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Thread: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Really enjoy the show your writing is fantastic I am all for RVD vs Corino! I really liked Rhyno promo makes him feel like a man beast threat he is.

    I hope Tajri wins title im such a fan of the guy and it should be a hell of a main event.

    Tag Divsion seems good and I really like york & matthews as these young bloods.

    I enjoy the show def keep reading


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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    No predictions yet please...

    ECW Hardcore TV
    March 10th, 2001
    Macon, Georgia

    We get a pretty uneventful opening to the show, much like last week, as “Elevation” by U2 blares through the arena’s PA system. Of course for the viewers watching on television, the mainstream tune is accompanied by the standard ECW Hardcore TV opening video package, highlighting extremists from both past and present. Again, much like last week, there is no in ring introduction from Joey Styles or Joel Gertner, instead the cameras pan throughout the arena, as the rowdy crowd run riot with chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”.

    The chants continue from the fans as “Bad Influence” by Less Than Zero hits and the fans look a little confused, not really making a lot of noise. After a moment or two, a smiling young man with longish blonde/brown hair bounces out in a pair of black wrestling tights. The crowd still doesn’t know how to react so when the young man looks to slap hands with the fans on the way to the ring, they do not engage. As he continues down the ramp, looking a little shaken at the lack of response from the unforgiving ECW fans, the ring announcer announces this man as Michael Shane. Whilst nothing is mentioned for the fans in the arena to hit, on commentary Joey Styles and Joel Gertner talk about how Shane has been trained by his cousin, Shawn Michaels. Once Shane gets into the ring, he bounces on his toes; keeping warm well he waits for his opponent. “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” by The Beastie Boys gets the fans interested again, however it’s a far from positive reaction, as Little Guido makes his way out from the back, closely followed by Sal E. Graziano, Scotty Anton and Tony Mamaluke. The Full Blooded Italians revel in the insults from the fans as they always do, enjoying the spotlight, laughing them off and hurling insults back at the fans. The leader of The FBI, Little Guido looks pretty content with his opponent tonight, snickering at the determined look on Shane’s face, before stepping into the ring.

    Match One
    Michael Shane vs. Little Guido w/The FBI

    Despite the determined nature of Michael Shane, he’s no match for Little Guido early on, as the leader of The FBI dominates the rookie. He clearly looks a class above, not even needing to use his cronies at ringside to maintain the advantage. Guido is as arrogant as ever throughout the match as well, landing several blows but talking major trash to the debutant as he does so. Within the first 90 seconds of the match, it’s probably already over but Guido uses a few relaxed pinning techniques and Michael shows some resilience by kicking out.

    As the onslaught continues inside the ring, Joey Styles and Joel Gertner talk about how with the future of ECW being up for grabs, the company hadn’t focused on bringing in any new talent. Giving youngsters an opportunity to prove themselves is something ECW has always done in the past, and this is the beginning of them doing it again. The Network have decides to give Michael Shane an opportunity perhaps because of his family connections, however Cyrus has mentioned previously that he intends to bring in an influx of new talent.

    Whilst the commentators are selling what could happen in the future, Little Guido continues to have his way with Shane, not even breaking a sweat. With Shane just about finished, Guido lets his boys know that it’s about to be over, BEFORE HE DRILLS THE YOUNGSTER WITH THE KISS OF DEATH!!!

    Not wanting this match to go any longer, Guido makes SURE TO HOOK THE LEG WITH THE PIN…1…2…3!!!

    Winner – Little Guido @ 2:14

    As the bell rings, a still relatively fresh Guido bounces to his feet, all smiles as he gets his hand raised in victory by the referee. Whilst this is happening, Big Sal and Tony Mamaluke slowly begin to step into the ring, as Scotty Anton sprints up the ramp and through the curtain.

    The three Italians left in the ring don’t seem too worried about their fourth member having disappeared, instead deciding to shoot rude, Italian hand gestures at the fans. Due to their actions, the heat only gets louder for them which they smile about, seemingly enjoying themselves.

    Suddenly, the heat gets even louder as Scotty Anton sprints back towards the ring and slides in. He doesn’t come alone however; in his hands are two steel chairs, one with “MICHAEL” written on it, and the other with “SHANE” written on it.

    Boos are drowning out any other noise now, which is followed by a quick chant of “EYE BALLS”, “EYE BALLS”, “EYE BALLS”. Guido takes the steel chair with Michael on it, and raises it above his head, much to the annoyance of the fans. Big Sal and Mamaluke then grab an arm each, and drag Michael up… ONLY FOR GUIDO TO SMASH THE STEEL CHAIR ACROSS THE FACE OF MICHAEL SHANE!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out for the brutal, unprotected chair shot which sends the debutant crumbling back to the canvas, With Shane down and the Italians happy with their dirty work, Mamaluke picks up the chair with “SHANE” written on it… AND SLAMS IT ACROSS THE CHEST OF SHANE!!!

    With an arrogant look on his face, Guido claims that there is “ONE MORE THING TO DO”. The leader of The FBI heads up to the top rope, a pompous look on his face… BEFORE HE LEAPS OFF OF THE TOP… LANDING WITH LE CANNONBALL RIGHT ON TOP OF MICHAEL SHANE!!!

    Massive heat from the fans for the use of Pierre Carl Oulette’s move but it simply doesn’t matter. The FBI continues to celebrate in the ring with Shane looking lifeless now, looking like the victim of an Italian Mafia hit.

    They finally leave the ring and head backstage, as the referee and some EMT’s check on Michael Shane and this break in action allows Joey Styles and Joel Gertner to have a discussion on commentary.

    Joey Styles: The FBI have been mimicking Eye Balls every since they have been suspended, but tonight was too far, destroying a man making his debut. The FBI better enjoy it well they can because they have a lot of payback coming their way tomorrow night at Living Dangerously when Eye Balls return from their suspension.

    Joel Gertner: I can’t wait for them to come back; I still can’t believe that they got suspended in the first place. It was a farce of a suspension to begin with.

    Both men look pretty fired up however not wanting to get in trouble, and seeing the aggressive look on his colleagues face, Styles changes the subject.

    Joey Styles: Believe me; I understand your grievances however moving on…

    Gertner looks a tad annoyed for a moment, before nodding and accepting that moving on is the best thing here.

    Joey Styles: As it was announced last week, we have a huge tag team main event tonight which will see the ECW Champion Rhino and Steve Corino going up against Rob Van Dam and Yoshihiro Tajiri!

    Styles pauses for a moment, letting those words sink in.

    Joey Styles: But we’ve also got an announcement for the future, as one more match has been signed for Living Dangerously!

    Joel looks a little confused so this is clearly something that has only been communicated to Joey.

    Joey Styles: As we mentioned earlier during Michael Shane’s debut, ECW has always given the spotlight to stand outs that can’t get a shot anywhere else.

    Gertner nods in agreement with what Joey is saying.

    Joey Styles: Look at some of the previous examples, Malenko versus Guerrero…

    Joel Gertner: Lynn versus Credible…

    Joey Styles: Awesome versus Tanaka…

    Joel Gertner: And Tajiri versus Super Crazy…

    Joey Styles: And we will be doing the same thing at Living Dangerously. We’re going to give the shot to the two most talked about independent wrestlers in the world as of March two thousand and one.

    Both commentators have that excited look in their eyes, ready for the big announcement.

    Joey Styles: Living Dangerously is going to be one of the greatest pay per views in wrestling history, because not only would it see the return of Christopher Daniels to ECW…

    Gertner is impressed with the first competitor, nodding in approval.

    Joey Styles: But we will also be seeing the ECW debut of yet another wrestler, because at Living Dangerously, Christopher Daniels will be facing the debuting Low Ki!!!

    Holy crap! What a match that will be!!! Both Joey and Joel talk about how much they are looking forward to seeing two of the best wrestlers in the world go at it tomorrow night in ECW. They continue to sell that match and the rest of the pay per view, before sending us to our first commercial break of the evening.


    Before getting back to in ring action, straight after the break, we get a video package…


    ECW Living Dangerously
    March 11th on PPV
    From Nashville, Tennessee


    Now that the video package is complete, we head back to ringside where “Super Bon Bon” by Soul Coughing signals the arrival of the ECW Tag Team Champions Danny Doring and Roadkill. The cheers from the fans are ENORMOUS as the tag champs slap hands with the fans, however both are visibly limping after being destroyed by Rhino last week. Roady is in casual clothing which all but confirms that Doring will be the man competing in singles action tonight. One thing that is clearly noticeable and paints a bullseye for this match is that Doring has his ribs taped up after last week’s assault. “Electric Molecular” by Chemlab plays next and the ovation isn’t quite as loud, but it’s still very positive as Joey Matthews makes his way towards the ring. Being a member of a tag team means Christian York is right behind him, giving him a pep talk as they slap hands with the fans and step inside of the ring. With the baby face portion of the competitors already in the ring, they share a respectful nod whilst waiting for the final piece of the puzzle. They don’t have to wait long as “Simon Says” by Drain STH gets a MASSIVE negative reaction from the fans, as the Georgia natives clearly aren’t fans of Team Me. For Team Me it’s Simon Diamond who’s dressed for action tonight, whilst Johnny Swinger is in a pair of jeans. The two teams in the ring don’t look happy at the arrival of Team Me, as the fans continue to boo them, yet Swinger still gets into the ring confidently, ready to do battle.

    Match Two
    Three Way Dance
    Danny Doring w/Roadkill vs. Joey Matthews w/Christian York vs. Simon Diamond w/Johnny Swinger

    Initially the match had all three men going at it at a break neck pace, however even with his injured ribs, Danny Doring begun to get on top. Putting their hatred aside, and despite how the much the fans disliked it, Diamond and Matthews formed an unholy alliance, and began double teaming Danny. As soon as Doring started to get hit in the body with some strikes, the match took a turn for the worst for him. The tape on his ribs were a big target and Diamond was doing all he could to target them.

    Having softened up Doring, Matthews wanted to begin wrestling Simon; however Simon instead shoved Joey away, and ripped the tape off of the injured ribs of Doring. With no protection for his injuries, Doring was in even worse shape now, but he still kept trying to get up. Joey Matthews had a conscience though and had seen enough, so he began fighting with Diamond; however Simon was able to take down Joey.

    On the outside of the ring, Johnny Swinger went under the ring and grabbed a steel chair… BEFORE HE THROUGH THE STEEL CHAIR TO SIMON DIAMOND…


    The fans are shitting all over Team Me, as Doring is down on his knees, clutching his ribs in agony. Roadkill gets tripped off of the apron by Swinger, and the referee turns in time to see SIMON ROLL UP DORING WITH A PIN…1…2…3!!!

    Elimination #1 – Danny Doring

    Roadkill is fuming on the outside and he chases Swinger around the ring, however Swinger slides inside of the ring and out of harm’s way. At the same time as Swinger gets into the ring, the referee helps Doring get out, and Roady decides to fight another day, and instead heads to Doring, and begins helping him to the back. Swinger lands a couple of cheap shots to Joey Matthews, before the referee admonishes him and gets him to leave the ring. Once he steps outside of the ring, annoyed with the ref, HE GETS HIT WITH A RIGHT HAND BY CHRISTIAN YORK!!!


    The action is still going on inside of the ring; however York and Matthews brawl throughout ringside, and all the way up the ramp. They end up backstage and that leaves us with just Simon Diamond and Joey Matthews in the ring. Diamond dominated for a little bit but Matthews showed his resilience, avoiding a few pinfall attempts, before actually taking down Diamond. With Simon down, JOEY GETS UP ONTO THE TOP ROPE… AND LEAPS OFF LOOKING FOR THE FROG ELBOW… BUT SIMON ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST SECOND!!!

    Matthews eats nothing but canvas and holds his elbow in pain after the initial impact. Diamond pulls himself to his feet and shakes out the cobwebs, before dragging Matthews up… AND HE NAILS HIM WITH THE SIMONIZER!!!


    Elimination #2 – Joey Matthews

    Winner – Simon Diamond @ 8:15

    The bell rings to signal the end of the match and with ringside cleared and Joey Matthews down, Simon Diamond is the last man standing. The referee attempts to raise Diamond’s hand however he is quick to shove the referee away.

    Diamond raises his hands in the air himself, before signalling that the tag team titles will be coming around his waist. The fans boo the hell out of Simon but he pays them no attention, because tonight he is a winner.

    Simon continues to celebrate, before slowly heading out of the ring and gloriously walking up the ramp and to the back…

    Before we cut to another commercial break, we get a video package which highlights the finish to last week’s show…


    The video begins with the ECW Tag Team Champions Danny Doring and Roadkill getting inside of the ring, only to be brutally attacked by Rhino. Rhino gores both of them before ramming them both through a table that is set up in the middle of the ring.

    Rhino begins talking about being unbeatable, until Rob Van Dam interrupts and talks about Rhino losing a tag match the previous week. RVD and Rhino look set to fight when Steve Corino and Jack Victory attack RVD and Bill Alfonso respectively.

    Rhino and Corino beat on Van Dam until Yoshihiro Tajiri makes the save, and Tajiri and Van Dam end up clearing the ring of Rhino and Corino.

    To end the show, Cyrus made his way to the top of the ramp and announced RVD versus Steve Corino for Living Dangerously. He then announced tonight’s main event, which will see Rhino and Steve Corino team up to take on Rob Van Dam and Yoshihiro Tajiri.



    Returning from the commercial break and it looks like it’s time for some PULP FICTION~! However instead of the usual theme music starting, instead we see a smug looking Cyrus sitting in his office.

    Cyrus: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, with a brand new theme song and all, this week’s Pulp Fiction is brought to you entirely by The Network!

    Simple yet effective gloating from Cyrus to get people to hate him even more. He continues to smile into the camera, before it cuts away…

    Before heading to the next scene, “Miserlou” by Blue Grass plays and it’s just a different version of the song that sounds terrible. The audience isn’t happy inside of the arena as they boo the hell out of the new theme song, but these are all taped, so we cut to the first promo with the wrestler’s not being able to hear the annoyed fans…

    The first wrestler we see tonight for Pulp Fiction is Jerry Lynn. Jerry is in casual clothing, in his own comfortable looking locker room, however despite The Network’s perks, Lynn still seems to be in a pretty intense and distressed mood.

    Jerry Lynn: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again because it’s the story of my life. I’ve been making people my whole career.

    Lynn shakes his head, clearly a little bitter that he hasn’t had the success he feels he deserves.

    Jerry Lynn: At one point I enjoyed making people, I enjoyed putting on a good show and being respected by all the fans, but not anymore. I’ve made a conscious decision to do what’s best for me for a change and the past month has shown much better results. But at Living Dangerously…

    Jerry pauses with a slight glint in his eye talking about Living Dangerously and his opportunity to become TV Champion.

    Jerry Lynn: I continue to do what’s best for me and I really reap the rewards. I forget about stealing the show, I do what I need to do to win and I become the ECW Television Champion. At Living Dangerously, I make myself.

    He nods with his words, but he seems to be a little frustrated again now.

    Jerry Lynn: It has taken far longer than it should have for me to realise what I need to do, and that kills me inside. Two years ago…

    Lynn pauses, grimacing a little with what he’s about to say.

    Jerry Lynn: I had the opportunity of a lifetime and I got in the spotlight, heard the fans cheer and I blew it. I put myself on the map and I was stupid enough to want to win the TV Title the right way.

    Jerry scoffs at being morally correct.

    Jerry Lynn: I’ll never make that same mistake again because I’m older now and I’m smarter.

    He points at his temple as if to show he’s smarter, before he stands up out of the chair he was sitting on… AND HE KICKS THE CHAIR ACROSS THE ROOM!!!

    Jerry Lynn: FUCK THE RIGHT WAY…

    Lynn is letting out years of frustration, red faced in anger.

    Jerry Lynn: I JUST WANT THE TITLE…

    Another pause as he catches his breath, not quite at Rhino level, but still pretty angry.


    He pauses one more time, now dead panning the camera, a twisted look on his face.


    Having said his bit, Lynn storms out of the locker room, his mind on bigger and better things for tomorrow night at Living Dangerously…

    In another locker room backstage, we see Team Me hugging and high giving, celebrating their momentum building win just one night before Living Dangerously. Simon Diamond still looks pretty sweaty whilst Johnny Swinger looks fresh, as they hoot and holler, making noise for probably the whole arena to hear. They clearly want everybody to know that they were victorious tonight.

    Simon Diamond: I don’t think we have to spell it out for anybody, Johnny but I just beat half of both teams we have to face tomorrow night.

    Team Me continue to be all smiles, as Johnny nods along with Simon.

    Johnny Swinger: It’s looking like those tag titles are finally coming to us tomorrow night at Living Dangerously. It makes sense, I mean we’ve been beating Doring and Roadkill and York and Matthews nonstop for the last six months.

    The two share another laugh together, confidence can be a great thing.

    Simon Diamond: It just helps that this company is finally in good hands, and thanks to this righteous Network…

    The fans are losing their mind in the arena for hearing the compliments for The Network. Team Me are oblivious to it though, continuing to just be happy.

    Johnny Swinger: Thanks to having the right people in charge, we’re finally going to get everything that we’re owed.

    With no words left to be said, Team Me share another celebratory hug, and it’s likely the celebration will continue for awhile yet as we cut away…

    Next we cut a random, rough looking alleyway, which is bathed in dark, barely any lighting being provided by the street lights. In the middle of the alley, just in front of a wall covered in graffiti stand Da Baldies. Angel and Tony DeVito both mean mug the camera, standing with arms crossed, looking to be in foul moods.

    Angel: Just in case you all have forgotten, we are the kings of the streets!

    Short and sharp as their demeanour doesn’t change at all, continuing to stand in the exact same stance as when the scene opened…

    Now we are back inside the arena in a small, dingy looking catering area, where all there really is to eat are a couple of pieces of rotten fruit. Sitting as a group at one of the tables is Chris Hamrick, Elektra, EZ Money and Julio Dinero, collectively known as Hot Commodity. It seems they are in the middle of a pretty serious group discussion, heads all huddled together, when they all stick their heads up and Hamrick begins to speak.

    Chris Hamrick: As usual, everybody doubts our ability to get the job done, nobody believes in us getting the job done tomorrow night.

    The quartet looks disgusted at the fact that nobody thinks they have a chance of winning their six man tag match at Living Dangerously.

    Chris Hamrick: Actually, let me rephrase that, it’s not entirely true as throughout all the negativity there is one shining light. The Network believes in us.

    Mentioning The Network changes the mood of the faction, as they all look proud at being in cahoots with the group that controls the company.

    Chris Hamrick: As long as we have the support of the people who really matter, that’s all we need!

    Hamrick chuckles after his last statement and they all share some nods and pats on the back.


    As easy as that, they all huddle their heads back together, ignoring the camera, potentially discussing strategy for their match tomorrow night so we cut away…

    Getting prepared for the main event by himself tonight is none other than the ECW Champion Rhino. Instead of being in the locker room with his tag partner for the evening, he in a dark area backstage which is surrounded by a steel fence. The camera is on the other side of the see through fence to what Rhino is, so as Rhino paces back and forth, it almost looks like he is in jail. Suddenly, the ever intense champion RIPS the fence to the floor with his bare hands, letting out some pent up aggression.


    Yelling at the top of his lungs, Rhino is already struggling to breathe, completely worked up with the main event only a few moments away.

    Rhino: I’m getting the night off at Living Dangerously because tonight Tajiri is a dead man.

    Having broken the fence, the champion walks straight up to the camera, and yells at it causing a bunch of spit to soak the lens. Rhino then pie faces the camera fan, which clearly falls to the floor with the camera awkwardly facing the roof, as noises that sound like Rhino breaking more stuff can be heard…

    The final segment of PULP FICTION for tonight heads into what looks like a rather lavish personal locker room, where ‘The King Of Old School’ Steve Corino is getting his wrists taped up for tonight’s main event by Jack Victory. Standing next to them, hands on hips, a sultry look on her face is the ever lovely, barely dressed Dawn Marie. Dawn and Jack both remain silent, letting Corino own the mood in the locker room, when he begins to shake his head as he exhales in annoyance.

    Steve Corino: Can you believe this crap? Rob Van Dam wants a title shot…

    Corino looks in disbelief and so does the rest of the crew, as they all shake their head at the ‘ludicrous’ idea.

    Steve Corino: He’s out injured and hasn’t been seen for months and he just waltzes back in and says… Rob Van Dam wants a title shot?

    He clearly doesn’t believe that RVD deserves a title shot, and Dawn and Jack agree with him.

    Steve Corino: I’ve put my body on the line over the past few months and I’ve had the best results of my career. I’m not even here asking for a title shot, but Rob Van Dam wants Rhino.

    ‘The King Of Old School’ pauses, mulling over his next words carefully.

    Steve Corino: Maybe he should pick a more realistic request next time… BECAUSE NOT EVERYBODY GETS EVERYTHING THEY WANT!!!

    Steve lets out some aggression which seems to startle Victory a little, as he drops the wrist tape. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Marie bounces up and down with a smile, wanting to input something into the conversation.

    Dawn Marie: I do. I get what I want all the time.

    Dawn speaks with confidence and then stops. Victory snickers at Dawn’s comment, whilst Corino basically no sells it.

    Jack Victory: It’s different for you; you get what you want all the time because you’re hot.

    Marie enjoys the compliment and Jack smirks at her, however Corino decides to get things back on track.

    Steve Corino: We’re going to find out just how good RVD is at Living Dangerously because I’m the foundation of The Network.

    The other two are back to nodding in agreement with everything that ‘The King Of Old School’ says.

    Steve Corino: We got a great group of guys in The Network, but I’m the cornerstone!

    As he says this, he pokes his own chest, really trying to get his point across.

    Steve Corino: I’d go even one further than that to say that I hold everything together. I’m the backbone…

    Steve pauses as Dawn and Victory continue to nod along with him.

    Steve Corino: And having that responsibility means that I have the ability to make one thing crystal clear right now. If Rob Van Dam wants to take the World Title…

    All three of them cringe at the thought of Van Dam being champion.

    Steve Corino: If he wants to just waltz back into this company and try and steal from The Network. If he wants to try and take our crown jewel away…

    Another pause as he starts looking a little meaner and a little more focused.

    Steve Corino: Then he’s going to be in for the fight of his life because he is going to have to go through me!

    Corino is up and moving now, slowly pacing through the locker room as Marie and Victory watch on intently.

    Steve Corino: Let me put it in a way that you would understand, Rob. The Whole F’ing show is going to have to stop THE BEST PART OF THE FUCKING SHOW!!!

    ‘The King’ is happy with his play on words and so are Victory and Dawn, as they clap with glee.

    Steve Corino: THE KING OF OLD SCHOOL!!!

    Corino finally gets a confident look back on his face, no longer angry at this point in time.


    Big time smiles from the trio now as Corino lets it be known that he doesn’t respect his opponent for tomorrow night anymore.

    Steve Corino: JACK…

    Corino turns his gaze towards Victory.

    Steve Corino: THROW UP THE V…

    On command, Victory puts his arms in the air, throwing up the proverbial V.

    Jack Victory: HIGH SPOT!!!

    They all look to be in pretty good spirits, believing that Corino is in a position to defeat Rob Van Dam tomorrow night at Living Dangerously. As Corino signals that he needs his wrists taped one more time, Victory runs over to him and PULP FICTION is finished for another evening…


    The final commercial break of the evening is over and it’s now time for tonight’s massive main event. “Dope” by Debonaire hits and gets an ENORMOUS response from the fans as the ECW Champion, and the scariest man on the roster, Rhino storms towards the ring. An initial pop went out for the champion however he now gets booed, yet he gets into the ring as if he doesn’t care, rips off his title from around his waist, and paces back and forth. “The Old School Style” by Boner is the next song to play, as ‘The King Of Old School’, Steve Corino struts through the curtain. The self proclaimed ‘backbone’ of The Network seems to be in good spirits, all smiles, as he cheered adoringly by both Dawn Marie and Jack Victory. That is the only positive ovation he receives as the rest of the barbaric ECW fans give him hell, which seems to frustrate him and his friends. Once inside of the ring, Corino wearily nods at Rhino, who continues to pace as if Corino isn’t even in the ring. With the heels all ready to go, “Walk” by Kilgore damn near BLOWS THE ROOF OFF THE BUILDING as arguably the most popular man on the roster, Rob Van Dam makes his way into the arena. An automatic “RVD”, “RVD”, “RVD” chant starts, which the confident Van Dam likes, nodding along with the fans. Van Dam stops in the middle of the ramp and directs his thumbs to his shoulders to go along with the ring announce saying “ROB…VAN…DAM.” Eventually, the relaxed RVD makes it to the bottom of the ramp, slapping hands with the fans, yet he ignores the cat calls from his opponents and remains outside of the ring. The cheers are deafening throughout the arena, they just don’t stop as “Smack My Bitch Up” by The Prodigy signals the arrival of the number one contender for the ECW Championship, Yoshihiro Tajiri. Tajiri stalks towards the ring, accompanied by The Sinister Minister and both men look extremely focused ahead of tonight’s challenge. When Tajiri and RVD meet on the ramp, they share a respectful handshake, before sliding into the ring to begin the match.

    Match Three
    Rhino and Steve Corino w/Dawn Marie and Jack Victory vs. Rob Van Dam and Yoshihiro Tajiri w/The Sinister Minister

    Despite the volatile nature of the four men involved, this match does start off as a pretty standard tag team match. Considering they have never really teamed before, there are some teething issues for Van Dam and Tajiri, which causes them to actually have a quick team conference in their corner. To help them out, The Sinister Minister gets onto the apron and gives them some further strategy advice. It’s clear that Tajiri is all ears; however Van Dam feels a little weird about this, as RVD is normally receiving his advice from his own personal manager, Bill Alfonso. On commentary, Joey Styles and Joel Gertner talk about the fact that Bill Alfonso isn’t out here tonight because he’s recovering from a concussion after being knocked out by Jack Victory last week.

    Once the action picked up again it was a pretty even match for the next minute or so, until all hell broke loose. The hatred between the four guys could not be contained, and this match got crazy really quickly. The referee is basically just in this match to count the fall, as outside of that, no rules, let alone tag specific rules were able to be upheld in this one.

    With his client’s opponents not being above putting their hands on him, The Sinister Minister maintained a pretty passive role throughout, just cheering on when appropriate. On the other side of the ring, every time it seems as if Tajiri was really getting on top of Corino, or Van Dam was really getting on top of Rhino, Victory or Marie would interfere. On FOUR separate occasions one of them interfered to get Rhino and Corino the advantage, and the final time worked a treat.

    Now that the heels are well and truly in control, the pairings changed and Corino began focusing on Van Dam, whilst the ECW Champion Rhino turned his attention to punishing his challenger this Sunday at Living Dangerously. Tajiri has copped a brunt of the punishment so far in this match so he’s barely moving as Rhino slowly drags him across the ring by the hair, before rolling him underneath the bottom rope and onto the apron. As Corino continues to stomp on RVD in the corner, Rhino gets onto the apron and puts Tajiri between his legs, before pointing at the time keeper’s table and yelling “THERE ISN’T GONNA’ BE A CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH TOMORROW NIGHT”! After gloating… RHINO LIFTS TAJIRI UP FOR THE PILEDRIVER OFF OF THE APRON… BUT TAJIRI FIGHTS IT... HE REFUSES TO ALLOW HIMSELF TO BE LIFTED AND MANAGES TO SHOVE RHINO AWAY FROM HIM!!!

    Rhino is shocked for a moment as the fans cheer the defiance by Tajiri, and Rhino then walks into a kick to the gut… BEFORE TAJIRI GRABS HIM AND LEAPS OFF OF THE APRON AND THROUGH THE TIME KEEPER’S TABLE WITH A HUGE TORNADO DDT!!!

    Both men aren’t moving as the wooden table is in shambles, whilst the fans chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. The Sinister Minister immediately hurries over to attempt to check on his client, however inside of the ring, the action continues. The tide has changed as Van Dam has managed to get another couple of near falls on Corino, again only stopped because of the interference by Dawn Marie and Victory. RVD is determined though and he manages to drop Corino with a Mule Kick, before pointing towards the corner. ‘The Whole F’n Show’ looks to feeling froggy, as he heads towards the corner… WHEN JACK VICTORY GETS INTO THE RING AGAIN WITH A STEEL CHAIR… AND CHARGES AT RVD… BUT VAN DAM TURNS AND LEAPS INTO THE AIR… SENDING THE CHAIR INTO VICTORY’S FACE WITH A VAN DAMINATOR OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

    The fans mark out for one of their favourite moves, as even RVD looks down at Victory, smirking, as another “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant breaks out. With Rhino and Tajiri still down on the outside and Dawn Marie frozen in shock, there is only one thing left for Van Dam to do now, so he turns to head towards the corner… AND TURNS STRAIGHT INTO AN OLD SCHOOL KICK FROM THE RECOVERED STEVE CORINO!!!

