anarchy Rulz will be going one on one. Two of ECW’s fan favourites, Balls Mahoney will be going one on one with Yoshihiro Tajiri!

    Joel Gertner: Those two are both as extreme as they come and somebody could end up in the hospital after that one.

    Joey Styles: And our main event of next week’s ECW Hardcore TV will see Steve Corino cash in his ECW Championship match against Justin Credible. Corino has helped Credible retain the title in the past, but now he wants his shot. Will Corino be able to beat the champion, or will Credible, much like recent times, find some way to remain the ECW Champion?

    Joel Gertner: I can’t wait for this one. Big time title match next week!!!

    Joey Styles: Ladies and gentleman, that’s about all the time we have for you tonight. Before we go, we are going to cut to Steve Corino to get his thoughts on his long awaited title shot next week...


    We head to a random hallway backstage, where a casually dressed Steve Corino stands by, his trusty sidekick Jack Victory standing by his side as always. Victory has a smirk on his face; however Corino is an image of serious, thinking of his title shot in just seven days time.

    Steve Corino: The Network is dead, ECW no longer has a television deal, I haven’t been paid outside of bonuses from The Network in months, but none of that concerns me right now. I have one thing and one thing only on my mind right now.

    Corino holds up one finger, as Victory nods along.

    Steve Corino: The one thing on my mind is the possession that everybody gets in this business to one day hold, and that’s the ECW Championship!

    There’s a glint in Corino’s eye as he mentions the championship and then pauses, closing his eyes, craving the title.

    Steve Corino: Right now I’m thinking about the torturous journey I’ve had to take to get a shot at the ECW Championship, but I’m also thinking about what it will mean next week when I become the champion.

    ‘The King Of Old School’ pauses again, speaking very confidently, getting the constant nod of approval from Victory.

    Steve Corino: Regarding the two of us in the match, it means polar opposites. For me it’s a culmination of all my hard work to achieve a dream. For Justin Credible, it’s going to be a nightmare... But for ECW, it’s going to be the end of a nightmare, because it means that it will be the end of Credible’s ridiculously AWFUL reign of terror.

    A bit of a pop from Corino for this one, but he ignores it, remaining deadly serious.

    Steve Corino: I also want to quickly touch on what Steve Corino becoming the champion will mean for Jerry Lynn. Jerry is a man who took my blood and became a finger painter, writing DIE around his own waist for me to have to look at through all the blood that was in my eyes...

    MASSIVE pop from the extreme fans, because they love Hardcore action. Corino still ignores them, although Victory can be seen shaking his head at the reaction.

    Steve Corino: And now, I have the opportunity to claim the perfect revenge. I’m going to one up Jerry Lynn and take the prized possession that Jerry has bled for, and worked his entire life for...

    Steve pauses again, letting his words sink in, a slight grin appearing on his face for the first time.

    Steve Corino: Of course, once again, I’m talking about the ECW Championship!!!

    Corino touches his waist, exactly where the title will potentially sit after next week’s show.

    Steve Corino: I’ll be able to be called champion by everybody in the back. I will be able to put that gold belt around my waist, and that’s something that Jerry Lynn will never be able to get over, and that, that makes me very content.

    A bit of boos for Corino now, as he’s talking some shit about a crowd favourite. As with the trend of this promo, Corino pays no attention to the crowd.

    Steve Corino: And above all else, when I win the ECW Championship next week, it will mean the stars and the universe have finally aligned. IT WILL MEAN THAT FINALLY...

    Victory yells out “FINALLY” as well, which half throws Corino off for a second.


    Corino’s getting pretty fired up now, as Jack Victory pats him on the back.


    Wow. Intense. Corino takes a few deep breaths, getting all red faced.


    ‘The King Of Old School’ let’s these words sink in, poking himself in the chest with his forefinger.

    Steve Corino: NEXT WEEK...

    The number one contender now gets a huge grin on his face...


    Corino continues to grin into the camera, with Victory doing the same. With his point having gotten across, Steve continues to look into the camera, until we cut away, and the show fades to black...


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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    First time in a while I'm typing up a comment as I read, so we'll see how this plays without me knowing the next part.

    Immediately, Jerry Lynn with a hot promo to start. Now I do feel there should've been something more from Justin Credible. This massive promo, and he doesn't cut him off or try talking over him once? Seems like something Credible would do, considering he's such an egotistical guy. Granted that changes nothing about how fantastic this promo is. Lynn killed it with driving home how Credible screwed him and he's wanting a rematch. If only he had that same fire at Anarchy Rulz, who knows what may have happened.

    Then Corino comes out and things get better somehow. His promo, the style of how you wrote it out and how it reads, it was all so incredible. This is absolutely my favorite promo, because he really drove home the point against both Credible and Lynn and he really made himself seem like THE star of the three. The only thing that bothered me, last week it was announced Credible faces New Jack this week and Corino next week for the title. Well, then, isn't that Corino's #1 contender opportunity? Him saying he isn't sure when he'll cash in just makes it a bit confusing.

    Now Credible just drops the microphone instead of responding in any way? Alright. I mean, Lynn and Corino were both very much right, but still feels like Credible would fire back. Anderson attacking Corino is fantastic, Lynn getting pissed about getting tossed out of the way is great and Corino coming out on top and scaring of Credible is another great part of this story. I'm all in on Corino at this point, he is fantastic.

    Finally a win for York and Matthews! They deserve it. They've been naturally, slowly getting over and now they have a match against this weak team and get to show off. I love it.

    More Chetti and Nova? I mean, okay. It's a nice bit of midcard, I am curious where this will go. Neither has really felt important at this point, but I like that it's building up that midcard a bit more and giving us something that is heated.

    CHICKENS!! Alright, great promo, fun as hell ending. I enjoyed that.

    Great tag match here, very exciting for Doring and Roadkill, they show being the bigger and badder team here. It's fantastic all the high risk moves they do, how aggressive they were toward Sal and Anton every step of the way. It really showed the weakness of the FBI if you take away their help and can foreshadow some trouble for them later. FBI winning by cheating is a great move for some fantastic heat, and a different way than just the normal interference. The post-match was the most interesting to me in that Big Sal got involved with the damn splash and that was horrifying to think of, and because of The Unholy Alliance giving an all out assault on them! Obvious from the recent promo that things weren't over between them, love this here. FBI has a lot of enemies.

    Oh here we go ... New Jack. My first exposure to him. I'm anticipating some uh, fun with this.

    Wow he is one hell of a badass, eh? That was insanely brutal. I'm used to Credible maybe not being the best, but he usually at least does something. New Jack is terrifying. This is legitimately awesome. I love the miss with the guitar, chasing Francine away. I'm a bit iffy on her coming back, but it works for the moment and the attack by Rhino is perfect. He wouldn't put up with New Jack, he doesn't put up with anyone. The GORE from nowhere is absolutely one of my favorite parts of this thread, and this was great timing on it. The GORE through the Table is awesome, and sets up for the future. New Jack is definitely going after Rhino, and considering how dominant and tough New Jack looked here, I'm thinking this could be Rhino's match for once. This is going to be a battle of the ultimate badasses.

    Ending the show with another fantastic Corino promo is no problem to me. As I said earlier, I am firmly in the corner of Corino at this point. He is such a fantastic character. I am curious to see how the death of The Network will be playing out over the coming weeks, and this is one of those first parts of it with Corino and Credible having been aligned with them before. I'm very excited for this match next week, though I felt with the promo earlier that Corino shouldn't have tipped his hand. If he's saying he doesn't know when he's cashing in and kind of hinting at it, I feel it could've been a big come out and tell Credible it's time for the match kind of moment. This works all the same though, and does hype the next episode well.

    This episode was fantastic. A Tag title match, my first experience with New Jack, some good story segments with Chetti/Nova, with Doring and Roadkill getting a promo, with the Unholy Alliance and Rhino post-match attacks. And of course, The Uncrowned Champion being the absolute greatest. I'm very excited for what's next here.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Sorry this took so long, but figured I should read through the whole thing so I binge read through this over the last week, and I figured I'd give some general thoughts on this as a whole.

    First, really enjoyed that this isn't like anything else I've read on this site so far. It's gritty, violent, and everything E-C-Dubya should be. I haven't been able to see much old ECW but from what I've seen, you are nailing it perfectly.

    I sometimes forget that people like Justin Credible, Jerry Lynn, Rhino (even though I always liked him) and a few others were so big in ECW before becoming jobbers in WWE. I'm glad you are using them the way they should be used.

    Rhino winning the Television Championship and the post match brawl with Van Dam was great. Everything about it.

    Speaking of Van Dam, you write his matches perfectly. Following the brawl with Rhino the next show opened with a match against Psicosis and that was just as enjoyable due to the writing.

    The fact that your promo work with Credible got me pumped for him vs Jerry Lynn surprised me...surprised me in the sense that it wasn't a match going into Anarchy Rulz that I expected to be so into.

    Speaking of Anarchy Rulz. Good god man. It was great, the matches the promos. Everything.
    - Rhino's line about raping Van Dam's face with his fists till no one will every recognize him was hilarious, and disturbing all at the same time.
    - Was disappointed The Unholy Alliance didn't pick up the win, but I hope in the future they get another shot.
    - The Rhino Van Dam match was filled with so much greatness, I had to go back and read the main event later due to not wanting to be disappointing following what very well could have been the main event.
    - Main event turned out to be good as well, loving the character of Justin Credible.

    As you can probably tell, you have a new fan. I'm disappointing it has taken me so long to read this. I loved it all and will definitely be continuing to read and review as soon as more becomes available.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks for the comments, Jaywhy and Rant. Much appreciated as always.


    ECW Hardcore TV


    The Rave

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    No opening video, no pyro, no credits or any of that stuff, instead “Mean” by the ECW Production Team plays throughout the speakers as ‘Mean’ Mitch Page steps through the curtain. Having never stepped foot inside an ECW arena before, Page gets little to no reaction from the fans who have no idea who this guy is. On commentary, Joey Styles explains that Page is a local talent, who is being given the chance to make a name for himself tonight. Once Page is inside the ring, “Debonaire” by Dope hits, and even though he’s a heel, the blood thirsty ECW fans cheer for the ECW Television Champion Rhino, as they know Page is about to be slaughtered. Rhino has his title around his waist as he storms down the ramp and slides into the ring, intensely breathing as per usual. Once Rhino is inside the ring, Page gulps and can be seen panicking and looking around for an escape route, and the champ sees this and lets out a sadistic grin.

    Match One
    ECW Television Championship Match
    Rhino defends against ‘Mean’ Mitch Page

    The referee orders for the bell and the match begins with Rhino remaining in the corner, laughing at Page, and motioning for him to bring it. Page holds onto the ropes, taking a few deep breaths, trying to regain his composure, before he begins to walk towards the centre of the ring... BUT RHINO EXPLODES OUT OF NOWHERE... AND IMMEDIATELY RUNS THROUGH PAGE WITH THE GORE!!!

    Again, the sadistic ECW fans actually cheer this man because they don’t know who the fuck this local jobber is. This could be over right now but instead, Rhino gets back up and storms across the ring, a picture of pure anger as he wants his opponent to get back up. ‘The Big Fuckin’ Deal’ now looks towards the back and yelling “THIS IS GONNA BE YOU, NEW JACK”! Rhino then stands over Page, slowly dragging him to his knees, HE THEN HOISTS PAGE UP AND SENDS HIM CRASHING BACK DOWN TO THE CANVAS WITH A PILEDRIVER!!! RHINO HOOKS THE LEG...1...2...3!!!

    Winner – Rhino retains the ECW Television Championship @ 0:30

    The bell rings to signal the end of the ‘contest’, and Rhino is immediately up to his feet having barely broke a sweat. He gets given his title by the referee and he has his hand raised; now receiving a mixed reaction from the fans. Rhino then shrugs the referee off of his arm and the ref scurries from the ring, as Rhino surveys the arena, yelling “NOBODY CAN STOP ME”!

    As Rhino continues to storm around the ring, a pure image of superiority, we cut to...


    The randomly placed opening video package, which as always is accompanied by “This Is Extreme” by Harry Slash and The Slashstones. The opening video obviously shows highlights of all of ECW’s biggest names and most brutal spots, before it eventually comes to a close. By the time the video is finished, the fans are all cheering along, chanting “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” as they await the next bit of action now that Rhino has left the ringside area...


    We now head to the backstage area, where the ever professional, always awesome, Joey Styles is standing by with a microphone in hand. Styles has a smile on his face, as he straightens up his tie, whilst some of the ECW faithful start a brief “JOEY”, “JOEY”, “JOEY” chant. As the chants begin to die down, Styles decides to begin to speak.

    Joey Styles: Hi everybody and welcome to another episode of ECW Hardcore TV! For those of you who don’t know, I’m ‘The Voice Of ECW’ Joey Styles, and I can’t help but notice a certain aura that is buzzing around the arena tonight. We’ve got a big time, pay per view worthy main event scheduled as the ECW Champion Justin Credible will defend the title against a man, who only a few weeks ago, was helping Credible keep the title and that’s Steve Corino. Corino has been hungry for the gold for a long time now but he was kept in line by Cyrus and The Network, yet now that ECW is no longer associated with The Network, ‘The King Of Old School’ wants his shot. This match could really go either way as Corino has worked his way up the ranks tremendously in the past twelve months, however no matter what obstacle is throws in his path, our ECW Champion Justin Credible always finds a way to keep his title. We’re in for a huge show tonight, folks!

    Styles continues to have a slight grin on his face, looking forward to the big time main event we have booked on the show. Joey then nods at the camera, which is the sign for us to cut back to ringside...


    The ECW fans are still cheering the idea of the main event, when “For The Love Of Money/Down On Me” by The O’Jays and Jackyl pops through the pa system, and is greeted with a fair amount of heat. The man who will be competing tonight, EZ Money, leads the way, closely flanked by the rest of Hot Commodity, which consists of Chris Hamrick, Elektra and Julio Dinero. The quartet make their usual arrogant entrance, signalling money with their fingers and giving a hard time to some of the fans in the front row. When EZ Money gets inside the ring, he climbs up to the top rope and continues to bad mouth the fans, whilst his stable mates, all dressed in casual clothes, remain on the outside of the ring. They don’t have to wait long for Money’s opponent as “Sinister Music” by Boner hits to a VERY LOUD, positive response as Mikey Whipwreck steps through the curtain, closely followed by The Sinister Minister and Yoshihiro Tajiri. Mikey is in his usual wrestling gear, as is Tajiri; whilst TSM wears a suit, but it’s clear that Mikey is the one competing tonight. The adulation continues to come from the fans as Mikey now slides into the ring, and Tajiri points and barks Japanese warnings at the rest of Hot Commodity on the outside of the ring.

    Match Two
    EZ Money w/Hot Commodity vs. Mikey Whipwreck w/The Sinister Minister and Yoshihiro Tajiri


    The crowd boo the cheap tactic but it works as Dinero helps Money beat Mikey down, before he quickly scurries from the ring. Money continues to beat down on Mikey in the corner as the referee slides back into the ring, having broken up the brawl on the outside. Money is brutal with his right hands and stomps in the corner, giving Whipwreck no time to breathe, before he changes things up, whipping Mikey into the ropes, and drilling him upon return with a Clothesline. Hot Commodity cheer on their stable mate from the outside, clearly irritating the fans and Tajiri, as Money tells his buddies to “WATCH THIS”, before drilling MIKEY WITH THE MONEY CLIP... EZ MAKES THE COVER...1...2...MIKEY KICKS OUT!!!

    Unless your name is Kid Kash, you can’t always get a good match out of EZ, so from here his offense is very basic, using straight brawling tactics to keep Mikey down. He gains a few near falls as well, but the match doesn’t really ever look like it’s going to be over. Eventually Mikey digs deep and shows some of his trademark resilience, fighting back with big time right hands. He follows up with a quick Vertical Suplex, before Money bounces back up and leans against the ropes... MIKEY CHARGES ACROSS THE RING AT HIM... BUT EZ LOW BRIDGES THE TOP ROPE AND SENDS MIKEY TUMBLING TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

    EZ smartly remains inside the ring and feigns an injury to his knee, which the referee begins to check on. This allows CHRIS HAMRICK TO BEGIN STOMPING ALL OVER MIKEY ON THE OUTSIDE!!! TAJIRI SPRINTS AROUND RINGSIDE AND BEGINS TRADING BLOWS WITH HAMRICK AGAIN... However as this is occurring, it allows JULIO DINERO TO PICK UP MIKEY AND RAM HIM BACK FIRST INTO THE RING APRON... BEFORE HE ROLLS HIM BACK INSIDE THE RING!!!

