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Thread: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    As usual, Jaywhy and Gambit, thanks so much for the feedback.

    Jaywhy, regarding that Rhino/RVD table spot, Cyrus set up the table outside of the ring, and Rhino was attempting his Piledriver off of the apron. When RVD reversed into a Back Drop, he sent Rhino off of the apron and through the table. Hope that makes sense.

    Anyway, preview, and show to probably come early next week.

    ECW Hardcore TV Preview


    Hardcore TV comes live from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida tonight and the extreme main event we have in store is likely to be as hot as the Florida summer night itself. The main event will feature the grizzly CW Anderson really looking to make a name for himself, against the man some call the heart and soul of ECW, Tommy Dreamer. This isn’t just the standard future main event wrestler trying to jump the queue by defeating a veteran; this one has become a lot more heated than that. A little over two weeks ago when Extreme Championship Wrestling was in Houston, Texas, Anderson decided to make a name for himself by completing some of the most apprehensible actions that have ever occurred in the world of wrestling. CW interfered in a match female wrestler Jazz was having with a local talent, and nearly decapitated Jazz with a ferocious Clothesline. As the fans voiced their severe displeasure for Anderson’s disgusting act, he laughed it off before sending Jazz crashing through a table with the patented Anderson Spinebuster. Before anymore damage could be done, Tommy Dreamer stormed the ring and chased Anderson to the back, and throughout the course of the past two weeks he’s made his thoughts on CW clear. Tommy challenged Anderson to a match which was supposed to take place last night at ECW on TNN, but tempers boiled over long before the match could begin. In one of the most fascinating yet unexpected beginnings to a show in ECW history, the show opened with Joey Styles yelling at the top of his lungs as Dreamer and Anderson decided to brawl before their match, and better yet the show, even started. Dreamer rode his emotional wave to get the upper hand and looked set to do some serious damage until Team Me ran out to save CW Anderson. Danny Doring and Roadkill were quick to come to Dreamer’s aid, evening the odds, however the match was called off. Tonight we have been promised that this fiery match will go ahead as the main event, and if there are any issues beforehand both men will be suspended. Last night’s brawl whet the appetite but tonight we’ll see the real deal.

    Fresh off adding Elektra to their group and having an impressive victory Bilvis Wesley and Tom Marquez last week, Hot Commodity will look to continue their new found momentum heading into the ECW Tag Team Championship Tournament. Confederate Currency, Chris Hamrick will be in singles action against the number one contender to the ECW Championship Jerry Lynn. Hamrick will look to gain what would be the biggest win in his career here tonight, whilst Lynn will look to just continue ticking all of the boxes ahead of his long awaited title shot. Jerry Lynn hasn’t looked like losing a one on one match in a long time here in ECW and for things to change Hamrick will have to put up a herculean effort.

    Chris Hamrick won’t be the only member of Hot Commodity in action as the tag team duo of EZ Money and Julio Dinero also look set to compete tonight. A Three Way Dance has been announced which will feature them against the teams of Chris Chetti and Nova, as well as the young team of Christian York and Joey Matthews. Nobody’s really sure which way this one will go, however each team will be looking for one more important win heading into the ECW Tag Team Championship Tournament. Whoever wins this match may even ride their wave of confidence and go on to become the ECW Tag Team Champions, anything can happen. One thing’s for sure, with these six men all around the ring and the possibility of Elektra on the outside, this match is a must see.

    Confirmed Matches:

    CW Anderson vs. Tommy Dreamer

    Chris Hamrick w/Hot Commodity vs. Jerry Lynn

    Three Way Dance Match;

    Chris Chetti and Nova vs. Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. Hot Commodity w/Chris Hamrick and Elektra

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Hey man, I was gonna wait until you caught up to where I've read, but then I couldn't remember so I figure, ahh well.

    So, I gotta bring this up first thing, and I think you've explained this to me before (possibly on this show) but I really feel like the overuse of bold really detracts from your shows. It really messes with the idea: when everything is special, nothing is. I get that a lot of crazy shit is happening (which I love), but mixing it up with italics even, or just leaving some normal, would give more oomph when really crazy shit happens. You're giving the same effect to a suplex that you are to a chair shot. I'm drawn to reading the bold instead of all the other stuff.

    With that being said, you used this to perfect effect when you were teasing the Van Dam win. Even knowing what happens; I was so drawn to that moment and I was hyped just sitting here. I was in the moment. I think you over-used it after, but still, I loved this moment so very much.

    Speaking of Van Dam, his promo was my favourite part of the show. The intensity you managed to convey with the shorter sentences and all that was really well done. I loved the big fucking deal and the whole fucking show at the end.

    I did notice one thing about this show in particular though, it felt all go. There was nothing to slow the show down and just let the viewer breathe for a moment. This was probably intentional, but I'm sitting here a bit exhausted (or it's cause I'm fat) before it was high on high on high. Which, while awesome, left me longing for a pause or slowing down the pace. I think you did this well with the Cyrus promo, but I think you needed one more similar segment. Again, I think this was intentional and not watching any of the original ECW, was probably very similar, but not sure.

    One more thing, I love the Unholy Alliance. If they don't win the tag team tournament, I'm gonna be very disappointed.

