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    Mile High 2016 RESULTS

    Mile High 2016 Pre-Show Panel

    The Mile High 2016 Pre-Show kicks off with Amy Duke sitting at a table along with Fight Night General Manager Ashley O'Ryan and former Crossfire commentator/now FWA talent scout, Sam McDonald.

    Amy Duke: Hello FWA fans and welcome to the FWA Mile High Pre Show - LIVE on the FWA Network and YouTube! We're only half an hour away from one of the biggest events this year... and we're sure to see some great, great action! Here to discuss the action with me is our very own GM, Ashley O'Ryan and of course, the wonderful Sam McDonald! I think we should just get right to it guys... what are you looking forward to?

    Ashley O'Ryan: It's great to be 'ere in Boston. Almost like bein' at 'ome. As fer dis show? I'm lookin' forward to Mick Garcia bein' put in his roitful place.

    Sam McDonald: Whilst I'm looking forward to that, also... I have to say I am beyond excited for our main event! The Mile High Massacre! Just look at the structure hanging over the ring right now like some sort of ominous threat. It's going to be hellacious! I don't know how Cyrus Truth is going to survive in there against a dangerous field of challengers!

    Amy Duke: You think this is his toughest match to date?

    Sam McDonald: Potentially.

    Amy Duke: Well... we'll get to discussing Cyrus Truth - and the rest of the Mile High Massacre shortly. But first... the NEW SIGNINGS!!

    A small graphic plays and showcases some footage of Stan Weaver and XYZ from their runs in other promotions (a special credit is given to other promotions in the corner of the footage)

    Ashley O'Ryan:
    These are big, big matches for these new lads. Weaver's got some power... and there's someting a bit mystifin' 'bout dat XYZ fella. I'm interested in seein' how they do. Future X Title contenders potentially?

    Sam McDonald: It's hard to judge these guys - but what an opportunity they have tonight! They could really make a big impact... but they have to get through tough opponents in Jhunha and Jason Randall first!

    Another small graphic plays that highlights Randall and Jhunha - including their brief rivalry against each other - showing that both men are no slouches in the ring and outside of it.

    Amy Duke: Well... who has the better chance of winning their match? Weaver... or XYZ? Or do you two think they are both doomed?

    Sam McDonald:
    I don't know! Jhunha is a big guy and I think he might be able to sweep Mr Mystery away... but Stan Weaver? He might be able to get the win over Randall.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Any man could win - tis the beauty of these matches. I tink yer underestimatin' the boy XYZ. He's got somethin' up his sleeve and he's gonna beat the Mongolian Monster. Can just sense it. Either way, i'm lookin' forward to seein' the new blood.

    Amy Duke: I think.. I think I'll go for two upsets! XYZ and Stan Weaver make a big impact and get the job done! Jason Randall hasn't had it smooth lately... and Jhunha... well he might not be as smart as he is monstrous....

    Sam McDonald: I hope Jhunha isn't watching this now... he might take offence to that!

    Amy Duke: Maybe it'll stir him into a frenzy and push him to victory against XYZ? He can thank me later! But... let's shift our attention slightly higher now. What about Ryan Rondo's return? What about this match with Michael Garcia? It all seems to have come out of nowhere?

    Sam McDonald: I had heard small rumblings from backstage that Ryan Rondo isn't one hundred percent and is taking a risk with this match. Ring rust might be a factor! You also have to think about the size of Garcia...

    Amy Duke: Well, Sam, I had a chance to catch up with Ryan earlier... and here's what he had to say!

    We cut to backstage where Amy Duke is shown walking through the corridors - she bypasses Eimi Sanada in a penguin onesie, who is happy to smile and wave at the camera before she turns and starts to knock on a door furiously - and some frantic sounding Japanese can be heard off camera. Eventually, Duke gets to the locker room door of Rondo and knocks on door... Rondo answers and looks slightly miffed at being disturbed.

    Ryan Rondo: I thought I gave you enough words on Fight Night? I've got a match to prepare for, Amy.

    Amy Duke: I'm sorry to disturb you, Ryan... but well, there's a few burning questions I've thought of heading into tonight. You already gave us answers as to why you returned... but some people are worried you'll be rusty? Some people are worr-

    She's cut off.

    Ryan Rondo: Then tell them not to be worried. I won't be rusty. I've been working hard to make sure I'm in fighting condition. I've been working hard to make sure that I can get my shoulders off the mat no matter what. Nothing's going to beat me tonight. Nothing. You're about to say some people are worried that Michael Garcia's size might be detrimental to me? Since when has Garcia ever used his size properly? Since when has Garcia ever been thought of as a threat to me? Never. So why start now? There's no need to worry about me.

    Amy Duke: Some people might think you're not taking the match serious.

    Ryan Rondo:
    Well... let me ask you a question - do you think I should take it serious?

    Amy Duke: Shouldn't every match be taken seriously? I mean... I get it. Some people probably think you have Garcia outmatched in terms of skill. But that doesn't mean you can take it lightly.

    Ryan Rondo: That's absolutely correct. Here's the thing - I said some things about Garcia the last time we spoke - he's a passionless, talentless oaf. He does not have my respect and I'll make sure you see that tonight in the ring. I might have him outmatched in terms of skill... but if I can draw some passion out of him... maybe force him to up his game... then just MAYBE he has a chance. I want to face the best Michael Garcia. But Michael Garcia could never beat me at his best, anyway. I'm not going to go to extreme lengths to win. I'm not going to push myself when I don't need to. This match is a warmup to me getting a shot at the World Champion and getting my belt back. Trust me on that. Michael Garcia - I don't take him seriously. But I'm taking this opportunity to get back to the top seriously. It's as simple as that. Now - I'm busy.

    Rondo looks further down the hall as the frantic Japanese sounds get louder...

    Ryan Rondo: Go investigate that. Sounds like the Japanese penguin broad needs your help opening a door. Far more interesting than discussing Garcia.

    We cut back to the Preshow desk.

    Amy Duke: As you can see... Ryan Rondo doesn't think ring rust will be a factor. He doesn't even think Michael Garcia is going to be a factor.

    Sam McDonald: A bit arrogant.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Let's be honest ere, he's talkin' 'bout Mick Garcia. We all know Rondo is capable of smashin' him. That's why I made the match. Garcia needs to be smacked down and learn respect. Rondo will teach 'im that tonight. It'll take 'im less than ten minutes.

    Amy Duke: I guess you don't like Michael, Ashley!

    Ashley O'Ryan: He's a clown.

    Sam McDonald: I think Garcia has shown how dangerous he has become when he took out Devin Golden. He almost dethroned Mike Parr too. He has a better chance than most. I think Rondo's trying to bluff. He'll win.... but it'll be tough.

    Amy Duke: I don't think I can predict against Rondo or he might not give me an interview next time!

    Sam McDonald: He certainly doesn't seem as welcoming as he used to be.

    Ashley O'Ryan: I tink he's jus' focused.

    Sam McDonald: If you say so. I think Ryan Rondo might have changed a little whilst he was gone.

    Amy Duke: You think the loss to Cyrus Truth did this?

    Sam McDonald: Who knows. Maybe he didn't want to be the guy who lost the belt to Cyrus. But he was.

    Amy Duke: Speaking of Cyrus Truth... how about our Main Event!?

    A small graphic plays highlighting the competitors in the main event: FWA Tag Team Champion Eyesnsane, FWA North American Champion Mike Parr, FWA Women's Champion Bell Connelly and FWA Undisputed Champion Cyrus Truth.

    Ashley O'Ryan: A match that I'm very proud ov puttin' together! Four champions of the FWA - all fightin' for the big prize. People been doubtin' Cyrus Truth for a long, long time... but if he comes out of this one alive... he's a bonafide FWA great!.

    Amy Duke:
    Some would say... this match is designed to have Cyrus lose his belt!

    Ashley O'Ryan:
    Ye mean Cyrus himself? He's jus' upset he's had to go tru alot to get 'ere... but that's how it is in the FWA. You face the best of the best constantly when yer the champ.

    Sam McDonald: I agree. Mile High is always a momentous occasion and we always have the Mile High Massacre match. It doesn't matter who Cyrus faces - he was always going to be in this match if he was the champ!

    Amy Duke: True words, Sam. Not only that... but compared to last year... you might say that the field has weakened slightly, no?

    Sam McDonald:
    Last year, we had Rondo, Golden, KAIZEN, Stu, Lucian Ace, Phillip A. Jackson. Two world champions were in the match! But... you could say that Cyrus is facing a newbreed. The FWA is in a new era of sorts and all three of Cyrus' opponents will be hungry to prove themselves.

    Amy Duke: Let's not forget the match itself! The Mile High Massacre is brutal! It could be an eye opening experience for them all.

    Sam McDonald: None of them have been in a match like this. That's for sure. This is going to be great fun - a learning experience for them all too. We will see who emerges victorious. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Bell Connelly gets the job done, finally. Shannon O'Neal's prophecies are going to start to come to pass!

    Ashley O'Ryan: Good shout. But nah, Mike Parr is the boy. He will win it.

    Amy Duke: I think Cyrus will retain... he's just too strong willed and confident right now. The FWA needs someone to step up and crush that aura. I don't feel like anyone has in this match. Mike Parr beat him... but Cyrus seems to step up his game on these shows. Parr also struggled against Michael Garcia..... it's such a difficult riddle to solve! Four champions but only one can stand tall! And speaking about all of our champions... what about Jean-Luc Watkins!? He's defending his belt tonight - he's not in the main event!

    Ashley O'Ryan: Aye... well... he didn't deserve to be. He came close to losing his belt... and I felt that Zacky boy deserved his rematch.

    Amy Duke: You're a fan of Zachary Kazadi?

    Ashley O'Ryan: Not quite yet. The lad has potential... but difficult to judge, Amy. He's flimsy.

    Amy Duke: Flimsy?

    Sam McDonald: I guess Ashley means that Kazadi has flip flopped in terms of momentum. He had a really strong showing in the Quest for the Best tournament... he took Phillip A. Jackson to the limit and had him quit. Kazadi has a unique style that seems to etch out his victories with ease... but then he loses to KAIZEN... he loses to Danny Toner... loses to Jean-Luc. Now his reputation might be somewhat in tatters and you have to wonder if...

    Suddenly, McDonald is interrupted.

    ???: Oh, would you guys please, please… shut up.

    The cameras pan around to reveal Zachary Kazadi as the mystery speaker - he steps up to the table.

    Zachary Kazadi: I had Baby J-L on the verge of singin’ those nursery rhymes he heard all the time as a baby to keep himself from crying. He was about to tap out. YOUR X CHAMPION WAS GOING TO TAP… OUT. But then he cheated, and he was given back his championship.” Though Kazadi blamed himself for that, it did not mean he was going to allow anyone else to blame him for the defeat. “Where else does that happen. If I stepped into a boxing ring and I kick the man in his goddamn balls, they ain’t gonna give me back the title. If I go fight at the Olympics and they catch me dopin’, they ain’t given me back the Olympic Gold Medalist. But here… here… you cheat… you get a light pat on the ass, and get given another chance. That’s how it is here, huh. Biggest company in America, and that’s how things work here. Ha ha haaaaaaa. And y’all want to BERATE me?!

    Ashley O'Ryan:

    Zachary Kazadi: I said shut up, Ashley O’Ryan, I can’t understand half the shit you say anyway. You gon’ tell me I should be grateful you gave me another opportunity? Do you watch the goddamn show? See, whether you do or you don’t, you’re an ass. If you don’t, it tells me all I need to know, you don’t respect me. You don’t even respect the X Championship. But if you did, it says even more. It says you saw me cheated out of my victory and you waited, and bid your time to tell me that it was a faulty result. What it took you twenty replays to finally see that. You must’ve heard the crowd, you must’ve seen the ref look away, you must have heard Langdon and Piers question the result of that match and you still needed twenty look overs to confirm it. You tell me there ain’t something wrong here? Come on?!

    There's a brief moment and Ashley looks to speak again...

    Zachary Kazadi: That’s a rhetorical question. You got this stage the whole show. Shut up. Let me talk. You can bore these people later, and make the damn subtitlers earn their pay after I’m done.

    Kazadi steps around the table and stands infront of the camera - blocking the viewer from seeing anything but him.

    Zachary Kazadi: Baby J-L, hello again, we met at Fight Night, we met for real. We stepped in the ring. We traded fist. A lot of them. We traded sweat. We didn’t get to blood, but I got a feeling, sooner or later, we’re gonna trade blood, so that can wait. Baby J-L, you faced a ton of guys here, you faced Cyrus goddamned Truth, and it doesn’t get bigger than that right now. All to say, you’ve been in a fight Baby J-L. You’ve gotten through a lot of pain. You dealt a lot of pain. I felt some of that pain on Fight Night. But of all the pain you’ve been dealt with Baby J-L, I know the pain you felt on Fight Night was like no other. I know what those people don’t. Baby J-L, you can confide in me. I know your dad was out taken care of the business, don’t know where the hell your mom was at, but I know you didn’t have many people to talk frankly to about the pain you’ve felt throughout your life. I’m handin’ you a silver hand to go with that silver spoon, Baby J-L. You can confide me.

    Kazadi steps closer to the camera.

    Zachary Kazadi: Come on, whisper it. You can tell me that on Fight Night, your eyes were watering. Tears were about to fall down your eyes. I can see them. And if these people watch that tape from Fight Night, if Ashley O’Ryan watches it again twenty more times, he’ll see those tears too. You were getting close to crying weren’t you. Your body was tellin’ you to do something you did not want to do. It was tellin’ you, those sweet sweet words many people I’ve faced have heard. It’s okay to give up Baby J-L. You’ll get another chance. Don’t worry about this one. There’s another match. You heard it playin’ in your head, didn’t you Baby J-L. DIDN’T YOU? I know it did. I saw the doubt. I saw you fall for that sweet perverse subconscious thought telling you to live to fight another day. And eventually, you wanted it. But then you got lucky. You realized where you were. You decided that you’d put your self-respect, and your pride aside, and if you couldn’t beat me fair and square, you’d take your win where you could get it, however meaningless it might mean.

    He steps back.

