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Thread: Miracle: The Cesaro Story by TWG

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    Re: February BTBOTM - Miracle: The Cesaro Story by TWG

    Yes this is definitely setting up nicely with Cesaro versus Jericho a better stepping stone for the Swiss star. I can definitely see Cesaro coming close against Punk but for certain a pissed off Jericho is going to pull the rug from under him at the last moment.

    Keep up the great work TWG, and congrats on BTB Of The Month, richly deserved.

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    Re: Miracle: The Cesaro Story by TWG

    MAY 4 2012

    All week I have been thinking about my match tonight. It’s my first main event since joining the WWE, my first WWE match with CM Punk and my first opportunity to become the WWE Champion. I’m hoping that it is going to be the only one I need.

    The hype for this match has been huge, increased only by that special on during the week. My Twitter feed has been going like crazy with fans and other wrestlers tweeting me and telling me how proud they are that I have got myself into this position so quickly, and that I’m inspiring them. That’s another reason to make sure that I win this match tonight; people are believing in me and I can’t let them down.

    I don’t have a doubt in my mind that Punk and I are going to give the crowd a match that they’ll enjoy, as he’s been pretty vocal himself and is looking forward to facing me for the championship.

    There was well-wishers a plenty as I entered the locker room area with the rest of the guys, namely Ryback and Santino, but I couldn’t help but notice guys like Ziggler and Swagger who weren’t happy I was getting this opportunity. I suppose that to them I’m someone who has just walked in and got a title shot, but I’ve beaten them and I’m not some rookie out of the Performance Center.

    I’ve been asked to meet Matt Striker for an interview before the match, around half way through the show.

    Following the commercial break, we are in the interview area where MATT STRIKER is standing by with a guest which causes a loud cheer to emanate from the arena… CESARO. Both men are smiling at the reception for ‘The Swiss Superman’, and he looks on for Striker to begin the questions.

    Matt Striker: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and as I’m sure you can see, I am being joined by the man who will challenge CM Punk for the WWE Championship right here tonight, the undefeated ‘Swiss Superman’ himself, Cesaro. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, man.

    Cesaro: Not a problem, Matt. Thanks for having me.

    Matt Striker: I know that this might seem like a basic line of questioning, but how do you feel ahead of this match tonight?

    Cesaro: I’ve been in a lot of big match situations in my career before tonight and I have competed for a lot of championships but nothing compares to this match tonight.

    There is a clear tone of seriousness in Cesaro’s delivery.

    Cesaro: This is the WWE Championship. There isn’t a title in this business that can be compared to it. I have the chance to make history and achieve everything I have worked towards in my career up to this point. So to answer your question, I feel excited… but more importantly I feel ready.

    Matt Striker: For a fan such as myself, I’m glad to hear it. I need to ask you, what do you say to those who think that this is too early in your WWE career for you to be receiving an opportunity like this?

    Cesaro: I say that they need to open their eyes a bit more. Whilst the WWE is the biggest company in this industry, it isn’t the only one. I’ve travelled around the world doing this and I’ve learned a lot during that time. I think that I’ve proven to everyone that I belong here in the WWE so tonight I need to prove that I am worthy of being the WWE Champion.

    Striker is about to continue with another question, but Cesaro puts his hand on his chest to cut him off and looks into the camera.

    Cesaro: So what I will ask of those who don’t think that Cesaro deserves this match, is for you to watch and see why I do.

    Matt Striker: Was that directed at anyone in particular?

    Cesaro: It might have been.

    The cryptic response causes Striker to raise his eyebrows for a second and he smirks, loving the juiciness. Noting that Cesaro has gone a bit frosty, he extends his hand out to Cesaro, who gladly shakes it.

    Matt Striker: That's all I need, I'd say, so I'll let you get back to preparing for your match, Cesaro. Thanks for joining me and good luck out there.

    Cesaro: Thanks.

    With that Cesaro walks off screen and Striker nods as he stares in the direction he exited in.