    Boos ring throughout the arena as they realise that Van Dam is now in some serious trouble. With a determined look on his face, Corino wastes no time, dragging Van Dam up by his ponytail… BEFORE SENDING HIM CRASHING BACK TO THE CANVAS WITH THE OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION!!!

    Sensing his opportunity, Corino leaps onto the cover, hooking both legs tightly…1…2…3!!!

    Winners – Rhino and Steve Corino @ 17:32

    Rather than heat, there is a hush that has come across the arena, as the fans seem to be in utter shock that Steve Corino has just pinned Rob Van Dam. Outside of silence, all that can be heard is the ringing of the bell and some applause from Dawn Marie on the outside of the ring.

    Outside of some EMT’s and The Sinister trying to attend to them on the outside, there isn’t a lot of movement from Rhino or Tajiri after their huge table spot.

    Corino has a shit eating grin on his face as he gets up, and jumps up and down in happiness. Even with his best friend Victory down on the canvas, Corino ignores him and climbs up to the top rope, letting all the fans know that “THE SAME THING IS GONNA’ HAPPEN TOMORROW NIGHT”!!!

    Now that the gloating has started, the heat begins from the fans, but it doesn’t matter. Dawn Marie is in the ring now, and she slowly helps Jack Victory up, and they both applaud their hero, the victorious Steve Corino.

    We get one final shot of the carnage at ringside, Van Dam down on the canvas and Steve Corino with a smile on his face, ready for Living Dangerously before we fade to black…



    Current Card for ECW Living Dangerously
    March 11th, 2001
    Nashville, Tennessee

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Rhino (c) defends against Yoshihiro Tajiri

    Grudge Match:
    Rob Van Dam vs. Steve Corino

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Final:
    ??? vs. ???

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Jerry Lynn vs. Mikey Whipwreck

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Justin Credible vs. Kid Kash vs. Super Crazy

    ECW World Tag Team Championship Match:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Danny Doring and Roadkill (c) defend against Christian York and Joey Matthews and Team Me

    Eye Balls vs. Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke

    Hot Commodity vs. Spike Dudley, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer

    Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Great stuff as always Stojy.

    Seemed to be a lot of people trying to prove their worth with Team Me and Hot Commodity both acting like they need to win to prove themselves.

    Loved Jerry Lynn sort of explaining why he’s changed.

    Poor Michael Shane got obliterated but it is awesome to see two other former TNA guys in Daniels/Low Ki get an opportunity to put on what will surely be a classic.

    Back to FBI and Guido sent out a huge message to Eye Balls with his victory.

    Finally the main event was eventful and Corino picks up a big pinfall victory over RVD! Although I guess this shadows RVD getting the win at Living Dangerously. Also the spot between Tahiti and Rhino was great, although might have been better saving it for LD, although I do get the reasoning behind doing it here.

    Looking forward to the first post-death in reality PPV for ECW!! Keep up the great work mate.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    i really enjoy the way you write your shows. just enough details to get a great picture but not an overbearing read that makes me not want to read the entire show. i really enjoyed Pulp Fiction, you have pretty much mastered that approach. i feel like Corino's promo was the best out of them, but i really enjoyed the reasoning behind the Lynn turn. I like that Corino went over on RVD which makes the intrigue great going into the PPV. I am looking forward to how you return EYE BALLS into ECW, b/c FBI has it coming to them. Good work sir...very good work sir.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Another great show bud, I think you got the balance of PPV hype and putting on an entertaining show just right.

    I was disproportionately pleased to see Michael Shane turn up, just because I’m so intrigued to see what happens with this next generation of guys coming in. Turns out he’s just a jobber... but the real next generation comes up later. I do like how big a deal Eye Balls feel in this thread. I can’t say I’ve ever really given a shit about Carl Oulette or Balls Mahoney, but you have made them a real thing here. That’s exactly what ECW used to be about. Sure you had hardcore wrestling, and you had technical exhibitions and spotfests, but really ECW was about creating an environment in which anyone can be a star. That’s what you have done too.

    The three way dance did its job. Not much to it, but not should there be with a PPV coming up. Keeps things ticking over nicely.

    I liked you messing with Pulp Fiction just a little bit. It’s one of those things that ultimately doesn’t mean anything for the presentation, and yet somehow is infuriating. I hope you never stop taking classic parts of the ECW aesthetic and rip it up. Cyrus4Life

    Daniels vs Low Ki is a great shout. Like I said above, I’ve been really excited about the next generation coming in. You can make an argument that ROH was the spiritual successor to ECW, so seeing guys like that come in is great. Low Ki would be a massive star in ECW I think. He has that badass credibility that’s get him over, while you can simultaneously hide his weaknesses. Perfect ECW guy. I hope they tear the roof off and immediately become an important part of your roster. I hope this continues as well. Samoa Joe in ECW?!

    As we are coming up to the point where WCW goes out of business, I’ll be interested to hear what happens to them. Are they still going to disappear? If so, your roster could be about to get very interesting.

    The tag main was good. Standard booking really. Tajiri and Rhino write themselves out with a big spot, leaving Corino, who no one really thinks has a chance of going over Van Dam, to show he’s a worthy opponent. I still don’t think this means he will win at Living Dangerously, but it makes sense to give him some shine before he jobs.

    All in all, solid show, and I’m excited for Living Dangerously!

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Excellent show

    I am looking forwarded to Living Dangerously heres to hoping Tajri walks out champion.

    Corino vs. RVD Should be a classic and could be a show stealer the ending to the main event def gets me thinking that.

    Daniels Fallen Angel Gimmick could work nice in ECW especially if he joins The Unholy Alliance.

    Jerry Lynn promo was good though I don't know much of him to be honest like I know he's won plenty of titles

    very well written matches as well as always you kill it.


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: May BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Predictions time. Show to probably come by next weekend or so, and thanks again for all of the votes for the monthly awards.


    Predictions Contest

    Current Card for ECW Living Dangerously
    March 11th, 2001
    Nashville, Tennessee

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Rhino (c) defends against Yoshihiro Tajiri

    Grudge Match:
    Rob Van Dam vs. Steve Corino

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Final:
    ??? vs. ???

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Jerry Lynn vs. Mikey Whipwreck

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Justin Credible vs. Kid Kash vs. Super Crazy

    ECW World Tag Team Championship Match:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Danny Doring and Roadkill (c) defend against Christian York and Joey Matthews and Team Me

    Eye Balls vs. Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke

    Hot Commodity vs. Spike Dudley, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer

    Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki

    Bonus Questions

    1. Predict the longest match
    2. Predict the shortest match
    3. Any surprise appearances?

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    Re: May BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy


    Predictions Contest

    Current Card for ECW Living Dangerously
    March 11th, 2001
    Nashville, Tennessee

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Rhino (c) defends against Yoshihiro Tajiri

    Grudge Match:
    Rob Van Dam vs. Steve Corino

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Final:
    Super Crazy

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Jerry Lynn vs. Mikey Whipwreck

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Justin Credible vs. Kid Kash vs. Super Crazy

    ECW World Tag Team Championship Match:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Danny Doring and Roadkill (c) defend against Christian York and Joey Matthews and Team Me

    Eye Balls vs. Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke

    Hot Commodity vs. Spike Dudley, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer

    Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki

    Bonus Questions

    1. Predict the longest match Rhino/Tajiri
    2. Predict the shortest match Lynn Whipwreck
    3. Any surprise appearances? CW Anderson perhaps. Maybe Sabu.

    Kind of wondering if there will be any influx of talent once WWF purchases WCW in the next two weeks. Good luck with this, looking forward to it.

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    Re: May BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Predictions Contest

    Current Card for ECW Living Dangerously
    March 11th, 2001
    Nashville, Tennessee

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Rhino (c) defends against Yoshihiro Tajiri

    Grudge Match:
    Rob Van Dam vs. Steve Corino

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Final:
    Jerry Lynn vs. Kid Kash

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Jerry Lynn vs. Mikey Whipwreck

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Justin Credible vs. Kid Kash vs. Super Crazy

    ECW World Tag Team Championship Match:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Danny Doring and Roadkill (c) defend against Christian York and Joey Matthews and Team Me

    Eye Balls vs. Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke

    Hot Commodity vs. Spike Dudley, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer

    Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki

    Bonus Questions

    1. Predict the longest match Three Way Dance
    2. Predict the shortest match Lynn vs Whipwreck
    3. Any surprise appearances? CW Anderson

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    Re: May BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Rhino (c) defends against Yoshihiro Tajiri

    Grudge Match:
    Rob Van Dam vs. Steve Corino

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Final:
    Jerry Lynn vs. Super Crazy

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Jerry Lynn vs. Mikey Whipwreck

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Justin Credible vs.
    Kid Kash vs. Super Crazy

    ECW World Tag Team Championship Match:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Danny Doring and Roadkill (c) defend against Christian York and Joey Matthews and Team Me

    Eye Balls vs. Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke

    Hot Commodity vs. Spike Dudley, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer

    Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki

    Bonus Questions

    1. Predict the longest match? Daniels vs Low Ki
    2. Predict the shortest match? Eye Balls vs. FBI
    3. Any surprise appearances? CW Anderson

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    Re: May BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Predictions Contest

    Current Card for ECW Living Dangerously
    March 11th, 2001
    Nashville, Tennessee

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Rhino (c) defends against Yoshihiro Tajiri

    Grudge Match:
    Rob Van Dam vs. Steve Corino

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Final:
    Jerry Lynn vs. Super Crazy

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Jerry Lynn vs. Mikey Whipwreck

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Justin Credible vs. Kid Kash vs. Super Crazy

    ECW World Tag Team Championship Match:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Danny Doring and Roadkill (c) defend against Christian York and Joey Matthews and Team Me

    Eye Balls vs. Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke

    Hot Commodity vs. Spike Dudley, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer

    Christopher Daniels
    vs. Low Ki

    Bonus Questions

    1. Predict the longest match - RVD/CORINO
    2. Predict the shortest match - LYNN/WHIPWRECK
    3. Any surprise appearances? YES (This question does not say 'If so, who?' therefore I will answer yes and take my bonus points)

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    Re: May BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Finally we’re at the fireworks factory! Feels like we’ve been building towards this for ages. If this show is half as good as the build that went in to it it’s going to be tough to overthrow you as BTBOTM...

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Rhino (c) defends against Yoshihiro Tajiri
    Champ retains here. The build has been great and Tajiri is coming across as an absolute star, but this isn’t the culmination of the story. Tajiri comes close, but falls short.

    Grudge Match:
    Rob Van Dam
    vs. Steve Corino
    Corino has been a great douchey heel, but he’s just someone to keep RVD preoccupied as he makes his way through the Network

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Final:
    Jerry Lynnvs. Super Crazy

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Jerry Lynnvs. Mikey Whipwreck

    ECW Television Championship Tournament Semi Final:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Justin Credible vs. Kid Kash vs.Super Crazy
    Putting these three together as they obviously bleed in to one another. I think Crazy has to get to the final after beating Van Dam, and Lynn has to as the Network representative. I think Lynn wins the whole thing on the basis of “its always darkest before the dawn” theory of storytelling.

    ECW World Tag Team Championship Match:
    Three Way Dance Match:
    Danny Doring and Roadkill (c) defend against Christian York and Joey Matthews and Team Me
    Looking at the division as it is at the moment, I think it makes most sense to switch the belts and have the few babyface teams you have doing the chasing

    Eye Ballsvs. Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke
    Eye Balls are coming back after suspension and in the process have gotten way more over. I fancy them to win and then take the lead chasing the new Network-approved champs

    Hot Commodity vs. Spike Dudley, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer
    It would take one hell of a screwjob for two of the biggest names in ECW (and Spike!) to lose to Hot Commodity...

    Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki
    Really, it doesn’t matter too much who wins this, but Low Ki is the more immediately stand out talent for me, and Daniels can always get his gear back through his gimmick

    Bonus Questions

    1. Predict the longest match - I’m going to throw a curveball and say Daniels/Low Ki are given the time to show what they can do
    2. Predict the shortest match - Expecting a quick and screwy Lynn/Whipwreck match
    3. Any surprise appearances? I’m going to go with a surprising WCW defection, either to help someone like RVD win, or to join the Network and help Jerry

    Looking forward to it!

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    Re: May BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks for all the predictions. Hopefully you all enjoy.

    ECW Living Dangerously
    March 11th, 2001
    Nashville, Tennessee
    Municipal Auditorium

    It doesn’t matter that we are in Nashville, Tennessee; ECW Living Dangerously 2001 opens up with the standard ECW pay per view set up. Standing in the middle of the ring in a pair of their best tuxedos are JOEY STYLES and JOEL GERTNER. Both men have microphones in their hands but there is no point talking, all they can do is nod and smile as the Nashville extremists all chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”.

    The cameras begin panning around The Municipal Auditorium, showing that despite being in the south, ECW have still brought in a full arena. The chants continue, the fans being incredible vocal, with one particular fan getting pats on the back from those surrounding him, mainly due to his sign which reads “NASHVILLE WANTS CYRUS DEAD”.

    The atmosphere inside of the arena is electric and it will continue to be, however after seems like an eternity, Joey Styles decides that it’s time to kick things off and formally welcome everybody to the show.

    Joey Styles: Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to yet another ECW pay per view extravaganza! I’m Joey Styles and we are in for a night to remember tonight, as for one night only, live on pay per view, Extreme Championship Wrestling turns Nashville, Tennessee into the land of the extreme for Living Dangerously!

    EPIC pop from the fans who appreciate the mention of Nashville, and Joey smiles, taking a moment to let the ovation die down.

    Joey Styles: We have a huge card scheduled for this evening which I’ll touch on in just a moment… But before I do, please let me welcome my broadcast colleague standing next to me…

    Before Styles can finish his introduction, Gertner puts a hand up, signalling for Joey to stop. He initially feigns confusion in a playful manner, as the fans cheer, clueing in that Gertner wants to deliver one of his patented introductions.

    Joel Gertner: As always, I do appreciate the effort, but I’ll take it from here, Joey. My name is Joel, ‘Just Like The Milkman I Always Come Twice’ Gertner!!!

    Gertner and Styles share an off the mic chuckle, whilst the fans lose it with laughter, which is followed by a “GERTNER”, “GERTNER”, “GERTNER” chant. Joel enjoys the chant and lets it continue for a few moments, before deciding to speak again.

    Joel Gertner: And just like last night in my hotel room, I am excited to be here!

    Joel smiles with that statement as the fans give him a round of applause.

    Joey Styles: As always, thanks you for the delightfully, charismatic self introduction. Now that we’ve had our few moments of fun, I want to start right at the top and talk about tonight’s main event. For the better part of two months, the former ECW Champion Yoshihiro Tajiri has been waiting for his rematch, and after jumping through all of the hoops set up by The Network, tonight Tajiri gets his chance. It’s arguably going to be the greatest challenge of Tajiri’s career as he goes up against the unstoppable current ECW Champion, Rhino. What are your thoughts on this one, Joel?

    Those famous “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants start up again, as its clear the crowd is looking forward to the main event. Having said his bit, the passionate Styles awaits a response from Gertner.

    Joel Gertner: I know its a little cliché but I really feel as if this could go ei-…

    ***DEBONAIRE*** interrupts Gertner before he can give his opinion on the match and an arrogant, pompous as ever CYRUS barges through the curtain. The leader of The Network seems shocked by the VENEMOUS HEAT he receives from the audience, maybe expecting a positive reaction in TNN territory. Instead, the volume of the heat just gets louder and louder, as Cyrus shares his look of disdain between the audience and Styles and Gertner inside of the ring. The commentary duo look just as unhappy to see their boss, but Cyrus doesn’t care, as he storms into the ring and snatches a microphone from one of the member of the ring crew. Once his music dies down, the boos continue to come and he just stand there, irritated, whilst still shaking his head at Styles and Gertner.

    Cyrus: I hate to begin the night on such a sour note, but what the hell am I actually listening to?

    The boss continues to not look very impressed, however the fans don’t like his attitude and the commentators don’t seem happy either.

    Joey Styles: You’ve been in charge long enough that I thought you would be tired of abusing your power. Are we really back to this routine?

    Holy crap for Joey showing some balls. Cyrus’ jaw initially drops as does Gertner’s whilst the fans mark out.

    Cyrus: I don’t know who in the hell you think you are, but you don’t talk to me like that!

    The fans heat is directed at Cyrus but he has a look of hatred in his eyes as he stares down the defiant commentary team.

    Cyrus: I thought you were both smarter than this; don’t you know who I am?

    Arrogance is dripping off every word that Cyrus speaks now.

    Cyrus: I’M NETWORK!

    A shit eating grin appears across the face of Cyrus, however it quickly disappears as the fans start up a “FUCK THE NETWORK”, “FUCK THE NETWORK”, “FUCK THE NETWORK” chant. Joey and Joel look at each other, rolling their eyes at the attitude of their boss.

    Cyrus: I’ll spare you tonight, Joey because you’re somewhat of a valuable commodity for this company… But Joel, I warned you not to do that terrible intro again.

    Styles seems to be taken aback at all the heat going towards Gertner, who just snarls at Cyrus. The fans boo Cyrus’ statement, disagreeing with the description of Gertner’s intro.

    Cyrus: You can both leave this ring and head up to the commentary desk because you’re no longer needed for this segment of the show… And Joel, that’s strike two.

    Not really having much left to fight about, the defeated commentary duo step outside of the ring. Gertner looks incredible disheartened as Joey consoles him and the fans urge them not to listen to Cyrus. As he watches the ECW loyalists leave the ring, Cyrus can’t help but let out a hearty guffaw, before turning and staring right into the hard camera.

    Cyrus: Ladies and gentleman, I’d like to apologise for the haphazard start to the show, however without any further delay…

    Cyrus ‘The Virus’ is forced to pause due to the unbearable heat coming from the audience.


    Outside of a few cheers just for the excitement of the pay per view alone, Cyrus gets even more heat from the fans. With a smug look on his face, feeling as if he has proven his point, Cyrus puts down his microphone, exits the ring, and makes his way to the back…

    ***WINGS OF A FALLEN ANGEL*** plays to no real fanfare from the fans as they all seem a little confused, until a strange looking CHRISTOPER DANIELS slowly walks through the curtain. Once Daniels is out, a few fans seem to recognise him from his previous sporadic appearances in ECW. There is still barely any crowd noise as the fans are more shocked than anything, as Daniels has a shaved head, is dressed as a priest, and is announced as “The Fallen Angel”, Christopher Daniels. He slowly gets into the ring, ignoring the gawks from the audience, and begins bouncing off the ropes, preparing for battle.

    ***BORN IN CHINA*** is next to be heard throughout the arena, and the fans give a decent ovation to one of the brightest up and comers in the world today, LOW KI. ‘The Warrior’ stalks his way down the ramp as only he can, eyes locked on Daniel as if he were prey rather than an opponent. As the fans continue to cheer, Ki gets into the ring, and raises his hands in the air, enjoying the ovation, until he directs his focus back onto Daniels.

    Match One
    Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki

    Both men initially circle each other like caged animals, neither competitor wanting to be overeager and potentially make the first mistake on the biggest stage that they will ever compete on. Eventually, they stop circling and decide to go nose to nose instead, and this time neither man is willing to blink. Ki nods his head in respect to Daniels and puts his hand out for a sportsmanlike handshake. The fans applaud the show of respect, as Daniels surveys them for their reaction, before he looks back down at Ki’s hand… AND DANIELS CHEAP SHOTS KI INSTEAD WITH A QUICK RIGHT HAND!!!

    This draws heat from the audience and from this moment onwards as Daniels reigns down right hands it’s pretty obvious who is playing the role of baby face and heel. ‘The Fallen Angel’ hammers away for a few moments with right hands, before locking in a Side Headlock which turns the match into an amateur wrestling match. They both go through some LIGHTNING FAST amateur wrestling, mat based moves, and this allows Low Ki to use his pace advantage and get on top for the first time in the match.

    Being frustrated with the way things are going, Daniels managed to break up the chain wrestling and roll to the outside of the ring for a breather. The heat he received for this is pretty phenomenal however Daniels jaws back at the audience, feeling more than a little frustrated. Surprisingly, Low Ki remains in the centre of the ring, waiting patiently, and after a minute or so, Daniels collects himself and decides to get back into the ring. He walks up the ring steps and ends up onto the ring apron… WHEN LOW KI CHARGES AND KNOCKS DANIELS OFF OF THE APRON WITH A ROLLING LIGER KICK… THIS SENDS DANIELS CRASHING CHEST FIRST INTO THE CROWD BARRICADE!!!

    As Daniels crumbles to the floor, gasping for air, the fans break out into the first “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant of the match. Not wanting to waste time, this time Ki quickly heads outside of the ring and props Daniels against the crowd barricade, before abusing him with an array of chops and kicks. Daniels is barely standing as KI NOW SENDS HIM HEAD FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!! Again, Low Ki brings Daniels straight back to his feet and hits a few more chops, until a desperation rake to the eyes creates some space for Daniels.

    ‘The Fallen Angel’ uses the space to roll back into the ring, trying to escape the clutches of Low Ki. As Daniels gets up, Ki composes himself on the outside and leaps onto the apron, before stepping into the ring, but Daniels hits a quick Knee Lift as Ki is still trying to make it into the ring. This causes ‘The Warrior’ to fall inside of the ring. With Ki stunned, Daniels immediately drags him up and connects with an STO.

    From here, we get a period of domination from Christopher Daniels. After the Knee Lift and STO, Daniels repeatedly works over the head and neck of Low Ki, keeping him grounded. On commentary, Styles and Gertner put over the fact that Low Ki is less experienced and it’s clearly having an impact on the contest. This is further demonstrated as Daniels keeps the action on the mat with a variety of neck cranks and Headlocks, but he also uses the ropes and cheats whenever he can.

    Being ‘The Warrior’ that he is, Ki does manage to fight his way back to a vertical base, before breaking free completely by landing some more chops and some kicks to the gut. With Daniels a little stunned, Low Ki sends Daniels into the corner, before charging in and connecting with a brutal looking Yakuza Kick. Daniels is on dream street, stumbling out of the corner, and Ki runs towards the ropes… SPRINGBOARD GAMENGURI CONNECTS!!! Ki immediately follows up with the cover…1…2…NO!!!

    Daniels kicks out but he isn’t quick to get up, instead he remains on the canvas, feeling the effects of Ki’s onslaught. Wanting to capitalise on the advantage, the determined Low Ki heads up to the top rope, and he remains perched, waiting for Daniels to get to his feet. ‘The Fallen’ Angel’ slowly makes it up, looking a little dazed, BEFORE QUICKLY SHOVING THE REFEREE INTO THE ROPES, WHICH CAUSES LOW KI TO GET CROTCHED ON THE TOP ROPE!!! Groans elicit from the audience and Low Ki, as the referee attempts to admonish Daniels but gets completely ignored. The focused Daniels immediately rushes over to the corner and delivers a nasty Palm Strike to the throat of Low Ki. With Ki now gasping for air, Daniels manoeuvres himself underneath Ki AND THROWS HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH THE FALL FROM GRACE!!! There is no wasted motion as Christopher is right back up, AND SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP WITH AN ARABIAN PRESS!!! The fans chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” as Daniels sells the impact on his sternum for a moment, before laying on Ki for the pin…1…2…NO!!!

    Ki kicks out this time, but despite not getting the victory, Daniels methodically gets up and puts his thumb across his throat, signalling that the match is about to be finished. He drags Low Ki to his feet, BEFORE GETTING HIM IN POSITION FOR A URANAGE… KI THROWS WILD ELBOWS INTO DANIELS’ HEAD, BREAKING THE GRIP, KI THEN BOUNCES OFF THE ROPES BUT DANIELS CATCHES HIM WITH A HEEL KICK!!! A little quicker and rougher this time, a frustrated Daniels gets Ki back up, AND THIS TIME HE CONNECTS WITH A URANAGE!!! Instead of going for the cover, Daniels walks towards the corner of the ring… AND HE DOUBLE JUMPS… GOING FOR THE BEST MOONSAULT EVER… KI ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY… BUT DANIELS LANDS ON HIS FEET… SO KI LEAPS UP AND LANDS A JUMPING ENZUIGURI OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Those famous “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out again as both men are slow to get to their feet, yet when they do, KI IMMEDIATELY DROPS DANIELS WITH A SAITO SUPLEX, followed by the cover…1…2…NO!!!

    It’s Daniels’ chance to show some of his resilience now as he manages to kick out again. A tired and bettered Low Ki pulls Daniels back up to his feet again, before whipping him into the corner. ‘The Warrior’ walks to the opposite corner, AND BEGINS TO CARTWHEEL, LOOKING FOR THE TIDAL CRUSH… BUT DANIELS DUCKS AND AS KI CRASHES INTO THE CORNER, DANIELS FOES FOR A SCHOOLBOY PIN…1…2…NO!!!

    Both men bounce back to their feet immediately and Daniels connects with an incredibly quick STEP UP ENZUIGURI!!! Daniels keeps his eyes on the prize, GETTING KI IN POSITION FOR ANGEL’S WINGS BUT LOW KI DOESN’T ALLOW HIMSELF TO BE LIFTED IN THE AIR!!! Ki fights out of the compromising position, before turning himself out and kneeing Daniels in the gut. As Daniels bends down to grab his stomach, ‘The Warrior’ hoists him up FOR THE KI KRUSHER… BUT DANIELS SLIDES OFF KI’S SHOULDERS, LANDING BEHIND KI ON HIS FEET… DANIELS WITH A WAIST LOCK… KI SWITCHES BEHIND DANIELS, BEFORE LANDING A BRIDGING TIGER SUPLEX…1…2…3…NO!!!

    Due to where the move was performed, Daniels managed to have one of his feet touch the middle rope, so the referee is forced to stop the count. Low Ki can’t believe it as he gets up in agony, hands on his head, whilst Daniels rolls under the bottom rope and onto the ring apron. The commentators again put over the smarts of Daniels, escaping where he can be pinned. ‘The Fallen Angel’s uses the ropes to pull himself back up, when Ki kicks him right in the hip, which causes Daniels to grab his hip and face the audience… THIS ALLOWS LOW KI TO LOCK IN THE DRAGON CLUTCH!!!

    Daniels begins flailing his arms around like crazy but he can’t get out of the hold, as Ki torques the pressure between the middle ropes. He keeps the hold locked in, wanting the submission, however the referee begins counting…1…2…3…DANIELS LOOKS LIKE HE IS CLOSE TO TAPPING…4…LOW KI IS FORCED TO BREAK THE HOLD IN THE ROPES TO PREVENT A DISQUALIFICATION!!!

    Frustration is clearly setting in for the desperate Low Ki now, as he drops the hold, and Daniels falls backwards through the middle rope, landing back inside of the ring. Ki looks at the referee who gives him an explanation, before turning his attention back to Daniels, who has managed to make it to his knees. Low Ki lands a series of vicious kicks to the chest of Daniels… BEFORE GOING FOR A BUZZSAW KICK… DANIELS DUCKS… AND GETS A QUICK BRIDGING O’CONNOR ROLL…1…2…3!!!



    The fans lose their shit at the awesome counter, and more “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants can be heard. Daniels is again trying to wriggle free, but Ki has a vice like grip, and just when things can’t get worse for Daniels… KI ROLLS OVER, TURNING THE HOLD INTO THE DRAGON CLUTCH!!!

    More “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out, as Ki puts all the pressure on the old, and Daniels screams in pain. He’s looking close to tapping, Daniels can’t reach the ropes, and he has his hand ready to tap, WHEN HE MANAGES TO GET BOTH HANDS AROUND THE NECK OF LOW KI AND USE A SNAPMARE TO GET OUT OF THE HOLD!!! Both men bounce back up, AND DANIELS LANDS THE LAST RITES OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Daniels with the cover…1…2…3!!!

    WINNER – Christopher Daniels by pinfall @ 14:56

    As soon as the bell rings, the fans all stand up and applaud, knowing that they just witnessed two promising, young talents give it their all. The victorious Daniels gets back to his feet, and the referee raises his hands in the air, which gets polite applause from the fans. It seems as if even though Daniels wrestled as a heel, they can’t help but be impressed with tonight’s display.

    Daniels continues to pump his fists and be happy, celebrating as he made his way outside of the ring and towards the back, having given ‘The Fallen Angel’ moniker a perfect start to life in ECW.