    Just as good as I remember, mate, so keep up the good work; even if I was critical :>.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks Gards for the feedback, much appreciated. You need to start booking again

    My writing style has changed with what I'm currently up to, but I'm not going to rewrite what I've already completed, so unfortunately the bold will be around for awhile. I agree wholeheartedly with your feedback though, I'm just lazy to reedit my work.

    ECW occasionally had a full throttle show like this. Thanks for your comments again man.

    And onto the next one…


    ECW Hardcore TV

    August 19th, 2000

    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    The show opens up in a very un ECW type fashion, as we cut to a scene which shows a clean, white walled office. On the office wall there’s a gold plaque which reads “TNN”. As the camera lowers we see that we are inside an office that’s mainly taken up by a plain coloured desk.’

    We currently see the back of a black, bulky, comfortable looking computer chair, until the chair spins around to reveal a pompous looking Cyrus staring into the camera. At the bottom right hand side of the screen there’s a block of text which lets us know that this was actually recorded on August 26th. Cyrus smugly neatens up some seemingly important papers that are stacked on his desk before speaking…

    Cyrus: I’ve just finished looking over the booking and I realised that The Network is in Manhattan next week.

    The leader of The Network pauses, raising his eyebrows as a slight smirk comes across his face.

    Cyrus: The Network loves Manhattan because it’s going to be the host of a history making night when the ECW Tag Team Championship Tournament takes place. The Network will make history when our team of Rhino and the ECW Champion Justin Credible bring the ECW Tag Team Titles home to The Network. Then not only will we be in possession of the tag titles, but we’ll also be in possession of the ECW Championship!

    Cyrus cockiness stops now as he looks dead serious.

    Cyrus: Manhattan will be the place where Justin Credible formally joins The Network… Or he becomes an enemy of The Network.

    Cyrus dramatically lets his words sink in, dead panning the camera.

    Cyrus: If Justin Credible makes the dumbest decision of his life and doesn’t join The Network, we’ll show the entire world that NOBODY stands up to us!

    Cyrus continues to dead pan the camera to further get his point across. We then cut away…

    We then strangely for an ECW show, head backstage where ‘The Voice Of ECW’ Joey Styles is standing. Styles looks impeccable as ever in a professional looking suit, however unlike his usual demeanour, Styles shows a blank expression. To the outside eye he looks almost bored with what he’s about to say.

    Joey Styles: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, welcome to ECW Hardcore TV, We’ve got a stacked show set for everybody tonight but before we can get there, I’ve been told I have to make this announcement. You may remember back on July twenty eight at ECW on TNN we had the pleasure of being joined by musician extraordinaire Billy Corgan. Lou E. Dangerously decided to interrupt an interview I was conducting with Corgan and began running down his accomplishments, only for Corgan to epically SMASH his guitar over Lou E’s head.

    Despite showing no enthusiasm throughout his monologue so far, Joey fails at stifling a smile at his last sentence.

    Joey Styles: With the permission of The Network, Lou E. has issued a challenge to Billy Corgan. Lou E. is begging Billy Corgan to return to Extreme Championship Wrestling during our August twenty fifth and twenty sixth weekend in Manhattan!

    Styles pauses, rolling his eyes.

    Joey Styles: I’m not sure that’s the best way to waste our only avenue of air time. As the great Tony Schiavone once alluded to, I’m not sure that’s going to put butts in seats.

    Styles then shakes his head and storms off of screenshot, seemingly not to happy with the idea of Lou E. Dangerously and Billy Corgan having another segment together on ECW Television…

    The camera remains rolling for a few seconds, murmurs being heard from behind the camera. It almost seems as if Styles was supposed to be talking a little longer, until from behind the camera we hear a…


    This seems to be coming from a confused producer… and five seconds later we do cut to our first unexpected, early commercial break.


    We return from the rather abrupt commercial break to hear “Intergalactic” by The Beastie Boyz as the fan favourite team of Chris Chetti and Nova make their way to the ring for action. The two get a respectful pop from the usually ruthless ECW fans, as they slap hands with the audience members who are lucky enough to be in the front row. Next up “Electric Molecular” by Chemlab plays and the team who debuted last month Christian York and Joey Matthews bounce through the curtain. Their ovation is slightly less than the first team but you wouldn’t know it by looking at them, as the young duo do all they can to get the fans pumped. Once in the ring the ovation gets louder as the two teams in the ring share handshakes. “For The Love Of Money/Down On Me Remix” by Ojay’s and Jackyl completely changes the mood in the arena as the fans boo the arrival of EZ Money and Julio Dinero. The two make money gestures with their hands whilst insulting the audience, meanwhile Chris Hamrick walks a little behind them, arm around their new valet, Elektra. Elektra gets a few whistles from the fans but it’s mainly a negative reaction for Hot Commodity. Hamrick stays off the apron and begins stretching, yelling “I’M TAKIN’ OUT JERRY LYNN TONIGHT”, whilst his stable mates head inside the ring.

    Match One
    Three Way Dance
    Chris Chetti and Nova vs. Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. Hot Commodity w/Chris Hamrick and Elektra

    The match for the first several minutes mainly consisted of the teams of Chetti/Nova and York/Matthews going at it, as Hot Commodity were more than happy to just stand on the apron and watch. Legally one of the members of Hot Commodity was supposed to be in the ring, but they did all they could to avoid contact. It allows the four faces to really put on a SPOTFEST which draws numerous chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”.

