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Thread: April BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Alright, so. I actually kind of enjoyed having a somewhat smaller show for this. I feel like it really fit with everything being more focused on the big time main event. The beginning recaps were good ways to just acclimate people and not show anything new in the process.

    Anton joining The FBI is very interesting to me. I did immediately have the same reaction as Mamaluke with it. Anton seeming uneasy at times was great and the promo was overall fantastic, really making Guido seem like the flawed mob boss type of character and really making Mamaluke out as the more sympathetic character. I am curious to see how he and Anton will work together and where this will go with how Guido said about The Network being out of business soon.

    The short promos were well done, just giving some good time to a few characters. However, I do feel like it could've been more focus on just a couple of characters than jumping around how it did. I do see that it focused the most on Kash and Rhino, just feel like CW and PCO were forgotten and their promos were pretty well worthless in there aside from a quick hype spot. Which is fine, and makes sense, just something I'd like them to get either more time with or just make it a Kash/Rhino promo.

    Oh here we go! Already, we start off with it. Now I do feel like you buried the lede a little in this Cyrus segment. By changing this to a singles match and announcing Corino as the guest referee, it took the wind out of the sails for Credible joining The Network for me. It's still a huge moment, and I didn't see it coming for a while there, just something where the promo maybe could've been written a little differently to make that the big headline to start out. Maybe already have Credible come out, a Network assault, and then announce Corino as guest referee? I'm not sure, just feel like Credible joining wasn't made as big of a deal because of the way it played.

    Granted, your writing style is fantastic for making anything feel big. The heat you put into it, and how visceral it was, I commend you on that fantastic ability of yours to make everything so grandious.

    Credible and Lynn put on one hell of a match. You made Lynn look fantastic by being able to keep holding his own and having visible pins, continued the heat on The Network with Corino refusing to count, and did the genius thing of having Credible and Corino fighting a bit and struggling to work together. Credible has been wishy-washy the whole time, so it's expected he'd have a little rough transition. I loved the way you portrayed it and it really sold the angle well.

    CW Anderson is one character that I just don't usually seem to connect with in any way. I'm not sure why he came out unless it's to help The Network, but even then that's an odd deal for him to make with his character recently and would be odd with Corino knocking him out as well. I guess with Dreamer out, you do need him to have something to do and do need to continue building him, I just feel like his challenge for the title would've been more likely successful if he had Lynn as champion so I don't see why he's racing out to attack Lynn.

    The tension after the match with The Network and CW Anderson and everything was fantastic as usual. Corino after the title, Credible continuing to have his problems with them, and Anderson's usual dickhead self are all portrayed well here. I still don't really get Anderson helping The Network, but I'm assuming an explanation could come in the near future.

    Overall, I could see The Network getting too big for their britches after this and imploding as ECW leaves TNN. As for the show, you did an amazing job as always. Your main event was spectacular, and there were only a couple of points that I wasn't as fond of this time around. However, the angles played out beautifully and I definitely enjoyed this episode. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Justin Credible has joined the Network and boy was the deck stacked against Lynn. The fake outs were nicely done and got me a bit, but I know with Corino as ref that things weren't going to go Lynn's way. Great show.

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks for the comments as always.

    Jaywhy, I wanted to touch on a few of your points:

    1. The short promos all in quick succession are exactly what Pulp Fiction is. They are an ECW tradition and I'll continue to use them throughout. Sometimes some wrestlers will get a little more to say than others.

    2. Really interested in your opinion of the Credible decision. I was of the belief, that because Credible joining The Network was the bigger announcement, it needed to go last. If I said Credible joined, nobody would care about Corino being the referee. Maybe I got that wrong.

    3. Regards to CW Anderson helping The Network, he's just trying to make Cyrus love him so he can get a title shot.

    4. As usual, I love you for your consistent feedback.

    Anyway, enough from me, enjoy the next show.

    ECW Hardcore TV


    Buffalo, New York

    The show opens up rather differently this week, with a frustrated looking Steve Corino walking into the arena alone, speaking on his cell phone.

