Well it's the end of the year and so I figure to close out 2016 (and because I missed on the actual countdown by Captain C cause I haven't been around lol) figure I'll do my top 5 albums of 2016 so here goes

5-Live At The Whiskey A Go Go by Otis Redding now obviously this isn't new music by any stretch but any release featuring Otis Redding is a Classic he is quite simply one of the greatest of all time and this live album is fucking amazing.

4-Songs From The Garage by Jim Breuer I wasn't expecting much from this album when it was announced but it absolutely blew me away Jim actually has a really good Hard Rock voice and some really great riffs on this album.

3-Human Nature from Hardline I've been a fan of this band since childhood and IMO they've finally come into their own the past decade or so their 2011 album Danger Zone is right now in my top 10 all time hard rock albums while this album isn't quite on par with that album it's a great listen for fans of Melodic Hard Rock.

2-This House is Not for Sale by Bon Jovi I'm so happy to say that my all time favorite band is back to form with this album when the What About Now album dropped and Sambora left seemingly for good this time I thought they were done and couldn't come back from it. I'm so glad to say I was wrong 2015's Burning Bridges was a step back in the right Direction and this album goes beyond that

1-Divak by Soto- Jeff Scott Soto IMO is the most Underrated and Under Appreciated Rock Vocalist of the past 30 years the quality of his work in his career from Yngwie Malmsteen to Talisman,Takara,Steel Dragon even Journey is 2nd to none and this album continues that trend it's easily the heaviest and darkest album of his career but at the same time still retains the great Melodic Rock sound he's been known for his entire career I love everything about this album from the Sound to the Songwriting the Production everything. This is my Number 1 with a bullet.

Well folks this is my top 5 albums of 2016 I do want to give Honorable mention to the following albums that just missed my top 5.

Like An Arrow by Blackberry Smoke

Braver Than We are by Meat Loaf.

Mirrorworld by Serious Black

and Hollow Bones by Rival Sons.