    Only a few minutes into the contest and Christian York and Nova already look like they’ve been through hell. EZ Money, who should technically be in the ring, makes fun of them from the apron, before they walk over… AND FLIP EZ MONEY OVER THE TOP ROPE AND INTO THE RING!

    In comical fashion EZ Money crawls across the ring and slaps Chris Chetti on the chest, which the referee accepts as a tag. Much to the dismay of the fans, Money quickly rolls out of the ring, as Chetti steps in, and he and Nova begin staring down York. Christian is definitely in a bit of trouble but before Joey Matthews can make the save… EZ MONEY AND JULIO DINERO PULL HIM OFF THE APRON AND BEGIN BEATING HIM ON THE OUTSIDE!

    Inside the ring Chetti and Nova uncomfortably shrug at York, before beginning to beat him down. York tries to put up a fight but the young upstart is no match for the team, AND EVENTUALLY CHETTI NAILS HIM WITH A SCISSORS KICK!

    Both men then head to the top rope… BEFORE COMING OFF WITH THE TIDAL WAVE! Chetti keeps look out for any interference whilst NOVA HOOKS THE LEG…1…2…3!

    Elimination #1 Christian York and Joey Matthews

    Now that the first team is eliminated the match turns to a standard tag team match, and with only one set of fan favourites in the ring, Chetti and Nova have all the crowd support. Hot Commodity do quite well for themselves though, immediately sliding into the ring after the elimination, throwing Chetti to the outside and beating down Nova. This allows them to keep Nova in the ring for a majority of the match, slowly tearing away at his resilience.

    Julio Dinero decides it’s time to finish Nova off, as he continues to make money gestures with his hands to the fans in attendance. Once Nova gets back up Dinero GOES FOR THE JALAPENO POPPER… BUT NOVA DUCKS AND LANDS A REVERSE DDT!


    Chetti now ignores the referee’s pleas and helps Nova to his feet, before pointing to the top rope, signalling they can win the match if they land one more Tidal Wave. The fans cheer them on as they begin climbing the ropes, as on the other side of the ring… ELEKTRA JUMPS ONTO THE APRON!


    Gasps from the audience can be heard throughout the arena as Chetti is down on the outside, and a worn down Nova is down on the inside. Hamrick and Elektra both get off the apron just as EZ Money gets back into his teams corner. A dizzy Dinero crawls over and tags in EZ Money, who laughs at the pissed off audience, before yelling “THIS IS WHY WE’RE MONEY”!

    EZ remains on the ring apron, waiting for Nova to get up and when he does… EZ LANDS A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE TAKING NOVA’S HEAD OFF!!!

    EZ HOOKS THE LEG…1…2…3!

    Elimination #2 Chris Chetti and Nova

    Winners – Hot Commodity @ 5:59

    The fans almost seem a little shocked that this upset has occurred, which allows the entire foursome of Hot Commodity to celebrate initially without too much heat.

    As their over the top celebration continues the heat begins to really kick in, as Elektra all of a sudden begins looking down disdainfully at Nova.

    Elektra gets the attention of the rest of her crew and says “let’s prove a point”.

    The trio of males don’t need any further instructions… AS THEY ALL BEGIN STOMPING THE LIFE OUT OF NOVA!

    The fans begin getting feral with anger as Nova can’t defend himself and Chetti is still down in tremendous pain on the outside…

    EZ Money and Chris Hamrick now hold up the helpless Nova…

    As Julio Dinero looks ready to try the Jalapeno Popper again…

    Much to the delight of the sadistic Elektra…


    Jerry Lynn slides into the ring… and Elektra quickly scurries out.

    Lynn begins teeing off on all members of Hot Commodity, dropping Hamrick and Dinero with Clotheslines.


    Hamrick then gets dropped with another Clothesline, before Lynn picks up Dinero… AND DROPS HIM WITH THE CRADLE PILEDRIVER!

    Hamrick quickly rolls out of the ring as the fans go ape shit for the saviour, who now looks down and checks on Nova…





    Match Two
    Chris Hamrick w/Hot Commodity vs. Jerry Lynn

    Hamrick doesn’t seem entirely thrilled with the idea of getting inside the ring with the fired up number one contender for the ECW Championship, but he doesn’t really have much of a choice. Hamrick talks strategy with his buddies and EZ Money walks around the ring, now standing behind Jerry Lynn. Hamrick and EZ Money step onto the ring apron at the same time, trying to work out who will distract Lynn and who will get in the first shot. The two are moving rather slow… WHEN LYNN ERUPTS AND CHARGES AT MONEY… DROPPING HIM OFF THE APRON WITH A RIGHT HAND!


    Lynn immediately gets up and raises his hands above his head, pandering to the fans that are all aboard the Jerry Lynn train, as “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out yet again. Lynn continues to dominate Hamrick for the opening minutes, before heading up to the top rope. Once there, he waits for Hamrick to get up… AND LEAPS OFF LANDING A PERFECT DIVING CROSSBODY… LYNN STAYS ON HIM FOR THE COVER…1…2…3!



