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Thread: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    You can probably guess what the criticism will be, considering the disclaimer you posted with the preview, but I’d have much preferred another couple of weeks to tease the new authority figure, having Cyrus doubt himself, worrying etc, before finally bringing them in. But fwiw, Shane Douglas is the PERFECT guy for a role like this in ECW. Obviously a great talker and has a long history with the company, and could switch from face to heel at the drop of a hat if you need it.

    Liked this opening with The Network all out in force to cut a self-aggrandizing promo, and I liked Corino mocking Rhino to keep that in the mind. While I would’ve liked longer to build up to the arrival of the Commissioner, I can’t fault the introduction here one bit, and the foreboding with the phone call. Douglas promo was a little long winded – so a perfect Shane Douglas promo – but it at least spells out his power and that it’s only until he’s ready to step back into the ring. At least that’ll explain why Cyrus will be still around.

    But you take back your snide little comment about the GOAT Jerry Lynn!! This title shot is much deserved!! He’s the New F’N Show!!

    Quite a surprise imo with Team Me beating Roadkill and Doring. Feels like this might be the beginning of some stories beginning within the division, and potentially the first shoots of a burgeoning heel turn for the best team on your roster? Sure did seem a little convenient that York and Matthews best intentions ended up costing Roadkill and Doring. Good to see something beginning to cook with the tag teams.

    And The F.B.I getting serious?? I mean, I like them in their jobber role … but I really liked this promo from Guido. Could be way off, and it might just be Guido getting fed up, but if this is the start of something … I’m all for it.

    Eddie!!! I love that!!! Huge signing for ECW, even if it’s Lance Storm-like and he’s only in for a few months before heading back to the WWF. I’m pumped to see Eddie back in ECW. November 2 Remember is shaping up as a big one so far!!

    Wow. Didn’t take long to get the answer. I could really dig a more serious version of the FBI, trimming the fat of Sal and Anton. Count me in for this going forward.

    And the hits keep coming!! Dreamer vs Daniels next week? Big test for the Fallen Angel, and I’d say he keeps his undefeated run going with probably some help from a certain Homicide.

    Douglas taking no prisoners!! Excellent move to make for multiple reasons. Guarantees no interference in the main event, gives Corino a chance to stand on his own two feet as a champion, and then it allows a certain other thing to happen…

    Felt like a slightly shorter recap of the main event than we’re used to – probably because you hate Jerry Lynn, you monster!! - though I don’t think you lost anything by shortening the write up, getting across the story of the match with Lynn wanting to draw blood from Corino. Corino getting the job done on his own is something much needed for him, even if it took him to be resourceful and go low to get the win. Lynn was the perfect fall guy for this spot too, so all round, a well booked main event match.

    And then the post match angle. First off; fuck you for (what I’m guessing was) killing off Jerry Lynn. Who can Eddie Guerrero have a MOTY contender with now?? That Corino promo was excellent too, getting heat from something as simple as mocking the Triple Threat (and that jerk off gesture made me lol) Fuck yeah!! Rhino is back!! As I mentioned earlier, that set up to have the Network escorted out of the building set this return up perfectly, leaving Corino to fend for himself and giving a reason for Rhino being able to kill the fucker without anyone putting a stop to it.

    My criticism remains the same as it was on the Douglas deal, in that it felt it came around too quickly … but I can’t fault the angle itself. A massively newsworthy week in the world of ECW with Douglas coming back and the return of Rhino bookending the show. That’s the main event we all expected for November 2 Remember, and it’s the absolute correct call to make.

    This really did feel like a reset show of sorts. Douglas in, Rhino back, the announcement of Eddie FUCKING Guerrero and the renewed focus on the tag division with the start of something with York/Matthews and Doring/Roadkill along with the F.B.I getting serious, this was a real fresh start show. I can see why this got your passion back.

    ~Now with 100% less Brent Albright!

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Firstly, great to have you back posting in this section man. Hoping you don’t fall into a creative rut again any time soon. With all of that out of the way, let’s take a look at your latest show.

    Great few opening lines, really hammering home the hatred the rabid ECW fans have for The Network. All guys played their parts nicely, too. Corino as the chicken shit heel champ makes for some great segments, and the eventual redemption arc for Rhino.

    Wow, big moment here. Shane Douglas returning as commissioner is huge news for the thread. I agree with you that things were getting a bit complacent at the top. You can only run a Cyrus power trip so long before it starts to lose some steam. With that said, this is a perfect time to shake things up. Douglas getting right down to business with the title match announcement. I feel you pulled this off really well, it was a great segment and a great way to kick off the show.