    Meanwhile, inside of the ring, an exhausted Low Ki uses the ropes to drag himself back up; whilst the referee makes sure he isn’t suffering any serious injuries. Ki defiantly shrugs the referee away, before staggering to the middle of the ring and surveying the audience. The extreme fans respond by giving Ki a STANDING OVATION, impressed with what they have seen in his first ever ECW outing.

    Low Ki slowly drops to the canvas and rolls underneath the bottom rope and he slaps hands with some appreciative fans as he heads towards the back. Meanwhile, on commentary, Joey Styles and Joel Gertner put over what an impressive debut this was for Low Ki, and if he decided to stick around, he could be a future champion someday…

    “Miserlou” by Blue Grass begins playing throughout the arena, and it signals that we have a very special PPV rendition of PULP FICTION~! Here tonight. As the music continues to play, the first scene we cut to shows a serious looking
    JERRY LYNN sitting in the middle of a locker room. There is no communal locker room for Lynn tonight, as he sits in his own, personal space, with CYRUS looking on with a pensive stare.

    Jerry Lynn: It has taken a few more months than I thought it would, but it’s my time.

    Cyrus nods along in the background as Lynn stops, letting his words sink in, showing no real expression other than focus.

    Jerry Lynn: No more words, I’m done talking about it!

    Wow. Intensity for sure from Lynn, as looks back down to the ground, continuing to keep mentally prepared for the culmination of tonight’s TV Title Tournament…

    The next scene is away from a locker room and instead looks to be in the medical room of the arena, where numerous EMT’s are surrounding a bed. Our camera man manages to move some of the EMT’s out of the way, and it reveals
    MIKEY WHIPWRECK sitting on a bed with a neck brace. Once he spots the camera, Mikey does his best to put on a brave face, but he still winces and grabs at his neck.

    Mikey Whipwreck: It’s funny how the more things change; the more things stay the same, because once again I’m the patsy…

    Despite his usual attitude, its clear Mikey is feeling a little bitter.

    Mikey Whipwreck: Despite our entire roster of guys in the back, I’m the fall guy…

    Mikey shakes his head in frustration but immediately regrets it, pausing and feeling at his injured neck, a grimace on his face.

    Mikey Whipwreck: It has happened plenty of times before and it has happened again. I’m the one The Network tried to take out to ease the path for their handpicked champion.

    Boos can be heard from inside of the arena, as Mikey still seems to be in an irritated mood.

    Mikey Whipwreck: Another thing that hasn’t changed is that this is still ECW even if it’s in name only…

    The passion is clear to see, especially at the mention of the extreme promotion.

    Mikey Whipwreck: AND IN ECW…

    Ignoring the pain, a red faced Mikey leaps off of the bed, scaring some of the EMT’s away.


    With that, a fired up Mikey storms out of the medical room and begins making his way through the arena hallways, seemingly ready to compete…

    Surprisingly enough, we now head to what seems like a communal locker room, as there are quite a few people in the background; however our camera is focused in on
    SUPER CRAZY. The Mexican has an excited yet intense look on his face as he yells at the camera in incoherent Mexican. After what seems like an eternity, Super Crazy calms down and actually speaks in English.

    Super Crazy: I will make sure that history repeats itself tonight, just like last year when I won the TV Title Tournament at Living Dangerously.

    Glory in his eyes, Crazy stops, reliving the greatest moment of his career.

    Super Crazy: Up until now, that really is the greatest moment of my career, so this year…

    SC still has that infectious smile on his face.

    Super Crazy: I accomplish yet another achievement when I do it again.

    Super Crazy goes back to doing some stretching now, being ready for battle, as we cut away…

    But instead of leaving the scene, the camera man walks to another corner of the communal locker room where fan favourite
    KID KASH is in the process of lacing his boots. When Kash notices the camera, even with the aggressiveness look on his face, he accommodates with a few words.

    Kid Kash: Not so long ago, I was TV Champion before!

    KK almost instinctively feels at his waist, where the TV Championship once sat.

    Kid Kash: Whilst I was proud to be the champion, when I look back I’m not entirely proud of how I became the champion. I didn’t win it myself and I barely got to taste it because of the damn Network.

    Those scars clearly still sting as Kash shakes his head, taking a moment or two to keep his composure.

    Kid Kash: But I’ve well and truly learned my lesson so this time…

    He stops speaking again as he switches from lacing his left boot to his right.

    Kid Kash: This time I won’t need any help and I won’t get any help. I’m doing it on my own.

    Both boots are completed now as Kash gets up off his chair and cracks his neck.

    Kid Kash: It doesn’t matter who stands in my way, I’m finally ready to break through!

    Kid Kash continues to loosen up a little, throwing a quick glance at Super Crazy, another participant in the tournament who is also loosening up. The tension in the room is crazy, bystanders looking on eagerly as we cut away…

    Into another area in the back, where
    JUSTIN CREDIBLE and his girlfriend, FRANCINE are standing by. As the camera gets closer, it’s clear that they have just watched Kid Kash’s words on a television monitor. Both look shocked with the words, borderline offended; before Credible decides it’s time to speak.

    Justin Credible: You know there is one word to describe what we just heard from Kash and the other schmucks in this tournament, cute. It’s cute that they all think they are about to have some sort of big break through, but newsflash folks, it won’t happen. Nobody’s breaking through the glass ceiling because I’m not done standing on the glass floor yet.

    The former ECW Champion is pretty happy with his retort and why not. On the other hand, Francine begins twirling the Singapore Cane around in her hands, seemingly having lost interest.

    Justin Credible: Everything I touch turns to gold; I’ve won everything I’ve gone after in ECW.

    A smattering of heat comes from the fans inside the arena, annoyed at the arrogance of Credible.

    Justin Credible: So make no mistake about it, simply put, that means, I’m about to win this damn thing too!

    Confidence personified from Justin Credible however his woman doesn’t seem impressed.

    Francine: I’ve given you a little bit of leeway lately so you could deal with Kash but that stops tonight. You better win because Francine goes where the gold goes.

    Now Francine has a smug look on her face because one month ago Credible would have nearly cried at that statement. Instead, Credible rolls his eyes and scoffs at Francine.

    Justin Credible: What you need to do is shut up. This has nothing to do with you; I’m winning because I want to.

    Francine drops the Singapore Cane, mouth wide in shock as Credible completely ignores her and continues with his promo.

    Justin Credible: And just because it feels like it has been awhile, let me remind you all… That’s not just the coolest…

    A smirk is back on the face of JC as a shocked Francine watches on.

    Justin Credible: Not only is it not the coolest, that’s not just the best…

    He’s just biding his time now.

    Justin Credible: Nope. As a matter of fact, that’s JUST INCREDIBLE!!!

    Credible gets in his catchphrase and looks pretty content, before walking out of screenshot. Francine remains behind for a moment or two, still looking a little shell shocked with being put in her place, until she scurries after her man…

    ***SCAPEGOAT*** plays throughout the pa system now that we are back at ringside, and the HEAT that emanates from the crowd is MASSIVE as JERRY LYNN pushes his way through the curtain. Lynn looks pretty confident as he slowly swaggers down the ramp, ignoring the insults coming from the audience, as that’s part of the territory when you are a member of The Network. Jerry eventually gets into the ring and raises his hands above his head, gaining more heat, before he settles in the corner of the ring and waits for his opponent.

    ***SINISTER MUSIC*** gets an extremely loud initial pop, as the tune signals the arrival of Mikey. However once MIKEY WHIPWRECK actually makes his way out, there is a bit of a stunned silence amongst the fans. Mikey still has his neck brace on and keeps his right hand permanently on his neck, as he walks towards the ring. THE SINISTER MINISTER is out with Mikey, advising him to fight another day, but Mikey ignores the advice and gingerly steps into the ring.

    The referee for this contest is The Network’s lead referee,
    DANNY DANIELS. Danny looks set to orchestrate the ringing of the bell, when suddenly, Lynn taps him on the shoulder.

    The fans boo as the beginning of the match is delayed, whilst Lynn slyly whispers something into the ear of Danny Daniels. Once Lynn is finished, Daniels nods in an agreement and Lynn gets a dodgy smirk on his face, as Danny Daniels directs his attention towards The Sinister Minister…


    With that, Daniels aggressively points towards the back, and the fans begin losing their shit as The Sinister Minister is being rejected from ringside. “FUCK THE NETWORK”, “FUCK THE NETWORK”, “FUCK THE NETWORK” chants begin echoing throughout the walls of the arena, as a disheartened Sinister Minister heads to the back.

    A defiant Mikey remains standing in the middle of the ring, showing no emotion, looking as stoic as ever. This time it looks as if Danny Daniels is ready to call for the bell, but Lynn grabs his arm and stops him again…


    “PUSSY”, “PUSSY”, “PUSSY” chants are directed from the fans to Lynn, however Lynn ignores them and has yet another private conversation with Daniels. Again, after the meeting of the minds, Daniels has a change of heart and walks up to Mikey.



    The fans can’t believe the audacity of The Network as Mikey, despite trembling with rage, takes off his neck brace, THROWS IT AT JERRY LYNN… BEFORE CHARGING AT HIM, BACKING HIM INTO THE CORNER AND HAMMERING AWAY WITH PUNCHES!!!

    Match Two
    ECW Television Championship Tournament – Semi Final Match
    Jerry Lynn vs. Mikey Whipwreck

    The referee calls for the bell as the action is well and truly underway, and a gobsmacked Lynn can only cover up, whilst Mikey continues to wildly swing left and right haymakers. Despite Lynn having his guard up, the powerful shots from Mikey are landing, and when Whipwreck is forced back by the referee, a dazed Lynn drops to his knees. Jerry remains dazed on the canvas and this allows Mikey to climb around him, and hoist himself up onto the top rope… BEFORE GRABBING LYNN IN A FRONT FACELOCK… AND MIKEY LEAPS OFF OF THE TOP ROPE… CONNECTING WITH A TORNADO DDT!!! BOTH MEN REMAIN DOWN BUT WHIPWRECK MANAGES TO DRAPE AN ARM OVER THE CHEST OF LYNN…1…2…3!!!


    Lynn manages to sneak a shoulder off of the canvas despite being completely gobsmacked with the ambush he has received. The extreme fans begin throwing “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants around, getting right behind their favourite underdog. Unfortunately for Mikey, he isn’t in great shape and he can’t capitalise on his promising start, instead just rolling away from Lynn and clutching at his injured neck. This time allows Lynn to roll all the way underneath the bottom rope and to the outside where he looks to catch a breather.

    As charming as ever, the fans greet Jerry with a “PUSSY”, “PUSSY”, “PUSSY” chant as he looks to regain his wits. Despite his injury, Mikey uses the ropes to pull himself up, sensing his opportunity, and MIKEY BEGINS SPRINTING ACROSS THE RING… HOWEVER BEFORE HE CAN DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE, DANNY DANIELS STANDS RIGHT IN HIS WAY AND STOPS HIM!!! The fans let out some UNGODLY heat for the interference from Daniels, and as he argues with Mikey, Jerry Lynn gets back onto the apron… SO MIKEY SHRUGS DANIELS AWAY… AND SHOULDER CHARGES LYNN… SENDING HIM FLYING OFF OF THE APRON AND CHEST FIRST INTO THE CROWD BARRICADE!!! A big time pop can be heard from the move, but Mikey pays no attention, bouncing off of the ropes… AND LEAPING THROUGH THE AIR… TAKING LYNN DOWN AGAIN ON THE OUTSIDE WITH A PLANCHA!!!

    Neither man moves after the spot, instead remaining still on the concrete floor, as another “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant echoes throughout the arena. After what feels like an eternity, Mikey uses the crowd barricade to get to his feet, agony written on his face as he feels for his neck. Whipwreck then drags Lynn to his feet and rolls him inside of the ring. Not wanting to cause further damage to his neck, Mikey slowly steps up onto the apron and steps through the middle rope… BUT LYNN IS ABLE TO CATCH HIM WITH A DEVASTATING SWINGING NECKBREAKER!!!

    Rather than go for the cover, Lynn looks at Daniels and the two share a smirk, as the injured Mikey rolls around on the match, again holding his neck. He could probably end the match at this point but instead Lynn drags Mikey up and throws him outside of the ring. The Network’s handpicked TV Champ follows Mikey outside of the ring and rams him head first into the ring post, and steel steps, ensuring to make sure Mikey’s neck and head takes the brunt of the punishment.

    After showing off his sadistic side for a few moments, Lynn rolls the defenceless Mikey back into the ring, before surveying the fans on the outside, laughing and saying “THIS IS TOO EASY”. His arrogance draws insults from the audience, but it doesn’t matter at this time point, as he saunters into the ring, well and truly in control. Jerry stands over Mikey, slapping him on the head a few times, showing no respect whatsoever, before he looks to pick up Mikey… BUT WHIPWRECK HOOKS AN INSIDE CRADLE OUT OF NOWHERE…1…2…

    “WHERE’S THE COUNT, DAMN IT”??? – Joey Styles


    Immediately the fans are up in arms again, and even on commentary, Joey Styles and Joel Gertner discuss how ridiculous this matchup and the odds stacked against Mikey are. An adrenaline rush seems to come over both men though as Lynn bounces back to his feet, and shockingly Mikey does the same… WHEN DANNY DANIELS STICK OUT A FOOT AND TRIPS MIKEY!!! Mikey falls face first to the canvas and the boos can be heard again, as Danny Daniels swears “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT”!

    Either way, it has been done now, and no longer in the mood for games, the merciless Lynn brings Mikey to his feet, kicks him in the gut… AND THEN DROPS HIM WITH THE CRADLE PILEDRIVER!!! LYNN MAKES THE COVER…1…2…3!!!

    WINNER – Jerry Lynn by pinfall @ 2:03

    Much to the dismay of the fans, the triumphant Jerry Lynn immediately jumps to his feet and raises his arms in the air, celebrating as if he had just won the whole Tournament in a classic matchup.

    The heat and boos from the fans grow even stronger, as Lynn is approached by referee Danny Daniels, who is smiling from ear to ear. Daniels grabs the hand of Lynn and raises it in victory, which of course the fans hate even more.

    With Mikey barely moving and EMT’s coming to check on him, Lynn and Daniels leave the ring together and begin making their way to the back. One furious fan throws a cup of yellowish liquid onto Lynn, but Jerry ignores it, looking into the camera and cockily stating “I DIDN’T EVEN BREAK A SWEAT”!

    A big “FUCK YOU” comes from a member of the fans before Lynn signals for the title around his waist and says “THIS TOURNAMENT IS MINE”!

    Still receiving abnormal amounts of heat from the ECW faithful, Lynn heads to the back, as the EMT’s have just slowly managed to roll Mikey out of the ring…

    We now head to an undisclosed backstage area, where we see the ECW World Tag Team Champions,
    DANNY DORING and ROADKILL standing by, with the ECW Tag Titles proudly wrapped around their waists. As is the current trend with these two lately, both look to be in pretty serious moods, looking into the camera until they begin to speak.

    Danny Doring: You know, it’s kind of funny, being the tag team champions is everything it’s made out to be and more… But it has been kind of a jarring transition for the two of us.

    Roadkill remains stoic in the background as DD contemplates his next words.

    Danny Doring: It has been a challenge to go from the challengers to the champions and like everything else…

    Doring pauses, a proud look clear in his stance.

    Danny Doring: We’ve have had to make the changes ourselves, nobody warned us or helped us through it.

    Doring sounds very matter of fact, not bitter at all.

    Danny Doring: So we did exactly what we needed to do, we’ve had to adjust.

    Speaking of adjusting, Danny takes his title from around his waist and puts it over his shoulder. Roady continues to not do much in the background.

    Danny Doring: I’ve told our story before; it has been a long journey. For three years…

    DD pauses, thinking about the journey some more.

    Danny Doring: We have been in ECW slowly working towards what we wanted to achieve. We were working our way up the card and three months ago…

    A huge smile spreads across Doring’s face.

    Danny Doring: We accomplished our dreams; we did it and won these…

    Doring points at Roadkill’s title and the big Amish nods blankly.

    Danny Doring: It’s funny that now we are the champions, we are the ones with the targets on our backs.

    Danny’s passion is shining through as he points at himself, a serious look on his face.

    Danny Doring: As I mentioned earlier, we are not used to being hunted and chased.

    Doring slaps his title again.

    Danny Doring: But that’s what being the champions are all about, so we are adjusting.

    He pauses and takes a breath, his expression not changing throughout.

    Danny Doring: We have always been the young team slowly working their way towards something, and chasing the top team. We’re not used to looking across from kids who look at us like a dominant force they have to unseat to make their names.

    A wry smirk from Doring as he relives when they were the up and coming team.

    Danny Doring: But again as the champions, we are adjusting.

    Roady remains unmoving in the background.

    Danny Doring: And on the topic of these young, hungry kids, it brings me to one of our opponents tonight, Joey and Christian…

    A slight pop can be heard from inside the arena which causes Doring to stop speaking.

    Danny Doring: It’s just business when it comes to them, we have no issues, they’re good kids.

    Danny nods along with his own words, clearly in agreement.

    Danny Doring: And being in that position before, I understand thinking you’re ready to take that next step, however just like we did…

    He ponders over his next words carefully.

    Danny Doring: They will have to wait longer than they want, and they will have to pay their dues, because they are not ready just yet.

    Suddenly, an almost angry expression comes across Doring’s face; however Roadkill keeps the same expression.

    Danny Doring: This brings me to our next set of opponents who are the complete opposite, Diamond and Swinger…

    For the second time tonight Doring is interrupted by the crowd’s reaction, however this time it’s negative, which DD seems to enjoy.

    Danny Doring: We respect Joey and Christian but Team Me are terrible people.

    He shakes his head in disgust as he describes them further.

    Danny Doring: Not only are they terrible people, but they’ve decided to try an associate with The Network. We’re not letting these titles slip into the hands of anyone backed by The Network.

    For the first time tonight, Roady looks just as interested as Doring, his hatred for The Network showing.

    Danny Doring: I have to be completely honest with everybody, we never intended on carrying the torch.

    Doring stands proudly now, almost as if he’s trying to make himself bigger.

    Danny Doring: However sometimes responsibilities just fall into your lap, so we stand here possibly as THE LAST flag bearers of extreme.

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant can be heard from the live audience, which both champions nod in appreciation for.

    Danny Doring: And we can stand here and guarantee one thing, we’re not dropping the banner tonight!

    Doring shakes his head, before placing his title into his hands, holding it carefully.

    Danny Doring: In essence what that means is we are not dropping the titles tonight.

    The passionate, talkative member of the champs closes his eyes for a second, relishing the moment.

    Danny Doring: Whether we love or hate our opponents, we are going to do what we do best. We are going to eat them up and spit them out.

    Danny pauses as Roadkill looks a little excited, eyes wide, leaning forward.

    Danny Doring: That’s right my big friend, we’re going to eat them up and spit them out just like…

    Roadkill: CHICKENSSSSSSS!!!

    Big time pop for the Amish Man’s catchphrase, as Doring slaps Roady encouragingly on the back. The champions then nod at the camera, and refocus on getting the job done in tonight’s main event.

    Before heading to ringside for the next match of the evening, we head up to The Bird’s Nest where a frustrated looking
    JOEY STYLES screws up a piece of paper. Joey shakes his head and throws the paper to the floor, clearly annoyed with what was on the paper, whilst his broadcast partner JOEL GERTNER seems a little confused.

    Joey Styles: Ladies and gentleman, I’m sorry to make this announcement so hastily but there has been a convenient last minute change to proceedings here tonight. The Three Way Dance in the TV Title Tournament was supposed to be next…

    Gertner looks even further surprised by Joey’s words, whilst Joey just rolls his eyes, clearly irritated with what he has to announce.

    Joey Styles: However it seems quite clear to me that The Network and Cyrus are pulling strings once again. During that promo from our ECW Tag Team Champions, I was handed a note which stated that match was delayed for the time being.

    Now Joey’s not the only one mad, Joel looks at the point of rage as well.

    Joel Gertner: Oh you hit the nail on the head, Joey. Strings are definitely being pulled, I smell a scam.

    Styles nods along with his passionate colleague.

    Joel Gertner: Jerry Lynn’s opponent in the final of the TV Title Tournament will now get nowhere near as long as a break as Lynn, even though Lynn didn’t have a hard fought match to begin with. On a positive note, it does mean that Hot Commodity get to die sooner.

    Gertner puts his hands up, as if weighing the positives and negatives of both sides.

    Joel Gertner: So as much as it would suck to see The Network have control of the TV Title, I’m not to broken up about it because of what’s next!

    Not the greatest announcement in the world for the ECW traditionalists, but bad luck. Announcement made and our commentary duo focuses in on the ring…

    ***FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY/DOWN ON ME REMIX*** garners a groan from the audience initially, as they are clearly not in the mood to see HOT COMMODITY. Once the quartet actually makes it through the curtain, the heat is enormous from the Nashville crowd. Ignoring the negative crowd reaction, CHRIS HAMRICK, ELEKTRA, EZ MONEY and JULIO DINERO seem to be in pretty good spirits, telling the fans how great they are as they reach the ring. When they get inside of the ring, each member of the faction takes a corner of the ring and signals with their hands that they are worth money, earning themselves more heat whilst doing so.

    ***HIGH WAY TO HELL*** gets a big time reaction, as the ever fiery SPIKE DUDLEY comes out from the back. The fans continue to cheer loudly, as despite the small stature of Spike, his heart and courage has managed to win over most ECW fans. Spike slaps hands with the fans, walking with a purpose, and surprisingly he slides straight into the ring, causing Hot Commodity to scramble to the outside. They point menacingly at Spike, who poses to the fans a little, awaiting the arrival of his partners, and once again, showing no fear.

    ***ENTER SANDMAN*** causes the usual chaos throughout the arena, as the fans mark the fuck out, looking left and right to see exactly where the great man is. After a few more moments, up in the bleachers, THE SANDMAN can be spotted with his Singapore Cane in one hand, a can of beer in the other and a lit cigarette in his mouth. The Sandman takes a drag, before cracking open the beer can on his head and having a skull, and he then tosses the empty can to his adoring fans. He now slowly fights his way through the crowd and all their well wishes, hopping over the barricade, and stepping into the ring, sharing a handshake with Spike. Whilst they wait for their other partner, Spike continues to invite the squirming Hot Commodity into the ring, as Sandman threateningly wields his Singapore Cane.

    ***MAN IN THE BOX*** keeps the epic, patented, boisterous, extreme crowd noise in full effect, as another ECW favourite son, TOMMY DREAMER steps into the Municipal Auditorium. Tommy has no weapons with him tonight, walking to the ring empty handed, punching his chest, right where his t-shirt has the initials “ECW”. The fans continue to go ape shit for Dreamer as he joins his partners in the ring, preparing for battle.

    Match Three
    Hot Commodity w/Elektra vs. Spike Dudley, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer

    Without trying to be too lazy with the match recap, the best way to describe this one is an Extreme Championship Wrestling match in its truest form. Despite being labelled a tag team match, there is no time for tags in this one, as right from the opening bell, the referee is unable to gain any semblance of control over the match. This was unfortunate for Hot Commodity, as being The Network’s lackeys left them open to cop all of the pent up frustration that their hardcore opponents have been feeling over the past few months.

    To their credit, whilst this did feel like an extreme squash match in several different parts of the contest, Hamrick and EZ Money did show some sort of fight. A few times they were able to land some weapon shots and get a minimal amount of offense in, however the same couldn’t be said for Dinero. It’s no surprise that Dinero is probably the least capable of the three, and it showed throughout the beginning of this match as he was beaten from pillar to post, without even landing a punch.

    With all hell having broken loose, this match was hard to keep track of, but in the opening few minutes, Tommy Dreamer managed to have a few moments outside of the ring to set up a table. It was almost as if everybody had forgotten about the table as the match continued, when suddenly, SPIKE DUDLEY NEARLY KILLED JULIO DINERO WITH AN ACID DROP OFF OF THE APRON AND RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!!

    After that big time spot, the Tennessee natives burst out into another chant of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. Whilst Spike and Dinero remained out of it on the outside of the ring, THE SANDMAN TOOK DOWN EZ MONEY WITH A WHITE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP ON THE INSIDE OF THE RING!!! The Sandman goes for the cover… YET THERE IS NO COUNT BECAUSE ELEKTRA IS UP ON THE APRON, DISTRACTING THE REFEREE!!!

    The fans boo the hell out of the distraction, but Sandman remains down, waiting for the eventual count, WHEN CHRIS HAMRICK HITS SANDMAN IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH THE CONFEDERATE CURRENCY FLYING LEGDROP!!! Hamrick immediately rolls Sandman off of Dinero and hooks the leg, so Elektra gets off the apron for the count to be made…1…2…3…NO!!!

    TOMMY DREAMER BREAKS UP THE COUNT AT THE LAST SECOND!!! Hamrick looks shocked but he has no time to really process what is happening, as Dreamer drags him to his feet AND DRILLS HIM WITH A SPICOLLI DRIVER!!! Tommy with the cover now…1…2…3…NO!!!

    ELEKTRA LEAPS ONTO DREAMER AND DIGS HER NAILS INTO HIS EYES TO BREAK UP THE COUNT!!! The fans are furious, a heated “SLUT”, “SLUT”, “SLUT” chant breaking out, as a proud of herself Elektra yells at them to “SHUT THE HELL UP”. Elektra throws a few more insults at the fans before turning into The Sandman… WHO MOTORBOATS HER WHILST SPITTING BEER ALL OVER HER TITTIES AT THE SAME TIME!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants for the foul actions of Sandman, and as he pulls his face from Elektra’ chest, he has a HUGE smile on his face. Elektra looks violated and disgusted, and yells at Sandman, who laughs in her face, SO ELEKTRA SLAPS SANDMAN IN THE FACE… AND THEN TURNS STRAIGHT INTO A CUNT PUNT FROM SPIKE DUDLEY!!!

    Elektra clutches at her vagina as there is a humungous pop followed by more continuous “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant. Sensing his chance to do something everybody has wanted for ages, Spike smirks, before grabbing Elektra by the hair… AND SPIKE DROPS ELEKTRA WITH A BRUTAL ACID DROP!!!

    Those famous chants just keep on going, as the runt of the Dudley litter shares a high five with Sandman and Dreamer. The Sandman and Tommy then turn around, and they both respectively duck shots from Hamrick and EZ Money… before kicking them both in the gut… AND THEY CONNECT WITH STEREO DDT’S!!! BOTH MEN HOOK THE LEG OF THEIR RESPECTIVE VICTIM, SANDMAN ON HAMRICK, DREAMER ON EZ…1…2…3!!!

    WINNERS – Spike Dudley, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer by pinfall @ 6:10

    Having recorded the relatively easy victory, Dreamer, Sandman and Spike are quickly back into the ring, sharing high fives, before the referee raises their hands in the air.

    Whilst Hot Commodity licks their wounds on the outside of the ring, the trio of Extremists stand on a corner of the ring each, celebrating with the fans.

    The fans break out into chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, ecstatic with the fact that The Network’s lackeys didn’t get their way here tonight.

    Finally, the trio share a beer, Tommy and Spike playing along with Sandman, and smashing the beer open with their head before drinking it. Once they have all finished their drink, they toss the cans into the crowd and slowly begin making their way to the back…

    We now cut to a random hallway in the backstage area, where the team of
    EYE BALLS are causing havoc. Fresh off their suspension, BALLS MAHONEY and PIERRE CARL OULETTE receive a HUMUNGOUS pop from the fans, before they begin repeatedly SMASHING their steel chairs into the wall. “EDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants begin within the arena as the wall beating continues, until they both stop and show off their heavily dinted chairs to the camera. Of course as is standard with Eye Balls, they have the names of their targets spray painted on their chars, with Balls’ chair reading “LITTLE GUIDO” and PCO’s reading “THE REST”.

    Balls Mahoney: WE ARE BACK!!!

    The line is delivered with intensity, but there is a hint of a smirk on Mahoney’s face.

    Suddenly, Mahoney looks over at PCO, who begins ranting and raving in French, with barely anybody understanding what he is saying. Balls looks at PCO with his head tilted sideways, almost comically, wondering what the hell he is talking about. After he has finished, Oulette realises Balls is confused so he speaks again.

    Pierre Carl Oulette: Sorry, I got a bit excited there. What I said was we are going to see how fully blooded those Italians are when the mat is stained permanently with theirs.

    Again, there’s a certain anger to both men, however the talks of what they are going to do to The FBI seems to get them in a better mood.

    Pierre Carl Oulette: They made the single biggest mistake of their lives when they put us out...

    Mahoney nods in agreement as Pierre pauses, mulling over his next words.

    Pierre Carl Oulette: But being the fair guy that I am, I’m happy to give them a hint to help them with what is coming their way tonight. They should be able to look at me and know one thing I believe.