    Money immediately pounces, continuing on the attack, as Dinero now goes to grab Tajiri... BUT TAJIRI SHRUGS HIM OFF... AND DROPS HIM WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE HEAD!!! An epic pop comes from the fans but the distraction does enough, as ‘The Japanese Buzzsaw’ then turns straight into a Clothesline from Hamrick. Hamrick then picks up Tajiri... AND DROPS HIM CHEST FIRST ACROSS THE CROWD BARRICADE!!!

    Groans come from the audience as over the next minute or so; EZ continues his domination of Mikey. Money almost pulls off the victory after landing the EZ Driver, but Mikey just managed a shoulder up. Money now looks at the fans and lets them know he’s about to finish the match, as he gets MIKEY IN POSITION FOR THE CHA-CHING... BUT MIKEY REVERSES INTO A FRANKENMIKEY!!! The fans mark out as Hot Commodity bug out, and Mikey immediately drapes an arm over the chest of EZ...1...2...MONEY KICKS OUT!!!

    From here, both men take their time to get up, Mikey struggling with the beat down he’s taken so far in the match and EZ because he’s currently a little stunned. Whipwreck really begins to build momentum now, scoring several near falls before HE’S ABLE TO NAIL MONEY WITH THE WHIPPER SNAPPER!!! MIKEY MAKES THE COVER...1...2...3!!!


    The fans lose their shit as Hamrick pretends as if he didn’t do anything, and the referee immediately admonishes him. The referee then slides back inside of the ring and makes the count...1...2...NO! EZ MANAGES TO SHOOT A SHOULDER OFF OF THE MAT!!!


    Elektra jumps off of the apron, yelling “AHHHHH, MY EYES” as the fans begin chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. The remaining members of Hot Commodity jump off of the apron to check on Elektra, as Tajiri scurries to the other side of the ring. Even EZ and Mikey are distracted inside of the ring, with Money stepping towards the ropes, checking on Elektra as well. Mikey sees this... AND QUICKLY GOES FOR A ROLL UP...1...2...3!!!

    Winner – Mikey Whipwreck @ 6:03

    As soon as the bell rings, Tajiri and The Sinister Minister slide into the ring, celebrating with the battered Mikey, as the fans cheer their heroes. EZ Money remains on his haunches inside of the ring, shaking his head, clearly frustrated with how the loss has gone. Meanwhile, on the outside of the ring, Elektra is still in pain, blinking wildly and trying to wipe mist from her eyes as she yells “GET THEM”!

    The Unholy Alliance are all celebrating, interacting with the fans, smiles on their faces, WHEN THEY GET ATTACKED FROM BEHIND BY ALL THREE MALE MEMBERS OF HOT COMMODITY!!!

    They receive some serious heat from the ECW fans, as Money quickly tosses The Sinister Minister to the outside, and now all three of them, use their numbers advantage to clobber Mikey and Tajiri. There isn’t a lot of fight left in Mikey, as he gets dropped rather quickly, and then all three members methodically pinball Tajiri around the ring with some brutal right hands.

    Boos continue to reverberate around the arena, but that quickly changes... AS KID KASH SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP AND SLIDES INTO THE RING!!!

    The fans mark out now as Kid Kash hasn’t been noticed by Hot Commodity and it allows Kash to drag Dinero off of Tajiri, and he begins hammering away with right hands. Kash drops Dinero, and Hamrick and then EZ as all three members now have their focus on KK. Kash continues to hammer away until finally, Dinero is able to hit Kash with a Clothesline from the side.

    The numbers advantage looks to be catching up to Kash now, as Hamrick holds his arms behind his back, and MONEY LOOKS SET TO CHARGE AT KASH... WHEN TAJIRI DROPS MONEY WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

    Money rolls out of the ring and Dinero looks set to attack Tajiri... HOWEVER MIKEY GRABS HIM FROM BEHIND AND THROWS HIM OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!!

    Hamrick is still holding on to Kash in a Full Nelson position... BUT KASH SPINS BEHIND... AND LANDS A HUGE RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX... Causing Hamrick to clutch at his neck and roll out of the ring.

    The fans cheer loudly, enjoying the faces reigning supreme, as Kash shares handshakes with The Unholy Alliance, and all four members of Hot Commodity try and help each other up on the outside.


    Epic pop from the fans followed by chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. Kash slowly gets to his feet, feeling the effects of his landing, before he grabs Chris Hamrick and knocks him back down with a right hand. KK now begins stomping all over Hamrick, only to get knocked down from behind by Julio Dinero.

    Kash is momentarily down and Hot Commodity quickly begins scurrying up the ramp and to the back. Kash gets up and stalks them to the back, following them through the curtain to ensure they can’t try anything dastardly.

    Meanwhile inside of the ring, Tajiri is checking on Mikey, making sure he is okay... WHEN THEY BOTH GET CLOBBERED FROM BEHIND BY THE FULL BLOODED ITALIANS!!!

    Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke, Sal E. Graziano and Scotty Anton begin stomping all over both men, with The Sinister Minister yelling expletives at them from the outside.

    The heat from the fans is tremendously loud, as Guido barks out instructions to the rest of his crew. “WE’LL LIFT HIM UP, YOU GET READY” yells Guido as along with Mamaluke and Big Sal, he picks up Mikey, as Scotty Anton picks up the Italian flag they brought with them... AND HE SNAPS THE FLAG ACROSS THE BACK OF MIKEY!!!

    The quartet now tosses Mikey to the outside, and begins focusing on Tajiri. The audience buzz a little more, knowing that The FBI and Tajiri have literally had problems since day one in this thread. The FBI look set to beat him up, stomping on him some more, and Guido even mounts him and hammers away with some right hands.


    Ironically, he’s steal chair has Tajiri’s name on it as they are supposed to compete tonight, but he swings it wildly at The FBI, with the fans completely behind him chanting “BALLS”, “BALLS”, “BALLS”!

    The Italians want none of this as they all scamper outside of the ring, however Big Sal is a little slow, SO MAHONEY LANDS A STEEL CHAIR ACROSS HIS BACK TO HELP HIM FALL OFF OF THE APRON AND TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

    Guido and co check on Big Sal on the outside, as a furious Mikey has gotten back inside the ring... AND HE CLIMBS UP TO THE TOP ROPE... BEFORE LEAPING OFF WITH A CROSSBODY WHICH TAKES OUT ALL FOUR MEMBERS OF THE FBI!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out on the outside again as all of the men on the outside remain down. Inside of the ring, Balls helps Tajiri up but ‘The Japanese Buzzsaw’ quickly shrugs him off, looking a little weary.

    Balls looks a little confused, saying “I JUST SAVED YOUR LITTLE ASS”, but Tajiri can’t or doesn’t want to understand him. With the two circling each other inside the ring, a referee sprints out from the back and slides into the ring and calls for the bell, starting our scheduled match up.

    Match Three
    Balls Mahoney vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri

    The fans begin cheering as they are clearly pretty happy with the fact that they are going to get a chance to see two of their favourites go at it here. The match official shockingly immediately turns his back on them though, instead looking to the backstage are and signalling for somebody to make their way out. Within a couple of moments, a herd of referees and security make their way out, and they usher all four members of The FBI, as well as Mikey Whipwreck and The Sinister Minister to the backstage area.

    Inside of the ring, the action begins with the bigger man trying to back Tajiri into a corner, but every time Balls looks to swing a punch, Tajiri ducks under and moves himself back into the centre of the ring. Mahoney shakes his head the first time and laughs it off, but once it happens a third time, he gets frustrated, and upon the fourth time... HE CHARGES WITH A CLOTHESLINE... BUT TAJIRI DUCKS AGAIN AND LANDS A SUPERKICK!!! Mahoney crumbles to the mat and TAJIRI HOOKS THE LEG...1...2...MAHONEY KICKS OUT!!!

    ‘The Japanese Buzzsaw’ stays on the task at hand, bringing Balls right back to his feet and hammering away with really quick blows to the mid section and legs. Tajiri then whips Balls into the corner... AND AS BALLS STAGGERS OUT OF THE CORNER... TAJIRI FLIES ACROSS THE RING WITH A HANDSPRING BACK ELBOW!!! Mahoney falls to the mat, STANDING MOONSAULT FROM TAJIRI AND HE MAKES ANOTHER COVER...1...2...BALLS KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!

    Joey Styles puts over the fast pace of this match as it has barely started and we are already getting near falls. Tajiri looks to maintain the attack, bringing Balls up, but Balls shrugs him off... AND LANDS THE MAHONEY COMBO... THE LAST PUNCH DROPPING TAJIRI TO THE CANVAS!!! The audience cheer the punching theatrics from Mahoney, as he now brings Tajiri up and places him onto the top rope in the corner. Mahoney follows him up... but Tajiri begins hammering away with quick rights and lefts, until Mahoney lands a brutal head butt. BALLS THEN SHRUGS AND PUSHES TAJIRI... CAUSING HIM TO FALL OFF OF THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

    A cringe worthy splat echo’s throughout the arena as Tajiri lands and the fans begin their famous “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants. Balls gets out of the ring now and completely ignores Tajiri, picking up his steel chair and sliding back inside of the ring. He looks towards the stage area, yelling “COME ON” and it’s easy to see why, as Da Baldies are slowly making their way towards the ring. Angel and Tony DeVito make it to ringside and spread out, circling the ring, trying to use their numbers to their advantage.

    The referee sees the potential for all hell to break loose and he quickly hops out of the ring and runs to the back, ending the contest.

    No Contest @ 2:13


    The fans boo the move however Tony DeVito is now getting up onto the apron on the other side of the ring... NA DBALLS LOOKS TO CHARGE IN THAT DIRECTION... BUT ANGEL CLINGS ONTO HIS FOOT, TRIPPING MAHONEY!!!

    Gasps can be heard from the audience as Balls drops the steel chair... SO DEVITO QUICKLY GETS IN THE RING, GRABS THE CHAIR AND CRACKS IT ACROSS THE BACK OF BALLS!!!

    Angel is now inside of the ring as well and together the two beat on Balls a little... BEFORE BRINGING HIM BACK UP AND DRIVING HIM TO THE CANVAS WITH THEIR TANDEM POWERBOMB!!!

    With Mahoney basically out of it, Da Baldies step outside of the ring and look under the apron, before grabbing a table! The two roll the table under the bottom rope, before beginning to set it up inside of the ring.

    Balls is slowly trying to get himself up, so Angel begins to bring him up by the hair... AS PIERRE CARL OULETTE SPRINTS OUT FROM THE BACK AND SLIDES INTO THE RING!!!

    The fans aren’t sure how to react until PCO gets into the ring, AND DROPS TONY DEVITO WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!

    Big time pop from the fans and chants of “PCO”, “PCO”, “PCO” as Angel now drops Mahoney, and gets drilled with a Clothesline by PCO as well.

    Oulette pinball’s both members of Da Baldies around for a bit, until Balls is back up... AND THEY BOTH LAND A SIDEWALK SLAM AT THE SAME TIME TO A MEMBER OF DA BALDIES!!!

    The table is still standing unused in the middle of the ring, so Mahoney heads to the outside and looks under the ring, pulling out a gas can and a lighter. The audience is going ape shit as Balls slides back into the ring... AND BEGINS DRENCHING THE TABLE IN GASOLINE!!!

    Balls then takes a moment to get the lighter to work... before he throws it onto the table... AND WE HAVE A FLAMING FUCKING TABLE WITH FOUR WRESTLERS IN THE RING!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out again as Da Baldies see the flaming table and they immediately roll out of the ring.

    A bunch of security guards quickly roll into the ring and they set a fire extinguisher to the table, ensuring that the fire is put out safely.

    Meanwhile, Balls and PCO are left standing inside of the ring, looking a little uneasy and hesitant, having just fought in a war a couple of weeks ago at Anarchy Rulz. The fans aren’t sure what is going to happen as they go nose to nose... UNTIL PCO EXTENDS HIS HAND, LOOKING FOR A HANDSHAKE... AND BALLS ACCEPTS!!!

    The two show each other a mutual respect as the fans give them a nice ovation and we head to our first commercial break of the evening.


    After what has been a pretty explosive start to the show, we get a more relaxed situation when returning from the break, as Joey Styles is standing backstage with a microphone in hand. The fans cheer as they see Joey, who has a pretty excited look on his face.

    Joey Styles: Welcome back to ECW Hardcore TV ladies and gentleman, now we’ve had a pretty wild start to the show and there’s plenty more of extreme to come. I won’t take up to much of your time however I’ve just been informed of the first lot of match announcements for November fifths November To Remember.

    Joey smiles, still pretty pumped up as the fans cheer the beginning of the announcement.

    Joey Styles: These matches have come straight from the mouth of the Commissioner of ECW in Spike Dudley, and the first one will see the ECW Television Champion Rhino defending his championship against New Jack!

    EPIC POP, as Styles nods along with the fans.

    Joey Styles: That match itself may just tear the whole arena apart with the bad blood between those two, but that’s not all that Commissioner Spike has announced...

    Joey takes a breath before continuing.

    Joey Styles: Two teams who have quite the rivalry will add another chapter at November to Remember as The Full Blooded Italians will once again defend the ECW Tag Team Championships against The Unholy Alliance!

    More cheers for the fans as ECW’s upcoming PPV now has two big title matches.

    Joey Styles: And last but not least, based off of the events of before the commercial break, Balls Mahoney will team up with the fan he was defeated by at Anarchy Rulz, Pierre Carl Oulette, and they will face Da Baldies in a flaming tables match!

    WOWSERS! The fans go ape shit for that announcement.

    Joey Styles: ECW November to Remember is going to be huge, but right now, we’re going to head back to ringside as it’s time for the ECW Championship match!


    With Joey’s sign off we head back to ringside and “The Old School Style” by Boner which gets a nice, very loud mixed reaction, which quickly disintegrates into heat as Steve Corino steps through the curtain, as always closely followed by the loyal Jack Victory. Victory pats Corino on his back a few times as ‘The King Of Old School’ slowly saunters down the ramp. There’s no back and forth with the fans, Corino looks focused and confident as he steps inside the ring and waits for the champ. He waits a few more seconds until “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” by Grimspoon rocks through the pa system and the ECW Champion Justin Credible makes his way out from the back, with Francine strutting her stuff in a tiny dress behind him. The champion’s heat is probably louder than Corino’s by a fair bit, as he takes his time to argue with the fans, which make it quite clear that they don’t like him. Slowly, Credible gets into the ring and he takes off his ECW title, kissing it before passing it off to the referee. As the referee takes the title away, Corino yells “YOU’RE KISSING THAT THING GOODBYE”! The referee now comes back to the centre of the ring, Corino and Credible are ready to go at it, but before the bell can ring, “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J hits and gets an unexpected pop, and the fans murmur as an annoyed CW Anderson rushes out from the back. Anderson is in his wrestling gear despite not being booked for a match tonight, and the fans boo the hell out of him, as Credible and Corino both roll their eyes. The big man gets inside of the ring, waits for his music to die down, and talks over the fans, having brought a microphone with him to the ring.

    CW Anderson: I know you two had a match scheduled for right now, but I had to come out here and stop this travesty. This is simply not fair.

    Boos from the crowd because CW is whinging, but he looks as serious as ever. Credible and Corino still look pretty annoyed, as their associated watch on from the outside.

    CW Anderson: A once in a lifetime occurrence took place at Anarchy Rulz and now I’m being punished for it and (points at Corino) you’re being rewarded for it. I want you to admit to the world before this match starts tonight that you got lucky when you beat me at Anarchy Rulz. Not only that, but I want you to promise that if you win tonight...

    Anderson pauses, still looking deadly serious, and not seeming to notice that Credible still looks frustrated, and Corino is damn near laughing at him.

    CW Anderson: If you win, you’ll do the right thing and you’ll have your first title defence at November to Remember against the man you scored a fluke victory over...

    Mixed reaction from the fans as CW takes a breath, and his peers still don’t seem on the same page.

    CW Anderson: And that man is me, an Anderson!

    More boos from the fans as Credible shakes his head; however Corino leans through the ropes and gets given a microphone of his own. ‘The King of Old School’ shakes his head at CW, who almost has a self entitled look on his face.

    Steve Corino: Now there’s a lot of what you just said that I don’t agree with, but I’ll deal with them one at a time. First things first...