    “FUCK YOU”, “FUCK YOU”, “FUCK YOU” chants are directed at Dinero who snarls at the audience. Meanwhile Lynn gets up and begins having a word with Dinero and the rest of the Hot Commodity crew, which ALLOWS HAMRICK TO COME FROM BEHIND AND LAND A LOW BLOW!

    This break allows Hamrick to beat down Lynn for a solid minute or two, really applying some pressure before dropping him with a simple Scoop Slam. The man now known as ‘Confederate Currency’ Chris then heads to the top rope… AND COMES OFF LANDING THE CONFEDERATE MUNCH ACROSS THE CHEST OF JERRY LYNN! HAMRICK MAKES THE COVER…1…2…LYNN KICKS OUT!


    “ECDUBBYA”. “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out once again for what has to be spot of the night so far. ‘The New F’n Show’ takes a few moments to regain his composure before heading outside the ring to get Hamrick… BUT HE’S INTERCEPTED BY ELEKTRA!

    Elektra begins showing off some of her assets to Lynn, who raises his eyebrows, seemingly enjoying himself… WHEN HE GETS PUMMELED FROM BEHIND BY EZ MONEY AND JULIO DINERO!

    Elektra immediately scurries over to Hamrick who’s quite clearly favouring his back, and tries to help him back up. As this is happening Money and Dinero continue to be like two pit bulls, stomping all over Lynn, with the crowd giving them the most heat they’ve received in their careers.


    As the young duo beat the snot out of the two, forcing them away from the ring and to the backstage area, the drama continues at ringside. Whilst Lynn isn’t being beaten on anyway, he’s still down as Elektra knows this and urges Hamrick up. A sore Hamrick slowly gets up and picks up Lynn, rolling him inside the ring. Hamrick lazily just lies on Lynn for the cover…1…2…LYNN SHOOTS A SHOULDER UP!

    Hamrick looks frustrated before he clutches at his back one last time. He now brings Lynn to his feet, before putting him in a Front Face lock… AND TURNING IT INTO A VERTICAL SUPLEX… BUT LYNN KICKS HIS LEGS UP IN THE AIR, WIGGLING AROUND… AND IS ABLE TO REVERSE INTO A TORNADO DDT!

    The fans mark the fuck out now, as Lynn seems to have gotten his second wind. He immediately picks up Hamrick AND PUTS HIM IN POSITION FOR THE CRADLE PILEDRIVER… BEFORE SHAKING HIS HEAD AND DROPPING HAMRICK BACK DOWN!

    Everybody’s a little confused including Elektra, until Lynn signals that the ECW Championship will be around his waist and dead pans the camera yelling “THAT TITLE’S COMIN’ WHERE IT BELONGS, CREDIBLE”!


    Winner – Jerry Lynn @ 6:10

    An exhausted yet satisfied Jerry Lynn gets his hand raised by the referee whilst is showered in cheers from the ECW faithful.

    Meanwhile Elektra does her best to help the incapacitated Hamrick to the back.

    After enjoying the victory for a minute or so, Lynn’s eyes are back on the prize as the smile disappears, the focus comes back in the eyes, and Lynn once again signals for the ECW Championship to be around his waist…

    This is the last vision we see before we cut to…



    We return to see a video replay of Lou E. Dangerously’s last episode of The Danger Zone which took place last night at ECW on TNN. After gaining his usual cheap heat from the ECW fans, Lou E. was proud to introduce his guest, the leader of The Network Cyrus. Cyrus wasted little to no time on pleasantries with Dangerously and immediately called out the ECW Champion Justin Credible. Justin Credible just one week earlier had a confrontation with Steve Corino from The Network and he didn’t seem all that pleased to be called out by Cyrus. Cyrus actually apologised admitting he made a mistake and he never should have sent Corino out to relay his message. Cyrus explained how The Network wants the ECW Championship which is why they have invited him to join them. Credible seemed a little confused so Cyrus ran through Jerry Lynn, Kid Kash and Tajiri explaining how each one of these challengers to his title had setbacks because The Network were tampering with things behind the scenes. The audience hated the shocking regulation as Credible seemed to be growing fonder of the idea of joining The Network, yet before he could shake hands with Cyrus he was attacked with a right hand by his challenger of the night, Kid Kash.


    Once the video’s complete we head to an undisclosed area to find CW Anderson in his wrestling gear, pacing back and forth. The vision of CW gets an EPIC amount of heat from the ECW fans, but Anderson ignores it, stopping and stroking his rugged beard.

    CW Anderson: My opponent tonight Tommy Dreamer likes to call himself the Innovator of Violence. I’ve sat back and watched for the last five year and every single time those words have spewed from Dreamer’s mouth, I’ve disagreed.

    CW pauses, shaking his head in disgust.

    CW Anderson: The only issue is that over the last five years I haven’t been here… but I’m here now!

    Anderson looks into the camera with a certain fire in his eye.

    CW Anderson: And now that I’m here, I can finally do something that has been five, long years in the making. I’ve now got the chance to inform the world that every time Tommy Dreamer calls himself the Innovator of Violence, he’s a liar!

    CW lets his words sink in, although a majority of fans certainly wouldn’t agree with him.

    CW Anderson: MY name, MY family, The Anderson’s were originating violence when Tommy was DREAMING of lacin’ up a pair of wrestlin’ boots for the first time.