    PCO now points at his eye patch.

    Pierre Carl Oulette: AN EYE FOR AN EYE!!!

    With that, Eye Balls begin laughing hysterically, excited about the prospect of tonight’s match. They smash their chairs against each other in a ‘cheers’ like motion, before walking out of camera shot…

    ***ELECTRIC MOLECULAR*** starts over the pa system, getting a nice, positive ovation as CHRISTIAN YORK and JOEY MATTHEWS make their way out from the back. The two youngsters are focused tonight, sensing tonight could be their chance to finally win those ECW Tag Team Championships. York and Matthews walk down separate sides of the aisle, slapping hands with the fans, before sliding into the ring and bouncing off the ropes. The two continue to pose to the fans, enjoying their ovation, whilst also staying warm as they wait for their opponents.

    ***SIMON SAYS*** completely flips the mood inside of the arena, as foul language, heat and even some trash are thrown at the hated TEAM ME. JOHNNY SWINGER and SIMON DIAMOND don’t seem to mind to much, laughing at the reaction they are receiving and continue to strut down the ramp. Inside the ring, York and Matthews beg them to get inside, wanting further revenge for their title opportunity being interrupted, but the smarmy Team Me decide to wait outside of the ring. The fans begin a brief “PUSSIES”, “PUSSIES”, “PUSSIES” chant directed at Team Me as we await the arrival of our champions.

    ***SUPER BON BON*** causes Team Me to snap their necks, not sure whether to focus on York and Matthews or these guys, as the ECW Tag Team Champions DANNY DORING and ROADKILL make their way out from the back. They receive a larger ovation than York and Matthews, and much like the younger duo before them; they slap hands with the fans before getting into the ring. Once inside of the ring, the champions hand over the gold to the referee, before nodding at York and Matthews and inviting Team Me to get inside of the ring.

    Match Four
    ECW World Tag Team Championship
    Three Way Dance Match
    Danny Doring and Roadkill (c) vs. Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. Team Me

    Forgive my laziness for the early parts of this match, but this went virtually the same way as all Three Way Dance matches in ECW. Everybody was involved constantly rather than certain teams being isolated to make it a one on one contest, and because they are extreme, there were plenty of weapon shots throughout. The biggest moment in the opening few minutes took place when inside of the ring, Doring and Roadkill were double teaming Christian York, which left Matthews to have to attempt to fend off Team Me on the outside. Despite Matthews’ best efforts; he was unable to fight them off for long… AND TEAM ME WERE ABLE TO SCARILY CONNECT WITH THE PROBLEM SOLVER TO JOEY MATTHEWS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!!

    Of course this big time move leads to the crowd breaking out into a chant of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. What this also did was basically render Joey Matthews useless as EMT’s ran out to check up on him, and he is still unmoving on the cold, hard concrete floor. At one point it seems as if York noticed that his partner is down for the count, but due to the numbers he was attempting to fight off, he had no time to check on Matthews.

    The fans got right behind York from this period on, as he showed tremendous heart and fight to keep himself and his team in the match. Almost at the same moment that Joey Matthews was being stretchered out of the arena, York was actually able to build some momentum against Team Me, and this allowed him to score some near falls. Unfortunately whether dealing with the champions or the other challengers, York was doomed and kept falling to double team movers, clearly struggling with the numbers advantage.

    After being beaten down for a little while longer, York manages to earn himself a few seconds of breathing space, as he lays on the canvas with both members of Team Me lying next to him. York uses the ropes to get to his feet and when Diamond gets up, York meets him with a Dropkick, followed by a Clothesline to Swinger. This is followed by yet another Clothesline, this one to Diamond and York then connects with a Dropkick on Swinger. Both members of Team Me are dazed on the canvas as an exhausted York drags himself back up, and heads to the top rope. With the fans urging him on, York waits for both men to get back up… AND LEAPS OFF THE TOP, CONNECTING WITH A DOUBLE FLYING DROPKICK!!!

    This gets a big time pop from the fans as Diamond and Swinger roll to the outside, and now an “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant starts up. Christian York bounces back up to his feet this time, feeling the adrenaline, and he turns towards a charging Danny Doring… AND LEAPS UP AND NAILS DORING WITH A HURRICANRANA… AND HE HOLDS THE LEG FOR THE PIN…1…2…NO!!! DORING KICKS OUT!!!

    With Doring now struggling on the canvas, York is the first man back to his feet again, continuing with his herculean effort. Seeing his tag partner down pisses off Roadkill, who stomps into the ring and charges at York, but the youngster drops to the canvas, pulling down the top rope, low bridging Roadkill over the top and to the outside. Roadkill lands awkwardly with a splat and there are some groans from the audience who saw the difficult landing. York has seen the landing to and realises he can inflict further damage, so he bounces off the opposite ropes, high risk in mind… HE CHARGES ACROSS THE RING… BUT IS INTERCEPTED BY JOHNNY SWINGER WHO GETS HIM UP IN A FLAPJACK POSITION, AND DIAMOND BRINGS HIM DOWN WITH A DDT!!! THEY CONNECT WITH THE PROBLEM SOLVER!!! DIAMOND IMMEDIATELY HOOKS THE LEG…1…2…3!!!

    Elimination #1 – Christian York and Joey Matthews by pinfall @ 7:22

    Despite the tremendous effort by Christian York, he is helped out of the ring by the referee where they begin checking on Joey Matthews. Meanwhile, inside of the ring Team Me are back up, gloating to the fans who boo the hell out of them. As the heat continues, Swinger and Diamond look down at the hurt Doring, realised he is ripe for the picking whilst Roadkill remains down on the outside after his earlier awkward landing. After noticing that they have Doring in a one on two situation for at least the next few minutes, they begin stomping the life out of Doring.

    They continue to double team Doring to the chagrin of the fans and even the referee, but there is not much anybody can do. The two continue to beat on Doring but are unable to score the winning pinfall so they begin using Chinlocks and Nerve Holds to keep Doring down. Obviously these moves are not exactly extreme so the fans get really restless, beginning to unleash chants of “BORING”, “BORING”, “BORING”. Those chants only seem to spur Team Me on until Simon Diamond goes for a Superkick but Doring sidesteps the kick and catches the leg of Diamond. Simon’s eyes bug out of his head as he hops around on one foot, before Doring grabs Diamond AND DROPS HIM WITH THE BACKPACK STUNNER!!!

    Suddenly, the mood in the arena changes as Danny Doring is in the centre of the ring, but he slowly begins crawling towards his corner. A slightly dazed Roadkill has managed to make it back up onto the ring apron, begging for the tag from his partner. Despite the punishment that he has received throughout the contest, Doring manages to crawl his way towards the corner and he makes the hot tag to Roadkill.

    The Big Amish comes into the ring like a house on fire, peppering Diamond with punches. With each blow, Diamond snaps to the canvas but quickly gets back up, only to receive another shot again. Sensing the danger and momentum building, Swinger charges into the ring but he begins getting dropped with right hands from Roady as well. Both men continue to get up and charge aimlessly at Roadkill, resulting in both of them getting flipped through the air with Back Body Drops. With Doring still down on the apron, Roady continues to hammer away at both men, until Diamond and Swinger manage to land a cheap kick to the gut each. This hurts Roadkill enough for Team Me to grab him and toss him over the top rope.

    After the life saving move, both members of Team Me drop to their knees, feeling the effects of the assault from Roadkill. The fans are in relatively good spirits though because Roadkill has shown tremendous athleticism and landed on the ring apron. With both men’s backs turned, Roadkill steadily scales the ropes… BEFORE COMING OFF THE TOP WITH A SPRINGBOARD DOUBLE FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!! There is a big time pop for the flying big man as he is straight back to his feet, and he drags Diamond up… BEFORE DROPPING HIM AGAIN WITH THE DIRT ROAD SLAM!!! Roadkill stays on top for the cover…1…2…NO!!! Swinger manages to grab Roadkill’s foot and throw him off of the cover at the last second.

    Now that the dust has had a moment to settle, the fans break out into huge chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, after the impressive high risk move from Roady. Unfortunately for Roadkill though, Swinger manages to keep him down on the canvas, stomping all over him. Eventually Roadkill gets to his feet anyway, however Swinger looks to whip him across the ring, but Roady doesn’t move, instead he drops down to the canvas AND DORING TAKES SWINGER’S HEAD OFF WITH A SUPERKICK!!!

    The impact of the kick sends Swinger rolling underneath the bottom rope and onto the ring apron. He is left clutching his jaw whilst the tag champs realise his tag partner is still down in the middle of the ring. Doring and Roadkill share a nod before they both begin climbing up to the top rope at separate corners of the ring. Simon Diamond is still unmoving in the centre of the ring… SO ROADKILL COMES OFF WITH A FLYING SPLASH DAMN NEAR SQUASHING DIAMOND!!! And Roady immediately rolls away… AND DORING COMES OFF THE TOP WITH THE PANTY DROP ELBOW!!! This time Doring remains on top for the cover…1…2…3…NO!!! Swinger makes the save again, this time landing a quick snap Leg Drop to break up the count.

    This time Swinger is quicker to capitalise on his shock interruption, grabbing Roadkill from behind and throwing him shoulder first through the ropes and into the ring post. The sound of skin on post echoes throughout the arena causing multiple fans to groan and cringe, as Swinger turns back towards a charging Doring, but he manages to hoist Doring into the air and drop him throat first onto the top rope with a Hot Shot!

    Instead of inflicting further damage on his opponents, Swinger heads towards Diamond and helps his downed partner gets back to his feet. Despite feeling a little worse for wear, Diamond realises they have a job to do, so he signals towards Roadkill and yells “LET’S FINISH HIM”! They methodically drag Roadkill out of the corner and Diamond lifts him up into the air… GETTING HIM IN POSITION FOR THE PROBLEM SOLVER… AS SWINGER PREPARES TO LEAP FOR THE DDT… BUT DORING GRABS SWINGER AND PERFORMS A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

    The shock of the Problem Solver not going ahead and seeing his partner get thrown across the ring causes Diamond to begin to shake, tremble and then he is forced to drop Roadkill down. Roady lands on his feet as Diamond grabs at his back, so Roady kicks him in the gut AND LIFTS DIAMOND UP BEFORE SENDING HIM SMASHING INTO THE CANVAS WITH A POWERBOMB!!!

    Our ECW Tag Team Champions are cooking now, with the fans right behind them, as Roady surprisingly doesn’t go for the cover. Instead, he drags Diamond up again, places him on his shoulders… AND DRILLS HIM WITH A TKO!!! Roady now hooks the leg for the pin…1…2…NO!!! DIAMOND KICKS OUT in what is an incredible display of resilience.

    Now its Roadkill’s turns to look a little shocked as Diamond manages to kick out without any help from Swinger. Even with the slight set back, Doring and Roady know they have the advantage as Swinger still remains down and out. The champions have a discussion before dragging Diamond up to his feet again, and ROADY GETS HIM IN POSITION FOR THE BUGGY BANG… AS DORING HEADS TO THE TOP ROPE TO COMPLETE THE MOVE… BUT SWINGER COMES FROM NOWHERE WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE CHEST, CROTCHING DORING ON THE TOP ROPE!!! Before Roadkill can react and move Diamond, SWINGER DROPS ROADKILL WITH A SUPERKICK AS WELL!!! Johnny Swinger has changed the game as he forces Diamond to his feet and Diamond again struggles but gets Roady up in the air… AND TEAM ME CONNECT WITH THE PROBLEM SOLVER ON ROADKILL!!! The fans are shocked at the feat, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants proving it, as Swinger makes the cover…1…2…3!!!


    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants are shouted from the audience in a show of appreciation for the way Doring broke up the pinfall attempt. Doring senses his chance is now, immediately dragging Swinger back up… AND HITTING HIM WITH A PEARL NECKLACE CUTTER!!! Upon impact Swinger rolls to the outside of the ring, needing a break, as Doring turns his attention to Diamond, stalking him. Diamond eventually uses the ropes to get back up ONLY FOR DORING TO SEND HIM BACK DOWN WITH THE G SPOT SWEEP!!!

    Simon Diamond looks damn near defenceless now, as Doring yet again helps him up to a vertical base, AND THIS TIME DORING HITS THE WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA’AM!!!

    Again, no pinfalls attempts. Almost as if it is perfect timing, Roadkill has managed to make it to his feet, albeit groggily. After receiving some direction from Doring, Roady grabs Diamond and gets him in the Wheelbarrow position, whilst Doring gets up top… AND LEAPS OFF WITH THE LEG DROP… COMPLETING THE BUGGY BANG!!! Doring rolls Diamond over and makes the cover…1…2…3!!!

    Elimination #2 – Team Me by pinfall @ 15:50

    WINNERS – Danny Doring and Roadkill by pinfall @ 15:50

    A massive pop immediately emanates from the fans once the count has been made, as Danny Doring and Roadkill have once again retained their ECW Tag Team Championships. Both men get to their feet and share a hug, happy as can be, before they are handed their tag titles by the referee.

    The champions are a little wobbly on their legs, feeling the effects of the match, but they manage to smile as the referee raises their hands in victory. As the fans continue to cheer and the celebration inside the ring continues, Team Me lick their wounds on the outside, sulking all the way to the back.

    It’s a happy ending with this one though, as Doring and Roadkill continue to celebrate, providing another victory for ECW over The Network’s chosen ones.

    Before it’s time for our next match, we get a quick video package…


    ECW Hardcore Heaven
    May 13th on PPV
    From Milwaukee, Wisconsin


    ***SNAP YOUR FINGERS, SNAP YOUR NECK*** garners an interesting reaction from the crowd, with a majority of heat coming through, however there is a very small smattering of applause as JUSTIN CREDIBLE heads towards the ring. Credible looks as confident as ever, strutting to the ring, whilst his girlfriend/manager FRANCINE follows, armed with Credible’s deadly Singapore Cane. Francine looks at Credible rather intently but he pays her no attention, instead getting inside of the ring and waiting for his opponents.

    ***FUCK THAT*** immediately causes Credible and Francine to snap their necks towards the entrance way, where the rugged KID KASH steps through the curtain. The ovation is MASSIVE for Kash as he’s awesome in ring performances continue to win him more fans. KK slaps hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp, before sliding into the ring and locking eyes with Credible. Having quite a rivalry, these two men meet in the centre of the ring and begin trading insults, almost ready to come to blows.

    ***ROADHOUSE BLUES*** keeps the positive ovation from the fans going, as ‘The Extreme Luchadore’ SUPER CRAZY front flips through the curtain and begins sprinting towards the ring. The fans enjoy the entrance, cheering the Mexican on, as Crazy slides into the ring, acknowledging Credible, and then locking eyes with Kash. The two kind of tag team partners share a smirk and a nod, realising that they are going to have to lock horns at some point tonight.

    Match Five
    ECW Television Championship Tournament – Semi Final Match
    Three Way Dance
    Justin Credible w/Francine vs. Kid Kash vs. Super Crazy

    Despite this match being a three man match, you wouldn’t know it in the beginning. The bell rings whilst Kash and Crazy are still weighing each other up, and they share a handshake and lock up before Credible can get involved. Justin just sort of stands on the outer, hands on hips, a little confused, but Francine nods encouragingly because he is saving his energy. Kash and Crazy went hold for hold on the mat, both showing incredible technical prowess and quickness, but neither man able to gain an advantage. Both men end up back on their feet, ready to lock up again when Credible steps in between them, a palm on each mans chest.

    Both Kash and Crazy look a little shocked at the interruption, but Credible is damn right furious, shoving Crazy and then Kash in the chest. The fans let out some gasps at the audacity of Credible, whilst Kash and Crazy look at him as if to say “are you serious”. Credible doesn’t seem to realise the predicament he is putting himself in, as he yells “NOBODY IGNORES ME”!!! KK and Super Crazy look at each other, nod in agreement, and they both punch Credible in the face, sending him to the canvas.

    Still relatively fresh, Credible bounces straight back up but from here he gets bounced around like a pinball, with Kash and Crazy taking turns with punches. It continues to get worse for Credible as he continues to get hammered with punches by his foes, forcing him to stagger around as if he’s drunk. Luckily for the spaghetti legged Credible, Francine trips him up from the outside and drags him outside of the ring by his foot. Once on the outside, Credible looks a little shocked before realising what has happened, as the fans boo the hell out of the tactic. Inside of the ring, Kash and Crazy share a look again but rather than engaging in battle, KASH SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING AND LEAPS OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A PLANCHA, TAKING OUT CREDIBLE!!!

    Francine looks disgusted on the outside after just managing to avoid contact from the flying Kash. As per usual, after the awesome high impact move, the fans break out into an “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant. Feeling pumped, KK pulls himself up with the crowd barricade and makes sure Francine is a safe distance away before clutching at his mid section. Meanwhile, Credible battles his way to his feet, HOWEVER SUPER CRAZY NOW SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING AND LEAPS OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A PLANCHA, WITH CREDIBLE BEING TAKEN OUT AGAIN!!!

    This time Credible collapses under the weight of an opponent and stays down, as Crazy bounces back to his feet. Yet again, the fans greet a Plancha with “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants, whilst Kash nods in approval. With Credible down, Kash and Crazy lock eyes, realising it’s time to do battle, so they both slide under the bottom rope and get back inside of the ring. Much like right in the beginning of the match, the two engage in a respectful wrestling match, with neither man able to gain a real advantage.

    As the battle between the two “friends” continues, ‘The Extreme Luchadore’ begins to get the upper hand, seemingly figuring out Kash and remaining a step ahead. Whether it’s high risk, quickness or a rest hold, Crazy continues to get the better of Kash, much to the annoyance of the redneck himself. Credible remains down on the outside as on commentary Joey Styles puts over the mentorship and respect that Kash and Crazy’s tag team matches had built between the two competitors.

    Crazy continued to try and hold Kash down, pressing his advantage but Kash has had enough, and manages to break free of the Surfboard that he was locked in. Both men get back to their feet but Kash adds even further quickness to the match, bouncing off the ropes and knocking SC off his feet a few times. Crazy continues to get straight back up, until he gets caught with a Dropkick from the top rope. Kash looks set to continue his advantage, running to the ropes, but he gets tripped by Justin Credible.

    The fans boo the hell out of the trip which causes Kash to land face first onto the canvas. With Kash feeling a little loopy, Credible hurriedly pulls Kash out of the ring… AND RAMS HIM HEAD FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!!

    There is a slight “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant for the blow, as Credible and Francine share a laugh. Why? Because Kid Kash is down on the outside of the ring and Super Crazy is still down on the inside of the ring. Having dropped his long term rival, the former ECW Champion slides into the ring and begins stomping all over Crazy. Wanting to keep him grounded, Credible continues to go to town with punches, kicks and chokeholds, much to the annoyance of the audience.

    As the mauling of the Mexican continues at the hands of Credible, Justin drags SC by the hair and hangs him over the second rope. With Crazy showing no signs of life, Credible heads outside of the ring, and begins lurking at ringside before snatching a steel chair from one of the fans. Whilst Credible is making his way back to the ring, FRANCINE BEGINS PULLING AT THE NECK OF SUPER CRAZY, USING THE MIDDLE ROPE TO CHOKE HIM!!! The heat that is directed towards Francine is enormous as she eventually lets go, allowing the gasping for air Crazy to climb to his feet… ONLY TO GET CREAMED WITH A STEEL CHAIR TO THE FACE FROM CREDIBLE!!!

    More “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants echo throughout the arena, and unlike with previous Network rulings, The Network referee DANNY DANIELS doesn’t rule a disqualification. Instead he smirks at the brutal contact before telling Credible, “YOU SHOULD SMASH HIM WITH THE CHAIR AGAIN”!!!

    Boos are now directed at the referee as Credible takes the severely out of shape steel chair, and wedges it in the corner of the ring. Sensing this is his opportunity to do some real damage, Credible quickly pulls Crazy up by his hair… AND HE WHIPS HIM INTO THE CORNER… BUT CRAZY STOPS HIMSELF BEFORE HITTING THE CHAIR IN THE CORNER!!! ‘The Extreme Luchadore’ sticks a tongue out at Credible, so JUSTIN SPRINTS AT CRAZY… BUT CRAZY DROPS AND HOOKS A DROP TOE HOLD, CAUSING CREDIBLE TO GO FACE FIRST INTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!!

    Francine shrieks in horror on the outside as a drunken Credible staggers out of the corner… SUPER CRAZY WITH A SCHOOLBOY PIN…1…2…NO!!! CREDIBLE IS ABLE TO KICK OUT OF THE SHOCK PINFALL ATTEMPT!!!

    Credible just manages to survive as after the chair shot, the fans chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” some more. Knowing that his opponent is still well and truly dazed, Super Crazy hops onto the apron and steps up to the top rope, perched, and waiting for Credible to move… UNTIL FRANCINE LEAPS ONTO THE APRON AND SHAKES THE TOP ROPE… CROTCHING SUPER CRAZY ON THE TOP ROPE!!!

    As most of you can imagine, the Mexican is in quite a bit of pain as he lets out some groans and moans whilst clutching at his plums. Almost as if he has received a shot of adrenaline, the ever opportunistic Credible uses the ropes to drag himself to his feet, and smirks at the sight of Crazy incapacitated on the top rope. Credible confidently makes his way to the corner and climbs up to the top to meet Crazy, not realising that Kid Kash has battled his way back up and slid into the ring.

    Credible punches Super Crazy a few times, looking like he might be planning a Superplex… WHEN KASH RUNS ACROSS THE RING, JUMPS UP ONTO THE MIDDLE ROPE… AND TAKES CREDIBLE OFF OF THE TOP WITH A MODIFIED RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!!!


    All three men remain down after the high risk move, rolling around on the canvas. The fans begin applauding yet again, appreciating the match that they have seen so far. Eventually all three men get up to their feet at the same time, however Super Crazy seems to have his wits about him the most. He immediately bounces off the ropes and runs AT CREDIBLE… BUT CREDIBLE SIDESTEPS SUPER CRAZY AND USES HIS MOMENTUM TO HURL HIM INTO KID KASH… WHICH SENDS KASH TUMBLING THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE AND BACK TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

    Crazy is a little dazed after the collision with his tag team partner, so he blindly turns back towards Credible, who rakes the eyes. As Super Crazy continues to be blinded, Credible turns his attention towards Francine on the outside, yelling “THROW ME THE CANE”! The sultry Francine nods AND THROWS THE SINGAPORE CANE BUT HE OVERSHOOTS PAST THE HAND OF CREDIBLE AND SUPER CRAZY CATCHES THE SINGAPORE CANE!!!

    Justin Credible is frozen in fear, eyes wide in shock, and despite the tantrum that Francine is throwing on the outside, a gleeful SUPER CRAZY SMACKS THE SINGAPORE CANE ACROSS THE FACE OF JUSTIN CREDIBLE!!!

    As if he was dead, Justin Credible collapses to the mat, not moving. Super Crazy lets out a devious smirk before dropping the Singapore Cane, running to the ropes, AND LANDING A BOTTOM ROPE MOONSAULT!!! He bounces straight back to his feet, leaps to the middle rope… BEFORE JUMPING OFF WITH A MIDDLE ROPE MOONSAULT!!! Despite favouring his ribs slightly, Crazy is straight back up again, this time climbing to the top rope, BEFORE LEAPING OFF AND CONNECTING WITH A MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! After this collision, Super Crazy rolls around on the canvas, clutching at his mid section before hooking the leg…1…2…3!!!


    There is a mixed reaction from the fans, as they are irritated at Francine interfering, but they still chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” for the awesome sequence of events. Francine looks pretty pleased with herself on the outside, until she realises Kid Kash is back to his feet, and he takes a few threatening steps towards her. Francine immediately sprints around the ring, getting out of dodge, whilst Kash rolls back into the ring, and immediately drops the unsuspecting Super Crazy with a Spinning Wheel Kick.

    Crazy rolls to a corner of the ring, holding his jaw after the shot and a slightly guilty looking Kash turns his attention back to Credible. He slowly picks up the dead weight of Credible and drags him to a different corner of the ring, and hoists him up onto the top rope. Kash hastily lands a couple of punches to Credible’s jaw before climbing up to the top rope, AND LEAPING UP FOR A FRANKENSTEINER… BUT CREDIBLE SOMEHOW CATCHES HIM, PLACES HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS… AND LEAPS OFF OF THE TOP ROPE, DRILLING KASH WITH A SUPER MANHATTAN DROP!!!

    Big time “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants after the massive high impact move. With Super Crazy still down and Kash not moving, Credible drags the dead weight of Kash up, and Kash can barely stand, UNTIL CREDIBLE DROPS HIM WITH A SUPERKICK!!! CREDIBLE LEAPS ON KASH WITH THE COVER…1…2…3!!!


    The frustration is clear for all to see as Credible slaps the canvas, having thought that was going to be it. After mouthing off at the referee, Credible dusts himself off, getting to his feet, and he puts a thumb across his throat, signalling that the end is near. Credible drags Kash by the hair into position, AND LIFTS HIM UP FOR THE THAT’S INCREDIBLE… BUT KASH SQUIRMS AND MANAGES TO LAND BEHIND CREDIBLE!!!

    Francine sees this and immediately leaps up onto the apron, yelling at Credible, “HE’S BEHIND YOU, HE’S BEHIND YOU”! Before Credible can react, KK SHOVES HIM WITH ALL OF HIS STRENGTH AND IT SENDS CREDIBLE STAGGERING INTO FRANCINE… AND SHE FALLS OFF OF THE APRON AND ONTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!! A dazed Credible doesn’t even realise, turning to Kash who kicks him in the gut… AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH THE MONEYMAKER!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out one last time, but spotting something at the corner of his eye, Kash doesn’t go for the cover. Instead, he rolls away… AS SUPER CRAZY IS BACK ON THE TOP ROPE, AND HE LEAPS OFF, CONNECTING WITH ANOTHER MOONSAULT ONTO CREDIBLE!!! THIS TIME CRAZY MAKES THE COVER STRAIGHT AWAY…1…2…3!!!

    Elimination #1 – Justin Credible by pinfall @ 11:06

    Nobody can quite believe that Justin Credible is the first eliminated from this contest, especially not Francine, who storms to the back in a fuss. Meanwhile, a second referee runs to ringside and begins to help roll Credible out of the ring so that the match can continue. The fans are marking out, cheering loudly for the fact that Credible is gone, as the on again off again tag team partners, Kid Kash and Super Crazy realise they will have to fight against each other. Both men back off to their own side of the ring, regaining their composure, before going nose to nose in the middle of the ring. It’s almost as if the match is restarting as the fans chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” in anticipation of the two locking horns.

    Much like earlier in the match when the two did engage each other, they trade a bunch of quick, technical manoeuvres, with neither man initially gaining the advantage. Once again, much like earlier in the match, after awhile Super Crazy manages to get the advantage. This forces Kash to go for an ill advised Headscissors Takedown, but Crazy manages to reverse into a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker! The fans gasp at Kash’s pain, AS CRAZY IMMEDIATELY GOES FOR A STANDING MOONSAULT…NO! KASH GETS HIS KNEES UP!!!

    KK rolls away from his downed friend, who is gasping for air after the collision. Kash uses the ropes to drag himself to his feet, and he takes a breather, stalking Super Crazy, waiting for him to get up. As Crazy begins to get up, KASH RUNS AT HIM AND CONNECTS WITH A SWINGING DDT!!! KASH HOOKS THE LEG…1…2…NO!!! SC KICKS OUT, showing he still has some fight left in him.

    Despite being a little frustrated, Kash is quick to get back up and he heads to the apron, before climbing up to the top rope. His eyes are locked on The Mexican, they aren’t friends anymore, and as Crazy gets up… KASH LEAPS OFF OF THE TOP ROPE… POTENTIALLY LOOKING FOR A FLYING HURRICANRANA… CRAZY DUCKS UNDER KASH… BUT KASH LANDS ON HIS FEET AND QUICKLY BOUNCES OFF THE ROPES, CHARING BACK AT CRAZY… BUT SUPER CRAZY LEAPS UP AND CONNECTS WITH A HURRICANRANA OF HIS OWN… HOLDING KASH’S LEGS AFTERWARDS FOR THE COVER…1…2…NO!!! A shocked Kash manages to kick out!

    The fans are again chanting “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” for the epic exchange, as this time its Super Crazy who seems to be wondering what he has to do next. Knowing he can’t take too long, similar to the last time he was on the canvas; he backs away from Kash, allowing him to get to his feet. As Kash drags himself up, Crazy CHARGES AT HIM, LOOKING FOR A SWINGING DDT OF HIS OWN… BUT KASH SHOWS TREMENDOUS STRENGTH, LIFTING SUPER CRAZY INTO THE AIR AND PLACING HIM IN A SEATED POSITION ON THE TOP ROPE!!!