    Corino raises his index finger in the air to signify the first thing he’s about to discuss.

    Steve Corino: I don’t know if you’re going to get a title shot, but I’ll give an Anderson something...

    With that statement, Anderson looks confused until Corino flips him the bird, giving an Anderson the finger. CW’s eyes bulge out of his head as the fans mark out for the epic Corino reaction, and even the ECW Champion Justin Credible struggles to keep a straight face. Corino is pretty happy with himself, smirking, before he continues.

    Steve Corino: I’m glad that pissed you off, because you pissed me off. A fluke? You want to call my victory a fluke? I don’t think so. Let me tell you EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED AT ANARCHY RULZ...

    Steve is getting pretty intense as Anderson listens on, snarling.

    Steve Corino: You did exactly what you were supposed to do. YOU DID EXACTLY WHAT ALL ANDERSON’S DO...

    CW is really glaring at Corino now, who takes a breath before continuing.

    Steve Corino: You did just like all of your relatives in the past have done. YOU PERFORMED REALLY WELL BUT ULTIMATELY YOU LOST TO THE STAR OF THE COMPANY...

    ‘The King Of Old School’ nods along with his claims, as the fans give him a pretty mixed reaction. Credible once again looks annoyed at being over looked, as CW gets red faced with fury.

    Steve Corino: Don’t shake your head Justin because it’s the truth, when people mention the star of the company, they MENTION ME!

    Cheers for the shot at the champion as Corino now turns his attention back towards Anderson.

    Steve Corino: So did I get lucky? NO!

    Anderson yells “YES YOU DID” but Corino talks over the top of him.

    Steve Corino: I didn’t need luck because I am better than you. I DIDN’T GET LUCKY AND YOU NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF MY RING!!!

    Yet another mixed reaction from the confused fans, as Corino goes nose to nose with CW, ONLY FOR ANDERSON TO SHOVE CORINO IN THE CHEST!!!

    Corino takes a step back, smirking but looking bothered at the same time, as CW speaks again.

    CW Anderson: You did get lucky and you are not the star of the show. If I was in this match tonight, I would whip Justin Credible’s ass...

    Now Anderson gets a pop for bagging the hated champ, but Corino doesn’t look overly thrilled. Credible is furious though, stomping on the mat, having a tantrum at the amount of disrespect he’s receiving.

    CW Anderson: And at the exact same time, I’d beat your ass as well!

    Corino raises his eyebrows and the two go nose to nose again, the fans cheering the idea of a brawl starting. The ECW Champion Justin Credible reaches through the ropes on the other side of the ring, being handed a microphone from Francine. Credible then storms to the middle of the ring and steps right in the middle of both men, knocking them both out of their hatred filled stare down.

    Justin Credible: You both are getting way too far ahead of yourselves and need to show me the respect that I deserve. Nobody in this ring or in this entire company can kick my ass and I’d beat both of you right now in a three man match... If my one on one title defence hadn’t already been signed.

    MAJOR heat from the fans and Corino and Anderson both roll their eyes at Credible’s excuse to not make the match a triple threat. Justin Credible remains as serious as possible though, believing his own bullshit when “Scapegoat” by Fear Factory is next up, getting a real big pop as per usual, as an agitated, and also in his wrestling gear, Jerry Lynn pushes through the curtain. Jerry has a microphone in his hand and he stares at all three men inside the ring, ignoring the fans on his way down to ringside. Lynn gets inside the ring rather quickly looks at all three men and shakes his head with a look of disdain on his face.

    Jerry Lynn: I honestly can’t believe this, this is complete bullshit!

    Epic pop for Lynn getting straight to the point, as he actually looks a little bitter compared to the other three men inside the ring.

    Jerry Lynn: I’ll start with you, Anderson. How can you come out here and stake your claim for a title shot against either of these men? Fluke or no fluke luck or no luck, at Anarchy Rulz, you lost.

    Lynn gets more cheers from the fans as Anderson shakes his head, annoyed because he doesn’t really have a response.

    Jerry Lynn: You don’t deserve to even be out here saying you want a shot. But I, I NEVER LOST AT ANARCHY RULZ!

    The fans are almost stunned silent as Jerry Lynn cuts sick.

    Jerry Lynn: Steve Corino is the luckiest man in ECW because he’s getting MY TITLE MATCH RIGHT NOW!

    Lynn isn’t happy and neither is Corino at Lynn’s claims and Justin Credible continues to rolls his eyes at everything that is happening as well. Jerry is furious, heavy breathing, but he takes a few moments to regain his composure.

    Jerry Lynn: So I challenge both of you, for the first time in your lives to do the right thing and let’s make this title match today a three way.

    BIG TIME cheers for this announcement as Lynn nods his head, but the other three men in the ring all object, obviously for their own reasons. All four begin to get fired up, bickering and arguing with each other until “Highway To Hell” by ACDC hits to a nice reaction from the fans as the ECW Commissioner Spike Dudley steps through the curtain. The Commissioner stops just past the curtain, not walking to the ring, and all four wrestlers look intently at what the Commish is going to have to say.

    Spike Dudley: With the boss being busy looking to get ECW a new television deal, I’ve been put in charge of tonight’s show. My philosophy is all about putting on the absolute best show possible for all of the fans.

    Spike pauses, allowing polite cheers from the fans.

    Spike Dudley: Now tonight’s ECW Championship match between Justin Credible and Steve Corino was going to be extreme, but I’ve decided to do one, or actually two better.

    The fans begin to buzz sensing where this is going, and even the wrestlers in the ring begin to know where this is heading.

    Spike Dudley: The main event for tonight has been cancelled, AND THIS MATCH WILL NOW BE A FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH FOR THE ECW CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

    Earth shattering pop from the fans as Lynn and CW look satisfied; however Corino and Credible both look absolutely livid. Dudley looks to enjoy the different reactions, smiling as he yells over the fans.

    Spike Dudley: THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and enjoy the rest of the show!

    Spike turns on his heel and heads to the back, as all four men begin limbering up, preparing for the huge main event. The referee is in the ring and he calls for the bell to get this one under way.

    Match Four
    Fatal Four Way Match
    Justin Credible (c) w/Francine defends against CW Anderson, Jerry Lynn and Steve Corino

    The referee has called for the bell and there’s a slight lull, where no man makes a move... UNTIL ALL FOUR MEN CHARGE TO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING AND WE HAVE A HUGE BRAWL!!! Anderson, Lynn, Corino and Credible are all throwing punches at each other, and neither man is giving an inch. Eventually Credible falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring after Lynn drops him, whilst CW Anderson grabs Steve Corino and throws him outside of the ring. This leaves Lynn and Anderson in the ring and CW looks for his heavy left hand, but Lynn ducks and peppers Anderson with rights, before Clotheslining him over the top rope and out to the floor!

    Huge cheers come from the fans as in the early stages of this one; Lynn is the last man standing. It doesn’t last though, as he heads to the ropes, as all three of his opponents make their way up... AND LYNN GOES FOR A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY... TAKING OUT ALL THREE OF HIS OPPONENTS ONCE AGAIN!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out as Lynn remains on the floor, but throws sloppy looking punches at his opponents, who are all still down, and in a dazed state. ‘The New F’n Show’ now gets back to his feet, nodding at the fans, before walking over and grabbing a baking tray from a member of the audience in the first row. Lynn grabs the baking tray before waiting for Corino to get up... AND HE DINTS THE HELL OUT OF THE BAKING TRAY WITH CORINO’S SKULL!!!

    ‘The King Of Old School’ crumbles to the floor as Lynn comically hands the bent out of shape tray back to the fan he received if off. Those “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants continue as Jerry now heads underneath the ring and pulls out a steel chair. JL grabs the chair and sets his attention towards the ECW Champion who has began crawling around the ring and up the ramp, trying to get away from the action. The fans boo the hell out of the pussy actions from Credible, as Lynn slowly stalks him, a smile on his face. Lynn eventually reaches Credible... AND SLAMS THE STEEL CHAIR ACROSS HIS BACK!!!

    Credible yells out in agony, which Lynn enjoys for a brief moment, but it’s one moment two long, as CW Anderson spins him around and decks him with a left hand. Lynn staggers but remains on his feet, however it gives Anderson time to pick up the steel chair, and when Lynn turns back towards CW, ANDERSON STABS LYNN IN THE GUT WITH THE CHAIR, BEFORE FOLLOWING IT UP WITH A HARD BLOW ACROSS THE BACK!!!

    Everybody is down except for Anderson now as he throws the steel chair to the floor and yells “I’M THE NEXT DAMN CHAMPION”. The fans boo the claim but CW is in control now, as he punts Lynn in the ribs before doing the same to Credible. JC seems to be trying to get away again as he slowly crawls through the curtain to the backstage area, but Anderson isn’t far behind. CW has Lynn back up and drags him by the hair through the curtain... BEFORE THROWING HIM STRAIGHT INTO A WALL!!!

    With Lynn down, CW looks to focus on Credible again, and he stands over the defensive champion... BUT CREDIBLE SNEAKS A LOW BLOW OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Anderson now drops to the canvas and all three men are down in the backstage area, as Corino has made it to his feet back at ringside. As Corino slowly begins making his way towards the back, the three men backstage all make their way to the feet at the same time, and in a similar fashion to how the match began, they all trade punches. All three men continue to exchange blows in a close proximity... UNTIL THEY ARE ALL TAKEN OUT BY A CHARGING STEVE CORINO WHO RUNS THROUGH ALL THREE MEN WITH A TRASH CAN IN HIS HANDS!!!

    Corino laughs at the fact that now all of the men are down except for himself, as the fans once again chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” for yet another extreme spot. As all his opponents are down, Corino picks Justin Credible out of the bunch and picks him up and rams him into some real basic, cheap technical equipment before he brings him back through the curtain. Corino pummels Credible with right hands before lifting him up and dropping him chest first onto the crowd barricade. Gasps come from the audience and from Credible, who is gasping for air as he hangs on the crowd barricade, so Corino uses Credible’s legs to flip him over into the audience.

    ‘The King Of Old School’ climbs over the crowd barricade, following Credible in, as Lynn and CW Anderson are now back up and brawling in the backstage area. Back in the crowd and Corino is basically just hammering on Credible, with the fans helping him out as Credible continues to try and get away from Steve. Corino is able to land a European Uppercut which really staggers Credible... SO CORINO LOOKS TO FOLLOW UP WITH THE OLD SCHOOL KICK... BUT CREDIBLE DUCKS AND CORINO NEARLY TAKES A FANS HEAD OFF WITH THE KICK!!!

    Holy shit! The fan is unconscious as the “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants are heard from every fan in the building, except for the one who just got knocked out. Corino pauses, in complete shock, and THIS ALLOWS CREDIBLE TO STILL A FANS DRINK... AND THROW IT IN THE EYES OF CORINO!!! CORINO NOW STAGGERS AROUND BLINDLY... AND CREDIBLE KICKS HIM IN THE STOMACH AND DROPS CORINO WITH A DDT ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!!

    The fans are still chanting, really into this match as Credible lies next to Corino for a few moments, catching his breath before getting back to his feet. Credible lets everybody know, “THAT’S WHY IM THE CHAMP” and he now ruthlessly kicks the body of the injured fan out of his way so he can stomp all over Corino. Credible continues to stomp all over Corino... UNTIL HE GETS DOUBLE CLOTHESLINED BY JERRY LYNN AND CW ANDERSON!!!

    There’s a big pop for the double team move as Lynn and CW brawled all the way into the crowd, and then just in a spur of the moment decision, both tried to take out Credible at the same time. With the champion down, they go right back to brawling with each other, neither giving an inch. All four men continue to have an extreme brawl through the crowd and at ringside for the next few minutes, using every weapon you can think of, and even setting up a table on the outside which never gets used. They do all end up back in the ring though and Corino is able to lock CREDIBLE IN THE COBRA CLUTCH... BUT CREDIBLE WON’T TAP... AND LYNN BREAKS THE HOLD WITH A STEEL CHAIR TAKING OUT BOTH MEN!!! LYNN THEN TURNS STRAIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT FROM CW... SENDING THE CHAIR SMASHING INTO LYNN’S FACE! CW MAKES THE COVER...1...2...NO! LYNN GETS A SHOULDER UP!!!

    The match will continue as the fans continue the “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” enjoying the sequence of events and the several near falls they have seen in the past few minutes. CW now looks to continue the attack as he picks up Credible, and slams him back to the canvas with a Ferris Wheel! CW now looks towards Steve Corino... AND SENDS HIM UP AND DOWN WITH A DELAYED VERTICAL SUPLEX... BUT CORINO LANDS RIGHT ON TOP OF CREDIBLE!

    Anderson now picks up Lynn and places him on the second rope. Anderson looks set to climb up after him, but Lynn rakes the eyes, which causes CW to hesitate. The hesitation allows LYNN TO LAND A TORNADO DDT... WITH ANDERSON LANDING HEAD FIRST ON TOP OF THE PILED UP CREDIBLE AND CORINO! LYNN PUTS AN ARM OVER THE CHEST OF CW...1...2...NO! ANDERSON JUST SHOOTS A SHOULDER UP!!!

    Glorious “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants continue as Lynn frustrated, runs his fingers through his hair, thinking he had the win there. Jerry knows he needs to continue on the attack though so he picks up Corino and beats him with a few right hands, before sending him across the ring. Corino doesn’t come back though as he hooks his arms on the ropes to stop his momentum... SO LYNN CHARGES AT HIM... BUT CORINO DUCKS HIS HEAD AND BACK BODY DROPS LYNN OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

    Corino staggers but just remains standing as Jack Victory applauds like a mad man on the outside. Credible is on his knees, crawling towards the sanctuary of the ropes, so Corino hits a low Dropkick to the temple, the impact of which causes Credible to roll under the bottom rope and to the outside. Credible now gets a sick smirk on his face as he realises he’s one on one with CW. ‘The King Of Old School’ brings CW up before peppering him with hard forearms to the face. He then puts CW in a front face lock, and goes to Vertical Suplex Anderson over the top rope, but Anderson lands on his feet on the apron. This breaks Corino’s grip and CW hits a left punch which staggers Corino... HOWEVER JERRY LYNN AND JUSTIN CREDIBLE GRAB A LEG EACH... TRYING TO POWERBOMB CW OFF OF THE APRON... CW HOLDS ON FOR DEAR LIFE... UNTIL CORINO NAILS HIM WITH THE OLD SCHOOL KICK... WHICH LEADS TO THE DOUBLE POWERBOMB OFF OF THE APRON AND THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

    Mammoth pop from the fans because CW might be dead, as he remains unmoved. The most enthusiastic “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants of the night are heard next, whilst Lynn quickly Clotheslines Credible, sending him down to the floor. JL picks Credible up and rolls him back into the ring, where Steve Corino looks to go on the attack, but Credible rakes Corino’s eyes before rolling out of the other side of the ring. Corino shrugs, as Credible shakes his head, wanting a break, but Lynn steps inside the ring and Lynn and Corino go nose to nose.

    The arena buzzes with anticipation as the two begin swinging wildly at each other and Lynn gets the upper hand, backing Corino into the ropes, but Corino retaliates with a knee to the mid section. Steve now hammers on Lynn before sending him across the ring, but Lynn comes back with a Diving Crossbody! JL immediately mounts Corino after this, hammering away with more brutal punches. Lynn now brings Corino to his feet and sends him into the corner, before landing more shots. Now Lynn lifts Corino up onto the second rope, before he climbs up to the top rope himself... AND LYNN LEAPS FOR THE TOP ROPE FRANEKSTEINER... BUT CORINO REVERSES IT INTO A POWERBOMB!!! CORINO STAYS SEATED FOR THE COVER...1...2...3! NO! LYNN JUST SHOOTS A SHOULDER OFF OF THE MAT!!!

    Again, the audience is completely shocked as they expected that to be the end of the match. Even Corino is shocked as his eyes open wide, not believing the resilience of Lynn. Corino is frustrated but he knows he needs to continue the assault, so he brings Lynn up and punches him a few times, before dropping him head first with a Scoop Brain buster. Corino makes the cover and once again gets a close near fall. Corino yells “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and brings up Lynn again... THIS TIME HE GOES FOR THE OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION... BUT LYNN SHRUGS IT OFF AND LANDS A BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX...1...2...3! NO! CORINO JUST ESCAPES THE PIN!!!