    Steve Corino: I helped us get the ECW title...

    Corino shakes his head as he continues to push his luggage bag towards the arena. It’s quite obvious at this stage that he’s probably on the phone to the leader of The Network, Cyrus.

    Steve Corino: BULLSHIT!

    ‘The King Of Old School’ literally stops in his track, throwing his bag aside.

    Steve Corino: I’m the reason Justin Credible won that match. I know it, you know it and even he knows it.

    Steve takes a deep breath, trying to maintain his composure.

    Steve Corino: Now I want my shot!

    Steve then hangs up the phone, throwing it into his sweatpants pocket, before pushing through the arena doors, leaving the camera man alone outside of the arena...


    The show now receives its usual opening, with the video montage showing some of the companies greatest extreme moments, accompanied by “This Is Extreme” by Harry Slash and The Slashstones. The camera pans around the arena, getting all the rabid fans even more jacked, as an iconic “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” sounds as if it’s coming from the entire population of Buffalo. The fans get an extended period of time to mark out for their favourite promotion tonight before we cut away...


    We end up in the backstage area, where ‘The Voice Of ECW’ Joey Styles stands by in his usual suit, holding a microphone in his professional stance. Styles looks the exactly the opposite to the bush league ECW sign that is hanging on the wall he’s standing in front of, but that’s okay.

    Joey Styles: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to ECW Hardcore TV! I’m Joey Styles and we’re just one night removed from an ECW on TNN that changed the foundations of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Everybody knows The Network had all the power in the world, except for the ECW Championship. However that all changed last night when Justin Credible, the current ECW Champion, joined the The Network last night. It was originally scheduled to be a Three Way Dance, where Credible would defend his title against the rightful number one contender Jerry Lynn, and a member of The Network in Steve Corino. For weeks Cyrus had been giving Credible an ultimatum, join The Network or lose the ECW Championship. Credible seemingly went back and forth over the decision but his answer became very clear last night. Jerry Lynn was already in the ring, when Cyrus announced that Corino would no longer be competing in the match, and he’d be the special guest referee. Cyrus then announced Justin Credible as the newest member of The Network. With Cyrus, Francine and Jack Victory at ringside, and Corino inside the ring, Lynn did all he could to defy the odds, however Corino refused to count the three for Lynn. Eventually Credible was able to use the distractions to land the That’s Incredible and pick up the victory.

    Styles pauses, shaking his head, obviously feeling as if Jerry Lynn was screwed out of the title last night.

    Joey Styles: Whilst this was a terrible night for Jerry Lynn, it’s not all doom and gloom. Extreme Championship Wrestling officials have confirmed that Jerry Lynn will receive a rematch with an ECW employed referee. The rematch will not be on TNN, it will be live on pay per view. It’s only fair that Lynn gets a one on one shot for the title as he won that right at Heatwave!

    Joey’s now all smiles, announcing the feel good news to all the viewers.

    Joey Styles: So at Anarchy Rulz...

    Joey’s cut off by the “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants that can be heard from out at ringside.

    Joey Styles: It will be Justin Credible defending his ECW Championship against Jerry Lynn just down the road from Lynn’s hometown in St Paul, Minnesota!

    Styles lets out another smirk as the fans cheer the announcement. Joey lets the good news sink in, before getting a much more serious look on his face and waiting for the ovation to die down...


    Joey Styles: Unfortunately as great as the good news was, I also have some bad news.

    The best play by play man in the business is looking rather sombre now.

    Joey Styles: One of our favourite, gutsiest wrestlers in ECW is currently nursing a severe ankle ligament injury and will not be appearing on television anytime soon. That man is none other than Tommy Dreamer, who had his ankle brutalised by a man he’s had his differences with, CW Anderson and Anderson’s buddies, Team Me.

    A bit of a silent reaction from the fans as they aren’t happy with hearing Dreamer won’t be around.

    Joey Styles: Let’s all wish Tommy the best in his recovery and hopefully he’s back sooner rather than later!