    York and Matthews going over wasn’t expected either. I can honestly say I’ve caught myself up to speed reading this thread for the past few days. They’re the younger team so it makes sense, I just have a soft spot for Doring and Roadkill.

    Holy shit, what a night. First Shane Douglas as commissioner, now the return of Eddie Guerrero? You have certainly kicked this episode off with a bang.

    Eye Balls has always been a highlight for me in this thread, dating back to what feels like 2 years now. “Until Little Guido kicks Big Sal in the dick!” might be the line of the century. Sounds like two guys fighting at the pizza place down the street from my house The big story here is the FBI splitting up. You can create some very entertaining and memorable moments with all of these guys in a promo. Waiting for someone to pull out the pizza cutter and use it as a weapon!

    Douglas kicking The Network out was to be expected, I was surprised he waited this long into the episode to do it. Corino was always going over as he should. You obviously need to build him up a bit before eventually being destroyed by…RHINO! One of my all-time favorite characters in any thread! I was waiting for his arrival, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

    Overall, a really exciting show. Everything felt fast-paced and nothing outwore its welcome. It almost feels like you’ve set the reset button in the middle of the build to November to Remember and pulled it off masterfully, which is no small feat. Pumped for the Rhino redemption tour to continue, plus Douglas being in charge. Let’s hope you keep this pace up man, I am already looking forward to November to Remember!

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Eh, fuck Shane Douglas :P I genuinely think he's so overrated and full of himself, but as long as you keep him out of the ring, I'm happy. He's a good choice as a Commissioner though for what you're going for, and it will be good to have someone to counter and challenge Cyrus, and have the dueling segments that will ensue.

    I do have to laugh that you booked Lynn v Corino tonight with The Network barred, purely so you can job Lynn and make Corino look strong. That's why you booked that GREAT FUCKING UNDERRATED TALENT in the main event.

    The whole interaction between York/Matthews and Doring/Roadkill was extremely convoluted, but hey, Team Me won, so about fucking time!

    I hope you're, pun intended, serious about the FBI having a change here. You have the best technical wrestler in the company in the FBI right now, Anton is a decent muscle, and Sal can be a great Enforcer with his size when you want to. Plus, the gimmick can easily go from "we think we're mafia" to "actual mafia" really quick, and bring in any low name talent as a soldier trying to become a made man and a real part of the FBI. Hell, give me Tracy Smothers or Tommy Rich in a non wrestling role as the consigliere! As you can tell, I love the gimmick, and, you can cash in with the Sopranos success too.

    Fuck yeah, gimme Eddy Guerrero! Hell, give me some former WCW guys not in the WWF; did you have WCW get bought out??

    Well, they still jobbed, but the post match gives me hope you're going to do something good with Guido still. He's too fucking talented to be some lowly nobody!

    Douglas going the extra step here for the great cheap pop sounds great in theory, but don't set a precedent for yourself because if Douglas starts doing this every night, he looks as biased as Cyrus, but by doing this night one, people will expect more of it from him. Just throwing that out there.

    I was surprised you had Corino cheat to beat Lynn as I thought you were going to use this to job JL because you're a no talent hack, but the post match attack pretty much still did the same thing to some degree. You were fucking money with Corino after the match with the little promo, the Douglas and Triple Threat jabs and jerk off. Clearly the ending was fucking huge and I love it as a fan, but if I'm going to take a step back and analyze, I'm going to say this was a bad idea.

    Here me out. You brought back Shane Douglas, an ECW legend, and have immediately changed the landscape with him in an authority position. Even if Corino wins tonight and the heels end the night, your fans know good times will happen. Plus, you've announced the return of Guerrero, even if it's only for one night or a little run. That's another huge moment to take away from the show. So why bring Rhino back tonight, you know? I would've much rather you saved this for next week, let it be it's own big moment instead of squeezing it in to an already jam packed show. Let the show end with Douglas coming out, teasing a fight himself with Corino if need be, or even just end it with him saying he's glad he got aggressive like you did, or even that he's happy Corino won because now he gets to face the new number one contender for N2R, see he'll be here next week for you and the whole world to see

    I loved Rhino coming back and killing Corino, but, you were like a teenage boy and blew your load too early, I think. Still doesn't stop me from getting excited about Rhino killing The Network though :P

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    So that was quite the eventful opening segment, huh?