    Justin Credible was almost in the ring this time to interrupt the count, but he didn’t quite make it. He gets back off of the apron and remains on the outside, as a battered and beaten Jerry Lynn uses the ropes to get back up. Once up, he locks his hands, signalling for the Cradle Piledriver which gets a huge reaction from the fans. LYNN GETS CORINO IN POSITION FOR THE CRADLE PILEDRIVER... BUT CORINO REVERSES WITH A BACK BODY DROP!!! BOTH MEN GET UP... CORINO DRIVER TO LYNN!!! CORINO HOOKS THE LEG TIGHTLY...1...2...3!!!



    Another close call there as Credible now waits for Corino to get up... BEFORE HE CRACKS HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH A SINGAPORE CANE!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants yet again, as the champion lets out a roar, the freshest man in the match with Lynn and Corino both out of it, and basically at his feet. Credible faces the outside of the ring now and throws his Cane back to Francine, before he turns back towards his opponents... STRAIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK FROM CW ANDERSON!!!

    CW stands over Credible, admiring his handy work and clutching his own back, still in pain from his earlier bump... WHEN HE TURNS STRAIGHT INTO AN OLD SCHOOL KICK!!!

    Remarkably, Corino is back on his feet which gets a slight applause from the fans. He takes a moment or two to compose himself, before he gets dropped with a Clothesline from Lynn. JL signals for the Cradle Piledriver again, but he bypasses Corino... AND HE DRILLS THE ALREADY SOFTENED UP CW ANDERSON WITH THE CRADLE PILEDRIVER!!! LYNN MAKES THE COVER...1...2...3!!!





    Corino drags Lynn up by the hair and throws him through the middle rope and to the outside. ‘The King Of Old School’ then turns into a Clothesline from the ECW Champion which sends Corino tumbling over the top rope and to the outside. Credible is now in the ring alone with the out of it Anderson... AND CREDIBLE MAKES THE COVER...1...2...3!!!

    Winner – Justin Credible retains the ECW Championship @ 15:30

    Even the referee is exhausted as he calls for the bell, and raises the hand of the triumphant Justin Credible. The extreme fans boo the hell out of the somewhat lucky win as Credible quickly scurries out of the ring, saving himself from further violence.

    Credible hugs Francine who is mightily impressed, all smiles, as she clings onto the Singapore Cane with her left hand and hands Credible his ECW Championship with her right hand.

    More boos from the fans as Credible leans on Francine and slowly begins making his way around ringside and to the back.

    Meanwhile, an irritated Steve Corino slides into the ring and looks down at CW Anderson, who still hasn’t shown any real signs of life. A frustrated Corino picks up the dead weight of CW and throws him through the middle rope and to the outside.

    Corino then turns and the fans begin to buzz... AS JERRY LYNN AND STEVE CORINO ARE NOSE TO NOSE IN THE CENTRE OF THE RING ONCE AGAIN!!!

    Both men are exhausted but Lynn looks possessed, like a mad man as he mouths “YOU COST ME THE FUCKING TITLE”!

    Corino feigns to back off before he swings with a right hand... AND THE TWO BEGIN TRADING PUNCHES, AS THE FANS GO APE SHIT IN THE PROCESS!!!

    It’s dead even with neither man gaining the upper hand... UNTIL JACK VICTORY NAILS LYNN WITH A LOW BLOW FROM BEHIND!!!

    Boos from the fans as Victory is pretty happy with his own work. Corino laughs at Lynn rolling around in agony on the mat, before he tells Jack to “HOLD HIM UP!

    Victory does as he is told, struggling to pick Lynn up, before holding him and pinning his arms. Lynn is defenceless... AS CORINO NAILS THE OLD SCHOOL KICK... BUT HE HITS JACK VICTORY WITH IT AS LYNN WAS ABLE TO SQUIRM OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST SECOND!!!

    Corino is shocked and turns into a boot in the gut from Lynn... AND LYNN DROPS CORINO WITH THE CRADLE PILEDRIVER!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” comes from the fans again, as Lynn lets out an intense roar, before he looks towards the curtain, where standing, with a worried look on his face, clutching his title is Justin Credible.

    Lynn looks at him and yells “I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU, THAT’S TITLE’S MINE”! Lynn then signals that the title will be around his waist, as all the ECW Champion can do is shake his head in denial.

    The fans continue to cheer the stare down as we cut to a commercial break.


    ECW Hardcore TV returns from the final commercial break of the evening to end the show with some PULP FICTION~!

    As the music kicks in, we begin by seeing a much focused looking Danny Doring and Roadkill, which garners some pretty damn good cheers (getting louder by the week) for the duo.

    Danny Doring: It doesn’t matter if it’s a team we don’t like such as The Full Blooded Italians, or if it’s a team we respect like The Unholy Alliance. It doesn’t make a difference, we are after the ECW Tag Team Championships and we won’t stop until we get them.

    Of course Roadkill still remains stoic, whilst Doring takes a breath, cracking his knuckles with his words.

    Danny Doring: It’s not a matter of if; it’s only a matter of when. We are getting those titles and the rest of the ECW tag team division will be taking their lickings...

    Doring looks serious as he finishes this statement, before now getting a slight smirk on his face.

    Danny Doring: Taking their lickings, just like...

    Roadkill: CHICKENS!!!

    The two continue to look into the camera, pumped up and determined to one day soon become the ECW Tag Team Champions...


    Next up we see an exhausted looking Jerry Lynn, sweat still dripping all over his body, not long removed from tonight’s main event. Lynn runs his hands through his hair, a look of pure disappointment, agony and anguish on his face all at once.

    Jerry Lynn: I guess it’s true when they say life isn’t a fairytale, because these last few months, it’s been anything but. It’s been the same old story, as I keep getting screwed out of the ECW Championship over and over again.

    JL pauses, taking a breath, his face getting a little redder as he gets angrier.

    Jerry Lynn: I never lost at Anarchy Rulz and tonight should have been my one on one rematch for the title. Instead CW Anderson and Steve Corino get granted title shots that they haven’t even earned, and that slimy Justin Credible manages to steal the win off of all of my hard work.

    Jerry is clearly not happy, hate oozing off of every word.

    Jerry Lynn: But I won’t give up because I’ve worked to damn hard for fifteen years to give up now. I guarantee everybody that I WILL hold gold in ECW one day...

    Lynn pauses for a moment, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, before dead panning the camera.

    Jerry Lynn: And it will happen sooner rather than later, the day is coming VERY SOOOOOOOOON!!!

    Lynn continues to dead pan the camera, fixated on becoming the ECW Champion...


    Now we actually cut to the ECW Champion Justin Credible, who sits in his locker room, a towel around his neck as he unties his boots. The ECW Championship can be seen on top of his sports bag next to his chair, and the camera zooms in on the title until it focuses back at Credible, who is now ready to speak.

    Justin Credible: Tonight I had all of the odds stacked against me. I had to defend my ECW Championship against three men and I could have lost the title without even being involved in the decision. Despite the excuses that I’m sure the three pretenders I beat tonight will come up with, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that I am STILL the ECW Champion!

    JC, despite being tired and sore after the match, smiles at the camera smugly.

    Justin Credible: I should be the champion, I’m the person, whether they love me or they hate, I’m the person that these fans come to see every night. Since I ditched my old hack of a tag team partner, nobody has made more of an impact in ECW than I have. It’s safe to say that this company revolves around me.

    The champion clearly likes the sound of that, still smiling as Francine yells “TELL ‘EM, BABY” in the background.

    Justin Credible: There’s a revolving door of insignificant challengers who step up to the plate, but the whole world and definitely this ECW Championship revolve around me.

    More cheers as Credible now stands up and picks up his ECW Championship, still with a cocky smirk on his face.

    Justin Credible: And if the evidence of the past few months is anything to go off, and it is, then this title is never going to stop revolving around me.

    Justin now drapes the title over his shoulder, removing his smirk and looking into the camera very seriously.

    Justin Credible: I am the most active champion in ECW history. I am the definition of a fighting champion; I defend this belt week in and week out. I’ve beaten everybody there is to beat in ECW and now it’s only a matter of time until I retire, still the ECW Champion!

    Credible now turns his back on the camera and begins packing his wrestling boots into his sports bag, meaning it’s time to cut away...


    And the final pulp fiction promo of the night sees the ECW Television Champion Rhino pacing back and forth like a lunatic. As usual, the title is around his waist but he doesn’t pay it any attention, as he salivates at the mouth and begins intensely speaking.

    Rhino: For those few people who are trying to start rumours, last week my attack on New Jack was calculated. I showed the world that I am not afraid of New Jack.

    The thought of people thinking Rhino could be afraid of somebody seems to piss off the champion even more, as he continues to stomp back and forth.

    Rhino: Last week I proved I’m tougher than you WHEN I PUT YOU THROUGH A FUCKING TABLE!!!

    Spit flies everywhere as a furious Rhino yells at the camera.

    Rhino: I don’t care who you are, but you shouldn’t have run your mouth a couple of weeks back. NOBODY THREATENS THE BIG FUCKING DEAL LIKE THAT!!!

    Rhino is almost wheezing a little, just on another level right now.

    Rhino: Big, small, fat, skinny, NOBODY!

    ‘The Big F’n Deal’ paces back and forth a little again, attempting to calm himself down.

    Rhino: I can take violence to a whole new level of extreme; I JUST DON’T GIVE A FUCK!!!

    The calming down didn’t work; Rhino is losing his shit again, as he gets up close to the camera.

    Rhino: Look at the evidence; we’ve got THE WHOLE FUCKING SHOW...

    The ECW Television Champion pauses and snarls at his own reference of Rob Van Dam.

    Rhino: He thought he could beat me, and now HE’S LYING IN A FUCKING HOSPITAL WITH A NECK BRACE!!!

    He smirks a little at his own reference now, despite still clearly being pissed off.

    Rhino: So who are you and why are you different? THE KING OF THE STREETS?

    Rhino mocks one of New Jack’s monikers as he begins pacing back and forth yet again.

    Rhino: Why are you different? Because you’re THE ORIGINAL GANGSTER?

    The champion shakes his head, almost in disbelief.

    Rhino: I’ve got a question for you, SO THE FUCK WHAT!!!

    INTENSE as Rhino trembles and veins appear all throughout his forehead and neck.

    Rhino: I will out chaos anybody, I’M A ONE MAN RIOT SQUAD!!!

    Rhino points at himself, really emphasising his points now.

    Rhino: I’ll do anything to make you feel my wrath. I’LL BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH MY FUCKING BARE HANDS AND RAPE YOUR FUCKING CORPSE IF I HAVE TO!!!

    Wow. New level of brutality, I may have just crossed a line. Rhino is still mad as hell though.

    Rhino: It doesn’t matter who you are or what you call yourself, NOBODY GOES FURTHER THAN RHINO!!!

    The champ is really puffing out his chest and punching it now, ready to fight by the looks of things.

    Rhino: Last week was just a tiny example; I PUT YOU THROUGH A TABLE AND AT NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER...

    Rhino pauses, red faced like a tomato, needing to catch his breath.


    More intense stuff from the epic TV champ.

    Rhino: I’ll put you through as many tables as it takes UNTIL YOU SAY MY NAME!!!

    No more pacing back and forth, as Rhino once again gets up close and person with the camera; we can only see his head and serious face now.

    Rhino: SAY MY NAME!!!




    Rhino: YOU KNOW MY NAME!!!


    Rhino: SAY IT!!!


    Rhino: RHINO!!!


    Rhino: RHINO!!!


    Rhino: RHINO!!!


    Rhino: THE BIG!!!


    Rhino: FUCKING!!!


    Rhino: DEAL!!!


    Rhino: RHINO!!!

    Rhino is a lunatic, obsessed, salivating at the thought of destroying New Jack, as he continues to have that fiery, scary look in his eyes and on his face as the show fades to black.


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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    ECW Hardcore Tv 21/10/00 Review

    Rhino is mean and I love it! Love this aggressive, destructive monster on a mission.

    You write matches so well and this triple threat was very entertaining. It was hectic and you described the action perfectly. Big fan of Tajiri and hope to see him in some big times feuds.

    Jesus! All out chaos following the match. Im now all for seeing some kind of crazy multi man warfare go down at a PPV.

    Personally would have liked to see an ending to Balls vs Taj. You just had a MASSIVE brawl and now this match was cut super short for another brawl. This part just felt a little flat for me.

    Love Spike as commissioner and a good job here hyping up your PPV.

    Stojy, killer promo work here man!! Admittedly I dont know too much of Corino or Andersons work, and I am not a big fan of Lynn or Credible....but you got me very interested in your main event with these guys just jawwing back and forth. Kudos to you sir.

    Holy f**k!!! That was insane. You captured the essence and the violence of ECW perfectly. That was a huge main event and i dont even know how youre going to top that when it come to the PPV. So many huge moments and you made them all look strong and viable options as future champions.

    Good ending to your show. You showed the frustration and heartbreak of Lynn well here. And I love what youre doing with Rhino. Overall, good show with a great main event. Excited for your next show!!

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    ECW Review

    Pretty straight forward Rhino squash to start the night off. I wonder who will step up, foolishly even, to him. I'm keen to see a new feud develop between Rhino and an upper midcarder, at least until RVD gets back. Maybe now could be a great time to start the process of moving Rhino's attention towards the ECW World Title. He's my all time favourite ECW wrestler.

    Nice little hype from Styles on tonight's main event. Looking forward to it although I doubt you will switch the title out from Credible just yet. If you were going to do that I think you would have given Lynn that bigger, feel good win rather than hand it to a tweener like Corino.

    Loved The Unholy Alliance overcoming the numbers advantage to give it to Hot Commodity. Elektra always gets the big moments, this time with green mist to the eyes. Tajiri probably follows Rhino as my favourite guy in this . Hoping The Japanese Buzzsaw can do great things in the next few months.

    Interesting post-match with Hot Commodity and The FBI sent packing. Loved Tajiri being unable to understand Balls.

    Loved the post-match of Tajiri/Balls too. I figured PCO could become Balls' ally and the flaming table tease was done nicely. Nice to see two guys who beat the hell out of each other have a respectful handshake. Definitely a different type of face tag team if they continue to pair up.

    Good trio of announcements. All gave me something I expected. Hoping for Rhino, The Unholy Alliance and Balls/Pierre to get the wins.

    What a main event that was!!! I figured that CW Anderson would be the one to take the fall considering he's the coldest of the four men in the match. Loved the Double Powerbomb spot and Credible steals the win... again!!! Hopefully this leads to a triple threat match at November 2 Remember.

    Now here's my only gripe. Nothing should have gone on after that main event. The Pulp Fiction stuff was great and Rhino/Doring & Roadkill could have happened before the main event whilst Credible/Lynn could have saved for next week perhaps. I just think a main event that good deserves to end the show. A minor detail.

    Overall this was an awesome show epitomised by the main event and the craziness of The Unholy Alliance/Balls Mahoney segments/matches.

    Keep up the great work mate. I'm looking forward to what's next.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Reading and commenting while I watch a hockey game, so I may be missing pieces since I keep putting it down to watch what's going on when the game goes back live.

    The start is good with Rhino absolutely decimating this poor kid. Now it does remind me of something you told me once, the only time a squash should open in ring action is if something big happens after it or a promo is cut. I immediately started looking for New Jack to get involved. Instead, we get normal hyper-intense Rhino screaming at people and being a beast. Do I enjoy it? Yes. Just doesn't fit your norm, so I was a little off with it.

    Mikey was always getting the win here, but it's great to see Hot Commodity looking good with using the numbers game. They're a great heel group to just get their ass kicked all the time. A lot of good back and forth to this, with EZ getting some decent heat spots and Mikey getting those insane pops from me at least. Tajiri hitting Elektra with the mist is a good way to get everyone freaking out too.

    The post match was where things got a little strange to me. It felt like a complete mess just because so much happened, but at the same time, it felt very perfect for ECW and everything that has been going on. Kash coming out is probably the most hype I got during this segment, him taking out all of Hot Commodity. Then the FBI comes out, then Balls comes out, then Balls takes out the FBI and I popped again because that dude is just insane. Then ... I don't know, it felt like a lot going on just to lead to a random match. Tajiri shrugging off Balls is interesting, mostly in that I'm curious what's going on with him there or if it's just that he's competitive. I'm assuming it's him being super competitive.

    Referee runs in, sweet, match time. Then the Baldies start walking out and Referee is like "fuck it, I'm out. Match over, I give up." I just don't understand why he'd call out people to keep the FBI and the Unholy Alliance from getting involved or causing problems, then when two dudes that aren't, at this point, nearly as much of threats come out he just gives up on it and calls off the match?