    Anderson seems to be getting more and more passionate about his words.

    CW Anderson: You’re lucky my relatives don’t rent a camera man…

    CW’s intense now…

    CW Anderson: HUNT YOU DOWN…

    CW Anderson: TIE YOUR ARM TO A CAR…

    CW Anderson: AND BREAK IT IN HALF!

    CW Anderson continues to breathe heavily, saliva at the corners of his mouth, absolutely furious as Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger, collectively known as Team Me stroll into screenshot. Swinger immediately goes to Anderson and begins giving him a massage trying to get him to calm down, whilst Diamond has a cocky smirk on his face as per usual.

    Simon Diamond: Regardless of what happens tonight, we’re gonna’ make a statement when ECW returns to the ECW arena…

    Diamond nods to himself, before looking around at the crew.

    Simon Diamond: We are gonna’ continue to show the world how Diamond, Swinger and an Anderson SOLVE A PROBLEM!

    Diamond smirks at his words again as Swinger lets out a laugh, and Anderson seems to have calmed himself down a little. The three then walk out of screen shot possibly discussing strategy for later on tonight…

    Straight after the interview we cut to ringside and “Deepest Bluest” by LL Cool J hits and fresh after his speech CW Anderson heads out from the back. Despite just being with them, Team Me remains in the back, as Anderson cops an ABSOLUTE BARRAGE of heat from the fans who are yet to forgive him for the woman bashing. Anderson ignores the fans though looking in the zone, as he steps into the ring and just calmly bounces off the ropes, waiting for his opponent. He doesn’t have to wait too long as “Man In The Box” by Alice In Chains plays to the LOUDEST pop of the night as Tommy Dreamer comes into sight. Dreamer looks focused as hell as the veteran slowly makes his way towards ringside, not even bothering to pander to the fans. Tommy looks as if he’s reliving Anderson’s attack on Jazz and getting even angrier as he steps through the ropes.

    Match Three
    CW Anderson vs. Tommy Dreamer

    Despite the hatred both men seem to have for each other, the referee calls for the bell and neither man immediately goes in for the kill. Both men circle each other as the crowd anticipate the violence they are about to witness, WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN CW ANDERSON OFFERS A HANDSHAKE TO TOMMY DREAMER!

    The fans piss all over the gesture as Anderson looks at them annoyed, stating “REAL WRESTLERS SHOW RESPECT”! The audience continues to boo as Dreamer looks over the crowd pondering his next move, UNTIL HE ACTUALLY ACCEPTS THE HANDSHAKE!

    Anderson nods and laughs seemingly happy with how this exchange has gone, however Dreamer doesn’t let go of his grip on CW’s hand. Dreamer is no smiles, all business as he yells at Anderson, “I’M NOT HERE TO WRESTLE, I’M HERE TO FIGHT”! Before Anderson can react Dreamer then brings Anderson forward, STRAIGHT INTO A SHORT ARMED CLOTHESLINE!

    With CW falling to the canvas, Dreamer shows incredible intensity immediately dropping to his knees, and hammering away with right hands to the forehead of Anderson. The ECW faithful love it as “TOMMY”, “TOMMY”, “TOMMY” chants echo throughout the arena, until finally Anderson is able to squirm his way out from underneath ‘The Innovator of Violence”. Dreamer is back up to his feet straight away and his opponent only takes a split second longer… BEFORE TOMMY CHARGES AT CW AND CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE OUTSIDE!

    The announcers are quick to harp on the fact that Anderson knew this was coming, hence why he was trying to get inside Dreamer’s head early. Either way he has no answer as he lays stunned on the floor and Dreamer quickly steps through the ropes and stands on the ring apron. Dreamer waits for Anderson to get to his feet and when he does, DREAMER LEAPS OFF THE APRON, DROPPNG ANDERSON WITH A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE SMASH ON THE TOP OF HIS HEAD!

    Whilst CDubbs crumbles to the floor, Dreamer remains on his feet, before stomping on Anderson a few times to ensure he’s down. The ECW veteran then walks towards the crowd and asks “WHO’S GOT SOMETHIN’ FOR ME”? Immediately a variety of different weapons are offered from members of the audience, and Dreamer CHOOSES THE LEAD PIPE FROM ONE OF THE FAN MEMBERS!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants are all over the arena again, as Tommy looks set to be innovative with the lead pipe. Before he can muster anything overly crazy though, Anderson’s eyes open wide when he sees the lead pipe and he quickly scurries up and rolls himself back inside the ring. CW cleverly gets up rather quickly and when Dreamer rolls in, Anderson begins stomping all over Dreamer, keeping him down on the canvas.

    This shock attack causes Dreamer to drop the lead pipe, as Anderson continues to hammer away. Starting to become a little confident, CW brings Tommy back up to his feet, but Dreamer immediately shrugs Anderson off and locks in a Side Headlock. Not the most glamorous move in the world but Dreamer has the lock synched in perfectly, controlling all of Anderson’s movements from this position. It’s quite clear early on that Anderson doesn’t want this match to become very ECW like, so Dreamer slowly begins making his way towards the lead pipe, all the while keeping CW in the Side Headlock.