    Zachary Kazadi:
    Now these people look at the X Championship belt and it’s no longer just the title of a loser, it’s not the title of an inferior champion, of a man who hides behind an army… it’s the title of a cheater. But hey man, two people can play at that game. I can do what I have to do to win. You hear that Ashley O’Ryan, I will do what I have to win. The title is at the lowest it’s ever been. It ain’t getting any lower. So I’m going to do what needs to be done to put that title on someone who will treat it right, who will elevate it, and not be elevated by it. Baby J-L. Take your silver spoon, in it… you’ll find some medicine. It might taste familiar. It’ll be better. It’s the medicine you dealt to me on Fight Night. Taste it. Really, taste it. Get used to it. It’ll be on your tongue for a real long time, the way it’s been on mine. Baby J-L, I’m coming for that gold, boy, and ain’t no one stopping me from wearing my new crown.

    Kazadi begins to walk away with Ashley O'Ryan staring a hole through him... but he turns around for one last spiel...

    Zachary Kazadi: You’ll be happy to know, I got a new set of stickers after throwing the last one out. And I wrote a new speech too.

    Kazadi disappears - the camera focuses on Ashley O'Ryan who looks extremely miffed. A small promo then plays highlighting KAIZEN vs Shannon O'Neal. It speaks about how Shannon O'Neal has pushed a "Women's Revolution" of sorts in the FWA and has taken offense at KAIZEN apparently going easy on her partner, Bell Connelly. The promo video also highlights Shannon's failure in the Quest for the Best tournament as well as KAIZEN's victory in the tournament.

    Amy Duke: Well... that small video has sure allowed Ashley to calm down after that from Kazadi! Where did that come from!?

    Sam McDonald: I guess he has a point to prove. Maybe he didn't like what we were saying.

    Ashley O'Ryan: He's a brash lad. If I was a little younger... we'd have a good scrap. Good luck to him. That little video... I must admit... has me lookin' forward ta seeing KAIZEN tonight.

    Amy Duke: He has been on a roll lately - winning the Quest for the Best has done him a world of good!

    Sam McDonald: And in stark contrast, Shannon was first rounded. By a female. I guess she feels she has a point to prove?

    Ashley O'Ryan: She seemed a bit upset at KAIZEN not givin' Bell more of a doin'. Dunno why.

    Amy Duke: Maybe she wants women treated equally?

    Sam McDonald: Well, KAIZEN DID give Eimi Sanada a tough matchup in their semi finals... but not Bell. Maybe he had a change of heart after the Sanada match. They are known to have interacted about the match! It seems to me Shannon just used this as an excuse to get a match with KAIZEN. Maybe if she wins... she will feel like the true Quest for the Best winner and ask for a title shot... Bell vs Shannon... it COULD happen if things go their way tonight!

    Ashley O'Ryan: Don't be stupid. KAIZEN's gettin' his shot regardless of what happens tonight. But he will win. He now has to go tonto on Shannon. Anytin' less is unacceptable.

    Amy Duke: Sam?

    Sam McDonald:
    It's true... but Shannon O'Neal is a woman on a mission. I think she can do it. The women in the FWA are stronger than anyone realises... the division is becoming a very attractive prospect.

    Amy Duke: That's true Sam... after all, we had TWO women in the Quest for the Best semi finals in Eimi Sanada and Anzu Kurosawa! And they're in tag team action tonight... against Toxic Wednesday... who made their surprise return to the FWA ring on Fight Night!

    Sam McDonald: A Fight Night that was headlined by an amazing Triple Threat Women's Title match no less. There may be some team issues between Sanada and Kurosawa. And Toxic Wednesday... well they'll be looking to prove themselves after Eyesnsane managed to get a win against them. They will want another title shot.

    Ashley O'Ryan: I know the girls well. They're determined. They're disappointed they didn't manage to win. But... Eyesnsane still needs challengers, righ'? Well... how about we add some spice to this matchup. You tink the women are strong, Sam?

    Sam McDonald:
    Sure do.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Then... I tink the winner of this match should get a Tag Title shot, righ'? Sound good?

    Sam McDonald:
    Sounds very good!

    Amy Duke: So... Eimi Sanada and Anzu Kurosawa vs Toxic Wednesday is now an official number one contendership match!?

    Ashley O'Ryan: Aye, why no?

    Amy Duke:
    The stakes have been raised! Maybe this will help Sanada and Anzu work together better!

    Sam McDonald:
    It might have a galvanising effect for sure... but I think Toxic Wednesday get the win.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Me too.

    Amy Duke: I'll say Sanada and Anzu do it! They could be the ones to dethrone Eyesnsane too!

    Sam McDonald: You never know...

    Amy Duke: We'll find out if i'm right soon enough! We're only a few moments away from the show, ladies and gentlemen. We're going to find out if the FWA's new signings are the real deal... we're going to find out who the new number one contenders in the tag division are... we're going to find out if Zachary Kazadi can back himself up.... and then we get to the big stuff! Can Shannon O'Neal bring out a mean streak in KAIZEN with her strive for equality? Can Michael Garcia defeat Ryan Rondo? and... WHO... WHO is going to overcome the brutality of the Mile High Massacre and leave the structure as the FWA's Undisputed Champion of the World!? Me, Sam and Ashley will all be joining you as we are about to find out NOW!!

    The Pre-Show ends and the opening hype video for the Mile High Massacre begins playing...


    Sunday, 27th November 2016
    TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    Pyrotechnics explode up into the rafters, signaling the beginning moments of the Mile High pay-per-view event! The excitement is to a boiling point, with the feverish, sold-out crowd inside the Boston Garden of Boston Massachusetts thrilled and energetic for the past 30 minutes leading up to the start. Chants for Bell Connelly and Mike Parr traded back and forth for a solid 10 minutes. More fans cheered for KAIZEN and Shannon O'Neal — another back-and-forth chant war among the 40,000 fans inside the venue.

    Close-up shots of signs show support for Toxik Wednesday, Ryan Rondo, "The Prodigy" Mike Parr, the Undisputed World Champion Cyrus Truth, the Women's Champion Bell Connelly, Shannon O'Neal, KAIZEN, Jean-Luc Watkins, Kazadi, Stan Weaver, Anzu and Sanada and "The Carnegie of Carnivore' Michael Garcia. Then some signs for Gabrielle Montgomery and James "Eyesnsane" Hughes, the reigning Tag Team Champions all by himself, as the feed switches to the announcer's table.

    Langdon Trafford: Folks, we are FINALLY here! Mile High 2016 is starting RIGHT NOW, and the Boston Garden is lively and wild, expecting an equally lively and wild night.

    Piers Gallagher: Cyrus Truth defends his Undisputed World Championship in the famed and illustrious Mile High Massacre match — a ladder match within a steel cell — against three champions, one of them a dual champion.

    Langdon Trafford: Oh please. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr is the reigning North American champion and CLAIMS to be the FWA Television Champion, a retired and defunct title he awarded himself for no reason except ego. James "Eyesnsane" Hughes, the lone tag team champion, is closer to a dual champ than Parr.

    Piers Gallagher: Sure! I'm OK with giving Hughes his credit. And the last is Bell Connelly, the reigning Women's Champion of MORE than a year and possibly the most overmatched and overrated competitor in the FWA.

    Langdon Trafford: The crowd doesn't agree with you! And neither does Shannon O'Neal, who puts her feminism pride on the line against KAIZEN, the winner of the Quest for the Best competition two months ago and the holder of a FUTURE World Championship match.

    Piers Gallagher: Ryan Rondo returned at Fight Night to keep Michael Garcia from winning his first singles gold. Now the old man will face the anger of the monster. Jean-Luc Watkins defends his X Championship against a motivated Zachary Kazadi. And Toxik Wednesday and Eimi and Sanada go for the Number One contendership label to the Tag Team titles.

    Langdon Trafford: But to begin, we have Stan Weaver facing Ja...


    The announcers' preview of each match is drowned out by the furious volume of the thousands of fans, who apparently are in the corner of "The Prodigy." This chant continues — only growing LOUDER — once the cameras pan the arena and the announcers acknowledge the excitement and energy yet again, if not for the peculiar backing and support shown from the northeastern wrestling fans.

    Kurt Harrington: The following match ... is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, "The Wildcard" Jason R...


    Langdon Trafford: The ring announcer can't even introduce the participants for this match! Mike Parr's supporters are overrunning this place!

    Jason Randall's music hits and the crowd rises up to give a nice ovation to "The Wildcard." He makes his way to the ring, all the while the fans have shifted to a new chant. Randall nods his head, slaps some hands along the front rows, and dives head-first into the ring before removing his mocking cowboy hat and flippantly tossing it into the front rows of the Boston crowd.


    Piers Gallagher: Oh Christ. Not her. I thought these fans were smart with the Mike Parr chants.

    Langdon Trafford: Bell Connelly and Mike Parr have the support of the fans. Why? I can answer it for Bell, but no idea about "The Prodigy."

    The country twang and acoustic guitar notes of "Sunrise" begin, and "Texas Bronco" Stan Weaver appears with his not-ironic cowboy hat and outfit. He gives a "Hook 'em Horns" hand gesture and a snarl for the camera before making his way through the entrance aisle and ignoring the outstretched hands of young fans in the front rows.

    Langdon Trafford: Stan Weaver, making his FWA debut at Mile High, has a tough task before him. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall has shown improvement since his beginning a year ago.

    Piers Gallagher: I like this Stan Weaver guy! I love the cowboy hat. We need more of this style around here!

    As "Texas Bronco" Stan Weaver steps through the ropes and into the ring, he eyes up his debut opponent. The crowd begins yet another near-deafening and impossible-to-ignore chant.

    Crowd: BOOP-HIS-NOH-OOOSE! *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* BOOP-HIS-NOH-OOOSE! *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* BOOP-HIS-NOH-OOOSE! *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* BOOP-HIS-NOH-OOOSE! *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* BOOP-HIS-NOH-OOOSE! *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*

    Randall turns around and looks to get his entrance gear off... but he's pummeled by Weaver in the corner before he even has the chance to remove his jacket. Weaver clubs away at Randall until the referee holds him back and then signals for the bell.

    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall vs "Texas Bronco" Stan Weaver


    Weaver charges at Randall once more in the corner but Randall slides out of the way in time causing Weaver to hit the turnbuckle hard chest first. Weaver stumbles around right into Randall's waiting arms as he's taken down with a thesz press followed by wildly thrown mounted punches. Randall rises up off of Weaver and throws off his jacket and plays up to the fans once more, which allows Weaver to recover and clip Randall on the back of his leg with a forearm bringing Randall down to one knee. Weaver continues his assault with more clubbing shots to the back of Randall before loading him up in position and brings him down to the canvas with a snap suplex!

    Piers Gallagher: That's what you get for showboating you stupid idiot!

    David Weinstock: Could you at least try to be just a slightly little less bias, Piers?

    Langdon Trafford: I'm afraid that's asking too much of him Dave

    Weaver brings Randall back up and drops him with another snap suplex! He follows that up with a running knee drop to Randall's temple. Randall rolls to his side holding his head before Weaver comes back with more vicious stomps using the rope as leverage. Weaver drags Randall up by his head and whips him towards the ropes and catches him in a bearhug like grip before flipping Randall over into position for a shoulder breaker , but Randall finds a way to counter this into an inverted DDT! Randall instinctively hooks a leg...


    Weaver throws a shoulder up as Randall stands up and runs the ropes looking for a pointed elbow drop, but Weaver manages to roll out of the way forcing Randall to hit the canvas. Randall recovers holding his elbow as Weaver runs at him and drills him with a running knee to the gut bringing Randall to one knee. Weaver clubs Randall's spine several times with his huge fists before hoisting him in position and drives Randall's skull to the mat with a devastating piledriver! Weaver makes the cover hooking the far leg...


    Randall kicks out and rolls to his side as Weaver sits up catching his breath. He stands up to a vertical base and snatches Randall by the legs looking to lock in a boston crab submissiion, but Randall kicks him away into the ropes. Weaver stumbles back managing to keep his balance clutching the ropes with both arms while Randall crawls to his feet up to one knee. Weaver removes himself from the ropes and charges at Randall, yet Randall catches him and flips over the ropes on the apron where Weaver struggles to keep his balance but Randall knocks him off with a forearm. Weaver lands on his feet stumbling a bit but before he can react he's caught off guard by Randall flying through the middle rope with a suicide dive!

    Langdon Trafford: Randall throwing caution to the win taking out Weaver!

    Piers Gallagher: It looks like the fool took himself out too!

    Randall staggers to his feet, shaking away some cobwebs before throwing Weaver back inside underneath the bottom rope. Randall then climbs up the top rope before stepping down to the second turnbuckle and comes off with a pointed elbow drop connecting with Weaver's skull! Randall is quick to make the cover...


    Weaver kicks out and Randall tries for a headlock, but Weaver slips away in time before throwing a few back elbows knocking Randall away. Weaver gets back to his feet and levels Randall with a WESTERN LARIAT!

    David Weinstock: Good grief, he nearly took his head off!

    Langdon Trafford: He's setting him up and he's locking him in the camel clutch!

    Piers Gallagher: If Randall was smart he'd just give it up now but we know that isn't the case! He has more guts than brains!

    Weaver keeps the hold applied and cinched in tight pulling back adding extra pressure. Randall is soon fading as the referee checks on him and after a third time Randall shows signs of life and struggles and fights his way back up with Weaver on his back and instinctively falls back on top of Weaver crushing him to the mat and barely hooks the leg...


    Weaver kicks out and Randall falls off of him to the mat on his stomach. Both men take their time bringing themselves back up to their feet for the final push. Weaver comes forward and tries for a big lariat but Randall is able to quickly duck under and then spin Weaver around... a kick to the midsection and then he hits the Snake Eyes stunner! Jason Randall drops down for the pin!

    One.....two....threee!!! Jason Randall picks up the win!

    Langdon Trafford: Weaver put in a great performance... but Jason Randall's experience shines through!

    Winner: "The Wildcard" Jason Randall
    Randall celebrates the victory in the ring as the fans cheer for him... however, he appears fixated on something else - he looks into the crowd and the camera seems to pan on a mysterious woman watching him. The camera then pans back to the ring as Stan Weaver has recovered... he is furious! He blindsides Randall and assaults him viciously - the fans boo him as he bounces off of the ropes and takes Randall's head off with a vicious lariat!