    That line of questioning irritated me a little bit as I didn’t want everyone to know that I don’t have people believing in me. I’ve worked too hard to get here to have others have doubts planted in their minds before this match.

    I’ve done everything I can, in between training I spent hours on end watching CM Punk matches from the last couple of years and thinking of ways I can counter some of his moves and look for any tells like I did on Raw with McIntyre. As I was doing some last minute prep, I saw that Striker has also secured an interview with Punk and it looks like I’m not the only one that has done their homework and Punk has kept an eye on what I have been up to as well.

    There are some final “good luck”s as I head to the Gorilla position and the thought of knowing that I could be walking back through that curtain as the WWE Champion is the only thing running through my head right now. I’m not focussed on Over the Limit and Daniel Bryan; that can come after. Now is about the biggest achievement in my life.

    We return to the arena after the commercial break and there is a hushed silence amongst the crowd and the commentators, and Tony Chimel stands in the centre of the ring with the referee awaiting the entrants for the main event.


    The fans burst out in an overwhelmingly loud reaction as CESARO confidently strides through the curtain and slaps his chest. He stomps his feet in place and fires his shoulder cannons all around the arena to cheers from the crowd as they reciprocate the taunt back to him. He starts pacing down the ramp, with a determined-but-passionate look on his face.

    Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, it is main event time, and the WWE Championship is going to be on the line! Here we can see the challenger, Cesaro, just over a month into his career here in the WWE and he has been given the opportunity to forever etch his name into the history books and win the biggest prize in this business.

    Jerry Lawler: All week, since John Laurinaitis gave Cesaro this match, everyone has been debating whether he deserves this chance to become the WWE Champion. Everyone has an opinion but to me, I don't care how long this guy has been around here. He's more than talented enough to be out there competing against the likes of CM Punk for the title.

    Michael Cole: I couldn't agree more, King. Cesaro has been nothing short of impressive since debuting here a few weeks ago. He's defeated everyone put in his path and the list of opponents he has defeated includes a multitude of former champions!

    Jerry Lawler: There have been those doubting this man, but even though I said I think Punk would edge this match, I wouldn't be surprised if Cesaro left this arena tonight as the WWE Champion.

    Michael Cole: As we can see Cesaro get into the ring, you can tell that there is a different air about him tonight. We saw it earlier on when he was talking to our colleague Matt Striker, Cesaro knows that everything he has done and everything that he has worked for has been leading to this match tonight. CM Punk is the only man standing in the way of Cesaro achieving the dream of every man to ever lace up a pair of boots and get into that ring; to become the WWE Champion.

    As Cesaro gets into the ring, he elects against his usual mounting of the second rope to play to the crowd and he takes his place on the far side of the ring, facing the TitanTron. His music fades out and he closes his eyes to listen to the sounds of the fans cheering, but a loud chant in the name of the WWE Champion starts to gather pace around the arena.


    The gargantuan pop that has become custom as soon as the static is heard rings around the arena and after a few seconds, the WWE Champion CM PUNK walks out onto the stage in a grey hoodie and title around his waist. Nodding along to his theme music, Punk drops down to one knee and taps the imaginary watch strapped around his wrist. Once it has been declared that it is "CLOBBERIN' TIIIIIIME!", Punk makes his way down the aisle in his usual entrance routine, as Cesaro watches on from in the ring.

    Jerry Lawler: Would you listen to this ovation for the WWE Champion, Michael?! I can't hear myself think it is that loud in here!

    Michael Cole: Five days from defeating Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules in a Chicago Street Fight this past Sunday, CM Punk is making his first appearance since then tonight in Toledo and he will be intent on defending the WWE Championship successfully again.

    Jerry Lawler: Let's remember WHY Punk is defending the title again tonight. John Laurinaitis doesn't like Cesaro OR CM Punk, but Cesaro managed to twist his ear enough to convince him that pitting them against each other would kill two birds with one stone. These two tear each other apart over that championship and we also get to see two of the best compete against each other right before our eyes.