    The post-match was awesome here again. It just feels like this never had a match involved, it went story to story to story with random attacks from the back. It's definitely ECW. PCO coming out and defending the guy he just battled with weeks ago and shaking hands with him was fantastic, and shows that PCO has become accepted finally with all he's gone through.

    Alright, so let's get this main event straight here. We're about to have a match, but a guy who lost comes out and says he shouldn't have ever lost anyway? But he did lose, so what's it matter? Corino was absolutely on point here. I love his promos every time, you write him very well and I've gotten fully behind him in this story. Meanwhile, Credible pouts and stomps around like a child for a while and then finally gets involved well into it. JL comes out, because of course, and we have a madhouse of two winners, a not-so-much loser, and a complete loser all wanting the title. I fully support Lynn and Corino for this, I just despise CW for it because he has no right to anything. I don't see why Spike makes it a fourway other than to appease him. I enjoyed the promo as an overall thing, Corino and Lynn were perfectly on point, Credible had a quick outburst that was perfect for his character. CW's character was great in this as well, just fuck that guy.

    Now the main event is fantastic. I loved every second of this reading through. CW looked like a beast, Corino and Lynn both seemed like they were going to win the damn thing and in the end, the right guy did win as Credible steals it and we can have a proper blowoff in the (hopefully) near future. This was a great way to do it, and build up heat between Corino and Lynn too so they can build toward what I'd assume is the upcoming Number One Contender's Match.

    Here, I agree with Sykotic. I don't think after such a huge main event match that we should go to Pulp Fiction. That should've been the end of the show. Lynn standing there screaming at Credible was fantastic and I scrolled through like "alright, great end ... oh." I enjoy Doring and Roadkill, CHICKENS and all, just felt it killed the heat. I like that Lynn and Credible are involved in backstage segments after that war, and they get to have the last say essentially, as it was fantastic promo work there while also selling they were in a tough match with how hard it was for them to cut those promos. And then Rhino. Rhino is basically incoherent yelling personified. I like it. I love him just screaming out random shit at New Jack because he's a badass. I don't know the point of the say my name thing, I've never really got it, but it's just so hype and fun. I love his promo. I just feel it should've happened earlier in the show and let that Main Event end it, because this feels disappointing as an ending after that match.

    Overall, a good show. A few things that just felt off to me, that I disagreed with. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the show. I liked the main event the most, the promos were good just felt misplaced, and the all out war of storylines intersecting in the middle was fun and interesting, just felt a little overdrawn at some points. It isn't my favorite show of yours, but it's definitely not a bad show. I'm looking forward to how everything continues to progress at this point and I'll be reading.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Hey. Long time no see, how’ve you been?

    Few comments on the period of time I’ve missed…

    The finish to Anarchy Rulz was gut wrenching. Bad enough for Lynn to be given the belt then have it taken away like that - but times that by ten for it to happen in his hometown. I’m still not sure if I liked it, as you could envisage a riot breaking out for such a bait and switch - especially at the conclusion of a big show. It certainly works in building future desperation in Jerry Lynns chase for the gold, and maybe this will play a part in a longer term plan - but for the here and now, it feels like a big slap to the face for the fans.

    Rhino vs. RVD felt like it should’ve been a November To Remember main event - not that no talent hack, New Jack. Feels peculiar that neither Dreamer or RVD will be part of the biggest show of the year, as while I’m sure it’s simply just the way you want to book the show, it does feel a little odd to keep them both off - even with injuries. The Van Dam to WWE rumours sound intriguing too, and without a TV deal, it would make sense for some bigger names to be looking elsewhere.

    Back to Rhino - what a fucking monster. Consistently the best booked guy in the thread, and total wrecking machine, and clearly unhinged too. I remember that promo at the end of the October 21 show on the other site many moons ago, and I still think it’s incredible. It’s not easy to translate that kind of intensity in just words, but you did it with that promo. Without wanting to be too negative though, it just feels like a waste to have him feud with New Jack at this point. A step down almost.

    I’ve seen the criticisms of the ‘Pulp Fiction’ promos after the four way main event, and I understand where they’re coming from, as ideally, you’d end the show on a high note, but you’re keeping with the tradition of ECW TV ending (often? Or always?) with the promos. Besides, again - that Rhino promo?? Absolute money.

    The title picture right now is very interesting, and it feels like you're having fun writing it too. Justin Credible makes for a really good chicken shit type, fortunate champion, escaping every predicament by the skin of his teeth, whilst the contenders add up every week, with someone else seemingly entering the fray.

    I love the feeling in this thread that the majority of the roster is on the same level, where almost anyone could be a formidable challenge in the main events on any given week, and where just about any combination of wrestlers should be a competitive match.

    *Hopefully* I’ll be back with more comments for the next show.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    First show since I binge read through the BTB from the beginning, so I am pretty excited!!

    Rhino continues to devestate, destroying the jobber in violent fashion. Glad to see the path of destruction continue.

    Great match between Money and Whipwreck, with Mikey gets the win off Tajiri's mist distraction, good stuff.

    Jesus. Follow up to a great match with an even greater brawl a quick match and another brawl!! ECW at its finest!!

    Three huge matches announced for November To Remember! If it's anything like Anarchy Rulz it is gonna be great. All three matches sound like they are gonna be awesome, flaming table in particular should be great to read!!

    Great back and forth between Corino and Anderson.

    Big announcement from ECW Commish Spike Dudley! Four way!!

    Really thought Lynn had the win, another phenomenal match. Waaay too well written for a weekly show haha. Definitely could have seen this being the main event at November To Remember. Lots of great action right from the start. Laughed at the line about the even the ref being exhausted. Glad Credible got the win in the end, fully expect Lynn to get a one on one match very soon.

    Good way to end a very intense chaotic night with a cool down and have some promos. Rhino's was my favorite, no surprise.

    Another great show. Writing was on point as always, and the matches were all pretty intense. Looking forward to November To Remember, and I'm thinking Lynn Credible will be added to the card. Continue to love what you are doing with Rhino. Looking forward to the next show!!

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks for the comments from all of you. Much appreciated. I've made some comments on a few points of feedback from the last show.

    1. Pulp Fiction ending ECW shows even after a huge event is tradition. I get the point but it won't be changing.
    2. Regarding the squash to open the show, I'm not a hypocrite. My booking philosophy has changed since I wrote that show (over a year ago)
    3. The referee called the match because all of ECW's resources were used to prevent the initial interference.
    4. Anarchy Rulz finish would have been a slap in the face to the fans... But it was the type of risk I believe Heyman and ECW would have been willing to take.
    5. I get the New Jack criticism but a blow off between these two needed to happen and it serves the greater good.

    As for this show and moving forward, I’ve shortened my match recaps just to make it easier for me to get through shows quicker.

    This is the second last show before November To Remember.

    Hopefully you all enjoy the show.


    ECW Hardcore TV


    Battle Creek, Michigan

    The show opens up rather strangely as the night’s dark match has only just finished and The Prodigy lays on the ringside floor, feeling his embarrassing loss to a local talent. The Prodigette looks on with concern, on her haunches, checking on The Prodigy who still isn’t really moving. The fans remain pretty silent, not really sure what to expect, when Angel and Tony DeVito, collectively known as Da Baldies begin making their way out from the back.

    Heat begins from the fans as they both slowly make their way around the ring and towards the fallen Prodigy... UNTIL ANGEL DRAGS THE PRODIGETTE BACK UP TO HER FEET BY HER HAIR!!!

    Gasps and boos are massive from the fans initially, although there’s also a bit of a pop for shock value as Angel rolls The Prodigette into the ring. Meanwhile on the outside of the ring, The Prodigy still hasn’t moved so DeVito goes under the ring and pulls out a wooden table. He slides it into the ring and goes back under ring, whilst Angel still holds The Prodigette by the hair as she tries with all her might to escape.

    DeVito reappears from underneath the ring and rolls inside, now holding a can of gasoline and a lighter. The fans are really buzzing now as Prodigette looks scared shitless, but Da Baldies both have sadistic smirks on their faces. DeVito pours the gasoline all over the table, really stinking out the whole arena, before he LIGHTS THE TABLE ON FIGHTER!!!

    EPIC pop from the Michigan fans before chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” break out. Angel then puts The Prodigette between her legs... AND DA BALDIES GIVE HER A DOUBLE POWERBOMB THROUGH THE FUCKING FLAMING TABLE!!!

    The “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants get even louder, as Da Baldies smirk at their dirty work. The flames were put out by the impact of The Prodigette’s body however security still quickly charge from the back, fire extinguishers in hand. At the same time, EMT’s run out from the back, looking to check on The Prodigette. As all this is happening, Tony DeVito looks into the camera and yells “THAT’S JUST A PREVIEW, BOYS” obviously sending a message to Balls Mahoney and Pierre Carl Oulette.

    The mood in the arena is still one of excitement, the fans still cheering, as Da Baldies leave and we cut away from the ring whilst the EMT’s and security try and salvage the situation...


    To kill some time for the second week in a row we get an awkwardly placed opening video package, supported by “This Is Extreme” by Harry Slash and The Slashstones playing over the pa system. The ECW camera men do their best to not show the ring, instead panning around showing all the fans, half who are still pumped chanting “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, and seeing as we are in Battle Creek, the other half are chanting “RVD”, “RVD”, “RVD”. All the chanting and hysteria continues as we cut to the backstage area...


    In the back, our primed, proper, suited up, voice of ECW Joey Styles is standing by with a microphone in hand. As usual, it’s obvious to tell that Styles has a big announcement to make as he has an incredibly excited look on his face.

    Joey Styles: Hi everybody and welcome to ECW Hardcore TV! I’m ‘The Voice of ECW’ Joey Styles and I have the pleasure of announcing to all of you the extremely big time main event that has only just been booked for tonight’s show. According to our boss and our Commissioner, last week’s Fatal Four Way match for the ECW Championship left more questions than what we actually got answers. To counteract that tonight’s main event will see a Triple Threat match as CW Anderson, Jerry Lynn and ‘The King Of Old School’ Steve Corino will do battle in a sudden death environment. The winner of tonight’s match will be the number one contender for the ECW Championship and will face Justin Credible in a one on one match at ECW November to Remember! It’s going to be a historical match tonight, plus we’ve got plenty more in story, folks, be prepared to get taken to the extreme.

    Joey continues to have that excited looks on his face, as there are cheers in the arena for the announcement of tonight’s main event. Styles now sends us back to ringside so he has the chance to make it up to The Birds Nest...


    Now that everything is cleaned up inside the ring and at ringside, “For The Love Of Money/Down On Me” by The O’Jays and Jackyl is the first wrestler’s theme we hear for the night, as out steps a cocky looking EZ Money. Of course he’s not alone, accompanied by the rest of Hot Commodity, which consists of Chris Hamrick, Elektra and Julio Dinero. The quartet strut down the ramp, as usual letting the fans know how they are all about money, which irritates the fans so they boo the hell out of them. Once they all parade around the ring for a little while, they all step to the outside, except for EZ who is the one competing tonight. “Fuck That” by Kid Rock hits to PLENTY of cheers as a man who just a few weeks ago was on the biggest roll of his career, Kid Kash. KK steps through the curtain, slapping hands with the fans as the entire Hot Commodity get annoyed looks on their faces at seeing the man who got prevented them from beating down The Unholy Alliance last week. On commentary, Styles puts over the fact that this is a rematch from Anarchy Rulz where Kash was able to overcome interference and get the win. Once Kash is inside the ring, he circles EZ as the referee calls for the bell.

    Match One
    EZ Money w/Hot Commodity vs. Kid Kash

    Much like basically every match that involves a Hot Commodity member participating in singles completion; this one is riddled with interference. Kid Kash, much like in their match at Anarchy Rulz, seems to be a class above but Hot Commodity’s interference is constant and consistent an allows EZ Money to have periods of domination throughout the match. The ending comes about when Kash signals he is going to finish off EZ, however CHRIS HAMRICK LEAPS ONTO THE APRON, YELLING “HEY KASH, YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A PUSSY! COME FIGHT ME”!

    Kash hears this and can’t help himself as he walks towards Hamrick and begins jaw jacking with him. ‘The Notorious K.I.D. then swings wildly with a punch at Hamrick, but Hamrick avoids the blow but stays on the apron. KK continues to be distracted, until he turns INTO EZ MONEY WHO LANDS A SUPERKICK...BUT KASH MOVED OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST SECOND SO THE SUPERKICK KNOCKED CHRIS HAMRICK OFF OF THE APRON!!!

    A big time pop comes from the fans as Elektra and Dinero scurry around the ring to check on Hamrick. EZ never recovers from here, way to shocked as he looks on at his fallen stable mate, and this allows Kash to turn him around, kick him in the gut... AND DROP HIM WITH THE MONEY MAKER!!! KK HOOKS THE LEG...1...2...3!!!

    Winner – Kid Kash @ 6:45

    The referee calls for the bell and a celebratory Kid Kash gets up, a smile on his face as he clutches at his back. KK has his hands raises by the referee as the fans cheer in appreciation.

    KK heads up to the top rope now, raising his hands in the air... UNTIL HE IS YANKED OFF OF THE TOP ROPE AND SENT CRASHING TO THE CANVAS BY JULIO DINERO!!!

    A massive amount of heat can be heard now from the fans as Dinero begins kicking the hell out of Kash, and EZ Money gets back up and begins joining in.

    Elektra watches on with glee, clapping her hands together as even Chris Hamrick is back in the ring now, and this is basically a four on one mugging.

    VERY LOUD heat continues to emanate from the fans as ‘Confederate Currency’ is furious with the Superkick he received earlier. He tells Dinero and Money to “HOLD HIM UP” and the two hoists the exhausted, beaten down Kash back to his feet.


    The other Hot Commodity members mercilessly let Kash go and he immediately crumbles to the canvas. The beating looks set to continue as they all stand over Kash; however the fans begin to cheer in relief as DANNY DORING and ROADKILL SPRINT DOWN THE RAMP AND SLIDE INTO THE RING!!!

    Doring and Roadkill immediately go to town with Doring teeing off on Hamrick and Roadkill is hammering away at Dinero and EZ.

    As the epic brawl continues, Elektra quickly gets out of the ring, as Doring continues to rock Hamrick with right hands, but now Dinero and EZ are using their two on one advantage to slowly beat down Roadkill... HOWEVER THAT CHANGES WHREN KASH LANDS A DROPKICK TO EZ OUT OF NOWHERE, SENDING HIM TUBMLING THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE AND TO THE OUTSIDE!!!


    Hamrick is the last member of Hot Commodity left standing; HOWEVER DORING CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE OUTSIDE AS WELL!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out as the faces are all fired up in the ring, however Hot Commodity are recuperating and furious on the outside. All of a sudden, a referee sprints out from the back and slides into the ring and it looks like we are going to get an impromptu match of some sort after the commercial break.


    When we return from the commercial break, there’s a quick video package...


    ECW November To Remember – November 5th


    After the video, we cut back to ringside to see that the referee has managed to communicate which competitors will be in the impromptu mach and the match is underway.

    Match Two
    Chris Hamrick and Julio Dinero w/Hot Commodity vs. Danny Doring and Roadkill w/Kid Kash

    The match was pretty up and down in the early stages with neither team able to gain a real advantage, however the referee quickly lost control as the match was riddled with interference. Elektra would distract the referee and EZ Money would run interference; howeverKid Kash, on his lonesome, would be quick to retaliate.

    Eventually the ECW Commissioner Spike Dudleyhas had enough of the match being ruined by interference and he storms to ringside. Despite looking mightily pissed off, Spike’s facial expression softens when he approaches Kid Kash and says, “PLEASE MAN, GO TO THE BACK. I WANT THIS MATCH TO HAVE A CLEAR WINNER”! It’s quite obvious that Kash doesn’t like the sound of it, but he nods his head, putting his hands up in innocence and he begins backing up the ramp.

    Spike then runs to the other side of the ring and now he approached EZ Money and Elektra and he tells them to “PLEASE GO TO THE BACK” as well. He gets a little more resistance from them as they both shake their heads negatively and EZ EVEN SHOVES SPIKE AWAY!!! The fans boo Money’s disrespect as Spike clearly gets frustrated, before he yells “GET TO THE BACK BEFORE I MAKE YOU LEAVE”!