    ‘The Voice Of ECW’ is now done as he brings the microphone back down to his side, nodding at the camera...


    Back at ringside we are greeted to “Battery” by Metallica which brings out ECW’s favourite Mexican, Psicosis. The Mexican marvel seems to be enjoying the positive reaction from the fans, slapping them some five on his way down the ramp. Once inside the ring, Psicosis does his best to keep himself warm, bouncing off of the ropes and limbering up. “The Old School Style” by Boner is next up as an intense, focused Steve Corino power walks towards the ring. Again it’s worth noting that Corino is alone tonight with no Network back up, and he’s got a different attitude. Rather than being cocky to the fans, Corino just gets inside the ring and yells at the referee to “GET THE DAMN BELL RUNG”.

    Match One
    Psicosis vs. Steve Corino

    This is a DAMN GOOD match, you’re going to have to take my word for it because I can’t be bothered writing it. Corino is in beast mode tonight really dominating Psicosis, but Psicosis isn’t just a jobber and has flashes of brilliance also. The two put on a great match, but Corino IS ABLE TO LAND THE OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION AND MAKE THE COVER...1...2...3!

    Winner – Steve Corino @ 11:10

    The match is over and Corino bounces straight back up to have his hand raised by the referee. Again, the heat from the fans is there but Corino doesn’t really celebrate, instead getting ready to leave the ring... WHEN HE’S SPUN AROUND BY CW ANDERSON!!!

    Corino’s eyes open wide as the fans become UNGLUED at the idea of the two heels going at it. CW says “DID YA’ THINK I WAS JUST GONNA’ FORGET ABOUT THAT KICK LAST NIGHT?” Corino looks around before shrugging his shoulders and saying “NAH”!


    Holy shit, this is an explosive situation as both men trade right hands...

    Eventually the fresher Anderson begins to gain the advantage, LANDING PUNCH AFTER PUNCH AFTER PUNCH TO BACK CORINO INTO THE CORNER!!!

    The fans are COMPLETELY SPLIT; half cheering for Anderson, the others booing the fact that Corino is getting his ass kicked.

    Anderson continues to hammer away in the corner, until the referee tries to get in between them... AND CW HURLS THE REFEREE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!

    This allows Corino time to RAKE THE EYES and now Corino begins landing right hands with no response from Anderson.

    They are back in the middle of the ring, Corino landing big blows and Anderson staggering as the fans chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”!

    Corino senses he has the advantage...AND HE TAKES A STEP BACK... SUPERKICK!!!


    Both men are back where they started; throwing hands at each other, until a bucket load of referees come from the back trying to separate things.

    All of a sudden, the two are trying to fight through a shit load of referees to get at each other, as JACK VICTORY sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring!

    A member of The Network is finally out to have Corino’s back but instead of helping them brawl, Victory is attempting to calm Corino down.

    As Victory does his best to keep hold of Corino, CW Anderson TAKES OUT MORE REFEREES AND SECURITY TO GET CLOSER TO RESTARTING THE BRAWL!!!

    This halts though when TEAM ME, SIMON DIAMOND AND JOHNNY SWINGER sprint down the ramp and begin attempting to calm down Anderson, much like Victory is with Corino.

    The fans are BOOING THE HELL out of the fact that both men seem to be listening to their respective friends.

    “LET THEM FIGHT”, “LET THEM FIGHT”, “LET THEM FIGHT” are the thoughts coming from the audience, but at this stage, both parties are staring each other down.

    The arena is still at a fever pitch, as Joey Styles has some breaking news on commentary...

    Joey Styles: What an explosive situation we’ve got right here. Last night during the main event, CW Anderson came out to help Justin Credible, but Steve Corino didn’t see it, and kicked Anderson’s head off. The two were forced to shake hands by Cyrus after the match, but it’s obvious there’s still tension after what occurred at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

    The situation is well and truly under control now, as Corino and Victory remain inside the ring, however Team Me and CW Anderson have left the ring, backing up the ramp. Corino and Anderson’s eyes aren’t moving off of each other, this one looking far from over...

