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Thread: WC Mafia: Upcoming Games and Archive

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    WC Mafia: Upcoming Games and Archive

    Since this shit needs to be organized, this will hereby be the official schedule for upcoming games. If you want to host a mafia game in the near future, just PM me and we'll get you locked into a future game. If you have a rough idea, I can list you as TBA, if your game is READY TO GO, then we'll get a more firm date set for it. I don't want to schedule a game and then you're not ready to moderate it when your time is set. Dates will be first come first serve, with about two games a month being the best case scenario.

    Upcoming Games:
    November -
    Smarkslayer's Hello, Emma: Scream Mafia 2
    December - Grim's Resident Evil II
    December - Punk Wolf's TBA
    January - Silk's Kingdom Hearts: A Tale Outside of Time
    January - RED's Become Human - A Mafia Game of Sacrifice
    February - Shake's Video Game Multi-Verse
    February - Sykotic's Adventure Time
    March - Jiggy's Friday the 13th
    March - Sully & Sayer's The Office
    April - OMB's Gotham Fall's The Darkest Night

    Mafia Archive:

    Season One:
    WC Mafia | Hosted by The Golden One
    Werewolf | Hosted by Jiggy
    Psycho Killer | Hosted by Jiggy
    Who Attacked Vinny Mac? | Hosted by Shake
    Harry Potter | Hosted by The Golden One
    WCW vs. nWo | Hosted by Jiggy
    Avengers: Secret Invasion | Hosted by Silk
    Village Mafia | Hosted by The Golden One
    TV Show Multiverse | Hosted by Mitch

    Season Two:
    Degrassi: The Next Generation | Hosted by In Progress
    Zombie Apocalypse | Hosted by Jiggy
    House M.D. | Hosted by Coxatron
    Pokemon Adventures | Hosted by Silk
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Eight | Hosted by The Golden One
    NFL Mafia: Win or Go Home | Hosted by Sully & Broc Lobster
    The RED Heritage | Hosted by RED
    X-Men: A Mafia Game | Hosted by Jiggy
    Heroes Mafia: Save The Cheerleader, Save The World | Hosted by Shake
    Mafia Takes Manhattan | Hosted by Mitch
    Degrassi: Season Two | Hosted by In Progress
    Election Mafia: The CliqueTown Horror | Hosted by Jiggy

    Season Three:
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: A Mafia Game | Hosted by Jiggy
    Prison Mafia | Hosted by Mitch
    Raccoon City: A Resident Evil Mafia | Hosted by Grim
    WWF Attitude Era: A Mafia Game | Hosted by Jiggy
    Who Goes There: The Thing From Another World | Hosted by Grim
    The Walking Dead: A Mafia Game | Hosted by Shake & Sully
    Revenge of the Villains: A Disney Mafia Game | Hosted by Sayer
    What's Your Favorite Scary Movie? A Scream Mafia Game | Hosted by Smarkslayer
    Mafia All Stars: Best of the Best | Hosted by Sully
    Bram Stoker's Dracula: A Vampire Mafia Game | Hosted by Wang Chung
    Nicktoons All-Star Battle Royale | Hosted by Jiggy & Silk
    The X-Files: The Truth is Out There | Hosted by Mitch
    Super Smash Bros Mafia | Hosted by OMB
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