    Langdon Trafford: That's just poor sportsmanship!

    Piers Gallagher: The guy's clearly upset he lost! He's doing us a favour too - nobody likes seeing that dork Randall celebrate!

    David Weinstock: He seemed too focused on something else to celebrate, Piers.... who was that woman!?

    Weaver walks up the ramp as the fans continue to boo him - he doesn't seem to care as he disappears behind the curtain. The cameras then go backstage where Jhunha is standing with Jean-Luc Watkins and Triple J Security. Watkins and Triple J are huddled whilst Jhunha stands at the side, arms folded and just looking like an intimidating behemoth in general. The words are inaudible but Triple J appear hyped up as the huddle breaks. Watkins turns and speaks to Jhunha.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: Jhunha. You've been a great servant. But I know that, tonight, you have other things to focus on. I can excuse you if you aren't there by my side tonight. All I have to say is... be wary of this XYZ. Tonight, you have the chance to open the world's eyes and make them realise what a truly magnificent beast you are.

    Jhunha turns to his boss.

    Jhunha: I will crush him like the pathetic insect he is.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: That's the spirit!

    Jobber Jimbo comes by and tries to high five Jhunha - instead, the Mongolian just looks at him and walks away. The camera lingers on Jimbo - who slowly brings his hand back down with a disappointed look on his face. We come back to the arena.

    "One Headlight" by the Wallflowers begins, and the eccentric walk of XYZ comes into focus. The dazzling personality makes his debut in the FWA with a nearly empty reaction from the fans. XYZ doesn't mind, though, as he hops, skips, and even sideways struts his way to the ring with a cheesy grin on his face.

    Piers Gallagher: Who is this guy?

    Langdon Trafford: XYZ! A man who has lost a few marbles in his day, but he's got talent.

    Piers Gallagher: He's got something, that's for sure.

    Jhunha's music hits, and the crowd gives a small negative reaction when he appears. The tall, statue-like man stomps to the ring with his eyes fixed on his foe. XYZ is sitting in his corner, watching Jhunha tower up to the apron and over the ropes like a giraffe.

    Langdon Trafford: Not an easy debut for XYZ.

    Piers Gallagher:
    Expect Jhunha to do the same to him as he did to that nobody on Fight Night. Expect a squash.

    XYZ vs. Jhunha

    XYZ bounces around the ring and keeps his distance from Jhunha for a good 20 seconds. Every now and then, XYZ will twirl 360 degrees and sort of cause pause for Jhunha, who keeps his spot in the middle of the ring. XYZ twirls again, and ducks under a right hand forearm attempt. Then it's a clubbing left forearm that XYZ avoids, all while landing a sweeping kick to the shin. Another duck and sweeping kick to Jhunha's lower body. The third time is a missed big boot from Jhunha, who gets his foot caught atop the turnbuckle. XYZ has free reign to kick at Jhunha's planted foot's shin, until he topples back from his balance giving way to the pain! XYZ pounces, landing more kicks and forearms until Jhunha forcibly shoves his foe off him. XYZ charges again, but Jhunha grabs him by the throat and flings him into the turnbuckle like a doll. Jhunha lands big shoulder thrusts, squishing the smaller XYZ against the turnbuckle. This happens three or four times and Jhunha lands a scoop powerslam in the middle of the ring. He covers, but XYZ kicks out easily at two.

    Langdon Trafford: XYZ came in with a decent strategy, but Jhunha is too strong. Now it's an uphill battle for the newcomer to stay in this.

    Jhunha lands a gutwrench fallaway slam, overpowering the 6-foot-3 XYZ like nothing. Jhunha grabs XYZ by the hair, his long sandy blond hair covering his wide eyes and down to his green-striped cape tied to his neck. Jhunha flings XYZ into the nearest turnbuckle and does his machine gun chops until XYZ's chest is blood red. Jhunha lets out a primal scream, holding his fists in the air for the crowd, which mostly responds with boos. Jhunha turns and charges, but XYZ lands a drop-toe counter with Jhunha tripping face first into the top turnbuckle! XYZ does a few more kicks to the back of his foe's shins and calves before a standing dropkick to the lower back. Jhunha is face first against the turnbuckle and XYZ goes to the apron, smashes Jhunha's face into the turnbuckle, and leaps off for a springboard double flying forearm to the face!!! XYZ hooks the far leg for his first pinfall try!
    ...............1.....................2............and a mighty kick out from Jhunha!

    XYZ lands a running stomp into the ribs. And a few more stomps, that seem to do nothing to the bigger and stronger Jhunha. Finally, Jhunha shoves XYZ into the ropes and he headbutts the smaller foe in the chest. Next is a big gorilla press, and then a STROIKA 2 full-nelson backbreaker. Jhunha kneels next to XYZ and hooks the near leg.
    ..............1..................2...............Almost but no!

    Jhunha grabs XYZ by the neck and whips him to the ropes. XYZ ducks a forearm try and leaps to the second rope and leaps backwards, trying a flying crossbody! Jhunha catches XYZ like a baby, right at the chest, but XYZ is able to twirl around him like a snake, land on his feet, and his a double-knee falling back cracker!!!

    XYZ has the crowd a bit behind him now as he crawls over and covers!

    Langdon Trafford: XYZ nearly pulled the upset there!

    Piers Gallagher: That was his chance.

    Jhunha powers his way out, and XYZ is left with his hands in his hair. He shakes his head a few times, rises up, and goes to the turnbuckle. From the second rope, XYZ shouts, "DO YOU KNOW YOUR XYZs?!?!" Then he leaps off for a flying punch, but Jhunha charges, grabs him in a bear hug around the waist, and drives him back into the turnbuckle!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Told you, Langdon! Jhunha is too strong.

    The crowd groans heavily as Jhunha steps back and watches XYZ go limp, falling forward into his chest. Jhunha finishes him off with a "Heaven Punisher" western lariat finisher! He covers, without hooking the leg, and ruins XYZ's debut with a 1-2-3 pinfall.

    Winner: Jhunha
    Jhunha towers over XYZ with his hand raised by the referee. He exits the ring, a bit surprised at the effort he had to give to win - but he reaches the top of the ramp and lets out a huge primal roar as a display of dominance. XYZ rolls out the ring and sort of waves and slinks his way around the ring, as if he is in a drunken daze. The fans take to him, giving him a decent ovation for his debut performance, and XYZ smiles for the cameras and says, "Always a tomorrow, folks."

    Langdon Trafford: At least he can smile after. Not a bad showing for XYZ against someone like Jhunha. He could have a bright future. And Jhunha picks up another win here. He's on a roll.

    Piers Gallagher: This XYZ fella is a dork.

    Click, were taking to what come only be described as a “Talking head” piece from earlier in the night where we see Bell Connelly standing in front of a plain generic backdrop which stands juxtaposed to Bell’s a typical bright and colourful appearance, from her shiny white blond hair. To her bright sapphire glittering eyes, her acid pink attire and of course the gleaning title belt covered in stickers kept snug on her shoulder and a mock curious look on her face, her eyes crossed and gently running her hand in the middle of thin air just under her chin

    Bell Connelly: Hmmm. Hmm. Hmmm . Why does Bell Connelly want..nay...deserve to win the FWA champion. What a conundrum! What mystification! This requires considerate stroking of my imaginary beard….

    Until she shrugs nonchalantly

    Bell Connelly:
    Well, first off….Why not?

    Bell nods smiling to herself as if to say “nailed it” before looking off camera at someone

    Bell Connelly:
    Right, so I’m going to go stare at a lava lamp for the next six hours are we go here grrrr…. Mhhh? More? All right, all right, all right. See, here’s the thing; Cyrus Truth wins. He comes out and calls himself the king or whatever and he’s better than all the rest. If Parr becomes the law and wins. He comes out and calls himself the king or whatever and he’s better than all the rest.Eyes wins. He comes out and calls himself the king or whatever and he’s better than all the rest. Isn’t it funny, so many different diverse personalities…..but no matter who were talking about...It all comes down to ego huh? But if I win?!

    Bell suddenly stops in mid-sentence, looking down at the ground….suddently breathing heavily through her nose her eyes closing calming herself down before picking up a new trail of thought, her promo in typically disjointed form

    Bell Connelly:
    …..When I first arrived here….No one….thought I’d last a week….But I did….When I first got into the woman’s title picture...No one thought I could beat Shannon….but I did. No one thought I could carve my own legacy with this belt...but I have….Gabby...Dinorah….Anzu….Each and every one of them told me that I didn’t belong….but I do….And now, everyone thinks I won’t be the one standing at the top of that ladder with the FWA title cradled in my hands….and you know what?. See I said it before, and I say it again….

    Bell suddenly leans in close to the camera her eyes focused and her voice soft

    Bell Connelly: You should really start believing in Bell Connelly:

    Bell leans back in place, suddenly looking rather at ease with herself her eyes pointed dreamingly upwards and her fingers tapping lightly against the belt

    Bell Connelly: You feel that?There’s magic in the air tonight

    And after a moment’s pause, the picture is totally blocked by the slowly approaching forefinger of Bell Connelly

    Bell Connelly: Boop.

    We come back to the ring as "Helluvatime" by Slik Toxik begins to play - and out comes Toxic Wednesday to a mixed reaction. They're give some cheers by fans who applaud their return but fans of Eimi Sanada and Anzu Kurosawa clearly feel the need to boo them. They walk down the ramp and motion that they're taking a title shot from tonight... and mocking the term "Battle Maidens"...

    Piers Gallagher: They're right! Battle Maidens!?!? What a stupid term!

    David Weinstock: Come on now, Piers. There's no need for this to get personal - I can appreciate Toxic Wednesday wanting that tag title shot... but no need to insult Sanada!

    Piers Gallagher: Of course, you'd stick up for your little girlfriend.

    Langdon Trafford: I think Toxic Wednesday will have a point to prove tonight. They've always had a mean streak about them, Dave. This isn't out of the extraordinary!

    David Weinstock: I guess I just think it's not nice to be mean to someone like Sanada.

    Langdon Trafford: The world's a mean place, my friend. There's proof sitting next to you. But let's be honest here, Piers, I don't think Dave is Sanada's type.

    Piers Gallagher: How do you know?

    Langdon Trafford: I don't think Sanada is remotely interested in anyone never mind having a type....

    Piers Gallagher:
    What makes you say that?

    Just as the commentators continue to discuss the topic, "A Real Hero" plays and Anzu Kurosawa begins her walk to the ring - flanked by her monitors. However, the music fades and then builds into the rapid opening, high energy beats of "Skydive" which gets the crowd pumped up as Eimi Sanada makes her way out also. She wears a special outfit for the special occasion - a light blue long hooded robe... and she also comes out swinging two blue lightsabers that act as somewhat of a glowstick in consideration of her music.

    Langdon Trafford:

    Piers Gallagher:
    She's a jedi now!?

    Langdon Trafford: Sanada's clearly too busy having fun to care about Dave's apparent crush on her!

    David Weinstock: I'm sure she will try to use the force to help her and Anzu get that tag title shot.

    Piers Gallagher:
    She looks alot like Yoda... so if that's anything to go by, she might just be on the right track!

    Anzu is clearly not amused with Sanada as she tries to pass her a lightsaber. She brushes it off and walks to the ring with Sanada behind her - trying to touch hands with as much of the audience as possible... Sanada stops and hands a random audience member a lightsaber - and then does the same with another and bows her head to them. Anzu waits on her before getting into the ring. All four of the competitors are given instructions by the referee before they're told to go back to their corners and prepare for the beginning of the match.

    FWA Tag Team Titles - Number One Contendership
    Toxic Wednesday vs Anzu Kurosawa and Eimi Sanada

    Kurosawa and Sanada struggle to decide who should start the match off but Kurosawa shoves Sanada out and takes the lead. To Anzu's surprise, Sanada is vocal about being shoved out of the ring and Kurosawa has to give her a verbal telling off - Taylor Toxic charges forward from the corner and takes Kurosawa by surprise as she clubs her from behind, beginning the match. Sanada gets a forearm from Toxic and is taken off of the apron. Wednesday joins her partner and they beat Kurosawa down in the corner until the referee forces her out of the ring. It doesn't matter much though as Toxic stays in control - she delivers chops to Anzu against the turnbuckle... but Anzu hulks up slightly and fights back with crushing forearms before whipping Toxic into the ropes - only to be countered with a Lou Thesz Press and a series of closed fist punches from Taylor. The referee has to give Toxic a five count to force her away from Anzu as the crowd boo. Toxic picks her opponent up and takes her for a ride with a double handed bulldog that lands Anzu near the Toxic Wednesday corner. Toxic makes the tag and Raquel gets up onto the top turnbuckle as Toxic picks Anzu up - Wednesday delivers a kesagiri chop from the top that knocks Anzu down to her knees. The referee shuffles Toxic out of the ring as Wednesday bounces off of the ropes and knocks Anzu down with a thunderous shining wizard that echoes around the arena.

    Langdon Trafford: Anzu hasn't had a good start to this match! Toxic Wednesday are dominating!

    David Weinstock: That was a sickening thud, Anzu might not even be conscious right now!

    Wednesday goes for the pin...1...2....NO! Sanada comes into the ring and breaks the cover up - much to the crowd's pleasure. The referee instantly takes issue with Sanada being in the ring - the crowd boo as Toxic Wednesday take advantage of the distraction to choke Anzu in their corner. Sanada tries to argue but clearly, her English skills are not good enough to convince the referee of the illicit tactics going on. As things return to normal, Toxic Wednesday take turns with quick tags, delivering kicks, chops to Kurosawa and trying to break her down. Toxic goes for a pin attempt after a fist drop but Kurosawa kicks out easily - Wednesday is then tagged in and she looks to whip Kurosawa to a corner but it's reversed and Kurosawa pulls her in for a snap European uppercut before going for a quick rollup ..1....2....NO! Wednesday makes the kickout, just. Kurosawa tries to get some momentum going as she looks to deliver some stiff forearms but Wednesday ducks one, spins Kurosawa around and locks in the Octopus hold! She taunts Sanada as Kurosawa struggles - Sanada slaps her turnbuckle frantically as Kurosawa tries to reach out her arm but Wednesday lets go of the hold and shoves Kurosawa to the ground. Sanada begs for Kurosawa to tag her in but Anzu doesn't give it a thought.