    Joey Styles: I’ve just got word from the back to prevent more of these reckless brawls, CW Anderson and Steve Corino will do battle one on one at Anarchy Rulz, and the winner will be the number one contender to the ECW Championship!

    Big news, another big match has been announced. Neither guy is aware at this stage as Anderson steps through the curtain, meanwhile Corino continues to pace in the ring with Victory having the task of calming him down...


    Upon return, we are in a rather upper class looking locker room, with a couple of recliners and all, very fancy for ECW. Inside the locker room is none other than a smiling ECW Champion Justin Credible and for the first time in weeks an equally as smitten Francine. The two both have arrogant smirks on their face, as Francine pretends to breathe on her hand and then shine the title that is around Credible’s waist.

    Justin Credible: Here I stand, Justin Credible, STILL the ECW World Heavyweight Champion...

    Francine looks happy as, whilst Credible nods cockily at the camera.

    Justin Credible: You wanna’ know the reasons why? Because I’m incredible and because I sold out.

    Both have massive grins on their faces.

    Justin Credible: But nobody in Extreme Championship Wrestling can look me in the eye and criticise me for my decisions...

    The champion pauses, looking a little more serious now.

    Justin Credible: This whole damn company ECW is the one who sold out first by agreeing to be aired on The Network.

    BOOOO’s can be heard from fans inside the arena, as Credible and Francine shake their heads in disgust at ECW.

    Justin Credible: Despite selling out, things haven’t exactly gone to plan for the company, and that’s why on October sixth...

    The champ pauses.

    Justin Credible: ECW puts on its last ever show on TNN!

    Credible shakes his head, staring at the ground smirking.

    Justin Credible: Let’s get one thing perfectly clear though, ECW isn’t leaving The Network, The Network is leaving ECW.

    Buffalo, New York aren’t happy with this statement as Credible pauses.

    Justin Credible: So with the background set, I’ll answer the million dollar question. Why Justin? Why? Why did you bother joining a group like The Network when it is going to lose all of its power and its leader in three weeks time?

    Francine mockingly shrugs her shoulders, asking why as Credible s......s.

    Justin Credible: BECAUSE IT MEANS I KEEP THIS!

    The intensity kicks in as Credible punches the title wrapped around his waist.

    Justin Credible: This is literally the only thing that matters in my life...

    The champ’s girlfriend looks a tad hurt at these comments, but Credible doesn’t notice.

    Justin Credible: And The Network ensures that I keep it!

    JC pauses, letting his words sink in as he glances at Francine, who’s back to not looking too bothered.

    Justin Credible: I needed Tajiri off of my back...


    Justin Credible: The Network got the job done.

    Francine holds three fingers in the air, before dropping one as Credible finishes his sentence.

    Justin Credible: I wanted another three weeks to prepare for Jerry Lynn...

    JC pauses again.

    Justin Credible: The Network got the job done.

    Francine puts her second finger down, leaving one remaining.

    Justin Credible: I want Steve Corino to stop hunting me so that I can focus...

    One last pause, but Justin has a shit eating grin on his face this time.

    Justin Credible: The Network got the job done.

    Francine puts the last of her fingers down.

    Justin Credible: And now at Anarchy Rulz, I will get the job done.

    JC and Francine both seem to have a confidence about them.

    Justin Credible: I will remain the ECW Champion and I will continue to forge my legacy as the greatest ECW Champion of all time.

    Francine rubs Credible’s shoulders encouragingly.

    Justin Credible: And that, that’s incredible!

    Credible and Francine look smitten once again, smiling at the camera, truly feeling on top of the world...


    Back at ringside, “Electric Molecular” by Chemlab brings out the young, up and coming duo of Christian York and Joey Matthews. The two get quite the enthusiastic pop from the fans as so far all of their performances have been pretty impressive. They make friends with the fans on their way to the ring, before getting inside and awaiting their opponents. “For The Love Of Money/Down On Me” by The Ojay’s and Jackyln FLIPS the mood in the arena, as HEAT is given to the quartet known as Hot Commodity. Being the two that are competing, EZ Money and Julio Dinero lead the way, with casual wearing Chris Hamrick and Elektra bringing up the rear. Not only is their reaction the opposite to their opponents but so is there mannerisms, as they mock the fans about being poor and broke before getting to the ring.