    Before Crazy can react, ‘The Notorious K.I.D.’ lands some rapid fire right hands, dazing him a little. This allows Kash the time to climb up onto the top rope as well, and he lands a few more punches, as the arena begins buzzing for what is next. Suddenly, KASH LEAPS UP INTO THE AIR, TAKING SUPER CRAZY DOWN WITH A FRANKENSTEINER OFF OF THE TOP ROPE… BUT CRAZY AMAZINGLY ROLLS THROUGH INTO A SUNSET FLIP…1…2…NO!!! KASH JUST KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!

    Despite the gruelling match so far, adrenaline powers both men to jump back to their feet immediately, spurred on further by the crowds “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants. Both men charge at each other and Super Crazy swings wildly with a Clothesline, however Kash ducks… BEFORE CLIMBING UP THE ROPES AND SPRINGBOARDING OFF THE ROPES BEFORE COMING BACK AND NAILING CRAZY WITH A FLYING HURRICANRANA!!!

    The big time blow garners more cheers from the fans as the momentum of the move sends Crazy tumbling underneath the bottom rope. The Mexican lands with a splat on the cold, hard concrete floor, but shows his resilience, quickly using the crowd barricade to drag himself back to his feet. Once he gets back to his feet, Crazy is still staggering around, attempting to shake out the cobwebs… WHEN KASH LEAPS ONTO THE ROPES AND SPRINGBOARDS OFF, LANDING A FLIPPING SENTON ONTO SUPER CRAZY ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

    This time both men stay down as the ECW faithful lose their shit, including breaking out into another “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant. The referee is checking on both men, clearly concerned, but he doesn’t get much of a reaction from either competitor. Eventually Kash gets up first, getting a standing ovation before he looks at his friend almost reluctantly; before he begins dragging him up by the hair. ‘The Notorious K.I.D.’ rolls Crazy back into the ring, before heading up to the top rope. He waits patiently for Super Crazy to get back up, AND THEN KASH COMES FLYING OFF THE TOP, CONNECTING WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK!!! KASH SCURRIES OVER FOR THE COVER…1…2…3!!!


    After that failed pinfall attempt, Kash double checks with the referee, who confirms that it was definitely only a two count. With a little more aggression this time, Kid Kash grabs the right arm of Crazy and drags him across the ring and to the corner. From here, he helps Crazy up to a vertical base, whilst climbing up the ropes until he is sitting on the top rope. Kash locks in a Front Facelock… BEFORE LEAPING OFF, LOOKING FOR A TORNADO DDT… BUT SUPER CRAZY LIFTS HIM UP AND HE THROWS HIM ACROSS THE RING… KASH LANDS ON HIS FEET!!!

    The fans applaud the athleticism whilst Crazy looks a little shocked, however Kash just smirks and invites Crazy forward. Super Crazy looks a little offended, snapping and sprinting forward, leaping up with a Dropkick but Kash cleverly sidesteps the attempt. No wasted motion this time for KK, as he quickly gets Crazy in position for the MONEYMAKER…CRAZY REVERSES INTO A BACK BODY DROP… KASH HOLDS ON… LOOKING FOR A SUNSET FLIP… CRAZY IS KEEPING HIS BALANCE… AS KASH CONTINUES TO TRY AND PULL HIM DOWN… WHEN CRAZY DROPS TO HIS KNEES AND GRABS KASH’S LEGS, LANDING A COVER OF HIS OWN…1…2…3!!!


    Once again, both men bounce back to their feet… AND KASH JUST CHARGES THROUGH SUPER CRAZY WITH A BRUTAL YAKUZA KICK!!!

    With Super Crazy down, the determined Kash waits a moment or two for Crazy to begin to get to one knee… WHEN KASH BOUNCES OFF THE ROPES… BUT AS HE BOUNCES OFF THE ROPES, JUSTIN CREDIBLE HITS HIM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A SINGAPORE CANE!!!

    The immediate crowd reaction is deafening as Credible laughs, as Kash staggers into the centre of the ring, STRAIGHT INTO AN INSIDE CRADLE BY SUPER CRAZY…1…2…3!!!

    Elimination #2 – Kid Kash by pinfall @ 16:20

    WINNER – Super Crazy by pinfall @ 16:20

    Despite initially being happy with the fact he cost Kid Kash the match, after the bell rings, Justin Credible still looks extremely frustrated with the fact that he lost tonight. Rather than acknowledge the competitors in the ring, he snaps his Singapore Cane against the ring post before storming to the back. Of course as he is on his way to the back, the fans serenade him with chants of “MOTHER FUCKER”, “MOTHER FUCKER”, “MOTHER FUCKER”.

    Once Credible has disappeared, Super Crazy is up on the top rope, raising his hands in the air, and the fans give him a polite ovation. The Mexican seems a little confused at the fact that the ovation isn’t huge, however when he jumps off the top rope, he comes face to face with a furious Kid Kash. ‘The Notorious K.I.D.’ is holding the back of his head as he explains to Super Crazy what happened, and Crazy looks sincerely shocked.

    Super Crazy puts his hands up defensively, before pointing to his eyes and shaking his head, demonstrating that he did not see Credible’s interference. Kash clearly believes him as with hands on hips he nods, still looking a little disappointed, and then he grabs Crazy’s hand and raises it into the air. The fans give a standing ovation to both men and the sportsmanship provided as they share a hug, before Kash leaves the ring, and allows Crazy his moment in the sun to continue his celebration. Super Crazy signals that the TV Title will be coming around his waist as we fade away…

    We cut to the backstage area where we see a still clearly annoyed J
    USTIN CREDIBLEstorming through a hallway, shoulder barging random employees, until he comes face to face with FRANCINE. If looks could kill, Credible would be dead as Francine savagely shoots daggers at Credible after losing the previous match. Credible doesn’t look happy himself, and the two have a stare down for a few moments, before the scathing Francine begins to speak.

    Francine: WHERE IS YOUR GOLD?

    Justin shakes his head in disappointment and annoyance whilst Francine trembles with anger, taking a few moments to compose herself.

    Francine: I mean, what is wrong with you? You need to take a good look in the mirror and figure out where you’re at. You couldn’t even make it to the finals against a man who you ALWAYS beat.

    Francine stops now, looking at Credible, waiting for an explanation. Despite his anger, JC takes a deep breath, clearly not wanting to fight with his girlfriend.

    Justin Credible: They just caught me off guard. It was a Three Way Dance, every man for themselves, and they double teamed me…

    The former ECW Champion looks towards the ground, ashamed at being caught off guard. Francine clearly isn’t buying the excuse.

    Francine: Don’t use that as an excuse! You were double teamed at November To Remember too…

    The angry Francine eye balls Credible until he looks at her again.

    Francine: And despite the double team, you won that match.

    It’s now obvious that Credible has had enough, shaking with rage as he takes a step towards Francine.

    Justin Credible: Shut up!

    She ignores him.

    Francine: Your embarrassing losses reflect badly onto me. People are beginning to think that I’m a loser.

    Francine pauses, before shaking her head with a wild look in her eye.

    Francine: Now I might be a lot of things in this life, but I’m no loser!

    She now points at her own chest, wanting to further emphasise her point.


    JC looks at her a little confused, wondering where this is going.

    Francine: There are two ways this can go tonight and whichever way it turns out is completely up to you. Either you make one hell of an impact tonight and make people talk about you…

    The wheels are spinning in Credible’s brain as he begins thinking about how to do this. Francine remains silent for a moment or two, letting her words sink in.

    Francine: Or I do what I have warned you about for months, and I go where the gold goes. I will offer my services to the new TV Champion!

    Having said her bit, Francine gives Credible one last look over, before rudely scoffing and walking away. As she gets out of the picture, Credible begins trembling with rage again, feeling disrespected… And as he begins to continue down the hallway, HE PUNCHES A WALL, LEAVING A MARK IN THE PLASTER!!! The fallen former champion of the world continues to shake his head as he plods down the hallway, having lost everything… except for his girlfriend… for now…

    ***BIG BALLS*** begins playing throughout the arena, and the familiar theme gets a PHENOMENAL reaction as the returning duo of BALLS MAHONEY and PIERRE CARL OULETTE step out from the back. The team collectively known as EYE BALLS take a moment or two to enjoy the reaction, as a big time “EYE BALLS”, “EYE BALLS”, “EYE BALLS” chant begins. As per their usual custom, both men carry a steel chair to the ring but rather than it having one name engraved on the chairs, both chairs just read “FBI”. Both men get into the ring and shout and raise their chairs in the air, continuing to enjoy the crowd reaction, before they turn towards the ramp, awaiting The FBI’s arrival.

    ***NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN*** changes the mood in the arena entirely, not just for the fans but Eye Balls as well. LITTLE GUIDO and TONY MAMALUKE lead THE FULL BLOODED ITALIANS towards the ring as they are the ones in action tonight, but they are closely followed by SAL E. GRAZIANO and SCOTTY ANTON. The quartet gets PLENTY of heat from the fans but as always, the Italians hurl insults right back at the fans. They pause when they arrive at ringside, seeing the steely looks in the eyes of their opponents and getting a little taken aback, before sucking it up and sliding into the ring.

    Match Six
    Eye Balls vs. Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke w/The Full Blooded Italians

    Guido and Mamaluke, the competing members of The FBI, only slid into the ring once Eye Balls had thrown their chairs outside of the ring. It makes little to no difference right away, as the referee calls for the bell, and Eye Balls immediately begin beating the tar out of Guido and Mamaluke. It’s just a simple brawl in the early stages, right hands doing all of the damage, as Mahoney and Oulette have their way with their smaller, Italian challengers.

    After being dropped with stereo head butts, Mamaluke and Guido retreat to the outside to attempt to regroup. Scotty Anton and Big Sal quickly meet them on the outside and they have a team huddle, going over some potential strategy… HOWEVER INSIDE OF THE RING BALLS GETS DOWN ON ALL FOURS NEAR THE ROPES…PCO RUNS ACROSS THE RINGS, STEPS ON BALLS, USING HIM AS A LAUNCHING PAD TO HIT AN UGLY LOOKING FLIP DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE OUTSIDE… TAKING OUT THE FBI!!!

    A big time pop comes from the crowd for the unexpected high risk move, which is followed by a chant of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. Pierre slowly gets to his feet, feeling the impact of the move, but he raises his hands in the air in celebration, however he hasn’t realised that at the last second, Big Sal avoided contact. All of The FBI is down on the outside except for Big Sal… SO SAL GRABS PCO FROM BEHIND AND THROWS HIM FACE FIRST INTO THE RINGPOST!!!

    The groans and gasps can be heard echoing throughout the audience after that brutal collision with the post. Big Sal looks pretty impressed with himself and he looks set to begin helping his FBI comrades to their feet, but instead, Balls slides underneath the bottom rope and gets in-between Sal and his teammates. Big Sal snarls before swinging with a clubbing right hand but Mahoney avoids, before peppering away with jabs at Big Sal. His jabs do enough to sting but he can’t drop Sal, until he unloads with a huge haymaker right… Sal rocks but remains on his feet, so Balls leans back and lands a second haymaker… Sal is a little more unsteady but still on his feet… so Balls unleashes with a third haymaker that causes Sal to collapse against the apron but he remains on his feet.

    With the big man out of commission for at least a few moments, Mahoney looks to turn his attention towards his actual opponents, but is instead confronted by Scotty Anton. Mahoney manages to beat Anton to the punch though, landing a few right hands, BEFORE BALLS THROWS ANTON INTO THE RING POST!!! Anton crumbles to the floor but Balls is still really close to the ring post… AND BIG SAL CHARGES FROM BEHIND… BODY SPLASHING MAHONEY INTO THE RING POST!!!

    The air disappears out of the arena and Mahoney’s body after the splash, as Balls’ falls to the floor. Big Sal, the only Italian standing, now has the time to go around ringside and help up Mamaluke, Guido and Anton. Once the quartet is on their feet, they finally get the chance to reconvene with their team huddle and discuss their strategy. With Mahoney out of action, they decide to drag PCO to his feet and slide him back into the ring. From here, Guido and Mamaluke turn this into a standard tag team match, using their numbers advantage to beat up PCO, just being unable to put him away. Every time Oulette shows signs of fighting back, a double team move or interference from Anton and Big Sal are enough to turn the tide back in The FBI’s favour.

    After a few minutes of Oulette being alone, Balls manages to fight back up to his feet and he gets back onto the ring apron, awaiting a tag. The fans applaud the tenacity of Mahoney but the only issue is that his partner is still being isolated by The FBI. PCO continues to show signs of life but not enough to make a hot tag to his hungry tag team partner.


    Both men are down in the centre of the ring with their partners urging them on to make the tag or to prevent the opposition from making the tag. Mamaluke begins crawling towards his own corner and after a few moments, the beaten down PCO begins doing the same. Naturally, Guido gets the tag first, and just as PCO is within tagging distance of Mahoney, Guido grabs his leg and attempts to pull him back towards the centre of the ring, but after only moving a couple of centre meters, Pierre kicks Guido off of him.

    The velocity of the kick sends Guido snapping down to the canvas; however both men now get up relatively quickly. They both charge at each other… AND GUIDO ENDS UP CHARGING STRAIGHT INTO A YAKUZA KICK FROM PIERRE… And after nailing the kick, an exhausted Pierre falls backwards… RIGHT INTO MAKING A HOT TAG TO MAHONEY!!!

    Mahoney steps into the ring and a panicked Guido is there to meet him, only for Balls to begin peppering away with punches. As Mahoney lands his blows, the fans chant “BALLS”, “BALLS”, “BALLS” for each blow. With Guido spaghetti legged, Balls takes the time to grab at his own nuts, BEFORE COMPLETING THE MAHONEY COMBO WITH A BIG RIGHT HAND, as the fans chant “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH BALLS”!


    The fans erupt into another chant of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” for the high risk move from Pierre Carl Oulette. As all four men on the outside remain down, inside of the ring, Mahoney is having his way with Guido. He throws Guido into the corner before meeting him there and hammering away with more brutal right hands. Guido is damn near defenceless as Balls continues to land punches until Guido’s legs give out and he falls into a seated position. With Guido down and out, Mahoney slides outside of the ring and picks up his steel chair before heading back into the ring.

    When Balls gets back into the ring, the leader of The FBI has managed to get back to his knees, and he pleads with Balls, “NO, PLEASE DON’T HIT ME”! The fans boo the cowardly tactics of Guido but Mahoney just laughs before REARING BACK WITH THE STEEL CHAIR… WHEN GUIDO LANDS A QUICK THUMB TO THE EYE!!!

    This causes Balls to drop the chair, as he goes down on his haunches, clutching at his eye. He can be heard yelling to the referee, “I CAN’T SEE” as Guido quickly gets up, climbs up to the top rope… AND HE LEAPS OFF, DRILLING MAHONEY TO THE CANVAS WITH THE SICILIAN SLICE ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!! GUIDO WASTES NO TIME, HOOKING THE LEG…1…2…NO!!! BALLS KICKS OUT OF THE ITALIAN’S SIGNATURE MOVE!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out again as this match remains a one on one contest for the time being. Guido is clearly a little frustrated that Mahoney kicked out, but he keeps his mind on the job. He drags Mahoney by the hair… GETTING HIM IN POSITION FOR THE KISS OF DEATH… BUT MAHONEY BLOCKS IT AND PUSHES GUIDO AWAY FROM HIM… AND GUIDO STAGGERS STRAIGHT INTO A DEVASTATING LARIAT FROM PCO!!!

    The Lariat causes Guido to do a three sixty in mid air, which of course means it was met with further “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants. With Guido down and Balls getting back to his feet, Oulette notices Tony Mamaluke getting back to his feet on the outside, but leaning on the apron for support. PCO reaches underneath the bottom rope and gets a hold of Tony’s head, using it to drag Tony up and back into the ring. Balls quickly stays on top of Mamaluke, mounting him and landing punches as PCO quickly heads back outside of the ring, getting his own steel chair before returning.

    Once PCO is in the ring with his steel chair, Mahoney gets up and picks up his as well, and the two smash their steel chairs together, almost as if they were saying cheers and drinking a beer. The audience is buzzing, waiting for a blow… WHEN SUDDENLY SCOTTY ANTON LEAPS ONTO THE APRON… AND MAHONEY DESTROYS HIM WITH A STEEL CHAIR TO THE FACE… AND IT SENDS ANTON CRASHING INTO THE CROWD BARRICADE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

    Now that Anton is out of this match, the fans chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” yet again. Inside of the ring though, Eye Balls feel like they have more punishment to dish out, AS PCO SLAMS HIS STEEL CHAIR ACROSS THE BACK OF MAMALUKE!!! The sadistic PCO then throws his chair onto the canvas, before dragging the head of Mamaluke between his legs… AND OULETTE HOISTS HIM HIGH INTO THE AIR… BEFORE BRINGING HIM DOWN WITH A POWERBOMB ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!!

    More of those famous “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants can be heard, and the match could be over right here. However instead of making the cover, Balls and PCO have a conversation over what torture they can inflict on The FBI next. As they have a discussion, Guido pushes Pierre from behind, and it causes Pierre and Mahoney to have a head clash, and with both men staggering around as if they were drunk, GUIDO GETS A SCHOOLBOY PIN BALLS, HOLDING THE JEANS FOR LEVERAGE…1…2…NO!!! BALLS JUST GETS HIS WITS ABOUT HIM AND KICKS OUT!!!

    Guido realises that was his chance, hands on head in despair as he scatters to the corner. Meanwhile Mahoney is back up as is Pierre, and they begin to stalk towards Guido, menacingly looks on their faces, WHEN BIG SAL GETS ONTO THE APRON AND STEPS INTO THE RING… BUT PCO KICKS HIM RIGHT IN THE DICK!!!

    Big Sal bends over, holding at his groin, clearly struggling for air, SO BALLS LANDS A CHAIR SHOT RIGHT ON THE FOREHEAD OF BIG SAL!!!

    Somehow, someway, Big Sal staggers but remains on his feet… SO PCO LANDS ANOTHER CHAIR SHOT RIGHT ACROSS THE HEAD OF BIG SAL!!!

    Amazingly, Big Sal remains on his feet so Mahoney cocks and loads his chair, almost in a baseball player stance, WHEN LITTLE GUIDO TRIES TO SNEAK UP… AND MAHONEY SWINGS AND NEARLY TAKES GUIDO’S HEAD OFF WITH A CHAIR SHOT TO THE FACE!!!

    Almost at exactly the same time, PCO CREAMS BIG SAL WITH ANOTHER CHAIRSHOT TO THE FACE!!!

    It’s almost laughable as Big Sal remains on his feet although he is clearly wobbly and a bit of trouble. Thinking on his feet, Balls heads up to the top rope, steel chair in hand… AND HE LEAPS OFF OF THE TOP ROPE, CONNECTING WITH A STEEL CHAIR TO THE FACE OF BIG SAL AS HE LANDS… UPON IMPACT, BIG SAL FINALLY DROPS TO THE CANVAS!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants can be heard again as Big Sal is laying on the canvas, facing the lights, blood oozing out of a freshly made wound in his forehead. Meanwhile, Guido begins to use the ropes to fight his way up from his chair shot and in quite the gruesome sight, he has blood running down his face also. Balls spots Guido trying to get up and grabs him, pulling him to the middle of the ring, BEFORE HOISITNG HIM UP ON HIS SHOULDER… AND DROPPING HIM WITH THE NUTCRACKER SUITE!!!

    There is still no cover from the relentless, cult favourites, Eye Balls, as PCO instead heads onto the apron, before slowly ascending to the top rope… And once at the top… PCO LEAPS OFF, NEARLY SQUASHING GUIDO UPON LANDING WITH LE CANNONBALL!!! PCO REMAINS LAYING ON TOP OF GUIDO’S CHEST FOR THE COVER…1…2…3!!!

    WINNERS – Eye Balls by pinfall @ 9:13

    The bell rings to signal the end of the match and it’s a feel good story here, as Eye Balls have finally gained revenge on The Full Blooded Italians. The FBI look like they have been in a war, littered all around ringside, whilst Balls and PCO stand in the centre of the ring, sharing a nod and smile at each other.

    With the fans cheering them on, Mahoney and Oulette pick up their steel chairs, comparing the dents they have left in them after using them throughout the match. The two smash their chairs in celebration, as The FBI still hasn’t really moved… So the celebration will continue, as we cut away…

    We head to a locker room in the backstage area where a serious looking
    THE SINISTER MINISTER is sitting on a fold out chair. He looks directly into the camera lens, paying no attention to what is around him, as his protégé and the former ECW Champion YOSHIHIRO TAJIRI practises kicks in the background, preparing for his main event against Rhino tonight.

    The Sinister Minister: its funny how the world works and how people’s words can trick people into believing anything. Some people say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

    Starting with his usual twisted subject matter, Minister pauses as Tajiri continues warming up.

    The Sinister Minister: The Network has done the opposite to what the devil has done. The greatest trick The Network ever pulled was convincing the world that Rhino does exist.

    TSM has a grin on his face now, beginning to really get his point across.

    The Sinister Minister: Don’t mistake what I’m saying here, Rhino’s record is impressive…

    Despite his words, The Sinister Minister doesn’t seem very impressed.

    The Sinister Minister: He’s taken on everybody. He has gone on a run straight through the land of extreme with bodies in his wake.

    The Minister shakes his head, a bemused look on his face.

    The Sinister Minister: All of these facts make it sound like Rhino is an unstoppable force but bodies aren’t everything!

    He takes a moment to straighten up his jacket, a glint in his eye at the first potential bit of criticism regarding Rhino.

    The Sinister Minister: This hasn’t always been the case, I remember eleven months ago…

    TSM is forced to pause and look behind him as one of Tajiri’s kicks made a sound like a gun shot against a punching bag.

    The Sinister Minister: The story was a long way back and very different. Eleven months ago the Big Fucking Deal wasn’t such a big deal when he needed an army to lift the TV Title off of Yoshihiro Tajiri!

    A big smile is on Minister’s face as he clearly takes confidence from this for tonight’s main event.

    The Sinister Minister: Keep in mind that was a much less experienced Yoshihiro Tajiri than the one behind me tonight.

    The camera pans out to show Tajiri continuing his warm up, eyes fully focused on his striking targets.

    The Sinister Minister: Fast forward five months to six months ago…

    The Sinister Minister stops to clear his throat.

    The Sinister Minister: Despite the backing of The Network, Rhino was proven fallible when Kid Kash lifted the TV Title from him.

    Another smile on the face of Tajiri’s manager as he runs through more of Rhino’s downfalls.

    The Sinister Minister: Let’s go again, one month after that, five months ago…

    One more pause for good measure.

    The Sinister Minister: Again, with the deck well and truly stacked in his favour, Rhino came within an eyelash of losing to Rob Van Dam before he was saved.

    TSM now shoots a knowing look to the camera, almost as if he is trying to look directly at his subject matter.

    The Sinister Minister: Despite all of the facts that I have just ran through, The Network would have you believe Rhino can’t be beaten.

    Minister keeps his composure but ever so slightly rolls his eyes and scoffs at the notion of Rhino being unbeatable.

    The Sinister Minister: BUT THAT IS A LIE!!!

    All seriousness now as TSM yells a little, showing real fire and passion.

    The Sinister Minister: This isn’t the first time somebody in ECW has called themselves unbeatable and been incorrect or lying. Justin Credible would have had you believe nobody could ever win the World Heavyweight Title from him.

    A slightly arrogant grin appears on the face of Minister now.

    The Sinister Minister: BUT THAT WAS A LIE!!!

    TSM adjusts the collar on his jacket before speaking again.

    The Sinister Minister: Above all else, The Network would have you believe Yoshihiro Tajiri is not the next World Heavyweight Champion.

    That thought seems laughable to The Minister.

    The Sinister Minister: That…

    Tajiri continues to throw deadly strikes in the background, ready to regain his title.

    The Sinister Minister: Is a lie.

    Having said his bit, The Sinister Minister continues to look into the camera whilst his soldier continues to prepare for his huge main event title shot against Rhino…

    ***DEBONAIRE*** plays back at ringside and the fans seem a little shocked, not expecting Rhino until the main event tonight. Suddenly, their shock turns to white, hot anger as the leader of The Network, CYRUS makes his way out from the back. The heat is ENORMOUS as per usual as Cyrus smiles a real shifty looking smile, almost as if he might have an announcement that would suit The Network to a tee. Once inside of the ring, Cyrus grabs a microphone and looks set to talk, but the heat doesn’t settle so he can’t speak. After an eternity, a still happy Cyrus lets out a chuckle and tries to speak again.

    Cyrus: I really appreciate all of the love you Nashville hicks are giving me but please, hold the applause.

    More boos for Cyrus and he can’t help but just laugh, before waiting for them to die down so he can speak again.

    Cyrus: I know this isn’t exactly ideal but you’re going to want to listen to what I have to say… Because I’m adjusting the schedule because Jack Victory is in the bathroom with a bad stomach right now.

    Before he can say anything else, the fans shit all over the lame excuse, smelling a rat from a mile away. To his credit, Cyrus is doing a fantastic job now of keeping a serious look on his face.

    Cyrus: Considering the close personal relationship these two men have, Steve Corino has refused to go on without his spiritual guide.

    More heat from the fans for the laughable excuse, mixed in with a “BULLSHIT”, “BULLSHIT”, “BULLSHIT” chant.

    Cyrus: Now that the schedule has been adjusted you need to know what match will be on next, so without further ado…

    Cyrus pauses to build the anticipation a little, but also because he’s struggling to speak over the fuming crowd.


    There is a mix of cheers and boos as the fans know that Cyrus is trying to give Lynn an advantage in the tournament final, yet they are still excited for the match. Cyrus hands the microphone over to the ring announcer before stepping outside of the ring and remaining at ringside, wanting to conveniently watch the final first hand.

    On commentary,
    JOEY STYLES is disgusted with the schedule change.

    Joey Styles: Every time I think the bias can’t get any worse towards The Network competitors, Cyrus ups the ante. I mean Jerry Lynn had his match FOUR matches ago.

    Joey takes a moment to catch his breath as JOEL GERTNER tries to tell him off mic not to worry.

    Joey Styles: And Lynn barely had a match at that, with the brackets being altered to give Jerry an easy run. Meanwhile, Super Crazy has only had one match to rest.

    Joey continues to resist Gertner’s pleas, speaking his mind.

    Joey Styles: So not only has Super Crazy had a shorter rest but he’s has to work harder and longer as well. This is ridiculous!

    Finally, Joey seems to calm down as Cyrus and the audience wait for the wrestlers to make their entrances. On commentary, they put over that it’s taking a little longer due to the last minute schedule change…

    ***SCAPEGOAT*** hits over the pa system for the second time tonight, as a confident, arrogant JERRY LYNN walks out from the back. Much like earlier in the night, Lynn has a certain swagger about him, and the fans give him EVEN MORE heat than earlier, knowing that he barely broke a sweat earlier this evening. Cyrus sickeningly applauds at ringside and Lynn greets him with a handshake stating “I’M GONNA’ MAKE YOU PROUD”, before sliding into the ring, ready to gain the TV Championship.

    ***ROADHOUSE BLUES*** probably brings the BIGGEST POP of SUPER CRAZY’S career as he begins his journey towards the ring for the final of this tournament. Unlike earlier in the evening, there is no fast paced entrance for Crazy now, as instead he slowly limps down the ramp, feeling the effects of his match earlier tonight. Lynn and Cyrus both see this and look gleeful, knowing that Crazy is going to struggle to backup his previous performance. Even once Crazy gets into the ring, despite the support of the fans, there is no acknowledgement of them as he tries to conserve his energy.

    Match Seven
    ECW Television Championship Tournament – Final
    Jerry Lynn w/Cyrus vs. Super Crazy

    The energy level differential between the two is really obvious from the get go, with Lynn looking on his toes, bouncing around, whilst Crazy just sort of plods around the ring. They begin with some amateur mat wrestling, which could be a good strategy for Crazy, as whilst it’s taxing on the body, it’s not incredibly fast paced. It’s clear that Lynn expects to dominate his battered opponent, but instead Crazy embarrasses Lynn with an array of Hammerlocks and Side Headlocks, and the only time Lynn gets Crazy down, the Mexican kips straight back up. The frustration levels are clear for everybody to see on the face of Lynn as they lock up again with a Collar and Elbow tie up, but Jerry switches things up with a knee to the mid section. Gasping for air, Crazy drops to his knees, and Lynn goes to work, using his extra energy to stomp and pound the nearly defenceless Super Crazy.