    David Weinstock: I think Kurosawa isn't willing to tag Sanada in without giving it her best shot. There's some team issues here. Sanada's clearly ready to go!

    Piers Gallagher:
    I wouldn't tag that freak in. She can slap turnbuckles hard... but I don't think she has a chance against Toxic Wednesday! Flawless performance so far!

    Instead, Anzu gets to her feet and tries to fight - the crowd buy into a comeback as Wednesday comes storming forward and ends up being taking out by a snap powerslam from Anzu, who then bounces off the ropes and delivers a low angled dropkick straight to the chin of her opponent. Wednesday crawls towards the ropes and tries to use them to get up as Anzu comes in with a barrage of kicks before whipping her towards her own team corner. Toxic makes the tag but Kurosawa doesn't see it as she comes charging in and hits a running boot to the throat that causes Wednesday to drop down into a seated position. Kurosawa gets the crowd hyped up as she looks to go for a running knee attack but Toxic gets into the ring and takes her out with a lariat takedown! She goes for the cover but Kurosawa instinctively kicks out - only for Toxic to grab her and rake her eyes, bringing the referee into the fray once more.

    Langdon Trafford: Anzu Kurosawa needs to make a tag soon, she's struggling to put up a fight - Toxic Wednesday have worn her down! It's not looking good for her and her team.

    There's not much Anzu can do as Toxic keeps her grounded with kicks to the head as well as an assortment of clotheslines. The match starts to become a bit of a procession as Anzu struggles to put up a fight - the crowd try to cheer her on and get her to make the tag to Sanada - who is screaming to be tagged in. Toxic Wednesday keep Anzu at bay though - they return to the corner strategy with quick tags but Anzu, again, puts up resistance as Wednesday misses a corner splash and gets a stiff headkick for her troubles. Anzu looks to finally make the tag but Toxic tags in and attacks her from behind before she can reach Sanada - much to the crowd's displeasure. Toxic grabs Anzu and drags her back to the middle of the ring and locks in a sleeper hold. It looks like Anzu is starting to fade but she comes alive and is able to use elbow strikes to escape the hold... she bounces off the ropes and looks for a clothesline... but Toxic is smart and dodges it whilst reapplying the chokehold. It's only in for a matter of moments though as Anzu drops and uses the momentum to throw Toxic forward... Anzu then desperately lunges out as she finally makes the tag to Sanada, the crowd pop!

    David Weinstock: Now we might see the match momentum change... Sanada is fresh and she's about to get in the ring!

    Sanada gets into the ring and runs straight at Toxic - she dodges a punch and then runs over to Wednesday and knocks her off of the apron with stiff forearm. She turns around and dodges another forearm from Toxic before bouncing off of the ropes and taking her opponent off of her feet with a jumping reverse shoulder charge. A miffed Raquel Wednesday slides into the ring and tries to take Sanada by surprise with a forearm but Sanada ducks that also and bounces off of the ropes and takes Wednesday down with a slingblade - the crowd get on their feet as Eimi tries to get her team back into the contest! Toxic comes at Eimi and looks to land a forearm but Sanada blocks it, grabs her by the arm, wrenches it and then delivers a chop to the chest of her opponent before getting the crowd hyped up...

    Langdon Trafford: Sanada's taking control! She must want that tag title shot badly!

    Before Sanada can do another move, Raquel tries to come in and attack her but Sanada delivers a boot to the gut and grabs her by the arm, wrenching it too - she takes the pair of Toxic Wednesday on a trip as she holds them both by the hand and jumps up onto the ropes for a backflip rope assisted double armdrag that sends her opponents out of the ring. Raquel has a rough landing as she crashes into the barricade whereas Toxic lands on the floor and gets to her feet quicker. Sanada claps and gets the crowd to join in as she grabs Anzu and tries to fire her up. Sanada goes running over to the ropes and takes out Toxic with a diving corkscrew plancha - and then Anzu storms towards the ropes and takes out Wednesday with a suicide dive through the ropes!

    David Weinstock: Suddenly, the momentum has changed! Eimi and Anzu look like they're finally on the same page!

    The Joshi duo have the full support of the crowd - there's an audible gasp as Anzu delivers a double knee strike that drives Wednesday's skull right into the barricade. She then helps Eimi roll Toxic back into the ring as they look to win the match. Sanada dives off of the top with a frog splash and goes for the cover on Toxic...1...2....NO! Toxic manages to make the kickout just as Sanada thought she had won it for her team. Anzu gets back onto the apron and asks to be tagged back in but Sanada says she's not ready to do so. A small tiff occurs but Sanada reminds her partner that she was doing the same thing earlier. The crowd grow worried as the tiff continues and Sanada doesn't notice Toxic stirring - she gets to her feet and runs at Eimi just as she turns around... and Eimi grabs her for a bridging fallaway slam! The referee counts again..1...2.....NO! Raquel Wednesday, somehow, gets back into the ring and breaks up the cover! She delivers boots to Sanada as Anzu is slow to get in and help... she has a brawl with Wednesday that results in her being tossed to the outside. Wednesday is ushered out of the ring by the referee and waits in the corner as Toxic slowly crawls over to make a tag. Sanada slowly gets to her feet in her corner and realises Anzu is nowhere to be seen - she can't tag her in. She takes a deep breath as Wednesday is tagged in and comes storming toward her, Sanada is able to duck a lariat attempt and then catches a kick and hitting a dragon screw immediately after. Wednesday appears to have hit her head hard as she lands infront of the corner - Sanada decides to climb up and goes for a moonsault... but Wednesday rolls out of the way! Sanada reads it though and lands on her feet... she then goes for a standing moonsault... but Wednesday counters it into a helicopter armbar!! An unbelievable sequence sees Eimi struggle as her arm is fully extended...

    Piers Gallagher:
    Break it! Break it!

    Anzu appears though and tries to run in and break it up - but Toxic is able to tackle her and prevent her from reaching Eimi. They brawl as the referee struggles to keep focus on the task at hand... he is momentarily distracted by them as Sanada gets a hand on the ropes. The crowd shout at the referee to turn his attention but Wednesday pulls Sanada away and transitions into a belly down armbar - the arm being fully extended. Anzu is able to get the better of Toxic and finally breaks the submission hold up with a running punt to the head of Wednesday. The referee instantly backs Anzu away and forces her out whilst shepherding Toxic out of the ring also. Sanada makes a very slow crawl towards Anzu and is eventually able to get the tag in. Anzu hits a low dropkick to Wednesday just as she makes a tag to Toxic - Toxic tries to grab Anzu and whip her but Anzu reverses it and sends her towards the same turnbuckle Sanada is recovering at. Toxic slams into Sanada and the pair of them get caught at the turnbuckle as Anzu comes storming forward, looking for a running boot... Toxic moves out of the way and Anzu ends up clocking Sanada! Anzu turns around and is taken out by a spinning heel kick and Toxic follows it up with a fist drop. Toxic tags in Wednesday who applies the Poison Control (PTO) on Anzu... and then Toxic bounces off of the ropes and hits the Anarchist's Cookbook curb stomp! Toxic makes sure to attack Sanada as Wednesday takes the cover...1....2......3! Toxic Wednesday pick up a big tag team victory and are the new number one contenders!

    Winners: Toxic Wednesday (Taylor Toxic and Raquel Wednedsay)
    After the match, Toxic Wednesday celebrate their hardfought victory and make threats towards Eyesnsane through the camera as they walk back up the ramp.

    Langdon Trafford: They managed to stop the comeback! And now... the chance for revenge!

    Piers Gallagher:
    A great result!

    In the ring, Sanada tries to help Anzu to her feet... but Anzu pushes her away. There's a confrontation between the pair as Sanada cradles her arm - she tries to reconcile with Anzu but Anzu has none of it and pushes her to the ground this time. The crowd boo as Anzu brushes them and Sanada off and disappears up the ramp, clearly disappointed. Sanada sits in the ring - looking very upset with herself.

    Piers Gallagher:
    Go hug your girlfriend, Dave.

    The camera goes backstage and we get a weird, ominous segment of Michael Garcia simply hitting a pipe over and over again with his Easton Stealth - the echoes are the only thing that break the silence as the Big Man seems to be lost in his world. A picture of pure concentration.

    A small promo video for Zachary Kazadi vs Jean-Luc Watkins plays - and there is a replay of Kazadi's outburst on the Mile High Pre Show.

    "America is Waiting" by Bryan Eno and David Byrne begins, and the crowd turns its attention to the stage. Jean-Luc Watkins appears with the X Championship slung over his shoulder, and he makes his way slowly down to the ring with mostly boos coming at him from the crowd.

    Watkins cares not for this reaction, smirking and seeming overly confident heading into his second title defense against Zachary Kazadi.

    Langdon Trafford: Watkins clearly cheated his way to a win on the last Fight Night, but now Zachary Kazadi gets a rematch and has a bit of bad blood built for this.

    Piers Gallagher:
    Only a fool calls it cheating. Watkins wants his title.

    Zachary Kazadi's theme music, "Sickick" by G.O.M.D., blares into the arena next, and the fans all turn their attention to the stage once again. A mixed reaction greets the challenger, who poses at the entrance way before sprinting down to the ring like a bull. He wastes no time sliding in and pummeling an unsuspecting Jean-Luc Watkins!!!

    Langdon Trafford: This one won't need to wait for the ref to begin! Here we go, folks!

    X Championship
    X Rules
    Zachary Kazadi vs Jean-Luc Watkins (c)

    Watkins is reeling, and Kazadi clotheslines the champ over the top rope and out the ring! The crowd cheers for Kazadi, who looks to be fired up after nearly winning the belt on Fight Night. He dashes off the opposite ropes and charges, leaps, and flies over the ropes where Watkins went over and takes him out with a front-flip plancha!!! The fans are all screaming loudly, some even beginning a "KA-ZA-DI! KA-ZA-DI!" chant.

    The challenger energetically pops up on the outside while the champion struggles to find his feet. He places one hand on the announcer's table and attempts to pull himself up, but Kazadi lands a jumping spinning wheel kick to the chest that knocks Watkins down on his back! Kazadi slowly walks and sort of lurks over his foe, standing above him in a menacing and demeaning manner. When Watkins sits up, Kazadi lands a hard backhand chop down into his chest, causing a bright red mark right below the neck. Kazadi does it again, and again, this time with Watkins laying down on the ground outside the ring! Kazadi yanks Watkins up by the neck and flings him back first into the apron, and tries another backhand chop! This time, Watkins dodges it and blasts Kazadi with a big uppercut, followed by repeated stomps and kicks into the calf and thigh. Watkins tries a whip into the barricade but Kazadi counters and Watkins goes hard back-first into the steel! The fans cheer and begin chanting for Kazadi AGAIN. The challenger yanks Watkins away from the barricade and attempts a Veteran Driver! But Watkins drives Kazadi back first into the nearby ring post, countering the move and stumbling away to give himself some much-needed time. Kazadi chases after Watkins, who turns and lands a clothesline when Kazadi's defenses were lowered. Now Watkins is kneeling next to his foe, grabs him by the hair and rolls him back into the ring. Watkins surprisingly goes for the first pinfall try, but Kazadi kicks out easily at a 2 count. Watkins grabs Kazadi around the waist from behind, and hits a German suplex! But then he follows with Tiger suplex!

    Langdon Trafford: We know what's next! It's Open Parenthesis!

    Watkins slowly rises to his feet, taking as much as 30 seconds, and waits for Kazadi — and then finishes the combination with the Half-Nelson suplex!

    Piers Gallagher: Open parenthesis! Jean-Luc Watkins needed that in a BIG way!

    Watkins covers a second time, but this one also goes for just a two count. Kazadi rolls away to the nearby turnbuckle, but Watkins pounces with more stomps into the upper spine. Watkins yanks Kazadi to his feet and shouts to the crowd, "Now it's time to CLOSE those parenthesis!" Watkins grabs Kazadi around the waist and tries a belly-to-belly suplex, but Kazadi lands on his feet and counters with his OWN belly to belly move!!! He takes Watkins down to the mat and lays on top, hooking the near leg for a pinfall try!

    Zachary Kazadi grabs rival by the neck and whips into the ropes, and plants him with a front-flip DDT! Kazadi has Watkins laying on the mat and signals to the top turnbuckle. When he flies off, he aims for the 630 splash but Watkins moves just in time!!! The crowd cheers as both men are down on the mat for a good 30 seconds, before Watkins finally yanks his body up using the nearest ropes for support. Kazadi is up next, but Watkins charges and lands a running dropkick that forces Kazadi to stumble back into the turnbuckle. Watkins pounces with more kicks and a few forearm shivers across the face. He turns Kazadi around and hoists him up to the turnbuckle, facing away from the ring. Then Kazadi is yanked down to a tree-of-woe position. Watkins walks to the opposite side of the ring, with the crowd all on its feet, and sprints back ... hitting the low-angle "Eat Leather" dropkick to Kazadi's upside-down face!!! The challenger falls backwards, with his legs crashing one after the other onto the canvas. Watkins grabs Kazadi by the leg and pulls him into the middle of the ring, turns him over to his back, and hooks the far leg!

    Watkins looks for a brief moment at the referee, a glare that tells a lot without any words to back it up. Watkins is up soon after, and grabs Kazadi by the neck once again. He shoves Kazadi into the turnbuckle and again props him up. Watkins steps up, this time putting his legs between his head, and sets up for the Parisienne Walkway top-rope powerbomb!!! Kazadi though twists his body down and around, and he is able to land a head-scissors takedown that sends him crashing to the apron and Watkins over the top rope and down to the outside floor!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Kazadi just saves his chances of winning this match! What a show of athleticism to counter and the strength of his legs to pull Watkins over the ropes!!!

    Kazadi hops down and rolls Watkins back into the ring, where he immediately applies one of his signature arm lock submissions! The crowd cheers watching Watkins squirm in pain, and Kazadi strengthens the hold as Watkins searches for the ropes with his free arm.

    Langdon Trafford: This is how Kazadi almost beat Watkins on Fight Night!