    Again, EZ and Elektra aren’t very pleasant with their response, and Spike begins to advance on EZ, fists clenched until Chris Hamrick steps out of the ring and gets in between them. Hamrick yells “WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM” to which an equally fiery Spike responds “YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS NEVER HAVING A MATCH WITHOUT HELP IS MY PROBLEM”!


    “ECDUBBYA” ,”ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants came from the fans for that one as Spike immediately gets up and hurries way from EZ and Elektra. EZ and Elektra are furious as they check on Hamrick, meanwhile inside of the ring; Dinero is left alone with both Doring and Roadkill and gets double teamed. They eventually finish him with the BUGGY BANG WITH ROADKILL MAKING THE COVER AFTERWARDS...1...2...3!!!

    Winners – Danny Doring and Roadkill @ 5:32

    After the match, Doring and Roadkill celebrate, having their hands raised from the referee, enjoying the cheers and adulation from all of the Michigan fans.

    On the outside of the ring, Elektra and EZ continue to try and help Hamrick and Dinero to their feet.

    Doring and Roadkill continue to celebrate, happy, victorious as we cut to the back...


    In the backstage area we see CW Anderson dressed in his wrestling gear, sitting in his locker room, a nasty look on his face.

    CW Anderson: At Anarchy Rulz, I was the victim of a heinous crime. Steve Corino got lucky and stole the opportunity that was rightfully mine. I should have been the number one contender for the ECW Championship.

    CW pauses, pointing at himself, clearly unhappy.

    CW Anderson: Despite the crime that was committed against me, I’m still here because I will not give up!

    Anderson runs a hand over his head, taking a breath as he continues.

    CW Anderson: It’s not in my DNA to give up. Look through the pages of the history book and the one thing that never changes is that Anderson’s never give up.

    CW stands up off his chair now, chest out in pride.

    CW Anderson: There is only one thing that will change compared to the rest of my family and that’s the fact that no glass ceiling will hold me down. I’m going to break through that glass ceiling whereas the rest of my family couldn’t.

    He shakes his head, almost a little ashamed of the rest of his family.

    CW Anderson: I don’t care how many matches I need to win, or how many people I need to beat, or how many times I’m screwed. I will overcome all of the obstacles and I will win the ECW World Heavyweight Title!

    CW looks very determined, as he touches his waist where the title will hopefully one day sit.

    CW Anderson: I am certain that I will become the ECW Champion because where there is a will, there is a way, and that’s what this all comes down to. This whole situation boils down to will.

    Another pause as Anderson looks ultra serious, dead panning the camera.

    CW Anderson: Three men and we are all chasing the same ultimate prize. It comes down to the strength of my will against the strength of Steve Corino and Jerry Lynn’s will...

    CW mulls over his next words carefully.

    CW Anderson: And simply put, it’s unfortunate but for Corino and Lynn, they... will... lose!

    Anderson smirks now, happy with his prediction.

    CW Anderson: Then I’ll go on to November to Remember and beat Justin Credible to become the champion because I am an Anderson and an Anderson will be champion.

    Having said his bit, Anderson sits back down, looking pretty confident ahead of the main event tonight before we cut to a break.


    Upon returning from commercial break, we are back at ringside where “Metal Health” by Quiet Riot hits to some pretty good cheers as a pumped up Nova makes his way out from the back. Nova slaps hands with the fans, potentially getting even more love from them considering who is opponent will be tonight. Once he’s inside the ring, Nova takes a deep breath, stretching, and keeping himself warm. He doesn’t have to wait too long for his opponent as “Debonaire” by Dope brings out the ECW Television Champion Rhino. The heat is UNGODLY for Rhino who ignores it and powers down the ramp. A few fans throw cups and garbage at Rhino but they just bounce off of his chest, as Joey Styles puts over the fact that these fans detest Rhino because they are in Rob Van Dam’s hometown. When Rhino gets inside the ring, Nova looks a little fearful as ‘The Big F’n Deal’ just stares him down as he hands his title to the referee.

    Match Three
    ECW Television Championship Match
    Rhino defends against Nova

    Much like last week’s title defence against ‘Mean’ Mitch Page, Rhino doesn’t really take any blows as he simply beats Nova around right from the ring of the bell. The fans boo him mercilessly and there are even continuous chants of “ROB VAN DAM”, “ROB VAN DAM”, “ROB VAN DAM” however this just seems to infuriate Rhino even more. Rhino begins yelling “COME ON, GET UP ROB” to the struggling Nova as he continues to beat the hell out of him.

    As the slaughter continues, it allows Joey Styles to announce on commentary that ECW Officials have actually agreed with everything Nova and his former partner Chris Chetti have said about each other in the past few weeks. Due to this, Nova will face Chris Chetti in a Loser Leaves ECW Match at November To Remember!

    With Joey getting the announcement and PPV hype out of the way... RHINO RIPS THROUGH NOVA WITH A HELLACIOUS GORE!!!

    Instead of going for the cover, Rhino, salivating at the thought of more violence, hoists up the dead weight of Nova... AND SENDS HIM CRASHING HEAD FIRST TO THE CANVAS WITH A PILEDRIVER!!! RHINO THEN MAKES A COVER...1...2...3!!!

    Winner – Rhino retains the ECW Television Championship @ 1:56

    After the match, Rhino barely has his hand raised by the referee before he threatens the ref who quickly hurries out of the ring, hurling himself through the middle ropes.

    Rhino celebrates by himself, getting his ECW Television Championship and punching into his own chest, letting out a roar.

    The initial after the match heat dies down from the fans and instead more chants of “ROB VAN DAM”, “ROB VAN DAM”, “ROB VAN DAM” comes from the Battle Creek, Michigan natives.

    This clearly angers Rhino now that the match is over and he covers his ears, but the chants just get LOUDER so there is no way he can block them out.

    Having heard enough, Rhino shakes his head and snatches a microphone from a jobber at ringside. Rhino paces back and forth as the passionate chants, until Rhino, rather shockingly, BURSTS OUT LAUGHING!!!

    ‘the Big F’n Deal’ clutches at his mid section, laughing uncontrollably which really irritates the fans, who are supposed to be the ones doing the irritating.

    Rhino: YEAH! Come on, chant for him more, chant for your hero. Chant for Rob...Van...Dam...

    Boos for the mocking tone of Rhino’s voice before they continue the epic “ROB VAN DAM”, “ROB VAN DAM”, “ROB VAN DAM” chants. Rhino continues to revel in the chants, enjoying it, before he gets a deadly look on his face.

    Rhino: Waste your breath all you want... BECAUSE HE’S NOT GONNA’ FUCKING SHOW UP!!!

    Volcanic heat from the fans as Rhino gets his usual intense manner about him, pacing back and forth.

    Rhino: You want to know why he’s not going to show up. He’s not going to show up BECAUSE I PUT HIM IN A HOSPITAL!!!

    As you can imagine the heat continues as Rhino lets out a devilish grin.

    Rhino: I’m sure each and every one of you is praying for a miracle. YOU ALL WANT TO SEE RVD, RIGHT?

    LOUDEST POP OF THE CENTURY as the TV Champ just snickers to himself.

    Rhino: Well you better pack some snack and get going on your road trip, because HE’S STILL IN A HOSPITAL IN ST. PAUL WHERE I LEFT HIM. OR MAYBE HE’S MANAGED TO MAKE IT BACK TO HIS HOUSE JUST DOWN THE ROAD...

    Rhino is interrupted by more big time cheers, as “ROB VAN DAM”, “ROB VAN DAM”, “ROB VAN DAM” chants break out again from the loyal home town crowd.

    Rhino: Either way, Rob Van Dam is showing his true colours as a coward. Even if he was just down the road, HE SURE AS SHIT WOULDN’T COME DOWN TO THIS RING WELL I’M STANDING IN IT!!!

    The intense machine just smirks whilst heavy breathing as the fans continue to boo the hell out of him.

    Rhino: Rob Van Dam is as weak as piss just like all of you Battle Creek scum. I could destroy all of you because I’m from Detroit which obviously means that I’m tougher than every single person in this crowd.

    The ECW Television Champion lets out a braggadocios yet still intense roar, whilst the fans continue to shit on him.

    Rhino: I’m not only tougher than every single one of you people in the crowd; I’m ALSO TOUGHER THAN ANYBODY IN THE BACK!!!

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO, as Rhino begins psyching himself up again.

    Rhino: As a matter of fact, I’m tougher than everybody period. I’M UN FUCKING STOPPABLE!!!

    He’s forced to pause now and steady his breathing a little, the fans continue to boo but he’s ignoring them, clearly in his zone.

    Rhino: You might not like it, but it’s the truth and in just over a week’s time... AT NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER...

    Rhino is interrupted by more “ROB VAN DAM”, “ROB VAN DAM”, “ROB VAN DAM” chants.

    Rhino: I will prove that I’m tougher than anybody BECAUSE I’M GOING TO SKULLFUCK NEW JACK WITH MY FUCKING RIGHT HAND...

    As usual Rhino is getting pretty graphic and the fans begin to quite down and just listen when “Natural Born Killaz” by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube’s bass fills the arena and New Jack steps out from the back. The fans LOSE THEIR MIND WITH HUGE CHEERS, as DOES RHINO, WHO THROWS HIS TITLE TO THE GROUND AND YELLS “COME FUCKING GET A PIECE”!

    Jack surprisingly keeps his composure for a moment or two, ignoring the goading from Rhino. He keeps his composure, walking towards the ring... BEFORE HE BREAKS OUT INTO A SPRINT AND ROLLS INTO THE RING!!!

    Rhino immediately swings at Jack with a right hand, but JACK DUCKS AND LANDS BLOW AFTER BLOW TO RHINO!!!

    Jack continues to land punches, until Rhino goes low with a knee to the mid section. With Jack down clutching his stomach... RHINO GOES FOR THE PILEDRIVER... BUT JACK PUSHES HIM AWAY... AND THEN NEW JACK GETS RHINO ONTO HIS SHOULDERS AND LANDS A DEATH VALLEY DRIVER OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

    Rhino immediately rolls to the outside and the fans boo the hell out of him, as New Jack picks up the TV Title AND THROWS IT AT RHINO!!!

    The champion picks it up, furious with being embarrassed as he backs up the ramp and now Jack is begging for Rhino to come back to the ring. The heat is enormous though as Rhino turns his back on the ring and storms through the curtain, perhaps being out bullied for the first time in forever.

    New Jack remains in the ring, enjoying the adulation from the fans... WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN CHRIS CHETTI RUNS TOWARDS RINGSIDE!!!

    More heat now as Chetti makes a V line and instead of sliding inside the ring, he heads around to the outside AND HE STOMPS ALL OVER THE LIFELESS BODY OF NOVA!!!

    Chetti is looking to get an advantage on his November To Remember opponent and the fans let him know their displeasure.

    New Jack sees this and quickly hops out of the ring... AND HE GRABS CHETTI FROM BEHIND AND RAMS HIM FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!!

    Chetti drops to the floor but Jack helps him back up and rolls him into the ring. New Jack then heads under the ring... AND COMES BACK OUT WITH HIS TRUSTY GUITAR!!!

    New Jack slides into the ring with his guitar, steps to the plate like a baseball player, and swings for the fences... SMASHING THE GUITAR OVER THE HEAD OF CHETTI!!!

    The man who tried to deliver a cowardly attack, Chris Chetti is damn near unconscious on the mat as the fans chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. New Jack smirks, enjoying the ovation before he heads back outside of the ring, and grabs a steel chair.

    Jack now gets back onto the apron, and then climbs to the top rope... BEFORE LEAPING OFF AND CRUSHING CHETTI WITH THE 187!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out again as New Jack has ran off Rhino and destroyed Chris Chetti in the space of a couple of minutes.

    The fans continue cheering as New Jack stands in the middle of the ring, triumphant and seemingly ready to have a crack at beating Rhino at November To Remember...


    With New Jack still celebrating, we cut to the back where we see a furious looking Chris Hamrick storming through the backstage area, surprisingly without his Hot Commodity buddies. Hamrick touches at his forehead a couple of times, checking for blood, clearly selling the effects of the Acid Drop he took earlier tonight. Hamrick turns a corner in the hallway and his eyes light up in anger, as he spots the ECW Commissioner Spike Dudley standing by. Spike sees him and immediately gets in a fighting stance and Hamrick walks right up to him, the two going nose to nose.

    Chris Hamrick: Did you honestly think I was just going tolet you get away with what you did out there tonight? No chance. Listen, I don’t care if you’re the Commissioner or not, I want youin a match next week. What do you say you cripple, retard, bitch!

    Despite the slew of insults, Hamrick remains stone jawed, furious, staring Dudley straight in the eye. Spike seems to be getting a bit fired up now to, as he defiantly refuses to be intimidated.

    Spike Dudley: You don’t have to goad me into the match; it’ll be a pleasure to kick your ass... again. I’ll see you next week!

    The two remain in each other’s faces before Hamrick now smirks, having gotten what he wanted and he begins to back off, as both men, by the looks on their faces, can’t wait for next week...


    We now head to The Bird’s Next where ‘The Voice of ECW’ Joey Styles is standing with his trusty microphone, looking like he has another big announcement for us. Some of the ECW faithful can be heard chanting “JOEY”, “JOEY”, “JOEY” as Styles has that same excited look on his face that he always does when he has some big time news.

    Joey Styles: Hi again folks, I’ll keep this one short and sweet because we are only a few moments away from our Triple Threat main event to crown a new number one contender for the ECW Championship! Before we get to that match, I have some exciting news regarding an International ECW wrestler who will be making their return to the organisation at November To Remember. At this stage the powers that be have not decided on an opponent for the event, but on November fifth, live on pay per view, we will bear witness to the return of ‘The Extreme Luchadore’ SUPER CRAZY!!!

    Joey just smiles as a REALLY LOUD ovation goes up as the fans can’t wait to see one of their favourites, Super Crazy in action again. The famous “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants kick in again now as we cut back to ringside for our main event...


    At ringside those chants are just as loud, only to be interrupted when “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J hits to a VERY NEGATIVE reaction as a confident CW Anderson walks down the ramp. He ignores the abuse from the passionate extreme fans, instead just cracking his knuckles and sliding into the ring, all the time keeping a focused yet calm expression on his face. “Scapegoat” by Fear Factory hits next to LOUD cheers, however there probably not as loud as normal as Jerry Lynn steps through the curtain. Lynn, much like CW, looks ready to go and he slaps hands with a select few fans as he makes his towards the ring. On commentary, Styles puts over the fact that some of these fans are indifferent towards Lynn due to his epic/heated rivalry with the home town hero, Rob Van Dam. Once Lynn gets into the ring, he is very weary, keeping an eye on Anderson who puts his hands up as if to say he’s trustworthy, but his face says a different story. With two of the three competitors in the ring, “The Old School Style” by Boner hits to a slightly MIXED reaction, still leaning towards heat as Steve Corino comes from the back, as always accompanied by the hyped up Jack Victory. Corino tells the fans how great he is as he SLOWLY makes his way to the ring, to the point where the fans and even his competitors get frustrated with how long he is taking. Eventually though, Corino makes it inside of the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

    Match Four
    Winner is the number one contender for the ECW Championship
    CW Anderson vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Steve Corino w/Jack Victory

    There was plenty of stuff going on in this one in the early stages. All three men were pulling out all the stops, trying to finish the match earlier. The extreme element came in pretty early as well as all three men had different opportunities to bludgeon their opponents with weapons. We also got to see some of the beloved three way spots, SUCH AS THE TOWER OF DOOM... WHICH ENDED WITH STEVE CORINO BEING SUPLEXED THROUGH TWO SET UP STEEL CHAIRS AND A PLANK OF WOOD BY JERRY LYNN... WHO WAS BEING ELECTRIC CHAIR DROPPED BY CW ANDERSON AT THE SAME TIME!!!

    CW Anderson was unable to get the win as he attempted to pin both men after this, but both men just kicked out before the count of three. CW had a period of domination on his own here as he beat on both men for awhile, before he really set his sights on Lynn. Anderson working on Lynn allowed Corino to get to his feet, albeit barely, and when Anderson looks to attack, Corino puts his hands up as if to say he doesn’t want any trouble. CW pauses, a little confused and Corino, using the ropes to stand, says “LET’S ELIMINATE HIM... AND THEN LEAVE IT DOWN TO THE TWO OF US”!!!

    Anderson obviously believed it was a good strategy as there is now a period of the match where Anderson and Corino put their differences aside and work together to beat down Jerry. The fans HATE this, booing the hell out of both men but they don’t care as they continue to destroy their opponent. Lynn shows little spurts of offense here and there but the numbers game is just too much.