    Having an even bigger, sustainable advantage so early on in the contest gets Lynn feeling pretty cocky, as he drags ‘The Extreme Luchadore’ up by the hair and tosses him outside of the ring. Much to the delight of Cyrus, Lynn follows Crazy outside of the ring before picking up a steel chair, and with Crazy on all fours; LYNN SMASHES THE STEEL CHAIR ACROSS HIS BACK!!! The noise of chair on skin reverberates around the arena, as does the “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant for the first sign of weapon use in this one. Super Crazy is reeling on the floor, as Lynn walks over to the Timekeeper’s table and he picks up the ring bell. Jerry walks back over to SC, who battles to his feet… ONLY FOR LYNN TO DAMN NEAR TAKE HIS HEAD OFF WITH THE RING BELL!!! Crazy is damn near unconscious on the floor as the arrogant, in control Lynn scoffs at him, dragging his dead weight up and rolling him into the ring, as the fans continue with the “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants.

    Instead of going for the pin back inside of the ring, Lynn wants to inflict further punishment as he brings Crazy to a seated position and locks in a Chinlock. He keeps the hold locked in but Crazy doesn’t show signs of giving up or fading away so Lynn switches to a Nerve Hold. This seems to cause more pain for Super Crazy, as the fans boo the hell out of the use of a rest hold. Eventually, with the fans support, ‘The Extreme Luchadore’ manages to fight to his feet, before throwing a few wild elbows to Lynn’s mid section to break the grip.

    Finally having achieved separation, the desperate Super Crazy bounces off the ropes but he runs straight into a dropkick from Jerry Lynn.

    The man dubbed as ‘The New F’n Show’ decides to go back to the well and ground Crazy again, locking in another Chinlock. This time there are no signs of Lynn relenting, as he squeezes with all his might. Once again, the resilience of Crazy comes into play as he manages to fight his way to his feet, but Lynn holds on. Suddenly, Crazy drops his ass to the canvas, nailing Lynn with a painful looking Jawbreaker in the process.

    Super Crazy stays seated on the canvas, using this time to regain some breath, as Lynn holds his jaw with one hand, and uses the other hand to post back to his feet. Crazy quickly leaps up as well, both men getting up at basically the same time, before SC runs at Lynn and leaps up… Lynn looks for a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker but Crazy reverses into a Hurricanrana in mid air!

    The fans mark out as Crazy is showing some signs of life, whilst the velocity of the Hurricanrana sends Lynn sliding underneath the bottom rope and to the outside. Jerry manages to keep his feet as he attempts to shake out the cobwebs and Cyrus looks to come up and talk strategy, but he decides against it. The reason why is because Crazy runs across the ring before landing a Baseball Slide Dropkick to the face of Lynn.

    The blow sends Lynn crashing into the crowd barricade, but incredibly, the barricade keeps Lynn on his feet. He is spaghetti legged though, as he does his best to maintain his composure… AS SUPER CRAZY LEAPS OFF OF THE APRON ONTO THE ROPES… BEFORE FALLING ONTO LYNN WITH A BEAUTIFUL ASAI MOONSAULT!!!

    As usual, the high risk move gets a massive pop from the fans, followed by another “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant. Both men remain down in a mess on the cold, hard concrete floor, until Crazy uses the crowd barricade to pull himself back to his feet. Not wanting to waste time, SC drags Jerry up and quickly rolls him back into the ring. Instead of following straight back into the ring himself, Crazy gets onto the apron and then heads up to the top rope. The fans cheer him on as he remains perched on the top rope, waiting for Jerry to get up…BEFORE LEAPING OFF OF THE TOP ROPE WITH A CROSSBODY… AND HE REMAINS ON TOP FOR THE COVER…1…2…NO!!! THE RELATIVELY FRESH LYNN KICKS OUT!!!

    Despite the fact that Lynn kicked out and Super Crazy is dead tired, he still has the advantage right now. The Mexican struggles his way back to his feet and sees that Lynn is still down, and thinks for a moment about what he wants to do next. Once he figures it out… CRAZY RUNS TO BOUNCE OFF OF THE ROPES… BUT CYRUS TRIPS HIM UP FROM THE OUTSIDE!!!

    Massive heat emanates from the fans as Crazy lands face first onto the canvas. Cyrus puts his hands up, pleading his innocence to the referee as the fans start up a “FUCK YOU CYRUS”, “FUCK YOU CYRUS”, “FUCK YOU CYRUS” chant. Crazy rolls to the outside, still holding onto his face, before getting a taste of his own medicine, as Lynn attacks him with a Baseball Slide Dropkick.

    The match has changed completely as now Super Crazy is out of it on the outside, and Lynn is the one wanting to press the advantage. Jerry heads up to the top rope this time, ready for some high risk of his own, but he’s forced to wait awhile as Super Crazy takes a bit of time to get back up to his feet. When Crazy gets up, he turns towards the ring… ONLY FOR LYNN TO JUMP OFF OF THE TOP ROPE AND CONNECT WITH A CROSSBODY ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!!

    Those famous “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants can be heard again for the high risk move, as despite the heavy contact, Lynn gets to his feet rather quickly. He is holding onto his mid section a little though, showing that the collision didn’t just benefit him. Still, his opponent is barely moving so the merciless Jerry slowly pulls SC to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. Much like Crazy did earlier, instead of heading straight back into the ring, Lynn gets up onto the apron before climbing up to the top rope. Rather than leaping straight off, Lynn arrogantly smirks at Cyrus, before running his thumb across his throat, signalling that this one is all over. This gets plenty of boos for Jerry but he doesn’t care as after time wasting he turns around… ONLY FOR CRAZY TO RUN ACROSS THE RING AND DROPKICK JERRY IN THE CHEST… CROTCHING HIM ONTO THE TOP ROPE IN THE PROCESS!!!

    Our male heavy audience all groan along with Lynn as he cops quite the blow to his testicles. Obviously the fans mark out for it and even Crazy can’t completely stifle the slight grin that appears across his face. The time for celebration is not yet though, as Crazy lands a few right hands to keep Lynn preoccupied, so he can climb up to the top rope with Lynn. Once up top, SUPER CRAZY LEAPS UP AND HE HITS LYNN WITH A FRANKENSTEINER FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! HE THEN SCURRIES ACROSS THE RING TO THE DOWNED BODY OF LYNN AND HOOKS THE LEG…1…2…3!!!


    There is some severe disappointment echoing throughout the arena for the kick out, especially from the audience and The Mexican, but we still get “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants anyway. Well and truly having a pressing advantage now, Crazy doesn’t waste any time, dragging Lynn up by the hair and Scoop Slamming him down near the corner.

    Crazy has that look in his eye as the fans begin to buzz; this one could be close to being over… CRAZY RUNS TO THE BOTTOM ROPE… AND LANDS ON LYNN WITH A BOTTOM ROPE MOONSAULT!!!


    Crazy immediately rolls around on the canvas in tremendous pain, gasping for air after it has all been driven out of him. Sensing he has a moment or two, Lynn takes a bit of time getting to his feet, trying to recompose himself. Once he does get to his feet, Jerry drags SC by the hair to the corner of the ring, before he leaps up onto the second rope, sitting on the top rope. He then gets Super Crazy in a Front Facelock, and Lynn leaps off, looking for a Tornado DDT… But Crazy shows tremendous strength, throwing Lynn off of him and across the ring.

    This time it’s Jerry’s turn to impress as he shows tremendous athleticism, landing on his feet. Trying to catch Super Crazy off guard, he then sprints at him but Lynn runs straight into a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker!

    Everybody in the arena outside of Cyrus is behind Crazy now, not believing that he is still giving Lynn this much of a challenge. Lynn is incapacitated after the Backbreaker, lying on the canvas… AS CRAZY RUNS ACROSS THE RING, JUMPS ONTO THE MIDDLE ROPE, AND LEAPS OFF, THIS TIME LANDING THE MIDDLE ROPE MOONSAULT!!!



    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” comes from the fans once again after such a close near fall. Crazy looks a little unsure of himself now, looking at the referee who confirms that it was definitely only a two count. Knowing he can’t take too long, Crazy begins to pull Lynn up, but once on his knees, LYNN USES HIS RIGHT ARM TO CONNECT WITH A BRUTAL LOW BLOW!!!

    Just like that, everything in this match changes again. Crazy has almost a shocked look on his face as he holds at his groin area, and collapses to the canvas. Meanwhile, the resourceful Lynn has a grin on his face as he uses the ropes to pull himself up. The referee immediately gets in Jerry’s face, warning him about the low blow, yet LYNN TELLS THE REF, “YOU AIN’T GONNA’ DO SHIT WITH CYRUS OUT HERE”! The referee doesn’t really have much to say after that, whilst the fans boo the hell out of Lynn. Jerry now looks towards Cyrus and yells “GET ME A CHAIR”!

    Realising he could be so close to bringing the ECW Television Championship back to The Network, Cyrus sprints across the ring. None of the fans offer their steel chairs to him so he is forced to find one underneath the ring. Once he has the chair, he throws it over the top rope in the direction of Lynn.


    The chair falls to the mat as does Lynn, but Super Crazy immediately pulls Lynn back up, SWINGING DDT ONTO THE CHAIR!!! CRAZY MAKES THE COVER AGAIN…1…2…3!!!


    Referee Hanson looks at Cyrus confused, asking “WHAT ARE YOU DOING”, and Cyrus responds BY THROWING HANSON FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!!

    The fans boo the hell out of the dirty tactics from Cyrus, who straightens up his outfit and sneers at some of the fans. Cyrus then turns back towards the ring… AND TURNS STRAIGHT INTO A BASEBALL SLIDE DROPKICK FROM SUPER CRAZY!!!

    An epic pop comes from the fans now, which is followed by more chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. Everybody is ecstatic, even the commentators, as Cyrus finally gets a little taste of what he deserves. Crazy gets back inside the ring now and pulls up Lynn, who now looks like he’s more tired and battered then Crazy…AND ‘THE EXTREME LUCHADORE’ DRILLS HIM WITH A BRAINBUSTER!!! SUPER CRAZY MAKES THE COVER AGAIN…1…2…3!!!


    At first, he looks a little shocked, not really knowing why there is no count, before he clicks that the referee isn’t in commission anymore. Crazy gets up, hands on hips, furious with the fact that he should have the match won. It takes a moment to get that out of his head and figure out what’s next before he slowly begins pulling the dead weight of Lynn up off the canvas.

    Looking to try something completely different, SC begins setting Lynn up for a Liger Bomb… BUT LYNN FIGHTS OUT AND LANDS HIS SECOND LOW BLOW OF THE CONTEST!!!

    Much like the first blow, Crazy has all the air driven out of him and falls to the canvas, in a world of pain. Lynn again takes a few moments before getting back to his feet, looking at a downed referee and Cyrus on the outside, but realising he has work to do. Lynn picks up the steel chair and waits for Crazy to get up… AND THEN LYNN SMASHES THE STEEL CHAIR ACROSS THE FACE OF SUPER CRAZY!!!

    Understandably, Crazy drops to the canvas as the fans chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” for the sickening chair shot which echoed throughout the arena. Crazy may actually be unconscious as he’s not moving at all now. Lynn even pokes him a few times with his boot to check, but there is still no movement from Crazy. Lynn laughs and signals to the fans that this time it really is over, before he heads to the apron and up to the top rope. With Crazy still not moving, LYNN JUMPS OFF OF THE TOP ROPE AND LANDS A FROG SPLASH TO HEAPS OF BOOS FROM THE PRO RVD CROWD!!! LYNN TAKES A MOMENT TO REGAIN SOME AIR AFTER THE BLOW… BEFORE HOOKING A LEG… AND THE NETWORK REFEREE DANNY DANIELS SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP AND SLIDES INTO THE RING…1…2…3!!!


    The fans aren’t happy with the appearance of The Network’s referee because he is slimy as, whilst Lynn is pissed off and not happy that Crazy still managed to survive that pinfall attempt. Jerry now aggressively grabs Crazy by the hair, and begins to drag him to his knees…


    Cyrus is back up on the outside and he’s annoyed that Crazy kicked out as well, as he gets Daniels attention and yells “MAKE IT THREE NEXT TIME”! Both wrestlers get to their feet relatively quickly though, adrenaline having kicked in, close to the home stretch, but the pace of Crazy shines through, as he beats Lynn to the punch with a series of stinging right hands. With Lynn reeling, Crazy goes low with a Dropkick to the knee, which causes Lynn to fall to the canvas. Crazy then bounces off the ropes… AND TAKES LYNN’S HEAD OFF WITH A BASEMENT DROPKICK!!!

    Having the advantage yet again, Crazy points menacingly towards Cyrus on the outside, before picking up the steel chair that remains in the ring. ‘The Extreme Luchadore’ walks towards Lynn… RAISES THE CHAIR ABOVE HIS HEAD… BUT DANNY DANIELS SNATCHES THE CHAIR FROM BEHIND AND THROWS IT ON THE CANVAS!!! Crazy looks shocked but Daniels says “THAT’S AGAINST THE RULES, YOU CAN’T USE THAT”! Massive heat followed by “BULLSHIT”, “BULLSHIT”, “BULLSHIT” chants from the fans as Crazy steps towards Daniels, ready to strike… BUT LYNN COMES FROM BEHIND WITH A SCHOOLBOY, HOLDING THE TIGHTS…1…2…3!!!



    Danny Daniels getting knocked out obviously draws quite the response from the fans, as Lynn looks a little shocked himself. He now turns STRAIGHT INTO A KICK TO THE GUT FROM CRAZY… FOLLOWED BY A LIGER BOMB!!!

    With Lynn down and out and Daniels down and out, Super Crazy needs to capitalise now. He knows this to, heading up to the top rope, surveying the crowd who begin booing… BECAUSE JUSTIN CREDIBLE AND FRANCINE BEGIN RUNNING TOWARDS THE RING!!! There is some heat from the fans as they arrive, and even Cyrus looks a little confused as to why they are out here… BUT CRAZY TAKES NO CHANCES… LEAPING OFF OF THE TOP AND LANDING RIGHT ON TOP OF JUSTIN CREDIBLE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

    Francine and Cyrus are both in shock as the arena shakes with a positive ovation followed by another “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant. With the adrenaline still running through his veins, Crazy bounces back to his feet relatively quickly, before rolling back into the ring and climbing up to the top rope, facing the outside. It looks like Super Crazy might be thinking about a Moonsault… BUT SUDDENLY CYRUS GETS UP ONTO THE APRON, DISTRACTING CRAZY!!!

    SC points at Cyrus, signalling for him to get down, but Cyrus yells “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I’M THE NETWORK”! Eventually, Cyrus does get off of the apron and end the argument, but he allowed long enough for Lynn to take Crazy’s legs out, crotching Crazy on the top rope for a moment. SC then loses his balance and falls awkwardly to the canvas. Jerry Lynn wastes no time, GETTING CRAZY IN POSITION FOR A CRADLE PILEDRIVER… BUT HE DROPS HIM TO THE CANVAS WHEN HE’S DISTRACTED BY THE ARRIVAL OF KID KASH AT RINGSIDE!!!

    Kash gets onto the apron and begins arguing with Lynn, the two going back and forth, trading insults. Cyrus is yelling at Lynn, “IGNORE HIM” but to no effect, as the argument continues. On the outside of the ring, Justin Credible has managed to get back to his feet with the help of Francine… SO KASH LEAPS ONTO THE ROPES AND COMES OFF WITH AN ASAI CORKSCREW SENTON ONTO CREDIBLE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants for the high risk move, as Francine loses her shit on the outside of the ring. With the action settling down on the outside, Lynn turns back to the task at hand… BUT TURNS STRAIGHT INTO A DDT FROM SUPER CRAZY!!!

    Everybody is down, both inside the ring and outside of the ring, except for Cyrus and Francine, who arguably can’t do a lot. The fans give a standing ovation for the awesome match that we have seen so far, when Kid Kash manages to be the first man to his feet. He looks around, seemingly impressed with the carnage around him, when Cyrus begins waving to the back, “GET OUT HERE NOW”! Nobody knows who Cyrus is signalling to until ANGEL AND TONY DEVITO, DA BALDIES BEGIN RUNNING DOWN THE RAMP!!! They clobber Kash from behind… BEFORE HOISTING HIM INTO THE AIR AND DRILLING HIM WITH A TANDEM POWERBOMB ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!!

    Cyrus looks very impressed as Da Baldies nod and then head to the back just as quickly as they appeared. There are some “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants for the big time move, but Kid Kash might be dead. EMT’s begin running towards ringside to check on Kash but whilst that is happening, we have a match to finish. Inside of the ring, Super Crazy is the only one showing signs of life, as he crawls towards the ropes and uses them as leverage to get back to his feet.

    Not for the first time tonight, Crazy slowly climbs to the top rope, once again facing the outside of the ring, potentially ready for a Moonsault. Before he can leap off… JUSTIN CREDIBLE JUMPS ONTO THE APRON AND HEADS TOWARDS THE ROPES…BUT CRAZY PUNCHES HIM AWAY… CAUSING CREDIBLE TO FALL TO THE FLOOR… BUT THIS ALLOWS LYNN TO JUMP TO THE MIDDLE ROPE AND SPRINGBAORD OFF… TURNING IN MID AIR TO LAND A SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!!!

    Holy shit! What a move! More “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants as Lynn drapes an arm over the chest of Crazy for the cover… THERE IS NO COUNT INITIALLY… BUT DANNY DANIELS MANAGES TO SHAKE OUT THE COBWEBS AND CHECK THE SHOULDERS…1…2…3!!!


    On the outside of the ring, Justin Credible kicks the crowd barricade in frustration, as Francine rolls her eyes. Cyrus is losing his shit as well, and inside of the ring, Lynn lays on the canvas for a moment or two, not wanting to admit he has to continue. After taking a moment or two, Lynn gets back to his feet and roughly pulls Crazy by the hair to the middle of the ring.


    The fans mark out for Crazy STILL fighting, but he’s barely got anything left, as he stumbles into the ropes, leaning on them for support… WHEN FRANCINE GETS ON THE APRON AND STICKS HER NAILS INTO BOTH EYES OF SUPER CRAZY FROM BEHIND!!!

    Boos echo throughout the arena as Credible looks impressed with Francine, whilst a desperate Crazy clutches at his eyes… BUT STAGGERS STRAIGHT INTO A KICK TO THE GUT FROM LYNN… AND LYNN FINALLY CONNECTS WITH THE CRADLE PILEDRIVER!!! LYNN HOOKS THE LEG…1…2…3!!!

    WINNER – Jerry Lynn by pinfall @ 18:46

    The heat is UNGODLY as the bell rings and the ring announcer states that Jerry Lynn is the new ECW Television Champion. Super Crazy has managed to roll out of the ring which allows Lynn to enjoy his celebration unimpeded. ‘The New F’n Show’ is awarded the title and he gets on his knees, closes his eyes, and kisses the title. The fans continue to boo Lynn as he has a seemingly emotional moment with the title he has fought to obtain for so long.

    Eventually he gets up, still getting heat from the fans, but he’s still hugging the title, now with a huge grin on his face. Suddenly, Cyrus steps into the ring and joins him and Cyrus gives him a round of applause. Whilst the two continue to celebrate, Francine steps inside of the ring… AND FRANCINE HUGS JERRY LYNN AND CYRUS IN CELEBRATION!!!

    A strange buzz echoes throughout the arena as everybody looks a little shocked with what they have seen, but nobody is more shocked than Justin Credible. He is gobsmacked as he gets into the ring, staring at Francine and asking “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED”?

    She just stares down Credible, a pitiful look on her face, before Cyrus reaches through the ropes and grabs a microphone.

    Cyrus: Not only am I happy to welcome the ECW Television Championship back into The Network’s control, but I’d also like to welcome the newest edition to The Network…

    Cyrus, Francine and Lynn all have grins on their face, as Credible seems to realise where this is going, mouth wide in shock.

    Cyrus: FRANCINE!!!

    Massive heat from the crowd as the three Network members still seem happy as. Justin Credible looks heartbroken, shock being replaced by sadness, a distraught look on his face. The former boyfriend of Francine looks at her and mouths “WHY”, and she simply laughs before pointing at the championship that is now around the waist of Jerry Lynn. She then spells it out for him, saying “FRANCINE GOES WHERE THE GOLD GOES”!

    Whilst Credible still remains shocked inside of the ring, the victorious trio step outside of the ring and make their way to the back. The Network has had a happy ending in this story…

    Despite being shocked and sad, suddenly Credible gets red in the face, trembling with anger for the second time tonight. The former ECW Champion looks furious and he notices a still injured Danny Daniels sitting in the corner of the ring. A furious Credible drags a begging Danny Daniels to his feet… AND THEN DROPS HIM WITH THE THAT’S INCREDIBLE!!!

    Credible is still furious after the blow as the fans chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” and give him a cheer for taking out The Network referee. Credible doesn’t acknowledge the fans though, instead keeping his head down, storming out of the ring and to the back, potentially wondering where he goes from here…

    We now head to the backstage area where a determined yet relaxed looking
    ROB VAN DAM stands by. He takes a couple of deep breaths, doing some last minute stretching before he begins speaking in front of the camera.

    Rob Van Dam: I think we all know the predicament that I’m in at the moment, and its super simple.

    RVD pauses, mulling over his next words carefully.

    Rob Van Dam: So I’ll do my best to be relatively quick, I won’t take long.

    Van Dam has a really serious demeanour tonight, not as happy go lucky as usual.

    Rob Van Dam: A long time ago now, Rhino took me out.

    Even mentioning it causes Van Dam to gulp and sneer slightly.

    Rob Van Dam: I mean Rhino tried to break my neck…

    On instinct, RVD cracks his neck as he mentions it.

    Rob Van Dam: The key word there is try because he didn’t.

    Another deep breath before continuing.

    Rob Van Dam: And now in this shitty Network era, Steve Corino is stopping me from my revenge.

    ‘The Whole Fuckin’ Show’ shakes his head, irritated at the mention of Corino.

    Rob Van Dam: So Steve Corino this is what I’m gonna’ do to you bro, I’m going to get rid of Steve Corino!

    Van Dam pauses again, punching his first into his palm.

    Rob Van Dam: I’ve heard all of your credentials before and I don’t give a damn. You can be the King of Old School and the backbone of The Network.

    The laid back wrestler rolls his eyes and scoffs at the monikers of Corino.

    Rob Van Dam: Congratulations now let me tell you what I am. I’m the WHOLE FUCKING SHOW!!!

    A slightly smarmy look on the face of Van Dam, a little impressed with himself.

    Rob Van Dam: You’re not the only backbone in this match either; I’m the backbone of E…C…W!!!

    RVD points towards where his heart is inside his chest, showing the passion he has for this promotion.

    Rob Van Dam: And when it comes to The Network and ECW around here, ECW still means a little something more.

    Van Dam pauses, taking another breath, thinking about what’s next.

    Rob Van Dam: Now let me tell you how tonight is going to work, bro. I’m going to kick a chair into your face and make you bleed again tonight.

    RVD throws a kick into the air, showing that he’s ready to go.

    Rob Van Dam: And whenever you wake up and get your head about you, I want you to go tell your monster what it feels like…

    One more pause from an intense Van Dam.

    Rob Van Dam: Because once I’m done for you, I’m coming for him next!

    Straight to the point, RVD finishes up with one last, longing look at the camera, before walking out of the camera shot…

    ***WALK*** gets an EARTH SHATTERING, ARENA SHAKING ovation as out steps one of ECW’s greatest ever talents, ROB VAN DAM. Despite his demeanour previously and the task at hand tonight, RVD lets out a smirk whilst heading down the ramp, slapping hands with plenty of the fans. ‘The Battle Creek Barbarian’ stops at ringside to point his thumbs at his shoulders at the same time as the ring announce shout…”ROB VAN DAM”. Van Dam then gets inside of the ring and jumps around a little, keeping warm and getting rid of whatever nervous energy remains.

    ***THE OLD SCHOOL STYLE*** flips the mood entirely in the arena, as the fans boo the hell out of the arrival of STEVE CORINO. Even with the terrible ovation, there are still one or two people cheering him on in the arena, namely the two accompanying him to the ring, DAWN MARIE and JACK VICTORY. They cheer on their hero with all their might, as ‘The King Of Old School’ gets his game face on, pointing at Van Dam and mouthing a few unpleasant things before stepping into the ring.

    Match Eight
    Rob Van Dam vs. Steve Corino w/Dawn Marie and Jack Victory

    Both men are now inside of the ring and the referee immediately calls for the bell and the two circle each other, rather cagey, not wanting to make an initial mistake. They look to lock up however at the last second, Corino avoids contact and leans between the ropes, ensuring that the referee obtains a clean break. Massive heat can be heard from the audience as RVD looks frustrated but Corino just laughs in his face. They prepare to lock up a second time, Corino seemingly more pumped up this time, until he drops to the canvas and rolls underneath the bottom rope. Corino is quickly met by Victory and Marie who snicker along with him, whilst RVD and the referee both look really annoyed inside of the ring.

    Being rather experienced, ‘The Whole Fuckin’ Show’ doesn’t lose his composure and go after Corino, but he shakes his head in disgust. Meanwhile, Corino grabs a microphone, deciding he has something to say… “HOW YOU FEELING ROB? DO YOU FIND THIS ANNOYING YET?” Corino and his posse laugh together as drops the microphone as Van Dam rolls his eyes inside of the ring.

    Suddenly, Corino drops down to the concrete floor, feigning a cramp and he begins doing some stretching. After doing some simple ‘touch your toes’ stretches, Steve begins jogging laps, comically slapping high fives with Marie and Victory every time he walks past them. A few times he tries to slap hands with some fans but they are quick to ignore him and call him an “ASSHOLE”, “ASSHOLE”, “ASSHOLE”.

    After a few more laps, Corino pauses and gets on his haunches, over exaggerating just how tired he may be after his warm up. All of these tactics are getting the crowd angrier and it continues as JACK VICTORY PULLS OUT A WHISTLE AND BEGINS BLOWING ON IT, clearly mocking Van Dam’s manager and long time friend, Bill Alfonso. Victory yells “YEAH BABY KING OF OLD SCHOOL DADDY” as Dawn Marie points in the air and the three friends laugh up a storm, continuing to mock RVD and his friends.

    Finally, the time for fun is over as Steve decides to toughen up, slowly getting onto the apron and stepping into the ring. He storms to the middle of the ring and Van Dam meets him with a rapid kick to the body, followed by another… And another… And another… And another… So Corino backs away and throws himself through the top rope and tumbling to the outside.

    This time Corino’s attempts at creating space between him and Van Dam are futile as RVD follows him out, and continues the attack. The action outside of the ring consists of Corino trying to get away from Van Dam; however RVD continues to follow and rams him into the ring post and the crowd barricade.

    Sick of being belted around the ring, Corino rolls back inside the ring, still trying to keep the distance between himself and his opponent. Van Dam shakes his head at the pursue he’s having to do to get his hands on Corino, before jumping onto the apron, yet when he goes to step into the ring, Jack Victory grabs hold of Van Dam’s foot to stop him.


    ‘The King Of Old School’ laughs at the collision RVD has with the steel, whilst the fans begin chanting “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. Van Dam remained hanging over the crowd barricade before eventually falling into the crowd. Luckily he’s at the feet of people who love him as he lies there rather helplessly, whilst Corino steps out of the ring. Steve slowly climbs over the crowd barricade, meeting the fallen Van Dam with some short, sharp stomps.

    Sensing his chance to do some damage, Corino then brings RVD up and throws him back over the crowd barricade to ringside. Van Dam isn’t showing good signs at the moment, as Corino climbs back over, brings him up and drops him with a Suplex on the cold, hard concrete floor. The grimacing Van Dam remains down, holding his back as Corino looks at the disapproving fans, yelling “I’M HARDCORE”!

    Despite his claims of being hardcore, ‘The King Of Old School’ changes pace again, ignoring the heat from the fans and rolling Van Dam back into the ring. He quickly follows Van Dam in before keeping him grounded with a mix of old school Chinlocks, choosing to grapevine the body at times.

    The fans don’t like the strategy, booing and beginning a “BORING”, “BORING”, “BORING” chant which Corino seems to really enjoy. Eventually, Van Dam refuses to submit and fights his way back to his feet, before elbowing Corino and forcing him to break his grip. Once the two are separated, Van Dam lands a few quick kicks to the body, before sending Corino to the ropes… When Corino comes back, RVD sends him flipping through the air with a Back Body Drop!

    Van Dam is beginning to get on a roll now as he bounces back to his feet, meanwhile Corino feels at his sore back, and gets up, leaning against the corner of the ring for support. A slightly labouring Corino is unable to get out of the way as RVD comes charging in and lands a Spinning Wheel Kick against the corner! Refusing to allow Corino to breathe, ‘The Whole Fuckin’ Show’ follows up by sending Corino into the opposite corner.