    Kazadi keeps it locked in while Watkins tries readjusting his positioning. FInally, he powers his body into a stacking position, pinning Kazadi's shoulders to the mat!

    ......Kazadi rolls to the side enough to get a shoulder off the canvas while keeping the hold applied! And Watkins slides to his side again!

    Watkins again powers his body up and readjusts to the stacking position! And he props his feet AGAIN up on the middle rope without the ref seeing his cheating tacting!





    He releases the arm, kicks Watkins in the thighs with his legs and pushes his foe up and backwards, causing Watkins to BACK FLIP over him! And then Kazadi catches an off-guard, confused Jean-Luc Watkins in the French Canadian Triangle Choke submission!!!


    Kazadi lands hammering shots into the skull of Watkins, who begins fading in the middle of the ring. His hand is up off the mat for a good five seconds, taking hammering punch after hammering punch to the skull, and Watkins has no choice but to tap his hand into the mat and submit!!!

    Piers Gallagher: It's done! Kazadi is the new champ!

    Winner and NEW X Champion: Zachary Kazadi (Match time: 16:49)
    Zachary Kazadi celebrates, a bit smug-looking, and doesn't care that the fans are cheering for him. Jean-Luc Watkins rolls to the apron and denies any help from the ref or any medical attendant. He instead stays on the ground, barely able to move and not able to stand up. Talk of a concussion from the medical attendants is heard from the hot mic on the camera, but Watkins finally gets to a vertical position and once more denies any help. The fans begin chiding him, with only a few offering praise, and Watkins doesn't even dare look at the ring where Kazadi celebrates with the X Championship belt in his hand.

    Langdon Trafford: It's early, Piers, but we already have a new champion!

    Piers Gallagher: Might be good to see another one by night's end, too! Let's go, Mike Parr!

    The PPV video feed shifts to a close-up shot of the reigning North American Champion, and the entire crowd inside the arena absolutely freaking EXPLODES for the sight of "The Prodigy" Mike Parr.

    Standing in front the camera, Parr owns the moment with a confidence only he can exude, all while the crowd showers him with support via a "LET'S GO PARR! LET'S GO PARR!" chant.

    Mike Parr: I could stand here and I could list of reason after reason as to why I should be the safe bet in walking out of this building with the World Championship over my possession. Occupational hazard in being the reigning and defending North American AND Television Champion is that I'm running out of shoulders for my championship belts. But the truth? I deserve to be the undisputed champion of the world because it is beyond dispute that I am the greatest wrestler in this company. Does Cyrus Truth hold a pinfall victory over me? Does Bell Connelly? When is the last time a confrontation between Eyesnsane and myself ended up with an outcome that didn't involve him staring up at the lights of whatever arena I've handed his ass to him in?

    I don't feel comfortable standing back and having Cyrus Truth represent me as champion of my locker room. I don't want people to look at him as if he is the standard bearer. The FWA needs me. I can be the role model that your children will grow up and aspire to be, I will represent the FWA on a global scale, you can put this face on any poster or any advert across the planet and I will attract attention. I'm technically superior, superficially more attractive and mentally stronger than anything that this company can offer......with a streak in me that will smack every single tooth in your head straight down your throat should you dare stand up to challenge me.

    People seem to be operating under the impression that holding that championship belt will legitimize me in the eyes of the FWA fanbase., no, no, no, no. After tonight, in my last 5 matches I will hold victories over the reigning tag team champion, X Division Champion, Women's Champion and former Undisputed Champion. I possess the North American and Television Championship belts. Show me a champion that is left in this company that can stand up and dispute my claim of being THE best, of being THE champion. Tonight, the belt will not legitimize me, I will legitimize the title of Undisputed Champion.

    The feed then changes back to the locker room door of Ryan Rondo opening - he pushes the camera out of the way and begins to make his way forward. A small promo plays highlighting Garcia's attack on Devin Golden - then Rondo's return. It also focuses on the verbal stipulation from Ashley O'Ryan: Michael Garcia will be relegated to opening Fight Night in nothing matches if he loses. There's also a replay of Rondo's segment on the Pre-Show.

    "Monster" by Imagine Dragons breaks out and the fans have no qualms about letting out massive jeers as Michael Garcia arrives at the top of the ramp - Easton Stealth in hand. He looks incredibly focused and casts a small smirk at the fans booing him. He walks down the ramp - and threatens to clobber a few guys hassling him... but he holds back.

    Langdon Trafford: Garcia is looking... ready... for this?

    Piers Gallagher: He wants to crack a few skulls. Those guys are lucky that Rondo is here tonight otherwise they would have been for it!

    Garcia deposits his bat on the ground and it rolls under the ring apron - the referee quizzes him about it but he's backed off as Garcia gets into the ring. He threatens to hit the referee until "Just Close Your Eyes" and his attention is diverted. The fans cheer as "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo makes his way out to the stage. His mannerisms are slightly different this time - he simply walks to the ring nonchalantly. The fans reach out to touch him but he doesn't put his hands out. Instead, he's focused on Garcia in the ring.

    David Weinstock: There's a very different energy about Ryan Rondo right now. It almost seems like he doesn't care.

    Piers Gallagher: HA! We all know Rondo's an emotional asshat. He's just trying to put on a facade of not being intimidated by the big brute in the ring!

    Rondo gets into the ring and doesn't bother posing for the fans - instead he simply gets ready at the corner for his match. The referee comes over and gives him match instructions before checking him for weapons...

    "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia vs "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo

    The referee makes sure that Garcia has no hidden weapons on his person and the match gets ready to begin.

    Langdon Trafford: Excited, Piers?

    Piers Gallagher:
    I hope Rondo is crushed. I can't see how he can beat Garcia! He's a whole foot smaller than Mike!

    David Weinstock: Just has to be quick. I think.

    There's a confusing moment to start the match off as Rondo signifies to Garcia that he wants to lock up - the big man laughs at him. They do it anyway - and Rondo ends up being tossed towards the rope. Garcia laughs at him again whilst Rondo smirks - Garcia suddenly stops laughing, unsettled. Rondo tries to lock up again and the same result ensues. This time, Rondo gives a slow, sarcastic clap which doesn't seem to amuse Garcia. Rondo beckons for another tie up but instead, he shoots in and grabs Garcia for a single leg takedown attempt... but Garcia is able to keep his balance. Rondo teases going for a dragon screw leg whip but instead, he laughs and lets Garcia's leg go.

    Langdon Trafford: Are we seeing mind games?

    David Weinstock: I guess Rondo's trying to punk Garcia.

    Again, Rondo beckons for another tie up but just as Garcia looks to go for it, Rondo steps away and decides he can't be bothered. He looks to turn around and leave the ring - implying Garcia isn't worth his time. This angers the giant who comes storming forward, looking to take out Rondo. Suddenly, "The Last Star in the Sky" becomes alert, he turns around and delivers a low dropkick to the knee of Garcia. Mike hobbles in some pain as Rondo gets to his feet and suddenly explodes into a flurry of strikes and pushes him back - forearm, leg kick, european uppercut, leg kick... Garcia is taken aback by the sudden tempo change and he has to dip out of the ring to recover as Rondo raises his arms in the air and tries to get the crowd hyped up. Garcia gets his breath on the outside and looks up to see Rondo come flying through the middle rope with a suicide dive that sends him backwards into the barricade. He doesn't let up though - he gets straight to his feet and runs at Garcia and sends them both over the barricade with a diving crossbody. Fans are ushered out of the way whilst the referee in the ring begins shouting at the wrestlers to get back. Rondo looks to grab Garcia and try and force him back over the barricade but the big man gets his first piece of offence in as he jabs Rondo in the midsection and then throws him into the barricade with thunderous effect. Garcia sticks the boot in on Rondo before going over the barricade and getting back into the ring.

    David Weinstock: If Rondo doesn't get up soon, Garcia could win by countout. Would be a shame for the match to end like that after the start we have had!

    Piers Gallagher: Shut up, Dave. Mike can win in any way he wants. It's Rondo's fault for taking the action outside anyway!

    Garcia taunts the crowd as the referee counts - he seems to seriously contemplate taking the win by countout as Rondo is shown struggling to his feet on the other side of the barricade. But Garcia steps out of the ring and resets the count - much to the chagrin of the referee who argues with him. Garcia turns around and gives the referee an earful and then taunts the crowd who boo him. He turns around and is taken by surprise as Rondo uses the barricade as a pseudo-springboard and hits him with a flying knee that causes him to recoil backwards. Rondo then tries to grab Garcia and usher him back into the ring but again Garcia retakes control and ends up tossing Rondo into the ringpost before launching him into the steel steps. It's a brutal sequence and Garcia laughs as the crowd boo his tactics. He gets Rondo up and puts him into the ring before jumping in himself. He goes for a cover...1.....NO! Rondo kicks out early on which Garcia obviously expected as he gives a wry smile. He bounces off of the ropes as Rondo slowly gets to his feet and hits him with the running Yakuza kick. He lets Rondo recover and he repeats it once again.

    Piers Gallagher: Rondo's not laughing anymore, is he!? He's not acting like he's not trying now!? He's struggling! I knew it!

    Garcia continues to mess with the crowd as Rondo rolls towards the ropes - he steps on Rondo's back and uses the ropes to balance himself, forcing Rondo to howl in pain - eventually Garcia uses the ropes to vault himself up and slam his knees on the back of the former FWA Champion. The crowd get slightly quiet as Garcia continues to assault Rondo's back with stomps and punches... Rondo shows some resilience though as he slowly gets to his feet - even with Garcia trying to kidney punch him. Rondo eventually fights back with a few elbows but Garcia rams a knee into the midsection and looks to lift Rondo up - he gets him into the air but Rondo counters the suplex attempt into a cutter! Garcia stumbles backwards, stunned, and Rondo gets up and bounces off of the ropes - he looks to go for a flying clothesline but Garcia manages to counter it right into the Homewood Heart Attack - again, going for the pin but Rondo kicks out just at 2. Garcia continues to work the back of Rondo as the former FWA champion, in a seated position, has his arms stretched and a knee driven into him. Garcia eventually lets it go before bouncing off of the ropes and hitting a senton onto Rondo and going for another pinfall - but again, Rondo is able to kickout at 2.

    David Weinstock: Garcia's attacking the back of Rondo - breaking him down. These pinfall attempts are just trying to make Rondo work to kickout and strain himself.

    There's a small lull in the crowd as Garcia continues to attack the back of Rondo - any momentum Rondo tries to get is immediately stifled as Garcia uses elbows and punches to keep Rondo grounded. Rondo isn't wearing the smug expression he had earlier as he toils to reach a rope as Garcia is backed away by the referee after an elbow onslaught. The ref gives Garcia some stern words - warning him about the constant ignoring of his five count. Rondo shoves the ref out of the way and squares up to Garcia - Garcia laughs at him. It gets heated and Rondo gives Garcia a slap - suddenly the smirk is gone and Garcia tries to respond with a loaded up punch but Rondo ducks it and rolls through - running onto the rope and uses it as a springboard and hits a corkscrew European uppercut that has Garcia reeling backwards. Rondo dives in and hits another low dropkick to the knees that forces Garcia into a kneeling position at the ropes - Rondo then takes another run at him but Garcia throws him over the ropes and onto the apron before stumbling froward. He turns around to realise that Rondo landed on the apron and charges at him... but Rondo manages to use the ropes to jump up high and land a pendulum kick to stun his opponent. He jumps up onto the ropes for a springboard and manages to hit a dropkick to the knee of Garcia again! The crowd are suddenly livening up as Rondo builds momentum.

    David Weinstock: This is what Rondo needs to do. Work the knee.

    Suddenly, the momentum disappears as Rondo bounces off of the ropes and looks to go for a shining wizard... but Garcia comes back to life and stops that with a big lariat that has Rondo backflipping in the air before crash landing on his back. Garcia's not done though as he gets Rondo up and throws him into the ropes - it looks like Garcia is going for his spinning sidewalk slam but Rondo manages to counter it into a mayorana takedown that stuns "The Monster of the Midway" slightly. Rondo then runs at him and tries to go for a frankensteiner but Garcia manages to stop his momentum from following through and Rondo is hoisted up into a precarious position and then slammed down - a powerbomb from Garcia! The crowd quieten down as Garcia lifts Rondo again and slams him down... and then again!

    Langdon Trafford:
    You have to wonder if Rondo has taken Michael Garcia a little too lightly.

    David Weinstock: Or maybe he has ring rust?

    Piers Gallagher:
    Look at you two make excuses for Rondo. Pathetic. He's getting beat by the better guy, that's all there is to it.

    Garcia makes the cover and the referee counts..1....2.....NO! Rondo kicks out and the fans all let out a sigh of relief. Garcia seems frustrated with it and gets out of the ring, he looks under the ring apron and pulls out the Easton Stealth bat! The fans boo - and the referee is right on his case, shouting at him that the bat isn't allowed.

    Langdon Trafford: Well, well...

    Piers Gallagher: As much as I'd love to see him cave Rondo's skull in, he has to think about the consequences! Michael Garcia doesn't want to be pulling the curtain on Fight Night for the next while! He can win without it!

    Garcia gets in the ring and the referee argues with him further - Garcia fakes hitting the referee with it and makes him flinch, much to his own amusement. Rondo, back to his feet, comes over and throws the bat out of Garcia's hand before crunching a stiff forearm into his opponent's jaw. Garcia doesn't move though and instead drives his knee into the gut of "The Last Star in the Sky" and lifts him up for another powerbomb just as the referee goes to get the bat and throw it out of the ring. Rondo, however, fights this power bomb attempt and starts punching Garcia - he then manages to reverse the powerbomb attempt into a frankensteiner and sends Garcia flying towards a corner... but the referee, in his pursuit of the Easton Stealth, gets in the way and Garcia ends up crushing him against the turnbuckle! A stunned Garcia walks backwards and straight into a RKO!! Rondo makes the cover... but the referee is completely unable to make the pin. Rondo doesn't even bother with it once he realises this and instead he tries to help the referee up to his feet whilst Garcia slowly crawls towards the Easton Stealth. Rondo has his back turned as the fans try to warn him - Garcia eventually gets to his feet and comes running at Rondo with the weapon... but Rondo is able to duck under the oncoming swing and then leaps up with an enzuigiri that disarms his opponent. Garca twists around, stunned, and Rondo grabs the Easton Stealth... the fans beckon for him to use it! He drives it into the leg of Garcia!