    CW and ‘The King Of Old School’ really did look like a well oiled machine, being cheered on by Jack Victory and nobody else, until both men try and pin Lynn. First, CW Anderson attempts to and probably would have had the win if not for Corino dragging him off. The two almost came to blows but managed to work it out, until a few minutes later, Corino attempts to beat Lynn, and CW drags him off. The two got in each other’s faces, and they began to brawl again... ENDING WITH THEM TAKING OUT EACH OTHER WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!

    The fans were well and truly behind Jerry Lynn now, as this match once again broke down into an every man for himself affair. Surprisingly, there was no Jack Victory interference as all three men wanted to win this match on merit. Each man gains several near falls towards the end, really keeping the result as to who will win in the air. Eventually the ending comes about when CW sets up a table in the middle of the ring and then places Lynn in a seated position on the top rope. CW climbs up after him but only makes it to the second rope when he gets clobbered from behind by Corino. Corino climbs onto the second rope, and continues to pound the back of CW... CORINO THEN LOOKS TO BACK SUPLEX CW OFF OF THE TOP... BUT AT THE SAME TIME... LYNN COMES OVER WITH A SUNETFLIP POWERBOMB... SO CORINO AND LYNN TOGETHER BUT WITH SEPERATE MOVES SEND CW CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!!


    Winner - ??? @ 12:42

    The bell rings and the referee stands in the corner, shrugging, confused as he has absolutely no idea who has won the match. There’s no music playing as the fans buzz, discussing what the hell has just happened.

    As the referee continues to struggle to make a decision, slowly Jerry Lynn and Steve Corino crawl to different sets of ropes and pull themselves back up to their feet.

    Lynn walks to the referee and says “DON’T YOU NEED TO RAISE MY HAND”... But Corino pushes in front of Lynn and yells at the referee, “I’M THE WINNER”!

    Both men stop, looking at the referee expectedly, but he just shakes his head... SO BOTH MEN BEGIN SHOVING EACH OTHER!!!

    Neither is ready to back down, both claim to have won the match and the fans are excited, hoping to see another fight as we cut to our final break of the evening.


    We return from the break and everything is in the exact same state as we left it. The fans are still buzzing, almost in awe, not sure of the result, and Lynn and Corino are still at each other’s throats. The only difference is that now the referee is in the middle of the two, trying to keep them separated. Even an agitated Jack Victory on the outside yells “THIS IS WRONG, MAN”!

    All of a sudden, the fans begin to cheer though as throughout the commercial break he must have left The Birds Nest, and Joey Styles walks through the curtain. Everybody is hoping we get a resolution as Joey has a microphone with him, as Corino and Lynn are shocked to see Joey out here, and the ref looks at him, almost pleading for a solution.

    Joey Styles: It’s a damn shame to see such a wonderful exhibition of what Extreme Championship Wrestling is all about be ruined by a questionable ending. I spoke to our Commissioner about who the winner should be, but even Commissioner Dudley was at a loss. This decision is a little beyond his pay rate.

    Joey pauses, letting his words sink in as everybody hands on his every word, wondering where this is leading.

    Joey Styles: With the man in charge not knowing what to do, I only had one logical solution. As much as I didn’t want to bother the busy man, I had no choice but to call the boss.

    Styles fails at stifling a smirk as BIG TIME pop breaks out, followed by chants of “PAUL E.”, “PAUL E.”, “PAUL. E”. The wrestlers in the ring still look uneasy and even a little frustrated now.

    Joey Styles: I spoke to the boss, who of course had seen the ending to the match as well, and he could only come up with one solution. So, at November To Remember...

    Joey pauses, as the fans begin cheering and both Lynn and Corino take a step towards him, listening intently.

    Joey Styles: At November To Remember, our controversial ECW Champion Justin Credible will defend his ECW Championship against BOTH Jerry Lynn and Steve Corino in a THREE WAY DANCE!!!

    EPIC POP from the fans as Styles seems pleased that the fans are happy, whilst the referee looks relieved and quickly rolls out of the ring. The two men who aren’t happy are the wrestlers; both Lynn and Corino trap Joey in the corner, yelling at him.



    Both men make logical points as the fans boo both wrestlers, because Joey Styles is scared shitless, cowering in the corner, yelling “THERE’S NOTHING I CAN DO”!



    Corino continues to land blows, before he lands a HUGE Uppercut which causes Credible to drop to the mat... and Credible quickly rolls out of the ring.

    The champion begins backing up the ramp as Corino begs him to return, but Credible shakes his head. The champ now laughs at Corino, tapping his head as if to say he’s too smart, ignoring the “PUSSY”, “PUSSY”, “PUSSY” chants from the furious fans.



    New Jack watches from the outside, laughing at Credible being punished, WHEN HE GETS CLOBBERED FROM BEHIND BY RHINO!!!

    Rhino waits for Jack to get up and when he does... THEY BOTH CHARGE AT EACH OTHER AND ANOTHER BRAWL IS ON OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!!



    There’s a four men brawl inside the ring, and a two man brawl on the outside, pandemonium has broken loose and there is no signs of it slowing down.

    None of the six men are backing down now, tempers and violence rates both at an all time high as the fans once again chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”!

    The brawl continues, and it’s a show ending one as security can’t stop them and the show fades to black with Battle Creek, Michigan left in absolute anarchy.



    Current Card for ECW November To Remember

    November 5th, 2000

    Villa Park, Illinois

    ECW Championship:

    Three Way Dance

    Justin Credible defends against Jerry Lynn and Steve Corino

    ECW Television Championship:

    Rhino defends against New Jack

    ECW World Tag Team Championship:

    Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke defend against The Unholy Alliance

    Flaming Tables Match:

    Balls Mahoney and Pierre Carl Oulette vs. Da Baldies

    Six Man Tag Team Match:

    Danny Doring, Kid Kash and Roadkill vs. Hot Commodity

    Loser Leaves ECW:

    Chris Chetti vs. Nova

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    So I found this to be a fascinating introduction for this episode. Having the dark match play a part, showing something is going on before the cameras are rolling as we all know, and then playing this into the whole Da Baldies putting everyone on notice and just assaulting people. They looked great in this, and it was absolutely gruesome for them to powerbomb Prodigette through. It's somewhat sickening and that's tough to do sometimes, should get a lot of heat.

    EZ against Kash again. Kash was obviously going to win, but more of getting Hot Commodity rolling here with the numbers game. The post match was interesting with Doring and Roadkill making their way out. They've been hot lately, and them saving Kash is great. It was fun action, and gave them a good group to really beat the crap out of.

    Going from that post-match to a tag match is awesome. Roadkill and Doring needed this win, get them back on track with how hot they've been. It's unfortunate for Hot Commodity in that they're simply not that great, but they make for a good target. Spike coming out was interesting to me, asking Kash to leave and he just does, demanding that Hot Commodity leave and they try not to so he has to fight back. It's pretty great and made for a solid moment there for the tag division.

    Anderson's promo was spot on. To me, he seems like the obvious loser of the bunch, but at the same time, good to get him screen time and build him up so it's meaningful.

    Rhino was destined to destroy Nova here, so no problem there. It's nice that we got an announcement in there though. Nova and Chetti is a decent midcard feud to get something going, odd that it's loser leaves ECW. I wonder where this is going, maybe someone leaving for WWE soon?

    The post-match promo was great. Rhino is always intense as hell, and always carries himself perfectly. He really had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand, and really put over how badass he's been. He is un-fucking-stoppable after all. I'm very much excited for the match with New Jack, and Jack making his way out and attacking Rhino is great. Rhino rolling out and leaving is interesting, that's a very new thing and really put over how tough Jack is going to be for him. Then Chetti trying to get in, man he's dumb and it paid off great. It is unfortunate this makes Nova and Chetti both look kind of weak and their feud seem a little less powerful, but it's a great look for Jack and Rhino and they are the top billing, so they need that boost anyway. I like it.

    Spike is going to face Hamrick? Alright, let's see this.

    He is Super! He is Crazy! He is ... Super Crazy! Oh boy. I'm interested in what his match will be. First thought was Kid Kash, just a solid hand, but with him in the six man tag (which I don't remember for some reason), going to be someone else. Awesome to have him returning, curious to see how it goes.

    The main event sounds like a great match. The normal triple threat style that works so well, and Corino really being the guy to forge the plan and take charge of CW is awesome. I continue to love Corino in this thread and I'm so freakin' excited for where he goes next. The post-match argument that both won is great and really sells the animosity between the two lately.

    Absolute chaos from here to end the show, as is to be expected when things are so volatile right now. Paul E. making the decision to make it a three way is a great way of doing it, Credible going on the attack and Corino getting the upper hand is awesome, then New Jack out to force Credible to be a man and Rhino attacking New Jack. I'm loving this the whole way through. CW was bound to get back involved at some point, and absolutely against Corino. Dude just hates him. Lynn getting back up and brawling as well is the right way for this to go. Rhino looks like a hard ass again, and the World Title scene looks as hectic as ever. This is a fantastic end for the show.

    I didn't realize we were this close to November to Remember. I'm quite excited for the show. This got me very pumped, especially with the whole brawl going on at the end. I have to wonder where things will go, if Jerry will finally get his moment, if Corino may steal it. A lot of this show was hot as hell and I look forward to the next one into November to Remember and seeing where things go.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Liked the description given during the opening segment, making sure to add that there was also a bit of a pop, despite the mindless violence toward a female from Da Baldies, as that’s what we’ve come to expect from the rabid ECW audience. In all of this, it leaves me thinking that The Prodigy is a really pathetic character, not even trying to pull himself together to save the Prodigette.

    Hot, violent way to start the show, which makes Da Baldies look like a legit threat, and I always appreciate a unique, inventive opening segment like this. Also, while it may be a small thing, I appreciate the added details in the aftermath such as the camera trying to stay away from the ring while the mess was cleaned up. The little things make a big difference.

    Big main event tonight and a main event that makes sense to book.

    Kid Kash always comes across like a million bucks, week after week. As you put it yourself when writing up his entrance, he was on the roll of his career not so long ago, so hopefully he can make himself a part of the World or TV title picture permanently, especially in the absence of RVD, Kash would be perfect to fill his boots right now.

    Nice win for Roadkill & Doring too. I wonder if Spike will do something to put an end to the constant interference in Hot Commodity matches, given it appears he’s reaching the end of his tether at this stage.

    I like CW Anderson, and what you’ve done with him recently … but he aint main eventing November 2 Remember. Decent enough promo, playing off his kayfabe blood ties in the business, and putting some extra focus and importance on tonight’s main event.
    Rhino being Rhino by running through Nova. But the promo after the match was sensational again. Only thing that I didn’t like was Rhino bursting out laughing. Not that I couldn’t picture him doing that - I’d just prefer to see you keep him as the serious, constantly pissed off (even when he’s in a good mood) wrecking machine that I don’t want to see laughing at anything.

    Anyway, the promo on Van Dam was great. Made sense to do it here in Battle Creek too, and it would’ve been a major mistake NOT to rub it in RVD’s fans faces in his hometown. Threatening to skullfuck an opponent may well be a first for me in a wrestling context. Awesome portrayal of Rhinos intensity.

    I’ll not harp on about how indifferent I am about pairing Rhino and New Jack because it’s just a preference thing, but you’re doing a nice job of building toward what should be a crazy war at N2R between them. Smart too not too overdo the physicality between them, having Chetti run in to attack Nova, but get caught up in the way of New Jack, giving New Jack a warm body to destroy instead of having him put Rhino down.

    Not much to say about the Hamrick/Spike bit.

    Another controversial main event finish, keeping the chaotic title picture looking like something Picasso would‘ve drawn. Looked to be a pretty typical triple threat match, although it was nice that you didn’t appear to have the match broken down into a bunch of one on one matches, but instead had Corino and Anderson work together before inevitably falling apart at the seams. Just doesn’t seem like Jerry Lynn can catch a break, with the double pin.

    While I don’t quite buy how Spike could be so clueless as to what to do in this situation - three way or Lynn vs. Corino for the shot seemed like the only logical solutions - it can be forgiven for how well written the Styles promo was, with the reaction of the fans for the mention of Paul Heyman having to make the decision.

    Great finish to the show too, with both Lynn and Corino unhappy at the outcome leading into the multiple run ins. Chaos being the order of the day again, and having more Rhino is always a good thing.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks for the feedback Jaywhy and Wolfy. Love you both for it.

    At the time of writing this show, I was going all in with November To Remember and was struggling with motivation. Hence why this show is in a recapped form, however I won't make a habit out of this.

    Anyway, this is the final show before November to Remember. No predictions as I’ll be posting a contest within the next week or so. Enjoy!


    ECW Hardcore TV


    Battle Creek, Michigan

    The show opens up with the standard ECW opening video and theme, as the crazy fans chant the usual “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECUBBYA”. As the fans continue to make an obnoxious amount of noise, ‘The Voice of ECW’ Joey Styles welcomes us to the show. Joey puts over what a huge night we have in store just twenty four hours way from ECW’s biggest pay per view of the year, November To Remember! Of course Styles is most excited about tonight’s Three Way Dance tag team main event which will pit CW Anderson teaming up with the ECW Champion Justin Credible to face the team of Jerry Lynn and New Jack as well as the team of the ECW Television Champion Rhino and Steve Corino. This match is set to be quite the preview of November To Remember as it involves five men who will be in direct competition with each other throughout two match’s tomorrow night.

    Match One
    Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. The Unholy Alliance w/The Sinister Minister

    The match is fought in pretty good spirit as all four men share handshakes before the contest begins. York and Matthews continue to be quite the plucky, young duo doing all they can to shock the world; however their best just isn’t good enough against the team who has an ECW Tag Team Championships title shot tomorrow night. Eventually The Unholy Alliance is able to clear the ring of York, WHICH ALLOWS THEM TO LAND A DOUBLE BRAINBUSTER ON JOEY MATTHEWS! TAJIRI THEN HOOKS THE LEG...1...2...3!!!

    Winners – The Unholy Alliance @ 6:57

    After the match, the two teams continue to show respect for each other, exchanging handshakes again. York and Matthews then made their way to the back as The Unholy Alliance signalled that the tag titles would be theirs, much to the delight of all of the fans.


    We then head to the backstage area where the busiest man in ECW, Joey Styles is standing by with a microphone in hand, looking as excited as ever to make another big time announcement. Joey recaps the information that he presented to the world last week, regarding one of ECW’s most beloved, extreme wrestlers Super Crazy returning to the United States and ECW this Sunday at November To Remember. He says that after numerous wrestlers volunteered and plenty of ideas were thrown around, ECW management have made a decision and he now has the pleasure of officially announcing Super Crazy’s opponent for tomorrow night. In Super Crazy’s return match, live on pay per view, he will be going toe to toe with CW Anderson!!! Having made his announcement, Joey hypes up just how big of a night it’s going to be before he signs off.


    Instead of heading back to ringside, the cameras pick up at a locker room type environment backstage where Jerry Lynn, already dressed in his wrestling gear, is standing by. Lynn is all smiles as he talks about how tomorrow night he will not be denied and he will finally become the ECW Champion. He claims that it will all begin tonight when he and his tag team partner pick up the win in the six team main event.

    Almost as if on cue, New Jack appears in screen shot and shared a respectful nod with Jerry Lynn. New Jack is pretty intense as he repeats his sentiments since he returned, stating that when he got attacked all that time ago, Justin Credible and Rhino crossed a line and there isn’t an option to take any steps back. Jack looks over his partner, smirking as he talks about how they are pretty different, for example for Jerry, it’s all about the wrestling and it’s all about what takes place inside the ring. For New Jack its different though, very different, for Jack it’s not a ring, it’s a killing field and he preps himself time and time again to go to war. He also states that whether Lynn likes it or not, being Jack’s partner means that they are both heading to tonight’s main event to do some damage. Jack laughs a little to himself now as he claims he wants to hurt everybody, not just Rhino and Justin Credible. He explains that he has a pretty firm definition of old school in his head and it’s putting a screwdriver into somebody’s head and twisting it. He lets it be known that if he needs to, he will show Steve Corino a thing or two about his definition of old school tonight. New Jack continues on his rampage, stating that he hates Steve Corino, he can’t stand Jack Victory, CW Anderson is a fucking retard and he will beat each one of their asses if that’s what he needs to do. Jack now points at Lynn, who’s standing by stoically, saying that they are both going to take out all of their opponents tonight. The talkative gangster now gets a sadistic grin on his face as he tells Lynn not to worry because he is going to teach Jerry about the extreme violence he brings to the table, but he doesn’t need to worry because he will teach him very well. The two share another nod with each other before they leave the screenshot in separate directions, ready to prepare themselves individually for tonight’s main event.