    Match Two
    Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. Hot Commodity w/Chris Hamrick and Elektra

    The match is a pretty standard yet entertaining tag team affair that I won’t be writing out. This is two lazy match recaps in a row but I’ll definitely put some effort into the main event. As the teams battle for supremacy, Joey Styles ignores the action on commentary for a moment, to announce that Chris Hamrick and Julio Dinero will take on both Christian York and Joey Matthews and Danny Doring and Roadkill in a Three Way Dance match at Anarchy Rulz!

    As for this match however, with the help of Elektra and Hamrick, Hot Commodity are able to isolate York and eventually finish him off with a Double Spike Piledriver and the academic 1...2...3!

    Winners – Hot Commodity @ 05:16

    After the contest, York and Matthews are left to heal their wounds outside of the ring, meanwhile on the inside; all four members of Hot Commodity celebrate. The fans aren’t happy, knowing that the interference had a big say in things, but they celebrate like they have won the tag titles anyway...


    As the celebration continues, we head to the back where a different, meaner demeanour Chris Chetti is staring down a camera.

    Chris Chetti: Nova is the only reason why I’m not a champion right now...

    Chetti grimaces and snarls at the thoughts of his now former partner.

    Chris Chetti: I challenge, better yet, I dare Nova to step inside the ring with me on any given day. I’ll do what Paul threatened to do for years before Nova started riding my coattails.

    Minor heat from the fans as an ultra serious Chetti continues.

    Chris Chetti: I’ll run you out of ECW for good...

    Short and sweet from Chetti, getting his point across before walking out of screenshot.


    We return from our final break of the evening to see Bilvis Wesley already standing inside of the ring, ahead of his ECW Television Championship match against Kid Kash. As Wesley gets heckled by the brutal New York fans, “Fuck That” by Kid Rock plays to AN AMAZING RECEPTION as the NEW ECW Television Champion Kid Kash steps through the curtain. Kash stops just through the curtain, taking the title from around his waist and raises it above his head to an even louder pop from the fans... Kash continues his way down the ramp... WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN, HE IS COBBERED FROM BEHIND BY THE FORMER CHAMPION, RHINO!!!

    Kash tumbles to the floor and Rhino slides into the ring... AND GORES THE SHIT OUT OF BILVIS WESLEY!!!

    Rhino then kicks him under the bottom rope, and TURNS STRAIGHT INTO SOME FAST RIGHT HANDS FROM KID KASH!

    The two throw hands at each other, with Kash getting the upper hand, backing Rhino against the ropes, before taking a few steps back... AND CHARGING AT RHINO, BEFORE LEAPING INTO THE AIR AND SENDING HIMSELF AND RHINO OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE FLOOR WITH A CROSSBODY!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants are up from the fans again, as Kash quickly gets up, looking for a SPINNING HEEL KICK... BUT RHINO AVOIDS CONTACT... AND KASH LANDS WITH A SPLAT ON THE FLOOR!!!


    Gasps come from the fans before the “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out again as Rhino has shown just how dangerous he is, taking out two men in the matter of minutes. ‘The Big F’n Deal’ isn’t finished with the man who took his TV Title, as Rhino picks up the sore Kash, and drags him up the steps and onto the ring apron...


    “RVD”, “RVD”, “RVD” chants ring out from the fans as RVD continues to hammer Rhino, causing him to fall backwards and tumble through the ropes and back inside of the ring.

    Kash rolls off of the apron and falls to the floor, as Van Dam jumps to the floor, grabs a steel chair from underneath the ring and slides back inside.

    Once inside the ring, RVD waits for Rhino to get up... BEFORE THROWING THE CHAIR TO RHINO... WHO CATCHES IT... VAN DAMINATOR!!!