    A few times it looks as if Anderson’s going to counter into a Back Suplex, but he’s unable to get Dreamer up and over. After a fair struggle Dreamer PICKS UP THE LEAD PIPE… BUT ANDERSON QUICKLY SHRUGS HIMSELF FREE AND ROLLS OUT OF THE RING!

    The audience are like rabid dogs, frustrated as hell at the tactics from Anderson, whilst Dreamer shakes his head in the middle of the ring. Tommy motions for Anderson to bring it, but Anderson yells “I’M HERE TO WRESTLE NOT TO KILL SOMEBODY! THROW AWAY THE PIPE OR I’M OUTTA’ HERE”!

    “PUSSY”, “PUSSY”, “PUSSY” chants are directed at Anderson from the Florida fans, but it has no impact on Anderson’s decision whatsoever. After a few more moments of frustration, Dreamer actually looks at the lead pipe before tossing it outside the ring, to the opposite side of where CW is standing of course. The heat from the fans shows their disappointment as Anderson now ensures the referee is able to hold Tommy back as he steps back inside the ring.

    Bronx cheers can be heard from the fans now that Anderson is back in the ring, and Anderson and Tommy are circling each other again, much like when the match started. This time they Lock Up, jostling for position, but Tommy quickly transitions back into a Side Headlock. He holds the move only for a moment or two, until Anderson is able to counter into a Hammer Lock. Anderson is all smiles now as he contorts Tommy’s hand behind his back… but with his other arm, DREAMER REACHES OVER AND POKES ANDERSON RIGHT IN THE EYE!

    Florida marks the fuck out for the cheap tactic from Dreamer who follows it up with a hard right hand that forces Anderson to fall back to the canvas. Rather than over committing Dreamer looks out at the fans who voice their appreciation as Anderson wearily makes his way back up. CW seeks out the referee and complains about the poke in the eye but there’s not much compassion shown from the referee who just gives Dreamer a stern look.

    Anderson takes a moment or two to regain their composure and the two Lock Up again. This time there’s no Side Headlock, it’s just a pure battle of strength. Neither man seems to be really having the advantage straight away, until Dreamer lands a quick knee to the mid section… DDT! NO! ANDERSON JUST MANAGES TO GET HIMSELF FREE AND HEADS STRAIGHT TO THE CORNER!

    CW seems to be a little shocked at some of the heelish tactics put in place by Dreamer, but Tommy just smirks at CW and points at his head as if to say I’m smarter than you. They lock up for a third time now, this time CW comes in with a little more momentum and frustration and wins the battle of strength. Anderson is able to back Dreamer into the corner and hold him there, only breaking before the referee gets to the count of five. Anderson aggressively shoves the referee away from him… AND TOMMY KICKS CW RIGHT IN THE DICK CAUSING HIM TO CRUMBLE TO THE MAT IN AGONY! DREAMER WITH THE LATERAL PRESS…1…2…CW GETS A SHOULDER UP!

    Tommy gets back up as the “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out again. Anderson is in complete agony for a bit before he uses the ropes to get himself back up. Dreamer is poised and ready… AND CHARGES AT ANDERSON TO TAKE HIM DOWN WITH THE DREAM CUTTER… BUT CW HOLDS ONTO THE TOP ROPE… AND DREAMER LANDS BY HIMSELF, AWKWARDLY ON HIS LEFT ARM!

    The groans from the audience can be heard as Dreamer screams out in pain. This is what we call the turning point of the contest, as from here on in; Anderson has a sustained period of dominance where he just focuses on the weakened left arm of his opponent.

    We pick things back up and Anderson has Dreamer locked in the FUJIWARA ARMBAR, clearly looking for the submission victory. Dreamers screaming in pain… as Anderson pulls tighter and tighter… trying to rip Dreamer’s arm off… UNTIL FINALLY TOMMY IS ABLE TO MAKE IT TO THE BOTTOM ROPE!

    The referee forces Anderson to drop the hold, which causes a sense of relief to spread throughout the arena. Anderson argues with the referee trying to convince him that Dreamer tapped out, but there’s absolutely nothing going his way. Anderson continues to brutalise the arm of Tommy, bringing him up to his feet… ONLY TO SEND HIM BACK DOWN WITH A SINGLE ARM DDT! ANDERSON WITH THE COVER…1…2…DREAMER KICKS OUT!

    The now in control and cocky Anderson continues on the attack, ploughing away at the arm, before getting dreamer in a FIREMAN’S CARRY POSITION… AND DROPPING DREAMER INTO AN ARM BREAKER! Dreamer rolls around on the canvas, perhaps yelling louder than he’s ever yelled before, as CW laughs to himself, before yelling to the fans, “IT’S DONE NOW”!

    Anderson now walks up to the downed Dreamer… AND LOCKS IN THE ANDERSON TRADITION! CW is again looking to force Tommy to submit, really applying the pressure. Screams of agony come from Tommy… whilst screams of effort come from CW… wanting Tommy to tap… as Tommy does all he can to wiggle towards the ropes…

    He’s still got awhile to go… as Anderson synchs the hold in further… wanting Tommy to tap… And Tommy raises his hand… About to tap… when he reaches out…



    The fans go bonkers for the heart and soul of ECW’s resilience yet again, meanwhile Anderson isn’t really sure what to do from here. Anderson brings Dreamer to his feet before sending him into the corner. Once there, Anderson begins teeing off with the best left hands to the face in the business… BUT TOMMY NO SELLS EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM!

