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Thread: FWA Information Thread - Want to sign up? Returning? Look here!

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    FWA FWA Information Thread - Want to sign up? Returning? Look here!

    Since there are a ton of stickied threads in this section, I thought it'd be better to group all these threads together in one place that makes it easily accessible. It makes the section look better too/less cluttered. So for our memberbase, this is the thread to check out if you need to find out something with regards to the FWA - Rules, match writing information and so on.



    The Rules of the FWA

    We don't have a thread explaining our rules - simply because it's assumed people know to behave themselves and not act like children. There are no standout rules here - simply treat people with respect. We are a community that all like to do the same thing - e-fed. People can get passionate and wound up at some things but don't let it escalate into silly arguments. This isn't the place for it and it makes the whole community look bad when everything turns into arguments over nonsensical things. This place is for fun. Simply put: Don't be a dick.

    Signing up and Getting Involved

    You can sign up to the FWA by filling out the template below and then posting your sign up in the 'FWA Sign Ups and Information' section. Do not post your sign up in this thread. Create a new one. A mod will look over your application and will then accept/reject the application. If you are rejected, a reason will be given. Usually, a small amendment to the application is just required for acceptance. If there is a bigger reason for being rejected that cannot be divulged in public, a mod will PM you why.

    After this, your character will be given a spot on the next card to be released. We currently have one regular show, Fight Night, and PPVs - the cards for these shows are posted in their relevant sections so be attentive. We are slimming down PPV numbers to FOUR a year. Some Fight Nights may have special attraction matches and the like but we are trying out a new format for this year (2017-18). There will be 5-6 Fight Nights in a PPV cycle before a big show and we are going to try and utilize these Fight Nights for tournaments or themes that can highlight certain parts of the roster whilst also utilizing normal programs.

    Once you are on a card and given an opponent, you will then have the chance to roleplay and compete in a match.

    NOTE: There is a limit to active characters you can have. The character limit is two (2) per person so long as they are in different divisions (one singles, one tag team). However, you ARE allowed to have three (3) if two are strictly a tag team TOGETHER.

    Sign Up Template

    Character name:




    Billed From:



    Current feuds:

    Non-FWA accomplishments:

    FWA accomplishments:

    FWA win-loss record, if you wish to keep one:

    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.):

    A minimum of five perfected moves your character does in a match (feel free to separate your moveset into categories ie basic strikes, signatures etc.):

    A minimum of one finishing move, and a maximum of three:


    Base pic for your character (please include the name of the base pic):

    Theme music:

    Introduction promo of at least 10 lines introducing your character to us:


    Once cards are posted, two threads tend to follow after: the Promo Thread for that specific show and the Promo Discussion Thread for that same show. You should post your RP/Promo in the Promo Thread. However, understand that you can only post ONE PROMO PER SHOW. Think carefully about what you are writing and how you are presenting it. In the Promo Discussion Thread, you will find people giving reviews and discussing the work of others. We use constructive criticism here - we all want to get better and improve. If you have the time, feel free to leave a review. Or if you want a review of your own promo, you might find that people are more willing to review you if you do the same for them. These discussion threads are not for arguments to take place - they're supposed to be for the purpose of learning/improving.

    Promo Rules

    We DO have some rules with regards to Promos/RPs. We have relaxed a few over the years but there are some rules that must absolutely be adhered to in promos. Breaking any of these rules will result in an automatic DQ, no tolerance and no special exceptions. These are also things we'd like to keep out of 'news' posts and any creative writing that takes place outside of the promo threads.

    1. We will not accept the depiction of extremely vulgar acts. This means that we won't accept things such as rape, torture, murder etc. That stuff really isn't acceptable for here.

    2. Swear words are acceptable but please be considerate with your usage of them. A promo that contains an obscene amount of swear words for no reason is probably not going to be looked at favourably. Use common sense if you are going to use expletives - absolutely no racial terms are allowed. If you think that it's a must for your promo to contain a banned expletive, PM a mod and ask. However, I doubt permission will be granted for using terms like that. The 'C word' is also banned. F bombs are fine. Just don't go overboard on them.