    Rhino drops to the canvas, damn near unconscious, as “ROB VAN DAM”, “ROB VAN DAM”, “ROB VAN DAM” cheers urge RVD to leap up to the top rope, LOOKING FOR THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH... BUT RHINO ROLLS OUT OF THE RING AND TO SAFTEY...


    Van Dam looks to continue the assault, getting back up... ONLY TO COP A SINGAPORE CANE TO THE HEAD FROM THE ECW CHAMPION... JUSTIN CREDIBLE!!!

    There’s some heat for the fans but due to the entertaining nature of the chaotic brawl, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants can be heard at the same time. Credible then picks up Van Dam and rolls him back inside of the ring.

    SOMEHOW, Rhino is back up and he gets back into the ring to continue his assault on Van Dam, and Credible looks set to do the same... UNTIL KID KASH GRABS AT HIS HEEL TO DRAG CREDIBLE OFF OF THE RING APRON... AND CREDIBLE SPINS AROUND... AND HITS KASH RIGHT OVER THE HEAD WITH THE SINGAPORE CANE!!!

    Credible then gets inside the ring and he and Rhino continue to stomp the shit out of Van Dam, copping all sorts of VULCANIC heat from the audience...


    Lynn begins firing punches and kicks at both men, rocking them momentarily, which allows Van Dam to roll out of the ring.

    Lynn begins focusing on Credible, really beating him down, but this allows Rhino to attack him from behind. The heels then grab Lynn and toss him out of the ring!

    Heat can be heard from the audience as Lynn looks to try and find a way back inside the ring, but Rhino and Credible cut him off at every avenue.

    Lynn continues to stress out until “Enter Sandman” by Metallica hits to an EPIC POP, and ECW’s favourite beer drinker, The Sandman begins walking his way through the crowd. The Sandman forgoes most of his theatrics, instead climbing over the barricade and shaking hands with Lynn. Credible and Rhino continue to stand at the edge of the ring, not allowing the faces entry which allows Styles to have one last sell...

    Joey Styles: We are just waiting for the referee to get down here, as OUR MAIN EVENT of Credible and Rhino against Lynn and The Sandman IS NEXT!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants can be heard again as a referee begins jogging from the back.

    Joey Styles: Next week on TNN we have a huge show coming your way. We will see Kid Kash actually defend his ECW Television Championship against another ECW favourite, Mikey Whipwreck!

    Joey pauses to let the words sink in.

    Joey Styles: But we don’t just have one title match, we’ve got two. The Full Blooded Italians will defend their ECW Tag Team Championships against Danny Doring and Roadkill! Be sure to tune in next week, guys.

    The last sell is out of the way and the referee is inside the ring, doing his best to allow Lynn and The Sandman clean entry into the ring...

    Match Three
    Jerry Lynn and The Sandman vs. Justin Credible and Rhino w/Francine

    All of the participants who were involved in the previous segment have decided to go to the back, except for Bilvis Wesley who was carried to the back. As soon as Lynn and The Sandman get inside the ring, Credible and Rhino attack them respectively, trying to get the early jump. The referee immediately calls for the bell to start the match and that’s the only control he really has for the entire contest, as this is just absolute CHAOS! There’s fighting inside of the ring, outside of the ring and through the crowd. There are chair shots, a kitchen sink makes an appearance and Francine gets involved whenever she can to help her team.

    One thing that is quite noticeable and worth mentioning is the difference between the way the two teams work together. Jerry Lynn and The Sandman are not a functioning team and are not friends, so whilst in a tag team match, they are fighting their own individual battles. When it comes to Credible and Rhino, now that they are both members of The Network, there’s no tension between them, and they actually gel well as a team. There are multiple occasions in the match where Lynn looks to take over Credible or The Sandman looks to take care of Rhino, but the other Network member makes the save. It’s also worth noting that there are MULTIPLE “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants throughout the contest.