    Michael Cole: After being on the receiving end of the Go To Sleep by CM Punk at Extreme Rules, nothing would make John Laurinaitis happier than to see him lose the WWE Championship tonight.

    It is only as Punk reaches the base of the ramp that the two competitors look at each other directly. Their eye contact continues as Punk climbs up the steps and onto the ring apron. Punk nods in Cesaro's direction and the gesture is returned to him by the Swiss.

    Jerry Lawler: As much as both of these men want to be WWE Champion, I don't think that we will see anything underhanded from either of these two. You can tell just from the small interaction between these two just now that their respect for one another is abundant.

    Michael Cole: Both of these men have come from similar backgrounds, having travelled around the world to hone their skills before bringing them to the WWE; they understand the journey that the other has been through and I think that both of these men will be proud to be facing each other in the main event tonight for the WWE Championship, with the entire world watching.

    Jerry Lawler: And of course, the winner of this match will face Daniel Bryan at Over the Limit! He's another Superstar with a similar career to these two men!

    Michael Cole: That's correct, partner. But thinking about facing Daniel Bryan in just over two weeks is going to have to wait for Punk and Cesaro as they both have to figure out how they can be the man who leaves Toledo as the WWE Champion.

    Punk hands the WWE Championship over to the referee as his music fades out, with both he and Cesaro with their eyes on the prize. Tony Chimel takes his place in the middle of the ring next to the official for the introductions.

    Tony Chimel: The following contest is set for one fall, and it for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!

    That announcement alone has the fans cheering loudly.

    Tony Chimel: Introducing first, the challenger... from Lucerne, Switzerland, weighing two-hundred-and-thirty-three pounds, he is 'The Swiss Superman'... CESAAAAARRROOOOOOO!!

    The Swiss nods his head whilst the fans pop for his introduction, and Punk claps along with them in between stretches.

    Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing two-hundred-and-eighteen pounds, he is the WWE Champion... C-M-PUNK!!

    As usual, the fans are rapturous for Punk and he holds his arms into the air and shouts "BEST IN THE WORLD!" as Cesaro is shown clapping along with the WWE Universe for his opponent. The WWE Championship is raised into the air by the official and the two combatants walk to the middle of the ring, where they share a handshake and a couple of small pleasantries until such time that the referee does his final checks and calls for the bell for this match to begin!


    The two men back away from each other once the match has started and begin circling the ring as they weigh each other up. The WWE Universe are battling between themselves with equally loud duelling "C-M-PUNK" and "CE-SAR-O" chants booming around the Huntingdon Center. Champion and challenger approach each other in the centre of the ring and lock up, but it isn't long before Cesaro's strength advantage comes to the fore and he forces Punk down onto one knee. Quickly slipping out of Cesaro's grip, Punk latches himself onto one of Cesaro's legs, but fails to take him down from a vertical base. Punk swiftly lets go and straightens himself up as Cesaro urges him in to lock up once more. This time, Punk ducks under Cesaro's advances and gets the quick go-behind and is able to bullrush Cesaro into the ropes, but Cesaro hangs on and causes Punk to roll backwards, unable to get the pin attempt in. Cesaro turns around as Punk gets back to his feet and the two men tie up for a third time, but Cesaro pulls Punk in and traps him in a Side Headlock in the middle of the ring.

    Punk is unable to slide out of the grip of Cesaro, and he tries to back him into the ropes but he is unable to budge 'The Swiss Superman'. Cesaro's response is to lock the Headlock in tighter by wrenching back on Punk's neck more, and then taking him over and slamming him down onto the mat. The referee gets down to count a pin as Punk's shoulders are on the mat, but the WWE Champion kicks his legs up to give himself the momentum to shove Cesaro's arm from around his neck. As he gets up, Punk grabs Cesaro's arm and quickly puts him in a Hammerlock as Cesaro is seated on the mat, but Cesaro is able to stand up whilst still in the hold and turn his way out of it. He pulls Punk in after wringing his arm and slaps the Side Headlock back in on him in the middle of the ring. Punk puts his boot in the back of Cesaro's knee to cause him to drop to one knee. With the vertical advantage, Punk puts Cesaro in a Side Headlock of his own, but Cesaro is able to get to his feet and he shoves Punk off of him and into the ropes.