    3. You cannot respond to your opponent in a promo. If your opponent posts their promo before you, you read it, and you reference it in your promo, it's instantly DQed. Everyone should be on a level playing field as much as possible. It'd be unfair for someone to post their promo and have all their points derailed because you decided to counter it. You will simply just have to wait until your next promo/match to speak about those things - if you so wish.

    4. No editing your promo. Once it is posted, it is posted. If your opponent posts their promo after you, you read it and you suddenly think "damn, I should've said this or that" then that's tough. You have a 15 minute grace period for editing your promo for any spelling errors or coding issues. If you're seen to have edited your promo outwith that timescale, it's an instant DQ. No exceptions.

    5. Pictures, fancy text and all that stuff is allowed. If you want to make your promo all glittery and shiny, feel free.

    6. Please post your promo before the stated deadline in the promo thread. If you are over 15 minutes late (grace period for coding/late posters) then your promo will be disqualified.

    7. This was always sort of an unwritten rule, but you cannot say things involving an active roster member happened that never happened on the shows or in a "News" post, without their handlers' permission. You also cannot use any other wrestler in your promo without their handlers' permission. If you use random people in disguise and claim them to be fake versions of those characters, that is fine, as long as ou make that point clear.

    Promo Deadlines

    We usually set deadlines for our shows to be around SIX FULL DAYS (144 hours) from when the promo thread is posted. We currently offer a 24 hour extension that can be requested in case of emergencies or if your PC just so happens to blow up. It is at the mods discretion whether these are granted or not.

    The Grading Scale

    In the FWA, we 'grade' promos. This is a system that tries to be subjective and choose a winner fairly. There are usually four people judging and grading - thus, your grade average will determine whether you are victorious or not in a match. The lowest a promo can score is 4 and the highest it can score is 40. Most promos tend to fall in the 27-40 range. It may be a good idea to look at the Grading Scale utilised here if you want to see the things we look at and judge a promo on:

    Credit to the late Cryonix for designing the original criteria out of a possible 80 points. All promos used to be graded based on this formula, with each category earning up to 20 points and as low as 1. The original grading scale created by Cryonix has been modified by Me, KAIZEN, The Golden One and Sayer in an attempt to make the scoring more 'fair'. Some categories have been amalgamated for the purpose of this.

    Quality of Content - Is the promo written well and does it contain relevant information? Is the storyline being pushed? This is like an 'overall' category in terms of how well the promo reads and if it makes sense etc.

    Presentation - This takes into consideration the overall presentation of your promo. Does it require coding? Does it need to have pictures? Is the spelling and grammar in check? Is the length necessary? Do note that you don't NEED to use pictures or colours in your promo - anything unnecessary will work against you. If it burns the reader's eyes then it is likely to lose points.

    Character Work - How well have you portrayed the character in the promo? Have you shown any decent character development (eg has the character changed going from the beginning to end of the promo?) and made it fit the story that is going on? Does the overall message of the promo fit the character?

    Creativity - Are you presenting us with creative work? Or is it a simple run of the mill promo with nothing mindblowing? Take into consideration that you are likely to score lower in creativity if there are already multiple promos detailing a backstage interview or whatever.

    Match/Segment writing

    Whilst the mod team will handle most of this, help is appreciated. The FWA and its shows is a result of community input and output. If you are willing to write a match or segment for your character then great! Just PM a mod and request details and send your stuff to that same mod in a timely fashion. However, if you are consistently late and hold shows up, we will reconsider giving out matches/segments to you. If you are going to write something, do your best to send it in around 2-3 days after promo deadline.

    Here is an explanation of how the mod team write normal Fight Night matches, using Susie Sue vs Wanda Wells as an example:

    Susie Sue vs. Wanda Wells

    (Match description, at least 4 paragraphs unless it's a squash)

    Winner: Susie Sue

    All PPV match write-ups and title matches/main events on Fight Night will be in full and at least 8 paragraphs unless told otherwise BY A MOD.