    We pick up play with all four men surprisingly inside of the ring. Credible and Lynn are battling in the corner, and Lynn begins to really hammer away, winning the fist fight... UNTIL CREDIBLE DROPS DOWN AND LANDS A LOW BLOW! Lynn crumbles to the mat and Credible begins choking out Lynn in the corner. Meanwhile, as much as The Sandman is a brawler, he’s busted wide open, struggling to make it back up to his feet with the beating Rhino has given him throughout. The Sandman is using the ropes to get to his feet, as Rhino waits, and when Sandman is up... RHINO CHARGES ACROSS THE RING WITH THE GORE... THE SANDMAN MOVES... AND RHINO DAMN NEAR KILLS THE REFEREE WITH THE GORE!!!

    Luckily they just miss the table set up in the corner earlier on in the contest, but the referee is still out of it. Most guys would feel a little bit of remorse but not the former TV Champion, Rhino kicks the referee when he is down, before turning back to Sandman who is able to Spear Rhino, and the momentum sends both men tumbling through the middle rope and to the outside. The Sandman lands on top of Rhino in a full mount position and continues to beat on him, whilst in the ring, Credible tells the crowd, “IT’S TIME FOR THE CHAMP TO BEAT THIS CHUMP AGAIN”.

    Sensing the end might be near; the only referee employed by The Network, Danny Daniels hustles down the ramp. The audience boo the fuck out of him because he’s a piece of shit, and Credible has the audacity to even slap Daniels some five once he actually makes it to the ring. Credible grabs Lynn in the corner, and heaves him up onto the top turnbuckle, before landing a few right hands and beginning to climb up to the top rope himself. Once there though, the fiery Lynn lands three brutal head butts to the bridge of the nose, which causes Credible to slip off of the ropes and just land on his feet on the canvas. As quick as a cat, Lynn grabs Credible... AND SPINS AROUND WITH A SENSATIONAL TORNADO DDT FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! Danny Daniels and Francine both look at each other and curse as both competitors remain down inside the ring.

    There’s no ten count or any of that shit, but both men are not moving. Buffalo, New York are right behind the number one contender with “JERRY Y LYNN”, “JERRY LYNN”, “JERRY LYNN” chants getting everybody excited. After what seems like an eternity... LYNN IS ABLE TO MOVE AN ARM ACROSS THE CHEST OF CREDIBLE, MAKING THE COVER...










    BOOOOOOO! The heat is volcanic as Danny Daniels just stands in the corner, a stern look on his face. Despite having gone at it for a solid eight plus minutes, Lynn’s exhaustion gives way to fury. He gets up and begins to walk towards Daniels, yelling “SO YOU DON’T WANT TO MAKE THE COUNT HUH?” Daniels gulps as if he was Vince McMahon, the fans urging Lynn to take him out. Jerry approaches slowly, as Daniels continues to back away, until he can’t back away anymore... BECAUSE HE’S BACKED RIGHT INTO THE CHEST OF THE SANDMAN... WHO SWINGS HIM AROUND AND KNOCKS HIM OUT WITH A SINGAPORE CANE SHOT TO THE HEAD!

    Epic pop moment for sure as The Sandman celebrates by hitting himself in the head with the Cane a few times... BEFORE TURNING STRAIGHT INTO A CHARGING RHINO... WHO LANDS THE GORE WHICH SENDS THE SANDMAN CRUSHING THROUGH THE CORNER TABLE!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” is all that can be heard because Rhino is a beast, but as he gets out of the rubble of the table, LYNN MEETS HIM WITH A KICKTO THE GUT... FOLLOWED BY A CRADLE PILEDRIVER!!! LYNN HOOKS THE LEG...1...2...3... BUT AGAIN THERE IS NO COUNT!

    Lynn slaps the mat in frustration before getting up... BEFORE BEING BLINDSIDED WITH A SINGAPORE CANE SHOT TO THE HEAD BY JUSTIN CREDIBLE!!!

    Lynn is out on his feet, but staggers into the ropes before bouncing off of them, spaghetti legged, remaining on his feet, WHICH ALLOWS CREDIBLE TO LAND THE THAT’S INCREDIBLE...