    Piers Gallagher: Listen to these idiots cheer such dirty tactics!

    David Weinstock: You'd be cheering if it was Garcia hitting Rondo...

    Piers Gallagher:
    Shut up, Dave!

    Garcia is brought to a kneeling position and Rondo considers hitting him with the Easton Stealth again... but instead he throws it to the ground before delivering a quickfire roundhouse kick, superkick combo to the jaw of Garcia. The big man is down and on his back... Rondo looks set to have this match potentially won as he climbs to the top turnbuckle!

    Langdon Trafford:
    We're gonna see the Starlight Shine Bright once more! It... hey... who is---- that can't be!?!?

    Suddenly, from the crowd, comes out an individual who looks EXACTLY like La Muerte Blanca! The crowd doesn't know what to make of it as he jumps up onto the apron, climbs up and throws Rondo off of the top and down to the ring before getting in himself. Rondo turns around and hesitates a moment - taking in what he is seeing - before confronting his attacker....

    Piers Gallagher:
    I thought Kennedy retired!?

    David Weinstock: Well, Chris Kennedy DID retire. But La Muerte Blanca? I guess he didn't!

    Langdon Trafford:
    For those at home - La Muerte Blanca was Chris Kennedy's masked alter ego! And it looks like.... HE'S BACK!! BUT WHY RONDO!?!?

    Piers Gallagher: That's obvious. Rondo robbed him of that Back in Business spot.

    Rondo jabs a finger in the chest of Blanca - showing that he's miffed with his actions. He shouts at him that he retired... he's furious. The crowd are silent as Rondo shoves Blanca away and looks to climb back up onto the turnbuckle... but Blanca cracks him with a move that looks eerily similar to the BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY from out of nowhere. The fans still don't know what to make of it - they're silenced. Blanca gets out of the ring and starts making his way up the ramp just as Garcia starts to stir.

    Langdon Trafford: What the hell did we just witness!?

    David Weinstock: Did... did... a masked Chris Kennedy just help Michael Garcia!?

    Garcia gets to his feet and realises Rondo and the ref are both still somewhat out of it. He picks Rondo up and lifts him up... for the Lights Out cradle DDT.... but he stops in mid air and puts Rondo back down... seemingly having a change of heart. His eyes turn to the Easton Stealth and he puts it into the middle of the ring in a rush before grabbing Rondo again and this time, he drives "The Last Star in the Sky" down and into the bat with the Lights Out! Garcia gets rid of the bat and makes the cover just as the referee comes to....1....2......3!!!! Michael Garcia picks up the win!

    Winner: "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia
    The crowd is silenced - the camera focuses on Blanca at the top of the stage, his eyes convey happiness as he disappears. Garcia gets to his feet in the ring and appears to be on top of the world... the referee tries to raise his hand but Garcia snatches it away from him and instead picks up the Easton Stealth bat in victory. The crowd boo this relentlessly but he can only smugly smile as he leaves the ring and begins to make his way up the ramp. Rondo, in the ring, is being helped come to by the referee.

    Langdon Trafford: A weird sequence of events... Michael Garcia... DEFEATS... Ryan Rondo!?

    David Weinstock: With help from what appears to have been... La Muerte Blanca... the White Death... the masked Chris Kennedy?

    Piers Gallagher: He didn't need that help!

    David Weinstock: Maybe Kennedy was fed up of hearing Garcia talk about beating him... maybe he needed someone else to take his place...

    Langdon Trafford: I feel like we'll get answers to all of this soon enough...

    A small promo segment plays that hypes up Shannon O'Neal vs KAIZEN. We get a look at KAIZEN apparently taking it easy on Bell Connelly as well as winning the Quest for the Best whilst some of Shannon O'Neal's words on the subject of KAIZEN and the match echo through:

    Shannon O'Neal: I don't think I need ya' to go easy on me for me to beat ya'. KAIZEN, I ain't gonna' say ya' not a good wrestler.I ain't gonna take anythin' away from ya'. There's a reason ya' are the longest-reignin' X Champion ever. There's a reason ya' beat the hell out'a Devin Golden and won a World Heavyweight Championship. There's a reason ya' won the Quest for the Best tournament, a tournament I was in and wasn't good enough at that time to win.

    The reason is that ya' are a damn good wrestler. One of the best in the world. And ya' might be the next FWA World Champion.

    But I CAN beat ya'. I know I can. And I can beat ya' when ya' are givin' me 100 percent. When ya' are tryin' to hit that piledriver. When ya' think of me the SAME way ya' think of Cyrus Truth or Chris Kennedy or any guy on the roster.

    I can beat ya' at Mile High. That's why I want this match bad. To prove to ya' and everyone else that the women don't need sympathy. We don't need pity. We don't need ya' to go easy on us.

    We just need opportunities to prove it.

    We come back to the arena as "Real Rock N Rolla" blares through - some of the crowd actually boos this. It's almost certainly a more feminine boo as KAIZEN begins to make his way out for the match. He doesn't seem fazed by the boos at all and makes his way to the ring, completely focused on the task at hand.

    Langdon Trafford: It's weird to see KAIZEN booed like this... but I guess Shannon O'Neal has stirred up some support for herself!

    Piers Gallagher: Damn feminists. The worst kind of people.

    He jumps into the ring and practices a few kicks as "Feels Like the First Times" and frantic, girly cheering can be heard. There appears to be a few small girls right at the front of the crowd... wearing Shannon O'Neal shirts - as well as Bell Connelly shirts - Shannon makes sure to point to them and say something. She also makes sure to tell the camera that she's ready to prove to everyone that she's been right all along. There are a few boos for her...

    David Weinstock: I guess Shannon isn't too popular with some KAIZEN fans.

    Piers Gallagher:
    Damn weeaboos. The worst kind of people.

    Langdon Trafford: You hate everyone, Piers?

    The commentators continue their silly discussion as Shannon gets into the ring and gets right into the face of KAIZEN as she is announced. The wrestlers are split apart as the referee explains the rules of the contest and checks them both for any weapons.

    Shannon O'Neal vs "Tokko-yaro" KAIZEN

    The two wrestlers size one another up and then the ring bell sounds. They skirt around for a moment but then KAIZEN goes in for the kill encroaching on Shannon with speed. Shannon doesn't back down but KAIZEN has the advantage and grabs her into a grapple, Shannon manages to slip out of the hold and slides a bit out of the way.

    Langdon Trafford: Very smart strategy early on here from Shannon, she's gotta avoid a lot of the strikes from KAIZEN, a few big blows could do her in.

    Piers Gallagher:Yeah and KAIZEN better be careful to, Shannon loves to out think her opponents.

    KAIZEN allows Shannon to dance around him for a while but then he goes back in for another grapple, Shannon dodges it and kicks KAIZEN in the side of the gut. KAIZEN steps back and puts his hands up ready for another follow up kick but Shannon is smarter than that. The two continue their prowl, teasing a full on confrontation. KAIZEN huffs and steps and Shannon surprises him by going low and kicking his legs out from under him. KAIZEN gets up fast but Shannon is already going off the ropes for a lariat knocking him back down! KAIZEN gets back up looking a bit surprised.

    Langdon Trafford: He wasn't expecting that!

    Piers Gallagher:Calm down pal, KAIZEN is just getting a taste of her skill. He's about to turn it up.

    Sure enough as Piers predicted KAIZEN gets more aggressive now coming in and grabbing Shannon twisting her arm and then using his free arm to forearm her right in the side and then the jaw. Shannon breaks free but that last forearm definitely did some damage. KAIZEN doesn't let up though and grabs Shannon throwing her onto the mat. O' Neal flips herself up but is grabbed into an Irish Whip off the ropes, Shannon can't stop the momentum and KAIZEN connects with a back kick right to the chest of O' Neal who topples back onto the mat. KAIZEN decides to go for an early cover 1.. Shannon kicks out!

    KAIZEN yanks Shannon to her feet but Shannon elbows KAIZEN off of her and then knees him in the gut pulling him in for a snap suplex. KAIZEN gets up but is grabbed and thrown into the turnbuckle. KAIZEN lands in the turnbuckle chest first. Shannon sees her chance and rushes up leaping up for a missile dropkick right to the spine of KAIZEN who screams in pain before collapsing out of the corner. Shannon flips KAIZEN over and covers 1... KAIZEN kicks out.

    Shannon decides it's best to try and wear down her opponent with this chance and begins to put him in a headlock. KAIZEN struggles against it for a few moments, but eventually gets a knee up and powers out of the hold. Shannon doubles back and KAIZEN is ready with a MMA strike right to the jaw of Shannon who stumbles back, KAIZEN follows up with a lariat sending Shannon to the mat with some force. KAIZEN catches his breath as Shannon gets up a tad slow, the two lock up, this isn't a good place for O' Neal to be and she knows it. But that doesn't stop KAIZEN from kicking her in the gut and then grabbing her into a DDT! KAIZEN hooks the leg 1...2 Shannon kicks out!

    Shannon definitely felt that DDT, but she also has a fire in her eyes as KAIZEN attempts to cover her again but she slips out and gets to her feet while KAIZEN is still trying to stand and swift kicks him right under the chin. KAIZEN holds his jaw in pain as O' Neal drops an elbow to his now exposed chest! Shannon wastes no time and climbs to the top rope and waits as KAIZEN gets up still holding his jaw as she leaps from the top rope with a flying lariat! KAIZEN flops onto the mat but then rolls out of the ring to protect himself from any potential pin situation. The ref begins the ring out count as Shannon follows him out of the ring.

    Outside of the ring Shannon attempts to charge KAIZEN but KAIZEN isn't as hurt as he's acting and dodges it and then shoves Shannon gut first into the barricade. Shannon grunts in pain as KAIZEN comes from behind for a reverse Russian leg sweep sending Shannon painfully to the outside mat. KAIZEN climbs back into the ring and waits. Shannon gets to her feet and KAIZEN can't resist the temptation and METEORA the cartwheel corkscrew connects and it sends Shannon painfully back down, KAIZEN seems to have even done some damage to himself to perform the stunt but the grin on his face shows it was worth it.

    KAIZEN forces Shannon up and forces her back into the ring, he slides back in and hooks the leg 1...2 Shannon kicks out! KAIZEN stands up and waits for Shannon to get up, KAIZEN attempts to grab her but Shannon counters it into an arm bar and then grabs him into a belly to back suplex! Shannon uses this precious time to regain her breath and nurse her wounds as "The Savant" gets back into a fighting stance. The two charge but at the last second Shannon ducks and goes for a modifies baseball slide to the legs of KAIZEN sending him falling face first onto the mat. Shannon covers him 1...2 KAIZEN kicks out!

    Shannon attempts to pull KAIZEN up but the wrestler elbows her off him. Shannon goes after him, KAIZEN runs back towards the rope for a springboard kick connecting with the face of Shannon who falls hard onto her back, the wind getting knocked out of her. KAIZEN attempts to put Shannon into a headlock but Shannon slips out of it and knees KAIZEN in the side and then strikes him with a few hard kicks! KAIZEN blocks some of them but they're coming fast. Shannon then connects with an axe kick to the stomach of KAIZEN and grabs him for a double underhook gutbuster! Shannon quickly hooks the leg 1...2..KAIZEN gets his shoulder up!

    The crowd's anticipation is building they know that these two are really going after each other. KAIZEN begins to get up slowly with his head lurched over, Shannon sees an opportunity to hit her finisher Paradise City and goes off the ropes but it was a trap KAIZEN moves out of the way and then clotheslines Shannon hard onto the mat. O' Neal can barely even stand before KAIZEN has elbowed her into the nose and then grabs her for the MINORU special! Shannon's head hits the mat with a sickening thud! KAIZEN grins and covers Shannon 1...2..Shannon kicks out! KAIZEN can't believe it and the crowd is loving it!

    KAIZEN begins to argue with the ref saying that his count was too slow. The ref tries to explain and while KAIZEN has his back turned a very groggy Shannon comes from behind and attempts a roll up pin on KAIZEN! 1...2..KAIZEN kicks out! It was a close one but he's survived, he goes for a clothesline on Shannon but she dodges it and then grabs KAIZEN for a reverse DDT! KAIZEN holds the back of his head in pain and then Shannon drops an elbow to his chest into a pin 1...2 KAIZEN kicks out!

    A very frustrated KAIZEN gets up and Shannon just laughs as KAIZEN charges, Shannon goes for another modified baseball slide but KAIZEN is ready this time and counters with a running big boot to the skull of Shannon. She flops onto the mat and KAIZEN stalks her as Shannon gets up not looking totally aware of her surroundings. KAIZEN easily subdues her into a kick to the gut and then flips her up for another MINORU special piledriver! Shannon's body shakes onto the mat and KAIZEN thinks about covering. But he stops and seems to be struggling with a thought.

    Langdon Trafford: It looks like KAI is hesitating!

    KAIZEN shakes his head and lifts up Shannon... he hits her with ANOTHER MINORU SPECIAL!! He drops down and makes the cover...1...2....3!!! KAIZEN picks up the hard fought victory! He gets his arm raised while a beaten up Shannon holds her head in pain, seeing stars.

    Winner: 'Tokko-yaro' KAIZEN via pinfall
    Langdon Trafford: KAIZEN did it! And Shannon O'Neal can have no qualms! TWO Piledrivers in a row to put her away! He made absolutely certain of the victory!

    KAIZEN celebrates his victory - he glances at his laid out opponent for a brief moment, perhaps considering his actions... but he then continues to celebrate. The camera focuses on the same young girls from Shannon's entrance - they are now crying. KAIZEN stops celebrating for a moment and puts a hand out to try and help Shannon O'Neal to her feet...

    David Weinstock: I wonder how Shannon will view this...

    Shannon looks at him for a moment, dishevelled, and then kicks his hand away as some fans boo. She gets to her feet and turns her back on KAIZEN, shaking her head, before disappearing up the ramp - ignoring everyone.

    We then have a promo video hyping up the Mile High Massacre and Cyrus Truth's title reign so far. It focuses on his mindset going on into the match...