    I have three completely different feelings about the opening and reveal of Douglas. One is from a writing perspective. It was a bloody great promo (although no "CUT MY FUCKIN' MUSIC!" from Douglas?!), hit all the right parts, would have made for a big pop, and Douglas is perfect in that role. Aside from the logic of Network HQ being annoyed that the Network didn't win the tag titles so they bring in a babyface commissioner to oppose the Network (which is really confusing, unless I've misunderstood something), this was a masterclass of a segment from a writing perspective and a huge amount of fun.

    The second perspective is, from a writer's perspective, I can totally understand you being burnt out and wanting to essentially hit the reset switch. It's important that you enjoy writing this and it isn't a chore, cos otherwise you won't write at your best or, worse, won't write at all. So I'm glad you identified a way to keep you enthused about this project.

    The third is from a narrative perspective, and that's where this segment falls down for me. I totally understand why you did what you did, and you gave us plenty of disclaimers to set us up for it and give us the reasoning, but after months and months and months of Cyrus as the big bad and Network the dominant stable who almost never get their comeuppance, for it all to come crashing down on them in, what, a week (?), is quite underwhelming. In fact, it's kind of authentically ECW, as it was all build build built, heat heat heat, and then by the time you got to the payoff plans have changed and it doesn't land as it could have. Very Paul E of you!

    Lol at the Jerry Lynn line in there though. Cracked me up. No doubt he's about to be jobbed hard, but for someone who hates him so much you have moments of booking him absolutely brilliantly.

    I really liked that build to York/Matthews and Roadkill/Doring. The heel side of the tag division is a little light, so getting them to turn on each other makes perfect sense. I'd have probably preferred a nice babyface victory to keep the good times rolling coming out of that opening segment, but this was a lot of fun as it was.

    Good promo from Guido, and no problem with them trying to be a more serious team while you're light on heel tag teams.

    If Eddy's just coming back for a one shot deal at N2R, then having Styles announce it like that is perfectly fine. However, if he's coming back as a regular guy (until the WWE take him back at least), that was a kind of underwhelming way to announce his return for me. Having Eddy come back could have been a really epic moment had you wanted it (maybe one of those classic lights out ECW moments?), and if you do keep him around he could be an absolute megastar for you (again, until he goes back to the WWE), so I'd have perhaps liked a real big reveal for him, rather than a note being passed to Joey on night one of Douglas' reign on a show already packed with momentous segments.

    Great post match beatdown by Guido. I thought with the 4 minute job that they were going back to jobbers, but nope. If I'm being really nitpicky (which I seem to be today for some reason) this was perhaps a little rushed as well, but it was a fantastic little segment that immediately gives the FBI some much needed credibility. Really liked this.

    Dreamer versus Daniels is an odd combination, but in a fun way. Presuming Daniels goes over with a screwy finish to give Daniels bragging rights about beating a legend, but either way, this'll be a very fun main event next week.

    Lol at Lynn jobbing in his big match. Classic Stojy. Glad that you decided to have Corino look halfway talented by standing on his own two feet, that's important touch for a corporate champion to show he's a good wrestler to go alongside the screwy finishes and cheating. And that Piledriver is a great way to get heat, lovely stuff. Great job poor, useless Jerry Lynn in getting Corino even more over! Is there anything that man can't do?! The post match promo was a tonne of fun, particularly the jerking off (what a weird sentence), and you always knew it was building to something big when he's unnecessarily antagonising the fans and commissioner like that. And you can't can't get much bigger than RHINO~! Rhino laying waste to the Network and finally giving us the blow off we've been waiting for is gonna be pure, unadulterated awesomeness, and I'm all in on it.

    If I'm putting on my dickhead cap again (which I feel like I've been wearing all review), coming at the end of an episode where the Network no longer runs things, Douglas is the commissioner after being gone for years, Lynn is back and gets a title shot, Eddy is announced, the FBI get serious... it's all a bit rushed. Again, I totally understand that you basically wanted to hit the reset button to re-energise yourself, and I 100% support you doing what you need to do to keep this thing interesting, but from a storytelling perspective it feels like way too much too soon, and that all these things happened on one show with very little build up (in the grander scheme of things) means that, for as awesome as all these things are in isolation, they didn't land quite like they could have if they had happened more organically.

    All that said, while this review has probably come across as more negative than intended (it was a very fun show to read if I put my storytelling opinions to one side and just enjoy it as a fan), I'm aware that this show is a kind of one off moment to put everything you want in place for where you want it going forward, and I imagine the next few weeks leading up to November to Remember will be way more exciting for having skipped a chapter or two to get us to the fun bit. So a short term sacrifice for this show for the longer term gain of every show going forward being primed to be straight up, balls out fun. And man am I glad to have you back doing your thing again, mate.

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