    Winners – Justin Credible and Rhino @ 10:38

    There are tonnes of heat from the crowd as everybody is down inside the ring, except for the ECW Champion Justin Credible. The champ slowly gets up, and Francine immediately hands him his coveted title. Credible uses Francine a little to stay on his feet, before raising the title above his head to even more annoyance from the fans.

    As Credible continues to celebrate amongst the other fallen combatants, Joey Styles can’t help but ponder on commentary if maybe Cyrus is right, nobody can stand up to The Network.

    We end the show with Justin Credible, the ECW Champion, the newest member of The Network, in a blaze of glory capping off an extraordinary week for The Network...



    Current Card for ECW Anarchy Rulz

    October 1st, 2000

    St. Paul, Minnesota

    ECW Championship:

    Justin Credible defends against Jerry Lynn

    Rhino vs. Rob Van Dam

    #1 Contender For ECW Championship:

    CW Anderson vs. Steve Corino

    ECW World Tag Team Championship:

    The Full Blooded Italians w/Sal E. Graziano and Scotty Anton defends against The Unholy Alliance

    Balls Mahoney vs. Pierre Carl Oulette

    Three Way Dance:

    Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. Danny Doring and Roadkill vs. Hot Commodity (Chris Hamrick and Julio Dinero)

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Back at it, I'm definitely getting a good feeling about Anarchy Rulz at this point. This show was great for advancing a few stories, giving some questions for us to watch for, and following up fantastically on the last show.

    Starting with Corino, you could tell from the last episode there's problems with Corino in The Network. It's a good glimpse at a possible turn coming up, maybe?

    Lynn getting a rematch is fantastic, he does deserve it and the story definitely isn't over there. It appears the taping has caught up to Dreamer, unfortunate there won't be much of him but it works.

    I got quite excited for the Psicosis and Corino match, somewhat sad it isn't written out but I understand completely and I can just imagine it being fantastic. The right person won in the end. I am a little iffy on Psicosis being cheered after the mini-story he had with Tajiri and how that was in my mind, but it does make sense he'd be respected at least.

    Anderson and Corino brawl is awesomely written. I loved it. Heel against heel isn't your kind of story and makes me think it's to lead to a Corino face turn. I'm quite excited for this as the more you write him, the more I actually want to cheer Corino. Anderson, on the other hand, I like the heel work and allowing myself to be worked, hate him. This should be a great match and has me thoroughly excited, well done.

    The Credible promo was amazing. It shows how superficial Francine is, it shows how much he cares about the title, and it really makes me hate him more for joining. Meanwhile, it left another question in the tension between him and another Network favorite in Corino and continues this hinting toward Corino maybe turning soon. It could get dropped and it may be me misjudging it, but that having The Network take care of Corino makes me think they sent Anderson, and they're turning on Corino.

    Hot Commodity keeps looking strong. Heel teams feel a lot more utilized and propped up here. I definitely see Roadkill and Doing getting a good storyline going soon.

    The Chetti reasoning is meh to me. I didn't get a good feeling for the promo, personally. I just might not have a good reference for the history of he or Nova in ECW. It was a good promo, just felt like it lacked some substance. I do give credit, it's a great start. I just wonder about more reasoning being involved, just seemed like a random turn to me for now.

    The Rhino attack made sense, and was amazing. It bringing out so many people was fantastic in that it continues to make Rhino look badass, gives more heat to Credible and builds up the whole Rhino wanting his title back story. I love the way you've written Rhino thus far, this just continues it.

    The main event was hot as could be, and again we see a visible pinfall for Lynn over the champ, only to be screwed by The Network. The tease is so well done thus far, I can't wait for the big moment to finally happen. The table spot was great, and Credible stealing the win keeps him looking like a smarmy heel champion in the best way. Great credit to you, sir, you've made The Network somehow more hateable.

    Again, this was a great show. I do think there were a couple points that I wasn't all in on, but overall it was a great and fun show. I'm very excited for Anarchy Rulz, I'm wanting to cheer Corino soon, and I can't wait for the comeuppance on Credible. You've done great and I'm looking forward to more.

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