    As Punk rebounds off of the ropes and back towards Cesaro, Cesaro elevates him high up into the air, and looks to hit an early Very European Uppercut, but Punk grabs Cesaro's arm on the way down and takes him over with an Arm Drag as he falls to the canvas. Both men get to their feet to a ripple of applause after the even and tense early exchanges. They nod at each other and lock up again in a collar-and-elbow, with Cesaro being a bit more aggressive and charging Punk back into the corner, where the referee quickly separates the two. With Punk in the corner, Cesaro tries to hoist him up onto the top turnbuckle for something, but Punk uses the higher ground to leap over Cesaro from the second rope into a Sunset Flip, and he tries to catch Cesaro out early!


    Cesaro rolls back out of the pin attempt!

    Cesaro grabs Punk's legs as they're on the mat in front of him and he lifts them up into the air to cause Punk's momentum to send him onto his back and Cesaro impressively flips over for a Jackknife Pin!


    Punk rolls his shoulder off off of the mat!

    Cesaro rolls off Punk and gets to his feet, but Punk thinks fast and scoops him down whilst still on the mat for a Schoolboy!



    As Cesaro powers out into the air after kicking out, he leaps over Punk and grabs through the WWE Champion's legs for a Schoolboy roll up of his own!


    Punk kicks out again!

    This time, both men pop up to their feet and look at each other, ready to grapple again, with the commentators noting that there is nothing to split the two men get as both are extremely proficient technically. They circle the ring once more and weight each other up, but Punk suddenly bursts into action with a gut-busting kick to the midsection to cause Cesaro to double over! Noting that trying to out-wrestle each other hasn't worked for either man, the commentators state that Punk is going to try a change of pace to get some offence in. The stiff kick to the midsection is followed up by another stinging one to the back of each leg to put Cesaro down on his knees. Punk lines Cesaro up for a finishing blow to the head, but it is ducked by the Swiss, but Punk catches him with one to the back of the head as he continues swinging around after the first kick! For the first time in the match, someone is in control, and Punk doesn't waste any time in grabbing Cesaro's arm to bring him to his feet and wringing it as he does so.

    After wincing in pain momentarily, Cesaro rolls through to un-wring his arm and turn things around on Punk, who ducks the initial Short Arm Clothesline, but is caught as soon as he turns around with a European Uppercut! The massive force behind the blow almost takes the smaller man off of his feet, but Punk stirs and finds solace in the corner. Cesaro grabs his legs and uses his power advantage to bullrush Punk across the ring and into the opposite corner! The impact clearly winds Punk and Cesaro plucks him up again and charges him back across the ring into the corner again! Cesaro keeps hold of Punk over his shoulder and then slams him down hard onto the mat, and hooking the leg for another pin attempt!


    Punk uses his legs to kick out!

    Cesaro shakes his neck out after that hard kick from Punk and he picks the WWE Champion up from the mat around the waist and takes him over with an impressive Gutwrench Suplex! The commentary team talk up Cesaro's supreme strength and how he's purposely targeting Punk's lower back which supports him when lifting opponents up for the GTS. Flipping Punk over onto his front to have the back exposed, Cesaro leaps into the air and looks to hit a Double Foot Stomp across Punk's back, but the WWE Champion acts quickly to roll out of the way and under the bottom rope to the outside. The loud noise from the mat shows the force that Cesaro would have landed on Punk with and some of the crowd look relieved that the move didn't connect. With Punk on the outside, Cesaro looks around the arena and they cheer him on as he runs across the ring and charges off of the ropes and back towards Punk for a Suicide Dive - but no one is home! Punk slid back into the ring to avoid the incoming Cesaro - who somehow manages to roll through without colliding into the barricade - and sprints across the ring himself to wipe Cesaro out with a Suicide Dive of his own!!

