Arisa Nakajima & Kana vs Command Bolshoi & Kyoko Kimura [3/2/14]

I guess the feud with Nakajima/Kana made them stronger as a friendship as we see Bolshoi who I know nothing about with Kyoko Kimura who I know loads about after seeing her in Stardom. Damn as I looked at Kyoko it's only been three years since then, and made she looks totally different. Still a evil bitch, but the way she looks if someone told me that was her I wouldn't believe you. Plenty of talent rocks the Weed symbol on their outfit I'm I right lol. Is it me or does Bolshoi have the worst mask in the history of Wrestling? I mean it looks to be a mix of a Clown with a Ebessan look to it. PWG number one hehe, anyways the tag match was okay both teams got their stuff in, but nothing super special. I wonder did Kyoko Kimura and Kana ever face each other one on one? Since Shake has never seen Nakano/Madusa matches I thought next time around I going through their matches in the WWE and in Japan.