    With the momentum flowing through his veins, Van Dam somersaults across the ring, before sending Corino flying across the ring with a Monkey Flip!!!

    Having copped an absolute battering, Corino rolls underneath the bottom rope, trying to escape the onslaught from Van Dam outside of the ring. Unfortunately, before Marie and Victory can warn him… RVD SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING BEFORE LPEAING OVER THE TOP ROPE, LANDING A FLIPPING SENTON WHICH TAKES OUT STEVE CORINO ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

    Both men remain down on the outside after the high risk move, as the ECW fans break out into their first chant of “RVD”, “RVD”, “RVD” for the match. It takes a few more moments but once Van Dam does get to his feet, the first thing he does is hoist Corino back into the air and rolls him back into the ring. Van Dam gets back onto the apron and checks to make sure Victory and Marie aren’t around, before climbing up and perching himself onto the top rope. He waits for ‘The King Of Old School’ to get to his feet and then leaps off of the top, dropping Steve with a Flying Sidekick!

    Boot right to the face means that Corino is out of it in the middle of the ring. RVD stands over him for a moment or two, before bouncing off of the ropes AND LANDING A HANDSPRING MOONSAULT!!! HE CLUTCHES AT HIS MID SECTION FOR A MOMENT OR TWO, BEFORE GOING FOR THE LATERAL PRESS…1…2…NO!!! CORINO MANAGES TO KICK OUT, STILL HAVING MORE TO GIVE!!!

    As Van Dam gets up and figures out his next move, a battered and bruised Steve Corino crawls across to the canvas and into the corner. He tries to use the ropes to get back to his feet but ends up just collapsing in a seated position in the corner. With Corino out of commission, at least momentarily, Van Dam heads outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair from a fan, before getting back into the ring… VAN DAM THEN SPRINTS TOWARDS CORINO, LANDING A BASEMENT DROPKICK WHICH SENDS THE STEEL CHAIR SMASHING INTO THE FACE OF STEVE CORINO!!!

    The chair is bent way out of shape after the high impact move which is greeted by chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. No wasted motion from Van Dam this time, as he drags Corino a little bit out of the corner, before stomping on him a few times to make sure he remains down. ‘Mr. PPV’ then heads to the corner… AND LEAPS UP TO THE TOP… BEFORE COMING OFF WITH A SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT!!! Again, Van Dam sells the impact to his mid section… BEFORE MAKING THE COVER…1…2…NO!!! CORINO KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!

    Despite the resilience and defiance from Corino, the fans break out into another “RVD”, “RVD”, “RVD” enjoying the exhibition put on at the moment. Wanting to keep laying on the offense, Van Dam drags Corino up, before sending him back to the canvas with a Scoop Slam. Having Corino down again, RVD heads up to the top rope, ready for a big time move… WHEN JACK GETS ONTO THE APRON, YELLING “ROB, ROB”! VICTORY DISTRACTS VAN DAM… AND DAWN MARIE LEAPS ONTO THE APRON FROM THE OTHER SIDE AND SWIPES RVD’S FEET FROM UNDER HIM… CAUSING VAN DAM TO BE CROTCHED ON THE TOP ROPE!!!

    Massive heat emanates from the fans as the interference from Victory and Dawn keeps Corino in the match. RVD is clutching at his groin, in a lot of pain, barely able to breathe let alone move. With Van Dam not moving, Corino battles to his feet before picking up the steel chair from earlier… AND HE THROWS THE STEEL CHAIR RIGHT INTO THE HEAD OF RVD!!!

    The impact of the blow causes Van Dam’s eyes to almost roll to the back of his head, and the steel chair bounces back into the ring, landing on the canvas. “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out for the brutal chair shot as now Corino uses Van Dam’s hair to pull him into a modified Front Facelock… AND CORINO DRILLS VAN DAM HEAD FIRST ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR WITH A HANGING DDT FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! CORINO HURRIES TO HOOK THE LEG…1…2…NO!!! RVD KICKS OUT!!!

    More “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants ring out as now Corino gets his chance to lay some devastating offense on RVD. ‘The King Of Old School’ pulls Van Dam up by the hair, ignoring the referee’s protests, before he begins hammering away with brutal looking elbows to the jaw of Van Dam. RVD becomes spaghetti legged, just remaining on his feet, when Corino swings wildly with a Bionic Elbow, but RVD ducks and nails a Leg Sweep in the one motion, tripping Corino. Rob Van Dam remains on his feet and follows it up real quick with a Corkscrew Leg Drop!


    Corino thought he had it, so he gets up with a shocked look on his face. He puts his hands on his head, feeling pretty stressed, until he gets angry at the referee, demanding that “IT WAS A THREE COUNT, REF”! The referee shakes his head in disagreement and in a moment of rage, Corino shoves the referee. The referee looks set to argue back when suddenly Corino picks up the steel chair, so the referee decided to just keep his distance.


    Van Dam just falls flat, almost unconscious after the huge chair shot to his unprotected skull. Corino smirks at the consequences of his actions, as the fans break out into another “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant. Still with the steel chair in hand, Corino smashes it against the canvas, making a loud noise, before chuckling and yelling “YOU’RE SO STUPID, ROB”! Corino now stands over Van Dam, holding the chair in front of him, gloating… WHEN OUT OF NOWHERE… VAN DAM USES BOTH FEET TO KICK THE STEEL CHAIR BACK INTO THE FACE OF CORINO!!!

    Big time pop for the unexpected, creative move as Corino drops to the canvas, the chair conveniently landing across his chest. With everything in place and the “RVD”, “RVD”, “RVD” chants running wild, ‘The Whole Fuckin’ Show’ bounces off the ropes… BEFORE LANDING A ROLLING THUNDER ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR AND STEVE CORINO!!!

    Both men roll around the canvas, feeling the effects of the Rolling Thunder onto the steel chair. The chants have turned to the promotional “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants now as Van Dam finally begins to make his way to his feet. RVD now heads up to the top rope… BUT HACK VICTORY LEAPS ONTO THE APRON SO VAN DAM JUMPS OFF THE TOP… AND THRUST KICKS VICTORY… SENDING HIM FLYING OFF OF THE APRON AND TO THE FLOOR!!!

    The fans mark out for the fact that RVD has managed to get rid of Jack Victory, only to allow Corino important recovery time. Van Dam turns his attention back towards the centre of the ring… CORINO GOES FOR ANOTHER OLD SCHOOL KICK… BUT RVD DUCKS AND QUICKLY RETALIATES WITH A SPINNING WHEEL KICK!!!

    Sensing the opportunity to deliver the killer blow, with Jack Victory down, RVD leaps up to the top rope… He surveys the adoring, cheering crowd, before checking to make sure that Dawn Marie isn’t around… AND VAN DAM THEN LEAPS OFF OF THE TOP ROPE, CONNECTING WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!! NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME TONIGHT… RVD ROLLS AROUND THE CANVAS, AIR DRIVEN OUT OF HIS BODY… BEFORE HE CRAWLS BACK ON CORINO FOR THE COVER…1…2…3!!!


    The fans are furious, cutting off their “RVD”, “RVD’”, “RVD” chants to boo the hell out of the interfering Dawn Marie. RVD gets ups and sees Dawn feigning innocence on the outside and he can’t help but get a bemused look on his face. He shakes his head and maintains his composure, ensuring that he keeps his mind set on the match at hand. RVD pulls Corino by the arm into the corner and leaves him in a seated position in the corner. ‘Mr. PPV’ then grabs the steel chair that has been used throughout the contest, and he places it in front of Corino’s face, putting things in perfect position for the Van Terminator.

    Trying not to waste to much time, RVD hobbles over to the opposite corner of the ring and climbs up to the top rope. HE TAKES A MOMENT AND LEAPS THROUGH THE AIR… BUT CORINO MANAGES TO STAND UP AND GRAB THE STEEL CHAIR…AND THROWS IT INTO THE FACE OF VAN DAM!!! RVD LANDS AWKWARDLY ON THE MAT AND CORINO LEAPS ONTO HIM FOR THE PIN…1…2…3!!!


    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants can be heard again, as Corino runs his hands through his hair, wondering what he needs to do to finish this. After taking a moment or two to maintain his wits, Corino drags Van Dam by the hair into the centre of the ring, and then pulls him to his feet. CORINO THEN LOOKS TO GET VAN DAM IN POSITION FOR THE OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION… BUT RVD PUSHES CORINO OFF OF HIM AND TAKES A STEP BACK!!!

    A frustrated Corino charges at Van Dam but runs straight into a throat thrust. This causes Corino to be a little short of breath, as he staggers away, gasping for air. As this happens, RVD picks up the steel chair AND THROWS IT TO CORINO… WHO CATCHES IT… AND VAN DAM LEAPS UP AND LANDS A VAN DAMINATOR!!!

    “RVD”, “RVD”, “RVD” cheers from the fans after the innovative steel chair move, which causes Corino to fall into a seated position in the corner of the ring. RVD grabs the steel chair again and places it in front of Corino’s head, before heading to the opposite corner again. Before leaping off, RVD points his thumbs to his shoulders as the fans chant “ROB…VAN…DAM”… AND THEN RVD LEAPS ACROSS THE RING… AND SMASHES THE CHAIR INTO THE FACE OF CORINO WITH THE VAN TERMINATOR!!!

    Both men remain down after that, whilst the fans break out into one last “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant. It feels like it has taken an eternity, but RVD eventually manages to get up and he drags Corino to the centre of the ring, pointing at Marie as if to say you can’t ruin it this time. RVD THEN HOOKS THE LEG FOR THE COVER…1…2…3!!!

    WINNER – Rob Van Dam by pinfall @ 18:43

    RVD has done it. Despite having the deck stacked against him again with Victory and Marie at ringside, Van Dam has got the victory. The fans cheer loudly as ‘The Whole Fuckin’ Show’ gets up and points his thumbs to his shoulders, again allowing the crowd to follow with the “ROB…VAN…DAM” chant. Meanwhile Steve Corino has managed to roll outside of the ring where Dawn Marie and Jack Victory take an arm each and begin helping him to the back.

    This is the Rob Van Dam show tonight though, as he steps up onto the rope and signals that the ECW Championship will be coming around his waist. As he looks around the arena, he mouths “I’M COMING FOR YOU, RHINO”, before stepping off the ropes and heading to a separate corner. The celebration continues with the rowdy fans and Van Dam as we cut away…

    We cut to the backstage area, to an empty locker room where we see the ECW Championship, almost squished into a ball, sitting on the locker room floor. The camera then slowly pans up to reveal the ECW Champion
    RHINO, who looks to be in his usual intense yet furious mood. Rhino is a face full of sweat, as he heads to a locker in the corner… AND HE BEGINS REPEADTEDLY HEADBUTTING THE LOCKER!!! The ECW Champion is sadistically ramming his head into the locker, a scary sight, and he yells one word each time he head butts the locker.


    Suddenly, Rhino stops and notices the camera man, walking over AND SHOVING THE CAMERA MAN TO THE GROUND!!!

    We get the camera facing the ground for a second or two, until Rhino picks up the camera, and gets it to show a scary close up of his serious face.

    Rhino: Tajiri… I’m going to kill you.

    He pauses for a second, heavy breathing, trying to hold his temper.


    Rhino keeps pausing to catch his breath, worked up, tremendously angry.

    Rhino: FLAYED…

    Rhino: BEATEN…

    Rhino: BROKEN…

    Rhino: CRIPPLED…

    Rhino: DEAD…

    The Champion then throws the camera to the floor, causing static for a moment. The camera picks back up, showing a shot from the ground of Rhino walking off as he continues to rant.


    Without a second thought, Rhino continues to storm out of the locker room as it’s time for our main event…

    ***SMACK MY BITCH UP*** gets a pop JUST AS BIG as RVD’s one as the number one contender and former ECW Champion, YOSHIHIRO TAJIRI stalks to the ring. As usual, the delighted fans try and reach out to get a high five with ‘The Japanese Buzzsaw’, but he’s in no mood tonight, instead just heading down the ramp. Tonight, THE SINISTER MINISTER is out with Tajiri but rather than bark instructions in his ear, he gives his charge a little bit of space. Even still, when they get to the ring, Tajiri shockingly bows to The Minister and points for him to head to the back. Everybody seems a little shocked at this, none so more than TSM himself, but after confirming with Tajiri, he does as he pleases and makes his way to the back. On commentary, Styles and Gertner put over that Tajiri is a man of pride and he wants to do this himself tonight.

    ***DEBONAIRE*** plays and gets a MASSIVE pop at first for the arrival of the most extreme man on the roster, but it quickly turns into VULCANIC heat. The ECW Champion RHINO doesn’t give a damn, ignoring the fans and walking to the ring with a purpose. He locks eyes with Tajiri and they never move away, as he begins yelling “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU” before he gets into the ring. Once he’s down the ramp, there is no hesitation as the champion gets straight into the ring, takes off his title and gets in Tajiri’s face.

    Match Nine
    ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Rhino © vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri

    The arena is at a fever pitch as the referee calls for the bell, the tension can be cut with a knife. The ECW Champion, the unstoppable Rhino, and the deadly challenger Yoshihiro Tajiri, both men staring each other down, daring the other to blink. After a moment or two, they take a few steps back, and Rhino lets out a primal, aggressive raw. He then charges across the ring at full speed, looking to tackle Tajiri head on, but Tajiri throws a sharp Roundhouse Kick to the air, and Rhino is forced to put on the brakes, just avoiding contact. The fans let out a cheer and a feint smirk comes across Tajiri’s face, as the frustrated champion is forced to back pedal away and rethink his strategy.

    After the full on, usual Rhino approach hasn’t worked, the champion looks a little uneasy as he cagily slides across the ring. Neither man looks in a real hurry to get in contact with the other, as the fans continue to just buzz for the big time match feel. As this is happening and little action is occurring inside the ring, Joey Styles takes over on commentary. He mentions that last year when these two met and again over the past few months, Tajiri has been able to thwart Rhino’s attacks better than anybody else in ECW history and that’s clearly beginning to get inside Tajiri’s head.

    Joey Styles seems to have hit the nail on the head as well, because every time they look close to locking up, Rhino seems to hesitate. After yet another failed lock up attempt, ‘The Japanese Buzzsaw’ puts his arms in the air in annoyance which seems to infuriate Rhino. Suddenly, and for the first time ever, the fans break out into a “PUSSY”, “PUSSY”, “PUSSY” chant directed at Rhino, and he loses his shit, telling the fans to “SHUT THE FUCK UP”. As all of this is happening, Tajiri looks pleased at seeing Rhino off his game, whilst the champion almost looks a little spooked at the confident aura coming from Tajiri.

    The two circle a little longer and to almost Bronx cheers from the fans, the two finally lock up in the centre of the ring. After a brief jostle for position, Rhino proves he definitely is the more powerful of the two, backing Tajiri into the corner. ‘The Big Fuckin’ Deal’ presses the position until the end of the referee’s four count and upon breaking; RHINO THROWS A CHEAP RIGHT HAND… BUT TAJIRI DUCKS OUT FROM THE CORNER AND TRAPS RHINO…BEFORE TEEING OFF WITH A QUICK KARATE RUSH IN THE CORNER!!!

    Rhino doesn’t know what has hit him as Tajiri backs away, and he staggers out of the corner, feeling the effects of the blows. With his defences down, RHINO STAGGERS STRAIGHT INTO A ROUNDHOUSE KICK FROM TAJIRI WHICH SENDS RHINO TUMBLING THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE AND TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!!

    With Rhino down and out and Tajiri well and truly in control, the fans erupt with cheers and a chant of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. The former ECW Champion takes a moment or two inside of the ring, waiting for Rhino to get to his feet. Being the beast that he is, Rhino reaches his feet pretty quickly, so Tajiri sprints across the ring before looking for a Baseball Slide Dropkick, but Rhino avoids contact at the last second.


    Despite the perfect connection of the shot, Rhino sways but manages to stay on his feet, albeit punch drunk. With instinct taking over, before Tajiri can do any further damage, Rhino rather cleverly rolls underneath the bottom rope and back into the ring. Tajiri shows that he also has a mean streak, ignoring the cheering fans to immediately follow Rhino into the ring, and punt him in the ribs. Rhino remains on all fours, gasping for air, and Tajiri continues to hammer away with a countless amount of kicks to the mid section.

    The blows echo throughout the arena, absolutely brutal, as Rhino does the only thing humanely possible, and rolls across the ring with the kicks, before rolling underneath the opposite bottom rope to earlier. Back on his feet on the outside, the almost shocked champion leans against the crowd barricade for a moment… BEFORE TURNING STRAIGHT INTO A WILD PLANCHA FROM TAJIRI… BUT THE INCREDIBLY STRONG RHINO CATCHES TAJIRI IN MID AIR!!!


    Holy shit! The flying body of Tajiri takes out at least six members of the front row as the rest of the fans chant “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. With one move, Rhino has changed the way this match looks, as he now uses this time, with hands on knees, to regain his wits. Once he feels he is ready, he methodically drags Tajiri by the hair, roughly slinging him over the crowd barricade and then rolling him back into the ring.

    Once back inside of the ring, Rhino really begins to dominate and ground Tajiri, but he uses a different strategy then what we are used to. Rather than high impact power moves, Rhino decided to stick to mat wrestling, draining the energy out of Tajiri with a Body Scissors with his thick, tree trunk like legs. The fans are irritated at the ‘boring’ submission hold but just as the challenger is about to fight out of it, Rhino transitions into a Rear Naked Choke. As this hold is locked in and the stubborn Tajiri refuses to submit, Joel Gertner promotes Rhino on commentary. He talks about the evolution of Rhino as a wrestler as he’s already the best in the world and now he’s adding more tricks to his arsenal.

    Even with the strength advantage for Rhino, the heart of Tajiri really shines through as he manages to fight out of the hold. He fights his way back to his feet where the chokehold is basically turned into a Standing Chinlock, and then Tajiri uses elbows and knees to the midsection to force Rhino to break the hold. The fans get right behind Tajiri and he lands another few elbows but the scary Rhino no sells them and whips Tajiri straight into the corner. As soon as Tajiri’s back bounces off the turnbuckles… RHINO SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING, LOOKING FOR THE GORE… BUT TAJIRI MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND RHINO DRIVES HIS LEFT ARM SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!!

    Using his quickness advantage, Tajiri stalks Rhino who just manages to pull himself out of the corner, shaking his clear injured left arm. The champion then turns straight into the persistent Tajiri… WHO STRIKES WITH ONE…TWO…THREE…FOUR…FIVE STIFF KICKS RIGHT TO THE INJURED LEFT ARM OF RHINO… AND HE FAKES A SIXTH KICK… RHINO IS READY FOR IT… BUT THEN TAJIRI LEAPS INTO THE AIR AND CLAMPS ON A FUJIWARA ARMBAR!!!

    Big time cheers ring out for the surprising move, as Tajiri brings Rhino to the canvas, and Rhino is screaming in agony. Despite the pain that he is in, Rhino shows off his resilience, fighting back to his feet, whilst Tajiri remains clinging to his arm like a pit-bull. Eventually, with just pure strength, Rhino shoves Tajiri off of his arms and into the ropes and when Tajiri bounces off the ropes, Rhino takes him down with a quick, right armed Clothesline.

    Unlike earlier in the match, nobody bounces to their feet in a hurry this time, as Tajiri remains down and Rhino slowly uses the ropes to get up. When he is back up to his feet, Rhino keeps trying to shake out his arm, annoyed by the pain, before he looks down at Tajiri and seems to get angry. An enraged Rhino then gets out of the ring, looks under the apron for a WOODEN TABLE and pulls it out. The fans immediately begin to lose their minds for the table, as Rhino slides it into the ring and sets it up leaning against the corner.

    Sensing his chance to destroy his opponent, the champion drags his challenger to his feet rather quickly, and Rhino hoists Tajiri up onto his shoulder, almost in a Powerslam position. Rhino cockily walks to the opposite corner to where the table is… BEFORE SPRINTING TOWARDS THE TABLE… WANTING TO RAM TAJIRI THROUGH IT… BUT TAJIRI KICKS AND SQUIRMS… SLIDING HIS BODY DOWN OFF OF RHINO’S SHOULDER… AND HE’S ABLE TO DRILL RHINO WITH A DDT BEFORE THEY REACH THE TABLE!!! AFTER A MOMENT OR TWO, TAJIRI HOOKS THE LEG…1…2…NO!!! RHINO KICKS OUT, STILL HAVING PLENTY LEFT IN THE TANK!!!

    After the huge reversal, the fans break out into more “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants, excited over Tajiri being back into the contest. Tajiri is up first, but somehow, not by much, as Rhino shows why he’s so feared, powering back to his feet. Tajiri is already measuring him though and able to land some more of his famous kicks, keeping the champion off balanced.


    You guessed it, the fans begin chanting “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” get again for this fantastic match. Rhino gets back up to his feet, standing over Tajiri and cracking his neck, the real image of an imposing figure. He then takes a few steps away from Tajiri and waits for him to get back to his feet. The fighting Japanese warrior battles his way back to his feet, only for Rhino to damn near decapitate him with a huge Lariat!

    As his opponent helplessly crumbles to the canvas, the ECW Champion feels well and truly in control now. The powerful champ gets a handful of Tajiri’s hair and yanks him back to his feet with it, before throwing him against the table set up in the corner of the ring. Tajiri is leaning against the table, the only way he’s able to stand, and Rhino meets him there, pummelling away with brutal punches to the face. After having landed enough, Rhino heads to the opposite side of the ring, signalling it’s over… AND RHINO CHARGES AT TAJIRI AGAIN… AND AS HE GETS CLOSE… TAJIRI DROPS DOWN AND LANDS A DROP TOE HOLD… THIS SENDS RHINO FACE FIRST INTO THE TABLE BUT THE TABLE DOESN’T BREAK!!! RHINO GETS BACK UP, SWINGING WILDLY WITH A RIGHT HAND… TAJIRI DUCKS AND NAILS A BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX… HOLDING ON FOR THE PIN…1…2…3!!!


    Again, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” comes from the mouth of every fan as Tajiri continues to fight for the ECW Championship. ‘The Japanese Buzzsaw’ gets up, feeling a little worse for wear, attempting to slap himself in the head to wake himself up. Once he is up he directs his attention towards Rhino, who just manages to get up… SO TAJIRI RUNS TOWARDS HIM THIS TIME… AND LOCKS IN AN OCTOPUS HOLD ON RHINO’S INJURED LEFT ARM!!!

    Not for the first time tonight, Rhino is screaming in agony, mustering all the heart he can to not submit and relinquish his belt. Rhino continues to not tap out and give up, as Tajiri pulls and pull AND PULLS, using as much leverage as possible to inflict more damage. As Tajiri continues to pull, Rhino shows off his strength again, walking across the ring, carrying Tajiri and Rhino tangles himself in the ropes.

    Expecting a reprieve right away, Rhino almost relaxes his body for a moment and Tajiri rightfully lets go of the Octopus Hold… BUT MANEUVRES HIMSELF INTO THE TARANTULA INSTEAD!!! The fans mark out for the craftiness of Tajiri, pulling out all the stops, and we get another “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant. Unfortunately with The Network in power, certain rules apply so Tajiri is forced to break the hold within the ropes once the referee reaches the count of four.

    Some slight boos can be heard for the extra non extreme emphasis on the rules but Tajiri doesn’t let this distract him. He lets go of the hold and sets himself back in the middle of the ring, as Rhino struggles to untangle himself from the ropes. Once untangles, ‘The Big Fucking’ Deal’ begins walking towards Tajiri… AND WALKS STRAIGHT INTO A HUGE BUZZSAW KICK!!!

    For the first time tonight, after a straight blow from Tajiri, Rhino drops to the canvas. This time he doesn’t roll out of the ring, he’s damn near unconscious, showing no signs of movement. Everybody gets really excited as Tajiri knows he probably needs to land one last killer blow to finish off his unbeatable opponent. Tajiri begins putting in plenty of effort to hoist the dead weight of Rhino off of the canvas. Once he gets him to his feet, TAJIRI LOCKS IN THE FRONT FACELOCK… BEFORE TRYING TO GET RHINO UP FOR A BRAINBUSTER… BUT RHINO USES HIS LEGS TO BLOCK… LIFTS TAJIRI UP INSTEAD AND SENDS HIM FACE AND CHEST FIRST INTO THE CANVAS WITH A GOURDBUSTER!!!

    Again, it’s just pure strength from Rhino that gets the match back onto his terms. Despite being battered and beaten, still standing after the move, Rhino is huffing and puffing, looking more determined than ever to hurt his opponent. Its Tajiri’s turn to look like barely moving now, as Rhino quickly pulls him to his feet… AND SENDS HIM STRAIGHT BACK TO THE CANVAS WITH A SIDE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!

    The commentators mention that this could be the perfect time to go for the cover, but the thought doesn’t seem to cross Rhino’s mind. As he gets back up, he locks his eyes on the table in the corner of the ring and points at it, yelling “THIS TIME HE GOES THROUGH THE FUCKING THING”! For the second time tonight, Rhino drags Tajiri to the corner of the ring opposite the table, and places him on his shoulder, in a Powerslam position… AGAIN… RHINO CHARGES TOWARDS THE TABLE… AND AGAIN… TAJIRI SQUIRMS… THIS TIME ESCAPING FROM THE BACK INSTEAD OF FORWARD… AS HE SLIDES OFF RHINO’S SHOULDER BEFORE THE TABLE AND MANAGES TO GET A SUNSET FLIP…1…2…3!!!


    Sensing desperate times, both men bounce back to their feet rather quickly, but just like all along, Tajiri has the pace advantage. He’s up first… SO TAJIRI SWINGS WITH ANOTHER BUZZSAW KICK BUT THIS TIME RHINO DUCKS… BEFORE GRABBING TAJIRI BY THE ARM AND WHIPPING HIM INTO THE ROPES… BUT TAJIRI BOUNCES BACK WITH A HANDSPRING BACK ELBOW!!!

    The elbow lands flush to the jaw of Rhino, causing him to collapse to the canvas again. As Rhino drops, the fans begin cheering Tajiri loudly, really urging him on, whilst he steps out onto the apron and begins scaling the ropes. Once he reaches the top, Tajiri patiently remains perched, until Rhino gets up… AND TAJIRI LEAPS OFF THE TOP, CONNECTING WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK!!! AFTER LANDING, TAJIRI CRAWLS OVER AND HOOKS A LEG…1…2…3!!!


    Tajiri looks towards the referee, a slight look of despair on his face as the referee confidently confirms that it was a two count. Rather than panic, Tajiri takes a breath before getting back to his feet and standing in the middle of the ring. Rhino doesn’t move to get up straight away and strangely Tajiri doesn’t attack, which causes some murmurs to echo throughout the arena. After a few more moments though, without the help of the ropes, Rhino pushes himself to his feet… ONLY FOR TAJIRI TO SEND HIM BACK TO THE CANVAS WITH ANOTHER BUZZSAW KICK TO THE HEAD!!!

    Those famous “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”. “ECDUBBYA” chants start up again, as each member of the audience can sense something big happening here. This time Tajiri decides not to waste, as he grabs Rhino by the hair, and slowly hoists the dead weight of Rhino back to his feet. Rhino is very wobbly, not knowing where he is, but he manages to maintain his footing long enough… FOR TAJIRI TO DAMN NEAR KO HIM WITH A HOOK KICK RIGHT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!! RHINO FALLS FACE FIRST TO THE CANVAS… TAJIRI ROLLS HIM OVER AND MAKES THE COVER…1…2…3!!!


    The fans actually can’t believe the resilience of Rhino, nor so can Tajiri, who this time remains seated on the canvas, devastated with the kick out. Tajiri remains seated, wondering just what he has to do to put his opponent away, when he sees that Rhino is already AMAZINGLY making his way to his feet. Tajiri jumps to his own feet, ensuring he is up first, before he swings with another Roundhouse Kick at Rhino, but Rhino ducks before shoving Tajiri into the ropes.



    Both men remain down after that close encounter and the fans break out into another “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant. Eventually, both men begin stirring but Rhino gets to his feet well and truly before Tajiri does. ‘The Big Fucking Deal’ shows no patience, wanting to end this soon, as he drags Tajiri the rest of the way up and throws him against the table in the corner. Tajiri is still technically standing, but only because of the tables support… AS RHINO TAKES A FEW STEPS BACK… AND SPRINTS TOWARDS TAJIRI… BUT TAJIRI STOPS HIM DEAD IN HIS TRACKS WITH THE GREEN MIST RIGHT TO THE FACE AND EYES OF RHINO!!!