    Upon returning from the commercial break, we are greeted by the music and appearance of Chris Hamrick. The crowd boo the hell out of Hamrick who surprisingly shows up without his Hot Commodity stable mates, but he also hobbles to the ring on crutches. “PUSSY”, “PUSSY”, “PUSSY” chants ring out from the Michigan natives as Hamrick shows off his left leg, entirely wrapped up in a cast. Hamrick cuts a solemn figure as he completely ignores the chants from the fans, instead informing everybody that he has some really sad news to reveal. He says that he severely hurt his left leg doing around about fifteen hundred one legged squats to warm up for tonight’s match against Spike Dudley. The fans naturally shit all over Hamrick’s ‘situation’, however Hamrick pulls a note out of his pocket and says because of his doctor, tonight’s match will have to be cancelled. This draws more boos from the fans and Hamrick nods with them, stating that nobody is more disappointed than he is regarding the fact that he won’t be able to kick Spike’s ass tonight, but he begs for Spike to consider rescheduling the match for a later date. Hamrick doesn’t have to wait long for the answer as the wrestling Commissioner of ECW, Spike Dudley quickly makes his way out from the back, his left knee still in a brace after Rhino’s attack from one month ago. The fans cheer for Spike as he shakes his head incredulously at Hamrick, before he looks to grab a microphone from one of the crew at ringside... BUT HAMRICK SNAPS HIS CRUTCH ACROSS THE INJURED KNEE OF SPIKE DUDLEY!!! Massive heat comes from the audience after the sneak attack, AS HAMRICK RIPS OFF HIS FAKE CAST, LAUGHING AND SHAKING OUT HIS LEG, SHOWING THAT HE WASN’T REALLY INJURED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Hamrick’s heat gets even louder after this as a referee slides into the ring from the back and it looks like we will get the scheduled match after all.

    Match Two
    Chris Hamrick vs. Spike Dudley

    With Spike Dudley severely struggling, clutching at his injured left knee, an ecstatic Hamrick goes onto the attack. Hamrick does all that he can, beating down on Spike and he even gains a couple of quick near falls, but he’s unable to put Spike away. Hamrick looks at the fans, laughing, as he drags Spike up by the hair... AND SLAPS HIM IN THE FACE... BUT DUDLEY RESPONDS WITH A KICK TO THE DICK... BEFORE HE TAKES HAMRICK DOWN WITH THE ACID DROP!!!

    Both men remain down after that as Dudley continues to clutch his injured left knee... BEFORE HE DRAPES AN ARM OVER CHRIS’ CHEST...1...2...3!!!

    Winner – Spike Dudley @ 1:23

    There’s a huge pop from the fans as Spike uses the ropes to get back up, before limping over to the referee and having his hand raises in victory. Hamrick remains down inside the ring as Spike climbs up to the top rope, raising both of his hands above his head. Once Spike slowly makes his way back down to the canvas... HE GETS CLOBBERED FROM BEHIND BY EZ MONEY!!!

    Money stomps all over Spike, joined by Julio Dinero and Elektra as Hamrick’s Hot Commodity buddies do a number on Spike. They continue the attack, much to the dismay of the fans as Hamrick now gets up and joins in. It’s a four on one assaultuntil Kid Kash makes his way out from the back and slides into the ring.

    Kash is quick to get inside the ring, getting cheered from the audience as he immediately begins swinging wildly at the three male members of Hot Commodity. Elektra quickly scurries from the ring as Kash continues to battle, however eventually the numbers get the better of him, and Hot Commodity beat down Kash as well. The fans are booing all over again as Hot Commodity are now beating down on two crowd favourites, until Danny Doring and Roadkill both come from the back and get inside the ring!!!

    Doring begins teeing off on EZ Money, whilst Roadkill is able to use his size to charge and take down both Dinero and Hamrick. After Roadkill takes them both down, they quickly roll to the outside, whilst Doring drops Money with a Clothesline. Danny then brings him back up and whips him to Roadkill... WHO LIFTS MONEY ABOVE HIS HEAD IN A MILITARY PRESS POSITION... AND THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO HIS TEAMMATES!!! “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants can now be heard as all of Hot Commodity are down on the outside, meanwhile inside of the ring, Kid Kash thanks Doring and Roadkill. The trio inside of the ring then check on the injured Spike, helping him up and he thanks them before they raise his hand in victory. As the furious Hot Commodity make their way towards the back, all four faces in the ring celebrate as we cut to commercials.


    Match Three
    Tag Team Three Way Dance Match
    CW Anderson and Justin Credible w/Francine vs. Jerry Lynn and New Jack vs. Rhino and Steve Corino w/Jack Victory

    The match is an absolutely brutal affair as all six men put it all on the line to try and get the victory. The referee loses control basically from the get go and there are no real tags as all six guys just fight inside and outside of the ring. Eventually all six men are trading finishers, when JUSTIN CREDIBLE LANDS THE THAT’S INCREDIBLE ON JERRY LYNN... BEFORE TURNING STRAIGHT INTO AN OLD SCHOOL KICK FROM CORINO!!! CORINO HOOKS THE LEG OF THE ECW CHAMPION...1...2...3!!!

    Elimination #1 – CW Anderson and Justin Credible

    With Anderson and Credible being eliminated and making their way to the back, the match really boils down to Corino versus Lynn. This is due to the fact that New Jack and Rhino are both laid out up in the crowd after New Jack landed a Stage Dive from The Bird’s Nest. Corino and Lynn trade numerous near falls but neither man is able to keep the other down for the three count. After taking each other down with a Double Clothesline, they both make their way up to their feet and trade right hands... UNTIL JUSTIN CREDIBLE HITS STEVE CORINO WITH A SINGAPORE CANE SHOT OUT OF NOWHERE... THIS CAUSES CORINO TO STAGGER STRAIGHT INTO A CRADLE PILEDRIVER FROM JERRY LYNN!!! LYNN MAKES THE COVER...1...2...3!!!

    Elimination #2 – Rhino and Steve Corino

    Winners – Jerry Lynn and New Jack @ 15:04

    The fans cheer the result and the match in general as all six men have given it their absolute all. Lynn gets up, clutching his head and clearly feeling the effects of the match, before the referee raises his hands.

    Jerry Lynn continues to soak up the cheers before he motions that the ECW Title is coming around his waist... BEFORE HE GETS CLOBBERED WITH A SINGAPORE CANE ACROSS THE BACK FROM JUSTIN CREDIBLE!!! There’s a huge amount of heat from the fans as Credible sadistically smirks, before he stands over Lynn... AND DELIVERS THREE MORE SINGAPORE CANE BODY BLOWS UNTIL THE CANE BREAKS IN HIS HANDS!!! More heat for Credible who stand over Lynn, yelling “YOU WILL NEVER WIN MY ECW CHAMPIONSHIP”!

    All of a sudden, CREDIBLE IS TRIPPED UP AND DRAGGED UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE AND TO THE OUTSIDE BY NEW JACK... WHO SENDS CREDIBLE STAGGERING WITH A RIGHT HAND... BEFORE HE GETS BRUTALISED WITH THE GORE FROM RHINO OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!! “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants for the epic spot as Rhino smirks at the downed New Jack before he and Credible slide into the ring and they both begin stomping the life out of Jerry Lynn. As this continues, STEVE CORINO REAPPEARS AND BEGINS TEEING OFF ON JUSTIN CREDIBLE!!!

    Lynn is being beaten by Rhino whilst Corino and Credible trade blows... UNTIL THE SANDMAN COMES OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Big time cheers from the fans as Rhino charges at The Sandman... ONLY TO COP A SINGAPORE CANE TO THE MID SECTION... FOLLOWED BY ONE ACROSS THE BACK!!!

    The impact causes Rhino to crumble to the canvas and roll out of the ring, and Sandman then uses his feet to kick Jerry Lynn under the bottom rope as well. Corino and Credible continue to beat on each other, not paying any attention to Sandman... UNTIL HE CHARGES AT THEM AND LANDS A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE WHICH SENDS CORINO AND CREDIBLE CRUMBLE TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

    There is epic cheers from the fans again before chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” as The Sandman cracks open a beer with his forehead and skulls it down, celebrating clearing the ring. All of the men involved in tomorrow night’s big matches are littered across the ring, down and out, as our final shot is of The Sandman, not booked on the pay per view, being the last man standing.


    The final commercial break of the evening has been completed and it’s time to go home with some PULP FICTION~! The favourite segment begins with Jerry Lynn, a determined look on his face, however there is the occasional grimace as he sells tonight’s main event. Lynn’s facial expression goes from determined to intense as he talks about his history with both Steve Corino and Justin Credible. Lynn makes it clear that he won’t be denied, stating that he has beaten and bloodied Steve Corino before, and if Corino tries to get in between Lynn and the ECW Title, he won’t just write die on his stomach, he will actually bleed him out. After the more graphic than usual statement, Lynn actually smirks, an obsessed look in his eyes, as he switches his thoughts to the current ECW Champion Justin Credible. Lynn says he doesn’t have the same violent history with Credible but Credible holds the one thing that Lynn wants, so Lynn won’t hesitate to bleed out Credible either. At the end of everything, it’s inevitable and it has to happen, the ECW Title will be Jerry Lynn’s. Lynn finishes his speech and continues to look deep into the camera, his obsession with the ECW Championship making him sound more sadistic by the week.


    Next up we see CW Anderson who is untying his boots, still in the process of warming down from tonight’s main event. Anderson is shaking his head, almost in disbelief as he states that if this was a fairytale, Super Crazy would return tomorrow night to a hero’s welcome and beat him. The tone in CW’s voice shows that he is not in the greatest mood as he continues on; saying that life isn’t a fairytale and Super Crazy isn’t a hero. Not only is he not a hero, but he is also not an Anderson, but he will be stepping in the ring with one. CW states that Super Crazy will be overmatched and CW will spoil his homecoming and use him as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Having said his bit, Anderson simply stops looking at the camera and begins focusing on untying his boots once more.


    We now cut to a hallway where we hear footsteps, before the camera pans out to reveal sexy, long legs. The camera continues to pan out until we see Francine standing in front of the camera, a frustrated, paranoid look on her face. Francine looks around, making sure nobody is nearby before she admits that currently her allegiance lies with Justin Credible, but it’s only because he is the ECW Champion. She makes it clear that could all change tomorrow night so at November To Remember whoever goes home with the gold also goes home with The Queen of Extreme. Francine lets her words sink in before she turns away and continues to walk down the hallway.


    The camera now cuts to a secluded part of the arena, where The Full Blooded Italians are standing by. The Italians are all dressed in leather jackets, as Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke wear the ECW Tag Team Titles. Mamaluke, as well as Sal E. Graziano and Scotty Anton watch on, as Little Guido nods his head, with an accepting look on his face. He says as much as it pains him to admit it, The Unholy Alliance are the best team in ECW. As he says this, all of his friends look at him in complete shock, so Guido chuckles before he says they probably are the best, except for one team, and that’s The Full Blooded Italians. Guido says that’s why they have the belts and it is why they will keep them after this Sunday. The four all look rather confident as they all nod and laugh arrogantly at Guido’s words, clearly expecting to remain on top.


    Keeping with the theme, we head to a different area of the back to see another tag team standing by. This time it’s a new, awkward tag team as Balls Mahoney and Pierre Carl Oulette both look pretty serious. The outspoken Frenchman PCO begins, stating that a lot of people wonder why he has chosen to partner with Balls, but it’s actually quite simple. Balls earned PCO’s respect when he pushed him to the limit like nobody has in years. And with that respect comes great responsibility, SO NOBODY WILL BEAT UP BALLS MAHONEY EXCEPT FOR ME!!!

    PCO laughs as does Balls who says that his reasoning for partnering with PCO are pretty much the same, because nobody puts Pierre through a table except for Balls Mahoney. The two teammates laugh amongst each other again, until Balls gets serious, saying that after all that has happened over the past few weeks, Da Baldies can rest assure that the Eye Balls will be on them tomorrow night. Balls and PCO laugh again at their apparent tag team name, before their segment comes to a close.


    Our third tag team in a row is on screen as now Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger, collectively known as Team Me are in the back. Simon Diamond whinges about how it’s absolutely disgraceful that they haven’t been given a match on November To Remember. As of this very moment they are issuing an open challenge to any team who wants to step up to the plate and lose to them tonight. Diamond and Swinger keep it short and sweet, telling the camera man to get out of their faces now that they have made their intentions clear.


    Finally, a singles wrestler again as we see the ECW Television Champion Rhino pacing back and forth in his locker room, and he even PUTS HIS FIST THROUGH THE WALL! Rhino pulls his hand from the cracked plaster and lets out a sadistic laugh, before he continues heavily breathing before speaking. The intense and angry looking Rhino says that he’s as shocked as anybody to admit that he needs to thank New Jack for something. He needs to thank New Jack for pissing him off and lighting a fire in him that nobody else could. Rhino talks about how he is the most violent man to ever step foot in an ECW ring, and he promises that he will prove it tomorrow night. He will prove it by making New Jack kneel in a puddle of his own piss, blood and shit. As ‘The Big F’n Deal’ continues to discuss what he’s going to do to Jack, he gets more worked up before he begins yelling at the top of his lungs. “I CAN’T STOP! YOU’LL SAY MY NAME! YOU’LL TATTOO MY NAME ON YOUR PRICK! AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE REAL MEANING OF VIOLENCE!” Having said his bit, Rhino continues to pace back and forth, clearly focused on the task at hand tomorrow night.


    With the ECW Television Champion having said his bit, now we cut to the ECW Champion Justin Credible, who is looking around paranoid, searching for something/someone, when he realises the camera is on him. He immediately gets a less worried and more serious look on his face, as he straightens the title that sits comfortably around his waist. Credible talks about how great his title reign has been so far and how he’s now held the title for six fucking months. He claims that this is just the beginning and he will not stop until he breaks every single record in ECW. The champion has even further ambitions, claiming that once he’s broken every record in ECW, he’s gunning for Hulk Hogan’s records and he’s gunning for Ric Flair’s record. With a huge smirk on his face, he says “and once I’ve done all of that, Bruno Sammartino can suck my dick!” Justin shakes his head, wondering what’s next as he states by holding the belt for six months, he has conquered ECW. He has the belt, he has the girl and he has the power, which means he’s not sure there’s all that much left for him to do here. Credible really puts over the fact that there is no way he will lose at November To Remember before stating that tomorrow night, he stops being the greatest World Champion in ECW history, and he becomes the greatest World Champion in history. Having said his bit, Credible storms off, potentially going to continue what seems to be his hunt to find Francine.


    Finally, it’s time for the last Pulp Fiction segment as we see a dead serious Steve Corino, sitting down in his locker room, still in his wrestling gear. Corino mulls over his words a little and runs his hands through his hair before he is ready to speak. Corino lets everybody know that he’s going to keep this short and sweet because the time for talking is over. He has talked for long enough and he has waited for long enough “BUT TONIGHT I JUST PINNED THE ECW CHAMPION! AND JERRY LYNN SIMPLY DOESN’T MATTER; HE’S JUST A FALL GUY! TOMORROW NIGHT, THE KING OF OLD SCHOOL BECOMES THE KING OF EXTREME, IT’S GONNA’ BE A NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER!!! Corino is standing by the end of his spiel, really pumped up, and a reassured aura about him as we cut away...


    And to the end the show, a hype video set to “November Rain” hits and we see clips of all of the wrestlers and all of the feuds that will be settled for once and for all tomorrow night!



    Current Card for ECW November To Remember

    November 5th, 2000

    Villa Park, Illinois

    ECW Championship:

    Three Way Dance

    Justin Credible defends against Jerry Lynn and Steve Corino

    ECW Television Championship:

    Rhino defends against New Jack

    ECW World Tag Team Championship:

    Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke defend against The Unholy Alliance

    Flaming Tables Match:

    Balls Mahoney and Pierre Carl Oulette vs. Da Baldies

    CW Anderson vs. Super Crazy

    Six Man Tag Team Match:

    Danny Doring, Kid Kash and Roadkill vs. Hot Commodity

    Loser Leaves ECW:

    Chris Chetti vs. Nova

    Open Challenge:

    Team Me vs. ??? ???

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