    The fans cheer and Punk thrusts a fist up in the air before rolling Cesaro back into the ring, not wanting to fight on the outside after the Street Fight on Sunday night. Cesaro starts making his way up as soon as he gets into the ring and Punk slides in as he does. When both men are back to a vertical base, Punk hits Cesaro with a Spinning Back Kick to the gut and back into the ropes and connects with a Running Dropkick to the side of Cesaro's head as he's doubled over. Cesaro falls down onto his back and Punk hooks the near leg for the cover!



    Punk doesn't let up following the unsuccessful pin attempt and gets straight to his feet as Cesaro brings himself up in the corner. Making a picture with his hands, Punk measure Cesaro and charges into the corner and goes for a Running High Knee, but Cesaro ducks it and scoops Punk off of the turnbuckle in the corner and has him up on his shoulders… SWISSBLADE!! The fans cheer at the smoothness and quickness of the counter by ‘The Swiss Superman’, but he doesn’t go for a cover on the WWE champion just yet. Cesaro gets to his feet and pulls Punk up with him by grabbing onto his arm and he knocks him down with a Short Arm Clothesline, and repeats this action before forcefully sending his opponent crashing back-first into the turnbuckle. The Swiss acts quickly to prevent any possible counter by charging straight in towards him with great pace, and crashes into Punk with a Corner European Uppercut!!

    With Punk down on the mat and Cesaro standing in the middle of the ring and firmly on his feet following the devastating Uppercut, ‘The Swiss Superman’ surveys the arena, who are doing his shoulder cannon taunt back to him and he nods slowly before doing the motion himself in the downed Punk’s direction. He cracks his neck out before lifting the WWE Champion up from the mat and he bends Punk down and puts his head between his thighs and starts to reach over to lock Punk’s legs into position for his finishing move, but Punk suddenly springs to lift and scoops Cesaro up onto his shoulders… looking for the GTS, but Cesaro is able to slide off of Punk’s back! The challenger instinctively goes for a European Uppercut, but Punk shoots first and lands a Roundhouse Kick right on the button to the back of Cesaro’s head!

    The Swiss drops down onto the mat and Punk wastes no time in scuttling over to the corner and scaling up onto the top rope. Once he has found his balance, he extends his arms high into the air in homage to ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage… and crashes a Diving Elbow Drop right across Cesaro’s chest! It takes Punk a moment to muster the energy, but he is able to hook the near leg for the cover!




    The fans cheer loudly at what they are witnessing with neither man able to put each other away, but the commentary team remark that neither man has been able to hit their finishing move yet, despite attempting it. Punk takes a moment to compose himself before getting to his feet and walking towards the ropes as Cesaro starts to bring himself back up as well. Punk gets onto the apron and holds onto the top rope, urging Cesaro to get to his feet. Once ‘The Swiss Superman’ is up to a vertical base, he turns around to see an airborne Punk looking for a Springboard Clothesline – but CESARO CATCHES HIM WITH A EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!!

    The WWE Champion lands in a bundle on the mat and Jerry Lawler remarks that Punk might even be knocked out after that huge blow, which replays show was straight to the side of his head. Cesaro makes no mistake and doesn’t waste any time to grab Punk and put him back into the position he was in a couple of minutes ago… and THIS TIME CESARO IS ABLE TO PUT PUNK DOWN WITH THE NEUTRALIZER!!

    A state of shock comes across the arena as Cesaro gets to his feet and pulls the unresponsive WWE Champion away from the ropes…





    The bell is rung the second that Cesaro drops down onto his knees and then his front as the camera steadies itself on Cesaro’s attacker amongst the chaos in the arena. A hooded figure stands over ‘The Swiss Superman’, before bringing the chair down across his back again!