    Rhino staggers around blindly, screaming, grabbing at his eyes, so Tajiri casually wanders out of the corner and away from the table… BEFORE DROPPING RHINO WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!!

    The ECW Champion falls to the canvas but immediately gets to his knees, not necessarily to get back up though. Instead, he still rubs at his eyes, trying to use his wrestling singlet to wipe away the mist and regain his vision… AS TAJIRI RUNS AT RHINO AND DRILLS HIM WITH A BASEMENT DROPKICK!!!

    This time there is no movement from Rhino as he remains down on the canvas, burning eyes and all. The fans are all on their feet, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chants flowing again, as Tajiri quickly hoists the dead weight of Rhino back up. Tajiri sharply locks in a Front Facelock… HE GETS RHINO UP IN THE AIR… AND TAJIRI CONNECTS WITH THE BRAINBUSTER!!! HE WASTES NO TIME HOOKING THE LEG…1…2…3!!!



    Tajiri rolls out of the ring in frustration, standing outside, with hands on hips, not taking his eyes off of the downed Rhino. He thinks for a moment or two about his next move before he turns to the audience, and takes one of the crowd members steel chairs. With the chair in hand, Tajiri slides back into the ring, a vicious look now on his face.

    Always the fighter, Rhino has managed to make it onto all fours, crawling towards the ropes when Tajiri places the steel chair in front of the head of Rhino. Despite the crawling, Rhino isn’t moving with any real speed, so it’s easy for TAJIRI TO RUN ACROSS THE RING AND DROPKICK THE STEEL CHAIR RIGHT INTO THE TEMPLE OF RHINO!!!

    The extreme fans obviously enjoy the steel chair spot, marking out as the noise echoes throughout the arena. The blow causes Rhino to roll to the corner of the ring where the table is placed, and Tajiri sees this and immediately places himself on the opposite corner. The commentators mention how ironic it will be if Tajiri puts Rhino through the table after all of Rhino’s efforts for the opposite to happen. Once Rhino is up… TAJIRI RUNS TOWARDS THE MIDDLE OF THE RING… BUT RHINO RUNS TOWARDS HIM… EXPLODING OUT OF NOWHERE… DOUBLE LEGGING TAJIRI AND USING HIS LEGS TO THROW TAJIRI OVER HIS SHOULDER’S…. BEFORE TURNING… RUNNING AND FINALLY FUCKING POWERSLAMMING TAJIRI THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

    “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” chant is obligatory for a table spot, as with the adrenaline fuelling him, despite being through hell, Rhino jumps right back to his feet. He drags the lifeless challenger back into the centre of the ring… AND DRILLS HIM WITH A PILEDRIVER!!! RHINO HOOKS BOTH LEGS...1…2…3!!!



    Rhino begins pulling his hair out inside of the ring, losing his temper yet again with the fact that Tajiri has kicked out. He gets up and drags Tajiri across the ring, before stepping through the ropes and onto the apron and dragging Tajiri through the ropes and onto the apron as well.

    Unfortunately, Tajiri isn’t showing any signs of fight left in him now, as the ECW Champion’s eyes are focused in on the timekeeper’s table. The fans begin to murmur in anticipation, realising what is coming, as RHINO GETS TAJIRI IN POSITION… AND DRILLS HIM WITH A PILEDRIVER OFF OF THE APRON AND THROUGH THE FUCKING TIMEKEEPER’S TABLE!!!

    “OH MY GAWWWWWWD”! – Joey Styles. The fans lose their mind, chants of “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” starting up again as both men remain down in the rubble of the broken table. Eventually Rhino gets to his feet and struggles but manages to lift the dead weight of Tajiri and roll him into the ring. Rhino follows and rolls Tajiri into the middle of the ring before making a cover…1…2…3!!!


    WINNER – Rhino by pinfall @ 16:28

    The final match of the night is completed and Rhino is STILL the ECW Champion. The referee gets the ECW Championship and brings into the ring, and Rhino immediately snatches it from him, before scaring the ref out of the ring.

    The EMT’s are on their way out to check on Tajiri, who has not moved a muscle after being Piledriven through the timekeeper’s table. Tonight is about Rhino though, as he raises the title above his head and lets out another growl, getting a mixed reaction from the fans. It’s safe to say it’s boos because of who he’s affiliated with but cheers for the great match these two put on.

    Rhino continues to celebrate, getting up onto the top rope, closing his eyes in ecstasy and basking in another victory. With the title in the air, Rhino lets the fans know “NOBODY CAN FUCKING BEAT ME”!

    As we fade to black the final shot we see is of Rhino standing over Tajiri, having conquered one challenger, but just around the corner, another awaits…


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    Re: May BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Awwww its Living Dangerously time and I am hyped…Lets do this.

    Opening the show with Styles and Gertner is in the ring is cool. I like how you do your description of the event. Its like your telling a story to the reader rather than just having us read what everything looks like and try to imagine it in our head…I will say I was hoping for a longer “poem” from Gertner. I was wondering when Cyrus would break this up. I like the run-down of Styles and Gertner by Cyrus and I wonder what will happen to Joel when he gets to strike 3.

    Onto the first action of the night and this should be a good one between two great wrestlers. Very good pure wrestling match…I think Dainels will fall into a good place as a heel in ECW… and Low Ki earned the respect of the crowd with his performance which will serve him good. I think it was good to go with Daniels winning bc he has more of a character now and I can see him getting into a feud with someone.

    I know how much you love Pulp Fiction so I liked the Tournament version of it on the show. I really enjoy the character development you’ve done with Justin Credible. Good job overall here.

    First match of the TV title tourney and I love what you did with Jerry Lynn before the match started with the evil referee Danny Daniels. Now, onto the match. I have two ways of thinking on this match…firstly I feel that there was too much interference from the referee and made Lynn look weak. On the contrary, I feel like it was done to basically give Lynn a pass into the finals with Lynn stating “I didn’t even break a sweat.” I think this is where a heel commentator would come into play to help give a NETWORK side of view….I could only imagine the HEAT that bringing in Jim Cornette would get from being the Network commentator.

    Cool promo from DD and Roadkill…it allows for us to hear the fight that they have gone through and how much it means to them bc of how long it took to get it. After listening to the promo, I think Mathews and York are going to take the belts bc the other two teams are going be to busy fighting each other.

    Relatively easy win by the ECW Trio here in a classic ECW type 6-man…I wonder where Hot Commodity goes from here bc I don’t think that Cyrus is going to like that they took the L in this match…One thing that slightly bugs me is that you call them Extremists…like idk if that’s something you call them or your just using the term, but it just doesn’t fit in this era ECW IMO.

    I like the team of Eye Balls…This match should be a bloody affair which will be cool. Haha

    Three way dance time for the tag titles….First elimination is York/Mathews and im a little sad, but I like that you gave them an out by having Mathews taken out of the match basically making it into a handicap match. Now, we have the 2 on 2 match between the big rivals in the tag division. I liked the finishing sequence to the match with a bunch of big time moves being hit in succession. DD and Roadkill going over is fine and now we have York and Mathews that have a legitimate way to get into the next title match bc of Mathews beign taken out and wanting a real shot at the belts.

    Two three way dances back to back…I would of liked to see them spread out a little more but if your going do what I think your going do, then I understand why its being done. I like the first part of the three way match…I like that Credible was the first one out bc now we can have a classic 2nd half between two great workers. I was thinking to myself…I hope you have the “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA”, “ECDUBBYA” saved so you can just copy and paste it b/c you use it a lot LOL. Ok, now I see why you went with Credible losing the first fall…I enjoyed the exchange between SC and KK and then the finish with Credible screwing Kash out of the match. I don’t see Kash taking that lightly and this could be a good feud. I am interested in the follow up promo and am curious to see what Credible comes up with, but honestly I wouldn’t find seeing Francine in the Network.

    Eye Balls getting the win was never in doubt IMO. I like the celebration with the chairs…I have a vision in my head when your ready to break them up and have them feud each other…they go to do the cheers and somebody gets nailed in the head with a chair.

    Intense promo from TSM. I like that Tajiri was just in the background kicking. It shows how focused he is.

    Ahhh you went a little different than I was thinking with the TV Final..i was assuming that the finals was going be right after the 3 way dance. I assume the small break is to allow for a little more competitive match before Lynn takes home the win. Well on to the match…I believe this is the first time that Cyrus has gotten physically hit by an ECW wrestler…I may be wrong though…either way I am enjoying this match…its got a lot of booking done to it but it’s a match that should have it…I don’t feel like its overbooked….This match feels like classic ECW to me…intertwining stories all taking place in one match and all coming together seamlessly. I didn’t have a doubt in my mind that Lynn was winning this match but you made it fun getting there. And yes Francine joining the Network is something I was looking forward to from the previous promo earlier. Francine does follow the gold.

    Nice intense promo from RVD telling us where his motivations lie and where he is ultimately headed. I like the mocking of Sabu and Fonzie…makes me wonder where Sabu is actually? RVD with the VanTerminator for the win after having to fight off Dawn Marie and Jack Victory…good first win back for RVD and Corino can talk his way out of the loss.

    Rhino promos are so intense and full of rage…I like having Tajiri send TSM back and fighting alone…may come back to bite him but makes for a good babyface moment. A hell of a Main Event…one hell of a fight…Rhino winning was defintly the right call but Tajiri didn’t lose anything by taking the fall…hell ill say he gained something in losing…im glad that Rhino won without Network interference bc I think that should be Lynns deal.

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    Re: May BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Just got back from taking the family away for a week, so just caught up on this. Finally reached Living Dangerously, and it did NOT disappoint!

    Loved the opening with Cyrus, Styles and Gertner. I knew Cyrus was coming, but it didn't make it any less glorious when he did. I can't wait for one of them, probably Gertner, pushes it too far and ends up fired. I'm hoping he gets replaced with a total Network suck up just to make it all the worse for the ECW die hards. Tony Schiavone?!?!?!

    Starting the show with Low Ki/Daniels was a surprise, but a good one. Love that you gave them plenty of time to tell their story. I went with Low Ki to win in the predictions as Daniels has more of a built in gimmick, but I get why you went for him. A win for Daniels positions him well as a threat in the roster, and Low Ki can always keep himself over with good performances. Great start.

    Enjoyed the TV title-themed Pulp Fiction, and with the seeds planted for the Francine reveal later on.

    Lynn/Whipwreck was total bullshit, but in the best possible way. I suspected something would be up here and it was exactly the way it should have gone down. Now the heel has absolutely the upper hand for later, it means no-one else has to lose out by losing to him, and the sense of not deserving his opportunities only gets deepened. Whipwreck can handle being used in this way and won't lose anything from it. Lovely stuff.

    Classic ECW stuff in the 6 man. There was only one team going over, but that didn't make it any less enjoyable. Interested to see where Hot Commodity go from here (I hope EZ Money gets an opportunity to grow from here, as I always liked him) as they've so completely failed Cyrus, but also interested to see where Dreamer, Sandman and Spike go having overcome the first of Cyrus' hurdles.

    The tag title match was probably the one I was least invested in, but I still enjoyed it. I thought Matthews/Mercury being kind of screwed worked for the first elimination, and the champs retaining was cool with me. I wonder where this is going, though, as I don't see many successful heel teams on the horizon for them to defend against (unless we get a new Network team debuting).

    Minor quibble - not hugely in favour of two Triple Threats in a row, as I'd prefer same match types to be spread out a bit more.

    The match itself was good though. Credible going out first was the right call, as was his later interruption. He and Kash must be approaching their big blow off match soon, with Credible pushing things further and further. Once again Crazy benefited from good luck (he also won luckily against RVD), which made me think that he might have been an inside mole for the Network, but the final put that theory to bed. Still, knowing your booking style, I', presuming something is coming from Crazy's fortunate run to the final.

    Eye Balls had to win their return match and I'm glad they did. Can't believe I'm enjoying the booking of Oulette quite so much! But, as with a couple of other areas, I'm intrigued as to where you go from here. Babyface teams went over in all three tag matches, so how do they all co-exist in their successes? And where do Team Me, FBI and Hot Commodity go from there?

    Good shout on Lynn winning the TV Title, absolutely the right decision. Crazy did a great job against the odds, but he loses nothing in the loss. The match was a lot of fun to follow along with too, carnage, but in the absolute right way for ECW. And then Francine turns on Credible and joins the Network. All great stuff.

    RVD had to go over against Corino, but it was a more competitive match than I expected. The start with Corino and Victory getting under RVD's skin was great, but Van Dam is the star and had to go over. I'm sure Corino will do just fine coming out of here (as long as Cyrus lets him). It seems like RVD is lining up for Rhino, which is absolutely the right call, but Corino has been a good stopover for RVD as he ramps up to the big money match.

    And then we had the main event. Given RVD was talking so much about beating Rhino for the title in his promo, the result was never really in question here. I didn't for a second think Rhino would job, as he has to be dominant going up against RVD in a couple of month's time, but Tajiri put up a good fight and, again, loses nothing in the loss. A suitably brutal way to finish things, as well.

    All in all, this was well worth the wait and a top class show. Excited to see where everything goes, as, beyond RVD/Rhino, I really have no idea what the next 2 months will look like. That can only be a good thing.


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    Re: May BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Rhino continues to be a gem in this thread. I think he’s chasing John Cena in Wolfy’s thread for the best character in the section at the moment. His promo tonight was nice and sharp – right to the point. It’s a tricky situation where the heel is so often the most vocal on the microphone in wrestling but here you’ve got a character in Rhino that you want to convey his aggression through physical altercation rather than his voice. I think you’re walking that line really well and I can see how difficult it would’ve been to overplay your hand considering the barrier you have language wise based off Rhino’s opponent (obviously you’ve got TSM to use but you get the point). Very easily could’ve seen you push a little too hard on giving Rhino microphone time and weakening his character as this manic badass. Good job of saving the special atmosphere that has been built around him.

    To continue with Rhino I’m very much excited for the eventual showdown between him and RVD for the belt. I hope it’s held off for the minute and you can continue to have Van Dam chase while Rhino wrecks people. It’s another fine line that you have to walk and I would point to the original ECW not getting it right with how long Taz chased Douglas. I think you could go another PPV with Rhino beating someone else and the Network forcing Van Dam to jump through another hoop. It’s the biggest match you’ve got right now but this thing can be milked a lot more. The Network are the big baddies and I’m all for throwing some goons at RVD before he gets Rhino.

    I’m all for opening up PPVs in a unique way compared to other people. It’s the big show of the month and I think readers are more likely to check it out so why not go for something that differs from the norms? I really dug the promo to start the show as it conveyed Cyrus as the mouthpiece heel that has been for so long. The way Joey blamed the Network for making Tajiri jump through hoops only for Cyrus to come out and immediately shut it down. Really pushes the idea that the Network are always watching – kinda like a 1984 vibe to it. Liked it.

    Strong opening with two young talents in the game. A good spot to fire up the crowd and highlight two future talents in the thread without sticking them in the middle of some madness. I thought this was really smart booking to have them kick-off the show as you still really didn’t have anything that the crowd would be totally focused on or thinking about. This way it was Daniels and Low Ki being front and center for the audience. This match and booking positioned both, even Ki in a loss, as parts for the future.

    Promos throughout the night were spot on. My favourite was Whipwreck because you had a theme behind it. It had a nice contrast in things that had changed but parts are still the same. It was nice and short which promos on PPVs should be unless it’s a big in-ring theme but you got the point across. I had a smile when I read the final line and while Whipwreck never stood a chance you had me rooting for him. And I think you addressed that issue of nobody giving him a chance considering his opponent by making the idea that you can never count Whipwreck out in ECW a key part of his promo. Across the night the promos were really good. Credit to you for going in full for them to!

    I could’ve done without the referee refusing to count three for Whipwreck in his match with Lynn. I didn’t think it was needed. In a two-minute match I think you could’ve got away with having Lynn get the shoulder up at the last second rather than adding the involvement of the biased referee. I just found it to be a little cheap and excessive. Whipwreck with the cradle for a super close two gets the point across or having the referee hesitate slightly because he gets knocked down/something along those lines. I get the deck being stacked against Mikey but I didn’t like the idea of Lynn being visually pinned.

    The booking on the six man with Dreamer and Sandman was the right choice for one glaring reason in my eyes. It’s a similar thing I’ve encountered in my own thread with a major heel faction dominating. You have to give the people a break with the good guys winning something even if it’s outside the main storyline. In this case having Dreamer, Sandman and Spike sharing beers in the ring was a brilliant move. So much of ECW is focused on the war with the Network and Cyrus having his hands in everything that this was the perfect moment to include on PPV. Let the people have something to cheer for rather than making the entire company bleak. Smart decision, mate!

    Lynn winning the title was a clear choice. He has been built up beautifully and I’m excited to see where he goes next. The continued support and growth of the Network is an exciting watch. Lynn gives you a great wrestler to work with in this hardcore environment and I think you can produce some exciting matches for the next few PPVs with the title on him. Again, only further helps the Network and by adding the gold to their ranks it’ll make their eventual fall that much better.

    The booking of Francine was a nice addition. I must say that I so want to see my boy, the Notorious K.I.D. absolutely kick Credible’s ass now. Give me that match and let my boy get the victory after the ending to the Three Way Dance. Have to think we get Kid and Credible down the line at some point. Would love to see Kid fire up and get some revenge with cane shots of his own. It’s a strength to the booking that I came away not only interested in the winner but also the two losers in the match.

    That’s all from me. Didn’t cover the entire show because a lot of what I was thinking has already been said. Did most of it and really looking forward to what comes next. RVD/Rhino is going to be one of the biggest matches in the section this year and you deserve a lot of recognition when that comes around.

    Sometimes I write stuff on the internet and people like it (sometimes).

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Honestly, you ended up posting the Living Dangerously show much sooner than I’d anticipated, which was why I didn’t get predictions up for it. Still, laziness on my part for taking too long to take the time to write them up.

    Didn’t read the matches in their entirety, but still wanted to drop in some thoughts on the show. Kicking off with the two new faces is a ballsy move, but the kind of thing I think could only work in ECW, as they’re a totally different audience and would be appreciative of good work. Never got what was supposed to be great about Low-Ki, so very pleased Daniels went over, and I hope we see much more of him and the Fallen Angel character in the future. Some big-ish spots in the match too, with Daniels taking the bump off the apron into the barrier being a stand out along with the Last Rites off the top.

    The pre-match shenanigans prior to Lynn vs Whipwreck was fun and a nice continuation of the favouritism toward the Networks chosen champion. Laughed at the neck brace but could be used as a weapon, lol. The overall outcome of the tournament surprised me in the end, as I’d convinced myself Jerry Lynn was going to be double crossed in the end with the Network actually choosing Credible, but turns out I was way off. Pleased to be wrong on this occasion as Lynn deserves a run with a strap; even if you don’t like him, lol. After everything the Network pulled for him, Lynn would’ve been buried had he failed to win the belt in the end.

    Lynn winning also boosts the overriding Network in control angle. If they’re calling the shots, obviously Lynn should be winning. Had he - and the Network - failed, they’d be ultimately diminished as a threat. Besides, Super Crazy looked great in defeat, having won the hellish three way dance (whilst Jerry qualified in a 2 minute match) getting less recuperating time after the semi final was mysteriously ‘delayed’ and then the bullshit (pun intended) change to bring the final forward and still pushed Lynn all the way in the final, even with the deck stacked against him. I really appreciated those touches with the schedule changes, doing everything to stack the deck in Jerry Lynns favour.

    The run ins in that final were amazing. Overbooking done right imo, and there’s a whole host of directions for everyone involved to go in. Finally getting the pay off to the long running and much teased break up of Francine and Credible with Francine linking up with the champion as she warned she would was great, and sets up the possibility of Credible turning face as some kind of anti-hero perhaps. Despite the plaudits you (rightly) get for RVD and Rhino, Justin Credible might just have the best arc going in this thread. Doubly gutting for him too, after he helped deliver the title to one of his long time rivals, only to get kicked to the curb for his troubles. I’m already excited for Credible to cane Francine down the road.

    The six man tag was what it was, and filled its spot on the card, giving your long time stars something to do for the time being. For the most part, the angle leading to this match with the DQ’s on Dreamer and Sandman were really entertaining, but I’m glad you got this match over and done with quick enough on the show. Intrigued what you do to keep Dreamer and Sandman relevant the further the thread goes, especially as ECW moves onto a new era.

    Not sure I liked having two three way dances back to back, even if one was a tag match, but from scanning the two matches, the semi-final TV tournament match blew away the tag match. Had expected Mathews and York to sell out to The Network in order to get the tag belts, and it’s still something I’d like to see, as it would give the pair some direction and a real reason for us to care about what they’re doing. Good that you’re keeping them in the mix for the time being though. The Eye Balls win in their return seems to position them as the natural #1 Contenders, but given that would be a face/face match, it’s hard to imagine The Network going for that, unless they want the two teams to destroyed each other.

    RVD and Rhino closing out the show with back to back matches continues the slow build for what will be an epic showdown eventually. While I have to be honest that I didn’t fully read through the two matches (I’m pretty sure they were good/great) it felt like the show peaked for me at the TV title final. Whether that’s down to the craziness of that match or the more predictable outcomes that came with RVD and Rhino, I’m not sure (I should stress I’m not complaining about predictable outcomes; anything else would’ve been wrong) and I don’t even think there would’ve been another way to structure the show to avoid that, as I really loved Cyrus fucking around with the match order to mess with Super Crazy... so it’s maybe just one of those things.

    I hope that doesn’t come across as a criticism- it’s not. More like an observation just, and like I said, I don’t think there would’ve been a better way to structure the show. What I will say is that you knocked it out of the park with that Rhino promo. The ‘broken, beaten, crippled, dead’ bit was pretty darn chilling. Given Tajiri a big moment by kicking out of the piledriver was something else I liked, as it gives him something in defeat, and after being dispatched here, I assume he’ll cycle back out of the title scene for a while.

    Overall, a really enjoyable show, stacked from top to bottom, and for me, the TV title final was very much worthy of closing the tournament with plenty of big talking points coming out of it. As I said in my feedback, I’m most looking forward to the fallout for Credible being ditched by Francine. But obviously all roads lead to the enormous inevitable Rhino/RVD showdown.

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    So I figured it was about time I got this thing rolling again. Firstly, thanks to everybody for the feedback. The main issue seems to be the two Three Way Dance matches back to back, so yeah, noted and hopefully won’t be silly enough to make that happen again.

    As for the state of this thread, people who know me understand that I’m a VERY slow writer. I’ve taken a bit of time though and written up the next few weekly shows, however I’m certain will get massive delays before the next PPV (if I ever get there). Anyway this is just the results of the predictions contest which proves just how awfully predictable this PPV was.

    Within the next week, I’ll post my monthly news update, and then a few days after that, we’ll be back into some actual shows.

    Predictions Contest Results

    Sykotic 9/12
    TWG 9/12
    Bigmc123 8/12
    EZ3 10/12
    Keefmoon 8/12

    Congratulations to EZ3 on winning the Predictions Contest.

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Living Dangerously Review

    Good interplay from Joey & Joel to open the show. Cyrus comes out big dick swangin, showing his power.

    Your time period, 2001 is a little before Daniels and Low Ki really started to make their name, so I am curious to see what you do with them. Hopefully they stay low on the cards, as growing up and comers.

    A very back and forth affair with plenty of near falls. A great match but my only.complaint would be that they are both supposed to be "rookie-ish" up and comers... I feel like they got a little too much time. I am beyond glad you had Daniels be the victor! Much more of a fan of his.

    Credible by far had your best PPV Pulp Fiction.

    That seemed like a lot of action to be packed into just a 2 minute match. Lynn was definitely the right guy to go over here and I expect the TV title finals will be a much bigger contest.

    Awe yeah, Spike just fucking everybody up. Push this man!! Love the decision to just make it all out chaos, very ECW. No need for it not to just be 6 men going crazy trying to win.

    Truthfully, I dont like any of the 3 teams competing for the Tag titles. That being said, you still wrote an entertaining match. Seemed obvious that York/Matthews would be the early fall guys as you've hyped the other two teams much more.

    Well shit... Didnt expect Credible to be the guy to lose, let alone first one eliminated. That being said, Jerry Lynn vs Super Crazy should be a crazy fast high flying exchange.

    Love Francine completely running down Credible. Can't really see her going somewhere else so I bet we will be seeing something huge from Credible later on.

    Eye Balls is a team I can't get behind either so Im disappointed to see FBI lose. I imagine the near future could lead to Eye Balls challenging for the belts. Would love to see some new teams begin to pop up, give me someone to get behind.

    Great promo from Sinister Minister. Gave some history and really puts over both Rhino and Tajiri.

    Haha, Credible tries to make an Impact and everyone just whoops on him. He really drops the ball here and I expect even more hatred from Francine coming.

    Youve made Lynn look important from the beginning with his Network connection and the fact he won in only 2 minutes. Expected him to claim gold tonight.

    Well, should have waited a few more paragraphs. Surprised to see Francine actually follow through and join The Network.

    Was ready to say that with Jerry Lynn calling himself "The New F'n Show" we need RVD to show him what's what. And now instead, im ready to see RVD show Corino what's what.

    Thankfully RVD overcomes the odds of Corino and his people. Great match but after his earlier promo, I just felt like this was a quick pit stop to wanting to see RVD and Rhino.

    Rhino promo that we've become accustom to. Expect fireworks from this match.

    What a contest!! From the beginning, Ive felt like two of the best people you write are Rhino and Tajiri. And this match was no different. So close either way and you really got across their characters and personalities. Curious where Tajiri goes from here as I anticipate the upcoming war between Rhino and Van Dam.

    Overall, a decent show with some big moments that will lead to interesting stories in the coming weeks. Rhino vs. Tajiri was by far match of the night and hope both men continue onto great things.

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    ECW News And Notes

    Last night we witnessed the first pay per view of ‘The Network era’ in Extreme Championship Wrestling with Living Dangerously. Despite a rocky six months for the company throughout the end of last year and the first quarter of this year, things finally seem to be turning a corner. Whilst from a financial standpoint, things will always be a tightrope act for such a small funded company, everything else seems to be trending in a positive direct. The company’s previously fractured relationship with The Nashville Network is running smoothly, television ratings are up with the ongoing ECW vs. The Network storyline, and last night’s Living Dangerously pay per view was a smashing success. With everything trending upward, the companies “one at a time” pay per view negotiation has scored them another pay per view show as well. Despite not being advertised on television as of yet, it has been confirmed that ECW’s next pay per view extravaganza will be ECW Hardcore Heaven on May thirteenth.

    One company that won’t be having another pay per view in the future is World Championship Wrestling. Rumours have been circulating over the current months in regards to the future of the company, and it seems increasingly likely that they will be purchased by their arch rivals, the World Wrestling Federation. Whether this occurs or not, the chances are very high that there will be plenty of free agents in the industry looking for work. When approached backstage last night regarding signing some WCW talent to ECW, Paul Heyman didn’t necessarily comment positively. Another ECW representative explained that Paul at least has some respect for the WWF but despises WCW, Eric Bischoff and a majority of their workers. The chances are that if ECW is to sign anybody from WCW, it will only be former ECW workers.

    Whilst the main event scene is rolling on all cylinders, last night’s opener raised quite a few eyebrows. Two wrestlers who have just begun to make a name for themselves on the independent scene, Christopher Daniels and Low Ki made their pay per view debut for ECW. Daniels returned after a few appearances in ECW history, whilst it was a debut for Low Ki. Daniels managed to pick up the victory in the perfect opening to the show, however ECW can confirm that they were impressed with both wrestlers’ performances, and they have signed them both to open contracts. These contracts mean all of their performances in America will be with ECW or approved by ECW, however they do have the opportunity to do further tours of Japan at ECW’s approval.

    Before last night’s pay per view, ECW had held some extra television tapings in Memphis, Tennessee and it has been confirmed that the next episode of ECW Hardcore TV will feature new in ring content. Bookers and fans alike have shown frustration for awhile in the night after a pay per view being in essence a recap show. It felt as if this was halting the momentum of the company after a big pay per view, so this will not happen again for the foreseeable future.

    An injured ECW wrestler is set to return as soon as the first episode of ECW Hardcore TV after the pay per view. The talk around town is that the wrestler isn’t cleared to compete, however that shouldn’t take too long, and they can have an on screen, non contact role until they are cleared to wrestle again.

    Speaking of talent returning to ECW programming, there is scheduled to be another number of returns and debuts in between now and ECW Hardcore Heaven. One of these wrestlers was previously in the World Wrestling Federation whilst another is currently in World Championship Wrestling, however has been in ECW before. At this stage, no more information has been leaked regarding these talents.

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