    If any regular member wants to write a match in full, they are more than welcome to do so. If they want to help and write them in the above summarized manner, they can do that, too.

    Any questions, don't hesitate to ask via PM.


    Additionally, we like our shows to be presented in a nice uniform fashion. Some people send in segments and matches that I will re-code for this purpose. It isn't a huge amount of effort on my part but there is a thread here which details how to code segments and matches for people who are willing to help out. This thread also contains information on the various 'staff' in the FWA universe. These staff members are free for anyone to use in their promos and segments - there is information in the thread with regards to the personalities and so on. Please click the spoiler tag below for relevant information.


    The names of each talent will be colored with their respective coding color - which is named also to make it easy to find and use. I understand that writing commentary may be slightly difficult for some but all I can say is that if you are not sure of how to portray a commentator or if you feel like your portrayal is weak - do not worry about it. Do what you can - this is just a guideline. I have tried my best to make each personality unique so as to avoid the robotic and wooden tone some may have. This post is always going to be a work in progress because feedback is needed to fix things incase some things do not work out.

    Fight Night Personnel

    Commentary team

    Rod Sterling - Blue

    Daniella Kennedy -- Dark Green

    Christian Quinn -- Purple

    Backstage Interviewers

    Todd Salum - SENIOR INTERVIEWER - Saddle Brown

    Todd has been the longstanding backstage interviewer of the FWA and is well respected backstage for his contribution towards the show. When interviewing, he tends not to be insulted by the interviewee and also cuts straight to the chase and WILL call them out on things they say. He doesn't like his questions being avoided and will always get the answer that he and the show will require whenever he is conducting an interview. He is mainly used to conduct interviews with the top tier talent given his no nonsense style and his standing in the company.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith - JUNIOR INTERVIEWER - Violet

    Another longstanding member of the FWA interview team - although she is considered understudy to Todd Salum, still. Katie has a long history with the FWA - her sister, Elaine, is a referee also. She tends to focus on interviewing talent outside of the main event scene and seems to be able to strike up quite a rapport with them. Her good looks tend to be a red herring as a lot of people assume that she's simply employed for her looks but Katie is knowledgeable about wrestling and the FWA, thanks in part to her mentor, Todd Salum. Katie also has had a noteworthy romance with Carmine Reaper which was probably the time she rose to prominence in the eyes of the FWA viewers. Things have been quieter since but she is still ever present on Fight Night. She can be dragged off topic or can be bossed around but she isn't as easy to manipulate as she looks - she can stand up for herself. Once Todd Salum is retired, she will become the senior interviewer and so, she knows that she has to on point every single time she conducts an interview.

    Amy Duke - JUNIOR INTERVIEWER - Golden Rod

    Amy Duke... is not your conventional interviewer. She's flirty but she's also... ditzy. She's not the brightest spark in the room. She never grew up as a wrestling fan - she wanted to be a journalist but... somehow, after graduating, she was never able to break into the business. It's said that her ditzy divaness prevented her from being taken seriously. Instead, she has found a home on Crossfire where she tends to be the interviewer for the fan favourites - maybe its her fun personality and her spunkyness that results her being in that position - poor Sean Valentine. She is a fun interviewer and although sometimes she clearly doesn't know what she is speaking about - it usually always results in some interesting interviews...

    Ring Announcer

    Kurt Harrington - Dark Gray

    Kurt Harrington is the ring announcer for Fight Night and is another respected member of the crew. He has been the voice of Fight Night for a long time and will continue to be the voice of Fight Night for many more years to come. He hasn't been too involved in any storylines - but he has had some interactions in the past. He tends to avoid any altercations - and this is respected by the FWA roster - Harrington is here to do a job, that is all, in his eyes.