    Cyrus Truth: Once I slam that cage door shut and my title is lifted high up in the air like some twisted bear-baiting, I will not be fighting to earn glory. I will not be fighting with honor. And what respect I have for the men and woman you lock inside that structure with me will not surface. I will break bones, I will tear flesh, I will spill blood until it pours from my victims and stains my hands.

    The video then focuses on his three opponents.

    Cyrus Truth: Bell Connelly's fairy tale ends inside that cell. The many fans she's converted, both old and young, will weep bitter tears when they see her blonde hair caked in her own blood. I will grab Bell by the throat and squeeze until I can't feel her heart beat in my palm and prop her lifeless carcass on the walls of the cage as a monument to my sin and FWA's stupidity. Mike Parr's ascension will not culminate in a climb up a ladder to the gold that awaits. That ladder will be his crucifix as I toss him off it and use it to break every last bone in his body. And as he lays on the mat, a broken shamble of the great champion he could've been begging for just a second's reprieve, the last thing he will see is the sight of steel coming down to cave his skull in and punish him for a fault that was never his own. And as for James? He dies like the rest. He will try to survive until the end and hope I stay distracted enough to secure the title for his "beloved" painted whore and the "glory" he hopes to gain. But I will not be distracted from the objective, and should James attempt to pilfer what he has not earned, he will suffer agony the likes of which will not be seen again until the end of days. I will revel in tearing him limb from limb, and beating him to death's door with every weapon I can get my hands on. And should the whore attempt to enter the cell to try and save him from the death he doesn't deserve but will receive anyway, I will take great and unsettling pleasure in watching the light drain from her eyes and laying her carcass next to his, so that perhaps the two can find actual love in the afterlife that the whore does not give him in this life.

    There's then a close up of Cyrus as he holds his title belt aloft in the FWA ring.

    Cyrus Truth: Enjoy your last moments without crippling pain, fellow champions...because at Mile High? You'll long for the days before you EVER met me...

    We then go to the backstage area...

    The only dual Champion in the FWA; James 'Eyesnsane' Hughes with both his World Tag Team Championships draped over his shoulders steps outside of his private lockeroom. He smiles from ear to ear as Gabrielle walks out behind him and locks the door. And then James Hughes a former North American Champion, former Young Lions Champion, and multiple time Tag Team Champion begins his walk towards history and his destiny...but Gabrielle stops him in his tracks with one hand as she grabs his and squeezes tightly. They come face to face and she places both her hands around the back of his neck.

    Gabrielle: James before you go any further I need to say this... This is what you have been waiting for your entire life, working towards for your entire career. This is it, everything has led you to this single night. You've been denied your chances in the past, denied your opportunities, overlooked and passed over. But none of that matters because tonight you finally get that opportunity. But I want you too clear your head, I want you to focus on just one thing. You're not doing this to prove anyone wrong, your not stepping foot into Mile High to show the world what you can achieve. I don't want you doing this for your parents, not for Killemall, not for Alana, not for Jon, not for Song, not for Monk or anyone else. Not even your son. Not even me. Don't go out there tonight wanting to make me proud, the only person that matters tonight is you James. And that's it.

    You are competing in your first ever FWA World Championship for yourself and yourself alone. That's it. Win for you. Win because you know how great you are, win because you know you can. This is your night James, your destiny. And when you have won, when you stand tall in the middle of that ring with your three Championships upon your body...know that you and I can celebrate any way you want...and with anyone else you may want. This is your night James Hughes...make yourself proud.

    Eyesnsane takes a few moments to take all her words in and then he smirks from ear to ear and firmly grabs her ass as they share a deep, passionate kiss. And then with his Championships over his shoulders and hand in hand with his girl he confidently begins that walk towards the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen... it's now time for our MAIN EVENT! THE MILE HIGH MASSACRE! FOUR CHAMPIONS... BUT ONLY ONE VICTOR! WHO WILL IT BE!? WE'RE ABOUT TO FIND OUT!

    Dark Horse by Twista plays and Gabrielle steps out on to the stage and is met by a large volume of boos. She motions toward the curtain and Eyesnsane appears wearing both his titles over his shoulder and boos become even louder. Gabrielle hands him a microphone as the crowd is unbelievably loud. Eyesnsane holds the microphone and looks around the arena.

    Eyesnsane: You know I could really care less what any of you think about me, or my life. I come out here to speak to all of you. Not because I have to, but out of the kindness of my heart. Can any of you fathom what kind of demand I am in right now being the first man ever to be FWA tag team champions alone?

    Gabrielle claps for him while nodding her head yes. The crowd begins to boo even more for him. The pair of them also begin to walk towards the ring.

    Eyesnsane: Damn it! I deserve more respect than that from all of you anybody smart enough to tune in and from everybody in the damn back. I am Eyesnsane! I am a former Young Lion’s champion. I am a former North American champion! I have claimed tag team titles twice once with Killemall and once again by myself just like I told the world I would. Yet when I walk out here you boo me. Maybe you all are waiting for Bell right?

    This causes a pop from the crowd.

    Yeah I guess after hilrary getting smack you women out there are willing to grasp for any straw you can huh?

    The crowd boos again loudly and items begin to be thrown his way.

    Eyesnsane: What? I did not make Trump the president, but I did vote for him.

    Even more items are thrown his way as the crowd boos.

    Eyesnsane: I stand before as the last giant standing in the FWA. You wanna make a wish on a star and hold your breath that Blondie is the second coming of this Goddess you see out here with me. Because Bell is nowhere close to the icon that Gabrielle is. Oh and I’m not your savior not by a long shot if you are looking for a knight in shining armor then you must be relieved to see drug addict Rondo back, come to think of it maybe he should join Toxic Wednesday.

    More hate and shade are thrown from the crowd as he gets into the ring.

    Eyesnsane: What do you animals want? Huh? I come out here as your last reason left to cheer for the FWA and this is the thanks I’m given. We must have some CWA fans in the house here tonight right? Everybody out there must be waiting for Cyrus to have another one of his episodes of diarrhea of the mouth. He walked into my company and stole my title and it’s long past the point and time that I do something about it because frankly nobody else has the balls to take it back from him. There’s nothing new under the sun about Cyrus and there’s not the slightest thing that scares or intimidates me when it comes to him. Take a good long look in these eyes Cyrus and you will see the void. I am void feeling. I am void emotion, and I am the one willing to go further than even your own contemplations will take you on a good day to take that title from you.

    Gabrielle again raises her hands and claps while the crowd’s reaction has become a bit mixed.

    Eyesnsane: And then there’s Mikey. What can you say about a gut who had to pretend to be a fake champion, to jump start a career otherwise in neutral. I’ve heard of and seen people get desperate before in this business but to be honest I frankly expected more out of you. But hey you get to run off your mouth saying you handed Kennedy his final loss in taking my old title off him. I just wonder how long you’ll be able to keep hold of it. Actually I don’t care how long you do but my guess is that title is all packed and ready to move.

    More boos and empty cans and some drinks with liquid in them are hurled at the tag team champion who stands firm not even moving when hit with an item or two.

    Eyesnsane: All of you are about to watch me make more history in this company in the Massacre match where, your hero Bell will attempt to run away hoping the added distractions help her out. You’ll get to see Mike pretend he has two titles and that he’s actually good enough to win this match. All while Cyrus plays the role of most feared champion ever. But you see none of that matters because tonight will be more historic and even though the fans of this company don’t deserve it. I will make that history for all of you when I leave this funny talking shame of a city with the FWA world title and as your FWA tag team champions.

    More boos reign from the crowd almost to a deafening tone.

    Eyesnsane: You’re Welcome!

    Eyesnsane drops the microphone and places an arm around the waist of Gabrielle pulling her toward him and giving her a long, deep, and passionate kiss as if the rest of the world does not matter. Gabby then leaves the ring - she and Eyes then look up as the cell structure begins to lower. Eyesnsane takes a big deep breath and looks up at the ramp, awaiting his opponents.

    "Giving In" by Adema hits next, and the place comes completely unglued. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr's theme music rails up a sandstorm inside the Garden, but for a good 20 seconds he is nowhere to be found. After the buzz softens a bit, the figure appears amid a low-key darkness as his smug and cocky attitude brings the entire arena to a boiling point!

    Once the lights go on and "The Prodigy" Mike Parr stands with his arms raised and BOTH the North American Championship and Television Championship belts hanging on either shoulder, the thousands of fans lose their collective shit. The heavily pro-Mike Parr crowd begins a raucous "TRIPLE-CHAMP! TRIPLE-CHAMP! TRIPLE-CHAMP! TRIPLE-CHAMP!" chant.

    Piers Gallagher: The FWA has NEVER ... EVER ... had a triple champion! "The Prodigy" Mike Parr can change that ... tonight! In the TC Garden!


    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr enters the cell while the crowd continues praising the dual-champion, and the man who pinned Cyrus Truth clean 1-2-3 just three weeks prior on Fight Night.

    Langdon Trafford: This support for Mike Parr is anything but expected, but he is a talented rising star who has a chance to make history. I won't call him a dual champ, and I won't say he can be a triple champ tonight. But he can win the Undisputed Championship WHILE being the North American champ.

    "Tell the World" by Eric Hutchinson is next, and the crowd's cheers only continue. Bell Connelly comes out in her usual chipper, skipping self. The reigning FWA Women's Champion hops around at the top of the rampway, panders to the fans, and smacks hands as she struts on by with an eagerness and brewing confidence that only Bell Connelly can possess. Yet, she still has a glimmer of desperation in her eyes, one only heightened once she passes the tunnel of fandom and reaches the door to the cell.

    Langdon Trafford: Everyone in this match can become a dual champion. Many have said Bell Connelly has the BEST chance of winning, and many have said she is the next women to win a World Championship for almost a year now.

    Piers Gallagher: Mike Parr and James Hughes are just a little better. Sorry, Piers, but it just isn't happening. The Anniversary Show was Bell's best shot.

    "Subconscious Entry Version" by Julia Claris is next, and most of the fans respond with cheers — but a few scattered boos shower down at the reigning Undisputed World Champion. Cyrus Truth comes out with his slow, meticulous walk to the entrance stage, and after posing with the belt, he slowly walks through the aisle between the sections of fans and staring at the cell cage with his three challengers inside.

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus cannot feel confident about this. He has been extremely critical of the match type, saying he does not need to be pinned or submit to lose. He can look up and watch someone climb a ladder to win.

    Piers Gallagher: boo hoo! Quit crying, snowflake. The world is tough, and every year the FWA has Mile High with THIS match as the main event for the World Championship. He's not special.

    Cyrus slowly walks into the ring, a bit timid and even defensive doing so, and reluctantly hands his championship to the referee while the other three in the cell smirk and lust after the gold belt.

    Mile High Massacre match
    FWA Undisputed World Championship
    James "Eyesnsane" Hughes (FWA Tag Team Champion)
    Bell Connelly (FWA Women's Champion)
    "The Exile" Cyrus Truth (c)
    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr (FWA North American Champion and unofficial, self-proclaimed FWA Television Champion)

    The bell rings, and all four competitors stay in their one spot. The crowd is buzzing with anticipation, and all four shift their attention from one to the next, unsure who to focus on first. Cyrus is shifting back and forth the most, and he seems to be on the defensive the most.


    "The Prodigy" even panders a bit to the crowd, nodding his head in approval as he soaks in the moment.


    Bell Connelly is next for the crowd's chants, and she turns and raises her fist with a screaming "HECK YEAH!" The crowd cheers, but Eyesnsane pounces with a running forearm to the upper spine. Gabrielle approves from the outside of the ring, and the crowd boos and heckles the Tag Team Champion for the cheap attack. Hughes quickly tosses Bell out the ring and begins stomping into the Women's Champion while "The Prodigy" Mike Parr and Cyrus Truth are left alone inside the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Mike Parr and Cyrus Truth left alone! You know Parr wants this, and you know Cyrus wants this!

    "The Prodigy" smiles, nods his head, and says some inaudible words to Cyrus, who silently crouches and prepares, albeit a bit timid. They come together in a grapple, and Parr locks in a side arm wrench, bringing a pop from the crowd. Parr walks Cyrus around the ring for a few seconds and delivers a few forearm shots into the shoulder. Cyrus is down to one knee, and "The Prodigy" wrenches even harder, causing Cyrus to wince in pain. Parr whips Cyrus across the ring, misses with a clothesline, but lands a spinning wheel kick when Cyrus rebounds off the original ropes!

    Crowd: YAAAAAH!

    On the outside of the ring, Bell Connelly has turned the tide on Eyesnsane with a sole kick to the ribs and a knee lift into the nose. Bell lands backhand slaps across the face before a running snapmare takedown sends Eyesnsane back-first into the ring steps! This elicits a nice ovation from the crowd as well.

    Back inside the ring, Mike Parr continues his dominance of Cyrus. He has the champ against the turnbuckle and repeatedly stomps into his chest. Parr lifts Cyrus up and whips across the ring, but Cyrus lands a back elbow that elicits some boos from the heavily pro-Parr crowd.

    Langdon Trafford: This is what it must've felt like being at a pro-Trump rally.

    "The Prodigy" gets a running neckbreaker from Cyrus, who looks a bit more comfortable and immediately shifts his attention outside the ring. Bell is going for one of the nearby ladders, but Cyrus lands a baseball slide into the ladder, which ricochets and hits Bell in the chest, sending her into the side of the cell! Cyrus is the only wrestler on his feet, and he grabs the ladder and slides it into the ring for a potentially quick ending!

    Cyrus sets up the ladder and begins climbing, but Hughes slides in the ring with Gabrielle's motivation sparking some energy. He quickly shoves the ladder down, and Cyrus hops off on his feet. But Eyesnsane strikes with a nasty low-angle dropkick to the knees. Cyrus falls to his knees and Eyesnsane follows with a leg-hook reverse STO!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Everyone is underestimating Eyesnsane, but not me! He might be my favorite to win this thing!

    Hughes re-sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring, but Bell Connelly slides in and lands a running forearm before he can take one step up. Bell follows with another forearm to the face, and then some back-hand chops to the chest. Bell whips Hughes across the ring, but Mike Parr springs to life. Hughes ducks a clothesline from Parr and continues into the ropes. Bell charges, but Parr flips Bell with a back body drop, and Bell is able to land on Hughes just bouncing off the ropes and hit a head-scissors takedown than topples BOTH challengers over the top rope and out the ring!!!