    Michael Cole
    : This- this person has come out here and ruined the WWE Championship match and attacked Cesaro! Just as he was about to become the WWE Champion! WHO IS IT, KING?!

    Jerry Lawler: I have no idea but they’re devastating Cesaro with that chair!

    There is nothing anyone can do to stop the attacker after he brings the chair down onto Cesaro for a third and then a fourth time! They then turn their attention to CM Punk, but only force him out of the ring under the bottom rope and the WWE Champion lands in a heap on the floor. The chair is thrown on the mat as Cesaro valiantly tries to bring himself back up to his feet, but when he does, he is an easy target for a CODEBREAKER!! This causes loud boos from the fans as that move immediately reveals to everyone who this is under there. With the cover blown, the hooded man gets back to his feet and throws the hood back to reveal spiked blonde hair and then the mask is pulled down…


    Boos ring out around the whole arena as soon as the reveal is made, as Cesaro splutters on the mat, not yet even knowing who the assailant even was. Y2J looks down at Cesaro with a look of disgust on his face, completely ignoring the loud heat.

    Michael Cole: Chris Jericho! We all know that he made a scene on during the week and that he was annoyed about Cesaro getting this opportunity instead of him but that’s not enough cause for coming out here and attacking the man with a steel chair just before he was about to get the biggest victory of his life! Chris Jericho has ROBBED Cesaro tonight in Toledo!

    Jerry Lawler: I feel robbed as well, Michael, and so will this crowd here tonight! Even if Punk would have kicked out after that Neutralizer, we have lost the rest of this match, which was on its way to becoming a classic if you ask me.

    Michael Cole: I don’t know what John Laurinaitis is going to do to resolve this situation, as I can’t see him giving Cesaro another opportunity-

    Jerry Lawler: Forgive the interruption, but I think that John Laurinaitis might have even had a hand in this, it is far too convenient.

    Michael Cole: I’m not sure, partner. I think in John Laurinaitis’s eyes, Cesaro as WWE Champion is the lesser of two evils for him if he had to choose between Cesaro and CM Punk! Chris Jericho must have been acting alone tonight.

    Jericho curls his lip up and then slowly turns to leave the ring and exiting down to the floor. It is only now that Cesaro sees who it was that assaulted him, with a FURIOUS look on his face. Punk rolls back into the ring to check up on Cesaro and only now does Jericho have a smug look on his face, looking pleased with his actions as the closing credits start to appear on screen.

    Michael Cole: Chris Jericho has had the last laugh tonight on Smackdown, but if we have learnt anything from Cesaro… this isn’t over.

    I have had this match written out for well over a year and I have sporadically worked on moving this project forward since then but a lot of real life has gotten in the way since. I figure that if I get this out there now then perhaps I will be more inclined to keep going with it because I did have plans for this project that I wanted to make sure I saw through. I have the next couple of posts written out and ready to go, but perhaps I will write all the way to Over the Limit before I get the next update out (which will only be a new post covering the fallout of this match).

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    Re: Miracle: The Cesaro Story by TWG

    I just read the last couple of updates as it turns out I fell behind a little before you took your massive break in posting. I will say that I loved the Cesaro/Punk match and you did a tremendous job with your writing of really making it feel like a big time situation. The Jericho interference makes perfect sense after the update (which was a fun read, lol at Sheamus' what a jackass), and this gives Cesaro the perfect feud. Considering this is Jericho and Cesaro is 'new' to the WWE, I'd hope this feud could last awhile with Jericho probably accidentally teaching Cesaro a few things. I really expect Jericho's vindictiveness to come out on top early here.

    My only concern here, and it probably doesn't impact this project to much, but what does this sort of match do for Punk. Against a guy who has barely been around and Punk was about to lose his title. Only thing I thought could have been changed is maybe the match is a little more even before Jericho interferes and DQ happens or Punk wins. Outside of that though, which doesn't really matter in the scheme of things, I thought this was more terrific stuff.

    I really hope you do continue to write more updates because this thread is as enjoyable as ever.

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