    Names of persons speaking should be coded as shown below - Boldened in the DEFAULT text colour. Their dialogue should, however, be unboldened and in the colour that suits the character - as shown above.

    Amy Duke: pldfghfgjhghjhgjfhdfhhjyghdfsghsh

    When you are using characters not listed above - you should use your intuition. You are also free to change things up and perhaps switch the colour arrangement. If it is your own character, go with the colour you use in promos ie, my character, Ryan Rondo... would be:

    Ryan Rondo: dgfghfgjhghjfkffhj

    Or if there was a character being used that shared the same 'signature' colour... you can switch it up so that it'd be like this:

    Person A: Did you hear about that thing?

    Person B:
    Yeah. Crazy stuff.

    Simply put, just try to make sure the colours you are using in segments aren't the same for two characters so as to avoid confusion.

    When we are describing the scene and what is going on - we use ITALICS


    Ryan Rondo's music hits as he makes his way out to the ring blah blah blah and so on.

    For match writing - the actual match will go inside a quote box - therefore it will automatically be italicized. If there is a stipulation - it should be ABOVE the competitors involved. If it is a main event then THAT should be at the top. Look at the example to see what I mean. Underneath the competitors, please put (Written by x).


    Perry Saturn on a Pole Match - FWA Championship
    Gabrielle (c) vs Drew Stevenson



    After the match, Perry Saturn does something hilarious BLAH BLAH.

    Announcer #1:

    Announcer #2:

    The example above combines everything I have said. The winner of the match should be written as soon as the pinfall occurs - and the quote box closed.. - anything that happens AFTER the pinfall should be written outside of the quote box. The last thing in the quote box should be the part where you write who the winner is... and that should be written directly after the pinfall/submission/victory condition has occurred. The winner celebrating, a beatdown... whatever - outside the quote box and after the match.

    I think that is everything covered for coding. Now, if anything is unclear, please let me know in this thread. The thread is here for feedback - it isn't a locked thread. Obviously, if you can code as precise as possible, it is easy for us to fix it up anyways.

    DISCLAIMER: There will be no Perry Saturn on a Pole match ever in the FWA, this was written as an example. Piers and Langdon also should not be using LOL or OMG. Please don't think that the example is how the commentators should speak or that Perry Saturn is going to be involved in the main event at Back in Business.

    And finally, here is a list of the names of ENHANCEMENT TALENT (aka Jobbers) that we use in the FWA, if you see an opponent you don't recognise - look here and you will see if they are a jobber or not. This will be frequently updated in the event that a new jobber emerges.

    Jobber List:

    Susie Sue
    Wanda Wells
    Zoey Ellis
    Dave 'The Shit Stain' Mustaine
    Triple J Security (Jiggy John, Jobber Jimbo and Jugem Jugem)
    AJ Fart
    Bobby Thunder
    The Jello Jigglers
    The Muff Divers
    The Green Bay Fudge Packers
    Old Carl the Bear Boxer
    Scrawny Ronny
    The Wise Guys

    News and History Section

    There is a 'News and History' Section which is where you are free to post 'news' regarding your character - have they made an appearance on TV? Have they given an interview on radio? Have they taken part in a photoshoot for Playgirl/Playboy? Have they won the Nobel Prize? Post about it! There is also a twitter thread where you can post 'tweets' from your character. This section also contains information such as FWA Title Histories, records, the Hall of Fame and Releases/Suspensions.

    Mod Team

    You can contact the mod team via PM if you have any queries, names are below:

    The Golden One
    Jimmy King
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    Re: FWA Information Thread - Want to sign up? Returning? Look here!

    Thread has been updated: New Schedule, Grading Scale, Base Pic info modified.


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    Re: FWA Information Thread - Want to sign up? Returning? Look here!

    Please read the updated promo rules. Rule #7 was just added. It was always an unwritten rule, but we had a situation come up in the past few weeks where the rule needed clarified.

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    Re: FWA Information Thread - Want to sign up? Returning? Look here!

    This is updated AND cleaned up a bit.

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