    The entire colour quickly drains from the face of Anderson; Tommy blocks one last shot and hammers Anderson with a right of his own. CW is the one on the defensive now, rocking and reeling, until TOMMY TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A NECKBREAKER!

    Both men remain down for awhile after this, feeling the effects of what has ended up being quite the pure wrestling contest. The competitor’s can’t even get to their feet on their own accord, as Dreamer uses one side of the ring ropes to get up, and Anderson uses the other. Once up, CW SWINGS WILDLY WITH A LEFT HAND… BUT DREAMER DUCKS AND LANDS AN INVERTED DDT!



    Tommy is absolutely spent as he just shakes his head before getting ready for his next plan of attack. He doesn’t allow CW to get up this time, instead stepping over Anderson, putting his head between his legs and getting him in position for the Piledriver. TOMMY MOVES TO COMPLETE THE PILEDRIVER… BUT HE CAN’T QUITE GET ANDERSON UP DUE TO HIS BAD ARM… AS DREAMER TRIES TO SHAKE SOME MOVEMENT BACK INTO THE ARM… CW COUNTERS WITH A BACK BODY DROP!

    The youngest wrestling Anderson tries to shake out the cobwebs, before bringing Tommy back up. CW lands with a few hard left hands, before sending Dreamer into the ropes. When Tommy comes back, ANDERSON SPINEBUSTER!




    The fans can’t believe it just as much as Dreamer, as CW is barely moving now but he was still able to kick out of Tommy’s DDT. Tommy senses the end is near though as he staggers towards the ropes, heads outside the ring… AND PICKS UP THE LEAD PIPE!

    As Dreamer slips back into the ring, the atmosphere in the arena sounds like a soccer World Cup game… The fans are going ape shit… as Dreamer is standing… cocked and loaded with the lead pipe… waiting for Anderson to get up… WHEN HE’S SPEARED TO THE GROUND BY SIMON DIAMOND AND JOHNNY SWINGER!

    The two stomp the life out of Dreamer who’s in no condition to even try and defend himself against two men. The boo’s inside the arena are absolutely deafening as Team Me continue to keep Dreamer occupied, whilst their buddy Anderson recovers. Cheers begin to ring out from the fans again though, as help is on the way… As the grateful JAZZ slides into the ring, attempting to stop the double team… BUT SHE RUNS STRAIGHT INTO A FUCKING SUPERKICK FROM THAT SADISTIC BASTARD CW ANDERSON!

    There’s a shocked silence for a moment BEFORE A NEVER BEFORE HEARD LEVEL OF HEAT as CW Anderson has hit a woman again. Dreamer seems to have seen this out of the corner of his eye and it has gotten him pretty pumped, as he avoids a right hand from Swinger… AND DROPS HIM WITH A SHARP DDT!

    Meanwhile Jazz has been kicked to the outside of the ring by CW Anderson and he laughs at his handy work as EMT’s attend to her…

    Tommy’s like a man possessed now though, as he avoids a few shots from Diamond… AND DROPS HIM WITH A DDT AS WELL!

    As Team Me both attempt to regroup on the outside, Dreamer bounces up, gritting his teeth, shaking with fury… AS HE TURNS STRAIGHT INTO AN ANDERSON SPINEBUSTER!

    CW HOOKS THE LEG…1…2…3!

    Winner – CW Anderson @ 11:34

    Not many people expected this result, so there’s initially a stunned silence from the fans inside the arena, before the heat kicks back in, and the garbage begins filling up the ring.

    CW Anderson has his hand raised in victory; before the referee leaves the ring to help the EMT’s who have Jazz half way to the back.

    Team Me and an exhausted CW laugh at the sight of Jazz being carried to the back, before they all slap each other five, happy with a job well done tonight.

    Anderson doesn’t seem satisfied though as he looks down at Dreamer and shakes his head at his friends, saying “LET’S FINISH HIM”!

    CDubbs barks instructions at his friends and they separate Dreamer’s left arm from the rest of his body, holding it in place.

    CW Anderson pulls down his knee pad… before climbing up to the top rope… ready to break the arm of his adversary… WHEN HE’S SMASHED IN THE FACE BY A CHAIR SHOT FROM DANNY DORING!

    CW tumbles off the top rope and to the outside floor, as a shocked Swinger turns around and charges STRAIGHT INTO A BODY SPLASH BY DORING’S TAG TEAM PARTNER ROADKILL!


    On the other side of the ring… Swinger begs off of Roadkill… Who shakes his head… AND PICKS UP SWINGER IN A MILITARY PRESS POSITION… AND THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE OUTSIDE!

    The fans are going crazy, showing their support for Doring and Roadkill’s action as they begin checking on, and slowly helping the bruised Tommy Dreamer to his feet…

    As Tommy gets up, albeit a little groggily, he looks to the outside where Anderson and Team Me are regaining their wits, and slowly backing up the ramp…


    The fans chants urge the faces on, as they plead for Anderson and Team Me to return to the ring…

    They are having none of it, as Anderson yells “THIS ISN’T OVER”, but it’s clear he and his buddies are choosing to fight another day…

    And our last image of the night is the Tommy Dreamer, along with his saviours Danny Doring and Roadkill standing triumphant in the middle of the ring…


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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Interesting start with a great Cyrus promo, as usual. Cyrus is a very compelling character of yours. I find it odd on the Aug 19 episode, we have something that shows being recorded on Aug 26th, the second day of the Tag Title tournament. I like the pressure he's placing on Justin Credible here, as it makes the decision feel much more dramatic considering the times he's been forced to stop his decision.