    Now it's just "The Prodigy" standing, and the ladder is leaning against the ropes. He kicks it down and goes back to work on Cyrus Truth. Another arm wrench, and more praise from the fans. Parr then his a belly-to-back suplex in the center of the ring as Bell Connelly slides back in. Cyrus bounces off the canvas, but Bell is ready and htis her "Footloose" running backspring elbow to the face!!! Parr hits the canvas, and some boos surface as Bell Connelly is left standing in the ring.

    The Women's Champion gives a fake-pout face, which brings the crowd back to her side with more cheers.


    Bell goes to work on Parr with a spin kick and a hop toss. Then it's "Glitterball" running cannonball! Bell Connelly has complete control of the match inside the cell, but Hughes slides in and quickly puts it to rest with a running knee into her ribs. Hughes hits one of his dragon screw variations and begins climbing the side of the cell up to where the wires are connecting for the World Championship.

    Langdon Trafford: This is one of two routes to the title! Everyone has tried the ladder so far! Hughes is trying to climb the cell and hang on to the ropes at the top!

    Piers Gallagher: It's tougher to do it this way, but it's tougher to stop someone once they get high enough.

    Eyesnsane reaches about halfway up the side of the cell when Cyrus leaps and lands a forearm into the lower spine. He grabs Hughes by the foot and yanks him down, only to eat a swift side kick to the temple! Cyrus is down AGAIN, and Gabrielle is heard SCREECHING outside for Hughes to begin climbing! He makes it up halfway a second time, but this time it's "The Prodigy" Mike Parr with a running forearm into the spine. Parr then grabs the ladder and swings it, clocking Hughes in the back and bringing him down into the canvas!!!


    "The Prodigy" looks at the three on the canvas and sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. He starts climbing, with only Bell rustling to her feet. He makes it up five rungs before Bell springs up and grabs him by the foot. Parr tries shaking loose, but Cyrus Truth is up next and shoves the ladder over and sends "The Prodigy" flying onto the top rope, front-flipping over and hitting the apron hard before limping off to the outside floor!

    But Bell strikes with a "Confetti Cannon" exploding dropkick to Cyrus' chest! Then she goes to the top turnbuckle and with the crowd cheering, "Ode to Tinkerbell" turnbuckle handstand split-legged moonsault!!!

    Langdon Trafford: ODE TO TINKERBELL! Maybe there is some magic in the air tonight!

    Bell Connelly sees Hughes out the corner of her eye but can't stop him from leveling her with a running lariat. Then it's a reverse neck breaker as "Eyesnsane" is the only one standing. He yanks Bell by the hair toward the turnbuckle and begins stomping into her chest. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr slowly rolls back into the ring, and he grabs Hughes by the neck and flings him outside the ring!

    He follows and begins stomping into Hughes as the fans chant "OUTSIDE-EXPERT" in favor of Parr.

    Piers Gallagher: This is where Mike Parr is best! Outside the ring! He got Cyrus out there when they faced and completely dominated the match from then on. Now he has Eyesnsane there, but the cell limits how much he can do.

    Parr smashes Hughes' face into the side of the cell, and he continues working to wear down the Tag Team Champion. Back in the ring, Bell and Cyrus get up around the same time, only for Bell to strike with a kick to the gut. Cyrus steps back a second but fires back a nice hip toss and a fisherman's suplex.

    Cyrus emerges and looks fierce, even a bit angry. He shouts "No more" and crosses his arms with one motion.

    Piers Gallagher: Cyrus Truth seems more comfortable now. Not good for Bell.

    Langdon Trafford: Not good for any of them.

    Cyrus grabs Bell by the neck and flings her into a seated position against the nearest turnbuckle. He then performs "First Five Steps" and smashes Bell's head into the turnbuckle with his foot five times.

    Mike Parr emerges from outside the ring, but Cyrus Truth lands Wanderer's Wrath as Parr is still kneeling and rising, and Cyrus' knee smashes against The Prodigy's head.

    Cyrus exits the ring where Hughes is still recovering, and he lands a running kick to the back of the leg and then a running big boot, completing "Broken Path"!

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth is on an absolute tear right now!

    Cyrus begins climbing up the side of the cell as the three challengers remain down on the canvas or outside the ring. Cyrus seems to make good progress and reaches the top, grabbing onto the rope leading to the middle! The crowd begins chanting for Parr and Bell, but neither seems to show signs of life.

    Finally, once Cyrus reaches halfway, Bell Connelly pulls herself up and becomes desperate. She grabs the ladder leaning against the ropes and swings it, nearly hitting Cyrus up high on the cell's ceiling. He's just 8 feet from the championship, but he tentatively inches forward with Bell continuing to swing the ladder.

    Langdon Trafford: Her arms aren't long enough!

    Piers Gallagher: Useless woman!

    Mike Parr is up, and he snatches the ladder from Bell and swings it, hitting Cyrus right in the ribs and stopping any progress. Cyrus is now 6 feet from the belt, and Bell watches as Parr swings again, this time hitting Cyrus square in the back and causing him to lose the grip he had with his legs wrapped around the rope. Cyrus dangles and hangs from the rope, and eventually falls. Mike Parr clocks Cyrus with the ladder, knocking the champ out right then and there!

    Bell celebrates saving the match, but Mike Parr swings and hits HER next!!! The crowd cheers, and "The Prodigy" applies his Inverted Sharpshooter finisher!!! The fans are going absolutely NUTS, with "The Prodigy" alone atop in the middle of the ring. Hughes remains outside, struggling to his feet. Parr keeps the hold applied for a good 25 seconds while Cyrus Truth rises to his feet. But Parr is ready and releases the submission, and rolls under Cyrus' clothesline for his Rolling Cutter finisher!!!


    Mike Parr, amid a hoopla of cheers and chants, grabs the ladder and sets it up right in the middle of the ring. He begins climbing, with no one there to challenge him, and makes it up about six ladder rungs.

    Still no one.


    Still no one.


    Eyesnsane rolls into the ring, up to his stomach and then to his knees.

    Ninth ladder rung out of 10!

    Mike Parr reaches for the hanging belt, but he can't quite grab it!

    Eyesnsane is up on his feet!

    Mike Parr takes another step!

    Eyesnsane pushes the ladder over! Mike Parr leaps and grabs on to the rope at the ceiling! He's hanging on!!!

    The crowd is electric, all standing to watch the climactic ending to this match! Bell Connelly begins moving, up to her feet. Eyesnsane re-sets the ladder. "The Prodigy" begins inching his way to the belt by moving along the rope at the top. Bell is up, but Eyes hits "Carless Whispers" flatliner and Bell bounces off the canvas!

    Now it's just climbing up in a race against Mike Parr! Eyes is up to the third rung. "The Prodigy" is just four feet away. Eyes is up to the sixth rung. Parr is three feet away. Eyesnsane is up to the eighth rung. Now the ninth! He reaches! "The Prodigy" reaches for the belt!

    Langdon Trafford: It's gonna be a photo finish!

    Neither one can get a good grip on it! Eyesnsane takes another step, and Mike Parr inches closer again along the rope.

    Eyes reaches.

    Parr reaches.

    BOTH grab it!

    Piers Gallagher: BOTH HAVE IT! WHO HAD IT FIRST?!

    But neither one can get it off the hook. Neither one can undo the strap and win the match! Eyes and Parr struggle like a tug-o-war atop the cell. Until ...

    Langdon Trafford: CYRUS TRUTH!!! The Champion strikes!

    The champ yanks the ladder from underneath Hughes' legs! Now Eyesnsane is hanging from the ceiling and the belt. Cyrus swings it up and hits BOTH men. The crowd explodes with half cheers and half boos as both men lose their grips and fall to the canvas. Eyesnsane lands awkwardly on his feet, and Cyrus hoists him onto his shoulders, lands a riveting big boot to Mike Parr, and plants Hughes with the "Journey's End" fireman's carry into a sit-out belly-to-belly piledriver!!!

    Cyrus puts the ladder right in the center of the ring. All three challengers are down for the count. He climbs up, with no one in sight to challenge him, and makes it up amid a hearty mixture of praise and groans.

    Cyrus unhooks the belt, and the match is finished.

    Winner and STILL FWA Undisputed World Champion: Cyrus Truth

    Everyone in the arena has a reaction, but mostly it's cheers for the defending champ. Cyrus Truth holds the belt high above him in celebration, posing for the fans who came to watch an exciting event.

    The cell cage rises, and Cyrus remains inside the ring celebrating and posing as the ultimate competitor of the FWA. Still.

    Bell is in shock, unable to compute missing another chance. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr glares at James "Eyesnsane" Hughes from his laying-down position, and Hughes glares right back. Both know, if not for the other, they'd be the World Champion right now.

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth ... STILL the World Champion. A competitive and thrilling Mile High Massacre match did not change it! And now we move on to Trial By Fire in just a few weeks. Thank you, Boston. And thank you to everyone watching at home.

    Cyrus Truth is still on top! Good night, FWA!


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    Re: Mile High 2016 RESULTS

    On paper, the card for this show was weak. This might be the weakest PPV in recent times. This might be the weakest the FWA has been in terms of star power and roster in a long time. But I swear this show delivered. Every match had something to it. Everything had a purpose.

    Jason Randall has some mysterious woman stalking him. He's also now got a pissed off dude after him.

    XYZ is an interesting character and simply drew the short straw in facing Jhunha. Both needed the win... but I'm sure XYZ will gain some momentum soon. Jhunha is building up a nice win streak and becoming the Mongolian Mastodon he should be.

    Toxic Wednesday get their title shot. Sanada and Anzu suffer more problems and look likely to be on a collision course maybe.

    Kazadi gets his well deserved belt. Unfortunate that SS had real life stuff going on but the world doesn't stay still for anyone. Kazadi deserves the belt and will be a good champion. Who's going to come after him next?

    Michael Garcia saves himself from being a curtain jerker and has a dominating performance. Rondo has questions hanging over his demeanour and his overall performance. And just what's going on with La Muerte Blanca?

    KAIZEN solidifies himself as the number one contender and PROVES he doesn't take it easy on chicks. Shannon got piledrived. And not in the good way either. Don't know what her deal is but I guess we will find out soon.

    Everyone in the main event put in solid promos. Eyesnsane continues to be a good heel - a disappointing defeat but I think he is still getting up there. Bell continues to make herself the number one female and came very, very close to winning. It's possible her main event run may continue. We'll see. Mike Parr was so unfortunate not to win this. He and Cyrus were tied and it all came down to the final set of grades. Nuts. I'll tell you something, Mike Parr's going to be big. This whole angle with him... I dig it. He's been a bit of an arrogant twat but I foresee a transition into being a face. Potential to be THE next face of the FWA. And Cyrus Truth continues to show why he's the man. Big win. What a fucking year that character's having in kayfabe. Won the CC. Beat Stu for the WHC. Beat Rondo for the Undisputed title. Defended against Bell. Defended against 3 champs in the MH Massacre. What's next? The QFTB champion. If Cyrus beats KAIZEN it's insanity. Not to mention that he still has to get his W back against Parr. And the potential rubber match with Rondo.

    The main event scene feels very alive again.
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    Re: Mile High 2016 RESULTS

    I was pretty bummed for a day once the averages came in. I took two Ls, and Shannon and the whole "Women's Crusade" angle really took a beating here. Like, in terms of this angle and the whole woman-versus-woman main event at BIB, possibly to an unrecoverable point. But that's e-fedding. Shit doesn't always work out. If it did, Drew Stevenson would've won the World Title at Red, White, and Bruised 2015 when he was the surprise entrant in the Elim Chamber. This was the best angle going, but e-fedding doesn't work like a BTB.

    Additionally, I didn't agree with the winner of the main event, either. But dems da breaks. It was awful close, too.

    Bad news for the rest of the FWA is whenever I take a sizable L, I usually get pissed off and revamp my character in a pretty ruthless way.

    If this was real pro wrestling, Mike Parr would be the most-over, most-cheered character in the FWA. So I decided to emulate that as much as possible in the crowd reactions and overall aura within the fans. It was heavily pro-Parr, all the way to the end. That dude is my favorite character in the entire FWA, possibly my favorite in a long long long time, and he almost became a triple champion.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: Mile High 2016 RESULTS

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One View Post
    Additionally, I didn't agree with the winner of the main event, either. But dems da breaks. It was awful close, too.

    If this was real pro wrestling, Mike Parr would be the most-over, most-cheered character in the FWA. So I decided to emulate that as much as possible in the crowd reactions and overall aura within the fans. It was heavily pro-Parr, all the way to the end. That dude is my favorite character in the entire FWA, possibly my favorite in a long long long time, and he almost became a triple champion.
    Truth be told, I am REMARKABLY surprised I managed to eke out a win. I thought all the promos for the MHM were great and that one of them was more likely to win than mine, although I'd have no idea which one.

    I'm also in the Mike Parr is the Most Over Man in FWA camp. Although I'm not a fan of his short-term memory (Cyrus never pinned him? Second Fight Night after BIB suggests otherwise, dang it )

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    Re: Mile High 2016 RESULTS

    Great show. Will post full thoughts when I'm back home. Knew it was close but a bit gutted to see how close!

    Congrats to all who won, particularly Cyrus. I'm going to have to get myself checked over as I honestly have no recollection of that match!

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    Re: Mile High 2016 RESULTS

    Good, solid show and congrats to the winners and new champion Kazadi.

    I'll have that profile up for Randall's stalker shortly.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Mile High 2016 RESULTS

    Quote Originally Posted by TheProdigy View Post
    Great show. Will post full thoughts when I'm back home. Knew it was close but a bit gutted to see how close!

    Congrats to all who won, particularly Cyrus. I'm going to have to get myself checked over as I honestly have no recollection of that match!
    Well, TBF, it was a Fight Night you no-showed, so...

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    Re: Mile High 2016 RESULTS

    a lot of surprising results, but im also encouraged by the uptick in activity both on the boards and the chat groups, which i attribute to a lot of differing opinions. on a PPV that was a little lacking in juice over the holiday season, having results that people can debate over might be the best possible outcome~~ good show good show

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