    A challenge to Billy Corgan?! Oh my, that's just Smashing!

    It seemed obvious that York/Matthews would be eliminated first, but damn I wish they'd have had a bit more. It makes sense how you did it, I just like the sound of the team and want more of them. Hot Commodity is definitely getting some good heat out of this, though. Elektra had to be involved in the decision considering her joining them, and she made her presence worthwhile here. Good match with Hot Commodity looking good and getting the great heel heat on two fan favorites.

    That Lynn save was pretty good, and shows just how great Lynn is with his bounty still going and him continually defending against multiple people. I love York/Matthews getting involved here, getting some comeuppance here. It's pretty satisfying to have some good going on this, and them saving the day in that way helps build up the tag tournament even more. I'm so excited for that thing. Lynn getting the win with the That's Incredible is awesome, and builds well. I'm curious what Justin Credible will say about that, or Corino, and how that'll affect decisions.

    The CW Anderson promo was intense, built up slowly and well. The partnership with Team Me is awesome, and I am feeling like Anderson is going to be a really good midcard player. He's terrifying and it's perfect.

    I love that Dreamer did the anti-babyface move and used the handshake to start the fight. That's legit ECW-style babyface there. I got some goosebumps on that "who's got something for me" just because of how amazing it is to have that kind of connection with the crowd. It's amazing how Anderson just talked about his family being hardcore and Dreamer not being, how he and Dreamer fought on the last show and suddenly he's scared and here to wrestle instead. That's some serious heeling it up.

    Dreamer playing heel and the crowd eating it up is such a fantastic way to do this match and with everything in context makes complete sense. It's a great move. Unfortunate that CW gets the upperhand eventually, I was loving the stupid shit with Dreamer being just smarter and better. And then Dreamer Hulks up and it is bad ass. Man, I am wholeheartedly behind Dreamer here, and it's just fun. This is a good back and forth match with some serious high spots for the babyface.

    I was waiting for Chekov's Pipe to come into play, and here's the perfect time for it... And of course, Team Me has to come into play here. I like that Jazz came out to help Tommy, considering this all started with her. It's awesome that Tommy got two big DDTs off, and the spinebuster is a fantastic finish to me.

    Doring and Roadkill! Woo! Great time for a save, that arm breaker would've been gruesome really. This ending helps hype the tag tournament a bit more and built up this six-man feud in a way.

    In the end, I really enjoyed this show. It was short on the key pieces of most shows (FBI, Network, Unholy Alliance, Credible, Rhino) but was heavy on hyping up something important. You know I love tag teams, and so this kind of show gets my blood pumping for it. I'm excited to see where some of this goes, and like that this kind of gave some midcard build in as well.

    I do wish we had a quick segment somewhere for a little extra promo time to get to know some guys. I'm still not that familiar with Chetti/Nova, and I like York/Matthews but want to get a little something out of them. But overall, the show was very good. I'm looking forward to some more character building over time (I know, it takes a lot of that to really build things), and really enjoying this build up to the tag tournament.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Cyrus and CW's promos were pure gold. Anderson's line about dreaming to lace up a pair of boots was great. The match between Dreamer and Anderson accentuates that Promo. Anderson needed the win and it served him and Team Me well. Tommy being saved by Roadkill and Doring helped with closing the show and furthering the story for the next time the six men will meet. Not too fond of the idea of Billy Corgan and Lou E "feud".

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    As usual, thanks Jaywhy and Gambit for the comments.

    Jaywhy - York and Matthews are a solid young team who can put on a spot fest, I haven't given them much substance and am still not sure if I ever will. Sometimes you need a team who can put on an entertaining match to just kinda' be there.

    Also, Chetti/Nova will get some basic promo time in the future.

    Gambit - Corgan/Lou E. feud is a terrible idea. But it's standard Network bullshit, booking something the fans will hate on purpose, hence why Joey Styles even buried the idea of the feud on commentary.

    Just a little news bit here as I realise wrestlers actively hyping tapings can make dates confusing. I have made adjustments in my future work to avoid this from happening again.


    Philadelphia Before Manhattan

    There was a segment at the beginning of the latest edition of ECW Hardcore TV where the leader of The Network Cyrus stated that The Network would be in Manhattan next week. We would like to confirm that there was a block of text at the bottom of the screen which announced that Cyrus’ speech was recorded on August 26th. ECW programming does not currently air live therefore we still have a week worth of programming from Philadelphia to get through before we air the programming from Manhattan.

    Furthermore on ECW programming several characters have been hyping up the ECW Tag Team Championship Tournament to take place on the dates of August 25th and August 26th. Whilst this is the dates the shows will actually take place, these are characters hyping the tapings as the shows actually won’t air on television until September 1st and September 2nd.

    Extreme Championship Wrestling would like to apologise to the world’s greatest fans for any possible mix up.

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